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190073 No. 190073
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Shrimp
[X] Octopus
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X] Water


“I… suppose that will do.” You think that, with these choices, you’ve eliminated all chances of choking from errant bones. There’s still the chance of a shell, of course, but you can work around the prawn’s prickly perimeter. Of course, you could have simply gotten everything and let her try what she liked… But you don’t think that you could have done that and reasonably afforded a movie. You still have other things you need your money for. “Thank you for your patience.”

“That won’t be a problem; we’ll be right out with everything.” He smiles and nods as he quickly moves back into the kitchen with the card. You’re left standing at the counter, but you quickly head back to your table and slide opposite Hina.

“Sorry for taking so long.” You smile at her. “Just was considering what choices to make.”

“I could hear bits and pieces; no need to obfuscate.” She smiles a little bit as she eyes the mirrored wall. “Still, I do thank you for your concern. I hope that it does work as well as you intend it to.”

“I hope so as well.” There have been enough problems so far, after all. A nice romantic… Wait, no. A nice, professional not-date will be good. And you even get to cook a little bit, so you can tinker with it.

Hina seems to be caught examining the wall, eyes sliding along the mirror. “Tell me… Is a mirror of such size normal?”

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be?” You look along the large, square mirror, of which you can see a few splatters of food left on its surface. It could be far, far worse. “Granted, I don’t see windows this large much outside of some department stores and restaurants, though I’m sure they’re used elsewhere. Here, it’s only used to make the restaurant look much bigger. Supposed to help the atmosphere and other things like that.”

She trails her eyes along it a bit longer. “Is it? Seems a bit of a trivial purpose… From what I’ve seen of your home, space is at a premium.”

“My home’s actually fairly well off, and this part of town is fairly dense. Get near the skyscrapers…”

The goddess nods and trails off. “It’s one of those things that surprises me, honestly. How one can be at peace in all of this hustle. ...I still doubt I will find any.”

“Well, it’ll just be eyedrops from the second floor. They’ll fall upon you eventually.”

Hina turns to you as a coy grin grows on her face. “That will be difficult, since you’re housing me on the third floor, currently.”

After a moment, you laugh softly. “I suppose you do have a point. You might just have to move down a floor or two.” She continues to smile at you, and you eventually look towards the mirror yourself. Has the hotplate already been turned on? “So, what interests you so much about the mirror?”

“Oh…” She sighs and looks around. “It is merely odd witnessing how rich you are in the outside.” A delicate finger reaches up and trails along the mirror. “And how easily those are neglected.”

“...It’s just a mirror, isn’t it?”

“Imagining something of this size and scale in my home is unimaginable. Thinking that one so unlucky as I would be allowed near one is nearly humorous.” Her own smile turns wry. “Western superstitions bled into Gensokyo in spite of the barrier, it seems.”

You tilt your head out of curiosity. “How is that even possible?”

“All kinds can wander when lost. And sometimes they fall sideways when they are left, forgotten.” She smiles a little bit. “Still, do not pay it any mind. It is no longer a problem.”

“I do have to worry about this home of yours…”

“...Then, please, do not now. Haven’t you worried enough for my sake?”

Before you can respond, the waiter finally marches up with a tray of bowls, some small and a few large. He sets them down on a nearby empty table before spraying the plate in the center of it with oil. “Have either of you visited here before?”

You nod your affirmation. “I have.” It seems a bit of a formality, as this waiter barely takes the time to hear your answer before lighting the hot plate and turning it to the desired temperature.

As it heats up, he starts issuing bowls of ingredients. “Are you preparing it yourself?” You nod again, and he returns it before finishing with two glasses of water. “Then please let me know if you need anything. Enjoy your meal.” He bows out before leaving.

“Curious… A restaurant where you cook your own food? I’m certain that lazy sparrow would love to take advantage of this…”

You nod while reaching to the end of the table and retrieving the various condiments. “I’m rather fond of it, although I’ve had enough bad luck to get the wrong thing when I order takeout. It’s one nice reason to cook yourself; there’s no cook to blame aside from yourself.”

“That is a… spirited way to look at things.”

“Quite. And there’s not as large of service charge if you do it yourself…” You jerk your eyes around a little bit before shrugging. “Alright, but still, it’s fairly simple. You have your base right here.” You lift up the edge of the largest bowl, which is a floury cabbage mix, among other things. “Besides that, there are a few other things here you can add in. Some of the dried seaweed and bonito, and there are a few other sauces to add on. Though, that might be best to just layer it to your own taste.”

Hina nods, listening to your instructions faithfully. “Very well. And of the rest?”

After wiping your hand on the provided cloth, you separate the toppings from the rest. You see the tentacles twitch, probably just cut off by the cook. Yum “These first four are meant to go on the okonomiyaki as it cooks; the rest should be left on the and cook while we make our pancakes.”

“...Hrm. Different, I suppose.” She chuckles as she looks at the noodles. “Any reason in particular that they cannot be mixed and matched?”

“I… don’t suppose?” You’ve never seen it done before, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason besides impropriety and portion size… Well, and taste. “I won’t stop you if you want to try, of course.”

“I was merely curious; I think I’ll watch you first; if you don’t mind. I’m curious how it’ll come out.” You nod and go to putting the pre-made pancakes on before turning your attention to the mixture. Hina lifts her water to drink, and you think she looks a little disappointed, but it’s hard to tell as she returns to her curious, watchful state.

As such, you merely pour the mixture in before starting to pour on your various types of flakes and spices. As you do dab a little extra kick into yours, you hear Hina speak up. “...Are these creatures supposed to be alive?”

“Well, they are supposed to be fresh…” You look towards Hina and, to your consternation, you find her peering at a bowl of prawns whom are all peering back. “A little too fresh, though.” The antennae on each one dance around as they wriggle in the bowl, their legs not finding much traction. You feel your own stomach start to turn, but you quickly start to look for the waiter and think of happy thoughts. “Yes, a bit too fresh. Now where is…”

After a little bit of waving and curious looks, you finally manage to attract the attention of the waiter. He quickly strides up. “Ah, yes. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yes, actually.” You motion to the bowl. “Our food is still a little too raw. I’m sure there was simply some mixup…”

“Oh!” He looks shocked at the sight. “How did I miss… Yes, of course I will take care of it.” He immediately reaches forward for the bowl to return it to the kitchen.

Just as he does, the tentacles slosh, and an octopus leaps straight out of the bowl and clamps onto the waiter’s face. He lets out a muffled yell in surprise as it latches on tight, and his hands claw at the unusually strong tentacles, and he’s unable to remove them though his hands are clawing. The waiter eventually starts running around as if his head was cut off, bumping into a few booths. Eventually he runs straight into a door, which simply serves the bash the octopus farther onto his head and intensify his screaming. A bamboozled customer is nearly steamrolled as the man runs right out the door and down the street, the octopus still bobbing on his head as he disappears from sight.

“...That… was a thing.” Hina does not seem to disagree. It is oddly quiet, though.

You realize that everyone is staring at you in shock, now that the waiter has finally gone out of sight.

[ ] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.
[ ] Just… ask for something that is a little more… erm… dead.
[ ] ………...Check please!
No. 190074
(Un)fortunate Tidings >>189136
No. 190076
[X] Just… ask for something that is a little more… erm… dead.

More plant based foods then.
No. 190077
[X ] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here fellas. Carry on.
No. 190079
[x] Ask you were

Its their own fault, really
No. 190080
[X] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.

Play it cool.
No. 190081
[X] Just… ask for something that is a little more… erm… dead.
No. 190084
[x] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVZUVeMtYXc
No. 190085
[X] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.
No. 190086
[x] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.
No. 190089
[X] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.

We paid for that!
No. 190091
[X] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.
No. 190097

I wondered if anyone would notice.
No. 190124
[x] Start laughing at the poor sop with his octopus facehugging companion.
No. 190125
File 146723541899.png- (385.86KB , 703x787 , marginal success so far not a 360.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue as you were; nothing to see here.


After a few moments of the intense stare, you look through the crowd before shrugging it off. Without a word, you turn back to Hina and continue getting your food ready (after, of course, setting aside all of the prawn so that you don’t have to look at them.) “Well, it’s hardly our fault that he didn’t check to see if they had actually finished the octopus.”

“That’s what the… odd thing is called?” Hina raises her eyebrow as she continues to examine your technique. “Was that normal? You’re taking it rather calmly.”

“To be frank, only the tentacles were supposed to be in there. And those were supposed to be cut up and prepared. They definitely weren’t supposed to be attached to a living creature.” Hina’s eyes turn down, and you lean forward and speak earnestly. “They do prepare it fresh, so it was just someone not checking whether the bowl they picked up was ready or not.”

“...Well, if you insist…”

“Just go ahead and eat, alright?” You keep on frying up the food, making sure to flip it when it is done. “And don’t really worry about it. I’m sure he’s fine; they don’t serve anything poisonous here.” Like you’d risk the pufferfish right now, even if you could afford it.

Hina just nods, still looking a bit glum as she resumes her waiting. “Still, it is likely…”

“He’ll be fine.” After a moment, you snort. “To be honest, I thought it was a bit funny.” She doesn’t seem to be laughing, so you try another tack. “...Perhaps it didn’t like him? After all, it didn’t leap out at us. It waited until he came here to attack him.”

The goddess does finally raise her eyes and meets your own, if only for a moment. “I suppose it could be that. I’ve run across some youkai that can hold a long memory.”

“Well, I hope it isn’t that, but it’s probably the same thing.” You smile again. “So, jst watch here, alright?” She nods, and you begin to properly explain. “Now that we’ve seasoned and cooked the one side and the other, it’s time to pour in the sauce. This one isn’t so fancy.” You move a few of the smaller pancakes off. “Now, for this next one, I’m just going to put the bok choy on the top.”

“Any reason for that?” She tilts her head as you remove the first one.

“Mostly it’s because of preferences. If you’re cooking for yourself, it’s easy to mix nearly everything in. If you’re cooking for multiple people, it’s easier to simply layer it like this. Further west, they actually take layering to a bigger extreme, but anyway.” You pour the batter out and begin on a second one. “Now let me explain all the components…”


The midafternoon streets are a little bit calmer than earlier, and there aren’t many souls in sight as you walk alongside Hina. “So, was that alright?”

“It was quite nice, actually.” She offers a small smile as she follows you along. “I almost expected for you to try and show off.” Hina shakes her head. “I would hardly think my presence calls for ceremony.”

You look back to the girl once you’ve stopped (again, being very wary of traffic). “Well, it’s not as if you would have wanted that. You don’t want to stand out, after all.” The smile grows a little bit, and you turn back around and wait for the traffic. “Still, I’ll remember that next time. Nothing pickled?”

“No thank you. I never did acclimate to preserves, despite all the times I have partaken due to necessity.”

“Well, that’ll be easy enough to remember.” The light changes and you cross with her. “But yeah. I don’t usually go there on the weekends, but I figured it would be alright.” You dodge a gaggle of girls that are busy starring in a shop window.

Hina smoothly spins around them, dodging their curious eyes. “That it was. But where are we going? This is not the direction to your home” She ignores the scandalized gasp that one of the girls gives.

She’s already figured out where her home is from here? ...Impressive. “You that good with directions?”

“Well one has to know where danger lurks, and how to avoid it. At least in the outside, there isn’t the danger of stepping sideways and ending up in the completely wrong portion of Gensokyo.”

“Sounds… rather dangerous.” You shake your head and keep walking, eventually managing to get under the awning of a large, wider building. “Anywho, we’re here.” You head past a few posters and look at the list of movies playing. “See which ones look good…” And, as you look through the list of movies, you realize one thing.

There’s nothing on. Like always

[ ] Toilet Man 3: The Final Flush The latest sequel to the potty-mouthed superhero saga. The second one was in the crapper, so maybe it’s gotten better.
[ ] Captain Toilet 2: The Plunge into Peril Another attempt to cache into the commode-based cash cow. Apparently the first hit a lot of brown notes.
[ ] Cars, Explosions, and Hot Women 4: More Cleavage Less cars and explosions, so you heard. Titillation seems to be the order of the day.
[ ] Children’s Cinema 17: Foal Follies Edition Nags that need the power of friendship to gain their voice back. Talk about beating a dead horse.
[ ] Shallow Love Story IX: Clichés & Courtship A chance meeting, surprising royal relations, vague Jane Austen references. Check, check, check.
[ ] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
[ ] Yet Another Pokemon Movie Trying to be the very best like everyone else has already attempted. You haven’t bothered with these in ages.
[ ] Completely Innocent Anime: I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore. And then everyone dies after the first thirty minutes. The End.
No. 190129
[X] Completely Innocent Anime: I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore. And then everyone dies after the first thirty minutes. The End.

Might go with this.
No. 190131
[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.

At the very least it should be as laughable as a B rated horror movie.
No. 190133
[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
No. 190135
[x] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.

Not like it matters, the projector is going to explode ten minutes in regardless.
No. 190137
[X] Completely Innocent Anime: I’m Not Afraid of Anything Anymore. And then everyone dies after the first thirty minutes. The End.
Showing Hina(not)Eva, what could possibly go wrong?
No. 190139
[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
No. 190152
You raise a good point, Sir.

[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
No. 190154
[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
No. 190162
[X] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.

I'd just like to point out that we're going to show a movie full of hat-based horror to a Touhou. This may be completely insignificant. Or it could lead straight to a Bad End, but what are the chances of that? We would have to be really... unfortunate.
No. 190177
File 146732385037.png- (2.31MB , 1238x990 , you do have a continue if any of yall figured it o.png ) [iqdb]
Alrighty~ Looks like we have this called. I'm not going to start writing for a little while, so I have a secondary vote for ya'll. Not important, so I'll call it when I begin the next part (Just there for a flavor)

[ ] Get movie snacks (you must specify)
[ ] Don't. You're not hungry.

I like the way you think. Sadly, no projectors shall explode during the next update.

C'mon, look at that innocent little face with that halo. It's so happy. Does that look like someone that will Bad End you?
No. 190178
[X] Get movie snacks
-Potato chips
-2 hotdogs
-2 "Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme" ® candy bars
No. 190179
[x] Don't. You're not hungry.
No. 190184
[x] Don't. You're not hungry.
no food poisoning for today, lads
No. 190186
[X] Don't. You're not hungry.
No. 190190
[X ] Don't. You're not hungry.
No overpriced movie snacks for us today lads
No. 190192
File 14673656793.gif- (531.18KB , 200x200 , immediate-prognostication.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Don't. You're not hungry. Unlike the scorpion in the popcorn bin.

