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File 154129962372.jpg - (97.25KB, 600x840, nanowrimo-3.jpg) [iqdb]
199530 No. 199530
“That’d be nice,” you say. This is where you’d don a pipe and forlornly look to the sky. But you don’t have a pipe, and you’d look silly staring at the roof. You wonder, though, how different it would be if you lived in a world that didn’t hate you—but you don’t dwell on it for long. There’s no use dreaming about what could have been. What can you do anyway? Change yourself? Hah, good one. Gods don’t change. People do.

Hieda’s definitely miffed because she doesn’t like your answer. Real hard to please, that woman. “Don’t make it seem like it’s not your problem,” she says.

“But it’s not?” you reply. “Why should I care about humans think about me?”

“Because you’re a god. Really, is it too difficult for you to stop acting so detached about everything? Don’t you suppose that life would be a lot easier if you stopped trying to alienate every human you come in contact with?”

“Nah. Because that’s how I am. It’s my nature.”

“She’s right, though,” adds Tewi. “Some humans are okay. Especially the kinds that you can sucker into doing something dumb.”

“I especially don’t like those types of humans.”

“You’re implacable,” Hieda says with a sigh, propping herself up with a hand on the desk.

“Then what do you think I should do, Tewi?”

“You’re putting the responsibility on me?” the rabbit says incredulously, taking a step back.

You take a step towards her, not letting her retreat. “Aren’t you my current priestess? You gotta shoulder some difficulties for me.”

She’s—?” Hieda, in her fit of surprise, lets her hand slip out from below her chin, catching herself just before she loses her balance. “She’s your priestess?”

“Yeah. What did you think she was?”

“I—I don’t know.” She tilts her head slightly, losing herself in thought. “Your moral support?”

“You’re not too far off on that one.” Tewi then points to you. “So, if I get to decide, why not try and be a little nicer to humans? I mean, it can’t hurt to at least make an attempt?”

You shrug. “Sure, but I won’t make any promises.”

“Then why not start now?” Hieda cooks up a real schemin’ grin. “Lately, there’s been some rumors about a certain ‘something’ that goes around at night and terrorizes the people in the village. From what I recall, items have been reported missing or broken, and small creatures have been killed.”

“Why not ask your local shrine maiden?”

“Reimu says that it’s probably ‘no big deal’ and told me to stop bothering her.”

“If it’s not a big deal to her, why do I have to?”

“Because you said you’re going to try and be nice.”

Oh, yeah. Right.

[ ] Help out.
[ ] Tell Reimu to do something about the problem.
[ ] Nah, you’re not interested. You’ll find a way to be nice without having to work for it.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/05(Mon)07:00

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>> No. 200053
[x] Then you’ll help her.

I like the idea of Hakurou secretly being a softy all the goddamn time
>> No. 200054
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.
>> No. 200055
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.

Go big or go home.
>> No. 200057
[x] Let her prove you wrong then.

Some struggles you have to face on your own.
>> No. 200058
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.
>> No. 200059
[x] Then you’ll help her.
>> No. 200060
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?

Cute and sweet.

On the other hand...

Who hurt you, Hakurou...?
>> No. 200061
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.

...This may be a step for Hakurou, but we'll see.
>> No. 200062
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.
Don't let Tewi down.

Or, well, okay, try not to let Tewi down. Too much. Below her general threshold of disappointment, know what I mean?
>> No. 200063
[X] She’s a good girl too, ain’t she?
[X] Then you’ll help her.
>> No. 200065
Is it just me or does anybody else get the feeling that something horrible is going to happen to Daiki?
>> No. 200067
That's kinda a thing that happens to mortals, isn't it?

I have to say; this story is doing an excellent jobs showing how gods think and interact with mortals. MC is lucid and aware enough for meaningful interactions, while still remaining aloof and mysterious. Particularly well-done characterization here.

I was going to save this for the critique thread at the end of the month but..eh..fuck it we'll do it live.
>> No. 200073
Yeah and his suffering and bitterness are pretty realistic too. They're not overwhelming, but they're always present, and do rise when they have to. Good thing we're pushing so hard into making him a better person. God. Whatever.
>> No. 200076
File 154337727629.jpg - (95.17KB, 850x804, nanowrimo-27.jpg) [iqdb]
Then I’ll help you," you say.

