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17626 No. 17626
Having just been unceremoniously ejected from the kitchen, you decide to continue your previously interrupted wanderings. Walking along, you hear a couple of voices talking nearby. Unable to hear them, you decide to move closer. upon reaching the open door, The voices stop. Reisen’s sitting inside and Sanae is standing at the door. Both of them glaring daggers at you. Sanae slides the door closed with quite a bit of force, and you hear her stomp back across the room. The two begin talking animatedly again. You sigh. Really, you fucked up, big time. You need to think of some way to make it up to the girls, or at least let them listen to you long enough for you to try and explain what happened. Oh look, there’s another koi pond on this side too. It looks bigger than the other one. There’s also a tall tree here, next to the pond. A crow lands in the tree and caws again “Ahou, ahou, ahou.” Yeah, yeah, rub it in why don’t you, damn bird. Your head throbs, and you rub it.

[ ] Continue wandering
[ ] Dround yourself in the koi pond
[ ] Throw a rock at the bird.
[ ] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

>> No. 17627
[X] Continue wandering

Suicide is a bad idea, trying to talk to the girls at this points is probably tantamount to suicide, and there's no reason to take out our frustration on innocent crows.
>> No. 17628
[X] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
>> No. 17629
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17630
[ ] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
>> No. 17631
[x] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

No chance of success, I think, but I somehow get the feeling throwing a rock at that crow might be a very BAD idea.

Otherwise, I'd probably just try to drown myself in the koi pond. See if they actually care to come out and do something when they hear a loud splash and lots of bubbling and gurgling from outside.
>> No. 17632
[X] Continue wandering
If possible interact w/ crow for delicious aya.
>> No. 17633
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17634
[ ] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
we have talk eventually, might as well try to clear things out soon
>> No. 17635
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17636
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17637
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17638
[ ] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

Ugh, it's useless, but--

...why do I have the feeling that Kira is intentionally railroading us against a Reisen path?
>> No. 17639
[x] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
>> No. 17640
[ ] Continue wandering
>> No. 17641
[X] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

>> No. 17642
>>Really, you fucked up, big time.

I get the feeling this isn't the last time we're going to be told this during our stay.
>> No. 17643
[X] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

>> No. 17644
>>I'M INNOCENT...imho

Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you ate the forbidden fruit.

Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you listened to the serpent.

You still don't know what is the sin?
Then, that itself is your sin.
>> No. 17645
[X] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

We're just going to keep wandering till we get this over with.
>> No. 17646
[ ] Continue wandering

I don't think wandering the shrine is really going to help anything unless we stumble across our big chance.

I hope we can do something more than a nice gesture, I want to prove we're able to stand up for them.

Admittedly we're better off talking than fighting though, so what can we do?
>> No. 17648
Circular logic is for jerks.
>> No. 17649
[ ] Continue wandering

>Dround yourself in the koi pond
What is drounding?
>> No. 17650
[ ] Dround yourself in the koi pond
is tempting, but...

I choose
[ ] Continue wandering
>> No. 17651
[x] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.

Futility is our middle name.
>> No. 17652
Jesus anon, can't you take a hint and leave the other party members alone? It's probably better to talk to them after dinner, hopefully everyone will have unwound by then.
>> No. 17653
[ ] Continue wandering
>> No. 17654
[x] Continue wandering
>> No. 17655
[X] Sit in the Corner and Cry.
>> No. 17656
File 120847238578.jpg - (155.49KB , 650x720 , 49c32d6fbdbff11ec3546cbb18632e6e.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think we need to go to the nearby lake, and stare at its murky waters, clearly contemplating ending it in the inky black abyss.

Just before we can do it, though, we will meet the owner, and after a long talk about everything that has happened over a round of drinks, where she will then give us a rousing pep talk and some advice to finally allow us to regain the drive to regain everyone's trust.
>> No. 17657
This is assuming she doesn't think we're scumbags either.
>> No. 17658
[X] Continue wandering
>> No. 17660
We need to watch out for the Hat, it still wants to eat us.
>> No. 17661
[X] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
>> No. 17662
[x] Knock on the door, and try and convince Sanae and Reisen to listen to you.
>> No. 17663
[ ] Throw a rock at the bird.
We cannot allow Aya to advertise our location in a tabloid.
>> No. 17664
Walking away from the scene, you sigh. This is quite a mess you’ve made for yourself. Your feet carry you forward, and when you look up, you find yourself back at the front of the shrine. You hear a soft sobbing coming from somewhere nearby. Inside the shrine there appears to be someone in the entryway. You sit down on the front steps and look up at the sky. It’s moving on towards afternoon now. The wind gusts suddenly, then returns to it’s normal breeze. You look around, and nothing seems out of the ordinary. You notice a ladder leaning up against the shrine that you didn’t see before. You could probably use it to get up onto the roof, if you so desired.

[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.
[ ] Go back inside.
[ ] Go up on the roof.
[ ] Remain here, looking up at the sky.
>> No. 17665
Well, perhaps Kanako has seen enough in her time as a deity to not think TOO harshly of us for that.

Tewi certainly didn't seem to, at least. And she's probably one of the oldest in our little group.
>> No. 17666
[X] inventory
were the fuck did our camera go?
>> No. 17667
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17668
[x] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17669
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.

Try to make someone not hate you.
>> No. 17670
What are this anon's skills again? We should be able to do something well.

We need to reconcile the FUCK out of the girls.

The floor is now open to cliche anime methods of making an apology to the Harem.
>> No. 17671
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17672
[X] Find the source of the sobbing.

Hey, misery loves company.

...unless we're the cause of said misery, of course.
>> No. 17673
[X] Find the source of the sobbing.
Although I must admit that [ ] Go up on the roof. is tempting. Can't the sobbing be coming from the roof?
>> No. 17674
[X] Go up on the roof.

I vant to be alone.
>> No. 17675
[X] Go up on the roof.
The roof. Final Destination. Lets go meet Yuyuko again
[X] Jump
>> No. 17676
[ ] Inventory
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.

