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Maybe it's a dream, or something like it. You're floating in a tumbling, endless expanse, colors swirling past you in a menagerie. You see things that both are and are not. There are monsters in the light and humans in the darkness. Demons with feathery wings attack angels with red horns. You're at the center of it all, the colors of the spectrum dancing around you playfully as they show you both the dark and the light. You feel as if you're going mad, feel as if it you just shut your eyes, all of this would just vanish into this air. So that's what you do.

Sounds assault your ears, sounds of conversation. "Oh, look at him," they say. "I don't know, she's pretty cute, to be sure," "What should we do with him?" "Why don't we put her...

You feel something touch your skin. You open your eyes to see a fair-skinned goddess, touching your cheek and whispering inaudible words to you. She pulls you into an embrace and vanishes into an explosion of feathers and light. You squint at the sight, and when it fades, so have the colors and sounds. You're now standing in a long hallway, endless rows of doors on either side. You walk down the hallway, unsure, passing the wooden doors and touching them, wondering if you should open them. You decide instead to press on, down the endless hallway, when a door next to you opens up. You stare at it, peering into the darkness within, and step inside.


Your alarm clock goes off. It's six in the morning and time to wake up. That just... sounds like so much effort though. You still haven't recovered from jet lag yet, since the distance between New York and Japan is some stupid amount of hours that you can't be bothered to think of right now. You really hope your parents are pulling some April Fool's joke on you by sending you way out here to Bumfuck, Japan, but as you hit the snooze of your alarm clock in an attempt to enter sweet slumber once again, you know it's not. This isn't some horrible joke being played on you, this is real life.

Apparently, this small town of Gensokyo is where you're from. Way back in the day, your parents left here for New York City, for better opportunity. The 90s must have been a different beast is all you can think of. Either way, you were born and raised there, for better or worse, and mainly worse. You were a bad kid, barely smart enough to get out of middle school and a total mess of a child. Your greatest skill is that you're bilingual, which means jack in an area where most people don't speak English anyway.

Your parents had enough of you and your bullshit. They sent you away to go live with your extended family in this trashy little place, far away from civilization. Gensokyo is still using dial-up internet for God's sakes. Hell, the family you moved in with doesn't even have a computer! The most modern day thing they have is the toaster oven in the kitchen. Their TV is probably as old as you are. The freezer doesn't work on the fridge, so no ice for you and your drinks. It's stupid and awful.

But... there is a bright side. Here, you can start over again. You feel as if you're a clean slate in this place called Gensokyo. You can be whoever you want, and you don't have to dwell on the past. You can be yourself, the person you've always wanted to be.

Someone knocks on your door, calling your name. "Hey, you up?" A voice calls from the other side. "Breakfast is ready if you're hungry," you open your mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. You shake your head, dusting off the remnants of your stupid dream, and stand up on two shaky legs.

"Sure thing," you call out. "I'll be right out," you nod; that's an acceptable response. You grab your new school uniform - freshly cleaned and ironed in preparation for your first day in a new school - and step out of your bedroom. Your cousin, still walking away, turns to smile at you, and you return it warmly. She's a nice girl, if a bit overbearing. She seems worried about your new life, and you don't really blame her for that. You're worried, too. You walk away from her, stepping into the bathroom to change. As you strip out of your clothes and into your uniform, you look in the mirror. This is your new life now, may as well get used to it, right? Your name is...


Choose your first name:
[ ] Ryu (Male)
[ ] Midori (Female)

And your cousin/last name is:
[ ] Hakurei (Reimu)
[ ] Kirisame (Marisa)
[ ] Kochiya (Sanae)
[ ] Konpaku (Youmu)
[ ] Izayoi (Sakuya)


Oh god what am I doing. This is exactly what you think it is.

Your choice of cousin is literally just putting the playable characters together. First names are some of the most generic things I could think of.

No. 181279
[x] Midori (Female)
[x] Kochiya (Sanae)

Double green time
No. 181280
[X] Midori (Female)
[X] Kirisame (Marisa)

Midori Kirisame has a nice ring to it.
No. 181282
[x] Midori (Female)
[x] Kochiya (Sanae)

I can go for being Sanae's relative.
No. 181284
[X] Ryu (Male)
[X] Kirisame (Marisa)

fuck the police we partying with our crazy cousin
No. 181285
[x] Ryu
[x] Kirisame

Go go crazy magic cousin!
No. 181286
[X] Midori (Female)
[X] Konpaku (Youmu)

No love for the ghost gardener?
No. 181287
[X] Ryu (Male)
[x] Kochiya (Sanae)
No. 181288
[x] Ryu (Male)
[x] Izayoi (Sakuya)

SDM trap? SDM trap.
No. 181289
[X] Midori (Female)
[X] Kirisame (Marisa)

No. 181290
[x] Ryu (Male)
[x] Kochiya (Sanae)
No. 181292
[x] Midori (Female)
[x] Izayoi (Sakuya)

Not interested in having Marisa as a roommate/housemate. We'll click with Sanae anyway, since she's likely from out-of-town too. Youmu's okay, but I prefer Meiling to Yuyuko. (And sadly, nobody else is voting for Reimu.)
No. 181293
[x] Ryu (Male)
[x] Izayoi (Sakuya)
No. 181296
[x] Midori (Female)
[x] Izayoi (Sakuya)
No. 181298
Midori wins the vote for who you are, but Sanae, Sakuya, and Marisa are all tied.
No. 181299
[x] Ryu (Male)
[x] Kirisame (Marisa)

There's been more than enough Sanae family antics, we don't want Hakurei responsibilities, Sakuya's too stiff, and Youmu's too soft. We want somebody who can introduce us to everyone else.

Also, why do so many people vote to be a girl in every story? The MC usually ends up sounding male anyway.
No. 181300
[X] Ryu (Male)
[X] Kirisame (Marisa)

I vote this
No. 181301
Aww crap did the voting end?
No. 181302
Alright voting is now closed.
You are Ryu Kirisame, Marisa's cousin. God help you. Starting on the update now.
No. 181308
yay update
No. 181311
Right. Marisa. Gotta remember that. You look in the mirror again as you button your shirt up. In many respects, you look quite similar to your cousin - you both have the same vibrant blond hair, the same bright golden eyes, even the same nose and ears. It's uncanny, and the two of you could easily pass off as siblings. When you first landed in Nagano to make the drive to Gensokyo, you didn't expect to meet someone that looked so much like you. Part of you wonders if maybe the two of you really are sisters, but you never met this side of the family, or how that same family even came to be. Blond-haired Japanese people are like unicorns in this part of Japan.

You leave your blazer on the hangar as you open the door and pad your way downstairs. Although it's April, it's quite cool outside; probably something to do with mountain winds. You don't know, you're not a climatologist. You hang the blazer up next to the front door and walk into the kitchen, eyeing your cousin as she sits at the table, eating a piece of toast and looking in her handbook. Although she appears calm, you can hear her tapping a foot impatiently as she reads. "Find anything interesting yet?" you ask, pulling out a chair and sitting down. Marisa's already fixed you some toast and fried eggs, the pinnacle of her early morning cooking, as she told you when you met her for the first time toward the end of March.

You sit there and consider the girl in front of you as you grab a piece of toast. "These rules are insane," she tells you, flipping a page. "Get this: 'Every Thursday, all classes will compete in a test of mental or physical prowess. The top 3 classes of all twenty one will be rewarded, and the three classes with the worst scores will be forced to attend school on Sunday,'" she takes a breath and continues. "'All students will be required to take part in these weekly competitions, outside of sickness or death. This will promote the spirit of competition and friendship within each classroom,'" she throws the handbook over her shoulder. "That's stupid! All that means is that the older smarter students are gonna beat us at everything! And I guarantee you I'll get the worst class!" She harrumphs and crosses her arms, glaring at her egg. You take another bite of toast and continue to stare at her.

"...aren't you gonna change clothes?" you venture cautiously. Marisa looks down at her cloud-patterned black pajamas and shrugs. "I'm just saying... we need to leave soon."

"What? Oh, yeah, be right back," Marisa hops up out of her chair and pushes it under, grabbing her toast and running out of the kitchen, up the stairs. You hear her door open and slam shut. Sighing, you sip your glass of milk. You don't quite know yet how you feel about your cousin, having known her less than three days now. She's incredibly hyperactive, bouncing all over the place when she's got nothing to do. That said, when she finds something to focus on - like that handbook - she focuses on it pretty closely. You think it might be ADD, but eh, whatever. While you've always been the calm collected type, even with your old friends, you have to admit that her energy is contagious.

