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19001 No. 19001
“Right this way, madame” You tell Ran, in a mock impersonation of a waiter, bow and all. The two of you head down the hallway that leads past your room, heading back to the dining area. The two of you walk down the hallway in relative silence until you walk past your room. Suddenly Ran takes your hand, and stops walking. You turn around to see what’s wrong. Ran suddenly presses her body up against you. You fall back against the wall of the hallway, and ran follows you.
“Hey. . .” She says in a breathy voice, “I believe that you have something that I. . . Well, both my mistress and I want.” She nuzzles up against your neck.
“So, can I please have it?” She rubs her breasts up against your chest. “Please?”
You stutter for an answer, and claim that you don’t know what she’s talking about.
“O-” She rubs up against you, “Ne-” She nips lightly at your neck, running her hands through your hair, “Gai~”
Your mind goes white. You’d agree to just about anything at this point.

[ ] Give Ran what she wants.
[ ] Refuse Ran.

No. 19002
[ ] Refuse Ran.

No. 19003
[x] Give Ran what she wants.

if you know what I mean

No. 19004
[ ] Refuse Ran.

No. 19005
[ ] Refuse Ran.

No. 19006
[X] Refuse Ran.

Will power.

I'm sure the opportunity will pop up again some time, and remember what happened last time we went down this road? We DO NOT want the entire team pissed off again so soon.

Remember what happened when we agreed to Hina's proposition.
No. 19007
[x] Refuse Ran.
No. 19008
[ ] Refuse Ran.
No. 19009
[X] Refuse Ran.
You have reisen who actually loves us. we can't possibly want more.
No. 19010
File 120855791265.jpg - (18.73KB , 439x336 , 1206992777004.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks are decieving, when Kira is involved

[X] Refuse Ran.
Even though I shat a small brick.
No. 19011
[X] Refuse Ran.
No. 19012
You're just making it SEEM like she wants sex, when in reality it'll lead to a bad end, aren't you?!

However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
[x] Give Ran what she wants.
No. 19013
[X] Refuse Ran.
No Anon, No.
No. 19014
>Well, both my mistress and I want
DO WANT Yukari route
No. 19015
[ ] Give Ran what she wants.
No. 19016
[ ] Refuse Ran.

Too easy, no fun.

I'm not interested in HAWT DICKINGS unless they mean something, I get the feeling either Yukari is using Ran to get what she wants or that this isn't Ran.

Still, considering Ran's character if it is her, then she's under duress to do this. I think there's still hope for something between us if we're nice to her after she gives it up.
No. 19018
i'm starting to like this. to the anon from the previous thread that invented it, you have my thanks.
[X] Refuse Ran.
No. 19019
[x] Refuse Ran.

You can't trust them tricky foxes.
No. 19020
they either want his box, or the thing reisin says everyone has :3
No. 19021
[X] Refuse Ran.
Kira wants to lead us to another bad end. Not this time
No. 19023
[X] Grope tails.

Take initiative! To avoid all chances of getting owned, just go ahead and play with them
No. 19024
[ ] Refuse Ran.
No. 19025

[x] Refuse Ran.

Shit, I want to accept so fucking hard. But a pissed off and angry Reisin just looms in our future if we accept.
No. 19027

Should be easy to discern her intentions from whatever her reaction is to that.
No. 19028
[x] ... "what?"
No. 19029
File 120855858250.png - (7.87KB , 355x349 , AnonSurprise.png ) [iqdb]

[X] Refuse Ran

No. 19030
Unless Ran is willing to use less pleasant methods to get what she wants. That would mean that refusing her is BAD END
No. 19031
File 120855859068.jpg - (206.41KB , 650x591 , RAAAAAAN.jpg ) [iqdb]
From somewhere, deep inside, so deep inside you have no idea where it came from, You say something.
Ran pulls back, and looks at you quizzically. “What?”
You repeat yourself. Refusing her. Ran’s look turns from being lovey dovey, to one of anger.
“You, Boy, Are not in a position to refuse me. You WILL give me what I want, and you will give it to me NOW.” Ran pulls you away from the wall gripping your shoulders hard enough to make them hurt before slamming you back into the wall, HARD. You think you hear a crack when you hit the wall. Your vision blurs for a moment before you refocus. Ran looks REALLY angry.
“Give it to me, before I have to hurt you worse. I’m not going to break you, that would upset the mistress, but she said nothing against severely maiming.” Ran’s lips split as she smiles, her tongue running over her rows of very sharp teeth.

[ ] Acquiesce to Ran’s command
[ ] Refuse Ran.
No. 19034
[ ] Refuse Ran

...the heck is she talking about anyway? I might accept if I actually knew.
No. 19035

[x] Refuse Ran.

No. 19036
[X] Refuse Ran.
show her our willpower
No. 19037
[ ] Refuse Ran.

Also yell for help or something.
No. 19038
[ ] Refuse Ran.
stand your ground
No. 19039
[x] You lost me.
No. 19040
[ ] Refuse Ran

Ask her to explain what she wants.
No. 19041

[x] "Give you what?"

no, but seriously

[ ] Refuse Ran.
No. 19042
[x] ... No.
No. 19043
[X] Refuse Ran.
No. 19044
[x] Grab tail.
No. 19045
[x] Refuse Ran.

I'm sorry Dave I'm afraid I can't do that.
No. 19046
time for the smart-ass action cause we didn't grope the tails

[X]Unzip pants
No. 19047
[ ] Refuse Ran.
No. 19048
First she saves and and brings us back in time and now she has nothing against Ran maiming us?
No. 19049
[X] Refuse Ran.
What the hell does she mean? i think we're going to get hurt BAD over a misunderstanding.
yet, willpower FTW. loyalty and a cool head.
No. 19050
[ ] Refuse Ran.

She may hurt us but I don't think she can afford to kill us. But what does she want? I mean, do they want our precious man juice? To what end? Does Ran and Yukari want their mana charged?

Or myabe Yukari is testing us, making sure we don't fuck up again. Really hammering the fucking point home if that's the case Kira
No. 19051
>Shit, I want to accept so fucking hard. But a pissed off and angry Reisin just looms in our future if we accept.

Anon is smarter than this; good things come in small doses, not all at once and in great quantity.
No. 19052

[ x ] Refuse Ran.

No. 19054
You guys are crazy. Just bang her and move on. Hohoho~
No. 19055
[x] Refuse Ran.
No. 19056
[x] Refuse Ran

No. 19058

[x] Refuse Ran.

[x] This sure is helping my compliancy. You know, threats of blackmail would probably work better.
No. 19059
Anon has learned the meaning of loyalty.
and for some reason, i like it.
No. 19062
Was the Hina disaster not enough for you?
At least it helped us get Reisen, that should be something positive. Kira is not forgiving, every wrong choice we make we have to pay with someone dead or making some more enemies.
No. 19063
You're the reason we got dropped on a rock.
No. 19064
[X] Give her the camera
No. 19067
Well, ran may injure us in the worst case, but if sanae managed to fix our previous fucked up situation, as long as ran wouldn't kill us (and she wouldn't), we should eventually be fine.
plus we might get appreciation from the girls for standing up and keeping our head cool.
No. 19068
Anon will never trust anyone who hits on him ever again.
No. 19069
Anon is just contrary, suspicious, and afraid of being caught.
No. 19070

It is because Anon is one of the few men in Gensokyo.
No. 19071
This will be Kira's legacy
No. 19073
Shouldn't we be able to communicate the situation via codec with Reisen?
No. 19074
Too aroused to do anything
No. 19075
You refuse Ran again. If she looked angry before, she now looks absolutely furious. Her face is contorting in a horrifying fashion. It looks like some sort of bizarre hybrid of fox and human, her rows of teeth seem to almost be gleaming. Releasing your shoulder she rears her hand up, then stabs it through the wall, just above your shoulder. “Next time, I won’t miss your shoulder. Now. Hand it over.”
Ran suddenly jerks back as a bullet barely misses her face. Reisen is standing down at the end of the hallway, her finger pointing at Ran, and her thumb up in the air. Her other hand seems to be supporting her gunned hand.
“Ran, I don’t know what Yukari’s put you up to, But I would suggest you let him go.” Reisen’s voice is wavering slightly. <Don’t worry, Mokou’s coming up the other end of the hall. Sanae’s coming in from your room, When I give you the signal, pull and run away from me.>
“Oh? Do you really think such a simple plan will work on me? I don’t really want to hurt him, but you may force my hand.”
“Yo-You don’t scare me, fox.” Reisen seems to be backing down in the face of Ran’s piercing stare. You might be able to do something now, given that Ran’s attention is distracted.

[ ] Knee Ran in the stomach.
[ ] Yell for Reisen to run
[ ] Do nothing.
No. 19076
Over 10 for refuse.
now....... we wait.
No. 19077

[x] Wait for the signal.
No. 19078

Now's your chance! Reisen will take advantage of the distraction
No. 19079
[x] Knee Ran in the stomach.

No. 19080
[X] Knee Ran in the stomach.
No. 19081
fucking read, Ran already knows.
No. 19082
[X] Knee Ran in the stomach.
No. 19083
[X] Yell for Reisen to run
No knee ram, shes tons stronger than us
No. 19084
Mokou should be a matched rival for Ran
yet, i'm not sure we should knee her in the stomach. isn't there a "run away like the fucking wind" option?
so.... [X] yell for reisen to run
we know Ran wouldn't kill us, nothing about the others though.
No. 19085
[X] Do nothing.
No. 19086
[ ] Do nothing.

No. 19087
[x] Knee Ran in the stomach.
No. 19088
[ ] Yell for Reisen to run
No. 19091
I don`t think a kick will work...

[ ] Do nothing.
No. 19092
[x] Do nothing
We're out of our league here.
No. 19093

[x] Do nothing.

Stop being stupid anon.
No. 19094
[x] Do nothing.

hostage situation. diplomacy +1
No. 19095
[x] Do nothing.

We're in some sort of bottle neck situation, possibly even a dead end of sorts. Just sit back and roll with it.
No. 19096
[X] Grope her tails.

It will distract her enough!
No. 19097
[x] Do nothing.
it's always the second time
No. 19098
[x] Do nothing.
No. 19099
PLEASE let this replace the knee thing.
No. 19100
[x] Do nothing.
No. 19101
[x] Do nothing.
No. 19102
[x] remove pants

distraction penis
No. 19103
[x] Deliver a swift cunt punt.
No. 19104
[X] Do nothing.
No. 19105
[ ] Knee Ran in the stomach.

No. 19106
There's no reason to act. We're surrounded by allies who are much more adept at fighting than us. We could yell for Reisen to run, but there doesn't seem to be much point in that.
No. 19107
[x] Knee Ran in the stomach.
No. 19108
So, what do you think it is, Anon?

The Box (with hair)? The card? The fluff?

I think it'd be pretty cool if she wanted the fluff. But I have to assume it's the box, or Yukari's just screwing with us again.
No. 19109
[x] Knee Ran in the stomach.
No. 19110
Yeah doing NOTHING is really going to help things, just stand there and gawk.

It's pretty clear that Kira is trying to throw us a curve ball here.

Oh god, I'm glad it's friday. We're getting back into the whole "ZOMG GAR" "UH UHH! GAR IS STOOPID" arguments again.
No. 19111
[ ] Do nothing.
No. 19112
just grope people... grope!
No. 19114


Also.. [x] Do Nothing
No. 19115
File 120855988582.jpg - (56.73KB , 400x446 , melol.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is my GAR face
No. 19116
gar or knee is not going to help us out here. We are out of our league here, our knee is not going to hurt her, at least it will only make her more angry and she will possible rip us a bit apart
No. 19117
[ ] Do nothing.
She's acting, fools! It's a trap!
No. 19118
We could use the card
No. 19119
[X] Do nothing.
Reisen said wait, we should wait.
although Ran is fucking strong, she's not a match for Reisen+Sanae+Mokou.
No. 19120

then grope. she'll be caught so off guard that you get a nice grope and they get and opening
No. 19121
[ ] Do nothing.
No. 19122
There was no touch tail option this time. but there should have been one damnit
No. 19123
Long enough to distract her and for the signal to be given, if we do nothing Ran is going to tear Reisen apart like a tissue.

Don't you know how this goes? If we do nothing Reisen will have to dive in and protect us, dying in the process.

We have to do SOMETHING, "It is better to die, than live for yourself." Is something I'd rather apply to us than Reisen.
No. 19124
No. 19125
No. 19126
[X] Do nothing.

As well as

[X] Inventory check
No. 19129
How often must you people be reminded that Kira excepts unique options should they reach five first before it will stick?
No. 19130
No. Reisen is distracting her, and she can take a damn hit. If WE jump in, Ran will kill us in one hit.

Reisen can take a few hits. WE cannot; Reisen will be forced to attack, which will just make it worse. No, let the ones who can fight do it. Besides, Reisen might be able to Dream-eyes Ran.
No. 19132

exactly why i was trying to get people to vote for it!
No. 19133

No. 19134
[x] Do nothing.
Calm head Anon.
No. 19135
File 12085605261.jpg - (29.30KB , 280x284 , dreadnought.jpg ) [iqdb]
And then Anonymous was a Dreadnought
No. 19137
[X] Do nothing.
Oh holy fuck.... this can't end well
No. 19138
That would make an amazing Doujin, Reisen is married to the anon Dreadnought.


"Oh anon, I love you too!"
No. 19140
Do nothing won.
No. 19142
well you shouldn't of voted for the BAD END
No. 19143
Actually, Anon being a dreadnaught is fuckawesome.
No. 19146

I can`t stop imagining following mechanical tentacle rape.
No. 19147

Kira really needs to make [ ] Inventory a standard choice selection. I mean, even he forgets what items we have sometimes.
No. 19148
File 120856116424.jpg - (12.71KB , 315x315 , Bentus.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19149
Incoming Mexican Standoff.
No. 19150
ur doin' it wrong
No. 19151
........no, he's doing it right. did you even play homeworld?

Can you repair my great canon?
No. 19152
No. 19153
Really? I can only imagine an unfortunate power fist incident.
No. 19154
We should call upon our hidden ace. Unlimited Ruffle Works.
No. 19158

On Ran? I'm sure there are easier ways to commit suicide than that.
No. 19159
File 120856150212.jpg - (80.05KB , 1280x1024 , lucifer.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19160
Mana too low, we need a recharge with Reisen
No. 19166

Is it odd that I liked a lot of the first game more than the second? The first felt, bigger for one thing.
No. 19168
Your own personal tastes are never weird, it's why so many people like some shitty whatever while you think it's shit.

That said, you're a fag what the fuck is wrong with you.
No. 19170
So, there's only one thing to do now. We wait until the plan goes into action, and then we make a pad joke while the other girls beat down Ran.
No. 19173

First FS or HW?
No. 19174
Nasu bad end inc
No. 19176
If you mean Freespace, then it is sort of odd since the second does everything the first does, only better. And how could you not like beams? BEAMS MAN, FUCKING BEAMS.

If you mean homeworld, then, yeah they kinda screwed things up a little there in single player. The auto-adjusting difficulty would rape you if you came out of a mission with too many ships in your fleet.
No. 19177
I've not played Homeworld 1 although I wish I had, I bought 2 but don't want to touch it yet.