>> No. 17677
Based on everything that's happened this far, I think that no matter what we try, we'll still cock it up. If it weren't for the fact that Reimu is still pissed as shit at Eientei, then I'd recommend just surrendering and taking the TORTURE END to stop endangering everyone else. It's not like anyone wants us around at this point.
>> No. 17679
[X] Find the source of the sobbing.

I don't like the idea of crying Touhoes. We should help them out, if we can.
>> No. 17680
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17681
Eientei is gone, Reimu burned it down and killed everyone.
>> No. 17682
[x] Find the source of the sobbing.

No, anonymous, you are the sobbing.
>> No. 17683
[X] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17684
[x] Go up on the roof.
>> No. 17685
>>What are this anon's skills again? We should be able to do something well.

Off the top of my head, we have a Limit Break/Reality Marble involving hair ruffling, the ability to trip the fuck out for no apparent reason, and amazing luck in getting out of the worst situations imaginable.

...oh, and the ability to royally fuck up and land ourselves IN the worst situations imaginable. That one's getting a lot of use, lately.
>> No. 17686
[x] Find the source of the sobbing.
Do not go up the roof, least the wind picks up and you get blown off. Don't cause anymore trouble.
>> No. 17687
Or so she THINKS!
Little does she realize, WE have a box of HAIR!
>> No. 17688
[X] Find the source of the sobbing.
>> No. 17689
Remember when we were getting healed, and when we thanked them they said "we'll see if you still thank me" and so on?

Considering we probably would have earned at least a LITTLE sympathy if we were still clearly fucked up from our injuries, rather than have them come to find us completely unharmed, I wonder if this might be what they were talking about...
>> No. 17690
Oh, add this to my previous choice:
[x] Check box
>> No. 17691
[ ] Find the source of the sobbing in an annoyingly cheerful manner.

"Oh, hello! Are you hopelessly distraught, too? Ow, well, I'll juuuust take a seat right here. Misery loves company, you know!"

"Hm? Of course I'm miserable! I'm terribly miserable! Dreadfully miserable! In fact, I was just considering throwing myself into that pond over there."

"Ooh, I've just got the most s-p-l-e-n-d-i-d idea! Why don't we both off ourselves simultaneously! Misery loves company, you know! Or did I say that already?"

"No matter!"

"Well, come on, what are you waiting for, hm? Chop chop, time's a wasting! The metaphorical noose isn't going to tie itself, after all!"

"Ha ha ha!"
>> No. 17693
All you need is a bit of hair or flesh of Kaguya and you can bring her back again. Wheres my resurrect Kaguya Option
>> No. 17694
a sobbing girl is defenseless against hair ruffling
>> No. 17695
Especially if the sobbing is from Rumia.
I can't really think who else it might be, unless Mokou decided to leave us and Wriggle is taking it rather hard.
>> No. 17696

I just realized how long we've neglected Rumia, oh shit.
>> No. 17697
You don't need any of her, the soul regenerates her entirely.
>> No. 17699
I hope it isn't Rumia. I can FEEL the bad end aproaching.
>> No. 17700
We should have never seen Patchy, it was all pure luck. Makes you wonder if the SDM is on our side, probably only for their own reasons
>> No. 17701
So, we're carrying Kaguya's soul in a box, where she can safely regenerate while The Enemy believes they've killed her for good?
>> No. 17703
Doesn't Reimu KNOW about Kaguya's Hourai status?
>> No. 17704
The sobbing makes your heart sink. Yeah. You’re feeling great now! What ELSE can you do wrong. You decide to find the source of the sobbing and see if you can’t put a stop to it. A quick search leads you outside the gate where Wriggle sits, knees drawn up to her chin, hugging them to her chest, her head face down on her knees. You can guess why she’s upset. Mokou leaving probably hit her hard. The two seemed to get along quite well. You kick yourself again. Wriggle seems to notice your presence and looks up. Her eyes are red, and you can see where tears have been running down her cheeks. She’s been crying for quite some time, you jerk. Seeing you she dries her eyes, stands up and GLARES at you.
“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU IDIOT!” Wriggle starts hitting you, not hard, but hitting you none the less. “Why. Why did you have to go and do that? You idiot.” she presses her face into your stomach while she continues to hit you. “You made her go away. She said she couldn’t keep protecting a suicidal idiot like that. Just running off with no warning, with no regard for the rest of us.” She starts crying again, still hitting you. Her words quickly become incomprehensible after that, talking, sobbing, and hitting you.

[ ] Hug her.
[ ] Stand there and take it.
[ ] Try to Console her.
[ ] Stop her from hitting you.
>> No. 17705
I don't know about the SDM itself on our side.
Judging from her teleporting away, indicating she probably didn't want to be found there by any of the locals, and her line about "keeping up appearances" I think she's outwardly on Marisa's and/or Reimu's side, but might secretly be going against them for some reason.

Of course, if that's the case, and considering how unlikely it is that she would go against Remilia, it might not be so far-fetched that the SDM isn't completely against us.
>> No. 17706
Reimu knows that she cant kill her the normal way, how the hell did we get to Eintei anyway and took the hair, we are missing too many pieces, dont know shit anymore
>> No. 17708
[ ] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17709
[x] Hug her.
>> No. 17710
[x] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17711
[ ] Stand there and take it.


[ ] Hug her.

Let the girl get it out of her system. She needs it.
>> No. 17712
[X] Stand there and take it, LIKE A MAN
>> No. 17713
[X] Stand there and take it.
followed by [ ] Try to Console her.
>> No. 17714
[X] Stand there and take it.
Take it like the total useless Man we are
>> No. 17715
[X] Stand there and take it.
Take it like a goddamn man anon, 'cuz frankly you haven't been much of one lately.
>> No. 17716
[x] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17717
[ ] Hug her.
[ ] Stand there and take it.
[ ] Try to Console her.