You hear the door to Marisa's bedroom open and shut, following by rapid footsteps, a long pause, then a thud. You look over toward the stairway; Marisa is crumpled into a heap, feet sticking straight up in the air and face on the floor. You sigh, standing up and walking over to the blonde. You reach down and pull her up by the arms. "Marisa, don't kill yourself before the first day of school," you say. Marisa blushes slightly, embarrassed.

"Sorry, just got a little excited," she replies. Her blush darkens slightly. "You didn't-"

"No, I didn't look," you tell her, and its true; you have your integrity. Besides, she's your cousin. Wouldn't that be weird? Marisa backs away from you, the blush gone and her smile back. She does a little twirl for you, letting you see the entirety of the sailor uniform. It's pretty stereotypical: white shirt, blue collar with white stripes, red ribbon tied on the front, blue pleated skirt. The only exception are the black thighhighs that are a part of the uniform as well... well, maybe. That, or Marisa just likes them. You're not sure.

"So, how do I look?" she asks, grinning at you. She obviously thinks it looks good.

"You look great," you reply. And it's true; the uniform does her well. She walks past you, putting the last bit of her egg on toast and munching on it. "But hurry up, we gotta go."

"You didn't eat," Marisa points out. You shrug; you woke up too late, and you need to make a good impression for your first day of school. You put on your black blazer while Marisa swallows the toast whole (or at least it seems), put on your shoes as she inhales her glass of milk, and put on your shoes as she does everything you just did, only with a blue blazer instead of a black one.

"Too fast for me," you say with a grin. You open the door. "Coming?"

"Yeah, let's go," replies the blonde. You lock and shut the door, turning about as Marisa waits on you. The two of you take to the sidewalk, walking side by side quietly. "So, what class do you got?"

"Oh, I actually have no idea," you reply, opening your satchel and pulling out a piece of paper with all your info on it. "I guess I need to find that real quick."

It appears that you are a part of...


[ ] Class A-1
[ ] Class A-2


Also, Ryu had to have something he was good at to scoot by middle school. What subject was that?

[ ] Math
[ ] Science
[ ] History
[ ] Literature
[ ] Physical

Finally, right now Ryu's personality is a direct foil of Marisa's: Calm, collected, and quiet as opposed to energetic, excitable, and loud. Is everyone okay with that?

Finally, short updates will be short until we get a good handle on what kind of person Ryu will be, as well as to give you the opportunity to vote more.

Class List (A-1):
Teacher - Yakumo Yukari
Students -
Letty Whiterock
Wriggle Nightbug
Shizuha Aki
Yamame Kurodani
Koishi Komeiji
Kogasa Tatara
Kyouko Kasodani
Wakasagihime (Last name ideas anyone?)

Class List (A-2):
Teacher - Eirin Yagokoro
Students -
Daiyousei (Last name suggestions?)
Mystia Lorelei
Minoriko Aki
Hina Kagiyama
Parsee Mizuhashi
Nazrin Hijiri
Yoshika Miyako
Sekibanki (Last name suggestions?)
Marisa Kirisame

No. 181313
[X] Class A-1
Hmm, the first-years are all lower-powered sorts, and not the typically popular ones. I actually really like some characters from both classes, but my autism demands I equalize the numbers.

[X] Literature
PE was usually pretty awful, but math is the most boring subject.
No. 181316
[x] Class A-2

Too many characters I like in there. Plus, it would make sense for the school to pair us up with our cousin.

[x] Literature

Giving Ryu a slightly cerebral side.
No. 181319
[x] Class A-2
-[x] History

Wait are we Ryu or Midori? You called it Midori at first, but then you called it for Ryu Kirisame. From the update it seems like it's Midori, but I'm not 100% sure.
No. 181321
Sorry. You're Ryu. It was going to be midori but anon swung the vote. I'm a faget and forgot to fix the update.
No. 181327
[x] Class A-1
[x] Science
No. 181328
No. 181329
[x] Class A-1
[x] Math

Voting for superior teacher.
No. 181330
Incidentally, this is what our MC looks like.

(I'm aware it's just a genderswapped Marisa, but I think this is good enough. He's supposed to be handsome.)
No. 181331
>Finally, right now Ryu's personality is a direct foil of Marisa's: Calm, collected, and quiet as opposed to energetic, excitable, and loud.
I highly object to you just stating this out here like it's nothing. The characterization goes inside the story, dude.

[x] Class A-1
[x] Literature
No. 181332
Sorry. I just didn't want people going in getting the wrong idea about Ryu.
No. 181333
[x] Class A-2
Just because it seems weird for Ryu to be younger than Marisa
[X] Literature
He IS a billingual after all
No. 181336
[x] Class A-2
[x] History

Voting for superior class and superior subject. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.
No. 181337
[x] Class A-2
[x] Science
No. 181339
[X] Class A-2
[X] Science

I'd expect him to be in the same class as Marisa, being cousins and all.

As for a good subject, math because that can take you somewhere later on in life.
No. 181340
[X] Class A-2
[X] Science

Things that explode are fun.
No. 181342
Literature and History are tied. Who wants to break it?
No. 181343
Damnit, I meant Literature and SCiENCE!
No. 181344
[x] Class A-2
[x] Literature
No. 181345
You're a god.

Vote is now [b]Locked. Ryu is in Class A-2 and his best subject was Literature.

Man, if he comes across Patchouli, would they get along?
No. 181346
That depend on anon choice isn't it? We may be the very master of literature itself but that would mean rat if anon decide to be a dick to her. Though it does make it easier to be friend with her
No. 181347
"...class A-2," you tell Marisa. The blonde brightens.

"Hey, that's my class!" she exclaims, looping her arm through yours and looking up at you. "Good thing for you, huh? I can show you the ropes of this place!"

"I guess," you say, adjusting your satchel. "I don't know anything about this place, so I'll be relying on you to fill me in," Marisa nods excitedly.

"Uh-huh, just leave it to me!" She points a thumb at her chest. "The great Marisa Kirisame will gladly take you under her wing as your elder cousin!"

"Elder cousin?" You repeat. "No way. You're younger than me," you raise an eyebrow at the small girl.

"I'm fifteen," she points out.

"So am I," you reply.

"March," she says.

"Yep," you nod.

"...fifteenth?" Marisa looks hopeful. You sigh.

"...seventeenth," you answer.

"See?! I'm your elder!" Marisa laughs. Her energy is still infectious despite the early morning, and you can't help but smile. At the least, she's warmed up to you more than you've warmed up to her. You remember her saying that she didn't live with her family, either, instead opting to live with a family friend named Morichika, so maybe that has something to do with it. You haven't seen the silver-haired man since he picked you up from Nagano, but they seemed to be on decent terms. She definitely looks up to him.

"So do you know anyone in our class? I don't have a list of classmates, so I don't know if we've been sorted yet," Marisa puts a finger to her mouth, thinking. She reaches into her satchel and pulls out a sheet of paper. The two of you turn a corner, walking by Gensokyo First Middle School as you do. Kids are already shuffling in, despite it being not even seven in the morning. School doesn't even start till seven-thirty for both you and the middle school, so you find it curious as you listen to Marisa.

"Let's see... yeah, I remember being angry that Reimu isn't in the same class as me," she says.

"Reimu?" You ask. Marisa nods.

"She's been my best friend since grade one," she tells you. "She's a miko now, just like her mom. Her dad is head priest of the Hakurei Shrine over there," she gestures wildly off to the side, telling you absolutely nothing about where this shrine might be. "Anyway, yeah, only a few of these people were in my class. Dai is pretty cool, really tall girl, really sweet. She dotes on her bestie still in middle school."

"...bestie?" Marisa points at the girl with blue hair heading into the school, looking about as energetic as your cousin. Man, what's with Gensokyo and the early morning?

"That's Cirno Whiterock," Marisa says. "She's adopted from... ah, somewhere up in Hokkaido, couldn't tell you. Anyway, she's a year behind us and her and Dai have been friends for the past few years. Dai keeps her out of trouble."

"I see," you nod. "Anyone else?"

