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File 149739843054.png - (301.44KB , 2000x2000 , Stop being Waldo Sukuna.png ) [iqdb]
197087 No. 197087
[x] Burger it up.
-[x] Converse with Sam as you can.

— - — - —

Well, first thing's first. You need to make like a caterpillar and shed your cocoon. You're fairly certain that she broke quite a few bones in your body, so you need some food. Sam, think you can find something to eat?

Sam begins to reach for the least filling thing in the room.

Bad! No eating people! Heck, as small as she is, she'd not even be worth the trouble.

Sam droops into a puddle, making the princess gag a bit at the sight. You sigh through the bandages. Doing so hurts, so you're fairly certain at least two of your ribs are broken.

Sam, I'm sorry. Didn't mean to yell like that.

An eye stalk rises out of the puddle. The bite-sized royal jumps in place, causing you to grunt in pain. Sam helpfully demands, "Get off my nose."

She blinks, before looking down at her broken chair. "Ohh! Err... sorry." She swiftly gets off of it, and manages to trip into your eye, earning another muffled grunt. Thankfully you can at least close it.

Sam, can you show me the room? I can't really move my neck.

Sam make like a periscope, revealing that you aren't alone. ...Well, alone as you can get. It seems there's a demon or something just sitting off to the side, looking grumpy.

If that's supposed to be the grim reaper, you're pretty sure they get this a lot, but holycrapthey'reeightfeettall!

...Or somewhere in that area. Sam's eyes just aren't as weird as yours, so you only get visual information of varying degrees of boring. Kind of tunnel visiony, too. Maybe she gave you a cat eye to look through? She does seem to like being creative with her eyes. You wonder why that i—


Okay, okay! Jeez... Stupid freaking unthinkability... Ahh! There's your stuff!


Sam proceeds to rummage.

Shin tilts her head, though the stranger asks, "What is it, girl? Did Timmy fall down a well?" After hearing her voice, you are certain she's just big... ...everything. Well, maybe not her chest. She honestly looks almost like a man, as buff as she is.

Weird mohawk, though. Although, you like the little colored tufts. They're oddly cute.

She does look a bit angry, though. Like... seriously. Kinda intimidating, like a delinquent or crime lord or something. She wishes.

Shinmyoumaru retorts, "Why you even watch that show is beyond me." Sadly, Seija doesn't notice. You can kind of understand why the tiny girl grumbles. You imagine that happens all the time, and it probably interferes with business.

Poor thing.

You find a burger placed on your face. There's a squeak from under it.

...You may have trouble eating through the bandages, now that you think about it.

You try to open your jaw, but you find that the muscles don't really respond. ...Hey, sam?

Best blob look to you from multiple angles.

Can you eat this for me?

You don't have to tell her twice, it seems, as she scoops it back up. Ahh, wait! Not the tiny! She's on the bottom!

Sam, of course, lets out a sad sigh. She then proceeds to spit the small thing out. Well, up, if you want to be exact. She's now riding your noodle like a very large horse. Or a riding snake, maybe.

"Whoa... I feel tall..."

"Ohh, there you are." Seija plucks the slimy girl from Sam's back, shakes her out to the sound of surprisingly loud cries, and proceeds to place her on her scalp.


Sam: -1,000HP
Sam: +4,998.5HP

The ability to move again fills you with Determination!

— - — - —

Day 4

Last Checked Time: AM 8:11:51

Renko Lv1 HP11/20 DT18/16
Base DT16.1
Sprained Ankle
Nose Dead: Lovely Aroma
Cosmic Horror

Sam Lv1 HP13997.5/9999
Snuggling Stump


— - —

Equipment 35D/35MD/A̢͘͜/́M̸̛͜A̸̶͏̸̴

1 Head: Worn Sunhat Lv 1̷̢͠ 1D/1MD/A̢͘͜/́M̸̛͜A̸̶͏̸̴
2 Outfit: Bloody Mummy Costume Lv 5 0D/10MD/0A/0MA
3 Weapon: Unsharpened Chest Lv1/5D/5MD/0A/5MA
4 Foci: Mysterious Big Fan Lv1 0D/0MD/15A/15MA
5 Accessory:
[s]Left Ring
7 Pockets: x25 Lv2/25D/25MD/0A/0MA[/s]
8 Right Ring Arm: Sam
9 Necklace: Enchanted Fuzzy Scarf Lv1 5D/5MD/0A/0MA