Let her take it out on us, holding her close and stroking her hair, apologizing. We're so sorry, we didn't know you all cared so much... ;_;
>> No. 17718
Agreed, can't we do both?
>> No. 17719
[ ] Try to Console her.
It's been decided that Anon has the power to pull things out of dreams.
>> No. 17720
[ ] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17721
She doesn't care about you, she cared about Mokou.
>> No. 17722
[X] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17723

[x] Stand there and take it.

Anon can't judge social situations well, but he knows when he shouldn't say anything.
>> No. 17726
File 120847400484.png - (15.18KB , 126x157 , 120709949278.png ) [iqdb]
Oho, why not take it ourselve
[X] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17727
File 120847402896.jpg - (99.73KB , 480x640 , akibakko-119124878525298.jpg ) [iqdb]
Isn't that obvious, Anon?

>>She is also capable of going anywhere through a gap in space, whether it be her entire body or only a part of her.
>>It's said that this ability is not limited to physical space, but also applies to pictures, others' dreams, and even stories.

>>others' dreams
>> No. 17728
[x] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17729
More like 'anon doesn't understand social crap at all, but he does know when he deserves to get his ass kicked'
>> No. 17730
[ ] Stand there and take it.

>> No. 17731
[ ] Stand there and take it.

To be honest I don't think any of these will help much, although I reckon if the right words are used stopping her hitting us would work.
>> No. 17732
[x] Stand there and take it.
>> No. 17733
[ ] Stand there and take it.

This is the part where the the protagonist realizes what a terrible person he is in a sudden flash of insight.

And then, after allowing himself to be hit and hit and hit, he falls to his knees and starts crying, too.
>> No. 17734
Anon is awesome. We pissed off everyone in our little Team in less then one day and even lost one person.
Now i know why Patchy said "we'll see if you still thank me"
>> No. 17735
[ ] "Don't hold back."
>> No. 17736
anon has seen it in various animes and eroges
>> No. 17737
Whoa, whoa. There's a difference between being hit and being blown to bits.
>> No. 17738
followed by BAD END
>> No. 17739
I think Wriggle has just enough self control left to stop her self from doing that.
>> No. 17740
Like I said, she wasn't doing us much of a favor by completely healing us like that.
At least if we were still severely battered, bruised, and clearly in a good deal of physical pain, we might get some sympathy.

If nothing else, it would show that there's nothing they could really do to us to make us feel worse than we've already done to ourselves.

Instead, we not only did something stupid, but look like we haven't even come out with a scratch from it.
>> No. 17741
Doesn't matter, it's still our fault, we should apologize in some way or another.
>> No. 17742
more like clench his fists and vow to never do something like that again. Later we going to call everyone together and genuflect like no tomorrow
>> No. 17743
[X] Stand there and take it.

Then, if she lets us:

[X] Hug her.
>> No. 17744
File 120847447231.jpg - (67.15KB , 600x450 , 47e6e21278611bfc492d6dddc2918b7a8c968977.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Try to Console her.

>> No. 17745
Remilia does have fate hax or whatever. She could have sent Patchy to heal us to make the group tear itself apart. That would fit with her following orders, rather than doing it out of her own interests.
>> No. 17746
I think Anon still needs to have a moment where, completely and utterly crushed by despair and self-loathing, he questions his worth and value and whether or not he should either just die or hand himself over to Reimu rather than let others to continue to suffer for his sake.

Then, Reisen will finally get over being mad at us, and bring us back around with a rousing speech much like the one we used to perk her up.
>> No. 17747
Oh god, I change my vote.
[x] Stand there and take it.

Do not want to hit Wriggle with a Dreamcast.
>> No. 17748
That's...actually pretty fucking brilliant.
>> No. 17749
I've already thought of such things. There's nothing we can do about it at the moment, so worrying is counter-productive.
>> No. 17750
It helps to know weather we should consider Patchy hostile or friendly.
>> No. 17751
Only when we're actually interacting with Patchy. Currently we're talking to Wriggle. Spacing out is not a good thing to do when you've made someone cry.
>> No. 17752
>>She said she couldn’t keep protecting a suicidal idiot like that.

Doesn't she mean "she said she 'culndt kaep pratekan ah sooahsidahl idiaht laik thaet'" or something like that?
>> No. 17754
She probably thinks we are fucking powerful to lay out Reimu in one whatever we did to her. Maybe she wants to use us to conquer whole Gensokyo!
>> No. 17755
We'll burn that bridge when we get to it. Till then, we help out our Loli Crew.
>> No. 17756
Exactly. We have to worry about rebuilding the ones we've already burnt before trying to cross another one.
>> No. 17757
Maybe this will lead to our defection and our eventual fall to the dark side?

Abandoned by our comrades and hunted by the state, we finally turn to the SDM for our revenge. Our life becomes consumed by our quest to return our hatred a thousand fold on those that once stood shoulder to shoulder with us.

Remilla: "Just as planned."
>> No. 17759
There will be no hatred for our little sisters though. Ever.
>> No. 17760
>> No. 17761
"Anonymous! Reimu Hakurei is EVIL!"

>> No. 17762
Will this end with Reimu saying "I am your Mother Anon"?
>> No. 17763

Say they turn on you for some reason and are going to kill you.

