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[x] Maybe... the Lotus Pavilion? There's things to do there...

- - -

It was important to make sure you picked somewhere memorable, or at least interesting... and come to think of it, Yuuka hadn't been with you when you visited the Lotus Pavilion. You didn't see much while you were there, but they seemed to have some services that would be good for a date! At the very least, it would likely be somewhere new for the flower youkai.

"Well, there's a place I want to take you to! I've only been there a few times, but it seems like a pretty nice place, so..."

The flower youkai nodded. "A place you enjoy seems like a fine idea, little flower. Though, if I may inquire, just what is the place?"

"Ah, it's the, uhm, Lotus Pavilion. Have you heard of it?"

Yuuka slowly shook her head. "I cannot say it sounds familiar. The word 'lotus' could refer to several different types of plants and flowers, with many different meanings between them... regardless, I shall look forward to seeing this place. Shall I come to your house tomorrow morning, or do you want to start the date later in the day?"

Well, the Lotus Pavilion saw most of its business in the evening, but the morning might be a bit too early... there was no way to know how long a visit there might last, after all! It wasn't too long on your first trip.

"Morning might be a little too early, I think. How about the afternoon?"

"If that is what you wish, little flower. Will this Lotus Pavilion require any special preparation on my part?"

Given you had last time shown up with Sakuya, who was dressed in her maid outfit, and Reimu in her usual, you somehow doubted the Pavilion had any kind of special dress code. At least, not for its visitors.

You shook your head after a moment of thought. "No, I don't think it'll require anything special. I've only been there a few times, but I don't think it's a place you have to dress up all fancy for. Of course, if you want to, you can!"

"Alright. Is there anything I should be aware of? Expenses, for example."

Ah. You hadn't even thought about that. Well, you had no idea what kind of payment would go into this, but you had a fair amount of money, so you didn't expect it to be a problem... geez, Yuuka was really catching you offguard with all these questions.

"N-nothing I can think of. A lot of thought goes into this kind of thing, doesn't it...?"

Yuuka gave you a small smile. "It is best to always put forth as much thought as possible. That is the most respectful thing to do on a date. If there is nothing else you can think of, I shall take my leave to prepare for tomorrow. I will be looking forward to it, little flower."


The rest of the day was kind of unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Most of it was spent just realizing exactly what you had gotten yourself into.

Three dates.

With three different friends.

All three of whom had a romantic interest in you.

It sounded kind of crazy when you thought back on it, and you had to wonder just how these kinds of things happen. But well, by that point, you were kind of committed so you couldn't really get out of it - not that you were really thinking of getting cold feet, of course!

Your sleep was surprisingly restful, even though you felt kind of restless about this whole thing. You had kind of gone on a date with Yuuka before and all, but this one just... felt different somehow. Maybe it was because she had actually asked you directly, instead of getting it as a favor for losing a game of strip poker.

And Aya and Reimu had asked you as well. But you would have to think about them another today - today was for Yuuka, after all. You had to stay focused! And kind of hope Aya and Reimu didn't try to kill one another on their 'date'. It was a good thing you had decided to have it in the afternoon, since it gave you the whole morning to prepare yourself.

Mostly mentally, given you weren't exactly the kind of girl to own a huge wardrobe of clothes, or any fancy makeup or anything like that. But you had to mentally prepare. Just stay calm and see how it went... that's what the purpose of these dates were, right? Then you would all have a big, relaxing day on Valentine's Day. Easy!

Before you knew it, afternoon had come. It had to be, since there was someone knocking at your door and it was too late for Aya to come by. In fact, you hadn't even seen her all day - though your Bunbunmaru was still delivered, of course. Maybe she was busy getting ready with Reimu, or just knew that she shouldn't bug you on your day with Yuuka?

As expected, the one knocking at the door was Yuuka. She was dressed the same as usual, and she looked pretty much the same as always... yet, somehow she just seemed a bit... different. You couldn't really figure out why, though. Maybe it was some kind of mental thing, since you were going on a date?

"Good afternoon, little flower. Are you ready to go?" she asked with a smile.

Okay, that was a little different. Yuuka usually didn't smile quite like that, it was always a kind of small, little smile. This one just felt... warmer, somehow? Maybe the difference was in the... air around her? She just seemed much more relaxed, at ease? Bah, it wasn't important enough to think about so much!

"Yes! All good to go, so, uhm... y-yes, let's be off. Or, well, I guess actually I'm leading since I'm the one who knows where to go."

Oh god you were already tripping all over yourself.

Yuuka took hold of your hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Calm down, Reina, and take a deep breath. There is no need to be nervous like this, just relax and enjoy it."

You did as you were told and smiled. "Right. Sorry, guess I'm just kind of... ah, nevermind. Well, yes, let us be off then. It won't be too hard to find it, I know the way so - "

You were interrupted by the flower youkai suddenly picking you up and sweeping you into her arms. She chuckled softly and began to float off the ground. "Tell me where to go little flower, I fly a bit faster then you after all."


As was your usual routine, you had Yuuka land in a more normal location before leading her on foot to the 'Red Light' district that the Pavilion was located in. If she found this unusual, she didn't comment at all.

It may have helped that the usual catcalls didn't seem to come this time - maybe the people lining the streets knew you were headed for the Pavilion, or maybe it was just because Yuuka was here. She seemed to make some people uneasy. Without those distractions to slow you down, you were able to reach the end of the street quickly.

"So, ah, this is the Lotus Pavilion." you said, gesturing at the fairly fancy building before you.

"It seems like a fine establishment. I wonder what you have in mind, Reina." As she spoke, the youkai looked at the building and quickly noted the symbol. "I imagine this is why it is called the 'Lotus' Pavilion."

You had actually never asked about that, but it probably made sense for it to be named after that flower. The lotus did have some significance in... ah, no, that wasn't important, better keep your mind focused.

"Well, let's head on inside then." As the one with more experience, you felt obligated to go in first. Stepping forward, you slid open the paper door and ushered your date inside. As Yuuka stepped gracefully over the threshold, you heard a familiar voice chirping out to greet you.

"Welcome to the Lotus Pavilion, honored guests... Ah, Reina! Welcome back!" Stepping in and closing the door behind you, you saw the familiar receptionist sitting at her desk. Even though it was a bright day outside, the dark wood and dim lanterns made it feel like it was already evening in here. That nice flowery smell was still hanging in the air as well.

It was a good thing you at least had her to greet you. That would make this a bit easier! Maybe. You gave her a smile and a wave in response.

"Ah, hello. I hope you're having a good day?"

"Of course! It's always a pleasure to work here. Have you brought in somebody new today?" she asked, gesturing towards Yuuka. Your date was keeping to herself a few feet away, holding her parasol behind her back as she examined the lobby. For some reason, she didn't seem to bother the young receptionist like she did most other people.

"That's good to hear! And, uhm, yes. This is..."

The flower youkai nodded her head to the receptionist, "Yuuka Kazami. I'm her friend, and date."

She said it! So casually even!

"A-ah, well uhm... yes, that's her." you mumbled quickly.

The receptionist indulged in a small chuckle. "Oh, my. It's rare to see couples come here, but it does happen every so often. Looking to spice up your relationship~?"

Your face was heating up with embarrassment, you were sure. "A-ah, well uhm, I mean that is, I've never been here as a... customer and uhm, we-well..."

Her grin faded to a more polite smile. Seems she was through teasing you. "I see. Well, what sort of service would you desire today? The Lotus Pavilion caters to all sorts of tastes, be they chaste or exotic."

"Er, well... I'm not really sure what my options are, to be honest. I mean, ah, what do you offer that's nice for a... date?"

"A wide variety, ranging from simple companionship, to dancing, to... more private things. And if it's you, I suppose we could allow you to use our private bath. We have a listing of services right here. And it's still early, so only a few of our girls are in at the moment. You'll find them on the first four pages of this book." She held out that book you'd been told not to read, with a fine sheet of parchment on top.

You thanked the receptionist and took the offered book, flipping it open. You had actually never seen inside this book before, Aya and Reimu had kind of hid it from you...

It looked to be a book of pictures. Each of the first four pages held a glossy, full-size photograph, each depicting a woman in a very... compromising position.

First, there was a svelte young woman with long, light-pink hair. She... Actually, she wasn't wearing anything at all! The picture showed her in the middle of a complicated-looking dance, and she just happend to be covering her privates with a pair of glowing blue fans. Strange glowing masks floated all around her, and she seemed to be staring right into the camera with her pale, bright pink eyes. At the bottom-right corner, in some of the neatest handwriting you'd ever seen, it was signed "Kokoro Hata."

On the next page was a more mature-looking woman with red eyes and short purple hair. Unlike the last girl, she was at least wearing a little, though it still wasn;t very much; all she had on was a black hat with red ribbons perched on her head, and a white cloth with red frills carefully wound over her body to cover up her most scandalous parts. She was lying back on a bed with long crimson sheets, with rose petals scattered over both the bed and her pale, curvy body. The writing at the bottom artfully spelled out "Iku Nagae."

You could feel Yuuka's curious stare boring into you, so you quickly turned the page to see the other two girls. You really shouldn't have been staring at them so much, but...

Anyway. The next page had a red-haired catgirl, who was crawling towards the camera on all fours. She was wearing a somewhat transparent green nightie and black panties, which didn't do much to hide her round, perky breasts. Her tongue is sticking out seductively, and she has one hand raised for a cat-like swipe. Her fuzzy black ears stood on end, and her two tails were curled together into a heart. The picture was signed "Rin Kaenbyou," with a little cat paw at the end.

Finally, there was a young but well-endowed girl with lavender hair and a pointy pink hat. Her clothing looked like those schoolgirl unifoms from the outside world, with a dark blue jacket over a white dress shirt and a red plaid skirt underneath. She seemed to be all alone with the photographer in a classroom, with a music stand set up nearby and a shiny trumpet hovering near her. Her unitform didn't seem to give her much modesty, though, seeing as she was winking at the camera and holding a finger to her lips while flashing her pure white panties. "Merlin Prismriver!" was written at the bottom, followed by a little drawing of a smiley face playing a trumpet.

This book was really... something else. Kind of made sense why they'd hide this from you now... and maybe Sakuya and Reimu knew some of these people? None of the them looked familiar to you at all, but those two had seen much more of Gensokyo.

You couldn't show this to Yuuka, either. Although, your face felt rather hot, so you had to imagine she could guess what was inside.

... And who took these pictures, anyway? Aya was the only photographer you knew of, but she had never spoken of this kind of stuff before. Ah, whatever. Maybe a thought for another time, but not now.

With the book done, there was the list of servic- Oh, dear. You quickly flipped it over, realizing that those were certainly not the things you were going to do with Yuuka. On the other side were some more sensible activities. As expected of a place like this, the prices were fairly high, but they were still well within your budget... and they were a lot less then the ones on the other side of the list. Which you were certainly not going to even look at again, because that was not happening on a date with Yuuka.

"It appears that book is quite something, little flower. Your face tells an interesting tale," Yuuka commented with an amused smirk.

"I-It was a bit more then I had expected, I will admit. Uhm, s-so, I can pick someone from the book to... help with whatever I choose, basically, right?"

The young woman nodded back, still smiling professionally. "That's right. The services on that side of the list have an hourly rate, while the ones on the other side are per act."

Hourly rates... well, that did explain why the costs were lower. Still, it looked like they would work out to something easily affordable! You weren't going to spend all day here after all... and there was no use in even looking at those set prices, because that was not happening.

- - -

Well, who were you going to pick?
- First you had to pick someone!
[ ] Kokoro Hata
[ ] Iku Nagae
[ ] Rin Kaenbyou
[ ] Merlin Prismriver

And then what do you actually do? (2 hour slot)
[ ] There was an option for just drinking and conversing... (20 Sen/hour, 40 Sen total)
[ ] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)
[ ] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)
[ ] The private bath almost sounded like a special offer... (50 Sen/hour, 1 Yen total)
[ ] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)

> You have 17 yen and 40 sen

No. 176794
[x] Iku Nagae
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)

These choices call to me. Yuuka dancing sounds interesting.
No. 176795
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)

I gotta see how this'll play out.
No. 176801
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)
No. 176802
[x] Merlin Prismriver
[x] The private bath almost sounded like a special offer... (50 Sen/hour, 1 Yen total)

Don't mind me, I'm just picking the idea I like best while having the single biggest, most stupid grin plastered on my face~
No. 176806
[X] Merlin Prismriver
[x] The private bath almost sounded like a special offer... (50 Sen/hour, 1 Yen total)

No. 176807
[X] Rin Kaenbyou
[Z] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)

Because the massages were great, and I think Rin would be good at that. (Anyone who has slept in a room with an affectionate cat would know that they love to hop up on your back/stomach and randomly shift their weight around.)

It does sound like a very... Interesting option, but we're here to show Yuuka a good time. "Experimentation" can wait until some other time, in my opinion.

Oh gods. All I can think of is "Stayin' Alive" blaring at full blast from a stereo set.
No. 176808
[X] Rin Kaenbyou
[X] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)

It´s cat time!
No. 176810
[X] Iku Nagae
[Y] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)

Well, she is a servant of the heavens and all. I expect she knows her way around this sort of thing. And a massage is an unusual thing that wouldn't show up just anywhere.

The bath sounds interesting, but then, we can swing by the Hakurei Shrine for hot springs basically whenever.
No. 176811
[X] Merlin Prismriver
[X] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)
No. 176812
[x] Kokoro Hata
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)

Kokoro can teach us how do do a fan dance for Yuuka.
No. 176813
[x] Kokoro Hata
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)
No. 176814
[x] Hata no Kokoro massage

I think domming Yuuka would best be done on a second or third date.
No. 176815
[x] Kokoro Hata
[x] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)
Can't resist my curiosity.
No. 176817
[x] Iku Nagae
[x] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)
No. 176819
[x] Kokoro Hata
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)

Domination doesn't sound like a first date kind of thing to me.
No. 176826
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)
No. 176827
As a heads-up, due to the holidays, and the matching up of schedules required for co-write ventures, I would not expect the next update for at least a few days.

Not to disappoint anyone, or dissuade anyone from voting, of course. But you can use that time to talk more amongst yourselves if you want!
No. 176833
[X] Rin Kaenbyou
[X] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)
No. 176840
[x] Iku Nagae
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)

This also calls out to me.
No. 176841
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)
No. 176875
[x] Kokoro Hata
[x] A dance? That was kind of different. (30 Sen/hour, 60 Sen total)
No. 176877
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)

Because why not?
No. 176881
[X] Rin Kaenbyou
[X] Another massage would be pretty great! (40 Sen/hour, 80 Sen total)


We can save domination for Valentines itself.
No. 176903
Must...resist...voting with...dick!

[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)

...Oh goddamnit.

I'm sorry for being so weak. ;_;
No. 176907

Uhhh, well this'll be interesting either way.
No. 176912
She can give anyone here a run for their money.

[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing...
No. 176916
despite being done in a good number of doujins?
No. 176922
Especially because. Also, it's done far less than reputation would indicate. Same thing with Kanako and her ropes, it's actually EXTREMELY rare to even find Kanako centric doujinshi, then to have the ropes come in is almost never happening. Even then, I've seen several mentions around touhou communities about how that is "so done". Seriously, fuck people sometimes. And by transitive property of fuck, fuck you.
No. 176927
Just hop on g.e-hentai and search for "Yuuka."

Practically half her doujins are bondage/domination.

That said, I think that taking the calm and controlled Flower Youkai to a whorehouse was a poor choice, but I missed the vote. Oh well.
No. 176929
The update will probably happen around Sunday. In the mean time, you can read something that was written by me and BSD the past few days.


It's not Reina, but instead a genderswap short. Hopefully it'll tide everyone over regardless.
No. 176936
it's /th/, poor choices are normal especially when you have something like the Lotus Pavillion in the picture, adding in smut starved /at/ dwellers desperate to get their fix.

