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File 14826482487.png - (85.00KB , 352x234 , quite the maniacal princess.png ) [iqdb]
193307 No. 193307
[x] ...Yo?
[x] Did you catch them?
[x] ...What’s with the getup?
-[x] You’re here about Mai.


“...Yo?” The redhead simply stares back at your befuddled being, not really moving anymore. Seeing this angle is somewhat disorientating, especially in your relatively tired state. It takes a moment or two longer to realize that, yes, you are seeing exactly what you think you’re seeing. ...This is hardly some sort of dream; that’d be too easy an explanation.

Either way, you do recognize the face from earlier. “...Did you catch them?”

The first hint of life appears on her face as she arcs an eyebrow… well, upward for her. “We caught all of the hostage-takers. In the end, they were sufficiently apprehending and contained. Sara was quite enthusiastic about ensuring that none were in a state to escape.”

“That’s good, at least. Are they going to remain in custody?”

“Likely. The bakebake are an odd case, but they are not gaining their freedom anytime soon.” Her expression falls back to a dull stare as she continues to judge you. You straighten your neck before popping it, feeling a crick from where you had been lying for the previous while.

She seems content to just judge you; at least she’s no longer prodding you. “So, what’s with the getup that you are wearing? Looks a little formal. Are you off duty?”

“I suppose that I am. And it is because I am a princess.”

You open your mouth before immediately closing it. You have been napping on the shoulder of some goddess, again. You might eventually get used to it. “A princess? One that happens to also be a police officer?”

“I’m not one currently; I’m simply a princess now.”

“...A princess of what?”

“Does one have to be a princess of something? It simply is what I am.”

“Then why do you call yourself one?”

“Why, it’s in my name, of course.” It’s really odd how her expression has been flat this entire time. “But yes; we’re currently finished working for day, although we are maintained on call. The amount of incidents for which we are required are thankfully low.”

“That’s… good.” You’re kinda curious how she continues to square that circle, but there are other, more pressing concerns. “You’re here about Mai. That much is obvious.”

“That I am. I’m surprised that you decided to remain.”

“The others can take care of themselves. I didn’t feel good simply leaving.”

You see the barest of smiles before the redheaded police princess stands up. ...She still is standing on the wall as if it was the floor. “She has regained consciousness by now. Her injuries are major, but she will live. She is a demon, in the end.”

A sigh leaves your lips as you sag in relief. “That’s good to hear. I was rather worried about what happened.”

“She did need attention, but we do have access to salves that are far more efficient. Combined with her physiology, she is expected to fully recover.”

“...What are you talking about? Some kind of magic potion?”

“Nothing of the sort; they are perfectly normal and explained.” So says the woman who is flipping off gravity. “If you are coming to see her, now is the time.”

“Alright. Can you lead the way?”

“Just come to Room 108 in the Violet Wing.” With that, the redhead turns around with ease. You don’t see how she manages to do that, considering how her outfit flops around and hangs like a banner. Even so, she walks back up the side of the building before stepping through a window on the third floor.

You’re not sure you can follow…

[ ] Walk after her. That is simply possible.
[ ] Just take the stairs; simpler.
[ ] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.
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>> No. 193308
(Un)fortunate Tidings >>189136
(Mis)fortunate Tidings >>190073
(Not)fortunate Tidings >>191386
>> No. 193312
File 148265147829.jpg - (1.17MB , 1680x1050 , video_games_faith_edge_mirrors_edge_jin_free_runni.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Walk after her. That is simply possible.

Fuck it, parkour time.
>> No. 193314
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.
>> No. 193318
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.

Yeah, let's not break our neck if we can help it.
>> No. 193319
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.

I would rather have Hina hold us for us to fly. We get to feel her body and warmth.
>> No. 193321
[x] Just take the stairs; simpler.
>> No. 193333
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.

Yeah, we don't want to die, right?
Just checking.
>> No. 193334
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.

Yeah, we don't want to die, right?
Just checking.
>> No. 193335
ehh, double thing. please disregard.
>> No. 193338
[X] Walk after her. That is simply possible
>> No. 193350
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.
>> No. 193351
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.
>> No. 193360
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.

I like Hina. I don't like dying.
>> No. 193361
[X] Walk after her. That is simply possible.
If anything, should we looking for easy ways? Besides, what can better encourage humangel to recover faster than spontaneous dynamic entries through the window of their hospital room?
>> No. 193362
"I see that you have learned nothing after your actions resulted in my stay here"
>> No. 193363
[X] Just take the stairs; simpler.
>> No. 193369
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.

I want to see Hina more please
>> No. 193405
[X] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.
>> No. 193486
Where is the next part?
>> No. 193501
Will be coming in a few days. I've been a bit busy as of the new year, but I'll have time later on.
>> No. 193597
when exactly?
>> No. 193598
Be polite.
>> No. 193599
Be polite.
>> No. 193653
File 148590707262.png - (126.26KB , 326x246 , it isnt dangerous to go alone.png ) [iqdb]
[7] Just take the stairs; simpler.
[5] Wake Hina and see if she can assist with flying or walking.


…”Just when I thought I had them figured, they pull something like this.” Slouching just briefly while shaking your head, you turn to Hina. “Hey there. We need to head on upstairs. One of the officers just—”

“I heard them.” Hina peeks open one eye before inclining her head. “You weren’t exactly quiet, after all.”

“Right.” You rub the back of your head, slightly embarrassed. “Sorry about that.”

“No bother. It was only a little unfortunate that you were, after all.”

Part of you wonders whether she is able to influence it while unconscious, and part of you just thinks that it’s a habit. No matter, you don’t want to argue it at this time. “Either way, I’m going to head on upstairs. Coming?”

“I think I’ll stay here.” She shakes her head as you start to speak. “I’m not going anywhere. Speak to her and try to exorcise your demons.”

“I guess I…” After taking a moment to compute what she said, you can’t help but to snort. “That probably isn’t the best thing to say when I’m going to speak with one, you know.”

“Well, I don’t think she’ll enjoy it if you dance around the subject. Besides, you’re no shrine priest or maiden. You don’t have the requisites to even perform such a activity.” Figures that she would know that, all things considered. Hina turns her head as you stand on up. “Don’t bother with me; just return soon so that you may escort me back to your home.”

“Right.” Pinching your nose, you head to the door. “Take care, then, while you’re here.”

“That I shall.” She folds her hands over her lap and turns her head up towards the moon. “...Thankfully it isn’t full. Knowing some, it might spell more trouble.”

That’s a thought you’ll tend to later. For now, you simply turn towards the entrance and slip in and stroll through the lobby. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice that the desk attendant has shifted out, and that no one seems to still be here from earlier. In fact, it’s practically cleared out. It’s likely after hours for normal visiting, as it is. You turn to the right and head toward the staircase in the main shaft of the hospital’s tower.

The recovery wing’s staircase shaft is just as empty as you arrive and start walking up, looking for markers on the wall for direction. As you reach the second floor, turning about in the direction from whence you came, you spy a guide post on the wall, listing all of the floors above you per color, with the third floor being Purple and the ninth floor being the Red Floor. “Odd… where is…” Narrowing your eyes, you lean down and inspect the labels a bit. After a moment, you finally spy a further set of directions: For Purple Wing, Turn Right; For Violet Wing, Turn Left.

“...Well, I guess I can try.” Frowning, you head upstairs to the next floor. As you walk up the stairs, the knob turns and a nurse exits through it. She barely gives you a nod of acknowledgement before hurrying down, and you manage to catch the door before it shuts. When you step through, you look around and spy a sign for Purple Wing above you, and you look around. ...Curiously, there is an abrupt right turn right before you, with no visible path to take from there.

[ ] Search for the path left.
[ ] Ask for directions.
[ ] Walk into wall just in case.
[ ] Go back down and consult guide.
>> No. 193655
[X] Ask for directions.
>> No. 193660
[X] Walk into wall just in case.

Obviously the path to the true end. ...One way or another.
>> No. 193661
[x] Search for the path left.

Violet wing left? Let's go left.
>> No. 193672
[x] Ask for directions.
>> No. 193674
[X] Walk into wall just in case.
>> No. 193725
[X] Walk into wall just in case.
>> No. 193763
File 14866182591.jpg - (44.52KB , 300x442 , apply directly to the forehead.jpg ) [iqdb]
[3] Walk into wall just in case.
[2] Search for the path left.


Of course, there is no easy explanation for where you are going. Based on what you can reckon from the path you pursued throughout your twists and turns, left should be leading you back towards the front of the building, where that strange redhead just walked through a window. Not really doubting your directions, you start to inspect the wall to your left.

It is a plain, off-white wall. Perhaps eggshell or a little darker than that; such distinctions did escape you. The wall itself seems to be featureless; it’s covered over with drywall, although there is a small strip of rubber molding at the bottom. Parts of it seem to have been scuffed quite thoroughly; you imagine that it was done by hospital gurneys at some point.

