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File 151165070594.jpg - (722.65KB, 1600x446, spectrum_of_dragons_by_the_sixthleafclover-d8gxbik.jpg) [iqdb]
198243 No. 198243
Hello people of the threads and possibly beyond... I am new here...

Alright, introductions out of the way let's skip straight to the point, what are we doing here, in this thread right now.

Other then just typing, you guys are a dragon now, more specifically, taninim, if any of you are familiar with the In the Company Of Dragons by Rite Publishing. Yes, that, you guys are 'those.'

If it isn't obvious enough, first time doing this, hope I don't fuck up, you know, that'd be bad.

But I like options, so I'm giving you options... and lots of them, hopefully easy enough for me at this current point in time.

Let's run through the check list. First thing; difficulty.

[X] I'm just here for the story.
[X] Easy
[X] Medium
[X] Hard
[X] Lunatic

Or... [X] I'll carve my own path, thank you very much.

Now these options aren't as much as how hard or easy it will be, but a predetermined set of options will be picked if you choose one of the first 5, 6th option is custom.

Still, you have more options that don't just rely on those 6.

What kind of taninim are you?
Mind you, before we start this, each taninim has a compulsion, that gets harder based on your Charisma modifier... yes that means attaining a harem with your Casa-fucking-nova smoothness ain't going to be easy if you pick a red dragon who just wants to kill everything... or close to it.

Back to options:

[X] Adventurous (Cloud (Primal))
[X] Balanced (Sovereign(Imperial))
[X] Brave (Bronze(Metallic))
[X] Creative (Brass(Metallic))
[X] Curious (Lunar(Outer))
[X] Deceptive (Custom)
[X] Destructive (Red(Chromatic))
[X] Devious (Black(Chromatic))
[X] Diplomatic (Mithral(Custom)
[X] Gluttonous (Gare(Linnorm))
[X] Greedy (Underworld(Imperial))
[X] Heroic (Custom)
[X] Honorable (Silver(Metallic))
[X] Imperious (Green(Chromatic))
[X] Inquisitive (Dungeon(Custom)
[X] Insular (Ice(Linnorm))
[X] Intolerant (Custom)
[X] Just (Sky(Imperial))
[X] Militant (Blue(Chromatic))
[X] Narcissistic (Tor(Linnorm)
[X] Paranoid (White(Chromatic))
[X] Power-hungry (Brine(Primal))
[X] Primeval (Crag(Linnorm))
[X] Protective (Custom)
[X] Proud (Solar(Outer))
[X] Regal (Gold(Metallic))
[X] Sadistic (Umbral(Primal))
[X] Slothful (Tarn(Linnorm))
[X] Spiteful (Taiga(Linnorm))
[X] Superstitious (Cairn(Linnorm))
[X] Temperamental (Magma(Primal))
[X] Territorial (Sea(Primal))
[X] Trifling (Custom)
[X] Tyrannical (Custom)
[X] Vain (Crystal(Primal))
[X] Watchful (Time(Outer))
[X] Witty (Copper(Metallic))
[X] Wrathful (Forest(Imperial))
[X] Xenophobic (Fjord(Linnorm))
[X] Zealous (Wrath(Custom))

Upon choosing a taninim type, more in-depth knowledge will be gleaned and a chance to back out is a option. Alright? Cool, let's see what happens.
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>> No. 198655
[X] Ask Orin a question
-[X] "Are you perhaps a humanoid nekomata?"
[X] Blindsense

Imaginary Friend Time?
I think we can guess the third eye thing is related to what Satori and Okuu are. Not like it's that strange. Relatively.

"How does one know when Autosage has occurred?"
When the thread stops getting bumped even if people still post without saging. That happens when there are over 250 posts.
>> No. 198657
[X] Ask Orin a question
-[X] "Are you perhaps a humanoid nekomata?"
[X] Blindsense

Curious, "Are you perhaps a humanoid nekomata?" A strange little thought. Considering you've faced one with your group in the yonder years of your adventuring career. Orin doesn't turn to face you ask you the question, though the tone indicates a bit irritation.

"No, I'm a Kasha, different thing! They reanimate corpses, I carry them with my cart! Completely different thing." Okuu turns to whisper towards you. "She gets really defensive about it, personally though, I can't tell the difference~" Orin suddenly grapples the sun goddess into a hug "Okuuuu~ why you'd have to tell him that! Now I have to punish you!..." She tilts her head as she looks back to your imposing form that you yourself feel out of place in. "Later, perhaps?"

"Perhaps" you smile a one filled-irrevocably with teeth towards her. Okuu on the other hand chuckles and pushes the 'Kasha' away from her sudden embrace. "Silly, these are things he needs to know if he's going to be staying close by to the palace."

It's now Orin's turn to playfully pout and her slitted-eyes become rounded like a human's for a couple seconds before turning back to the same. Coughing into her sleeve of her dress. "Ah, yes, back to the 'tour?'" You nod and beckon her to go forward, though she doesn't see you do this as she's already gone back to walking you and Okuu to the Library.

They talk to each other as you do go about the motions of exploring, gossip really. You can tell they've known each other for a while and are quite good friends. If anything from beforehand was any indication hearing them now in not a pestering mood enforces it. You almost feel bad for intruding, almost, it is quite interesting to hear about the euphemrals and their daily going-on's. Their limited lives forcing them to make the most of it, as you've clearly seen from your mortal companions.

You stop yourself and correct that in-fact Okuu is not mortal, though she once was... so perhaps that goes into fact either-way. Not exactly knowing what would be a correct answer could be that you were never mortal in the first place and thusly were never able to what it truly meant to age and turn to dust all due to the insidious killer this is time.

Funny, you were so caught up in your thoughts that you 'almost' didn't notice your blindsense being set off...

In every-single direction. Your blazing eyes go wide as you instantly try to locate it's source. Orin and Okuu turning to face you in confusion as to why you'd suddenly start looking around everywhere. You see nothing however, though you KNOW something's here other than Okuu and Orin. It's... 'everywhere.' A unforeseen pressure presses into your deeper mind and blood starts to roar in your ears as you begin to feel your compulsion creep in and attempt to take control of your actions...

"Anonymity?" The enclosed desire to 'freak' out within your mind... shatters, as Okuu who to more learned people of your planes would think stupid at this action. Tentatively touches one of your fore-limbs. Whatever she did has shattered the presence that was here. As now your blindsense can only 'feel' Orin and Okuu as well as the surrounding hall and the human-shaped door... huh, when did we get here so quickly? Orin looks stand-offish, getting ready for a fight if you did really lose control over there. Stance aggressive but lessening as you come out of what just occurred to you.

"What happened?" Okuu blinks back to the 'Kasha' who shrugs.

"You just, stopped moving, and than you started shaking... and than you started growling 'really' loudly. You ah, stopped when I said your name." Oh bother, how embarrassing, and you didn't even realize what was happening to you! Couldn't... couldn't have been Satori, she wasn't strong enough to breach your mental defenses.

