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Before i start, i'm not good about english, so i'm sorry if you see something wrong with my grammar ^_^
the protagonist name is Shiroi Kagami


What is your purpose on living? to become stronger? to protect your dearly beloved? or to gain a title and honor?. Most people have their own answer for that, everyone, excluding me. I grew up with no memory, I do not remember anything, no purposes, no leads. I only remember someone who take care of me all along, my mother. I could not find my answer. Even though I have grabbed it, it faded from my fragile hands. My memory doesn't help me to find what i seek. Instead to help me to find it, it leaves me more questions and lead me astray. I did my best for everyone, but everyone turned their back from me, betrayed me, and left me behind. “Am I not deserve to live? Am I useless?”. My thoughts dragged me into bottomless abyss when I slept one night. I opened my eyes, I saw nothing but darkness. I could not feel anything. I felt souless, but I heard a voice when my body drowned in the darkness, a small light came to me. After that, I didn’t realize that I’m already in a white empty space.

I heard a girl voice in there, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Please… I don’t want to be alone…you’re the only my hope”

She spoke with low tone and crying, she was seeking for help. The floor started to broke apart when I wanted to find her, the darkness began to swallowed my entire body. I wanted to help her, but my hand couldn’t reach that white room. my consciousness began to fade as I fell further to the darkness, then I fainted.

Mom’s voice surprised me and woke me up from my sleep, I take a bath and dress up afterwards. I go to the dining room to breakfast. Me and my mom sit and eat together. my thoughts in my dream trigger a conversation with my mom while I’m chewing my food.

“Mom, do you have your reason to live?” I asked.

“Hmm, why do you ask?”

“Well, I just wonder how did you could withstand from your endless life cycle like working, preparing dinner, and take care someone who can’t return your good deeds to him”

“Fu, fu, fu, you don’t have to return what I’ve done to you, as long you’re happy, I’m happy too, Kagami” she laughed


She’s smiling, she pat my head and said “Because… you’re my son, and my family, and my purpose to live is to take care you until my end. As long you’re happy, I’m happy too. Even I’m in heaven, honey.“

Mom is really nice and love me, so do I, because mom is my only family I have. I heard my Father was dead in a accident and we do not have any siblings because we live far away from our hometown. She took care me since I was 3, she is kind, always protect me, and she always by my side when I am sad or cried and cheer me up. I have finish my breakfast. Not too long after that, my clock is ringing.

“Gosh, I’ll be late! I’m leaving mom”

“Don’t forget your lunch, Kagami!”

She bring my lunchbox and give it to me

“Thanks, mom. Okay, I’m leaving”

“Take Care, Honey”
I run to the train station, I have to catch the train before it leave. Take 5 minutes to arrived at the station, luckily, I caught it on time. 30 minutes later, I’m arrived at the school. I walk to the school gate.

“Please, Help me…”

I heard that girl’s voice again when I reached to the in front of school gate. And suddenly, something surprised me again.

“Yo, Kagami-kun!”

He’s my classmate, Leoni, an transfer student whom moved to this school 3 months ago

“Don’t scared me like that, dammit!”

“Ha, ha, my bad”

We walk together to the school and chatting about random things. When we reached the main hall, he asked something to me.

“Say, have you notice something strange lately?”


He was surprised after he saw my reaction. “What, You didn’t notice!?”

“No, what is it?”

“Have you ever stay up late before?”

“Sometimes, why?”

“Have you notice the sky becomes red at midnight?”

I became confused after heard what he said

“Excuse me?” I said

“When I was walking around in the town, it was a full moon. When it happens, the sky becomes red and bloods stagnated, they started to make me scared. Not too long after that, I heard a huge explosion near the place where I stood. I encouraged myself to went there. After I found that place, I saw dead bodies right before my eyes! I ran away immediately from that place. Suddenly, someone threw me with a knife. Luckily, The knife only passed through above my head, then I went to my home and hide in fear and pray it didn’t come again.”

“Gimme a break!, do you think I’ll believe your nonsense talk?”

