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You are sitting at the edge of a lake, on a patch of grass, with your boot in the water, just deep enough to cool you off, but not enough to soak your feet.

In your hands, you are holding the two items you have acquired in your short stay in this place; a blank white card, and a peculiar octagonal box.

Absent mindedly, you start to play with the two items, spinning them around with your fingers, examining them, knocking them with your nails and shaking them around, expecting something to happen. When nothing happens, you carefully put the two items back inside one of the many pockets attached to your belt.


You sighed. Relaxing your muscle, you start leaning backwards, directing your face towards the moon.

Behind you is the edge of the forest. The darkness provided by its canopy makes for an ideal ambush site. Inside the forest, you know that you can find the thieving witch that had nearly put a hole in you on top of this very same lake.

But the witch is not in your concern right now, nor are the two strange items inside your pocket, not even the red castle at the other side of the lake and the unreasonably angry-yet-somehow-kind gate guard living inside it. No, right now, at this moment, your attention is fully directed at the moon.

A single white moon lonely watching the ground below like a concerned mother, bathing the scenery with dim, saddening gloom, making it as if the entire world is a masterpiece last work of a dying painter. Calm, no movement, no sound, just you as the single spectator.

It’s a beautiful full moon, that’s for certain, stunning, even.

But it’s not your moon.


You release all control over your body, and you fall onto the grass like a rag doll, face up towards the sky.

“Guess chartering a boat is no longer an option.”

You lay still for who knows how long, your brain cranked up to maximum, trying to devise a way to somehow get back to Nirn.

Maybe you could hitchhike with Durnehviir and take a detour through the Soul Cairn? Nah, you are pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to meet the Ideal Masters anytime soon. Not after they took half of your soul. Getting your soul back from hell was hard, you know.

Or you could try to replicate the Mananauts…nah, that’ll take too long.

Or maybe you could look for a time wound and…no, that wouldn’t work.

Try to invent a Shout for interdimensional travel? Do it wrong and you might end up fusing Sovngarde with Shivering Isles.

Or maybe you could…

“Are you lost, mister?”

Your chain of though got swiftly interrupted by a voice of a little girl.

You move your neck slightly, and you see that your ears did not deceive you. Indeed, there’s a little girl standing quite a pace away from you, on a dirt pathway that circles the entire lake along the edge of the forest. She’s carrying a cute little basket on her arm, weaved from what you guess to be some sort of pine straws. Inside the basket, there are a few stalks of white flowers peeking out like group of shy children. Roses. Weird, you did not see any roses around. Is she a rose seller? Well, at least her one piece white dress do gives the image of a flower girl. She’s a bit too clean to be a mere commoner, though. Her eyes are hidden under a big, round hat, but you cannot help but to believe that she is currently staring directly at you. Poking out from her hat, you can see that she has straight black hair about the length of her neck, all shiny and well-groomed.

“To be honest, young lady, I don’t really know. I think I’m more ‘stranded’ than ‘lost’.”

Your calm voice betrays the uneasiness in your heart. Unease, because you are probably stranded in an entire different reality, and also because this little girl here gives off the vibe of the unnatural. She is clearly not human. You would know, you have met a lot of inhumane beings in your life. You are only concerned whether or not this one would try to kill you.

“Do you know of a way home?”

“No.” you answered simply and truthfully. But was the girl this close before? You swear you only blink for half a second…

“Then you are lost.”

You blinked again, and the next time you opened your eyes, the little girl is already sitting next to you, facing the lake.

“Hmph.” You scoffed. It’s really hard for you to actually get lost, what with your Clairvoyant spell and magnificent sense of direction. “If there’s a way home, I’ll find it.” You said with utmost confidence. “I just need some time.”

“Oh, really?” the girl turns her head to look at you. Brown eyes. Everything that you can see from this girl suggests the presence of an ordinary human girl, but something just…off. Maybe it’s her crisp and unnaturally sweet voice, maybe it’s her calm and adult like demeanor, maybe it’s her intonation that suggest that she knows more than what she let on, but something about this girl is definitely hinting at something more than just a mere human girl.

“Would you like some help?”