> C'mon, look at that innocent little face with that halo. It's so happy. Does that look like someone that will Bad End you?
See attached image.
No. 190197
[X] Don't, but tell her that it's tradition to kiss each other if your hands touch inside the popcorn bucket.

I feel like teasing her a bit today.
No. 190205
Sorry, but it's called; update is mostly done, but I couldn't finish it last night. Be up later tonight~
No. 190228
File 14674267515.jpg- (14.43KB , 400x400 , staaaaaaaaaaare.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Terrorful Activities: The Haunting of Hats. Somehow, you don’t think this will see a sequel. Not like you’d die without your hat.
[x] Don’t. You’re not hungry.


Meh. You’ll make do. “Here, we can try this.” You step forward, up to the ticket booth. “‘Scuse me, miss. Could we get two tickets to the Hat show?”

“The hat… Ah, yes. It should be starting shortly.” She notices Hina standing nearby, curiously reading the scrolling monitor. The cashier arcs an eyebrow and gives you an odd look before shrugging. “Well, here you go. Should be no problem. Head on in; it’l be the fourth on your left.”

“Thanks, miss.” You smile and take the tickets before looking back. “C’mon, this way, Hina.” Withdrawing from the ticket office, you open the door and lead her inside, making sure to have the agent tear your ticket as you head on in. “Shouldn’t be too far in this way. I doubt there will be much of a crowd, especially at this time of day.”

“Why wouldn’t there be?” She continues to examine the wide open lobby of the structure. “Considering outsider fondness for their screens, they must flock to a larger one.”

“It’s still early in the day. Many people won’t show up until later, and even then, well… I expect this thing to be rather… campy.” Hina turns and gives you a strange look. “It’s just that, from what I can tell, it looks like it was done cheaply and will just be… well, bad. I’m just hoping that it will be decent enough to laugh at.”

Hina tilts her head, now studying you for a few moments before following along. “Hrm. Well, that would make sense. I don’t believe that I’ve had the… pleasure of witnessing such a feat, but I imagine it would be like witnessing a group of fairies trying to act sophisticated.”

“Are they not known for doing so?”

“They are giggling pranksters, in most cases. The best one is the great fairy. I still wouldn’t trust one, whatever they might offer you. ...For that matter, if they offer you anything, I would start checking for traps.”

“I’ll make sure to remember that.” Not having much else to say, you head into the door and start marching towards the front and heading up the steps. “Let’s see… what might be the best…” You look around and realize that there are only about five other people; three sitting near the bottom right and a couple sitting in the far back corner. “You know what? Let’s just go right to the middle.”

“If you insist.” When you look back and check her, she takes her first step, five steps up. What had she been doing? “Is something wrong? You’re acting as if there’s trouble again.”

“Nothing.” You shake your head and let it drop for now and instead slide into the row nearest to the middle and heading over to the seat. “This is an older theater. The seats aren’t quite as nice as some of them…” Hina looks at her seat, and after a second, you hold hers down for her, making sure to withdraw hand do not make contact ok she’s sitting down now you can move on. “Right. Now, only thing to remember is not to be too loud while the movie itself is playing.”

The goddess nods and her bows bob a little as well. “We wouldn’t want to interrupt the performers, would we?” She nods and smiles. “Still, I don’t see what you are complaining about. This seat is perfectly fine; far better than anything I have ever used.”

“Well, some theaters can go a little bit overboard with their own seats. ...Very overboard. You’d be liable to sink into them, given how deep some are.”

Hina’s eyes dart to you, and after a second she giggles. “That seems like you’re making stuff up.”

“Well, the truth can be the strangest thing.”

“Perhaps.” She shakes her head, smile fading slowly. “Still… That sounds like they’re inviting an accident.”

“Eh, maybe over the long turn. But if you can’t get up…” You shake your head. “Anywho. Let’s see how this goes… Maybe it’ll be something that can be amusing.”

“Hopefully.” Hina seems to settle in, finally looking at the sight in front of her. “That whole thing is the screen?”

“That it is.”

She rolls her eyes a little bit before folding her fingers together in her lap. “Outsiders and their excesses.” ...To be fair, she looks vaguely amused as she sits tidily and awaits the show.

The lights eventually dim, causing Hina to look around in surprise and brief worry. After a shake of your head, she calms down and turns back to watch; soon, her silhouette is all that you can see of her. When the screen finally comes to life, it starts rolling through a few trailers for upcoming movies (one of which was one that has since come out; Captain Toilet seems to be taking out all the stops the hedge into the superhero market. You never thought the comic wars would ever go poo-poo over a little bit more advertising time, but… You were wrong.

“Do I… want to know?”

“You know? I don’t believe that you do.” She accepts that, and you both move on to better things. Such as the eventual start to the movie itself, complete with the on screen cast list. Let’s see… main star that will accomplish little throughout, girl that will be completely ineffectual but will probably get a trophy for “screaming the loudest”, guy that will get chopped to tiny bits in an overly comical manner, ...not sure but probably gonna die, and… who is this guy supposed to be again? Must be new. And, eventually, you watch as the camera pan down and follow the actions of a woman walking down the street as she passes a haberdasher.

The woman drops something out of her purse and pauses to pick it up. When she looks back at the shop while standing up, she notices that one of the hats has turned and is looking right at her. The woman blinks in surprise before turning off and going about her daily business. In a shot a minute later, as she is trying to navigate a busy subway, she rushes onto the train, not noticing that a hat is sitting on the benches. Only towards the end, as she pulls away, does she notice that the fedora is looking right at her until she pulls out of sight.

Oddly enough, Hina shivers a little in fright and curls her fingers in her skirt. It takes you a moment to notice the short action. “Erm… Are you alright over there?”

“I’m fine.” Her whisper is curt and you hold yourself from asking about an odd reaction yet again. The movie continues a minute longer, with the woman eventually arriving home. As she does, she turns around, only to find the same hat waiting there. Staring. Judging. Finding her lacking.

A second later it leaps straight from the counter and onto her face; Hina at the same time lets out a gasp and nearly jumps out of her seat as she protect her head. As she does so, the screen goes black, and you hear a grumble from the few people in the row below you.

You really don’t pay them any heed. “Hina, are you alright? Nothing has happened.”

“I know..” She starts feeling her face, trying to guarantee nothing has latched onto it. “Just… I’ve had a bad experience with the outsider goddess’s hat. ...It can be frightening at points.”

“...It isn’t like you to be afraid of things like that.”

“It was something I couldn’t help, really.” She looks away, and you slump a bit. “I should have seen this coming… It’s my own fault for not realizing what it meant.”

“Hina, how would you have known?” You shake your head as she continues to look depressed. “You have never seen a movie before. It’s hardly incumbent on you to have expected something like that.”

The goddess shivers and sighs, looking down. “It doesn’t seem to matter. It seems that I have already caused the accident that will end the evening.”

You look back and see that the screen has turned to blue with some text on it; it just informs that there are technical difficulties and that a substitute movie will be starting soon and that a refund is available upon request from the ticket office. The group at the very bottom has already left, and you think you see the other two at the top starting to get up. “I’m sure they’ll get it up and working soon enough.” You smile and pat her shoulder. “Really, it was just a shock. Those movies are supposed to scare you. It was looking like it would be a spoof. ...Granted, I don’t think the directors would ever have expected someone whom has actually encountered a sentient hat to watch it…”

“It wasn’t sentient. ...Dangerous enough.” She sighs and shakes her head. “Still… I’m sorry for that. I’ve ruined yet another of your plans to cheer me up.”

“You know that I’m not upset.” That smile stays on your face; as frustrating as it is, it’s not that big a deal. Nothing fell on your head. “Just enjoy it for what it is. If you’re so convinced that you won’t have fun, then you’re not going to.” You squeeze her shoulder and let go. “If you want to go, I won’t blame you. But there’s nothing that really needs to be done.”

“...I still need to clean your house after earlier…”

“It’s not a big deal.”

[ ] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.
[ ] Just go; you can just go sit awkwardly at home.
No. 190229
[x] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.
No. 190230
[X] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.
No. 190235
[X] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.
No. 190236
[X] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.
No. 190241
[x] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.

That pun was terrible, intentional or not.

I love it.
No. 190243
[X] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.

> whom has
'who has'.
No. 190245
I have asked this before (or I'm having a deja vu) but is there a situation where 'who has' is frowned upon?
No. 190247
It's not so much one being "frowned upon" as it is one just being grammatically incorrect. You use "who" if it's the subject of the sentence, and "whom" if it's the object. As such, I can't really think of a situation where I would say "whom has."

A common shortcut is to substitute "he/she" or "him/her" into the sentence. If "he/she" makes sense, you use "who," and if "him/her" makes sense, you use "whom." For instance:

"Who did it?" ("He did it?" vs. "Him did it?")
"You spoke with whom?" ("You spoke with him?" vs. "You spoke with he?")

Your sentence becomes "she has actually encountered" vs. "her has actually encountered," so it makes more sense to use "who" instead of "whom."

As an aside, a lot of people will say things like "Who did you see?" in everyday conversation, but in formal writing it should technically be "whom." That being said, I think it'd be fine if you wrote "who" in dialogue or something, since it sounds more natural.
No. 190257
No. There is not.

>As such, I can't really think of a situation where I would say "whom has."
It can happen in freestanding questions, since you're inverting the word order: e.g. "Whom has she been seeing?" (though most people, including me, would probably say and write "Who" there).

But in an actual relative clause ("I met the man whom she's been seeing") I don't think it's possible.

> As an aside, a lot of people will say things like "Who did you see?" in everyday conversation, but in formal writing it should technically be "whom."

I wouldn't even insist on it in formal writing. The word whom is just gone from most people's dialects—not least because it's usually replaced by a reduced relative clause ("the man she's been seeing").

I see little point in trying to reintroduce it at this juncture; it's too likely to end up with it being mislearned as the hypercorrection "use whom instead of who in formal writing, regardless of context" (as happened with and I).
No. 190272
Sorry for the wait, all. Been a bit busy; update will be up shortly.

That was more typing what sounded correctly in my head; I may have gotten mixed up in my speech, as I have been attempting to write the two differently. Either way, I've looked back on it and have to ask if there f I understand this correctly. The case in which I used it is inappropriate as the subject of the sentence wasn't referring to the object with that pronoun; as such, it would be better to default to who instead.

Well, I attempt to use the word as much as I can as it does add some color to the language and vocabulary of the character. Although, in light of my misuse, I wonder if it'd be a good way to show that a character is being incredibly snooty and overbearing by misusing the word along with other loquacious solecisms/malapropisms. In everyday speech, I'd agree with you, as there simply isn't a need for it, although it still has a place.
No. 190273
File 146792496246.jpg- (1.10MB , 1000x1413 , how much of a good thing.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Have a little faith, Hina. Give it another try.


“Just give it another shot, won’t you?” You lean back and let watch as she furrows her brow. “Have a little bit of faith; if not, we can leave; you won’t insult me.”

Hina sighs and shakes her head. “Very well. In the end, it merely is a show; I will keep that in mind.”

“They’re not going to be playing that one as it is… At best they might try to roll in another projector… That is, if you did manage to take that out. It could be something as simple as a software error. ...These newer cameras don’t actually need film.”

“I’m not exactly sure how they work, in the end.” The chair creaks softly as she moves forward and puts her elbows on her legs, resting her head on her hands. “But, in the meantime, we may wait.”

“...” You open your mouth, about to respond again with an instruction, but you close it and keep your mouth shut. You can instruct her in the fine particulars about photography later. Now, instead, you keep the peace and wait for the show to begin again.

After a few minutes, you feel that you’re beginning to list; the dark and your full stomach are tempting you to sleep. Hina seems to be steady, although she has sat back up once more and has crossed her fingers in her lap. Even so, she hangs her head, her green hair slightly obscuring her face.

As you’re about to broach the topic once more, the screen before you flashes as a slight whirr echoes throughout the theater. “Well… Looks like they got something working.” The green hair bobbles as she turns her eyes up; as you look up, you barely catch the tail end of the title card before the screen transitions to a dark night above the woods. The scene pans down on an oddly familiar landscape as the speaker begins to speak about times past, a period in which men and beasts lived in harmony and the forests covered the land. You swear you’ve heard this whole speech before as you watch a tree fall in the forest before a black mass slithers through the hole in which it was once rooted, and the narrator tells of the days of gods and demons.

And, finally, the title card flashes across the screen, and you remember where you’ve seen this before. After all, you definitely have heard the tale of Princess Mononoke bandied about in past months. The ancient movie does bear some relevance… though you have to wonder whether it is a good idea to stay here.

Concerned, you turn and look at your companion, only to see that her eyes are wide with interest. Hina leans forward as she watches the bowman on antelope back go through the rounds and meet the girl on horseback. And, he stops in front of the girls, you remember what comes next. “Hina, maybe”

“Shhh.” She cuts you a look as she watches in interest. “Just let it play. I am expecting something this time.”

You don’t respond and instead settle in, wondering how she might react as the forest shakes and a great writhing mass rises up out of it. This time, however, her face tightens at the sight as she follows the suddenly writhing mass. She stays calm throughout it all, and as the scene eventually shows the death of the boar along with the first signs of corruption on the protagonist’s form, her eyes shine with interest.

There’s nothing you can do now; you’re just left wandering what she’ll think of the rest.


The walk back home is quiet, as Hina seems to be lost in thought. You’ve not wanted to interrupt that contemplation, and have instead settled for leading her on. Though, you have to wonder quite a few things… Especially now that a real life example of those mystic beings has shown up. ...At least they aren’t wrapped up in packages that are nearly so frightening.

Still, as you cross one street, you finally feel her eyes on the back of your head. “They once were, you know.”

“Huh?” You look back and see her staring at you. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re wondering if the images were real. There were once visions like that, although it has been a long, long time.”

“...Since when did you read minds?”

“One needn’t read the mind; it is written all over your face.” She strolls up next to you before gently nudging you to walk again. “Those times are long past. There are still wild spirits and youkai that still live, but even most of those have assumed a form similar to humans. Those that did not have one already, anyway.”

You avert your eyes and look away. “There’s… Well, that’s neither here nor there. I just was wanting to show you something enjoyable. Not something that might—”

“But it was?” Hina looks toward you out of the corner of your eye as a small smile graces her face. “...Beautiful, at least. I could appreciate the efforts that the artist went towards.”

“...Well, I’m glad. But, really, I wouldn’t think you’d have enjoyed a story like that.”

“Truth can sometimes be disturbing if one does not expect it.” She chuckles a bit before looking forwards. “...Honestly, I was expecting a ghostly tale of horrors after the fright that the first one gave me. The second one simply makes me reminisce.”

“...You mean that actually happened?”

