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File 151941235328.jpg - (18.39KB, 360x180, prologue1.jpg) [iqdb]

That feeling of abandonment.

You don't know how long it's been since your existence has been defined by anything else.

You can remember something else - something that, long ago, lent you meaning in the form of purpose. Like... a guiding hand. Like a strong, wise friend who held you and promised your safety. Whatever it was, it was important to you. It was you, and it was everything that you were. But it went.

Replaced by this emptiness. Without warning. Without even a polite 'goodbye'. You were held and you were forgotten. Or perhaps you forgot?

You don't like this emptiness.

This feeling is not something you want to feel. It's something you want to go away.

You've sat here for a while now, hoping the feeling would go away. You don't remember what this place was. You don't remember why you were left here in the first place. You just know, sitting in the seat of your own detachment from your own purpose, you only wished to all the gods that could hear you that the feeling would go away. But it didn't.

Despite your hopes, despite your wishes. You lay immobile, too scared to move, too scared to think - until you found that your purpose for existing had been replaced.

It's been a while since then.

But you still want to remember.

It wasn't like a light that suddenly flooded that darkness. It wasn't a profound moment of realization. It was like waking up from a dream that you didn't realize was a dream at all.

You want to remember what once was.

What you were...

[ ] Once upon a time, you lifted a song out from your throat and held the hand of a lover.
[ ] Once upon a time, you were the vessel of celebration, of revelry and flowing drink.
[ ] Once upon a time, you held up the weight of a friend, a journey's closest companion.
[ ] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.
[ ] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.
[ ] Perhaps you were something else... (Write-in)
[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.
Gazebo adventure.
[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.

This seems like it could be an interesting story.
[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.

[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.
[ ] Once upon a time, you held up the weight of a friend, a journey's closest companion.
[X] Once upon a time, you held up the weight of a friend, a journey's closest companion.

Support Class Adventure!
File 15194266955.jpg - (14.07KB, 158x186, gm-tyoutinnobake.jpg) [iqdb]
Some kind of instrument, sake gourd, sandals, umbrella, paper lantern

I think the lanterns are the cutest, so let's go with that.
Forgot the actual vote

[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.
[X] Once upon a time, you were the vessel of celebration, of revelry and flowing drink.
Let's get wasted.
[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.
[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.

Fingers crossed for chouchin obake.
[X] Once upon a time, you sheltered the cold and the weak, even against the will of heaven.

Under my umber-ell-a
[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.

I would go with the umbrella but that also means carrying a umbrella everywhere
[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.

You know what, chouchin obake does sound like the way to go.
[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.

Perhaps we will be some sort of... Buddhist temple maid, or something, and enchant everyone with our knees.
[x] Once upon a time, you were a beacon of hope, and your fragility never dimmed your faith.

Cute lamp is a go!
File 151974560237.jpg - (50.55KB, 439x668, whatyoulooklike.jpg) [iqdb]
Sandal: ||
Umbrella: ||||| |
Lantern: ||||| |
Sake jar: |

Apparently, no one likes music.

As you can see, umbrellas and lanterns actually tie, however I will be choosing Chochin-Obake because they are indeed cute. And Kogasa is already an umbrella anyway.


The memory comes back to you, like waking up from a long, long dream and finding the details about your life floating back to you like leaves on a pond carried by the wind. Slowly, you piece together your purpose, your identity, and at once it hits you like a thrown stone.

You were a paper lantern. Maybe that's a little humble of an origin, sure, but compared to most things, you had it pretty good. You floated above the ground, suspended by a string, shining upon the world like the hallowed sun, or the glittering moon, or the sea of sparkling stars. A burning orange fervor was alight in you, barely held back by your skin of wood and paper. Yes, it all makes sense! You allowed others to see, you guided them - on the divine way, on the path of enlightenment, boldly traversing even into the folds of the unknown and monstrous. You were courageous, confident, zealous, and prideful. You ARE all these things, even now.

