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21429 No. 21429
Don't have alot of time tonight. Had opening shift dumped on me tomorrow, so I've only a couple of hours.
A bath sounds nice. Climbing out of bed, you quickly gather the things you’d need for it. It’s not that you’ll be able to fall back asleep quickly after that nightmare. You slip quietly downstairs. Good, you don’t think you woke anyone up. Passing back through the kitchen you enter the back of the house where the bathroom is. It’s larger than a normal bathroom, simply because it often times has to accommodate five females at once. However, this early in the morning you have it all to yourself. You fill the tub and get undressed. Ahh. . . You relax, it feels nice. For some reason, it feels like you haven’t had a chance to take a bath in a while. It makes you wonder. Feeling nice aside, you finish up your bath and quickly redress. As you’re about to leave, a light knock comes on the door.
“Brother. . . Are you in here?”
It’s Mystia. You open the door. She looks like she had a bad dream too.
“You had that dream again. . . Didn’t you?
You see no reason to lie to her, so you nod.
“I thought so. . .” Her voice sounds small and sad, “You only take a bath any more when you have that dream.”
She suddenly rushes forwards and hugs you tightly. “I had the dream too.” She burries her face in your chest. “I hate it.”
You hug Mystia tightly while petting her hair. Mystia rubs her face against you.
“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

[ ] Let her.
[ ] Refuse her.

>> No. 21430
[ ] Let her.

Kira why even give us another choice?
>> No. 21431
[ ] Let her.
>> No. 21432
[ ] Let her.

Non-perverted vote. Seriously, loli's have nightmares too.
>> No. 21433

Note: My vote was made with no perverted intentions.
>> No. 21434
[ ] Let her.
>> No. 21435
[ ] Let her.

Fuck you Kira. Seriously, I have a job interview tomorrow and it's already 3:28AM
Fuck. You.
>> No. 21436
[X] Let her.

Only option. Not even for perverse reasons.
>> No. 21437
>> No. 21438
agreed on the intentions.
>> No. 21439
[X] Let her.

Does this even require thought?
>> No. 21440
[ ] Let her.
>> No. 21441
[X] Let her.
>> No. 21442
[X] Let her.
Well, at least we wont get any despair in this universe. Hopefully.
>> No. 21443
[X] Let her.
>> No. 21444
>When close proximity during this critical period does not occur—for example, where a brother and sister are brought up separately, never meeting one another—they may find one another highly sexually attractive when they meet as adults. This phenomenon is known as genetic sexual attraction.

Gee, with your lost memory, it's almost as if you've never met her before, isn't it?



>> No. 21446
ITT We love our sister in a non-bedtop sport for indoor types way
>> No. 21447
Exactly, wincest is win.
>> No. 21448
>You only take a bath any more when you have that dream.

>> No. 21449
[ ] Let her.
>> No. 21450
Heh, i just realized that this was probably designed to trick us into choosing yes, and will cause some sort of hardship.
It's still worth it.
>> No. 21451
Anon takes showers, not baths.
>> No. 21452
[x] Let her.

Prepare to be drooled on.
>> No. 21454
Fuck, if you make Mystia have kidney failure I'm coming after you in your DREAMS, Kira.
>> No. 21455
I LOLWUT to that as well. Must be some frequent nightmare... I hope.
>> No. 21456
Mouku will catch us or something
>> No. 21457
OOHHHHHHH!!! OK. That line and this one
>For some reason, it feels like you haven’t had a chance to take a bath in a while. It makes you wonder.
really confused me for a mooment.
>> No. 21460
>Mokou will catch us or something