The only real striking feature is the purple stripe on the wall, approximately forty inches off of the ground at its midpoint, being eight inches wide in total. Your eyes follow it along to the adjoining hall and look down the corridor at the same time. There appears to be a similarly colored stripe running across each of the halls, but you note that it doesn’t actually cross the doors, and is only painted on the walls proper. The signposts for each room, along with the signs from the ceiling and the countertop all seem to share the same color. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the stark contrast, but there are enough other colors in clean walkways for your sight to not be too bothered.

Still, you look back to the wall in question. There’s no obvious switch or hidden door just waiting to be taken, no matter how long you peruse the facade before you. After a little while longer, you also notice that, be it on the nearby door jamb or neighboring wall, that there is no other switch or panel that opens up an entrance before you. Seeing no other option, you even try flipping the switches for the lights. It doesn’t achieve anything.

Running out of immediate options, an obtuse question comes to mind. “...I guess, considering who we’re dealing with, I guess it could just be a magical barrier of some sort.” It’s sad when that kind of explanation is a logical one, but that’s simply the kind of life you’re stuck in right now. “If that’s the case, maybe i just need to walk through. ...just in case.”

With that thought in mind, you square up with the wall, making sure to give it as much regard as possible while simultaneously being cognizant of it not being physically present. It is merely a metaphysical anomaly that you will have to ignore in order to proceed past. With those, and other similar thoughts in mind, you stroll straight into the wall, expecting it to change.

You immediately bounce off of it, with nothing to show for your attempt than a sore nose. The attending nurse taking report glances over towards you, raising an eyebrow at your curious methods of pathfinding.

[ ] Ask for directions.
[ ] Go back down and consult guide.
[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 193764
[X] Ask for directions
>> No. 193765
[x] Ask for directions

Goddamn it Seiga
>> No. 193768
[X] Ask for directions
>> No. 193769
[x] Ask for directions.
>> No. 193770
[X] Ask for directions.

No reason not to.
>> No. 193773
[X] Ask for directions.

This'll do.
>> No. 193813
[x] Ask for directions
>> No. 193824
When you will post the new part?
>> No. 193847
File 148756898524.png - (354.03KB , 650x722 , i just couldnt resist.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask for directions.


There’s no use helping things; you’re simply going to have to ask. You don’t have the time to waste, banging your head on the wall like this, especially when there is a nurse right there to ask.

Rubbing your forehead, where you are sure you’ll be having a massive headache of ghostly origins, you turn to the attending nurse. “Pardon me, but I need directions to find one of the wings. I’m not exactly sure how to get there.”

The woman faintly smirks before she turns to her station, picking up the tablet on hand. In one swift motion, she rises to her feet and walks about the desk, towards you. “Dear, you seemed to know perfectly which way you were going. I haven’t seen such determined behavior since I last left the sanitarium~”

“That really isn’t nece-” You stop yourself in your tracks and shoot her an odd look. “There’s no asylum in this hospital.” Or, to your knowledge, anywhere in the province.

“Of course there isn’t.” That doesn’t seem to cause the grin to fade off of her face. “But I’m just filling in. Pardon, but which patient are you seeking out? I’ll have you know that it is after official visiting hours, though. Most of the patients are asleep and resting. Percussive maintenance is absolutely forbidden at this time.”

Biting your tongue, you quickly get the conversation back on track. “It doesn’t matter. I was told to come up and see her, as she was finally awake.”

“Of course, of course… Head trauma can result in some dissonance…” She mutters to herself and punches a few tabs, gracefully swiping as she pulled up a list. “Name of the patient and her wing?”

“Mai, in the Violet Wing.”

Not reacting in the slightest to your terse tongue, she punches the answer in, her fingers bouncing from one to another as she inputs everything. “Hrm, yes, yes… So I see. Now, does the patient have a family or last name? I’m afraid that is required information to allow you to see the patient.” As she says that, the nurse inclines the tablet towards her, preventing you from peeking on the patient’s chart.

“...Really? I don’t know her last name. I only met her today.” You grumble and cross your arms. “Listen, it’s been a rough day, she just woke up, and I’d like to see and speak to her. ...Make sure she’s doing well.”

“Truly? Hrm… Out of your own sense of righteousness or misplaced guilt.?”


“Oh, nothing. Just a little seasoning while it renders down.” Turning her eyes back to her sheet, her smirk widens a little. “Are you searching for the Patient listed under Angel, Mai?”

Wait, is her name really Mai— “...You have to be freaking kidding me. This isn’t the time for jokes, and Mai would kill you if she ever heard that.”

“Better answer~ I suppose that will do.” The woman clears her throat. “Although, you’ve come to the wrong place. The only way to get to Violet Wing is to turn left at the stairwell.”

“There’s… no other door at the stairwell. This is the right story, isn’t it?”

“Oh, quite.” The woman chuckles a little before inclining her head. A shadow falls over her eyes. “But one can’t get to one wing from another, yes? You have to take the stairwell, of course. Unless you’re already dead and departed, then I have to wonder why you’re even bothering to walk.” She taps her lip with a finger. “I suppose you might be saving energy to run from the Yama. Could be an answer.”

“Really?” You shake your head. Seems like the headache is coming early. “Would you just give me a direct answer?”

“I already did. Turn left at the stairwell.”

You look back towards the door you just walked through, wondering for a moment. “And this is the correct story to be on? And that is the correct shaft?”

“I did say the former.” She bites her nail before rapidly tapping and pulling up a page. “Hard of hearing. Perhaps I should file a recommendation. I could refer you to a few excellent practitioners. It really would be no trouble~.”

“I’m… quite fine.” You edge a step backwards, a little concerned over her earnestness. “If I continue to have issues, I’ll consult my own. And… You’re just a recovery nurse, aren’t you Ms., erm…”

“Nurse Sweet, and yes. But there’s always someone who knows someone who knows someone~” After tapping a few times, the nurse cuts her eyes toward you. “Is that all, sir?”

“Yeah, I suppose it is. Thanks for all of your, uhm, help.” You half expect her to make a comment, but nothing manages to mar the little smirk that seems to have affixed itself to her face. Without another word, you turn and head back out to the stairwell, pushing the door open with no resistance.

“I’ll see you around. Ta ta~” That… certainly isn’t going to happen, as far as you care. You put the nurse out of mind and shut the door behind you. Looking up and down, it seems likely a perfectly normal door with only a handle knob to open it up on this side. A cursory examination shows that there is nothing else on the current landing where the door is located, and there’s not even the barest mark that would indicate some kind of secret passage. Curious, you put your hand on the wall to the left of the door, but you feel solid concrete under your fingertips; there is nothing illusory about this. Regardless of everything else, this is supposedly the right place.

So… what do?

[ ] Write-in
>> No. 193850
Okay, fine, hospital, you want to do some whimsical fairy magic shit? I got your whimsical fairy magic shit right here!

[x] Spin around to your left, then proceed through door.
>> No. 193893
File 148764536623.jpg - (242.04KB , 850x736 , Bad role model.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Try turning the doorknob to the left.

It can't possibly be this simple, can it?
>> No. 193894
[X] >>193893
Fuck me sideways (to the left)
-[x] Ask receptionist if that doesn't work.
>> No. 193909
[x] Spin around to your left, then proceed through door.
>> No. 193910
[X] Try turning the doorknob to the left.
[X] Spin around to your left, then proceed through door.

Better than anything I can think of.
>> No. 193912
Well, I should have done it earlier before you last two voted, but it's nearly done and my rather determined beta is looking it over.

It'll be up in a few hours.
>> No. 193918
File 148771640641.jpg - (244.50KB , 700x1026 , competent or something else.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try turning the doorknob to the left.


...Well, you’re half inclined to just give up and submit to any kind of ridiculous answer to this magical malarky, but before you start pirouetting about, a thought comes to mind. “...Can it be that simple?” After a short hesitation, you shrug your shoulders and reach down, turning the doorknob to the left. The latch easily clicks, and you swing the door back open.

The hallway looks nearly the same but, as you can see from the wall now to your right across the threshold, this is most certainly not the same location. Well, that is assuming that this Nurse Sweet doesn’t have magical wall-building powers or some other complete bull just to annoy you. You’re halfway tempted to try swinging the door back and forth in order to test it out, but instead, you simply shake your head in resignation and move inside.

This time, you come to another long hallway that, oddly, isn’t empty. In front of the fourth door down on your left, you spot a familiar blonde standing prim and proper in front of one of the hospital doors.

“...At least I don’t have to search much longer.” Sighing in relief, you head down towards her. “Hello, Smith. Is this her room?”

“It is. ...I expected you sooner after Kotohime returned.”

“Got turned around. Didn’t expect to have to use a magical door that only works on an anticlockwise turn.”

After a moment, she faintly nods. “Well, best to keep the wings separate; the doorknob isn’t the only precaution, anyway.”

“It isn’t?” ...Odd, thought, but you’ll not dig into that now. “Either way, I did finally find my way here, though the nurse in question wasn’t much help in that regard.”

“Considering that none of them know the way in here…” She frowns after a moment. “...What nurse did you speak with, again?”

“Her name was Sweet.” She frowns a little at the information, and you just know that it wasn’t expected. “Something’s an issue.”