"Well..." Orin starts slowly, "we're at the library... and I still have no idea how you'll fit." Okuu on the other-hand, quickly gets back into the notion of that you can in-fact, fit through every door ever and starts inwardly comparing sizes in her mind... Sorry crow, not this time.

A bit disturbing that was, let's hope that's not a recurring thing that's going to happen around here.

Looking back at the door you...


[X] 'Sigh' another time. 'Leave'
-[X] Look for whatever caused that 'overlord'
-[X] Ask Okuu and Orin about it.
-[X] Remember to ask Satori about it if you can find her.

(Heh, shame, no appropriate pic for me~)
>> No. 198658
[X] 'Sigh' another time. 'Leave'
-[X] Look for whatever caused that 'overload'
-[X] Ask Okuu and Orin about it.
-[X] Remember to ask Satori about it if you can find her.

To bad for the library, but I can't imagine ourself just going "well, time to get weaker to pass a door" when something we can't see just made our blindsense go into overdrive, fucked with our head, had our compulsion nearly take over and could still be there.
Also I want to see how long we can last without transforming.
>> No. 198659
[X] 'Sigh' another time. 'Leave'
-[X] Look for whatever caused that 'overload'
-[X] Remember to ask Satori about it if you can find her.

I'm assuming you meant "overload", but whatever.

Anyway, let's talk to Satori about this precense because she's, for lack of a better term, smart enough to understand our situation.
Not that Orin and Okuu are dumb, per se, but there's a reason they're considered pets and not equals.
Also, I'm not sure how much we should be spreading around the information that something made us freak out that badly. We should try to build up, and keep our awe-inspiring reputation as long as possible.
>> No. 198660
File 151908906557.png - (771.22KB, 908x1184, Koi.png) [iqdb]
[X] 'Sigh' another time. 'Leave'
-[X] Look for whatever caused that 'overlord'
-[X] Ask Okuu and Orin about it.
-[X] Remember to ask Satori about it if you can find her.

"Another time... Do you two have any idea who could have caused that?" Your long neck angles towards the two.

"I... haven't the faintest idea?" Okuu nods in compliance with Orin's words. Dammit, you quickly look around but find... nothing. Even with your incredibly high perception, invisible? Possible, but highly unlikely. Whatever it was it must produce an aura of some-kind. Either that or it's incorporeal and it just used some-kind of teleportation.

"You two, see if you can find your mistress, warn her of a possible intruder." This is bad, bad, bad. Satori could barely look into your mind without you shutting her down. Whatever this thing is it strolled right past your mental defenses like it wasn't even there.

"Ah, okay, stay safe Anonymity." Okuu waves you away as both of them dash off to where they think the mind-reader is... Huh, Orin can fly, neat. Whelp, you're now alone in the hall with a library door too small for you to fit in. Now, let's see if you can't find this 'intruder.' If whoever it was IS a intruder and those two were just lying to your face. Though their expressions showed genuine surprise from your memory, so perhaps not. You prowl down the hall, steps careful even with your grand form. Eyes focusing for any small sense of movement...

Scanning... for anything. The ceiling, the walls. Prey can be any-where, they can be tricky, but they're always scared, always on the move to hide from the hunter... or judgement. You make it to about when the hall splits off to what you assume to be the bathing and bedding area when you 'see' it. Your focus is rewarded for its intense efforts. A flutter of a yellow-green dress, shimmering away down the left corridor... Chase is had, though when you get to the corridor...

Nothing, or well, you 'see' nothing. But just as you get into an area closer to the wall that cloth was positioned at, that same sensation of something being 'everywhere' occurs. Overwhelming tenseness, the blood roaring... You are however, prepared for this and push through your compulsion being activated. And than? That sensation stops... not because whatever it was has vanished from your 'sense' but because you can see who's causing it. Or rather a more apt term would be 'her.'

The outfit she wears is very much similar to Satori's, albeit with a hat and a new color-scheme. Though that's not what catches your attention first about this humanoid... It's the blank look in her deep green eyes, the tangle of purple wires connecting to a closed eye right above her heart.

Her expression is a vacant smile, staring right at you... right through you? She claps her hands between two frilly sleeves almost too big for her hands to fit through and she does a little jump as she giggles. Though her gaze and expression stay relatively the same.

"Oooo~ do that again! I haven't felt anything since that!" That... choice of words, you blink, the 'everything' once more for how long it lasts. You look down...

She's suddenly right next to you, looking directly up; staring. Her smile has widened a bit, becoming slightly opened mouthed and the look in her eyes isn't 'as' blank anymore.

"Big... very, very biiiig. You're like a maze you know? Big, glowy center, always moving, rearranging. I bet sister had a hard time navigating~~" She sing-songs that last part... it rises, however, many implications as to what she just said now. Does she mean, Satori?

[X] Write-in.
>> No. 198661
You know, I've just been winging this so far... Really got to start thinking of possible routes and endings.
>> No. 198662
[x] Be the flabbergasted taninim.
-[x] "And who might your sister be?"
>> No. 198664
[X] Be ready for any more mental assault.
-[X] "Would this sister be Satori?"

At some point she's going to startle our compulsion and we'll breathe fire on her without even knowing we burned her.
>> No. 198679
File 151941761458.png - (2.17MB, 1500x2104, Komeiji_Koishi_full_2148276.png) [iqdb]
[X] Be ready for any more mental assault. Though your a bit flabbergasted all-in-all.
-[X] "Would this sister be Satori?"

You certainly weren't expecting 'this' that's for sure. No need to let your guard down however, there's no telling what exactly she'll d-

"Heeeeey~ are you thinking? Stooop, look at me!~" Your attention snaps back to the strange gi- she's ontop of your head... Her own head upside down to your eyes, a quick maneuver backwards causes her to seemingly harmlessly flop off of you to which she springs up with another clap.

"Don't... do that." You punctuate your first word with a growl.

"What 'that?'" Oh god...

For the love of Our Lady of Rainbow Scales! Please! Don't her let her be like the wizard in 'that' phase.

"The 'teleporting!'"

"I'm not teleporting sillly~ your not noticing me is all." What does she...

"What do you mean by 'not noticing?'" She does a little twirl and when she completes the twirl her hand is in a thinking position, holding her chin. Despite the fact you saw no movement in her twirl to indicate that in-fact she indeed did that motion.

"Sister... said something, perception! Has to do with peeerception~ when you look away, I'm not there, but I can be over there or over 'there!' But you wouldn't think of me being over 'there' so your brain doesn't see me over there! But I'm not over 'here' because I would be over there at that point and I'm not 'twoooo' people. Though that would be fuuuun, maybe, possibly, haven't tried it." Your pretty sure you understand, she can affect the nature of your perception, but since you have blindsense that's why you can still 'sense' her even when she's doing that.

"So you can affect one's perception of events?" She breaks her pose and flaps her arms around a bit in faux-excitement.