Would anon fight back?
>> No. 17764
No, we'll Force Ruffle them into unconsciousness.
>> No. 17765
flandre is our mother
>> No. 17766
May the Ruffle be with you.
>> No. 17767
when will we meet the disco queen of gensokyo?
only a funky party can reunite us with our party
>> No. 17768
It's probably going to happen. Why are they keeping us around again?
>> No. 17769
They seemed to genuinely like us. We gave Cirno head ruffles and told her it was love, we gave Rumia food, and we protected Wriggle from Reimu.
They're not "keeping us around" so much as "keeping around us". It's affection, man.
>> No. 17770
File 120847577672.jpg - (64.08KB , 600x470 , reisen just as planned.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wriggle continues to hit you, sobbing for some time before she slowly sinks to the ground, sniffling. She rubs her eyes on her sleeve before she looks back up at you. You feel absolutely horrible. You never meant to hurt any of them like that. You kneel down in front of Wriggle and hug her tightly. You apologize profusely the whole time you hug her. She continues to sniffle. You go on about how you’re an idiot, and it was stupid of you to allow yourself to be dragged off with out as much as a peep. Wriggle hugs you back tightly, while you continue apologizing. You finally break the hug and sit back. Wriggle does the same. The two of you sit there looking at one another, neither one saying a word. Wriggle smiles slightly before speaking, “Why did you let her drag you off?
You shrug your shoulders. You honestly can’t remember why on earth you let her drag you off like that.
“Are you telling the truth?”
You tell Wriggle that you are. She seems satisfied. Standing up, she walks over to you, and ruffles your hair. “Then you should wake up now.”

You sit bolt upright and see Reisen sitting next to you. You’re back in the room that you had been in before this whole mess started. You stutter in confusion, but Reisen shushes you.
“I-I’m sorry. I had to know. I had to show you how stupid your decision was. From what Sanae told us, you’re very lucky to even still be alive. If the tengu had found you any later, you would have been dead.” She now looks at you, quite angrily.
“We were all worried sick about you. We thought that someone from THEIR group had managed to come in and steal you away from the wagon some how. Mokou flew off the handle. If any of them HAD gotten a hold of you, I doubt they would have long survived in the face of Mokou’s fury. I think she and I were hurt the worst by your little disappearing act. I’m not really sure that Rumia and Cirno really understand what happened. I think they thought you were playing some sort of game.” Reisen sighs.
“Everyone’s calmed down now, especially since Sanae managed to heal you. They‘re still quite upset at you, but I don‘t think it will be to the degree that I showed you.” Wait, That’s not right, It was patchy that healed you. . . Wasn’t it? You’re confused now. Reisen doesn’t seem to notice your confusion.
“In any event,” Reisen pushes her self up off the ground and picks up her crutches. “It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll see you there.”
You continue lying on the futon. So apparently that whole little bit was just an illusion generated by Reisen’s eyes to teach you a lesson. Thank GOD. That was absolutely horrible. You NEVER want to have to go through that again. However, you get the feeling that at least parts of that ‘illusion’ weren’t completely fictional. You’re not sure which parts though.

Getting up from the Futon, you walk out of the room and into the hallway. You’re not quite sure which way the dining room is, but you do smell something delicious. It smells like Stew. Following the smell, you walk out into a large room with a table set up down the middle. There’s pillows scattered around the room. The back of the room seems to connect to the kitchen, and directly across from you, there’s another hallway. Sanae, Reisen, and Mokou are already in the room and sitting.

[ ] Go sit by Sanae
[ ] Go sit by Reisen
[ ] Go sit by Mokou
[ ] Sit by yourself.
>> No. 17771
[x] Go sit by Reisen
>> No. 17772
[ ] Go sit by Reisen

Thanks, Reisen, for showing us we're stupid.
>> No. 17773
[x] Sit by yourself.

So ronery
>> No. 17774
Holy dick, AWESOME
[x] Sit by yourself.
>> No. 17775
[X] Go sit by Reisen
REISEN WE LOVE YOU. You are the best Bunny ever.
>> No. 17776

The little sisters: They love us, they don't expect anything out of us but they know that they like having us around. They'll be the easiest to win back although Wriggle may be a bit harder because of Moku. They are angry at us for endangering our life so recklessly because they care for us.

Twei: Feels she has to honor her promise to protect us, we haven't spoken to her much which is a problem. Probably doesn't hate us right now

Reisen: Ordered to go with us by Erin and Kaguya for unknown or vague reasons. At first she was with us out of duty, but our pep talk perhaps stirred something within her. Probably the hardest to win back because not only did we go running off to die, she may think we were trying to score with another woman as well.
>> No. 17777
[X] Go sit by Reisen
We owe her a goddamn HUGE apoligy. she is the girlfriend anon always wanted, and DAMN she's good at it.
>> No. 17778
[X] Sit by yourself.

I'd say sit next to either Reisen or Mokou, but it might be best to remain a little humble and subdued at the moment.
We've learned our lesson. Best to show we truly mean it.
>> No. 17779

[x] Go sit by Mokou

Keep the food warm.
>> No. 17780
File 120847605391.gif - (35.35KB , 640x512 , Giygasfight.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Sit by yourself.
It worked too fucking well Reisen, I feel like shit now. Also, MY MIND!!!!
>> No. 17781
>> No. 17782
[ ] Go sit by Sanae
[ ] Go sit by Reisen
[ ] Go sit by Mokou
Hooya! Triple Sit!

[x] Go sit by Reisen
>> No. 17783
[X] Sit by yourself.

Quiet reflection time.
>> No. 17784
[X] Go sit by Reisen
>> No. 17785
[ x ] Go sit by Reisen

Might as well.
>> No. 17787

What a twist!

[ ] Go sit by Reisen

Goddamn you Kira, goddamn you for making me care so fucking much about this!
>> No. 17788
[X] Go sit by Reisen
>> No. 17789
[ ] Go sit by Reisen
>> No. 17790
[X] Go sit by Reisen

>> No. 17791
[ ] Go sit by Reisen

So wait, what part was the illusion?
>> No. 17792
[x] Check box.
[x] Sit by yourself.
>> No. 17793
And here I was thinking it had been far too long since we had been properly mind-fucked in this story. Wow.
>> No. 17794

[] Ask them if they added enough pepper
>> No. 17795
I still think their being prissy bitches.

Why should we apologise for being abducted?
That goddess misrepresented herself and tricked us. Doesn't she trick everyone?
>> No. 17796
[X] Go sit by Mokou
needs more retarded speaking
>> No. 17797
I swear, if we still have that fucking hair box...