The goddess looks at you once more. “No; I spoke more of the general theme underlying it.” She looks forward and sighs. “But such unfortunate times… They are long in the past.”

“But if this magic has returned to the world…”

“Temporarily. I am certain they are busy divining a new barrier.”

“...But everyone knows about it. Granted, there aren’t many that know about you in particular, but they know that there is something that cannot be explained that exists. Your reserve exists, and the beings that live there do.”

“Hmm.” Hina looks around, peering at the various buildings that line the streets. “Of course; and this is certainly no Gensokyo. It does not have the same soul.” She crosses the last street with you as the two head for the door. “And, I have to wonder… Is it so wise?”

You give her an odd look as you pause in front of the doorstep. “What do you mean by that?”

“This world is very fortunate; it is something that I could never have accomplished.” She smiles sadly and shakes her head. “It is enviable, really, what has been accomplished by your kind.”

“It’s hardly perfect.”

“Is anything?” She softly chuckles before stepping up. “But this desire for times lost… Is it truly something that is yearned by so many? Or do they not know what they wish to reclaim.”

...That’s definitely not the kind of discussion that you want to take part in. “Well, I can’t really give an answer.”

“Smiling, she nods and gestures towards the door. “It is just an idle thought; I was feeling pensive.”

You shrug and head to the door, unlocking it. “Well… it’s no problem. Give me something to think about, at least.” And wonder whose bright idea this really is. Swinging open the door, you step inside and look around the pristine living room. “Huh... Hina? Did you say that you had made a mess?”

“I did.” She follows you in and looks around. “...Odd. I am certain that I had tipped over that long chair of yours in an attempt to find you.” Your couch definitely is on its feet, and you don’t think you’ve ever seen the fabric so… clean. It’s even shining. “And I know that I had left a few pots and pans overturned in my haste.”

“...Were you pulling everything out of every single cabinet in an attempt to find me?”

“Well, you could have accidentally locked yourself in one. The stove was left on.”

“...I never even turned it on yesterday!”

“Point in case; you could have accidentally cooked yourself.” She blushes and starts walking along the edge of the room. Once a safe distance away, you notice her skirt flutters. “So, it seems we’ve had an extraordinarily tidy thief in here. Let’s see if they still remain.”

[ ] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.
[ ] She goes upstairs, you stay down here and look.
No. 190274
[x] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.
No. 190275
[X] She goes upstairs, you stay down here and look.

I figure, Sakuya I imagine, might hide upstairs?
No. 190276
[X] She goes upstairs, you stay down here and look.
No. 190277
[X] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.


Why Sakuya? We've already met a certain housekeeping gardener, so she has more reason to show up.
No. 190282
[X] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.
No. 190286
[X] She goes upstairs, you stay down here and look.
No. 190287
[X] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.
No. 190288
[X] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.

I figure since the downstairs is clean, whoever it is that's cleaned it has moved up stairs. Probably Youmu.
No. 190304
[X] You go upstairs.

I was hoping for Kana...
No. 190311
Looks like we're moving on up. Called~

Well, I did say that I could take requests, although I do have a lot of this planned out. We'll just have to see if there's any room for bloody bathtubs.
No. 190362
File 146818471523.png- (47.96KB , 107x231 , smugsalot.png ) [iqdb]
[x] You go upstairs, she stays down here and looks.


You’re not going to make her search upstairs all by yourself; you’re the only one who knows where everything is, anyway. “Hina, stay down here. That way you can make sure that no one gets out if you do find them.” She hesitates before nodding, and you make your way up the steps as you look around.

Stair treads creak beneath your feet, and you wince, knowing that any intruder could have heard that. You simply hope that they would assume that it’s just the older home creaking, but something tells you that no one competent would be that foolish. So, the hope is for an incompetent, but highly orderly, thief to have broken in. Perhaps you can defeat them in a battle of wit and words, instead? ...Be serious; that’s just fanciful thought.

Still, the first level hallway looks fine; it’s as plain and boring as ever. ...Perhaps one day you can rip up the carpet and see if there is anything beautiful underneath. To be fair, you don’t think it’s anything worthwhile. Instead of ruminating on that, you head down into your room and look inside.

...It is better than you have seen it in quite a while. The bedspread doesn’t merely look clean; it looks pressed. There are a bunch of clothes lying on the foot of the bed, many of which you had sorted through yesterday along with a fair few more that you don’t recall having removed. Those must be the ones that Hina had tossed aside when she was searching for you. “That’s quite a few… did she just tear the closet apart searching for me?” You rub the back of your head, feeling a little guilty as you look in and check your bathroom. Is it… Is it sparkling?

“Ok, I might need to hire this thief to come back soon. This is… impressive.” Not that you were ever filthy, but you don’t think this room had ever been so clean. And, finally, you notice that your shards of soap are missing; that seems to be what the thief has taken. A great soap thief, as things are. “Yeah, something weird is going on.”

When you head back out, you realize that your closet door is hanging open just a little. “...Hrm...” You head over towards the closet and peek inside. “Maybe they made a break for it? Hina’s got the downstairs, so it isn’t like they’ll be getting out.” Before you chase after and make sure that the upstairs is clear, you look inside, seeing if there is anything that looks out of place. Considering that your shoes are stacked and shined, your shirts and pants seemed to be perfectly cleaned, it’s hard to tell—

“Going in!” A hand grabs the back of your shirt and shoves you in making you stumble into the racks of outerwear. You thankfully avoid hitting your head on the bar on the top of the shelf, but before you catch your breath and address your aggressor, the door slams shut and leaves you in darkness.

You eventually grasp the clothes and yank yourself back up. “What in the? Who is there?” Angrily, you turn around, struggling to get all of the clothes out of your face. Right now, you’re busy trying to not eat all of your clothes. However, if you get out of there soon enough, you might be able to see who might be there.

Instead, you see a grinning face as a familiar poltergeist blocking your path. “Hello again, Honey~” Merlin grins as she presses against you, the wavy haze solidifying into a rather familiar bluenette form. “You looked rather stressed out, ya know.” A wide grin graces her face as she attempts to emphasize a couple of salient points. “Why don’t you let Merlin take care of that and pick up where I had left you?”

[ ] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.
[ ] Why not? It’s not like anyone will stumble in.
[ ] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.
[ ] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.
No. 190363
[X] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.
No. 190366
[X] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.
No. 190367
[x] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.

Just because the Monster Musume protagonist lets Ms. Smith walk all over him doesn't mean we have to put up with her bullshit. We already have our hands full enough with taking care of Hina, who we were press ganged into taking care of without our prior consent. And even if we did have the stamina to take care of someone else, the last time we dealt with Merlin, she tried to kill us by tying us up and throwing us off the side of a building. We have literally no reason to put up with this nonsense.

> “Why don’t you let Merlin take care of that and pick up where I had left you?”
You mean dangling off the side of a 3 story building?
No. 190369
[X] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.
No. 190371
[X] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.
No. 190372
[X] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.

You know, if we pressure her enough, maybe we can get her to back down? We don't have to tell Smith, we just have to threaten to. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll have a better time with her.

...If we're lucky, mind you, but still, what are the odds that this will backfire?
No. 190374
[x] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.
No. 190380
[X] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.

[x] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.

Time to be angry in Smith's general direction.
No. 190382
[X] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.

While I imagine Merlin may be pushed onto us by Smith, somehow I doubt Hina would enjoy this style of introduction.
No. 190384
[X] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.
No. 190386
Will anyone mind if I simply call all of the above? It keeps changing every time I check, so I think we have our consensus through dissension.
No. 190387
Also, true email.
No. 190388
[X] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.

[x] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.

An optimal combination for maximum humor.
No. 190390

I see no problems with it personally, so long as the end result is funny.
No. 190392
No problem. Anyway allow me to make things even more confusing.

[x] "Where we left off? You mean hanging out of a three story building?"
[x] Just walk past her

I don't like women that leave me hanging, figuratively or otherwise
No. 190419
[X] All of the above. But remember to snark.
No. 190441
[x] Somehow you doubt Hina will approve. Decline.
[x] Just walk through her and leave. It isn’t like she can stop you.
[x] Something something Smith something something going to kill her.


“What could you possibly mean? There’s hardly a roof here for me to dangle off of, is there?” The poltergeist stares at you, blinking a bit. “And there is hardly any ribbon, either. There certainly won’t be any opportunity for stringing me up and shoving me into someone else’s clothes for your amusement.”

Grinning wider, the poltergeist leans closer, effervescent teeth glittering in the Cheshire-smug crack of the lips. “But not all fun requires such things, you know. And it’s not like I pushed you off of it.” A hand reaches up and plunges into your head all of the way up to her elbow, and you hardly feel a thing besides an odd chill. “See, not a little bit of anything!”

“I’m rather sure that it was you. So, get your hand out of my head. I’m not into those kind of things.” You cross your arms and stare her down.

“Never said you were~” Still, the ghost complies, still grinning. “And are you so certain it was I?”

“You were the only one up there, and you were the one talking about how you forget that humans die from falling! Or did you have an invisible cohort that you were flying along with to provide an alibi?”

Merlin flips her hair and looks over your shoulder. “Oh, don’t be like that. Snarkiness doesn’t become you. It gives the audience such a negative impression.” She snickers and presses her finger. “Still, why would I do that? I am quite aware that humans don’t go well when the ground meets those meaty noggins, even if I can be a bit flippant from time to time. Are you blaming moi for that little mishap? I mean, isn’t there someone that might be more responsible for some unfortunate accidents?”

Oh, no she didn’t. “Don’t even go there. At least Hina is a good person; she has been as selfless as can be. If you weren’t even on the roof, you could have hardly knocked me over.”

“And a gust of wind wouldn’t have done the job” Merlin shrugs. “Not that I know how her power works. But she has been so kind? I suppose she hasn’t tried the angry tactic to scare you away? How nice~” Merlin giggles and leans away. “And I’m just a loud annoying poltergeist, aren’t I?”

“Yes you are. And, frankly, you’re the cause of all of today’s troubles.” With that, you stroll on through the girl, as odd as that thought may be. To your surprise, there is no resistance as you step through her form and land upon the other side. “So, really, why would you think I’d even consider accepting that? No, Merlin, I really don’t want to continue, whatever that is supposed to mean.” Without turning back, you stroll on, muttering angry ruminations about Smith, a prickly cactus, and in which hole that the poltergeist can shove it up, for all that you care.

Behind you, the ghost floats there, an odd look in her eyes. “...Well, you’re an honest one, Honey~”


Of course, once you get back down the stairs, you see the smug blonde sitting there, crossing her legs and adjusting her glasses. “Ah, there you are! So good of you to join us. I had wondered when you would appear.”

“If you really were, you’d have been down here when I came in.” You cross your arms and look at her. “Why are you here, and why is that poltergeist back in my home?”

Smith adjusts her glasses before looking up at you. “She has violated the terms under which she was afforded clearance to roam the streets without human supervision.”

“Really? Did she injure anyone else?”

“You do not appear to be too terribly inconvenienced in the health department.” Smith places her chin on her fingers as she continues to meet your eyes. “Regardless, she has not injured any, despite your earlier incident; it is more her constant intrusions and, well, embarrassments that have provoked us to go this far.”

“And…? Whose fault is that?” You snort as you lean back against the wall. “I certainly didn’t have anything to do with it”

Smith smiles and looks down at your papers. “My, did you think to alert me to the presence of a renegade apparition or her inconvenienced charge?”

“Well, no. Myon had saved my life, and I did feel a bit obligated to assist her.”

Smith just checks off her box. “So, instead of making an effort at contacting, you single-handedly assisted an unknown ghost to track down another of unknown origins and for nebulous reasons?”

“...She did just knock me off a building. I wasn’t going to just stand there and let that happen again.”

“Hrm…” She nods and checks off a few more boxes. “Perfect! I knew that you had the right disposition when you were selected.”

“But you didn’t-”

“Vigilantism, Assertiveness, Acceptance of Damaging Magical Subspecies…” She smirks as she goes down the list. “Why, it makes me even more certain of my decision.”

“And I don’t give a damn what you think! You come into my home, uninvited, after already having me take care of Hina, and now you think you can do it again with that poltergeist!”

Smith reaches up and wipes a little bit of spittle off of her face. “Actually, I wasn’t here dump- I mean, place her with you. Rather, I had another in mind.”

“What do you…” You sigh and pinch your nose. “You don’t mean what I think you mean.”

To your side, you hear a familiar, if somewhat shy, voice. “I’m so sorry for intruding. ...Thank you for all of your effort earlier.”

You clench your teeth. Ok, be firm, be firm… You can handle an amorphous ghost blob. With that mantra in your head, and determined to decline the girl, you face her and how can a ghost girl blush and why is she even wearing an apron? ...You have to admit that she is a bit cute, even as she averts her own eyes. “...You’re welcome?”

“Smith did emphasize in how much I should owe you. ...And doing all of this isn’t such a large deal, anyway.”

You shake your head and sigh once more. “Still, it doesn’t make it appropriate for you to do it all.”

“Either way, she can stay here.” Smith finally stays up and stretches, grinning down at you when she is done. “It won’t be too much of a hassle, especially as she doesn’t need any room, unlike those who still live. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

“Wait just a second…” The ghost shrinks a bit, and you sigh. “I’m not just letting you go and deciding who gets to stay in my home! And there’s still the issue of the poltergeist as well; one that you don’t seem to be removing.”

“Haven’t you read about the compensation clause?” She adjusts her glasses one more time. “After all, you still need to catch up on your homework, I am afraid. It isn’t as if you get nothing out of this.”

[ ] Tell her to shove it; you’re not taking anymore.
[ ] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
[ ] Accede to her demands. Just get her out of your house.
[ ] Hina needs to voice her opinion; she was the first one here. What does she think?
No. 190446
[x] Tell her to shove it; you’re not taking anymore.
[x] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.

