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17971 No. 17971
You turn to Tewi, who’s sitting right next to her and start a conversation. The two of you talk for a few minutes. She really does know quite a bit, especially about how people interact it seems.
“Really, the best way to deal with Reisen is to. . .”
“TEWI.” Reisen shouts from where she’s sitting, making just about everyone at the table jump. Tewi shrugs her shoulders while smirking.
“Guess I can’t tell you.”
You sigh. Everyone at the table laughs at Reisen’s little outburst, and she’s turned quite red in the face. She redoubles her effort on eating dinner. Everyone else follows suit. However, the mood at the table seems much lighter. There’s a cheerful buzz of conversation while everyone eats at a laid back pace. However, you and Tewi end up on a strange topic of conversation. You told her, as quietly as possible, that you thought you saw Patchy here, even though Reisen told you it was Sanae that healed you. Tewi seems troubled by this bit of information.
“I may have to look into this more. Mmm. This dinner is really good. They added just the right amount of pepper.”
You give Tewi a strange look.
“Hm? What’s that look for?”
You explain the bit about your ‘dream’ that Reisen gave you.
“Oh. Huh. Odd that. Maybe you’ve got a bit of predictive skill or something. . . That really is quite odd.”

When everyone is finished eating, you all pitch in and help clear the tables. You and Reisen get stuck on dish detail. You’re washing and Reisen’s drying. The two of you continue to do the dishes in silence, and quite quickly they’re done. By the time you’ve taken the dishes and put them away, Reisen has already left the room. You sigh. She really does seem to still be miffed at you. You walk back out into the dining room, where Sanae has the others gathered together.
“ . . . rooms. Is that alright with everyone?”
You come up and ask what’s going on. Sanae sighs.
“Alright, I’ll explain it one last time. We don’t have enough rooms for everyone to have their own room. So you’ll have to share rooms. Mokou will have a room to herself, Cirno and Rumia are going to be staying in Suwako’s room. So that means that Tewi, Wriggle and Reisen will be staying in his room.” Sanae points to you. “The rest of the guest rooms are already all occupied, given that the Aki sisters and the Kappa are here. Is that agreeable to everyone?”

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

No. 17974
...Does this mean we get the floor?
No. 17976
[X] Yes
No. 17977
[X] Yes
Best not to rock the boat
No. 17978
[ ] Yes
No. 17979
[X] Yes

Gives us a chance to talk with the girls later.
No. 17980
[X] Yes
No. 17981
[x] No

Let's be a proper gentleman and sleep on the floor outside, or something.

It'll also give us some time alone to jack off, if needed.
No. 17982
[ ] Yes
No. 17983
We're rooming with the two girls who are most mad at us right now, and the one girl who might be willing to nudge us all back into being on good terms?

No. 17984
[ ] If they're okay with it, I am
No. 17985
[x] Look at Reisen and see if she speaks up.
No. 17986
Those two statements mix like water and oil.
No. 17987
[x] Yes

Anon has to make his magic work on Reisen and Wriggle to make up for his mistakes
No. 17989
[ ] Yes

Wait she didn't say where we stay, couch GET?
No. 17990
Yes she did.
No. 17991
[ ] Yes

Just got off early from work. Sweet, Mokou came back! But why isn't Wriggle staying in the room with her?
No. 17992
Came back? She never actually left.
No. 17994
[x] Yes

I guess Nitori ran off back to her pond.
No. 17995
She did? Who are we with I must've misread
No. 17996
That whole part with Mokou leaving was an illusion created by Reisen.
No. 17997
I'd say just go along with what everyone seems to want.

If the girls don't want us sleeping in the same room with them, then they will just boot us out and we sleep in the hall or something.

But if they let us, then that's the perfect opportunity to get back in Reisen's and Wriggle's good graces. It's only a matter of time, anyway, if that little outburst at the table is any indication.

Frankly, I think Reisen WANTS us to make it up to her. Unfortunately, it's one of those things where we have to realize for ourselves what we must do, and finally do it.
No. 17998
Muh? B-b-but, she drove off with the wagon, and Wriggle got extra pissed! Don't tell me it was another Kirakari dream fuck-quence again!
No. 17999
File 120848277840.png - (165.16KB , 640x480 , aizenscouch2.png ) [iqdb]
I don't think you're man enough to handle the couch yet, Anonymous.
No. 18000
...except we're not sure the illusion is even over yet.

we could still be dreaming. WooOOooOOoo...
No. 18001
I already did tell you.
No. 18002
[x] Yes
Fucl, I don't think they even HAVE a couch.
No. 18003
File 120848295631.jpg - (29.77KB , 252x346 , 1207965684041.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 18004
Even if there is no couch, Kira never gave us an amount of how much fluff we have. We may have a whole bed's worth.
No. 18006

We've got a box of hair too.
No. 18007
We will use our magical dream box of hair as a pillow, only to awaken in the middle of the night by strange noises coming from within...
No. 18008
And a camera!
No. 18009

We can cuddle with our little peice of regenerating Kaguya while we lay on a pile of unidentified fluff.

No. 18010
We never got the camera back.
No. 18011
Sounds like a plan. Let us go with it
No. 18012
No. 18013

No couches in Gensokyo.
No. 18014
[x] Check Inv.
No. 18016
[x] Check invintory
No. 18017
No! We must have a slumber party!
We will make Reisen and Wriggle love us by ruffling their hair. Maybe even the hair on their heads.
No. 18018
What about the Hourai doll?
No. 18020
We only have the fluff and the box last Kira told me.
No. 18021
Nothing changes the mood like PILLOW FIGHT! ...Tewi would kick our asses, though... just a hunch.

I'm with them. [X} Inventory
No. 18023

Those tengu best not have jacked our Doll
No. 18025
Pillow fights, or a multi-species orgy.
Let's see if we can redefine the meaning of "fucking like rabbits".
No. 18026
Well, we didn't have anything but the fluff and the box when we woke up, so we don't have anything now.
Oh right, we still have the button too. But that's all.
No. 18027
We should take some food back to the box... in case it was... hungry.
No. 18028
Er, we have the fluff, the box, and the button. that's what I meant.
No. 18029
On that note...

