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189136 No. 189136
This was not how you wanted to start your day.

It's such a nice summer day, and you finally have your home to yourself.  It was just the time you had been waiting for; just for a little while, there was nothing to do.  House was clean, laundry was run, and every other chore had been taken care of.  And, just for a little while, you have no work to be bothered by.  You were considering sitting down on the roof patio and just reading some while the sun was out.  Maybe even just lying back and enjoying the peace as the clouds pass by and taking a short nap as the whistling wind lulls you away.

You certainly didn't plan to be face down on your concrete sidewalk with a splitting headache after answering the door.

"I'm so sorry, sir!"  A young woman calls out her apology as she rushes forward.  "I didn't mean to cause such an injury!"  You just grit your teeth and push yourself back to your knees.  Your vision sways a bit, but you spot a woman in a long dress rushing forward, straight towards you.  "Just let me help—"

"No, no, I'm sure it will be alright."  From behind her, an woman in a suit steps forward.  Even in your injured state, there is something odd in her eyes.  "After all, he isn't too out of it; much better than the last one."

"Last… last what?"  You finally manage to make it to your knees as you sway.  Before you can reach out and grab anything to steady you, the first woman grabs your arm and holds it up.  "Who are you people?"

"Oh, I am such a dork!"  The woman sighs and just shakes her head.  You must be seeing things as that hair is tied—  "Here I am causing my host this much distress and we've just met.  I told your government that this was a bad idea."

"Eh, he'll be fine.  He didn't hit his head that hard."  The woman takes a spot by your other side and kneels down.  "Right as rain, he is!  No problem in the least; his skin didn't even break."

"That is the least of the concerns!  He could have injured his head so much worse!"  The first woman in the dress steps away once the second one grabs ahold of your arm.  She pointedly scoots away a few more steps and averts her eyes from you.  "Still, I am so sorry, sir.  Even though you were informed, I had hoped that nothing would happen before I could even introduce myself."

"Informed of…?"  Your words send the first woman into another tizzy, and you hold up your hands.  "Who are you people?  Why are you here?"

The second woman just laughs a bit and pats your shoulder after pushing her sunglasses back up.  "See?  Nothing wrong at all!  We just need to get you inside and get some rest first."  She hooks her arm under your shoulder with a painful jerk that you were not expecting.  "Seriously, let's just get you to a chair and let you rest.  It will come back in time!"

"Nono, seriously."  The woman pauses, and you shake her off.  "I don't have a clue what's going on.  Who are you, and why are you here?"

The first woman smiles a bit sadly as her shoulders slump.  "Looks like it was worse than I expected."  She brushes off her skirt before lifting it into a curtsey.  "I am Kagiyama Hina.  I thank you for agreeing to host me during the Reconstruction."


You knew that something of this sort was going on.  Some sort of …  But that had been months ago.  Weeks since you heard of any incident.  And you never were part of this whole ordeal, the whole… relocation, was it?  Never until...

Well, now, apparently.  But having one of those …people sitting in your home  after the government agent walked out, talking about it being rather unfortunate to have gone to the completely wrong house and ignoring your objections before slamming the door behind her.  

And now, you’re left in an awkward position with this… magical immigrant?  This Hina…  and you’re not quite sure what to do.

[ ] So…  Why exactly are you here?  I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything.
[ ] You don’t look that odd.  ...Well, save the green hair.  Are you really…?
[ ] What are you, anyway?
[ ] ...I can house you while this is being cleared up, but once Smith is back, I’d like you to leave.
[ ] Erm, not to be rude, but…  When can you leave?  I don’t want any part of this.
[ ] Write-in


Just needing and wanting to write some more, so gonna try something new.
No. 189137
[X] So… Why exactly are you here? I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything.
No. 189138
[x] So… Why exactly are you here? I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything.
No. 189139
[X] So… Why exactly are you here? I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything
No. 189141
[x] So… Why exactly are you here? I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything.
No. 189143
[><] So… why exactly are you here. I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything!
No. 189144
I believe that we can now say Yahtzee! Called
No. 189145
[x] "Welcome to my house. Hope you enjoy your stay here!"

Man, I miss Monster Musume
No. 189146
A new chapter was just scanlated the other day, right as I was planning this whole thing, if you wanted to check it out.
No. 189148
File 146519525662.jpg- (357.10KB , 580x680 , just make coffee.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] So…  Why exactly are you here?  I haven’t paid attention to all this news about everything.


You turn to the girl as you shove your hands in your pocket. "So… Not saying this to be rude, but why exactly are you here?" She tilts her head just slightly, and you continue. "I get that you're one of the people from that… reserve thing. Whaddya call it. But all that was ages ago. Why show up after all this time has passed?"

Hina averts her eyes and nervously touches her fingers together. "Well, it's more that I am responsible for having to move around so much. I've been situated in several homes so far, but no one has had the patience to put up with me. Really, I did not even desire to be transferred into this program, but the decision was made for us."

"…Really?" You turn to look back at the door with a huff. "I didn't realize that my new job description suddenly became prison warden. And apparently they've stuck me with some sort of unruly inmate." Indeed, such an unruly one that she is sitting there prim and proper in a dress and hasn't lifted her finger at you even once. "…So, did they arrest you, or something?"

"Heavens, no!" Hina… smiles a bit? "It was the decision of the Hakurei. Something about: Makin' the outside understand what it is like to put up with all of these youkai causin' trouble. Maybe then they migh' actually… contribute ta my current war chest… Ya know. Hazard pay."

"…That seems to be an awfully specific quote."

"I was unfortunate enough to be within hearing range." Hina holds up a hand and rubs the side of her head. "Even so, it is what it is. We could hardly stay in Gensokyo, at any rate, and the other options were… less appealing." Once again, she averts her eyes. "And, so, I merely went along. I did try to persuade them to place me somewhere a bit more isolated."

You shake your head again and hold up your hand. "Just… slow down real quick. Why did you have to leave?"

"I'm not terribly sure on that account. Just something about our existence becoming common enough knowledge on the outside world that the barrier stopped providing us sustenance that was needed and instead became an insipid poison." Her head drops a bit as she trails off, looking distant.

"…I see?"

"If I remained, I would have withered and faded away."

"Would you?" You look the girl up and down. Granted, she does have that odd green hair about her head, and tied as it is. "…You're not a… dryad of some kind are you? Tree? Bush? Shrubbery?"

After a moments pause, she shakes her head and tries to hold back a laugh. "Hardly. I'm merely a goddess… That's all."

You can't help but to giggle after giving her a long stare. "Just… just a goddess?" You snicker some more. "Well, excuse me. I'm merely the emperor. pardon me, miss, for not extending the proper greeting." As such, you begin to do an exaggerated bow.

Of course, such a quick movement in your still-not-recovered state, you stumble as you lose your balance and begin to tumble forward. Your arms flail as you attempt to steady yourself, but before your head makes communion with the hard wooden floor, you are intercepted by a red, dress-shaped mass that grabs on to your waist and keeps you from falling any farther. For such a small form, Hina easily braces you with her hands and her head.

For a moment, you stare down at the green mass pressed against your chest in shock, as she moved rather quickly. However, just as you get your balance back, she shoves you towards the side and down onto the couch. By the time you shake your head clear, she is already brushing her dress clean and bowing her head to address you. "I'm so sorry about that. I didn't mean to cause any sort of trouble, sir." She keeps her head bowed, not showing her face at all.

For your part, you can just rub the back of your head and chuckle nervously. "…It's not too much trouble. I'm the one who tripped after making that stupid joke."

"…It wasn't so stupid. To an outsider, saying such a thing would be a cause for amusement." As she finally raises her head, she has an odd smile on her face. "It is the honest truth, though. …Still, I do not wish to impose upon you."

"If you say so." Kinda odd for her to be calling you an outsider, all things considered. "So, as that is, where did your friend scamper off to? The one that was ignoring me."

Hina seems to not know whether to be offended or not. "Oh, Ms. Smith? She's just the coordinator who has been in charge of my relocations. …To be honest, she probably is just trying to shirk her duty while others clean up the mess for her."

"How is that—"

"I have no earthly idea." Hina sighs for a bit. "She will not be back for a while. If you would rather, I can attempt to make myself scarce. You must be busy, and to have to suddenly watch me for a few hours until she returns is… Well, it's an imposition."

You shrug. "Well, not like such a thing is necessary."

"…It is what it is. And I can be very good at being ignored when I attempt so."

"That sounds like a rather depressing skill to have." Hina doesn't deny it. "…Still…"

[ ] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[ ] Just give her something to do while you go back to your original activity.
[ ] Tell her to make herself scarce.
[ ] You feel like you are forgetting something…?
[ ] Write-in #1
[ ] Apologize for the last remark.
[ ] Don't.
[ ] Write-in #2
No. 189152
[X] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[X] Apologize for the last remark.

Be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to charm everyone you meet.
No. 189154
[X] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?

[X] Apologize for the last remark
No. 189155
File 146519939051.jpg- (209.02KB , 850x850 , hina.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?

[X] Apologize for the last remark.

Yay! It's our favourite curse goddess! Now I have a chance to use some of the pictures I've saved up!
No. 189156
[X] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[O] Apologize for the last remark.


But then the author can't use them, you know.
No. 189157
[x] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[x] Don't.

daily updates?
No. 189158
[X] You feel like you are forgetting something…?
[X] Don't.
No. 189161
Fair enough.
No. 189163
[x] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[x] Apologize for the last remark.
No. 189164
[X] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[X] Apologize for the last remark.

I can't say no to a story in which Hina is a main character.
No. 189165
[X] You feel like you are forgetting something…?
[X] Apologize for the last remark.
No. 189167
I believe this will do. Called~

Well, worse to worse, I can photoshop sunglasses onto every picture badly, even if that would be... unfortunate.

Currently the plan~
No. 189168

What if it already has sunglasses?
No. 189170

There are never enough sunglasses.
No. 189175

But what if she's wearing a pair of glasses on one ear, some shades on the other, and those strange, strange slotted ones on both?

Could the world take a fifth pair?!
No. 189176
File 146525283198.png- (225.51KB , 490x600 , something melancholy on her mind.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Well, she is a guest now, and it's lunchtime. Does she need anything?
[x] Apologize for the last remark.


Well, there isn’t any need to insult her. “Sorry about that, Miss. I didn’t mean to imply anything by saying that.”

“It’s perfectly fine to tell the truth, you know.” Hina smiles a little bit before shaking her head. “I rather do prefer that, in the end. ...I do appreciate the sentiment, however.”

You give her another look before shrugging. “Well, if you insist.” After a few seconds, you grab the handrails and carefully stand back up. This time, you do not fall. “Alright. ...It’s looking like it’s about lunchtime. Do you need anything to eat?” It’s not like she’s going anywhere soon, and there’s no reason to be rude.

“I almost expected you to ask if I eat normal food.” She takes a step backwards and lets you pass, her ribboned dress twirling as she smoothly makes the move. “But I do not require too much. There is no need to make a big fuss over I.”

“...Cooking food isn’t a big hassle, you know. I can’t guarantee much in the way of variety, but throwing on a bit more food wouldn’t take that much effort.”

“...Well…” Hina sighs and folds your hands. “If it wouldn’t be… I would like some. It was a long walk this morning. Some sustenance might be nice.”

You frown a little bit. “Why’d you walk all this way? Were you nearby?”

“Those… automobiles, was it? They do not get along with I.”

“...Sure.” Odd. What is she, a god of horse and buggies? “Well, let me get to this.”

“Do be careful.”

“What’s wrong? It’s just cooking. I can handle that.”


“Well, I’m certain that it will be delightful.”

“...Yeah…” You wince as she wraps a bandage around your right hand. “At least I didn’t try to boil water. At the rate things are going, I probably would have burnt it.”

“You shouldn’t say such things, you know.” She smiles a bit as she finally knots the bandage and sinches you up. “Now, that should do the trick.”

“Well, it’s not a bad burn, thankfully.” You rub the size of your hand. “Now I just need to go and put some ice on it.”

“I did see your icebox back there, but I didn’t want to open it up and melt it.”

“It will refresh on its own. It won’t completely melt unless we lose electricity. So there’s nothing to worry about there.” You sigh and stand up. “Still, go ahead and eat. It isn’t much or anything. Wasn’t expecting guests or anything.”

“It is more than satisfactory that you have provided me with some.” She bows her head once more. “Fresh eggs are harder to come by than you might imagine. Although, I could have taken that portion on which your spices overflowed.”

“Eh. I’ll survive. Must have unscrewed the pepper shaker while I was getting it out.” You shrug a little bit. “Sorry for being such a clutz; I’m not usually this bad.”

Once again, she averts her eyes and looks down. “My apologies.” After a moment, she raises her head. “I can go fetch a wrap for you. I’m used to such things.”

“No, seriously, just go ahead and eat. I can manage a little burn.” You roll your eyes a bit. “I won’t be but a minute. I can manage that long by myself.”

“Well, if you insist, sir.” Still, she does not move until you turn away to move to the fridge. As you fix an ice pack for your hand, you peek back into the sitting room. She finally has acceded to your wishes and started to eat, but… You feel like you’re missing something.

[ ] Ask why she keeps apologizing.
[ ] Ask what she has been hiding.
[ ] Let it drop for now; you’ll find out soon enough.
[ ] Don’t ask; you don’t plan for her to stay.
[ ] Maybe she pranked you with the shaker? Politely ask about it.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189177
[X] Let it drop for now; you’ll find out soon enough.
No. 189179
[X] Let it drop for now; you’ll find out soon enough.
No. 189182
[X]Jokingly ask if she pranked you.
No. 189185
[X]Jokingly ask if she pranked you.
No. 189186
[X] Ask why she keeps apologizing.
No. 189187
Well, looks like we've a 2-2-1 split right here.

I'd like to call this in three hours or so; the earlier the better. Let's say first to 4 will get it.

Unless there is a more amusing option I can't resist~
No. 189190
[x] Let it drop for now; you’ll find out soon enough.

She'll tell us in her own time.
No. 189191
[X] Ask why she keeps apologizing.

No. 189192
[x] Ask why she keeps apologizing.
No. 189195

Changing vote to...

[X] Ask why she keeps apologizing.

There, now you can call it~
No. 189196
[X] Let it drop for now; you’ll find out soon enough.
No. 189197
Close, but see >>189195

Called for investigation!
No. 189200
File 146527312721.jpg- (286.45KB , 600x600 , last call.jpg ) [iqdb]
The ice pack is really cold, but you grit your teeth and just deal with it as a bit of water soaks into the bandage. With the injury being treated, you take the time to clean up the pans and the mess you made when the pan bounced across the counter.

You peek up one more time and spot the bow-infested green hair and shake your head. There’s obviously something bothering you, but you’re still not quite sure what it is. Something about the way she is constantly telling you she’s sorry… Maybe she just feels awfully concerned about humans?

...Well, it’d be something to talk about. Once you carefully scrape a few scattered remnants into the trash, you head back on over to your seat. As you turn the corner, you notice a small haze lurking about on the floor near Hina’s feet. ...You think. You blink again, and it’s gone. After a moment’s hesitation, you go on ahead and take a seat and eat your now lukewarm, pepper-covered meal with great reluctance.

As you eat, you peek back up at the girl eating. She doesn’t look… Well, she doesn’t look too extraordinary. A little frilly an out of place, but… human enough. Save for the green hair, it’d be close enough to normal that you’d not even think she was out of place. ...And she definitely seems calm and composed… she never was all that flustered when she spoke earlier. Her hands aren’t shaking as she plays with her—

“Is there something on me?”

“Huh?” You snap your head back up. “...No?”

