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File 14180707455.jpg - (209.75KB, 850x653, sample-026a5a1181854c1750ddfefbd9849cdc.jpg) [iqdb]
A Gensokyian bar. A typical Gensokyian day. Alice Margatroid, her dolls Shanghai and Hourai, Marisa Kirisame, and Patchouli Knowledge are all sitting together at a table. Konngara, the bartender, passes out the drinks they ordered. Alice takes the first drink, and Marisa and Patchouli drink after. When the drinks are done, Marisa passes out mushrooms. "Magic mushrooms! From the Forest of Magic," Marisa exclaims. She eats her serving of mushrooms. Patchouli digs right in, and Alice devours them with Shanghai and Hourai.

After the mushrooms are eaten, Marisa, Patchouli, and Alice feel a bit dizzy. Then, they see the floor collapsing behind them! "Aaaah!" they all scream! They fall through the floor.

Marisa, Patchouli, Alice, Shanghai, and Hourai soon find themselves flying through space. They drop down in a mushroom forest. "We should explore this forest," Patchouli says. "But where should we start?" Alice asks.

Where should they go?
[x] Left
[x] Right
[x] Right
[x] Left
Alice, Marisa, and Patchouli headed right. Suddenly, they saw a gigantic monstrous Ying-Yang Orb! "AAAAAAAH!" they all screamed. Patchouli was confused. "What shall we do? This giant Ying Yang orb is blocking our path!" Marisa cried.

What should they do?
[X] Attack
[X] Hide
[X] Attack
Alice sends out Shanghai and Hourai to attack the Ying-Yang orb. Patchouli uses her non-directional laser, and Marisa uses her Master Spark. Soon, the Ying-Yang orb is dead. "Now, where should we go?" Marisa asks.

Where do you think they should go now?

[X] Go on ahead
[X] Rest
[X] Rest
"I don't feel tired," Alice said. "Well, let's continue, then," Marisa exclaimed. They went on ahead.

Giant mushrooms blocked their path! "oh, no," Patchouli moped. But then Marisa climbed on the mushroom and bounced up! She got out her broom and rode on it. Patchouli, Alice, Shanghai, and Hourai did the same, and got on Marisa's broom.

Where are they going?

[X] North
[X] West
File 143363450388.jpg - (25.50KB, 620x348, Adam West Batman.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] West
Marisa and the gang head west. Then a shimmering ocean of danmaku comes into view. "Wanna surf?" Marisa asks. "Of course!" everyone else says.

Where do they surf?
[X] North
[X] South
[X] South
This is going [x] South
Yo, never before I have ever seen a writer with such a great work ethic as this man.

Short and sweet.

[X] North
Well this fell apart fairly fast.
So, going by the trend so far, I'm guessing we need to wait another nine months for an update?

I dig it.
They surfed south. Soon, they were flying on danmaku patterns! Then a GIANT Hakkero came up, much like the giant Yin-Yang from before. "What are we gonna do?!" Alice cried.

[X] Attack it, you idiot
[X] Do nothing 'cuz you're a wimp
[X] Attack it, you idiot

[X] Attack it, you idiot

Surely this is Kanako's gift to grinds, right? It's just like surfing!
So they attacked it. And it exploded! But just like that, Marisa, Alice, Patchouli, and the dolls woke up in the bar. Yes, the adventure was over, it was short, and it was a shroom-induced hallucination.
What a masterpiece this was

Truly one for the ages. What a time to be alive my friend.
I just want to say, I respect you for your integrity. You have balls greater than most authors.

Instead of letting a story sit, unresolved, you at least gave closure. You closed a book, as it were. Yes, it was comically short, but you still didn't let it sit here unresolved.

For that, you get a gold star few receive. It's weird saying it, but there should be more writers willing to close a book that will never get finished. People should look to you as an example of writing.
I wrote this when I was 12 and it only got finished when I was 13. LMAO I was a horrible writer back then.
Show us how much you've improved, then.
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