“Hm?” You blinked again, and suddenly you have the little girl sitting on her knees right next to your head, her face looming above yours, smiling softly, as soft as a demon’s temptation.


Letting out a subdued yelp, you jumped away from the girl.

You are now sitting face to face with her, with the moon-lit lake as your background.

“Am I that scary?” the girl puts one finger on her lips and tilts her head, her big brown eyes are looking at you in an overly cute manner.

Honestly? Yes. This girl scares you, or at least mildly creeping you out, at best.

When you do not answer her question, the girl starts to pout, again in an overly childish manner.

“Are you ignoring me? it’s not polite to ignore a lady, you know?”

Even when you have the feeling that this particular lady could suddenly grows a jaw the size of a mead hall and swallows you whole?

But still, it’s impolite to ignore a woman, you guess.

“Err…right, what was that again?”

“Are you deaf? I’m offering you help to find your way home!”

If this girl is as what she seems to be, then you doubt she could help you. But then again, you also doubt that she is what she seems to be.

Eh, no harm in asking…right?

“What kind of help?” You asked while at the same time correcting your sitting position to a more formal manner. Well, as formal you can be with no chair in sight.

“My friend is a magician.” Oh? This is encouraging. “I’m pretty sure she could simply teleport you home, just puff!” the girl makes a gesture depicting a massive explosion. Well, that’s certainly encouraging indeed. Like you haven’t been exploded enough for five life times.

But if you want to do something like, opening a portal back to Nirn, it would most likely be beneficial to have the aid of a local magician, especially if that magician is experienced in either summoning or teleportation. Interdimensional travel is actually kind of like a regular travel, if you don’t know where you are, then you can’t reliably go anywhere. So at least you would need to know which reality you are currently standing on.

It also wouldn’t hurt to meet a fellow mage. Maybe at least you could exchange some useful notes.

“Okay, young lady, where I can meet this magician?” you decided to ask.

“Hmm…not so fast though.”

“Excuse me?”

“My friend is special. She would only want to meet with a special kind of people.”

Sounds like one of those insane people that dwell on top of a mountain or living inside a cave.

“Alright, what kind of people?”


The girl’s expression turns into that of someone in deep though.

Finally, she claps her hands, as if coming into a sudden conclusion.

“Say, mister, would you like to answer some questions?”


“Nothing too hard, of course. Just so I know what kind of person you are.”

If it’s only answering some questions, then…

“As long as it’s nothing too personal, eh, sure, why not.”

“Great! Okay, first question; How do you handle criticism?

“Excuse me?”

“Just answer the question, please.”

What a strange question, but nothing too intrusive, you guess.

[ ] Critics are always welcome. I’m the kind of person that makes a lot of mistake without even realizing, so it’s nice if people would want to correct me.

[ ] Depends on the critic. You usually don’t want to follow the advice of an idiot.

[ ] I don’t care what people say. I just do whatever I think is right, with my own judgment.


The girl seems conflicted, but otherwise satisfied.

“Good enough I suppose. Alright, second question; Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Again, a very strange question. But if the girl wants to know what kind of person you are, you guess this is a rather reasonable question.

[ ] I would open a business, maybe. I’m a pretty skilled merchant.

[ ] I’m going to open my own restaurant. They used to call me ‘The Gourmet’, you know.

[ ] I like to think of myself as a rather competent mage, but I’m still learning, so…studying?

[ ] I’m a very skilled black smith, so I would like to believe that I would spend my days crafting weapons and armors for nobles and paupers alike.

[ ] if I could get home, then I won’t even need to work. I’m rich.

“Hm. A very unexpected answer. But whatever. Third question; What do you look for in a leader?

[ ] Someone who I could look up to. Someone who whenever I see him or her, I know that everything is going to be alright.

[ ] Someone that would listen to his subordinate.

[ ] someone that could control his subordinate.

“Okay, next question…”

“Is this going to take long?”

“Oh, no, not at all, just a few more minutes. Now, Would you rather follow, or lead?

[ ] Follow.

[ ] Lead.

[ } I’m rather adaptable.

“Very good.” The girl, you just now noticed, is currently holding a small book and some kind of writing instrument. She probably pulled it out from her basket. ”Do you prefer to work alone, or in a team?”