Her lips are curled up a little bit. “You’ve just been studying me quite intently, sir.”

“Erm… Sorry about that.” You immediately turn your eyes away and lean back. Hina does not move. “I was just… well, I’m curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“...Well… A few things, really. Was just trying to figure out what made you… well, a goddess as you claim.” You snort. “But, more than anything… why do you keep on apologizing? It’s not like you’ve done anything to me.”

The goddess lowers her eyes.

“...Have you?”

“...It is a… an inevitable result of what I am.” She sighs and folds her hands in her lap, fidgeting for just a moment before calming herself. “I did say that I had been assigned to other households previously.”

“...What does that have to do with anything?” You tilt your head. “I just figured that, you know, you didn’t get along with the residents, or that they tried to take advantage of you in some manner.”

Hina’s eyes dart back up. “That’s sweet of you. But I’m afraid that is not the reason.” She looks down, and a delicate hand reaches down towards the bottom of her skirt. Her fingers trace a swirl that you had not yet noticed. “This is not for decoration, after all.”

“What else would it be for?”

“It’s a warning.”

You blink. “...Eh? For what?”

Her shoulders slump a bit more. “The kanji isn’t there completely, but if you look at it in this manner…” She holds out her right hand and extends her finger and thumb all the way before placing it on the upper left side of the swirl. “It’s rough, but close enough for it to be read.”

“...Disaster?” She doesn’t move, but inclines her head to the side. “No? Misfortune, then?” Hina nods shortly before withdrawing her hand. “If it’s a warning… What type of goddess are you supposed to be?”

“Exactly that. I’m a goddess of misfortune.” She still isn’t looking at you. “It is my responsibility to collect the impurity, the misfortune, of those that place it into the hina doll.”

“Doll?” You look at her once more. “So… wait. Your name—”

“Is taken from them. I am not one, myself.” She still is not looking up, and her finger is playing with her skirt. “But, to that end, I collect the misfortune that is cast aside so that it may not harm others, be they human or youkai.” Hina grumbles softly, “It is why I desired to not be placed as such…”

“But… Then why is it starting harming us? If you have control over it, can’t you just, you know…?”

“I can’t. I don’t store the misfortune within myself; it is stored…” He words trail off. “I shouldn’t word it as such. I store it within the surroundings.”

“So everything that has happened…”

“Has happened before, yes. All of the previous homes that took me in… I have caused too much trouble for all of the previous residents. Injuries, collateral damage… It follows me around. It is my nature.” Hina closes her eyes. “I bring harm to others with my very presence. It is why I go out of my way to avoid exposing myself. ...So, yes, I am responsible for the trouble that I have caused you o far. ...And I fear that it will only continue.” Her skirt is clenched up and poking between her fingers.

At least, it is until she takes a deep breath and lets it out. The woman folds her hands and continues to avert her eyes. “So yes; that is what I am. I am sorry for causing you such trouble, sir.”

[ ] She needs to leave. Now.
[ ] You’re sorry to hear, but she needs to leave as soon as the other returns.
[ ] She can stay for now. But if anything major happens…
[ ] Eh. Not that big of a deal. Half of those things may not have been her thought.
[ ] ...The poor dear. She looks like she needs a hug.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189206
[X] She can stay for now. But if anything major happens…
Be realistic, if the house starts flooding with pestilence and disaster, it's not going to work.
No. 189207
[X]Hug the bipedal natural disaster.
No. 189209
File 146527724191.jpg- (1.74MB , 1000x1500 , 1456581834868.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] ...The poor dear. She looks like she needs a hug.
Everyone on the Hina train! Toot toot!
No. 189211
[X]Hug the bipedal natural disaster.

lets see how long we can stay alive
No. 189214
[X] ...The poor dear. She looks like she needs a hug.
I'm hopeless.
No. 189215
File 146528385922.png- (111.83KB , 480x432 , 1456869892258-1.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Hug the bipedal natural disaster.
No. 189216

Well, if we get a Lala, we'll have an afterwife anyways!
No. 189219
[X] Hug the bipedal natural disaster.
- [X] Beware of chair legs on the way
No. 189221
File 146528908656.jpg- (278.99KB , 850x567 , hina shrine.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Hug the bipedal natural disaster.

Not sure if there's a difference between the hug options, but I hope not (after all, one was a write-in).

Sorry, I just really like this pic. Feel free to add shades.
No. 189222
Gosh, that is pretty.
No. 189224
[X] Hug the bipedal natural disaster.
- [X] Beware of chair legs on the way.

Realistically, this will kill us. But I believe that reality can go screw itself.
No. 189225

I hope it becomes a pet name.

And that hearing it makes her confused as to why she's blushing.

Or maybe Bow Infestation.
No. 189237
File 146531213726.png- (2.18MB , 1436x983 , it derailed and all aboard died.png ) [iqdb]
The Hina Train is will be departing the station. Called.

It seems a bit more jovial, but I'm taking them as more or less the same. And that is pretty sad.

Eh, probably. Hopefully Anon is made of iron, though... or that misfortune befalls others instead and fortune upon you.

Well, there ain't a Psychopomp incoming, but... Well, you'll see.
No. 189239
File 146532650085.jpg- (353.16KB , 715x995 , rail wars.jpg ) [iqdb]
Trains, you say?
No. 189246
File 146534371676.jpg- (510.28KB , 600x800 , you spun her right around.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hug the bipedal natural disaster.


Well, ok. She’s a supernatural creature. Someone who has just admitted that they are the very being of calamity. A harbinger of destruction made manifest, and disaster without restraint. She has caused you injury already, by her own words, and promised that it will happen again if she so much as remains in your house.

...But right now, you could care less. At the moment, she’s just a girl who needs a hug. You can deal with that.

She doesn’t even notice as you stand back up and slide next to her seat (very carefully; those fiendish chair legs are deftly avoided under your careful gaze). By the time you reach down, she finally turns her head up to look at you. Hina does not protest as you encircle her shoulders and pull her head against your chest and just hold her there for a few more seconds. And, in that time, you notice she is definitely not a doll, and does seem quite warm and soft. And you are most definitely not noticing that she does have a nice scent that reminds you of a mountain stream.

After those first moments have passed, you definitely do notice that she seems a tad surprised. “What are you doing…?”

“I’m hugging you.”

“...Why are you doing that?” She doesn’t move to return your affection, but she also remains where she is.

“Well, you needed one.” You smile down at her, and, noticing the movement, she looks up. “That’s really all it is. You were getting too distraught by confessing all of that.”

Hina’s head tilts just slightly, and the green hair hides her face from view. “I expected you to be bothered by what I told you. To yell at me to get out before I harm—”

“I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned.” You chuckle a little bit before looking up. “...But that’s something I can work around. And… well, everyone needs someone to remind them that things aren’t as bad as they appear, right?”

“...” She sighs and you look back down towards her. This time, you only see the mess of frills that form the slightly crooked bow on her head. “You… I hope that you are correct. I’ve met brave faces before. They have all ended up eating their words.”

“You can’t mean every one.”

“All the ones that did attempt to remain in my vicinity.” She finally slides away from your embrace, shedding your arms with ease. “The youkai are as fearful as the human villagers. Only the other gods can bear to be around me, and only then for a short time.”

Was it all for naught? You slump and look away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off as pretentious.” Feeling a little defeated, you turn to the side.

At least, she does until her hands clasp one of yours.

You can’t help as your ears burn, but you turn back to her. She smiles as she holds your hand between both of hers. “Still, you are the first outsider to do so. ...And the first being in a long time whom was injured at by my presence. So I thank you for that much.”

“I…” You take a breath. How did you end up the one fidgeting? “Well, it’s no problem, really.”

“It’s more than you realize. So, again, i thank you.” You remain there for a few more moments. You realize that you’re staring a bit. Hina doesn’t seem to care.

She does have a pretty—

The door bangs open, and you spin around to see who is intruding. You belatedly remember that Hina’s grip is stronger than you would suspect from her slight frame, and you end up tugging her as well. As such, you don’t quite make it all the way around and trip over your own feet. You barely notice the woman standing in the door as you fall on your rear. Your view is further obfuscated as your green-haired companion tumbles on you and lands on your torso.

You manage to catch her before her head slings down and hits your own head, but then you notice that her face is suddenly very close and your hands are holding something nice and soft and that was hidden “What exactly is happening here?”

[ ] ...Many things.
[ ] Just the facts, ma’am.
[ ] A series of unfortunate events.
[ ] Bedtop sports for indoor types.
[ ] The ecchi counter went up.
[ ] Just talking. Ignore our positions; I just do some of my best thinking like this.
[ ] Things are wildly spinning out of control.
[ ] ...I’m honestly not sure, right now.
[ ] Give us five minutes.
[ ] It isn’t what it looks like!
[ ] It’s exactly what it looks like.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189250
[x] It isn’t what it looks like!

This is actually kind of brilliant. Having Hina at the center of our inevitable harem inherently justifies all sorts of sexy accidents.

As for the vote, while I'm tempted by the "I do my best thinking like this" option, our MC hasn't particularly shown an inclination toward clever quips. He might well develop one in response to what his life is about to become, but we're not there yet. So Harem Protagonist Catchphrase #1 it is.
No. 189251
I agree.
[X] It isn’t what it looks like!
No. 189252
[X] "...These words could use more pepper."


The fact that it's an option perhaps implies that it's something we'd say. If it were a write-in, I'd agree, but as it is...

Heck, we have next to nothing to go on to even be able to say what is and isn't his norm.

Now, if it were, say, "[]Squeeze" or something, then I'd agree. As it stands, I think we are more likely to go with, "[]Babble in confused embarrassment" like a true harem protagonist.
No. 189253
[X] ...I’m honestly not sure, right now.
Oh dear, how misfortunate.
No. 189254
[x] Just talking. Ignore our positions I do some of my best thinking like this.

Do want quips. I think we'll need them.
No. 189258
Looks like a battle between quips and non-quips.

Would like to call in 2 hours or so to get another out tonight~


Well, that was the original point of inspiration. That and, well, it's Hina. She is just the perfect awkward fit for strong personalities to try to butt against.
No. 189263
[x] A series of unfortunate events.
No. 189265
[X] A series of unfortunate events.
No. 189272
Hrm, well, looks like we're all over the place. I'll work with it.
No. 189274
File 146536802228.png- (1.19MB , 1200x1200 , seriously completely innocent.png ) [iqdb]
[x] It isn’t what it looks like!
[x] A series of unfortunate events.
[x] Just talking. Ignore our positions; I do some of my best thinking like this.
[x] ...These words could use more pepper.
[x] ...I’m honestly not sure right now.


You freeze in place. “Honest! This isn’t what it looks like! Nothing is going on!”

“Oh, really?” You can practically feel the woman’s scorn. “Nothing at all, huh? Sure looking comfy for nothing going on.”

Well, comfy isn’t quite the word that you would use. “Hardly! It was all just a series of unfortunate events. One thing just lead to another one, and…” Wait, that wasn’t such a good—

“I bet they did. Still, making moves on what is practically a foreign guest? You can imagine the consequences for that.”

Oh, several consequences. Although, why is it lashing that springs to mind? “It isn’t… We were just… we were just talking before you came in. Honest!” Silence reigns. “Just… ignore where we are! Don’t you know that some of the best thinking is done when the blood isn’t constantly draining from your head?”

“Well, no. But I’m curious now. Please elaborate how lying while fondling encourages exceptional thought.”

“...Err…” You grumble and sigh. “Those words that I was to eat could use some pepper…” At that, Hina finally gives you a funny look through the blush that has conquered her face. The other woman doesn’t have a response. “...Honestly, I’m not sure what is going on right now. So if you’d let us get up…”

A few seconds later, you hear a snicker. And another. And a louder one. Both you and the goddess turn around and look towards the sight. With Hina’s voluminous… hair out of the way, you finally see the coordinator from earlier. She’s bent over with her hands braced on her knees, and she is trying her damndest to not burst out into full blown laughter. “That… That’s just… perfect. Here I was expecting broken limbs and…” She continues to snicker as Hina resumes her blush.

The goddess finally rolls off you and you both stand up. Silently, you put some space between yourself and Hina, just to make sure that there is no more sense that you’re being improper. “Seriously, you run off and leave me alone earlier, and you come back and… laugh at us?”

“Oh, don’t be such a negative Nancy. It was rather humorous seeing you flounder under there.” She snickers some more before leaning back out and straightening up that skirt of hers. ...That wouldn’t meet the dress code at your workplace. “After all, there was so much work that had to be done.”

“...What kind of work? Did you find out where she is supposed to go?”

She just flips her blonde hair with a finger. “Heavens no!”

“Then what were you doing.”

“Oh, just making some arrangements.” She reaches around and pulls some papers out of a briefcase. “After all, I did have words with your employer. I am happy to inform you that they have granted you a temporary leave of absence that will not affect any of your standings in the company.”

Your eyes widen and you take an involuntary step forward. “Hey! What did you do? I wasn’t leaving work anytime—”

“Well, at least at first, you would be too busy otherwise to even be able to continue your work.” She flips over to the next piece of paper. “We’ve also placed in a few work orders so that your abode can be structurally reinforced. Just so that any future misfortunes that will happen will not cause a collapse in the roof. ...Easily.”

“...Well that isn’t a bad whoah wait a second!” You stamp your foot. “I still need to make money somehow, don’t I? I’m well off enough for myself, but even another mouth would be—”

“Not something that has to be worried about. Now, if you would just…” She pulls out a small stack of papers. “Just go ahead and initial on the second, third, and fifth page. Sign on the seventh, as that ensures you are covered comprehensively by insurance, heaven knows you’ll need it, and initial and sign on the eleventh and twelfth. The twentieth acknowledges that you are maintaining a foreign resident for the specified time and that you will ensure that she is not injured nor copulated with before her time of residence has gone up.”

“Wait a second, I never agreed…” You sigh and look back towards Hina. She doesn’t look back at you, seemingly trying to shrink away from the verbal onslaught/diarrhea. “...I’m not happy that you’re forcing me into this, but… fine. She can stay.” She smiles a little bit. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad—”

“Here you go!” By the time you look back, Smith is in your face and has shoved the papers into your chest. “Now, get to it, as I spent a lot of time working on this.”

“...Yeah, yeah…” You pick up the first few papers. A few signatures are already made with a very precise, exact script. It looks very neat and nice. Perhaps there is part of her that is professional.

“...Ms. Smith?”

The first woman looks up at Hina, who is peering over your shoulder. “Yes?”

“This isn’t your handwriting, is it?”

She immediately starts to sweat. “...Well, it hardly matters!” She proceeds to grab you by the shoulder and frogmarch you into the living room. “Now, get to it!
No. 189275
File 146536807939.jpg- (502.69KB , 800x900 , let the ecchi counter begin!.jpg ) [iqdb]

Fifty minutes later, and the woman is finally heading to your door, and you’re glad to see you go. “This is some pretty decent coffee, loverboy. What type of beans do you use?”

“The cheap ones.” You roll your eyes. “Seriously, it’s fine. I get it. I’ll brush up on the laws later.”

“Well, If you break them, it comes down on my head.” Smith takes a long drag out of her cup before plopping it down. “So make sure you learn them, ok?”

“Ok, ok, sheesh?” You cross your arms and mutter under your breath. “Selfish little…”

“Either way…” Smith steps forward and crosses over into your personal space. She jabs her finger into your sternum, and the rest of her body isn’t far behind. “Remember this: You cannot decide to… how should I put it. Consumate any relationship with these girls, unfortunate or not.”

“You know, I just met her today. It’s not like she’d just let me jump in and get to business.”

