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File 143518025359.gif - (459.58KB, 352x240, K983D.gif)
Billy Herrington awoke with a start, a flash in his eyes, and a pain in his rectum. Looking around, there was a thick fog around him through which he could discern the shadows of trees. Suddenly he hears a rustling noise approach him.

Konichiwa! Gomenesai!
Is this Japan?
And you?
A little computer guy?

“No I am the strongest!” said the miniscule shadow in the corner of his eye. He turned about to see a small blue idiot. “Are you some sort of karate master? You know I’ve always to come to Japan because of my background in karate.”
“What’s karate are you lost mister?” inquired the blue idiot.
“When you lose your way it’s probably because of fairies.”

“I guess I’m the one at the wrong door this time.” He said reminiscing of his days with Van Darkholme. “Door?” Cirno said. Suddenly more rustling and a gust of air from behind. At this point a gushing beam of vehement life eliminated the blue idiot’s map for keeps. “Why did you did you go offscreen damn you?” It was a witch…. Billy thought. “Wait this isn’t Japan!” he cried out in ecstasy and dismay. “What’s japan?” said the witch. “The subject behind my studies!” Billy exclamated. The witch looked at him worriedly having not seen anyone more muscular than Rinnosuke before. “This is the land of illusion.” she said, “namely Gensokyo.” “Yeah yeah okay where’s the gym then?” “This isn’t pokemon you know.” Said an extremely thin man with a flowery hat and a large glass of beer in the sky. “So you’re the little computer guy!” said Billy “The little computer guy in the sky!” ZUN looked at him worriedly, also never having seen anyone more muscular than Rinnosuke, before disappearing into thin air. “I need your help!” said Billy. “If there’s no gym how do I keep my gains?” “You’re obviously not from here.” Marissa said. “I know someone who can help take you back.” “So you know a place where I can practice my karate skills?”
“Eh, well, just hop on my broom.”
“Okay!” exclaimed Billy excitedly, as he placed Marisa’s firm, long broom handle in between his muscular thighs. After some minutes in the air dodging sparkly projectiles and friends of the blue idiot they landed at the Hakurei shrine. Reimu about her duties looked up and immediately her face became seized with the same worry and confusion that made ZUN flee and Marisa attempt to pass this problem onto her.
“We seem to have another… visitor,” the blonde witch explained.
“Again?” Reimu sighed, “They seem to be appearing quite frequently these days. I wonder if this is the start of a new incident.”
“So is this my dojo now?” asked Billy.
“No,” the shrine maiden responded curtly, with a cold smile, “We’re sending you back to your home, Gensokyo is a dangerous place for outsiders. I’m sure you’d be happier if you cooperate.”

“I’m a big, muscle-bound guy, and I love karate, and Japanese motorcycles. It feels right to be here. I want to be a complete warrior.”
“That’s nice, but please leave. I’ll prepare the ritual now.”
“Is this some sort of initiation ceremony into this dojo?”
At this point Marisa begins to look at Reimu with alarm and gesticulates from behind Billy.
Reimu takes the hint. Looking back at Billy with a worried smile she forces out.
“W-why yes, w-w-what else would it be?”
“Great! I’ll begin my reps in that case!” he says, tearing away his tank top and jeans, revealing the remaining obligatory white jock strap. Ass muscles twitching, he saunters into the shrine, Marisa and Reimu staring at him standing in the swaths of his torn clothing.
“We have. to get him. to leave.” said Reimu, “The longer this person is in my shrine Gensokyo will fall into…. I don’t know what. Can we implore ZUN for help?”
“...He already saw him, and didn’t do anything about him. I think we’re on our own.”

Amongst aged wood of the shrine walls and before the altar Billy flexes and pins an imaginary Nick Steel in various poses while yelling inspirational messages to himself such as “Yugami Neena”. The shrine creaks and quakes at every miniscule movement of the large muscular man, sweat dripping off of his glistening body onto the tatami mat below. Reimu and Marissa peek through the entrance. At every pin and half Nelson Marissa cringes and Reimu wretches with ire. Reimu looked on, speechless from anger and disgust, as Marisa, blushing heavily, stepped forward meekly into Billy’s dojo. She spoke, “Um, Herrington-sama-”
“Call me Aniki.”
“Uh, okay, Aniki, could ya step outside? I’m sure you’d get a better workout that way… There’s protein shakes and…. i-i-if you keep going without a supplement y-y-you could lose your gains!”

How does Billy respond:
“No, I’m the boss of this gym!”
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This Marissa bitch... trying to kill our gains!
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Rinnosuke isn't even that muscular.

[x] ASS option

No CYOA is undeserving of a vote. But there are a few that don't deserve more than one.
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Is this what you guys refer to as "Summer"?
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[x] Ass option
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Of all the things you could necro, why on Earth would you choose this...?
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Hey, buddy, I think you got the wrong board. /blue/'s two blocks down.
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This would have been the perfect shitpost for the contest.
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aniki ;_;
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Wrestle in Peace, Aniki. You were the original big guy for us.
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