[ ] I rather work alone. People tend to die when they follow me.

[ ] A large team makes everything easier. They tell you where all the traps are.

[ ] I usually work in a small team, often with only a single helper to carry my stuff.

“Rather straight forward, aren’t you?” the girl said while she wrote something on her little book.

“I am, madame. Is there anymore question?”

“Nope. That’s enough.” she put her book and her writing instrument back inside her basket.

“So…where can I find this magician you mentioned?”

“Oh, my friend? She lives just over there.” The girl pointed across the lake, back to the red castle.


“Is there a problem?” the girls stands up, followed closely by you.

“Nah, I just had some problem with the gate guard of that place. Somehow.”

“Ah. I see. But if my vision is correct, she probably wouldn’t even recognize you the next time you come.”

“Vision? What vision?”

And does this girl always have blue hair? You don’t remember.

And those lavish clothes?

And those gigantic pair of bat wings attached to her back? Each bigger than herself?





You quickly shake your head as fast as possible, shaking off the rest of the vampire’s glamour that clouds your mind.

Now that your mind is clear, you can see the girl in all her glory. Bat wings that are darker than the night above, an expensive looking white dress, clearly different from the one piece she was wearing before, and pale blue hair, almost white, giving the girl an added aura of mysticism. Even her round hat is changed. Though you do not know what kind of hat it is now. Also, red eyes. A pair of red eyes that shines unnaturally bright, as if they are emitting light of their own and not merely reflecting.

“Heh, nice one.” You said, praising her.

[ ] I like you better with black hair, though.

“Hm. Thank you.”

The girl flaps her wings once, and suddenly she’s already hovering over the lake, high above your head. Her silhouette is blocking the moon, making her seems a lot bigger to you. it’s rather intimidating, really.

“So what now?” you half shouted to the girl.

“I presume you still have some business that needs to be done inside that forest? Maybe something that involves a certain thieving witch?” she asked, but not really. It’s one of that question you ask even when you already know the answer.

So you answer with a simple ‘yes’

“Then, go and do whatever you need to be done. Then go back to my mansion. I believe that I have something that you could do for me…”

“And then you’re going to send me home?”

The girl let out a wide smirk. Even with the dim lighting, you can see her long fangs shining under the moon light.

“We’ll see.”

Well, at least now you know that this particular vampire brushes often, so you don’t need to worry as much when she decide to bite you.


She throws something at you. Something small, yet she threw it hard enough to make your palm hurt when you caught it.

It was a small pendant made of red amber, seemingly designed to be worn by little girl.

“What’s this?”

“A translation gem. Leave it under a full moon for a whole night, and it’ll grant you the ability to speak any form of language for one hour. Take it as a token of my good will.”

You examine the pendant closer and discover a hidden button, somewhere near the chain.

“Well, thank you. But ’A token of good will’? I don’t even know your name.” you said as you put the pendant in your pocket.

A flap of black wings, and suddenly she’s right in front of you.

“It’s Remilia. Remilia Scarlet.” She said softly, almost a whisper.

Another flap, and she’s back on top of the lake. Those wings must be magic, since you can’t feel any sort of air displacement from her movement, while naturally a flight of such quickness would generate nothing less than a minor maelstrom.


She screamed, and then, with one, powerful flap, she’s gone. No sound, no visual cue, nothing. As if the sky itself swallows her.

You are now alone, standing at the edge of a lake, your brain cranked to the maximum trying to comprehend what the sod just happened. It appears that you just got offered a job.

Standing there, watching the lake and the sky, and noting the lack of neither sound nor movement, you reminiscent the day when your head nearly got chopped off. The day that started it all.

It seems like you are in for yet another set of bizarre adventure.

“Yeah, with a name like that, she’s bound to go ‘Mwahahaha’ at some point.” you whispered to yourself as you start walking inside the forest.


Item Acquired; The Babel Necklace.

No. 179334
[x] Critics are always welcome. I’m the kind of person that makes a lot of mistakes without even realizing, so it’s nice if people would want to correct me.

Even an idiotic person will sometimes have an unexpectedly brilliant idea. Tiber Septim and Vivec didn't both attain Noble Enlightenment from ignoring those around them.

