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Once upon a time, in a place that can’t be reached, two beings of unimaginable power coincidentally meet upon a cosmic intersection.

These beings are called The Dreamers, capable of creating a whole new world according to their image.

One of them, a Dreamer who was named The King of Western Fantasy, starts to brag about his work, inspired by the design of The Supreme Creator Himself.

He speaks of a duck in a sailor outfit, whom anger could grant an unparalleled strength.

He speaks of a black rat in a red short who can do anything.

He speaks of a boy, who beat darkness with a giant key.

He speaks of the princesses who held the secrets of all dreams.

He speaks of a world where children never grow up.

He speaks of pirates, sailors of unparalleled skill which sailed the land of the dead and the living.

He speaks of wolf that can create a hurricane by sneezing, and the three piglets who had built an impenetrable fortress thus because.

He speaks of all the worlds he has managed to conquer from other Dreamers. He speaks of the world of one thousand and one nights, and the world of galaxy far, far, away. And the Grimm dark world of fairy tales, of which he had managed to tame.

Listening to this, the other Dreamer, thus named The Dragon Lord of Eastern Wonderland, also starts to brag.

He speaks of a girl in detached sleeves, possessor of unlimited spirit power.

He speaks of a monochrome witch, who holds the essence of overkill.

He speaks of a bloodsucker with chandelier wings, holder of the very concept of destruction.

He speaks of the eternal children of the scarlet moon, and their servant which hold power upon the domain of space and time.

He speaks of the prince who knows the ten secrets of human’s heart.

Hearing this, the WESTERN KING was intrigued. He wants to see the world that the DRAGON LORD had created, for he thinks the world is good. Alas, there is a norm among the Dreamers* that said one Dreamer cannot directly interfere with the work of other Dreamer.

Thus came the Council of Anon, a collective of lesser Dreamers who refused to be bounded by the norm. They are The Dreamers of DO-JIN, the meddlers of worlds.

The collective suggest, that they shall create a proxy to be embodied by the WESTERN KING, so that he can take leisure at the world of GENSOKYO, thus named by the DRAGON LORD.

Reflecting on the work of the SUPREME CREATOR, a human was created. The Observer.

The Observer contains the essence of the WESTERN KING. He is more powerful than any being in Gensokyo. But his purpose is not to fight, but to collect information. Thus, he shall avoid all unnecessary conflicts, especially if it can compromise the balance of Gensokyo.

Knowing his duty, The Observer set forth upon Gensokyo. There, he is faced with his first trial of many. A barrier Youkai and the personal aide of the DRAGON LORD. Yukari Yakumo, the first protector of the great Hakurei Barrier that separates the world of the DRAGON LORD and the world of the SUPREME CREATOR.

The barrier youkai asked, of who are The Observer is, how did he get here, and why did he disturb her beauty sleep? And why her ability doesn’t work on him? For she doesn’t aware of the nature of The Observer.

Thus, The Observer answered;

[]I am what I am. Let me pass. Demon.

[]I am simply curious. May I come in?

[]My name is (Write-Ins), I have by chance discovered about Gensokyo. May I come in?

Trying to write something simple for simple recreation.
*Copyright! Lol!

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[x]I am what I am. Let me pass, Demon.

This party is getting crazy!
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[x]I am what I am. Let me pass, Demon.

Sounds pretty badass.
No. 175965
[X]I am what I am. Let me pass. Demon.
No. 175966
The avatar of the WESTERN KING is not one so crass or rude. Why seek conflict when it is explicitly against it's nature? Courtesy is expected of a KING and thus by extension of the KING's observer.

[X]My name is The Observer, I have by chance, discovered about Gensokyo. May I come in?
No. 175967

[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175968
[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175969
[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175970
[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175973
[X]I am simply curious. May I come in?

The ENTIRE CONCEPT of this story is YES.
No. 175974
[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?

Interesting no mention of the Western King conquering the world of Heroes and Villains?
No. 175975
>For she doesn’t aware of the nature of The Observer.
Yukarin is a pretty cool gal, but even she doesn't aware of everything.
No. 175976
[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175979
[x] I am simply curious. May I come in?

Awww yeah, this looks promising!
No. 175982
Holy shit. I thought you were about to starting a KH crossover (I shiver at the thought) but you ended up creating a.. say 'Mary sue enters gensokyo?' A MC that, from the get go, is more powerful than any other? And you ask anon to avoid fights and bragging? Man, you have balls.


[x]I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175984
What the fuuuuck. This looks intriguingly trippy. I like it.

[x] I am simply what I am, a curious Observer. I request entry.
No. 175985
[X] I am simply curious. May I come in?
No. 175993
[x] I am The Observer of the Western King of Dreams, Walt Disney, Blessed Founder of Godcorp.I have spoken to the Dragon Lord and he told me of this Gensokyo of his. As my creator, who is me and yet not me, wishes to witness for himself this land of fantasy, I ask of you, let me pass. Be not afraid, I shall not interfere with this land you guard, for I am The Observer, born of the Western King and yet also the Western King, and my only purpose is to observe.

