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File 153514017037.jpg - (183.36KB, 792x985, 5a828785.jpg)
Moe-chan awakens, opening her wonderful moe-eyes.

“Huh? Where did you come from, kid?” A voice rings out rings out, startling her.

Looking frantically around, Moe-chan realizes that she’s lying in a small wooden boat, sitting up, she observes her surroundings.

The boat’s on a pitch-black river, the sky is just as dark. Opposite of her, sits a red-haired woman, holding a scythe over her shoulder. ‘She looks intimidating’ Is what Moe-chan in her confused state thought.

“Oi, I asked you a question.” The woman calls out.

“Ehm, I-I don’t know...I just woke up here.” Moe-chan stutters.

“Haah, well, do you at least remember your name?” The woman asked.

“Y-Yes, I’m moe-chan. I-It’s nice to meet you…” Moe-chan trailed off, uncertain, doubtful.

“Heh, ...‘Moe-chan’ huh?” The woman suddenly gained a dangerous glint in her eyes.
“Say, Moe-chan… do you wanna die?” With that, the woman swung her scythe right at Moe-chan!

“Huh?” Is the only response Moe-chan could give in her stupor!

’Don’t give up! Use your Moe beam!’


[ ] Give up, it’s hopeless.
[ ] Moe Beam.
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[x] Moe Beam
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[x] Give up, it’s hopeless.

I want Moe-chan's blood spilled.
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File 153514987444.jpg - (659.18KB, 1038x769, 9824592846.jpg)
[x] Moe Beam.

*Doki* *Doki*

From the depths of her soul Moe-chan could feel it. Something pulsating, enveloping her body in some mysterious energy.

*Doki* *Doki*

Instinctively, instead of trying to shield herself in vain with her arms, Moe-chan’s body let itself free open!

Just when the red-haired woman’s scythe was about to hit her-


A blast erupted from Moe-chan’s face! A destructive blast full of moe!

The red-haired woman tried to evade it, but due to being too close to the source of the blast, and the surprise delaying her reaction, it was far too late!

“Wha-GHAAAA! The blast, hitting her entire front, blasted her out of the boat! Making the boat, and everything around it shudder!

Being shot way too high up, and away from the boat, the red-haired woman crashes into the river’s surface with unbelievable force afterwards! Inevitably creating a water eruption!

Moe-chan, too scared to understand what’s happening, just cowers in the boat, trying to make herself as small as possible.

While far away from the boat, the red-haired woman resurfaces. Disoriented and wounded.

“Wh-wha?” Looking around her surroundings, she instantly understands what happened.

T-THAT LITTLE BRAT! I’M GONNA-” Before she could finish her sentence, a gigantic and monstrous sea beast emerged under her! Instantly closing its mouth around her, it swallowed her, sending her on the way to its stomach to be digested!

At the same time, the red-haired woman cursed inwardly. ‘Dammit! That brat’s attack really did a number on me! ...It’s far too late to tell her it was just a joke, and I don’t want to anymore even if i could… damn you Moe-chan...I will pay you back for this disgrace!’

Meanwhile, it all started being a little too much for Moe-chan and overwhelmed her. ‘So… sleepy...’ Making her pass out.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - -

The next time Moe-chan opened her eyes, she was in a completely different place. On a sunny day, she was lying under the nice shade of a tree.

Still groggy from before, Moe-chan decided to just relax a little more and forget everything at the moment. And she relaxed, for five minutes.

’Moe-chan! Moe-chan! Wake up, there is no time for you to relax!’

“H-Huh?!” The sudden voice surprised Moe-chan. Though it seemed strangely familiar to her.

’Moe-chan, it’s your destiny! You have to liberate Gensokyo!’

“G-Gensokyo?” Slowly, Moe-chan started to regain her moe-wits.

’Yes, currently you’re in the land of Gensokyo. Home for everything mythical and fantasy-like.’

“A-Aha…” Moe-chan intelligently answered.

“What do you mean, liberate...?”

’Though the land in itself is a wonderful place, it’s inhabitants are violent brutes, there will be no peace for gensokyo as long as they still exist!’

“eh-EHHH!?” Moe-chan exclaimed, surprised. “But what can I do about that!? I’m not strong! I don’t know how to fight! And I don’t want to! It’s scary...”