No. 18030
first we need to talk to Nitori, get her to technobabble, and make sure we're not still tripping balls.
No. 18031
Maybe we should think of all the possible ways we can make things up to Reisen. If you know what I mean.
And maybe we can be wearing the button while we do it.

We'll know it's working if at some point she says "I didn't know you could even DO that with a llama!"
No. 18032
File 120848384846.png - (53.17KB , 200x200 , yukari - thread portal.png ) [iqdb]
Enjoying your yiffing?

[ ] Inventory
No. 18033
Yes. Yes I am.
No. 18037
File 120848458660.jpg - (58.84KB , 500x700 , akibakko-118968730351511.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wouldn't it be something if we went to sleep, only to wake up to find her and Wriggle cuddling up to us?

Ahh, we can dream...
No. 18038
Okay, just making sure.
No. 18040

We're getting our sorry ass thrown out of the room. Then, sometime during the night, someone will raise the alarm that a raiding party is trying to make its way to our location.
No. 18041
Yes, I know, that's the most likely scenario.
Can't have things going even remotely well for us for more than two seconds, can we?

Fortunately, we should at least have more warning than we did at Eientei, between the tengu scouts and various guards to hopefully delay the assualt long enough for us to get Kanako and company to agree to help us.
No. 18042

Or we get thrown out, sleep in the hall by the door, and wake up with Wriggle cuddled up against us and a blanket draped across us. Then Reisen feels just a little guilty for the rest of the day.
No. 18043
[] Cut Hair.
Should be an option.
No. 18044
Come to think of it, aside from what they know from the tengu and perhaps what was told while we were in la-la land feeling like the scum we probably are, do Sanae and the others know why we're here?

Aside from dinner, we haven't really had a proper discussion with any of them about the current situation, and where they currently stand in all of it.
No. 18045

I blame Reisen for Drama.

First thing in the morning is war conference.
No. 18047
Hey, we needed to learn our lesson.
Better it be while we're recuperating and incapable of being productive.
No. 18049
Sorry for pause, Writting now, update shortly.
No. 18050
War conference sounds like a good idea. We need to establish air superiority. Who's the Commander of the Air Group?

When has Anon ever been productive? It's not really in our character, is it?
No. 18051
File 120848618372.jpg - (100.09KB , 480x640 , 680a5666bd3eb85eed22c5402b34f2d0.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Who's the Commander of the Air Group?

Hello? Goddess with the ability to create sky?
Kanako's our girl for that role, along with the Tengu Air Force.
No. 18053
I hope Aya appears soon, i need delicious Aya route
No. 18054
Who is going to command the Infantry?
And the post for the Special Forces is open too. The Tengu Ninjas need some commander.
No. 18057

That being said, a Resin route is fine, too.
No. 18058
I don't think we have to worry too much about "infantry" per-se, seeing how as pretty much everyone but us can fly.

On top of that, most everyone would likely use ranged attacks, rather than trying for in-close fighting. The only ones I can think of who would do that are Suika and Remilia, and frankly if it comes down to a fight with them, I don't think we've got anyone who can match them in physical power.

I think a large scale battle won't work in our favor. We need to go guerilla.
No. 18059
There are no individual character routes.
No. 18060
That's okay. A harem is fine, too.
No. 18061
1. Strap bomb to Cirno
3. Press button
4. ?????
5. Cirno revives
No. 18062
No. 18063
You Monster.
No. 18064
The sliding door slams shut in your face.
“And you’d better not peak!” Reisen shouts from the other side of the door. You sigh. It’s been less than 10 minutes since the plan was agreed upon, and already you’ve been kicked out of the room. You sit down and lean against the wall opposite the sliding door. You hear the girls talking on the other side as they change their clothes. The temptation here is awful. Do you peek or do you not peek?

[ ] Peek
[ ] Don’t peek.
[ ] Wander the shrine for a bit.
No. 18066
No. 18067
[ ] Don’t peek.

Better not piss them off anymore than we already have.
No. 18068
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
No. 18069
[ ] Don’t peek.

Don't even fucking try anon.
No. 18070
[ ] Peek
No. 18071

[x] Don't Peek.

She's pissed at us already, lets not make it worse.
No. 18072
[X] Don’t peek.

Don't even try. Damn.
No. 18073
[x] Don’t peek.
Thinking with our balls got us in trouble once already. We'll have to settle for the pre-climactic battle h scene.
No. 18074
File 12084876805.jpg - (79.30KB , 304x315 , 1206580754438.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 18075
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
No. 18076
[ ] Don’t peek.
No. 18077
[x] Wander the shrine for a bit.
Jesus christ Anon, DON'T DO IT!
No. 18078
[ ]Don't Peek
No. 18079
[ ] Don’t peek.

If we continue to piss them off, they might just off us themselves,
No. 18080
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
No. 18081
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.

No. 18082
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
Looks like we get the floor on the outside tonight
No. 18083
[X] Don’t peek.

No good can come of tempting fate like this.
Even if we were to glimpse a bit of paradise, we would quickly lose it and find ourselves in hell.
No. 18084
File 120848775029.jpg - (29.42KB , 178x267 , Hassan.jpg ) [iqdb]
It'd work with Mokou as well, but
1. She won't be tricked in letting us strap a bomb to her.
2. It took her a week to get a boulder off her head, and she's still hasn't fully recovered from it. Hate to see how long it'd take for her to regenerate after a Point-Blank explosion.
3. She won't be tricked in letting us strap a bomb to her again.

No. 18085
[ ] Don’t peek.
No. 18086
[x] Peek
Just to make sure they're ok.
No. 18087
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
we still need to talk to Nitori.
No. 18088
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
Might find something interesting..
No. 18089
>>And you’d better not peak!”