The woman scoffs as an amused smirk graces her face. “Really, now?” After a second, she closes her eyes and dramatically sighs. “Nonetheless, I am being quite serious. The government, as it were, does not want any little goddesses or youkai or what have you running around. We’ve already got enough trouble because a bunch of pervs got it in their head that the harvest goddess was a fertility goddess.”

“That sounds rather…”

“Oh, don’t worry. That goddess is fine.” She smirks a bit. “Rather, just remember… No hanky panky, and keep an eye on her. She’s your charge, now.”

“Right, right…” You sigh and cross your arms. “I’m quite well aware.”

“Good job. Now, get to work, loverboy.” Smith grins at your reaction before pivoting and walking out.”

“...I feel like I’m walking into more trouble than it’s worth.” You sigh and hold your hand to your forehead. “Going to be needing some aspirin for all the headaches that will be coming, I’m sure of it. But for now…”

[ ] Go back and entertain your guest. That’s your job now, eh?
[ ] You’re curious about her now. Just go and resume quiz time.
[ ] You need to get some stuff done. Dive into those lawbooks?
[ ] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[ ] With or without Hina?
[ ] You just want to take a walk around town. Clear your head.
-[ ] Perhaps… She might like to join on a stroll?
[ ] Pick up from where you were so rudely interrupted.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189276
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x]With Hina.

If we happen to pass by an antique store, maybe we could pick up some hina dolls? Or maybe at least materials to make hina dolls.
No. 189277
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x]With Hina.
No. 189279
[x] Pick up from where you were so rudely interrupted.
what could possibly go wrong
No. 189282
[x] Pick up from where you were so rudely interrupted.

No. 189284
[x] You're still curious about Hina. Resume your previous conversation
No. 189285
[X] You just want to take a walk around town. Clear your head.
-[X] Perhaps… She might like to join on a stroll?
No. 189288
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x]With Hina.

No. 189290
[X] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[X]Insistently with Hina!
No. 189291
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x]With Hina.

Well, we can't very well cook without pepper, now can we?
No. 189296
Looks like an unfortunate round of shopping is inbound! Called.

Well, what else would you season your peppers with?
No. 189299
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x]With Hina.

We can probably survive this. I imagine we're somewhere along the lines of Darling's durability.
No. 189306
File 146541790118.png- (1.34MB , 950x950 , her boots are made for walking after all.png ) [iqdb]
[x] More than anything, you need to stock the fridge with more than basics. To the store?
-[x] With Hina


Food is life. And, while you still hold some doubts over whether miss goddess needs it, it would behoove you to actually take care of your guest. At least there doesn’t seem to be some dietary limitations or anything else.

Of course, thinking of that, you wonder what vampires would eat. Their food, or their host?

...Hina is looking like a better choice by the minute.

None the less, you head out back into the house and find the woman. She is eventually located back in the sitting room, this time curiously examining the TV and some other articles that are lying in the cabinets. “...What are you looking at?”

“Just curious. Outsiders do seem to love their shrines to these large image devices. I see that you maintain one as well.” She turns and smiles to you. “I have always wondered what god that is worshipped, as I have not seen any incense or other common markers.”

“Well, it’s not a shrine. That’s all.”

“I’ve been told that before.” Hina tilts her head to the side. “But I was never threatened so much as the time that one of these broke in my presence. I would assume that I violated some holy tenant and defiled their place of worship by their passionate reaction. I am glad to see that there are still those that are religiously inclined on the outside. I had feared the worse.”

“...” You open your mouth before eventually closing and shaking your head. “Listen; it’s not something like that… It was probably just a real expensive one. They can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands…”

“Well, it is only natural that a shrine’s idols are of the best craftsmanship.”

You sigh again. “...Well, maybe it is for some people. But I don’t worship the TV. It’s just a plastic box only useful for entertainment.”

She gasps a bit and covers her mouth. “Don’t tell me… You use it as one of those shrines?”


“Some of the shrines that are really down on the luck have their maidens….”

You stare at Hina. “...What…?” Ok, now it clicks. That sort of— “Not in the least! I never… That’s a horrible thing to say, and those are the worst…” She’s starting to shake. “...You don’t… don’t think I…”

Hina just takes a deep breath and stares at you and lowers her hands. Wait, was that a— “Oh, I see. It was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.” She bows her head to you. “Please accept my apology.”

“...I… it’s no problem. It’s just not…” You frown again. “...Wait… Did you…?”

“...An unfortunate misunderstanding is much better than an unfortunate mishap, wouldn’t you agree?” She raises her head, and you definitely notice her— “You looked like you were in a hurry, and I thought I might clear the air, as it were.”

You stand there and eye her for a few seconds. She does not back down. “...Well, if it works that easily…” Shrugging, you try to remember why you came. Ah, that was it! “I just wanted to head to the market. I had to pick out some food to eat; I figured you would like to come with me, so…”

“...I’d be delighted.” She folds her fingers together. “So long as we do not take an automobile. It is far to risky.”

“No, we’d be going on foot. It’s only a few blocks from here, so it should be too much to carry back.”

“Then let’s.”


The two of you walk down the road, watching the passing traffic as you make the short treck. Hina manages to stay slightly ahead of you the entire time, her dress managing to clear a path through the early evening crowd with ease as it swishes back and forth. “...You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“I’m certainly in a better mood than I’ve been in for a while.” She smiles back at you. “Besides, this may not be a quiet mountain trail in Gensokyo, with the shade and the twists and turns, but… there are people here who are not going out of their way to chase me off. As such, I will take that.”

“...You really do know how to end a conversation, huh?” You shake your head. “So, better than your home?”

“I could hardly be objective, just as no one else can be. ...Although, to be honest, I’d be tired of this stone path rather quickly. There’s no variation to it.”

Well, there is some. An expansion crack or two does break it up, but other than that… “Perhaps you are right. But there are parks in the city, you know. And we’re not that far from the countryside, so if you need to get away…”

She turns her head back forward as she continues walking on. “That is awfully generous of you. We shall see once I reach that point.” She sighs and folds her hands again. “Still, there is probably much to see within this city, so I would not be getting tired anytime soon.”

“Yeah. I suppose I could go think of a few things. I haven’t really done so much myself, recently.”

“Hrm. I suppose that it’s normal; one doesn’t realize the wonders in their home as that’s all its ever been to them. Sharing that home is a better way to gain perspective about your own position in it.”

“I wasn’t going to go that far, but I suppose you have a point.” You shrug. “Still, I need to go through all of those other books as well… Plus, I imagine that you need to do some things that I wouldn’t know about.”

The woman shrugs a bit. “Perhaps. Most importantly, I need to make sure that the area is kept cleansed, and that the misfortune doesn’t become too concentrated.”

“...Perhaps we’ll need a place to store it in…” You rub the back of your head. “Eh, something to worry about later. As for now, let’s get going.” Hina nods and continues to stroll forward. As you follow, you notice movement out of the corner of your eye. You jerk your head around and look down a nearby alleyway, and you swear you see the dark mass racing down it.

[ ] Investigation!
[ ] Ask if Hina saw that.
[ ] Ignore. You’re seeing things.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189308
[X] Ask if Hina saw that.
No. 189309
[X] Ask if Hina saw that.
[X] Investigation!!

I'm just imagining our MC racing down the alleyway. He's got a glint in his eye as he chases after this mysterious figure, and Hina's currently streaming out behind him. Her one hand is clutching her ribbons, while the other is gripping his tightly so she won't fall, and her whole body swings through huge circle as he sprints down each corner.
No. 189310
[X] Ask if Hina saw that.
[X] Investigation!!


I have no idea what you said, but it sounds awesome.
No. 189311
[x] Ask if Hina saw that.

>Wait, was that a—
>you definitely notice her—

I have no idea what's going on here. Was she joking? Is the missing word "smile"? If that was the idea I think you obfuscated too hard.
No. 189313
[X] Ask if Hina saw that.

It might not be the best idea to head down an alley when seeing something right away. That is how CYOA protagonists get stabbed, or threatened to be stabbed.
No. 189315
I do that sometimes. I probably should have put it the second time. Ah well. Thank for the suggestion!
No. 189316

And yes, that was smile.
No. 189319
[x] Ask if Hina saw that.

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
No. 189321
[X] Ask if Hina saw that.
[X] Investigation!!
No. 189323
Well, I think this will be good. We'll ask Hina and, unless there is any objection, we will investigate. Called~
No. 189335
File 146544617940.jpg- (192.74KB , 503x650 , she will lead this charge.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask if Hina saw that.
Then, Perhaps…
[x] Investigation!


Ok, you just saw something. Were you the only one, or are you just seeing things? “...Hina?”

“Hrm?” She turns and comes to a halt, sliding out of the way of a passerby walking through. “What do you mean?”

“...I saw something down the alleyway. Just a shape moving. It certainly didn’t look like a person, so…” You shrug and just look back down the alley. “Definitely saw something out of sorts, whatever it was.”

“Hrm…” Hina tilts her head quizzically before looking down the alley. “That’s curious. I don’t think there are any others of us relocated in this region. ...And I know the darkness youkai is somewhere far safer, so it can’t be her. ...Are you certain that it was not a shadow?”

You just nod. “Definitely something unusual, especially for this time of the day.”

“Well, then, we can go and take a look.” Hina nods and walks forward, before taking the spot in front of you. “Just follow and see if you can spot anything.”

“Should I take the lead?”

“...I appreciate the comment.” She turns and smiles at you. “However, I am quite aware that humans are not as durable as I. Just leave if I insist that you do, alright?” At your confirmation, she turns and starts walking down the alley, unwrapping one of the long ribbons about her right arm as she does. It might be a trick of the light, but you swear you see some sort of purple haze leaking out of every crack and crevice only to be drawn into her skirt. It passes after a second, and you clear your head and move on.

The two of you walk down the tight alleyway, which is thankfully rather clean. Every door you pass is shut and no one is peering outside of any window, and you don’t see any disturbed trash cans. There is nothing behind the bicycles or mopeds that are standing up, and none look like they are disturbed or threatened to be ripped down.

“There’s nothing on any of the roofs here. Nor is there any other signal that there was anything here.” She reaches the end of the alley and turns back to you. “...Nothing that obvious here, but if there was someone, they might have fled before you had the chance to follow.”

“...Or maybe I’m seeing things. ...Still…” You look around a bit more, checking the windows up above for anything suspicious. “Well, we’ll just have to be careful. Nothing more that we can do, as there’s simply nothing here.”

“Always a wise idea.” Hina twirls once, her skirt flaring.up a bit. You know that you see that same purple haze as before leak out and begin spreading around the very end of the alleyway. “And if they happen to be lurking here… Let’s go, now.” With that, she strolls back by you while returning the ribbon to its previous position.

As she does, you take one last look around to make sure you’re not missing anything. As you do, you see movement above your head. When you turn to follow its track, you spot one of the windows from before. The clear pane has occluded into a sickly black. In the center of the former glass, there is a pair of yellow eyes staring back at you. Before you can yell and get Hina’s attention, it fades away and vanishes.

“...Yes. We’re going to have to be very careful. Something is definitely out here.”


A few minutes later, the two of you have reached your destination of the corner market without any other major incidents, injuries, or other assorted mishaps. You take the lead across the road, quickly ushering her on before your breach the threshold of the brand new building. As you do pass the entrance, the air conditioner blasts both of you, causing her to shiver from the sudden and unexpected chill. You barely notice it out of the corner of your eye. “Are you alright back there?”

“I’m fine. Just didn’t expect it.” She sighs. “I was expecting an ice fairy to come and try to freeze me in the river again. It wouldn’t be the first time.” Hina shakes her head before you say anything. “Don’t worry about it. I should get used to these little human tidbits, after all.”

“And the fairy?”

“Flew too close to the sunflower soon after.”

“Well, alright.” You shake your head and look around. “Well, let’s go ahead and get this done. Anything that you would like?”

“Well… I’m not sure, myself. I’m simply used to making do “ She turns towards to you. “I would be happy to let you make the decisions. It wouldn’t be right to take advantage of your generosity.” She bows her head slightly before standing straight again, her bow bobbing on top.

“Err… Well, I guess that’s fine.” Your eyes remain on the bouncing bow for a moment before you clear your head and look off over the racks. Now, are you to try a quick speed run for the staples, or do you have a plan in mind?

[ ] What do you get?
No. 189336
Time for a list to end all lists; a bundle of paper longer than the Great Wall of China!

[X]Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
-Favorite food.
-Favorite kind of tea.
-Favorite drink.
-Are extraspecies gods allowed to have alcohol?
-Is it a good idea?
-Does she have periods?
-It's a valid question.
-"Anything else you want?"
-Shopping for us!
-Two things of pepper
-Get a second of all your spices, just in case of repeats.
-Get disposable dishware, just in case literally everything breaks. Cups, silverware, plates, you name it.
-Things that don't go bad, as misfortune might strike.
-Things that can be kept at room temperature.
-Emergency canned food, in case you somehow get trapped at home.
-Stuff for a welcome home celebratory meal
No. 189337
[X] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
- [X] Favorite food.
- [X] Favorite drink.
- [X] Favorite kind of tea.

Yeah I...think that is enough.
No. 189339
[X] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
- [X] Favorite food.
- [X] Favorite drink.
- [X] Favorite kind of tea
-"Anything else you want?"
No. 189341
[X] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
- [X] Favorite food.
- [X] Favorite drink.
- [X] Favorite kind of tea
-"Anything else you want?"

Half of the stuff in the long list is stupid and >>189336 should feel bad for typing it.
No. 189344
[X] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
- [X] Favorite food.
- [X] Favorite drink.
- [X] Favorite kind of tea
-"Anything else you want?"

But we focus on the tea. Where's the story set?
No. 189345
[x] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
- [x] Favorite food.
- [x] Favorite drink.
- [x] Favorite kind of tea
- [x] "Anything else you want?"

This will do.
No. 189346

You say that now, but we've misfortune incarnate staying with us. I can easily see each and every one of those things going wrong.

Perhaps all at once!

And when it does, I will laugh as we're trapped in our house without anything to flavor our meals, or indeed eat!

But, more importantly, flavor our meals.

Besides, I was more giving horrible, horrible things for others to choose, as I was hoping you'd hop on board the crazy train.

Think of it as combination vote/giving others bad ideas for votes.

Plus, I find myself curious as to how her anatomy functions, and this is a simple way to find out how similar to a human she is in that regard without bluntly asking if x organ does y.

Plus, it'd be amusing to introduce a Touhou to modern conveniences and see their reaction, if they think a TV is a shrine.
No. 189347
No. 189350
[x] Short lidt

That's a pretty intimate question to ask right off the bat. I'm curious myself, but we'll discover it sooner or later
No. 189359
Hey all, sorry about the wait. A routine inspection turned into a "must replace" situation, and that took up most of the day. It was unfortunate, but I'll start working on you all some Hina in a little bit.
No. 189367
File 146553813655.jpg- (259.62KB , 750x750 , she doesnt get out much.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Hina if she wants anything in particular, using it as an excuse to learn more about her.
-[x] Favorite food.
-[x] Favorite drink.
-[x] Favorite kind of tea.
-[x] “Anything else you want?”


Or… you’re going to ask Hina what she wants again. Sounds like a plan. “Are you sure there is nothing you’d like?”

She turns to give you another look, although the smile has faded. “I wouldn’t know. I am used to simply making do with what is available. And food is just a method of sustenance, after all. I would rather learn something new.”

“...To be fair, I don’t know what you like, so that would be new to me.” You shrug your shoulders as you reach for a basket and head down a row. You bypass a warning sign next to a bucket, which is catching condensation from the air conditioner that is performing its job a little too effectively.