"No!~ Sister means the subconscious, tucked awaaaaay corner~ Yours isn't! It's in the middle, oh so big and glowy! Diiiiid I mention glowy?~" Actually, now that makes more sense right now, since I have blindsense I can still pick her up because I'm 'seeing' everywhere around me. No-where to hide in the subconscious if the visible brain is still looking at you even if not with your eyes. Though the faultiness of it is probably because it's blindsense, not blindsight. A more pressing matter however, her sister? Does she mean Satori at all?

"Sister? Hmph, does her name happen to be Satori?" This girl does a wide blink, still with blank expression though you do feel as though she can place it somewhere in her memories.

"Satooori~ Satooori?~ Mmm... I don't k- I do know! Yes, most definitely, and with pets right, Orin, Okuuuuu~ and the rest of the cats, bats, dats, and dogs! Maybe a bear or two~" You're not even sure if those other animals Satori has at the moment. A bear underground, wouldn't be the first time that happened... not like cave... but like dee- forget it.

She walks up to you again... and abruptly hugs your left-front leg! "Your waaarm~ like the center is~ pulsating, throoobbing~ screaming! Oh wait, that's me, my baaad~"

"No shame in releasing one's emotions... as long as I'm not in the blast radius." She doesn't seeeem malicious... and it's not like this is the first time something smaller than you has hugged one of your legs like a sturdy cushion...

"Hmm, hmm, blasting happens a lot down here yes, but you! You're the reason why we're talking!" And suddenly switching to third person, alright, I can live with it. Also... she is now stroking your leg, it is a bit... out there.

"And the reason is?" Perhaps a curious tilt of the head to show visually you do care in some capacity or another. She interests you, a bit at the very least.

"You saw us!"


"I... saw you?"

"Yes! When we didn't want to be seen by nobodieees, you saw us still! 'nobody' sees us when we don't want them to and even than..." So she herself is interested in your ability to perceive you when she's affecting your subconscious. Huh.

"Not in your glow either! You saw my dress down the hall, I didn't want, nope, nope, nope! But you did and now we're here talking... conversing! Monitoring my every move! I can't forget that, even if I do!~" You are starting to realize that this individual may or may not be having a few screws loose, though you thought about it beforehand, this conversation itself encourages such a notion to be stated within.

"Well perhaps I'm just special?" A little gloat never hurt no-one, especially not yourself...


She looks you up and down, releasing you from her some-what iron grip. "Maybe, I'd say yes, but others would say no and that you've haven't tried enough to get here!~ But I will say that they're liars and shall be burned at the stake by dawn!" Oh boy.

"By the way, before I forget ephemeral, I am Heated Anonymity, you?" She pauses as you interrupt a part of her internal and external monologue.

"The great eye-less Koishi Komeiji stands before you! Forget me now and remember me later, I will return... or not... I think so-not!~" Before you can do anything she jumps up into the air and flies away... huh, another one. You get the

distinct feeling that will surprise you less and less as time carries on...

By the way, you feel as though you should be getting back to your guides or Satori... it shouldn't take that long to get her, right? Alas, it is up to you to find them. Or any of them for that matter, preferably not that Koishi
ephemeral... not for a little while at the least.

You make it back to the hall with the library door... and you see off in the end both the cat and raven are in a limp kneeling position, breathing but otherwise unmoving. What... how did...? Grunting in thought you cautiously make your way over to them. Like before; stealthily, though with far less malice in-mind.

Well, they appear to be unresponsive and they don't react to you moving in-front of them and peering down into their... uhhh... blank-looking eyes. Hmm, what to do now?

[X] Contemplate the assailant

[X] Get them up and working!
-[X] Light touch
-[X] Moderate push
-[X] Heavy molestation
-[X] Glare

[X] Satori! Satori, Help me Satori!
-[X] Spend a Mythic Power and use Mythic Draconic Gift to switch out a gift for Sound Imitation temporarily. Attempt to bluff to sound like someone else.
--[X] Okuu
--[X] Orin
--[X] Koishi
--[X] Satori (Mind-fuck option.)

[X] Leave em' and go into the library while no-one's watching

(Note I did not exactly plan for this, as I made the DC to perceive her 50... which when I rolled proceeded to get it exactly on the dot so oh well!~)
>> No. 198680
[X] Get them up and working!
-[X] Light touch

Considering we are, in fact, very much larger and stronger than most people here, let's be gentle.
>> No. 198683
[X] Get them up and working!
-[X] Light touch
--[X] Roar.

It might snap them out of their trance and we might be heard by Satori. Whoever did this could also hear us, of course, but we're a big mass of flying fire-lizard: they'll learn to fear our wrath.

I've noticed you sometimes switch from third to first person during the narration, as well as a few errors with the lines. Don't worry about taking your time to read what you wrote again if you need.
>> No. 198691
[X] Get them up and working!
-[X] Light touch
>> No. 198996
[X] Get them up and working!
-[X] Light touch

They appear to be in a trance of some-sort, hopefully as you reach a talon out. That they aren’t permanently like that. Touching their shoulders you shake their bodies… and when they flop over accidently your ears glean a gasp as both of them suddenly start up and start rubbing their eyes as if they were asleep.

“Ahhh… oh!” Okuu starts up upon seeing you and gets up, Orin shakes her head as she looks at the hell-raven and slowly gets to her feet. Twin tails wagging in an aggravated way. The sun goddess looks extremely confused as she points behind her as she looks at you. You are… possibly sporting an amused expression.

“Were we… doing something?” Orin tilts her head as Okuu nods in agreeance rapidly. Your expression falters as they weren’t just stunned and laid prone, their memories have been altered.

“Yeah, the library… something about those spell-cards In their that mistress had extras of…” Okuu goes to open said rather large but not big enough for you door, while Orin has a hand to her forehead that releases as she blinks rapidly.

[X] Ask if the cat is okay
[X] Go inside the library, get those friggin’ spellcards
[X] How aboooout… later.
>> No. 198998
[X] Go inside the library, get those friggin’ spellcards

More rare and unique treasure for our hoard? Hell yes.
>> No. 199015
File 152651024852.jpg - (16.96KB, 250x300, 2122de6ab733c76eca0c462d8fb86bc9.jpg) [iqdb]
(I was going to make you guys turn into humans, but than I thought of something reasonable)

[X] Go inside the library, get those friggin’ spellcards

Orin appears to catch hold of herself as she walks up to the door with a more focused look and smiles back at you with a somewhat incredlous one. "Ah... do you have something for the door? Like... a teleport... or...?"

Ah, yes, that one major problem that has plagued you for... well, actually, since last 2 years or so. As that was the time when you went actively adventuring and gaining levels. But you have just the solution, the VERY reason you took upon that ability... and a couple others. But this was a HUGE one, the sole reason... you took it.

To cross doors that aren't big enough for you... and sometimes not because of that one time with giants and diplomacy, but still! Your like a wizard that knows the enemy he's face and all the gold in the world for material components for spells and magic items... because hell, that enemy's a demon lord of somekind and even if you can control reality. You never know if the demon lord is also capable of casting 9th level spell-likes... But they probably can.

They're demon lords.

"Unyu?" The raven breaks you out of your thoughts with worry!

