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File 146986481360.jpg - (881.59KB, 1280x1024, wp_timerev_1280x1024.jpg) [iqdb]
I tell Reimu "I'll get Alice & Yuuka, you get Marisa." Reimu nods and we both go our separate ways.

On the way there I weave a spell to enhance my thoughts and help me concentrate on my magic.
>+3 cards

As the mental fatigue lifts, I notice that the rain is starting to slacken and Kogasa is blasting the fairies that are starting to come out again.

I thank Kogasa and turn my attention to clearing the way. Before long we arrive back at Alice's house.

A doll in a maid outfit and a cute red ribbon answers the door and a voice echoes from upstairs "I'm busy at the moment, but Yuuka has just woken up if you want to talk to her. Just follow Shanghai to her room."

The doll curtseys and floats off down the hallway. We follow her to a sunlit room adorned with shelves of dolls. Yuuka is sitting in the brightest spot, facing the window but turns around when I gently knock on the doorframe.

"I thought you left to go talk with Reimu." Yuuka comments.

"I'm glad I did. It turns out that Garruk is still around and biding his time somewhere."

Yuukas expression hardens, and she says "I'm in. What do you want me to do?"

"I'd like you to help me find something to help fight Garruk."

"Let's go then. What are we looking for?"

"I'll explain on the way." I then turn around to see Shanghai with a cup of tea. I decline the proffered tea and ask her "We're going to go look for something. Could you tell Alice that the demon from before will be back soon and to head to the shrine."

There's a thump from upstairs as Shanghai pulls out a chalkboard and writes I'll help. several dolls start floating towards the door.

We make a strange procession as we fly over to the lotus vale. I'm explaining what we're looking for with illusions and the three of us are surrounded by a cloud of dolls.

When we land an idea strikes me and I ask Yuuka "Would you mind if I took a lotus?"

She turns to me and asks suspiciously "What are you planning?"

"I know a spell to stop them from getting damaged when you draw power from them. I was hoping to get one to help fight Garruk."

"Fine. Just know that if it gets damaged, you will regret it."

Feeling pressured from Yuukas last comment I take a moment to focus my thoughts and run through the spell in my head.

Taking a deep breath, I reach down and start my spell. I intone "Over such beauty wars are fought. With such beauty wars are won. " As I do so gold strands begin to rise from the ground and envelop the lotus.

When I'm finished I feel Yuukas gaze abruptly stop. When I pick the lotus her expression turn to confusion. She asks "What did yo do? I can barely feel it but it sounds happy."

"I enhanced its nature as an artifact to prevent it from breaking. Would you mind asking the plants if they've seen that hedron now?"


There's a pause as she does so in which I take the opportunity to look around. Kogasa and several dolls are gathered in a circle, so I rush over. There's several shards of hedron in a small pile. Shanghai floats forward and attempts to piece them together before giving up.

I pocket the shards, much to everyone's dissapointment and head back to Yuuka, who stands up, points to where the dolls were gathered and says "There should be about half over there. The other half was taken off by someone they call the younger dark."

I show her the fragments we've already found. She asks "Is half enough?"

Good question. Is half enough?

>Mana: RR [*** lotus]
>2 cards left

[ ] Half is enough. Head back to the shrine and pick up Alice on the way.

[ ] I need it all. Go find Rumia first, then head back.
[x] I need it all. Go find Rumia first, then head back.

We could, in theory, send someone to the shrine with them, but if it turns out Raymoo can't do anything with those fragments then we're short one pair of hands for nothing.

Dealing with Rumia with two cards and five mana is going to be difficult though. Ensoul Artifact into Cerulean Wisps into Cerulean Wisps for infinite mana?
Nope. Any plan hinging on drawing certain cards is automatically vetoed. (Unless set up beforehand with cantrips.)
[x] I need it all. Go find Rumia first, then head back.

-[x] And DON'T FLINCH.
[x] I need it all. Go find Rumia first, then head back.
File 146992781235.jpg - (26.68KB, 223x310, poor myr.jpg) [iqdb]
How much does a hedron cost?

Could we possibly just use a card that returns an artifact to our hand? (turn the scrap into a card for a hedron, then cast the hedron)
Bouncing something just returns the spell to its casters mind. In this case all that would happen is you'd strip the hedron of it's magic and confuse Nahiri.
[x] I need it all. Go find Rumia first, then head back.

>all that would happen is you'd strip the hedron of it's magic and confuse Nahiri.
Well, the mental image is is funny at least.
Votes called. Writing.
"In theory half the hedron would do, but I'd rather have both halves to make sure." I say. "Do you know where Rumia might be?"

Yuuka pauses for a moment, then replies "She's this way, practicing with the ice fairy."