I meant Free Space 1 yeah, 2 was prettier and so on. But the missions weren't as fun and the ships seemed smaller. I liked the story of 1 more as well.
No. 19178
You said there will be text.
No. 19180
File 120856297248.gif - (26.85KB , 200x228 , 1202702424529.gif ) [iqdb]
So....an hour later....still here....
No. 19181
7 minute break dammit.......
who's up for soup?
No. 19182
Kira obviously took our shouts of '[X] Do nothing' literally.
No. 19183
Have some patience, he has a Life too, cant write us 24/7 stories. And he still needs to think about what to write too from time to time. Dont want the quality to drop
No. 19184
What is this "life" you speak of? where can i obtain a sample of it?
No. 19185

Good Anon
You look kind of mirrormoon
No. 19187
The Lake got him, he is not going to come back.
No. 19188

It's not like he's doing it for the attention or anything. Nope.
No. 19189
File 120856370788.png - (640.28KB , 1280x1024 , sathanas.png ) [iqdb]
>ships seemed smaller

Nonsense. Collossus and Sathanas were fucking huge. You needed a few minutes to fly from one side of Collossus to the other. You call that small?
No. 19191
Meh, I just drop by periodically while I get ready for my fraternity's party tonight. The story is at a really good point though; I'd like to see how this scene turns out.
No. 19192

I understand he has life, but he could at least leave us a message when he`s leaving. "brb soup" or something like that doesn`t take long to write you know.
No. 19193
Correct write-in responses:
- Use Item: Spellcard
- Use Item: Camera Obscura
- Feign unconsciousness
No. 19195

It was the shivan ships that I felt were smaller, I remember playing the first one and thinking:
"Holy shit! I have to fight that?" I remember having to shoot sensor arrays and engines three times the size of my entire ship.

Maybe it was just that by the second one I was used to it?
No. 19197
Hot damn, Anon. I blanked out for a good while there, things took an unexpected turn, but we're holding good to the course. Personally, I would've preferred we knee Ran in the stomach, but, well...

...I can't believe I just said that. Damn it, Kira.
No. 19198
But most of the ships that were in FS1 were also in FS2. Hell, FS2 introduces about 5 ships that are bigger than anything in FS1. Also, I think I remember reading that the FS2 engine is a heavily modified version of the FS1 engine, so I don't think it could be that.
No. 19199
I know what you mean, but he probably has his own reasons.
No. 19201
We have no camera or spellcard at the moment.
No. 19202
Freespace? I liked it better when it was called Tie-Fighter!
No. 19203
File 120856433192.jpg - (112.86KB , 1024x768 , statler_waldorf_02_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19204
Guess it just means I acclimated then.

I did like the ships you flew in more in the second though, but some of them felt a bit surplus. Like the stealth fighter one, but I think I only saw that once because I wasn't good enough to unlock all the covert mission maybe.
No. 19205
>Maybe it was just that by the second one I was used to it?

Could be that. Shock factor.

I have to admit, SD Demon always looked freaking huge despite being relatively small.
No. 19206

Enjoy your homoerotic fun.
No. 19207
Alright sorry guys. when someone says that they need to use your computer, and that "Oh, It'll just be a minute". Stab them in the head. Seriously.
You stay put, pinned by Ran’s remaining hand. Her ears twitch like she’s listening for something. “Hoh? Not content to do your dirty work yourself, rabbit?” Ran smirks. “Three on one hardly seems fair.”
Suddenly there’s a crash and a scream comes from the room. It sounds like there’s a fight raging in there now. “Now what should I do about the other one sneaking up?”
With that Mokou walks around the corner. “Leh him Goah.”
“Hoh. That’s a rather bold claim from you, Mokou. Are you sure you can back it up against me?”
Mokou grins, “Ah dunah hae tah.” She points down the hallway.
“What?” Ran turns quickly back, suddenly face to face with Reisen. Her eyes glowing brightly.
“Tch.” Ran pulls back, but stumbles slightly, releasing you from her grasp. “You’re not at a level that you can do that to me.”
“Don’t be so certain of that.” Reisen’s eyes flash, dangerously. <NOW> You take off running down the hall, brushing past Mokou. She nods slightly as you run past, never taking her eyes off of Mokou. You’re now standing in the entryway, It sounds like Ran, Mokou and Reisen have started fighting. You wonder what happened to Sanae

[ ] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

[ ] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
[ ] Panic.
[ ] Go find somewhere to hide.
No. 19208
[ ] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
No. 19210
[X] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
We are a useless sucker, we need to get them to stop fighting each other. TAILS need to be unharmed
No. 19211
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
No. 19212
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
No. 19213
[ ] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

Hiding may not be a bad idea.
Panic is stupid.
Yukari may be in the inner sanctum, visiting the deities. And she put Ran up to this.
No. 19214
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
Gotta help our cleric.
No. 19215
[ ] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
[ ] Check Inventory
No. 19216
>You take off running down the hall, brushing past Mokou. She nods slightly as you run past, never taking her eyes off of Mokou.


[X] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

Seems like a bad idea but I'm curious.
No. 19217
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

We need to know what the hell is going on right now, we might even get to ask yukari herself
No. 19218
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

I think Mokou's Jaw is starting to clear up. She's near legible now.
No. 19219
[ ] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum

Because I have no better idea.
No. 19220
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.

Barging into the meeting might cause a negotiations breakdown, and losing favor with either Yukari or Moriya would be lethal.

At least with this we can impress Kanako by saving her shrine maiden.
No. 19221
File 120856490747.jpg - (373.02KB , 870x548 , 1207749310285.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
No. 19222
That's cheating Kira, putting one choice separate like that draws the eye. Feels a bit rail road.

] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
No. 19223
[ ] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
No. 19224
[ ] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum

...I would be quite unsurprised if Sanae were facing Chen. Though Chen shouldn't be able to hold Sanae for at all long.... What else could Ran have done? I can think of nothing.
No. 19225
[x] Go find somewhere to hide.
Sorry, I don't want to get instagibbed by a stray bullet.
No. 19226
[X] Go pound on the door to the inner sanctum
No. 19227
[x] Circle around and see what’s going on with Sanae.
No. 19228
Didn't do it on purpose, Sorry.
You run around the outside of the shrine, trying to move as quietly as you can. When you get to the outside door that leads into your room, you glance inside. Sanae is apparently barely holding her own against Chen. The room is tossed fairly well, with stuff strewn everywhere. You see the camera, and the card lying in opposite sides of the room, both near the door to the hallway. Sanae and Chen seem to be in roughly the middle of the room, and the fight that was in the hallway is either over of has moved somewhere else. You might be able to make it to the camera or the card, or you might have something on you right now that you can use. There’s also a willow branch lying on the walkway that you could easily get.

[ ] Go for the Camera
[ ] Go for the Card
[ ] Use the fluff
[ ] Use the box
[ ] Wait for a better opportunity.
No. 19229

[x] Use the fluff.
No. 19230
[x] Go for the Camera
No. 19231
[ ] Wait for a better opportunity.
No. 19232
[x] Go for the Camera.
Third times the charm.
No. 19233
[x] Use the fluff
No. 19234
[ ] Use the fluff
No. 19235

[x] Use the fluff.

Scratching post
No. 19236
[X] Go for the Camera
No. 19237
[X] Use the fluff
the only choice
No. 19239
[x] Use the fluff.
No. 19240
[x] Go for the Camera

I know a lot of people are going to go for wait because of what happened last time with the camera, but if Sanae is "barely holding her own" then we should act quickly.
No. 19242
[ ] Use the box

I summon Kaguya and place her in defense mode!
No. 19243

Hi slowpoke.
No. 19244
[ ] Wait for a better opportunity.
No. 19245

I was busy watching TV and typing. Oh well.
No. 19246
Well that would be awesome, summoning Kaguya with the box whenever we are in trouble
No. 19247
[X] Use the fluff
No. 19248
[x] Use the fluff
No. 19249
You grab the willow stick in front of you, and jamming the fluff on the end, you make a makeshift cat toy. Sneaking into the room, Chen and Sanae are locked in combat. Neither one seems to notice you. Chen leaps at Sanae and slashes. Sanae blocks with her stick, and fires a blast at Chen. The two go back and forth like this. You don’t see where you can get in.

[ ] Wait
[ ] Act.
No. 19250

[x] Go for the Card

Close range, instant effect.

Even if Chen attacks us, she provokes AoO from Sanae.
No. 19251
File 120856554556.png - (40.05KB , 490x647 , 1206946735090.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go for the Camera

Dive for camera, snap a picture of Chen. BAM! Miko saved!
No. 19252
How do you plan on getting her back inside the box?
No. 19253
[ ] Wait
No. 19254
[ ] Wait
No. 19255
[X] Wait
Not like with Alice, wait for the chance
No. 19256
[x] Act.

Goddammit we'll never get anymore plasmids at this rate.
No. 19257
[X] Use the fluff
No. 19258
Holy shit, we're actually using the fluff...
No. 19259

[x] Act

I can't think of anything else we can do at the time.
No. 19261

[x] Wait

Don't attack Nero yet!
No. 19262
"Instant effect"? ...did we ever actually find out what that card does?
No. 19263
[ ] Wait

We're not pulling another Alice fail guys.

we need to get chen wet.

No. 19264
Its a trap card, works together with the box
No. 19265
[x] Wait
remember what happened last time when u didn't wait?
No. 19266
[ ] Act.

Just waving it tantalizingly should be fine (what else would we do with it anyway?). Do more if the opportunity arises.
No. 19267
[X] Wait
No. 19268
[x] Use the fluff

I bet Kira wants us to use the fluff, the enigmatic item that until now have seen no use, or maybe the camera? nevermind, only one of the choices is right and i prefer to risk everything and use the most unlikely choice.
Chen is already distracted, so i think there's no need to wait for another chance. Sanae could get hurt if nothing is done right now.
No. 19269
[X] Use the fluff
No. 19270
No. 19271
[X] Give Ran what she wants.
No. 19272
ouch, a slowpoke moment, took too long to write.
No. 19273
[X] Wait
This is a terrible idea.
No. 19274
[X] Wait
No. 19275
[x] Get the card
[x] Get the camera

No. 19276
[x] Act.

We learn from our mistakes, but I'm sure this will somehow end up horribly wrong.
No. 19277
You crouch, ready to spring once the proper window opens. Chen leaps again at Sanae going for her left side. Sanae moves to defend, but suddenly Chen’s on Sanae’s right side. She slashes Sanae across the chest. Sanae falls back against the wall, and slumps down to the ground. Chen moves in for the finishing blow.

[ ] Wait
[ ] Act
No. 19278
er.. I mean wait. WAIT!
[x] Wait

Sorry, one of my brothers got on my PC.
No. 19279
[x] Act
Sanae's getting her shit wrecked, and Chen's already distracted enough.
No. 19281
No. 19282
[X] Act

No. 19283
[X] Act
No. 19284
[x] Act

Way to go anon now the miko is hurt.
No. 19285
[x] Act
Go Anon! Use Tackle attack!
No. 19286
[ ] Act
No. 19287
[ ] Act
No. 19288
[ ] Act
No. 19289
You leap into action, Waving the fluff in Chen’s face. She looks up at you displeased.
“You really think that something like that is going to work on me, nyaa?” Chen starts walking towards you. Good, you’ve got her attention. You quickly run out of the room, Chen in hot persuit. Suddenly she’s in front of you. She’s acting like she’s going to charge you from the left side. Which way do you dodge?

[ ] Right
[ ] Left.
No. 19290

[x] Act like the motherfucking fist of the north star.
No. 19291
[X] Act



Wait, it`s not a trap, is it?
No. 19292
[ ] Act

So much for [ ] Wait ....
No. 19293
[ ] Act
No. 19294

[x] Right
No. 19296
[X] Left.
No. 19297
[X] Back.
No. 19299

[x] Left.

I know this one
No. 19300
[X] Left.
No. 19301

[ ] Right

This will end well
No. 19303
[x] Left
No. 19304
No. 19305

She'll go right over us.
No. 19306
No. 19307
No. 19309
[x] Left.
No. 19310
[ ] Left.
No. 19311
you better do it
No. 19312
[x] Run at her, waving the cat toy.

No. 19315
[X] Left.

She charges one way, then appears on the other side, if I remember her background correctly....
No. 19316
[X] Left

She pulled a fake out on Sanae earlier, right?
No. 19317
[X] Left.

Chen wants us to dodge to the right.
No. 19318
[X] Left.
No. 19319
[x] Left
No. 19320
[X] Left.

Because it is properly punctuated, and that is my only reason.
No. 19321
>>For example, if you think you see her dash off to the left, she'll attack from the right.
No. 19322
No. 19323
[X] Left
No. 19324
[X] Left.
No. 19326
[x] Left

We need to get our hands on some water, would help right now.
No. 19327
You dodge to the left and Chen slashes in from the right, you continue running, You’re almost to the koi pond. Seconds later Chen appears before you again. “Very Clever, Human, Nya~” You don’t stop running, tilt your head down and tackle Chen, driving her into the koi pond, soaking the two of you.
Chen looks thouroughly defeated.
“I hate water, Nyaaa~” She hangs her head.
You quickly pull yourself up out of the pond, and run back to your room. You reach the entrance at about the same time as Sanae, who looks like she’s about to collapse. The scratches across her chest don’t look that deep, but you don’t know if there’s something else affecting her. Sanae falls forward and you rush up, catching her before she hits the ground. Hoisting her up in your arms, you think that you really do need to get some help now.

[ ] Go back to the steel door, try to get Kanako’s attention
[ ] Go find Suwako
[ ] Take her in the room and try to treat her wounds herself.
No. 19328

Lets spit on Chen.
No. 19329
[ ] Go find Suwako

Kanako is busy with Yukari, no? Suwako would be a good bet. And I doubt we have medical skills.
No. 19330
[X] Go back to the steel door, try to get Kanako’s attention.
No. 19331
[ ] Go find Suwako
No. 19333
No. 19334
[X] Go find Suwako
No. 19335
[x] Go find Suwako
No. 19336
[x] Go find Suwako

Sanae has rabies. We need a divine miracle.
No. 19337
[X] Go back to the steel door, try to get Kanako’s attention.
We need Yukari and her to clear this mess up, Chens gonna come back soon
No. 19338
Pain stopped.
Anonymous dies. I switch back to Nanayamous who used to stroll at night.
I measure with my eye the distance between me and my enemy.
It is about 2 meters. It takes just one step to reach her with my fist. If I want to Falcon Punch her for sure, I need 1,5 step.
There are no blocking objects in the hallway nor are there any places to hide. Even if I use the walls and ceiling as my foothold, it is difficult to move out from Chen's visible range.
While I have to take a step to approach her, she will only need a swing to hit me.
That's the situation. Even if I close in, I will die first by a delay of one millisecond.
No. 19339
[ ] Go find Suwako

Lets not walk in on the deity and gap youkai fighting, eh?
No. 19340
[ ] Take her in the room and try to treat her wounds herself.

I'm guessing "herself" was supposed to be "yourself".
No. 19341
[ ] Go find Suwako.
No. 19342
[x] Go back to the steel door, try to get Kanako’s attention

Lets get the god raging at her abused miko.
No. 19343
[X] Go find Suwako.