[x] I like to think of myself as a rather competent mage, but I’m still learning, so… studying. Also, I want to remind Skyrim why their Ancestors respected the Clever Ways.

[x] Someone who I could look up to. Someone who whenever I see him or her, I know that everything is going to be alright.
[x] I’m rather adaptable.
[x] I usually work in a small team, often with only a single trusted friend to watch my back.

I hope you are okay with the write-in edits.

Also OP, how familiar are you with the Robot Ghost of Elf-Slaughter Past(From the Future), A.K.A. Pelinal?
No. 179336
I'm glad the plot ninjas swooped in and solved that whole "language barrier" thing for us. I was starting to get worried we might be the first MC to actually have to learn Japanese.

I really wish OPRemilia would have explained this necklace better. Is it one hour of translation per day?

Or one hour of translation per night under the full moon? Limiting us to one hour of speaking or listening to foreign languages per 30 day cycle.
No. 179337
[X] Critics are always welcome. I’m the kind of person that makes a lot of mistake without even realizing, so it’s nice if people would want to correct me.
[X] I like to think of myself as a rather competent mage, but I’m still learning, so…studying?
[X] Someone who I could look up to. Someone who whenever I see him or her, I know that everything is going to be alright.
[X] I’m rather adaptable.
[X] I usually work in a small team, often with only a single helper to carry my stuff.

[X] I like you better with black hair, though.

Black-haired Remilia? Interesting.
No. 179339

First thread.
No. 179344
[X] Critics are always welcome. I’m the kind of person that makes a lot of mistake without even realizing, so it’s nice if people would want to correct me.
[X] I’m a very skilled black smith, so I would like to believe that I would spend my days crafting weapons and armors for nobles and paupers alike.
[X] Someone who I could look up to. Someone who whenever I see him or her, I know that everything is going to be alright.
[X] I’m rather adaptable.
[X] I usually work in a small team, often with only a single helper to carry my stuff.

Please tell me these aren't fluff votes.
No. 179345
[X] Depends on the critic. You usually don’t want to follow the advice of an idiot.
[X] if I could get home, then I won’t even need to work. I’m rich.
[X] Someone that would listen to his subordinate.
[X] I’m rather adaptable.
[X] I rather work alone. People tend to die when they follow me.

[X] I like you better with black hair, though.
No. 179350
[x] Critics are always welcome. I’m the kind of person that makes a lot of mistake without even realizing, so it’s nice if people would want to correct me.
[x] I’m going to open my own restaurant. They used to call me ‘The Gourmet’, you know.
[x] Someone that would listen to his subordinate.
[x} I’m rather adaptable.
[x] A large team makes everything easier. They tell you where all the traps are.

When you start a new thread, you should also post at the end of the old thread with a link to the new one. I'm probably not the only person who mostly just checks the watched threads list instead of scanning every board for new threads.
No. 179351
[x] Depends on the critic. You usually don’t want to follow the advice of an idiot.
[x] I like to think of myself as a rather competent mage, but I’m still learning, so…studying?
[x] Someone that would listen to his subordinate.
[x] I’m rather adaptable.
[x] I rather work alone. People tend to die when they follow me.
[x] I like you better with black hair, though.

Hey OP, how did we finish the Dawnguard quests, for the vamps or against them? Are we a vampire too? Or maybe a werewolf?
No. 179357
Introducing my first original character. Sort of. Do not steal. Well, actually, she’s technically not even mine, so….

You are walking inside of a very thick forest, with no more than a few meters of clearing between each tree. There are only a handful of holes scattered along the low, nearly solid canopy, just enough for the dim light of the full moon to burst through and gives shadows to the deranged-looking trunks. You’ve never seen trees quite like these. They don’t seem to be growing towards any kind of direction. Some of them grow to the west, some to the east, some grows straight up, and some even grows horizontally along the ground. The branches of the trees are tightly intertwined, moving together following the evening breeze, giving the illusion that the forest is a one large group of beasts, constantly trying to eat each others.