“Don’t worry about it for now. I’ll look into it. That concerns PC-98 business.” After clearing her head, she steps to the side. “Don’t let me keep you any longer. I’m sure there’s a lot you want to get off your chest.”

“Right, right…” For all that she has annoyed her, Smith has been unusually helpful today. Maybe when push comes to shove, you can actually depend on her. Even so, you step through the door, taking care to turn it to the left just incase that is a prerequisite for entrance here as well.

With that, you cross the entrance into the recovery room. It certainly is larger than you would expect; about twice the size you would imagine for a normal recovery room for two people. It certainly is quite voluminous, and you can’t help but wonder if there are… larger magical beings that might end up in the outside. They certainly have the space for it.

And, after turning past the short entryway plastered with hospital paraphernalia, you finally spy the inhabitants of the room. For her sake, Mai seems to be wrapped up in an entire swathe of bandages on the parts that you can see. Both wings are spread out and are splinted, with a few wraps that have dressings that need to be changed. For the most part, she is covered with blankets and seems to be resting peacefully with her eyes shut.

At her feet, you spy the short-haired redhead from earlier. The taller girl seems to be slumped over from her chair, her head resting on a folded blanket. ...You notice a trickle of drool has already soaked a spot where she has been laying. Considering how wonky and twisted one would have to be to sit like that, it is a wonder she can get any sleep. To her side is the other redhead. Kotohime, you think her name was. She’s still wrapped up in a full kimono, she seems to be working on a small stack of paperwork. The taller redhead has become her temporary desk in the process. Other than that, all you see is Ms. Smith drinking coffee in the corn—

Wait, there’s a Smith in front of you? But… there was one at the door as well? ...There’s two of them? How can there be two? You twitch a little bit. Which one has been leading you around? When? Two bungling government officials instead of just the one? The very thought is making you shake. Sure, the one outside appeared helpful, but is this another of her irresponsible gambits? Maybe… Maybe it’s just the good twin. ...Or you’re seeing things. Yes. That’s the best explanation. You can pretend it’s true for now.

You can’t help but to froth at the mouth as your mind struggles to render this new reality. Just… Goddammit Smith.

Apparently your temporary madness was enough to draw attention to the one-who-shall-not-be-called-an-angel. Mai peeks open an eye and peers your way. After a moment, you hear a raspy, weak voice that barely manages to carry. “H-hey there, Slick.”

[ ] Try to apologize.
-[ ] A lot, over and over.
--[ ] Genefluct.
[ ] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[ ] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[ ] Just talk about something neutral. Yes. The weather should do.
[ ] Rant about Smith. Never a bad option.
[ ] Doors are a neutral subject. Even magical ones.
[ ] Obligatory Write-in Option.
>> No. 193919
[x] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[x] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[x] Try to apologize

In that order.

Keep the focus on her, she's the one injured. We can sneak an apology at the end, because that's what she deserves, but we came here for her, not for us.
>> No. 193920
[X] Try to apologize.
-[X] A lot, over and over.
[X] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[X] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
>> No. 193921
[X] Try to apologize.
-[X] A lot, over and over.
[X] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[X] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.

Mai Angel can't be so hurt!
>> No. 193922
[x] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[x] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[x] Try to apologize

The fact that she doesn't seem angry is somehow worse. Let's do our best to keep it that way, though.
>> No. 193926
[ ] Genefluct.
>> No. 193952
The votes are mostly the same save for the last, so I'll go ahead and call it now and decide on which order to take. Trust Friend Mr. Coin will not do us wrong.
>> No. 193955
[x] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[x] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[x] Try to apologize
>> No. 193959
[x] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[x] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[x] Try to apologize
>> No. 194036
File 148816967723.png - (165.88KB , 366x300 , mai this took longer than expected.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Just ask about her condition. Should she be speaking?
[x] How is she feeling? ...Among all things.
[x] Try to apologize.


Somehow, you expected an angrier response than this. A turned nose, the silent treatment, maybe even a half-baked attempt to try and futily push you away. Just a short welcome that didn’t even have any heat to it? ...That sounds too good to be true. “...Hello, Mai. It’s good to see you awake after… well, after earlier.” She opens her mouth to respond, and you immediately cut her off. “How… poorly off are you? Should you even be talking when you’re so injured?”

“...Probably not.” She coughs a little before averting her eyes. “All they had to do was plug me up.” The voice is quiet and faint still, and it barely manages to carry to your ears. “Be easier if you came closer.”

Somewhat reluctantly, you head on over. “You shouldn’t be speaking if it’s this painful.” She doesn’t respond, and it takes a moment for you to continue. “How badly were you hurt? If I may ask.”

“I believe they said around 57 total bullet wounds. Total penetration in all but thirteen of the cases.” She looks down a bit. “Major internal injuries, quite a bit of internal bleeding, that what stayed in me…” Mai coughs again and shudders. “...Couple of broken ribs, fractured vertebrae. That’s not accounting for everything in my wings.” After a moment, she shrugs, but the first cringe of pain you’ve seen flashes across her face. “...And probably a lot more minor things. That’s the big ones I know.

Your gut nearly flips as she lists them all. You still feel a bit queasy knowing all of what happened to her; good thing you haven’t eaten anytime recently. “How in the world… ...Are you even going to be able to walk?” A moment later, you shake your head. “How are you not in more pain? You’re just… laying here, acting like it’s the weather!”

“The spider’s poison is a hell of a fucking drug.” Mai nearly grins at your befuddled glance. “...’Sides, don’t worry. I should be up… soon. What with all they’re pumping in me, I should be back in the week, right as twilight.”

“...That must be some strong stuff they’re pumping in you.”

“You wouldn’t survive it in your state.” She lets out a sigh, which is followed by another cringe of pain. “It doesn’t matter; I’ve had worse. This is practically a vacation.”

You look up and down, seeing the bandages and wrappings and all manners of diodes and hoses that are attached to her body. “Worse than this? Who in the world would have done this to you back then? You wouldn’t have had to deal with guns in that place you’re from.”

“Sometimes a stick and bare fists make a more painful weapon than a simple bullet does.” Quietly, Mai hisses, but this time there is no accompanying grimace. “Much more painful. And I didn’t have the luxury of a soft recovery afterwards.”

“...I see.” You try to summon the words, but nothing seems to arise for you to ask. You’re still befuddled as to why she isn’t angry at you. “What… but how do you feel otherwise?”

“Hrm?” Slowly, she cocks her head. ...You think she does, at least. It’s not a very big motion, either way.

“Just… How do you feel in general?” The exact question doesn’t want to leave your mouth.

“Well, I didn’t completely succeed.” She sighs and looks down, her voice somehow softer. “I was not quite alert enough, and couldn’t intercept the threat before it made itself apparent. ...And I did not react quickly enough in order to safeguard the both of us; I had to choose.”

“...Why did you even do that? Weren’t they aiming towards you?”

“They would have likely have hit me regardless. But the risk could not be taken. Especially as you are one of the current hosts....” She sighs. “Still, I could have performed a lot better. Maybe enough to halt or stymie the operation.”

“...Still…” Now it comes to the nagging worries that have been lingering. “I need to apologize for letting you be injured. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I’m the reason you were injured so badly.”

Mai is quiet for a few seconds. “Did you act with malice?”

“Huh?” You tilt your head and furrow your brow. “Of course I did not.”

“Then you are only responsible for being ignorant.” She coughs again, but remains rather motionless in all respects. “At least you tried to do something. I can… appreciate the initiative.”

Such words don’t really try to assuage you; you feel even more guilty instead. “Doesn’t mean that it was a good thing. I didn’t intend to hurt you, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“Eh, I’ve been to hell. Not sure you’d call that hole in the ground a road.” She actually snorts, visibly wincing. “Don’t get mad at yourself; just do better next time.”

“I don’t particularly plan on being a next time.” Then again, you didn’t plan on a first time, either. “Either way, I just wanted to apologize. I screwed up big time, and as a result of that, you’re like this.”

Mai stares off into the distance for a little while. The other redhead keeps snoozing at Mai’s feet, completely oblivious to you standing right next to her. ...Oddly, Kotohime seems to have left, though for what reason, you’re not quite sure. And Smith just continues to drink her coffee and looking at… something. It’s hard to tell when someone wears sunglasses indoors at night. And, through it all, you just hold your silence, fidgeting a bit while unsure of what to say.

A little while later, Mai looks back up at you. “...Why so skittish, Slick? I’m not going to bite your head off.” She rolls her eyes. “Even if I were inclined to do so, I wouldn’t give that satisfaction.” Her thin lips crack a small, unsettling grin before looking up at you. “...Do you really want to make it up to me?”

[ ] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.
[ ] You’ll pass.
[ ] Not that you mind, but what does that involve?
[ ] That… doesn’t sound promising. Even so… What does it involve?
[ ] Give suggestion (Write-in)
>> No. 194037
[ ] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.
>> No. 194038
[x] Not that you mind, but what does that involve?
>> No. 194039
[X] Not that you mind, but what does that involve?