"Well... I also had eighth year with Parsee - weird girl, pissed off all the time - and Mystia," she grins. "Mystia is adorable. She helps her family with a restaurant on the other side of town," again with the wild gesturing that she considers "directions". "Anyway, she always brings the class food from there. It's usually leftovers from the night before, but the Nightsparrow is the most popular restaurant in town, so they can easily afford to feed a class. Ha, it's a good thing I forg- I remembered she was in our class since I forgot to make our lunches!"

"...you forgot, didn't you?" You smirk at the short blonde. Marisa huffs and shoves the paper back in her satchel.

"No, of course not!" she says. She then laughs and rubs the back of her head. "Okay, maybe I did! So what? We'll be fine," you just palm your face, looking away. This girl...

Your arms are still locked together.

Marisa laughs at you as a large white sedan pulls around the corner. Both of you stop as you watch the passenger door open and a girl in your school uniform walks around, opening a rear door. Two girls, one slightly taller than the other, step out of the car lightly. The high school girl hands them both umbrellas and bows. "That's Sakuya Izayoi," Marisa whispers to you. "She's a year ahead of us. She works as a maid for the Scarlets."

"Scarlets? European?" Marisa nods.

"Yeah, they moved in a few years ago. Caused a big stir when they spent a bunch of money to build that mansion you see when you come into town," Marisa looks at the two children. The older girl is albino, red eyes and light blue hair to go with a pale, slender body. She opens her umbrella and gestures to the smaller girl, who does the same. She looks over at the two of you with bright blue eyes, smiling and waving. The two of you wave back. "Flandre is that one. She's a sweet girl from what I've seen. But that one," her voice drops again as she points at the albino girl. "That one is mean."

"I see," you nod. The red-eyed girl glances at the two of you and nods as she walks onto the school grounds. Only the silver-haired highschooler is left, and she gives the two of you a polite bow. You get a good look at her face; a mix of European and Japanese ancestry is in there, and her silver hair is braided on either side of her sharp face, framing bright blue (red?) eyes. She has a hairbow at the ends of her braids.

"Oi, Izayoi!" Marisa shouts, waving. "Working already?"

"Yes," says the older girl. "I have been upgraded to full-time maid and keeper of Master's children. The pay raise was..." she blushes slightly. "Significant."

"Nice, nice!" Marisa laughs. "Ah, yes, Izayoi, this is Ryu. He just moved in with me!"

"Moved in with you?" She looks at you. "He looks remarkably like yourself, Kirisame. Let me introduce myself," she bows again. "My name is Sakuya Izayoi, pleased to meet you."


[ ] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."
[ ] (Informal) "Ryu Kirisame, nice to meet you, Izayoi."
[ ] (Laid-back) "Sup. Name's Ryu."
No. 181348
[X] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu
Because other choice seems kinda off for our protag
No. 181350
[x] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

Seeing as I voted for Sakuya earlier, this development pleases me greatly.
No. 181351
[x] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

May as well match her behavior. We may act differently around other people.

Regarding some suggestions for last names, what about Just breaking up Daiyousei's and Sekibanki's names? Dai Yousei and Seki Banki (or Banki Seki)? This is about the best I can suggest, since I suck at Japanese names.

As for Wakasagihime... ummm... I'll get back to you on that one. (Hime Wakasagi? I dunno...)
No. 181352
[X] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

Fresh start and all that...
No. 181357
[X] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

Match politeness with politeness
No. 181361
[x] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."
No. 181362
[X] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

I suppose politeness is the appropriate choice considering who we're speaking to.
No. 181363
[X] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

If anyone appreciates politeness, it's Sakuya.
No. 181364
[x] (Polite) "Pleased to meet you as well. I am Ryu Kirisame."

Answering with the same tone we're addressed with is just common sense.
No. 181386
Vote called. Writing now.
No. 181392
You bow low; she is, after all, your senpai. "Pleased to meet you as well, Miss Izayoi," you greet, raising up. "My name is Ryu Kirisame. I'm Marisa's cousin, but I guess that's obvious."

"You look more like siblings," smiles the older girl. "Interesting..." she walks up to you, as if inspecting your face. You raise an eyebrow, curious, as the silver haired girl walks around you. She's about half a head shorter than you, you estimate, and her posture is perfect as she does her thing. When she finishes, she nods, as if satisfied, and faces the two of you. "You're cute," she decides. You feel your face flush slightly as Sakuya smiles. Behind the three of you, the window rolls down and an older woman who looks much like Sakuya pokes her head out.

"Sakuya, love, we need to get going!" she calls out clearly.

"Coming, mother!" Sakuya answers. She looks at the two of you. "It's been a pleasure. I hope to see you in school sometime!" Sakuya waves, backstepping from you and getting in the car. She waves at you and Marisa as they drive away, and you return it warmly. She seems like a nice girl anyway. And she called you cute! And she's a senpai! You shake your head and recollect yourself. Marisa grabs your arm again and the two of you take off, walking quietly toward the incline that leads to Gensokyo High School. It's a decently sized thing, three stories tall and long. As you understand it, there are more classrooms than there are classes, so many of them have been converted into clubrooms and the like. There's only something like two hundred students or something like that, you don't remember the exact details.

Marisa suddenly gets excited and lets go of you, running up to join with a dark-headed girl. The two chat for a bit, Marisa excited as usual and the girl looking grumpy, before she turns to wave at you. You jog up to the two girls, slowing to a walk next to the blonde. "Ryu, this is Reimu Hakurei, my best friend I told you about!"

"Hello," you greet.

"...hey," grumbles the girl. Clearly, she's not a morning person. Finally, someone around here who's normal! "You get to live with Marisa? I'm sorry."

"Oi, what's that s'posed to mean?!" Marisa shouts. Reimu winces at her friend's loudness. "Oh, come on Reimu! I'm not that bad to live with!"

"Last time I checked, you couldn't find your futon," quips the black-headed girl. "Which admittedly is a step up from when you couldn't find your couch. In your own room."

"Sh-shut it," Marisa stutters. She looks at you. "My room isn't nearly as bad as she's making it out to be!"

"Mm," you nod. Best stay out of it. Reimu steps in front of you, turning around and walking backwards. She looks thoughtful, as if remembering, then nods.

"You should be careful if you have to walk in there," she tells you. "Marisa has a habit of lying around in her underwear in her room cause she usually can't find her clothes," Marisa blushes slightly. "Sometimes she can't even find that and lies around naked, too. Since you're cousins, that might be weird," Marisa's blush gets darker. She lets go of you and takes a giant step sideways. Reimu grins and continues. "You should also know that she has a crush on Margatroid in the grade above us. Sometimes when she sleeps at night-"

"That's enough!" Marisa is so red faced she resembles an apple. "Quit teasing, Reimu!" The miko looks at her friend, completely serious-faced.

"I'm not kidding, though," she says, turning around. "I just tell the honest truth," you look off to the side in order to stifle a grin. This one is something else.

"You're tactless is what you are!" Marisa shouts. "Ryu doesn't need to know my living habits!"

"Yeah, except you live with him now," Reimu points out. She looks over her shoulder at you. "Don't be lewd, Kirisame. Marisa might get the wrong idea. She plays too many dating sims."

"They're all borrowed from you!" Cries out the blonde. Reimu just giggles and walks a bit faster, leaving the two of you behind. "Fine, I'm not giving them back either!"

"Keep them till you die!" Reimu calls back, clearly amused. As she heads up the hill a bit faster, you look over at Marisa, a grin on your face as her blush slowly fades.

"So, dating sims, huh?" you ask, a bit of tease in your voice.

"Sh-shut up, okay?!" Marisa looks down. "It was just for fun! I don't take it that seriously or nothin..." You just sigh and put an arm around her.

"It's okay," you tell her. "She seemed like she was just messing with you."

"She's always like that," Marisa replies. "She has no tact whatsoever but... I guess what's why I like her so much, you know? She's honest, and really she's sweet when you get to know her. She just throws up that wall of being... well, kind of a bitch, I'll be honest," she points at you. "Don't tell her I said that."

"My lips are sealed," you say honestly. Marisa smiles and pulls your arm off of her to hold onto it again. "...you really like walking this way, don't you?"

"Yeah... I dunno," Marisa shrugs. "You make me feel comfortable, yanno?" You smile at her.