I'm seriously tempted to not read this until the whole valentine mess is over as it will have nothing but bad choices.

It comes up in various fanfiction and most fans would mindlessly mention such things.
No. 176937
Ah, the good old "bitches and whores" prude. I thought you only infested forest but I should have expected you here.

Long story short: no one cares. If you have nothing constructive to say, then don't say anything. I'm aware of the irony so I won't post again here: just wanted to stop wiseman 2.0 from starting another one-man shitstorm.
No. 176942
He's a jackass.
No. 176943
Forgot to sage. Might as well vote.
[] Merupo Dance
No. 176945
There was a guy like that in forest? I know of such a guy in shrine shitting up the Marisa's Library story.
No. 176947
[X] Kokoro Hata
[X] D-domination? ... Well, it would be a pretty unique thing... (75 Sen/hour, 1 Yen and 50 Sen total)

- - -

There were a lot of options to consider, and a lot of girls as well... it didn't help that a lot of the options sounded really good. The massage from Letty last time had been incredible, but maybe it'd be a good idea to try something new... and a private bath sounded nice, but you always had Reimu's hot spring to use...

Coming out all this way to just talk and drink seemed kind of wasteful as well, and a dance... may not have been a bad idea, but something about that last option just seemed kind of, erm... different. Really, really different. Very unique.

Ah hell, you were just going to do it. It was pretty different, and, well... surely there was nowhere else you could do that, right? You flipped through the book one last time, stopping on a page and showing the picture of Kokoro to the receptionist.

"Uhm, I'll pick her, and then..." You pointed to the 'domination' item on the list. "T-this service, for... two hours."

The flower youkai peered over your shoulder, catching a glimpse of where your finger was pointing.

"My, my... I did not know you were curious about that kind of thing, little flower. This could be interesting." she commented with a chuckle.

Ack! You thought she couldn't see the list like that! Or, wait. Maybeyou should've let her see too? It might have been good to actually told her or ask for her opinion, come to think of it.

"E-erm, well, it seemed kind of different and, ah, t-that is, uhm... maybe I should've asked your opinion..."

Yuuka patted you gently on the shoulder, "Worry not, Reina. I trust you to make the decisions. There is little on that list - front or back - that would be too much for me. I think this will be quite the unique experience..."

The receptionist couldn''t help raising her eyebrows, but she didn't smirk or giggle or anything. After a deep breath, her voice came out sounding as professional as ever. "An excellent choice! Kokoro is still a bit new here, so she'll appreciate the attention. Let me go and get her now; she'll need a moment to prepare, so please be patient." With a quick bow, she was off.

Well, now there was nothing to do but wait. Wait, and try to not think too hard on what was about to happen. You knew what the word 'domination' meant and all, but what did it exactly entail? What was that Kokoro girl going to be like?

"Already wondering what you've gotten yourself into, little flower?" teased Yuuka, a knowing look in her eyes.

You chuckled and rubbed the back of your head, "J-just a little bit. I mean, it did seem like a pretty, erm, interesting choice but I don't really know what it's going to be like. I guess that's kind of worrying but also kind of... exciting?"

The flower youkai nodded, "That is a normal reaction. It is also one of the best reasons to try new things - that feeling of worry mixed with excitement is quite a special thing. It is not really something I ever feel myself anymore; after a few centuries, you find that you have done much of everything..."

"That's kind of sad to think about, actually..."

"It is not as bad as it sounds. I may have experienced much, but the experience is different when someone new is involved. This will be a new experience for you, and my first time experiencing it with you - thus, I am still quite pleased."

That was an... impressively romantic speech right there. At least Yuuka was willing to go along with your decision, so that was one worry out of your mind. Still, you couldn't really think of a proper response to that, and the sudden silence was kind of awkward...

Fortunately, you didn't have to wait too long for the receptionist to come back, smiling as eagerly as ever. "Thank you for waiting! Kokoro's very eager to meet you. Please, come with me."

And with that, you were following her through the dim, pleasantly-scented halls once again. She didn't lead you too far in this time, probably because the rooms were mostly unoccupied at this hour. The sliding door you stopped at looked the same as all the others, and you had to wonder for a moment how the receptionist could tell them all apart. You were probably just distracting yourself from the coming... encounter, though.

"She's waiting right in here. I hope you enjoy yourselves!" The receptionist bowed one more time before heading off, leaving you alone with Yuuka at the door.

You'd kind of been expecting to be led into the room as well for some reason. As a result, there was that awkward moment of wondering if you were going to go first, or if Yuuka was, or if you'd both do it at the same time. Well, you were the one who picked this all out, so it should be only proper that you go in first! Yeah, okay, better just do it before Yuuka beats you to it, or something.

You knocked politely, and a muffled voice told you to come in. After a quick gulp to steel yourself, you pulled open the door and went in...

Well, the room was the same as always. Wide-open and sparsely-furnished, brightly lit by a few lanterns. There was a futon pushed off to one side next to an ominous-looking box, and a fairly large table sat near the middle of the room.

And right in front of it was Kokoro, your chosen companion. Her face seemed almost completely blank as she regarded you, her mouth a flat line and her pale pupil-less eyes staring straight at you. You didn't know how the recptionist could call that "eager."

She thankfully wasn't naked like she was in the picture but the outfit she wore was still... quite lewd. A light blue collar was fastened around her neck, and then she was naked from there to her torso, where she was wearing a blue corset-like garment that just barely covered the lower half of her small bust. Long leather gloves encased her thin arms up past the elbows; at the moment, her hands were held together in front of her, gripped firmly around a long black riding crop. Peering behind the gloves, you could see that she was wearing a frilly pair of plaid blue panties. Just above those was a matching garter belt, connected to a pair of light blue stockings that encased and smooth out her shapely legs. Finally, her small feet were tucked into a shiny pair of black, high-heeled boots. Even with those, she was still a few inches shorter than you.

All together, she looked kind of... young, maybe a couple years younger than you. Her short size and small breasts make it seem like her body's still growing. Not exactly the kind of person you'd expect for something like this, but looks can certainly be deceiving...

... Ah, you've been staring this whole time! And Yuuka's smirking again. Come on, remember your manners!

"Hello! I-I'm Reina. Erm, Reina Roots, that is." you say nervously.

Behind you, the flower youkai nodded her head. "And I am Yuuka Kazami."

Kokoro bowed stiffly to each of you in turn, then raised a gloved hand to her mouth and quietly cleared her throat.

"My name is Kokoro Hata. Thank you for choosing me tonight," she says. Her voice isn't quite a monotone, but you can't hear any emotion coming from it. Not at all what you'd expect from a girl who's dressed like... that.

"Ah. Well, I'm glad you're willing to ah, accept us?" you reply awkwardly, not entirely sure how to respond.

Kokoro nods, then looks you right in the eye. It's more than a little unsettling, with that strange gaze of hers. "When I heard about what you'd done, I knew I couldn't refuse. It's a good thing that you came so... willingly."

Wait, what? "Wh-what do you mean? What are you talking about?"

It was hard to tell on her expressionless face, but she seemed... shocked. "You don't know? You... you don't know." Faster than lightning, an angry red mask appeared and covered her face. "How can you not KNOW!?" she shouted, her voice suddenly deep and hateful and boiling with rage. "I won't let ignorance excuse you!"

You'd beem a little nervous coming into this, so you really jumped at the sudden change in tone. But you were maybe a little, more... frightened then you had expected.

"I-I, wh-what?" you stammer.

"Do not dare lie to me, harlot! You will beg for forgiveness this instant!"

"I thought you wanted to take responsibility, little flower?" Yuuka adds, her tone flat and accusatory.

Your mind was swimming. just what was going on?! D-did you actually do something wrong? Maybe you did... you wouldn't be getting yelled at otherwise, right? Yeah, that made sense... you weren't sure what it was, but you had to have done something wrong!

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it!"

You breathe a small sigh of relief as Kokoro takes off the mask, letting it float off and disappear. But underneath, her face is as placid as ever.

"It was good of you to admit it. Unfortunately, a simple apology will never be enough. We will need to enact a more thorough punishment."

"P-punishment?" you squeak.

Kokoro nods. "Correct. For a crime like yours..." The girl goes silent as she examines you, resting that crop of hers on your cheek before dragging it down your neck. "... You will first strip to your underwear and prostrate yourself."

A part of your mind argues that is a very unusual punishment, but you ignore it - you couldn't very well anger Kokoro again! You gulp, but don't voice a reply or protest. Instead, you merely obey and nervously begin to undress.

At least you were lucky she only said to strip to your underwear... it could've been a far worse punishment after all! You still can't help but tremble and blush a bit, feeling Kokoro and Yuuka watch you strip and admire the figure.

Once you've finished, you immediately get on your knees and bow down, low enough for your forehead to touch the floor.

"I-Is this to your satsification?" you stammer nervously, not daring to look up.

Glancing up, you saw Kokoro nodding at your display while Yuuka let out an intrigued hum. The young-looking girl stepped over to the table and pulled it over, her heels clacking loudly over the floor, before taking a seat in front of you. She carefully pulled off her boots and rolled the stockings down her long, slim legs, exposing her shapely feet to the air.

"Very well. Show your humility by cleaning these with your tongue." She crossed her legs and raised one of her feet, holding her round, pale toes right up to your lips.

H-her feet? That was... really strange... but you must have deserved it. Muttering a quick thanks for her mercy, you closed your eyes and kissed the tip of her big toe.

"Hmm." Kokoro just let out an ambiguous sound and pushed her foot forward, forcing it through your lips and into your mouth. You tightened your lips and started to suck on the soft digit, carefully running your tongue all over it.

You had to admit, her feet were pretty nice. They were some of the most petite and nimble you'd ever seen, perfect for the kind of dancing she was doing in that picture. She must have cleaned them right before coming here, because they... well, didn't taste bad at all. There was just a little bit of salty sweat, and a hint of sweet vanilla, like one of those lotions or soaps from the Outside World. After you'd cleaned off each toe on her foot, she pulled out to have you lick over the rest, both top and bottom.

Her face didn't change at all while she watched you do that, and you had to wonder just what she thought of your performance. Was she satisfied? Disgusted? Bored? You can only try your hardest to please her, hoping you don't get on her bad side again.

But she wasn't the only one here. As you were working your way along her sole, Yuuka suddenly touched you right between your shoulderblades, making you twitch as a surprised little shock ran through you.

"My, my. That look suits you quite well, little flower," Yuuka teased. Her voice sounded a bit different from normal, more cruel and teasing than usual. She slowly ran her finger along your spine, all the way down to your barely-covered butt. She prodded that a few times, and even... squeezed it...

"You know, a simple foot-licking might not be enough. Kokoro, would you mind if I disciplined her as well?"

"I'm sure she deserves it. Here, use this."

"Why, thank you~"

This situation was really turning into something else, but you did cause a problem! Of... something, but whatever it was, this was what you deserved. Besides, if you protested, it could only get worse! And there was no need to do that... r-right? No! Of course not.

You could only try to speed up your work on Kokoro's other foot as Yuuka tugged down your panties, stopping just short of exposing your, your... parts.

"You're rather well-endowed back here as well, little flower. A cushioned seat for your restoring work, is it~?" Then, you heard and felt a sharp crack against one cheek. You squealed and cringed just on instinct, but it actually didn't hurt all that much. Just a little sting.

"Fufu..." In just a few seconds, Yuuka covered your rump with a quick flurry of strikes. One hit didn't hurt too much, but six or seven all at once was...


"Oh, my, such a lovely sound..."

The whipping stopped after that, and you had a moment to catch your breath... But then she smacked you instead! A much sharper pain shot through you then, and you had to struggle not to bite Kokoro's little toe. It was starting to feel warm back there, and even more sensitive.

Yuuka started to alternate back and forth, giving you a bunch of strikes with the crop and then following it up with a sharp smack from her hand. Kokoro didn't show any sympathy, so you could only do your best to clean off her feet as fast as possible. Even when you'd left them all shiny after a few coats of licking, she still didn't seem satisfied. It was painful, and embarrassing, but... it felt kind of nice, too. Every twinge of pain let you know you were making up for what you did, and being so powerless was making you feel strangely excited.

Finally, after more whacks and spanks than you could count, Kokoro pronounced the licking complete and pulled her foot away.

You had no idea how long that had lasted, but it surely had to be enough, right? You had done exactly as you were told, after all! Sitting up, carefully and slowly, you gulped and looked up at Kokoro.

"A-Am I forgiven?"

You could hardly breathe as she dispassionately considered your question. She looked over your blushing face, your heaving chest, and your throbbing, half-exposed butt. And then...

"Yes, that will do," she stated. Then, just for a second, you thought you see a smirk on her face.

"Now it's time for your reward. Follow me."

You nervously followed her over the box at the corner of the room, which was filled with ominous-looking implements. There were chains, whips, clamps, some sort of weird syringe-thing...

Kokoro bent over and rummaged around inside, blatantly exposing her rear. It wasn't particularly large, but it was certainly big enough. Her blue panties hugged her butt tightly, even to the point the silky fabric was stuck in between the cleavage of her soft, full cheeks so that they were partly exposed. You gulped a bit, and almost wanted to see and feel what the rest of her firm bottom would be like... but before you could do anything, she came back up with a bright red ball gag. You started to ask her what she was doing, but then she popped it right into your open mouth. "How about ten minutes of tickling?" she asked, reaching around to fasten it behind your head.

Ten minutes of tickling!? That didn't sound as bad as what you just did, but it certainly didn't sound like a reward. Although with the gag in your mouth and her hands holding your head in place, you could do little but try to voice a coherent 'no'. She didn't take your grunting to mean that, however.

"Good. Yuuka, please turn the table over." Kokoro fetched a bunch of other items from the box, hiding them from your nervous eyes as she started to lead you back towards the flower youkai.

This was quickly heading right towards a tickle session. You kept trying to voice a refusal, but it seemed your muffled sounds and headshaking were being ignored. There didn't seem to be anything you could do about it, so you really did have to just go with it... and maybe a little part of you was curious.

After all, if you weren't, you wouldn't have picked this service, right?

"Oh, a present wrapped in rope? Not quite as elegant as ribbons, but I can work with it," Yuuka teased.

Kokoro passed her some of the rope, and they set about tying you to the table. Its legs weren't spaced far apart enough for your wrists and ankles, but they still managed to tie the on past your knees and elbows. They were both handy with the ropes, but you noted that Yuuka's knots looked a bit neater and felt a bit tighter. Did she have more experience with this sort of thing...?

"There we go! How is that, little flower~?" The two women stepped back to admire your handiwork. Your barely-clothed body was flush against the table, with your limbs spread out wide and tied quite securely to tits legs. You'd never been in such a helpless position before, much less with a woman you were dating! Kokoro was as expressionless as ever, but Yuuka wore a hungry grin as she surveyed your vulnerable body. It wasn't the worst thing, having her look you over like that.

"I hope you don't mind how much I'll enjoy this, Reina. You just look so cute like that..."

"Do you know where she is ticklish, Yuuka?" Kokoro asked.

"No, I don't think I've ever tickled her. But if I had to guess, I'd start with her feet..." She brushed a finger against one of your bare soles, making your whole foot twitch in response.

"Mmm!" You couldn't keep quiet It was just a guess, but she managed to find your most sensitive spot...!

"I see. The sides are often sensitive as well." Reaching over you, Kokoro began to flutter her gloved fingers up and down your sides. You were ticklish there too, especially when Yuuka was playing with both your feet at once! Her position gave you a really clear view down her tight corset, but you were too busy throwing your head back and crying out to get a better look at her small, round breasts.

"Oh, very good! And we could try behind her knees..." One of Yuuka's hands moved up there and dug into your skin, twitsting . That sent your knee into spasms too, making the wood and ropes creak as you pulled at them.

"Possibly near the armpits..."

"Mmm! MMM!"