And there will be much rejoicing
>> No. 21461
It'd be worth it even if we somehow ended up waking up in front of the Hakurei Shrine in the main story though.
>> No. 21462
Anon is a frequenter of showers 'cause he's a late sleeper, plus he has FOUR sisters, and a mother that take up the bathroom in the night. I have a feeling that unles Rinnosuke shares the bath with Marisa, Both Anon and Rinnosuke are shower only men.
You pat her head and tell her that it’s quite alright. She just hugs you tightly again. The two of you slip upstairs silently. The door creaks slightly when it opens, but it doesn’t seem to have woken anyone up. The two of you climb wordlessly into bed, Mystia facing you. She cuddles up to you and you put your arm around her. Shortly thereafter, the two of you are asleep. The next thing you know, sunlight is streaming into the room. Mystia is still asleep, and she clings to your night shirt. You carefully pick her up and carry her back to her room. Slipping out slowly, closing the door quietly, someone behind you coughs quietly.
Marissa is there, behind you, watching you slip out of your sister’s room. She looks sad.
“She had that nightmare again?” You nod curtly. Marisa sighs. “I really wish she’d come to me over things like this, but. . .” Marisa sighs again, “It still seems that she trusts you far more than she trusts me. Marisa walks past you before turning back and smiling a dazzling smile at you, “Breakfast will be ready shortly, you should get ready for school.”

The trip to school is uneventful. You pump your sisters for more information on the train ride, but they can’t seem to come up with anything else to tell you. Again, you run into Mokou on the way to school, and you engage in the same back and forth complete with innuendo. This all feels familiar somehow, and not just because you did it yesterday. You see your little sisters off at the gate, however, they all have various activities during lunch today, so you’ll be on your own. Thankfully, Marisa packed you a lunch, so you don’t have to fend for yourself in the cafeteria. You and Mokou are standing at the gate, having just seen off your little sisters. The warning bell rings, indicating that you should hurry to class.

[ ] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
[ ] Go to class.
[ ] Skip school today.
>> No. 21464
Kira, if you have not enough time, you shouldve took a time out for today. Dont want you to quit because you burn out or lose interest before you can finish it
>> No. 21465
I woulnd't be doing it if I didn't feel up to it. It's a bit stressful, but it's relaxing in an odd way. plus, I took a better part of today off.
>> No. 21467
[ ] Go to class.
>> No. 21468
[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21469

Quit making this place sound like mirror moon's forums.

If he wants to die writing for the attention Anon provides, let im'
>> No. 21470

[X] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21471
[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21472
[X] Go to class.

Might as well keep up our grades. We seem to be the influence that keeps Mokou's school life intact, so we ought to look out for her.

Also, I'm getting the urge to start looking out for Mystia more heavily.
>> No. 21473
[ ] Go to class.


[ ] Skip school today.

If Mokou intends to skip with us.
>> No. 21474
[ ] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.

May as well complete the cycle of this, our Groundhog Day...
>> No. 21475
[X] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21476
[ ] Go to class.
>> No. 21477
I would say
[x] Skip school today.
but we did all that damn homework.

[ ] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21478
[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up again.
>> No. 21479
[x] Go to class.
>> No. 21480

[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up.
>> No. 21481
[x] Go to class.

No time to be a delinquent.
>> No. 21482
File 120874594495.jpg - (6.20KB , 150x150 , 1189643715926.jpg ) [iqdb]
If Shiki is a bad enough dude to skip school, then so are you.

[x] Skip school today.
>> No. 21483
[x] Go to class
>> No. 21484
>[x] Skip school today.

And get chewed out by everyone? No, that would do more harm than good, potentially closing more doors than opening them.
>> No. 21485
[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up.
>> No. 21486
[ ] Go to class.
>> No. 21488
[x] Wait and see if the girl shows up.

Let's see it.
>> No. 21489
File 120874634140.jpg - (56.97KB , 444x534 , patchy uni.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mokou punches you in the arm. “You goin to class today” She grins expectantly.
You tell her that you are, and you’ll be along shortly, you just have this feeling that you need to wait here a little bit longer. Mokou shrugs, “Whatever,” She puts her hands behind her head and walks off to class.
“If you’re late, I’ll get one of the guys to cover for you. First period teacher doesn’t pay attention for crap.”
Mokou disappears into the school.
You wait for a while, and not seeing anyone, you figure it must have been a fluke that one day. Turning to go inside the school, a black car pulls up. The driver gets out and runs around the car to the rear passenger side.
“I’ve already told you, I hate it when you do that. I can open the door for myself.” Patchouli emerges from the car with an annoyed look.
“I’m sorry, madam, but it is the mistress’s orders.”
Patchouli sighs.
“Alright. Thank you.”
The driver closes the door and goes back around the car. Patchouli starts to walk towards the school and sees you. She stops for a moment before blushing slightly. She quickly walks past you with out a word.