I DO feel bad for her, but we have to put up with a lot of bullshit as it is and shouldn't add to the pile if it's something unreasonable.
>> No. 194043
[x] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.

Well saying sorry is good for our conscience and all... but really making up for a mistake(s) involves action!
>> No. 194052
[X] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.
>> No. 194056
[x] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.

Surprises are good.
>> No. 194120
[x] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.
>> No. 194122
[x] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.

Maybe she wants to ̶h̶o̶l̶d̶ ̶h̶a̶n̶d̶s̶.̶
>> No. 194462
File 148885947711.png - (653.28KB , 824x764 , mai this will be amusing.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Sure? Accepting unconditionally might be good.


On the one hand, it would probably be wise to check the conditions of what you’re going to sign up for. Not knowing enough was what got you into this mess, along with the whole issue of having three transfers dumped on your lap. It’s not quite the ideal situation you had hoped for. However, Mai is not Smith; two Smith’s are already two too many. So… considering all that has happened, there is only one real answer that you can give.

“Sure, I suppose that I can do that.”

“...Good, then. I knew you weren’t the type to say no.” She grins a bit more before closing her eyes. “Good, good.”

Still slightly unsettling. “I see. But what does it involve on my part.”

“Oh, not… anything too much. You definitely have plenty of time now, so you can make it up.”

“...Just go ahead and tell me.” What is she expecting? Some simple tribute of earth and water? “The suspense is unnecessary.”

“Don’t make me talk too much, now…” She coughs a little bit before she lets out a soft, quiet snort. “...Might be more my own fault there.”

“Perhaps.” You’ll not take too long and force her to speak anymore. “Just tell me when you’re healthy enough to.”

“Just… when I’m better…” Mai turns her head back towards you, and for just a fleeting instant, you see the devil in disguise. “We’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Your ass is mine.” At your silent response, she rolls back. “Don’t worry, Slick. You’ll be seeing me soon.”

That certainly isn’t as comforting as a thought as it had been before all this took place.

“Well… Alright. I guess I’ll just take my leave, then.” Mai nods just slightly in response, apparently not feeling up to continued conversation. Instead, you look towards Smith, who doesn’t seem to have moved at all. “So, anything else that you need from me?”

“No, I don’t believe so.” She takes yet another sip from her coffee (how is it still steaming hot at this point is beyond you) before clearing her throat. “You can manage to make it all of the way home, yes?”

“I believe that I can make it that far, at the very least.” After another sigh, you turn. “No paperwork required?”

“Oh, plenty. But that will come later.” She smiles a little bit. “Just go get your henhouse in order, loverboy.”

“...” You open your mouth to complain again, but you just shake your head. This isn’t the hill that you need to die upon; not tonight, at least. “Very well. Take care, Mai.” After no response at all, you turn and head towards the door. She doesn’t seem the type to be a light sleeper, but maybe you’re wrong. The short redhead certainly isn’t, as the puddle at Mai’s feet has only managed to grow larger since you last arrived. Kotohime isn’t in sight, but the other Smith is still maintaining her station at the entrance to Mai’s room.

She chuckles at your rather bemused glance. “Safe trip.” As you walk past Smith, she gently pats your back, and you twitch as a static shock surges throughout you. “Oh, sorry about that! Must have been shuffling back and forth too much.”

You turn and give her another look. “...Which one of you is the real one? That actually sounded contrite.”

“Of course I am the real Smith.” She titters just a little bit. “Now be off; you’ve been away from your charge long enough.”

“Right, right… See you later.” you head on down the stairs, carefully treading your way back down towards the entrance to the hospital. You nearly do decide to check the first ward you found, but such a problem isn’t in your purview. Instead, you weave your way through the lazy confines of the lobby and find Hina right where you left her. “...I see the world hasn’t fallen apart in my absence.”

“I suppose it hasn’t.” The goddess grins just a smidgen. “So, she is fine?”

“Just weak. Although, I might be having to do her a favor when she gets healthier.”

“Well, you’ll cross that bridge when you get there.” She stands up, dusting a few motes of dust off of her skirt. “Shall we head on? I do technically require an escort.”

“That sounds like it’d be for the best.” Back to home after way too long an absence. “Let’s hope they haven’t burnt the house down since we were last there.”

“I’ll not tempt fate for you.”

“I appreciate it.”
>> No. 194463
File 148885979562.gif - (825.69KB , 480x247 , not as grumpy as harmon.gif ) [iqdb]

The rest of the night didn’t really pass by, although you didn’t really do anything once you got home except march up to your room and go dig up every document that you could on the various laws and regulations that you find yourself suddenly subject to. However, in your rather emotionally exhausted state, you do not manage to remain elevated in your search and fall asleep in your chair, which is where you wake up with a crick in your back and a your neck aching just as much.

“...What a day.” You rub the sleep out of your eyes as the sun peeks through the window. At least it is a normal day. Another day with too many magical girls.

Still, without work to even worry about, you find yourself kinda lacking anything that you can, well, do. Perhaps you should set a plan.

[ ] Review these requirements one last time.
[ ] Maybe cleaning up and sorting your affairs would be best. What few that there are now.
[ ] Best Guest should be up as well. Maybe you can try this whole to play the part of a host again?
[ ] Just go and check to see if your kitchen is in one piece.
[ ] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?

[ ] General Plan for day (Write-in)
>> No. 194464
File 14888624213.jpg - (135.32KB , 579x650 , INQUIRY MAJOR MALFUNCTION IDENTIFICATION.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Your ass is mine.

YES. Someone needs to put some muscle in his scrawny ass!

>Some simple tribute of earth and water

You'll find plenty in the dirt where you belong, you worthless maggot!

[x] General Plan for day
-[x] Start the day with a jog and some light exercises. Youmu seems fit, so she might be helpful in this. Some company is nice, too.
-[x] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
--[x] Also, it is time to give her the benefit of doubt again. Forgive and forget.
-[x] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.
>> No. 194478
[x] General Plan for day
-[x] Start the day with a jog and some light exercises. Youmu seems fit, so she might be helpful in this. Some company is nice, too.
-[x] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
--[x] Also, it is time to give her the benefit of doubt again. Forgive and forget.
-[x] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.

I've nothing really to add. Maybe later.
>> No. 194480
[X] Maybe cleaning up and sorting your affairs would be best. What few that there are now.
>> No. 194482
Eagerly expecting Youmu's light routine to destroy his body and spirit.
>> No. 194483
[x] General Plan for day
-[x] Start the day with a jog and some light exercises. Youmu seems fit, so she might be helpful in this. Some company is nice, too.
-[x] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
--[x] Also, it is time to give her the benefit of doubt again. Forgive and forget.
-[x] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.
>> No. 194488
[x] General Plan for day
-[x] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
-[x] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.
>> No. 194496
[X] Maybe cleaning up and sorting your affairs would be best. What few that there are now.
[X] Best Guest should be up as well. Maybe you can try this whole to play the part of a host again?
[X] Just go and check to see if your kitchen is in one piece.
[X] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
>> No. 194507
[x] Start the day with a jog and some light exercises. Youmu seems fit, so she might be helpful in this. Some company is nice, too.
[x] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
[X] Maybe cleaning up and sorting your affairs would be best. What few that there are now.
[x] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.
>> No. 194522
I believe that we'll be calling it now.

Although, I don't know how this Youmu is we're talking about. Sounds like someone much more solid and less transparent.
>> No. 194532
File 148895964714.png - (56.81KB , 173x190 , she certainly should have a heart on her sleeve.png ) [iqdb]
[x] General Plan for day
-[4] Start the day with a jog and some light exercises. Youmu seems fit, so she might be helpful in this. Some company is nice, too.
-[5] Wasn’t there something you wanted to ask the poltergeist?
--[3] Also, it is time to give her the benefit of doubt again. Forgive and forget.
-[4] If you have free time after all of that... Review these requirements one last time.


After a moment of consideration, everything finally comes to mind. “Let me go and check on those other two first. Hina should be ok, if she isn’t already up. ...I can finish the rest of this later.” Standing up, you head on off towards the showers to clean up and wash the rivulets of drool from your visage. You don’t particularly want to hear the reaction of any of those girls.

Half an hour later, you finally exit dressed and ready to proceed. You make sure to bookmark all of the documents that you’ve gone over and stack the paper documents away nice and neatly at a separate location. No need to risk something to happen to the one copy and not have access to another, after all.

You quickly make your way down the stairs, realizing that you never quite allocated them rooms to use. ...It could be a bigger problem; at the least, Myon doesn’t necessarily need a space, considering she is incorporeal. Perhaps that is something that you can take care of later.

Regardless, you find that the living room is rather empty, though the TV is currently on and running. Odd… It takes you a moment to realize that there is a rather pale girl floating over your couch (or is she sitting on it? Hard to tell when you can see through her). “Oh, hello there, you’re already up.”

The girl looks up with rather empty eyes, before blinking. “Ah, You are alright, then?” She looks a little bit annoyed, though she hides it soon as her translucent eyes focus. “Oh! You’re injured. Not too badly, again?”