"You will?" Daiki's ecstatic, arms up to her chest in glee.


Daiki—she’s a good girl too, ain’t she? Looks like you lucked out by accepting Hieda’s request because you got yourself a bundle of cuteness wrapped up neatly in cat form.

“Hey, cat,” you say, waving her towards you. “C’mere.”

“What?” She inches forward until she’s about an arm’s length away.

“Closer.” You wait until Daiki’s a few faces away to wrap an arm around her back, pulling her in. With your other hand, you stroke her hair, to which she blankly stares up at you.

“...What?” She looks like she’s at a loss as to what to do, her tail swishing slowly as she stands still. But hey, she’s not trying to break free, so you must be doing something right. You never know with cats, huh?

“Good girl, good girl.”

“Daiki is not a dog. This cat does not need your… petting. But,” the cat pauses, as if to consider a thought, “she will allow it. After all, she can tell that you are feeling—what is the word… ah—wistful. So she will tolerate it.”

“Me? Wistful?” You almost laugh. Awfully perceptive, this cat. “Who are ya kidding, kitty?”

“It is not a joke,” she says. “This cat, she can feel the emotions of those around her, and those around her can feel hers, too. That is her power.”

“You mean your power isn’t to make others sleepy?”

“No. Demonstration.”

Daiki moves aside to place both hands on her chest, the same as when she took down the youkai. Then she closes her eyes. You expect her to start glowing or something magical like that, but nothing happens. No ominous wind, no levitation, nada. You do, however, feel something foreign touching at your spirit. It’s similar to the power she used when she made the monster go to sleep, but it’s a little different this time.

You shrug. “I feel it, but it doesn’t seem like anything’s changed?”

“Whoa.” Reimu must feel something because she’s grinning, widely so. “That’s amazing. I feel great.”

“That’s because this cat—she is happy.” Daiki lets herself have a tiny smile. “When this cat is sad, she can make others sad with her. And if she is tired, then she can make others tired, too. But happiness—this is what she wants to share. Though she is disappointed that the wolf cannot feel her joy. Strange. Even youkai are affected by her power.”

“I appreciate that effort. But I think I know why your power doesn’t work on me.”


“Can you keep a secret?” You wink over to the cat.

She nods.

“I’m actually a god. Might be too powerful for your puny abilities, or something like that.”

“Oh.” Not quite the reaction you were looking for, but you’ll take it.

“But hey, even if I’m a god, maybe your power did work,” you say, chuckling. “Because I’m in a real good mood again, see?"


"Soooo," you drawl real casually, "now that I know your power, I want to test something.”

“Hmm?” Daiki tilts her head.

Consume, consume, never stop, eternal, take what’s undeservedly mine, take it all, all for

“Do you feel that?” you say.

“Feel what?” she asks.

You shake your head and smile. “Nothing.”
>> No. 200077

You gave me a scare, you jerk.
For a second there, I thought he was going to 'help' by making it 'not a problem' and taking her youkai-ness.

I was worried for the kitty!
>> No. 200079
And you're not scared of the last few lines of the update? Because that shit terrifies me.
>> No. 200080
It seems it was a test and it failed. Maybe he doesn't take what isn't corrupt?

...or maybe it does but it's delayed? Oh fuckkkkk
>> No. 200081
child you are doing me a frighten
>> No. 200082
I'm pretty sure what OP was going for there is that her powers are divine in nature. If her powers didn't affect him because he's a god, the same could be true the other way around.
>> No. 200086
spoiler alert it was a nekogami all along
>> No. 200087
File 15434726876.jpg - (145.76KB, 850x971, nanowrimo-28.jpg) [iqdb]
Reimu, Daiki, and you are all taking in some sun near the shrine entrance when Tewi and a bandaged Chen comes floating down from the sky. Aside from the dog, nobody can muster up a spirited greeting. You throw them a lethargic wave as you return to your mini-siesta on the patio.

“Whoa.” Chen gasps. “What happened to you guys?”

“I could say the same to you, sister,” you say, placing an arm over your eyes to shield yourself from the sunlight. “You don’t look too hot after that tussle with the youkai.”