Time to get Biblical. The imagery used by OP demands no less.
No. 175994

Formerly >>175984. The odd language is the best part of the concept.
No. 175997
Well, sod. by the time I read this I've already finished the next update. but be assured, I'll find a way to use a quote that awesome later on. Maybe. With a bit of altering. (What the sod are 'GOD.Corp'?)

The Observer, a peace loving being that he is, stated his intention to the boundary youkai, though he does not give her a name, for he was not given one. Only his purpose as The Observer gives him an identity.

All he did was giving her a half-truth, that he was simply a wanderer who had by chance discovered about GENSOKYO, and by curiosity, he can’t help but to ask to be granted a permission to enter.

The boundary youkai then warned The Observer, that GENSOKYO is full of man-eating monsters, not suitable to be a playground for a mere human.

The Observer tried to assures the boundary youkai that he knows as much, if not more, about man-eating monsters as her.

The boundary youkai had her doubt, and the boundary youkai, herself being a curious and mischievous creature herself, decided to test The Observer.

Unknown to The Observer, GENSOKYO possesses a tradition unlike any other. The culture of DANMAKU, or in the tongue of The Observer, the tradition of METRIC SOD-TONS OF AMMUNITIONS FIRED INDISCRIMINATELY AS A WAY OF GREETING NEW PEOPLE.

The Observer, unable to accept the act of shooting someone you’ve just met in the face as a show of politeness, thought that he was being attacked, and thus he retaliate with the full might that had been given unto him as the avatar of the KING OF FANTASY. And lo, the boundary youkai doth hath her shit handed upon her that day, even when the nature of The Observer meant that she does not suffer any injuries.

Impressed by the might of The Observer, and the realization to the fact that she would not be able stop him if he does so desire to gain entrance, the boundary youkai agreed to open the barrier into the EASTERN WONDERLAND, but with a condition.

The sheer power of the WESTERN KING would aggravate the fragile balance of GENSOKYO. Thus The Observer requires a limiter, a discipline to keep his power from running amok the paradise that had been created by the DRAGON LORD.

Thus, the boundary youkai taught The Observer on the art of SPELL CARD DUEL, the non-lethal practice of settling disputes that was used around GENSOKYO.

lo and behold, as The Western King of Dreams learnt of the wonder of DANMAKU, his avatar then created the strongest Spell-Card ever conceived;

[]Creator Sign: The Fantasy that Transcends All Boundaries

[]Compassion Sign: The Unforgotten One that Dwells in the Hearts of Children

[]Write Ins. Be creative, yes?
No. 175998
[X]Creator Sign: The Fantasy that Transcends All Boundaries

Haha what the flying fuck.
No. 176000
[x]Imagination Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today

For all Walt's wonderful stories, I think his greatest vision was Tomorrowland. It's the idea of hope for a better and peaceful future. I think the world pavilion is in there too, which is the idea of goodwill between all nations.

Or something, I'm not a poet.
No. 176003
[x]Imagination Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today

I like this write-in.
No. 176004
[x]Noble Sign: Void of Illusions
No. 176005
[x]Imagination Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today
No. 176006
Looked it up, World Pavilion is in Epcot, which also covers future stuff. I got it confused with Tomorrowland. Both are great through, and Epcot doesn't really work in that spellcard title, anyway. Just sounds weird.

The giant danmaku in the spellcard should be geodesic domes though. Also, wavy laser roller coasters.
No. 176012
Disney Corporation is your friend. Disney Corporation controls your media, all of the media. Disney Corporation controls your food. Disney Corporation controls your information. Disney Corporation has fingers in every pie, even the military-industrial complex.

Disney Corporation is not God. Disney Corporation is, however, Godcorp.

[x]Creator Sign: The Fantasy that Transcends All Boundaries

Having a Pseudo-Almighty wandering Gensokyo demands that we reach such heights of power.

Other wise.

[x] Storyteller Sign : Renewed Memories of Forgotten Pasts.
No. 176037
I think the "sign" part should be less that 3 syllables. as not to be too mouthful.

What about;

Ideal Sign: The Future Utopia That Lies Beyond the Flow of Time.

Or something like that.
No. 176038
>>176000 here. Makes sense to me - compassion's about as long, but it does have just 3 syllables. Ideal doesn't sound right, though. How about:

Tomorrow Sign: The Future Utopia that Lies Beyond the Flow of Time.
No. 176043
[x]Future Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today

I like the wording of the original write-in, but 'Tomorrow Sign' sounds a little odd to me.
Maybe even 'Time Sign', though that's only tangentially related to the idea itself.
No. 176046
[x]Future Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today
No. 176085
[x]Future Sign: The Utopian Land of Tomorrow that is Seen Today
No. 176087
Tomorrow is more ... fantastical. It's why Tomorrowland is called that instead of Futureland, I think. It has the sense of being just around the corner.

If that makes any sense. I remain a non-poet.
No. 176088
In any case, this will be future based. So, pattern:

Circles, lots and lots of circles, filling every inches of the screen. The circles would be entangled in each other, to make it as if each circle is a part of another circle, like a moebius circle on crack. This shall be the symbol of the world in the future as imagined by king of Fantasy, where interdependent nations work with each other as one, a symbol of unity.