[ ] Call out to Patchouli
[ ] Let her go.
>> No. 21490
[ ] Call out to Patchouli
>> No. 21491

[x] Call out to Patchouli.

>> No. 21492
Just being polite, i dont wanne see this unfinished.

Allright he got my attention, cant wait for more
>> No. 21493
[ ] Call out to Patchouli
>> No. 21494
[ ] Call out to Patchouli

Dammit, and I SO want to let her go. <_<
>> No. 21495

>> No. 21496
[x] Call out to Patchouli.

This is the wrong way to talk to a shy girl, but I don't care! Full speed ahead!

>> No. 21497
Shouldn't we not know her name yet?

[ ] Call out to Patchouli, regardless.
>> No. 21498
[x] Call out to Patchouli

Don't know what Anon would say, but it's an interesting choice compared to the other one.
>> No. 21499
[x] Call out to Patchouli
*fap fap fap*
>> No. 21500
You call out to Patchouli. She stops for a moment before starting to walk faster. You jog slightly to catch up to her. Catching up to her, she seems to be breathing hard.
“I’m sorry. I’m going to be late.” She states, somewhat coldly.
You sigh. You’re about to just ignore her when she says something unexpected.
“I-if you want, You could always stop by the occult club after school. You know you’re always welcome there.”
You stop suddenly, thinking Patchouli’s words odd, slightly. However, your thoughts are interrupted by the school bell ringing. SHIT. You’re late. You rocket up the stairs and to your classroom door. You hit the back door, and peek inside. Good the teacher’s back is turned. Mokou waves you in. This is your chance.

[ ] Go now.
[ ] Wait.
>> No. 21501
[x] Go now.
>> No. 21502
[ ] Go now.
>> No. 21503

[x] Go Now

I guess our after school activity for today is planned.
>> No. 21505
[ ] Wait.

Yeah, like we haven't seen this option backfire on us before.

Wait and walk in casually and say you just got "hung up" in the restroom. Har har har!
>> No. 21506
[x] Go now.

I smell a lighthearted betrayal by Mokou. It's only shenanigans, though.
>> No. 21507
[ ] Go now.
>> No. 21508

[x] Go now.
>> No. 21509

>> No. 21510
[x] Go to the roof with a rope, repel down to the window, slip in while the teacher isn't looking.

>> No. 21512
[ ] Go now.
>> No. 21513
[ ] Go now.
>> No. 21514
[x] Ambush teacher.
>> No. 21515
It's fine. What's on the line is significantly less important than last time.
>> No. 21516
[x] Go now.
>> No. 21521
You charge quickly into the room and slide into your seat. SAFE! However, the teacher picks that exact moment to pick on you. SHIT. You have no idea where the class is at, and it’s obvious by the fact that you can’t answer the question posed by the teacher. Sigh. That didn’t win you any points, but still, he didn’t seem to realize you were late. Ugh. But boring classes are boring. However, sitting in class seems to be bringing back your memories of where you were in studying. Hey, maybe you’ll actually not have to spend three hours on your homework tonight! The rest of the class passes uneventfully, and It’s now lunch time.

[ ] It's a beautiful day, go eat outside
[ ] Go buy something to eat in the lunch room
[ ] Go eat on the roof.
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
>> No. 21522
Afterschool detention vs. Occult Club with Patchi

Which would YOU rather have?
>> No. 21523
[x] It's a beautiful day, go eat outside
>> No. 21524
[ ] Go eat on the roof.
But take something sharp.
>> No. 21525
Well, looks like I was wrong.

[ ] Eat in the Classroom.