“I don’t want to believe what happened to me yesterday too, dude. I thought it was a dream, however, when i wanted to go to school in the morning, I felt something strange. So I went outside to inspect it, then i…i… ”

Suddenly, he became somehow trembled when he wanted to say it. From his face and reaction, I think he is not kidding about his words

“My entire house was covered with knives” he said


“Fortunately, I live alone, so I can take out those knives without being scolded when I come home, hahaha” he laughed.

“Where’s your parents?”

“They’re working overseas, so I don’t have to worry if anything happen to my house”

“Ah, I see”

“Anyway, I just only want to tell you. Just be careful, this world gets crazier as the time passes, you know”

We end our conversation and go to the classroom.


School is over, i take my bag and go home. I walking pass by all students along the hall while they’re chatting. Leoni wasn’t lying, many students saw that midnight red moon just like he saw yesterday. “Is it true? Or it was only their imagination?”, but it’ll be weird if it was a coincidence, right?. I do not care about it too much, though. Today is my Mother’s birthday. It is been a year since my mother’s last birthday, we always celebrate it together. I always buy the cake for mom’s birthday, and we always eat it together, only two of us, in peace and harmony, I want to do that again and again every year, forever. I go to the cake to buy a birthday cake. It is far away from my school and takes almost 3 hours to go there. but After gave 2000¥ to the shopkeeper, I went home with the cake. I did not realize that it is already 10 PM. Suddenly I remember about Leoni’s words that red moon comes at midnight. It started to make me worried. I had arrived to the train station, now I only have to walk straight to home. I go to back alley to shorten my route. A strong night wind stopped my step for a while in the back alley. Suddenly I heard a voice.

“This world has been connected”

Someone whispering from behind. I quickly turn my back to see who it is, I saw a women who dressed like a western maid. She looking me with her cold eyes.
“You will be one of us, Zero” she said

“What are you talking about?”

“This World, soon to be completely eclipsed, including your dearly beloved, to the crimson darkness”

Her words started to get me sick. Leoni is already enough to make me scared, and I have to deal with this woman?. I’m yelling to her

“Stop freaking me out like that!”

“You do not get it, do you? Ah, It is almost the time for banquet of demons”

She slowly walking toward me. Her aura paralyzed my entire body, I cannot run, I cannot move my body. Then she bowing her head right to my left ear.

“Hurry, child. Otherwise, your family and your precious memories with them will meet their inevitable end”

Suddenly, the sky and the moon turned red, bloods overflow from the streets. The rumors are true, it is not a dream. I am scared, then I remember my mom is still home, waiting for me. Now, I have no intention but to make sure she is safe. I quickly run to my home. But, I saw something that I am not wished for. A lot of floating knives surrounded my house. I want to save her. But my legs become numb and cannot move. I am too scared to approach, I only can call her from afar.


I saw the maid whom I met in the back alley in front of my house, she smiling. I hope she does not intend to do anything horrible. But her action tell me otherwise

“Your time is up” she said

After that, the knives move towards to my house and stabbed my entire house inside out. Mom’s scream that derived from my house paralyzed my body. Those magic knives are strong enough to destroy my house. I walked to my destroyed house, My tears began to drop after I saw her body, I started to cried. I could not save her, even though she was in front of me.


I cannot feel anything but pain and anger in my head after she killed her. My feet does not allow me to stand, I fell down. She approach me and pointing her knife to me

“You’re late…Zero”


“Hmph, it’s no use. I thought I could make you remember who you are and come back to us with that way. I suppose I have to end your life as well, sorry”

I have no purpose to live anymore. Besides, I think it will better if i meet my end faster than I want right now, right?. I have nobody anymore, I am powerless, I am useless. My mouth is too weary to say my final word. She came closer to me, then she grab her knife and stab my right leg

“Fu, fu, fu. It won’t be fun if I kill you directly. At least, let me to play with your body and see you suffering”

I am screaming after she stabbed her knife to my right leg. Blood flowing from my leg. She happy and laughed when I am bleeding.

“AHAHAHAHA! Scream louder! It’s beautiful, it’s magnificent! Let me give you something to help you to make your voice more BEAUTIFUL!”

She throw another knife to my left leg. Crap, she is really want to torture me before she kill me, my eyes can’t hold much longer. I think I have see the light, Will I die here? Will the angel escort me to my mom when I arrived in the afterlife? and why I am still thinking in my moments of death?. I cannot raise my head anymore.
“Do you remember now, Zero?”