Each circle would be formed by hundreds of small spherical bullets, each sphere would be of different shape(Cube, Octagon, Ball, etc) and color, and each bullet will shoot a unique pattern of laser of their own, each strand of lasers would be of different color spectrum (If you put it in a game, this will make your computer melt.). We recognize that each person on this earth is a unique individual that can do their unique part to reach for the better tomorrow.

The pattern would be so intricate that it’s impossible to get through, symbolizing the cruel, unforgiving nature of this world, the world that we are trying to ‘fix’, so to say.

…Except for one secret path near the edge of the screen, where you can safely follow a pattern to shoot The Observer in the face. This symbolizes the “hope” that can be found by anyone that would never give up and keep on trying.

How’s that?
No. 176092
That seems ... insanely complex, but I suppose that this is supposed to be an insanely powerful spellcard.

And while unique laser patterns for each bullet sounds silly, it is just random lasers.

Oh, the rainbow lasers should join where they meet and form a slightly larger laser heading in the same general direction as the lasers that made it. Cooperation all up in here. But in any case it seems good to me.
No. 176097
>Pure awesomeness
No. 176098
Before The Observer walked into Gensokyo, he asked why did the boundary youkai tried to attack him?

The boundary youkai explained that most Gensokyians have a tendency to shoot first before knowing that there was a question to be asked. The boundary youkai advised The Observer that he should expect to be shot in the face at all times.

The Observer decided to take that advice to heart.

Thus, The Observer had started his adventure in Gensokyo, as he arrived at the big misty lake.

There, he encountered a witch, fighting a bunch of fairies.

He approached them, and true to the boundary youkai’s words, the witch shot him in the face.

The Observer asked, why did the witch shot him in the face?

The witch answered, that she thought he was a fairy.

The Observer asked, why did she killing the fairies?

The witch answered, that it was natural for a fairy to be shot to death, for they are annoying, mischievous brats that only means of entertainment is to annoy human.

The witch continues to explain the nature of the fairies to the observer, as they dodge all the bullets fired at them by the fairies.

Today, The Western King learnt of the Gensokyian fairies, and he was intrigued.

The fairies of Gensokyo reminds him of the fairies of the world of Grimm before he managed to conquer it. Childish, malicious, and have no care for the well being of their human victim they pranked.

He didn’t like it, so he changed their nature into beings of innocence, that still retain their youthful spirit, yet kind and helpful to human.

The Western King did not like seeing this race of innocent children get slaughtered by the dozen on a daily basis, only by the justification that they are annoying and can be reborn. The Western King knows of death, and death was unpleasant, no matter how many times you encountered it.

The Western King wondered, if he could do the same to the fairies of Gensokyo what he did to the fairies of Grimm, teaching them to be a creature that human would want them to be around, instead of shooting them to death.

By the rule of The Dreamers, The Western King cannot act directly. Therefore, The Observer, with the help of the ANON COLLECTIVE, shall summon one creature from the realm of WESTERN FANTASY to teach the fairies on the way of peace, in a way that does not impact the balance of The Eastern Paradise.

[]Total Write Ins. Summon a creature from Disney universe(e.g Tinker Bell) that can teach the fairies not to be a complete dick and thus not get shot all the time.
No. 176099
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

...What are you all looking at me like that for?
No. 176100
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

[I]This is the tale~/Of Captain Jack Sparrow~
No. 176102
[x] Wreck-it Ralph
No. 176104
[x] Wreck-it Ralph

I don't think Captain Sparrow would be a good role model for fairies...
No. 176105
>Tinker Bell

Definitely not a good role model.

[x]Wreck-it Ralph
No. 176106
[x]Mary Poppins

Wanted: a nanny for many adorable fairies. If you want this choice position, have a cheery disposition...
No. 176107

Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the LAKE.


No. 176109
Believe it or not I think I could make jack sparrow works..
No. 176110
I imagine that the fairies overall pranks wouldn't change much, but they would be pranks done for a better reason than "because lol". Never the reason that you expect, but also somehow endearing and lighthearted?
No. 176111
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

An artful dodger.

But in the end he'll always do the right thing.

No. 176112
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow
No. 176114
[X] Mary Poppins
No. 176115
[X] >>176112
What he said
No. 176116
I am now imagining Will Turner and Komachi fighting aboard The Flying Dutchman while cruising the Sanzu river.
No. 176117

Also please look into getting a proofreader, cause yeah.
No. 176153
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate fairies! Aw yess! They can even teach Jack a thing or two as well.
No. 176156
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

...Oh lord, then you mix this guy with the three mischievous fairies. I have to see where this ends up.
No. 176161
[x] Captain Jack Sparrow

This needs to happen.
No. 176166
[X] Captain Jack Sparrow

The fairies already have mischief down pat.

Now, the good Captain will teach them how to organize themselves, loot, pillage, cheat, lie, drink and - most important of all - how to get away with it and start all over on the morrow.