’Don’t worry, Moe-chan! Even though you’re unaware of it, in you slumbers an immense power! The power of moe!’

Moe-chan is just way too overwhelmed with this information! But still, she decides to silently listen to this guiding voice…

’You can do it, I know! Gensokyo needs you! I need you! So please!’

“A-Alright, I will try…” Moe-chan answered reluctantly.

’Wonderful! Here, this will help you in your journey.’

Suddenly, a strange sensation appeared in Moe-chan’s head! It felt like something was flowing directly into her brain! Slowly, all the information about gensokyo and it’s inhabitants appeared in Moe-chan’s head...

’Listen, Moe-chan! In order to save this land you have to find the legendary Hakurei Moe Pillow! And the ancient urn, sealed in the underground… then, you have to place the urn with a peach from heaven in it together with the Hakurei Moe pillow on the torii gate of the Hakurei Shrine on a sunrise...’

“And then?” Moe-chan asked.

’And after that all the evil from gensokyo will be purged and everyone is saved!’

“Oh! I see! Alright, I will do my best!” Moe-chan naively agreed.

‘Though, where to start?’ She wondered.

[ ] Hakurei Shrine.
[ ] Underground.
[ ] Human Village.
[ ] Write-in.
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[x] Hakurei Shrine.

The helpful shrine priest will surely support our cause.
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[X] Human Village.

Time to make like a hero and bother some NPCs! ...er, that didn't come out right.
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File 153522004921.jpg - (99.16KB, 653x435, 65337833.jpg)
[x] Hakurei Shrine.

The Hakurei Shrine. Home for the resident Hakurei Miko and incident resolver, Reimu Hakurei! That’s where Moe-chan decided to start her journey in search for the legendary and ancient objects, all for the peace in the land!

Making sure she chose the right direction, Moe-chan decides to idle chat with the mysterious voice in her head…

“Hey, um…” Moe-chan trailed off…

’Oh, just call me Blues.’

“Alright, Blues… I wondered, do I really have to speak out loud for you to hear me?”

’But of course, how else? This isn’t some fantasy story where you can telepathically communicate with others, no! This is real fantasy!’

“H-Hah, guess so…” Moe chan said, while unknowingly sidestepping a fallen tree branch. “Ehm, I just wondered… if it does so happen that I get pulled into a fight, what should I do?”

’Isn’t it obvious? Fight.’

“Fueh?! But I can’t!” Moe-chan exclaimed surprised.

’Sure can.’

“Eh? B-But how? I have no experience in fighting!”

’...Haah, I wanted you to discover while in a battle for maximum efficiency, but I guess I will have to tell you now. Listen, Moe-chan, with all the information about Gensokyo and it’s residents I transfered into you, I also included years and years of battle experience, whose, I will let you find out yourself. Anyway, the only thing left is for your body to use it.’

“B-But, how!”

’First of all, calm down. It wouldn't do you any good to lose your moe-wits. When the time comes, just do what feels natural. Or better yet, let your body move by itself, it always will know what to do...’

“O-Okay…” This only served to calm down Moe-chan slightly.

’You’re there by the way.’

“Huh?” Observing her surroundings, Moe-chan noticed that she now stood before a very long set of stone stairs. “Woah! How did I reach it this fast!?”

’I’m telling you, believe in your body. It knows what to do.’

Memorizing Blue’s words, Moe-chan started ascending the stairs.

Not long after, she reached the torii gate. Giving it a lingering gaze, Moe-chan looked around.

There on the porch of what she presumed to be the Hakurei Shrine, a red-white clad lone girl sat, drinking tea while gazing up at the midday sky.

’Be ready Moe-chan, she’s no stranger to violence.’

‘So, how do I approach her?’

[ ] Be straightforward and honest.
[ ] Be casual and friendly, but also inquisitive.
[ ] Write-in.
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[x] Be straightforward and honest.

No bs.
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[X] Be casual and friendly, but also inquisitive.

I come back here after months to find a new story, THP is not dead appearently
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[X] Be casual and friendly, but also inquisitive.

Let's go with this.
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[x] Be straightforward and honest.