One thing still eludes your light, however - perhaps the most important thing, even - the nature of your previous owner. That cold feeling of abandonment suddenly chills you again, but your newly remembered CONFIDENCE urges you to try and remember. You wrack your newly awakened mind for something, anything, even a whisper - a hint, a clue. A reason why you were left behind and lost.

Try as you might, you come up short. Whoever your owner was, whoever lit your candle, whoever you guided, whoever left you alone and cold in the end... you just don't know who they are. You feel something. Your first... emotion. A foreign reaction, breaching your reverie. Something that resonates deep within your core, that washes over you like the dripping of wax. You feel...

[ ] Indignant.
[ ] Determined.
[ ] Sad.
[ ] Another emotion? (Write-in)

You don't have any spare time to ruminate more on your new capacity to feel, though, as your paper ribs split upon, suddenly, as if you were opening your eyes. Well, eye. Your newly-created organ blinks open, and for the first time a hazy mish mash of incomprehensible colours assault your senses. Your paper splits again, lower this time, and a long tongue lolls out. Well, this is definitely new. Your young mind is overloaded for many moments, trying to processes this triad of brand new sensations. You realize can still feel your inner light radiating outwards, even though the candle inside of you should have been snuffed out long ago.

Eventually, though, your eye focuses, and you can finally take in your ennvironment slightly. The place where you were last left. The place where you were abandoned. And, you suppose, the place where you eventually woke back up. You see...

[ ] Somewhere green.
[ ] Somewhere rocky.
[ ] Somewhere spooky.
[ ] Somewhere REALLY green.
[ ] Somewhere else. (Write-in)


Sorry for the short update. I promise things will start picking up when you encounter someone (which will probably be next update)!
[X] Sad
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)

[x] Confused.
[X] Somewhere REALLY green.
[X] Determined.
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)

Let's shine upon the world and its people once more!
[X] Confused
[X] Somewhere Else (Somewhere Crowded)
[X] Sad
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)

I feel like this is a bad choice.
[X] Confused
[X] Somewhere Else (Somewhere Crowded)

These two seem like nice write-ins to go with.
[X] Another emotion (Worry)
Did something happen to our owner?
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)
[X] Another emotion (Worry)
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)
[x] Another emotion (Worry)
[x] Somewhere else.
-[x] Somewhere crowded.

Alright, screw it, let's go with this since it makes sense.
Changing my vote to:
[X] Another emotion (Worry)
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)
[x] Determined.
[x] Somewhere spooky.

Let's get haunting!
[X] Determined.

Don't care about the rest.
[X] Another emotion (Worry)
[X] Somewhere else. (Somewhere Crowded)

This sounds good to me.
So, it seems like we're choosing a "crowded" place.

When tsukumogami only form after being abandoned for a super long time...

If anyone has any clever ideas to get around this problem, I'm all ears.
Well, "crowded" doesn't have to be "crowded with humans". Maybe there's a whole bunch of insects of mice of fairies or something that just found us as we came to life.
If you do go with the human village, maybe we're stuck in a crack in a wall of a dark alley, or in the branches of a tree and nobody thought of moving us, or we're in an abandoned basement with a window that gives a view of the street.
*of insects or mice or fairies
As the author, you always have the option of vetoing write-ins that don't work. Just tell everyone to get back in here and vote for something that isn't dumb.

But if you want to roll with it, you could say the lantern woke up in a junkyard with lots of workers/dumpster divers around.
Maybe in Rinnosuke's shop with the other junks?
As >>198722 pointed out, it doens't have to be crowded with humans, and even if it is, as long as nobody is willing to consider us "their property" we're still abandoned.
So an old lamp, hanging unlit and uncared for, on the side of an old building near a crowded street could work just as well as being forgotten near misty lake where a buch of fairies are hanging around. Or maybe in the forest of magic with a group of youkai nearby.