With that she walks off into the forest, leaving the rest of us to catch up. Every so often, Yuuka will pause, as if listening to something and change direction slightly. After a few of these pauses, I hear Cirno shouting through the trees. As we get closer, I can start to make out words and even sentences.

"Not like that! You have to believe in yourself. If you can't believe in yourself, then believe in me who believes in you."

A loud crash follows and the ground shakes when a nearby tree gets knocked down.A surprised Rumia is clearly visible in the new clearing.

"I told you you could do it! " Cirno yells. Then, when she notices me, she accuses "You! Why are you here? Have you come to spy on my techniques? Afraid I might beat you?"

I reply "Actually, I've come because Rumia has something I need. Does a glowing rock about this big sound familiar?"

Rumia says "That's my rock. Finders keepers." Tendrils of darkness appear behind her as she says this.

It looks like if I want the other half of the hedron we're going to have to fight for it.

>mana: RR (***)
>2 cards left
>3 refreshes to wheel of fate

[ ] Duel Rumia myself
- With spellcards.
--Impulse sign [LightningBolt]
- Without spellcards.
--Pestermite +Kiki-Jiki
--Burn her out
-- Delver +Remand
[ ] Yuuka handles it
[ ] Kogasa duels Rumia
[ ] Shanghai, I choose you!
[x] Shanghai, I choose you!
If she feels up for it. Otherwise:

[x] Kogasa
If she wants to. Otherwise:

[x] Yuuka
If she feels like it. Otherwise:

[x] Battle her ourselves.
-[x] Spellcard(s)
[x] Yuuka handles it
Using spellcards to duel seriously with only two duels below our belt is risky

Pestermite + Kiki-Jiki with no counter backup is far too risky

Delver with Remand up is risky too since Delver might not flip and Remand may do jack shit against low-cost removal

Besides, I'd like to save mana for Tidings so that we can fight Garruk with full mana and 6 cards on our next refresh
[X] Duel Rumia myself
- Without spellcards.
-- Jori En, Ruin Diver -> Clout of the Dominus

That gives us 1 card and 1 mana to do whatever, and a 4/5 that could not give less of a shit about removal.

[X] Shanghai, I choose you!

...why not?
We could also give him Curiousity for more draw
>could not give less of a shit about removal
Sacrifice effects blow this the fuck out. We have to hold up countermagic with an active threat and have a followup afterwards to have a good chance since we're breaking spellcard rules and we can't really do that with just two cards, five mana and no preparation time.

Also, since OP said that we can't make plans that rely on drawing certain cards, we can't hold up a counterspell if we do that.

In theory, we could Ensoul Artifact the Fire Diamond + hold up counterspell mana, assuming the Fire Diamond is still untapped. In that case though, discard effects wreck us. Either way though, if we waste all our cards fighting Rumia we're screwed if we'll find Garruk too early.
I'll call votes in ~2 hours. I think asking Shanghai and the other dolls to duel is winning.
Not every opponent has every possible answer.For example, Rumia doesn't have any 'edicts '(forced sacrifice) but she does have a ton of spot removal.

Anyway, votes called. Writing.
File 147011043745.jpg - (31.54KB, 223x310, noble hierarch.jpg) [iqdb]
>For example, Rumia doesn't have any 'edicts '(forced sacrifice) but she does have a ton of spot removal.


is gud idea then?

I guess the only way to gauge what an opponent has is by dueling them, and before dueling them, you can only really judge based on color.

Though I doubt Rumia will be flinging phyrexian obliterators out.
And personality & powers. Reimu for example specializes in seals, which translate to all those annoying white enchantments that stop you from having fun. There's also no prizes for guessing what Marisa's strength is. The reason Rumia has so much spot removal will be revealed soon.
File 147015170675.jpg - (29.00KB, 223x310, Rumia's new trick.jpg) [iqdb]
>View image when you get to Rumia's second spellcard.

My first thought is to step up and fight Rumia myself, but I can feel the strain from fighting Garruk and all the spells I've cast since. Considering Kogasa and Yuuka were also in that fight, I look to Shanghai and ask her if she'd be up to duelling Rumia. She nods and moves forward. There's the scratching of chalk on a chalkboard as Shanghai writes something to which Rumia says "You're on. When I win you'll have to play hide and seek with us."

The two square off and I get the strange magical sensation I've come to associate with a spellcard duel. Rumia starts by declaring "Moon sign [Moonlight ray]" Cirno looks disappointed at this choice, and as the spellcard continues it's not hard to see why. The bullets are hilariously easy to dodge and the only real danger is from the stream of bullets in the center, which Shanghai is exploiting her small size and floating insultingly close to.

Shanghai retaliates with "Doll sign [Small world]" . She starts swirling around Rumia's danmaku and firing danmaku of her own. At first the bullets don't seem to form a pattern, but as they converge on Rumia they form oversized objects like leaves and cutlery. Rumia is forced to shroud herself in darkness to throw Shanghai's aim off and avoid being hit.