"Sure, I don't mind as long as you don't," and it's true. You've rarely ever felt like someone liked you, or was comfortable around you. Even your own parents came across as standoffish, so it's nice to have someone actually latch on to you. The conversation falls silent as you crest the hill and get the school view in full, and you see as boys and girls from all directions file in toward the front door. A sign out front reads "Opening ceremonies!" in bold kanji, and you stiffen a bit. All these people, none of which you've ever met before, and now many of them are going to be a part of your life for the next few years. You secretly hope you'll make a lot of friends, but of course you're not gonna tell Marisa that; she might poke fun at you, especially since you've done it so much to her.

Either way, you enter the front door, walking to the shoe lockers and changing out. Marisa walks off to the other side and starts talking to a taller blonde girl, one about your height, leaving you alone. As you change shoes, you feel a presence behind you. You look over your shoulder to see a pale girl with, oddly enough, green hair and blue eyes. "Hello~" she says wistfully. "You look like Mah-ri-sa~"

"Yeah, I've heard," you say, though not unkindly. You finish tying your shoe and stand up, seeing that the girl is about Marisa's height, but much... frailer somehow. She looks positively ghostly. "And who might you be?"

"Me? I'm Ko-i-shi~" replies the girl. "Ko-mei-ji Ko-i-shi... I'm A-1~!" ...well. She certainly has a unique way of talking, that's for sure. You smile and take the girl's outstretched hand. "My sister is Sa-to-ri!" Why does she enunciate names like that? It's odd. "I'm pleased to meet you!"

"My name is Ryu," you tell her. Koishi giggles. "Uh, Kirisame."

"Ree-yu," she sings. "Ree-yu! Ry-u!" She giggles again.

"Koishi, come on!" You hear a voice from the hallway. A slightly older girl who looks much like her sister - only with pinkish hair and eyes - waves. Koishi waves back and walks away, totally forgetting about you... if but for a second. She turns and waves.

"Good bye, Ry-u!" She calls. You wave. "Call me Ko-i-shi!"

"Sure thing, Koishi," you nod. She runs off to join the other one, and Marisa walks up with you, another girl in tow.

"Met Komeiji, I see," she quips. "Koishi's sweet. I think she's a little off, though."

"Marisa," the other girl's voice is scolding. "How rude."

"I don't mean she's, like, impaired or anything!" Marisa argues. "I'm just saying, she's not all there. Oh, Ryu, this is Alice Margatroid. She's from America, like you, though she's been here quite a bit longer."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance," Alice bows. "My, you do look much like Marisa," something tells you that's going to get old quick. "Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Ah, New York," you answer. "How about you, Miss Margatroid?"

"Oh, please, no honorifics," she replies. Her English is accented, though not by much. You detect a bit of a... drawl, to her accent? "I grew up in Virginia, myself, near Richmond. I just moved here to Gensokyo a few years ago with my mother. She wanted to return to her home," her smile is... muted, but cute. "My Japanese isn't perfect, so you'll excuse me if I speak English to you?"

"Ah, it's not a problem," you wave it off. "I'm still pretty horrid at Japanese myself," Alice laughs at that, and the three of you walk together to the theater room, letting Alice in on why you're here and living with Marisa. To her credit, the shorter blonde doesn't interject, instead listening intently. Upon questioning, you discover that Marisa's English isn't that great, and the two originally met when Alice tried to teach her. They've grown close, and although Marisa can speak the language effectively enough, she still has troubles reading it. You think to yourself that you could help with that, but haven't decided whether or not to approach her yet.

There are only a few spots left in the theater to sit, and all of them are single seats. Marisa makes a whining sound, but drops it when she see that Reimu has conveniently placed her satchel - and her feet - in an adjacent seat. She gives you and Alice a wave and runs off, joining her friend halfway through the theather. Alice bids you farewell and joins up with a friend of hers - a girl with purple hair and glasses, face stuffed into a book - and leaves you alone. There are three seats you can easily see from here.

The first one has a girl about your age. Also blonde, elfin-looking ears, and when she looks around, you can see bright green eyes. The second seat is next to a girl with greenish hair and eyes, very tall and slim, smiling and talking to a boy on the opposite side. Finally, the third seat is down toward the front, where another purple-haired girl looks around curiously.

[ ] Blonde
[ ] Green
[ ] Purple
No. 181393
[x] Purple

Sukuna has purple hair doesn't she?
No. 181394
[X] Green

I want me some Hina!
No. 181396
[X] Purple
I do really like Parsee, but I think she was engaged pretty well in another story already. Sukuna? or whoever the purple haired one is, should be pretty interesting.
No. 181397
[X] Purple
The superior color
No. 181398
[x] Purple

Let's go with purple, purple is nice.
No. 181399
[x] Purple

Could be Letty.
No. 181400
[X] Blonde

Parsee, Dai, and Yoshika.
No. 181402
[x] Purple
No. 181405
[x] Purple
No. 181407
[x] Blonde

No. 181408
[x] Green
No. 181409
[x] Purple.
No. 181424
[X] Blonde

haha time for tide pissing!
No. 181426
Crossing my fingers for Mystia.

Although let's be honest here. With Touhous, the colors blue, pink, and purple can get switched around easy by mistake. There's a lot of ways this can go.
No. 181427
But isn't Mystia typically portrayed with pink hair?
No. 181431
Hence the second note about hair color-blindness.
No. 181435
Vote called for purple. Oh boy, there's so many to choose from, too! Naw, I know who it is. Want a secret? It's not Patchy
No. 181438
Figured that was obvious based on the who Alice was sitting beside.
No. 181445
You walk up front, plopping yourself down next to the girl with purple hair. She's short; her feet don't even reach the floor. Her hair is short, and she's holding in her hands a hat that's shaped an awful lot like a rice bow. You nod at her as you take your seat, leaning back and waiting patiently. To your left, a boy is talking with a white-haired girl, who looks absolutely bored out of her mind. It's totally understandable; even sitting here for a few seconds, you feel ready to die of boredom yourself. You look at the short girl and decide to start up a conversation. "Nice hat," you say, gesturing toward the bowl-shaped object.

"Oh, you like it?" asks the girl. "I thought it would be cute... well, I thought so when I got it. I've had this hat forever, and I refuse to give it up!" she grins. "The name's Shinmyoumaru, by the way. Shinmyoumaru Sukuna."

"Kirsame, Ryu," you return the introduction. "What class are you in this year?" You don't recall seeing her in your class, so she must be another freshman, right?

"Ah, C-7," she replies. "I graduate this year!"


But... but she's so small. "Come again?" you ask, unable to help yourself.

"Ah, I see, you've been deceived by my smallness," Sukuna answers. "Yeah, I'm eighteen this year. I've been cursed to be incredibly small, it seems... but, ah, I don't mind. It's definitely made me stick out amongst everyone else in my class, that's for sure!"

"I bet," you reply. "So, you know everything about this school, I take it? What's up with these competitions?"

"Ah, that," Sukuna nods. "Well, it's kind of difficult to explain, but I'll try, because the faculty won't. Basically, it is believed that, for whatever reason, competition breeds alliances and comraderie, right? That's what the handbook says. But what it really is, is some sort of experiment being run by the teachers. I know this sounds like a conspiracy, but every year, the strongest individual in every class is pulled aside at the end of the term and... something is done. I dunno what, but lemme give you a few examples," she stands up in her chair. "Over there, in the back, you see that girl?" you follow her pointer finger to a blonde girl wearing an odd hat. "That's Ran Yakumo, Sensei Yakumo's daughter. She's held top spot in our class since the beginning, and every term, she'd pulled aside and something is done to her."

"What something?" you ask. Sukuna sits down.

"Her hat? It's hiding ears," she tells you. "Fox ears."

"No way," you jerk your head back toward Ran. As if on cue, a brown-headed girl with glasses reaches from a row back and steals Ran's hat. Sure enough, two fox ears pop out, wiggle, and are immediately hidden underneath the hat again. Ran is blushing now, but no one other than yourself seems to not- oh, she's looking at you. You give a sheepish wave. Ran seems to huff and look away from you, embarrassed. Kind of cute, actually. "Okay, then... that's new. How does that even happen?"