— - —


0 Ice Magic26/100
-O Chill sign: Icy you and eye together 5MA[b]

3 [b]Flight Magic
-XXX No Cards Made

1 Determination1/100
-OX Determination: The hopes and dreams of the open eyes of love

— - — - —

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.


[ ] Undress.
[ ] Redress.
[ ] Be unsure if you want to flirt.
[ ] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[ ] Make sure you got your hats.
[ ] Write-in.
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>> No. 197089
Act 1:
>>188147 1: Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
>>188477 2: Iron Giant
>>189365 3: Phantom Menace
>>190278 4: A New Hope
>>191322 5: Return of the Jedi
>>192352 6: Longest Yard
>>195020 7: The Clone Wars

Act 2:
>>195617 8: Six Feet Under
>>/i/740 Pictures: Memento

>> No. 197090
File 149739950841.jpg - (198.64KB , 646x800 , bestfriends.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] No
[x] Redress.
[x] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[x] Make sure you got your hats.
[x] "Greetings, I'm Renko. Wandering do-gooder or trying to be anyway"
-[x] "May I ask for your names, Seija, Sukuna?"
>> No. 197102
[x] No
[x] Redress.
[x] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[x] Make sure you got your hats.
[x] "Greetings, I'm Renko. Wandering do-gooder or trying to be anyway"
-[x] "May I ask for your names, Seija, Sukuna?"

Good Sam. Best Sam. Ampersam.
>> No. 197103
[x] No
[x] Redress.
[x] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[x] Make sure you got your hats.
[x] "Greetings, I'm Renko. Wandering do-gooder or trying to be anyway"
-[x] "May I ask for your names, Seija, Sukuna?"

And per se Sam!
>> No. 197104
File 149760472831.jpg - (118.74KB , 850x638 , NO.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] No
[x] Redress.
[x] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[x] Make sure you got your hats.
[x] "Greetings, I'm Renko. Wandering do-gooder or trying to be anyway"
-[x] "May I ask for your names, Seija, Sukuna?"


You guys either have balls of steel or are going to scream when I have to step on them. I hope I never have to find out! Your balls are my favorite part of you!
>> No. 197105
Thanks, Spacejin
>> No. 197107
File 149762815031.jpg - (223.97KB , 850x769 , DON'TKISSMEIDIOT.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] No
[x] Redress.
[x] Make sure Hourai isn't dead again.
[x] Make sure you got your hats.
[x] "Greetings, I'm Renko. Wandering do-gooder or trying to be anyway"
-[x] "May I ask for your names, Seija, Sukuna?"

— - — - —

You begin to redress, though don't undress, leaving you covered in bloody and gooey bandages, not that being gooey is anything out of the ordinary any more. Having an arm like Sam makes every situation a sticky one after all.

Why are you doing this?

Well, I mean, if you want me to run around naked, I don't think anyone would care. Better than killing everyone and the kitchen sink.

Not that. That's funny. I meant that you keep not doing that thing.

But I need to breathe?

Ugh... Whatever. Never mind.

Still, seems like a good time to check on your accidental anatomical disaster. You look around, but find her nowhere in sight. Her being only a foot tall will make this difficult, but Sukuna helped teach you to look down a bit more by potential threat of death, so it's not so hard to apply that to bigger tiny things.

Except that she's nowhere in sight.

Dang it, seems looking down wasn't enough. "Hourai, where are you?" You think you heard a tiny squeak, but it just came from Seija's little head warmer. "Yeah?" You lean in close to the scary lady, who leans away a bit. So you lean closer, leading to her leaning farther. Your noses are touching after she hits the wall, the wood creaking with her leaning. To reach the height of her head was no simple feat, as she makes you feel tiny, but flight makes everything better, obviously.