“I have no idea who you are, you bastard! You killed my only person I have! Still you want me to understand about you crap!? Why you doing this!?”

The maid unleash her third knife. I don’t think i can withstand her third knife. I reached my limit. I began to closed my eyes, I am ready to die.

“One who knows nothing can understand nothing"

She raised her knife and began to stab me. Suddenly, a rainbow colored orbs fly towards that maid before her knife reach me. Unfortunately, she managed to dodge them. At least I am lucky, looks like god have not accept me in his heaven yet. After then, green light covered my body and cured all my wounds

“Are you okay?”

My eyes become wide open when I heard that voice. That was the girl’s voice which I heard in my dream and this morning at the school gate. I cannot stand, but her gentle voice give me a strength to stand up and remove my fear, I opened my eyes, and I saw the girl who help me is a shrine maiden who dressed in red and white. In face of doubt, I ask her

“Are you…”

“It’s okay, I’m your friend, I come to help you and save you from this nightmare”

She already responded my question before I am done talking.

“Don’t worry, Kagami, I’ll explain everything later. Right now, I have to take her down”

The maid summoned knives from the space, she became serious all sudden, it described from her way she glared that shrine maiden

“Do you think you can beat me, meddlesome maiden!?”

The knives began flying towards us. That shrine maiden suddenly grabbed me, she teleported us to somewhere behind the someone’s house wall

“You better stay here. Don’t do anything, just hide. I’ll be back when I need you”

That shrine maiden use the spell again and instantly teleported to the battlefield. I only can see their fight from the hole in the wall. They move as fast as light, I cannot see their movement, but I see their magic attacks clashing each other. The magic explosion flying towards me when they are fighting, I run immediately from my place. That shrine maiden unleash a barrier to the house which I was there. I am saved, she really intended to protect me. However, it made the maid realize if I’m here. she unleashed her spell after she saw me.

“Illusionary Sign, Killing Doll”

Her Knives appeared around me, I have nowhere to run, nor to hide. The shrine maiden trying to save me, but the maid interrupted her by threw the knife towards the shrine maiden and it stabbed her, she fell down to the ground. I do not stand a chance to fight against her with my power, and I cannot run away, I am trapped.

“Coup de grace” she smiled and laughed

The knives began flying towards me, I do not think I can withstand them. In my moments of death, I heard a boy voice, calling my name, and he encourage me.

“Giving up already? Come on, I thought you can kick her ass with your power, Zero”

Suddenly, I feel tremendous wave from my body, the wave which I was unleashed stopped those knives movements, then blew them away. The maid became shocked after I repelled her knives. She became wide open. This is our chance. I called the shrine maiden to attack her.


The shrine maiden stood up and quickly began to unleash her spell.

“Divine Arts, Demon Binding Circle!”

She unleashed a pillar of light around the maid, it pushed her down, she still standing, but the pillar disabled her movement. The shrine maiden had paralyzed her. Then a purple orb rose up from the maid’s chest. We got her, but she trying to break the pillar. The shrine maiden suddenly called me when she still channeling her spell

“Hurry, get that orb! Or she’ll berserk again!”

I have to remove my fear and hesitation to end this thing. I began to stand with my both legs, and running approach her. I braced myself to run through into the pillar. I got her orb. Her appearance and her state has changed when I separated that orb from her. After then, she calmed down, then fainted. When I look to the orb which I stole from her, the orb faded away with the wind. But I feel the orb’s power flowing through my body. But this power had drained my energy. My eyes getting weary, I cannot control my balance, my consciousness began to fade. I cannot hear anything but her voice right now.

“Thank you, my hero” She said and smiling to me

I can’t hold much longer. Not too long after that, I fainted

When I woke up, I found myself lying on the rock in the dark forest. I see nothing but trees in front of my eyes and bright stars in the sky. I am all alone, I think she teleported me from this place, but I think it was too much for her to take me this far. I am thinking about what happened to me, but I cannot remember anything. Suddenly, a voice broke my thoughts and surprised me.

“What’s up, friend?”

Someone called me from behind, I thought it was her, but this is different. When I turned my back, I saw a familiar face. It was my friend who stuty in the same school with me, Leoni

To Be Continued

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