We always feel better around water, but I doubt we can extend that to others. Suwako should have some experience with this sort of thing, having been in a war and all. Kanako is probably busy with Yukari.
No. 19344
[x] Go find Suwako.
Kanako is busy with Yukari. Find the other goddess.
No. 19345
[x] Go find Suwako

Because we won't see anything interesting if we just stay in the room.
No. 19346
[x] Go find Suwako
No. 19347
[ ] Go find Suwako
No. 19348
File 120856688125.jpg - (109.02KB , 397x579 , 1207995438907.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Go find Suwako

Hypnotoad lived for a long time. She knows whats what.
No. 19349
[x] Go back and get the spellcard and the camera.
No. 19351

[x] Go back to the steel door, try to get Kanako’s attention

EPIC MANLY POINTS if we can pull this off
No. 19352

Trip fag mind!
No. 19353
[x] Go find Suwako

How long till Anon gets knocked out and goes off the Dream Land again?
No. 19356
Should be later tonight, tomorow's the weekend.
No. 19357
[x] izquierda
No. 19358
No. 19360
File 120856713339.jpg - (175.14KB , 750x750 , c552c07a9eafcda.jpg ) [iqdb]
eh fights the strongest and doesnt afraid of anything
No. 19361
How did I know that this is what our peaceful breakfast would degenerate into?
No. 19363
No. 19365

Because it always turns out to be awesome storytelling.
No. 19366
That was clear from the beginning, our fun and happy time is short then the mind fuck begins
No. 19367
File 120856728993.jpg - (155.00KB , 830x722 , 1193177464998.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ran and Chen could be acting out of their own accord. Yukari "saved" the hero, so...she probably
would not want to kill her fun so soon.
No. 19368

Reason: Not enough eggs
No. 19369
Then they would be a LOT fucking weaker, if they were acting without Yukari's will.
No. 19370
You have no idea where to find Suwako. You run around behind the Shrine and cut in through the kitchen. Looking around through the dining room, it looks like a tornado ran through here. You look around, and don’t see suwako in here. You run over, and look down the hallway that leads past Sanae’s room. You don’t see anyone down the hallway, and it looks quite normal. You quickly dash down the hallway, and stop, seeing a room with a name plaque hanging on it. It reads ‘Suwako! No unauthorized entry’. This appears to be Suwako’s room.

[ ] Charge in
[ ] Knock
[ ] Look somewhere else.
No. 19372

[ ] Charge in

No. 19373
[ ] Knock
No. 19374
[ ] Charge in

Fuck knocking
No. 19375
[X] Charge in
No. 19376
Ran said she couldn't kill you, but Yukari didn't mind her maiming you. I don't think Yukari's on our side anymore.
No. 19377
[X] Charge in
No. 19378
Yes, it was a typo. I was busy.
No. 19379
[x] Charge in

A repeat of this morning would be wonderful.
No. 19380
[x] Charge in.
No. 19381
[x] Charge in
No. 19382

[x] Knock.

No. 19383
However, that would only lower our threat level from "three Yukaris" to "two Rans." We're still lucky is we get out of this without losing things that we'll be needing.
No. 19384
[X] Go find Suwako
No. 19385
>It reads ‘Suwako! No unauthorized entry’

...it could just be joking, since Suwako seems to have a playful side. But then again...charging in could result in a HAT END.

....gggghhhkkkkk. I hate choices like these.

[ ] Knock (hard and urgently)
[ ] Charge in (if the wait is too long)
No. 19386
[X] Charge in
[X] Genuflect

in that order
No. 19387
She wants something from us that we have. Was probably from the beginning like this, nothing she does is for the benefit of others
No. 19388
[x] Go back and get the goddamn spellcard and camera.
No. 19389
[ ] Charge in
Let's see if we can run into three girls in the midst of changing in one day.
No. 19390

[] Charge in

Fuck yeah! Time to see the frog loli changing/naked!
No. 19391

We are going to bash down the door, and the last thing we see are the glowing eyes of the hat.
No. 19393

Yukari just needs to be in the area to get their POWA LEVEL boosts.
No. 19394
I dunno, this all seems very sudden and out of Character.

I wonder what's happened.....
No. 19395
You slide the door open with your foot to see Suwako, Cirno, Rumia, and Wriggle sitting on the floor playing a board game. They all look up and see you standing there, Sanae supported by your arms. Suwako immediately jumps to her feet. “SANAE!”
Wriggle realizes what’s going on quickly, and directs you to put Sanae on the bed in the room. “Quickly, quickly.”
You lay Sanae on the bed, and Suwako is above her immediately. She runs her hands over the slash marks across Sanae’s chest. “QUICKLY! I need water.”
“I’LL GET IT!” Cirno charges out of the room before anyone can stop her. Rumia looks to be on the verge of tears. It sounds like the fighting’s picking up outside, so Mokou and Reisen must still be going at Ran. You wonder just what on earth she could want.

[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
[ ] Console Rumia.
[ ] Stay out of the way.
No. 19396

[x] Charge in

No. 19397
So, who thinks the Red-White threatened to fuck Yukari's shit up if she didn't cooperate?
No. 19398
But they also have to be doing her wishes, if they aren't doing what Yukari wants they loose power.
No. 19399

[x] Ask if we can help in any way.
No. 19400
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19401
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19402
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
[ ] Console Rumia.
No. 19403
[X] Inventory.
No. 19404
[X] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19405
[x] Console Rumia.
Don't want a repeat of the wagon.
No. 19406
[X] Console Rumia.
[X] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

If there's nothing we can do, we ought to stay out of the way should we be told to.
No. 19407
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19408
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help

we don't have time to console, sorry to say
No. 19409
[X] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help

Nothing thats what, BUT LETS ASK ANYWAY.
No. 19410
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19411
Clothing (equipped) 1ea, Button (equipped) 1ea. Old Violet Box 1ea.
No. 19412
[x] Invintory
No. 19413
[x] Console Rumia.

Rumia needs a PS3 and some ruffling action from anon. She's been ignored by anon for quite a long time
No. 19414
[ ] Console Rumia.
No. 19415
[x] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help
No. 19416
[x] Check box
No. 19417
>>19411 Wasn't it an old BLUE box?
No. 19418
[ ] Console Rumia.
No. 19419
File 120856791810.jpg - (102.32KB , 462x686 , 1205650363101.jpg ) [iqdb]


All we/the hero is a walking wildcard for GAR, hair ruffling and the works.
No. 19420
I think it was. Either it's changed colors, or someone's played the old switcheroo on us.
No. 19421
The box changes colors to indicate the presence of hostile spirits... get your camera ready!
No. 19422

No. 19423
It changed colour!

Summon Kaguya! Place her in, defense mode and activate her special ability!

"TASUKETE ERIN!" I can now summon any Erins I have straight from my deck and into the field!
No. 19424
File 120856805047.png - (87.45KB , 700x711 , 7f54cc9f1fd1cb45c384b71be522de99.png ) [iqdb]

So...Nineball Squad is playing Scrabble while all hell is breaking loose over the shrine?

No. 19425
[ ] Console Rumia.
[ ] Ask if there’s anything you can do to help

In this order.
No. 19427
[ ] Console Rumia.
[ ] Remove Rumia's limiter ribbon

Too much crying, Rumia. It's time to become GAR.
No. 19428
[x] Console Rumia.
No. 19429
You ask if there is anything you can do to help.
“Stay out of my way, and stay quiet. This requires a lot of concentration” Suwako spits out tersely. Cirno returns carrying a pan of water, and wearing a pan on her head. She salutes Suwako when the pan is taken from her. You sand back out of the way. Rumia clings to your leg, and you pet her hair absentmindedly. Suwako starts chanting and glows slightly. She pours the water on the wounds that Sanae has, and they quickly close up. Sanae sits up, shakily.
“Ah~ Ah~ No, no, Sanae, You can’t sit up yet, you’re still weak. Stay here. I’ll take care of whatever did this to you.” Sanae puts her hand on top of Suwako’s hat and shakes her head.
“Too . . . Strong. . .” Sanae says quietly.
“But. . . But. . . Sanae. . .”
Sanae just rubs her hand on Suwako’s head. Suwako’s eyes tear up.
“Sanae. . . Sanae. . .” Suwako reaches up and holds Sanae’s hand in hers. Damnit. Why the hell did it have to come to this. You’re pissed now.

[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
[ ] Go find Ran.
[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.
No. 19430
[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.

No. 19431
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
No. 19433
[X] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
No. 19434
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
No. 19435
[x] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera. Silently curse Yukari.
No. 19436
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
[ ] Check out the color-changing box.
No. 19437

[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.

Arm first then

[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.
No. 19438
[ ] Go find Ran.
this is one craaaazy party
No. 19439

[x] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum.

It's go time.
No. 19440
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.

Arm first then

[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.
No. 19442
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.

Bring the team with us.
No. 19443
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.

Sound's good to me.
No. 19444
[X] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.

No. 19445
[ x ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.

and inventory check. Then some hotblood.
No. 19446
[ ] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
[ ] Go kick down the door to the inner sanctum.
No. 19447
[x] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
No. 19448
[X] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.

To arms.
No. 19449

[X] Go back to your room, get the card and the camera.
No. 19450
No. 19451
File 120856885136.jpg - (23.57KB , 210x260 , ash-williams-evil-dead-74400.jpg ) [iqdb]

Time to wreck some shit.
No. 19452
You charge back to your room, going around through the dining room, and pick up the card and the camera off of the floor. You check and make sure that the camera has film in it, and is charged. You look again at the card. You have no idea how to use it, but having it makes you feel more confidant. You put it in your pocket. You charge down the hallway to the entryway. Which way now, Ran seems to be fighting with Mokou and Reisen out in front of the shrine, or into the inner sanctum where Kanako and Yukari are doing. . . Something. You don’t know what’s going on in there, but that’s where Yukari is.

[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum
[ ] Rush outside.
[ ] Wait.
No. 19453
[x] Rush outside.
No. 19454
[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum
No. 19455
[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum while shouting "GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!"
No. 19456
[ ] Rush outside.

Take pictures N shit
No. 19457

[x] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum.

No. 19458
[ ] Rush outside.
No. 19459
[X] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum

Cut off this threat at the head. GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!!
No. 19460
[X] Rush Outside
No. 19461
[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum while shouting "GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!"
No. 19462
[x] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum.
No. 19463
[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum

Time to fight our first boss battle
No. 19464
[ ] Rush outside.
Smile, bitch
No. 19465
[x] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum while shouting "GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!"
No. 19466
[ ] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum while shouting "FALCOWN KICK!"
No. 19468
[X] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum

Time to see if this camera works like we think it does
No. 19469
[x] Kick down the door to the inner sanctum while shouting "GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!"

No. 19470
[ ] Kick down the door to the Inner Sanctum
We've already escaped Ran once and, though we've beaten Chen using our wits, we shouldn't press our luck that the mothe is as naive.

Actually, Id go back to Suwako and ask her to open the door. No doubt it has all sorts of seals and barriers around it. Besides: if on the remote possibility that you've bee sold-out by the acting deity, then the Suwako would surely be ticked-off that Kanako allowed Chen to hurt Sanae.
No. 19471
No. 19472
caps lock, cruise control, etc.
No. 19473
no status update from reisen?
No. 19474
Status: SNAFU.

Goes without saying, really.
No. 19475
...and suddenly, Reimu's motive for seeing us eliminated becomes crystal clear.
No. 19476
Using that button seems to take a bit of concentration, and she's got her hands overfull at the moment.
No. 19477
You charge up to the Sanctum door. It seems quite solid. However, when you kick it as hard as you can, the doors swing easily open. It’s pitch black inside. You stride boldly forth into the room, ignoring the fact that your sense of danger is screaming like mad. There’s a grinding noise from behind you and the doors slam shut, leaving you in pitch darkness. On either side of you, two flames burst to life, illuminating the immediate area, and not much more. Ahead of you the next two explode to life. Seeing no other alternative, you stride ahead. The pattern repeating with the flames bursting to life just ahead of you as you walk along. You hold the camera at the ready, so that you can take a picture at an instant. Eventually, instead of two flames ahead of you lighting up, a whole string of them light up all at once, forming a large circle in front of you. In the middle of the circle is a table, with three chairs. There’s a teapot and three teacups sitting on the table.
“Ah, our little guest finally arrives. How good of you to come” Yukari steps out of the shadows, and walks over to the table.
“Indeed. He is a bit slower than you had lead me to believe though, Yukari.” Kanako steps out of the shadows on the opposite side of the room, and walks over to the table.
“Well? What are you waiting for?” Yukari motions to the third chair. “Sit.” The last word is more of a command than a suggestion.

[ ] Sit
[ ] Take a picture
[ ] Stand there, do nothing.
No. 19478
[ ] Stand there, do nothing.

Screw you, Yukari.
No. 19479
[ ] Sit
No. 19480
[ ] Take a picture

For fun
No. 19481
[ ] Take a picture
No. 19482
[x] Goddamnit Yukari.
No. 19484
[x] Sit

But keep one hand on the camera.
No. 19485

[x] Ask why the hell Ran and Chen are attacking people.
No. 19486
[X] Stand there, do nothing.

Silent irritation.
No. 19487
[ ] Stand there, do nothing.

This is the part where the bad guy reveals what the hell exactly is going on, then tries to take you down in some form or another.
No. 19488
[ ] Stand there, do nothing.
I say we stand our ground and demand some answers
No. 19489
[x] Stand there, do nothing.
No. 19490
There is a camera option and you aren't going for it?
No. 19491
No. 19492
[X] Take a picture
No. 19493
[x] Ask why the hell Ran and Chen are attacking people.
No. 19494
[X] Sit
No. 19495
[X] Take a picture.
No. 19496
Ah, right. By '[ ] Stand there, do nothing' I do mean, '[ ] Stand there, demand some fuggin' explanations'
No. 19497
[ ] Stand there, do nothing.
No. 19498
[x] Stand there, demand some god damn explanations.
No. 19499
[X] Stand there, do nothing.

Defiance is the watchword. Keep the camera in reserve, though. Remember what jumping the gun on that did for us last time.
No. 19501
[ ] Sit.
If we were let walk into the room, guided to them, and offered tea (theme of Gensokyo), the least we can do is get some back story. The camera is either not a threat or an unknown variable at this point but, at the very least, killing off a trump card before there was even an attack won't help us live.
No. 19502
File 120857010928.jpg - (48.28KB , 400x400 , 1205882653759.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sure as hell seems like NEET and Eirin got their shit fucked because they tried to stay the neutral path. Patchy and SDM is still an unknown.
No. 19503
[]Open box and unleash the fucking fury
No. 19504
[ ] Sit
No. 19505
[x] Stand there, do nothing.
No. 19506
[x] Sit
Everything important in Gensokyo has tea involved.
No. 19507

I was thinking that too as I read it.
No. 19508
No. 19509
You stand there, defiantly ignoring Yukari’s obvious command. She seems rather displeased by your obvious disregard for her command.
“That wasn’t a suggestion. Sit.”
The ground beneath your feet gives way and you suddenly find yourself falling onto the chair.
“Good. Now that we’re all here, we can finally begin.” A gap opens directly opposite you, showing the battle between Ran and Mokou and Reisen.
“Your defenders are doing an admirable job against Ran. Most people would have fallen long before this.” Reisen has blood running down the side of her face, and Mokou looks like she’s been killed at least twice. Your anger boils.
“Oh? I think you’re making him mad Yukari.”
“Am I? Oh well, no matter.” Yukari waves her hand, and the scene in the gap changes, showing how you challenged Chen, over came her, and then immediately seeking aid for Sanae.
“You were right, He is quite protective of those he considers an ally.”
“More so than you know. May I have the box now?” Yukari turns to you and holds out her hand.