The scary lady's eyes are as wide and intimidating as can possibly be. She's sweating, oddly enough. Odd that a devil-like person would be hot, when you're comfy being toasted up by Mom's love made tangible.

The eight foot slab of woman squeaks, "Yeah?"

"Have you seen my dollfriend? She falls to pieces when I'm not careful, so I wanted to make sure she's okay."

The tiny voice atop her head squeaks out louder than her ride, "Well, at least someone learns from their mistakes." She smacks the redhead on the scalp to punctuate this. "And, to answer your question, she's in your pocket."

You look to your pockets, and find her in your back most one. Looking back to the princess of Red Mountain, you smile. "Thank you." You then proceed to pull Hourai into a hug.

A light hug.

Very light.

Very, very light.

Because you apparently break things with hugs.

After releasing, you find that Hourai is back on your face.

Shinmyoumaru pouts down at an eyebrow longer than she is tall. "Why do you never let me ride your face?

Seija explodes into coughing, apparently choking on any hope of answering that.

Wait, there's one more thing! "Ohh, right. Miss, do you know where the hats I was buying are? I wanted to make sure I did buy them."

"On your head."

You look up to your mighty stack. Sure enough, they appear to have been stacked like stones while you weren't looking, teetering just a bit. You don't hear a satisfied giggle. "Ohh. Well, umm... Hi! My name is Renko Usami! It's very nice to meet the two of you! I'm a wandering do-gooder, though I kind of suck at it! May I ask your names, Miss Shinmyoumaru and, uhh..."

Seija 100D/50MD/1000A/50MA

Cowed by someone the size of her pinkey toe.

More bark than bite.


They blink at your question, as you seem to know the answer already. They share glances, before the mountain asks, "Can you read minds or somethin'?"

— - — - —

[ ] Try to.
-[ ] Really hard.
--[ ] Really, really hard.
---[ ] Risk a headache.
[ ] Like mother like daughter, obviously.
[ ] You have special eyes.
[ ] Change the subject.
[ ] Call Mom and ask.
[ ] Call Grandma and ask.
-[ ] Also, guilt trip her.
--[ ] Because that's the thing to do these days.
>> No. 197116
File 149766363720.gif - (1.42MB , 800x450 , TakeYourTime.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Like mother like daughter, obviously.
[x] Try to.
-[x] Focus
--[x] I have something
---[x] I can feel it.
[x] Call Mom and ask.

Trying too hard broke Shanghai. So let's think smarter, not harder!
>> No. 197121
[x] Like mother like daughter, obviously.
[x] Call Mom and ask.
[X] Try to.
- [X] do whatever Mom says

how psykic form
how girl get eye-pragnet
>> No. 197138
File 149779581497.jpg - (31.41KB , 239x210 , Is this who it is.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Like mother like daughter, obviously.
[x] Try to.
-[x] Focus
--[x] I have something
---[x] I can feel it.
[x] Call Mom and ask.

— - — - —

"Of course I can!" They startle a bit at the claim. "...Probably. I mean, Mom ca-"

Your phone is ringing. ...Weird timing.

— - — - —

[ ] Answer it.
[ ] Don't answer and keep going. It's probably nothing important.
>> No. 197143
[x] Answer it.

The timing is just too good.
>> No. 197145
[x] Answer it.
>> No. 197152
[x]Answer it!
>> No. 197153
It seems that updates are getting shorter and shorter every day.
>> No. 197154
Yeah I think Renko could make a lot of these decisions on her own.
>> No. 197155

Next one should be more of a normal size. It was a vote to continue with the vote or answer the phone, effectively.


I suppose I'm a bit paranoid that people will complain if I don't let them decide certain things. I'll take it into consideration.
>> No. 197158
File 14979713985.png - (341.60KB , 500x519 , Psycho Goat.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Answer it.

— - — - —

Of course you answer it. After all, you started talking about mom, and— "Little bunny, you shouldn't have internal monologues before even saying hello."

"Hello." You smile a bit.