"We can probably just get the spellcards ourselves, gotta be a couple of my guys floating around back there at the moment. Help us out." Orin does a noteworthy suggestion! Which, in the long-term will make it so you don't have to do that 'thing' because most of the time, you feel very weak going through small doors.


"Very well." You rumble outwards. "I do hope this won't take much time at all." You set yourself on your hunches, tail idly curling into your hindlegs.

"Don't move, we'll be right back!" Okuu exits into the library and follows Orin after, who has a somewhat curious expression to as to why Okuu wanted to leave all of a sudden.

Hmm... well... that leaves you alone at the moment. Nothing much to look at either, I mean... it's fancy for an underground mansion, but you gathered that already. Looking up, the celing does appear to go quite the distance, so much so that even your darkvision is leaving some space that you can't quite see clearly. Though with your eagle-like eyes you can indeed make out a actual physical barrier for the roof of the building.

There appears... well, you can make out the outlines of outcroppings someone of medium height could possibly stand on and make use of. It would be odd to think about why would somebody wants those, they can't get to i- but they can get to it. Everybody somehow knows how to fly in one capacity or another. From what you've seen anyways.

You feel like something is watching you... again, and as you turn around to the source. You can see... a white and brown colored bunny at the end of the hallway of which you came from. Just... sort of there, looking at you. You do know that Satori had more 'pets' to speak of, but you didn't know that there were more 'normal' ones.

Though, this definitely doesn't look normal, it's not running away for one, and that your years of adventuring have told you nothing is 'normal.'

But still, it's just watching you seemingly, your not a professor at animal handling so you can't quite tell the expression it wears. But it's ears are up and attentively moving around, and it is breathing. So it isn't undead, or a construct.

You turn your head back to the door, they still haven't come back.

Your head leans back to the rabbit... It's closer...

You also, didn't hear a thing.

[X] Stare more intently, try to discern if it was really that sneaky... or it used magic.
[X] Get up and roar in it's face.
[X] It's just a rabbit, what's the worst it can do?
[X] Approach and attempt to humor it.
[X] Call out to the other two
>> No. 199018
[X] Approach and attempt to humor it.
>> No. 199024
[X] Approach and attempt to humor it.

Well isn't this most unusual? Suppose you'll match it's unusualness with your own. Standing up back to all fours you step mockingly careful closer to the rabbit.

You are within 30ft and it does not appear to be an illusion to your blindsense. It does, however, react to you getting closer, just a small twitch of acknowledgment. You let a huff of hot air, beginning to circle the definitely normal rabbit. More than enough room in the hall to allow you to do such a task.

The rabbit does indeed turn to face you, ears angling towards the sound of your relatively heavy foot... clawfalls? Anyways, it's noting your movements when it isn't turning to face you.

What to say... something... dramatic? You can most certainly do dramatic, but would it like it is the question? Ah... no, wait, you got something.

Circling back, you let out a heavy-handed sigh. As your already guttural, thick voice becomes laden with emotions of finality and the like. "So... it's come to this has it?" There's another twitch, as if the rabbit is shocked to hear you speak or something.

"I've spent the past six centuries, perfecting my craft, delving into arcane secrets beyond your comprehensions, made pacts with the most hideous of archdevils, delved into undeath, forsaken the natural order of this world so much that even daemons and divs would be envious of my destruction of the most profound."

This rabbit which you summarize to be very much intelligent is intently listening now to what you have to say. Nevertheless you carry on with your recounting of a villain.

"Yet, here you are, before me, thinking that you can stop what I have done, what I have created! But... you must understand, what I have done for you, for this world and the countless planes beyond it is life-changing, what I can do when I have your souls... oh so much more. But do not worry, do not fret, the world will be a better place without you all anyways." You stand still for a couple seconds...

Than instantly you mock being thrown down onto the ground and gurgling a death choke as your recounted villain has apparently died. Hoisting yourself back up, you look to the rabbit to find yourself looking at a women clad in a simple white and blue dress with brown and white rabbit ears on her head. With red eyes gleam with amusement. She looks like she was about to clap but stopped when she saw you.

So, Okuu does it beside you, along with Orin who's just has a tilt of her head. Three blank cards underneath her hand.

"How long have you been here...?" You question uneasily, they were beyond your 30ft, so it made sense in an aspect.

"I've spend the past six centuries?" Orin parrots back to you, before handing you the cards... which you take and put in your bag of holding.


[X] Question the rabbit... girl?
[X] Think of spellcards to make.
[X] Something else?
>> No. 199025
Anyways, you hear about the Yorigami sisters?

Came of a little amusing surprise to me when I first made this and than I thought to myself.

'Hmm, I wonder if there are any Touhous directly related to money.' (save for Remiu)

Started looking for characters on the wiki and be like, 'oh, Antinomy of Common Flowers has released, I wonder if there's any new characters!'

And really... it worked out... so perfectly. I mean, what better antagonist to a hoarding dragon. The coincidence is just sheerly blinding.

Not that I'm saying the Yorigami sisters are going to be Heated Anonmity's big bad. That's all up to you my friends. But still, it's pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 199026
Okay, that was just silly, Heated Anonymity.

[X] Think of spellcards to make.
How about... Untouchable Wealth 「Dragon's Hoard」; Earth's Mantle 「Magmatic Convection」; Magma Sign 「Subterranean Sea」
>> No. 199027
[X] Bow. You did put on a show after all.
-[X] Then think of spellcards to make.

I like this story. This is a good story.
>> No. 199028
File 152674916193.jpg - (84.68KB, 917x1005, 1f717b6781f7c48663041faa1360f113.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Think of spellcards to make. (Untouchable Wealth 「Dragon's Hoard」; Earth's Mantle 「Magmatic Convection」; Magma Sign 「Subterranean Sea」)

You look back at the Orin and Okuu. Bowing your head slightly in what you think to be a respectful way "Thank you for your time you two. And for these cards."

Okuu shrugs and has a small smirk on her face. "No problem for us Anonymity. Mistress has loads of these, first I ever heard of her running low." Orin on the other hand has walked up to the bunny-eared girl and is talking to her. Asking the whereabouts of Satori.

"Ah! Mistress is having dinner right now, sent me to come get you... and Anonymity?" The bunny girl looks to you curiously, her voice is high-pitched as if she was a human girl of 10 years rather than what she looks to be of 14. Not the oddest thing, but definitely something you can note about her.

"Thank you Shiru." Okuu looks up suddenly, as if remembering something.

"I didn't eat dinner! Of course, that's why my stomach was rumbling." A fist into a open palm is her gestured movement. Wait... she was remembering that? Odd.

Orin restrains a snicker building up and shakes her head. "Anyways, Shiru, you can tell mistress we'll be there." The rabbit nods and runs along, quite fast you have to say. Makes sense considering.

As all three of you come back to the main foyer area, you strike up a question that's been on your mind. "Say, how does one 'draw' these patterns on a spellcard? Do you mentally think of the attack and it appears on the card, or do you say it aloud?"