I'd "peak" if you know what I mean.
No. 18090
[x] Don’t peek.
[x] Check Inventory.
No. 18091
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
I want my suwako route
No. 18092
Wait, are they kicking us out for the night, or just as long as it takes for them to change clothes?

And while she said not to peek, she did not say anything about LISTENING...
No. 18093
[x] Check inventory
No. 18094
[ ] Don’t peek.
Peeking and going off alone are both bad plans
No. 18096
it's obvious that wandering off is the fork for MoF routes.
No. 18097
I'm torn. I want to stay nearby in case they have a change of heart and decide to let us in (purely because they don't want to feel bad if we get ill or something from sleeping out there all night, and not because they CARE or feel bad for us or anything! I-idiot!) but I can't help but think this is a good time for a little stroll and perhaps some drinks with Kanako under the moonlight.
No. 18098
[X] Don’t peek.
No. 18099
[X] Don’t peek.
No. 18100

They're just changing. It won;t take that lo--

Oh, wait. There be wimmens. Nevermind.
No. 18102
[X] Wander the shrine for a bit.
No. 18103
You decide not to tempt fate and continue sitting on the floor. Several minutes later, the door slides open. Wriggle stands there, wearing a nightgown.
“Alright, you can come in now.”
Your knees creak as you stand up. You ruffle Wriggle’s hair as you walk past her into the room. She doesn’t blush as deeply this time, but she still blushes. Tewi sits in the corner, the outside door open, staring out at the night sky. She’s still wearing her normal dress. Reisen sits on the futon, wearing a pajama top and pajama pants. You ask what the sleeping arrangements are going to be.
“Well, there’s two futons, so, The girls agreed that I should get one, and the other one is up for debate.”
“I don’t need one,” Tewi said, looking away from the sky to look at you, “If I get used to sleeping on something like that, I’ll become soft. This corner’s fine for me. Heck, I might go sleep outside. It’s nice enough tonight.”
“Ah! I think I’ll join you if you do that Tewi~ That sounds so nice tonight. The moon is so pretty.”
Tewi grins. “Alright then. We’ll just leave those to softies to their futons.” Tewi gets up and walks outside, followed by Wriggle. Wriggle turns to you just before she closes the outside door and gives you a thumbs up sign.
“W-well, It would seem that you get the other futon then. Well, good night.” And with that Reisen laid back on the futon and pulled the covers up. You shake your head.

[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Go wander the shrine.
[ ] Talk to Reisen.
[ ] Go see Tewi and Wriggle.
No. 18104

[x] Talk to Reisen.
No. 18105
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

Say our sorries.
No. 18106
[X] Talk to Reisen.
Let's take our imouto's gift and run.
No. 18107
[x] Talk to Reisen.
not much choice at this point.
No. 18108
[X] Talk to Reisen.

Might have better luck now that we're alone.
No. 18109
[x] Talk to Reisen.
No. 18110
[X] Talk to Reisen.

Did we just get set-up, here?
I think we just got set-up.

No. 18111
[x] Talk to Reisen about the hair in the box.
No. 18112
[x] Talk to Reisen.
No. 18113
File 120848902351.jpg - (18.36KB , 197x766 , goodjobarchershirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

Still seems a bit early, but I'm sure Kira will take "Go to sleep" quite literally...

And a big thumbs up to Tewi, a.k.a THE MOTHERFUCKING MASTERMIND!!
No. 18114
incidentally, knowing Tewi, eavesdropping. And so is the rest of the sister squad. And likely the rest of the shrine too.
No. 18115
Tewi and Wriggle...a better couple of "little" sisters, you could never ask for.
No. 18116
[x] Talk to Reisen.
Do it.
No. 18117
[X] Talk to Reisen

Those girls set us up, and we ought to try and make them proud. Besides, it seems like Wriggle's at least forgiven us a little if she was willing to set this up.
No. 18118
[X] Talk to Reisen.
Tewi is hardcore in MiG. I bet she can train our Guerilla forces
No. 18119
[X] Check inventory
No. 18120
Does anyone else think it's weird that no one has even mentioned Nitori to us?
No. 18121
[x] talk to reisen

キタ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(゚∀゚)゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*!!!!

No. 18122
that's because we're still stuck in the Lunatic Eyes, and Reisen doesn't know how to fake Nitori's technobabble.
No. 18123
File 120848940722.jpg - (167.42KB , 600x750 , 1203232944714.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Talk to Reisen.

Praise be to Tewi.
No. 18124
>>Does anyone else think it's weird that no one has even mentioned Nitori to us?

Sanae did.

>>“The rest of the guest rooms are already all occupied, given that the Aki sisters and the Kappa are here. Is that agreeable to everyone?”

Nitori's in the shrine, she's probably just been doing her own thing.
No. 18125
in fact, if we press the issue too much, Reisen will arrange to have Nitori show up, only to die when the shrine gets raided by Raymoo.
No. 18126
File 120848949881.gif - (5.60KB , 200x200 , tewipeek.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 18127
[ ] Talk to Reisen.
No. 18128
[X] Talk to Reisen

It's time for another speech. This time, its reconciliatory!
No. 18129
                \ │ /
                 / ̄\   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
               ─( ゚ ∀ ゚ )< REISEN!REISEN!
                 \_/   \_________
                / │ \
                   ∩ ∧ ∧  / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\∩∧ ∧ \( ゚∀゚)< REISEN~~~!
REISEN~~~!   >( ゚∀゚ )/ |    / \__________
________/ |    〈 |   |
              / /\_」 / /\」
               ̄     / /
No. 18130

Actually Sanae did:

>>“The rest of the guest rooms are already all occupied, given that the Aki sisters and the Kappa are here. Is that agreeable to everyone?”
No. 18131
File 120848963027.jpg - (81.17KB , 620x600 , 1180274982863.jpg ) [iqdb]
This seals it.
Tewi is fucking awesome.

Anon cannot possibly pull off a hair-ruffle epic enough to fully repay her.
No. 18133
>Anon cannot possibly pull off a hair-ruffle epic enough to fully repay her.