Mokou tiem
>> No. 21526
[ ] Eat in the Classroom.
>> No. 21527
[x] Eat in the Classroom.
>> No. 21528
[ ] Eat outside
>> No. 21529
[ ] Go eat on the roof.

Check Inventory. Do we have a knife?
>> No. 21530
File 120874780167.jpg - (142.94KB , 680x772 , fujiwara (75).jpg ) [iqdb]
Stay on target kids, stay on target.
>> No. 21531
[x] Eat in the Classroom.
>> No. 21532
I see what you planned there

[x] Go eat on the roof.
>> No. 21533
[X] Eat in the Classroom.
need more Mokou
>> No. 21535
[x] Eat in the Classroom.
>> No. 21536
Maybe Marisa packed us one to eat with.
This brings up the point of whether Marisa and Reimu know each other in this universe.
>> No. 21537
I was under the impression that Mystia was the target.
>> No. 21540
[X] It's a beautiful day, go eat outside

Why not?
>> No. 21541
[x] It's a beautiful day, go eat outside
>> No. 21542
I'm hoping for a "throw her off the roof" option maybe. I am really curious as to why she hates us so much though. (Other than the theory that she caused the death of our mother.)
>> No. 21543
[X] Eat Mystia
>> No. 21544
Because we could go to the roof with something sharp. That's why.
>> No. 21545
>ITT We love our sister in a non-bedtop sport for indoor types way
>> No. 21546
Actually, Kira said that she didn't.
>> No. 21548
little sisters do not work that way

we just need to give her lots of love and support, since Anon is clearly who she depends on the most
>> No. 21549
Anon heads to the roof, only to find his hot milf step mother making out with his female arch-nemesis. SCANDAL!
>> No. 21550
Mystia is a valid relationship-target. Probably.
>> No. 21551
The classroom clears out quickly, and you pull your lunch out of the bag. Mokou gets up from her seat and wanders out of the room. Huh. I guess she eats outside normally. Or maybe she’s running off to the cafeteria for lunch. Shrugging,, you dig into your lunch. It seems like you may not get along the best with Marisa, but GOD DAMN she can cook. The meal is delicious~, and all too soon, it’s gone. Looking around the room, it seems that Mokou’s not coming back to eat in the room. You still have some time during your lunch. You could probably go somewhere if you wanted.

[ ] Stay here.
[ ] Go to the Library.
[ ] Go to the Roof.
[ ] Go to the Club Rooms.
[ ] Skip out on the rest of the day.
>> No. 21552

Anon takes pictures with his handy-dandy camera.
>> No. 21553
[ ] Go to the Roof.
Even the fork we used to eat can be deadly.
>> No. 21554
[x] Go to the Roof.
Fuck it, I want some CONFLICT.
>> No. 21555

[x] Go to the club rooms.
>> No. 21556
[x] Go to the Roof.

I want my Reimu conflict. And maybe a tsundere. Tsunderes LOVE roofs.
>> No. 21557
[ ] Go to the Roof.
>> No. 21558
[ ] Stay here.
MOKU >:|
>> No. 21559
Ohhh, what a world~... I turned into Hina for a second cursing our bad luck.

[ ] Go to the Roof.
>> No. 21560
[X] Go to the Roof.

I'm curious to see if Reimu's up there.
>> No. 21561
That's what the sharp objects are for.
>> No. 21562
[ ] Skip out on the rest of the day.
>> No. 21563
[x] Go to the Club Rooms.
>> No. 21565