Sukuna goes to reply when a woman with green hair walks onto the state and grabs the microphone off of its stand. The room immediately falls into a silence as the woman 'ahems' into it, looking around the room at any troublemakers. "That's enough," she says, pointing a two boys off to the side. They fall silent as the woman glares at them, falling silent. "Now, then, let's get started. Welcome, boys and girls, to Gensokyo High School. For those of you who don't know, I am Shiki Eiki, a teacher, and I will be commencing introductions today. For those of you who are returning, welcome back! And for those of you who are new, then I welcome you to our school."

"Gensokyo High School is much different from middle school, or even other high schools," she continues. "We are highly competitive in all aspects, and we encourage you to do the same. As you should have read in your handbook, we hold competitions every week..."


Class A-2

You take a seat behind Marisa. It's only eight thirty, but you're already exhausted. Eiki's speech was incredibly boring, and if you weren't on the front row with Sukuna, then you would have found a way to pass out. You lay your head on the desk as you listen to your cousin chat it up with a pink-haired girl. "And I was telling him about your restaurant and stuff," she's saying. "Since your place is the best place in Gensokyo, I'm thinking of taking him there after school."

"That's fine," the girl replies. You assume she's Mystia. Man, what's up with this place and the hair colors? "However, I'm worried about the whole competition aspect of high school. What if I have to fight?"

"Ah, who cares about that," Marisa waves it off. "Trust me, Misty, I'm the best fighter in Gensokyo! You remember I was on the girls' football team, right?"

"Didn't you break a leg, literally?" Mystia asks. Marisa waves that off too.

"I recovered!"

"That was the first game of the season, Marisa. You were on crutches for a month."

"Well," Marisa shrugs, leaning back. "I plan on trying out for the team this year, too, so it'll be alright. Ryu, do you plan on joining a sport or a club?" She turns to look at you as she asks.

Huh. You've not really thought about it. It's an important part of high school life in Japan to join a club, or a sport, or something like that. And if Marisa is going to go play soccer, then you should probably do something like that too. You can't see yourself playing a sport, but a club isn't out of the question. "I'll have to think about it," you decide. The time for that will be later. For now, though, you just want to sleep. You lay your head back down, lulling yourself into a slumber...

...when the door to the class opens, and a woman with long white hair walks in. She sits at her desk and opens a book. "Has the class chosen a representative yet?" There's a general murmur before it's agreed upon that no, a class rep hasn't been chosen yet. "Very well then..." the teacher stands up and looks around. "Kagiyama! You're now the class representative."

"M-me?!" a green-haired girl looks up, confused. "Why me?!"

"You had the highest grades in your class," responds the teacher. "Furthermore, looking around, you look the most responsible. Therefore, you are now the class representative. Please confer with me during lunch hour to get a handle on your duties and what I expect of you."

"Y... yes, ma'am!" The girl bows low.

"Now, that's out of the way," the teacher stands up and grabs a marker, walks up to the blackboard, and writes her name in kanji. Yagokoro Eirin. "You may call me Miss Yagokoro," she says without turning around. "I will go ahead and warn you, I'm incredibly competitive with the other teachers. My cirriculum will be tough, but fair. I won't senselessly punish you," she smiles warmly. "Go ahead and relax. We'll take the first hour off for now. I know how much Eiki drags on. We'll be picking up at... nine thirty! Now go, have fun!" she waves you all off, and the classroom erupts into the same sound as it was before.

"Well.... she seems nice enough," Marisa quips. "Nicer than our last teacher, anyway."

"Truly," Mystia turns back to your cousin. "I'm so glad we got out of that class," with all this noise, you realize that sleep, or attempting to, is meaningless. Who should you talk to? You look around the room and take stock of everyone. Most of the guys seemed to have taken to bugging some redhead and her sleeping pal. A girl with gray hair is reading a book, as is the tall green-haired girl from earlier. The new class rep looks flustered, and the pissed-off looking one from the theater is also here, glaring toward the redhead. Finally, a girl with autumn colored hair sits alone, playing on her phone.

[ ] Marisa and Mystia.
[ ] Tall reading girl.
[ ] Autumn-hair.
[ ] Class Rep.
[ ] Green-eyed rage monster.
[ ] Grey-haired girl.
[ ] Sleeping girl and the redhead.
No. 181446
[x] Marisa and Mystia.

I like Mystia. We should get close to our cousin. They're right in front of us. Easy choice, for me.
No. 181461
[x] Marisa and Mystia
Because Mystia.

Also, the purple-haired one was Sukuna? Well, that came out of left field.
No. 181462
[x] Tall reading girl.

No. 181467
[x] Marisa and Mystia.

No. 181473
So, based on the bit of the class roster given earlier...
>[ ] Tall reading girl.
>[ ] Autumn-hair.
>[ ] Class Rep.
>[ ] Green-eyed rage monster.
Parsee of course.
>[ ] Grey-haired girl.
>[ ] Sleeping girl and the redhead.
Yoshika & Sekibanki.

[x] Class Rep.
She seems like she could use a friendly face.
No. 181475
[X] Autumn-hair.
Why not.
No. 181479
Right now, Marisa/Mystia (that would actually be a pretty hot pairing) are winning, but I will be leaving the vote open for a while yet.
No. 181481
[x] Sleeping girl and the redhead.
No. 181490
[x] Marisa and Mystia
Marisa of course~~
No. 181511
Alright, looks like Ryu is gonna just hang with Mystia and Marisa. Best stick to the best girls in class is what Marisa would say at this point.
No. 181524
Right. This one is taking longer than I thought. Apologies.
No. 181530
Ah, forget that. You're not really one to go out and make friends on your own without a really good reason. And as interesting as the people here are, you've got some perfectly fine girls here to talk too. You sit up and relax, putting your hands behind you head. "I'm pretty interested in hearing about Lorelei, myself," you say, staring at the two girls in front of you. Although you didn't mean anything by it, Mystia blushes and looks away from you and Marisa, putting her face to her hands. Marisa laughs at her for that, and you suppress a grin.

"Jeeze, Ryu, day one and you're already making girls blush!" She exclaims. "Pretty soon you're gonna start bringing all the ladies home!"

"Wha? Marisa?!" Mystia exclaims, putting her head on her desk with a thud. "Why would you say such things?" Marisa just grins and pats Mystia on the back affectionately, and you can see that it's almost as if Mystia's blush has covered her whole body. She puts her hands on her head.

"Easily flustered, I see," you quip. Marisa nods, sighing overdramatically.

"Yeah, she's always been like that," she shrugs her shoulders. "You say one lewd thing and Mystia lights up, it's great! Watch this, watch, come closer..." Marisa gets real close to Mystia's ear. You get in close too, curious. "Hey, Misty..." Marisa's grin grows. "Pen-"

"That's enough!" Mystia cries. Marisa giggles again as the pink-haired girl raises up, her face totally red. "Marisa, why do you do this?!"

"Oh, come on, Misty, you know I'm just playing," replies the blonde, resting her chin on her hands. "It's just so cute when you get all upset like that," you lean over, watching as Mystia's blush slowly fades. The girl looks indignant now, not happy with being teased in such a way. She goes to say something, but you decide maybe to step in and distract her.

"Say, I've heard a lot about this restaurant your family runs," you say. "You actually work there, right?"

"Hm? Oh," Mystia nods, and a sudden look of pride crosses her face. "Yes! The restaurant has been in my family for generations! Ever since it started as a place for friends to hang out way back when Gensokyo was first founded!" she beams. "When I graduate high school, my parents are gonna let me do more than just cook and stuff. I'll become part of the business!" Hmm... how odd. You don't really cherish the idea of having your future planned out for you, but Mystia looks completely okay with it.

"Isn't there something else you want to do?" you ask. "Like aren't you going to university after high school?"

"Eh?" Mystia blinks. "What do you mean? Oh, no, I'm going to inherit the business when I get old enough... I don't have time to University, although..." she bites her lip. "I always wanted to... ah... sing!"

"Really?" Marisa gets closer, curious. "I've never heard you sing, Mysty," the pinkette blushes and looks down.

"I don't do it in public, or to friends, or anything like that," she tells the two of you. "But, um, I don't know, I get really nervous... but I really like doing it! It's fun. I like doing pop music, too..."

"Ah!" Marisa grins. "You could be an idol singer!"

"No! No, I couldn't," Mystia shakes her head emphatically. "There's no way I could stand in front of all those people and sing! Uh-uh, no way!"