You are walking without direction, jaywalking between the trees, zigzagging left and right, taking a detour and going through the same place five times, going in circle. Sometimes you break your pace and run like a wolf, sometime you stand still like a tower, waiting, listening. You are doing this not because you are lost. A single casting of clairvoyant spell would instantly tell you where you need to go. No, the reason why you running around like a headless chicken inside of an unfamiliar forest on an unfamiliar land is not because you do not know where to go.

It’s because you are hoping someone else is going to get lost.

You are being followed, and not by a single person or being, either. It’s been a while, but you know they are still somewhere near. Very, very near. It frustrates you. You know there are dangers nearby, but you don’t know where exactly. But whoever, or whatever, are following you, they are truly a master of stealth, comparable to the best of the thieves guild. Each time you move a single step, they too would move a single step, synchronizing their footstep perfectly with yours. Only your trained ears let you know that you are being followed at all.

This is bad. Even you would be troubled by an ambush. Maybe you should simply burn the entire area to the ground?

Or maybe you should just cast invisibility and try to leave your pursuers behind?

Or maybe you could just wait and face your possible adversaries head on?

[ ] Burn everything.

[ ] Turn invisible.

[ ] Stand and fight.


Your decision making process is interrupted when you suddenly arrived at a circular clearing in the middle of the forest. Funny, you are sure you have gone through this part of the forest multiple times already in your effort to lose your stalkers, yet you don’t remember this clearing being here before. Even stranger, it’s perfectly circular, as if created by sentient hands. It’s about the size of a regular house, and right above, you can see the full moon as if it was deliberately placed dead straight in the middle of the sky. The ground is clear, though a bit dusty. This area eerily reminds you of The Arena, a clear venue with no obstacle where two people could freely try to murder each other.

What even stranger however, is the tiny form kneeling on the middle of said clearing.

You could not know whether the form is a male or female, because it’s wearing an all concealing green mantle and also has its back facing you, but it’s certainly is a humanoid. And judging from the size, it appears to be a child. Though you wonder what a child is doing alone in a place like this.

A clearing, and an object of interest put straight in the middle? This definitely smells of ambush. Maybe that is it? Maybe whoever are following you are using this child as a bait? This means you need to be careful in choosing your next action. This child could be an accomplice, if so, then it would be fine to just leave now. But there’s also possibility that the child was kidnapped, if so, then….


Is she…crying?


Yup. She’s definitely crying, also now you are sure that it is female. Starting out subdued, the girl’s cries gets louder and more hysteric every second. You see her shaking around left and right in place, hands on her face, calling on someone you are pretty sure is nowhere to be found. Her wails keep on getting louder and louder, until it finally starts to get weaker, and weaker, and weaker until it was nothing more than a soft whimper. And then, her body goes limp, and she promptly falls to the ground.


Okay, now that’s just sad. Ambush or not, you could never stand seeing a child getting hurt. Let this be the day they learn that whoever trying to ambush The Dovahkiin using a child as bait will die a…very creative death.

You approach the child, slowly and carefully, trying not to surprise her. But when you are close enough to get a good look at her, especially her mantle, you know that you have probably made the wrong move.

Her mantle is made of skin. Not hide, not leather, but skin. Not a live skin either, but something that looks like it was recently peeled off from a living organism. It’s rotten, green, and covered in pus, yet it somehow emanates soft smell that reminds you of a bouquet of Nirnroot…

The girl turns her head. You are half expecting a monstrous face that denies the love of the gods, but hey! She’s actually pretty cute! Under her hood you can see her straight red hairs sprouting out, long enough to almost cover her red eyes. Her face is small and looks delicate, a perfect shows innocence, but why is her expression clearly says “I got you.”?

Suddenly, without warning, the presence that has been stalking you for a while burst forth from the forest. And with the marching sound of dozens of feet, you find yourself completely surrounded by…by…

You have no idea what you are looking at.

They look like a green, rotten meat rod raised vertically and suspended by four clawed stick you think supposed to be legs. They are about as tall as you, with humanoid head, if said humanoid has been pickled in acid for two years.

In front of you, you find the little girl standing, barely reaching your waist. She looks up to you, and smiling, a satisfied smile akin to that of an apex predator. She speaks to you in a hissing voice, in a language you do not understand. But the next sound that comes from her mouth is definitely not something good.