Because if there's one thing that he knows bone-deep, it's how to work with and around your nature and the nature of others to achieve your goals, no matter how fundamentally fickle, foolish, foul, petty or self-defeating it is.
No. 176167
[x] Capt. Jack Sparrow. DO IT. For all the reasons.
No. 176168
You did not expect this, did you?
No. 176172

I really, really didn't.

Why does everyone always like my terrible ideas?!
No. 176176
I'd say wreck-it-ralph or if they're options maybe R2-D2, Dr.Cox, or possibly Bob agent of H.Y.D.R.A. these last three I pretty much expect to be shot down but are still Disney properties.
No. 176184
Guys, we are supposed to be making the fairies LESS hated by everyone.
No. 176192
[X] Captain Jack Sparrow
No. 176256
The King of Dreams consulted the ANON COLLECTIVE, and they found a problem.

The balance of Gensokyo is based on Chaos, and the people who contain that chaos.

Fairies are basically the embodiment of chaos…natural chaos, anyway.

Altering the nature of fairies would upset the balance of Gensokyo.

Still, the observer still does not like seeing the fairies being oppressed and killed of all the time.

So, The King of Dream decide, that he, instead of making them docile, he should make the fairies to be…more.

The fairies should become a recognized force of their own, not a mere cannon fodder working for the betterment of other.

So how would we do that?

Why, by calling our very own embodiment of chaos, of course!



The fairy doth asked, what’s a pirate?


Intrigued by this concept, the fairies decided that they want to be pirates, too.


The strongest of the fairies then asked, since the could do everything they pleased, what should they do first?

[]Ale raid in the old hell. (Lotsa drunk fairies)

[]Steal the Myouren Temple. (AKA The Palanquin Ship)


So, I have an announcement to make. I started this story as a joke. I haven’t actually thought of any actual storyline. But for some strange reason, people seems to like it, so I guess, it was a good joke.

But now, I’m tired.

I want to drop it, but that’ll be a cop out.

I’m turning this into a public domain story or whatever. If you want this story to continue, just post “I’ll write the next update” and continue the story yourself. If you get tired, just post “fuck this I’m out.’ Or something like that and throw down the pen. Try to keep this up for at least a week, just to see what would happen.

If it’s getting out of hand, call the mod or something. Either way, I’m washing my hands from this shit. I’m leaving. OI CANDLE JACK! DO YOU WISH TO KNOW YUKARI’S AGE!? SHE’S ACTUALLY
No. 176258


A young and gorgeous maiden of seventeen.

...Whelp, my job here is done. Later THP.
No. 176280
Yes, but for how long has she been seventeen, and how long will she continue to be seventeen?

[x] Steal Murasa's Boat
No. 176295

>Yes, but for how long has she been seventeen


>and how long will she continue to be seventeen

Forever (or until she gets bored of it; either way).

>[x] Steal Murasa

I hope you brought the right kind of rope; phantoms are a pain.
No. 176308
>I started this story as a joke
Thank god. Here I was getting worked up thinking you were actually putting effort into this garbage, and your writing was really just that abysmal.
No. 176313
I could try my hand on this, but there is a lack of votes here.
No. 176321
Throw a coin. Made shit up. Or make my latest choices invalid. Up to you.
No. 176351
[]Steal the Myouren Temple. (AKA The Palanquin Ship)

Jack has repeatedly proven he can do without Rum. He most emphatically cannot do without a ship.
No. 176358
[]Steal the Myouren Temple. (AKA The Palanquin Ship)

No. 176370
Well, it's her ship, so I figure if we take it she'd automatically come with it.
No. 176373
[x]Steal the Myouren Temple. (AKA The Palanquin Ship)

So the Observer listened as the fairies discusses with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow on what to do now. There were many possibilities. They could go on an adventure to search for a treasure. They could attack the human city for fun and hilarity, and loot of course. The captain himself, considered just getting them all drunk out of their mind, to show them just how much it takes to beat a pirate in a drinking game. But then he decided that there was something even more important. For what was a pirate without a ship, but a king without a kingdom?

So he went and asked the fairies if they knew any place from where they could obtain a suitable ship. It should be impressive and have the ability to move fast and graceful. And they started telling a tale, of a group of various Yokai appearing and bringing chaos into Gensokyo. Well, more chaos then normally at least. They told of a giant flying ship that had been used to free a female monk of great power and which served as a stage for incredible duels. Of how it had landed after the incident concerning it had been resolved and how the crew had turned it into a temple of epic Proportion. And thus was Captain Jack Sparrow pleased and excited.

Even he had never hoped to get his hands on an actual flying ship. And certainly he couldn't allow it to remain where it was. It wasn't even like the old owners could blame him. It was a ship for heaven's sake, you were supposed to use it and not as a glorified mansion. The wonders of this land were already proving to be highly interesting. He wondered if the alcohol here was also magical.

"Hah, wonderful, this is going to be fun." He said with glee. "Eeeeeekkkk!!! Eeeekkkk!!!" screamed a small form that was suddenly on his shoulder. Next, the form jumped on his head and then began to switch from fairy to fairy, much to their amusement, screaming the whole time over.