Chen’s bangs are neatly swept to the side which exposes her forehead covered in bandages. Her wraps are dyed a crusty carmine—she must have been bleeding until morning. She doesn’t look better elsewhere. Her right arm is also covered in bandages and is held up by a sling. Her left is scratched up. And you’d find worse things if you looked carefully—she’s lucky that her dress is red.

“You don’t have to remind everyone,” she pouts. “Really did a number on me, didn’t it? But I’m better nOOOO-AAAAA-OOOOow!”

Tewi’s jabbing a finger into Chen’s bad arm. “No need to lie, Chen. Some of these blockheads will believe you when you tell them that you’re feeling fine.”

“...Okay.” She’s fighting back tears. “I’m not better. Sorry.”

“There you go,” the rabbit says, adopting a softer tone. “You don’t have to act tough when you’re injured like that.”

“I have an image to maintain as the toughest cat around. And speaking of,” Chen skips over to Daiki and hovers over the tanned cat’s sleepy figure. “You’re not too shabby! That agility! Despite being a newborn, you got some skills. And I don’t know what you did at the end yesterday, where the youkai fell to the ground, but that was incredible!”

“Um. Thank you.” Daiki sits up, getting awkward with the sudden praise. “This cat doesn’t deserve the compliments.”

“Nonsense. You did good.” Chen says that, but she’s definitely frowning. “Almost makes me forget the fact that you made the village super paranoid about cats—me, mostly.”

Daiki can only blankly stare. “This cat did?”

“Yeah.” Chen glares at the other cat. “Don’t tell me you forgot what you did.”

“What did she do?”

“Well, first of all, you laid out dead animal bodies at the village outskirts.”

Daiki hmphs. “They invaded this cat’s territory, so they served as warnings.”

“You scared the humans to death! They thought I was responsible! Gah.” Chen pulls Daiki up with her only available hand and drags her towards the shrine steps. “Come with me. You and I, we’re having a talk—about cat things, okay?”

“But...” Daiki looks to you, and then Reimu, for help. You both do a synchronized shrug, and then the two cats disappear down the steps.

Tewi watches them until the cats are out of sight and then walks over to you, quietly saying, “So what’s up with the dog? Reimu finally wanted to get a pet?”

“Actually,” you say. “That’s the youkai from last night. Or, rather, ex-youkai. Stuff happened, and I took away its powers. Originally, it was a harmless dog, so it reverted back.”

The rabbit stops to contemplate. “I’m surprised, but at the same time, I’m not. What are you going to do with it?”

“Let Reimu deal with it. I think she likes having a pet around, so I’m gonna see if she’s willing to take care of her.”

“What if it turns back to being a youkai?”

“It won’t.” You smile. “I’ll make sure of that.”

“Got it. And, Hakurou?”

“What’s up?”

“You, um.” Tewi, maybe out of indecision, pauses for a moment. She rubs the back of her head in frustration, averting her gaze momentarily. In a lowered voice, she continues. “Ugh, I hate being like this, but I just want to ask. Are you okay?”

“Huh.” You raise an eyebrow and pat your face. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know.” Tewi’s frowning, but it’s not the usual frown where she’s pointing it at you. Rather, it seems like this one is coming out of genuine vexation at herself. “I really don’t. That’s why I didn’t want to ask—but I had to. I just thought that maybe you weren’t feeling the same as usual. Or something.”

You look at the rabbit.

[ ] “I’m peachy, thanks.”
[ ] “Something’s been on my mind as of late.”
[ ] “Is it really that obvious?”
>> No. 200088
[X] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[X] "Can I get a hug?"
Hakuro have just had a REALLY SERIOUS TALK need bunny to feel better
>> No. 200089
[X] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[X] "Can I get a hug?"
>> No. 200090
[X] “Is it really that obvious?”
>> No. 200091
[x] Is it really that obvious?”
-[x] "Can I get a hug?"
bunhug route go
>> No. 200093
[X] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[X] "Can I get a hug?"
Fluffy goodness fit for a God
>> No. 200094
[X] “Something’s been on my mind as of late.”
-[X] "Can I get a hug?"

I too am distracted by thought of hugging the bun
>> No. 200095
[X] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[X] "Can I get a hug?"

Hug the wabbit
>> No. 200096
[x] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[x] "Can I get a hug?"
>> No. 200098
[x] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[x] "Can I get a hug?"
I'd piss against the tide but I don't have anything better to vote for.
>> No. 200101
[x] “Is it really that obvious?”
-[x] “Can I get a hug?”