As easily as that, the two of them started working their sadistic hands all over you, teasing and commenting and gradiually increasing the intensity as they went. Your high-pitched laughing and screeching poured out through the holes in your gag, and you helplessly strained every muscle in your body, but their ropes kept you spread out like a caged animal for them to play with however they pleased.

Kokoro was slow and methodical, making sure to precisely stimulate every inch of every one of your ticklish spots. Her leather gloves were extremely smooth, just gliding and fluttering all along your skin. You never saw her expression change, but you don't think a completely disinterested person would have been so thorough...

On the other hand, Yuuka's fingers were fast and playful. It really seemed like she was enjoying herself, and every wail she drew out of you only added to the huge blushing grin on her face. She used both the soft pads of her fingers and the smooth tips of her nails, each of which had their own ways of stimulating you.

After what was hopefully five minutes, Kokoro sat up and reached behind her, coming back with a thick black blindfold.

"If she's laughing that much, she must be enjoying it. Let's use this as well," she said.

"Oh, a wonderful idea. Don't you agree, little flower?"

You shook your head and moaned in disagreement, but neither of the two seemed to take you seriously. Maybe they wasn't so wrong after all? Your heart was beating so fast, and both you and Yuuka were blushing so hard...

As soon as the knot was secure, they went back to their torture with just as much gusto as before. Now that you could only guess where to see where it was coming from, it felt even more intense than before, strong enough to blank out your mind. You lost track of time as you thrashed and squealed, too caught up in the torturous yet pleasurable sensation to focus on thinking everything else. They gave you small breaks every now and then, but they were never long enough for you to completely catch your breath.

"How do you like my technique, Reina? Even Alice couldn't survive it..."

"Mmph... Hm! Mmmm!"

"You haven't tickled here in a while."

"Oh, thank you for reminding me!"


"... There. Ten minutes." Two of the hands abruptly stopped. The other two lingered on your body for a bit longer, but they soon dropped away as well. In their absence, you could feel your sweaty body tingling all over, and your sides were aching after all that. You could hardly believe they were finally finished.

Yuuka let out a long, satisfied sigh. "Oh, that was fun. You make the most wonderful sounds when you're tickled, Reina; we'll ned to do this again sometime."

The two of them quickly untied you, but you felt too drained at the moment to move. Even Yuuka's ominous comment only got a small whine in response.

"My, it seems we teased her a little too hard," the older youkai observed. You felt one of her hands come to rest on your side, where it gently massaged away some of the pain.

Kokoro was less kind, however. Her small hands grabbed your wrists and joined them above your head, locking them together with a sturdy pair of handcuffs. You heard a bunch of small clicks as the metal bands tightened securely around your wrists. "Her stamina is very good, though. We should keep her restained, in case she tries to get away."

"Hmm, I suppose you're right. Then, allow me..." You felt another set click shut around your ankles, holding them tightly without cutting off the circulation.

One thing after another, wasn't it...? It was better then being spread-eagle like that, but these handcuffs still mean they could do whatever they wanted with you. You couldn't even crawl around like that.

"Oh, that seems to be holding her quite well."

"As expected. The Pavilion's restraints could even bind you."

"Really?" Yuuka sounded surprised at that.

"... If you didn't want to get away," the other girl concedes.

"Interesting. I wonder who you've tested them on..." mused the flower youkai with a chuckle.

"Now, would you like some tea?" Kokoro graciously offered.


"I recall the receptionist mentioning you are new here. How long has it been?" Yuuka asked, quietly sipping her tea.

Kokoro paused to think. "Six months now."

"An interesting profession... I trust you've been enjoying it?"

"I have. I want to witness a wide variety of emotions, and there are many rare ones to be found here. Lust, love, nervousness... even sadness."

"A most interesting thing to seek out... I would imagine you experience a number of those on a daily basis."

"Yes, the men here are very interesting. Some are rich but lonely, while some seek an escape from their wives. And I believe there may be one with feelings for me..."

"I see, I guess that is the kind of usual clients you get here... ours must be a bit more unusual..."

They seemed to be having a nice time... it was too bad you couldn't join them.

Because you were currently acting as Kokoro's chair. You couldn't do anything but stay here on your hands and knees, still tied up and gagged and blindfolded in your underwear while she sat on your back. She was pretty light, at least, so wasn't too much of a strain on your body. Just... really embarrassing.

But at the same time, it was kind of nice having such a simple task, and not having to worry about budgets or scheduling anything else. As long as she didn't fall off of you, you were doing well. Sometimes she'd reach down and stroke your hair or caress you, almost like you were a dog. You tried not to purr or anything in response, but it felt so nice and satisfying when she did that...

"May I use your chair for a bit? You have been enjoying her - and she you - for quite a while now," Yuuka said.

"Of course. It is your date, after all," Kokoro responded, sounding as sincere as ever. Her voice couldn't really do teasing. You sighed quietly as she lifted her weight from your back, freeing you from that small but insistent burden. Then your heartbeat quickened as you heard Yuuka address you directly for the first time in a while

"Now, what should I do with you? You've found yourself in a very vulnerable position..." Yuuka chuckled quietly to herself as she moved out of sight behind you.

This had become a very strange date. Instead of holding hands in a park or something, you'd ended up like this. You couldn't resist her while you were all tied up, so she could do whatever she wanted to you...

You really had no idea what to expect. Yuuka had been showing a strange side of herself in here, and you didn't know how far she was willing to take this little game. Though, you had to admit, not knowing was kind of exciting in its own way...

Still, it was a surprise you didn't feel a weight on your back again. Instead, you felt... arms around your waist? And then a head against your shoulder. Then only one arm around your waist, and a hand gently patting and playing with your hair.

"I must say, for a first proper date, I think you have given me the most... unique one ever, little flower." whispered Yuuka in your ear. "I hope you've been enjoying it as much as I have."

Then she picked you up and set you down on something soft, probably that futon. You felt her soft, body press against your back, and she wrapped her arms around your waist once more. Her warm lips kissed a small trail along the back of your neck, making you shudder a bit from the affectionate contact.

"I'm going to indulge myself just a small bit, little flower... I hope you don't mind."

A small part of your mind remembered all the sadistic things she'd done to you less than an hour earlier, and wondered if she would do it again. But Yuuka seemed content to just... remain like that, gently kissing the back of your neck, or even your upper back from time to time. You couldn't do anything about it, thanks to your gag and handcuffs, but you doubt you would have wanted to even if you could've.


You coudn't say how much time passed before Kokoro pulled you away and took off your blindfold, along with the rest of your restraints. You had to squint your eyes at the light that floods in, even though it isn't all that bright. Within moments, you were free again.

... And suddenly really embarrassed about everything that just happened! Did you, and Yuuka, really just...?

Kokoro helped to distract you, though. "Your first hour has expired," she explained calmly. "Perhaps, for the second hour, you would like to switch places. I'm sure a youkai as old as Yuuka deserves some punishment as well."

Given your experience with Yuuka, you expected her to be entirely nonchalant about the whole suggestion. But actually, she seemed kind of... surprised? Almost, worried in a way? You had never seen the flower youkai act like that before... she kind of seemed exploitable or vulnerable like that...

And she had just been doing all those things to you earlier, and here you were with a chance to get a little payback! Or, maybe you could even let that Kokoro get a taste. You still remembered what she made you do as well...

"Ah, little flower? You have this look in your eye..." Yuuka said, looking unusually nervous and fidgety.

This was your chance to take the lead!
[ ] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[ ] Team up with Yuuka to dominate Kokoro.
[ ] Can you do them both at once...?

And then, what do you do to them? (pick up to three)
[ ] Tickling
[ ] Spanking
[ ] Snuggling
[ ] Pet play
[ ] Foot licking
[ ] Write-in
No. 176948
[x] Team up with Yuuka to dominate Kokoro.
[x] Snuggling

This sounds better and less cliched.
No. 176949
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play

This worked out WAY better than I thought it would. Congratulations to the writer. Let's try switching, I think Yuuka is getting in the mood for that. Yuuka with dog earband+collar+buttplug tail sounds very enticing~. That wasn't specifically mentioned? Too bad.
No. 176951
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play

Worked out very nice. Very good writing.
Let´s get things started.
No. 176954
>And then, what do you do to them? (pick up to three)

...You guys sure you want to go for only one option?
No. 176956
[x] Turn tables
-[x] Pet play
-[x] Foot licking
-[x] Snuggling
No. 176957
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play
[X] Tickling
[X] Spanking
No. 176958
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play
[X] Tickling
[X] Snuggling

Okay. Wow. That went better than expected. Anyway, how about some tickling to wear her down, some happy pet play, and then snuggling with our pet?
No. 176960
Oh, right, forgot it had three options, adding these to my vote at >>176949

[ ] Foot licking
[ ] Snuggling
No. 176961
Well, than I add to >>176951
[X] Tickling
[X] Spanking
No. 176962
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play
[X] Spanking
[X] Snuggling

Well, that was fun.
No. 176963
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play
[x] Snuggling
No. 176964
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Foot licking
[x] Spanking
[x] Pet play
No. 176965
We're planning on taking Yuuka out on a normal date later, right?
No. 176967
Cat cant be put in the bag, and imo its gone fully retarded. I was laughing at the votes, but I just can't bring myself to read it, its just.. how do you justify this? Hah.. Well, whatever.
No. 176968
well I asking for when they got this out of their system (hopefully). As it was a nice normal romantic date that I was looking forward to.

The real kicker would be if Yuuka wins the valentine's day date just because 'it had kinks'
No. 176969
What the fuck man. don't be rude.
No. 176973
Alright, maybe retarded was too strong of a word, but still. What the fuck was that, and how is that at all justified.

I was also kinda hoping for a more romantic type thing. This just seems weird for this kinda story. Too much for me, at least. Read it if you want, ain't my cup of tea in this story.
No. 176978
Mmm, delicious, you prudes create the finest, most fragrant whines on THP. Would you like to have some cheese with it?
No. 176979
Pff. Don't even pretend i'm a prude. I thought Black Lotus was one of the most delicious /at/ releases in the past year. Its just that it doesn't at all fit the characters, in my opinion. Go ahead and try to justify it, i'd love to see you try.
No. 176980
The choice may not have fit the characters, but the end result was not at all out of character, so I'm perfectly fine with it.
No. 176981
Justify? No, that's the wrong word. Let me explain it to you:
MC wanted to take Yuuka to somewhere special and decided to go to te LP because of the novelty and the fact that she had a good experience with it. The LP, despite what you may think, it's more than a whorehouse, so it is a valid choice, albeit a bit unorthodox. It seems like even the characters are more open minded than you.

If you wanna continue this discussion, take all your anger to /blue/: I won't help you shit this thread any further.
No. 176988
Jesus, express a dislike for how you feel a choice doesn't fit a character, get called a prude.
Don't want sexual content jam-packed everywhere, even where it doesn't seem to have any precedent, you're a prude, and now you're shitting up a thread. God, stop ruling THP with your dick. Sometimes sexy stuff just isn't appropriate.
No. 176993
Guys we shouldn't complain, but rather try to unite as to ensure that there's something romantic to this date. And no, bondage isn't exactly romantic.

But I'd like to ask something: if Aya or Reimu was the date in question, would you would have voted for Domination?
No. 176998
Yes. Seeing a girl as passive as reina to be the target (to begin with) of Dom is a very interesting idea. And, in case you didn't read the last update: it did ended up being romantic.
Besides, the other guy's point is moot since there hasn't been (and there won't be) sex. So much for the Lotus pavilion eh?
No. 177002
Slightly only on the couch scene, not much else. I can see why that guy is worried as since the Pavillion appeared, the story itself (not a strip poker spin-off) as hit the R-15 line more than before. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about where this story is going. It's quite a change, and worry/fear is a natural reaction.
No. 177014
As one of the people who suggested the pavillion to begin with, I have to agree with this.
When I suggested it, I said in that vote that my idea was that they could get a massage or something. Then people started voting with their dicks.
At least >>176903 was honest about it, everyone else seems to be trying to say that "it fits the story/character" or something which, in my opinion, it doesn't.
I know this is a democratic thing and "whining" does nothing, but I just think it was weird to include the choice to begin with when the date was supposed to be something of a Valentine's Day thing, only it was moved earlier because we couldn't pick only one to hang out with.

The strip poker thing is a running gag from the spinoff, and is okay, but any more than that and the story starts losing it's appeal. I come here for a slice of life (with a hint of danger) story, not to read soft-core smut. Which isn't bad in and of itself, but everything has it's place.

So yeah, I guess in the end this is more feedback to Krisslanza than anything else.
I will still keep reading this, but I'll probably skip the next update and not suggest the pavillion again, because it's obvious that a majority of the other readers have a different opinion than me on what "a romantic valentine's date" is.

Story is still great, I'd just prefer if you tone down the R-15 content a bit.
No. 177019

>if Aya or Reimu was the date in question, would you would have voted for Domination?

Reimu? No, definitely not. Aya? Maybe. The reason I voted for Domination with Yuuka is that I wanted their first date to stand out from anybody that Yuuka had dated before us in her long life and because I figured it wouldn't really bother her.

>"I must say, for a first proper date, I think you have given me the most... unique one ever, little flower." whispered Yuuka in your ear. "I hope you've been enjoying it as much as I have."

Mission accomplished, I guess?

Admittedly, the other reason I voted for it was the chance to see Kokoro domination, yes. If it had been anyone else, I might of voted for something else.
No. 177029
I suspect /at/ was a factor in why Domination/bondae was even a choice. That and the fact Yuuka was the date. I'm trying to find out if Yuuka dom was truly a case occuring solely because Yuuka was the date or not.

But I do agree, if something like a massage or a dance was choosen, there would be far less complaints I feel. I certainly wouldn't have any.

I also wonder about how many people voting for domination were long time readers, as in before the Pavillion appeared and became popular for that reason. That and I do not see this story's Yuuka as the dom type. I wonder because before it came it was a nice clean story with slice of life, some danger, some economics, and yuri in enjoyable doses. Now? I wonder how much of that will change in wake of the changes and new readers.

I highly doubt however that you can prevent future dates from going there short of Kriss not including the option, which in that case we'd have to contend with people being upset about that. >>176967 worded it very crudely, but he is right, soemthing has been unleashed that can't be easily contained.
No. 177031
You and others are making a deer out of a fly here. We're just having fun, you're taking it way too seriously. Besides, so far it has worked out pretty well, hasn't it?
No. 177034
You speak for yourself. And how can I be assured that similar stuff won't happen on the other dates?

And may I ask how long you've been reading this? I'm curious.
No. 177038
Well, BDSM isn't my thing so I had my "what" face on the entire time, but I guess I can see how others might enjoy it.
No. 177042
What the hell happened here?
No. 177043
Quite simply people are voicing their displeasure at where the date went as many long time readers were expecting something more clean/romantic than something out of a bondage doujin. It's only just recently that the story went near the R-15 line, excluding the strip poker spinoffs.
No. 177044
Since the beginning, actually.
No. 177045
-[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
[x] Pet play
[X] Spanking
[X] Snuggling

Hey, I was apprehensive of domination myself, but it's written well, doesn't go too far and Yuuka enjoyed it. I'm not going to complain about a scene like this.
No. 177046

I agree. Yuuka spanking could never be a bad thing. All you long time reader need to chill out and let us newbies have our fun.
No. 177047
It's not even all of us old readers, mind you. Just a couple more bitchy ones. Just ignore them.
No. 177050
Sex in quests always leads to bitching.

It's just part of life.
No. 177051
Sex in quests always leads to bitching.

It's just part of life.
No. 177204
[x] Turn the tables on Yuuka.
-[x] Spanking
-[x] Pet play
-[x] Snuggling

- - -

It was odd to hear Yuuka sound all... meek and nervous. She was always so collected, and calm, and polite! But she had just done all of those things to you, and Kokoro was giving you a chance to have some fun in return... nothing malicious, of course, but how often could anyone say they got to top Yuuka?