"I had to draw mine, using... special, pens or something. I don't remember where mistress got them from though." Okuu is the first to answer, shame, they are a bit small, so your going to have to use humanoid form to draw it... and than there's the matter of special materials...

"I know if you can concentrate really hard on it, the image and name should appear on the card. Though I'm sure only mistress can do something like that." Or perhaps not, as the cat-humanoid gives a helpful detail, turning her head to face you. Though there is something quite not adding up here.

Those cards, you didn't feel anything 'magical' about them, you could sense nothing at all. They did, however, look definitely made out of something sturdier than paper and the like. Perhaps if used with these special materials, it creates some sort of magic that lets you make a spell-card. Very particular.

Hmm, Satori said that they needed a name, and needed to sound dramatic. You have a few ideas floating through your head, but not what they should do. Perhaps seeing a formal duel will allow you to get a better idea of how this 'danmaku' works.

Eventually, three names stick out to you at first.

Untouchable Wealth 「Dragon's Hoard」
Earth's Mantle 「Magmatic Convection」
Magma Sign 「Subterranean Sea」

But maybe at a later date, more will come. Hopefully you'll have figured out this whole spellcard business and gotten more spellcards. Or a way to reliably reproduce the cards and 'special' materials.

"Unyu?~" You feel a small poke at your left forelimb, Okuu staring up at you. "Will you be joining us for dinner Anonymity?"

"I think he'll eat more than we can put out Okuu." Orin muses.

You are currently in the foyer at the moment, both of the two animal-humanoids in-front, still acting as a sort of guide. Shiru, the bunny girl long gone at this point in time.

Yes, will you be joining them?

[X] Politely decline
-[X] Go back to your hoard, rest.
-[X] Explore the surrounding areas outside the mansion, ones that don't go out to this village they speak of.
-[X] Go to this oni village, see if you can't buy something to eat and figure out local personalities along the way.
--[X] Perhaps ask these two if anyone will freak at the sight of you

[X] Join them...
-[X] Realize that 'oh shit, their doors are probably too small!'
--[X] Sigh in defeat... finally turn into humanoid form
---[X] Think of any more questions to ask of Satori
--[X] Sigh in defeat... leav- you motherfucker
>> No. 199032
[X] Join them...
-[X] Realize that 'oh shit, their doors are probably too small!'
--[X] Review your character sheet
---[X] Notice you have Lithe Movement
----[X] Fit through the doors despite common sense telling you otherwise
>> No. 199035
[X] Politely decline
-[X] Go to this oni village, see if you can't buy something to eat and figure out local personalities along the way.
-[X] Then change your mind and crash the Satori's party, anyway.

Temperamental dragon mode, activate!
>> No. 199037
[X] Politely decline
-[X] Go to this oni village, see if you can't buy something to eat and figure out local personalities along the way.

Should at least see what else is around before the day ends. Who knows what those Oni are up to?
>> No. 199038
[X] Join them...
-[X] Realize that 'oh shit, their doors are probably too small!'
--[X] Review your character sheet
---[X] Notice you have Lithe Movement
----[X] Fit through the doors despite common sense telling you otherwise
>> No. 199039
File 15268794935.jpg - (113.56KB, 507x600, 2928430i.jpg) [iqdb]
(Ah, fine)

[X] Join them...
-[X] Realize that 'oh shit, their doors are probably too small!'
--[X] Review your character sheet
---[X] Notice you have Lithe Movement
----[X] Fit through the doors despite common sense telling you otherwise

"I think I will be joining you in this. See how this new plane's food can be..." And you begin to follow them both as they lead you into the otherwise unexplored part of the mansion, for you anyways.

An almost mischevious thought comes to you, of leaving one moment and suddenly crashing in through the dining room door or something along those lines. But you brush it off, many other similar thoughts you have held and many you have easily dismissed... or well, rather, have begun to recently, easily dismiss.

"New plane?" The Kasha didn't get the memo apparently, not that'd you'd blame her.

"Oooh, yeah, apparently Anonmity over here is from another like... dimension? Similar to new Hell I guess you could say. What was it called?" Utusho forgetting the name of the plane is understandable, as you've never explictily stated the name of plane to her. Your bad.

"The Lost Isles, my apologies for forgetting to tell you it's name."

"Uh... huh... eh, not the weirdest thing that's happened to Gensokyo." Rin sounds unphazed apparently. Now that's a semi-interesting development. From what you can gather, your exact case hasn't happened, but this plane, Gensokyo, is supposedly rather strange. You never did get the exact reason why this plane came to be. Though Okuu mentioned something about 'death from lack of faith.'

Hmph, more dinner-topic conversation for the mistress.

"Why is it called the 'Lost Isles?'" Okuu asks.

"That's two parts, but simply put. The Lost Isles is made up of many islands, rather large islands as they have to sustain many of our size and bulk. The 'lost' part coming in as to all other than taninim, the way to it, and how to get into the isles are simply 'lost' unless you are a friend of one and have been granted passage."

"It is impossible to get in with force? Because Gensokyo's barrier can and has been breached, from what I hear anyways." Orin is the one to speak up about this.

"To my knowledge... no, no-one has been able to brute-force their way into the Lost Isles, with actual 'physical' strength, to any sort of magic. And I'm sure if someone were to come in uninvited... they wouldn't live very long." Okuu nods in understanding... lots of dragon-'ancestors' or so it would seem. They would carry a lot of firepower, wouldn't they?

And so after having to talk for a couple more seconds, you finally make it to supposedly where this dining room is. A dark-oak door just a tad larger than the library door. One that you can foreseeably squeeze through, given... enough time. The sound of excited chatter can be easily heard through it from your trained-ears.

The other two can hear it too as you hear Okuu mumble panickedly to herself. "Ack! Hope they didn't eat all of the eggs." And she quickly opens up the door and enters in, you can pick out greetings of a few voices but otherwise, the hell-raven's presence goes unwarrented. Proving true as Orin enters, though she looks back at you with a sort of worried expression upon her face.

Any conversation still at present is halted as you squeeze yourself through the doorframe. Looking upon the rather large dining room and seeing many a humanoid with animalistic parts to them. All seated at an incredibly long table. Made out of somesort of stone. Though that isn't the point of what is being observed today, as you are most definitely being looked at as you finally squeeze into the room fully.

Some with rat tails, some with bear ears, some with parrot's wings. All are female, or at the very least, look to be extremely feminine, you can't quite tell. Satori is at the end of this table, a slightly larger chair also made of stone she sits upon, Utusho sits to her left, an empty chair to her right. No-one looks to be taking it. The food itself is placed almost like an banquet or buffet. Though of course, eating has stopped as everyone is looking at you with either mild surprise, or absolute bewilderment. Even Satori looked shocked as she saw you coming in through the door.

There is a pause, a sense of pressure forms in your brain, as the situation appears tense.

"Ah, so good to see you've arrived Anonymity~" Satori however, quickly takes back control, and goes to defusing the more aggressive looking members of the crowd. Ones that showed little to no reaction, merely shrug and wave you over lazily, like there was no harm done. As if you weren't a fricking dragon.