[ ]Attack.

[ ] Wait.

[ ]Run.


So yeah, that was my OC, Takumi the Creeper Queen.

Creepers could fly in Gensokyo, btw.

Creeper from Minecraft belongs to Mohjang.
No. 179364
[X]Slow time.
Kill them before they kill us.
No. 179365
[x] FLY!

Screw this. Running from creepers never ends well. Just nope out of there using a dimension of travel they cannot use: Up.
No. 179371
[X] Run

>creepers in gensokyo

why would you do this
No. 179372
[X] Become ethereal

A very reasonable reaction if you are surrounded by enemies of unknown ability.
No. 179373
[X] Become ethereal

Sounds good, especially since the Creepers are able to fly
No. 179374

Won't we need some type of plan after becoming ethereal? I mean...it doesn't last forever.


The creepers can fly in this setting. Where is your god now?

[X] Marked for Death on the girl. If she wants to cry, let's give her something to cry about.
[X] Run

I have a feeling were gunna get railroaded into actually interacting with the OC no matter what we do.
No. 179376
Wait a minute. A creeper is the Dragonborn's ideal companion. All his companions usually just run at the enemy and die. A creeper fights by running at the enemy and dying. We must recruit the queen.
No. 179377
[X] Become ethereal
[X] Run
No. 179379
[x]Become ethereal
No. 179380
[X] Become ethereal
[X] Run
No. 179385
[]use unrelenting force to blast them away
No. 179386
[X] Fus ro DA**

[x] Bow and shoot arrows, or sword and throw swords
No. 179392
Pic related.

Whatever fluff votes are, i don't think these are. but their effect do would only become apparent much later in story. those votes are closed now, though.

It's the second one. an hour of translation to any language per month. i thought i made it pretty clear? it wouldn't be our main means of speaking Japanese, however.

Actually, i'm going to railroad you to meet another 2hu. one that lives in the forest and just happens to also has tons of exploding minions.

Werewolf. I did wrote that the Dovahkiin made deal with Hircine, didn't I?
No. 179536
Sorry for the lack of update this week. I've just finished my mid-term yesterday.

Also, I've started playing Mount & Blade.

And my King has just declared war with the entire world.

Now I know how it feels to be a German.
No. 179586


Before you manage to finish your shout, the girl exploded.
Waves of heat and sheer concussion force smash into you like a sudden bear ambush, knocking you off of your feet and sending you flying, crashing straight to a very unfortunate tree far away at the edge of
the clearing. Disoriented, you get back to your feet as fast as possible, only to find that the rest of the…’green creatures’ has gotten you surrounded in a very narrow circle.


Thinking as fast as a dragon in mid-freefall, you run to the nearest green creature and punch it straight in what could probably be considered a face. Empowered by your enchanted gauntlet, your punch has enough strength in it to send the creature flying, creating a hole in their defense, of which you waste no chance to jump through.

And just in time, too, because as soon as you brace yourself to run like a madman away from the scene, you hear a loud, chained explosion from behind you, louder that anything you have ever heard, yes, even louder than exploding timeline. Once again, you are sent flying, and land on the ground in a way a casual observer would probably find humorous. You have no time to laugh, however, as the girl from before, who is supposed to have already exploded, is standing right next to you.

“What the…?”


You are, once again, finding yourself flying. Keep on like this, and your body may starts growing up some wings.

This time, however, you are somewhat ready for the landing. As you hit the ground, you start rolling like a ball, and using your momentum to get back on your feet and start running like…like you are being chased by a group of suicidal exploding monsters.


Once again, you enter the edge of existence. In this state, you cannot tire, allowing you to run as fast as your legs allow without any consideration of fatigue. Your brain keep on telling your legs to swing faster and faster, pushing them to the edge of their ability, until you find yourself running faster than any man in Nirn. However, you still cannot feel calm, since as long as you’ve been running, you also been hearing her voice, its source matching your speed, singing right behind you in a language you cannot understand, but its cheerful intonation spells doom to your ears.