...actually, I don't know what I'll do. Aside from being slightly creeped out that we even have the damn thing.
>> No. 17798

All of it, except the lake. The lake really is anon.
>> No. 17799
We still have it.
>> No. 17800
Well even if we were hallucinating the dream may well have been outside or before it started. I reckon we has a box.


Just be happy no one is hatin' on us.
>> No. 17801
>>Why should we apologise for being abducted? That goddess misrepresented herself and tricked us. Doesn't she trick everyone?

Yeah, but generally most people aren't stupid enough to GET tricked by her in the first place.

She's a goddamn CURSE GODDESS. As if Nitori's list of bad shit that happens when she's around wasn't enough of a CLUE that no good could come from having her around.

It should pretty much go without saying that bad shit will happen if you're with her, and so anyone who would willingly do so is either suicidal or fucking retarded.
>> No. 17802
Mi- Mi- Mirakuru
>> No. 17803
What would've happened if we had drowned I wonder? Would we wake up and give Reisen a "holy shit!" moment?
>> No. 17804
What I'd like to know is why Mokou cares enough about us to be willing to go on a firey rage of vengeance for our sakes.
I mean, I could understand the others, but what connection does she really have to us other than someone to protect for Eientei?
>> No. 17805
Good point. I don't know whether she'd be touched by our guilt or hate us even more for suiciding again.
>> No. 17806

We're human.
>> No. 17807
Read the extra.
>> No. 17808
Hair ruffling. Bitches love hair ruffling.
>> No. 17809
Um. What?
>> No. 17810
>> No. 17811
>>You tell Wriggle that you are. She seems satisfied. Standing up, she walks over to you, and ruffles your hair.

Haha! Now ze' tables, she was turned no?

I wonder if Reisen did this consciously or not, either way I think someone wants their long lilac hair and their slender ears ruffled.
>> No. 17812
File 120847698817.jpg - (97.59KB , 728x729 , 9a077ba6c4a33585aede728dada6a2ae.jpg ) [iqdb]
But we haven't ruffled Mokou's deliciously silky locks yet!

>> No. 17813
That's why she cares, she hasn't been ruffled yet and wants to see what it's like.
>> No. 17814
>>either way I think someone wants their long lilac hair and their slender ears ruffled.

Hair, yes. Ears, no.
Ears are best for stroking and rubbing and gently caressing.
>> No. 17815

Our trippin dream, I think he means
You know, where we hit her with innuendo and planted a big wet one on her.
>> No. 17817
Wow you guys really read into this stuff huh.
>> No. 17818
I'd rather not have to pull back a burnt stump.
>> No. 17819
AH. But how would that carry over, I wonder?
>> No. 17820
You go to sit down by Reisen. However, before you can sit down, she starts speaking with out even looking up at you.
“I still haven’t forgiven you completely yet,” She takes a sip of her tea, “I would suggest you go sit somewhere else.”

[ ] Sit next to Reisen anyways.
[ ] Go sit by Sanae.
[ ] Go sit by Mokou.
[ ] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17821
[x] Go sit by yourself.

>> No. 17822
[ ] Go sit by yourself.
anon needs to humble up this time
>> No. 17823

[x] Sit next to Mokou.

We still owe her an innuendo in this world.
>> No. 17824
[X] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17825
[ ] Go sit by yourself.

Also anon must put on his best sad face.
>> No. 17826
[X] Go sit by yourself.
If Reisen is still man at us then the rest surely are.
>> No. 17827
[X] Go sit by yourself.

I can practically hear Siki screaming "repent".
>> No. 17828
[ ] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17829
[ ] Go sit by Mokou.
>> No. 17830
[X] Go sit by yourself.

If the one responsible for making sure we learned our lesson vetoed our sitting next to her, I can't see Mokou being any more receptive.
Sanae, maybe. But I think it really is best to sit by our lonesome for now. Besides, then the sisters can sit next to us if they so choose.

Also, are we not wearing our Codec again, or is Reisen intentionally making a point of not talking to us through our mind?
>> No. 17831
[ x ] Go sit by yourself.

>> No. 17832
[ ] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17833
[x] Sit next to Reisen anyways.
Oh yes, hit me next.
>> No. 17834
[x] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17835
We've learned our lesson, so there's nothing more we can really do. Now, like in the dream, we must give the others time to get over being mad at us.

When they are ready, they will come to us.
>> No. 17836
[X] Go sit by yourself.

it's what you're good at anon.
>> No. 17837
She's intentionally making a point by speaking to you directly, using her voice.
>> No. 17838
[x] Go drown yourself in the pond.

>> No. 17839
Ahh, I thought so.

We need to wait a little while before we can hope to go back to the relative intimacy of having thoughts beamed directly into our brains.
>> No. 17840
[X] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17841
Reisen forgive us, we will be a good little Anon again and do whatever you say
>> No. 17842
[X] Take off your pants while singing "it's all just a dream"
>> No. 17843
Did someone say Man at you?
You and Reisen are making out hot and heavy. You slide your hand along her thigh, and she moans into your mouth. Raising your hand slightly higher, it slips underneath her skirt. The silky material of her panties runs along under your fingers. You press up against her panties to find. . . A strange bulge?! You whip your hand out from underneath her skirt.
"What's the matter," she asks, a confused look on her face. You stutter something out.
"Oh, You mean this?" She flips up her skirt, revealing the package sitting in her panties.
"I thought everyone had one of these?"
>> No. 17844
[X] Go sit by yourself.
>> No. 17845
[x] Go sit by Sanae.
ITT faggots
>> No. 17846

>> No. 17847
File 120847784666.gif - (7.97KB , 675x518 , sigmaproceedjack.gif ) [iqdb]

>> No. 17848
[x] "God damn it Reisen."
>> No. 17849

I'm not seeing a problem
>> No. 17850
File 120847786758.jpg - (81.69KB , 300x300 , 1b9b649c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 17851
I laughed when I saw it in the IRC, and again when I saw it here.
>> No. 17852
Dont mind it. Go on
>> No. 17853

>> No. 17854
[x] Go sit by Sanae.

cause I want to know who actually healed us
>> No. 17855
Oh god no
>> No. 17856

Reisen is so perfect to me that nothing could sully her in my eyes. But I get to go first on the giving end, I'll give her a wrap around and try to wear her down.
>> No. 17857
You wrote that Kira!?
>> No. 17858
Okay guys, I`m going to bed, cause I`m feeling just like alice in >>17850

Don`t fuck things up.
>> No. 17859
>>"Oh, You mean this?" She flips up her skirt, revealing the package sitting in her panties. "I thought everyone had one of these?"

