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[ ] Blood..?
-[ ] Don't dally too much and get ready though.
[ ] I get the feeling a little bit of abyssal blood is only the beginning, Chiyuri. If I didn't know any better, I'd say our mission here is to see how far we can take abyssal on human experimentation.

— - — - —

"So, what am I to change into?"

Rika helpfully answers, "Clothes we can assure won't contaminate the room. Really, your shoes and gloves are the most likely candidates, but being sure doesn't hurt when dealing with this much surgery." After a moment, she blushes. "Ahh, erm... I'll show you where. Sorry, sir."

As you're in the process of this all, you begin to consider all that you've learnt since you've arrived. Abyssals bleed and have organs, not that such a thing is new to you. What does the term 'Abyssal technology' really mean, though? Is it flesh and blood, or steel and oil? Are they grinding their bones to make your ships, or simply studying tech far more advanced than anything you ever could hope to make?

Fully kitted out and ready to enter, you soon are led, along with Inazuma of course, towards the place where this will happen. Are you really here to fight the abyssals, or are you here to rip parts out of them and attach them to little girls? You know time will answer the question, but as things are, do you really want the answer? Your loyalty to your country is still resolute, but these things are putting niggling little doubts in your head.

Soon, Inazuma is lying on the table. You offer a hand to settle her nerves, which she takes after a short bout of hesitation. She may be a sailor, she may be seen fit to be a hero, but under all that — under all that crushing weight of your country's hopes and dreams — the girl is still only a child still. She may be of the bravest people you've ever met, she may have been deemed the best for the job, but you can't just let her go through this without support.

Next she's strapped to the table by her forehead, ankles, thighs, wrists and waist. You nearly ask the why, but the table flips over with a young yelp, leaving her hanging over a lower section of the table. The 'floor' under it seem to be at a height to make it easier on those doing the work you imagine, though you do nearly ask before the lights of the section begin to turn on. Taking the initiative to secure her hand once more, followed by giving it a supportive squeeze, you sit in a chair that was brought over for you. The three fairies begin discussing this and that. Incisions, procedures and beyond.

First they begin by inserting a needle into the crook of her arm. Anesthetic, or so you hope. She flinches with the needle-sharp penetration, and you find that it's not what you expected. It seems to be hooked up to a blood pack, though it looks vaguely... off. Not quite the color it should be. Darker. Still, her eyes do droop just a bit, so hopefully it at least does something.

If you had to guess, there's likely Abyssal blood in there as well as human, but you don't know enough about the stuff. Your mouth sets in a frown as she cries out in pain. A needle is driven through the skull, just to the side of the eye. And then a whimper as the same is done for the other eye. Your free hand's knuckles whiten beneath latex, and you let out a sigh into the mask. Her hand clenches, and every ounce of strength in that tiny noodle of an arm seems intent on crushing your hand. Still, she's just a girl, so while it hurts it's not quite to the degree a grown woman doing the same. It probably helps that her hand can't get a proper grip on yours, being so small.

Inazuma is panting raggedly, while Rika works to keep blood from dripping in her eyes. If you had to guess, you'd say it has to do with the eyes. Maybe a visual hookup? If she's to be a boat to whatever degree they intend, it seems reasonable. But then, you're no doctor. All you can do is guess and watch as they do the same to the base of her skull, right where the first cervical vertebrae is, you think.

Hole after hole is punched into the girl, each adding a new port for electronics. Some are small, but a few are quite large. The large ones are cut to make room for, such as the full neck connection.

With every single one brings a shrill scream of agony. With every single scream, you grit your teeth. After hours and hours of this, it is done, and finally they administer relief to the girl by putting her to sleep. You doubt you will be sleeping tonight after that, and should you manage, you're sure that a new set of screams will join your crew's and your wife's. Still, if only for now, she's still alive. Although, with the horrifying sounds she made, well...

You won't count your chickens before they hatch.

— - — - —

[ ] You need something to eat. It's been far too long as it is.
[ ] You need someone to talk to after that.
-[ ] Mima. Disciplinary action may be needed.
-[ ] Ellen. Is Russian roulette cooking wise?
-[ ] Rikako. She seems to have common ground.
-[ ] Rika. Why is she the only Abyssal researcher?
-[ ] Chiyuri. She seems to dislike Rika more than the other way around.
-[ ] You never did get the name of the one in charge of mining and the like.
-[ ] You never got the name of the head doctor, either.
--[ ] Odd that she wasn't involved in the surgery
-[ ] Ran. She's a like mind, if cold.
-[ ] Yukari. Seems like she might have answers, and seems willing to give at least something.
-[ ] Koto. You go back a long ways, and her eccentricities might help cheer you up.
[ ] Stay with Inazuma.
[ ] Write-in.

— - — - —

With optional votes like that, all votes will get taken into account to some degree, assuming they don't clash. They are seasoning to the already prepared vote, if you will.

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