We have absolutely no reason to allow Merlin to stay. We do however have several reasons to not let her stay. Here's a list:

1. She tried to murder us
2. She tried to MURDER us. That's really the only reason we need.
3. Even if murdering us was an accident, she still tied us up and was probably going to rape us.
4. Merlin has expressed absolutely no remorse for her actions, in fact she tried to blame Hina.
5. We already have our hands full taking care of Hina, splitting our attention wouldn't be fair to her.
6. If we take Merlin in, we will be responsible for her actions, which means we will go to jail if she tries to kill someone else.
7. She already tried to kill us, by all rights she should be deported already.
8. If we let Ms. Smith dump Merlin on us now it will never end. What's next? A harpy? A centaur? A mermaid? The Grim Reaper?
9. Hina has already filled this house to the brim with misfortune. Letting a troublemaker like Merlin stay here is incredibly irresponsible of Ms. Smith and is just begging for trouble.
10. We already know how Ms. Smith operates, she can't guilt trip us. Merlin won't be homeless for long because if we say no, Ms. Smith will probably just cross the street and press-gang our poor schmuck of a neighbor into taking care of Merlin.
11. Hina was supposed to go to a host family, who are probably still expecting her. Ms. Smith could just take Merlin to them if nothing else works.
12. If Ms. Smith keeps up this nonsense, we could probably get her fired and/or thrown in jail.
13. We took Hina in because she is a genuinely nice person and is truly apologetic for the trouble she causes. Merlin on the other hand is incredibly self-centered and is a generally unpleasant person to be around. We will probably break out the vacuum and ghostbust her ass before the day is up.
14. Once again, she TRIED TO MURDER US. We can't just let that go.
No. 190447
I'm too confused to vote. Is this about Myon or Merlin? Did we already implicitly accept Myon?
No. 190448
First one implies you're not taking any; second one refers just to the poltergeist.
No. 190449
Third that you'll bow to her demands, and four is to ask for Hina's opinion. (She wasn't here,so there must be a reason for that.)
No. 190450
[x] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
No. 190452
That glint in Merlin eyes screamed 'Murder' I wish they would have said "self realization" instead but, what can you do?

[x] What does Hina think?
-[x] When I accepted her into my household she became part of it. I shouldn't act without her permission.

[x] Tell Myon that you're even, since she saved your life.
No. 190455
[X] Tell her to shove it.
[X] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.

Fuck Merlin. Myon can stay because at least she seems genuinely repentant about involving us in this shitfest, but Merlin? Fuck 'er.
No. 190456
A clarification:

The first option is to tell Smith in no uncertain terms to fuck herself, but not to reject Myon. Because I like Myon.

I realize upon re-reading my vote that it could be construed that I'm voting against Myon. Which I am not.
No. 190457
[X] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.

Fuck off, we're not taking in somebody who tried to kill us.
No. 190460
[X] Tell her to shove it.
[X] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
No. 190464
[X] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
[X] Myon needs Hina's approval, but she already has yours.

Hina gets a say. Not because I think there's a snowball's chance in Utsuho's nest that Hina will turn Myon down, but because I think it's a good idea to set the precedent of getting a household consensus before accepting a new Touhou.
No. 190465
[X] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
[X] Myon needs Hina's approval, but she already has yours.
No. 190467
[x] What does Hina think?
-[x] When I accepted her into my household she became part of it. I shouldn't act without her permission.

[x] Tell Myon that you're even, since she saved your life.

I like this option. I'd also like Merlin to stick around, but I figure that won't happen unless she shows herself to be more than a callous trickster.
No. 190469
[X] >>190467

I just hope he can do that. Merlin should be better than this.
No. 190474
File 146856083550.jpg- (36.17KB , 317x753 , she is the good green player character after all.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Inform her that you don’t care; the poltergeist is going.
[x] Myon is alright with you for saving your life, some form of Hina needing to give approval


“...Are you trying to bribe me as well?” You reach up and pinch your nose. “I never knew about such a thing, and I don’t particularly care that it even exists. It didn’t matter one lick when I took in Hina in the first place.” You stand back up and glare down at Smith. “So, you know where you can put those offers of compensation.”

Smith chuckles and pushes her glasses back up, as they have once more slid down her nose. Before she can say anything, though, Myon speaks up to your side. “...Does that mean I should leave as well?”

You look down at the blushing full half of a ghost and shake your head. “...You’re welcome to stay. You did save my life, regardless of the circumstances. So, at the very least, I suppose I can extend that.” After a moment, you look around. “Still, Hina needs to have a say in this as well. She is a member of my household now, so I should offer her the chance to voice her opinion.” She doesn’t show up, and you look down at Myon as she finally stops averting her eyes. “...Where did she go? She was here just a short while ago; I wouldn’t think she’d vanish quite so easily.”

“She stepped outside once she found me. ...She said it was to give you some space when you decided, as it was your home…” Her eyes flit towards the blonde still standing in front of you. “Although, she didn’t do a thing until Ms. Smith walked in.”

“I see.” You sigh and shake your head. “Well, I’ll go ask her in a second.” You turn back to Smith and offer her a gimlet eye. “It doesn’t matter, though. I want that poltergeist out of my house before it causes any more trouble than it already has. Understand?”

“Oh, I quite understand.” Smith coughs softly and looks down at Myon. “I suppose that means you are coming as well?”

“Wait, it’s alright if Myon stays; I just need to talk to Hina.”

The pale ghost looks back down once more, continuing to not meet your eyes. “...Milady Yuyuko ordered that I am to accompany Merlin so long as I am in the outside world. ...I cannot shirk her orders for my own benefit, even if I am learning much of this outside knowledge of her sake.”

Your forehead twinges, and you feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. “So, what, are you supposed to be her minder or something?”

“Technically, she is the one supposed to oversee me.”

“...Pull the other one. It jingles.”

Myon furiously… darkens? Well, she can’t turn red, it seems. “Still, you have to be kidding. You were the one chasing her.”

“It was her idea to distract me from my research.” Myon shakes her head, the ghostly hair still whipping back and forth, the same as any normal hair. “Still… Lady Yuyuko and she do share quite a bit of a similar temperament. I presume that she ordered as such simply because she would not be able to visit the outside due to circumstances beyond her control.”

“...Right.” You sigh and shake your head. “I really… Look. Just give me a minute, ok? I don’t mind you, but I’m not in the mood to keep a poltergeist who nearly killed me.”

Myon opens her mouth after a moment before shaking her head. “...I’m afraid that I may have set her off the night before. She had been rather close-lipped about some things, and I…”

“Just stop. It’s not up to you to apologize for her behavior. It’s hardly your fault.” You smile just a little bit. “Besides, that just shows that you’re a decent person, unlike others that will not be named.” You look back at Smith and glare once more at her. “Stay in here and don’t let the poltergeist wreck anything, alright?”

She keeps that overbearing smile on her face as you march on past her and out the door. You make a point to shut it before looking around and searching for Hina. Thankfully, she is sitting on a little ledge on the edge of the building just a few steps away. She seems to be focused intently on a government van that is parked nearby. ...To your amusement, all four of its tires seem to be completely flat. “...You know, if you keep on staring at it like that, it might burst into flames.”

“Oh, it probably will if I stay here another few minutes.” Hina sighs and looks down. “I apologize; when I realized that she had brought more trouble for you to go through…”

“Really, it’s fine. You think I’m so glad to be seeing her face, either?” You snort and take a precarious seat next to her. “I’m just glad that she’s not mooching off of my coffee again; makes me glad that we didn’t get any the other day, aye?”

Hina chuckles softly and nods. “I suppose there are small favors that do arise, from time to time.” She looks away again, still lost in thought and still staring down the van. You swear you hear it let out a soft hiss. “So, what did you decide to do?”

“Well, that’s what I came out here for.” You gaze out alongside her. “I don’t mind Myon staying here; she’s not that bad so far. Maybe a little too strict at times, but a good girl from what I can tell.” You let that thought hang in the air before taking a darker tone. “Merlin, however… She’s a royal pain. And Myon has to stay with her because of her Lady’s instructions, whatever that means.”

“...Well, that would be the Princess of the Netherworld, as it were. From what I understand, she is her direct servant, so… her orders probably do carry that much weight.”

“...Huh.” After a moment, you just let out another heaving and heavy breath. You seem to be doing that a lot lately. “So, no getting her out of that.”

“Not particularly.”

You look down at the pavement as a couple walks by on the sidewalk; you ignore their chatty comments as they go. “...She did intimate that you were the one ultimately responsible for me falling off the roof.”

Hina winces a little bit and looks away, her hair obscuring her face. “That’s not an odd belief; after all, it’s probably quite true.”

“...Does it matter? She was still the one that caused all the trouble.” Snorting, you look back at Hina. “She caused it, and she put me in that situation. It’s her fault in the end, no matter what she might otherwise say.” You reach out and squeeze her shoulder gently. “It’s not your fault; even if it were, it’s just a nasty thing to blame you for something just because you’re nearby.”

She is still for a few moments, and you swear you hear her sniff. When she finally looks back, you can tell that she is practically glowing red, but she also has the smallest smile on her face. “...Thank you.”

“It’s really no problem.” You feel your ears burn red at that smile being directed your way, and you have to avert your own eyes. “Still… I came out here to ask you your own opinion.”

Hina seems to be a little amused at your actions, considering the chortle as you looked away, but she doesn’t press that issue. “My opinion on what, exactly?”

“Well, on who should stay or who should go.” You look back at Hina. “You are part of this household now; I am not going to leave you out of decisions on who stays and who goes.” Her eyes widen in surprise, and for a moment she gapes before she manages to compose herself. “So, I have to know your own opinion before I press any issue.”

She seems to be stunned into silence for a few moments as she stares at you, her eyes peering deeper than skin level. “...” She coughs and looks over your shoulder when you start to fidget. “...Are you really certain about that?”

“Sure. I’d hate to do it to Myon, as she’d hate it, but if you don’t want either of them here…”

“...Well, you’ve done quite a bit for me already.” Hina meets your eyes with those green ones of hers. You see an odd emotion swirling in those depths. After a few more moments, she smiles. “I can take care of the poltergeist; I’ve been meaning to have a few words with Merlin ever since I heard about what she had done.”

You blush and start to turn your head, only to realize that Hina’s hand is on your cheek and her gentle touch is keeping you facing her. “Err… Well, I don’t mind, but you don’t have to do anything excessive.”

“Excessive is what I would deem your efforts to make me feel accepted.” Hina lets out a soft peel of laughter before continuing. “Darling, it really isn’t a problem. I’ll make sure that the poltergeist never threatens you again. Do you have a problem with that?”

[ ] No.
[ ] No, Hina.
[ ] No, my goddess.
[ ] Write-in.

TEC +1
No. 190477
[X] No, darling.
No. 190480
[X] No, darling.

I can only hope Hina deals with Merlin in a way that involves a lot of pain and partial exorcisms. My hateboner hasn't subsided the whole way yet.
No. 190481
[X] No, darling.

I like this.

As for Merlin, she's been dickish and took us on that chase. Still what was that black thing?
No. 190483
[x] No, darling

Turnabout is fair etc.

Anyway, maybe Merlin will show s better side with time? Besides, maybe she actually is innocent. A good enough reason to comply with Hina's decision; although is not like we needed one.

Anyone? All I can think of is Etrian and it doesn't make much sense.
No. 190487
[X] No, my goddess.
No. 190490
It's a Monster Musume reference that are found in the tsukimos of the manga online. Kurusu is never drawn with his eyes except for certain moments that are particularly special or emotional. Hence there was a True Eye Count for the number of instances.

Granted, I'm inspired just as much by Graze the Rainbow; that was one of my first and favorite stories on here. It showed me how much I like Letty. ...She probably won't be showing up, even though that would be pretty chill.
No. 190491
>True Eye Count

Challenge accepted
No. 190492
[x] No, my goddess.
No. 190506

I dunno, she seems like someone nice to chill with. She may be an ice queen, but she can be pretty cool if you let her be. Still, if we make her mad she could ice us, but if we stay frosty, we might not get freezer burned. Maybe we could calm her down by going to DQ for a blizzard if we make her frigid towards us. Or maybe she'll show us how icy she can be by giving us the cold shoulder anyways.

I couldn't resist.
No. 190517
[X] No, darling.

Nothing could possibly go wrong!
No. 190518
Can't blame her. Letty is a really cool guy.

Besides, I have a story where she is busy cooling her heels, so I should save her for that. Don't want to make relations with the other girls icy if they don't get their spotlight.
No. 190521
[X] No, Hina.
It's like you nerds have never played a VN before.
No. 190528
[X] No, Hina.

Still polite, without going full "M'lady~ *tips fedora*" like some of the other options
No. 190530
[X] No, Hina

I doubt calling her "goddess" would go over all that well, given how she's responded to such things before.
No. 190532
Changing to [X] No, Hina because I like making ties it sounds less faggy.
No. 190536
File 146865814381.jpg- (27.83KB , 400x300 , Letty trained too hard.jpg ) [iqdb]

Pretty freeze? C'mon, don't give me the cold shoulder! Have a hearth!

Wait, crap, wrong end of the spectrum.

No. 190538
[x] None whatsoever -- and thank you.
No. 190541
[X] No, Hina.
No. 190605
No. 190608
The last update was 3 days ago. Calm down.
No. 190678
Yeah but he was doing so good with the almost two a day updates.
No. 190682
I was rather busy over the weekend. I had planned to write, but things didn't work out.

Something something No my darling no my darling no my darling Clementine joke.

Anywho, don't you worry. I'm not the only one that was tied up.
No. 190692

Ohhhh. ...I just realized you don't mean ropes. Now I feel slow.


Changing vote to...

[X] No, Hina.
No. 190703
I... also thought it was a BDSM joke.
No. 190706
File 146915366443.jpg- (95.09KB , 590x872 , well you catch more flies with honey.jpg ) [iqdb]

What gives you that idea?

I should get the next one up sometime tonight.
No. 190707
File 146916308841.png- (667.26KB , 760x1075 , Just in case you need this picture.png ) [iqdb]
Although, it's not fair if we take turns.
No. 190709
File 14691668997.jpg- (186.76KB , 600x960 , she has it where it counts.jpg ) [iqdb]
----------------------------------------------------- Update 31

[x] No, Hina


“No, Hina.”

The goddess smiles before leaning forward and pecking your cheek. “Thank you. Now, just wait out here for a little bit. Things might get a bit messy, after all.”

You look at her for a moment before sighing. “Just don’t break too much, ok?”

“I won’t intend to, but sometimes things do happen.” She smirks a little bit and twirls over to the door. “I’ll make sure your altar survives.”

“...Ok, you knew exactly what that thing was.”

“I was rather sure, yes. Quite terrible that such a thing happened, especially with such a misunderstanding.” She laughs softly again and enters the door, a cloud of purple miasma swirling after her. Once she crosses the threshold the wind picks up and the sky seems to darken by a few shades of gray. You pause and look up towards the sky,, wondering what is about to happen, until your eyes strain and notice the few violet flecks that are slowly floating down, mere wisps on the wind.

They don’t stay mere specks on the air, as they slowly coagulate and combine and swirl and twist and merge and blossoms into a full windstorm that dives down and into the portal to your home. You merely watch in a not-so-small state of fear as the torrent of purple haze slams into your abode’s doorway for ten seconds before the tail end whips around and grabs the door handle, pulling it shut behind.