"Well!" You fixed Yuuka with the widest, most dangerous grin you could manage. "You sure enjoyed spanking me earlier. I can still feel it, even now. You deserve some payback for that, at least..." you declared.

You were still wearing just your underwear while she was fully clothed. It was only fair for her to take off as much as you did, not to mention that her skirt was too thick to spank through.

"So, first things first! Before you can be punished, you have to strip. To your underwear, Yuuka."

The flower youkai seemed lost for words before slowly nodding her head. "...V-very well, little flower. I suppose it would only be fair, given your current state..."

Off to the side, you noticed Kokoro looking a bit uncomfortable. Her eyes were half-closed, and her pink brow was furrowed, like she was working through a headache. You gave her a worried glance, but she just excused herself to go grab some things from the box. It was difficult to take your eyes off her shapely bottom and her long, stocking-clad legs as she walked away...

But the sight of Yuuka undressing was even more amazing. She'd just finished taking off her stockings, leaving her in just her shirt and skirt. You couldn't help staring as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt from the top, revealing more and more of her pale and bountiful cleavage. Soon, her bra was clearly visible; it was well-made and comfortable-looking, but not especially fancy. It... really fit her, better than a set of lewd and lacy lingerie.

It was really exciting when you realized she wasn't ashamed at being looked at; at least, not by you. Despite the faint blush and small drops of sweat marring her skin, she wasn't trying to hide her body. Instead of covering herself, she seemed to push out her chest towards you, keeping your eyes glued to its gentle rising and falling as she pulled her arms out of her now-open shirt. Yuuka left it draped on her shoulders while the plaid skirt fell to the floor around her ankles, revealing the full length of her feminine legs and a matching set of black panties. She wasn't completely naked, but the little clothing she had left didn't leave anything to the imagination.

Compared to the other girls you'd seen naked, Yuuka was certainly much more... mature. She was about as tall as Letty, but her figure was far leaner, with an abundance of smooth, sculpted curves. She was also one of the few girls with a bust to match your own; in fact, now that you got a good look, hers actually seemed a size bigger; her breasts looked like they were bulging against her underwear and about to spill out. She held her hands behind her back and glanced away as you looked over, but she also seemed to spread her legs and push out her chest a little more, blushing with either embarrassment or pride or both.

"Is this... sufficient?" she finally asked, her voice strangely shy.

"... Er, yes! You're, that's, very good!" Quickly shaking your head, you took a seat on the floor and patted your lap. "Now, lie down here so I can get a good angle."

Yuuka nodded meekly at your order, kneeling down at your side before bending over your bare thighs. She supported herself with her hands so you didn't have to bear her full weight, but her body still rested on top of you. You could feel her warm, smooth stomach rise and fall with her quick breathing, while her soft breasts gently pressed against the side of your thigh.

The position also gave you easy access to her soft, round, surprisingly-plump bottom. Those tight panties covered most of them, though, only revealing a few glimpses of pale skin around the edges. That wouldn't do. You slipped your finger under the thin fabric, sinking a little into one of her cheeks in the process, and tugged the garment down until she was just barely decent. That exposed her butt in all of its pale, curvy glory, soft and ripe for a thorough spanking. You opened your hand and flexed it a few times, lining yourself up for the perfect swing...

"This might sting a little~!"


"Mm!" You felt Yuuka's body jolt beneath you as the impact sent a shock up her spine, forcing her rear to clench up visibly. You quickly followed that up with a few more hits, getting a similar result each time. Her noises grew louder with every impact, but she still seemed to be bearing it fairly well. So, you decided to pull your arm back a little further and put a little more force into the next one...


"Hiiih!" Finally, she let out a loud scream as your slammed down onto her sensitive skin, pressing a good way into her soft, tender cheeks. Her body went through a convulsion to match, and the sound made you moan with delight and curl your toes.

"Haha... that's more like it! You made me cry out a lot more than that, though, so we're not done yet..."

"May I assist you?" Kokoro asked. She was kneeling right across from you, but you must have been too caught up your... activities... to notice. "Yuuka and I punished you together, so she deserves the same."

"Oh, of course!" It was difficult covering everything with just one hand. You nodded your head in acceptance, and the young girl readied her own hand with calculated precision. It was an odd sight, seeing her so focused and expressionless when she was dressed in fetish gear and about to spank a beautiful woman.

"Get ready, Yuuka..."

"No hard feelings."

You let fly with a slightly gentler smack, and Kokoro brought down her hand on the opposite side of Yuuka's butt as soon as you withdrew. Yuuka managed to grit her teeth through the first three, though her limbs twitched and spasmed all over. But her resistance broke after that, and she was wailing and shuddering beneath you the whole while afterwards. Each hard spank pushed Yuuka forwrd, and you could feel her skin rub back and forth against you. It was hard to resist grabbing her breasts with your free hand... so you didn't resist. It was just to keep her from sliding forward so much, at first, but soon you got the bright idea to squeeze her whenever you smacked her, and then Yuuka's cries were better than ever.

The two of you kept it up for what felt like forever, filling the small room with sharp smacks and loud squeals. Part of you felt bad for hurting Yuuka like that, but it was only fair after she did the same thing to you, right? And hearing the elegant flower youkai cry out in that voice was just so exciting for some reason. Not to mention the noises sounded a bit happy...

Your hand just stung too much to continue after all the smacks, however, so you let it rest on Yuuka's soft, curvy thighs. All that punishment had covered her cheeks in a mosaic of overlapping pink handprints, kind of like a lightly-colored flower. She was sweating all over the rest of her body, and you could feel her chest heaving as she gasped and panted for air. You'd certainly never imagined you would end up seeing her like this!

"Flower, is that not enough?" she squeaked. Her normally-intimidating red eyes looked wide and pleading, with little tears budding in the corners. It was actually kind of cute seeing her so vulnerable like this...

But, maybe you had done enough of this for now. She probably wouldn't get any cuter than that.

"I guess you are sporting a pretty interesting shade here... very well, I'll stop spanking you - but in return, you have to do another thing instead, alright Yuuka?" You began to gently rub her butt as you talked, wiping away the stinging pain and soothing out all the aches.

The flower youkai let out a few cute sighs as she relaxed, even shaking her hips a bit to get you to rub her more. But once she caught her breath, she quickly agreeed. "Anything. Just don't put me through that again..."

Your little break gave you enough time to decide on a plan, but you still put a finger to your lips and pretended to think. "Hmmm..." You snapped your fingers a second later, the sudden sound making your date jump. Oh, this was great.. "I have just the thing, Yuuka! No more spanking, but you'll need to be my pet instead. I think that'll be interesting..."

You had barely pulled Yuuka's panties back over her sore skin and gotten her off your lap before Kokoro was at your side again, offering you a variety of animal-related items. There was a black cat-ear headband, a red leash with a bell and collar, a ring gag, and a... it looked like a tail, but with a bunch of beads at the root. The Pavilion really did have everything, didn't it?

You'd been planning to just pretend she was your pet, but these were even better. "Oh, very good! I'll take all of those. Um... except that one," you added, pointing at the tail. You... had an idea of how it worked, after watching Yuuka clench and relax her cheeks, but it was a bit too much.

Yuuka knelt obediently on the floor for you while you put on each of the items in turn. First came the headband, which fit snugly over Yuuka's hair. Their fake black fur stood out against Yuuka's vibrant green hair, but it didn't detract from your new pet's cuteness one bit. You weren't sure if Yuuka would like the ring gag, but she opened her mouth obediently to let you fit it in, grunting slightly as you adjusted the straps. She wouldn't be able to speak with that on, but it would let her use her tongue. Lastly, Yuuka stretched her neck and quietly groaned while you put on the collar, which jingled slightly as you fastened the bright red strap.

With that done, you grabbed the leash and stepped back to admire your work. It was hard to believe your eyes; there was the fearsome, sexy Yuuka Kazami, gagged and leashed and sitting docilely on her hands and knees. This... was really amazing, wasn't it?

"Now, what shall we do? Perhaps a walk to start with..."

You briefly considered walking around the halls of the Pavilion, but that didn't seem like a good idea. You had no idea who might see you, and Yuuka probably wanted to keep this between you and her and Kokoro.

Instead, you grabbed up the leash and led Yuuka on a few laps around the room, keeping her at your side while she walked on all fours. She didn't have a tail or anything, but she still "wagged" her behind in a rather... distracting way, and you're sure you heard her giggle at your reaction. It was hard to tell over the jingling of that large cat-bell, though.

That didn't last long, though, and you soon sat down with her again at the table.

"Hmm! So, what to do now..." You'll admit, you hadn't really thought this whole 'pet' thing through. Fortunately, Kokoro was there to help with a jar of honey she'd produced from somewhere.

"Perhaps she could put her tongue to use? A good pet is always eager to clean off its master."

It took you a moment to realize what she was getting at. You blushed almost immediately once you figured it out, but the idea actually seemed pretty appealing. You didn't know if you'd ever get another chance to do something like this with Yuuka, so you had to make the most of it, right?

"Alright then... Be a good girl and clean me off, Yuuka!" You took the jar in one hand and dipped your fingers into the thick fluid, drizzling a little onto your stomach before smearing on the rest. The sticky honey left shining trails on your skin, which gleamed brightly in the lanternlight.


They didn't stay that way for long, though, since Yuuka went after it almost immediately. You twitched and giggled as her warm, soft tongue slid out through the ring gag and glided all over your skin. You had her lick some off your thighs as well. You kept it far away from anything... sensitive, but she still managed to make you shiver with her fast, fluttering tongue and her happy purring.

"Ahh... Geez, Yuuka..."

As she was diligently licking up the last few drops, you noticed Kokoro looking a bit bored off to the side.

"Oh, Kokoro, do you want to do it too?" you asked, holding out the jar.

"Certainly." Kokoro gracefully took it from you, then made a small kissing sound to draw your pet's attention. "Here, Yuuka." Rather than stain her glove, she carefully tilted the jar and let a thin stream of honey trail all over her bare, lean stomach...before drizzling the rest on her slender neck. Yuuka delicately traced the pattern with her own tongue, leaving a wet trail on Kokoro's stomach and neck. Kokoro was unresponsive as usual, just patting Yuuka's head with that same absent-minded look on her face, but you thought you saw the corners of her lips curl up.

"Good girl."

But there was still plenty of honey left, and you felt like doing something a bit more... dangerous, after seeing Kokoro use her neck like that. You took the jar back from Kokoro, and Yuuka turned expectantly towards you. With the way her eyes seemed to shine, and her hips happily wagging back and forth...it seemed she was really enjoying this.

"A-and now..."

You could feel yourself blushing again as you slowly reached behind your back. Yuuka's eyes widened as she watched you... and while normally you'd be terrified of doing this, it only felt right to show off to your pet. With one last gulp, you undid your clasp, and let your bra fall.

A small hiss escaped you when you felt the cold air of the room, but what happened next made the discomfort all worth it. You could feel yourself blushing again as you dipped your finger back in the thick and sticky honey, pulling out a thick glob that you drizzled all over your breasts and into your cleavage. There was still some on your fingers, though, so you smeared the excess all over your chest, and pressed your breasts together to get everything nice and coated. Yuuka stared awestruck as you... prepared yourself, but she let out an affirmative and somewhat eager sound and jumped right in.

"Ah, h-hey!"

She didn't waste any time, working her tongue all over the exposed and sensitive surface of your breasts. She couldn't kiss you with that gag in the way, but she still covered you in affectionate licks, her hair tickling your chin while she dug in for every last bit of sweet honey. The flower youkai licked each inch of your skin, giving every part of your breasts her undivided attention, and all that gleaming honey was replaced with trails of her gleaming saliva.

"Mm! Y-Yuuka, you're really... ahh...."

You were panting a little yourself by the time she pulled away. Her cheeks and nose were smeared with honey, and she was sporting a blush to match you own. She seemed... satisfied, with her work.

"Hahaha... Here, let me clean you up..."

Within moments, you'd wiped Yuuka off. Deciding she'd done enough for now, you sat on the table and had her curl up cat-like at your feet It was a bit of a size mismatch, but she was extremely warm. Kokoro knelt down next to Yuuka, gently scratching behind the youkai's fake ears. She seemed to be back to normal now, not strained like she'd been before.

The atmosphere now seemed to be well-suited to a bit of chit-chat, and well, you didn't have the chance last time...

"So, if you don't mind my asking, do you get a lot of... female clients, Kokoro?"

Kokoro glanced up at you, bringing her free hand to her lips while the other continued to scratch. After a moment, she shook her head. "...No, not many. Before you, I served only one other. The Pavilion's customers mostly come from the Human Village, and the women there are... less inclined to this sort of thing than the men. There are many reasons."

Well, that was really about what you had expected. What else could you ask...

"So, ah, I guess judging by your picture in the book, you usually do dancing? This is kind of my first real official visit here, so..."

Kokoro nodded at that. "I do dance on occasion, though my true passion is for theatre. The managers thought that dancing would make for a better picture."

"Theatre? I'm, ah, kind of surprised to hear that. Erm, no disrespect intended, it just seems like an... interesting hobby to have."

"Understandable." Kokoro stood up and closed her eyes, and a whole host of floating, glowing masks suddenly appeared around her. Each one showed a different sort of face, and you noticed the red one she'd used earlier among them. "I was born from this set of Noh theatre masks, created by the great Prince Shotoku. As such, I feel an innate attraction to the stage. When I act, I can wear my masks and express emotions easily..." A few of the masks float around her, and she fondly stroked the rim of a monkey-based one. "... But they are much harder to express elsewhere. My work here helps me to learn more about them. I have learned a few things from the two of you today." The masks disappeared as suddenly as they appeared, and she calmly sat back down.

That was actually fairly enlightening. Admittedly, you knew very little about the exact workings of youkai, but it seemed they could be born from objects in a way... that kind of made some sense, now that you thought about it.

"Very interesting... and you mentioned a 'great Prince Shotoku'? Is that someone who lives in Gensokyo? I... don't think I've heard of a Prince around here before."

"I do not remember anything from the time of the masks' creation, but the resurrected prince now resides near Gensokyo. She became a woman at some point, however, and she now lives outside the reach of ordinary humans, awaiting the day when they appoint her as their ruler. We had an... altercation, some time ago, and I no longer wish to live with her. She tends to insert herself into the business of others, however. Perhaps you shall cross paths with her too, in time."

Well, this Prince sounded like a pretty... unique character. Hard to say how that wish of hers would really go though, but well, you didn't know much about the native Gensokyoians anyway.

"I guess it's possible. Maybe if she ever needs some furniture worked on, she'll come looking for me one day, hahaha..."

It was nice to just sit around and chat, but the sound of Yuuka stirring snapped your attention back to her.

You had been going at this whole... playing for a while now, and well, Yuuka was looking almost a bit... sad, perhaps? Or maybe lonely, given you had been talking to Kokoro this whole time.

And she was your date, and she had done something nice for you recently, and well, many times in general as well. So the very least you could do is return some of that love and affection, right?

You brought yourself down to the flower youkai's level, carefully pressing against her back and working your arms around her waist, where you could then give her a gentle sqeeze. You then rested your chin on her shoulder, leaning your face against her own.

"You don't mind if I do this for a while, do you, Yuuka?"

The flower youkai could only groan in reply, but she didn't seem averse to the idea.


"Your second hour has expired."

The sudden sound of Kokoro's voice snapped you out back to reality. Almost like a switch was flipped, you were suddenly painfully aware of what you had just been doing for the past hour. It seemed fine at the time, but... but...! Knowing you had done all those things to Yuuka, just made you feel kind of shameful almost - you may have both agreed to this, but a part of you still felt like you had somehow taken advantage of her.

You weren't sure what Yuuka was thinking, but she hadn't really moved from her spot. But, she didn't seem to be angry either, so that seemed like a good sign so far...

"You may purchase an extension, if you wish."

An extension? No, no you couldn't! You did kind of agree on doing just one session, after all, and these dates were not supposed to be whole-day affairs.