"I'm here to bring peace. What's a moe pillow?"
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File 153529016837.jpg - (48.14KB, 1000x714, 9853663769839865.jpg)
[x] Be casual and friendly, but also inquisitive.

Walking up to the shrine maiden, Moe-chan tried to start up a conversation while seeming as casual and relaxed as possible.

“Ehm, hello. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Moe-chan.” Moe-chan fidgets nervously while introducing herself.

The miko, as if not even acknowledging her presence, just continues sipping her tea while gazing up at the midday sky.

‘Did I do something wrong!?’ Moe-chan panically thought.

’Hmm… I guess such an approach won’t work with her. Listen, Moe-chan, you have to...’

And so, the mysterious voice in Moe-chan’s head going by the name of Blues continued to explain to Moe-chan how to be ‘hip and groove’ and much more…

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - -

And now, Moe-chan approaches the miko again, this time, ready and confident.

“Hey, girl! What’s up? I go by ‘Moe-chan’ but you can just call me Moe-chan, aight?” She starts with a wink. “So like, I have this voice person here, or over there, or up there, take it as you want. Anyway,we, like, need to chill yo, so we were wondering if ya had some awesome totally legendary pillow yea! That would be totally crass! If you catch my drift, that is.” She finished with another wink.

Unknown to Moe-chan, Blues had the urge to face-palm at that, and would, if she didn’t lack the hands for that, or a face, for that matter.

“I’m a dichromatic butterfly.” The miko uttered, blowing Moe-chan’s entire confidence away, making her forget everything she was taught in the last five minutes about being ‘hip and groove’.

“Ehrm, what?” Moe-chan asked, confused. ‘Damn, she’s good.’ Moe-chan thought at same time.

“I told Marisa I’m a dichromatic butterfly.” She said, now looking directly at Moe-chan.

“H-Haah, and?” Moe-chan wondered who this ‘Marisa’ person was, but decided it was better not to interrupt the miko.

“She didn’t believe me. So, I told her I only become one on sundays, mondays, and wednesdays, in winter.”

‘...What’ Moe-chan thought incredulously.

“That was a lie.”

“Huh? O-Oh, I see… ahaha.” Moe-chan let out a strained laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” The miko asked stoically.

“Eh? Well, n-nevermind that… I was wondering if you perhaps have a certain legendary Hakurei Moe Pillow in your possession.” Moe-chan started fidgeting, connecting the tips of her index fingers.

“Not that I know of.” The miko answered, now looking up at the midday sky again, seemingly unfazed by the display of moe.

’Moe-chan, this leads to nothing.’

“Huh? What do you mean?” Moe-chan asks out loud, still standing right next to the miko.

’I’m saying you should move on for the moment and come back later. Unless, of course, you want to press her, which would most likely escalate into a fight… and while I have the utmost trust in you, I would strongly advise against that… it’s too soon for you to fight her as you are now.’

“I see… hey, what do you think about that?” Moe-chan asked, turning to the miko for some bizarre reason.

“...I don’t know what you’re talking about, but sure, go for it. You have the ambition of youth on your side.” The miko put her fist up in an encouraging gesture with a still-stoic expression on her face.

‘So, which is it?’

[ ] Press.
[ ] Move on.
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[X] Move on.

Leave Reimu to her bizarre ideas for now.
Delete Post
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[X] Move on.
"Huh. Woulda sworn you'd know something 'bout a moe pillow with ya name on it, but whatevs."
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File 153537522512.jpg - (106.37KB, 800x534, 39857693.jpg)
[x] Move on.

There was one last thing Moe-chan wanted to try using the knowledge she was taught with, before moving on…

“Huh. Woulda sworn you’d know something ‘bout a moe pillow with ya fuckin’ name on it, but whatevs.”

For a while, the red-white clad miko kept silent, looking stoically at Moe-chan… before sighing dramatically.

“Haah, alright. I’m gonna look if I can find something up on it in the basement, come back later in the evening and I will have at least something for you.” She said, seeming annoyed but also much more animated now.

Nodding, Moe-chan made herself on her way, descending the long stairs. It’s much easier descending them than ascending them, Moe-chan noticed.

Reaching the ground, she wondered where to go and what to do next. She had some time to spent before having to go back to the Hakurei Shrine.

’How about going to the Human Village, Moe-chan?’