“Is there anything new about rice balls and tea?” Hina chuckles a little bit as she follows. “There really isn’t much in the way of innovation in a land that has been locked away for over a century.”

You snort as you stroll down the first aisle, heading for the spices. You do need pepper now, after all. “Well, I’m certain there is something new that I wouldn’t know. Heck, the idea that you exist is a radical enough change.”

“Not really. The outside has finally remembered; we are older than that, for the most part.” Hina just shakes her head. “So, don’t worry about what my desires. Just get what is necessary.”

“Well, if you insist…” Seems rather stringent about that. Still, you can drop it for now. Instead, you focus on grabbing everything you can. Some salt to compliment the pepper, at least so you hopefully won’t run out after another happy accident. Some red pepper powder for a little more kick along with curry powder. A large sack of white rice follows, along with a few extra bottles of vinegar/oil/sauces that you are low on and don’t want to run out with. Then you turn down the next aisle and start looking for tea, as you know you will need it.

All the while, she has been following curiously, examining the aisles full of food. She seems mildly bemused by the whole situation. Her fingers trail along one of the racks of tea as you pass by. “You know, this does seem strange to me. I realize that those who dwell in the city often purchase their supplies, but I had not realized the scale involved.”

“Well, this is just a small market; it’s not one of the big ones, much less one of the large open-air markets.” You shrug as you continue to inspect for your brand. “They tend to have a lot of stuff that is fresher… those are mostly smaller, family run businesses or something similar that are selling their wares.”

“That is definitely more familiar.” She fllows your eyes as you look. “I’m surprised that you do not attend those. It is good to socialize when one has the opportunity.”

“Well, this is more convenient and it’s cheaper.” You finally notice that she is inspecting as well. Might as well take the risk again. “Is there a tea that you would like? You’re inspecting, after all.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just curious at the sheer scope, is all.”

She does not look back at you, continuing to look. “You know, it is ok if you want anything. I’d just say no if it was too much.”

Hina shakes her head. “It really isn’t necessary.”

“Hina.” She finally looks back at you. “Will you tell me what you would like, at least for tea?” There is no response at all. “I’ll drop it for anything else if you tell me.”

A blush starts to creep up her cheek. “I… I am not used to being doted on so.”

“It’s hardly that.” You avert your own eyes, although you’re not sure why you’re embarrassed. “I’d rather not be selfish and shop only for myself, after all.”

She’s silent for a bit longer. “...Some red tea would be nice.” You turn your head back. She looks quite luminescent, and even more embarrassed. “That would be nice. If it isn’t too much of a bother.”

“It won’t be.” Well, that’s not the answer you expected. “I expected you to say green tea, honestly, with that hair of yours.”

Hina snorts. “Truly? If I had answered the opposite, would you have said that you expected me to ask for red due to my dress?”

“Well… Probably not. The hair stands out more, honestly. It’s very… unique.”

“...Well, that’s one of the nicest ways that I’ve heard it put.” Hina offers a bit of a half smile as you step continue on your shopping trip. Both of you shiver as you step under the breeze of yet another AC unit, and moment later you step into a puddle of water. “Lovely… well, at least it’s just one foot.” As you step away, you feel a water droplet land on your head.

“Sir, you should…” You turn your head up, and you hear a sudden creak as metal begins to twist from a massive weight. A few more drops come dripping down, and your mind kicks into gear… right as Hina’s boot hits the small of your back. Your precious load of food goes sailing off in the distance as you land in a heap at the wall towards the front of the store. You barely manage to look back up as you spot Hina standing in the center of the aisle right before the HVAC system gives way under the weight of the condensation, spilling all of that water and a small amount of coolant onto the entire aisle.

“Crap crap crap…” You clamber upwards to avoid getting drenched by the oncoming water, and you start to hear the shrieks of the other customers. And, in the center of it all, you can see Hina standing with the dress just… clinging...

[ ] Stare
[ ] Get her out of there ASAP.
[ ] Sneak her out so management doesn’t notice.
[ ] Carry on your business. ‘Tis just a little water.
[ ] Offer her your jacket.
-[ ] Offer her your shirt as well.
--[ ] Offer her your pants, just to be sure.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189369
[X] Offer her your jacket.
-[X] Offer her your shirt as well.

We may not get service, but we need to show her how much we care.
No. 189370
[X] Offer her your jacket.
[X] Find a bath robe and some towels.
[ ] Protect that smile.
No. 189371
[X] Offer her your jacket.
-[X] Offer her your shirt as well.
No. 189373
[X] Offer her your jacket.
-[X] Offer her your shirt as well.

[X] Get her out of there ASAP.

Even if we give her our jacket, it's still an embarrassing experience for her. We should jump ship.
No. 189375
[X] Offer her your jacket.
-[X] Offer her your shirt as well.

[X] Get her out of there ASAP.
No. 189378
[X] Offer her your jacket.
No. 189379
[x] Offer her your jacket
-[x] it won't do to to let her stay like that, go back to the house for a change of clothes

I was about to vote to carry on, as to not make a big deal out of this but I didn't realize that she was drenched as well. A hard choice.
No. 189390
Alright, I'm back again~ I'll try to get started and have an update in about 5ish hours or so.

And I'm happy that you all are being gentlemen.
No. 189395
[W] Offer her your jacket.
-[X] Offer her your shirt as well.
--[Y] Offer her your pants, just to be sure.
---[Z] Offer her your underwear, so she won't chafe
No. 189400
File 146561475552.jpg- (688.60KB , 750x1000 , does this remind you of anything.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Offer her your jacket.
-[x] Offer her your shirt as well.
[x] Some variation of leave now/protect the bipdeal natural disaster.


That just happened, and it won’t be the last time that such a thing occurs. And, while you are tempted to drink in the sight, along with confirmation of the general form that might lie underneath the frilly dress, there are other things that need to be accomplished. Preserving the virtue of the goddess whom you have just met will take priority. After all, if there is something that happens to her… Well, she doesn’t deserve that, either way.

By the time you clamber back to your feet, you’ve already removed your jacket and slung it over your shoulder. Hina is shaking off her hands as water drips from every single frill and every finger. She looks rather defeated as she slumps off every bit. “Hey there. Are you alright up there?”

“I’m fine, yes.” She sighs and wrings out some of her ribbons. After some effort to save it, Hina sighs and just removes the ribbon, letting it fall to the side. “I should have expected something to happen after all of this time. At least, this time, it didn’t affect you so much.” She pauses halfway through her attempts to remove the liquid. “I didn’t kick you too hard, did I?”

“Don’t worry about that. You didn’t have to do that; I could have dealt with that.”

“I was more concerned that one of those metal pipes that are littering the ceiling would fall.” Hina shrugs. “Which is why I reacted that way.”

“Even so…” You look up, and you see some of the other customers finally walking around, peering down your aisle in confusion. “...There’s no time to wait, really. Let’s get going.” Before they can get too good of a look, you wrap your jacket around her shoulders. “Before anyone gets too nosy, ok?”

She nods and accepts the coat, looking a bit surprised. “...Thank you. I do appreciate it.” She pulls it tightly around her shoulders, letting it wrap around her upper body. She definitely has seen the first few glances that are being paid to her, and she doesn’t seem to appreciate the few strangers that are leering at her. “So, shall we go?”

“Yes. ...Do you need my shirt as well?”

“I can pass.” She blushes a bit. “You’re wet enough as it is. You don’t need to be walking around naked.”

“I wouldn’t be naked, you know.”

“It’d be close enough.” Hina sighs. And, out of the corner of your eye, some more people are coming to stare. And you see some pointing at her head. As you do, you grab her shoulder and start moving her down the aisle and towards the exit.

Yeah. It’s definitely time go go. Thankfully, no one stops either of you as you both walk out, and you see the one of the clerks give a sigh of relief as you pass by and don’t complain about what happened. The moment you step onto the sidewalk, you release the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. “Sheesh, I mean, you’re not that noticeable. ...The hair and dress isn’t that out of place…” You grumble as a bunch of people start pointing. “So, yeah. Let’s just hurry on back. We can get you a change of clothes and then head out and look for something.”

“...I do not have a spare change with myself.” She turns her eyes down as she removes her… chin ribbon? What is the term for that strange ribbon? Either way, it’s gone. You think this is the first time you’ve actually seen her with her hair down. ...Or her ears. They are rather human ears at that. Interesting. “I did not bring any when we all left. Although, if you have some fabric, I can make myself a spare. ...This set will have to dry, though.”

“Well… We can find you something on the way home.” You shrug to yourself. “Or, I can find something while you clean up at home.” Granted, you could clean up some as well, considering your feet are sloshing in dripping boots and both pant legs are hydrated to the point of saturation. You could deal with a change as well.”

Hina shakes her head at the first offer. “I believe it might be better for you to go alone… at least for now.” She smiles a little bit. “I do appreciate the offer, but I can make something new if I find some fabric. ...Or I can simply be patient and wait for this to dry.”

“You know misfortune will follow you everywhere.”

“I’m quite aware.” Hina’s head snaps to you. “Very aware.”

“Just pointing out that… Something might happen regardless of what you do. Or it might not.”

After a moment, she just turns and shakes her head, although you can’t read the emotion on her face. “Let’s just go on, now.”

[ ] Agree.
-[ ]Take her home and just help her dry out her clothes. The goddess needs her attendant!
-[ ] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!
[ ] Disagree.
-[ ] Go and find something now. The goddess needs fashion!
-[ ] Try and find a fabric shop? You don’t know one. The goddess might have to wait!
[ ] Write-in.
No. 189402
[X] Agree.
-[X] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!
No. 189404
[X] Agree.
-[X] Take her home and give her one of your shirts to wear while her dress dries.
No. 189407
[x] Agree.
-[x] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!

We can't have her indecent longer than needed. Not without her consent, anyway.
No. 189412
[x] Agree.
-[x] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!
No. 189414
[x] Agree.
-[x] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!
No. 189420
[ ] Disagree.
-[x] Go and find something now. The goddess needs fashion!
The misfortune just discharged right? It should take some time to build back up again
No. 189424
[x] Agree.
-[x] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!

We must be as helpful as humanly possible to our favourite goddess as long as she stays here.
No. 189447
Alrighty~ A sacrifice to the goddess shall be the current subject. Let's hope that there aren't too many embarrassing chuuni shirts in Anon's closet.
No. 189455
File 146569523214.jpg- (0.97MB , 1200x1600 , dont let it spin outta control.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree.
-[x] Take her home and let her cannibalize your clothes. A sacrifice to the goddess!


“Sure. We can do that.” You begin to think as you walk along. After all, there is plenty of stuff that you don’t use anymore. To be perfectly frank… While you keep your home clean, you are a bit of a hoarder. You certainly don’t need any shirt that was last used more than five years ago. Although, you like to tell yourself that you were saving it for just the kind of occasion. This is the whole reason you don’t throw away things! So they may some day become part of an outfit worthy of the gods!

Granted, it may be rather unfortunate that it is a female one that needs to partake of yours, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Either way, you hold your silence as you make the quick stroll back. The alleyway doesn’t give you any more trouble, although you do notice that there does seem to be a washing machine that has fallen a few stories at the very end of it. Either way, you usher your companion through the crowd where, thankfully, few people pay you heed. Granted, a few women do shoot you the evil eye, as if it is your fault, but hey. Better you embarrassed than she.

When you do make it back, Hina steps out of her shoes, which you had not realized had 30 laces and went nearly to her knee before starting to drip water out onto the floor. “...I apologize, but… I suppose you do have an indoor bath here?” She averts her head and primly tries to not look embarrassed. “Would you kindly inform me as to its location?”

“...You don’t have to be so proper, you know.” You can’t help but to laugh a little bit. “...Just head up the stairs. Second door on the left is the bath. I’ll find something for you to use in the meantime.”

Hina nods as she lifts her skirt and bounces from toe to toe as she tries to quickly make it up the stairs and into the specified refuge of showering and other niceties. She even manages to successfully not get water everywhere, although the trail is still quite wide and noticeable. ‘Tis nothing that you can’t clean up.

Said cleaning is promptly attended to, as there is still enough to warp the cheap flooring of your abode. But once you are done, you quickly head into your room and start pulling out old storage boxes. You find quite a few interesting items that you had long forgotten about. There are a few concert t-shirts from your eighth grade years, which are naturally over-the-top metal band logos. You blush as you remember you used to wear these things, and you cringe as you find a bunch of old shirts that have quite a few embarrassing slogans and images of skulls, insects, and general depravity. “Yeah. She never needs to see any of this….” You certainly ignore the fashionable straight jacket that used to be your pride and joy.

Pointedly moving on, you start digging out a bunch of your old school items. A few old school uniforms from back in secondary, along with a few gym shorts and t-shirts where your name was once written on them (it has since been bleached out and can’t be seen). You pause as you keep on looking through, as you pull out a slinky blue item that you are certain that you never wore. One-piece swimsuits never were your style, anyway. “Wait a second…” Wasn’t this your sister’s? How did it end up in your stuff? “Must have gotten mixed up when I was washing and packing at some other time. Maybe she could make use of this… Although that may just lead to more questions…”

Putting it to the side, you dig some more. Aside from a few old, ratty shirts and an old hoodie that is definitely too small for you, anymore, you come across quite a few old sweaters that you certainly would never wear, as they are hideous and you’d die of laughter if you ever saw yourself wearing them. Granted, you’re not sure why you still have them, although maybe it’s to assuage your family’s ego. At least you can always claim that you kept every gift they’ve given! Granted, some of these are back from when you were still just a little kid, so…

And, among all of the other items, you find a few old white undershirts (the ones that don’t have sweat stains, at least) that might be serviceable. ...You know, if she layers. No way she should ever walk outside wearing just one of these things. Just ignore that idea for now so you don’t start drooling/bleeding over your clothes.

Aside from all that, you could offer her some of your normal day wear. After all, she’s borrowing your jacket, and she could get away with using your collared shirts, or even your lazy bummy work shirts. There’s also this odd one that a friend of a friend gave you… Plain white with the text “Ad Space Here.” Kinda dumb, but your friend thinks it is hilarious. You’re not quite sure why.

Now, what to do… After all, she doesn’t even have a room to use. It wouldn’t be right for her to be forced to sleep on the couch, after all. You can drop off something for her to wear now, and a bunch of old clothes that she can use for material. Your very first offering.

That thought strikes you as odd.

Two Votes! Specify:
[ ] What to offer her for now.
[ ] What to leave for her to work with.

If not mentioned above specifically, other items can be mentioned, so long as they can be justified. I’ll hold veto on those.
No. 189461
Well, was going to get a second one out tonight since the last two nights I wasn't able to, but it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer.
No. 189463
I think it's a combination of asking anon to make a decision on women's fashion and asking them to sort through all of that and turn it into an actual vote.

I know I looked at it and went, "Ehhhh I'll wait for someone else to do that work." But maybe it was just me.
No. 189464
[X] What to offer her for now
-Fashionable straight jacket
[X] What to leave for her to work with
- Old sweaters
No. 189465
True, true. Was just pointing out. I expected something either dead serious or comically silly. Ah well; it's not a big problem.
No. 189466

Dead serious, huh? Lessee...

[X] Offer one of the more comfortable things to wear now, as you somehow doubt a school swimsuit will fit without bursting open.
[X] Offer the rest as tribute. When inevitably asked about the school uniform, swimsuit or small selection of teenage girl's clothes, simply smile fondly and say they were your sister's from when you were younger.
No. 189482
[x]You don't really care about any of these clothes. Just take the whole box and let Hina pick what she wants.
-[x]and leave a note explaining that you got the girly things from your sister.