How strange, he didn't remember bringing Jack the Monkey over here together with Jack the pirate.

Still, the choice was clear now and so Captain Jack Sparrow started to plan his coup. The King of Western Fantasy, or at least his Avatar observed. The best sometimes-damned pirate of this or any other world waited together with the fairies for the night. And when the night came and everyone was asleep, so did he very well go into the temple with the fairies.

The Observer followed, curious on what they were planning. And so did he see how a group of quietly giggling fairies carried out a number of beds from the temple-ship. The mentioned beds were very well occupied with people of various type, some human, some inhuman and some spirits of the dead. He did not question on why a ghost was sleeping, for this was also part of the imagination of this world.

Unfortunately, a new challenge for Captain Jack Sparrow appeared in the form of the room of Byakuren Hijiri. The female monk had put a great number of buddhist seals on her personal rooms, including her bedroom. Thus it was impossible for the fairies to get inside and he couldn't remove any of the seals no matter how much he tried. So Captain Jack Sparrow carefully stepped into the room and with cautious movements took the girl in his arms, taking her out of her bed and holding her bridal style. He controlled his breath and began the much too long way out of the ship.

"Wow, you are doing great Captain." One of the fairies chirped in, immediately ending with half a dozen hands on her mouth from the other fairies. So captain Jack Sparrow stopped moving and with sweat on his forehead did he observe the girl in his arms. Her most peculiarly coloured hair touched his face when her head lazily moved upwards. "Awawa... what are you doing mister?" asked the sleepy sounding voice of the woman. Captain Jack Sparrows eyes widened as he searched for something to say.

"Ähhhh... I am kidnapping you!" He said, trying to not be loud, to not fully wake the young woman up.

The girl blinked sleepily, her brain trying to understand what was happening and refusing to wake up now. "Oh, but you are not going to do anything bad to me, right?" She asked, with a giggle that turned into a yawn. "No of course not, you have my word as Captain Jack Sparrow on that." The girl looked at him with her strange eyes and a very piercing gaze and he had almost decided to just throw her out of the next window, (The people here could apparently all fly, so there should not be a problem with that.) but then a sound was heard.

*Snore* *Snore*

He could barely hold back a sigh of relief. The rest of the way went by without a hitch and he laid her on a bed that had been prepared beforehand, though Byakuren held quite a bit onto his arm before he could get her off. Then he got onto his new ship and the captain started commanding.

In a matter of minutes, the ship was starting to fly. A girl with multi-coloured hair blinked herself awake from the noise of the ships' take off together with a number of other people. She blinked again, curiously looking as the ship was now moving over the houses of the human village and slowly gaining speed. Then suddenly her mind went into overdrive and she more or less screamed.

"Who the heck is Captain Jack Sparrow!?"

And so started the incident that would later be known as the "Silent Nightly Theft of the Palanquin Ship" Not that the crew of same ship wasn't going to do anything against same theft. Indeed, a certain phantom had started to follow the ship unconsciously the moment it had started to move and was only now noticing that it was sleeping in the middle of the air instead of its bed.

[] Call upon another member of your stories to support Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe a member of his crew?
[] For now just observe as the fairies work to hold onto the ship under Jack's guidance.
[] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?
[] Search for something else to observe and interact with (Chose direction)
[] Write-In

OOC: Hope everything is alright.
No. 176374
[x] Call upon another member of your stories to support Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe a member of his crew?
--[x] Hector Barbossa, equal parts ally and enemy of Captain Jack Sparrow

Post seemed fine to me, though I am hardly one to judge.
No. 176378
[X] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?
No. 176381
x] Call upon another member of your stories to support Captain Jack Sparrow, maybe a member of his crew?
--[x] Hector Barbossa, equal parts ally and enemy of Captain Jack Sparrow
No. 176382
[x] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?

For lulz.
No. 176383
[X] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?

More Observing, less Summoning. Maybe keep it to one main character per story per area of Gensokyo?
No. 176388
[x] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?

Must have more observations.
No. 176499
[X] Maybe better observe the other side, how is the ex-crew of the Palanquin Ship dealing with this?

The King of the Western Wonderland curiously turned away from the captain and his new crew. Instead, he decided to observe the locals, specifically, the group that had their ship and home stolen just now. He did feel a bit bad for that, but this was in the end all part of the chaotic nature of Captain Jack Sparrow and as troublesome as the man was, he wouldn't truly harm anyone without a good reason.

Until now, the King had remained behind and not much interacted with anyone. The fairies had ignored him in favour of Jack the pirate, but now he would be among more careful residents of Gensokyo. He did not truly want to be noticed or questioned, at least not for now. It would be better to observe the former owners of the palanquin ship without being noticed. Thus, he decided to employ one of the abilities inherent to him. He called upon the strength of one of his many creations and without a single sound, he vanished from sight. This was the power of Violet, a young girl that had become a hero in one of the many stories created after he had ascended.

And so the King stepped in the group of females that had been silently carried out of their ship and listened to their wild conversation. There was chaos among them and they were all angry and shocked at what had transpired. One couldn't blame them, who would be happy after waking up outside while your home was flying away even as you were fully returning to the land of the living.