“Huh? Why?”

’It would be the next best place to ask around for what we’re looking for; we can’t be 100% sure the Hakurei Miko is gonna find something. So it would be good to have an alternative we could fall back on in case she doesn’t.’

“I see…”

’Remember, Moe-chan. Your highest priority is finding some leads on any of the items I told you about.’

‘Or I could just wander around and explore a little.’ Moe-chan thought.
What to do?

[ ] Humanity Sanity.
[ ] Somewhere, I’ve hidden the greatest treasure.
[ ] Write in.
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[X] Humanity Sanity.
Delete Post
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[X] Humanity sanity
Delete Post
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[X] Somewhere, I’ve hidden the greatest treasure.
Delete Post
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[X] Humanity Sanity.

Maybe they'll just happen to have one on sale?
Since it has the Hakurei brand, it'll probably be found in a bargain bin.
Delete Post
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[X] Humanity Sanity.

You might be on to something.
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File 153573631434.jpg - (251.51KB, 676x451, 683327373.jpg)
“Hey, did ya hear about that newcomer?”

“What newcomer?”

“Rumor has it, some disheveled, petite girl in racks walks around talking with herself.”

“Hah, so?”

“Dude, don’t ya know the pattern already? I bet she’s another, crazy strong bitch… though this time, it seems to be a nutcase to boot.”

“Hah! I bet she’s nothing big! Just a crazy lone girl!”

“Well, me and my buddies are betting on which it actually is.”

“Bah! You guys are pathetic! I will show you, there’s nothing to fear!”

“Hey, wai- ah, he’s gone off already…”

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - - - -

[x] Humanity Sanity.

Moe-chan decides to go to the Human Village.

On the way there, she spends the time by talking to Blues.

’I’m telling you there’s no need for you to know what or who I am, Moe-chan. Really.’

“And I keep telling you I want to know anyway!” Moe-chan retorted heatedly.

’Moe-chan, why do you actually want to know about lil’ old me so much? Do you perhaps… have fallen for me already?’ Blues said in a melodramatic voice.

“Wha- NO! It’s because-”

’It’s because of my charming voice and irresistible charisma, isn’t it?’

“...No, really I-”

’Oh my, what should I ever do? Even without a body, I’m just too good to pass up, aren’t I? Poor little Moe-chan doesn’t even know she’s not my type, I like them more...mature? Yea, mature I guess.’

“Hey! That’s not it really- also, keep your inner monologues to yourself! And what do you mean I’m not your type!? Are you saying I’m-”

She was interrupted by a sharp claw swiping at her from the bushes adjacent to her, which her body evaded instinctively by leaning back out of its reach, her back almost touching the ground.

‘Whoa, Blues didn’t lie when she said all that stuff about experience and stuff’ Moe-chan thought. Amazed at the display of agility she never knew she had.

“W-Wait what?!” Moe-chan said out loud, realizing someone just made an attempt to attack her after a slight delay.

“Heh, so you actually have some competence?” A big, hairy individual emerged from the bushes, observing Moe-chan’s features. “…No, it probably was just dumb luck.” He uttered after seeing Moe-chan’s nervous expression.

The imposing figure stood two-meter tall, intimidating her.

‘Wha, wha-wha-wha…!? What should I do!? Should I… use Moe Beam?’ Moe-chan thought.

’Moe-chan, in case you plan to use Moe Beam, how about fighting just as is at first?’


’Well, I want you to get a feel for hand-to-hand combat… and in case something goes wrong and you’re in a pinch you can just use Moe Beam anyway… how about it?’

“W-Well, alright...I will try!” Moe-chan exclaimed, now a little more confident and calmed down. Blues's voice just has that effect on her.

“Aaah? What are you mumbling there to yourself? ...Guess the rumors were true, you really are a nutcase. Puh.” He spit to the side.

“Wha-? H-Hey! That’s rude!” Moe-chan experienced for the first time the emotion called ‘anger’ since coming to Gensokyo.

“And what are you gonna do about that? You can’t do shit to me.” He taunted, already in a readied battle stance.

‘I will show you!’ Moe-chan thought, storming at him and letting her body take control afterwards.

When she was about arm’s length, he swiped at her with his right claw, his left ready for a follow-up.