“It could have been worse. ...Going to be having to do something about it, but…” Wait, if Myon uses a sword like that, she surely must have actually done workouts. Well, her human half might have done the workouts, unless ghosts need to work on their muscles. “Well, everyone involved ended up alright. I’ll be hearing from Mai later. ...Speaking of, I thought of something to ask you…”

“That is wonderful.” She nods a bit before eying the TV. “Can it wait a little while, though? I must continue to learn all of these outside recipes in order to prepare and try them for Lady Saigyoujei. That is if you don’t mind, Sir.”

“Er…” Not quite the reaction you expected. You look up to the screen and find that it is locked on another cooking show. “...I see. I guess I don’t mind? I was hoping to go and do so fairly soon. I imagine that you must perform some daily exercises?”

“I do, yes.” She is already watching the show again; you hear the scritching of pencil jotting down on paper. She seems to be taking notes rather furiously. “Or rather, my other half does. That isn’t required for my benefit so much. Why are you interested?”

“Well, it’s just that…” You trail off, as her attention is focused on the explanation going on in the screen. ...You’re not even sure what they’re making besides a mush, but you’re not asking right now. “Well, how about we just worry about that when we go and do it? Was planning on just doing a jog or something to try and get in shape.” At least you’re not in that bad of a shape. You definitely don’t do these kind of things everyday, though.

Either way, Myon is still locked in on the show. “Mind just going once you’re done with this? I get the feeling that you’re… occupied right now.”

She nods faintly. “That seems just fine. I will find you once I have committed all of this to paper.”

Nodding in response, you stand there awkwardly for a moment before heading on. She is staring at that screen a little too intently. ...Do you ever look like that when you watch something? Regardless, you peek your head into the kitchen to see if Merlin is down here, and find that she isn’t present here, either. With Myon occupied, you decide to just head upstairs and look around for either the occupied poltergeist or Goddess.

By the time you reach the third floor, you haven’t encountered either of those two. Hina’s door is closed, though, and you don’t particularly want to barge in on her. Instead, you look opposite, at the roof racks where you first encountered the pink poltergeist. ...And, there are the far side past all the hanging clothes, you see her idly sitting on the edge of the roof, teetering over the same drop you tripped over.

“...” There’s a moment where you are apprehensive, but instead, you manage to open the door. You’re not going to be made to be scared of your own home. That, and if Mai can forgive you for things done, you can give the poltergeist one more chance. “Hello there, Merlin.”

“Good morning.” She leans back, looking at you upside down. “Surprised you’re out here looking for little ol’ me. Not too popular around these parts.”

“Well, Myon was busy, and I’ve been meaning to ask you something anyway. Saw it when I was out yesterday at that meeting.”

“...She watching the TV again?”

“How do you know?”

“Because that’s all she does, it seems.” Merlin scoffs and rolls her eyes. “Seriously, ya know, she got more fresh air chasing me than she did on her own.” She shakes her head again. “So, who is that Mai character you were yapping about when you called yesterday?”

“This isn’t exactly the time for a joke…”

“Hrm…” She taps her lip. She is still leaning back, upside down. “You know, I didn’t even think about the punultimate options, but no, was just asking. Don’t know the name.”

“...She’s the girl with blue hair and white wings that works for PC-98.”

“Oh, her!” She tilts her head to the side. “...Hrm. More serious than I thought. Takes quite a bit to take down a Makai demon.”

“She said she had worse back then, when some shrine maiden broke in and beat them up.” At least, it was something of that sort. Everything is a bit muddled.

“...That is only half the story, ya know?” Merlin snickers. “Forgot to mention that Makai invaded Gensokyo first. That’s just a small detail, ya know. But those demons… just be careful. They make girls like me look harmless.”

You twitch a bit. “Not exactly improving my mood, you know.”

“Eh, just saying. So, you never said what you were doing out here, you know?”

Oh, right. That. “...I saw a poster at the cafe that I was at. Something about two poltergeist sisters performing sometime soon. Would you know anything about those two?”

Whatever grin that was on her face vanishes, and soon she is sitting up straight and facing away instead of pointing her face and cleavage at you. “Don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Not in the least.”

[ ] “...You know that I can tell you’re lying.” Call her out.
[ ] “If you don’t want to tell, that’s fine. I don’t mind listening if you want to get it off your chest.” That might take more than words, though.
[ ] “...” She doesn’t want to talk. Don’t press
[ ] Sit with her a moment. Don’t say a word. Let her start talking to break the silence..
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 194534
[X] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[X] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.
>> No. 194542
[X] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[X] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.

Sitting with her is the right call: we can't exactly press her at the moment so just staying with her making small talk and hoping for the best is our only move.

The trumpet addition was really good, anon. Silence is kind oppressive if there isn't a good relationship.

Another good thing was his justification for giving her another chance, writefag. It made sense and I thought about it too, but never put it in words
>> No. 194546
[X] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[X] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.

Sounds like a plan to me. Kind of implicating that we'd like to let her vent, but that we also won't press it.
>> No. 194550
[X] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[X] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.
>> No. 194558
[X] Sit with her a moment. Don’t say a word. Let her start talking to break the silence..
[X] “If you don’t want to tell, that’s fine. I don’t mind listening if you want to get it off your chest.” That might take more than words, though.
[X] “...” She doesn’t want to talk. Don’t press
>> No. 194564
[X] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[X] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.
>> No. 194588
File 148904588571.jpg - (63.25KB , 400x400 , dont they all have their issues.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sit with her. "How's your trumpet doing?" Change the topic.
-[x] Don't press the topic, but if she talks about those totally unrelated poltergeists, let her.


Well, you’re never going to get anywhere by prodding that hornet’s nest. As hot-blooded as the cold geist is, she’ll just clamp her mouth shut and refuse to talk save for every insult she can possibly think of to drive you off. At the same time, you are curious as to what she is hiding. ...It probably has something to do with her rather erratic behavior.

Though you can’t force that out, you can at least make small talk. If she decides to say anything… Well, it’s not as if you would stop her. As such, you slump over towards the railing, being careful, before sitting down on the roof and leaning against the edge. Thankfully, there is plenty of support from this angle. Merlin continues to sit a little ways down from your spot and is staring off into space with a rather twitchy frown. It doesn’t look like it even fits her face. Even so, she is tightly clutching the trumpet, which still has some noticeable discoloration towards the center.

Well, no time to strike like the present. “...How’s your trumpet doing?”

“...Eh?” She blinks a few times and looks down at you. After a moment, that false smile you’ve seen before flashes on. “You know that isn’t how the pickup line goes, Honey. Isn’t it something like ‘you’re looking kinda horn-y there, toots’. Really bamboozled that one, I think.”

It takes a moment for you to do anything but roll your eyes once more. “Sometimes, people do mean what they say. I honestly was curious. That was all.”

“Heh. Ain’t that what they all say?” Merlin snickers a little bit before turning around and looking down at her instrument. You remain quiet as her snickers die down, and eventually you feel a questioning gaze. “...Hrm. ...Well… It’s doing alright. Got as much as I could out, but the piston valves are jammed well and tight in it. I’d hate try and clean out the springs of the valves with all of the junk in them; it might be easier to simply replace them.” She suddenly snorts out loud. “...Replace. Too easy anymore.”

“Hrm? What was that?”

“...Nothing at all.” She huffs and turns her head, her face a continuous flashing of emotions.

With that in mind, you continue from where you left off. “Does that mean it won’t work?”

Merlin chokes down another snort. “Sound’s messed up something awful, I suppose, even if I could play.” She shakes her head. “Too much has been jammed down in it. You didn’t even have a pipe cleaner anywhere in this house I could use. Had to stick my finger down the hole to try and pick out the dust. Pretty difficult when your hand won’t even go through the horn like it should.”

“...Well, I imagine that human trumpet players manage to get by on their own. Not like I could stick your hand through your horn.”

“You’d like it to stick it in there, wouldn’t you?” She snickers again, and this time you can’t help but to feel a blush rise.

“I’ll pass.” Though an alteration in this dialogue would be nice. You didn’t want to be put on your back foot through incredibly bad jokes. Although, if she has to maintain the trumpet when she could just make invisible… “Why do you even bother maintaining your horn at all? If you can just make it become intangible...”

She rolls her eyes. “Well, I can play more than this trumpet? Just because that’s the object I spawned from…” She taps her lips and waves her hand about, kicking her feet at the same time. She manages to keep herself perfectly balanced, even so. “I mean, I’ve a fair hand at any instrument with wind in it. Mostly brass ones. They do fit me kinda well. Though, I do love a manic piccolo every so often… But this instrument is different. It’s me, just like...” She breathes deeply before sighing wistfully “But… that was back home, when we played for fun and because we enjoyed it.

“What changed?”

“They… They’re just a bunch of sellouts.” She huffs out loud, her earlier intransience seemingly having passed. Merlin’s face continues to flash from a grin to a scowl and back again extremely quickly; if you didn’t know any better, you’d think she’d shorted a wire. Even so, her grumbling falls quieter while also becoming less intelligible and descending into incomprehensible mutterings.