"Crowded" can also be relative, depending on the area, the people it refers to, and how they feel about each other's presence.
Heck, put two people on a small couch and it is "crowded", simply because there's not enough room for both of them.
Just bend the meaning of the word until it fits.
Back of the storehouse of an old izakaya?
sorry for starting a problematic write-in, OP. But hey, look at it as a challenge of sorts...
File 152001148740.jpg - (135.54KB, 850x850, stranger.jpg) [iqdb]
Sad: |
Determined: |||
Worried: ||||
Confused: |||

Forest of Magic:
Youkai Mountain:
Myouren Cemetery: |
Garden of the Sun: |
human village i guess: ||||| ||||


You look around as the globs of fuzzy colours finally begin to take shape in front of you. Low, blocky shapes, topped with elaborate triangles - houses and buildings. An inky black night sky, glazed with your illuminant friends, the stars. Off in the distance, thick walls that nearly block the horizon, with the orange sparks of lit guard towers. Your recognize you must be in some sort of town, or villiage. You can't see much beyond the walls though, because, as was previously stated, it seems to be currently nighttime. You make a face at the shadowy sky, frowning at its lack of moon (must be hiding behind the clouds, or something). You have a strange relationship with the night. It's both your antithesis and your reason for existance. The darkness to your light. The monster to your hunter. Like a rival! A very large, permanent, expansive, ubiquitous rival. You'll fight the night, mark your words.

Your attention is drawn more, however, by the group of dinstinctive, nearly-familiar shapes standing along the dirt streets of the villiage. You realize - they're humans! They milled along on their dimly-lit paths until they notice you suddenly being lit, a bright sphere of yellow-orange light spreading out from you. Your eye focuses for the final time, letting you see their mouths gaping wide open. Instinctually, you copy them, letting your paper ribs fall open and your tongue roll out in what you can only assume must be a pleasant face.

A piercing cry vibrates through the air, leading you to maybe think you should work on your smile.

You watch as the crowd of yukata-wearing villagers scatter in fright, leaving you more than a little confused. You've never had this happen before, when others saw you - you think. Surely, you were a beacon of hope and safety. Surely, you light the darkness that plagues this town. Surely. You don't like being confused like this - you're drawn to knowledge and enlightenment. This prompts you to look about yourself, realizing your metal hook happens to be attached to a high branch of a leafless tree, likely grown many years ago. You swing and shimmy and shake the branches until you slide your hook off, dropping down to the ground with a painful thump and a creaky yelp.

Ow. When you get over the drop and uright yourself, you're a little daunted by how large everything seems to be at ground level. Were the humans scared because you were so high up? Your ribs flutter outwards slightly in a crude imitation of those contemplative pouts you're almost certain you saw a scholar doing once, before you decide to go check. At first you try to waddle around the street, before you realize hopping along in short, bouncy leaps would be the most effective way of getting around. Aside from maybe rolling, but you're not sure you actually want to try that.


You feel surprisingly at home in this place. Whereas you imagine others would be more home in rolling, grassy fields, or dim, mysterious forests, the order and stability of human civilization is really quite welcome. You're at the very least thankful you didn't have to wake up in the foreboding wilderness - though the thought of bravely exploring the unknown does make you feel a little tingly. Regardless, the only thing you're exploring right now is the labyrnthian layout of the village of humans you've found yourself in. The human village, as it were.

The people you find are few and far between, mostly reserved for youthful, barhopping men and women drunk off the night, and peaceful laborers returning to their homes after a hard day's work. The latter seem to get intensely uncomfortable every time they see you hopping around, freezing up and biting their teeth in anxiety. None of them ran away though, which is at least an improvement! The former, meanwhile, almost seem to find you funny for some reason, until inevitably they lose interest and wander off.

You don't really understand these reactions. You've woken up - you've been sleeping for a long, long time, but you've woken up, and you only wish to explore and look around the world in ways you've never been able to before. Surely, that's a good thing? A cause for celebration? Another straw-hat wearing farmer gazes at you with an mix of fear and anger as you hop past another street shrine, and you can't help but feel a disconnect. There are lanterns all around, too - your brothers, still suspended in the air, glimmering with the same shine you do. Why are they afraid of you, out of all of them?