I say we let the woman sort out women's fashion. The note is to preemptively stop the misfortune of being mistaken for a pervert.
No. 189483
Hrm. Well, I suppose that can be doable. I'll allow it.
No. 189484
No. 189485
[X]You don't really care about any of these clothes. Just take the whole box and let Hina pick what she wants.
-[X]and leave a note explaining that you got the girly things from your sister.
No. 189492
[x] Most of girls clothes and clean sweatshirts + ad here shirt + Your pride and joy

I wonder if she'll enjoy her new, albeit second hand, wardrobe. I think she will
No. 189504
[z]You don't really care about any of these clothes. Just take the whole box and let Hina pick what she wants.
-[e]and leave a note explaining that you got the girly things from your sister.

No. 189507
Da ze?

Well, looks like Anon will be gentlemanly and try to avoid any mishaps. We'll see how (un)fortunate that will turn out~ Called.
No. 189513
File 146578140954.jpg- (154.06KB , 358x491 , no peeping allowed.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You don't really care about any of these clothes. Just take the whole box and let Hina pick what she wants.
-[x] and leave a note explaining that you got the girly things from your sister.


Regardless of how odd it may or may not be, it’s certainly something that you don’t want to particularly deal with, either. You’re certain that you might offend her if you pick the wrong thing and… Well, you hardly know her well enough to make that judgement call. And, in the end… You’re never going to wear any of these things again. Or ever, in a few of the feminine cases.

Since that’s the case, you might as well give her everything. Sheesh, it might be a bit embarrassing. You mutter to yourself as you pick up the box of clothes and plop them on the table. “Still… better for her to ask about something in the bottom of the box than something I offered for her to use.” After taking out your notepad and pencil, ejecting a few broken pieces of lead from the end that always seem to mysteriously grow there, you pen two notes. One you stick in the box, where you note that everything is spare, and has some of your old things along with your sisters. “...Yeah. A much better idea than just handing her a swimsuit I had lying around.” On the second, which you can slip under the door, you just tell her what you’re leaving and that you’re going to try and fix a room for her, and to leave her clothes behind. You’ll take care of them.

With that accomplished, you sneak around to the bathroom, being prepared to turn your back. As you near, you hear the sound of running water, which is a good thing. “Should I have told her how to use it…?” It’s too late to worry about now, so you continue to sneak down the hall (should you have tied a bandanna on? It’d fit the mood) and place the box in front of the door. After slipping the piece of paper underneath, you beat a hasty retreat back down the hall and up to the third floor.

You turn into the front bedroom on the top floor and take a look around. You had converted it into an office space, for what it’s worth. Not that you actually use it much… although the lighting is quite good up here. It’s a nice place to read or work on your bills. But if she wants a space to sew… Well, hopefully the desk you have is enough. As you do pick up the stack of papers and bills you idly talk to yourself. “You know, does she even have the needles and all of the other tools to work with?” After a moment, you shrug off the concern. “Well, we’ll see when we get to that point. ...She might have something, at least.”

And, after a few quick trips (shoving the few things you have left up in that room into the storage closet near the back deck), moving the chair, and folding down the murphy bed so that she wouldn’t wonder where her spot to sleep would be, you finally skedaddle on out of the room. As you do so, you hear movement downstairs. “Hina! Are you done!”

“Yes, I have finished.” She stops walking around, though you hear the box hit the side of the wall as she does. “Are you upstairs? ...Are there more upstairs?”

“There are!” Why is everyone so surprised? It’s not as if there’s some sort of hyperspace that compresses your home into a smaller space. That would be silly. “I’ve been cleaning up a room for you to use!”

“Thank you sir. I’ll be right up.” And, as she says that, she starts ascending the stairs with soft steps and the occasional lurch as the box of clothes knocks into the wall.

As she does, you realize your predicament. She’s incoming, and you don’t know if she is decent. And, for that matter, you still need to go take care of her sopping wet outfit from earlier, just as you promised you would. ...And just how were you going to do that?

[ ] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?
[ ] Hide on the balcony for as long as it takes for her to be situated. No peeking!
[ ] Flee down the side of the building. You can do it!
[ ] Machine Dry
[ ] Hang Dry
No. 189514
[X] Ask if she's decent
[X] Hang Dry
No. 189515
[X] Nonchalantly walk back~
[X] Hang dry

Don't want the machine to go berzerk on us.
No. 189516
[X] Ask if she's decent
[X] Hang Dry

No washing machine to kill us here!
No. 189522
File 146579455185.png- (28.75KB , 400x600 , well what else could I say.png ) [iqdb]

Well, I suppose you could just ask her. “Hina, are you decent?”

“For the circumstances, I'm well enough off, yes!” Now what, though?
No. 189524
[X] Nonchalantly walk back
[X] Hang dry

Well, I suppose we ought to check up on her. Could also I dunno, help carry the box back. I have no idea why I am imagining the box being comically overloaded with clothes.
No. 189525
[X] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?
[X] Hang dry
No. 189527
[X] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?
[X] Hang Dry
No. 189528
[X] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?

Even if we're not, she's holding a box, and we are most certainly a gentleman. The art of averting one's eyes comes naturally to us.
No. 189539
[x] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?
[x] Hang Dry

Why go horribly wrong when you can go horribly right?
No. 189553
[x] Balcony

[x] Hang dry
No. 189560
Going to go and be as chill as anything. Gonna be as chill as a hypothetical cross of Cirno and Joe Cool. Called~
No. 189573
File 146586501770.png- (2.46MB , 900x1440 , no spinning out of this now.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Nonchalantly walk back down the hall. Surely she’s covered up?
[x] Hang Dry


Ok. You can do this. There’s nothing bad that is going to happen. There will be nothing unfortunate that is going to happen to you. No big trouble that is going to fall right down on top of your head and cause you a boatload of consternation. At most, you will probably getting a row boat’s full of such, but you will manage to make it through. You will just turn down the hall and march down to the second floor like there isn’t anything going on. Nothing at all.

And you’ll do that as soon as motivate your feet. They eventually will respond, although how much cajoling you’ll have to do in order to accomplish anything is another story in and of itself. Still, though you wait and pause, you do manage to locomote your body and start walking down the hall. You feet do not fail you, and you do not sprain and ankle, and you still do not have the roof fall on your very head. Everything proceeds nice and normally.

Of course, the ease does not continue endlessly, as you notice the approaching green mop of hair as you turn the corner and look down the stairs. Hina is carrying the box as well as she can, but she is swaying and hitting the side of the stairs with every step more to its girth than to any real weight issues. It certainly takes up the entire staircase, and you can’t squeeze by her, so you just stay in the corner and resolutely stare forward.

You most certainly do not lower your eyes and try to see behind the box. No sirree. And you most certainly do not try and see down that towel-wrapped form. You just stare forward into the wall, nonchalant as possible, and remind yourself that this is a perfectly normal and common thing that occurs in your household.

Frankly, part of you wants to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the effort that you are putting forth, but you manage to tamp it down and stand resolutely. “Do you need any help with that box?”

“I can manage it fine… I wouldn’t mind the help, though.” She pauses and offers you the box. “If you would, kindly.”

Without a word, you take the box from her, and you catch sight of her blushing a bit before you turn to walk towards her room. This time, even though you are still chanting to your feet to keep working appropriately, your left doesn’t quite clear the right and you’re sent tumbling to the ground. You fling the box away from you as you stumble, and for a second you feel Hina grab the back of your shirt. It tugs, but it slips through her fingers before she closes, and you tumble to the ground. Thankfully, you extend your arms and manage to prevent a third blow to the head today.

“Well, that could have been—” You let out a yelp of surprise as the curse goddess follows, landing sideways on your back. And you can’t help but notice that she is slightly damp still, quite warm, and that there are a couple of things that definitely are very nice that are now pressing into your back. “...better.”

“I’m so sorry! I tripped when I tried to catch you.” Her voice wavers, and you suspect that she is blushing up a storm. “I’ve been horrible about those things today.”

“It’s fine. Really, we should just stop meeting like that.” Well, cheesy, but you felt like you had to say it. “At least this time I wasn’t injured. And at least I’m not seeing anything..”

“I just didn’t want to make the impression like I was throwing myself at you, or anything like that.” She sighs, breathing in. You do dearly try to ignore the sensation that she makes before she pushes herself up. “I do apologize, again.”

You just shake your head. “It’ll be fine. Really. Just make sure to stand back so that nothing else happens, alright?” At least that one wasn’t terrible. And, if you’re perfectly honest, it’s hard to stay mad at someone who is constantly apologizing. “Wouldn’t want anything else too unfortunate to happen?” You don’t hear anything and, taking silence as confirmation, you clamber back to your feet and pick up the box. This time, you carry it into the room and plop it down on the desk. “Just use anything here. Just some of my old things… and some of my sister’s.” You talk at the wall the entire time, just so you don’t look at her and witness something else that you might regret, sooner or later. “Nothing in here that won’t be missed.”

“I’m sure there would be, at some point.” You can tell that Hina is in the room now. “Only a few articles would be necessary to for me to work with.

“It is alright to just take it. I did say so, didn’t I?” You shake your head and shrug. “Besides, look at it this way: It’s just an offering.”

She takes a few moments to respond. “I would rather not encourage any followers. I have enough issues as it is with my collection thereof. I would prefer to not become a font of misfortune.”

You finally turn and look back towards her, finding that she has copied your tactic of staring at the wall to avoid any improprieties. “...Then don’t think of it as such? Take it as a gift. It’s ok, Hina. I won’t be offended if you use any of this.”

The goddess huffs softly before looking towards you. Those eyes are quite green, now that the red dress isn’t there to drown them out. “...Very well. I will accept it.” She shakes her head slightly before a rueful smile crosses over it. “At least this is a good sign. I fear you might have to be very stubborn to put up with me around here.”

“It really hasn’t been… Well, ok, it can be annoying. Like getting groceries earlier. I’ll just have to go and take care of that myself, won’t I?” You smile back at her. “It could be far worse.”

“I always fear that it will.” She watches you as you leave but, as you pass her by, she puts a hand on your shoulder.

Pausing mid-stride, you turn back and inspect her. “What is it?”

Hina smiles a bit before leaning up and pecking you on the cheek. “Thank you for dealing with me so long, Darling.” She chuckles as you blink vacantly. “Now, let me go on ahead and begin working; I might finish by morning if I get a head start.”

After a few more seconds of rebooting, you finally manage to clear your head. “Right! Right! Alright, I’ll leave you be. Don’t have too much fun, alright?”

Hina snickers a little. “Right.”

After blinking one more time, you finally manage to shuffle on out of the room and shut the door. Once out of sight, you sigh in relief. “This is just… Everything’s going crazy.” That it is. Still, ignoring any funny feelings, you simply march down the stairs and take care of what you said you were going to. The dress. “Oh, right.”

Once downstairs, you find it draped over the towel rack, along with quite a number of ribbons. It’s still quite soaked and extremely heavy. “This thing really did get saturated. ...I’m surprised she manage to wear this the whole way without complaining once.” Still, you gather up all of her possessions, which seems to include at least fifty feet of ribbon along with a much plainer band. It’s not frilly at all, and actually seems to be a little faded and stretched from use. “Hrm… Didn’t see her using this.” Next to that, you find something you had been fearing to discover the entire time: her underwear. Which, to your consternation, is not frilly or antique. It’s… plain and normal. “...You know what? Stop freaking out about this. It’s just clothes. Not yours, but… Since when did I start talking to myself like this?” Once everything is thrown over your shoulder, you walk back out the door, muttering. “I’m going to need to see a shrink once this all is done…”

It doesn’t take long at all to, once you’re on your roof balcony, to tie everything up on a clothesline and start to dry it off. You’re certainly not taking the risk of the dryer going haywire because of some magical clothes. At least that gives you time to cool down and figure out what exactly it is that you need to do the rest of the evening. Peering back at Hina’s door, you continue to think on what of those things are necessary… and if you want to even bother with them.

[ ] Knock and tell her:
-[ ] You’re going to the store yourself. Gotta get it done sometime.
-[ ] You’ll be downstairs. You need to rest after today.
[ ] Don’t interrupt her and go about your business. She’s busy.
[ ] Peek. Your curiosity insists.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189577
[X] Knock and tell her:
-[X] You’re going to the store yourself. Gotta get it done sometime.

Hopefully nothing will stab us in an alleyway.
No. 189579
[X] Don’t interrupt her and go about your business. She’s busy.
No. 189582
[X] Knock and tell her:
-[X] You’ll be downstairs. You need to rest after today.

I think he needs some rest after everything that happened today.
No. 189583
[X] Knock and tell her:
-[X] You’ll be downstairs. You need to rest after today.

As much as I'd like to go shopping, I think we kinda want to be around for Hina when she's done. What kind of a host just leaves their guest to go shopping?
No. 189602
[x] Knock
-[x] "Going to the store, last chance to ask for anything!"

We are going to another store obviously
No. 189603
Need to get some sort of consensus if possible. Can't be splitting up protag into two halves; that'd be messy.

Well, remembering how a little spider was introduced... Yes, actually.
No. 189614
[X] Knock and tell her:
-[X] You’ll be downstairs. You need to rest after today.

Can just go to the store some other time.
No. 189618
[X] Knock and tell her:
-[X] You’ll be downstairs. You need to rest after today.
No. 189621
Good enough for me. Called.
No. 189625
Yeah… You’re not doing anything else today. You’ll not take your chances out and about again. Sure, you’ll be closer to the source of misfortune, but you really just want to take the time to rest and reboot yourself.

As such, you just head back in and knock on her door. “Hina, I’m going to be downstairs if you need me.”

After a few moments, you hear a muffled shout in return. “Right.” You think you hear her snigger before clearing her voice. “Thank you.”

Shaking your head and ignoring the red burning your ears, you head on downstairs and sit on the couch. There’s a ton you have to take in, as it is. Having to care for someone who is more than a little bit human, at the least… On top of the trouble that it might cause. There are still a few doubts about whether this will be a healthy activity for you… But it’s the least of your worries.

Hopefully that Smith agent will show back up sometime… Hopefully not for long though. You didn’t particularly care for her, considering her overall demeanor. Maybe it was just a way of testing you in the first place?

That doesn’t even include all of those books on the hosting law you’re going to have to read. That will be fun, won’t it?

Still… At least Hina has been nice to host. Besides, you’ll get used to having her around. Although, you wonder exactly how long she might stay, just as you close your eyes and continue to think. It does not take long for that thinking to fade into dreaming as you fall asleep on your couch.

It probably was unfortunate that you never woke to fix dinner.


The morning light shines on your face, and you wake only to be blinded by its rays. “Uggh… Where’m I?” You look around as you sit up, and a blanket falls off of you as you do. “...Huh… Where did this come from?” There’s nothing left that might say whom, but it’s not really much of a question. “Well, that was nice of her.” After a moment, you blink again and spin your head around. “And nothing has collapsed overnight. “...Huh. Oddly normal.”

After getting up, a quick march up the stairs meets you with a closed door to her room. She must still be asleep. ...Do goddesses sleep? Odd question; you’ll have to bring it up with her later. Glancing outside confirms that it is extremely early in the morning, and that you are not going to peek in the door to see if she actually is, so you instead leave her alone and take your own shower.

Once you’re ready for the morning, you head back upstairs and onto the balcony to check her clothes. While the ribbons seem to have dried decently, her dress is still quite damp. “Good thing I did find her something else.” You stroll down the line and pick the first ribbon off when you hear a soft thump.

You spin around and look, but there is nothing there. “Odd. I wonder what that—” With a snap, the ribbon you’re holding latches onto your arm. “What in the world?” As you attempt to remove the suddenly aggressive piece of cloth, you watch the other ribbons wave to and fro. “What in the world is going on here…?”