[ ] ...So… Which instruments? Continue the plan of letting her spill.
[ ] Offer to listen if she wants to rant.
[ ] Prod her a little bit more in general
[ ] Ask something more specific.
-[ ] But what?
[ ] Write-in
>> No. 194589
[X] Offer to try to help fix it.
-[X] Ask how you might go about it.

Honestly, I was more going for Merlin points to work towards info rather than trying to squeeze it out. Still, good to know as much as we do. If we keep it up, we can have out very own deafeningly loud not-spirit to be deafened by!
>> No. 194591
[x] ...So… Which instruments? Continue the plan of letting her spill.
-[x] Offer to help fix her trumpet-or to find someone who can.

The group needs her to avoid going too mainstream! And even if they don't want to accept her, she can probably do a mean solo act. Blues, maybe?
>> No. 194600
[X] Offer to try to help fix it.
-[X] Ask how you might go about it.
>> No. 194604
[x] ...So… Which instruments? Continue the plan of letting her spill.
-[x] Offer to help fix her trumpet-or to find someone who can.

With how she is, I can imagine she might just be overreacting. At the same time, I want to give her a chance and see if she really is as rattled by this as she seems.
>> No. 194607
[X] ...So… Which instruments? Continue the plan of letting her spill.
>> No. 194608
Can we see what Hina do in her room when the door is closed? I'm very curious. Maybe spinning? I couldn't see in this story that she used spin.
>> No. 194644
No update tonight. Been trying to get something to work on a converter for quite a while, and it still won't listen.

Anywho, I think I can call it unless we have any last-minute changes.

I suppose that could be acceptable; you all do have 2 available chances to ask whatever you want, and a third one in eight updates or so.

Consider that your vote/discussion for tonight.
>> No. 194645

I'd like to know as well!

[?] What does Hina do behind closed doors?
>> No. 194660
People let's keep the discussion about rampant abandonment issues. I do not think she'd appreciate talking about Hina right now, considering we've given her the cold shoulder since she got here (not without merit, mind you)
>> No. 194667

The author was mentioning questions we can ask him using points we've accrued.
>> No. 194744
File 148926427635.jpg - (509.95KB , 728x1024 , locked.jpg ) [iqdb]
[?] Any tips for romancing Ghost sound, Fatespinner, Unseen Servant or Planar Ally?
>> No. 194748
File 148927359954.jpg - (153.96KB , 566x800 , geist with the meist.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] ...So… Which instruments? Continue the plan of letting her spill.
-[x] Offer to help fix her trumpet-or to find someone who can.


“So, which instruments?”

Merlin doesn’t seem to notice before letting out a quiet grunt. “Huh? Whaddya mean?”

“What instruments do you play? Anything at all?”

“Just the ones to which I’m assigned.” She huffs a bit. “I mean, there isn’t much that I don’t like doing. Trumpet is the best, but I realize that the sound isn’t wanted all the time. Just something loud, fast, and in your face is what’s most fun.”

“Basically, just like you.”

“Exactly like that!” She suddenly grins again. You’re having a hard time keeping up with all of the mood swings. “I mean, something in your face. A trumpet is never one to hide, after all. Though, never got to…” She trails off before huffing again and hiking her nose. “Nothing. Just nothing.”

“So, you said that and… Piccolo, was it?” You never have been quite the musician, so you’re kinda feeling in the dark here. At least you have the general idea of what the instrument is. ...You might have to find a dictionary if she starts citing anything obscure.

“Yeah, it’s a good play. Nice and tight, although my tongue really gets a workout.” Merlin snickers to herself. “Would be a problem if I was a human, I suppose. ...Might be a problem now, actually. Still not sure what that goddess of yours did to me.”

“She was just ensuring that you were not going to be anymore of an issue. That’s all.”

Merlin flicks a baleful glance towards you before snorting. “Ain’t like I haven’t heard that one before.”

You just roll your eyes. “You don’t say.”

“”Oh, I do declare.” She can’t help but to snicker a little bit more. “Still, it’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure that these… other poltergeists aren’t really doing much. Probably dancing in the street wearing a circus outfit while begging for money.”

Yeah. She isn’t bothered by the thought. At all. “Well, I did see it on a poster. Only saw the briefest of glances, but it did look like some sizable shindig.”

That ever-present smile flickers again, and the ghost averts her eyes. “...I’m sure it looked like it. ...But it really is nothing. Bunch of sellouts, I’m sure.” She crosses her arms, squishing the horn between a certain location; you have to avert your own gaze. “So it doesn’t even matter. They can go and hang for all I care.”

“...Can poltergeists be hanged?”

“...Well, it wouldn’t do anything but look macabre. Good for a Halloween show.” Merlin looks down and sighs, hugging the horn to her. “...Assuming that they were any good, of course.”

Well, as much as you could keep pushing… She seems to be clamming up, and pushing harder might just be too much. You’re patient, at least. ...Thank the maker that you are. So, instead, you take another tack. “Is there anything I could do to help you clean that trumpet?”

The pink poltergeist scoffs a bit. “It’s not a question of being strong. I just can’t do it with my hands, and I’m not going to clamp it down and damage it… Or try to take it apart.” Merlin shivers at the very thought. “I’ll eventually get it clean, either before or after I turn back.”

“Well…” you scratch your chin, thanking. “I’m sure there is someone around here that can do a repair on it.”

“No there is not!” Merlin snaps at you, and you feel as if she’s shooting those lasers out again. “He made it perfectly clear that I wasn’t needed; why would there be anyone here who could fix me?”

It takes you a moment to blink, and another to wipe a bit of spittle off of your face. “Well, I know that they’re still used, although… Maybe not in mainstream.” You’re not following the current idol scene, after all. You can think of much better things to do with your time. Coding comes to mind. “But… Common enough. Want me to look around and see if I find anything? I’m sure I could do something.”

“Hrmpf. I don’t think that is necessary. I don’t want to trouble you more than necessary.”

Stubborn girl. “Well, if you don’t want to… I guess I don’t have to go out of my way.” You clamber to your feet, and she continues to look down, hugging it to herself. “Well, you take care. Try not to fall off of it.”

“...Well… If you find someplace… I wouldn’t be averse to it.” She keeps looking down, kicking her feet over the edge. “Don’t have to go out of your way or anything.”

[ ] Don’t say anything, just head on.
[ ] Say something nice; cheer her up.
[ ] Just let her know it’s no problem.
[ ] Make a deal with her instead.
[ ] Just give her a hug.
[ ] Write-in



Not enough consensus so far to use either of those choices; don't want to make you burn them too easily.

Although, the descriptions in 194744 made me laugh.
>> No. 194750
[X] Say something nice; cheer her up.

Rather not go for the hug just yet.
>> No. 194753
[x] Just let her know it’s no problem.
-[x] Seriously, we could just go down to the nearest walmart and pick up a pack of 100 pipe cleaners for like 5 bucks.

We apparently do not have any pipe cleaners in the house to unclog her trumpet with. Fortunately, this is not some backwater hicktown like Gensokyo. You can find thousands of pipe cleaners at pretty much any corner store in the outside world.
>> No. 194757
[X] Say something nice; cheer her up.
-[X] Also let her know it’s no problem.


Changing to...

[?] Any tips for romancing Ghost sound, Fatespinner, Unseen Servant or Planar Ally?

I don't think he'd enjoy giving tips that belong in the Absolutely Everyone pool. As such, let's stay focused for now.

Assuming it's like Mon is, of course.
>> No. 194758
File 148929024399.jpg - (1.67MB , 1200x1702 , __mai_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98_drawn_by_yorktown_cv.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Say something nice; cheer her up.
I want to vote the hug but option. it may not be the right time... and he might not be the right one.
But there's something about them that I want him to say. Is there something between them, anyway?

You are correct. Revoting:

[?] Any tips for romancing Ghost sound, Fatespinner, Unseen Servant or Planar Ally?
>> No. 194759
File 148929329532.jpg - (22.84KB , 480x360 , eye am like a refined satori.jpg ) [iqdb]

You mean you didn't want me to go over all the options? Like the turtle? Or the cloud? Or the girl with five eyeballs, no body, and may not be a girl?

>> No. 194760
File 148929349155.jpg - (370.96KB , 1228x800 , i'm seeing double four reimus!.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't play dumb, you'd have docked us all our points for the entire story if you did that.

Or just post tips for 2hus we won't ever see. I'M ONTO YOU.
>> No. 194762

It would have depended on how much fun I had with it, of course.

And of course you would have gotten those you would never meet, but there's also the ones that you will have a chance of meeting! Or the ones you've met and don't have a clue that you did meet.

But the other option is easier to do. I don't have a problem with it.
>> No. 194801
[X] Say something nice; cheer her up.
>> No. 194805
[ ] Just give her a hug.
>> No. 195290
[ ] Just give her a hug.
>> No. 195367
[ ] Say something nice; cheer her up.
>> No. 195438
[X] Just give her a hug.