What did you expect? Mokou ate outside with us last time, too.
>> No. 21566
[x] Go to the Library.
you dumb fucks
>> No. 21567
[ ] Go to the Roof.
Bring a protractor. Although honestly, I wouldn't want to go up unless I had another particular delinquent with me. AKA, Mokou.
>> No. 21568
[x] Skip out on the rest of the day.
>> No. 21569
She did so forcibly, so that we wouldn't eat on the roof and that we'd eat with our sisters. This time, we avoided the roof and she just walks out! Da fuck?
>> No. 21572
No, we WANT Reimu to be up there.
>> No. 21574
You decide to trudge up to the rooftops for the remainder of lunch. Upon arriving, you’re greeted by the sight of. . . Nobody. Well, there’s that one creepy girl over on a corner of the roof, playing with her dolls, but beyond that, there’s nobody of any great importance up here. You look off the roof. You can see for quite some distance, and have a pretty good view of the sports fields, and the front gate. The back gate is hidden under a canopy of trees. Not many students use it, so there’s probably a lot of weeds and such. You can’t really remember. Looking down at the front gate, you see Mokou slipping out of the school grounds, and skipping off along down the str. . . GOD DAMN IT MOKOU. She ran off with out you! Gargh! You must have put the skipping school idea in her head when you were waiting to see if anyone was going to show up. You lean against the fence in despair.
“You really shouldn’t do that you know. The fence is particularly weak along there. Lean on it too hard and. . . Well, the school always needs a new ghost story.” The girl laughs eerily. You jump back from the fence, both from her warning as well as the creepiness. She still seems to be playing with her dolls, but now there’s one directly behind her, which seems to be watching your every movement. Creepy.

[ ] Talk to the girl.
[ ] Escape the roof.
[ ] Ignore the girl, and continue looking off from the roof.
>> No. 21575
[x] Go to the Library.

man, fuck you and your vulnerability fetish. she needs emotional support from the only person she really trusts, quit trying to bone her
>> No. 21578
[x] Escape the roof.
Dammit, should have ditched.
>> No. 21579
[x] Steal doll and run.
>> No. 21580
[ ] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21581

[x] Talk to the girl.

>> No. 21582
[ ] Talk to the girl

Consolation prize, Yukira?
>> No. 21583
[ ] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21584
[ ] Escape the roof.
>> No. 21585
Yeah, I've got one. The Story of the Suicidal Doll.

[x] Throw her doll over the fence
>> No. 21586
[ ]Jump off the roof.
Not like we haven't done it before.

Alice is here. Might as well talk to her.
[x] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21588
Wait, jump off the roof THEN talk to her?
>> No. 21589
Careful, Anon. It could be voodoo hexed and whatever it does, YOU DO TOO!

Enjoy your street pizza... again.
>> No. 21590
[X] Talk to the girl.

Creepy girl? Love creepy girls.

Also, love the few characters who like dolls...
>> No. 21591
[x] Talk to the girl.

I never pass up an opportunity to try and gain some info, no matter how creepy things might be.
>> No. 21592
[X] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21593
[ ] Escape the roof.
Mokou! Wait for me!
>> No. 21594
Anon and Alice have something in common, they both have dead mothers.
>> No. 21595
[ ] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21596
[x] Talk to the girl.
Fuck yeah Alice route GET. Maybe even AliPatchu!
>> No. 21597
[ ] Escape the roof.

>> No. 21598
[X] Talk to the girl.
>> No. 21599
But my scope got shot off in the firefight.
>> No. 21600
[ ] Escape the roof.
>> No. 21601
[x] Escape the roof.
Hell no, bitch killed mah baby.
>> No. 21602
[x] Escape the roof
>> No. 21603
Rather than chase after Mokou, which we don't even know WHERE she's headed, might as well wait until school's over, head home, then BLACKMAIL THE SHIT OUTTA HER FOR LEAVIN' US BEHIND!! We still have pictures, remember.