A couple do look a bit scared, so it's not all lost, and Okuu also waves you over to the seat just in-front of her. The one next to Satori, though the mind-reader already has a sort of disapproving look on her face as she stares at the unknowing hell-raven. Though it quickly fades to compliance as she looks at you.

"I would say to sit down and take a seat Anonymity, but uhhh..." You let out a chuckle as you make your way over, being delicate enough to not shake the table 'that' much.

"My weight will break it? It is not offensive, if it's plainly obvious." So you sit on your hunches behind the chair. A few of the 'pets' flinch at your voice, as if not expecting it. But most pay it no heed other than a eye or ear to what you have to say.

"Just don't make it a habit." You amusedly say more to yourself than anyone else in the room. You note a plate at where you would supposedly sit at. Empty with any sort of food, and strange wooden sticks near it as well as a couple napkins and a glass filled already with water.

Everybody else is using these items, the wooden sticks to hold food to eat or snatch onto their plate. "Their called chopsticks, don't think you'd need much explanation on what they're supposed to do and how to use them." Satori would be correct on that, they're all being held a specfic way. If a little weirdly, you think you can reproduce the movements with your claws... if the sticks were made of metal... and much larger.

Matter-of-fact, your sure you could eat this entire table, chairs and all, and still go for seconds... or perhaps thirds. But the food itself does look quite interesting, stuff you've never seen before. Though even if you did get it into your mouth, you would probably have to make an effort to taste the tiny morsels presented.

Utusho and Rin are digging in quite readily, making sure their favorites aren't eaten first. Satori on the other-hand is as always, methodical and knows exactly what she wants. Or she appears that way, it's hard to tell.

If you let it so, the nervous 'pets' from before calm down and don't appear to be that intimidated at your massive appearance. Though many still glance up at you, and you possibly return the gaze when your blindsense tells you such a thing is happening.

So, your here now.

[X] Ask Satori or co. more questions.

[X] Attempt to indulge in the food here

[X] Look for Shiru, that bunny-girl from earlier.

[X] Leave prematurely, but politely.
>> No. 199040
[X] Attempt to indulge in the food here

I can't really think of any questions that can be asked with so many potentially suspicious people around without risking cueing the omnipresent adventurers to our future travelling options, so let's see what the puny mortals saw fit to offer the great dragon like us.
>> No. 199042
[X] Attempt to indulge in the food here
>> No. 199323
File 153783847116.jpg - (46.50KB, 600x600, 30593128_971258999703712_2888226680332091392_n.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Attempt to indulge in the food here

You lean down to glance at the many different types of foods available. In your travels you think you've seen one of the food items before, well... the chicken and shrimp yes. But they've been made in a specific way, the chicken skewered on sticks and the shrimp breaded oddly enough. There are however, other 'rolls,' Sushi you remember it being called once a upon a time in your travels in the material plane. Though you never ate it, it was quite interesting even if it was a morsel to one such as you.

It is a simple matter to carefully skewer some of the food onto your claws, wary glances to those unfamiliar towards you, though that 'one' rabbit looks altogether unconcerned. As does Satori, Okuu, and Orin. There is however, something that your bright glowing eyes notice being served in a large wooden bowl.

Inside the bowl are deep blue transluscent orbs. A decadent scent of death accompanies it, but not nearly enough to ruin the other food's taste. Some of the Sushi have raw ingrediants, interesting. You are familiar with the scent, fighting an Astradaemon will let you note that scent.

Those are souls, like the Wrathful Spirits you've faced down below. Despite the revelation that these denizens of 'Old' Hell feast on souls, you aren't exactly revolted, perhaps annoyed because of your general company. However, this appears to be a different plane, maybe souls work differently here? Probably not, though whenever an Astradaemon ate at a soul, it left just enough for resurrection. Messy eaters, these girls don't appear to be that... oh well.

"Don't worry, those 'souls' weren't going anywhere, damned by the Yama." You let out a low huff as Satori absentmindingly reads your thoughts and reassures. Okuu and Orin appear to be eating the souls as well, you wonder if they can eat normal things, how 'nutritious' is a soul? What does it even taste like? From what your getting, only a black dragon would appericate such a extension of palate. The food you can eat however, is quite good, chrunchy, that shrimp and some other things. You do like chrunchy foods, if only soley for the feeling of it.

Dinner conversations are had, Orin and Okuu fight over food, before being forced to share by Satori, it looks very... cute, though it is unfamiliar with in a sense. You may have been proud of your companions but you never fought of them as cute, well, perhaps Moonlight In Trance, but she was trying really hard, these girls aren't. Your head is raised and you remain silent, your presence is enough of talking for you right now.

This reminds you of the time while you ate in a giant's hall, in your humanoid form and having to listen to their obnoxious racist jokes just to get their help to defeat a Wyrmwraith and it's undead army. You can safely say this was much better even, if like then, you aren't saying a word.

Eventually, most if not all of the food has been eaten and you've expanded your culinary world, even if it is only a pick-me-up for you in this massive form. It was still, quite delicious. You silently watch the menagerie of animalistic-humans wander their way out of the dining room, but not before cleaning their plates. Directed by Satori's stern voice, she may be small but she packs quite the voice, amusing.

Your tail and wings stretch themselves out a bit as the room is cleared, looking over at the contended Satori who is watching Okuu and Orin talk for a bit. You carefully step on over, making sure not to bash the table over with your tail or other possible appendages. She eyes you approach and you nod slightly.

"Quite an interesting cast of euphermals you've got Satori. And, quite an interesting feast as well you've prepared, is it always like this here?" Head craning down to look at Satori, she nods slowly, small smile on her face.

"Yes, interesting... indeed, and no, not always like this. Though it is always a large amount of food, for as you know, many mouths... many big mouths require lots of plates." Her voice is still presented as soft, a gentle overseer if you will. Letting out an amused 'hmph' you turn and make your way to the door of the dining room, where upon Okuu stops you with a pout.

"Your leaving?" Does she assume your leaving? Hah, perhaps, as you squeeze your way out of the door, much to the amusement of Orin and Satori for a split-second. You look to the direction of the exit is and than back towards the Hell-Raven.

"You've been fun, eitherway!~ Unyu! But... do you want to stay more?"

[X] Yes, going to that oni village

[X] Yes, going back to my lair to rest
-[X] Promise to come back of course

[X] No, just wanted to check around more

[X] Yes, buuuut if you insist
>> No. 199324
Quick question, anymore stories like this? Where the MC/Anon's a D&D/Pathfinder character? I know A Wizard Is You, a good one, but what else?
>> No. 199325
[X] Yes, buuuut if you insist
“A (dorf) wizard is you” pretty similar
>> No. 199326
[X] Yes, going back to my lair to rest
-[X] Promise to come back of course

It's been a busy day.

There was also one with an illusionist sorcerer iirc. Don't remember the name though.
>> No. 199327

[X] Yes, going to that oni village

Do we have any problems with Alcohol because I want to find out!


