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You button the last button on your immaculate white coat and pull down the brim of your matching hat. Quite the shock to find such a thing in your mail, but you will hardly complain about that. A promotion is never a bad thing. Suspicious, maybe, and concerningly vague, definitely. But, in and of itself, a promotion tends to be a good thing. "Captain Meira..." You smile a bit at the sound of it. You, a decorated officer. Funny how these things work out, huh? You chuckle a bit, deciding to look over your things before you get going for the docks.

Your sword may not be quite what they'd call standard, but you managed to dress it up to fit the look. They don't need to know that it's not that flimsy thing they gave you. ...Honestly, the sword's the only thing of real value in there. It's why you plan to keep its case by your side in transit. If you were to lose it, you would never be able to forgive yourself.

As you head for the door, luggage in tow, you take one last look at the picture hanging on the wall. Your cheeks tug back down for a moment, but you shouldn't be sad about it; it's been two years already. "Rest in peace, Mina." You give the picture a quick peck, before putting it away in the luggage. You don't want to forget this, do you? You did promise you'd never let her memory die, and you're not going to be proven a liar any time soon.

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