To your unfortunate surprise, the other ribbons rise up and shoot out at you, each and every one wrapping about your arms and binding you as tight as steel wire would. Your initial struggles and cry is cut short as the shortest of the ribbons muffle your yells. You continue to struggle back and forth as you are tied to the railing by the ribbons and, as you are, you swear you hear a soft giggle.

Wide eyes sweep the deck as you search for your assailant, but there is no one there. All you see are the weirdly undulating ribbons of Hina’s dress. The clothesline seems to be bouncing on a wind you can’t feel, and just out of the corner your eye you swear you see something shimmering on the rails.

Either way, you cough as the plain band amongst the ribbons also shoots out and wraps about you, but this one encircles your chest. “You know, I think this might be a bit large for you.” You hear the voice giggle again, and the band pulls tight about your chest. “That’s much better! Now, lesse…” After another bout of spirited laughter, the dress of Hina’s begins to sway. “I wonder if I could make that fit as well.”


Your emphatic response may have been lost in translation. “Yes? Well, since you’re asking for it...” The dress plucks itself from the clothespins and starts to dance through the air. “Now, how did she go. I know!” It starts spinning through the air. “Just like—”

“Stop right there, noisy scum!”

“Poo. Looks like she caught up.” You see the shimmer solidify somewhat before it approaches you. And, as you desperately try to get away, the wavy outline leans up and… pecks you on the cheek. “Thanks for being a good sport, Honey~” With that, the now pink blur rises a bit before flying through you and away.

As she does, all of the ribbons and dresses all become rather unanimated and fall off of you. Whatever just passed through you had just enough resistance that you stumble backwards. Without the ribbons holding you against the railing, you find yourself tipping over and finding greenery above your head and approaching quickly.

At least it was until you managed to wedge your hand around the railing and hold on for dear life. Your right arm nearly pulls out of socket as your body whips around and slams into the side of the wall, but you are quite focused on not falling to your death, so you somehow manage to hold on. The roar of pain you let out is tremendous.
No. 189626
File 146595853636.png- (26.88KB , 211x145 , ENTER THE MYON.png ) [iqdb]
Even as you are busy focused on not leaving the mortal coil, you notice another shimmer float over the railing. “Where in the world did that… Uggh. I am sick of chasing her all around the human world!”

“Uggh. What in the…”

“Oh!” The shimmer looks down, and a few moments later you see a… wisp floating there? A rather undefined oh god why does it have a sword “An outsider! Did you see where the noisy one went? I’ve been tracking her all night.”

[ ] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.
[ ] C’mon, can’t you help me? If you can hold a sword, can you hold me?
No. 189627
[x] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.

Business as usual
No. 189628
No. 189630
[x] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.

oh boy
No. 189631
No. 189632
[x] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.

No. 189639
[X] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.
No. 189642
[x] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.

There's no reason to make her think this isn't a common occurrence for us.
No. 189643
[X] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know
No. 189652
[X] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.
No. 189667
[ze] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.

Business first.
No. 189691
File 146603828430.png- (474.92KB , 850x837 , why must you be so forward baka.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Sure. That way. I’d point for you, but, well, you know.


You really are thankful for the help being provided. “Sure. Yeah, you see, she went that way.”

“Which way is that?” The blob lowers to eye level, the sword lazily floating about. “You didn’t say.”

“That way.”

“But which way is that? ...Or is That the name of the path?”

“No, it’s not.” You shake your head. “She just went that way.”

“Oh. On That Way.” The blob… nods? “How might I get to That Way?”

“There’s no getting to it. You just go that way.”

The thing tilts to the side, still floating near you. “These delays will not do us well, I hope you are aware. I need to catch her. So please do not delay my progress any further with these frivolous remarks of how one cannot reach That Way.”

“...” Sighing, you try to pull yourself up a little. It doesn’t work. “You know what? I’d point out to the way, but I can’t exactly do that right now.”

“Oh. I see that you are busy.” The blob bobs a bit. “No matter. I must catch up to her soon enough. Farewell, human!” And, with that, the blob scoots on out of sight, leaving you stranded on the side of your house, three stories above the ground.

“You know… Most people would take that as a suggestion that I would like help.” You shake your head once more and try to pull yourself back up again. A lance of pain shoots into your spine, and instead, your grip loosens. “Hina! C’mon, Hina! I know… You can hear me, can’t you! Just get out here…” Your fingers slip a little bit more as you try to swing your hand back up. “I know you can come and get me off of this thing.”

She doesn’t seem to hear you, however, and after a few more tense seconds, your fingers give way. The green ground fills your vision as it rapidly gets larger. This sucks. Well, it’s been a good run—

Right before you kiss the ground, a shimmer intercedes between you and sweet release. Something cold and fluffy manages to cushion you so that you only tap your forehead on the dirt. Whatever cushion you landed on opaques until it is a milky white and quite cool to the touch. Did that blob actually come back to help you? You close your eyes and let out a sigh of relief as you rest your head in the wisp’s fluffy confines.

...Wait, is the blob heating up?

You open your eyes, and you suddenly realize that this blob is not simply a ghostly wisp… You are staring at the pale, transparent eyes right in front of yours that are wide in shock. When you look down, you see cheeks a slightly darker shade that are exuding the curious heat… And you also spot the ghostly lips attached to yours.

You immediately spring away from her, landing on your backside. The ghostly girl just blinks at you before shouting. “Pervert! I save your life and you give me that as recompense?”

“You know, you didn’t have to catch me with your face!”

“You didn’t have to shove your face in my ectoplasm!”

“Didn’t you put it in front of my face to begin with?”

“Well, it’s still your fault for falling off the building!”

“You could have helped me get down before this all began!”

“How was I to know that you required help? Humans on the outside are some of the craziest, most improper beings that I have ever dared witness!”

“Still, I didn’t even intend to do that! I didn’t even know that you were anything more than a wisp.” Thankfully you didn’t take any liberties. This whole scene is unfortunate enough. “So, listen, I’m sorry, but I didn’t do any of that on purpose. You didn’t have to turn back into this form! And it’s not like that you had to put your head there!”

“Well, I was going to say hello, but you were the one that lowered your head onto me and took advantage!” She harrumphs. “Still, I suppose that I shall accept your apologies, if you assist me on my journey. I must locate that wayward poltergeist before she causes even more havoc!”

“Well, it’s really none of my—” The ghost fixes you with a stare that lets you know that she won’t take no for an answer. You notice, to her side, there is a single short sword stuck into the ground. At least she didn’t stab you with it.

[ ] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.
[ ] You don’t want any of these crazy ghost shenanigans. Decline.
[ ] Let her know that you need to do some things first.
[ ] Offer to call Smith. Maybe she’ll help. [Cue Laugh Track]
No. 189693
[x] Let her know that you need to do some things first.
No. 189694
[x] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.

No. 189696
[ze] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.

Are this type of accidents going to happen for all the story isn't it? Oh well it's ok, I like this!
No. 189698
[x] Let her know that you need to do some things first.
No. 189699
[X] Assist her.
No. 189700
[X] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her
No. 189703
[X] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.

I mean, it's not like we have anything better to do, since we were supposed to be resting at home. Anyway, it's the least we can do for her. We are still alive, after all.
No. 189704
[X] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.

I mean, it's not like we have anything better to do, since we were supposed to be resting at home. Anyway, it's the least we can do for her. We are still alive, after all.
No. 189714
[X] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.
No. 189716

Wait, I double posted on two different threads? Whoops... Bad internet connection at the time, I guess. Sorry!
No. 189727
File 146613337296.png- (127.32KB , 454x666 , this cant be legal.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Well, she did save your life. Go on and assist her.


To look on one hand, there is no need for you to actually go through and assist her. After all, you know that doing so will only bring you more pain, in all likelihood. Though… Well, you just can’t turn her down. She did save your life, so it’s the very least you can do. “Well, fine, I suppose. I don’t even know what you’re searching for, though.”

The ghost floats up from where she was laying before reaching for her sword. It floats in the air on its own, hanging idly by her side. “I am searching for a poltergeist that has managed to sneak away. She has already caused several different disturbances during the night, up until she encountered you.”

“But that doesn’t explain anything… wouldn’t she have a host family?” For that matter, you’re not even sure whether ghosts would even need a host. Perhaps one with the most… “For that matter, wouldn’t you?”

“I am allowed out without the supervision of a human. ...Such as it is, I do not need to be watched over. I will not cause trouble.” Technically true, for what you’ve seen. “I must be going, however. Please accompany me.” With that, she turns and starts hurrying away, leaving you to scramble to your feet and catch up. As she turns onto the street, she sheathes her sword in another bit of ghostly residue, which solidifies enough so that the blade cannot be seen. Do keep an eye out; she could be hidden anywhere.”

“Wouldn’t that be true for you as well?” You look around, seeing the buildings interspersed every so often with an alley or a slight bit of greenery. “It would help if you could be more descriptive. ...Or tell why she ran.”

“She ran because she cannot sit still for ten seconds straight.” The ghostly girl huffs to herself. “She has been that way the entire time that she has been out here. Constantly bouncing around and getting into trouble… And she never puts that energy forward for any industrious purpose!”

“Then why do you bother keeping up with her?” Granted, you’re not too sure on the legalese behind all these laws, but if you have the basics right… “Doesn’t she have to leave if she’s causing harm to anyone? Or, if not that, violating the terms of the agreement that let her out in the first place?” Not that you would have the faintest idea of how to enforce something like that vis a vis a poltergeist. Vacuum, perhaps?

The girl looks back at you before turning her head back around and continuing to march forward. “...Well, I do not have much of a choice at that.”


“Well… It is up to the Lady Yuyuko.” The girl shrugs again. “She desired for me to go out into your world, yet I must remain and attend to her. As such, half of myself went out, and the other half remained.”

“...Last I checked, you looked kinda whole. Unless this whole half and half deal is just a ghost thing.” She does seem to be the same shade as creamer, at least, so you could buy that.

“It’s… It’s not so complicated.” She keeps marching along, her eyes flitting across nearly every single window. “I’m half ghost, so I left my human half behind.”

“...Half ghost.”


“...So, you’re half dead?”

“No. I’m alive and dead.”

“Same thing.”

“Not quite.”

“...Whatever you say.” Alright, now you’ve heard everything. “So, what does this person look like? I just remember a pink blur.”

“Well, She is pink, with blue hair if you do manage to spot her. Her trumpet should be nearby as well, so the moment you hear trumpet music…” The half ghostie shakes her head. “I will have to cut my hesitation in order for her to learn her lesson, this time. She is creating havoc in this world!”

Havoc, yes, but it hasn’t been that terrible yet. You cross the street, having passed about five blocks and spotting nothing out of the ordinary (save for a bunch of dirty windows; does anyone clean them around here?). Once on the other side, you feel a rush behind you, and you notice a dark shape fleeing down the roadway behind you before it vanishes in the distance. “Did you see that?”

“See what?!” The girl spins around, withdrawing her blade. The few passerby near jump back in shock, and one woman lets out a shriek and runs away. “Where did she go? Tell me, human!”

Ok, she just said she was half human; she doesn’t even have the excuse that the goddess has. “...Just down the road over there. Whoever it was was fleeing quickly; I couldn’t see for sure.”

“That is our best lead yet, then!” She turns down the road and starts running… Wait, is that even running? Because… Well, she’s already gone. Man that ghost has got some legs…

You consider for a moment turning back and heading home, but if the ghost can run away that quickly, she’ll probably be back just as fast. And you just know that she is going to cause some trouble with that sword that she’s waving around. Muttering quietly about insane ghosts, you start running after both of the blurs. It takes a few minutes, but you eventually arrive at the entrance to the city park. While you’re gasping for air, the ghost girl shows up one more time. “Where have you been? She might have gotten away!”

“I’m… not that fast…” You clutch your knees as you take some more breath in before standing up. “And if you’re that fast, I’m surprised that she managed to avoid you.”

“Speed only counts for so much; she can hide in an object, and if that’s the case, it really is hard to determine whether she’s possessing it or merely using it as a cloak.” The girl huffs again. “Either way, I did check the nearby blocks… And I do believe that she is hiding in there. This metal and poured stone is odd enough… This small wood would be far familiar to her.”

“Not to you, then?”

“...Let’s just say that the Netherworld doesn’t have a good record when it comes to trees.” The woman clears her throat. “Either way, you stay here and I’ll flush her to you.”

Didn’t she just say that her target might be hiding? “Wouldn’t it be better for me to go in? I imagine she might be more willing to show herself around me, rather than you.” She might even pick up from where she left off. Get those dirty thoughts out of your head.

The girl frowns and puts her chin in her hand as she knits her brow. “You might have a point.”

[ ] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.
[ ] Insist that she goes in. Fetch popcorn; enjoy fireworks. Don’t tell her that last part.
[ ] Make like Splitsville: Population of 2 (not including you)
No. 189730
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Must attain Merlin for out 2hu harem
No. 189732
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Until proven otherwise, I'll hold fast that we're about as durable as Darling.
No. 189733
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Romcom durability go!
No. 189735
[x] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Ready for action!
No. 189738
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Once we get Komachi we can test that theory out a little.
I don't know what I was going for there. Something to do with Lala?
No. 189741
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.
No. 189742
[X] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

[x] Would you smootch a (full) ghost?
No. 189743
(I wonder if we could make out with Myon, would that not count?)
No. 189746
[x] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.
No. 189748
[ze] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.

Must keep going. No turning back now!
No. 189759
Well, looks like we're unanimous. Called.
No. 189763
File 146621406182.jpg- (95.69KB , 600x1018 , black is not the new pink.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Insist that you go in. You will suffer all that might be inflicted, but you will do your duty.


“Exactly. So, I’ll go in.” You turn towards the city park, which is definitely not some fell forbidden forest the likes of which man was never supposed to enter. If that was the case, then the benches and fountain would be quite out of place. “Just keep an eye out. I shouldn’t be long.”

“Just call for me if you find her.”

“...Well, I hardly know your name. That, and she might gag me again.”

The (half) ghost rolls her eyes. “Just… Well, call for Myon. I’ll find you.”

You suppose that you will just have to hope she doesn’t shove a sock in your mouth or something. That’s another thing for you to consider: clotheslines might be your nemesis. “Just be quick about it; I don’t want to end up in the same position as last time.”

“She’ll pop in soon enough. She’s far too manic to be able to resist an easy trap.”

Great. Apparently, you’re easy as well. You don’t dignify that with a response. Instead, you just start strolling into the park, trying not to obviously search around for the pink phantom in question. Even so, you don’t see anyone lurking around behind trees or under benches; all you find are a few elderly couples enjoying the nice early morning weather. As you approach the fountain, you notice that an ice cream vendor is setting up, but there is nothing illicit that you can see.

As you circle around the fountain, you spot another flash out of the corner of your eyes. “Perhaps that was it…” Not knowing whether you were correct, you still followed on after the motion, heading down one of the smaller trails in the park.

You step across a few dead leaves which have manage to remain unswept since last autumn as you stroll along the path. Now, you curiously look towards every single tree, curious to see if anything would pop out from it. Perhaps they’d be screaming some archaic tongue at you in an effort to frighten you. Although, the pink ghost didn’t seem to have much of that planned…

Either way, you continue walking forward, eventually reaching a dead end in the trail. The park here looks slightly overgrown, and there’s no easy way through it that wouldn’t result in your clothes being torn in the brambles and the bushes. And, as you look around, you confirm that there is no ghostie just ready and waiting to spring out.

