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New writer, trying my hand at this. My plan is to have a minimum of one update a week, but hopefully more than that.

You shudder as you run through the sparse trees in the dusk, a lighthearted giggling following you. One minute, you’re on an early morning run on a hiking trail, the next thing you know it’s dusk and you’re facing a little girl that every fiber of your body screams at you is not safe. Not right. Stupidly, you ignored. Stupidly, you approached it. Then, it attacked, biting onto your arm and tearing a good chunk of flesh and skin, leaving it bleeding profusely. You’d managed to hit the thing hard enough to dislodge it and begin running, but things had rapidly gotten worse. You began stumbling over previously unseen roots hiding in the shadows and then she would just show up from behind you, mouth wide open to take another bite. Each time, you’ve barely been able to repel her with a lucky kick or punch. Once, you managed to stab her with a good sharp rock, making her scream in pain before letting you go. You kind of regret leaving the rock in her arm.

“I’m still hungry...and you tasted so delicious…” Her voice seems to echo and sing from the shadows around you, causing your body to spike with adrenaline again as you sprint away, feet hammering the ground and your breath coming in ragged gasps

You need to do something different, change the terrain, change the rules. Get somewhere safe. Anything other than running uselessly. She seems intent on chasing you in this direction, away from what you think is some kind of a village and deeper into this forest. Nearby, though, there’s a mountain you could probably get to by skirting the edge of the forest and running further in, finding some place to hide or ambush her. Or maybe you could run to the river and hide there? Or maybe out in those open plains you can finally run fast enough, long enough to get away from the beast. You hear her giggling echoing in your ears, and your heart seems to beat impossibly fast. Your arm pulses again, painfully, and you can practically feel her breath on your neck. Your decision made, you...

[]Turn back, confront the creature. Maybe you can get around it?
[]To the mountain!
[]To the river!
[]Out of the forest!
[]Write in?

No. 175404
Confront the Beast!
No. 175418
[x] Out of the forest; preferably screaming.
No. 175421
[x] Out of the forest!

Our guy here's already injured, unarmed, and it was only luck that got those punches/kicks through before. His best bet is getting separation and losing her. He's a fool for not taking a good knife with him on his hike anyway.
No. 175429
[x] Challenge her to a Danmaku duel.
Uh, duh.
No. 175449
You turn and run almost perpendicular to the direction you were being chased in, making a mad break for the open plains.

"Keep running. Endorphins add flavor~" The creature taunts from somewhere behind you. You barely dodge a low hanging branch, almost invisible in the dusk and shadows. "Aw...come one. I'm getting bored now." She complains. You jump over a boulder and land awkwardly on one ankle, twisting it and falling with a yell of pain.

"Shit!" You gasp, struggling to your feet and limping forward slowly.

"Found you!" She exclaims suddenly from the shadows to your left. You yell and stumble backwards, your sprained ankle giving out as your other foot catches a previously unseen stone. You fall backwards, catching your shoulder on a nearby rock and then...you don't hit the ground. You seem to have somehow found the one hole in the area. You keep falling until you collide with another rock, and you feel more than hear as something in your shoulder cracks. You groan and try to grab something with your good arm, barely gripping onto a nearby rock. Above you, you can see that demon in disguise, a frown on her young face. But...she's not following you for some reason. Deep below you, in the darkness, you can hear something else moving. "Feh. I guess you win, today." She muttered, floating away.

"Yeah...that's right..." You wheeze out as she leaves. Sadly, your victory is short lived as you can feel your grip on the rocks slipping as the adrenaline leaves your system and you pass out.


