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This is a continuation of CYOA: World Of Hybridization. Also, I want to do the more free approach possibly and go for a more "audience choice" kind of thing. Lets get this started, shall we?
WARNING: Some characters may be out of character. I'll try my best, but this is a touhou fic.

Warmth. The sounds of screaming, of gunfire, of fear and of panic are gone, replaced by a soft and faint ambience that seems to calm and relax your very core. You open your eyes, and find yourself gazing upon gold and white structures reaching high into the sky. Celestials and the occasional youkai walk past, and even a few yukkuri bound along the marble sidewalks.


Heaven. Not the one of Christian or Islamic religions; rather the divine realm of the celestials. You had died, and had been sent to Heaven, Gensokyo. Standing up, you look around you. To your despair, the one who had carried you, who tried to save you; is nowhere to be found.

He couldn't have...

A tap on your shoulder You turn around, hoping to find your friend, but the one who called your attention was not the human you hoped for, rather a Celestial. You have heard of her, seen her likeness in your foes. She is known by the name of Tenshi Hinanawi, the girl of the sphere of neither perception nor non-perception.
The Celestial stares down at you, scrutinizing you, like someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men had ever lay eyes on the being before you and yet, in the gateway to heaven's innermost halls, the woman regarded you with skeptical eyes.

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Nevermind. Deletion canceled. The story is still in progress
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Posting is on hold until somebody posts a prompt.
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[X] “How do you do, ma'am”
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two more votes till the story continues.
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[x] kill self
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[x] Smile at her.
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[X] “How do you do, ma'am”
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[X] “How do you do, ma'am”
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[X] “How do you do, ma'am”
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12:30 at night, so I'm too damned tired to do my username's accented "e". Dammit. sorry guys, the story is on hold for now. Family troubles, don't ask. But just keep one thing in mind.