A girl with blue hair was waving a golden ring angrily in the air.

"Oh, how dare these damned fairies to even consider stealing from us, and our nee-sans ship at that. I swear nee-san, we are going to get it back and punish these little monsters." After a moment of observation, the King knew that the blue-haired girl was not a human, but a spirit based on the concept of a wheel. A strange red cloud was flying around the girl. The cloud had the vague form of an old man with some dog attributes. It appeared somewhat similar to a guardian spirit. How curious. It was almost like seeing that girl and that small red dragon.

The leader of the Myouren Temple was furious and her eyes were conveying a form of silent rage, like a fire was burning behind them.

"We are going!"

Her feet left the ground and she began to fly towards the stolen ship without another word.

The different Yokai took to the air, sometimes in fantastic manoeuvres, sometimes like it was the most mundane thing in the world. The Observer followed suit, intent on further listening in on any conversation and observing how they would attempt to regain their ship. Now that he thought about it, with the local traditions, they would probably shoot them in the face a couple times. Then they would repeat it until it worked out.

Byakuren and you were observing as the ship was once again coming nearer and nearer. The female was furrowing her forehead in concentration. She was apparently trying to form an attack plan, for a few moments later she began to give orders to the other members of the her group.

"Nazrin, Ichirin, Shou, you should lead the battle between our forces and the fairies, try to coordinate them so that we can get them down and... Wuahhhhhhhh!!!!"

The girl with the multi-coloured hair screamed as she barely ducked under a giant shining bullet that almost hit her. Well, it looked like the fairies had either managed to use cannons that were already on the Palanquin ship, or Jack had somehow gotten them to make some.

"What the..... They are shooting at us!!!" The monk exclaimed and the King had the sudden urge to face fault. Wasn't that how they were planning to get the ship back too?

Though it was true, shining cannon balls of light were flying off the ship, sometimes splitting into smaller bullets to catch more people, other times they would grow much bigger on impact. A few of them also started firing in all directions around them once they hit something. A couple of the slower and bigger members of Myouren Temple were hit and taken down, though the King felt some kind of protection gathering upon them. Interesting, the rules of Danmaku apparently included safety-measures to make sure that one was not harmed from falling to the ground, at least not too much.

He barely noticed as he dodged a flying bullet of energy himself because he was seeing something interesting now. Cirno, the strongest of the fairies was duelling with the female phantasm that had followed the ship first on top of the giant flying vessel. They were exchanging a great amount of the beautiful bullets that he knew to be Danmaku now and... Was Jack flying there?

Even for the King of the Western Wonderland, it was somewhat shocking to see Captain Jack Sparrow fly through the air and fire energy bullets at the girl in the sailor uniform. Well, he was always good at adapting, but this was taking the cake.

"It is that guy, you are leaving him alone, because he is mine! I am so beating him up that he will never try stealing from anyone again." The voice of Byakuren Hijiri could be heard far and wide now that she had recovered from the sudden attack. Then she homed in on the three-way battle, obviously intent on adding her own part to it.

Okay, this was getting dramatic, and the King almost wished that he had a video camera. This battle would make a wonderful scene for another movie.
No. 176500
Oooops, I accidentally saged when posting the update. Well, my mistake.
No. 176502
For anyone out there who feels offended by the concept of this story, I'm sorry.
No. 176503
For anyone out there who feels offended by the concept of this story, please explain why you feel that way, so I can better laugh at you.
No. 176505
Ooops, I forgot to add choices for you to vote. Today is not my best day.

[ ] Continue observing while hidden.

[ ] Try to stop the battle while remaining hidden

[ ] Try to stop the battle after showing yourself.

[ ] Summon a video camera and start filming.

[ ] Maybe just leave. There is more then this place to observe in the Eastern Wonderland.

[ ] Write-In?
No. 176523
[X] Continue observing while hidden.

We are the Observer after all.
No. 176525
Second that. Also, you don't need sage for a vote.
No. 176534
Holy Crap, AnonX1 is Heaven Canceler?

[x] Continue observing while hidden.

[x] Reflect on how much more awesome it would be if they recruited the former crew instead of / in addition to defeating them. Unfortunately, Murasa will have to be demoted to first mate, or Jack promoted to admiral, since a ship cannot have two captains.
No. 176536

No we are two different People. It would kind of defeat the point if he stopped writing, only to take it up again under a different Name.
No. 176540
[X] Continue observing while hidden

You know if Reimu has Jack's compass incidents would be easier and quicker to solve wouldn't they.
No. 176541
Oh, sorry, I somehow missed the switch back then.
No. 176721
[X] Continue observing while hidden.

After some consideration, the King of the Western Wonderland decided that he would remain hidden for now. There was no real reason for him to show himself and he kind of wanted to see how Jack would try to get out of this. The man had proven himself capable of doing the most impossible and crazy things and actually getting away with them. Still, the fact that he had managed to learn the local magic style in such a short time surprised even the King, even more so as Jack hadn't known how to use magic before that time.