"N-no thank you, Kokoro. This was already quite the, ah, experience! Anymore might, uhm... ruin it."

"Very well." Kokoro let out a long breath, and you thought you heard a bit of relief.

You quickly freed yourself from your embrace with Yuuka, and hastily looked about the room for your clothing. You could hear your date rising behind you, and you can only assume she was taking off that... gear, and getting dressed.

"S-so, uhm, that was an... experience..." you managed to stammer out.

The flower youkai chuckled quietly from behind. "I was not lying, or acting under some sort of influence, when I said this was a unique experience. I hadn't realized you were curious about this sort of thing, Reina~" Even though she'd just been your pet for so long, she seemed to be right back on top.

"Ah, er, well... I wasn't sure if you were just saying that to be nice... and well, uh, that is, I kinda just thought this was the most... unique and..."

Yuuka let out a rare laugh, gently patting you on the shoulder, "Do not be embarrassed, little flower. Though, as a word of advice, I would be wary of doing this sort of thing with the shrine maiden. She would likely react... poorly. But I imagine you are smart enough to take your partner into account, Reina."

Not that you were even thinking about Reimu's date at the moment. Aya's was tomorrow, after all. You actually had to wonder how their 'date' was going, actually. Maybe you would inquire about that tomorrow... although, that might be kind of rude.

"Well, I'm glad it turned out... memorable and acceptable. I was kind of worried for a little bit there, but..."

"A little worried? Well, worry not Reina, I have no intention of harming you. But I think this little trip should be a secret for the time being... best to not ruin any possible surprises."

Shortly after you'd both gotten your clothes back on, you heard a knock on the door. Kokoro went to open it.

"Good evening, Kokoro. My, you really make that outfit work."

Looking past the pink-haired girl, you saw the familiar hostess standing in the doorway, wearing yet another expensive-looking kimono. She waved at you with a smirk as soon as your eyes met.

"A pleasure to see you visit, Reina! And you must be Yuuka Kazami," she said, turning to your date. "Your reputation precedes you. I trust you both enjoyed yourselves in our young Kokoro's care?"

It was perhaps a bit shameful to admit, but that was rather enjoyable in its own way...

"Y-yes, it was ah, quite the... experience."

"As soon as we settle the payment, I will lead you on your way."

In hindsight, it seemed a tad unusual that they asked for payment after the fact, but who were you to argue? You had the coin either way. As you recalled, it was 75 sen per hour, so since you were here for two... taking a moment to dig through your bag, you took out the required amount - one yen and fifty sen.

"Thank you very much, Reina. Please come again whenever you desire. And we'll let you know when we have another job for you."

Two hours had already flown by... you weren't sure how long a date was supposed to be, but all you knew was it wasn't going to be all day. Thinking upon that, you were probably going to keep Yuuka company for at least another few hours... and the Pavilion experience was already done, so there was no need to really hang around any longer. The place was starting to get a bit more lively, after all, and it might be lead to awkward moments if you were seen here possibly...

"Well, after this refreshing opening, what is the next move? You have set the bar quite high already," commented the flower youkai.

You weren't sure if she was teasing you, or telling the truth... maybe it was a bit of both by this point.

- - -

Two hours down! At... least a few more. Time sure flies...
[ ] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?
- [ ] Perhaps dinner back at home...
[ ] Maybe Yuuka would like to play some games at Akemi's?
- [ ] Or maybe you should try Akemi's mother...
[ ] After all that excitement, maybe just a nice casual stroll...
- [ ] Anywhere specific? (write-in)
No. 177205
Sorry for the slowdown in updates. I co-crote these last three with Kriss, and my schedule wasn't the best.
No. 177207
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?
- [x] Perhaps dinner back at home...

Cliches exist because they work and I'd want this to end on a romantic note.

Though that's a bold thing Reina did.
No. 177209
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?
No. 177211
[x-] dinner outside
A classic- and I like the tone switch.
Also, nice update!
No. 177212
[X] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?

Let's get back to doing something actually date-like.
No. 177217
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?
No. 177228
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?
-[x] And see how she responds to playing footsies.
No. 177242
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?

Dinner is good.
No. 177251
I'm hoping the pavillion visit doesn't unfairly tilt the big vote of who to date on Valentine's day.
No. 177303

I was under the impression that Valentines day was a group date. Am I wrong?
No. 177308
This is correct, the vote was for a group Valentine's Day date.
No. 177318
Oh I thought it was a "date each girl once" and then decide on the day. My bad.
No. 177345
[x] It might be cliche, but why not go get dinner?

- - -

Dinner was perhaps a bit cliché, but on the other hand, it was only cliché because it worked! You had started this whole date off on a fairly... unique note, so it did feel a bit lame to end it on such a normal way, but Yuuka voiced no complaints and even complimented the decision – it was always nice to end a date on a full stomach, she reasoned.

She only teased you a little bit about it being really cliché as well.

However, you didn't actually know of any real restaurants in the village. Your tours had mostly involved practical locations, and even Sakuya's tour only showed you high-class grocery stores and the like... looking for a good place to eat, was something you hadn't really done in your stay here. Which wasn't unsurprising, given your home had a fairly good kitchen. But that didn't help you with selecting a nice place to eat.

So it was fortunate that Yuuka had a place in mind, and she only teased you once more about paying for the entire meal. It may have been a joke, but you saw no reason to disagree with that proposal – it only felt proper that you pay for everything on these dates anyway.

As this was a date, the youkai had suggested the two of you at least hold hands during the short trip. You felt she wanted to do a bit more, perhaps even link arms, but Yuuka seemed quite respectful of your... nervousness about the situation. Villagers looked at you oddly when they saw you walking alongside her, after all. The odd looks only seemed to multiply at seeing you walk with her hand in hand.

It didn't take long for the green-haired youkai to lead you to a small, but cozy looking restaurant. It didn't seem to have a name anywhere you could obviously see, but you trusted Yuuka to know her places. Given you heard she didn't visit the village often, you had to wonder what kind of place this was for her to keep note of it.

Upon entering you were greeted by a common sight – a young girl wearing a kimono. Seemed to be a popular trend, for some reason...

“Kazami, it has been a while since you've come by... and with company, no less.” greeted the girl kindly, bowing her head slightly, “A table for two, then?”

Yuuka nodded politely, “Outsider seating, if possible. A tatami seating may be uncomfortable for her.”

“Of course, I have just the place. Will you require a menu, or do you have a selection already?”

The flower youkai cast an inquisitive glance at you. You didn't really know what they served here, but... Yuuka recommended it... you gave her a smile and nod, indicating you would trust her decision.

“Two of my usual, please.”

The girl smiled, leading you to a small table in the back, “Certainly Kazami. I will return with your food shortly.”

The restaurant looked rather vacant, but well-maintained. You noticed off to the side was a different sort of flooring, with different tables and chairs as well... you recognize it as tatami flooring.

“I thought you would prefer sitting and eating in a comfortable environment you know about. Tatami requires a much more unique sitting position and it can be uncomfortable until you get used to it.”

“A-ah, I see... uhm, what kind of restaurant is this, anyway...?” you ask curiously.

Yuuka smiled softly, “A small family restaurant. I am quite fond of their curry rice here, so I hope you will like it. I know it is fairly... common, but you will find it quite tasty, I hope.”

“I don't have a problem with it, I'm sure it'll be delicious. After all, you keep note of it, and well, ah...”

“I do not often visit the village?” finished the youkai, “This is true, so this would speak much of my fondness for the curry rice here.”

“Only after I started suggesting that, did it sound kind of rude in my head...” you admit with a sheepish chuckle.

“Worry not little flower, it was the truth after all.”

The two of you settled into some idle chit-chat to pass the time, but it didn't take too long before the girl returned with two plates of fresh curry rice. She also provided the two of you with glasses and a pitcher of water, solving the drink issue. The two of you thanked her and she left with a polite, small bow.

As Yuuka had said, the curry was actually quite good, even if as far as you could tell, it was fairly standard stuff – curry sauce, with some vegetables, some meat, and even some potato. Fairly normal, yet oddly tasty... had to be that personal, family touch that just seemed to make everything taste better.

Or maybe it was simply having Yuuka sitting across from you? Food always did seem to taste better when it was eaten with company.

This was a rather uneventful end to a fairly eventful day, but it wasn't so bad, was it?


As promised, you paid for the meal – which was quite cheap and affordable, you had to admit. The restaurant was quite good, so you did make a mental note of its location just in case. It really did mark the end of the day with Yuuka though... it had been a fun day though, even if it was kind of embarrassing in hindsight.

The flower youkai offered to fly you home, and you saw no reason to deny her kind request. You noted she was flying a bit slower then usual, and it became apparent she wanted to chat with you a bit during the flight – given it was Aya's turn tomorrow, you wouldn't be too unsurprised to find her waiting at home, so this was going to be a good last alone moment between the two of you.

“So, erm, I guess, how did the... date go?” you asked nervously.

The flower youkai gave you a fond smile, “I won't compare it to any prior experiences, but I will say it was quite... enjoyable. Your selection of the Lotus Pavilion was an interesting one. I had heard talk of such a place in the village, but never had seen it myself. It was also a fairly risky decision, but I would say it paid off in the end.

“You did leave quite the impression with that visit, after all. I do not think I will forget that for quite some years. I would suggest you be wary of bringing the shrine maiden to such a place – her status and personality are... ill-suited to it, I believe. This is not to say there isn't things she would enjoy there, but I trust you know your friends well enough.

“Of course, tomorrow is your date with the reporter. I would not imagine you will have any problem with her, just do watch yourself little flower – she does like to carry a camera with her.” teased the youkai with a chuckle.

“T-thanks. I was kind of worried about the Lotus Pavilion, in hindsight, but I just guess at the time it felt... fun? And uhm, well...”

“Worry not. It fulfilled that quite well. It is hard to offend a youkai... particularly one as old as I. The reporter is quite old as well, so I do not foresee you having any problems with her in that regard. You should be more careful of her offers though, she is not quite as polite and formal as me... she does have a fondness for you. But I should not offer you too much advice – it is best to go into this with your own thoughts, and not my own little flower.”

You smiled and carefully draped your arms over the youkai's neck as you flew, “Uhm... t-thanks for agreeing to all of this. I had a lot of fun, and this has been a pretty good experience. And well, in case Aya is waiting at home, I ah, think this is the proper way to end a date...?”

That was probably the first time you voluntarily kissed Yuuka, wasn't it? Her kisses were always so different from Reimu's. They just seemed more... forceful, but in a good way? Probably because she knew how to kiss, come to think of it... It was probably also the first time you kissed someone while flying, come to think of it!


It wasn't much longer before Yuuka set you down outside your house and, as expected, you found the tengu seated on your roof, giving you a casual wave as you touched down.

“Hey! Sorry about just hanging out like this but, well... Reimu didn't really seem keen on sticking around with me any longer then she wanted.”

“Given you are still in one piece, I imagine the shrine maiden found your time together tolerable.”

The black-haired youkai grinned and floated off the roof, “Yeah, I guess so. Wasn't anything like a date at all, of course, but I wasn't really expecting one anyway. But I'd rather keep it all hush-hush, if its alright with the two of you.”

“Well, I think that's fair. We never did really say we had to talk about each of our dates to one another.” you replied, “Been waiting long?”

“Nah, only been here for maybe... thirty minutes? Give or take. I thought of going home, but well, since me and you are going out tomorrow, I figured why not just stay the night eh? I mean, if it's alright with you, of course.”

Yuuka smirked slightly, appraising the tengu, “Hoping to have more time with Reina, reporter?”

Aya quickly threw up her hands and shook her head, “Erm, well you know! Just figured, this way is easier and, well we won't start the actual date until the right time! Around the afternoon, right?”

“That is what we did, but there is of course, no requirement your date starts at the same time. If she wishes, she can certainly have it earlier.”

“Well, if Reina agrees to it then... ah, right, actually before I forget, Reimu wanted to let you know Yuuka: she'll be waiting for you at her shrine, around noon or so.”

The flower youkai nodded, “Very well reporter. Well then little flower, I will be taking my leave. Have an enjoyable day tomorrow – I enjoyed our time together today. I will be looking forward to seeing you on Valentine's.”

“I have to admit Reina, you've got a pretty good plan all set up here. I don't think many in Gensokyo would have three rather well-known girls willing to take turns dating you, and all agree to a group date on Valentine's! You're pretty lucky.” stated Aya with a toothy grin.

“Erm, well I never thought about it that way... I just feel lucky to have so many great friends, really. And ah, well, let's see I guess since you're here... we can do a bit of planning then! And well, decide on you spending the night or not...”

- - -

Yuuka's date, complete! Time to prep for Aya.
- Well first, is she going to stay the night?
[ ] It can't hurt!
[ ] Not this time...
- Will you start the date early, or afternoon as usual?
[ ] An early start could be fun!
[ ] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
- Now what will you actually do?
[ ] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?
[ ] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
[ ] Why not just stay home at first? There's stuff you can do here, surely!
[ ] Other? (write-in)

> You have 15 yen and 80 sen

As per request, the Lotus Pavilion will not be allowed as a choice.
No. 177354
[X] It can't hurt!
[X] Afternoon.
[X] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
[X] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?

They have all stayed over at some point, so why not?
I'm not really worried about showing favoritism, just that filling an entire day and keeping it interesting is pretty hard.
Just start as a regular, slow day at home and go out in the afternoon. We could also ask Aya if she has any place in particular she wants to go, and then in the evening we can go to the parlor.

As for the Lotus Pavilion, I'll say it again: I don't mind the Pavilion itself, I was just surprised by the... Less romantic and more lewd options.
If it had been kept to the level of pleasant conversation, light music and a massage I think it would have been just fine.
Just keep to the more classy things the Pavilion has to offer. It's called a "tea house" for more reasons than just as a disguise.
No. 177355
[x] It can't hurt!
[x] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
[x] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
[x] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?

Eh, the Pavillion trip went over just fine, a bit of lewdness keeps things spicy and fun.
No. 177356
Just to clarify, the Pavilion not being an option for the rest of the dates wasn't because of some of the feedback, but merely a request from the Pavilion creator.

I co-write any Pavilion update with him, and he's been busy lately so until his schedule is better, no more Pavilion visits.
No. 177364
Explains why the writing felt a bit strange and out of place compared to the usual style.
No. 177367
[x] It can't hurt!
[x] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
[x] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
No. 177377
[x] Not this time...
[x] An early start could be fun!
[x] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
[x] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?

Basically what >>177354 said in my opinion on it.
No. 177379
[x] It can't hurt!
[x] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
[x] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?
[x] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
No. 177445
[x] It can't hurt!
[x] It might be kind of showing favorites, so afternoon...
[x] Maybe Aya has somewhere nice she could show you?
[x] Aya likes mahjong and games, so why not Akemi's parlor for some fun?

- - -

Your sleep was restful, if largely uneventful. No dreams or visits in your head, but given what you were going through at the moment, this was probably a good thing. It would probably ruin your day with Aya if something came up... and there wasn't really anytime to reschedule things, given tomorrow was Reimu's day, and then right after that was going to be Valentine's Day.

You were starting to get oddly comfortable with having friends sleepover in your bed though. It was probably a little lucky you had owned a bed that was a little bit large, or it would have made these sleepovers far different.

Of course, it seemed Aya didn't mind if the bed was a single-person one or not – because you were now aware of her arms around your waist, and the feeling of something soft pressed up against your back. It would appear the tengu was a snuggler of sorts. You immediately stiffened up at realizing this, and began to wonder how you would free yourself from this predicament.

Also, if that softness was what you thought it was, then the tengu didn't wear a bra to sleep. Not that you could blame her given – no, no don't think about that right now!

Before you could put too much thought into it, you could hear a snicker in your ear, and then suddenly the arms pulled away, and the tengu hopped out of bed.

“I see you're awake Reina! Sorry, I thought that was the most amusing way to see when you wake up.” declared Aya boastfully.