Oh, hi, they called me ‘Creeper’.
So nice, nice to meet ya?
Is that the time? It's time to leave?
And tick-Tock-Tick-Tock…

She’s onto you. No matter how hard you push your body, even in this ethereal form where you do not need to worry about any bodily limitation, you can hear her song’s pace is getting quicker and quicker as the source is getting closer and closer to you, threatening to explode on your back at any moment.

I do what I wanna!
Move aside, mama!
Tick tick, I'm a suicide bomber!
I take control, then I'm gonna,
Leave a gaping hole, Belladonna!

You keep on running even deeper and faster into the forest, unconsciously applying your forestry experience in path finding, zig and zagging among the trees hoping to lose your pursuers. Alas, it is of no use. The voice is getting louder, and even faster.

Detonate your soul!
Fizz like a lemonade then blow!
So you better stay indoors,
Or I'll find your mine when you're mining ore,
You'll be dying, lying in gore!

You think that if you understand even one bit of the lyric of the song, you wouldn’t like what it’s saying, despite the upbeat tone.

But then, without ever slowing down, or giving any musical sign that it’s supposed to end, the song stopped. And the forest is back to the way it was before. Calm and mildly creep, with only the sound of your own footsteps crushing the dry leaves can be heard.

Nice timing, too. As in the exact moment the song stopped, reality decided that something is wrong and kicked you out of your ethereal form.

You keep on walking. Fortunately your clothes are fireproof, otherwise you are pretty sure that you would be straight up naked by now. Tough you think the concussion alone is enough to break a few ribs. Just to make sure, you cast healing spell on yourself. You cringed a little bit as the remnant of Magnus work to mends your slightly cooked skin, joins your slightly torn flesh, and fixs your slightly shattered bones. Otherwise, you keep on walking. Just this level of injuries is not enough to even bring the Dovahkiin to a limp.

You walk on for a quite a while until you find yourself upon another clearing. This time however, there’s no crying child on the middle of it. But a house.

It’s a small cottage, with a small, two stories tower built into its side. It seems to be made of stone and mortar, so it would be pretty sturdy, even when faced against a group of exploding green monsters. Though you are not sure about the windows and the door…

You approach the house. There are some reasons of why you want to do this;

-First, whoever inside this house is either know of the whereabouts of the witch you are looking for, or better yet, it is the domicile of the witch herself. There can’t be that many people living in this kind of place.
-Second, you need to warn whoever lives here of the group of exploding green monsters that you have most likely and unintentionally brought here.
-Third, because this is probably just another ambush and that this house is actually a monster ready to eat whoever gets near. And that would be awesome. (In a purely academic way, of course.)

You arrive at the door. Like many other doors, it is made of wood. You knock once, no answer, you knock twice, no answer. You knock thrice, and the entire door went down with a loud bang to the floor.

Hmm. Was that your fault? Nah, surely that door needs some fixing anyway. Judging from the paint job, this place obviously doesn’t gets many visitors. Yeah, that’s totally it, and not because you knock on a cranky wooden door with an enchanted gauntlet.

You look inside the house. It’s dark, with no lighting whatsoever.


Are those… children nailed onto a wall?

You cast ‘Night Eye’ to get a better look of the interior, and feel a wave of relieve as you realized that those children are just dolls. A very well made doll, almost indistinguishable from a fresh corpse. And they are not nailed, but hanged by a rope to the ceiling, very close to the wall.

Curious, you let yourself inside. Besides, you would probably want to warn the owner of this house about the broken door, and how it’s clearly not your fault.

Other than the dolls, the main living room looks depressingly empty. And the wall paint is pretty worn down too. The owner is definitely not expecting any guest.

First, you thought that the house is empty, but then your sensitive ears catch some noises from upstairs. It could be either the owner of the house, or a thief. Either way, it would be beneficial to find the source of that noise.

You find a door leading to a spiraling staircase, spanning all the way up to the tower’s second story. You climbed the stairs until you find a door, just as bare the other one, this time, you do not knock, but reach for the handle first. It is not locked.

The door swiftly opened with nary a sound. Passing it, you see what you assume to be a workshop, with tools everywhere. Knives, scalpels, ropes, and more tools that you have never seen before, arranged neatly in cup, desk, or shelf according to their sizes and functions.