Hugs cheer me up
>> No. 195657
When will be the next part?
>> No. 195771
>> No. 195896
Someone knows what happaned with him?
>> No. 195898

Your messages have been forwarded, but things keep getting in the way.
>> No. 195901

Sorry for not responding; I've just been busy recently. I'll try to get an update out sometime this weekend.
>> No. 196068
[ ] Just give her a hug.
>> No. 196102
Called. Writing.
>> No. 196103
File 149255240024.png - (708.48KB , 800x1030 , happy now mania later.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Say something nice; cheer her up.
[x] Just give her a hug.


“Eh. If helping some girl that’s down and out means going out of the way, it would hardly be the first time I’ve had to do that.” You shrug your shoulders as you look down at her. “Either way, I
Imagine that they’re really missing your sound, you know? It likely isn’t the same.”

The girl continues to kick her feet back and forth as she stares off into space. “...You really think so, huh…?” She tilts her chin up a bit, not caring a bit about her precarious position. “...You’re probably just blowing hot air, ain’t ya? Not exactly a regimented opinion or understanding of music that you’ve extolled.”

“Not particularly, no. I don’t do anything more than listen to music from time to time. Though losing a core member of a group is a universal concern, not just one that is found in your world alone.” The poltergeist just nods a little bit as you continue. “...Though, in the end, if there is anyone who is an expert in blowing hot air, that’d be you.”

“Oh, someone’s getting big for his britches.” Merlin looks back over her shoulder, shooting you a grin that has some emotion behind it. ...You think. At the very least, her eyes echo it this time. “But, then again, I suppose I am that quintessential expert, at least in this residence. So don’t worry, Honey, you can get away with it this time.”

“I am heartened by that sentiment.” You offer a smile and a slight exaggerated bow to her, and the bluenette continues to snicker at the sight. “Alright. ...See you later.” The blue-haired girl nods and turns away, and you can tell that her mood is already drifting blue once more. In a fit of pique, you march over and wrap an arm around the girl’s shoulders, giving her a loose hug.

She, of course, jumps up in surprise, not having expected that in the least. “...Eh? What’s that for?”

“You’re getting down on yourself. Don’t do that. We don’t need so much drama and tension lurking over the house. ...That, and you looked like you could have used a hug.”

The girl huffs a bit, though you see the tips of red ears peeking out from her locks. “Yeah, right. You just wanted to get your grubby mitts on me.”

“Hardly. Just take this as getting even for when you cornered me the other day.” You roll your eyes and let go. “Later.”

With that short remark, you leave the girl to her thoughts and head down to your room. You quickly swap out for an outfit that is far more suited for the task at hand; you’re not going to go out running in a button-down shirt. You’d probably end up with enough sweat to wring your shirt dry and boil and make tea from the remnants.

You take a moment to gag at that thought. It was particularly disgusting. Perhaps hanging around all of these girls isn’t good for your mental health on top of your physical.

Once done, you dash on down the stairs and search for Myon. She has absconded with her notepad, and isn’t anywhere in sight with the TV. “...Kinda odd. Wasn’t she just watching this?”

“I had to go put my notes up after recording them twice. I don’t want them to be accidentally torn or ruined in my absence. I did say I would find you.” You spin around, and see Myon floating down through the ceiling. ...Curiously enough, the ghost seems to have changed an outfit. ...Why a ghost needs to wear a sports bra and shorts to go run when it doesn’t perspire is beyond you. ...Also beyond you is where she hid all that. “...Are you sure you’re prepared for a workout? You don’t have the weights for such a thing.”

“Err…” You tilt your head just a bit. “I am not sure what you mean. I was going to go and try to run. I’m not… typically accustomed to such stress.”

“Are you? You certainly seem to be in overall good health.” She hums and strokes her chin. “You do not perform the daily rituals to maintain your form?”

“Not at all.” Well, you’re pretty sure about that. It’s doubtful that she means such things as sleeping and eating and walking to work. “It’s never entered as a primary focus.”

“Interesting…” Myon trails off, eyes going a bit distant. “Hrm… Perhaps another benefit of the outsider diet? I will have to look into this at some point to confirm…”

The ghost seems to be busy muttering under her nonexistent breath. After a few seconds, it’s obvious that she has completely forgotten your presence. “Erm, earth to Myon? What are you doing?”

“Ah, nothing. Just thinking.” She shakes her head free and looks up. “But why bother asking me to come along?”

“...Partly because I’d like the company. And I know you’ve been stuck in the house. I figured you wouldn’t mind getting some fresh air for a little bit.” At the odd look she sends you, you realize your error. “You know what I mean: just to go and get out of here. ...That, and I figured you could offer some advice.”

“...Do you not know how to run?” She sends you an odder look.

You hold back the snort and shake your head. “No, no, not that. Just that I would like someone there to be available to instruct and train me, so to say.”

“I suppose that makes sense.” Myon nods to herself while looking you up and down, eyes inspecting bit by bit. “Hrm. I suppose that’s no issue. I suppose I can instruct you with a light training regimen, if you so desire.”

[ ] “Sure, go ahead. I think I can handle that.”
[ ] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
[ ] “Where did you hide those?”
[ ] Any particular destination while you are out?
[ ] Any topic to broach with her (when you’re not sucking wind)?

[ ] Write-in Option
>> No. 196104
[x] “Sure, go ahead. I think I can handle that.”
[x] Particular topics:
-[x] Her place of residence in Gensoyko
-[x] Her current form, can ghosts only take the appearance they had when alive, or can they take shape?

He doesn't know Myon's origins, right?
>> No. 196106
[X] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
[X] Particular topics:
-[X] Her place of residence in Gensoyko
-[X] Her current form, can ghosts only take the appearance they had when alive, or can they take shape?

If you don't exercise regularly your body will take some time to adjust.
>> No. 196107
[ ] “Where did you hide those?”
>> No. 196108
[ ] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
>> No. 196110
>You take a moment to gag at that thought. It was particularly disgusting. Perhaps hanging around all of these girls isn’t good for your mental health on top of your physical.

It's the little things man, the little things.
>> No. 196119
[ ] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
>> No. 196133
[x] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
[x] Particular topics:
-[x] Her place of residence in Gensoyko
-[x] Her current form, can ghosts only take the appearance they had when alive, or can they take shape?

I choose this because I imagine Myon's idea of "light exercise" might kill him.
>> No. 196270
Next part?
>> No. 196410
I miss you
>> No. 196450
Z Vote Time: How 2 Woo Goddess, Ghosties, Angels

Alright. Slacked a bit on this, but let’s do a brief overview of advice for the girls.

Likes: Someone who can deal with things going wrong. Ribbons. Those who think of the little things. Overly ornate dresses. Optimism.
Dislikes: Anything flammable and explosive. Busybodies and nitwits. Dishonesty (due to her unfortunate proclivity for honesty). Too much optimism.

Hina is easily the one you’re doing best with right now, as she was probably the furthest in the dumps early on. She isn’t the jealous type, though still has to deal with the proclivities of a goddess who has found even the slightest source of faith. Just be sure to think through your actions. She has been burned previously by those who think they could fix her.

Likes: Yuyuko, workouts, Yuyuko, cooking for Yuyuko, Yuyuko, gardening, Yuyuko, swordwork, Yuyuko, training, Grandpa Youki. Oh, and Yuyuko.
Dislikes: Anything that distracts her from Yuyuko or her work. Pesky poltergeists. Ghosts inhabiting weeds.

I wonder what she obsesses about. In serious, Myon is difficult because her entire worldview is built around one person in particular. It will take some effort to pry her loose from that world view. And, well, it’ll be a long, long time before you ever supplant #1, if ever. Still, a good way to initiate it might be to let her experience things from the opposite side of the table, or to flip the script, as it were. You’ll just need to frame the argument quite well. ...Or be Yuyuko.

Likes: Tooting, blowing, and fingering her horn. Making music, making merriment. Having too much fun subverting expectations. Those patient/stubborn enough to put up with her.
Dislikes: Synth, pop, new age, techno, disco, also sisters who play that stuff. Who needs them. Horns > all that noise. Also: lying, good for nothing humans who lie.

Merlin will be a pain, certainly, as her personality can jump all over the place (it is as manic as her music). There are also the issues brought up by her being; Myon isn’t lying when she says there’s a difference. She shares some traits with the tsukumogami, and has plenty of her own issues (that may sometimes seem minor to others). She has the capability of being capricious, but typically has a method behind her madness. In the end, she can’t help it; she’s just drawn that way.

Likes: Competency, loyalty, proactiveness, any clothes colored white, good nicknames
Dislikes: Foolhardiness, laziness, sleaziness, bad nicknames
Hates: Reimu thrice-d*mned Hakurei

Oh Mai angel, the puns and come ons await thee. Mai has plenty of issues that she has been able to get over. The change has been a relief to her, as she can get away from it all and make a fresh start. Sometimes the reminders are a bit painful, and knowing that the one she detests is still free as a bird does not help her sleep at night. Be upfront, be honest, and show initiative. Just don’t White Knight unless you know exactly what you are doing. Having a plan to kill everyone you meet won’t hurt.
>> No. 196451
File 14954304533.png - (588.69KB , 744x1044 , cheesecake in a cooking manga whoda thunk.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “Let’s just take it easy. I don’t have supernatural endurance.”
[x] Particular topics:
-[x] Her place of residence in Gensoyko
-[x] Her current form, can ghosts only take the appearance they had when alive, or can they take shape?