"I would encourage that," you mention. "Lorelei, I'd like to hear you sing."


"Come on, Mysty!" Marisa leans back. "After school, we'll go by your place and listen to you sing!"

"I... Um..." Mystia looks down. "Okay, okay, yeah, I guess I could try. But... um..." she looks away from the two of you. "Just... ah, give me some time, okay?! Yeah. Totally. Like, after school, let me go home and stuff. I'll call you. Your number is the same, right?" Marisa pulls out her mobile and looks at it, nodding after a second. "O-okay, yeah, I'll do that," Mystia takes a deep breath. "I'll call you, and, um," she looks at her phone as it receives a message. "O-oh, gotta take this, be right back!" she gets out of her desk and runs to a corner of the room, typing furiously.

"What's that about?" You ask. Marisa shrugs.

"Rumor has it she's had a crush on the same guy for years now," she says. "Looks like she's finally making progress."

"She always easily embarrassed like that?" you ask. Marisa nods.

"Yep, been that way for as long as I've known her!" she replies. "She's cute like that," Marisa gets out of her desk and walks around yours for a second, dropping to her knees to lay her head on it to stare at you. "I wouldn't mind taking her out for a spin."

You snort. "I didn't think you were into girls."

"More like I'm not just into girls," Marisa tells you. "There's this guy in A-1 who's a cutie, lemme tell you. I know he has it for me but I'm waiting on him to make the first move. Traditional, right?"

"It's the twenty-first century, Marisa, why don't you ask him out?" Marisa shakes her head.

"I've got a reputation to uphold!" she says. "I can't get all embarrassed to approach some guy! Think of the teasing that would go on!" she blushes slightly. "Besides... I like being single. I don't really wanna get caught up in a relationship, especially if it ends badly."

"Really? How come?" you ask, curious.

"Ah... I dunno. Relationships aren't really my thing, really. I mean, the whole... attached thing. Does that make sense?"

"I guess I can see that," you nod. "I'm mostly the same way. I really didn't have anyone I was interested in back in America. Here? I dunno, maybe," you look over at the pinkette as she types on her phone. "She's cute, after all."

"Oi, hands off, that one's mine," Marisa says. "If I can get her away from that boy, anyway. Go try and get in Reimu's pants or something. She needs to get laid."

"Oh, please, like any of us have ever," you tell her.

"Well, hey, that's what they say in movies and stuff, right?" Marisa asks. "Like, I was watching..."


The rest of the morning goes off without a hitch. Class actually begins, and you take in your first lessons of the day. You also get the first insights into the first battle between the classes. Since it's the beginning, the teachers have settled on a simple race, a one hundred meter dash. You're not the best runner, but Marisa seems pumped, anyway. Wasn't she just complaining about this idea this morning? Either way, as lunchtime rolls around, Marisa drags yourself and Mystia to the roof, to a corner of the roof. Reimu meets up with the three of you, and as Mystia pulls out lunchboxes for everyone, you find yourself impressed with just how much can fit into one bag.

"Sorry, we always cook too much," she tells you. "Please eat this so it doesn't go to waste!"

You open the boxed lunch, eating and listening to the three girls as they joke around, usually at Mystia's expense. It's cute. You consider joining in the conversation...


[ ] Eat silently.
[ ] Ask Reimu about her job.
[ ] Bug Marisa about the competitiion.
[ ] Ask Mystia more about her.
[ ] Flirt with (pick one).

Short update is short because we're still worldbuilding and making Social Links friends. Once the story goes on, the updates will get longer.
No. 181532
[x] Ask Reimu about her job.

Social Links GO!
No. 181534
[x] Ask Reimu about her job.

We're not in the same class so we probably won't get as many chances to talk to her.
No. 181537
[x] Ask Reimu about her job.
No. 181541
[x] Ask Reimu about her job.
>social links

When do the murders start?
No. 181542
I should've figured it out after the 'social link' joke, but your 'murder' comment really made me realize the Persona 4 influence. I must be slow today...

So, tonight we're gonna have a dream and learn how to summon our Persona, right?
No. 181568
Alright, looks like we're gonna talk to the miko about miko things.


Oooooh. So close, yet so far away.
No. 181577
You finish eating, setting the box aside as you continue to listen. Now that she's more awake, Reimu seems a decent sort. She seems to have switched to Mystia's side now, rebutting Marisa's jokes with her own blunt teasing. "Marisa, you have no room to talk you know," she's saying, pointing at the blonde's chest. "You're almost as flat as I am."

"Huh? What?!" Marisa grabs the shirt of her sailor uniform. "You lie! Mysty is way smaller than me!"

You open your mouth to interject but remember that it would probably be rude coming from a guy. You look away, watching as the redhead from earlier stands on the shoulders of the sleeping girl, pointing down at the green-eyed girl with one hand and holding up a boxed lunch with the other. Oh my.

"Oi, you," you feel a pair of chopsticks poke you in the arm. "You've been quiet this whole time," you turn back around; Reimu is staring at you intently. "What's on your mind?"

"Oh, um... nothing, really," you answer honestly. "I just... ah, I don't talk to people I don't know a lot. I'm kinda introverted, I guess," you chuckle nervously.

"Ah, I see," Reimu nods. "Well, I guess it makes sense. The standard cliche of high school anime is that in a pair of siblings, the two siblings will be completely opposite of each other," she closes her eyes and nods sagely, putting a finger to her chin. "Yes, yes, it wouldn't be right otherwise."

"But... we're not siblings," you reply. Reimu shrugs.

"Irrelevant," she says. "The two of you look enough alike to pass. Hell, I could braid some of that hair and give you a similar one to Marisa," she looks at you a second longer. "Actually, that would look really good on you," From behind her, Marisa reaches around and tugs on the black-haired girl's red-white hair tubes. "Ow! What?"

"Should you really be talking about braiding someone's hair?" Asks the blonde. "I mean, you're too lazy to braid your own!" She pulls the hair tubes off, letting Reimu's hair spread out more. She blushes and snatches the tubes from Marisa's hand, holding them tight and twisting her mouth into a sideways frown.

"The point remains, I could do it," she insists. "And these are for my outfit, Marisa! Don't steal them!"

"Outfit?" You repeat. "Oh, that's right, you're a miko, right?"

"Yup," Reimu nods. "Been one since I was old enough to understand how Shinto works. Mom and Dad got me my first outfit when I was four."

"How is that, anyway?" you ask. "I've never actually met a shrine maiden. What all do you have to do?"

"Huh? Oh, a lot of it is pretty boring, actually," replies the... well, miko. "Mostly I just do menial tasks to keep the shrine looking good, but I always have to practice purification rituals, spiritual meditation and stuff. There's this some dances I have to learn too, but I only know a few."

"Huh? Could you do one?" you ask.

"H-here? No way!" Reimu shakes her head emphatically. "Not in front of everyone!"

"Aw, she's blushing," Marisa teases.

"I didn't even know she could," Mystia says, tilting her head sideways. Reimu looks away from you, huffing. "Oh, come on Reimu! It's cute."

"Sh-shut up," grumbles the maiden. She pulls on her collar nervously. "Um, but yeah, i-if you guys want to come by the shrine later, I gotta practice today, so..." she rolls her eyes. "You can come by... I'll, um, make tea."

"Sure, I'd like that," you smile. You decide that you like Reimu. You think you've gotten a glimpse into that sweet side that Marisa spoke of, and you'd like to see it again.

As you go to continue the conversation, however, the door to the roof opens. Two girls come out, one with pink hair and the other with white, talking to each other with very serious looks on their faces. "I heard she's fallen ill," the white haired girl says. "That's why no one has heard from her."

"I dunno, kohai, but it does seem really suspicious," the pink one nods. "I heard the police have gotten involved. Scary stuff."

"Do you believe those rumors that she was kidnapped, senpai?" the other asks. You realize that neither of them are paying any attention as they walk toward the three of you. "I don't think that the Houraisan family would ever let such a thing like that happen."

"Uh, hey...?" Marisa calls out. She's summarily ignored by the girls as they get closer. "Oi, we're sitting here!"

"It all seems pretty fishy," the white haired girl continues. "Do you really thinWOAH!" The girl shrieks as she trips on you, falling all over you. You instinctively reach out, feeling something squishy as you topple onto the flat roof of the building. Your shut your eyes reactively as she bowls over you, but she manages to catch herself, scraping her palms against the roof as she falls.