The room is not as dark as in the first floor, but still, the only lighting came from a strange apparatus, probably magical, that looks like a shining orb put onto a stand. The stand itself sat on a desk at the center of the room, and at the front of that desk, there sitting a woman, working.

…just a little more…

From what you can see, the woman is of medium height, with short, light blonde hair, lighter than the witch, and she is wearing a simple blue dress made with a good material by a very fine tailor.


The girl is busily working on an unfinished doll lying across the table. It seems to be almost complete, as you guess with your limited knowledge of doll-makery and very advanced knowledge of Animunculi. You can see its large green eyes looking lifelessly at the ceiling, and its long, red hair already curled, ready to be adorned with a pretty bow as one final touch. But otherwise the only thing that the doll would need is a piece of clothing, since it’s currently naked.

…careful…one little mistake and it’s all over.

You can’t see what exactly the woman is doing, but her hand movement seems to be concentrating on the doll’s torso.

You approach the woman, trying to make your footstep as loud as possible. She does not react.

“Uh…excuse me, lady?”

What’s that? No, must stay concentrated. There’s nothing more important than this.

“Hello?” you called louder. But the woman seems to ignore you. maybe she’s deaf?

You’re about to reach out to her with your arm, when you are stopped by an uncomfortably familiar voice.


The woman looks back, revealing a strangely doll-like face with dull green eyes. But she is not looking at you. She’s looking at someone behind you.

Hesitantly, as if unwilling to look at your inevitable doom, you turn your neck and looks back.




“Are you awake yet?”

Awake? You feel like you’ve been awake for thousand of days! Which is probably the case. You try to open your eyes, but it feels like you have a horse attached to each of your eyelid.

“Come on. Here, let me help you.”

You feel very large hands, like those of a giant, yet strangely soft, grabbing your entire head like it’s an apple.

You feel your eyes gently opened by an outside force, and in front of you, greeting your sight like a motherbird standing in front of her chick, is the woman from before, with short blonde hair and dull green eyes. Her expression is motherly, smiling as if greeting a newborn baby. You are pretty sure that you are not a newborn baby, but was the woman always been this large?


…And why are you wearing a frilly dress?

When she seen you giving attention to the dress, the woman’s face lights up even more.

“Oh! Do you like the dress? I made it just for you, you know?”

You take a quick glance at your surroundings. Other than the fact that you are now wearing a frilly dress, of which the cause can be delved into later, there seems to be nothing strange around…except for that hole in the wall. You also noticed that you are sitting on a desk in front of a lady. How impolite.

You’re about to stand up, but there’s a doll’s hand on your lap. You don’t know how that got there, but you instinctively try to grab it. This is when you find out that your hand cannot be moved.

The doll’s hand, however, moved.

You try to raise one finger.

The doll’s hand raises one finger.

You try to raise a second finger.

The doll’s hand raises a second finger.

You try to ball up your hand into a skull-crushing fist.

And the tiny, frail looking doll’s hand balls up into a tiny fist that probably wouldn’t even be able to hurt a fly.

-Write ins.

[ ] Stay professional.
-Write ins.


You are now a Rozan Maiden. Go figure.

Also, British people are awesome. Especially their rappers.
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OP here, from mobile.

Is it just me, or THP writers is cursed by the exploding CPU hex? Because pic related.

expect less update from now on.

and yes I totally aware that I misspelled some words. Nothing I can do about it now.
No. 179600
[X] keep calm after it's not as weird as the cheese (or cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese as he put it) party Sheogorath "invited" you once... wait no it is weirder
-[X]try to keep calm
--[X]fail horribly
No. 179603
MFW less dragon incident;

-[X]Try to keep calm.
--[X]Fail horribly.
No. 179604

OP here, posting from an electronic store near campus. Trying to get my hand on a sweet gaming laptop
No. 179629
Hope you're ready to spend big.
Also, if it doesn't come with a dedicated GPU, DO NOT BUY IT. I've seen so many 'gaming' laptops with onboard graphics only, it's disgusting.
No. 179645
What he said. Those integrated chipsets are worthless.
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-[x] Shouts everywhere
No. 179876
-[X]Try to keep calm.
--[X]Fail horribly.