Meantime, we has an Alice. Life, lemons, lemonade, etc.
>> No. 21604

One does not need scopes for staying on target.
>> No. 21605
When the scope mount is in the way of the open sights one does.
>> No. 21606
You sigh. Creepy girl aside though, you don’t believe you’ve seen this girl around before. Ignoring the creepy doll that seems to follow your every movement, you walk up to the girl. She has a red ribbon tied up in a bow in her wavy blonde hair. Her doll has on a red dress, and seems to have a similar ribbon to hers. You ask the girl what she means about ‘Another’ ghost story. The girl turns away from her dolls. She has quite striking blue eyes.
“There are currently only six mysteries surrounding this school. If you were to fall from the roof, you’d complete the set, and we’d be a proper school, with our own set of seven mysteries~” She seems quite pleased at the thought of ‘completing the set’. You shiver slightly.
“But since you didn’t fall, maybe there’s something else mysterious about this school. I must remember to ask the club about this later.” She stands up, gathering her dolls, of which there actually only appears to be two of, not including the one behind her. “The bell’s about to ring, we’d best be going.” As soon as she says this, the bell DOES ring. Weird. You head back down to class, the girl seemingly having disappeared on ahead of you. The rest of the afternoon is quite boring, especially with out Mokou around. The only interesting moment was when Ran-sensei tripped. You got quite a nice view. You shake your head. While that might have been a pleasant sight, It’s not something you want to get in trouble for. Anyways, Classes are over for the day. Your sisters all are doing something, so they’ll be heading home when their activities are over. Where do you want to go?

[ ] Roof.
[ ] Club rooms.
[ ] Front gate.
[ ] Student Council room.
[ ] Back gate
[ ] Sports Field.
>> No. 21607
>We still have pictures, remember.

Handling pictures and spreading them is a skill any Anon in any universe is good at using.
>> No. 21608
[ ] Club rooms.
>> No. 21609

[x] Club Rooms.

I needs Mukyuuu~
>> No. 21610
[x] Club rooms.

Let's go.
>> No. 21611
[x] Front gate.
Follow Mokou, we're getting out of here.
>> No. 21612
[ ] Student Council room.
>> No. 21614
[x] Front gate.
Oh god I better find Mokou before she becomes the 7th mystery and The God is awakened
>> No. 21615
[ ]Club Rooms
>> No. 21616
[ ] Club rooms.
>> No. 21617
[ ] Club rooms.

Bring an accordion.
>> No. 21618
>> No. 21619
[X] Club rooms.

Let's meet up with Patch.
>> No. 21620
[x] Club rooms.

Mokou abandoned us, this is the perfect time.
>> No. 21621
[x] Front gate.
God, if Mokou was waiting for us I'll buy a ring and propose.
>> No. 21622
[x] Front gate.
>> No. 21623
[ ] Club rooms

So, wait, was Medicine or Alice?
>> No. 21624
It was both of them at once.
>> No. 21625
This reminds me of KT
>> No. 21626
Ok guys, club room won. And with that I'm out for the night again. See you guys. it's been fun.
>> No. 21628
[X] Band room

>> No. 21629
Need it be said?
[x] Club rooms.
>> No. 21630
File 120875050249.jpg - (39.34KB , 422x316 , pyramid_head.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 21631
[X] Club rooms.

Patchy and Alice need to be explored more.
>> No. 21632
Night, dude
>> No. 21634
lulz, people need to learn to identify thier touhous~
>> No. 21637

Rest easy, Kira.
>> No. 21638
or my descriptive skills just suck. Big key here is the bow.
>> No. 21642
Why halo thar Medicine.
>> No. 21644
So is the girl from the note supposed to be Patchy?
Someone else?
Or is it not completely set in stone yet?

Also, if we continue the trend of mostly meeting characters we've already met in the main story, is it wrong if I feel some guilt if we wind up snubbing Reisen here?
>> No. 21645
Kinda vague if I have to Touhouwiki to decipher between which is Alice or Medicine, or Medicine or Shanghai. All three have red ribbons in their hair, so... But that's what we like about your works!
>> No. 21646
File 120875139650.jpg - (34.98KB , 300x300 , 1207533624865.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>red ribbon tied up in a bow in her wavy blonde hair.
Close enough to cause confusion.

I figured it would have been logical for Alice and Patchi to be in the Occult Club, since they study magic and all...
>> No. 21649
>> No. 21652
File 120875206870.png - (285.00KB , 1138x1600 , 042_1d7r.png ) [iqdb]
Too late, stay on target!
>> No. 21654
In fairness, Alice actually seems to wear a frilly hairband, not a ribbon.
>> No. 21655
That would make a difference.
>> No. 21657
File 120875264576.jpg - (123.37KB , 591x775 , 1208747406237.jpg ) [iqdb]
They...they're exploring without us! We want to help!