"So, you're that youkai that's been causing a ruckus for the last few hours." You suddenly feel yourself being picked up by the hook, finding yourself swinging and shaking in the air in surprise. Craning your body backwards, you find yourself being held up by the handle of an umbrella, in turn carried by a strange, tiny young girl. Though her frame and voice make her out to be a little girl, for some reason you can't help but be reminded of a great scholar when you stare into those indigo eyes.

She shakes you lightly, making your head (can you be called a head?) swim. "You're not a vengeful spirit, are you? Remember, if you attack any one of the villager shere, the Hakurei will be happy to end your existene." You watch through dizzy vission as she gestures to the farmer behind you. You hear hasty steps of boots on dirt before they disappear. Judging by that, and her fancy kimono, you quickly surmise the little girl behind you is of surprisingly high stature in this village.

"Well? Are you a vengeful spirit or not?" She leans a little closer to you, eyes narrowed slightly, obviously waiting for your response. You can just barely pick up a hint of wariness in her voice - she's obviously cautious of you, but apparently not enough to try and intimidate you. (You have to admit, it's working.)

[ ] Answer as best as you can.
[ ] Answer threateningly.
[ ] "Where am I and who are you and I don't understaaaaaaaaaaaand"
[ ] Write-in

Running on sleep deprivation and willpower. Update may be littered with spelling mistakes and bad writing, but I told myself I'd get this out today.
[X] Answer as best as you can.
[X] Smile
[x] "Where am I and who are you and I don't understaaaaaaaaaaaand"

smash that mf PANIC button
[x] Answer as best as you can.

We're just a little lamp looking to brighten the night.
[X] Vengeful bad! Lamp good!

Maybe the lamp can tell that she dose't like vengeful spirits?
[x] Answer as best as you can.
[X] Answer as best as you can.

We have nothing to hide.
[x] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] Vengeful bad! Lamp good!
[x] "Where am I and who are you and I don't understaaaaaaaaaaaand"
[X] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] "I am the beacon of hope to those who've lost their way! I am the light that keeps the darkness at bay! I! Am! Er, I am, uh... Who am I?"
In brightest day, in blackest night

I shall always hear wanderer's plight

Let those who fears evil's might

Follow this fire - a lantern's Light.
[x] Answer as best as you can.

Suddenly, the Casper theme is playing in your head.
Faster than a speeding night. More powerful than a moonless sky. Able to light tall houses in a single flame.

Look. Up in the tree! It's a lamp! It's a candle! It's a lantern!

Yes it's a lantern, dazzling object from another century who came to the village with fire and light far beyond those of mortal torches. Lantern! Who can change the course of mighty travels, bend darkness in its bare paper, and who, disguised as a chouchin-obake, mild-mannered youkai for a great japanese traveler, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the enlightenment. And now, another exciting chapter, in the adventures of a lantern.
comic book nerds, scatter
[X] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] "I am the beacon of hope to those who've lost their way! I am the light that keeps the darkness at bay! I! Am! Er, I am, uh... Who am I?"
Aochochin Haru?
geddit? cause, haru sounds like Hal? As in, Hal Jordan?
[X] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] "I am the beacon of hope to those who've lost their way! I am the light that keeps the darkness at bay! I! Am! Er, I am, uh... Who am I?"

There is never enough Chuuni.
[X] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] "I am the beacon of hope to those who've lost their way! I am the light that keeps the darkness at bay! I! Am! Er, I am, uh... Who am I?"
[X] Answer as best as you can.
-[X] "I am the beacon of hope to those who've lost their way! I am the light that keeps the darkness at bay! I! Am! Er, I am, uh... Who am I?"
Ah, good 'ol laziness finally strikes this story.

No image this time because I was being hasty. Again.