You mean she has a box of hair, too? AWESOME!

Kinda strange for her to keep it in her panties, though.
>> No. 17860

Everyone vote to strip naked and sing YATTA! next time.
>> No. 17861

You have my sword
>> No. 17863

>> No. 17864

>> No. 17866
Goddamn it, Anon.
>> No. 17867
[ ] Go sit by Mokou.
Por qué?!
>> No. 17868

>> No. 17869

>> No. 17870
hay guise, Reisen just pulled some crazy mind-fuck interrogation shit on us. why is it that nobody's mad about that?

at the very least, we should make it clear that she should NEVER do that again.
>> No. 17871

>> No. 17872
Because we kind of feel we deserve it, Kira did a fine job of making us pussy whipped.
>> No. 17873

Anon knows what he did was stupid, he deserved it.
>> No. 17874
Because we DESERVED it.

Shit, we deserved the treatment we got in the mind-fuck dream sequence, and should be glad if it's not as bad as all that.
>> No. 17875

Just turn the other cheek.
She wants to be cold to us, We'll turn Letty Whiterock on her.
>> No. 17876
Like hell, she saved the day. She made us realise we are an idiot and that we wont do that shit again. And everyone else is fine now again. Just needs some time until it everyone is totaly happy again
>> No. 17877
hey, *I* don't feel like we deserve it.

you know why? cuz we didn't get found out. so it doesn't count.
>> No. 17878
Maybe Kira is trying to dissuade us from retarded actions in the future?
>> No. 17879
[X] Go sit by yourself.

Because we are Anon.
And Anon is anathema.
>> No. 17880
You're the same one who saw absolutely nothing wrong with leaving with a curse goddess without telling anyone in the first place, aren't you?
>> No. 17881
also, this sets a dangerous precedent. she might decide to mindfuck us again in the future, for some less altruistic reason.

it's like... it's like if your best friend has mind control. and you find out when he uses it to save your life.

you'd still want to stay the fuck away just in case he uses it on you, even though he never did.
>> No. 17882

>> No. 17883
wait, let me try again.

it's like you're Karen, and Reisen's Lelouch. And you just found out she has the Geass.

Except you're not hot for Reisen's dick.

I think.

Fuck, what was I trying to say again?
>> No. 17884
I think of it more like getting spanked by your parent after doing something wrong.

The idea isn't that you're going to avoid your parent in fear that they'll hit you for some other reason, it's that you won't be stupid enough to do what you did to warrant the spanking in the first place.
>> No. 17885

I want Reisen to spank me. Hard.
>> No. 17886
That you want Reisen even if she has a dick?

Sounds about right to me.
>> No. 17887
>> No. 17888
there's fundamentally difference between a spanking and mindfuckery though.

the second one fucks with your free will. like i said: dangerous precendent.
>> No. 17889
what, you never lusted after Jun and Mizuho? gtfo.
>> No. 17890
She could fuck with our free-will all she wanted if she were so inclined. That was no different before we fucked things up anymore than it is now.

Besides that, we weren't technically conscious when the mind-fuckery was going on. So, she wasn't really controlling us so much as manipulating our dreams.

Besides, whether or not she can or would is purely a matter of trust. We have to be willing to put the trust in her that she wouldn't harm us, and she in turn has to place her trust in us.

"Believe in me who believes in you," ring any bells? Or were we all talk?

It goes both ways. To have her believe in us, we must believe in her.
>> No. 17891
I'd suck Reisen's cock.
>> No. 17892
no, the difference is reisen and your parents
and i prefer reisen to punish or mindfuck me
>> No. 17896
I'd fuck Reisen if she was my mom\sister\aunt\cousin\grandmother\granddaughter\niece\other
>> No. 17897

Reisen needs to be told that anonymous is prone to suicidal actions while in despair.
>> No. 17898
“You can sit by me if you want,” Sanae says. Reisen simply turns and looks at her, an unamused look on her face. “Ah.. er.. Maybe it would be better if you sat somewhere else. You walk down to the far end of the table and sit down. Reisen, Sanae, and Mokou are chatting animatedly. A hand slaps you on the back.
“Cheer up, kid. She’s not as angry as she makes out to be, but you really did worry her half to death.” Tewi plops down next to you. She smirks at you, while leaning on the table. “I have a pretty good idea why you went off with that Hina character though. Tryin to wet your whistle, I betcha.” You stutter out that’s not it at all, but she cuts you off. “Heh. I’m just messing with you. Relax. You don’t get to be as old as I am with by taking everything so seriously, and few things surprise you anymore. Mokou flying off the handle like that? Now THAT surprised me. Shoulda seen it coming. You’re the treasure of her lil’ darling, so of course she’s not gonna let any harm come to you. heh.” Tewi is still smirking at you. Wait, her little darling? You press Tewi on the ‘little darling’ comment. Tewi shrugs her shoulders.
“Oh? You’re still goin on about that? I have no idea what you’re talking about. It would seem that dinner’s about to be served. I should go get the others~!” With that, Tewi gives you a final knowing smirk, before toddling off to find the others.