[ ] Give her the box.
[ ] Refuse.
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19510
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19511
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19512
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19513
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19514
Obvious choice is obvious.
No. 19515
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19516
[ ] Give her the box.
No. 19517
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19518
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19519
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19520
I don't think they can get the box UNLESS we give it to them. Like it's bound to us or something, they need our permission to take it. Otherwise they would just kill us and take it.
No. 19521

[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.

Could she be testing our resolve?
No. 19522
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.

I know you have pretty much everything in hand Yukari, so you may as well enlighten me as to what the FUCK you want this for.
No. 19523
[X] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.

You are unmutual.
No. 19524
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19525
[ x ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.

I can't help but think Renko and Maribel are somehow involved with this.
No. 19526
Something's not right. Why is Yukari asking for the box?

[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19527
[ ] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19528
"Hey Yukari, want this box?"

"Sure anon, I'll take it."

No. 19529
The box is the fucking Lake
No. 19530
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19531
What would they gain from killing us? More likely, Yukari'd just gap it out of our hands. But otherwise, yeah.
No. 19532
Yukari’s hand is still in front of you, waiting to have the box placed in it. You shake your head and demand to know what the fuck is going on. Yukari giggles.
“No. It’s not the time for that yet. However, I do believe that I phrased it wrong. Give me the box. Now.”

[ ] Give the box
[ ] Refuse.
No. 19533
Use this response.
No. 19534

[x] Give the box.
No. 19535
[x] Boot to the face.
No. 19536
[ ] Refuse.
No. 19537
[x] Step on the box
No. 19538
[ ] Give the box

Do it. The pain for Reisen and Mokou will stop. I don't want them hurt any more ;_;
No. 19539
[ ] Give the box
No. 19540
[x] Give the box

Push her too much, and something bad will happen. Just fucking do it.
No. 19541
[X] Give the box
No. 19542
[ ] Refuse.
No. 19543
[x] Give the box.

Fucking Yukari.
No. 19544
[X] Give the box
Goddamnit Yukari
No. 19545
What happened to that fighting spirit?
No. 19546
Trying to sneak her shikigami into the votes?
No. 19547
[X] Give the box.
No. 19548
[ ] Refuse.
I know you have pretty much everything in hand Yukari, so you may as well enlighten me as to what the FUCK you want this for.
No. 19549
[X] Give the box

Huck it at her though.
No. 19550
Anon does not need Keine. Anon just CAVED without her.

Be ashamed.
No. 19551
[x] Refuse
No. 19552
[X] Give the box

Seems that nothing's going to happen unless we move this forward.
No. 19553
[x] Threaten to blow up the box with the card if your friends aren't safe NOW.
No. 19554
As I've said in the IRC, our GAR status effect disappeared. All because you didn't add a "GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI" roar to the kicking down of the door.
No. 19555

Course not. I hate her right now as much as you do.
No. 19556
Sick burn
No. 19557
You fucking traitors. Don't give away the goddamned NEET, you wouldn't even be alive if she hadn't helped you.
No. 19558
[X] Refuse

Will power, damn it.
No. 19559
[X] Refuse
No. 19560
New thread for the conclusion Yukira?
No. 19561
[ ] Refuse.
What the fuck is wrong with you anon.
No. 19562
[x] refuse.
No. 19563
[ ] Refuse.
No. 19564
[x] Refuse.
Fight damnit!
No. 19565
[ ] Refuse.
I wish to be a Dreadnaught.
Or a Dragoon is fine too.
No. 19566
[X] Refuse.

Fuck you Yukari
No. 19567
One person votespammed, theres no other explination for the sudden change of spirit.
No. 19568
[X] Refuse.
No. 19569
[ ] Refuse.
She hurt our rabbit-eared waifu.
Fuck her
No. 19570
I want to "[ ] Refuse", but we're not even getting the option to use any of our inventory. The inexplicable problem of not being able to possess the box without it being given it intentionally is not a good bargaining chip. Forcing Yukari's hand ... well, or Kanako's hand ...
No. 19571
[X] Refuse.
OMG, that is the part where you are supposed to refuse it
No. 19572
Yukari seems surprised by the fact that you’re just handing the box over.
“Given up now, have we?” She takes the box from you hand with a disappointed look on her face.
“Ah, it would seem, Yukari, that you were mistaken about this one.”
“So it would,” she replies, unamused.
Shit, it seems like that wasn’t the right thing to do. You might be able to get that box back, though.

[ ] Use Camera
[ ] Use Card
[ ] Grab at the box.
No. 19573
[x] Refuse.
No. 19574

[x] Grab the box back.
No. 19576
[X] Use Camera
No. 19577
[ ] Use Camera
You goddamned fucking morons.
No. 19578
[ ] Grab at the box.

No. 19579

[x] Use Camera
No. 19580
[X] Use Camera
Hopefully we catch her off guard
No. 19581
You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Also: fuck you, Kenny Rogers is awesome.
No. 19582
[X] Use Camera.
You are so going down
No. 19583

Once again anon proves one thing...
'Things going well' is just a prelude to an almighty fuckup.
No. 19584
[ ] Use Camera
[ ] Use Card
No. 19585
[ ] Use Camera
No. 19586
[x] Use Camera
No. 19587
[X] Use Card
We might not know how to use it, but we'll be damned if we don't try.
No. 19588
Goddammit. [ ] Back 1 choice + Refuse

That or [ ] Use Card. Whatever the hell it does.
No. 19589
No. 19590

Sometimes you people infuriate me.

[X] Use Camera
No. 19591
[ ] Use Camera
No. 19592
[X] Use Camera
No. 19593
[x] Use Camera
No. 19594
Damn it anon, you fucked up again. Good job.
No. 19595
Forgot to add that:
[X] Use Card
No. 19596
[ ] Use Card

We didn't have it last time we saw Yukari so it's the preference.

Also, to hand it over fags? YOU ARE DEFEATIST COWARDS
No. 19597
[X] Camera.
Don't bother with the box unless absolutely necessary or the opening and escape is flawless. If they couldn't take it without asking, you have only a lesser chance of recovering it without asking.
No. 19598
[X] Use Card
[X] Grab at the box.
No. 19599
[x] Demand to know what the FUCK is going on.
No. 19600

I go slay a wyvern on Monster Hunter and Anon loses his spine all of a sudden? Atleast we basically have no choice but to act now... But how to...

[x] Use Camera

Seems best, I guess. The card is, to say it literally, a wildcard (but the camera would be as well I guess) and reaching back for the box might just look silly... I dunno, I'm just voting to move it along in some direction.
No. 19601
You are a bunch of fucking traitors. During wartime you all would be shot.
No. 19602
We need to get our Kaguya back damnit. Yukari is going to hand it over to Reimu for sure, cant have that
No. 19604
As the 10th "hand-over" vote just before the tide of refusals, I do confess the pull of AN HEROism is unusually strong at this moment.
No. 19605
File 120857220076.jpg - (144.94KB , 333x493 , 1199295861725.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Use Card
Who knows, it might be this card.
No. 19606
It's that time of night. We've made a lot of bad choices right around 10 pm EST. Probably the quantity of people that dilutes that quality.
No. 19607
[X] Camera

And when she's distracted retrieve box
No. 19608

I don't think that's a magic card edit....
No. 19609
Sadly, that still doesn't help us get back the box. In Yukari's hand, it's as good as an instant gap away to some far-away land.
No. 19610
Or some of us are just getting too tired to think properly. That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.
No. 19611
[X] Use Card
No. 19612
God damn. Refuse fagets are forgetting there is always more possible outcomes as its all up to KIRAAAAAAAAAA. Yukari could have just gapped it to herself if you refused and/or killed you for example.
No. 19613
We need to show that we are not her little bitch, go do something suicidial/Gar to show her we are serious, just do anything, does not matter what
No. 19614
She couldn't give it unless we gave it. Ran said as much when she said she wasn't allowed to kill us. Yukari's gaped things out without our permission before, she wouldn't set up this elaborite bullshit if she could do it this time.
No. 19615
Were it that easy then she wouldn't have wasted the effort to come in person and get it. Something was preventing her from getting it herself.
No. 19616
You pull the camera up, and take a picture quick as a flash. The flash goes off and seems to stun both Kanako and Yukari. You grab the box back and clutch it tightly. The camera suddenly disappears from your hands.
“You’re a tricky little one, aren’t you?” Yukari is rubbing her eyes with one hand, holding the camera with the other. “But don’t think that the same trick will work on me twice.”
Kanako laughs, “Fistey little one, isn’t he. Too bad he had to play out his little trick too soon.”
Yukari sighs, gapping away the camera to some other location. “Yes, it really does seem like it was a waste of an interesting little trick. So. You don’t seem to want to give up the box. Is there any particular reason that you’re protecting it so . . . unreasonably.

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
No. 19618
[ ] Yes.
No. 19619

And people who chose to give in forget this could be an elaborate plot to screw you over. Again. Because this is Kira, and epic screw-overs are what Kira does.
No. 19620
[X] Yes.
No. 19621
[X] Yes.

We made a fucking PROMISE in that dream. We have no right to surrender the box until we know what we promised and we've seen it through.
No. 19622
[ ] Yes.

Because you're a total bitch and I don't want to give it to you?
Because it may have a relation to Kaguya, who's the head of the only group that gave us major help and didn't screw us on the side?

Gee, pick one.
No. 19623
[ ] Yes.
No. 19624
[x] Yes.
It's a box, motherfucker. Nothing stands in between a man and his box.
No. 19625
[X] Yes.
Because you want it.
No. 19626

[x] Yes
No. 19627
[ ] Yes.
We did make a promise in that dream, right?
No. 19628
[X] Yes.
No. 19629
[ ] Yes.
No. 19630
[] Stay silent
No. 19631
[X] Yes.
No. 19632
Yeah, the promise in the dream would be the reason.
No. 19633
[X] Yes.
Anon needs to scream that you get the box only out of my cold dead fingers
No. 19634
This isn't Yukari asking, it's Kira.
No. 19635
[x] No.
No. 19636
[X] No.
No. 19637
[ ] Yes.

Because you're not the only dick in Gensokyo Yukira. I mean, Yukari
No. 19638
No box = This is where it either all falls apart or comes together.
[X] Yes
No. 19639

[x] No.

It's just NEET hair.
I'm protecting it just to piss you off.
No. 19640
[X] No.

Just to piss off all the seriousfags.
No. 19641

[x] Yes!

Though we did lose the Camera Obscura, maybe we should've gone with the card, but oh well, it happens.
No. 19642
[ x ] Yes.
No. 19643
Do we even know how to use the card? It's magic, isn't it? We don't know any magic.
No. 19644
[ ] Yes.
(insert something manly)
No. 19645
So Anon gave the box, wasted his superweapon, and grabbed it back.

Dammit, if this was live-action there would be no way this wouldn't look lame.
No. 19646
[X] klaatu barata nikto

This is how we defeat Yukari.
No. 19647
Is anyone else getting sick of these two cunts jerking us around? Because I sure am.
No. 19648
You just listen to the ol' Kirakishou
Express an' take his advice on
a dark and stormy night when some
wild-eyed gap producing scheming youkai grabs
your box an' taps the back of your
favorite head up against a shrine wall.
An' she looks you crooked in the eye
an' she asks if you've paid your dues.
You look rihgt back at that big
sucker an' remember what Anonymous
always says at times like that. "Have
you seen your last, Anon?" "No, ma'am,
I've just developed 'em."
No. 19649
there was a howto in reisens clothes we read while we were in the eientei dungeon. something about standing close to the target, if i remember correctly. might be more useful for blasting the inner sanctum door open to escape.

we used the camera. do we have gap & wind hax now?
No. 19650
It looks lame, but funny.
No. 19651

The hair is a still an unknown. Who knows, maybe the hair is a more HAX item for us. Camera already jumped the shark as per Yukari's statement.
No. 19653
Why does she want the box anyway, she couldve just asked us and explained why or what. Maybe we would have given it to her
No. 19655
No. 19656
It's not about having the box, it's about getting us to give it over. They're testing our resolve or some shit.
No. 19657
i think we are still in an illusion, but this one is yukaris work. she and kanako are testing us if we are able to defeat the zombie hordes
No. 19658
She's either:
(1) Just testing our resolve or,
(2) Knows we wouldn't give the box to her if she explained why she wants it

Either way, she's not getting the box.
No. 19659
I really hate you guys for being so predictable, Kira can see what you're going to choose as he writes it and I can guess what he's trying to make us do half of the time.

You've fallen into too much routine, I never want to see the follow said in every situation:

No. 19660

Will we turn into Sephiroth if we do?
No. 19661
Hey, you know, we also tried being LoL Random xD, and that didn't work either.
No. 19662
Yes it did, we rumba'd Reimu and won
No. 19663
So, what, we should jump off the roof again just to keep you from getting bored?
No. 19664

Quit acting like a bitch. Regardless of the choices made, KIRRRRRRRRRRA is still writing the outcomes as he sees fit.
No. 19665
this scene reminds me of an cockroach race. yukari and kanako placed their baits and are waiting for us to turn to one of them
No. 19666
Yeah, but only before we decide to chill with a being that embodies curses.
No. 19667
We also pulled a 'lol give Yukari the box' which was pretty random and--imo--very stupid. Went off with a Curse Goddess too.
No. 19668
This course brought us together with Reisen, so i guess it paid out
No. 19669
Hm. Being logical doesn't work. Being random doesn't work. Being counter-logical (worst choice) doesn't work either.
No. 19670
No you should stop being repetitive and retarded.

Just because the camera worked ONCE at the start of the adventure doesn't mean it's infallible. Maybe if we actually acted with some intelligence we wouldn't shoot too early all the time.

If you want to know what's in inventory, read the rest of the thread first! Has any change been mentioned? Has the inventory just not been posted for a while?

Come on, Kira has had us jumping hoops lately.
No. 19671
“Oh ho, and why might that be?” Yukari looks at you inquisitively.
“I’d like to hear to hear that as well” Kanako leans back in her chair and takes a sip of her tea.

[ ] Explain.
[ ] I ain’t telling you shit.
[ ] Flee.
No. 19672
File 120857390111.jpg - (89.43KB , 590x460 , 1206365775931.jpg ) [iqdb]

Kanako seems to be rather heartless as it seems right now. ITS A DOUBLE TRAP. Duh.
No. 19673
[ ] Explain.
No. 19674
[X] Explain.
No. 19675

[x] Explain.

Might as well.
No. 19677
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.

The tables have turned.

Let's see how you like it, bitch.
No. 19678
[ ] I ain’t telling you shit.
[ ] Tell ME why YOU want the box.
No. 19679
[ ] Explain.
No. 19680
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.

We'll talk when they talk.
No. 19681
[x] I ain’t telling you shit.
No. 19682
[ ] I ain’t telling you shit.
No. 19683
[ ] I ain’t telling you shit.

Anon seems to be turning into a sissy, that cannot happen.
No. 19684
[X] Explain.
I demand an:
No. 19685
[X] "Wow, you're one stone cold bitch. You do know that Chen almost killed Sanae right? And you're here drinking tea."
No. 19686
[x] I ain't telling you shit.
I don't need to explain a god damn thing. It's a man's box, and you don't fuck with a man and his box.
No. 19687
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.

A man doesn't need a reason to do anything other than the will to do it.
No. 19688
[ x ] Explain.