The pirate dodged through the air, making a summersault and barely got away from a barrage that the angry leader of the Myouren faction was firing at him.

"What the hell! Who is getting into a battle over the right to be this ships captain?" What did he mean by.... oh... Now Cirno was shooting at him while he was concentrating on the newcomer in this battle. Apparently there had been a conflict over the hierarchy on the ship when Murasa had come to reclaim her ship.

"Whaaaaa!!!" Jack flew through the air, barely dodging the giant icicle that Cirno had shot at him together with the bullets. "Damnit, cannot you at least wait until we have defeated our opponents before starting a fight over who will be the leader?"

Cirno blinked for a few seconds before declaring loudly: "Eye am the strongest, Eye don't need no one's help for anything!" Wait, did she just use Eye instead of I?

The battle did not halt to appease the King's confusion unfortunately. Still, Cirno was soon proven false with her believe that she could defeat anyone alone. The old captain of the Palanquin ship and the ship's former owner were very good at working together, Cirno and Jack just couldn't risk continuing their conflict.

Now the battle was more clearly made of Murasa and Byakuren versus Jack and Cirno. It was quite interesting to see the two very different yet similar people battle.

The ice fairy and the pirate were both relatively good leaders, but at the same time quite the loners. They were people that loved chaos and were perfect for the crazy battlefields and doing things nobody expected. Both were also quite dangerous, Jack had fought men and monsters and even the dead. As for Cirno, although often considered a joke, she was still an extremely powerful being with quite the experience in Danmaku.

Unfortunately, their enemies were both great at teamwork and were protecting each others back, while Cirno and Jack were only more or less ignoring each other.

"Flying Bowl 'Legendary Flying Saucer'!"[i]

And then they had to dodge the giant pattern of energy that Byakuren had just fired with her Spell Card. It was formed of four circles made from bullets that were flying around her. And she had somehow created some kind of air-effect? The air which until then had been full with bullets suddenly turned into a veritable ocean of attacks. Had it been anyone else, he would have fallen by now, but Jack instead decided to complain.

"Oh come on, this is cheating! It is me who is supposed to be cheating, not the other side." His voice was heard loudly even as Cirno was starting a counter attack.

"Ice Sign 'Icicle Machine Gun'!"

Now the girl with the multi-coloured hair had to dodge a rain of flying icicles, which were forming a circle and moving with surprising speed for a Danmaku attack. Though they were still slower then a certain Witch's favourite move.

Jack had almost come to the conclusion that this was their chance to win, when he remembered something. Wasn't there another enemy?

[i]"Deep Sinker"

Oh, that was the enemy he had forgotten.

If the giant lights forming circles had been impressive, then this new attack was chilling. Ridiculously oversized anchors were forming, made of the same energy as the phantom's other attacks, but somehow Jack couldn't help but feel the same dread as before an extreme storm. As the giant anchors completed their formation, there was a release of energy and they were catapulted backwards onto the ship. Jack really wished he had managed to make something along the lines of these Spell Cards himself. Hell, these things would have been damned useful in a number of situations in his past.

Meanwhile, the King had landed on the ship, not far from where the famous pirate had been fired. The ice fairy was also near, though she seemed kind of out of it and quite a bit woozy.

"Eh, what is going on, there are so many shiny stars?"

Okay, make that a good deal of woozy.

"Hah, now you have lost thief, give up and we will only give you to the local law-enforcement." That was the voice of Byakuren Hijiri. Hmmm... the King wondered what the local law enforcement was made up off. "Exactly, and don't even try to run away after trying to steal my ship, or I will beat you up even more." And that was the phantom called Minamitsu Murasa.

"Damn it, I always get the troublesome women. I liked her better when she was still half-asleep. I could really use some help now." Well, it looked like the Captain hadn't lost his sense of humour yet.

What to do now?

[ ] Continue observing while hidden, there is no real problem with Jack getting caught.

[ ] Defend Jack and his new Crew; they haven't even gotten a chance for adventure and crazy shenanigans. But how do you do that and do you show yourself?

[ ] Summon someone to help Jack; there should be something that could be useful in this situation.

[ ] Just leave the area and search for something else. Jack would somehow get out of it; he always did so sooner or later.
No. 176722
[X] Summon someone to help Jack; there should be something that could be useful in this situation.
-[X] The Kraken

No. 176736
The Palanquin ship is flying, so the Kraken would have a bit of a Problem. How do you want to take care of this Problem.

Choice a.) The Kraken is summoned already grabbing onto the Palanquin ship.

Choice b.) You give the Kraken the ability to fly.

In both cases, you add something to make sure that it can survive on land.
No. 176737
Give it a tentacle grappling hook.

Nothing could possibly go wrong!
No. 176740
[X] Summon someone to help Jack; there should be something that could be useful in this situation.
-[X] The Kraken
-[X] With the ability to fly

It just makes sense.
No. 176747
[X] Summon someone to help Jack; there should be something that could be useful in this situation.
-[X] The Kraken
-[X] With the ability to fly
No. 177049
[X] Summon someone to help Jack; there should be something that could be useful in this situation.
-[X] The Kraken
-[X] With the ability to fly

The King of the Western Wonderland considered different takes on the problem. He could directly interfere, defending Jack and his new crew, but that could become a problem. The maker of a world wasn't supposed to interfere, what meaning was there in the hero's story if things just randomly happen to let him win. It was not that one could not give a small push from time to time, but direct intervention should be carefully thought through.