Tainted Bonds. Prepare for words, but the combat is written very well.
>> No. 199394
File 154072901661.jpg - (1.89MB, 4000x1057, 16rkn.jpg) [iqdb]
-[X] Yes, going to that oni village.
--[X] Promise to come back of course.

You consider for a moment, before deciding it'd be much better to see as much of your new 'home' as possible before turning in for the night... or... bah, you'll figure out the time later. You have a village to look for.

"Indeed, I am interested in that village you spoke to me about. So I will go there, meet any of the euphermals there if any of them are active at this time." Satori looks to the side as if remembering something.

"It should be around the time... that the bars and taverns are most lively..." Satori comments. Which is good and bad for you, good if you want to sneak in unannounced, bad if you want to start something. You have no idea how monsters work down here... mostly, who knows they might be super smart... or super dumb compared to the ones you faced in Drasilia.

Okuu pouts a little as make your way out to the door. Snorting out smoke you turn to her, "I 'promise' to come back so long as you stop acting like I stole from your hoard." She blinks and than nods happily, "okay!"

She's always easy to appease it seems and as you are led out to the main hall you see a couple more of Satori's pets wandering the halls, most get out of your way upon your approach and generally they don't appear to pay you any mind. Though one of the bear-like humanoids is eyeing your form with a feral grin, she's most likely the guard 'dog' if you had any say. But Okuu is a goddess essentially... so, it doesn't really matter there.

Satori follows you a bit outside while Okuu and Orin stay with each other, she points to the cavern opening a couple hundred feet away. "The village is a mile or so away, just keep going straight till it opens up into another massive cavern. There are other tunnels that lead about into areas where wild yokai live... I would say to not venture there as they don't follow Spell-card rules and you'll be ripped apart... but you'll probably be the one to rip them apart..."

You let out a low chuckle and lower your head to look at Satori more eye-to-eye. "Very well, a pleasure meeting you Satori..." Satori smiles just a bit under that blank expression, "likewise Anonymity, stay safe." You lift up your head and breath out a huff of ashen soot and nod.

And thusly, you make your way forward out of the courtyard of the Palace of Earth Spirits and into the tunnels of Old Hell. Just like Satori said, multiple other tunnels spring up before you, some fit for your size, others are not. And a little wooden sign with unintelligible characters points straight forward. You pay it little mind as you continue on, perhaps it's simply the actual language before the Comprehend Languages spell here took effect?

You, not exactly being in any rush simply enjoys the mood of the cavern, the dripping water on your hide turning to subtle steam, the glossy texture of the cavern walls would reflect you if there was just a bit more light entering through here, though the magma from the cracks of your scales reflects and casts a long shadow into the darkness. It would be pretty cool, but you don't really get to experience that as you, as a dragon, have combined darkvision and low-light vision. Speaking of seeing in this darkness at the current moment.

Within this darkness you sometimes see creatures, small ones, thinking they've hidden themselves from you but not realizing that you can sense them and see perfectly in the dark. To you, however, they remind you of slightly taller faeries or pixies, gnome or halfling-sized girls with insectiod or other strange types of wings. Some of them even have rock shards floating behind them.

They look mighty scared when you start your approach down the tunnels, claws smacking against rock, and you do nothing to dissuade that notion. Though amusingly enough you see a couple attempt to push one from out of their hiding spaces, hushed voices almost yelping and snickering saying for her to go out and confront the beast! And surely enough, one of the fey are pushed out, the one with black hair and rock-shards floating behind her. Well, one of the many with a similar appearance... and she probably has black hair because you can only barely make out color due to the weak light emitting from yourself. For as much perfect darkvision you have, you still cannot see color, only black and white.

She's wearing what appears to be a simple brown dress and no shoes or anything like that. Momentary wonder has you think who makes the clothes for these fey? Eh, they probably stole it if you had to guess. The fey's eyes are like damp stone, a grayish shade, though your not sure if their damp by nature or if she's been crying... could be both. "H-halt!" A minuscule voice peeps out from the fey, you have to give credit where credit is due... she is trying really hard not to soil herself... to amuse her or perhaps yourself you stop and your eyes gleam brightly as you stare at her. More whispers, something along the lines of 'she's so dead!' and 'that's Wetstone for you!'

The named fey, called Wetstone, actually looks surprised that you have yet to bat it away into oblivion and some confidence returns to her shivering wreck of a form. Slightly impressive.

"S-state your business yokai! You are not from around here, a-and this place only belongs to the yokai and faries of the u-underground." You idly slap your tail on the ground and she jerks back in fright. Amusing indeed...

[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics
-[X] Oooor someone just dug a really huge hole and I got dropped here.

[X] Tell them the truth.

[X] Intimidate the others into coming out.
-[X] Make them your servants from now on.

[X] Make a show of charging up your breath
-[X] Stop the breath charging as they probably run away
-[X] Don't care if they run or not, breath it on them.

[X] Turn into a human and 'thank' them for scaring off the 'beast'!
>> No. 199400
[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics

Let's really ham it up. Also, glad this isn't dead.
>> No. 199401
[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics
>> No. 199402
[X] Make a show of charging up your breath
-[X] Don't care if they run or not, breath it on them.

Temperamental! Dragon!
>> No. 199405
[x] Intimidate the others into coming out.
>> No. 199407
[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics

I agree with >>199400, let's be a ham as huge as, well, as huge as we actually are.
>> No. 199752
[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics
>> No. 200165
File 154548512118.png - (1.05MB, 1200x800, 1536985307_tsaoshin_magma_dragon_by_tsaoshin-dazc6.png) [iqdb]
[X] Play along, say that you are from the overworld and was transported down here via strange magics

You let out an internal huff of amusement at the quivering fey before you. She and her 'gang' don't look all that powerful, but looks can be deceiving and you get the feeling that they don't use fire attacks like those spirits from before.

Quickly, a story formulates into your mind and you grin... taking inspiration from Moonlight's class as a Bard, you give a drawn-out dramatic sigh as you look upward, preparing yourself for your maddening story.

Your wit and rhetoric might not be as finely tuned and sharpened as Moonlight's but comparing to most mortals and immortals, you ain't half-bad. Though, what to start off as? Low or high-pitched?

Let's go with low-pitched, You're trying to be dramatic with this after all.

You give Wetstone a wide berth as your tail swings back to your side, she takes a step back, eyes widening... are you going to attack? Your maw opens up.

"Oh? Me? Yeah, that was a WILD ride wasn't it? I mean, long-story short, magical teleportation... there was a wizard, I was with a buddy... have you seen them by any chance? They look like me! Except blue."

The fey looks back between her 'friends' and back to you. "U-uh... no? But uh, you h-have to pay a t-"

You cut her off with a growl, "but anyways, I was waking up ontop of the MOUNTAINS of corpses I made the previous night, you know, destroying villages, slaughtering wayward mercs and tribes in the area, coated them in magma as they burned alive horribly... When my buddy came along and just basically dragged me off to her party, there was giants, a massive volcanic pool. You know, the good stuff."