"Jeeze, watch where you're going!" Marisa shouts. Reimu has already scooted back from the two of you, her face... blushing?" Why don't you... oh, haha! Oh, that's good! Hey, Ryu, squeeze your hands a bit!" You ignore her as you slowly open your eyes, staring up into the face of a green-eyed girl as she looks down on you, her face flushed.

"S-sorry," she mumbles. "I wasn't paying any attention," behind her, the pink haired girl laughs.

"Youmu, you really need to watch where you're going!" she says. "You almost killed the poor boy! Oh, and he's touching you very inappropriately," Oh, god. You look down and sure enough, your hands are firmly placed upon the girl's - Youmu's - breasts. Your face flushes, and her embarrassed blush only gets darker as she looks down at your hands.

[ ] (Apologetic) "I'm so sorry!" (Mysty Approval UP)
[ ] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)
[ ] (Perverted) *Squish* (Marisa Approval UP)

So basically, this is easy mode on how your votes affect the approval of the girls towards you. For this one time you can see which vote affects the approval of which girl. After this, you'll be on your own to guess which option increases which approval (and sometimes, the option won't affect anyone's rating with you).
No. 181578
[X] (Perverted) *Squish* (Marisa Approval UP)

Our cousin's a pervert? Excellent.
No. 181579
[x] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)

Well, Ryu is neither at fault, nor a pervert. Also: Reimu.
No. 181580
[x] (Apologetic) "I'm so sorry!" (Mysty Approval UP)

So... That happened.
No. 181582
[X] (Perverted) *Squish* (Marisa Approval UP)

This seems like this has the best potential for hilarity. Plus, none of these seem to effect Youmu's approval, so it'd be fun to see her reaction.
No. 181584
[x] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)
No. 181585
[x] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)

I choose this but I hope there's a way to soften the way we say it. She did apologize to us.
No. 181588
[X] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)

No need to go overboard...yet...
No. 181591
[x]"Sorry about the, uh groping, but you really have to watch where you're walking or you're going to hurt yourself."

No. 181592
Ditto. It seems to me like it would be a bit OOC - at least from what we've seen so far - to suddenly start yelling at someone just because the weren't watching where they were going. Not when no one's been hurt anyway.
No. 181593
I tried to fit the vote into one short sentence. My wording was... inadequate. Apologies.
No. 181596
[x]"Sorry about the, uh groping, but you really have to watch where you're walking or you're going to hurt yourself."

if that's not allowed, just go with the basic Reimu vote, but I think this is probably a little closer to what you actually meant.
No. 181597
[X] (Apologetic) "I'm so sorry!" (Mysty Approval UP)

>Plus, none of these seem to effect Youmu's approval
Note that the author didn't say they would also show disapproval effects for this vote.
No. 181600
No worries. I probably wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for the exclamation point at the end.
No. 181603
[X] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch
yourself" (Reimu Approval UP)
Without the exclamation mark
No. 181614
[x] (Annoyed) "You really need to watch yourself!" (Reimu Approval UP)

Play it cool. Groveling will only make the situation more embarassing. I'd say help her up, but I don't think it's possible in this position.
No. 181617
Alright, voting closed. Gonna use the annoyed option, but it won't be as bad as you think it is.
No. 181655
You've seen this situation before. It's been in several anime, and you're not falling for it. Not you. You know what happens if you squeeze... but damn if the temptation isn't there. You let go of the poor girl as she sputters and blushes, and as soon as she gets up off of you, you stand up. "Look, it's fine," you say over her apologizing. "But you really need to watch where you're going next time, okay?" You pop your neck as the girl's blush fades and she takes a deep breath. You hear Marisa make a sort of whining sound, and you look over at her.

"You should have done it!" she says, holding up her hands and making a squeezing motion with them. "Come on, the opportunity was right th-" Marisa's words are cut short via swift thunk upside the head as Reimu walks up behind her friend. "Ow! Reimu..." whines the blonde. Reimu just sighs and looks over at you.

"I'm glad you weren't a pervert," she says. She walks around Marisa and up next to you, looking at... Youmu, was it? "Senpai, are you okay?" Wait, she's older than you?!

"Y-yeah... damaged pride, but I'm fine," Youmu mumbles. "Ah, sorry about that..." she looks up at you. "You look like Kirisame," you stifle the urge to sigh long-sufferingly and just nod.

"Well, I am a Kirisame," you say, bowing. "Ryu Kirisame, miss..."

"Youmu Konpaku," greets the girl, also bowing. "This is my friend and senpai, Yuyuko Saigyouji."

"A pleasure," Yuyuko nods. "Yuyuko is fine. I understand that my last name is hard to pronounce, at least if Margatroid is any indication."

"Thanks," you say. "So what was so interesting that you couldn't watch where you were going?" Youmu blushes at the not-so-subtle admonishment as the lot of you gather around Mystia, who quietly offers everyone some Pocky sticks (how is she a bottomless font of food?) as you all sit down. Yuyuko looks around, ensuring that no one is nearby, and leans in really close to the center of your circle.

"How familiar are you with the history of Gensokyo?" she asks you. You shake your head, since you haven't a clue. "Alright, well, there are three founding families in Gensokyo: The Saigyoujis, like myself, the Yakumos, and the Houraisan family. Way back in the day, something like a millenia ago, Gensokyo was established as part of the trade route that led to Nagano. The Houraisans were a merchant family, just as mine was, and got very wealthy over the course of generations, getting involved politically when they had the money. A hundred years ago, they wisely supported the Meiji Restoration and became very powerful here as a result, and since then, whether or not they have political office, the Houraisan always have the Governor's ear," you nod. That makes some sense. "This is why the disappearance of their youngest daughter, Kaguya, is such a big deal."

"Does she not have bodyguards?" you ask. Yuyuko nods.

"Oh, yes, and quite a few of them!" she says with a serious look on her face. "Even when she was at school, you could always bet that there were men in suits waiting just outside her class, and I know that Miss Yagokoro is employed by the family as well to keep tabs on her. For her to disappear - mind you, if she truly has - is a huge deal here in Gensokyo," she leans back. "Personally I think she's been kidnapped or worse... killed."

Youmu gasps. "Senpai, don't say such things!" exclaims the white-haired girl. "You'll bring back luck upon the Houraisan family!"

"Oh, please, don't be superstitious," Yuyuko admonishes her. "Anyway, that's all I know so far. My family, for our part, isn't really worried that much. I have my own retainer here," she pats Youmu on the shoulder. "And I have this," she points to her bracelet. "GPS tracker. My family always knows where I am. A small price to pay for not being surrounded by bodyguards myself."

"Oh?" you take a look at the bracelet. "I take it your family has a few political enemies too?"

"Something like that," smiles the pink-haired girl. "If this were earlier times, I would probably be a princess, if you must know. It was the first Saigyouji here and broke ground and founded Gensokyo officially; back then, the Houraisan and Yakumos were under our flag. But ah, ancient history," she looks up at the sky. "But I certainly can fantasize about being a princess."

"Well, you certainly look like one," Mystia says. "I wouldn't mind being rules by you, Miss Saigyouji."

Yuyuko giggles, and a bell rings. "Ah, lunch hour is over," she says. "Come, Youmu, let's get back to class," the six of you stand up, and Yuyuko bows. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Kirisame Ryu," you bow back, and Youmu does the same, and the two wander off.

"Well that was a neat history lesson," you chime as the four of you start heading back to class. "So, Reimu, after school we still on for heading to your place?"

"Hm? Oh, sure," Reimu nods.

"I'll bring snacks," Mystia adds in, and Marisa puts and arm around both girls.

"Looking forward to it!" she says, patting them on the back. "I'ma try out for the soccer team though so I'll probably be a bit late."


The rest of the day drags by. Since it's still the first day, Miss Yagokoro doesn't have much in the way of a lesson plan, promising to start all of it up in earnest tomorrow. Oh joy... you sigh as the final bell to the school day rings, and all around you people talk excitedly about what clubs or sports they're gonna join. As you pack everything up, Marisa talks excitedly about joining the soccer club. Mystia can't join any, however, having a duty to her family's restaurant, although she would really like to join a music club.

What about you?