Reassure: |||||
Panic: |||
Smile: |
"Vengeful bad!": ||


You gulp - or, you would have gulped if you were capable. You sort of just stare at the glaring young lady in front of you with your one eye, mouth agape and tongue gently blowing in the moonlit wind, before you attempt to croak something out. Your first word (well, first 'sound', you suppose,) comes out in flutters of paper and wet muscle. You intended something like, "Vengeful bad! Lamp good!", but it came out more like several instances of "Flbtpfh!!" at varying pitches and frequencies. Hot spittle flicks onto the lady's unamused face, obviously not hot as the searing stare she's drilling right through you, or the tense whiteness of her knuckles gripping the umbrella. You're spooked! She looks like some frightful youkai!

"What was that? Are you unable to speak? Are you trying to mock me? What?" She suddenly flicks the umbrella around (goodness that's a lot of dexterity for a child), tossing you about in the air for a moment before you suddenly find her face nearly pressed up against your eyeball, letting you see her tensed, youthful features sending shivers through your own lightly orange-colored ones. She warns again, in a quiet voice, "No matter how powerful of a spirit you might be, you will be exterminated if you trouble the townspeople here. So. Out with it. What are you?" This prompts you quite strongly to try your hand (tongue?) at speech again. You don't want to be exterminated! You just got your first breath of life, you don't want it snuffed out so soon!

"Wwwff- wffphh, mmwwee?" Mouth control tentatively acquired. Vowels down. Language commencing. "Meee... goodffww," you squeak. You're unable to really get the sound of "paper flapping about in the wind" out of your voice, but it's a start. You sound raspy and high-pitched. You thought you'd sound a little deeper, but, oh well! That's the way fate deals out it's gifts, isn't it? You, blessed with wit, charm, and intelligence, should only fairly be given such a character flaw as having a voice not unlike a particularly old mouse. At least, that's your perception of how you sound. What were you doing again? Oh, right. "I am nofww badf spirit! I li-lightff. Ligfww." You'll have to work on that.

To your credit, the girl doesn't immediately send you to be executed, no matter what her stare says, or the stares of the crowd of people gathering around you two. You look around. You're currently on a dirty street corner near one of the walls. Judging by the straw hats and worn bodies of the people here, you could probably visit some farms if you continued on this road. As was previously mentioned, a crowd has gathered around to stare at you like you were some oddity. Though - they offer the girl those same bemused expressions. She returns a quick glance before focusing her attention back to you.

"Right," she begins, letting the umbrella tilt away from her face and move you back into a distance that, while still making you shiver to and fro a little, is at least a little more comfortable. "If you're not a bad spirit, why did you scare all those people? That's not a very 'good' thing to do." You can tell her glare lightens, as if she were settling into a more familiar mood. "Tell me what you wanted to do here. If you wanted to scare people, do it outside of town." The evening wind nudges a strand of purple hair to rest down across her nose, and she blows it back into position. "There are plenty of travelers for a youkai like you."

Wait, youkai? Her words seem to unsettle both you and the crowd alike, though for, you imagine, mostly separate reasons.

"Yoow... kwai?" you chirp, blinking twice. Before the girl can respond, the crowd rings out for her, a firm wave of deep and hostile sounds from all sides of you.

"We don't want any youkai here!"

"Send the Hakurei!"

"Exterminate it!"

"Enough!" The violet-haired girl swings you about like a flail, which, while leaving you intensely dizzy, seems to be effective at stemming the outcries of the farmers. "We will not need to bother the Hakurei with this if it simply stops bothering everyone." There's a moment of awkward silence. You look at her as if to say 'I'm right here, you know.' She ignores you and continues.

"For one thing, I'm looking to check something important..." She inspects you a little closer, eyes apparently not set to 'intimidate' and more 'scan every part of your body'. "... Not dilapidated..." she mutters, before turning back to the farmers. "... That will be all. The situation has been taken care of. This little one won't bother you anymore," she gives you a little shake, seemingly for emphasis, "and I'll make sure of that. Return to your homes." She turns and leaves, you still hanging on by her umbrella.

It's more than a little surreal to see the still-grumpy crowd of burly men (and like one or two women) all slowly disperse with grunts at the small girl's insistence, but that's what you see. Just who is this sassy child? And where is her brisk, calculated walk taking you to, through the shadowed streets and buildings? You shake a little in the air, and she mutters a "quiet down," slinging you over the shoulder like you're the latest catch hanging off her paper-umbrella-fishing-pole. You're starting to feel like a fish out of water, too.