“...Let’s just take it easy.” Her eyes dart up to meet yours, appearing rather quizzical, but you cut her off before she can continue. “Look, I don’t have supernatural endurance. I’m not… half anything. Just purely a human. And, as I implied, I’ve never been one for much physical exertion in the first place, so I doubt I could keep up with what you would consider light. So… Just start off with the very basic that I might have a prayer of keeping up with.”

“Hrm…” Myon judges a moment longer and nods. “I suppose I can treat you as I would the Lady Yuyuko, and then we can go from there. That would be for the best, I think. Let us start out with a jog, then.”

With no small amount of relief, you nod. “Alright. Let’s do that. Just remember that if we’re jogging through the city, we’ll have to take stops every time we cross the street. I don’t need an errant lorry veering and making me fully ghost.”

“That’s assuming that the shinigami doesn’t get to you first, of course.” Myon simply shrugs and floats over to the door. ...While walking. It is so weird, as you can’t tell if she’s doing this to make you feel at ease or if she actually has to walk to locomote. ...Ghost physics certainly aren’t your forte.

“But…” Myon turns her head back, the idle thought making her pause. “Even so, anyone that even halfway volunteers to take us all in has to be half crazy. Certainly as much as the other humans that voluntarily involve themselves with us.” ...Did she just make a joke? You’re not quite sure, but she leaves you standing there and wondering all the same.

Everything else is shrugged off as, instead, you simply join her outside, where she is waiting for you. You turn to your right and start jogging down the city streets, passing by a few people who give your pale companion an odd look, but thankfully no one interrupts the two of you. For her part, she seems fairly bored as she jogs alongside, her stride bounding a little too far to be a completely natural length. Your pace isn’t so strenuous, but you already feel a few calves starting to burn. You make a note to yourself: at the next intersection, you’ll stop and stretch.

At least the traffic is crossing as you get there and start hurriedly trying to stretch your legs out before you start cramping up. Myon floats and lands beside you, looking down. “...I suppose Lady Yuyuko’s regimen was a good target. Finished?”

“No, no, not at all. Just, erm…” You wince as feel the twinge from the rushed stretch. “Didn’t do any stretching before I left. Figured I probably should.”

“Oh. I had expected you to have done as such before we began.” Myon nods a little bit to herself before eying your leg. “Do not rush. You’re more liable to injure yourself if you do so.”

“Didn’t figure you’d want to wait. You were rather busy earlier.”

The ghost shrugs a little bit. “It is important, but maintaining my form is of the utmost importance. And, even if it is not my physical body, maintaining my habits are the best way to ensure that I do not ever slack.”

“...You know, I was wondering… Does your ghost form change?”

“Hrm?” Myon tilts her head to the side. “From where does that thought come?”

“I just, err.. Noticed something earlier is all.” You pointedly avert your eyes. Hopefully she won’t notice the blush tinging your cheeks. “Let’s just say that you appear different normally than you do now. Does your ghost form have a set form, basically.”

She shakes her head in response. “If it did, would I even be able to assume a form that is not a wisp?”

“Well, I suppose not.”

She nods a bit before looking up as someone walks on by. As they peer curiously at the two of you on the sidewalk, she matches them stare for stare. The passerby gawks for a moment at the semi-transparent woman before beating a hasty retreat. “...Outsiders do not have much in the sense of propriety. I digress; that is a far more drastic change than any other one. Though, for most ghosts, they seem to have defaulted to a few forms, one of which is a human one that resembles your appearance, and another one is the wisp. ...Familiarity and all that. Only strong ones, such as Lady Yuyuko, maintain a tangible, human form with any degree of regularity.”

“You don’t include yourself in that?” You stop stretching your legs, finally (that burn is starting to get to you!) and stretch the arms. You have to be prepared. “After all, you’re manifesting right now.

“This is more due to my human form. I can easily draw upon it for strength. That, and it does take a modicum of effort even to do this… pale imitation of a human form. A wisp is far more efficient.”

That’s… curious. “Then why bother when it takes so much effort?”

“...Humans have an easier time interacting with a face, not an amorphous blob. It is not too strenuous a burden, though. Do not fear for me.”

“Well, if you insist.” You certainly haven’t noticed anything; perhaps it’s not as bad as she makes it out. “And Merlin seems to be able to manifest easily. Is she restricted the same, or is she just that strong?”

Myon turns her nose up with a slight huff. “She is a poltergeist. They are not… ghosts, the same way even I am. Their rules are dissimilar to the ones that I labor under, so… Do not presume otherwise.” She finally looks back down after a moment as her eyes alight with a question of her own. “So, what caused this line of inquiry?”

“Well, you were… ...may I answer freely?”

She cocks her head to the side, appearing curious. “I suppose you may?”

“You’re not as flat as you were earlier. I was just wondering why.”

The ghost’s cheeks darken just a bit, and you see her avert her eyes while puffing out a cheek. “...Pervert.”

“You did ask.”

“...I suppose I did. ...But I do not know why it is so curious.”

“But why the change? You did not have it on earlier.”

“But I was not wearing this manner of outsider apparel I wouldn’t have it otherwise.”

“But… why even bother, in that case?”

“There is no point in equipping a garment which serves no purpose, though? If one is to wear a restraining undergarment, it is obviously because they have something to restrain.”

...Maybe you should have stretched your brain as well. “Wait a tic. Why even bother doing so?”

“This is what I have witnessed on some Outsider media, so I figured I should attempt to use Outsider garments in order to blend in and report if they are sufficient.”

“...If this part of you is even half ghost, why bother? It isn’t like you feel it.”

Myon simply rolls her eyes. “Just goes to show.” At your curious look, she just rolls her eyes and snorts. “Ready to go?”

“I suppose I am?” After a half dozen previous pauses in traffic, you finally make your way along, just a little bit more sore than you were before. The conversation from earlier grinds to a halt as you make your way through the streets. You turn your focus to regulating your breath, as you know that you will fail to breathe properly if you do so much as to be distracted for a minute. That, and your legs are already starting to hurt after you go a few more blocks. You’re glad when you finally reach another intersection with traffic blocking your path, as you take the moment to bend over at your knees and suck wind. “Just… give me a min. ...Have to… catch breath.”

“...I see what you mean by needing training. We’ve gone about three quarters of a mile since earlier.”

“...Would that fit… in your def… definition of… light?” Each of your pauses is accentuated by a your heavy breathing.

“Hrm. Perhaps if you were carrying two buckets of water without spilling a drop. That’d be sufficient. Though we certainly haven’t covered nearly enough ground for a true warm-up, I suppose.”

You can’t help the incredulous look that flashes across your face. “Just… What is your home like that such training is.. Necessary? Surely you don’t need such extreme training.”

“...It is the way I was taught, just as my grandfather was taught, and all that came before he. Our… I mean, my duties are to protect Lady Saigyouji. In turn… I serve in all regards. I am her servant, her cook, and her gardener, in addition to my primary duty. Though, in the end, I serve at her pleasure, and am to be trusted to perform anything else as is required.” The girl looks vaguely affronted that there could even be another answer.

Perhaps you may have poked too far into the hornet’s nest, but if you’re already this far, and she’s willing to share…

[ ] Ask her more about her home and residence. What kind of place is it? (cont. from last vote)
[ ] Why this profession? Seems odd to specify...
-[ ] Cook
-[ ] Gardener
[ ] Does she ever do anything on her own? Not involving her mistress?
[ ] Clothing option - change the subject back to embarrassing ones! Thanks, DETERMINATION
[ ] Write-in Option

Z Vote Answer in above post in case you missed it. >>196450
>> No. 196454
[ ] Why this profession? Seems odd to specify...
-[ ] Cook
>> No. 196455
So we're good on Hina, but shouldn't be completely optimistic all the time, we fucked up with Merlin but we struggle doing good now, we fucked up with Mei but somewhat covered that with our acceptance of her task and Myon is indifferent to us. The workout was s good start but we should show her how does it feel to be on the receiving end of servitude. Did I get that right?
>> No. 196456
[X] Ask her more about her home and residence. What kind of place is it? (cont. from last vote)
[X] Why this profession? Seems odd to specify...
-[X] Gardener
>> No. 196457
This is more dealing with future efforts. As for now, you're best off with Hina and you really haven't done any wrong there. Merlin is cold and hot (manic) and you will have to be patient with her. You're pretty much back to neutral, for the most part and she is quite aware when she crosses a line, but doesn't like to admit it. Myon is Yuyuko's ghost gardener. Mai likes the initiative and appreciates someone whose first instinct is to run or hide. ...However, the execution left quite a bit to be desired.
>> No. 196459
[x] Ask her more about her home and residence. What kind of place is it?

We should start s garden or something
>> No. 196461
So we are best off Hina. This is great! I'm very happy now! :)

By the way, I'm still curious what she does in her bedroom.
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