Both spellcards timeout before either combatant gets hit, so they move back to their previous positions and ready their next spellcards. Shanghai writes 1.5/10 Good practice for a beginner's first duel.

Before they declare, Cirno yells from the sideline "Use what we've been practicing. She won't stand a chance."

Rumia nods and pulls out a different spellcard. She declares "Darkness sign [Otherworldly darkness]."

Tendrils of darkness shoot out from every shadow, grasping for her opponent. Within moments, Shanghai is surrounded and only her instinctive flinch back and small size save her from an immediate loss. Constantly having to dodge and weave, Shanghai is kept too busy to fire off her own spellcard. Her evasive maneuvers are starting to take a toll on the little doll and every time she tries to take a shot at her opponent the tendrils get closer and closer. Eventually she doesn't quite dodge enough and the edge of her dress gets burned off.

My spectating is interrupted when Yuuka comments "She's pushing too hard. "

"I agree, Shanghai looks completely outmatched."

As I say this, a tendril clips Shanghai's arm and she begins to spiral earthward, but she recovers just in time to dodge another one.

"I was talking about Rumia. I don't think she's moved since she started and I don't know if she can."

Upon closer inspection, Yuuka appears to be right. In fact, Rumia's blob of darkness is slowly sinking. The only question is whether Shanghai can get a shot off, or even keep dodging.

Is there anything I can do to help, or would I be a distraction?

>Mana: RR (***)
>2 cards left
> 3 refreshes until Wheel of fate

[ ] Shout out some advice.
[ ] Show Shanghai where Rumia is.
[ ] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?
[ ] Cheat and buff Shanghai.
- Expedite (R, does not cost a card)
- Mizzium skin (U)
[x] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?
Should we really help? Would a word of advice make Shanghai feel like she didn't earn that win?

[x] Yell "Don't shoot yet, just focus on dodging!"
[X] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?
[X] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?

I wonder if we can buff her to absolute hell with a steel overseer later.
[X] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?
[X] Don't interfere. Rumia is tiring faster than Shanghai is?

I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell us if Shanghai is fully sentient in this, or just highly advanced puppetry?
Deciding that distracting Shanghai would result in her getting hit, I resist the urge to yell out advice. I can see Yuuka had the same thought when she opens her mouth and closes it abruptly. Yuuka and I turn to Kogasa and simultaneously tell her not to distract Shanghai.

Kogasa looks like she wants to protest, but stops when I tell her "Doesn't that spellcard look familiar?"

While Kogasa tries to remember, I turn my attention back to Shanghai who is still twisting around the shadowy tendrils. The density has dropped a little, allowing Shanghai the space to take occasional potshots into Rumia's orb of darkness, although they don't appear to be hitting anything.

My attention snaps back to Kogasa when she says "Nope. I've never seen a spellcard like it."

"I'm not talking about a spellcard."

Yuukas eyes widen as she realizes what I'm getting at. "How on earth did she learn that?"

"I'm not sure. The question is whether she's casting the spell, or just using her abilities to copy the effects."

Kogasa outbursts "How the heck is she... Oh." as she mentally catches up. "Couldn't she have just made a spellcard off what she's seen?"

I reply "That fails to explain how she broke the tree earlier."

While we're talking the duel continues. Rumia's spellcard has wound down enough that Shanghai has time to aim her shots, although between her delayed reactions from tiredness and the fact that Rumia is still concealed in her orb, means Shanghai still hasn't hit her yet.

"Clever girl." Yuuka cryptically comments.

My reply is lost as Cirno, looking impatient yells "You've almost got her. One last push!"

There's an audible grunt from Rumia as a tendril Shanghai just dodged abruptly reverses direction. Seeing the tendrils coming for her, Shanghai gives up on dodging and fires a stream of needle-shaped danmaku at the darkness concealing Rumia. As she does so she's getting pummeled by Rumia's spellcard, but she grits her teeth and keeps firing. Eventually Rumia gives out first and collapses onto the ground.

Shanghai floats down triumphantly and gets as far as Yuukas head before collapsing on top of it.

Yuuka says with admiration "You were testing where she was with those earlier shots. " Shanghai doesn't move from her perch and just gives a thumbs up.

"That's a yes." I translate.

The pair of them go over and Yuuka gives the defeated Rumia a hand up.

"You need to trust your own instincts more, but have some confidence. That was an impressive spellcard. When you have the stamina to keep it going, it might even give me trouble."

Rumia just nods at the advice and hands over her hedron half, before staggering over to a tree and slumping against it.

Yuuka announces "Shall we be off then? " and flies off towards Alice's, leaving the rest of us to catch up.


"..." Alice says after answering the door and seeing Shanghai perched on Yuukas head. She blinks a few times to make sure that she's not seeing things and then invites everyone inside.