Now that I think about it, I want to go to the Student Council Room to stab Reimu and see Reisen. She seems like the class rep type.
>> No. 21659
File 120875297983.jpg - (49.30KB , 400x475 , akibakko-118077118282314.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did someone say "class rep type"?
>> No. 21660
Holy christ, sauce?
>> No. 21661

I figured the dolls would have given it away...
>> No. 21666
I blame Kirs's lack of rest. The first description was a girl playing with dolls, which Medicine VERY MUCH DOES NOT DO. She hates humans for 'enslaving' dolls, remember? The second description was obviously of Medicine.
>> No. 21667
File 120875457468.jpg - (93.10KB , 480x900 , 4dca0a3ab7ff64d639dc2f9e0dbf3bbb.jpg ) [iqdb]
Delicious Yuka class rep must have must go to student council room much destroy the evil must make sweet love to bunny girl delicious Yuka class rep must have...

My train of thought is on the express line and does not make unnecessary local stops.

I wonder where all the other heavy hitters are? We might have to venture into town, but I'm really hoping we run into Yukari at school. We'd probably find her sleeping somewhere though...
>> No. 21668
File 120875469640.png - (30.38KB , 1000x1000 , 1204857746943.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 21669
Whoa whoa whoa whoa...


I don't usually do this, but where the hell does this come from? That looks damn close to Rocket Fuel 21, and something that explicit demands sauce.
>> No. 21670
Personally, I'm hoping that Yuuka turns out to be the eccentric and hot owner of some local flower shop, who used to fight on some underground pro street fighting circuit. We'd meet her when we are eventually given the chance to buy one of the girls some flowers for one reason or another. From there on out, we would be given the opportunity to swing by the flower shop more often to chat with her. Her turn ons would include rare flowers that she doesn't have in stock, gardening, and a good fight.

Man, sometimes I get the urge to make one of these things myself.
>> No. 21671

>> No. 21673


That was fuckin' epic. Many, many thanks for that.
>> No. 21674
File 120875787460.jpg - (79.45KB , 500x500 , 1204605057071.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow. I'm really tired and said "Yuka" instead of "Siki". Thats kinda fucked up. My bad.
>> No. 21675
File 120875825542.jpg - (98.05KB , 731x757 , 1201806228147.jpg ) [iqdb]
Knowing the difference can save your life.
>> No. 21676
Is that so~
>> No. 21679
File 120875922595.jpg - (474.46KB , 1600x1200 , yukari (130).jpg ) [iqdb]
Yukari is probably the principal.
>> No. 21680
File 120875930269.png - (176.98KB , 450x450 , 1208460971819.png ) [iqdb]
Woman with short green hair.

If she is busty and has flowers or an umbrella, run the fuck away or you will die a horrible death.

If she has a great legs and a silly hat or wooden dildo, then you obviously did not run away from the woman with the umbrella.

If in doubt, ask about pollination.
>> No. 21683
File 120876082220.jpg - (360.48KB , 1600x1200 , wrigglewp.jpg ) [iqdb]

Green w/ breast: Running's the best
Green w/ no chest: Running's the best

Just stay the hell away from people with green hair. They have money and can screw the rules to eat you!!
>> No. 21684
More like:
Green hair w/ breast = You're going to die
Green hair w/ no chest = You are already dead
>> No. 21685
Yuka = competitive, sporty, arrogant track team idol.
>> No. 21689
So are we going to continue this later today or switch back to MiG for the week?
>> No. 21695
All fun and games are over (although, no "fun" to be had this weekend, just BAWWs and creepy doll girls). Weekdays = Serious Business! We have allies to recruit, a bunny to protect, lies to be uncovered, and (probably) an oni to dodge!

Which makes me wonder. Is Suika's with Reimu, how is it that SHE has found us and hunted us down yet?