Simple and vague descriptions.
No. 19689
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.

in b4 we die.
No. 19690
[x] I ain’t telling you shit.
No. 19691
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.

Atleast until you explain why your pet tried to hump me, then kill me.
No. 19692
[x] I ain’t telling you shit.

I feel weird doing all this AFTER giving the box away in the first place and having to get it back, but I guess that's how Anon is sometimes. Anyways, I say we get them to talk first, even if they can drop us in an instant.
No. 19693
[X] I ain’t telling you shit.
[X] Tell ME why YOU want the box

I like this anon's idea
No. 19694
[X] Explain.
This box is awesome!
No. 19695
[x] I ain’t telling you shit.
She didn't tell us shit, so why should we tell her?
No. 19696

Yukari and Kanako definitely are being polite douchebags. Better just explain in the same tone.
No. 19697
[X] Explain.
We lose nothing and waste time searching for an opening.
No. 19698
Democratic schizophrenia. What can you do?
No. 19699
This anon reminds me of Onizuka from GTO. whenever I picture this anon, I picture him

That means you guys are doing it right. keep going.
No. 19700
Samefags. What can you do?
No. 19701
That's what happens with a democratic consciousness.
No. 19702
I ain’t telling you shit would have fitted into the mood more
No. 19703
File 120857435734.jpg - (12.32KB , 320x240 , gto.jpg ) [iqdb]
forgot mah pic.
No. 19704
File 12085743789.png - (425.56KB , 800x560 , 20070924003300.png ) [iqdb]
I was never familiar with Kanako due to the lack of solid fanon... but I thought she'd be cooler than this.
No. 19705
We are distinctly lacking in creatively legitimate alternative answers to those presented.
No. 19706
Kinda weird that she's stabbing her own people in the back here too. You think she'd at least have told Sanae.
No. 19708
I ain’t telling you shit, Cap’n. You stare defiantly at both Yukari and Kanako. “Interesting. . . Choice of words there.” Yukari seems slightly shocked by your response.
Kanako laughs. “He told you. I’m gonna have to remember that. ‘I ain’t telling you shit, Cap’n’. Hoo, that’s funny.”
Yukari glances over at Kanako, and shakes her head.
You take this as a point to pipe in. You demand to know what the HELL is going on here. Yukari sighs, seeming to be annoyed. “That again. It’s still not the time for that. You’ll know soon enough.” The gap is showing the battle between Ran and Mokou and Reisen again. Mokou is killed again, and Reisen looks like she’s not doing well at all. She seems to be barely standing, while Ran, on the other hand, Seems to be relatively untouched. Fuck. You have to do something.

[ ] Flee.
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
No. 19709

Good point I hadn't thought of that, perhaps this is just VR training.
No. 19710

Fuck, Onizuka was an unspoken badass.
No. 19711
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

Reisen dying = game over.
No. 19712
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

Or I'll do something we all regret.
No. 19713
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

Then she is going to ask for the box, ALL CHOICES ARE BAD CHOICES.
No. 19714
[x] Threaten Box

Use card on box
No. 19715
[X] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

Like this, Spring? Are we doing it right, Spring? Please love us, Spring!
No. 19716
[X] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
Fuck you Yukari, why are you doing this?
No. 19717
File 120857478617.jpg - (249.52KB , 732x780 , SUDDENLY FALCON.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Demand that Yukari call of Ran.
Here we are, being toyed with while Sanae has been slashed across her chest and Reisen is out there, fighting for(and bleeding for) us against someone much more powerful than her. I don't care if they're godlike beings, they've got this coming.
No. 19718
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Find and remove Rumia's ribbon

...here's for hoping Ex-Rumia will screw ya'll, you manipulative youkai/deity bastards.
No. 19719
[X] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
No. 19720
[X] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
No. 19721
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
No. 19722
What the fuck are Suwako and Tewi doing? Having a goddamned tea party or something?
No. 19723
Then we threaten to either

Card the box


Give our selves up to Reimu.
No. 19724
[X] Wait and see what happens.

I believe in the me that believes in Reisen.
No. 19725
[X] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

intersting, we didn't die.
in b4 "no".
No. 19726

Suwako's busy trying to heal Sanae.
No. 19727
[ ] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.

Alternatively offer trade of box for Reisen's continued safety.
No. 19728
I'm torn, do we believe in Reisen or so we give in?
No. 19729
This Box is ours, no one is going to touch it
No. 19730
Threaten to give ourselves up to Reimu? You know...I LIKE this idea.

Right now Yukari's just playing bullshit games with us, and screwing our pals in the process. I say we cut through all this bullshit, make her tell it to us straight, or we screw her plans and go straight to Reimu.
No. 19731
hard to believe in a dead person.
No. 19732
Hmm, I can't help but wonder what pretenses people are operating under to think that what is being shown in the gaps are real. Because, you know, we haven't been mind fucked with false imagery before.
No. 19733
You demand that Yukari call off Ran, this instant.
“Oh? So you presume to give orders to ME now?” Yukari laughs, before having a very serious look come over her face. “No. What are you going to do about it?” Ran seems to be moving in on Reisen, who’s standing unsteadily, firing shots unevenly.

[ ] Use Card, then flee
[ ] Boot to the head, then flee.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Sit there, and wait.
No. 19734
[x] Demand that Yukari call off Ran.
Don't make us go cardcrusher on your ass, Yukari.
No. 19735
File 120857509817.jpg - (37.47KB , 414x585 , 1205119205001.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Wait and see what happens.

but say through da gap
No. 19736
[ ] Boot to the head, then flee.
[ ] Use Card, then flee
Two hit combo.
No. 19737
[X] Use Card

No fleeing.

I swear, it may not be possible, but we have to do our damndest to get her to stop fucking around.
No. 19738
[x] Use Card, then flee
She'll probably see the boot coming. Card will be SURPRISE COCKFAGS
No. 19739
[X] Use Card, then flee

Fuck this noise, already.
No. 19740
[ ] Flip over the table onto her.
[ ] Flee
No. 19741
[X] Flee.
No. 19742
[ ] Use Card, then flee
No. 19743
[x] Sit there, and wait.

Use codec if possible.
No. 19745
she knows our boots already
[x] Use Card, then flee
No. 19747
[X] Boot to the head, then flee.

Need to use card on Ran, if need be.
No. 19748
[ ] Sit there, and wait.

I'm trusting in Reisen, there's no threat to our lives right now. If we do flee don't waste the card that might be used on Ran.
No. 19749
dunno all shit options
[X] Use Card, then flee
No. 19750
[ ] Boot to the head, then flee.

Anon, make up for your sudden lack of Gar.
Pull the stupid option, the one thing that would be unexpected.
No. 19751
[Z] Sit there, and wait.

and sip your fucking tea like a man. NAY a KING.
No. 19752
>[ ] Boot to the head, then flee.
>[ ] Use Card, then flee
>Two hit combo.

this. I like this. Also, anon is wearing boots? interesting. how many jobs do people wear boots at?
No. 19753
[ ] Use poison cloud, then flee.
No. 19754

[x] Use Card, then boot to the head.
No. 19755
[x] Boot to the head, then flee.
No. 19757
[x] Boot to the head, then flee.
No. 19758
[X] Sit there, and wait.
No. 19759
[ ] Sit there, and wait.

Don't waste the card
No. 19760
[X] Use Card, then flee
Defend Reisen
No. 19761
[x] Use Card, then flee

She's fucking with us.
I don't care if we're expending every tool we have, we best make her show some respect.
No. 19762
Engineer at LHC.
No. 19763
Card wins
No. 19764
The entire situation is a bit unfair, really. We're dealing with two of the top-tier beings in Gensokyo. The only way this situation could get worse is that Reimu shows up.
No. 19765
[ ] Use Card, then flee

This is the best time for that card to work.
No. 19766
[ ] Sit there, and wait.
No. 19767
our clothes got changed several times. who knows what we are wearing now
No. 19768
Worse, or better..?
No. 19769
No. 19771
Maybe now's a bad time, but what is the deal with this collider thing, anyway? And not the "zomg sekrits of teh univers" shit, I mean the "portal to Gensokyo" shit.
No. 19772

No. 19773
No. 19774
i believe that reisen dies. no need to wait for her
No. 19775
You reach into your pocket. Both Kanako and Yukari are puzzled by your action. Touching the card, this time, something flows into your mind. You finally know how to use this.
“SPELL CARD DECLARE:” Both Kanako’s and Yukari’s eyes go wide in shock, but before they have a chance to react, you finish the incantation, “MADNESS SIGN [LUNATIC NIGHT]” The Card glows brightly and disappears. From where the card was, a bright glow starts. Yukari dives through a gap, and Kanako hit’s the deck. A wave of bullets shoots out in all directions, except for towards you. Taking this chance you flee to the door. You kick it hard, but nothing happens this time. Feeling the door, you feel a giant handle. Pulling as hard as you can, you yank the door open.
Reisen. She’s standing, right there, Just out the entry way. You run as fast as you can, but it doesn’t look like you’re gonna make it.

[ ] Throw box at Ran.
[ ] Scream at Ran.
[ ] Run faster.
No. 19776
use card? lets choose Slave.
No. 19778
[] Threaten to use the spell card on the box. The Dyke.
No. 19779

[x] Run faster
[x] Scream at Ran.
No. 19780
[ ] Scream at Ran.

No. 19781
...we really need to borrow a gun from Nitori the next time we get a chance.
No. 19782
File 120857572364.jpg - (891.89KB , 1666x1482 , 1204968612766.jpg ) [iqdb]
Congrats, Kira: you've driven every anon here insane.
No. 19783
holy shit, Reisens gonna die. No idea.
[ ] Run faster.?
No. 19784
[x] Flying kick Ran in the face.
No. 19785
[x] Run faster
[x] Scream at Ran.
No. 19786
[X] Open Box

No. 19787
[ ] Throw box at Ran.
[ ] Scream at Ran.
[ ] Run faster.

Those who burn the brightest burn for half as long, but Emperor bless us, let's do it all!

slowpoke .jpg.
No. 19788
[X] Run faster.
No. 19789
We could probably make it if we kick the box towards Ran, she wants it after all. Maybe she will stop from killing Reisen
No. 19790
[ ] Throw box at Ran.

Should've saved the card you niggers!
No. 19791

[ ] Run faster.
No. 19792
[X] Scream at Ran.
[X] Run faster.

No. 19793
[ ] Run faster.

Speed, SPEED. H4x, don't fail us now!!
No. 19794

[x] Scream at Ran.

No. 19795
[ ] Scream at Ran.

No. 19796
[x] Scream at Ran.
[x] Run faster.
No. 19797
[X] Run faster.

No. 19798

[ ] Scream at Ran.

Anon has had a reawakening, no more of our passive pussy shit for a while.
No. 19799
[X] Run faster.
[x] Scream at Ran.
No. 19800
[ ] Throw box at Ran.
Kaguya's going to come out and kick Ran's ass.
No. 19801
[X] Scream at Ran.
[X] Run faster.

No regrets, now! Into the eye of the storm!
No. 19802
[x] Scream at Ran.

And then falcon punch her like the FIST OF THE MOTHERFUCKING NORTH STAR.
No. 19803
[x]Run Faster
[x]Scream at Ran.

Believe that Reisen will take the opportunity our distraction will give.
No. 19804
Ohh, I thought it said scream at REISEN in my haste. In that case, I'll definitely go with the double vote.

[X] Scream at Ran.
[X] Run faster.
No. 19805
You forgot one:

No. 19806
[x] Scream at Ran.
No. 19807
[x] Scream at Ran.
[x] Run faster.
No. 19808
[x]Run Faster
[x]Scream at Ran.


No. 19809
Okay, despite all logic, that somehow worked.
[X] Yell at Ran
Speed of box < Speed of sound; though, at this point, we may as well kick sense to the curb.
No. 19810
[x]Run Faster
[x]Scream at Ran.

You are not touching Reisen, Ran
No. 19811
do we still have that bomb doll?
No. 19812
...No. We lost that like ten threads ago.
No. 19813
No, seems to be missing.
No. 19814
Good Scorn, you look kind of predictable!
No. 19815
You charge ahead, Screaming with an untold fury. Your screams seem to have startled Ran, who stops moving towards Reisen, giving you just enough time to close the gap. You tackle Ran HARD. Knocking her to the ground and making her slide a bit before coming to a stop. You fall to the ground and land hard on your shoulder. You think you hear another crack. In seconds, Mokou is there in front of you, waving at you to get Reisen the FUCK out of here. Reisen wobbles, barely able to stand, desperately clining to consciousness. You push yourself up, and run back to her, scooping her up in your arms. You barely slow down before calling out a thanks to Mokou. She doesn’t even seem to acknowledge you.
You run around, back past your room, and around to the back of the shrine. Where are you going to hide?

[ ] Go out the back gate.
[ ] Kitchen.
[ ] Go to Suwako’s room.
[ ] Go back to the inner sanctum.
No. 19816
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19817
[ ] Kitchen.

Must recruit more allies!
No. 19818
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19819
[ ] Go to Suwako’s room.
The sanctum's still got Kanako, that traitorous bitch.
No. 19821
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.

Link back up with the Nineballs!
No. 19822
[ ] Go out the back gate.
I've had it with this shrine. We shall be fugitives.
Oh, but get our little sisters first.
No. 19823
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.

Safety in numbers, and it's the only place we can get Reisen tended to.
No. 19824
[x] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19825

There's a time and a place for everything, Including hypocrisies. Besides I'm pro GAR
No. 19826
[ ] Go to Suwako’s room.

That's where we last saw the crew.
No. 19827
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.

Little sisters, plus Suwako would be PISSED if she knew Kanako let Chen hurt Sanae. Easy allies.
No. 19828
[ ] Go to Suwako’s room.

Yukari is gone so Ran and Chen will be severely weakened.
No. 19829
[X] Go to Suwako’s room


If they're still there
No. 19830

It was in storage, last I saw.
No. 19831
[X] Go back to the inner sanctum.
they'll never expect us there
No. 19832
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.
Regroup and plan.
No. 19833
[X] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19834
>[X] Go back to the inner sanctum.
>they'll never expect us to be so stupid
No. 19835
Hah. Fair enough.
No. 19836
They'll never expect us to be so stupid?

Have you been following this storyline at all?
No. 19837
>>[ ] Go out the back gate.
Possibility. But then there's also Chen lurking somewhere.
>>[ ] Kitchen.
What for?
>>[X] Go to Suwako’s room.
Get help for Reisen, and yourself, from Suwako.
>>[ ] Go back to the inner sanctum.
Fuck yes. You make the least sense and must therefore be have been the best choice.
But, goddamn, we're still in-character. What sounds logical must sound logical.
No. 19838

Vaguely stating Kanako was with Yukari sipping tea and watching...good. Let Hypnotoad sit on it.
No. 19839
Well... We ran off Yukari, Frightened a god, took out Chen, and Bowled over Ran.

This has to inspire some respect in Mokou and Sanae.
No. 19840
[x] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19841
Suwako’s room is our last chance to ruffle our little sisters heads before we'll get raped
No. 19842
[x] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19843
[x] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19844
You forgot we probably broke something, dont forget you landed on your shoulder and the crack you heard
No. 19845
[x] Go to Suwako’s room.
No. 19847
You run around the outside of the building, and guessing where you think Suwako’s room is, you try the door. . . But wait, there is no door. You run back to Sanae’s room, and cut in through there. You slip out into the hallway, and slide down the hallway, hopefully unnoticed. You quickly kick the door open with your foot and slip inside Suwako’s room. There’s nobody here now. The room looks like it was cleared out quickly. Reisen looks up at you, <Tewi took the others out the back ga. . .> Reisen passes out at this point.
FUCK. That would have been nice to know earlier. You hear a loud explosion coming from the front of the shrine. This isn’t good.

[ ] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
[ ] Try to escape the shrine again.
No. 19848
During this thread, I feel as if we're redeeming all the stupid things we've done til now.
No. 19849

And? For an average outsider, we accomplished more than anyone else while taking less damage. Sanae's got rabies and I'm Mokou's broken a lot more than her shoulder.
No. 19850
looks like it's time to bure bure bure out of this place
No. 19851
[ ] Try to escape the shrine again.
No. 19852
[x] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
No. 19853
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.
Lets GTFO out of here NOW
No. 19854
[X] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.

I don't feel comfortable leaving her behind.
No. 19855
[x] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
They can't be tracking us, right?
No. 19856
[X] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
No. 19857
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.

We need to find the others.

Hiding won't do any good with someone like Yukari or Ran or even Chen.
No. 19858
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.

We have a passenger, and it is imperative that we keep her safe, even if we risk ourselves for it.
No. 19859
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.

Out the back garden, por favor
No. 19860
[X] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
a penis can do magic
No. 19861
[X] Go to the back gate
Follow Tewi
No. 19862
[x] Try to escape the shrine.

We need to keep our woman alive.
No. 19863
[x] Treat Reisen's wounds while carrying her and escaping the shrine.
No. 19864
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.
No. 19865
[ ] Try to escape the shrine again.

Hah! It would be a total kicker if Reimu decided to show up now. I mean, damn.
No. 19866
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.
Hiding here does nothing, Kanako and Yukari are going to come after us in no time, cant fucking hide them them
No. 19867
That was my first thoughts upon reading that the explosion was in the front of the shrine.
No. 19868
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.
No. 19870
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.

We need Kerokero/Sanae
No. 19871
[ ] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
No. 19872
[x] Try to escape the shrine.

We're no doctor, anon.
No. 19873
[X] Try to escape the shrine again.
No. 19874
No. 19875
Reimu and the whole Ensemble of the SDM.
The final Battle!
No. 19876
Dude, too late. I brought this idea up to Kira in the IRC hours ago.
No. 19877
[ ] Hide here, and try your best to treat Reisen’s wounds.
No. 19878
We need Nitori's firepower, speaking of which, what was she doing during the whole fight?

We could have used Cirno, Rumia, et al during that time as well... damn slackers.
No. 19879
Don't spend those thirty pieces all in one place, now.
No. 19880
How many choices would we have to go back to avoid this whole mess?
No. 19881
Maybe she caused the explosion...?
No. 19882
Speak for yourself. I know enough first aid to save YOUR life if it's reasonable. And if it were beyond that, we would probably notice just by looking. Danmaku ain't subtle.
No. 19883
No. 19884
Yukari with Ran and Chen. The whole of the Moriya Shrine. Reimu, Alice, Marisa with the SDM. Battle Royale and we in the middle with our little sisters. A bad day in Anon, and all without our Camera
No. 19885

If we would of let Reimu kill us this never would of happened.
No. 19887
No. 19888

Kira would of worked in another way to screw with us

This was all planned. ALL OF IT
No. 19889
File 12085782069.jpg - (244.36KB , 750x742 , shikieiki (24).jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 19890
Just as planned?
No. 19891
Yeah...when you think about it, we really did cause our crew and Eientei to be seriously screwed over. That's part of what ticks me off about Yukari not being straight-forward.

If it weren't for protecting the box (Kaguya?), I'd vote to go on the lam solo. 'Cause we're not doing anybody any favors by being around them.
No. 19892
Just as Ranned.
No. 19893
Ugh, damnit. You slide the door open slowly and stick your head out. You don’t see anyone in the hallway, So you slip out into the hallway and don’t bother with closing the door. You start to sneak down the hallway, when you hear someone clear their throat behind you. You freeze.
“And where might you be sneaking off to, Running off after declaring a spell card. Not very nice of you at all.” You turn around to see a very upset Kanako.
“Indeed. When you declare a spell card, you’re supposed to stick around until it finishes.” Yukari’s voice comes from behind you. Damnit. You’re trapped now. Kanako in front of you, Yukari behind you. Suwako’s room is a dead end, and you’re carrying an unconscious Reisen. It may be that your luck has just run out.

[ ] Confront Yukari
[ ] Confront Kanako
[ ] Run back into Suwako’s room.
No. 19894
I am 80% sure we could have avoided this by balancing a pancake on Reisen's head
No. 19896
[x] Run back into Suwako’s room.
Hell why not, maybe she has a spare hat laying around.
No. 19897
[X] Confront Yukari
[X] Confront Kanako

This stops right here. We stare down both, and make a break for it when the opportunity arises.
No. 19898
[x] Confront Kanako
And by "confront", I mean "steamroll", in a "Move bitch, get out the way" kind of style
No. 19899
[X] Run back into Suwako’s room.

No. 19900
[x] Confront Yukari
No. 19901
[X] Run back into Suwako’s room.

We're cornered. No two ways around it. Best bet is to get our backs to a wall.
No. 19902
[ ] Confront Yukari
[ ] Confront Kanako
What the hell is going into Suwako's room going to do, delay the inevitable? No, stay here and confront them. You've got Reisen, they lost their bargaining chip. Ask them why the fuck they want the box.
No. 19903
[X] Confront Kanako
No. 19904
[X] Run back into Suwako’s room.
Pray for a fucking miracle
No. 19905
[x] Confront Yukari
[x] Confront Kanako
I'm mad as hell and I can't take it anymore.
No. 19906
[ ] Confront Yukari
[ ] Confront Kanako

Double pick!
No. 19907
[X] Take off glasses, see the "lines"
No. 19908
This is true.

Also this thread now has 800 posts, we should make a new thread.
No. 19909
[ ] Confront Kanako
You traitorous BITCH. You are worse than the the mutant, the witch, or the heretic! The mutant and the witch can purge their sin through deeds and redemption in service to the Emperor. The Heretic finds absolution in repentance and death. But there is no redemption for a Traitor. A traitor dies without the cleansing light of the Emperor, abandoned with Humanity's back turned on him. There is no hope for a traitor, for he is truly lost from the Emperor.
No. 19910
[ ] Confront Yukari

And so into desperatly kicking and screaming, go I
No. 19911
[X] Confront Yukari
[X] Confront Kanako
Oh well, they havent killed us yet, maybe we have a chance to get out of this mess somehow
No. 19913
[X] Confront Yukari
If the opportunity arises to bargain our life for Reisen's, I suggest we take it.
No. 19914
...this isn't a choice! This isn't a choice at all!

[ ] Confront Yukari
No. 19915

[X] Confront Yukari
[X] Confront Kanako

Also can we have a new thread?
No. 19916
[x] Confront Yukari
[x] Confront Kanako

"All right, you two. That does it. You wanted to see raging Anon? There he is and it's the last thing you gonna see in this world. BUSTAAA WOLF!!11"
No. 19917
[x] Confront Yukari

Bitch has been watching you for too long, time to find out why.
No. 19918
[x] Confront Yukari
[x] Confront Kanako
No. 19919
Best response. Someone save this damn thing.

Well, crap. Uh ... Yukari. She did run from the declared card too. If we're still snarky enough, we can at least lead with that remark.
No. 19920
Pick one:
[ ] Die Screaming
[ ] Die Quickly
[ ] Die Slowly
No. 19921
With an extra [X] God damnit Yukari
No. 19922
[x]Die planting a boot in Yukari's face.
No. 19923
What the hell is confronting them going to do? What are we going to confront them WITH? Harsh language?
No. 19924
[x] Eat hair

Do you want this hair Yukari?
No. 19925
GAR get for protecting love interest. but we can't finish it until she comes around and sees us fighting for her, almost loosing, and then barely winning.
No. 19926
Diplomacy. It's better than wasting time trapping yourself in a room. You may find an opportunity to slip by them if you stay in the hallway, too.
No. 19927
But they don't want our LIFE. Ran was given orders not to kill us. If anything, they'll trade Reisen's life for the box. Or they'll trade her life for our undying servitude.

Frankly, I say screw them, it's a bluff. If they need us or the box that badly, then they can get our cooperation when they crawl. Otherwise, they get nothing.
No. 19928
We are fucked anyway, might as well know why we going to die now.
No. 19929

Whats a matter?
Not PREDICTABLE enough for you?
No. 19930
THIS. I change my vote to this.
No. 19931
[X] Confront Yukari
No. 19932
[X] Confront Kanako
No. 19933
Hmm, interesting. Could Kaguya regenerate herself from our feces?
No. 19935

If the Hourai exilir can survive in someone's bladder, I'm sure Kaguya can survive in our colon.
No. 19936
She can regenerate herself out of thin air. We only have the hair so she regenerates with US, instead of where she died.
No. 19937
Any thoughts as to what GM's 20000 get will be?
No. 19938
I say we threaten to kill ourself, if they dont tell us what is going on
No. 19939

No. 19940
Well Anon, Congratulations. Many people claim that the world is against them. Few can claim that the world is LITERATELY against them like you can. Nearly every major house of gensokyo is out for your blood and the only one that has any kind of love for you, is currently hidding in a box inside of your pocket. And the best part is that you have no idea WHY they want to kill you. They just do.
No. 19942
[x] Confront Kanako
We have no where to run, might as well go out fighting.
No. 19943
Anon is awesome, hes everyones Hero
No. 19944
Yes, well, yeah. Right.
We had the girl for a while anyway.
No. 19945
No. 19946
> 850 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No. 19948
[ ] eat hair
No. 19949
1 post every 25 seconds. Good job Anon.
No. 19950
You scream in absolute rage. The two people confronting you both take a step back in shock. Turning your glare first on Kanako, you let her have it. “YOU. You’re some goddess. You let this woman, this Demon come in here, attack your priestess, severly injure your priestess, and now you’re playing all chummy, chummy with her. You are a traitor to your shrine, and those who follow you!” You then whip around to face Yukari. “And you. YOU. GOD DAMN IT YUKARI. You’ve been fucking with me since the MOMENT I entered this place. All to what fucking end. People have gotten hurt, people have gotten killed! And what do you care?! You sic your Shikigami on us, and attack unrelentlessly over some stupid fucking box. Well, guess what. You can’t have it, and I won’t tell you where I fucking got it. You can go rot in the darkest depths of hell for all I care. Reisen is hurt, and I have to find someone to take care of her NOW. So get the FUCK out of my way, or I’ll MAKE you get out of my way.”
Yukari smirks. “Quite the impassioned speech there, boy.”
Kanako seems to be taken aback. “It would seem, that you misunderstand what’s going on here.
“I don’t give a fuck what’s going on here. I have to find medical attention for Reisen, NOW. So either one of you is going to get the FUCK out of my way, or we’re going to have some trouble.”
Yukari shakes her head. “You’re in no position to make demands here.”
“He may not be, But I am! Goddess, forgive me! Human, DUCK”
You drop to the floor, careful not to shake up Reisen too much. Over head, a HUGE blast of light consumes the top part of the hallway. Yukari goes flying over you directly into Kanako. Looking up you see Nitori there, with her gun. She smirks. “I finally got the bugs worked out of it, now RUN”
You don’t have to be told twice. Getting quickly to your feet you fly down the hallway, ducked down to stay out of the way of the blast. Through the kitchen, out the back, and through the orchard, you keep running. You reach the back gate to see Tewi standing there.
“COME ON! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” You don’t have to be told twice. You follow Tewi out the back gate and out into the woods. Off to one side, as you’re running, You note that there’s apparently a hot spring out the back here. That would have been nice to know about earlier. Tewi leads you through the woods to a clearing. There’s a small pond here as well. All of your little sisters, Suwako, and Sanae are all gathered here.
“I found him.” Tewi announces to the group.
Everyone looks up to see you excitedly, only to notice the limp Reisen in your hands. Suwako rushes over to you, grabbing the pot off of Cirno’s head.
“Quickly, take her over by the water.” You follow Suwako’s lead and lay Reisen down by the water. Suwako scoops up some of the water and pours it on Reisen. She starts chanting, and the water glows slightly. Sanae, still uneasy on her feet, shuffles over to Reisen, kneeling down next to Suwako.
“I’ll help too.”
“But. . . “ Sanae cuts off Suwako.
“I’ll help too.”
Suwako nods, “Thanks.”
The two of them begin chanting.
You fall backwards onto your bottom and sigh. This is not how you envisioned today turning out. The entire tone in the clearing is quite somber. Wriggle is carrying Rumia, who apparently fell asleep during all of this. Cirno stands a little ways back from Reisen, quietly watching what’s going on.
“H-human. . . Is she gonna be alright?”
You answer her that you don’t know. Cirno hangs her head. Tewi comes over and pats Cirno on the shoulder. “Of course she’s gonna be ok. She has to pull through for him” Tewi gestures in your direction. “So don’t worry about her, Ok?”
Tewi turns to you once Cirno wanders back over to Wriggle and Rumia. “Really kid. You did a good job. She looks pretty beat up. It must have been a really intense battle. You should relax while you can. As soon as those two have her stabilized, we’re moving. We can’t afford to stay in any one place too long.” Tewi sighs before plopping down on the ground. She falls onto her back and stares up at the sky.

[ ] Relax
[ ] Go back for Nitori
[ ] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 19951
Kira is either letting us sweat, fell asleep again, or is putting some thought into this next entry.
No. 19952
[ ] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 19953
[x] Keep a watch on Reisen.

Never gonna give you up,
never gonna let you go.
No. 19954

[x] Go back for Nitori

Leave no man behind.
No. 19955

[x]Keep watch over Reisin.
No. 19956
[x] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No time to relax and going back for Nitori is death.
No. 19957
[ ] Relax
Fuck, we deserve it already.
No. 19958
[ ] Go back for Nitori
you can't have her die yet.
No. 19959
[ ] Keep a watch on Reisen.

Obvious choice.
No. 19961
Also, [X] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 19962
[ ] Relax

Hell yes, Nitori. I love you AND science, and that over-powered gun.
No. 19963
[ ] Keep a watch on Reisen.

Insert manly tears when we hug Reisen.
No. 19964
[ ] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 19965
[ ] Go back for Nitori
No. 19966
[x] Go back for Nitori
You're not sacrificing yourself for me, Nitori.
No. 19967
[X] Go back for Nitori
No. 19968
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.

Nitori'll be fine, so long as she's fixed her Otacon camo thingie.
No. 19969

She should be able to escape using her optical camo, and we need to rest while we have the opportunity.

[x] Relax (take it easy)
No. 19970
[x] Keep watch over Reisen.
No. 19971
[x] Relax
We're in no condition to save kappa now. But we will. eventually.
No. 19972
[X] Relax.
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.

It's important that we're sure everyone is safe, but it's just as important that we're rested enough to start moving again when the time comes.
No. 19973
Guess we know which one it was, now.
No. 19974
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.

It figures that in the time I'm off at work, this shit gets real.