Unlimited Carrot Works.
No. 18134
carrot + egg = ?
No. 18136
Hmmm... carrot omelet? I like the way you think, Anon.
No. 18137
Horrified and pissed off Tengu.
No. 18138
Yeah, it's blowing my mind. Before all this, I loved Marisa and Reimu, hated Tewi, and never felt one way or another about Reisen. Now I can't stand Reimu, salute Tewi with manly tears, and love Reisin.
No. 18139
carrot cake?
No. 18140
If you know what I mean.
No. 18141
>carrot cake?

The ultimate blend.
No. 18142
So long as we don't use eggs, that should be safe.
No. 18143
Amazing how these things work, isn't it?
Before reading the Mystia bad end, Youmu was my favorite Touhou character, and I respected Yuyuko becuase she was Youmu's master. However, after reading the Mystia bad end, I gained (temporary) absolute hate for Youmu and Yuyuko.
No. 18144
No. 18145
File 120849075119.jpg - (72.15KB , 422x293 , 1206751390668.jpg ) [iqdb]
No one likes Tewi.
No. 18146
Have you not read the Bad Ends?
No. 18147
No. 18148
The futon is soft when you sit down on it. It’s directly next to Reisen’s futon, so you don’t think that she planned on you being there. She’s lying there, pretending to be asleep, but you can tell she’s faking it. She’s trying too hard to appear to be asleep. You call out to her quietly, in case she’s still asleep. Reisen slides down slightly, so that just her eyes and the top of her head are above the covers. You call out to her again and she rolls over. Sigh. You lay back on the futon and start talking, prefacing it with the fact that you know she’s asleep so you’re mostly talking to yourself here. You talk on for a bit about how you enjoyed her company, and how you really have enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her, and that she really is a nice girl. You cast a sideways glance at her only to see that her back is still to you. You continue on a bit more about a variety of things that you like in a girl, and a variety of other things.
<I get the point, silly.>
You cast another sidelong glance at Reisen. She’s rolled back over and is looking out at you, still half under the blanket. You apologize to her, yet again, for going off stupidly with Hina. Telling her you don’t know what came over you.
<It’s ok, really, it’s ok. I was just really worried about you. You have no idea how worried I was, and there was nothing I could do but sit there helplessly while the others searched for you. > You hang your head. <I really do like you. You’ve treated me in a way that nobody else ever has, and it. . . It makes me feel funny. I don’t know. When I saw that you were missing this absolute terror formed in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know if you were alive or dead, and the I hear from you again, only to be cut off abruptly. I. . . I hated that feeling. Not knowing. It was the worst thing in the world. That’s why I made you see that illusion earlier. I wanted you to know how I felt. I’m sorry. I know I probably shouldn’t have, but . . .> You cut her off there, “It was something I needed to see. Up to that point, I was disregarding the feelings of the others in the group, just wandering off doing whatever seemed fun or interesting at the moment. I needed to be shown that there are consequences for my stupid choices, and I doubt anyone could have shown me that better than you.” Reisen laughs slightly at that.
<I suppose that’s because I believe in you, who believes in me. So does that mean that you believe in me who believes in you?>
“Of course.”
Reisen slides up out from underneath the futon cover, and sits upright.
<So, would you be willing to trust me right now?>
You nod in agreement.
<Then close your eyes.>
You close your eyes. A moment later, something soft and warm presses up against your lips. Your eyes fly open. Reisen’s face is right there, her eyes closed, kissing you. She brings up your arms and wraps them around your neck, pulling you in closer. You follow suit pulling her up onto your lap.
Suddenly there’s a loud crash. You and Reisen fly apart. Looking over to the source of the crash, you see Tewi, Rumia, Cirno, Wriggle, Suwako, and the Aki sisters in one large heap on the floor. Tewi seems to have born the brunt of the crash being on the bottom of the stack.
“T-Tewi.” Resin says, her head tilted down, shoulders shaking with anger, a fist rising up in front of her face. “W-What do you think you’re doing?”
Tewi freezes. She glances over at Reisen. She quickly scrambles out from underneath the pile and dashes out the door. “Would you look at the time! I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”
The rest of the girls, seeming to pick up on Tewi’s quick exit follow suit as quickly as possible. Reisen runs to the door shouts out after them and slides the door shut again, with a loud bang. She walks back over to her futon and plops down, throwing the covers back over herself.
<Good night> comes across curtly, and then she rolls over so her back is to you.
. . . God damn it Tewi. God damn it.

[ ] Go to sleep.
[ ] Go find Tewi.
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18149
File 120849084691.jpg - (82.78KB , 460x450 , 120735928047.jpg ) [iqdb]
Truth be told, I knew nothing of Touhou until the Marisa Stole My Precious Thing flash from IOSYS came out. And like attaching an anchor to my foot and jumping in the The Lake, I was quickly submerged in it. But I did not like Mokou because she seemed like a bitch and I knew nothing about her. Now I loves her.
No. 18150
She's a goddamn bitch.
MiG Tewi is nice though. I'd lick her carrot, if you get where I'm going with this.
No. 18151
_2008-02-25.29 The Mystia bad end.
No. 18152
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18153
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18154
[ ] Lay on the futon

So yeah I hate Tewi again.
No. 18155
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18156
[X] Lay on the futon

Lyin gaems
No. 18157
[x] Lay on the futon, boiling with nerd rage.
No. 18158
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18159
>>Reisen runs to the door
>>She walks back over to her futon

Um...isn't her leg still injured?
No. 18160
[X] Lay on the futon.
No Bedtop Sport for indoor Types?
No. 18161
Sanae probably got to her.
No. 18162

No. 18163
[] Go to sleep

LOL, after a great cockblock, it better to just accept defeat and rethink it over. Now's a good time for sleep.

No. 18164
[ ] Lay on the futon
I just can't hate her for this.
I try and try, but alas~
No. 18165
>“Would you look at the time! I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”

Is that some Alice in wonderland?
No. 18167
[x] Go to sleep.
No. 18168
[X] Lay on the futon

From looking like we're not going to get much sleep tonight in the good way, to not getting much sleep tonight in the not-so-good way.