You groaned and rolled out of bed, “Ever the prankster I see... I didn't think I'd be woken up that way ever... did you really have to press... those into my back to wake me up?”

The tengu grinned as she waved a pillow in front of her face, “Just a pillow. If you want me to press the actual things into your back, you'd only have to ask sometime.”

Urgh, she really was a really good prankster, wasn't she? Your face was already red, and the actual date hadn't even begun yet.

“E-erm, well, uhm... s-sleep well?”

“Changing the topic, eh? Alright, alright. Yeah, I slept pretty well. Though, I was probably awake an hour or two ago... I'm not really used to sleeping in. Kind of hard to break a sleep schedule, I guess.”

“I can understand that. Well, we have some time to kill before the actual date, have anything you want for breakfast in particular?”

“Surprise me! I'm not a picky eater.”


“So, I know we've got a few hours and all, but whats the plan?” asked Aya idly, picking up one of your tools and examining it.

Given your house kind of lacked any entertainment, you had decided to pass some time just fiddling around and cleaning up your workshop. Aya had taken this as an excuse to poke around and examine things of course, but she wasn't really in the way or making a mess, so it wasn't really a problem.

“Actually, I was wondering if you had any place you wanted to have me see, maybe? I have a place in mind, but I'm thinking it'll be better to do at the end of the date.”

“Hoping I'll show you some secret little tengu places, maybe?” teased the tengu, pulling a paper out of her clothing, “I'm actually kind of glad you asked though! I've got just the place.”

“Oh? Is that some kind of flier or invitation to somewhere?”

“In a manner of speaking. It's actually a pass to let me bring you up onto the mountain. Well, just some of the way up it, and you can't go inside the mountain, but...”

“You got that kind of paperwork for a date? I thought you said it was really hard to get outsiders on the mountain!”

Aya chuckled and rubbed the back of her head, “Well, kinda... I mean, I wasn't really getting it specifically for this date, the paperwork just kind of came through by this date. So I guess that's some luck on my part. I actually started the process months ago... I really wanted to get you a permit to go into the mountain, and maybe even a merchant's permit or something, but they're being really stubborn about it...

“I think they're still angry about Yukari just plopping you in here and giving you all this land unofficially. Either way, I've got a nice place to show you on the mountain. If that's alright with you, of course.”

“I'm the one who offered to let you pick a place, right? I didn't know you were doing all this work on my behalf really Aya...”

“Don't mention it! The least I can do for someone I like.” stated the tengu with a smile.

You blushed a little bit and nodded, “Th-thanks. I'll be looking forward to it then, I've never been on the mountain...”

“Sadly I can't show you some of the finer sights, this pass will only get you so far. And while sneaking past patrols sounds like a very romantic outing, it'd probably take all day. Probably ruin the day if we wound up in jail for trespassing or something.”

“Yeah, let's not do that... I'll just be happy to see what I'm allowed to see.”

Aya grinned and waggled her eyebrows a bit, “If you ask nicely, and play your cards right, I might allow you to see a lot.”

You walked right into that one, didn't you? The tengu just laughed as your face reddened.


Even from a distance the Youkai Mountain was impressive to behold, from up close it was only more impressive. It also revealed that about half of the mountain was completely engulfed by a thick forest, one that Aya said was simply called the 'Great Youkai Forest'. She compared it to the Forest of Magic, and cautioned you to never try to enter it by yourself.

The location she wanted to show you was about half-way up the mountain, so it was still within the forest, but with Aya around you would be more then safe. You expected someone to try and stop the two of you from approaching – given what you had heard – but it seemed no one approached. Maybe they knew your face now, or somehow knew you had the paper on you?

Regardless the flight was uneventful, only filled with some idle chat-chat between you and your tengu date. It wasn't long before the crow descended into the forest and then began to lead you along. Comparing this forest to the Forest of Magic wasn't too off... it still had that dark, oppressing feeling to it somehow, but Aya seemed utterly oblivious to such a thing, if it actually existed.

A bit of walking later, and the two of you were in a small clearing within the forest – something you couldn't even make out from the sky at all. It was just like any other forest clearing, at a glance, except for a pond and a small little shrine set up nearby. There was also some lotus flowers blooming on the pond, which gave the whole clearly a kind of... relaxing and calming feel.

“They call it the Giant Toad's pond. The story goes there's a giant toad that lives here and protects it, it'll eat you if you desecrate the pond. That shrine over there,” she pointed it out for emphasis, “was set up for offerings to the toad. Although, to be honest, I'm pretty sure the patrollers just eat the offerings...”

“There are travelers who come up the mountain?”

The tengu shrugged, sitting down on the grass, “Not sure who, but it happens. Despite what I may have said, and others will say, people do sometimes try to make it up the mountain. As the story goes, if you leave an offering here, the giant toad will protect you on the way down. Momiji would probably know more – I only do patrol duty a handful of times. Either way, this is what I wanted to show you. Nice place, isn't it?”

You took a seat on the grass next to Aya and nodded, “Yeah, it is really nice. A very pretty spot. I wouldn't have expected such a thing in this forest...”

“It's a nice little secret, of sorts. I know it's not a very exciting place, but its just a very relaxing spot. And while it might be pretty, it certainly isn't as pretty as you Reina.”

Your face blushed again, “Y-you really like flirting, don't you Aya?”

“Something wrong with that?” replied the tengu with her usual grin, “I figured Yuuka never really tries to flirt like this, and Reimu is far too shy about it in the first place. But yup, I certainly love doing it.”

The atmosphere at this pond was nice... maybe now might be a good time to just ask Aya some things about herself? Or anything in general, perhaps. Although, it might be a nice place to just lay down and relax...

- - -

This is a really nice place...
[ ] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.
[ ] May as well learn more about Aya! (write-in questions)
[ ] Other?

Sorry to not provide any default questions. But really, go wild. Just don't go too wild.
No. 177447
[x] Flirt back. Talk about taking a swim, or how it's too bad that you don't have a bathing suit, and can't pose for her to take photos.

I dunno. Just rolling with it.
No. 177448
[x] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.

I don't think Reina is that good at flirting at least not without heavily leaning on her 'advantages'.
No. 177456
[x] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.
You mean her two big advantages right?
No. 177457
[x] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.
[x] Ask Aya about something light, like what her usual day is like.

Eh, this is no place for a cross examination or anything, just some light chatter.
No. 177463
yeah. She's still pretty innocent, despite attempts to corrupt her.
No. 177466
Innocent as in "no way, you really are an astronaut" or innocent as in some confucian /jp/er fantasy where girls that have sex with more than one person in their life are sluts?
No. 177471
innocent as in missing the more lewd aspects of double innuendos. Keep in mind that I'm considering /at/ Reina to be in a different area in this regard.
No. 177529
[x] Fuck the book
[x] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.
No. 177531
[x] Fuck the book with Aya
No. 177532
[x] Fuck Aya with the book.
[x] Snuggle
No. 177535
[x] Fuck the book
No. 177551
[x] Just relax. Maybe snuggle with Aya or something.
[x] Ask Aya about something light, like what her usual day is like.

- - -

You gently laid yourself down on the grass, looking up at the sky. This place was just so relaxing, it felt like a waste to just not really bask in the atmosphere.

“Hey, Aya what do you really like... do everyday, anyway? I know you're a reporter, and you run the Bunbunmaru, but I don't really know what you... do for that, I guess?” you ask casually.

You can hear the tengu flopping lightly against the grass next to you, “Well, it's mostly a lot of writing. Gensokyo goes through lulls of inactivity, so when there isn't any incidents going on, it can be kind of hard to write proper newspaper articles, you know? So something else I do instead, is sometimes I either do interviews or danmaku shoots.”

“Danmaku shoots?”

“Yup! Danmaku is really pretty to watch, ya know? But not a lot of people will ever get to see a really great danmaku duel. So sometimes I like to photograph people's spellcards in action, then show 'em off to people. Marisa wrote a book on somethin' similar some years back, though her's was less to show off spellcards and more of an analyzing of them.

“I just like showing them off. A lot of thought and work goes into people's spellcards, so you can get a pretty good idea of their thoughts and such by how they do them.”

“They just let you photograph their spellcards and danmaku like that?”

Aya chuckled, “Wweeellll... no, not really. But if you get them made enough to duel you in the first place, I can get away with it I suppose... my camera is kind of special when it comes to danmaku.”

It was special? Perhaps that shouldn't be unexpected... it was kind of odd to imagine Gensokyo even had cameras in the first place to you. The one Aya carried around was rather small and portable, which suggest to you a somewhat modern kind of technology had to go into it.

“What is up with your camera anyway? I mean, Gensokyo seems kind of... old-fashioned to me, and yet your camera looks surprisingly modern...”

The tengu sat up, waving the camera in front of your field of vision, “I can't tell you the specifics, but this little treasure is something the kappa helped me make. It's just like any camera in the outside world, except it can capture danmaku and also eliminate them. It's pretty handy for getting shots of beautiful danmaku that way! After all, I can't really shoot back, since it'd really ruin the shots to get my own bullets in the picture, you know?”

You weren't quite sure you could follow that kind of thinking... but then again, you weren't much of a danmaku dueler yourself, and you had only seen a proper duel a handful of times. The bullets and patterns were rather pretty though.

“I guess... I don't really know a whole lot about danmaku. I know the basics, and I've had a little practice from Reimu and Yuuka before, but that's about it.”

“Did you... ever make any spellcards?” asked the black-haired youkai curiously.

It had been a while since you had to think about it, but hadn't you made two cards? Something like that... you probably had them buried in your bag somewhere, come to think of it.

“I made... two, I think. Why do you ask Aya?”

The tengu's face leaned into your field of vision, her red eyes staring down at you, “Maybe you can show them to me sometime? Not today, or on the group date... but I'd really like to see your danmaku Reina!”

“Uhm, w-well... I guess I don't see a problem with that. I haven't used them in a while, so I'm not sure how they'll look, but...”

“I'll be looking forward to it then! In the meantime... do you mind if I take some pictures of you Reina? For my own little collection, of course, nothing to be published.”

You blushed a little and scratched your cheek, “Erm... well... I guess some pictures won't hurt me any...”

“Great! So ah, lemme see... first if you'll just kind of sit over there...”


Aya really enjoyed her photography, but at least she didn't ask you to take off any of your clothes or anything. Once the impromptu little photoshoot session was over, the tengu and you had returned to laying down on the grass.

Only this time, you well, decided to lay a little closer to her and... well, snuggle a bit. Just kind of gently laying there with your arms wrapped around her, and she was more then happy to return the favor – and occasionally pat and ruffle your head a bit.

“I have to admit, I have some pretty stiff competition.” commented Aya suddenly.

“Stiff competition?”

The tengu patted your head, “Yup! Reimu is the Hakurei shrine maiden and all, plus she is a human – so you two have that in common already. Then there's Yuuka, whose just... well, Yuuka. She doesn't take interest in a lot of people, so for her to take such an interest in you, she's got to really like you. I've got two pretty tough opponents to win your heart.”

Your face was burning from the blush on them again, “I-I see. I guess I should feel kind of, uhm... lucky then. I mean, I uhm... er... that is...”

Aya laughed and ruffled your hair a bit, “Aah, don't worry about it so much. Though you should feel pretty lucky, yeah I agree with you there. If I put myself in your shoes... I don't even know what I'd do! Having to pick from you, Reimu, or Yuuka... that'd be a tough one. I think I'd just try to get all three, that sounds like a good compromise.”

Was that even an option? Those kind of things only happened in like, shows or books, right? Although, you weren't too sure how you'd respond to that kind of offer if the situation was like Aya said... that'd be kind of an odd train of thought. How would it feel to 'share' someone you love with others? It'd probably have to depend on how the others got along, maybe... in theory, if everyone got along, wouldn't that kind of thing work out?

What an unusual train of thought indeed...

“Oh! That's right! You had a place we should go to, right? We can't just relax in the Pond all day after all. Plus these dates aren't supposed to be all day long, so... where did you want to take me?”

Was it really getting that late? It was hard to tell without a watch or something... maybe it had been a few hours by now? It was tough to say. Still, you had no reason to doubt Aya's judgment.

“Well, it's somewhere you already know. I know you liked playing games and all, so I thought we could go to Akemi's? Maybe play some mahjong or something, while also getting something to eat and such?”

The tengu chuckled, “Sounds like a plan to me! Not a bad way to end a date with some games, food, and drink. Hopefully you won't mind footing the bill for some alcohol. I know Akemi has some nice stuff at her place...”

“Erm, well, I don't have a problem with footing any bills...” you admit with a nervous chuckle.

“Great! Well, let's get going then. I'll fly you there as usual, my princess.” teased Aya with a chuckle.


“Ah, Aya and Reina! What an honor and pleasure to see you again.” greeted Akemi with a slight bow, “To what do I owe the honor...? Ah, wait, I kind of messed up that greeting, didn't I? Maybe a little too respectful...”

“Trying out new greetings Akemi? I think you can just stick with the usual kind of thing, really...” commented Aya with a grin.

The girl smiled, “I probably should. That one just felt a little too strange. So! What can I do for you two today?”

“Well, we're here for some fun and games, of course! Ah, and some refreshments... but I'll leave the specifics to her.” declared the tengu, pointing at you matter-of-factly.

“Ahaha... w-well, yeah we're here for those kinds of things. Could I see the prices again...?”

“Certainly Reina, let me know what you want.” the girl paused and glanced around the parlor, “As it's not too late, I'll be available if you need me for anything specifically. You picked a rather good time to come by, since we're not that busy right now.”

- - -

Now that relaxing was done, time for some fun and games!
[ ] You'll be playing with Aya in the open, as usual.
- [ ] But what to play? (Mahjong, poker, blackjack, etc.)
- [ ] Will you be betting or not?
- [ ] Foot Aya's costs of refreshments? Will you be having any yourself?
- [ ] Other?
[ ] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
- [ ] Still need a game to play though!
- [ ] Betting or no betting?
- [ ] Pay for Aya's refreshments, and will you have any yourself?
- [ ] Other?
[ ] Other?

Feel free to use other for any possible 'sidebet' ideas or something. Or if you even want Akemi to be playing. Or whatever, as usual.
No. 177552
You're all silly. The book wasn't even an option!
No. 177553
[x] You'll be playing with Aya in the open, as usual.
- [x] Mahjong
- [x] No
- [x] Yeah, and something light (no sense getting Reina smashed)
No. 177571
[x] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
- [x] Poker or Uno
- [x] Always betting! See about winning some more interesting photoshoots from Aya. Nature photography, Keine's ufo abduction pictures, etc
- [x] Booze and snacks
No. 177572
[ ] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
- [ ] Poker
-- [ ] STRIP poker
--- [ ] Loser fucks the book

Every day until you write it Kriss!
No. 177573
[x] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
[x] Poker (I guess we can go with a classic)
[x] Betting some small favor, just to add to the excitement. (Aya could maybe ask for a more well prepared and sexier photo shoot. Don't know what Reina would ask for though and we're all hoping Aya wins anyway.)
[x] Light drinks and snacks. (We're not getting wasted, just a little something that fits the atmosphere.)
No. 177575
[x] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
[x] Poker (I guess we can go with a classic)
[x] Betting some small favor, just to add to the excitement. (Aya could maybe ask for a more well prepared and sexier photo shoot. Don't know what Reina would ask for though and we're all hoping Aya wins anyway.)
[x] Light drinks and snacks. (We're not getting wasted, just a little something that fits the atmosphere.)