Still, you did good, Anon. You did good.
No. 19975
[x] Open that fucking box.
No. 19976
We just got out of that firefight. Deus cum machina, thank you. Anyway: [X] Reisen. We have to trust Nitori had a clue what she was doing.
No. 19977
Fuck yes, finally anon says what has to be said. But still i wonder what the hell is really going on. I am probably the only one who wonders if Yukari is allright after that blast
No. 19978
Geez, Anon. Trust your squaddies a bit. Nitori's got a big fucking gun, and you've got zilch. She can handle herself.
No. 19979
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 19980
[X] Relax.
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.

Better leave those who can save others to save themselves than rush in after escaping.

I hoped this whole ordeal unlocked the hot spring scene.
No. 19981
HOLY FUCK! I just got off of work, and the first thing I see is Anon telling off a Goddess and Yukari! Was this our GARlock transformation!?
No. 19982
Forgot to add
[x] Open box
No. 19983
You've not seen anything yet. We have done lots of GAR tonight.
No. 19984

No. 19985
Oh yes, add this to mine as well.
[x] open the box
No. 19986
I doubt it. We're still pretty fuggin' useless and have no h4x.
No. 19987
At least we got Kaguya safe in that box. Gotta repay our depts towards her somehow
No. 19988
Useless? We fucking charged an extra stage midboss.
No. 19989
A voice somewhere in your head tells you that it is not yet time.
No. 19990
But we have at least twenty other voices in our head saying "OPEN IT ALREADY FUCK"
No. 19991
We lost our camera, but it was probably a one trick-pony.

We're beginning to unlock our TRUE POWER.
No. 19992

You know who else told us "it is not yet time"?

Yeah, I'm adding in another

[x] Open box
No. 19993
Why are you posting under a name, anyways?
No. 19994
We tackled Chen into a koi pond, stunned Ran with a shoulder to the gut, and we stalled two of the most powerful beings in gensokyo long enough to save our 10%. Good times.
No. 19995
Still, in a fight against her, we dont have a real chance. We are still useless
No. 19996
Because I feel like it?
Why are all the other namefags posting under a name?
No. 19997
File 120858114048.jpg - (861.20KB , 1280x960 , cf2979246d88f84dc732c68685f43df4.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is it just me or does Mokou seem a bit... weak in this setting? I mean, she IS an EX stage boss afterall.
No. 19998
>>Kanako seems to be taken aback. “It would seem, that you misunderstand what’s going on here. "

Actually, I'm am rather curious as to what the fuck IS going on. Considering Kanako seemed less than pleased to see Yukari to begin with, I think we can assume she must have had at least an inkling that this was going to happen.

So then, why is it that Suwako seems completely in the dark about this, and Sanae even moreso, considering the damage she too?

And the box. What the fuck is it, how did we fucking get it, why do we have it, and why the hell is Yukari so keen on getting it?

And, if she wants it so badly, why is it she couldn't just take it from us by force? For that matter, why is it that despite everything she's so keen on keeping us alive? If she has some other purpose for us that requires our survival, she must know that we're not going to be very inclined to cooperate if she fucks with our friends like this. But then, that could also be why she won't tell us what's going on, knowing that if we knew what it was we wouldn't do whatever it is she wants us to do.
No. 20003
Is it a trustworthy sounding voice? Or is it a manipulative bitch, Yukari-sounding voice?

Okay, we're not useless. We have crazy dumb luck (plot armor), like the type mentioned in the quantum immortality Tewi image. But we can't use it on demand, so if we actually try and rely on it we'll get screwed half the time.
No. 20005

Hell, Why the fuck does it keep changing color?
No. 20008
Her powers are indiscriminate. She just hasn't had a chance to really let loose, yet.
No. 20013
[X] Don't open the box
Either this is an unrecoverable disaster or an unrecoverable spoiler. In either case, I'm sure Kira wouldn't waste a moment fucking our Anon over if checking the contents of the box could do that and still allow us to continue going about our merry way with mass destruction in our wake.

On the other hand, we now have a goddess and Gensokyo's number one peeping tom on our tail, and us on their bad side. We're running out of places to run.
No. 20014
>What the fuck is it, how did we fucking get it, why do we have it, and why the hell is Yukari so keen on getting it?

Kaguya Regnerating, Manipulation of Eternity or something, so that she regenerages somewhere safe, because you dont get many oppertunities to contain/kill someone like Kaguya.
No. 20015
She's preparing the ultimate rickroll.
No. 20017
Yukari and Kanako did not want to harm us anyway, Ran only wanted to rip us off an arm or something if we didnt give her the box. Chen was probably going easy on us too. and most of all we are protected by some heavy plot armor, would be boring if we died
No. 20019
File 120858138925.png - (145.91KB , 641x2614 , white whale.png ) [iqdb]
Anon's response to this whole thing reminds me of the image
No. 20020
File 120858140655.jpg - (12.75KB , 281x284 , bricks.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20021
File 120858142522.jpg - (34.88KB , 640x378 , Claudia.jpg ) [iqdb]
To fill your heart with hatred. Anonymous, you are going to birth a God.
No. 20022
And EX Stage boss, yes, but remember that despite her immortality and flame powers, physically she's still more or less human. Compared to a full-blown youkai like Ran, there's not much of a contest.
No. 20023
[X] Keep a watch on Reisen.
No. 20025

If anon is able to reach Ahab level awesome, I will be so fucking proud.
No. 20026
Reimu and Marisa are more or less human too. No contest?
No. 20027
Best relationship comic ever.
No. 20029
Well, I'd always imagined that Mokou fights like a berserker because she has that luxury. With her spell cards, she's forced to be as poetic as the card requires.
No. 20030
Can we knock on the box, so Kaguya knows we need to start practicing our Senor Wences routine?
No. 20031
This is Yukari. You cannot run. You cannot hide.
No. 20032
She's not going to come through a gap at us, she's afraid of getting another boot to the face.
No. 20035
Yukkuri shite itte ne!
No. 20037
...What other namefags? I sometimes post under a name, but that's by necessity.
No. 20038
Why run, lets get the fuck to the Hakurei Shrine already, time to settle this once and for all
No. 20039
Who cares?
No. 20041

Agreed, There's only tripfags. You seem to be the only namefag.
No. 20044
So now our list of enemies consists of:

SDM is still unknown, but if Yukari is against us now, it's pretty much safe to assume Yuyuko and Youmu are as well.

Still, we've apparently got a good deal of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo out to get us now. On top of that, with Eientei now a pile of ashes (unconfirmed, but likely) and most everywhere else off-limits or too risky, we seem to be almost out of places to hide, and are becoming very much outgunned and outnumbered.

We need some serious fucking firepower now. Unfortunately, the only ones I can think of that fit that particular bill are either Yuka, or the SDM's residents.

So, yeah. We're fucked.
No. 20046
Nah Yukari and Kanako are not going after our life, they got something planned and dont mind the way they do it, nor do they care about us, we are just a pawn to them
No. 20047

You forgot Ran and Chen, even if they are subordinates of Yukari.
No. 20049
You go over to Reisen’s side and take her hand in yours. The two continue chanting over her, and while she does look better, her eyes still aren’t opening. You glance up. Their faces are screwed up in concentration. Apparently this takes quite a bit of energy and concentration to do. You feel so useless right now. You couldn’t help Reisen when she needed you. Sure, you were able to catch Ran by surprise, but really, in the long run, it would have been better if you could have done something about Ran in the first place, so that none of this would have happened. You sigh.
< in. . be. .>
Your head jerks up. Was that Reisen?
<I . . . in . . . you. . .>
You call out to Reisen.
<I believe in you. . .>
Her eyes flutter slightly. You want to hug her so desperately, but decide against it, given you don’t want to screw up what Suwako and Sanae have done. Reisen opens her eyes and looks at you.
“Th. . . Thank you. . .” She says weakly. Sanae and Suwako both fall back from Reisen, breathing hard. Apparently it takes a lot out of them to do this. You turn to them and thank them profusely.
“Don’t thank us yet. She’s not out of the woods. She’s still really hurt, and Sanae and I need to rest a while before we can do this again. We need to get moving though.” Suwako refills the pot, and stands up. “You’ll need to carry her.”
Sanae also gets to her feet, unsteadily. Tewi is there quite quickly to help her stand. “Thank you Tewi.” Sanae ruffles Tewi’s hair a bit.
“I really wish you wouldn’t do that.” Tewi screws up her face, but doesn’t pull away or bat at Sanae’s hand.
“Alright! Listen up! It’s time to move. Wriggle, you and Rumia are on point, Cirno, you’re bringing up the rear. Injured are going to be in the middle. Keep them safe at all costs. Understood?!”
“YEAH!” Cirno seems to have regained her exuberance. Wriggle nods solemnly, and starts to head into the woods.

[ ] Go with the group
[ ] Go back for Nitori.
No. 20050
Yuyuko can't touch us unless we're dead.
No. 20051

When did we antagonize the oni?
No. 20052
We need to find the remnants of Rika's work.

We need Evil Eye Sigma.
No. 20053
[x] Go back for Nitori.
No. 20054
[ ] Go with the group

I sure hope they have an idea where they're going.
No. 20055
[x] Go with the group
No. 20057
[x] Go with the group

The other one isn't really an option since we have to CARRY REISIN.
No. 20058
[ ] Go with the group
Nitori, go in the Emperor's name!
No. 20059

[x] Go with the group.

Nitori has her science to help her out.
No. 20060
[X] Go with the group

I believe in Nitori. She's smart enough that she knows what she's doing.
No. 20061
[X] Go with the group

I feel bad about leaving Nitori behind like this, but I think we should trust her to handle herself.
No. 20062
Hm. I think it might be time to see how well Keine's "Conceal History" ability works. At least as far as hiding is concerned, that seems like the best way to accomplish the feat considering the "who" is against us.

And, we also have one alternative that is currently trying to kill us, and that will definitely net us the truth, but doing it will be hell: we go to hell.
No. 20063
[X] Go back for Nitori.
No Man gets left behind, she did save us
No. 20064
[x] Go with the group
No. 20065
[x] Go back for Nitori.

Give Reisen the box.

We have a debt to repay.
No. 20066
[x] Go back for Nitori.
Weenie rush the two gods if need be.
No. 20067
[x] Go back for Nitori.
Must save our savior. Don't know how but must.
No. 20068
[x] Go with the group

Could Anon be the Philosopher's Stone?
No. 20069
We can't let Reisen watch Gurren Lagann. Ever.
No. 20070
[X] Go with the group

Although I wonder why the group has stuck to us for so long.

I mean, our mere presence means likely injury or death.

ps, where's Mokou?
No. 20072
[X] Go with the group

Godspeed, Nitori.
No. 20073
[ ] Go with the group
Also, if this tripcode fails, I'll be pissed.
No. 20074
[x] Go with the group
No. 20075
[x] Go back for Nitori.
No. 20076
They might not be out for our lives, but they clearly don't have our best interests in mind. And if they're not with us, then they can only be against us.

And so I did. But then, they're pretty much a package deal with Yukari anyway.

We didn't directly, but she took part in the initial assault on Eientei with the rest of Reimu's party. So long as she's alligned with the psycho-bitch shrine maiden, she's definitely not on our side.
No. 20077
> 921 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 20078
[X] Go with the group
I... I'm sorry Nitori.
No. 20079
[x]Suggest going back for Nitori

The others might know if she has a plan, and at the very least we shouldn't do something stupid without consulting the others
No. 20080
You completely missed my point there.
No. 20082
[x] Go with the group.
Don't we have Tengu ninjas?
No. 20084
>>Hm. I think it might be time to see how well Keine's "Conceal History" ability works. At least as far as hiding is concerned, that seems like the best way to accomplish the feat considering the "who" is against us.

Two problems with that. First of all, that would require going to the human village. From what we were told by Kaguya and Eirin, that's one place we should NOT go.
Secondly, if her use of it in IN is any indication, then it won't have any effect on the likes of Yukari, and probably a few others as well.
No. 20085
I don't care.
No. 20086
Isn't there a 1,000 post limit? Or is that only on 2-ch-style text boards?
No. 20087

Eh, if he wants to be a tripfag, let im'
Just means every mistake he'll ever make will be remembered and attached to his name.
No. 20088
As I'm fully aware.
No. 20090
>And if they're not with us, then they can only be against us.
Yukari did save us after all, but i really wish that she would tell us what is going on, if that was the case this all would not have happened in the first place. I dont think we want to have them as our Enemies, we have enough of that already.

I think we should probably go to the SDM next, it would be the most unlogic, but most logic choice, maybe Patchy knew that Yukari and Kanako were planning something. It would be worth a shot. Yuyuko is out of question and we have to be somewhere.
No. 20091
"Decide you must how to serve them best. If you leave now, help them you could. But you would destroy all for which they have fought and suffered."
No. 20092
Don't we drive human beings insane or something?
Or was that only a hypothesis?
No. 20093
[x] Go back for Nitori.

It's not enough to just survive. We have to be worthy of survival.
No. 20095
[x] Go back for Nitori.
No. 20096
Demonstrably false.
No. 20098
>I think we should probably go to the SDM next

We are long overdue for a meeting with The Lake.
No. 20099
Sanae seems ... stable, considering.
No. 20100
We didn't drive Sanae insane, I don't think.
No. 20101
>>Yukari did save us after all, but i really wish that she would tell us what is going on, if that was the case this all would not have happened in the first place. I dont think we want to have them as our Enemies, we have enough of that already.

Saving us isn't the same thing as helping us. All it means is that we are still more useful to her alive than dead. But as Ran told us, she clearly doesn't care about the "quality" of our life. So long as we can still do whatever it is she wants us to do, it doesn't matter how beaten, battered, bruised, and maimed we are.

And if she's not telling us what's going on, it's most likely because whatever it is she wants from us is more likely to happen if we DON'T know. In other words, whatever it is, we're probably not going to like it.
No. 20102

I say we head to the flower field, and sway Yuuka to our side by convincing her that joining our little squadron will allow her to test her strength against all the ludicrously powerful enemies we've made. Fighting the strong is basically her favorite thing to do, and we can definitely provide her with some opponents.
No. 20103
>Don't we drive human beings insane or something?
Sanae seems to be okay

It's just Reimu having a masive PMS
No. 20104
We dont drive humans insane. Reimu is just insane
No. 20107
I think we should find Medicine and ask her if the poison was actually her doing.
No. 20108
We also thought we could sway Kanako to our side, but with followers instead of opponents.

You've seen how well that panned out.

While Yuka might take us up on the offer, she could be just as likely to attack US instead, to see what all the fuss is about.
Which would be more interesting to fight for a total psychopath? An army of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo, or the one piddly little human who somehow pissed them all off enough to make them his enemy?
No. 20109

We can pick up Lily along the way!
No. 20110
Sanae probably has enough divine blood left in her to be immune from whatever corrupting effect we have on people.
No. 20111
You know what, I almost want to go to the Hakurei shrine and attempt diplomacy. If we fail and die, then maybe we can go back to before we had to hide from Reimu AND Yukari. And if we succeed, we'll have Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and probably the SDM on our side.
No. 20112
What about Marisa?
In Rinnosuke's shop she seemed find. When she was against us she didn't act psychotic, just pissed we screwed over her best friend somehow.
No. 20113
Well, if we go to SDM, we're not staying for longer than we need to. Not having another haven burn to the ground while we scurry out, powerless to stop it.