Oh well.
No. 18169
She's gonna be feeling it in the morning. But it's one of those, RAGE, ignore the pain from your body 'cause you want to kill the small bunnygirl that cockblocked you. =D
No. 18170
File 120849136459.jpg - (31.17KB , 429x323 , 1204771207886.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tewi giveth and Tewi taketh away.

Well at least we know Reisen digs us and we got a kiss out of it.
No. 18171
Oh, the poor girl. I suppose that means we'll have no choice but to volunteer our services as her personal taxi around the shrine for the day!
No. 18172


If said person has no cock, is it a pussyblock?
No. 18173
Poor Reisen, she is probably going to die a cruel death now. Everything we come into contact we fuck up. If Reimu is going to find out.....
No. 18174

Which, if I had my way, would make her the first devastating casualty of the conflict. I hope she doesn't get killed.
No. 18175
No, it's still a cockblock so long as a cock is getting blocked from something. Whether you are the one giving or receiving said cock doesn't matter so much in the classification.
No. 18176
Y'know, the more and more we go deeper into this story, the more and more I think we = Guts!
No. 18177
We all know Kira is going to kill someone off, so who's it going to be?
No. 18178
[X] Lay on the futon


キタ━━━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━━━ !!!

No. 18179
money's on Nitori. just to keep us paranoid.
No. 18180
File 120849198279.jpg - (93.02KB , 512x344 , 1203561607600.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reisen, probably.
Or us.
No. 18181
Whoever it is, I'm sure it'll be our fault.
No. 18182
Everyone. Then Anon will go insane from grief and use his latent HAX to bring about Armageddon.
No. 18183
Reimus gonna rape and kill Reisen in front of us of course.
Until now it was all so nice and quiet, that is not good. Mind fuck incoming.
No. 18184
File 120849211996.jpg - (92.68KB , 500x706 , 0b8274abf07d89ecc7f984cd85b6a59a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh FUCK NO, we are NOT losing our moon bunny.

For starters, that would be the predictable thing to happen. And we don't want things to be PREDICTABLE, do we? Better to have us by our side, as we both weather the trauma of witnessing our other comrades fall in battle, one by one.
No. 18185
File 120849219265.gif - (59.35KB , 400x521 , Reisen6.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 18186
File 12084921957.jpg - (49.73KB , 704x396 , lightvooo.jpg ) [iqdb]
Please don't give him any ideas... he's gauging for them, y'know.
No. 18187
You are already dead
No. 18188
I liked when anon just went around fucking with the inhabitants of Gensokyo, now we are worrying about who is going to die ;_;
No. 18189
[X] Go to sleep.

I'm not expecting anymore. That was fucking classic. Go back to bed, Anon.
No. 18190
                  /  !
               ./   /!    ,.-─-、
             /   / /   ./     \                 ,,,,
             ,'   、/ ./   / , '´ ̄`ヽ、!               :::::::
             !   / /   / / , '´ ̄`ヽ!             :::::::::::
          ,. '"´|  / /`"'' <_ / /                 :::::::::::
        , '´    !・/,/      `ヾ、     HNG        ::::::::
      /  ./   `´   ,'    !     `フ             :::::::
     .,'   ,' ,'  /!-‐‐!、!   ;'  !  ! `ヽ.           :::::::::
     i    ! ! /,>‐-、/!  /!‐/、! ;   /       , -,  :::::::
     !   .! V 7 ;'´`i  レ' ァ'-、| /!//       / ,'/::::::        、、
     ,'   ,'レ'ヽ! '、 '、_り     i´i !レ' ./´        / / /:::::
  ,/   /  '! ! ,.,.,     ' `’ !/!        _,/ 、._  -:::::        ヾ、´、  
"´ , '  ,   ! '、    /´ ̄`i  ''! ,'   _,,.. - ''"´/!、   `ソノ:::::     ゙
 /   /    ',  ヽ、 `    ' ,. イ /''"´'"´::::::::::::;' !:`ン ̄l| ::::::
,.'    /    !ノ   ノ,:`i  -rァ'";! !//:::::::::::::::::::::::::i  |:::::::::::::!|  ::::::          ´,
    ,'  <´ _,. イ:::::/ |/  ;':/ ,'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ、ヽー--'ソ   ::::::::
      / ァ'´:::::/::::::;' ム.  /:::i/:::;'::::、::;;____:::::::::::::::_>-‐'’      ::::::
 / _,.>'"::::::::::;'::::::〈レ' iヽ/:::/:::::::i:::::/    ̄ ̄            :::::::::
r'7"´::::::::::::::::::::::i::::::::::!'、 |//::::::::::::::::;'                     ::::::
 !::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:!::::::::::! ,レ'>':::::::::::::::::::/                      :::::::::,,,
No. 18191
Reisen will get kidnapped by the lake
No. 18192
                  /  !
               ./   /!    ,.-─-、
             /   / /   ./     \
             ,'   、/ ./   / , '´ ̄`ヽ、!
             !   / /   / / , '´ ̄`ヽ!
          ,. '"´|  / /`"'' <_ / /
        , '´    !・/,/      `ヾ、
      /  ./   `´   ,'    !     `フ
     .,'   ,' ,'  /!-‐‐!、!   ;'  !  ! `ヽ.
     i    ! ! /,>‐-、/!  /!‐/、! ;   /       , -,    
     !   .! V 7 ;'´`i  レ' ァ'-、| /!//       / ,'/)  
     ,'   ,'レ'ヽ! '、 '、_り     i´i !レ' ./´        / / /-‐、 
  ,/   /  '! ! ,.,.//    ' `’ !/!        _,/ 、._  -< 
"´ , '  ,   ! '、     ´ ̄`  ''! ,'   _,,.. -  ''"´  __`ソノ-‐' 
 /   /    ',  ヽ、       ,. イ /' ' "´        ン   
,.'    /    !ノ   ノ,:`i  -rァ'"          _,,. '"´ 
    ,'  <´ _,. イ / |       ,   _,,.. ''"´
      / ァ'´  / ;' /      ヾ '/
 / _,.>'"   ;' レ' i   '"´~'丶___/
r'7"´      i   |ヽ/     i ,'
 !    _,,.. - ''!   lソヾ、___ ソ"i  おAnd so Anon died.
No. 18193
File 120849237411.jpg - (145.17KB , 450x635 , 2a37f187539bc941275a3d3c4e0776c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, if you want a devastating loss, how about offing the one person who has done more for us, whether we know it or not?