But he did not want to leave Jack without help, and the pirate had lost to his opponents. Although from what he had gathered, the punishment would not be hanging, it would still be quite troublesome. Most certainly, his new crew would lose their respect for him and he would be once again ship less, a horrible thing for a man like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then the King had a great and glorious idea. There was something he could call that could take the attention of everyone away from the pirate and the fairy crew. With a single motion a rip in space and time opened just below the Palanquin ship. Out of that hole came a giant creature, so big that it dwarfed even the oversized ship easily. Giant tentacles moved through the air and inhuman eyes looked at the wooden construct above it.

And as the giant hole in existence closed behind it, the being just continued to float where it was as the ship was slowly drifting away. A few moments went by and then it started to follow the Palanquin ship.

"Oh screw this, what the freaking is that! I just know that this is Yukari's fault, nobody else could do that for shit and giggles." Byakuren was screaming like a maniac and one couldn't blame her. The sheer size of the thing was ridiculous. It was so big; it could probably destroy the entire ship without even trying much.

Meanwhile, Minamitsu Murasa was reacting quite a bit different. The girl in the sailor uniform was looking with wide and shocked eyes at the being that had appeared from the hole. Her skin had taken on a deadly pale colour that would have suited her nature, if not her species. She was shaking like leaves in an autumn wind. One of her hands moved to point at the creature and just as it grabbed the ship with one of its appendages, she spoke.

"It..... it is.... it is... it is the... the KRAKEN!!!!" It looked like the phantom sailor had experience with the more troublesome creatures of the deep, or maybe she just knew her old deep sea monster legends. Though how that would work with all local monsters looking like teenage girls is anyone's guess.

Jack at least was happy that he wasn't the only one who knew just how horrible the situation was.

It was then that Cirno came back to her senses. She had been halfway knocked out from the hit of the Deep Sinker Spell Card, but now she blinked at the creature that was trying to board the ship.

"Oh, you think you can just step here on the ship of the Strongest! One after another they come, but just you wait, Eye will show you what happens if you challenge the Strongest right away" Before anyone could try to stop her the Ice Fairy shot back at the following creature, firing spears of ice at it. Another roar escaped the beast and the Ice Fairy was swatted with one of the pseudo pods and then grabbed with another.


Jack blinked.

"Oh great, it has eaten my vice-captain. She was even a pretty good learner too, when she wasn't trying to prank me at least."

The King wondered if this had really been such a good idea.
No. 177060
I may have once again forgotten to put in choices, but you are free to make votes you know.
No. 177105
[X] Teach a lesson in morality by making the kraken spit her out
No. 177191
Jack: "Look milady you're the captain thenby all means go down with your ship. Alternatively, I do happen to have some experience with fighting unmentionable tentacled horrors from the deep, so if you cede your ship to me for the time being I might be inclined to use my experience with this beast to the benefit of us all."

Note that he does not specify how long the 'time being' means or that he ever beat the Kraken, so he is being perfectly honest. In his own words, it's the honest ones you have to look out for.
No. 177194
Before I start, this post is meant as constructive criticism.

The first is that Byakuren and co were so easily able to catch up to the Palanquin Ship. It just doesn't seem to fit thematically: A ship is supposed to represent freedom. Freedom to go where you want, to leave your troubles (in the form of say, a pissed off priestess and her followers) behind, to explore the world as you see fit. I realise that this basically means the thing has to be able to teleport or something but well a) IIRC it did something similar when it first arrived in Gensokyo b) it would be awesome.

Second, Heaven Canceler with all due respect you need help writing Jack Sparrow. Because I cannot in any way shape or form see Jack uttering a sentence like 'Damnit, cannot you at least wait until we have defeated our opponents before starting a fight over who will be the leader?'

I mean this is the man who gave us these:

I expect something grand, and witty, and outrageous, and magnificent... ish.

'Love, while I normally champion the self serving cause of piracy etcetera etcetera I feel you still need to learn to recognise the opportune moment vis a vis getting your own ship. Like for example, not now!'

Or something.


Has a good basic idea.
No. 177201

Ah, thank you for the criticism and I understand where you are coming from. Though as flight is a very well known technique to the Point where pretty much almost any named character can use it, I thought that it would not be too hard to catch it with that ability. After all, in canon they didn't just shake off Reimu and Marisa with Speed.. or did they go inside the ship? On the other hand, maybe Jack's Crew is just not a very good Crew and has no idea how to start the warp drive, they are fairies after all. And Jack would not know about it because it is Magic... (Though maybe they could find out about it at some Point???)

I haven't seen the movies in some time and thus are a bit out of the Loop with the Jackness.... I also never wrote him before. If I try to write another update I will have to try to get the right Feeling. I could use These words you quoted, they seem good to me.

Thank you very much for your criticism and help.