“...Well, crap. I wonder what all of that is going to be used for.” You peek inside the windows, but as you do, the curtains draw themselves and prevent you from seeing a thing. After a few attempts to peek through the corner, you step backwards (also taking great care to not step in the road as that would be a really bad idea) and look up. Every single window is the same, with the curtains slamming shut. No one seems to be at any of them, not even the friendly ghost swordswoman-maid person. You honestly wonder what exactly her job entails.

Either way, you are left to watch without a view, instead only listening to the various sounds and shrieks that are emanating from within. “What in the world… It sounds like someone is getting murdered…” You almost head inside before you realize that, of the four that are in there, one is a goddess who likely can’t die, one is a ghost that can’t die, one is a poltergeist… annoyance… that won’t roll over and die, and one is Smith.

You can’t help but smile a bit. “Well, I guess this won’t turn out so bad.” And, as such, you take your seat and listen and continue to watch. The shrieks eventually stop, and the house actually seems to bulge a little bit before it sighs and deflates back to normal. A dark purple haze leaks back out of the seams and cracks before it dissipates away in the wind like it was never there.

As such, the house seems to calm down and all is quiet and still for a few more minutes. “...I wonder what I am waiting for… I don’t hear shouting, so unless they managed to move onto some other form of lecture…” You remain sitting on your windowsill, hte few passerby that were giving you an odd look at your earlier antics all having decided to depart. Once they all seem to have lost their interest in your episode, the door clicks and slowly creaks open. “That’s… not creepy at all, Hina.” After a moment of reluctance, you drag yourself to your feet and head back in, shutting the door behind you to stall any kind of witnesses.

It’s for the better, Hina pulls up on one of her… ribbons? Why is it attached to a hook on the ceiling? That wasn’t there earlier. “...What are you doing?”

“Nothing much; I’m just doing what is necessary.” With a small smile on her face, she gives another jerk and— How in the… “After all, I did need her to sit still when I made a few lifestyle recommendations.”

“But how did you manage to tie up a poltergeist?” And gag her, for that matter. ...Heck, even that trumpet of hers is tied up as well! “...And why that particular route.”

“Oh, the goose and the gander and all of that, really. It was rather fitting.” Hina meets your eyes as a smug little smile crosses your face. Why does it feel so hot in here now? “As to the how… Why, it’s just a horrible accident on her end, forgetting how to become intangible. She might want to try to work on that memory instead of fiddling with that horn of hers.”

Merlin just rolls her eyes at that remark and shouts at that last remark, but you only hear a few muffled “Mfffs!” and “Rmms!” among other various angry interjections. For your part, you just shake your head. “This might have been a bit much.”

“I just needed to remind her of her place, is all.” Hina reaches down and pats Merlin’s head. “Just a nice heart to heart between two girls. I believe that everything will be just fine now, ok?””

[ ] Fine with me: I trust you.
[ ] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in.
[ ] No. I want to talk to her.
[ ] Write-in

She ate 'em? Wonder what happened to the other earpiece...
No. 190711
[X] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in.

Can't be too careful with this sort of thing.
No. 190712
[ze] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in.

Give her the time she needs.
No. 190714
[X] Fine with me: I trust you.
No. 190715
[X] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in
No. 190717
[x] Fine with me: I trust you.
No. 190718
[x] Fine with me, I trust you

Pls no bully
No. 190719
Looking a little close. Hrm. Let's give this a couple of more hours before I start writing.
No. 190720
[X] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in.

I'm sure it's fine if we bully her a bit.
No. 190721
[X]Talk to the poltergeist as she is. Sometimes, a gag is preferable.


No, no, she's wearing them! They just kind of sank in is all, and now she's eating them. Also, the other arm is farther back, thus harder to see.
No. 190722
[X] Fine with me: I trust you.

We aren't that evil, are we? There's no need to bully her any more.

Totally not saying this because Kogasa is my favourite and she seems to get bullied a lot.
No. 190723
[X] Fine with me: I trust you.
No. 190725
[X] Eh. Leave her up there for a little longer and let it sink in.

We need to teach her that her behavior is not acceptable. We gotta be firm. No going easy on her.
No. 190726
File 146924292594.png- (559.07KB , 850x569 , I felt like being silly.png ) [iqdb]

Changing vote~

[X] Fine with me: I trust you.
No. 190727

Well, it looks like the sunglasses have it! Called.
No. 190733
You do realize this vote is about Merlin Prismriver, right?
No. 190734
He is against bullying in general because his favorite character is often bullied.
No. 190735

Honestly never understood that, myself. I mean, it could be construed that she was an EX midboss simply due to her power.

And, if that's the case, it makes one wonder what the upper limit of a "surprise" can be.
No. 190796
File 146959551774.jpg- (93.32KB , 754x800 , just dont put your petard where it may be hoist.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Fine with me: I trust you.


“That’s fine with me.” You look down at the girl before shaking your head. “Either way, go ahead and put her down. She doesn’t need to be left up there.”

Hina looks back at you, tilting her head. “Well, it wouldn’t be too much trouble to leave her in place. She won’t be causing trouble so long as she is there.”

“That really doesn’t matter. If you deem that she is acceptable and isn’t going to cause trouble, then she isn’t. I don’t want her being tied up and strung longer than necessary, though.” You sigh and rub the back of your head. “Just as I didn’t care for it myself.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Hina tugs the ribbon once more and it immediately undoes itself, spilling Merlin onto your floor. “That’s your decision, in the end.” She kneels down and immediately begins to roll up the ribbon that is left splayed over the poltergeist.

For her part, Merlin pushes herself back to her feet before floating up into the air. There is a curious look on her face for one second before that duplicitous smirk slides back onto her lips. “That’s rather generous of you—”

“It’s just because I wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to me or any other person. That’s all, in the end.” You shake your head and look away. “I still have other issues to raise with you later… But as for now, there are other issues to be addressed.” You turn back and look at Smith. “So, the two of them will be staying, then.”

“I had expected as much.” Smith pulls out her papers and begins rifling through them. “See, it can be so simple. All that needs to be done is for the final bits of paperwork to be signed and filled out.”

“...Is it not already?”

“Well, really, there isn’t too much needs to be done.” Smith adjusts her glasses and begins paging through. “Granted, there are the subsidiary cohabitation forms that would need to be filled out as well, in addition to the other requisite forms that come along with the presence of magical beings that are not physically present. Not to mention the additional one required for each additional inhabitant, as additional clearance is needed to house multiple…”

“...Smith.” You shake your head. “Go ahead and take care of it yourself. Wasn’t it filled out the last time, anyways?”

“My help wasn’t available at this time. It is one of those short-notice issues.”

“Then it can wait; it’s not like the two are going anywhere. And if they get into trouble, it’s the government’s responsibility, not mine.” You cross your arms and meet the agent’s eyes. “After all, this is an imposition you are placing upon me. And I have plenty that needs to be done as it is.”

“It really wouldn’t be a problem. You would just need to come down to the corner of Misaka & Nmii to our local office and—”

“You can send out one of your underlings tomorrow with the paperwork, ready for me to sign. I don’t want to sign it before it is filled out, so I don’t want to even hear about that suggestion.”

Smith sighs and, after a moment, pushes up her glasses. “Very well. I’ll send someone out to meet you. I will give you a call when I hear that she is on the way.”

“Thank you for that much.” After a moment, your arms fall to the side and you wave her to the door. “I believe that will be enough for today.”

For her part, Smith just folds her hands and leaves. “Don’t cause too much trouble, now.”

“Frankly, I’m not the cause of the trouble; it’s rather the one who keeps on dumping them with no supervision…” You sigh and shake your head. “Still, that is enough. Good day, miss.”

Smith finally takes the hint and packs up and leaves before heading to the door. “Even so, I would suggest not trying to act too independently. Might make others attempt to shirk their duty more.” Right. Others. With that, she turns and heads outside, closing the door behind her. After the lock clicks and a few seconds pass, you hear an anguished moan from outside.

“I suppose she found her truck. At least it didn’t blow up, right?” You share a small grin with Hina (who seems to be pondering whether to carry it out) before looking at Merlin. “...Later. Not right now.” Ignoring the poltergeist, you look back towards Hina. “...Could you check for all that miasma that you sucked in here? I don’t mean to be rude, but some might be lingering around… I’d like to avoid any more mishaps tonight.”

Hina nods and turns upstairs, dress lifting a little as she spins. Her ears redden just a little bit as she smooths her dress, fiddling with her ribbons all the while. “...Perhaps I did get a little carried away with that. I’ll make sure to remove everything that might be lingering, yes.” With that, the suddenly flustered goddess dashes upstairs, eagerly intent on removing any festering landmine of misfortune before you step upon it.

The poltergeist, still floating there, is ignored as you turn to the kitchen. After all, you have to dive into that rigmarole that is the paperwork and knowledge of the laws in question; you can’t put that off any longer. That’s on top of going to your employer in the morning and seeing if what Smith said about being on a long term leave of absence is actually true. ...And you know that, in an hour or so, you will need to fix dinner. At least two of the people living in this house still require nourishment… At least you’re relatively sure about that one.

So, with that in mind, you head into the kitchen while Myon quietly follows behind you. As you head into the shining and sparkling and dear me you never thought you’d ever see that counter be that clean no matter how hard you tried, she finally speaks up. “...Thank you for agreeing to take us in. I hate to be a burden upon your household.”

“It’s not your fault at all. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t even be placed in this position.” You shake your head and look around. “...And besides, you’ve already done your part to make up for whatever errors that might have arisen. Is everything your responsibility?”

“Yes. It isn’t too difficult. You maintain this house?” After you nod in response, she continues. “It is kept up rather well, for a human. ...Your pantry seems extremely sparse, however.”

“I can’t help that. The last time I attempted to run to the store with Hina, there was a mishap that stopped us from taking stuff home.” Thinking on things, you shrug. “I can go tomorrow, sometime, while I’m on the way to work. I have a feeling that Smith was successful in taking time off on my behalf.”

Myon frowns a little at the thought of such a thing. “She does appear to enjoy taking the initiative on some things…”

“While not caring about the parts she’s supposed to do.” You shake your head. “Either way, I need to check and see what is here or if I’m gonna have to do that right now.” You rub your eyes, wondering if it had been so long since lunch and the movie. I guess it did drag on with the delay…

“Hrm…” Myon tilts her head, but by the time you look at the ghost girl, she averts her eyes. “I can assist with that, if necessary.” She bows her head slightly. “I am used to cooking for Lady Saigyouji, after all. Your appetite, I hope, is not so… great.”

“...Do all ghosts eat so much?” Wait, if that means the two of them need it... “Do you and Merlin need food as well?”

“We don’t necessarily need it… Lady Saigyouji has her own reasons for consuming so much.” She sighs and shakes her head. “My human side does not require any, though I have been using what funds that have been provided to taste test what outside concoctions that I have prepared. ...So, not necessarily, but I would appreciate whatever small portions you might spare.” For science, apparently.

“...Good to know.” Since she didn’t mention Merlin, you’ll take that as her not needing anything unless she says otherwise. You don’t need the poltergeist… you don’t know, throwing pies or eerily peeling hovering apples or throwing butcher knives or whatever it is that poltergeists like to do when food is involved. “Still, I’m hardly going to make you do such a thing.”

“Which is why it is an offer. It isn’t that much, but I can accomplish that.”

[ ] Sure; you can use the time provided to check on those clauses…
[ ] You don’t have a problem, but you’d like to observe. Just in case.
-[ ] Be quiet.
-[ ] Inquire about cleaning.
-[ ] Inquire about cooking.
[ ] Why do it alone? Cook with her.
[ ] It’s your kitchen and these are your houseguests. Take care of them yourself.
[ ] Write-in
No. 190797
[X] Why do it alone? Cook with her.

I thought Merlin was leaving.
No. 190798
[X] Why do it alone? Cook with her.

They're a package deal.
No. 190799
[x] Why do it alone? Cook with her.
No. 190802
[X] Why do it alone? Cook with her.

It's good to see how well Myon can cook, if we ever need to be out of the house for groceries etc, but the kind of MC that we are would surely not sit back and watch.
No. 190807
[X] Why do it alone? Cook with her.
No. 190810
[x] Why do it alone? Cook with her.

Yomyon bonding time~
No. 190811
[X] Why do it alone? Cook with her.

I don't think she'll make a good cooking surface, but let's see how hot she is.
No. 190812
Hrm... Hadn't considered that.
No. 190815
I'm sure she smells delicious.

[x] Cook (with) her
No. 190818
File 146966459561.png- (287.14KB , 1000x625 , how many carrots in a second.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Why do it alone? Cook with her.


“Well, I’m not going to turn down help.” With that in mind, you step on over to the pantry and inspect it for a moment before going over to the fridge. “I can help you, though. I just need to figure something out to do with what we have left…”

Myon frowns a little, tilting her head. “You’re… willing to assist?”

“Well, why wouldn’t I? I’m the one that has to cook. And with two of us, it can be done so much faster.”

“...To be honest, having another would slow me down.”

You give her an odd look as you wonder what— “Ah. Are you referring to how you dashed around the block when you were searching for Merlin earlier?” She nods, and you just happen to look around. “...I suppose that can be handy when you are cleaning.”

“I’m not nearly as expedient with that as I should be, though.” Myon shakes her head. “I can travel much more quickly when I run; when I’m performing an activity, it takes much longer for me to complete my duties.”

Considering how clean your house is… “How long were you here before we arrived?”

“Much too long. Approximately forty minutes.” She darkens a bit and her lips curl. “I will admit that some of the unfamiliarity with this abode caused some of the delay, although I will endeavor to not allow that to hamper my continued service.”

“Hold on a second there.” You sigh and shake your head before she gets rolling. “You don’t have to do anything, ok? You’re a guest in the end.”

“...I feel that it would not befit my station to leave such simple matters unattended.”

“That still doesn’t mean you have to pursue them.” After a few more seconds, you pinch your nose. “Look, it’s not a big deal? You accomplished more than I could hope to. And you’re not obligated to do anything. With that said, let’s just focus on this here.” At least before she insists any further. “We’ve got plenty to do now. So, what were you thinking of doing when you offered?”

“I am not too sure.” She reaches up and taps her lips. “Considering the only thing that you maintain in great quantities are eggs, perhaps something can be done…” Her eyes light up and she nods. “Of course. This is a perfect opportunity for me to attempt another strange outsider concoction.” she nods again as she turns away. “And this would be the perfect opportunity to get a second opinion from a human…”

“...What was that?”

She jumps up suddenly, remember that you are, actually, still standing right there. “Ah! So sorry! Just… would you mind if I did something like that?”