You come to with a groan, every part of your right shoulder in arm aches and burns unpleasantly. The pain extends from your lower back up through your collarbone. You can't see in the pitch black, and when you try to sit up, the entire surface you're on moves and feels like some kind of hammock. "Oh! You're awake!" A young feminine voice exclaimed. Something about it set the hairs on the back of your neck on end, just like that little demon. You try and scramble away from the sound of the voice and you hear a chair slide back. "No, no! Don't do that! You're still hurt!" She exclaimed, and you feel her hands carefully push you back down. Again, every fiber of your being tells you to get away from her, but you’re too incapacitated to do anything right now. When it seems like you aren’t going to resist her anymore, she removes her hands. You very carefully feel around with your good hand, feeling at some kind of wrapping and padding on your injured arm and torso. It’s thick and spongy, sticking slightly to your hand.

“What?” You half mutter.

“Ah, yes. You were really rather injured when I found you. I managed to clean the wounds pretty well and bandage them up, but you might want to see a real doctor at some point. Maybe the lady in the woods, or something.” The woman informed you cheerily. There’s several tense moments where you lay there, somewhat stunned and trying to reconcile the fear you’re feeling with the cheery and warm voice you’re hearing. You lay there for some time, listening to the woman as she hums a nameless tune and bustles about in the darkness. You’re not entirely certain how she can even see what she’s doing. Finally, you work up the courage to speak again.

“So...what now?” You ask. She stops humming suddenly, caught off guard.

“Huh? What do you mean, what now?”

“I mean...I have no idea where I am...who you are...what you want with me, or what that thing that chased me was. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do, really.” You confess.

“Oh...well, whatever you want. When you’re healthy again of course. Speaking of which, if you want I can bring you to someone tomorrow. Maybe to the Earth Palace. Or...I guess I could try and bring you up to the doctor’s place. There’s also places like the village, the shrine, the bridge, the sunflower fields…” She continues listing places, seemingly lost in thought for a moment, “Or, you can hang out here with me until you’re healed! I may not be the best medic in the world, but I can guarantee you’ll be tip top in no time at all!” She assured me. You swallow nervously, pondering your options.

“Before...Before that, can I at least know who I’m talking to?” You ask.

“Oh...oh right, you can’t see in the dark!” She says, as if she had completely forgotten. You hear her shuffling about and then something scraping before a lamp lights up revealing a young woman with straw blond hair holding flint and steel in her hands. She smiles disarmingly, although you can feel your body tense up in fear. “I’m Yamame. And you are…?” She asks.


and what will you do

[]Sit tight, heal up. Trust Yamame
[]Get to this Earth Palace place.
[]This Doctor sounds like a good idea
[]Someplace else
No. 175452
[x] Anthony Parke
[x] This Doctor sounds like a good idea.

Good ol' random name generator to the rescue.
No. 175454
Anton Godrotski

hang with Yamame
No. 175462
[x] Antonina "Nina" Reis.
[x] Ask Yamame for specifics about our injuries.
- [x] Put off deciding where to go until tomorrow.

If we still hurt all over (and Yamame tells us it's not just bruising), we should go see the doctor. Otherwise, well... if this woman wanted to eat us, we'd already be dinner.
No. 175467
No. 175479
[x] Antonina "Nina" Reis.
[x] Sit tight, heal up. Trust Yamame
No. 175489
[x] Anton Godrotski
[x] Sit tight, heal up. Trust Yamame
No. 175490
[x] Antonina "Nina" Reis.
[x] Sit tight, heal up. Trust Yamame
No. 175494
[x] Anton Godrotski
No. 175497
[x] Antonina "Nina" Reis.
[x] Sit tight, heal up. Trust Yamame
No. 175505
I'm >>175467, changed mind and lost password. Sorry for extra trouble in tallying votes.

[x] Antonina "Nina" Reis.
[x] Ask Yamame for specifics about our injuries.
- [x] Put off deciding where to go until tomorrow.
No. 175518
You forcefully set aside your fear before answering, “I am Antonina Reis… Nina, for short.”

“Nice to meet you, Nina!” Yamame replies happily.

“Um, nice to meet you too.” You respond somewhat nervously, “Um, you bandaged me up and mentioned a doctor, but...how badly am I injured?”