>>200098 Ditto.
>> No. 200102
File 154356812866.jpg - (221.75KB, 800x1028, nanowrimo-29.jpg) [iqdb]
“And here I thought that I didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe I’ve gotten soft.” You drop the funny business and scowl. If Tewi can notice, then you’re slacking. “Is it really that obvious?”

“No. Not at all.” Tewi’s smile is full of mixed feelings—or maybe you’re just interpreting it that way. “It was a lucky guess.”

You eye the rabbit. “Lucky, huh?”

“Or maybe I’m just perceptive.” She takes a seat on the edge of the patio, scooting next to your side. “I don’t think anybody but me would’ve noticed.”

“If you don’t count people who can read emotions, then sure.”

Tewi sighs. “Don’t tell me: the cat?”

“You’re catching on.”

“I think there’s a pattern to the craziness that surrounds you, Hakurou.” She rests her head on your lap, back down on the wood flooring so that she can face you. “But back to the main point: I, and only I, have you figured out.”

You smirk. “You’d like if that were the case, wouldn’t you?”

“Such as right now,” she says, ignoring you. “You look like you want a hug right now.”

“But I don’t.”

“But you do. See here, normally, you’d be all over me because you can’t resist a soft bunny that says she wants you to hug her. But right now, you’re pushing me away because you’re too busy sulking and making yourself miserable.” Tewi stands up and extends her hands out. “Come on. You know you want it.”


“Just stand up and take what’s being given to you already.”

“I told you,” you snarl, “I don’t want it.”

Tewi, instead of minding her own damn business, takes you by the hand and pulls you up. It’s a first that anybody has flat-out ignored you when you got snappy with them. After she gets you to stand up, Tewi wraps her arms around you and squeezes, nuzzling up into your chest. The rabbit didn’t lie: She is soft.

“Feel any better?” she says as she parts from you.

“I said that I didn’t need a hug.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

And then Reimu, who was lounging around the patio the entire time, finally decides to speak up. Isara’s snoozing in her arms. “Uh, hey. Am I interrupting something?”

“You’re fine. In fact,” Tewi cooks up a devilish smile. “Want to join? You can hug me and Hakurou all you like.”

“Pass,” says Reimu, heading back into the shrine.

“You mean, you want Hakurou all to yourself?” Tewi mock-gasps. “How greedy.”

Reimu, getting ticked off, replies, “If I didn't have to take care of Isara, I would've beaten you to a pulp by now.”

You watch the two of them squabble with each other. As you do, you can’t help but think back to Tewi’s hug. It’s almost laughable that your emotions were so easily swayed by something so… so—so stupid. All because of that cursed memory.

It’s pathetic how weak you still are.
>> No. 200103
One hour past midnight for this update which is... less than ideal. I was really tired, so getting this one out was a big fucking struggle. We got one final timer, everyone. It's time to close out Nanowrimo.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/12/01(Sat)08:00

>> No. 200104
Weaknesses can be good. At least for a God who could stand to be more close to those it should protect.

>One last timer

Just one more! You can do it! I believe!
>> No. 200109
File 154363814327.png - (333.09KB, 500x750, nanowrimo-30.png) [iqdb]
Reimu went back into the shrine to go take care of the dog, which is probably her way of saying, I don’t want to be involved in this cat business. Good choice because the next part is going to be a huge pain in the ass if things don’t go right. Convincing the human village to adopt a cat youkai will be as annoying as it sounds. You know that you have at least one family—Noboru’s—that’s on Daiki’s side. Plus, you can get Hieda to sprinkle around some of her influence too. She won’t like it, but she also doesn’t have much of a choice when you’re the one asking.

The two cats return, and Chen’s smiling and giggling with Daiki as if she were chatting up an old friend. Daiki, however, is more reserved, though you can see her lips start to creep up into a hint of a smile.

“—But you can’t forget that you’re still a youkai. Master really hated it when I went around and scared all the humans for fun.” Chen shrugs. “So don’t go around picking fights just because. You’ll eventually get caught and be beat up by a shrine maiden.”

Daiki nods. “Okay.”

“And if you find feral youkai,” you say, “make sure to not run in alone and get yourself almost killed.”