Aside from totally fucking us over nine ways from Wednesday, the sheer improbability of it happening would mean that whatever made it happen would have to be seriously fucking epic.
No. 18194

we ARE the lake. so we go and kidnap her?
No. 18195
We'll be the ones to die. Not only have we told someone "Believe in the me who believes in you" but we've also kissed our woman. At this point we're almost certainly going to die. At least it will be a manly death.
No. 18196
File 120849248278.jpg - (230.42KB , 709x1100 , berserk - v22c06p118 copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
In other words, we will not loose her?
No. 18198
Kira's references are excellent. If there's ever a Big Trouble in Little China reference, I'm going to kill myself because it will never be any better
No. 18199
We are the LAKE! This shit can only go wrong
No. 18200
If we were to die, I wouldn't feel so bad.
Our sisters will pick up our mantle and carry on to finish the battle we started.
No. 18201
No. 18202
File 120849268711.jpg - (66.48KB , 1020x740 , godofwar2.jpg ) [iqdb]
But the Fates had something else in store for Anonymous...
No. 18203
Reimu is going to win in the End. We all know it, no one can beat her expect us. So thats why we cant die, we got a job to do, free Gensokyo from the oppression
No. 18204
No. 18205
I think it is more or less inevitable.
Anon must die.
We must die, so that the others may live.
And in doing so, we will finally unleash our power and destroy the force responsible for this state of affairs.
No. 18206
It's not Reimu we have to beat, though. It's whatever is causing her to fly out of control like this.
No. 18207
>And in doing so, we will finally unleash our power and destroy the force responsible for this state of affairs.

Yes, the lake will finally meet its end.
No. 18208
Attention, Anon! Attention! This just in:


Well, except that one guy...
No. 18209
So we have to beat...us?

No. 18210
And Alice's mom!
No. 18211
File 120849312529.jpg - (461.91KB , 800x1000 , 1204759317660.jpg ) [iqdb]
How about Reisen killing us? That would be pretty crazy.

Reimu's attack hits you dead on, but there is no effect other than a bright flash. At least on you anyways.
You turn around. "Reisen, are you OK?"
"Sure Anon. I've never felt better" she replies with dead eyes. *BANG* A burning pain fills your heart, but is it betrayal or the bullet?

(yes, shameless BSG reference)
No. 18212
The problem is, were always that one guy to that one guy.
No. 18213
File 120849317595.jpg - (83.73KB , 450x450 , 1205977183302.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, an epic battle will end with Anon's and Reimu's death. Anon will die with no regrets.
Reisen gets a POWA UP.
No. 18214
Wow. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about making all those suggestions for ways Alice could torture us back at Eientei.
No. 18215

In the final battle, one of our dearest new friends will be "mortally" wounded by sacrificing herself to keep us alive. This will be the catalyst for unleashing Anon's power.

The force behind all this mess will be destroyed, and with the last bit of our power, we transfer all our life force to the dying member of our party, so that they may live.
No. 18216
Torture is still upon us, that traindidnt leave yet.
No. 18217
No. 18218
[ ] Lay on the futon
No. 18219
You sigh and stare at the ceiling. Soon the only sound you can hear, aside from the wind, and the occasional chime, is the sound of Reisen’s slow and rhythmic breathing. She seems to have really fallen asleep this time. You continue to stare up at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep, or calm down really. You silently curse Tewi again, but not in a malicious way. You know she meant well, getting herself and Wriggle out of dodge so that you had at least that much of a chance. She probably just got piled on unexpectedly by the rest of the girls. . . . Either that or she planned the whole thing, and you should be cursing her out even more. You laugh to your self. Either way, you have to thank her in some way for at least giving you that chance. Suddenly, an arm drapes across your chest. It seems that Reisen has rolled over in her sleep, and is now clinging onto you. THANK YOU GOD~. And like this, you fall asleep.

The next morning, you wake up. You seem to have woken up before Reisen, who is still holding onto you in her sleep. She also either drooled on you or was chewing on your arm at some point, as it’s wet there. You reach over and stroke her hair gently. The slight action seems to have woken her up as she starts to come around. Suddenly her eye open wide, realizing where she is. She pushes off of you and rolls back onto her futon. She then pulls the covers up over her head, so that only her ears are sticking out. You laugh.
<D-Don’t laugh. How long was I like that.>
You tell her that you don’t know.
<Uuuu. . . That’s so embarrassing. I’m sorry.>
You tell her that there’s nothing to applogize about.
<You still have to leave the room.>
You start to ask her why, but then you realize it’s so she can change. Right then, you get up and walk out of the room, closing the door behind you. Well now. It’s a new day. Where to?

[ ] The entry way
[ ] Dining room
[ ] Wait for Reisen
[ ] Out back.
[ ] Kitchen.
No. 18220
Reimu has the Hinamizawa Syndrome.
No. 18221
Well, yeah, but at least my brand of torture was more "Spanish Inquisition meets the Sonozaki Family" brand of pure physical anguish.

This whole "building up close relationships only to dash them and kill them off" bit is more of the psychological and emotional torture.
No. 18222
Chidori end
No. 18223

[x] Wait for Reisen.
No. 18224
[ ] Wait for Reisen
No. 18225
[ ] Kitchen.

No. 18226
[X] Wait for Reisen

Her leg's going to be hurting like hell, remember.
It would be only proper for us to help her around for the day.
No. 18227
[ ] Kitchen.
No. 18228
Hm, hmmm.