If Remilia is willing to stand for us, we would do a service not to get them homeless too.
No. 20114
And lose the relationship between Reisen and Anon? Are you insane?!
No. 20115
You pick Reisen up off the ground and follow along behind Tewi and Sanae. Suwako follows along, just behind you, making sure not to spill the water. You silently appologize to Nitori for having to leave her behind, and you hope that the next person you run into isn’t as hostile as everything that’s happened so far.
Meanwhile. . .

“So, there he goes.”
“Indeed. Is this what you thought would happen all along?”
“I can’t say that it is. He really is quite surprising. Forming and holding together that rag tag little band. It really is quite amazing.”
“Yes, yes it is. But then again, you know. . .”
“Hum. . . I wonder if it is still just that. Time will tell. . .”


Time passes. . .

Your little troupe finds itself on the edge of a forest. Nearby there appears to be a small house. You’ve been taking turns watching it. It appears that nobody has come out of it, or gone into it for the better part of the day.

[ ] Approach house.
[ ] Continue watching.
[ ] Get back to moving.
No. 20116
No. 20117
Anonymous seems to have gained the curse of Vash the Stampede. Now, he needs to get some matching shades.
No. 20118
[ ] Approach house.
I stand by my previous statement, diplomacy.
No. 20120
[] continue watching.

Caution has helped us so far.
>If we fail and die, then maybe we can go back to before we had to hide from Reimu AND Yukari. And if we succeed, we'll have Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and probably the SDM on our side.

I was referring to this part. This was before we met Reisen; pissing off Reimu, I mean.
No. 20121
[ ] Approach house.
No. 20122

[x] Continue watching.
No. 20124
[X] Continue watching.

Where are we supposed to go exactly?
No. 20125
Well obviously it was. I never said anything about going back that far, just back to before or just after we arrived at the Moriya Shrine.
No. 20126
[X] Approach house.

House on the edge of the forest? Seems like it might belong to either Marisa or Alice, in which case some reconnaissance wouldn't be a bad idea, especially as even in our weakened condition, we brutally outnumber any individual member of their party. If it's not one of them, it could be someone we can talk with normally, and it might provide us with a bit of respite.
No. 20127
[X]continue watching
No. 20128
Where in the Forest of Magic are Marisa's and Alice's houses situated, again?
No. 20129
[ ] Continue watching.
No. 20130
1000-replies thread?
No. 20131
[X] Continue watching.
No. 20132
epic thread is epic
No. 20133
[ ] Approach house with a knife.
Alice chan~
No. 20134
Possibly, but we should probably then go for "her friend" first. Don't fight the symptoms, fight the illness, they say.

Until we learn exactly why Reimu has a beef with us from someone else, we shouldn't run in half-cocked, without some kind of apologetics. Yukari can be fended-off. Kanako can be fended-off. A miko in crisis resolution mode, round two, might break our plot armor.

We're on Youkai Mountain as well. Suika, when she's not bothering Reimu, lives there so we stand a chance of being able to reconcile with her. At least there's one thing that'd be good about the confrontation: oni can't tell us lies.
No. 20135
Not near Youkai mountain, methinks.
No. 20136
...house by an edge of a forest? If it's not Kourindou, I can only think of Alice and Marisa's place at the Forest of Magic (neither of which we want to visit).

[ ] Continue watching.

Maybe someone new? Prismrivers had a mansion, I think.... Aya's place is probably up on the mountain. Akyu's is probably by the human village, not some random forest. I'm at a loss.

...Suika's home?
No. 20137
[x] Continue watching.

I know Alice lives somewhere inside because lost travelers stay there if they need to.
No. 20138
[X] Continue watching.

What can we do at a time like this?
No. 20139
[X] Get back to moving.


No. 20140
[X] Continue watching.
No. 20141
Wait, are we still on the mountain or not?
No. 20142
We should do a inventory and group listing to know who is with us and what we still have
No. 20143
Ah, you're right. I'd forgotten the "humans lost in the forest stay at Alice's place" bit. Guess it's not her house then.
No. 20144
Marisa is on the outskirts (for her nonexistent shoppe). Alice is further into the forest, enough that travelers might chance into it and be able to recuperate there, then escape the Forest of Magic when better.

They're not near Youkai Mountain, though. I say we go examine it: we may even learn who lives there and be able to retreat if that should prove a problem.
No. 20145
You're still on the mountain. There's a forest on said mountain. It goes all the way up to the treeline, which you haven't passed above yet. So yeah, Forest of Magic is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over there. *points* You are NOT, in any way, shape, or form, near the forest of magic, that is not marisa's house, nor is it alice's house.
No. 20146
No. 20150
It's Hina's house isnt it?

[ ] Get back to moving.
No. 20151
File 120858438716.jpg - (93.88KB , 620x827 , akibakko-119158661143900.jpg ) [iqdb]
As bad as things seem for Anon, for some reason I feel more sorry for Reisen.

The poor girl had just FINALLY gotten back on her own two feet after getting injured defending Eientei, only to quickly wind up back on the injured list on our behalf.

All I can say is, she had DAMN WELL BETTER get a fuck-ton of tender loving for all of this.
No. 20152
Hmmm. Home on Youkai Mountain, near forest edge.

Aki sisters
Hina (OH SHI-)
Random tengu/kappa
No. 20153
I'm keeping my answer as [X] Keep Moving, because pissing off a Goddess pretty much seals our fate ANYWHERE here on this mountain.
No. 20154

How the hell do you do that?

[x] Bang on the door "Damnit Hina, your misfortune FUCKED ME UP THE ASS."
No. 20155
Inventory: Hourai Doll 1ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea, Clothes (Equipped) 1ea, Button (equipped) 1ea.
Status- 89%
Party members-
Tewi- 87%
Reisen - 25% Critical condition.
Sanae - 57% Dangerous condition.
Cirno - 99%
Rumia - 90%
Wriggle - 82%
Mokou - 1% (Separated) Super Critical Condition.
No. 20156
Only possible people that can live here are:
No. 20157
No. 20158
Fuck, if we're still on the mountain, then the only people I could think of are either Hina or Nitori.

Assuming Nitori's house is still burnt down due to Hina, then I think that narrows down the options.

Of course, it could just be an abandoned house, but that would actually be convenient. We're not back to the point where things can be like that for us, yet.
No. 20159
Late question, but how the hell did we activate a spell card. I thought those things were just named techniques, meaning u needed to know how to perform them to use it. Its not like any human who picks up the Master Sparks card can shoot giant lasers. Which raises more questions about our strength, ability and even whether if we're human or not.

Back to the story...
[x] Continue watching.
Even though it isn't Alice's house, caution is always good.
No. 20160
Damnit, I wanted Alice to pay for that pie incident.
No. 20161
holy shit, did we lose Suwako?
No. 20163
>>Mokou - 1% (Separated) Super Critical Condition.

Ouch. Guess that explains why she's not with us at the moment. We'd have to carry the poor dear in a bucket.
No. 20164
...oh lawl, I totally didn't realize we left Mokou behind. Poor gal.
No. 20165
You notice Kira's not even mentioning the box anymore? WE AGREED NOT TO BUG YOU ABOUT OPENING IT ANYMORE, OKAY?
No. 20166
I thought Suika lived in the shrine with Reimu.

I hope we meet Aya soon. Being allies with the strongest and the fastest might help. She can fill us in with whatever's happening too.
No. 20167
>>20165 >>20161
Sorry sorry, i'm getting tired. I missed Suwako and the box. Both are with you currently. But on that note, Continue watching won, and i'm off to bed.
G'night folks. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Archive: http://bloodyshovel.oddwebsite.com/Ehs%20folder/Misadventures_in_Gensokyo.html
No. 20168
>Cirno - 99%
i c wut u did thar
No. 20169

G'night, Kira. Props for the epic thread, and the epic thread length.

Take care.
No. 20170
We need more Spello cardos
No. 20171
Good night
No. 20172
File 12085851813.gif - (306.06KB , 528x297 , rikaclap.gif ) [iqdb]
I only caught the conclusion of today's event, but damn was it a good one! Nite!
No. 20173
Best Friday night textin adventure time ever.
No. 20174

Great work Kira!
No. 20175
good night Kira
Epic thread was epic!
No. 20178
The fact that we used a spellcard is still blowing my mind...Too bad we don't have anymore.
No. 20179
Uh oh. Anonymous no longer has Speed Grapher powers. Guess we're off our training wheels now, huh?
No. 20180
Well, it may be gone, but we still have a doll, an opened bottle of what may or may not be generic Hourai elixir, and a mysterious box of hair that we aren't supposed to open until Xmas to look forward to using.

The spell card was neat, but I'm frankly more surprised that the little piece of fluff turned out to be good for something. Kinda.
No. 20183
My God, I leave for eight hours and everything goes to hell.

Still, fucking epic work, Kira. You are truly a magnificent bastard.
No. 20185
I'm glad we got rid of the fluff, having fluff in your pockets all day is no fun.
No. 20187
hey, how about a new thread? this one has over a thousand posts and it's a bitch to load.
No. 20189
It's over
No. 20195
I curse myself for deciding to go to sleep. Why did I miss this?!
No. 20200
>“So, there he goes.”
>“Indeed. Is this what you thought would happen >all along?”
>“I can’t say that it is. He really is quite >surprising. Forming and holding together that >rag tag little band. It really is quite >amazing.”
>“Yes, yes it is. But then again, you know. . .”
>“Hum. . . I wonder if it is still just that. >Time will tell. . .”

And the suspense is high again. Its got to be Remilia. But my Guess would be that it is Reimu, because that is the most unexpected
No. 20201
File 120860027324.jpg - (108.63KB , 600x675 , kaguyasmirk.jpg ) [iqdb]
I thought it was Patchi/Remilia watching through the HDCB (High Definition Crystal Ball) too when I first read it, but...

>>Is this what you thought would happen >all along?
>>Time will tell. . .

..., as well as us "misunderstanding" the situation of Yukari's persistent, yet non-threatening demands for the OVB tells me it's actually Kaguya/Eirin, checking their little "investment".

No. 20204
File 120860367719.jpg - (46.20KB , 325x364 , 1207212083654.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20207

No. 20208
Maybe we got it all wrong and Kaguya/Eirin are the bad guys here and Yukari/Kanako want to save and help us. But who is the Hair in our little box, oh shit it is Reimu. Well that would be unexpected. Reminds me of Bad end from Doyora, Kaguya taking over Gensokyo, more likely than you think!
No. 20209
Have no Fear, Kira will be back with more Mind fuck for us. And he will give us plenty of Options to fuck up again.
No. 20210
Holy dick, we just used a spellcard. Now we need to learn how to fly and with a bit of training, we'll be able to kick their ass.
No. 20220
Well, for whatever reason, the box is still safe in our hands and either can't be or won't be forced from them.

We shouldn't consider Kira's unnamed third-party observation as anything important in this out-of-character observation. If Kaguya is actually deceiving us from the get-go, there's not much we actually can do. We obligated ourselves to the box so, at this point, we should just roll with the punches. Wait until you have an IC reason to feel deceived, or the like.
No. 20237
So what can we actually do at this point? I mean, we're in Tengu territory with some of their local leaders so we're not in too bad a place right now.

But where are we going to go? We just keep moving when someone attacks us, we haven't really had any time to fully rest or formulate a proper plan.

I guess what I'm asking is, how and when can we go on the offensive?
No. 20241
>You note that there’s apparently a hot spring out the back here. That would have been nice to know about earlier.


Why must anon be denied naked wiminz?
No. 20244
Personally, I think it was Yukari and Kanako watching us leave.
Between Kanako's apparent displeasure at Yukari showing up, indicating she had some idea of what was about to happen, her stating that we were "misunderstanding" what was going on there, and the fact that depsite apparently wanting it that Yukari actually appeared disappointed when we gave up the box, I can't help but think that perhaps this was all some sort of test.

As powerful as the Yakumo group are, you would think that perhaps they would have managed to kill more than just the one person who can't truly die if they were serious, and have put up more of a chase when we got away, especially if they wanted what we had so badly. Not that they weren't willing to off someone, I think, but they were probably counting on our trying to put a stop to it before it happened.

To top it off, they were clearly already observing and discussing our behavior before all this if their replay of our encounter with Chen and the remarks on our protectiveness of our allies was any indication.

The only thing that troubles me is that line of
>>“Hum. . . I wonder if it is still just that. Time will tell. . .”

It seems that whatever "that" is, it's most likely not only related to why we have Reimu so damn hostile towards us, but possibly even why we assembled our sister squad and others like we did. However, if they have to wonder if it's "still" just "that" then it would appear that whatever it was it might NOT be a factor in what's happening around us anymore.

But who, if anyone, would have any idea what "that" was? Either Yukari, who must know about this all from the beginning, thus furthering my suspicion that it was her watching us leave. Or, it was Eirin, who must have played dumb about finding anything odd about us after her examination, but that raises the question of who she is talking to, if what we assume about our little boxy friend is true...
No. 20245
Or at least naked Reisen. Nudity with our sisters would just feel weird at this point, if you ask me.
No. 20246

Then you don't get to rub shampoo into their hair.
No. 20248
Damn, good point.
No. 20253
Mokou's route is closed because we didn't give her the box in time. Still, she went down fighting--manly tears.

Nitori was fucking great; I fully expect us to meet a kappa named "Plisken" in the future.

We still have that fucking Hourai Doll. If this is Hina's house then curse-bomb Artful Sacrifice is still possible, or maybe it means the Alice conversion route still open?

We should get Wriggle to use her bugs to infiltrate the house and see if it's unoccupied. Also, ding-dong dash.

If empty, we'd be in much better negotiating position with the actual resident if they came home to find a fully-rested (9) squad pointing half a dozen spellcards in her direction. And since Tewi likes to sleep outdoors, she could give a signal so we're not flatfooted when the resident actually returns.

If it's a hostile's house, this is the perfect place to hide from the big powers, and an easy way to pick off one of their number and/or interrogate for information.

We haven't really had the time to chat with Sanae; she might give us a better idea of Kanako's motives. And learning our dual tech (Double Ruffle) is the perfect way to reconsolidate our 9 squad.

Especially Rumia, since we'll need her EX form when the time comes.
No. 20267
We need to make some spell cards. Or pull a Marisa and steal them.

Also what plasmid did we get from taking Yukari's picture?
No. 20273
>>Also what plasmid did we get from taking Yukari's picture?

Assuming that is, in fact, what the camera does, remember we got both Yukari and Kanako.

I'd say something related to bondage.
No. 20278

+4 bonus on saves against spells and effects that target extraplanar subtype; e.g., banishment, dismiss, etc.
No. 20308
That would imply, however, that Yukari somehow knew the box was important and as thus far we know Yukari, though on the up and up about things, only learns about things by being able to detect it or by spying. Since the box has little been addressed since we received it, the question isn't why the box is important, but how Yukari came to know that we regarded it as important and, more importantly, how Yukari came to regard the box as important.

It may very well just be a test, which is why we were so easily able to steal it back from her, but she seems unable or unwilling to steal it from us; but the fact that the box is being considered a bargaining item at all is something I find highly suspicious.
No. 20312
Whatever Yukari does or does not know about the box and its importance, I think it's a fair bet that she still knows a good deal more about it than we do at this point.

All we know is that it's related to a dream we had about Eientei's destruction and a promise we don't even know yet remember, it has an increasing amount of hair growing inside it, and for some reason the damn thing changes colors for no apparent reason. That, and now we're not supposed to open it, even if to see if anything has changed inside it since the last time.