I tell her "Actually we're here to collect you. Reimu wants us all at the shrine as soon as possible."

"Alright. Just let me check up on Shanghai first."

Shanghai writes I'm fine. [b]

"You don't look it. At least get changed. The state of that dress is a disaster."

As Shanghai floats inside Alice asks "What happened?"

I explain "We went looking for something. We ended up having to duel Rumia. Seeing as Shanghai was the only one of us who wasn't tired from fighting Garruk, so I asked her to duel in my place."

"She lost to Rumia?"

Yuuka chips in "No, she won. The scorch marks are from Rumia's new spellcard. It was quite the battle. "

Further conversation will have to wait as Shanghai floats back in a new dress and writes [b]Let's go.

While we're flying towards the shrine, I notice Kogasa has been deep in thought. I ask her what's on her mind.
"If Rumia could copy Garruk's spell, couldn't I learn one one of yours? "

I tell her "An interesting idea. I have the perfect spell in mind, perhaps when Reimu is working on her seal."

"You can't leave it at that." Kogasa complains.

"It'll be a fun surprise." I reply.

Arriving at the shrine, I see that Reimu has beaten us back and is waiting with Marisa.

Marisa asks "What took you so long? I almost fell asleep."

Alice answers "I had to finish working on Hourai, and the others had to go find something. What's your excuse?"

Reimu coughs and says "Now that we've got the pleasantries over with, can we head inside and actually get something done?"

There's nothing to be said after that, so we all shuffle inside.

Once we are all seated, Reimu begins talking. "It turns out that the demon we blasted earlier is still around and probably scheming somewhere. I'll be working on a seal to limit his powers." She then looks directly at me and continues "You know what he can do, so it's up to you to come up with a plan."

Garruk can't planeswalk multiple times in succession, so I have two options.

>Cards: 2
>Mana: RR +(***)
>3 refreshes to Wheel of fate

[ ] Act as bait, then Planeswalk to lure him into a trap.

Find and ambush him, then [i]Planeswalk after him when he flees.

>Attempt to teach which spell? (More expensive spells will be more tiring, and spells more in line with a touhous power set are easier to teach.)

[ ] Reverberate A red spell that uses the magical emanations emitted when casting a spell to make a faster copy of a spell. A versatile trick with many uses*.
*Management bears no responsibility for any damage caused by angry opponents.

[ ] Swerve A blue-red spell that changes the target of a spell. A fun surprise for anyone using targeted spells or homing Danmaku!

[ ] Mizzium Skin A blue spell that makes you and all your friends untargetable and a little tougher for a short time.

[ ] Write-in.
Named dolls are sentient.
The unnamed dolls tend to vary, based on how old they are. Most of them can follow simple instructions and such, like a computer program.
Will Kogasa be able to cast Cyclonic Rift for it's overload cost?
Potentially. She doesn't have enough power to overload it at the moment, and would probably pass out trying.
[X] Act as bait, then Planeswalk to lure him into a trap.

[X] Swerve A blue-red spell that changes the target of a spell. A fun surprise for anyone using targeted spells or homing Danmaku!

The colours match Kogasa's eyes, and the effect should work as a surprise quite well.
[x] Act as bait, then Planeswalk to lure him into a trap.
[x] Reverberate A red spell that uses the magical emanations emitted when casting a spell to make a faster copy of a spell. A versatile trick with many uses.

Time Warp into Reverberate is not something that should be underestimated
[X] Act as bait, then Planeswalk to lure him into a trap.
[X] Swerve A blue-red spell that changes the target of a spell. A fun surprise for anyone using targeted spells or homing Danmaku!

Seems like it'd suit Kogasa the most.
Just a thought, but wouldn't Ensoul Artifact be a fitting spell for a tsukumogami to have?
File 147114079228.png - (121.13KB, 223x310, Image.png) [iqdb]
That sounds like something she should know already. Maybe she's too young?

Anyway, I can vote for this.

[x] Ensoul artifact
>>191153 here, changing vote to

[x] Ensoul Artifact
I disagree with the Ensoul Artifact, since that's really.. her existence being said ensouled artifact, not the one creating them?

That's something that's more along the lines of Alice and her dolls, but even then not so broadly applied.
Oh, I should probably vote.
[x] Ensoul Artifact

I figured her identity as an awakened object would lend to a greater understanding/inherent resonance to the concept.
You alive?
[x] Act as bait, then Planeswalk to lure him into a trap.
[x] Swerve A blue-red spell that changes the target of a spell. A fun surprise for anyone using targeted spells or homing Danmaku!
Because Counterspells
m8 you're about to get yelled at
It's dead.
File 149707289743.jpg - (7.81KB, 299x169, wherewillyoube.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't bump dead threads. This is not a hard concept you mongoloid fuck.
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