“Well, badly enough that without immediate help it could have been pretty bad. I think your worst risk would have been from infection, but I’m certain I’ve prevented that. You had some pretty bad bruising and cuts, a dislocated shoulder, sprained ankle, cracked ribs, pulled muscles, severe cramping.” Yamame explained, “But luckily I caught you before things got too bad! Your chest and back will probably be sore for quite a while, but should heal up nicely. Between your shoulder and back, you probably ought not to use that arm for a while yet.”

“So, I probably ought to go see that Doctor you mentioned.” You muse. Yamame shrugs.

“Maybe. I hear funny things about her, though. People tend to complain about her payment options a lot…” Yamame says with a shrug. “And it’s not like I don’t know a thing or two about healing people!” Yamame adds proudly.

“It’s not that I doubt your abilities!” You assure her, “I’m just...worried. I mean, I’m lost in some strange place, injured...I just don’t know what to do…” You mutter, everything coming crashing down on you suddenly.

“Sh, sh. It’s okay.” Yamame says softly, giving you a soft hug. “I’ll go talk to the doctor tomorrow, let you know what she thinks. If we need to bring you to her, we’ll see about what we can do.” She says.

“Thanks...but I still don’t know where I even am…” You mutter.

“Oh...you’re an Outsider! Right. Um, well you’re in the Illusory Land of Paradise, Gensokyo!” Yamame declares proudly, “Although, really, right now you’re in the Underground.” She adds as an afterthought.

“P-Paradise? With that...that thing wandering the surface up there?” You demand incredulously.

“Hm? Well...yes. Things can be tough for humans. But it’s a land of magic and opportunity! Where gods and demons walk the land!” Yamame explains.

“M-Magic?” You ask. You think about it, that thing that chased certainly wasn’t a normal girl. She was too strong, too quick. She never got tired, and those teeth. You suppress a shudder as you remember how your body screamed at you that something was wrong with her. But...Yamame also made you feel that way. You glance at her somewhat nervously.

“Yep. Magic.” She says with a smile. Her smile falters at your glance, however. “Are you okay?” She worried. You try and calm yourself. She hasn’t hurt you yet. Maybe...maybe she’s not one of them. Or something.

“Y-you said this is a land of...of demons.” You begin nervously. Yamame nods, a small frown on her face. “You’re one of them...aren’t you?” You ask.

“Yeees.” Yamame answered nervously, not quite willing to meet your gaze. You feel your breath hitch in your throat at her confession. “But I’m not going to hurt you! Promise!” She assures you.

“I...I know. You’ve...you’ve helped me so far, so I...trust you.” You tell her, averting your gaze to stare at your wrapped up arm and chest. You notice it wasn’t some kind of bandage, like you’d though, and instead some kind of weird stringy wrapping, similar to the hammock you’re lying on. Yamame let’s out a squeal and hugs you suddenly.

“Thank you! I was worried you’d be all afraid of me and panic and hurt yourself or something! I rarely get to talk to humans, let alone Outsiders!” Yamame exclaimed excitedly.

“Oh...well...you’re welcome?” You answer, taken off guard. “So...um...what is this?” You ask her, picking slightly at the sticky material you were wrapped in.

“Oh, that...well, that’s my silk.” Yamame answers as if it was obvious. You stop touching it when says that.

“It’s...what?” You ask.

“My silk. I’m a Tsuchigumo...um...an Earth Spider.” Yamame explains.

“You...don’t look like a spider.” You point out.

“I can become one, if you want?” Yamame offered. You shake your head. “Oh...alright. But no, I’m a fairly strong demon, so I have a human form.” Yamame explained. Oh, well nice to know that your new benefactor is at least of reasonable strength with hungry demons running about. “Oh, before I forget! Would you like some tea and cookies?” She said, already bustling into another room and getting dishes out. You spend the rest of the day talking with Yamame over tea and food, trying to learn as much as you can about this place. Apparently, there’s a village of humans where demon’s can’t hunt them, and there are certain rules in place on who is fair game to be eaten, and on how to settle disputes. Yamame promises to teach me more about it when I can move again. Later on, however, she forces me to bed early and promises to go talk with the doctor.