Your mother chuckles a bit. "Now, as I doubt privacy would be easily obtained, I need you to follow a simple ruse. Do not converse normally; answer in completely unrelated positives and negatives. Can you do that for me?"

...You have a feeling you're in trouble. Her voice rings with the sound of disappointment. Sam proceeds to retract down your sleeve, mirroring how you feel.

"Of course I wore underwear today, mom. Jeez." Your response gets strange looks from your present company. Good, they're none the wiser!

"Good. I'm glad... you..." You hear the sigh of your fluffy surrogate, "Little bunny, that..." She sighs again. "...Thank you for following instructions. You did very well."

...How the heck do you say thanks? "Uhh..."

"Sorry, my mistake. I went quiet. Now, what... I'm..." She switches gears a moment. "...You're welcome, Little Bunny." Backtracking a bit, she continues, "Now, the reason I have called you is because of an issue I need to speak to you of. Please do not mention mind reading, myself, or my location. These things will... make things difficult."

...That's a little suspicious. "Alright, who stole my sock?"

Your mother sighs again, but chooses to ignore all but the proper meaning. "Thank you, little bunny. Also, I'm glad to hear that you managed to make it past that blockade without any issue. I didn't realize it was there. My apologies." Expecting the question, she answers, "I can read neither Cirno's nor Hourai's minds, as frustrating as it can be. Still, for your concerns, no. No, you cannot. My sister simply has been whispering in your ear, if I'm not mista—"

At the sound of a beep, the call ends.

"...Dang it, Auntie." You don't hear a snicker off to the side.

To be continued
>> No. 197160
Psyco goat?

You're that Satori...
>> No. 197163
File 149805557916.jpg - (353.09KB , 1600x1143 , Pucker up.jpg ) [iqdb]
1 >>197158

— - — - —

both are equal in their confusion. You think you see the tiny mouth move, so you lean in closer.

The red woman leans away again.

"Why do you keep doing that?"

"Because you're getting too close nowSTOPITOHHGODDON'TFREAKINGKISSME!" She looks about ready to bite your head off. ...Is it possible that she's blushing? Man is that a heavy blush!

You tilt your head just as the tiny one does, though. That does raise a question; an important question, the likes of which may change everything: "Kiss you?"

Seija stares at you.

You idly consider such a thing while Sam proceed to suck face with her to the muffled sounds of alarm.

Well, that's a thing. You didn't know that would happen.

The princess proceeds to run across Sam's smiling, sticky back after hopping off of her increasingly precarious position, before jumping on your head. "Think we should help her?"

You're not sure. "...I think she's just getting kissed by Sam."

"Ohh. Okay, then."

Seija is screaming bloody — but heavily muffled — murder into your, uhh... ...You'll just call it Sam's mouth. Don't want to think about it too much.

— - — - —

[ ] Ignore it.
-[ ] Converse with the tiny.
-[ ] Just head on.
[ ] Help her.
[ ] Watch.
[ ] Commentate.
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 197164
[x] Ignore it.
-[x] Converse with the tiny.
-[x] "So, how are you doing today?"
-[x] "No hard feelings about trying to kill me, by the way. Everyone does it"
-[x] "Seija looks surprisingly approachable for someone so imposing"
-[x] "How did you end up managing a store"?
-[x] "Is the 'half off' thing an actual offer or just the name-wait I haven't paid you yet!"
[X] Enough already, let's help her.
>> No. 197179
[X] Commentate.

Sports commentator mode.
>> No. 197182
[x] Commentate.
-[x] Specifically, color commentate.
>> No. 197205
Sorry guys! I've been unable to really get on THP the whole of yesterday. Teruyo helped me, so I'm back!
>> No. 197231
File 149842080063.png - (144.59KB , 1780x1000 , Terrible genuflecting fyi.png ) [iqdb]
I have returned! ...Again.

Sorry about that, but THP decided it didn't want me to update. Let me go post G and I'll work on this tonight. DT map in the works.

I was planning around generalized amounts, so to get exacts isn't an easy task.
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