...Well, it’s not going to be some strange food from wherever she is from, so there isn’t too much of an objection. “Well, sure. I’ll help, anyway. But there might not be enough—”

“I will fetch it from our prior abode; that, at least, will not take too long.” Before you can try to reply, she has vanished from your sight.

“Could have at least told me what exactly we’re making so I could start on it.” Seeing as how the ghost isn’t there to respond, you take the time to roll your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. It could be a worse problem. “At least she’ll bring back enough—”

“Hold this!” From out of nowhere, Myon is dumping a fifty pound bag of rice into your arms. You are nearly knocked to the floor as she vanishes again. By the time you stagger to the counter and hoist it onto it, she is dumping off way too much produce than can be used. “Alright, this should be… wait, you didn’t have any pepper, did you?”


And she’s gone again before returning ten seconds later with a large cotton bag packed to the brim. “This should suffice for this evening.” She looks at the baskets of food, worried even so. “Either way. Please take some eggs out and… do you have any variety of millk?”

“There is—”

“Good! Mix that with the eggs and make sure to season!” As Myon does, she removes a knife from the drawer while getting out some carrots to chop. ...Wait a second; you know that knife had some rust on it from where you set it out in water a few months back. “Be quick about it; we want it to be ready at the same time for maximum preparedness!”

[ ] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
[ ] Insist on chopping; you can handle that part.
[ ] Write-in

Monster MusumeTouhou is now a cooking mangabullet hell game!
No. 190820
[X] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
No. 190821
[x] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
No. 190825
[X] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!

No. 190827
[X] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
No. 190828
File 146968516281.png- (737.77KB , 610x837 , Wattah!.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
No. 190829
[x] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!
No. 190830
[X] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!

Here we go!
No. 190841
File 146973820291.jpg- (559.96KB , 2828x1997 , let us indulge in cookery.jpg ) [iqdb]
Next five updates will consist of nothing but grunting.

Anywho, before we have a counterpush by Unlimited Blade Works, let's call it.
No. 190843
File 14697556678.png- (1.11MB , 1920x1080 , GETTING INTENSE.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Do as you’re told. Mix like the wind!


You have received your mission: to mix and stir the eggs with the milk. Myon is currently scrounging for knives, with which you know she is very skilled. As such, you turn back to the eggs.

You can imagine that the eggs are staring back, challenging you. They mock you and your culinary skills. They need to be properly subdued, especially if they are to match the exact perfection that is required by the ghostly sword maid girl… person… thing.

Your weapon lies at hand, in the same drawer from which your compatriot is retrieving hers. Its loose loops of steel, unstained by flour or egg, nor beaten by apple, spike, or moon. Unknown not to batter, and known to sauce. Your ammunition lies before you, a single container of white shards of rock, ready and waiting to be turned on the unyielding foe.

You know this, and yet you feel it isn’t enough. You need to do more than defeat your foe; you must utterly humiliate them. You require… More power.

You spread your feet and plant them on the floor, assuming the proper power position. Your muscles bulge, seen not under your clothing. Once in position, you reach down and try to draw forth an unseen font of power to fuel your culinary efforts.


[ ] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[]Grunt louder!
--[]Scream your head off!
---[]Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[]Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!

[ ] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.
[ ] Issue a dramatic speech about cooking!
No. 190844
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤
No. 190845
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤
No. 190847
[X] (^Above)
No. 190848
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤

I'll admit I giggled when I saw this vote.
No. 190849
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤


And then we summon Utsuho by accident, who decides we are her master!
No. 190854
[x] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.

No. 190863
[X] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.

No need to waste time.
No. 190866
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤

It's unreal! How is he generating that much power?

As >>190830. I'm really happy this happened!
No. 190873
[x] Dramatic speech
No. 190875
[x] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.

Overdone joke is overdone.
No. 190877
[x] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.

Yeah, I think we've hit our silly quota (for now).
No. 190878
[x] You have enough. Go ahead and mix.

No. 190880
It's tight, but we'll have to call it in favor of the going over the top.

Let's see what unlucky effects that might have.
No. 190890
File 146985681952.png- (69.44KB , 316x421 , the scanner wasnt the only thing that broke.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Keep grunting. More power for your mixing!
-[x] Grunt louder!
--[x] Scream your head off!
---[x] Burst your own ear drums with your cry!
----[x] Make a shockwave with the sound of your voice through which your foes cannot hope to cross!
-----[x] N̛̺O̴̙ͅB̡̫̜L̗E ͔̞̝̥̦P̢̻͍H̞A̘͚͓͇̭̮N̪T͉̼̬̳A̵̖̼̲͚̪̤S̼͕̻͟M:̹͚͙̝̲͍̹ ̭͔͔̣͉͢U̱͝NL͙̥͍̙̻IM͈̥I̩̹͚͖T̳̞̝E̗̬D͞ ̘͙͇̦̱ͅE͎̲̻̳̬ͅG̹G̀S̥ ̵͈W͉OR͔̱̮͖K̦̻̬̥̱͢ͅS̛̤


It’s not enough! You must use more effort! Draw upon that unseen fountain, that spring within you that you will unleash and let it subsume you with a mixing geyser that cannot be recognized by friend nor foe!

You grasp the whisk and stir, the grunt sending perspiration cascading down your forehead. You probably should have equipped a headband! However, you will persevere! This is but a little roadblock on your quest for success!

Myon looks on in grave concern as you continue to loudly and visibly grunt with strain. To her eyes you must be attempting to pass a kidney stone the size of K2, but you know that your labor is more than some simple and painful bowel movement! It is the necessary component to the production of a Proper! Scrambled! Egg!

You whisk once around, and yet it isn’t instantly reduced to to a liquid yellow form! You have not charged enough!

A guttural scream rips out of your throat as you draw even more power! This golden treasure laid bare will fear your wrath! Once more you descend with your whisk, not minding as your ghostly companion is staring at you in shocked eyes, as if you have gone insane and been possessed by an unseemly poltergeist!

No matter! You have the power, and you will use it! You throw it down once more and whip up a storm! A whirlwind! This egg has succumbed!

So have the ghost’s intangible garments! ...Unfortunately.

Myon stares at you in shock before looking down, before looking back up. The face darkens immediately as she looks back up as you stand victorious over your vanquished egg. She immediately loses her form, floating there as a blob. “Pervert! Is this what you intended to accomplish when you declared that you would assist!”

You blink, surprised at the results, as you couldn’t have physically spun it fast enough to cause such a thing. “I did… Why did that even—”

“Out! Out of my sight!” The blob brandishes the santoku knife, and you find that your legs are carrying you out before you even realize! Your whisk falls to the side, powerless against the swordsman! ...Knifesghost! Whatever denomyn may apply! Though you turn the corner and manage to escape, a ghostly boot comes flying out of nowhere and hits you square in the behind.

The ghostly gal has some force behind that leg of hers and manages to launch you straight into the air and into the living room, where you find yourself flying straight into the couch, where you spot a rather unamused Merlin sitting still! Unamusement reigns no longer on her visage as she turns and spots the flying human attacking her from an altitude of fifteen feet!

At first you think that nothing will happen, but as you approach the pink bluenette, you realize that she might still be intangibly-challenged. Your fears are confirmed as you faceplant into the unmoving, non-avian/non-magician Merlin as she can’t help but to gawk at the sight.

She does soften the blow, but you hear her head knock against the armrest, not protected at all by the virtue of a soft body! Merlin looks down at you, slightly dazed, as you try to meet her eyes. However, the two large, soft objects that cushioned your fall are in your face and obstructing your sight!

[ ] Write-in
No. 190895
>no eggs end
No. 190898
I was also expecting an egg end.

[X] Apologize for landing on her in a non-flustered manner making perfectly clear landing was an accident and not an abstract way of hitting on Merlin.

Because fuck Merlin
No. 190902
File 146988315465.png- (641.90KB , 1671x1002 , thatsright.png ) [iqdb]
If you want to make an omelette, you've gotta break some eggs.

With that in mind,

[X] "Hi there. Mind if I...

drop in?"
No. 190910
File 146989230845.png- (551.27KB , 1003x1672 , Gonna need an intervention soon.png ) [iqdb]

[X] "Hi there. Mind if I... drop in?"
No. 190913
File 146989599317.png- (508.28KB , 1671x1002 , 2016-07-30 12_22_03.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "Hi there. Mind if I... drop in?"
No. 190916
File 146989983823.png- (548.05KB , 1003x1672 , ONLY TRAITORS COMBOBREAK.png ) [iqdb]
I did consider one, from eggsplosion to egg magical girl transformation to egg on the face, but I liked the idea of using whirlwind to force the next boneka onto the field embarrassing Myon by doing something you shouldn't have been capable of.

That, and I didn't want to force you to use the one continue that you currently have stocked.

As Miss Letty might say, that is rather chill. You spin me right round baby (right round) like a record baby...
No. 190922
[x] Apologize for landing on her in a non-flustered manner making perfectly clear landing was an accident.

because this is the worst of all cliches
No. 190925
File 14699215822.png- (655.01KB , 1003x1672 , This is getting silly.png ) [iqdb]

You... do know that this is based on an ecchi harem manga, right?

All the girls are monstergirls, so it's actually a rather fitting crossover.

No. 190932
[X] "Hi there. Mind if I... drop in?"

Fuck this is too perfect!
No. 190933
[X] Pun option.
No. 190934
I thought this was a Hina story. I am upset that is has suddenly turned into haremshit, and won't be reading any more.
No. 190936
I'm sorry to hear that.

The title is a direct reference to Everyday Life with Monster Girls, which is a harem manga. If you did not note the reference, it was mentioned several times by the readers. The title was intentional as I tried to convey with it that, though there would be other girls in the story, Hina would be the main character. Also, I did say I was inspired by Graze the Rainbow, which had a similar type of setup (multiple girls, but only Letty turned out to be a semi-lead character in the first run). That there are going to be multiple characters involved as primary characters shouldn't be surprising.

A silly vote, one I did offer, was chosen; I felt a proportionally silly (and perhaps cliché) result was called for. I didn't proceed to do some omake ending before reverting was because I try not to resort to a cop out, as I feel it is. (That, and I didn’t want to drop Okuu in as I had no plans for her and didn’t want to potentially waste the character on a quick joke.) We may continue forward into an awkward situation which, as a large portion of the voters would feel, is completely unwanted (considering Merlin's earlier actions). Again, unfortunate, but one must continue.

And it need not turn into a harem story, either. (That is, after all, if Hina or any of the others would even allow such a thing.) That is up to the voters. Frankly, the anon established so far has not put up with any of Merlin's funny business or advances so far. I highly doubt that will change in the immediate future, either.

Still, I'm sorry to hear that you're abandoning the story. The focus already had moved away from Hina once and it will do so again, though I am aware of whom the main character is. Thank you for your time participating in the story so far.
No. 190942
>considering Merlin's earlier actions
The fact that Merlin is even still present is what's really driving me away; if we hadn't voted for her to fucking leave I'd have put up with the shitty harem antics.
No. 190943

It was a package deal; no Merlin, no Myon. It was stated implicitly as such. Still there were votes to keep Myon, and so...
No. 190946
And if you ask me, it was worth it.
Besides, I'm betting that she has a good side, all we need to do is be patient.

[x] Pun option
No. 190947

As >>190943 put it, it was a package deal; it was planned that way from the very start in my notes about who is who. That was the whole reason that Myon was even bothering to chase down Merlin. Since the general thought was that everyone liked Myon, I decided that the better choice would be both staying rather than both leaving.

Granted, there still is that continue if everyone wants to burn it to go back and change their mind on their decision. But, considering that Hina has pulled a Tonya Harding and has crippled her, she isn't going to even be capable of causing that much more trouble.
No. 190948
If you don't want your waifus to constantly threaten your life (usually accidentally), then MonMusu and this thread just aren't for you.
No. 190955
Changing vote to pun option because it's funnier, and the 'Go fuck yourself Merlin' option isn't going to win anyways.
No. 190962

That... has to be the best disclaimer for Mon I've ever heard.
No. 191030
File 14702902524.png- (940.46KB , 1285x1264 , making a backstage pass.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “Hi there. Mind if I… drop in?”


“Hi there. Mind if I drop in?” Sometimes you simply can’t help yourself. And dammit, you just got kicked out of your own kitchen; sometimes you deserve a horrible pun!

“I thought you weren’t particularly pleased with me.” The voice sounds… fairly mirthful, although there is something sour dragging in that inflection. You can’t quite tell, as you are currently reenacting an earlier scene from a different perspective with a poltergeist that you have been none too happy to take in.

Once you collect your breath, you finally scramble off of the girl, managing to fall onto the floor just to the side of the couch. Something cold and shiny rests under your neck as you finally stop moving, and as you look you see a familiar sheen of brass. “Really, I didn’t mean to do such a thing. Just got kicked out of my own kitchen.”

“Eh. That is Youmu in there. I’m surprised she hadn’t already, honestly.” Merlin snickers a little bit as she leans forward and up at you. The grin on her face is not nearly as broadly-defined as before, and seems merely to only be half cocked. “So, what did you do to the little garden…”

“...You gonna finish?” You watch as her eyes slide from your face down her neck, and whatever smile that was there drops off her face. Somehow, she simply looks… off now.

“...Never mind. It’s nothing too terribly important, really.” She just shakes her head as her lips twist a bit. “Would it be too much to ask for you to get up?”

You look down and realize that the instrument that your head landed on is a little worse for wear. “Why was that even on the floor? It wasn’t exactly lying around the last time you dragged it out.” Even so, you go ahead and get up. The instrument looks considerably worse for wear; the bell is bent where your head had landed, and there seems to be some white dust about the pistons of the horn. Now that you can see it closely, all of the tubes look like they’re bent around the pistons, and something was cracked off the… you don’t know the word for the thing. You see the missing solder on the tube connected to one piston. “Doesn’t seem like the best place to leave it lying.”

“To be fair, I wasn’t expecting you to suddenly pounce on me. You were quick enough to get away the last few time.” Merlin shakes her head and picks up the crooked horn, examining it closely. “So, come back to raise more concerns with me? I suppose I should have worked harder to stay out of your way, hrm?”

“You should have worked harder to not cause those troubles in the first place.” Crossing your arms, you examine the bluenette. “Besides, what is with you? First time I’ve seen you that you haven’t looked like the cat that caught the canary.”

“Well, I am fairly concerned about the extent of the damage to myself.” She sighs and starts testing the pistons, finding that only one smoothly slides. As you open your mouth, she cuts you off. “Besides, it’s not too big of a deal, really. The bell isn’t hard to repair.” Merlin looks up and plasters a wide smile on her face. “Feel more comfortable now?”