Immediately, Chen’s ears flatten. “Y-Yeah. Don’t do that. Because otherwise,” she tenderly lifts up her right arm by its sling. “You’ll end up looking as beautiful as I do. So if you’re looking to learn how to be a proper nekomata, don’t look at me. In fact, if you do the opposite of what I do, then you should be set.”

“In the self-deprecating mood, aren’t you?” Tewi says.

“I’m not exactly bleeding optimism after what you did to me this morning, Tewi.” Chen grimaces. “You woke me up at sunrise and made me dig holes with you.”

“I didn’t expect you to heal that slow. Usually, after the doc’s treatment, people are perfectly good to go by the next morning. But at least one of your arms worked, right?”

“Barely!” Chen yowls. “You gave me a shovel, but what use is that if I can only use one arm!”

“Those traps won’t build themselves. But if it’s any consolation, you were a big help, even with your one arm. So thank you.”

“Well.” Chen sticks her head up. “That’s obvious I was gonna be a big help. I’m amazing. And you’re welcome."

“You know,” you say. “You act more like a dog than you do a cat, Chenster.”

Chen turns, glaring at you. “What was that!”

“Let’s see. You befriend strangers easily, you get excited about everything, you act without thinking, and you get into fights.”

“The heck. Don’t make me get Master to come over! And do you know what she’ll do?”

“Probably yell at you for wasting their time?” Tewi offers.

Chen’s distraught, unprepared for the rabbit’s answer. “Actually. Yeah. So maybe I won’t do that. But, in any case, I’m not a dog! You’re a dog!”

“I’m a wolf, actually. But close enough, right?”

“It’s not nice to tease others, Hakurou,” says Tewi.

You give Chen a wink. “I only tease good company.”

With a huff, she says, “Don't think that I'll forgive you just because you gave me a free compliment.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Now that everyone’s assembled, you should start moving along. Where to first?

[ ] Visit Hieda. She has the most influence on the village.
[ ] Visit Ninomiya’s. They were open to youkai, so maybe they’ll help too.
[ ] Visit Noboru’s family. It’ll be good for Daiki to check up on them.
>> No. 200110
[x] Visit Noboru’s family. It’ll be good for Daiki to check up on them.
>> No. 200111
[x] Visit Noboru’s family. It’ll be good for Daiki to check up on them.
>> No. 200112
[X] Visit Hieda. She has the most influence on the village.

Akyuu's blood pressure has been too low lately, we need to fix that.
>> No. 200113
[X] Visit Hieda. She has the most influence on the village.

Reimu does seem like she'd appreciate a dog more than a cat.
>> No. 200114
[X] Visit Hieda. She has the most influence on the village.

Start by getting the big guns on our side.
>> No. 200115
[x] Visit Noboru’s family. It’ll be good for Daiki to check up on them.
>> No. 200116
[x] Visit Ninomiya’s. They were open to youkai, so maybe they’ll help too.

Noboru will probably help, Hieda WILL help, Nimomiya's... who knows.
>> No. 200117
[x] Visit Noboru’s family. It’ll be good for Daiki to check up on them.
>> No. 200118
[X] Visit Ninomiya’s. They were open to youkai, so maybe they’ll help too.

Make Chen pay for the damn fish she ordered.
>> No. 200119
File 154373147698.jpg - (343.27KB, 1024x768, __ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn_by_ikawa_waki__ab863723.jpg) [iqdb]
Quick status update: We've reached auto-sage and everything awful has happened to me since we've finished Nanowrimo. Sooo, guess what. My car and my desktop both died today. I'll be fixing both throughout the week, but it really dampers my mood, know what I mean? Anyway, it'll be hard for me to get an update out until my desktop rises back up from the ashes.

The only real silver lining in this is that at least it happened after Nanowrimo, eh?
>> No. 200120
this is just fate telling you that you are only allowed to update during contests and a short while after that
>> No. 200136
Yo, I'm busy with life. Moving to a new place, so I'll be putting writing on hold until I get a little more time to squeeze in my updates.
>> No. 200141
Congrats on that, I'll be joining you soon I think.
>> No. 200145

>I'll be joining you soon

Aaaand creepiest dude of the year go to....
>> No. 200242
Next thread: >>200225
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