Moe-chan’s body once again evaded by leaning back its upper body out of its attacker’s reach, though not as far as last time. When he followed up with his left, Moe-chan’s body sidestepped it.

Grabbing his extended left arm now, Moe-chan’s body pulls on it, and brings up a leg, kicking the youkai in its abdomen full force almost at the same time.

At that, the youkai lurched back a little, clutching at where she kicked him. ‘Dammit! What the fuck was that kick just now?! Where the hell did her body get so much power?!’

“Grrrrgh…” The youkai started growling, irritated. And also unconsciously scared.

“Oh-my-god! I did it! Take that!” She exclaimed, pointing at him smugly, which served to irritate him even more.

“Gah! That’s it, prepare to die!” He said, leaning down on all fours, exposing his sharp fangs.

At that, Moe-chan jumped back slightly, but catched herself immediately afterwards. ‘It’s alright, I can do this!’

The youkai lunged at her, mouth wide agape.

Instead of evading, Moe-chan’s body started running directly towards it, facing it head on.

When their forms where about to meet, Moe-chan’s body jumped upwards, right over the youkai’s form. Pulling an arm back at the same time, Moe-chan’s body managed to catch the youkai’s upper jaw while mid-air with her left hand.

Not minding fangs biting into her hand or the pain accompanied with it, Moe-chan’s body pulls the youkai’s body over itself with unexpected strength while still mid-air, slamming the youkai into the adjacent tree.


“Groagh!” Crashing, the youkai moans painfully.

Looking at her bloody hand, Moe-chan saw that the bite marks were actually quite deep. For someone her size anyway.

Looking at the painful moaning youkai, Moe-chan decided to do one last thing.

“Moe Beam!” She cried out, using it consciously this time.


The destructing beam full of moe fired off at the youkai’s form, illuminating the surroundings with it's moe color.

Upon impact, it created a small explosion, blasting the youkai a few dozen trees away.

“That’s for being so rude!” Moe-chan said, turning away, pouting cutely.

’Moe-chan… do you know what you just did?’

“Eh? Well…” Moe-chan trailed off, uncertain if Blues is gonna scold her.

’You made me proud! That’s what!’


’That finisher! You used it consciously!’


’Listen... while it’s currently much more beneficial for you to let your body do the fighting instinctively, you should aim to do it all consciously someday.’


’Because, Moe-chan, there is only so much your body can feel and react to. There will be moments in which it won’t be enough...and you have to be ready by then.’

“I...don’t think I understand… I’m sorry.”

’There is nothing to apologize for, Moe-chan. All in due time. Yes, all in due time...’


“Huh?” Moe-chan wondered why her body suddenly bend sharply to the side. Like always, it was preceding its owners reaction.

Looking at the ground, she could see a tranquilizer dart sticking out of it. Though, it’s not like she exactly understood what that was.

‘W-What is that?’ Moe-chan wondered, not sensing the danger that is going befall her.

*Fwap* *Fwap* *Fwap*

Again, three tranquilizer darts shot out, aimed at Moe-chan’s form.

*Swoosh* *Pat*

Moe-chan’s body jumped forward, evading the darts. Landing with her hands on the ground in a handstand-

*Fwap* *Fwap* *Fwap* *Fwap* *Fwap*

*Swoosh* *Crunch*

her body immediately pushed away from it, evading five more darts. Returning her feet to the ground a few ways away, she landed on a tree branch with her right foot…


...Activating the mechanism of the trap that was placed there beforehand.

“Ahh!” Moe-chan cried out, the ground under her suddenly disappearing.

Moe-chan’s body managed to grab the edge of the pit it was falling into with her right hand-

*Fwap* *Fwap* *Fwap*

Before getting hit with three tranquilizer darts in the back.

“A-Ah...ah…” Moe-chan’s body let go, the overdose of anesthetic numbing and paralyzing her… falling into the dark, deep pit.

Shortly after that, Moe-chan lost consciousness.

[ ] My wish.
[ ] Her conclusion.
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[x] Moe-chan gets mad.
Delete Post
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[X] My wish.

Oh no, it's a poacher! They're going to poach our cuteness!
Delete Post
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[X] My wish.

hm. the poacher's wish? sure.
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