“But...what if someone comes for me in the night?” You ask her. She laughs softly.

“Trust me, nobody will find you. And even if they did, they wouldn’t dare hurt you in my home.” She assures you. After making certain that you’re set for the night, she blows out the lamp and you quickly drift to sleep in the darkness.


“So, the doctor seems fairly confident that you’re fine, unless you start to have problems breathing. Then she said to come to her immediately. Or to come to her if you’re really that worried.” Yamame tells you as she helps you out of the hammock and to the table for breakfast.

“Oh, okay...um, is this Doctor a demon too? Or human?” You ask, thinking about going to visit her.

“Neither. She’s a Lunarian. She’s supposedly the moon’s smartest doctor or something.” Yamame replied offhandedly, looking you over carefully. “If you want to go out today, and I don’t see why not if you take it easy, we’ll need to get you into some other clothes. I think we might be able to use one of my other dresses.” She remarks, bring your attention back to the fact that your current clothes have been rather torn up and dirtied between running from that demon and Yamame having to rip your clothes apart slightly to tend to your wounds. While they cover your decency, they are most definitely inappropriate to go out in public with.

Your build is:


You also decide to…
[]Head to the Doctor. It can’t hurt to have her check you out, right?
[]That Human Village seems like a good idea. Survival in numbers, right?
[]The Earth Palace is sure to have some local leaders. Maybe if you can make friends with them…
[]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
No. 175519
[X]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
No. 175528
Tall and muscular.
No. 175529
[x]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
No. 175530
[x]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
No. 175531
[X]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.

We stabbed a youkai with a rock and then proceeded to outrun it. All while injured. There's pretty much no way we ain't ripped as hell. Perhaps we're an athlete of some sort? The instincts make me think we're a fighter, only sporty thing I can think of that'd let you read people that well. I say we make our goal in gensokyo to learn fightan from all the touhous that are any good at it.
No. 175533
[x] Tall
[x] Average
[x] Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place; have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
- [x] Let her know you're irrationally terrified before it becomes an issue. Apologize, since you know she hasn't done anything to deserve it, and you're not sure why.

Frail people don't typically go for early morning runs on hiking trails. That said, I suspect we're more into the slow-twitch than the fast-twitch.

>only sporty thing I can think of that'd let you read people that well
Eh? Leaving aside the fact that she doesn't necessarily have to use people-reading abilities while exercising, where is she shown as being good at reading people?

If it's the fact that Yamame gives her the oogely-boogelys, I'm betting that that's supernaturally induced (see also: attached write-in). Whether it's common to all youkai in this Gensokyo, or is a function of Gensokyo itself, or is some supernatural sense she's never had the opportunity to exercise before... well, we'll find out, won't we?
No. 175537
[x] Short
[x] Powerful

Somewhat agree with >>175531 , although going with [x] Short simply because... ego? I tend to short and muscular myself. Even if reach, a longer stride, and the ability to reach the top shelves easily come in handy.

[x] Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
No. 175538
[x]Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place, have her teach you how to resolve disputes.

Doe it.
No. 175539
She can tell Rumia and Yamame are dangerous as heck. I know I probably wouldn't be able to tell if a little girl was capable of eating me alive.
No. 175540
[x] Short
[x] Powerful
[x] Stay with Yamame and heal. Learn more about the rules of this place; have her teach you how to resolve disputes.
- [x] Let her know you're irrationally terrified before it becomes an issue. Apologize, since you know she hasn't done anything to deserve it, and you're not sure why.

No. 175541
[x] Short
[x] Powerful

Writefriend, you may want to find a proofreader. I'm noticing some errors.