She and the others are trembling in terror, "O-on... s-second t-thou-"

"So me and this tiefling wizard get into a drinking contest, it takes about... I dunno, like 7 hours to finally bring him low, but in his stupor he accidentally casts a spell that I've never seen before that sends me through a portal here, don't worry! I got the last licks on him for that though! He might have resistance to fire! But ahah, he ain't immune!" You let out a hearty laugh that shakes the caverns around you for a brief moment, puffing yourself up for that one to make a particularly nasty echo.

"U-uh... u-uh..." Wetstone is completely terrified... you weren't trying 'that' hard to be scary now were you? Though, give the benefit of the doubt, you are pretty big... and its totally not because of the content of your story in anyway.

They're fey, why the hell should they care?

Wetstone's 'friends' have since left, scuttling away in the cavern. You now just have this poor earth fairy at your mercy.

"Hmm..." You lean your head down to her level, smirking.

"What to do with you?" You paw the ground absentmindedly, noting her reaction being that of falling on her back and scooting away.

"Oh poor you, come now, I'm not 'that' sc-"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Twin female screams come out from the distance of the caverns, beyond your sight... and heavily muffled. You let out another huff of hot air and roll your eyes... always something.

The noises, they're going to the right, but they sounded stationary, unmoving... another scream is heard, but this time... its more of a roar, its indisputable, something like a monster or perhaps a dragon... no, its too different sounding, but it does sound big.

This could prove somewhat problematic, you glance down back at Wetstone who... while she is still quite afraid of you, is somewhat distracted at this moment. Two female... well it sounds humanoid, could be more of those fey, a prank gone wrong? Or something else interesting.

Who knows in this place, well.. until you check it of course.

And here, multiple options are opened.

[X] Ignore the screams, continue onto the Oni village.

[X] In-whatever option you choose, take Wetstone with you, its not like she's powerful enough to stop you.

-[X] Prepare for a fight (write-in potential)
-[X] Claw-shredding, no plan, you have potential damsels to save!
--[X] Who you also totally plan on kidnapping as well in the process.

(In another life, those fairies might have been an actual threat!)
>> No. 200188
[X] In-whatever option you choose, take Wetstone with you, its not like she's powerful enough to stop you.
>> No. 200199
[X] In-whatever option you choose, take Wetstone with you, its not like she's powerful enough to stop you.

yay for more votes
>> No. 200208
[X] In-whatever option you choose, take Wetstone with you, its not like she's powerful enough to stop you.
-[x] No seriously, that thing needs to be told its place.
>> No. 200216
File 154704854961.png - (169.87KB, 512x256, latest.png) [iqdb]
[X] In-whatever option you choose, take Wetstone with you, it's not like she's powerful enough to stop you.

Well, if Moonlight finds out about you leaving potential innocents to be eaten, you’ll never hear the end of it.

So you guess you gotta save them.

Eyeing the currently distracted fairy, you wonder if you’re going to need a guide or something in the coming months.

She could prove useful…

Wetstone lets out a panicked yelp as a claw suddenly comes around her and grabs her… gently, but tight enough so that she knows she’s not escaping this one.

“H-hey!” She squeaks out, “l-let go of me!”

“I could.” You mumble and go running into the depths and following the source of the screams.

“But then no-one would see me save people and I need witnesses.” To see your grandeur in-action of course.

Among the previous reasons, she’ll need to learn her place if you’re going to keep this one around for anytime.

She lets out another squeak at your words, but you merely look at her and that silences her.

“Where are those screams coming from?” You figured it’d be coming up soon as you run and see the tunnel widening slightly and then another tunnel to the right.

Before she can squeak out any more you cut her off. “Never mind.” She lets out a yelp as you turn on a dime and continue running.

Another roar echoes throughout the tunnel your running on. Its louder this time and you can now feel the cavern shaking in-response to whatever this thing is.

Your claws skid to a stop as you enter into a much larger cavern with some natural light peeking in from the very top. A small hole can be seen showing a bit of cloudy blue-skies.

Too small for your current form for sure. Another glance around the room and you find the problem.

A massive 35ft tall behemoth standing on two powerful-looking legs and with heaving jagged claws is bashing its many-horned form against an alcove in the corner of this room. It appears to be an albino as well.

Looks to be just simply a monstrous humanoid of some-kind, too monstrous to be a giant and too humanoid-looking to be a magical beast of any kind. Though you get the feeling it isn’t the most intelligent, it wields no weapons and wears no armor or trinkets.

Surprisingly, you’ve never seen its ilk before or anything like it beforehand. It personally looks to be a demon, perhaps mistaken as one by those less intelligent. You know that this beast isn’t a denizen of the Abyss however, they give off a certain smell.

Well it does look interesting, taking its skull as a trophy for your hoard would be neat. Get the wizard to enchant it with magical lights in its eye-sockets. You grin, that would be cool.

You, however, can’t appear to make out what it’s trying to so desperately destroy. Though you do hear the occasional whimpering and yelping that is definitely not the creature. Rather, the noises are coming from the alcove.

It does not appear to have noticed you yet, despite your large size. You let out a sneer and look down at Wetstone who is quivering in fear, from you or it you don’t know.

“Do you know this creature?” You growl out. She shakes her head, “n-never seen it b-before.”


Great, a good for nothing fairy, for now...

You look down at her and release her from your grasp, she looks surprised as she flutters down to the earth.

“Do not leave this area, I will find you if you do.” More of a threat and less of a promise. Her eyes flicker to you and the beast and she nods slowly.

“Good.” You take a couple steps forward and note a set of twin of what look to be finely-made black spectacles on the ground as well as a black hat with grey lines running through it. The hat and spectacles are flattened and crushed respectively.

Ah, shame, whoever’s there could have payed you back with those two or something. Oh dear, guess you’ll have to feel generous or something. Ah, what the hell, they can keep their stuff.

Now that you’re here, how are you going to go about the saving oh dear hero?

{X} Start off with a breath-attack against its back.
-{X} Power it up with magma-coating for continued damage

{X} Jump onto its back. Direct it elsewhere while ripping and tearing.
-{X} Or use a breath-attack instead
--{X} Power it with magma-coating

{X} Charge it and just wail on it.

{X} Use a Wall of Fire between it and the alcove to give whoever’s in it a bit of breathing room. Though that might also cause them to lose breath…

{X} Is there anything environmental we can use? Like a massive stone spike that’s just perfectly waiting for someone to melt it to drop on a equally massive creature?

{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.

{X} ‘Write-in’
>> No. 200218
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.

>> No. 200223
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.
>> No. 200247
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.

Has anyone mentioned that if Heated Anonymity is shortened it turns into Hot Anon? kek
>> No. 200249
File 154958003327.jpg - (75.23KB, 573x428, 83E24E64-3284-4D62-8853-AC48B69A068C.jpg) [iqdb]
absolutely amazing
>> No. 200325
{X} Roar at it to grab its attention.
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