I like it!
No. 177577
[x] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
[x] Poker (I guess we can go with a classic)
[x] Betting some small favor, just to add to the excitement. (Aya could maybe ask for a more well prepared and sexier photo shoot. Don't know what Reina would ask for though and we're all hoping Aya wins anyway.)
[x] Light drinks and snacks. (We're not getting wasted, just a little something that fits the atmosphere.)
No. 177709
[x] This is a date, so maybe you should use a private room... (20 sen)
[x] Poker (I guess we can go with a classic)
[x] Betting some small favor, just to add to the excitement. (Aya could maybe ask for a more well prepared and sexier photo shoot. Don't know what Reina would ask for though and we're all hoping Aya wins anyway.)
[x] Light drinks and snacks. (We're not getting wasted, just a little something that fits the atmosphere.)

- - -

Last time you were here, you had simply played out in the open, but that had just been a friendly outing with friends. This time however, was supposed to be a well, date...

“Uhm... how about one of the rooms this time? I'll just need some cards, also. Would a game of poker, be alright Aya?”

The crow grinned, “Sure! I know how to play that one. You're pretty well-known for it yourself too.”

Akemi smiled, “Certainly Reina. Would you like anything else? You can use whichever room in the back you like.”

“Perhaps a little menu of the refreshment? I think it'll be nice to have a little bit.”

The girl nodded and handed you another sheet of paper, “Here you go! If you need anything, just let me know. I hope you two have a good afternoon.”

There wasn't anything too extravagant on the menu, but it had a nice selection of various drinks and traditional snack foods (for older Japan anyway). As the two of you settled into your chosen room, Akemi delivering a deck of cards, and taking your orders, you also planned what you'd actually be doing exactly.

“Want to use a point system or something? I guess we could use a small amount of coinage, just to make it a bit easier maybe...”

“Well, if we're betting anything, what are we playing for, eh?” asked Aya inquisitively, a twinkle in her eye.

You weren't too sure you trusted that little twinkle there...

“Calm down there, I'm not suggesting we play, the erm... variant I'm kind of famous for, I mean this is still a public place!” you complained with a sigh.

The tengu grinned and sighed dramatically, “Very well Reina, I guess it would be rude to strip my date naked in this place. Maybe we'll do it at your house next time. So if we're not doing strip poker, what's your suggestion?”

Pretty sure the last time Aya ever played strip poker with you, she ended up naked. Maybe? It had been a while. You weren't even really sure how she looked – no, no don't think about that right now!

“How about a favor? Something kind of small maybe. Those kind of bets usually work out pretty well. Whoever runs out of points has to do whatever favor they agree to beforehand?”

“A favor eh? Pretty simple, but I guess that works. What kind of favor are you willing to offer me though?” questioned the tengu with a grin, already expecting her victory.

That was a good question... well, Aya seemed to enjoy those pictures from earlier...

“How about a photo shoot? I mean, only for yourself, erm, you know I mean, not for publishing for everyone to see but...”

Aya's face lit up, “A photo shoot eh? Well I did get some pictures today, but I guess you're suggesting a more... prepared one, perhaps?”

“I guess for the lack of a better word...”

“Well, I won't turn down adding some more photos of you to my collection.” answered Aya with a grin, “But what kind of photo shoot are we talking here? Need to get all the boundaries out now, I think. I mean, I wouldn't mind a sexy photo shoot or something, ehehehehe.”

Your face warmed up as you blushed, “E-erm... I'm not getting naked or anything, or posing in my underwear for you, you know... as long as I can keep my clothes on, I guess that'll be fine.”

“Hahahahaha, alright Reina, I can agree to that if you're comfortable. I can think up some pretty sexy photos without you even taking your blouse off, I think. Maybe one day I can get some nicer shots, we'll see eh?” the crow reclined in her seat a bit, “So, what do you get if you win then?”

“How about I get a photo shoot of you then? I'm no photographer or anything, but... it seems like it could be fun.”

Aya grinned and nodded her head, “Sounds like a deal. I'll even pose nude if you want, just for you.” teased the crow with a wink.

“E-erm, that's uhm... s-so, I'll deal the cards then uhm... maybe we can use some rin coins to track things, ah... n-normal five card poker then...?”

The black-haired youkai laughed, “You're so fun to tease Reina.”


The snacks were pretty good, and from what Aya was saying, the sake was also quite good. You had only helped yourself to a little bit yourself, given you didn't have the particularly best tolerance to sake in the first place...

But the tengu on the other hand, seemed to be totally immune. It almost reminded you of that Suika you met, who was just taking long swigs from her gourd constantly. So far the black-haired youkai was racking up an impressive number of empty sake bottles off to the side, and she seemed to have no hint of stopping...

Her face was red, but she didn't really seem to be stumbling over herself or anything! In fact, she was playing quite fantastically... it was maybe a good idea to not challenge her to strip poker, you'd probably be naked – or almost – by now.

“Why does it seem like everyone can drink so much...” you comment casually.

Aya chuckles and she downs another cup of sake, “We do have a lot of big parties after incidents, and I love to have some sake. But I'd say probably because... well, a little history lesson while I win my photo shoot,” the tengu winked as she said that, “a long time ago, the oni used to rule on the mountain. And well, oni love drinking, and I used to help myself to their sake when I could. Oni sake is pretty strong stuff, so I just have a pretty high tolerance. I could never out drink an oni, but I can hold my sake with the best of the non-oni, if I may say.”

You could believe it... Aya was probably racking up quite the bill in sake alone. Well, you had kind of expected this kind of thing would happen. You were kind of surprised Akemi's place even had this much sake, but it seemed she knew Aya, so maybe she's had experience with the tengu's drinking limits.

“I think I win, by the way Reina.” spoke up the tengu suddenly, snapping you out of your thoughts.

Looking down at the table, and the cards, you sighed as you laid your own down, “Ah... yeah, you did. I'm starting to lose confidence in my card skills lately, I seem to keep losing.”

Aya grinned and reclined in her chair, “Ah don't worry about it. I'm actually pretty good at at cards myself, I just didn't have a really great reason to win that strip poker match before. But I really wanted that photo shoot.”

“R-really? I mean, it's just some photos of me you'd be getting...”

“And that's exactly why I want them!” declared the tengu, folding her arms under her bust and nodding, “I'm sure someone has brought up the whole long life thing us youkai have, right? So of course I want to treasure every moment with you Reina. Photos last a long time, of course, and they're nice to have around.”

The tengu paused for a moment to sip her sake, “That, and honestly, you've got a sexy body, so I want to get some good poses to suit it. You don't really flaunt it much, you've got this great adorable, almost innocent charm about you, despite your figure and breasts! Just drives me a little crazy, heh. Sooo... how about we have that photo shoot after Valentine's Day then? You'll be busy tomorrow, and the day after.”

You blushed as you soaked in Aya's words, and merely nodded, “Y-yeah, uhm... s-sure we can do that. Erm, thanks for the compliments...”

“Don't mention it. So, let's say we finish up the drinks and snacks... and don't worry, I'll split the cost with you. No objections! I did kind of drink a whole lot of sake, maybe a litttllle carried away. Akemi has some nice sake though...”

“I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they've had anything but nice sake. Does the village even have bad sake?”

“You could probably find some, somewhere. There used to be this little place that had some pretty lousy sake, but I think they closed up shop. You just happen to be friends with a number of people who know their sake. If you ever decide to take an interest in sake, just ask, we can point you in the right direction.” commented the youkai with a wink.

“Erm, y-yeah I'll keep that in mind if I ever do that. I can't say I'm much of a drinker though...”

“Nothing wrong with that. Now come on, help me finish this bottle at least!”


After finishing up your snacks, and the sake (you had a few cups at least), Akemi thanked the both of you for your patronage, and the two of you went on your way.

Well, you had to also settle the tab, but Aya pitched in as well. It seemed suspiciously less then you had thought though, and you had to wonder if Akemi had given you some kind of discount... her and Aya did seem to know one another.

Regardless, that was sure one way to end your date with Aya. As was seemingly customary for you, she flew you home as well. As was also normal, the two of you only chatted idly during the flight. Unlike your return with Yuuka, this time you didn't see anyone waiting on your roof at least. You briefly wondered where Reimu was, but then again, it wasn't like the plan was for the next day's date to be waiting at your house after all.

“Well, this was a pretty interesting day I'd say.” you said upon being put down on the ground.

“That was the plan after all! Before I forget...” the tengu pulled out the pass, “Keep it. No use keeping it on me after all. Just promise me if you go to the mountain, you bring someone with you, alright? It'll let you up the mountain, but it isn't going to magically protect you from any wild youkai there either.”

You carefully stored the pass away in your bag and nodded, “Certainly. The mountain is a long flight from my house anyway...”

“I know you're a careful person, I just feel like pointing that out. Now then, as this is the end of our date...”

Even though Aya hadn't spoken the word, you had a pretty good idea of what was on her mind. Before you could comment, or even react, you found the tengu's lips locked on your own, and she was even pushing you back a bit, making you lean into her embrace just a bit. The tengu was certainly a very intense kisser...

You weren't sure how long the kiss lasted, but eventually it came to an end, and you found yourself suddenly short of breath, and quickly took in a breath. Aya grinned down at you, before helping you stand up straight again.

“You have some rather tasty lips Reina, I got a little carried away, sorry. Ah, this was a fun day... I'll be looking forward to Valentine's. Have a good day with Reimu, alright? I can tell she's really looking forward to it.”

“W-what makes you say that?”

The tengu gave you a wink as she floated off the ground, “Reporter's intuition.”

And with that, she was gone. She really was pretty fast when she wanted to be... chuckling and shaking your head, you made your way into your home. It was already almost Valentine's Day... you were really hoping that would go well. After all, it was kind of your idea, so it would make you look pretty bad if it didn't go well, huh?

It was still pretty crazy that all three of them would even agree to this kind of thing in the first place! It was just kind of -

“Welcome home, Reina.”

You nearly jumped out of your skin as you whirled about to locate the source of the voice, before spotting a familiar shrine maiden seated on the staircase, waving at you.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack Reimu, I-I wasn't expecting you to be in here...”

The brown-haired girl chuckled softly, “Yeah, I guess I do usually announce myself. But I figured if Aya can do it, why can't I? I did wave at you earlier, but I guess you were caught up in some kind of thinking?”

Did she? You didn't see anyone when you came in... though you were kind of thinking of other things, and that kiss from the tengu was still at the front of your mind. Maybe you hadn't been paying the best attention...

“S-sorry, maybe I was a little too caught up in my own thoughts. Er, how long have you been here anyway...?”

“Not that long I guess. I finished up my... day, I guess, with Yuuka and she mentioned Aya waited at your house after our day out, so I figured I'd do the same.” a light blush crept onto the girl's cheeks, “That was some kiss she gave you...”

Your face instantly turned red, “Y-you saw that? I erm, I didn't know you were... uhm...”

“Don't worry about it Reina, that's how dates are supposed to go, right? I know I'm not a great kisser like Yuuka or Aya, that's for sure... it's kind of hard to compete in this kind of thing with youkai. They've got some centuries of experience, probably.” the red-white shrugged, “And er, I didn't really mean to see either! I was just kind of by the window and all. Sorry.”

“R-right. As for experience, uhm I... don't think that's really important? I mean, it's not like I'm grading anyone on their kissing. It's not like I'm exactly all that experienced at it either...”

Reimu smirked, a hand on her hip, “Yeah, I guess you're just more experienced at being kissed. I still have to admit, you're living in some kind of dream it feels like almost, doesn't it? I mean, you do have three women all perfectly fine doing this... when I think about it sometimes, I really have to wonder what my mom would think.”

You chuckled and rubbed the back of your head, “Y-yeah, I'm kind of surprised myself I'm... yeah, I don't really know how to describe it. It is pretty crazy though.”

“Yup, but I guess that just shows how much we all like you. So ah, mind if I stay the night?”

“I don't see any problem with that. Going to ask me next what I have planned?”

Reimu chuckled, “Yeah, that was going to be what I was going to ask next. If you don't have anything, well, I can think of something. Your choice of course.”

- - -

Better plan the final individual date!
[ ] Maybe there's somewhere on the mountain Reimu can take you too? You have that pass...
[ ] Why not just hang out at the shrine?
[ ] You could go visit Akemi's again...
[ ] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?
[ ] Other?

> You spent 40 sen
> You have 15 yen and 40 sen

Sorry for how late this is. Guess I'm just going through one of my slumps. If you have any interesting write-in ideas, feel free.

As before however, no Lotus Pavilion.
No. 177711
[X] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?
We've already been at both the mountain and at Akemi's. The shrine would be too plain, and I can't think of anything else. So letting her decide is the best option imo
No. 177712
[X] Why not just hang out at the shrine?
[X] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?

I figured we could do the same thing again. Just hang out until the afternoon, when we have the "real" date.
As for date locations, I don't think Akemi's (or the pavillion, even if it was an option) is the place to bring Reimu for a date.
Let defer to her expertise on this one. She's been, literally, everywhere in Gensokyo.
No. 177713
[x] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?

Eh, Reimu's a local, she knows the best.
No. 177717
[X] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?
No. 177720
[x] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?

Few people have traveled through Gensokyo as much or as widely as Reimu.
No. 177732
[X] No real idea... is there someplace Reimu can take you that is new to you or something?

- - -

“I... can't really think of any particular place. I've kind of gone to my usual places, and well, I wouldn't really want to take you somewhere I already went with someone else...” you admit after a few moments of thought.

The shrine maiden nodded, cocking her head to the side, “I see... I can appreciate the thought. But I guess that means I have to think of a place, huh?”

You chuckle nervously, “W-well, if it's not really a problem... there's a lot of places in Gensokyo I haven't seen, so I guess it'd be nice to see somewhere... nice?”

“A little bit of sight seeing then... well, where have you been exactly? It'll help me think of somewhere interesting to take you.”

“Well... let me see...”


While it hadn't really come up, it had been a sort of unspoken agreement that the date would, as usual, start in the afternoon. This just left the two of you to chat, enjoy a breakfast, and lazy about your house until the appointed time.

As was normal for Reimu, you did wake up to find her rather close to you in bed – almost as if she was trying to snuggle up close with you.

Reimu had selected a place, but she had offered no hints as to what it was... it seemed she wanted to keep it a surprise. She only teased it wasn't a place someone would probably ever take you too though. You had thought it was maybe some place only she could go, and you had mentioned it, but she admitted there really wasn't any place only she could go – except perhaps where Yukari lives, but the shrine maiden had no desire to go there.

Probably because there was the off-chance Yukari would see her, and you, and then she'd never hear the end of it. As the shrine maiden took you up in her arms, and began to fly to her mysterious destination, you noticed it was in the direction of the mountain...

“I don't think my pass will get me onto the mountain.”

“You have a pass? They have passes? I just always... ahem, that is to say, uhm, that's alright. I'm not actually going on it. The destination is just in that direction is all.”

“Oh? I guess I shouldn't be surprised there's more beyond the mountain...”

“You'll see. Though, offhand, you can actually reach Hell from the mountain. Well, Former Hell, as they call it now... that's a story for another time though. You have to go pretty far underground, and... yeah, right, story for another time.”

Former Hell? There was two Hells? Maybe you should ask about that later... though this was Gensokyo, maybe someone just had odd naming sense when it came to things. There's no way it was related to the actual hell in some religions... right?


Either way, it didn't seem like the red-white was going to expand any further on it. Looking down at the ground – still a somewhat frightening prospect, truth be told – you tried to figure out exactly where you were going... but it was hopeless. You barely had an idea of the place you lived around, after all!

You did recognize the mountain, but as you were told, it was not the destination. Instead it seemed you were going around it, and you noticed a worn, but serviceable dirt road below you leading... somewhere. It was an odd spot for a road, given everything you heard said the mountain wasn't exactly open to travelers, so why was there this road behind it? There didn't seem to be a road loading to the 'front' of the mountain, as it were either.

Even more surprising was as the flight continued, you swore you could see a large collection of what looked like stalls below you. And there was people down there! Well, they might be youkai, but the point still stood!

“Didn't expect that, huh?” spoke up Reimu suddenly.

“There doesn't seem to be anyway to get here... so... why is it here?”

“You'll see in a moment, promise.”