[ ] Go seek out a club to join. There's gotta be one of interest, right?
[ ] Go join a sports team. Gensokyo allegedly has a really good baseball team for the guys.
[ ] Go hang out with Mystia at her restaurant.
[ ] Go find Reimu and walk her to her shrine.
No. 181656
[X] Go find Reimu and walk her to her shrine.

Let's get to know her better.
No. 181657
[x] Go seek out a club to join. There's gotta be one of interest, right?

Look for the one full of quirky misfits who desperately need that fifth person so they don't get disbanded this year.
No. 181658
[x] Go seek out a club to join. There's gotta be one of interest, right?

It's all about meeting people and making friends.
No. 181659
[X] Go join a sports team. Gensokyo allegedly has a really good baseball team for the guys.

You can see in the 2nd panel of the image my main reason for wanting to do sports
No. 181660
[X] Go find Reimu and walk her to her shrine.

Not feeling a club at the moment.
No. 181661
[x] Go seek out a club to join. There's gotta be one of interest, right?
No. 181662
[x] Go find Reimu and walk her to her shrine.
No. 181664
[X] Go join a sports team. Gensokyo allegedly has a really good baseball team for the guys.
No. 181669
[X] Go join a sports team. Gensokyo allegedly has a really good baseball team for the guys.

Who's going to be left polishing the balls?
No. 181681
[X] Go seek out a club to join. There's gotta be one of interest, right?

>"Senpai, don't say such things!" exclaims the white-haired girl. "You'll bring back luck upon the Houraisan family!"
So they don't want Tewi around? And that's not the only typo.
>"I wouldn't mind being rules by you, Miss Saigyouji."
No. 181711
So after repeatedly missing a vote I've realized that the [x]Join a club option won. I'll be writing it now.
No. 181746
Sorry about the delay. College started and well. College.
No. 181791
"Alright, well, let's go," you stand up out of your desk and sling your satchel over your shoulder. "I think I'll go find a club to join, since Marisa is going to try and join the soccer team," Marisa puts her arm around you and grins. "Anyone got any ideas?" Mystia shrugs, looking a bit disappointed but not much.

"I don't join clubs, so... I dunno, there's gotta be something out there, right?" You have no idea. You didn't really have any social interactions with all but a select few classmates back in America, so this whole "hanging out after school for school-related activities" thing is a bit... well, it's odd to you. Ah, well... you're here to change your life around, so might as well get to it. You and Marisa walk out of the classroom together as this thought lingers, the two of you heading for the school's designated "club area" - really, a bunch of unused classrooms.

"You want me to stick around while you look?" Marisa asks, and you nod. "Cool. I can help you pick out something good, since I know most of these people," you're beginning to wonder if there's anyone Marisa doesn't know. Either way, as you look down the myriad rows of clubrooms, you see that each one has some sort of sign depicting who they are and such, and why you should join them. The first one up is a gaming club of some sort, dedicated to all sorts of games, be they traditional or digital. That piques your interest, but you pause when you read the name of the club's president: Kaguya Houraisan. Odd, you wouldn't expect someone like her to devote time to something like this.

You poke your head in and see that the club has way too many people in it, including the redhead from earlier. Well, at the least, you'll be occupied. "I dunno, Marisa, what do you think?"

"Ah, could be fun," comments the blonde. "But without a president I dunno if the club will hold up. Kaguya hasn't stepped down and there's the feeling she won't be gone forever."

You nod. That makes sense. You move on to a journalism club, run by a girl named Sha... Shame... Shameimaru? What a name. Anyway, there's only four girls in there, and you're not really surprised at that, though you expected at least one token male. The leader of the club looks over her shoulder and grins at you, and you nod back, before she goes back to looking at a video. She looks nice enough. "That's Aya," whispers Marisa. "Don't get on her bad side: her newspaper is read by most of the school ever since she took control of it, and she has been known to gossip about people," hm, so one of those girls. You'll keep your head down.

"Ah, here's a good one," Marisa points out. "Cultural club! You can learn about Gensokyo better this way, cause our history goes way back," she looks at the banner outside of it. "Ah, I forgot that Hieda graduated. I wonder who they'll get to be president now..." she shrugs, and the two of you move on. The athletics club is full of huge guys and two girls that are throwing each other around on a mat. "Meiling and Yuugi," Marisa points out. "Don't get on their bad side, either. I've seen them twist people into literal knots."

A new club is setting itself up; Paranormal Investigations. Of course there is, cause there always is. There's only a few people; they don't even have a president yet. You poke your head in and see that it's entirely girls, too. They seem to ignore you. You shrug and walk back with Marisa, who's picked up a pamphlet. "It looks like they're an offshoot of another club in Kyoto," she says to you while reading. "Two girls named Usami and Hearn created a pretty popular one and once they got to University they spread their operations to include as much of Japan as they could, and now you can find a club like this all over the place... well, Gensokyo sure is good for that."

"How so?" you ask. Marisa puts the pamphlet in her pocket.

"Well, we have legends here that persist from the founding," she tells you. "To this day people still think youkai are about, and I swear I've seen a ghost before. It would be a thing to persue if I can't make it in soccer. Ya know?" You nod. Marisa would have a backup plan totally unlike what she's in to. Also, that club sounds like it would either be fun or a huge bore. You're not sure which. Either way, the two of you happen up on the last club, the... kendo club?

'Wait, shouldn't this be under athletics?" you ask. Marisa shrugs.

"Iunno," she offers helpfully. You peer inside and see the white-haired girl from before - Youmu, her name was - practicing her stances while another girl looks on in approval. "Ah, so that's Toyosatomimi; she claims to be a descendant of Prince Shotokou, and runs the kendo club or something. All those girls are fighters, and I think Miko there has a gang of some sort so I wouldn't join unless you were super serious," Marisa looks down at her watch. "Ah, if I'm going to try out for soccer, I better go. See ya!" Marisa waves and runs off, leaving you alone. Those are some odd options, but you suppose it's better than anything like "writing" or "math" clubs. At least these will be exciting... maybe.

[ ] Kendo Club (President: Toyosatomimi no Miko)
[ ] Paranormal Club (President: N/A)
[ ] Cultural Club (President: N/A)
[ ] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)
[ ] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)
[ ] Write-In

Adding the write in option because I'm sure I forgot one or the other, and giving you a series of examples is easier than going all out at making shit up. These five have storylines but I can easily work with a write-in if that's what you guys go for.
No. 181793
[x] Paranormal Club (President: N/A)
Because indirect Maribel/Renko is fine. But a meetup would be even better.

>Gaming club
No. 181795
[x] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)

What, no literature club?
No. 181796
[X] Paranormal Club (President: N/A)

I actually would like to see Maribel and Renko in a CYOA. The last time they were really used in one, as in having major roles and really interacting with the MC, was Fallout Gensokyo.

Yeah you could say Tainted Bonds as well, but for me it was Fallout Gensokyo.
No. 181799
[/] Arts Club.

Someone's gotta pull for artistic interest.
No. 181800
[x] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)

writan times
No. 181801
[X] Farm to School program

If you don't give me an Aki option I will make it myself.
No. 181802
[x] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

In part because of that high school story by HY a few years back. [spoiler]The one where we were an oni
No. 181806
Eh we wouldn't be the leader or president though, cause our dear leader will come back at some point and kick us out of the position.
No. 181807
[x] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

The plot kind of calls for it. I'm really interested in her disappearance
No. 181808
[x] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)

Just think about it, we could be a non-biased, trustworthy Journalist who only reports actual news and doesn't rumormonger andfffffff-ahahAHAHAAHAHA, okay, sorry, couldn't say that with a straight face.
No. 181809
[x] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)
No. 181810
[X] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

Who doesn't like games?
No. 181812
[x] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)

No. 181818
Ayayayayayayaya and gamin are tied yo.
No. 181823
[X] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

Tie breaking gaems
No. 181824
[X] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

So as to avoid a second tie.
No. 181825
[x] Journalism Club (President: Aya Shameimaru)
No. 181827
[X] Gaming Club (President: Kaguya Houraisan)

I like Aya, but I'd rather not get roped into a club with actual responsibilities.
No. 181828
Alright. Vote called for Gaming
No. 181829
A'ight. Some vidya is fine too.

Now I wonder just how much of a NEET Kaguya's gonna be...