[X] Wait for Reisen

So far, not so bad.
No. 18229
[x] Kitchen
Gotta get some fucking food
Make some food
Food is good
No. 18230
[X] Kitchen.
let us be a Kitchen bitch
No. 18231
[x] Wait for Reisen
No. 18232
[x] Kitchen.
This is still anon, and anon is master chef.
No. 18233
[x] Wait for Reisen.
No. 18234
[x] Wait for Reisen and flex
No. 18235
[X] The entry way
No. 18236

Good point, changing to this.
No. 18237
Not this anon
No. 18238
[ ] Kitchen.


...if it's alright with the masters of the house, I mean, I mean, if they've already made breakfast and all, you know, or if they've already decided on what they're going to make or maybe they just don't want us to make breakfast for some reason, and it's not like it's a big deal, I mean, it's breakfast, we can make breakfast some other time, right?


No. 18239
[ ] Out back.

We have to pee. BADLY!!
No. 18240
[x] Wait for Reisen
No. 18241
[X] Out back.
No. 18242
[X] Wait for Reisen

She ought to be feeling that leg injury now. This is a chance to carry her bridal style to the breakfast table.
No. 18243
[X] Wait for Reisen

Don't we ever get changed?
No. 18244
[ ] Wait for Reisen
No. 18245
[ ] Wait for Reisen
We have a good thing going here, let's not fuck it up
No. 18246
[x] Wait for Reisen
No. 18247
Out of and in to what?
No. 18248
We need to do Inventory sometime
No. 18249
[x] Wait for Reisen
No. 18250
File 12084939771.jpg - (148.82KB , 500x703 , 1205976336799.jpg ) [iqdb]
(;´Д`) The.. the moe...
I... I don't think I can take it....
No. 18251
[x] Kitchen

It's time to see if we have the talent as our fellow border hoping Anon.
No. 18252
These are the only change of clothes we got from Eientei, and they must stink to high heavens by now. So Anon of us, don't you think?
No. 18253
>>She also either drooled on you or was chewing on your arm at some point, as it’s wet there.

Why does this strike me as being fucking adorable?
No. 18254
Anon should be using this time to prepare himself for the endless teasing and harassing that is bound to happen at breakfast.
No. 18255
[x] Wait for Reisen
[x] Kitchen
No. 18256
Because it is
No. 18257
[x] Kitchen.
No. 18258
Huh. That's a good question. Chalk it up to Fridge Logic, I guess.
No. 18259
your inventory consists of: Clothing (equipped) 1ea, Button (equipped) 1ea, Fluff 1 ea, Old Blue Box 1ea.
Storage: Camera 1ea, Film 17ea, Card 1ea, Hourai doll 1 ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.
No. 18260
File 120849436140.jpg - (96.58KB , 453x800 , db5ed49dc0c206975fb49071acb599d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god, pajama Reisen cuddled up with us asleep, chewing and drooling on our arm, I think I'm goinHRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGH
No. 18261

Wait, how'd we use another piece of film? And on what?
No. 18262
when did our film go down one again.
>Old Blue Box 1ea.
At least we got Kaguya always with us
No. 18263
File 120849446335.jpg - (13.75KB , 417x284 , 1204860448095.jpg ) [iqdb]

Udonge can take care of that.
No. 18264
The contents of that box will be our undoing. BRACE FOR IMPACT!
No. 18265
>Storage: Camera 1ea, Film 17ea, Card 1ea, Hourai doll 1 ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea.

Great! So, do we have to go to a room with the typewriter and ink ribbons and open a trunk to get those, or what?
No. 18266
Yeeeah. Somehow I doubt we're the one who's going to be more embarrassed by any playful ribbing.
No. 18267
Oh yeah, the box.

Since we told Tewi about Patchy, shouldn't also tell someone about our dream and the hair?

I think that might be kind of important.
No. 18268

She might become a stammering wreck of a girl. Either that or a very irritated person.
No. 18269
I don't know about you guys, but this is starting to bug me. I suggest we place "Find Aya" on our next daily agenda.
No. 18271
It shouldn't be that hard. Just look for any cardboard boxes that might be lying around.
No. 18272
Not running into Aya bothers you? WE'VE BEEN MISSING MYSTIA SINCE PISSING OF REIMU!! Our (9) Squad is still incomplete without her, and you're content with that!?
No. 18273
The only box around is the one in our inventory.

Suddenly everything makes sense. Aya is hiding in our box an sneaks out while we sleep to take pictures.
No. 18274
No. 18275
You know, considering she's supposedly friends with our sisters, I'm more curious about why THEY'VE not said anything about her absence.
The other three more or less gathered together rather easily. It's strange that only Mystia isn't around...
No. 18276

Seconded, of critical importance.
No. 18277
>>Old Blue Box 1 ea

I had my suspicions, but now I know. Kira is definitely a RO player.
No. 18278
Opening the OBB will lead us to despair.

We will discover, an arrow!
No. 18279
Took you this long? heh.

Also, with the late hour, I'm afraid I must depart. I was planning on pulling a darks, but I have since been informed that Plans have been made for me concerning the morning. So I'll be back tomorrow, also, waiting for Reisen won. G'night, and I'll see you all tomorrow.
No. 18280
Night man, thoroughly enjoyed your stories. Thanks a lot.
No. 18281
good night kira. Sleep great and dream of Reisen
No. 18282
File 120849587983.jpg - (283.35KB , 911x1200 , 1204759644548.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah I guess this is a pretty good stopping point. Reisen loves us, we are fully healed, and IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY.
No. 18283
It's EXACTLY how we wanted the day to end.