Shrugging, you turn on around. And as you do, you find a black cloud staring back at you. And two yellow eyes are staring you down.

[ ] Flee
-[ ] Where you came
-[ ] Through the brambles
[ ] Call
-[ ] For Myon
-[ ] For Hina
-[ ] out for Tewi
[ ] Write-in
No. 189764
[X] Call
-[X] For Myon
No. 189767
[x] Call myon

I need to hear MyonMyonMyon! Again.
No. 189771
-[X] For Myon
No. 189772
[X] Call
-[X] For Myon

Is it a tongue twister if we say it fast enough?
No. 189789
[X] Call
-[X] For Myon
No. 189792
[X] Call
-[X]out for Tewi
-[X] Myon

I'm tempted to call for Hina just to see if it'd work.
No. 189794
[X] Say hello. Introduce yourself, ask it if it's lost.

Not our target, no reason to not be polite.
No. 189801
Alright; sorry for not updating yesterday. I'm going to get on it here in a bit. I'll try to get two out for ya'll today. Called

Ain't that the question?
No. 189804
[x] Call
-[x] For Myon


Ok, this is not the situation that you thought you were going to wander into, but right now a supernatural ally sounds like a very good idea. “Myon! Quickly, can you hear me?” You start backing away from the penetrating yellow gaze that’s boring down on you. “C’mon, I know you can hear me. Just answer! Quickly, Myon, I need to get out of here! There is something back here!”

You don’t hear anything for now, and the black mass continues hang there and slowly approach you. “...Moving a bit slow now, after just popping up like that.” The ghost continues to glare, and you continue to move backwards. “You know, if you just let me go ahead and leave, I won’t bother you at all.” It keeps approaching. “Maybe if I just scoot to the side…”

The moment you do so, its eyes illuminate and it grows larger. “Ok, so you’re not letting me go…” It doesn’t respond at all save to continue to approach you. Can it even speak? “C’mon, Myon, any second now would be ideal...”

She still hasn’t shown up. You might need to try yelling louder. She was on the other end of— “Did you manage to locate—?” The translucent girl appears, her single sword in hand as she is ready to strike the… ghost. “What? This isn’t Merlin?”

“No. This isn’t pink at all.” The ghostly presence doesn’t even to turn to acknowledge the presence of a fellow paranormal, and instead continues to stare you down. “Can you talk to it or something? It’s not being aggressive, it’s just being a little…”

“I-I guess…” The ghost gulps as she stares up at the wraith. “I… Stand aside, wraith!” She grips the sword. “If you do not depart for the afterlife, I will make sure that you are escorted to the Netherworld by my own hand!”

The black spirit turns around and stares down at the ghostly girl. And it just stares. “I will! Do not doubt my words!” What in the world is wrong with her? Her knees are shaking, just like she’s seen a ghost. But that can’t be right. “Do not approach, submit and be escorted, or face…” She pauses and looks around. “Where’s that bloody poltergeist when you need her…”

And she’s still holding onto the sword. The sword the ghost is apparently carrying, but not using. “Just use the sword! If it can touch you, can’t it touch it?”

“It isn’t suited for this battle!” She sighs and lowers the sword to the ground. And as she pulls it up, she slashes the air and… vanishes to a point fifty feet away? What was even the point of that?

A moment later, a series of yellow arrows of light pop in from thin air and track in on the black spirit. The one that is right in front of you. You hit the deck just as the wraith easily slides around the few dozen orbs of energy and rises into the trees above the two of you. The energy continues to fly and impacts the trees, charring them but, thankfully, not setting them alight. When you don’t hear a second wave of energy, you finally look up. “Did it run off?”

“Would it flee?” Myon grumbles quietly. “Were it that I had Roukanken here, then this would be over in but one step.” She continues to stare around. “Still, as weak as I am now, it would not be safe to pursue.” She looks around for a little bit. “It would be better to find the Prismriver first.”

As she mentions that, multiple beams of white light shoot out through the treetop and hit the space around Myon. The dirt shoots up and showers over you and through her, but you barely have any time to react as a series of white darts follow the beams of light and try to target her. Myon dashes away, weaving through the energy that is quickly coming in waves thicker than what she is returning with every slash of the sword. They continue to run around, the trees and the ground getting blasted with beams of energy, but neither seem to actually connect with the other.

The wraith eventually lowers itself until it flies right in front of you. Curiously, it does to seem to travel too far from you, as every time Myon tries to bait it away, it refuses to cooperate. At the same time, you start to see a few laser pointers shining through the treetops; it seems the police have arrived, but they haven’t been able to get a clean shot. Not that it’d do anything, granted…

[ ] Use yourself as bait and try to maneuver it someplace with a clean shot for Myon.
[ ] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.
[ ] Convince Myon to pull a bait and switch using the sword.
[ ] Get out of dodge; you’re not qualified for this sort of thing, and you’ll screw up.
No. 189807
[X] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.
No. 189808
[X] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.
No. 189811
[X] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.
No. 189812
[ze] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.

Best curse of action.
No. 189813
No! Subdue first, talk later. We can't risk myon.
[x] Use yourself as bait
No. 189814
Looks good! Called.
No. 189816
[X] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.
No. 189817
>>Best curse of action.

I like what you did there. Hina would be proud.
No. 189818
File 146640739686.png- (1.65MB , 1056x1117 , toot toot incoming.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Try to talk the thing down; it’s standing right there, after all, and it’s not fighting you.


Perhaps it wants to talk for you for some reason. That must be why it has appeared before you twice, right? It makes the most sense for you. If you just speak with it, you’ll have a good chance of getting it to stop before it attacks again? Maybe. “Do you have a name?”

It doesn’t respond.

“Just asking.” You shrug as you keep on dodging a few wild shots from the ghost girl. Or, rather, you fling yourself back down to the dirt and hope that you don’t get hit again. “As it is, that’d make sense. But what business do you have with me?”

It is silent, although it does fire off more lasers, so points for that.

“Not gonna say anything?” You scoot back up so you can at least look at it as Myon sends another wave of glowing projectiles. “Well, I suppose that’s alright. But, seriously, there’s no reason not to. If you just want to talk, go ahead. Why else are you keeping me here?”


Frowning, you stroke your chin as the laser lights continue to struggle to find a target. “I mean… neither of you are accomplishing much. You’re just damaging the trees. If there’s something upsetting you that badly, shouldn’t you just speak about it rather than destroying the greenery. They didn’t do anything to you.”

The black form pauses and turns, giving you a very annoyed glare.

It’s enough time for Myon to come through and connect with one of her shots. The black mist staggers back, and the sprinting spirit dashes closely and slices it with that sword of hers. Nothing happens.

The wraith congeals and manages to rise again, and instead of returning laser fire it turns around and faces you. It studies you for a second, regarding you with those burning yellow eyes.

That’s just enough time for the laser sights to meet up before a volley of lasers rains down from the heavens.

You cry out loud as you scamper away, doing your best to get away from ground zero of that apparent orbital strike. The wraith doesn’t respond verbally as a hole is torn through its center, but it quickly dashes off, only to reform and spray its own version of energy bullets. They whiz off over your head and into the leaves, melting the ones directly in their path.

From the tree limbs, a third form enters the fray, and a girl in pink and wearing a rather large grin on her face. “You shouldn’t have wandered off, Youmu! There was a reason I went with you.”

“You were the one that ran off from me!” Myon rounds back onto the newcomer. “You ran off to go and make mischief while I was distracted!”

“Well, I can’t help that you don’t want to do anything on your exchange.” The pink ghost crosses her arms. ...Kinda curious that one is colorful and the other… “Just sitting and watching every different cooking show and attending the dojo when those weren’t on so you can just watch? Boring.”

“My duties require that I take the opportunity to better myself at every opportunity!” The gray ghost faces the noisy one. “My other half has already taken the opportunity to test out some of these discoveries.”

“Although, that wasn’t all of Yuyuko’s directive, wasn’t it?” Pinkie grins. “The only reason I can come out here is if you actually decide to live. It was the reason she let me come out.”

“Well, it’s not like your sisters could have. They’re a little bit busy making music, aren’t they?”

The smile on her face fades a little, and out from the leaves floats… a trumpet? “I’m sure that my talents are too much for them.” Merlin snorts before the grin returns. “That’s neither here nor there. Now, so long as I have to tend to you, you need to take advantage of every opportunity provided.”

“But I am doing so, in order to provide for Lady Yuyuko!” She grumbles and shakes her head. “Still, you are violating the spirit of that which allows you to be here. I must return you so that you do not continue to threaten the terms of our presence!”

“I haven’t actually done anything harmful to any human~ Who was the one that nearly shot your friend here?”

“I would not have allowed that to happen.” Myon braces herself. “Now, I will return you to where you will not cause any more damage!”

[ ] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.
[ ] Just let them have a catghost fight?
[ ] Home and Hina sound like a really good idea right now.
No. 189822
[X] Just let them have a catghost fight?
No. 189823
[X] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.
No. 189826
[X] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.
No. 189827
[X ] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.

It escaping sounds bad.
No. 189832
[x] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.
No. 189834
[x] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.
[x] Just let them have a catghost fight?
The wraith is female, isn't it?
No. 189835
Belatedly called; update is ready, but proof needs to go and give it a looksie first. Be up in an hour or so.
No. 189836
File 146646272932.png- (700.32KB , 650x879 , they certainly are never going to show up again.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Girls… The wraith is kinda, you know, getting away.


This… really isn’t accomplishing anything, is it? “Girls? Not to interrupt or anything, but I think that the wraith is getting away.”

Myon picks her head back up. “It is?” She starts looking up, eyes turning to the top of the trees. “But where did it…” Just out of sight, you see the dark mass fleeing through the limbs and vanishing from sight. Myon tenses up, ready to dash off again. After a few seconds, she relaxes. “No matter. If I go off chasing her again, then I’m going to lose sight of you, poltergeist.”

“Don’t be so sad about it!” The other girl laughs softly and grins. “Besides, you know that I shouldn’t be letting you out of my sight!”

“But you already did that!”

“Did I? So sorry; I thought you let me out of your sight. That is a completely different story, isn’t it?”

The half ghost grumbles. “Still, we must return.” After a second, she shakes her head. “But first, you need to apologize to this human. He was the last one that you assaulted.”

“Was it?” She taps her lips before crossing her legs in the air and looking down at you. “I just thought it so strange. That dress didn’t really compliment you; I just wanted to see how it fit.”

“That’s because it wasn’t mine, obviously.” You roll your eyes and stare back up at the pinkette. “Now, seriously, I had a guest whose clothes had to dry. That’s all it was.”

“Then why so flustered?”

“Being thrown off of a building does that to you.”

“Does it?” She snickers and floats upside down, still staring. “I forget that humans have to worry about fall damage at times.”

“That isn’t a joke!” This really isn’t the time. Besides, you’ve done as requested, so maybe it’s time for you to go home and hope Hina isn’t wondering too much about where you went. “So, Miss Myon, does that mean that I’m free to go?”

The ghost girl nods, before wincing at Merlin’s laughter. “What in the world are you doing?”

“I just… You told… him… to use that name?” She keeps sniggering to herself. “This will be hilarious once Yuyuko will find out~”

“That won’t be happening!” Myon levels the sword at the spirit. “While Hakurouken will not teach you adequately, I’m am sure that Roukanken will finish whatever job I start, once my stronger side arrives.” She continues to glare. “Say nothing.”

“Well, when you put it that way…” The poltergeists sniggers a bit. “Then you better stop me before I get home!” Without further ado, Merlin takes off, her trumpet tooting a bit before it continues after her.

“I ought to…” Myon sighs again before looking towards you. “Thank you for your help. She really is just too much of a pain. Fare thee well.” She bows shortly before flying back off after Merlin, leaving you alone in the pockmarked corner of the park.

“...Well… Talk about wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” You can’t help but to snort at the poor joke before walking off. “At least this gives me some time to take care of some errands before I get home. And, hopefully, those two won’t cause anymore trouble for you. They can take care of their own problems.

It takes you a few minutes to finally emerge from the depths of the park, back to where the sun is shining and there are no battle damaged walkways. Curiously, as you do, you spot floating sword and trumpet in the distance as they hang before a familiar blonde. The blonde is smirking and seems to be making a few remarks and Myon hangs its blob and Merlin tumbles about in the sky. You’re too far away to hear everything, but you can hear a few small points. “Violation… Endangering human… Unregistered danmaku… Look over current status…”

“How about that? So she actually does have a job aside from dumping people on my doorstep.” You roll your eyes again and turn to leave, not caring about their eventual fate. “Maybe they’ll get deported.”
No. 189837
File 146646278735.jpg- (567.12KB , 1000x950 , she might be a bit wound up.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Oh, that doesn’t seem likely.” You spin around once more, and a familiar green-haired woman smiles at you. Clad in a patchwork black dress (not too bad of a job; you really have to look to see the seams) that has been merged with an old school outfit for a top, you can’t help but realize it actually fits… Nicely. At least her ribbons are the same. “That might be too fortunate for them. Or perhaps it wouldn’t be? I’m not familiar with the gardener.”

“Hina?” Blinking, you examine her a bit more before realizing that could be interpreted as something else. “How did you find me? And why are you out alone?”

“Well, I did realize that you were spirited away soon enough; my ribbons don’t tie themselves to the deck, and you are capable of managing the stairs.” She smiles softly and looks over her shoulder. “And, truly, it was unfortunate that I had to call Ms. Smith for her assistance, but a danmaku battle really is something hard to miss.”

“Danmaku… You mean all of those lasers?” She nods, and you sigh. “I suppose it was; it was definitely bright.” After a moment, you just rub the back of your head. “That Myon needed help searching for the pink one, and since she did save my life when I fell, I did feel obligated to assist.”

“I understand the sentiment. But still, if that was the case, why not at least take the time to come and inform me?” Hina folds her hands together and looks off. “I was worried that I had… that something had happened to you.”

[ ] Write-in
No. 189838
[X] Apologize for making her worry
[X] Compliment her new outfit

No better way to make a lady forget why she was upset than to flatter her!
No. 189839
[x] Apologize for worrying her
[x] Promise that you'll do your best to alert her if something like this happens again
[x] "Looking good there"
No. 189840
[X]"Sorry, but I didn't want to see anyone get hurt." She did nearly kill you after all.


...How does that help, exactly...? Women aren't bundles of fashion and desperation for acknowledgement thereof.
No. 189842
Anon trust me, when it comes to women and clothing. You must ALWAYS compliment how they look. Out of the 3 women I've spoken to in my life, only one of them used pepper spray when I said that.
No. 189843
Interesting sentiments.

In any case, if we have a consensus, I will try to write tonight. Or, at least, get enough done to get it out earlier tomorrow.
No. 189845
[x] Apologize for worrying her
[x] Promise that you'll do your best to alert her if something like this happens again
[x] "Looking good there"
No. 189846
[x] Apologize for worrying her
[x] Promise that you'll do your best to alert her if something like this happens again
[x] "Looking good there"

I'll wagon on this band.
No. 189848
[x] Apologize for worrying her
[x] Promise that you'll do your best to alert her if something like this happens again
[x] "Looking good there"
No. 189851
[X] Apologize for making her worry
[X] Compliment her new outfit
No. 189853
Good enough now. Called.

At least look on the bright side. No affection will be lost with that one.
No. 189881
File 14665745989.png- (0.96MB , 800x1131 , worried sick.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Apologize for worrying her.
[x] Promise that you’ll do your best to alert her if something like this happens again.
[x] “Looking good, there.”


“I’m sorry.” You sigh and look away. “I didn’t even think about it that way. I figured you would be fine in there, and so I headed off. I didn’t mean to worry you.”