After a few bumpy minutes, you feel your carrier suddenly stop in her tracks. She must know this town very well, having gotten to her destination several magnitudes faster than you. Where is this place, anyways? You look - hey, that building's familiar! You realize you're being carted back to where you first awoke, some hours ago. The violet-hair raises you up and points you toward the leafless tree in the middle of the street. Once again, it's more than a little imposing from down here.

"As I suspected, the lantern's gone," she says. "You, ah... you know this tree, don't you?" You nod vigorously, not that you can see her, and you can hear a careful 'hmm'.

"So you're not really an evil spirit, then. The old lantern finally woke up." You're moved around, and flipped once, before you're turned to face the girl as she sits in the shade of the tree, cross-legged. She hooks you, finally, off of the umbrella, staring at you seriously. "I always suspected it might happen soon, but no one did anything about it just because you were seen as 'sacred' and 'important' for hanging there since before the barrier." A tiny hand moves to scratch her hair. "But you're just like a toddler..."

She puts you down on the ground, examining you expectantly, as if waiting for you to hop away. You don't. The two of you sort of just sit there, a sudden moment of quiet. After a while, you gain enough wits to speak. "A-ahmm, yowwkwaii?"

"Mm?" She tilts her head, a surprising amount of expression. "Oh, are you a youkai? Yes."


You're already beginning to get familiar with this girl's bluntness, and you don't even know her name.

You're a youkai... this feels like it should be some sort of explosive, emotional revelation, maybe one where you break down going "NOOOOOOO", but it was revealed in such a lame way you can't help but simply focus on the facts. It made sense. Normal lanterns don't go around hopping across the street and getting nearly mistaken for spirits. It's disconcerting, though. You were meant to keep scary beasts and strange creatures away with your light, and now, you've become one of them? Would you have to run from your brothers and sisters of light? You glance at the few lanterns still lit and the moon hanging overhead, perplexed. The violet-hair notices your expression and coughs.

"Right, you must be confused." She stares at her chest for a second. "... Well, it's my duty to educate villagers of this town, and, technically, you're part of it, so..." She sighs. "Ask me any questions you'd like."

Huh. You didn't expect her to be so hospitable, considering how barely half an hour ago she was threatening to have you killed. You're thankful for it, though - you've got more than a couple of questions in your head. Lamp. You think.

(Choose two)
[ ] What am I?
[ ] Who are you?
[ ] Where are we?
[ ] Why are you acting so nice?
[ ] When's dinner?
[ ] Hop upon the girl.
[ ] Write-in
[X] Who are you?
[X] Have you heard of my owner?

Seems important to know.

[X] Hop upon the girl.

That's not a question, and we still have a job to do, youkai or not. She moves, we shine.
[X] Have you heard of my owner?
[X] Where are we?
[X] What am I?
[X] Who are you?
[X] Where are we?
[X] Why are you acting so nice?

Aw, no chuuni.
Oh well, time to enlighten the lantern.

[X] Hop upon the girl.

And just because.
[X] Have you heard of my owner?
[X] Where are we?

Yeah, lil' lantern is cute.
[X] Have you heard of my owner?
[X] Who are you?
[X] What am I?
[X] Who are you?
[X] Why are you acting so nice?
[X] Hop upon the girl.

lots of questions
[X] Hop upon the girl.

Can we skip the exposition we already know?
[X] Who are you?
[X] Where are we?
File 15208514541.jpg - (1.24MB, 1200x1920, then we go looking for friends.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] What am I?
[x] Where are we?
[x] Who are you?

Let's get the introductions out of the way first.
[x] >>198788
what he said

At this point, is it even worth it to call you a faggot?
That would be an insult to faggots.
[X] Hop upon the girl.
[X] When's dinner?
[X] Where's a good spot to get hung up?
[X] Hop upon the girl.
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