Night, Kirakari
No. 18285
No. 18286

Sleep tight.
No. 18287
I think Yuyuko ate her.
No. 18288
>Yeah I guess this is a pretty good stopping point. Reisen loves us, we are fully healed, and IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Perfect time for a kick to the nuts. I expect hell to break loose soon.
No. 18289
G'night, man.
No. 18290
Yeah, it's going to suck when the shit hits the fan again.
No. 18291
She has to have by now
No. 18292

Awesome posting, Kira!
Well done!
No. 18293
Night Kira, you wonderful bitch.
No. 18300
Finally some love for Anonymous
No. 18301
While I don't doubt that things will turn sour for us again eventually, I think it's still just a little too early for it to happen just yet.

We've arrived at the shrine, and have patched things up with the gang (some moreso than others...) but we've yet to actually get acquainted with our hosts.
Before the bad stuff starts happening again, I think we're due for some discussion with the Moriya family, and clearing up matters such as why we're there, their take on the situation, Reimu's activities as of late, and whether or not they would be willing to assist us in whatever the fuck it is we're supposed to be doing.

Plus, we're bound to get some report from an outside source regarding Eientei's fate, and what connection it may have to our dream and the mysterious Old Blue Box o' Hair, and probably some intel regarding the activities at the SDM.

Plus as long as it's been I think we're overdue for hearing from one of the Yakumos.

...a little more fun time with Reisen wouldn't be so bad, either.
No. 18343
Things to do:
1. Investigate what the fuck is that box
2. Make up with everyone else
3. Fuck Reisen
4. Fuck Reisen
5. Fuck Reisen
6. Fuck Reisen
No. 18347
Plus I`d like to know what actually happened and what didn`t happen. Pepper in stew was really confusing.
No. 18358
I wonder if we could get a bath.
No. 18359

>Well now. It’s a new day. Where to?

>It’s a new day

It's a new day
but it all feels old
It's a good life
that's what I'm told
but everything it all just feels the same
No. 18360
I expect the next event to be so fucking cheery, I can just hear Mr. Blue Sky as I read it.
No. 18365
File 120851899276.jpg - (305.16KB , 598x800 , 120795081152.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mr Blue sky is now playing in your head. Manually.

Awesome work with Reisen guys, glad we did something RIGHT while I was gone.

I wonder how the others feel about us now though? Wriggle for example, she didn't blush as much from the ruffles this time. Is this because she is still a little peeved at us or they're getting a bit old with her?

IMO, I think she's jealous of Reisen. In fact I think that Reisen will be our Naru, Wriggle will be our Shinobu, Moku our Motoko, Cirno our Su and Rumia? Well Rumia will be Rumia.

Prepare for love geometry with any luck.
No. 18367
I like how tone of MiG turned from:
>>You sit bolt upright and see Reisen sitting next to you. You're back in the room that you had been in before this whole mess started. You stutter in confusion, but Reisen shushes you.

But great stuff Kira, great stuff.
No. 18369
>>18343 >>18347
A proposed update/revision:

1. Investigate what the fuck is in that box
2. Ask Reisen exactly how much of yesterday was really eye-magick
3. Make up with everyone else
4. Slap Tewi
5. Find Aya, get the lowdown on exactly how this camera works and why it keeps using film on its own
6. Fuck Reisen
7. Fuck Reisen
8. Fuck Reisen

How's that for a slice of fried gold?
No. 18373

1. Investigate what the fuck is in that box
2. Ask Reisen exactly how much of yesterday was really eye-magick
3. Talk to Nitori to make sure you're not still dreaming
4. Make up with everyone else
5. Slap Tewi
6. Find Aya, get the lowdown on exactly how this camera works and why it keeps using film on its own
7. Fuck Reisen
8. Fuck Reisen
9. Fuck Reisen

No. 18374
File 12085217903.jpg - (50.31KB , 500x380 , mokouflames2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"...Mokou flying off the handle like that? Now THAT surprised me. Shoulda seen it coming. You’re the treasure of her lil’ darling, so of course she’s not gonna let any harm come to you. heh."

Wriggle's over us and our ruffles. We're nothing more than just "onii-chan" now.

It would seem Anon either has a clairvoyant dream ability, or Anon can manipulate the dream boundary that causes things to change in reality. We've brought a bit of Kaguya's hair from out of a dream, and we've added pepper in a stew during a dream-induced psychosis.

If the second one holds true, then first order of business: WET DREAMS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! WHATEVER HAPPENS IN THEM, HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE! DO IT!
No. 18375
>3. Talk to Nitori to make sure you're not still dreaming

Do I need to tell you how fucking pissed I will be if it turns out it was all just a dream? Do I?
No. 18376
Why speak with Nitori, especially? I merely wonder.

>Wriggle's over us and our ruffles. We're nothing more than just "onii-chan" now.
A bit sad, perhaps, but I can live with that. They grow up so fast...
No. 18380
Nitori has the power of SCIENCE. Reisen can't fake that shit.
No. 18381

If you die in real life, you die in the dream?
No. 18383
By the way, what happened to the "gland"?
No. 18386
that was GSQ, not MiG
No. 18388
link to the MIG bloody shovel archive please
No. 18409



No. 18439
Nitori had us pretty well shitting ourselves that Marisa had stomped our collective ass; I wouldn't exactly count on her as a bulwark of reality.

lol metric
No. 18462

Because everyone is American, right?
No. 18477
Speaking of Nitori disguising herself as Marisa...
Even if she was getting her info from tengu spies, does anyone else think there's something troubling about this?

>>"Suika said that she saw you running around with some people."
No. 18492
Entire world except some obscure dumbfucks uses metric, lol.
No. 18506
File 120853938816.jpg - (191.57KB , 646x3826 , English_p.jpg ) [iqdb]

lol wut?
No. 18516
metric is FUCKWIN, i don't know why some countries uses different systems.
It's like using celcius (in my country we use it) or farenheit in the case of measuring the temperature, it's kinda pointless to have different systems for the same thing
No. 18525
File 120854002849.png - (47.43KB , 1427x628 , Metric_system.png ) [iqdb]
no u

>Three nations have not officially adopted the International System of Units as their primary or sole system of measurement: Liberia, Myanmar and the United States.
No. 18606
new thread >>18508
No. 18739