>by scattering herself, she can become as mist. The strange mist that brought about the events of Immaterial and Missing Power was none other than herself, in very thin form.
>> No. 21696
File 120876649159.png - (53.45KB , 281x216 , already dead.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 21698
Mmmm, delicious patchy. She wears a silly hat right? But her hand writing would be better than that..... What about Chen? But we haven't met her in the story and this arc started long ago, I don't think Chen would've been a viable option.

Who wears a hat of some kind that we may have already met during MiG around the time this arc started?

If no one can think of anything, default to Keine.
>> No. 21704
If Ran's a teacher, then more than likely Keine's one as well. Although, I was wrong in thinking Marisa would be in HS with Reimu, so who know!

The girl with the hat is from an anime. And I'm sure we'd probably run into Chen and Alice going to the Occult Club for Patchi. Who know, Ran might double as a club advisor. Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 21706
We need a teacher courting route.

"N-no anonymous, we musn't!"
"Oh Ran sensei...."
"A-anonymous. P-p-please don't s-stop..."
>> No. 21708

Haha, we start to woo her with fried tofu or something.

Come to think of it, do animal and fairy type youkai in here keep there wings and stuff?
>> No. 21711
File 120876913596.jpg - (920.39KB , 1400x1000 , ran1.jpg ) [iqdb]
We were creeped out by the independent doll, so I think we'd be shocked to see our teacher has 9 tails.

Well, she still does in my mind.
>> No. 21714
File 120876966479.jpg - (106.07KB , 500x750 , 1206793386804.jpg ) [iqdb]

Or anon in this world is such a clueless schmuck that he takes it all in stride. Eventually.

That said, I'm posting Ran.
>> No. 21716
File 120877059668.jpg - (264.12KB , 512x512 , 1208770283471.jpg ) [iqdb]
Remove Rinnosuke replace with skinks.

I mean anonymous.
>> No. 21739
it appeared to you to be playing, wether or not it actually was playing has yet to be seen.
>> No. 21741
So, is your next installement going to be School days or Anon of the rebellion?
>> No. 21746
MiG on weekdays, School Days on weekend. After all that serious, it was a good change we had some school fun
>> No. 21747
So it's back to using the ruffle of absolute obidiance
>> No. 21748
We have to find out what is in that House.
>> No. 21749
File 120878562370.jpg - (367.21KB , 1024x769 , suikaRAGE.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's best not to feign ignorance, Anon. We all know what's going to happen next...
>> No. 21751
Did we not single it down to Suika, Aya and Momiji? But wait, Its got to be Lord Tenma, the Men of Mens
>> No. 21760
Actually I'd like today to be Schooldays as well. Just this once. MiG is kind of in between events right now but SD is frozen in the middle of the action. It's just me really but I'd like for SD to come to the end of the day before we leave it again
>> No. 21761
Lets have both at the same time and make kira's head explode.
>> No. 21762
I'd like normal MiG starting today. School Days is fun and all, but MiG is more enjoyable for me, but that is only my personal Opinion.
>> No. 21770
>but that is only my personal Opinion.

you do realize saying this makes you sound like a total loser.

no fucking shit it's your opinion, or else you wouldn't be posting it. wtf is wrong with you?
>> No. 21771
It's called a disclaimer, hey.

Now go have a drink and come back when you've learned not to rage over things as minor as phrases like "but that's just my personal opinion".
>> No. 21772

Seconded. I kind of want to see what happens next and situation in MiG is rather calm atm.
>> No. 21916
You would think, wouldn't you?
>> No. 21930
What have you planned Kira? We need to find out about your evil shemes to bring down poor Anon and his little sisters
>> No. 21943
Telling would only serve to lessen the shock and resulting levels of DESPAIR.

Unless the telling was for the sole purpose of making it seem as if there was a chance at changing fate, only to have the built-up hopes come crashing even further down when it becomes apparent such efforts are futile.
>> No. 22105
>> No. 22473
Dealing with Kira is simple...
First, understand that the obvious answer will screw you over.
The perverted answer will also screw you over.
The correct answer, however, will also screw you over - just not right now.

This is how Kira works. We WILL be screwed over, all we can do is delay the inevitable.