“...You know, you’re not exactly making yourself more likeable, you know.” Considering that she is focused on the trumpet, and not herself, you’re not too sure about these claims of injuries. “Besides, you don’t even look injured. I’m not that heavy that I hurt you.”

“What, this form?” Merlin shakes her head. “I’m more concerned about the only body that I still am possessing. Can’t quite fix this, since that misfortune goddess decide to give me the biggest dose I’ve ever seen. Although, I have to question that, since this is… well…” She drops it from one of her hands, barely managing to swoop in and catch it. “Dead as a doornail, you know?”

“I wouldn’t, but I’m not too interested.in a little lesson right now, either.” Shaking your head, you start trying to think up of things you need her to follow. “I don’t want anymore trouble, alright? That means no dropping out of ceilings, no trying to spook people, no trying to tie them up for your amusement… No anything that would prove a disruption here. No throwing me off the side of a building. ...And I don’t want find you hitting on me again, fair?”

“Eh. There isn’t any point, really. That goddess wouldn’t let you out of her own possession, as it were.” A smirk finally crosses Merlin’s face as she stares off. “Honestly amusing, to be frank.”

“Really now? Blathering on over nothing?”

“Hrm…. No.” Chuckling, Merlin tosses her hair and nonchalantly shrugs. “Really just thinking outloud.” She shrugs and turns back to her trumpet. “Besides, I don’t even remember how to do such a thing anymore. Hope she didn’t wipe out anything important! Not that’d it’d kill me to lose a bit between the ears.”

You raise your eyebrow at that declaration. “Really? It was so simple? And how long til you remember exactly how to do it?”

“Who knows? I was created like I was; don’t know if I can relearn it!” She snickers softly, barely paying attention to your reaction. “But don’t worry; since you’re stuck with me, I’ll take utmost caution so that my experiments don’t end up with me possessing your foot and giving you a bad case of tingles.” She grins again in the familiar fashion, turning that face to stare up at you. Any other terms that I need to follow so I don’t get walloped again and forget how to float?”

“...Since when are you so sardonic?”

“Well, sometimes one gets a bit over enthusiastic and you screw the pooch. Sometimes the kennel decides to go into heat at the same time.” The same bland grin stares up at you. ...For quite a while. “You know, I never have to blink.”

You break eye contact before reaching up to rub your temple. “Right. I get the picture. Creepy. ...Just don’t be playing that horn if you get it fixed. I don’t want to hear it all the time.”

“Don’t worry about that~” She twirls the horn around one finger with ease, even in its current state. “Haven’t done much but brown notes recently. Ever since I went on a solo act, it won’t just quite come out right.”

“I don’t particularly care why. Just don’t.” Finally, you turn back around, dithering on whether you want to risk the kitchen again. ...Though, as you do, you notice that, next to the stairs, there seems to be a rather large hole in the wall that you didn’t remember being there. White dust covers the floor in front of it, along with a few pieces of sheet rock. It doesn’t take long for you to turn around and look down at the trumpet, which has the same white dust on it.

[ ] …What did she do.
[ ] You want an explanation. Now.
[ ] You don’t care what happened. Fix it.
[ ] Call for Hina to sort this out.
[ ] Just leave. You don’t want to deal with it.

& for afterwards:

[ ] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.
[ ] Venture forth and seek your favorite house guest.


Sorry guys. After thinking it over, I really should have let you had an up or down vote over whether to keep both or not. I had simply assumed that pro-Myon would have won over anti-Merlin and proceeded. My fault for that.
No. 191032
[X] …What did she do.
[X] You want an explanation. Now.
These don't seem mutually exclusive, so I'm picking both. If it's one or the other, count [X] You want an explanation. Now.

[X] Venture forth and seek your favorite house guest.
No. 191033
[x] …What did she do.
I still think she's a good girl. We'll see.

[x] Brave the kitchen

Don't let hilarious misunderstandings get in the way of cooking!
No. 191036
[X] You want an explanation. Now.
[X] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.
No. 191037
[X] …What did she do.
[X] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.
No. 191039
[X] Call for Hina to sort this out.

I mean, it's possible there's a good explanation. It's even reasonably likely that, if there is one, Hina will discern what it is.

But I'm not going to be too bothered if she doesn't.
No. 191042
Sounds reasonable, count me in.

[X] …What did she do.
[X] You want an explanation. Now.
These don't seem mutually exclusive, so I'm picking both. If it's one or the other, count [X] You want an explanation. Now.

Except I'm doing this instead:

[X] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.

Because I feel that we don't want to run crying to Hina every time something bad happens, and because we promised to help in the kitchen. A real man does not break his promises. I am aware we didn't strictly promise, per say, but who cares. We might have done.
No. 191045
File 147035930441.jpg- (1.05MB , 1000x1414 , a19e97db7f4448866a174a4c526cb89c.jpg ) [iqdb]
But anon, do you not wish to be comforted by Best Youkai Mountain Diety?
No. 191049
File 14703672783.png- (497.28KB , 563x665 , she is a lovely painter.png ) [iqdb]
I'll let her know that someone desires her presence, even out of season~

No. 191050
File 147037020591.jpg- (104.11KB , 850x850 , damned humans.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, no, clearly he meant Nitori. Her beauty must have struck him dumb, causing him to drop to his knees and genuflect of the spot.
No. 191059
[X] …What did she do.
[X] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.
No. 191064
File 147040212644.jpg- (323.91KB , 574x800 , Best Goddess.jpg ) [iqdb]

And the Best Youkai Mountain Deity Award 2K16 goes to...

Shizuha Aki!
No. 191065
File 147040313092.jpg- (111.94KB , 480x640 , well she is the manic one.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] …What did she do.
[x] You want an explanation. Now.
[x] Brave the kitchen. It was just a freak accident.


You look back and forth between her and the hole in the wall and then back at the noisy ghost. “...Merlin, what did you do?”

She turns her head to look back at you, and you see her frown for a moment before the grin is plastered on once more. “What do you even mean?”

“This here.” You point to the hole in the wall. “It isn’t exactly hard to see. The hole in my wall, with the cracks spider-webbing from it like someone just punched straight through it. That hole.”

“Oh, that!” Merlin chuckles and shrugs. “Well, that was a little accident that I had. I can’t help that my trumpet did get stuck in the wall. A little problem that happened when I was phasing through the wall. I didn’t get a chance to skedaddle before I got a face full nasty no-juice. I can’t help that I can’t exactly… turn it back.”

“That doesn’t really mean you have to pull it out of the wall, though!” You sigh and shake your head. “Really, there was no point to doing that. None at all.”

Merlin tilts her head, staring curiously. “Would you want your own head to be stuck in the drywall? And have solid drywall up your nose?”

“Not in particular. But do you smell with the horn?”

“Aren’t horns typically used for hearing, not for smelling?” Merlin tilts her head sideways. “Although, I’m not one to put it past the kappa to have tried and created a type of nose horn to enhance smell.” She giggles after a few seconds. “Besides, not like I have to smell. Or breathe. It’s kinda there for show. Never can get anyone to come when I don’t have it on.”

You reach up and pinch your nose. “Still, don’t do it again, alright?”

“Are you so eager to keep me here, then?” She grins a bit before turning back. “I couldn’t leave without myself just like you wouldn’t be able to get along without your left pinkie!”

“...Sure. Whatever.” Merlin seems to take that as a cue to keep fiddling with, and disassembling, the horn. You don’t really want to hang around and interrogate her any longer. Instead, you turn back around, staring at the stairs for one second before marching back into the kitchen.

In there, still in front of the counter, you find that the ghostly girl is still working away, mixing a mess of ingredients in a saucepan with her impeccable ingredients out next to her. Not a one is tipped over and the amount of spillage from any of the bags onto the counter is next to none. And, at the same time, she effortlessly tosses every single ounce up and down with a practiced flick of the wrist. The rice, along with everything else tossed in, flicks up and back down into the pan without a single grain being spilt.

She does not turn to face you. “Err… Myon… I’m sorry about that, earlier.” Stony silence. She does not even turn to look at you. “Really, it was an accident. I did go a bit over the top, but I didn’t think that anything would actually happen.” She still does not say a word to you. “So, if you would like, I can keep helping you, if you need it. You probably don’t, but I did offer, so I should go ahead and see it through.”

Myon doesn’t really respond as she continues to work on the current frying she’s busy with. “Well, if you don’t want to, that is fine as well. I can understand why.” Seeing that nothing seems to be going anywhere, you turn around and take a few steps toward the door.”

“You can fry an egg, can’t you?”

Part of you can’t help but wonder why it keeps coming back to that. “Well, yes, I can manage that much.”

“Well, then fry the egg. Slightly runny. That much I don’t mind you doing.”

[ ] Go on ahead. Not a big deal.
[ ] Deny and just head out.
[ ] Counter and offer to do even more for her.
No. 191067
[X] Go on ahead. Not a big deal.

Sure. But we can probably avoid going overboard this time.
No. 191068
[X] Go on ahead. Not a big deal.
No. 191069
[x] Go on ahead

No. 191070
[X]Go on ahead.
No. 191071
[x] Go on ahead. Not a big deal.
No. 191075
[X] Go on ahead. Not a big deal.
No. 191076
File 147045286351.png- (617.94KB , 547x800 , jeeze luize.png ) [iqdb]
...Louise? She ain't here either. Think another stage

No. 191077
File 14704790152.png- (864.29KB , 704x957 , Aliiiiiiice!.png ) [iqdb]

Heavens to Margatroid, respond!


No. 191080
File 147048845173.png- (217.08KB , 600x600 , chop chop.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go on ahead. Not a big deal


“Yes ma’am. I believe I can do that.” Well, it might have been the second time that you’ve aggravated her, but she seemed to get over it well enough last time. As such, you shut your mouth, take your place, and reach for a pan to place onto the stove.

Granted, it vanishes from your fingertips the moment that you reach for it.

“What are you…” You look over at Myon, but by the time you do, it is back in your hand. The thinnest yellow square is now in it, dripping slowly towards the edge as you hold the pan off-kilter. “...You know, I don’t actually have to use that. I was going to use something that worked just as well, if not better.”

“I must make sure to compensate for the lack of adequate cookware. I am used to equipment with much more age on it.”

“Wouldn’t that make it worse?” Her eyes cut over and meet yours, and you immediately tend to your work. “Never mind; I’ll get back onto it.” The pan is placed onto the burner, and it begins to heat up. Without saying a word, you pick up the bowl and stir it a few times, just to make sure it has not settled in the intervening time. You have to resist the urge to give it a few firmer whirls, but the eyes burning into the back of your head make you change your mind. Instead, you tip the bowl over into the pan and pour out a little bit of the eggy food.

“More. Fill up the pan.”

“...Won’t that be too much?” You cock your head at her. She stares at you for a second before shrugging. “Alright. One pan-sized egg, coming up.” You tip the bowl a bit more and fill up the pan, and the egg pops a few times as the air tries to escape.

The next few minutes are uneventful, as Myon continues her silent work of mixing and stirring the stir fry of sorts, throwing in new ingredients mid-flip of the pan. You remember to flip over the egg at the right time; it may be a little thick, so you may have overcooked it a bit. Even so, you finally take a risk and look at Myon. “So, where do you want it?”

“Place it on top of this when I’m done.” Myon proceeds to pick up the entire saucepan, where the reddened rice has cooked through, and dumps it onto a plate. First with two spoons, and then with two ghostly hands, she works the rice into a massive ball eight inches in diameter. For a moment, you almost ask her to wash her hands before doing something like that. You then realize that you can still see the food through her hands, and you don’t know what the bacterial count might be on a ghost’s hands in the first place. Would a half ghost even affect such a thing? Perhaps half of the bacteria is here? ...Can there be such a thing as ghost bacteria? Would that make you sick? Make you turn into a ghost? It’d probably turn you into a sick ghost, though. And you’d slime everything and then you’d get kicked out of the kitchen again.

“Now.” You blink, and you realize your train of thought had left the station ahead of schedule. “Place the egg on the peak of the rice.” After a pause, you jump in place and march forward with the pan, finally sliding off the egg onto the top of the omelette/rice/omurice concoction. The massive one that looks about the size of your head.

However, it seems to be missing something. “Does it need a little—” A blade smacks into the wood ten times before you can blink, and just like that a little bit of ketchup is poured on top, along with a few fresh garnishes. “...Yes it did. Finished?”

“With that one, yes. I must continue.” She turns back to her pots and pans and starts over once again before you can stop her. “Will that suffice for you? I do not know of your appetite, but that should be enough for at least an appetizer.” Her ears do darken a bit as she hangs her head. “Even with the interruption you provided, I still took too long. I do apologize.”

[ ]Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[ ]Taste it and see if there’s any advice you can give. What could go wrong?
[ ] It would be a good beginning. Let her continue to cook.
[ ] Deny that you need more and eat it yourself.
[ ] It’s more than enough, ask to share.
[ ] After earlier, you insist that she share.
[ ] Take it and thank her; you can share with the goddess.
[ ] Perhaps a peace offering with the geist?
No. 191082
[X]Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
No. 191085
[X]Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[X] Take it and thank her; you can share with the goddess.

We haven't had any time with the goddess for a while now. It was Sanae, right?

In case both options are mutually exclusive, I'll say the second one would be my choice.
No. 191086
[X]Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[X] After earlier, you insist that she share.

As much as I want more Hina interaction, it doesn't feel right to leave Myon upset at us. Maybe a massive rice ball and egg combo will be enough of a peace offering?
No. 191087
[X] It’s more than enough, ask to share.
No. 191089
[X] Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[X] After earlier, you insist that she share.
No. 191090
Sorry, nothing tonight. Was busy today and I'm beat. I'll post the update tomorrow.

Not called, for posterity.
No. 191100
[X] Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[X] After earlier, you insist that she share.

Might as well go with this. We'll get more Hina Time later; patching things up with Myon seems more prudent at the moment.
No. 191112
[X] Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[X] After earlier, you insist that she share.

If only to make an attempt at reconciliation.
No. 191214
File 147132245941.png- (962.25KB , 1000x1200 , the ghost is unhappy she isnt up to snuff.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Assure her that it was faster than you’d ever be able to.
[x] After earlier, you insist that she share.


“...You still managed to perform this far faster than I could have. And practically by yourself as well.” She opens up her mouth to respond, but you put up your hand. “Don’t even try to say that I contributed; I was the one who slowed you down in the first place. So let’s just call it even, alright?”

“I suppose that I can deign to that…” She sighs and shakes her head. “It was… interesting enough. What caused you to engage in such… ridiculous tomfoolery.”

