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Guess who won the first battle?

No. 19032
Not you!
No. 19033

Shoulda played a druid.
Charm Animal, man.
No. 19053
No. 19057

No. 19060
Anon won a moral victory though, right?

Can you post the battle here? Why did they fight Mystia?
No. 19065
She ambushed us with her Siren's song and charmed us.
No. 19066
What rolls down stairs
It comes in pairs
Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack
It fits on your back
It's log log log!
No. 19072
this post is for noko
No. 19127
Meanwhile, Eric, Sam and Derreck have chosen to:
No. 19131
I found a steek.
No. 19139
Me on the left.

No. 19171

Roll a cleric. The will save should save you.

Have your patron diety be the coming of spring.
No. 19172
By the way, everyone in my group is going to die.

But what group am I talking about?

Its a mystery~
No. 19190

I'll keep this in mind.
No. 19238
File 120856526141.jpg - (90.51KB , 607x743 , 1016750970-00.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19260
The mystery of the druids is "why are they so inferior to clerics"?
No. 19295
Because crappy armor is crappy, and Summon Nature's Ally spells get more and more useless at higher levels.
No. 19308

Charm Animal does not affect magical beasts
No. 19313
I'm sorry, but where did you host game?
No. 19314
Wild shape, unless there's an easier way to become a warshaper?
No. 19325
When level are all of you playing at?
Standard wealth?
No. 19332
We're all level 1 Anons(Which are basically special commoners) and have nothing but a shirt and jeans. In my case, I don't even have the latter.
No. 19350
Not true.
I have a large stick and a sweater.
No. 19354
Oh, right. I also have a fork and string.
No. 19355

Well, using your pants as hat while we were being attacked by mystia wasn't one of the greatest ideas
No. 19359

I hope to god Diplomacy and Bluff are class skills
No. 19362
They are, actually.
No. 19364
In addition to one non-magical skill of our choosing. ((So no UMD or Knowledge: Arcana or anything that wouldn't exist on modern Earth.))
No. 19371

Knowledge (Wikipedia) is the way to go
No. 19392
So you're saying Anonymous can't make an improved trip attack with the spiked chain to knock the opponent prone to make an improved trip attack of opportunity when target stands?
No. 19777
No, but they can fascinate Keine by telling her how useful the internet is for research.
No. 19820
works like bardic knowledge
No. 19869
My OCD tendencies are forcing me to construct a balanced, full progression PC class for Anonymous.

Doing this while keeping Anonymous as he is (that is, pathetic), is difficult. No good saves, Wizard BAB, d4 HD. Trying to balance this with skills, insight bonuses, and quasi-h4x meme-based abilities.

If Anonymous loses the extraplanar subtype (i.e., sent back to reality), he loses all class abilities.
No. 19886

Class skills: Everything
Skills points 18+Int bonus
No. 19895
File 120857838979.jpg - (35.54KB , 382x288 , emag_nomoreheroes_1_997a0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sup beaches
No. 19934
Go back to wandering the forest alone, Travis.
No. 19941
Whats the matter? Can't handle the manly?
Too tuff for ya?
No. 20106
Anon doesn't need anywhere near that many skills when he has Hivemind as an extraordinary ability.
No. 20119

That's the point. He's trying to make a character class for anon.
No. 20123
Sup faggots. Enjoying your dead, I presume?
No. 20149

No. 20181
Just because GM told me to roll a new character doesn't mean my old character is dead. He may still be alive somewhere, out there amoung the sea of stars...
No. 20190

Or... you know... in Mystia's belly.
No. 20191
File 120858860230.jpg - (67.14KB , 640x427 , 1179465505948.jpg ) [iqdb]
brb, gathering army of netherworld touhous. Possibly with border team allies.
No. 20192
No, he'd definitely waiting for me; out there among the sea of stars...
No. 20194
I'm fairly sure that he's not trapped in some alternate dimension along with a few super robots, the God of Destruction, and a really stacked girlfriend.
No. 20219

Dammit caj, you're NOT GAR!
No. 20221
Hay gee em?
We should get a set time for this, shouldn't we?
No. 20222
We'll try to figure out one at 4 PM EST today.
No. 20227
>>We'll try to figure out one in seven minutes.
No. 20228
Also, we taking weekends off?
No. 20251
You mean he's trapped 60 million years in the past? I don't think he'll survive that long.
No. 20383
7 minutes
No. 20431
7 more minutes.
No. 20452
Hay Gee Emm?

were ronry
No. 20581
She'll be around in 7 minutes.