In short order, most everyone’s gathered around the table. However, there’s still a few open spots at the table. There’s two by Sanae, one on either side of her, a couple by Mokou, and two directly opposite you. The two girls you met in the kitchen before (You guess that much really did happen?) bring out a large pot of what appears to be stew. They go back into the kitchen and return with another pot. They repeat this process a couple of times, and the table is quickly covered in food. During this time, a Woman with blue hair, wearing a red dress comes in and sits next to Sanae. Suwako and Cirno come in shortly after that. Cirno comes over and sits across from you while Suwako takes the other seat next to Sanae. Soon all the seats are filled as the two girls from the kitchen sit down. Sanae offers up a prayer to this Kanako, before everyone starts eating. Sitting near you are Tewi, Cirno, Rumia, Wriggle. Across from you is Minoriko and Shizuha. Wriggle still seems a little bit upset with you, and Rumia is currently stuffing her face. You have a little bit of the stew and taste a faint hint of pepper.

[ ] Talk to the Aki sisters.
[ ] Talk to Cirno
[ ] Talk to Wriggle
[ ] Talk to Rumia
[ ] Talk to Tewi
[ ] Eat in Silence.
>> No. 17899
hypothetical question: if you get married, would you be okay with your wife having the ability to read your mind?
>> No. 17902
[x] Talk to Tewi
>> No. 17903
[ ] Eat in Silence.

Show them you feel shame.
>> No. 17904
[ ] Talk to Cirno

Rumia is busy, Wriggle can have us to herself later
>> No. 17905
Reisen can't read your mind, It's just you don't know how the crap to use the button properly yet. You sent her the same message about 7~8 times when you were trying to use the button to ask her about Nitori.
>> No. 17906
[ ] Talk to Rumia

We haven't interacted with Rumia in a while.
>> No. 17907
[X] Talk to Wriggle
>> No. 17908
[x] Talk to the Aki sisters.
>> No. 17909
[ ] Talk to Cirno
>> No. 17910
Can we take her aside at some point and practice with her?
>> No. 17911
[X] Talk to Tewi


[X] Talk to the Aki sisters

Tewi's always interesting to talk with, and we can chat with the Aki sisters about the food.

Rumia's busy stuffing her face, we might cause a scene if we say the wrong thing to Wriggle, Cirno... I don't want to imagine her table conversation.
>> No. 17912
[ ] Talk to the Aki sisters.
>> No. 17913
[x] Talk to Cirno

The strongest will help anon to regain everybody's trust
>> No. 17914
Assuming she could read my mind before marriage, and thus accepted my proposal knowing full-well exactly how my psyche works?

Eh, sure. Worst case scenario, she plays me for a fiddle, bleeds me of everything I have, and then figures out have to have me killed in such a way as to look like an accident to collect on my massive insurance policy.

But, considering all the potential positives if she truly and honestly loves you, I'd say it's damn worth it.
>> No. 17915
[ ] Talk to Tewi
>> No. 17916
no, but she can mindfuck an answer out of you.
>> No. 17917
[X] Talk to the Aki sisters

Lets add some more to our little sister crew.
>> No. 17918
[x] Eat in Silence.
>> No. 17919
[ ] Talk to Wriggle
>> No. 17920
[x] Eat in Silence.
>> No. 17921
[X] Talk to Cirno
Mustn't forget our imouto
>> No. 17922
[X] Talk to Tewi
She is the only one who will talk to us
>> No. 17923
[x] Eat with Sciene.
where is nitori?
>> No. 17924
any time she wants, she can do that mindfuck again. you think you'd still be lucky enough to hide the answer next time?
>> No. 17925
>>[ ] Talk to Tewi

Maybe she has some idea how to get Reisen to come around quicker.

...and did she suggest that Mokou is hard-gay for Kaguya, and that's the reason she cares so much about our wellbeing?

Shit. I hope that much doesn't carry over into the School Days scenario.
>> No. 17926
[x] Talk to the Aki sisters.
>> No. 17927
[ ] Talk to Wriggle
>> No. 17928
in fact, even if she doesn't, you're gonna be paranoid from now. is what's happening now real? are you being judged? fuck, it's like 1984.
>> No. 17929
Wait until the weekend when the Extra is continued.
>> No. 17930
on the same note, it is worth noting that, in fact, it's possible you're not in the clear yet.

>> No. 17931
Is this the real life,
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
>> No. 17932
[x] Talk to Rumia
haven't talked with her for a while, have we?
>> No. 17933
in b4 'the last 50 years were a lie ;_;'
>> No. 17934
No, Mokou is gay for Wriggle.
>> No. 17935
I notice that some Anon have some serious trust issues and tend to question the motives of people when they do seemingly questionable things for our benefit.

Like suspecting poor Keine of trying to drug or poison us in WUIG, when really she's just not very good at following directions and reading the labels on bottles. And now dear Reisen, who wanted to show us the error of our ways in a safe and physically harmless way before we fucked things up for real, is being doubted?

Boy, it's a good thing none of you lived in Hinamizawa.
>> No. 17936
There is something strangely appropriate about that.

And arousing.
>> No. 17937
paranoia is a good thing. it keeps you focused. it keeps you alive.

just because you think everyone you see is out to get you... doesn't mean it ain't true.
>> No. 17938
[X] Talk to Cirno

Hey Cirno?
Remember that feeling of love?
I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps....
Can we do that again?
>> No. 17939
Oh god, not room 101!
>> No. 17940
Until you bludgeon Wriggle, Rumia, and Cirno to death when you think they've given in to their youkai tendencies and are going to eat you when all they were wanting was some hugs and hair rufflings, and then run off and claw out your throat in the phone booth Rinnosuke has in his backyard, at least.
>> No. 17941
[x] Ruffle Cirno's hair
>> No. 17942

Our weapon of choice will not be a sword called "Eggscaliber".

It will be a metal bat with "Satoshi Hojo" on it.
>> No. 17943
some people care less about characters as others do.
the not-keine/reisen option is usually some kind of distrust. you vote for it to leave their routes and step into the more interesting ones.
>> No. 17944
...and then you wake up facing a smug Reisen and a now very angry sister squad.
>> No. 17945
Mistrusting someone and actually taking action based on that mistrust are two very different things.
>> No. 17946
[X] Talk to Rumia.