A short time later, she began to descend and you eventually found yourself on solid ground once more. In front of you stretched a river... a river completely covered in mist that prevented you from seeing the other side. In fact, there was a rather heavy mist all over the place.

It was also quiet. Really unnaturally quiet in a way, you didn't hear... anything. The river itself didn't even seem to be flowing, even though you could clearly see some moss-covered rocks jutting out of it, and make out the current. You also couldn't seem to really see the sun here either, yet it was still light enough to see.

“Just what is this place...?” you asked, turning to face your date.

The red-white gestured towards the river, her arms outstretched, “The bank of the Sanzu river. On the other side is the Higan. I'd prefer showing you the Higan, but well, it's kind of a pain to cross given... well... you know what this is, right?”

The name seemed kind of familiar... Sanzu... Sanzu...

“It sounds kind of familiar, but I can't really place it...”

“It's the river of the dead. You cross over when you die, usually... there's a ferrywoman who should be... somewhere...” the shrine maiden frowned, looking about, “Either way, I figured this is a pretty unique place. It's well... not very romantic I guess but...”

The Sanzu? That... exists? And it's... in Gensokyo?” you reply, missing the last comment from the shrine maiden.

“Yup. I'm not sure on the specifics, but at least part of it is here... now where is that lazy shinigami. If she's here, I don't want her to sneak up on me...”

Wait a minute... shinigami? Doesn't that mean like... death god, or something? It was like the Grim Reaper...?

Reimu began to explore the immediate area, leaving you to do little but peer across the mist-covered river, attempting to come to terms with the area around you. It was a very unique place to be... it wasn't terrible romantic, no, but well... you did ask to see somewhere new, and this would certainly be it...

“Oh, right, what was the deal with that ro - “

The words caught in your throat as you suddenly felt a hand clap onto your shoulder, “What are you doing here?”

Now you didn't really peg yourself as much of a girly-girl, so you never really figured yourself as a screamer. But right now? You totally screamed, like a little girl as they'd say. You reached over to try and pry the foreign hand off your shoulder, but found the arm attached to it was too strong to move, and -

Suddenly the hand and arm was gone. The shrine maiden was at your side, one arm wrapped firmly around your waist, and in her free hand her gohei was leveled at an unseen opponent. Carefully turning your head, you saw a rather tall woman, with red pig-tail like hair standing there, a sheepish grin on her face.

She was also carrying a mighty large, curved scythe.

“Whoa, whoa calm down there Reimu, I didn't know she was with ya... I didn't even see you.”

Reimu relaxed, lowering her gohei, although she kept her grip on your waist, “So that's where you were. I figured you were here, I just wasn't sure if you were slacking off or not...”

“Right, right slacking off... I was just taking a well-deserved break, you know? Besides, why are you even here? It ain't time for you to cross the river, and there's not any incident here...” the woman's red eyes flicked to you, “... she a friend?”

“Yes, she is. I was showing her somewhere special in Gensokyo, and I figured I'd show her the Sanzu, alright? Now introduce yourself. Erm, you too Reina.”

The tall woman grinned, “Pushy ain't ya today? Anyway, I'm Komachi. Ferrywoman of the Sanzu river, and shinigami.”

“I-I'm Reina.” you manage to squeak out, finding your voice.

So she really was a shinigami! Guess that explained the scythe... although you always thought they'd wear a big black hooded cloak or something. Or was that the Grim Reaper? Komachi's outfit seemed almost kind of... pleasant. The odd coin-like sash was pretty strange, but it was rather normal otherwise...

“Not a friend I'm familiar with... so you must be new around here. Interesting...”

“Why didn't you just greet her like a normal person? Looks like you scared her half to death just sneaking up on her like that!”

Komachi glanced at you, “... My mistake. Sorry, didn't mean to sneak up on you like that. I don't really get visitors that ain't dead people, really.”

Reimu frowned, finally freeing you from her protective hold, “Just be more careful next time...”

“So, why show someone the Sanzu anyway? I guess she's an outsider, so seeing something they only know about in legends is kind of cool but...” the red-head made a sweeping gesture around the area, “there isn't really a lot to see. Not unless you cross over, and well, that's not really on the agenda for either of you, I'm sure.”

“Er, well, I mean it's kind of a... interesting place. How many people can say they've been to the bank of the Sanzu river after all, right?” you replied, finding your voice.

The shinigami rubbed her chin, “I guess not a lot of people. Most people only come in this general direction to visit the Road... you probably flew here, right? So you saw the Road of Liminality, right? It had all those stands and stuff?”

“That's what that was? It was kind of strange to see, I mean... this is pretty far out, and I didn't see anyway to really get there without going around the mountain...”

“Usually only the dead spirits or youkai visit it, but you get some humans once in a while. You should take Reina to it sometime.” offered Komachi with a grin.

The shrine maiden frowned, fixing the tall woman with a stare, “You're only saying that because you want her to spend money there. The money goes to finance you...”

“Hey, we need money too, you know? Can't blame a girl for tryin'.”

“I... don't think I really follow...” you admitted nervously.

Komachi shook her head, “Don't worry about it, it's not really your problem anyway. So, yeah this is the Sanzu. I guess you'd like a little rundown, or something? Heck, I've got time... maybe I can indulge you for a bit.”

“Well, that doesn't sound too ba - “

“If you'll give me a little coin.” cut in the redhead smoothly, rubbing her two of her fingers together, “I am on the job and all.”

“How about I just blow you away instead?” replied Reimu with a sigh.

The red head held up her hands defensively, “Hey, hey calm down Reimu. It's just a joke... kinda. You know Eiki is going to get on my case if she finds out I'm just chatting on the job...” she paused as the brown-haired girl's eyes stared into her, “... If I do it more then I usually do. Look, I'm not asking for a lot, alright? Just gimme like a sen or something. Help a girl out.”

Reimu sighed and shook her head, “It's your call Reina. Sorry this isn't the most exciting place but...”

- - -

Well, at least you're not actually dead...
[ ] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[ ] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [ ] You'll only pay her a 5 rin though. She nearly gave you a heart attack! (Write-in)
- [ ] May as well give her a sen. (Write-in)
- [ ] Another amount? (write-in amount, and questions)
[ ] Other?
No. 177733
[X] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[X] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [X] May as well give her a sen. (Write-in)

This certainly a unique place, with a very special atmosphere. It might not be the most romantic, but it's a one of a kind type of experience anyway.

The only questions I can think of right now are pretty obvious ones.

Is she really, you know, "Death"? She has the reaper part down, but the rest of her doesn't exactly look very grim.
What about the whole "pay the ferryman" (or ferrywoman in this case) thing? Should I be saving up some money in case of accidents?
Is the river really "infinite"?
What's the other side like?
When it's my time to go will you be the one to meet me, or are there others too?
How do you know Reimu?
No. 177735
If you want too, go ahead. The initial description of Komachi is a little lacking, since I didn't think Reina is really going to size her up much.

Also not sure how much her dress really shows, to be honest.
No. 177736
Well the general imprssion is that even if Komachi wore her outfit conservatively, one can still tell she's pretty nicely endowed at least, but usually it's something hard to ignore for most MCs at first.

And I will do that.
No. 177738
[X] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[X] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [X] May as well give her a sen. (Write-in)

Seem like fair questions
No. 177740
[x] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[X] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [X] May as well give her a sen. (Write-in)
--[x]>>177733 's questions would be a nice start.
--[x]Ask for advice on how to deal with 'ample endowments' as despite reports of asking, she seems pretty active.
No. 177765
I would ask her about how to deal with "huge tracts of land" just so she can, and we instead get a crash course in distance manipulation.
No. 177776
[x] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[X] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [X] May as well give her a sen. (Write-in)
--[x]>>177733 's questions would be a nice start.
--[x]Ask for advice on how to deal with 'ample endowments' as despite reports of asking, she seems pretty active.

Reina could use a good lingerie store or two. Worth seeing if Yuyuko or other boob monsters know of a decent one.
No. 177777
>An entire store of lingerie

Wh-what? That's excessive!
No. 177778
well I think the Pavillion would have suitable undies (considering Letty and Merlin work there), but it'd be very expensive.
No. 177779
So we should examine Merlin and Letty's undergarments? Or perhaps Meiling?
No. 177781
Depending on rendition, Meiling may have some very practical undergarments (ideal for the gifted lady on the move)
No. 177782
>just so she can
What the hell happened to my post there?
It's supposed to be "just so she can misunderstand".
No. 177788
Sorry this isn't an update. Just letting you all know I'm still alive, just been in a bit of a slump, I guess.

Lots of little ideas on my mind that are distracting me from being able to write RiG. I apologize for this, especially as it also means I missed any chance to have the Valentine's Day date on the actual Valentine's Day!

I would appreciate it if my readers could post feedback in this thread however:

As this is one of the things occupying my thinking for now.
No. 178356
Both threads have been quiet for a while. Still with us?
No. 179545
[X] Reassure Reimu that you liked her choice!
[X] Well, maybe you could actually ask Komachi some things...
- [X] May as well give her a sen.

Is she really, you know, "Death"? She has the reaper part down, but the rest of her doesn't exactly look very grim.
What about the whole "pay the ferryman" (or ferrywoman in this case) thing? Should I be saving up some money in case of accidents?
Is the river really "infinite"?
What's the other side like?
When it's my time to go will you be the one to meet me, or are there others too?
How do you know Reimu?

- - -

You weren't exactly short of funds, so giving her a sen for her troubles didn't seem like a bad idea. It took you only a moment to fetch a coin from your belongings and offer it up to the red-headed reaper. She took the coin and flipped it between her fingers, giving you a gracious nod and smile.

“Alright, ask away.” the coin disappeared somewhere into her outfit, “I won't even charge you a sen per question!”

Reimu rolled her eyes, “How generous of you Komachi.”

“Well, are you actually... Death? I mean, you have a scythe, and that's usually something Death carries but the rest of you doesn't seem quite so... Grim Reaper fitting?”

Komachi laughed and shook her head, “Oh no, I'm not Death or even a reaper technically. That's a different department, the scythe just comes with the office. Although, you did touch on why we carry it around. Humans associate it with Death, so it helps keep the spirits at peace and accept what's going to happen.”

That kind of thinking actually made some sense... you had thought Komachi was the Grim Reaper or something, just because of that massive scythe!

“Well then if you aren't Death... I guess you're the ferrywoman then? I've heard about this whole 'paying the ferryman' thing, so does that mean I should - “

The redhead held up a hand to indicate silence, “I'm the ferrywoman yes, but it doesn't work the way you're thinking. The price to cross the ferry is everything you own and you can't cross until you're dead. You also can't just bribe the ferrywoman to not send your soul across, ain't how it works.” she winked at you, “Though some people try anyway. Won't get ya too far though.”

You were kind of expecting an answer like that, after all, the dead couldn't probably bring money with them to bribe a force of death with anyway! Although you weren't sure what she needed that sen for now, come to think of it.

“Okay, then what can you tell me about the Sanzu and whats on the other side? Is the river really endless? I mean, it kind of seems like you can make a bank out on the other side...”

“If you want to try and swim, you can give it a shot, but you'd never reach the other side.” answered Komachi matter-of-factly, “The river won't let you across without someone like me to ferry you across. That's my ability, by the way, I can manipulate distances.

“As for what its like on the other side? Well, you can find out when you cross over. It'd ruin the surprise otherwise. It's quite the place though, you'll have a nice place waiting for you.”

Guess you would just have to wait to see what it was like. Not that you were in any particular rush, of course!

“So if that's your power, does that mean you're the only ferrywoman?”

Komachi mulled your question over for a moment, “In a manner of speaking. There are others, but I'm the one assigned to Gensokyo. If you were to somehow get out of here and die elsewhere, you'd probably meet another. Probably. It's out of my area, so I don't really pay attention to how it all works.”

“I don't think you pay attention to a whole lot of things.” added Reimu matter-of-factly.

The redhead rolled her eyes, “Sure, whatever you say shrine maiden.”

“Just how do the two of you know each other anyway...?”

Reimu shrugged, “I wouldn't say we really know one another. Komachi keeps out of trouble most of the time, so...”

“Yeah, I wouldn't say we really have any kind of personal relationship. Maybe a professional one, but Reimu doesn't really do anything that requires me to get involved too often. Let's see... the last time we really did anything, that would've been...?”

The brown-haired girl sighed, burying her face in her palm, “Was that entire Tenshi thing. I'd rather not try and remember too much about that entire incident.”

Komachi grinned broadly and chuckled, “Ah yeah, that was a fun one. Then there was that whole religious war a little while ago... not that I got involved in that one.”

“Religious war...?” you asked, glancing between the two.

“It's nothing important, don't worry about it.” replied Reimu, waving her hand.

“She's like that about every incident. So, got anything else on your mind?”

You considered for a moment, before shaking your head, “No, I think that's about it really...”

The ferrywoman nodded, “Alright then, well, thanks for the coin. Do you mind if I borrow Reimu a moment? I want to talk to her about somethin'.”

The shrine maiden looked at Komachi suspiciously, “So why can't you tell me right now?”

Komachi frowned, “Hey come on, it'll only take a second or two. Just something a little personal, alright?”

Reimu frowned and looked over to you, “Well... do you mind if I have a brief chat with her, Reina? I mean this is our day out so...”

“Oh, no of course not! Go right ahead. I'll just wait here then.”

“Thanks Reina, I'll only borrow her for a moment, then you two can go about your day. Hey, ah, you mind if I ask your full name? Just kinda curious.”

You cocked your head to the side and nodded, “Reina Roots.”

The redhead nodded, “A nice name. Anyway, I'll just have a nice little chat over there...”


You couldn't make out anything being said between the two, but you did occasionally catch Komachi glancing towards you, and the occasional gesture. Perhaps she was just curious as to how you got into Gensokyo or something? You were kind of curious what they were talking about, but if they wanted to keep it private well... you'd just respect that decision.

Still the two didn't talk for too long, and before long Reimu was making her way back towards you. Although her face seemed to have a hint of worry on it, but it was quickly replaced with a smile as she got closer.

“Alright, so... I guess that's about all I can show you here. Sorry that it's kind of... not that impressive or anything. I'm not that good at this sort of thing...”

You shook your head and took hold of one of Reimu's hands, giving it a squeeze, “I enjoyed it. I like spending time with you after all Reimu.”

The shrine maiden blushed lightly and squeezed your hand in return, before pulling it away, “Thanks. That does mean a lot to me. I just...” she trailed off and shook her head, “so, ah... anyway. Komachi has to do something, and well, we could just kind of sit here if you really wanted, otherwise...?”

- - -

Well, let's see you could...
[ ] Just relax here right? Doesn't seem like a bad idea...
[ ] Maybe see if there's anything to buy at the Road?
[ ] Go back to the Shrine and... (write-in?)
[ ] Write-in

I'm not dead.

But I also wouldn't expect daily, or even weekly updates for a while because of work, and my overall sense of laziness. The Teahouse CYOA is still constantly on my mind, but I can't in good conscience consider writing that I feel with this, and ADRiG.

I wouldn't be surprised if my writing quality is also going to be lower for a while as well.
No. 179547
[x] Just relax here right? Doesn't seem like a bad idea...
No. 179548
[x] Just relax here right? Doesn't seem like a bad idea...

Eh, it's fine. I'm just glad to see an update in this.

Hm, wasn't there a private hot spring Reimu took Reina to in the original story? I wonder if we'll see that again?
No. 179551
A private one? Far as I can recall, they simply used the one that the Shrine has now. If there was a private one, I do not recall it.
No. 179558

Okay what is this sorcery.
Good to see you back Krissu.
No. 179560
Any reason why you skipped the bust question? Though I gotta say I'm impressed with how you didn't just go along with it.
No. 179562
[X] Just relax here right? Doesn't seem like a bad idea...

It is a very nice and peaceful place, after all.
No. 179567
I read that as "best question"
Are my lewd powers inverting themselves?

Also >GM fiat