“Ehh…” You reach up and rub the back of your head. “Just a spur of the moment silly thought. Wanted to try and keep up with you in some manner.”

“Even though you had not witnessed my cooking at that point?” Myon tilts her head just slightly. “I had not intended to harp on my abilities, limited as they are. I only do what is required.”

“As I said, I was just being… well, impulsive.”

Myon shakes her head just a bit. “You need not do such things; we have the poltergeist here for any such interaction such as that.” She closes her eyes for just a second. “Although, I suppose we all do have frivolities that we cannot help but to indulge in, from time Just… please prevent yourself from doing such a thing. It would have been unfortunate if we would have lost part of the meal.”

“...Wait a second… This isn’t her—”

“Did I say that it was?” The ghost pinches her nose. “...This is serious, as it is one of my primary duties.”

A stray thought floats into your head. “Didn’t Hina imply that you were her gardener? If so, then why are you also the cook?”

“I am whatever Lady Saigyouji demands.” Myon purses her lips. “Either way, we are deviating onto a tangent. Is this enough to suffice?”

“More than enough, really.” You chuckle and shake your head. “Far more.”

“Then good. ...Please eat the rest of it and tell me what you think.”

You accept the bowl from her, pausing halfway through the motion. “...Would you, instead, like to share? It’s more than enough for me, and I’m sure you would like to try it as well.”

Myon blinks a few times, staring at you as she does. “...Huh? ...What possibly gives you that idea?”

“Well, you said you had been sampling the food that you were making.” You offer a small smile, trying not to look to pushy. “Besides, it isn’t as if I won’t go hungry; there’s more than enough. And this way you get to judge whether my expectations will level up to your own.”

“I…” Myon shakes her head, still rather flummoxed by your proposal. “I do not really understand why…” She sighs and looks away. “Truly, it is not my position to eat my portion until everyone has been served.”

“Is there anyone else here?”

“...I suppose you do have a point.” She shakes her head, still looking away. “But to offer me any food would certainly be a waste of ingredients.”

“Of which I am certainly going to be billing that Smith for all that she’s worth.” A snicker slips out of your mouth before you can stop it. “Seriously; this isn’t too bad. But why are you so against the idea?”

“Well… I am not too effective a judge.” She looks to the side and shrugs. “It comes with the territory that I am in. It’d be similar to stabbing myself with a regular outsider blade. I would feel the sensation, and my other self would certainly feel a little more, but it isn’t a particularly strong sensation at that. So any food that I might partake of, in addition to doing nothing to sustain me… It’d not be as effective.”

It makes sense, but you also have to wonder… “...Who have you been using as your, erm… guinea pig, then?”

“The poltergeist does have her uses, in the end.”

“I see.” You sigh and pinch your nose, debating for just a second. “Still, it isn’t completely pointless of an exercise, is it?”

“Not entirely, I suppose. It would still be better spent on yourself or someone else whom might gain more from it. Just let me know how to improve this medley in the future.”

[ ] Insist that she eats with you; it’s really not a big deal.
[ ] Accede to her wishes; no use arguing, and you know who can use the extra.
[ ] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!

I definitely am off of my schedule. A day, a week and a day… In Plutonic time, I’m right on schedule!
No. 191215
Fffffuuuuuck, I don't know the answer that will make Myon happiest. Saging until consensus.
No. 191217
[X] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!
-[X] Insist that she at least have a bite; you can't get better by book and second hand experiences alone. Ignoring that Youmu technically would be getting a second hand experience.
--[X] Ask her to make something else, too, as you want to help. Assuming we aren't full.
---[X]Maybe throw her a curveball and see if she can make something particular as a sort of challenge to her.
---[X]Or maybe show her how to make something she might not know how to make that you know for certain is good.

Consider this a vote for whichever of the two third options has more votes.

Thing is, if none of us are full, that means that we'll need another meal.

Myon gets more opinions, we might get bonus points with everyone, and we also might cheer up the horny poltergeist and maybe learn more of her so that people can reconsider tarring and feathering the poor ethereally challenged girl.
No. 191218
[X] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!
-[X] Insist that she at least have a bite; you can't get better by book and second hand experiences alone. Ignoring that Youmu technically would be getting a second hand experience.
--[X] Ask her to make something else, too, as you want to help. Assuming we aren't full.
---[X]Maybe throw her a curveball and see if she can make something particular as a sort of challenge to her.
---[X]Or maybe show her how to make something she might not know how to make that you know for certain is good.

Consider this a vote for whichever of the two third options has more votes.

Eeeeehh, why not. This sounds good. I'll follow you for the moment unless I come up with a better idea (or this one gets horribly shot down - something as write-in-y as this could deviate far further than Headwing might be willing to write (No offence intended to you, Anon, or Headwing either, but if you see it that way I apologise))

Having said that, we did go Super Saiyan, so who knows?
No. 191219
Interesting votes, I'll say. However, if you're going to offer a challenge/something new, I'd like for you to vote on what food/recipe to challenge her with.
No. 191220
[x] Insist she tries it, it's not a big deal
No. 191221

Hmm... Well, honestly, we don't know enough about Darling to say. Best I can offer is perhaps something tasty and egg-based.

Rice omelette with a smiley face on it?

Actually, that might cause issues, as the face would likely look something like a Yuyuko had put on all the weight she should, at that size.

Still, we know egg-fu, so I'm sure it'll carry us through somehow.

...Or, heck, why don't we make a list of things to offer to teach?

Although, challenging her would honestly be simpler. Just need one. However, personally teaching her might be more points.
No. 191225

How about a quiche? I've got no idea how to make one of those, but maybe MC does?
No. 191228
I'll leave the choice to anon. Anything goes. Now, where did I put that spool of rope...
No. 191231
[X] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!
-[X] Insist that she at least have a bite; you can't get better by book and second hand experiences alone. Ignoring that Youmu technically would be getting a second hand experience.
--[X] Ask her to make something else, too, as you want to help. Assuming we aren't full.
---[X]Maybe throw her a curveball and see if she can make something particular as a sort of challenge to her.
---[X]Or maybe show her how to make something she might not know how to make that you know for certain is good.

Consider this a vote for whichever of the two third options has more votes.

I'm down for this vote.

As for the curveball, how about something decidedly western? West Lake Beef Soup maybe? I don't think Yuyuko has her make western stuff but I don't fucking know
No. 191238
Well, we've got a few sporadic votes. Go ahead and decide; if there isn't any, i'll be rolling dice to pick. Be sometime tonight, likely.
No. 191239

Changing to...

[X] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!
-[X] Insist that she at least have a bite; you can't get better by book and second hand experiences alone. Ignoring that Youmu technically would be getting a second hand experience.
--[X] Ask her to make something else, too, as you want to help. Assuming we aren't full.
---[X]Or maybe show her how to make something she might not know how to make that you know for certain is good.


Changing to...


I've decided that I'd rather uncertain certainty than certain uncertainty. I honestly didn't expect everyone to bandwagon that part, too. I was honestly just throwing more votes on the table as I'm wont to do...
No. 191248
Cooking manga confirmed.
No. 191254
File 147155080879.jpg- (137.72KB , 700x700 , you might be creating a monster.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] This is a bowl to end all bowls; invite them all!
-[x] Insist that she at least have a bite; you can't get better by book and second hand experiences alone. Ignoring that Youmu technically would be getting a second hand experience.
--[x] Ask her to make something else, too, as you want to help. Assuming we aren't full.
---[x] Or maybe show her how to make something she might not know how to make that you know for certain is good.
----[x] Quiche


“That just won’t do.” You smile down at her before taking the bowl and setting it on the table. “Everyone needs to try this out; there is plenty that is here.” She opens her mouth to object once more. “That is my decision. You don’t need a second hand experience from any food you have cooked. Even a muted experience will give you a baseline to compare to my reactions.”

Myon sighs and droops her shoulders. “Why are you so insistent on this? It isn’t that necessary… Besides, as we speak, the food continues to cool. At this rate, I’m not sure that it will even be at its optimum period for consumption.”

“Then it would be best for us to go on ahead and both go to that stage, hrm?” You wave your hand down to the bowl. “It’s not going to bite you.”

“It is not the time for such foods, after all. My lady tends to like live creatures typically on nights of the full moon more than any other time.” Myon continues to look a bit defeated. “If you insist.”

“I do.” After a moment, you add on, “Besides, if you don’t mind, I could try and teach you a few recipes that you don’t know.”

Her eyes quirk up a little bit at that. “Would you?”

“It shouldn’t be an issue. But first, let’s eat.” You take your own spoon and finally dig into the now-not-blistering-hot pile of food. Once the teetering mess of rice and egg enters your mouth, you find yourself assaulted by a series of flavors. Lots of flavors. Tons of them! It’s like Myon went and dropped a carton of tomatoes in it rather than just pouring in some ketchup! ...Pouring would also be an adequate description of the spices… It’s hard to even taste the chicken. “How much, in terms of spices and other additives, did you add to the rice?”

“I had to adjust it a few times; the first few times I cooked it, it didn’t turn out right.” Myon frowns a bit as she takes her own bite. ...You actually can see her food as she chews it. It’s both a little disturbing and somewhat intriguing. The moment she notices you, though, she swallows and it vanishes . ...So does the wall behind her, for that matter, though that might be due to her face darkening. “Why are you staring…?”

“Sorry!” You shake your head and turn away, blushing slightly. “It was an odd sight that I really wasn’t expecting.”

Shaking her head once more in response, Myon takes another bite. “Still, from my perspective, it tastes the same as the last one that I made. ...I suppose something was wrong then as well.”

“Didn’t you say that Merlin was the one who taste-tested for you?”

“...That is true…” A cross look appears on her face and her hand lowers automatically to her side, reaching for a weapon that, fortunately, is not there. “I suppose she will have to serve another reminder to her…. She will never cease in her efforts to cause trouble.”

“Stop that. No fighting.” Myon ignores you as she heads to the door. “Or I won’t tell you how to do the rest of it.”

“This is a necessary action—”

“I’ll take care of it if so. Since she is a ghost, I wouldn’t put it past her to have the same problem that you do.” It makes you wonder the what brand of wisdom was used in making that decision. “Still, I need to instruct you on how to make this other part. If you go off after her, I won’t have time to teach you.”

Myon bites the inside of her cheek for a moment before sighing in resignation. “Very well; I suppose I can forestall any further action. Praytell, what is this concoction that you are having me devise?”

Why is she acting like it’s some kind of magical potion? “This won’t be too hard, I don’t think, but my memory is a bit rusty. It’s called a quiche. Now, first we need a baking dough to crust the pan…”


Fifteen minutes later, having witnessed a whirlwind of activity as Myon flies out and fetches more supplies (you know that at this rate even a reasonable person might object to the cost of food) but the crust is baking in the oven and she is mixing ingredients. You yourself have the task of wrangling the disparate other girls to join the culinary challenge.

When did food start taking over your life…?

[ ] Pick girl(s) to fetch.
-[ ] If multiple, pick order.

Also, since this will be last vote before the next day…

[ ] Anon, what is your profession?
No. 191256
Oh god I dunno about this. Hina and Merlin could make for a real mess... On the other hand we haven't seen Hina in a while and we should probably start trying to get everyone to integrate since we all live together, so I guess I'll go with:

[x]Hina, then Merlin.

Even if it will probably end in a mess.

As for profession:
[x] Software engineer.

There will be no uneducated-with-no-career nonsense here, and computers are where the money is!
No. 191257
On one hand, only inviting Hina would be a comfy-er experience, but neglecting Merlin would do our relationship no favors and could lead to her becoming more standoffish than she already is. So I'll have to go with [X]Hina and Merlin

[X]Software Engineer
No. 191260
File 14715708318.png- (368.24KB , 500x525 , Chairman Myon.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Anon, what is your profession!?
-[X] Warriors! Chef.

I think things would be most fun if we're a chef. It would make for an interesting rivalry between the two of us.

The battle of a lifetime, where we fight for dominance in the kitchen. Who will go home with their dreams crushed, and who will crush those dreams of grandeur like a tomato?

Will we teach her spicefu while she teaches us to cook at such a speed? Cut at such a speed?!

Find out next time on Iron Touhou!

No. 191261
[X]Hina and Merlin
[X]Biomechanical Engineer
No. 191268
[X] Hina and Merlin

I'd like to try and get Merlin to open up, if only a little

[X] Chef

Because having a cook-off against Youmu would be great.
No. 191269
[X] Hina and Merlin
[X] Software Engineer
I work in the food industry. It is hell on earth. Whatever passion you think you have for cooking, it will not last. I suppose if we're an actual chef instead of the help it wouldn't be that bad, but my knee-jerk reaction is to avoid it.
No. 191273
[X]Hina and Merlin
[X]Biomechanical Engineer
No. 191275
[X] Hina, then Merlin.
[X] Software Engineer

Nothing much to say here, just a little bandwagoning.
No. 191276
[X] Hina, then Merlin.
[X] Software Engineer

Definitely not playing favoritism by choosing the kind of job I'd like to have
No. 191279
File 14717322912.jpg- (16.06KB , 600x336 , i like big blimps and i cannot lie.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, looks like it's gonna be eni-

Ya'll don't know where the good engineering is, but perhaps I am biased as well. Aerospace always rises the farthest! Terrible puns aside, called.
No. 191280

Mine was more a reference to Taste the Rainbow rather than actual taste in engineering fields.
No. 191281
Oh, it's fine. I just had to make the joke; have to have some professional pride. And I know what you mean; at least it gives Protag a direction and explains why he is relatively comfortable. Assuming you were the first voter?
No. 191282
[X]Hina and Merlin
[X]Police officer

Because I want action scenes and it's hard to find an excuse for those in SOLs
No. 191289

Maybe we'll get Suikazilla fighting Goliath or something.
No. 191291
I kind of wonder what Hina's body is like here, or Merlin's as well.

Are either chesty?
No. 191292
File 147192110178.png- (644.41KB , 624x840 , Three Sleeping Beauties.png ) [iqdb]
We shall have to see. Just to be careful what you ask for~

After all, that is the most important quality. If Hina isn't fortunate to have that... shucks, she's out of luck. I mean, if you want to waste a [z] vote to find out that answer...

Anywho, may or may not end up going to a new thread. We shall see.
No. 191374
No. 191375
Will be coming sometime in the next day; ended up busy and behind schedule. Working on a little bit of it right now.

As we're a few posts away from autosage, any questions/concerns that need to be addressed right now?
No. 191381

Are those sizes to scale?
No. 191385
File 147244899231.jpg- (188.96KB , 600x600 , answering important questions.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 191388
(Not)fortunate Tidings >>191386

Thread Watcher x