I wanna talk to Wriggle, but that should be a private conversation.
>> No. 17947
Guys if we start freaking out we'll enlist Yomu to "cut through the lies" for us.
>> No. 17948
LOL, Onikakushi end.
>> No. 17949
fine. you meet Youmu. you ask her to cut through the lies.

Youmu: "what are you talking about? there isn't any lies. this is all real."

fuck. now what? how do you know if it's true?
>> No. 17950
Why do people keep spelling Youmu like this?
>> No. 17951
[x] Talk to Cirno
Maybe we need the strongest to pull us out of depression.
>> No. 17952
Why would anyone get mad at Reisen for one little bit of mind-fuckery when Yukari's been doing to us in spades since this whole crazy party began?

I mean, sure, we booted her in the face for it, but other than that we've seemed pretty much satisfied to just go along with it.

...it brought us Mr. Banana. We love Mr. Banana.
>> No. 17953

Molest Myon, We'll get cut anyway.

The risk of death wouldn't be that bad
>> No. 17954
get with the program, yo. we're now discussing whether or not the mindfuckery is truly over, and whether we'll ever know.
>> No. 17955
[ ] Eat in Silence.
>> No. 17956
File 120848073987.jpg - (310.93KB , 800x569 , 1166931440109.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, okay, so Reisen hasn't completely forgiven us for what we did.
And Anon doesn't seem willing to completely forgive her for what she did.

I see only one way out of this. Make-up sex.

Or, if that is not an option, make-up hair rufflings and erotic ear-rubbing.
>> No. 17957
How do you know who's even mind-fucking us?
Maybe we're still being mind-fucked by Yukari, and this whole Batshit-bitch Reimu scenario is just another one of them?
>> No. 17958
So 90% of the story is made up?
>> No. 17959
No, 100% of the story is made up. It's a story.
>> No. 17960
>> No. 17961
okay, I think I have a way to test this. It won't tell us if we're still being mindfucked by Yukari, but it'll let us be sure we're not still being Lunatic Eye'd.

think back to the time before we met Reisen. Find something that she doesn't know but we don't. Verify it.

Then we'll know.
>> No. 17962
We are in Hospital and dreaming all of this
>> No. 17963
>Find something that she doesn't know but we don't.

argh. typo. I meant find something that she doesn't know but we do.
>> No. 17964
>Find something that she doesn't know but we don't.

>> No. 17965
and if we wake up from this feverish dream, we will die
>> No. 17966

I don't think that would work. Even if our mind is being manipulated, the manipulations are still going to be based upon what we ourselves know, not what she does.

It's like when you hypnotize someone. Even if you can control their actions, you cannot make them do something they themselves do not know how to do, such as speak in another language if they don't even know that language.
>> No. 17967
ah, I know.

next time we're in the netherworld, ask the Prismrivers to play the song they played last time.
>> No. 17968
the song they played in GSQ?
>> No. 17969
Reisen won't know which song they played, because we never told her.
>> No. 17970
new thread.
>> No. 17972
"hmmm... truth be told, I don't remember what song I played for you, last time. Maybe if you could sing a few bars...?"
>> No. 17973
>Mokou flying off the handle like that? Now THAT surprised me. Shoulda seen it coming. You’re the treasure of her lil’ darling, so of course she’s not gonna let any harm come to you.
Wait... As in.. Mokou's little darling...?
This is an interesting development. It's like tsundere to lethal extremes.
On the other hand, it sure helps explain why the hell Mokou, generally thought to be Kaguya's sworn enemy, is helping us out at Kaguya's request.
Unless she's loopy from the smacking that fiddled up her jaw, and can't remember straight.

In my case I lusted after Jun, and wanted to BE Mizuho.

I ask this a lot, myself, as well as wondering why people insist on writing "Twei".

Yeah, that kind of thinking totally didn't fuck over anyone in Hinamizawa.

>fuck, it's like 1984.
you mean... It's like 1983. June, to be precise.

Ironically, it will be the Song of Time.
>> No. 17975
Like I said, I don't think that's the way to go about it.
The key isn't what someone else does or does not know, it's what our own mind is or is not willing to believe.
If we want to snap ourselves out of a dream/illusion, we have to push it to a point where it completely goes against what we know is true or possible, forcing our mind to no longer accept it.

Clearly, this means we have to try to get everyone in Gensokyo (or at least the ones we know) all together for one massive orgy.
If we fail and get everyone to hate us even more, it's probably not a dream. If we succeed and get everyone together, then we will most likely wake up before anything good happens.

...why the fuck would we want to break any mind-fucking we have on us, again?
>> No. 17988
File 120848241235.png - (24.68KB , 400x500 , 1206485707080.png ) [iqdb]
Where's Nitori?

I should think anything we could tell her about the outside world would outweigh whatever faggotry Anon might have committed, not that he did anything wrong, of course, Reisen's just being a bitch. (a jealous bitch)
>> No. 17993
ah, there's a more immediate and accessible source of verification.

talk to Nitori. get her to technobabble at us. I bet Reisen can't pull it off.
>> No. 18005
See, now THAT would actually work.
Not only would it prevent someone from the outside from feeding stuff into our brain, but it would also prevent someone from simply manipulating us into just thinking we're hearing what we want to hear.

...unless we're being mindfucked by someone of extremely high intellect. In other words, it would work against Reisen's mindfuck, but probably not Yukari's.
>> No. 18015
that should be enough, for now.

now we decide what to do if

a) we're still in Lunatic Eyes


b) we're not.
>> No. 18022
>>a) we're still in Lunatic Eyes

Erotic dream time! We'll get Reisen to drop the illusion either from shock, or awe.

>>b) we're not.

Same as if we're in LRE mode, but this time WE MAKE THE DREAM A REALITY.
>> No. 18024
[ ] Talk to Wriggle

...eh, I missed it.