She sighs and looks down. “You wouldn’t be the first, you know. The first brave face that ventured forth to try and win something from me, whether it would be some fortunate blessing or a short companionship, perhaps. I’ve traditionally been shunned, but there are always those that go out of the way to prove that consensus wrong. Whether they are a young native or a naive outsider… There are always a few.”

“You’re not doing that here, though.” Turning back, you reach forward and grab her shoulder. “There have been a few small accidents, but nothing too major, and nothing that I couldn’t recover from”

“...You said you had fallen.”

“I did.”

“How high?” She closes her eyes and looks away. “Top floor, as I expect from what I found?”

“Yeah, it was.”

Hina shakes her head. “Then that still may have been my fault a well. If not the fall, for you being out there at a time when the incident happened.”

“If you’re going to consider that as your fault… You know how vague that is. It could have been mere happenstance.”

“Is there such a thing around me?” The goddess sighs and turns her gaze to her feet. “When humans have had the stone under their feet and are sent tumbling to their demise? When those who seek the removal of one misfortune and instead are cursed with a greater one, whether it be illness or miasma.” Her eyes turn up and meet yours and her hand strokes your cheek. “I would have been mortified to have sent another soul to an early grave out of my own carelessness.”

“You wouldn’t have. I’m sure of it.” You try to offer her a smile in hopes of calming her down. “There’s no telling if it would have been due to you, but there are still others far more responsible.” You turn to look back at the others; they are still being chewed out from the looks on Myon’s face.

Hina seems to have followed your eyes as well. “I will make sure to remember that.” She taps her fingers on her arm as she stares at the two for a little while. “Either way, it might be the case that it was my fault. I’m sure that some bit of my power did contribute to it.”

“I’ll make sure to let you know when something does happen in the future.” You offer a small smile which is not returned immediately. “I just felt like I was obligated to go earlier; I should have taken the time to have let you know, at the least.”

“I appreciate your honesty.” The goddess peeks back at you. “...I did make a slight mess when searching or you, but that will be my responsibility to clean. ...Just so you don’t think that someone robbed you when we return home.”

Well, great. “I’m sure we can both clean it up, since I put you in that position.” The woman nods, and you are left standing there for a moment longer. “You know, your new outfit does look nice. You did a good job with what i gave you.”

Hina sighs and shakes her head. “Now’s hardly the time for such things. I’m happy enough that I do have some clothes on my back after yesterday, so pay it no heed.” Inclining her head after looking away, the goddess finally relaxes a little. “I suppose that we should head back to your home so I can take care of such things.

Well, you hardly want to go back home just to work on that… Especially not with her in this mood. That, and you still haven’t eaten. Food is, sadly, just as plentiful at your house as during the previous day. “Well, if we’re out , we can go ahead and…”

[ ] Write in - Set itinerary
No. 189889
[X] "...explore the city, is it your first time here?"
No. 189891
[X] "... get a bite to eat."
[X] "It's your home as well, you know. At least for the time being."
No. 189892
[X] "... go grab a bite to eat, and maybe see a movie?"
[X] "It's your home as well, you know. At least for the time being."

Hina would enjoy a nice show right? Or maybe a play, if a cinema would be too much of a culture shock?
No. 189897
[x] >>189892
Sounds good.

Besides, luck always run out at some point, even bad luck
No. 189903
[X] "... go grab a bite to eat, and maybe see a movie?"

I don't think we want to go shopping right now. A night of relaxation would be nice.
No. 189907

I will say that it's roughly noontime, actually. Anywho, I'll call that first vote; I might include the other two in some minor form unless we have vociferous disagreement.
No. 189912
File 146664448882.png- (427.96KB , 560x970 , spin that frown upside down or downside up.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “...go grab a bit to eat, and maybe see a movie?”


“...go grab a bite to eat. It is about midday.” You smile down at her. “That way we shouldn’t have as nearly as much of an adventure as we did yesterday.”

“There’s no guarantee of that, you know.”

“...Well, it isn’t just right to hole up in a room for the rest of your life. You need to be able to live the same as anyone else.” Chuckling, you start walking off. “Besides, think of it as a way for me to make it up to you. Then we’ll be all square, won’t we?”

“At least you’re not making it another offering.” Hina turns and follows you as you walk off, folding her hands back over each other as she does. “Still, I suppose that would be best. I would just hope that there would be no accidents.”


She looks down and away. “...Sorry. It must be annoying, isn’t it?”

“I understand why you worry. But, just for a little while, it’ll be fine if you don’t.” You pause before crossing road, making sure to double check before risking the crossing, holding your hand up to prevent her from accidentally stepping out herself. “You’re doing everything you can to keep it under control. It’ll be ok to talk about something besides it, at least for now.” After another block, you turn left and head down the street as a place comes to mind. At least there she won’t have to worry about the cook.

She nods to herself as she continues to follow after her, looking about in curiosity. “It really is curious how everything is built up here. That park that I found you in is the first spot of greenery I’ve really seen in this town.”

“They do exist; everything is just built on top of each other here.” You are really lucky to have a place as big as yours, after all. And you’re even more fortunate to have a lot to go with it. You notice her looking up, and you follow Hina’s eyes until they stare at a power line. “Wondering what those are?”

“I remember it being mentioned. The energy that powers all of those devices and lights in your home originate from them, don’t they?”

“They do, yes.” You follow the lines along with her, taking care to make sure that nothing is coming whenever you do cross the road as you head into the city. Avoidance of any predicament is definitely a mood improver. “I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the exact workings, but it comes down to the an electrical energy being transmitted and converted to different strengths depending on if it’s going to a home or somewhere else.”

Hina continues to examine it for a little while. “Hrm. I suppose that it would be a lot of power if every single one of these homes has as many of those devices that yours has.”

“Some probably have more. And definitely some that are higher end than the one I have.”

“I believe that the idol on your shrine looked perfectly fine.” Hina smiles a little as you two continue to stroll. “It wouldn’t necessarily be better if it were made of gold, after all.”

“...I thought you were joking the other day when you said that the TV was a shrine?”

“I was.” Hina chuckles softly. “It is amusing to point out, though. I’ve noticed that every abode I’ve entered has a similar setup. ...And some men are quite distraught if theirs are destroyed.”

Well, that confusion is cleared up, at least. Although… “How do you even know about it? If you’re from some magical preserve, then how would you be familiar with it?”

“Humans aren’t so different, after all. That which is valuable is guarded jealousy, and it often is a point of focus and pride. It’s the same with any sentient; that which they want to show off will be prominently presented in their abode.”

You quirk an eyebrow as you pause once more, again stopping for traffic. “I suppose you do have a point. But how are you even familiar with televisions, then? Or other machines in general?”

“I have been in the Outside for quite a while, remember.” You blink owlishly, and she chuckles and shakes her head. “The outside. This world.” Hina continues once you nod your head in understanding. “It was a curiosity at first, and I’m still not sure how practically accomplished without magic — Alice’s shows are the closest thing I’ve witnessed — but the device itself is not some great mystery.” Hina pauses and shrugs. “That, and the kappa are fond of creating odd, eccentric contraptions on their own.”

“...Kappa?” You do remember that one, although the first thing that pops into your mind is a particular blue duck from Pokemon. “You mean the whole ‘give them a cucumber or they’ll steal your soul’ kappa?”

The goddess nods to you, stepping behind you for a moment to let a hurrying man pass by. She quickly reassumes her spot and matches you stride for stride. “Well, they don’t tend to do that much anymore; they’re more a series of eclectic, inventive recluses. They’re scared to death of me.” She snorts and shakes her head. “Not that many aren’t. But I do interact with them more than other youkai simply due to proximity.”

“That doesn’t really reassure me, I hope you know.”

Hina shakes her head. “Well, they are still youkai. They’ve become much more civilized over the decades, but they still come from the same source. ...They’re far from the worst ones, and only the decent ones are actually allowed to be hosted.”

“So, what about those two ghosts from earlier?”

“They are likely to be sent back. The dead do sometimes lose the perspective that they held when alive. ...Not that the poltergeist was ever alive, but the point is still the same.”

“I see.” This was getting a little too depressing again. If there was only something you could talk about. “On another hand… Perhaps afterwards, would you like to go see a movie or a show?”

“...What would the first of those two be?”

“It’s similar to the television, simply much larger.” You open your arms up as far as they can go. “Much, much larger. It’ll take up an entire room.”

“That would be different, at the least.” She frowns and scratches her chin. “Wouldn’t something that large require many moving parts?”

“Anymore? A lot of it is digital, so fewer, actually.” She seems to be mulling it, so you don’t go any further. “Just think on it while we eat, as we’re here; this will do, I believe.” You look up at the gaudy sign of the okonomiyaki restaurant. At least, here, it’d be somewhat familiar; just using whatever she wants to make the little pancake. “Shouldn’t be ostentatious at all, and you have to fix it yourself.” So, that way, there’d be no injuring the cook. ...Well, hopefully. Someone has to cut up everything in the first place. Perhaps this wasn’t as good of an idea. “If that’s good enough for you.”

“It will certainly be different.” She peers inside and looks around. “Looks… homey, at least.” Hina smiles a little bit. “Still, it is up to you.”

[ ] On second thought, this wasn’t a good idea. Flee to a place with minimal knives.
[ ] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!
[ ] A vending machine and prepared food would be rather fabulous.
[ ] Write-in
No. 189913
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!
No. 189914
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!
No. 189915
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

No. 189916
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

Just do it!
No. 189920
[x] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!
No. 189921
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

No. 189922
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

Bandwagon, go!
No. 189930
[x] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

But be sure to keep a sharp eye out for potential mood-ruiners. Juuust in case.
No. 189933
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!

Quick Robin, to the bandwagonmobile!
No. 189935
[X] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!


Holy bats, Mackerel Man!
No. 189947
File 146672021621.png- (15.18KB , 240x240 , delicious.png ) [iqdb]
How'd you know I was playing Umihara Kawase recently?

Next post will be last post on this thread. (unless autosage is hit first) Glad it's kept going this long. Any comments on how the story has gone/what could be improved/requests? I do have a bit planned out (especially the girls), but I always could work some new things in.
No. 189971
File 146681055786.jpg- (156.18KB , 377x650 , OPTIONS.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Charge right on in; you were meant for this moment!


“Well, we’re here now. That’s hardly the time to change my mind!” You proudly face the doors and march on in with her, spurred on by your newfound bravado. Hina just gives you a questioning look at your sudden surge in confidence before rolling her eyes and softly laughing. She joins you as you stroll over to one of the seats. “Just wait here. I’ll get the everything ordered for us to start.”

Hina nods, not really questioning before primly sliding into her seat. “Very well. It’s no rush, of course.” She looks around for a little bit, curious. Her eyes trail along the mirror that lines the left side of the diner from front to rear of the building before her eyes alight on the hanging lights, which she watches warily as they gently sway. Eventually, her eyes come to focus on the metal pan on center of the table. “This is certainly different. Familiar in some ways, though yet…”

“Completely different?” Hina nods as she continues to look around. “Well, it’s nothing fancy. Just a nice little hole-in-the-wall.” Granted, that might mean that there will be some other problems that could arise… You might need to look at that.

“Hrm. Perhaps.” She lifts her skirt and slides into the seat; she doesn’t seem to need to scoot, though she ends up at the center of the table all the same. You’re not quite sure what you just witnessed. “Still, you are the expert, so I will leave it to you.” She folds her hands over each other as you head on up to the register.

The young boy manning the lectern perks up as you approach. “Hello sir! Is it just the two of you today?”

“Yes, that’s all.” You look around. “...There haven’t been any accidents recently, have there?”

“Oh, no sir! Are you worried about the heating panels?” The boy actually looks a little offended. “They were just inspected three months ago, and we perform weekly upkeep. I assure you, there will be no problem.”

“The lights?”

“They are a bit old, but they are sturdy; we’ve never had one fall on a customer!”

“...What about the glass?”

“I’m sorry sir, but is there a problem?”

You immediately shake your head. “It’s not that. We’ve had a few accidents since yesterday, and I just wanted to make sure we would be fine…”

After a moment, the boy nods. “I understand; do not worry. Nothing unfortunate will happen while you are here.” With that done, he brandishes a menu card towards you. “Please go ahead and fill this out. We will bring it out in a minute.”

CHOICES (Toppings)
[ ] Pork
[ ] Beef
[ ] Squid
[ ] Shrimp
[ ] Scallops
[ ] Scallop Valve Muscles
[ ] Oysters
[ ] Clams
[ ] Cod Roe
[ ] Spicy Cod Roe
[ ] Octopus
[ ] Cheese
[ ] Pickled Bok Choy
[ ] Red Pepper
[ ] Corn
[ ] Leek
[ ] Soybeans

[ ] Fried Soba
[ ] Fried Udon
[ ] Sausage
[ ] Squid Tentacles
[ ] Chicken
[ ] Bean Sprouts
[ ] Grilled Mushrooms
[ ] Assorted Mushrooms
[ ] Squid (Whole)
[ ] Cube Steak
[ ] Organ Meats
[ ] Korean Savory Pancakes

[ ] Write-in

This still applies if anyone has comments.
No. 189972
Boy do I not know what the fuck any of this tastes like. Waiting for a good wagon to jump upon.
No. 189976
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Shrimp
[X] Octopus
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X} Water

I'm just choosing these options because I think these choices are less likely to make the protagonist choke on a bone or give him food poisoning. As for the story at the moment more time needs to be given for me to give a concrete answer it does hold a lot of promise. Even though the story is partially built upon Monster Musume it feels like a cozy/unfortunate slice of life.
No. 189977
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Shrimp
[X] Octopus
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X} Water

Figured I'd just copy the other guy's choice since these have less of a chance to choke the protagonist.

Though he might choke due to overstuffing his mouth or something.
No. 189978
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Shrimp
[X] Octopus
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X} Water

Figured I'd just copy the other guy's choice since these have less of a chance to choke the protagonist.

Though he might choke due to overstuffing his mouth or something.
No. 189979
[X] Beef
[X] Corn
[X] Cheese
[X] Red Pepper

[X] Grilled Mushrooms
[X] Fried Udon

[X] red tea

Upon doing research, >>189972 has determined that this would probably taste good, and that everyone else who voted is incapable of making tasty dishes.

>copy-pasted the entire post

I'd like to think you're just too lazy to actually edit what you copied, but that's real fishy
No. 189983
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Pork
[X] Beef
[X] Squid
[X] Shrimp
[X] Scallops
[X] Scallop Valve Muscles
[X] Oysters
[X] Clams
[X] Cod Roe
[X] Spicy Cod Roe
[X] Octopus
[X] Cheese
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Red Pepper
[X] Corn
[X] Leek
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Fried Udon
[X] Sausage
[X] Squid Tentacles
[X] Chicken
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Grilled Mushrooms
[X] Assorted Mushrooms
[X] Squid (Whole)
[X] Cube Steak
[X] Organ Meats
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

Uhh, I don't really mind what we have here. What would you like, Hina?
No. 189993
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X] red tea

Meat's a bad idea. Shrimp can have shells, octopi might be alive enough to choke you from within. The choices are too vague to really be sure.
No. 189997
Well, looks like a pretty wide spread. It'll be a few hours or so until I call, so there's plenty of time.

To specify, you are choosing for the both of you, not just for yourself. So take that into account.
No. 190011
You're correct on me being lazy.
No. 190060
File 146706328878.jpg- (73.78KB , 359x546 , tough luck eh mate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I had been hoping the vote would turn around. Looks like those first two will be it. And to think that most of the options were safe.

Update will be next thread.
No. 190071
No. 190075
(Mis)fortunate Tidings >>190073

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