That said, I'm interested to see where you take this story. Yamame is seriously under-represented, so I hope she sticks around.
No. 175543
Didn't expect to get another chapter up tonight, but on a bit of a roll. Tie vote, so I just went and rolled for it. And I'd started writing when it tied up again.

As for a proofreader...I think I've got someone I can ask to proofread this for me. Sorry about those mistakes.

Also, I've been trying to spread the character creation out over several posts rather than clog down one post with it. Do you guys feel like that works, or is it working so far for you guys?

And for Yamame...well, you'll see.

“I think...I think I’d just as soon stay here with you, take my time to heal. Learn more about this place before I go sticking my nose where it might not belong.” You tell her.

“Oh, good...Because I’d really have to work to alter my dresses to fit you.” Yamame says, a note of relief in her voice. You are rather tall, really. And pretty...big, even. Not that Yamame is exceptionally small, but still there’s a world of difference in your physical builds. You’re not entirely certain how she would even alter one of her dresses to fit you.

“Listen...um...I know its unreasonable, but...Something about your presence sets my nerves on end. And...I know it’s irrational and I’m trying not to let it influence how I act, but…” You begin.

“That? Oh...that’s probably your survival instinct. You’ve got a good one, most people don’t react that strongly to predators. Trust it.” Yamame tells you, dead serious. There’s a tense moment before she’s smiling again. “But, yeah, trust it. It will be important. It’s probably reacting to my nature as a Youkai. Even if I’m not the type to really eat people, it’s hard to overcome nature.” She admits.

“Well, I’m sorry if...if I act irrationally because of it.” You say.

“Don’t worry about it. It will fade with time.” Yamame assures you. You spend several moments sitting there, quietly as Yamame sets the table and prepares breakfast.

“What will we do about clothes for me in the long run, though?” You ask her after the science stretches out almost uncomfortably long.

“I should be able to find something in the Ancient City. Or maybe weave something up, if you don’t mind wearing my silk.” Yamame offered.

“That...I don’t know. That’s a little odd, isn’t it?” You ask her. She shrugs.

“Not really? I mean, I already sell it sometimes. It makes for incredibly strong rope, or good under armor. Supposedly, it’s really good at stopping arrows and Danmaku.” Yamame explains.

“And this Danmaku is…?” You implore her to continue.

“Ah, right. Well, it’s how we resolve disputes. We fly around, launching colorful waves in beautiful patterns mixed in with some other skills. It’s...It’s a form of non lethal combat of sorts, using magic.” Yamame explains.

“I see...so I’ll have to learn magic, then?” You say. Yamame shrugs and nods.

“Most of it is prewritten spells on small slips of paper, spell cards. The rest is based on natural abilities.” Yamame explains, “Oh, speaking of which. Because this place is so magically rich you might develop an ability yourself. Especially after a traumatic event like your entrance into Gensokyoko.”

“Powers?” You ask, curious.

“Yep. I can control diseases! That’s why you’re certainly not infected. Let’s see...there’s a shrine maiden who can grant miracles and another who can float.” Yamame explained.

“So...how would we figure out what mine is? If I have one.”

“Well, just playing around. I mean, you’re survival sense is pretty good, so you seem to be in touch with how your body reacts to things. It should come naturally to you when you would be able to use it.” Yamame assures you.

“Oh...alright.” You say, uncertain of what she means.


“Well, how’s it feel?” Yamame asked as you gingerly test your arm now that it’s removed from her silk. It’s been about a week, and you’ve finally got your irrational fear over Yamame under control.

“Stiff.” You answer. There’s still some ugly discoloration on your body, especially around the side of your abdomen. Overall, though, you’re in pretty good shape. You can move on your own again, and while your arm is stiff, it’s in good condition other than the bandage where that darkness demon took a bite out of it.

“Excellent. I declare you fit to move about, then!” Yamame exclaims happily. You give her a thankful smile. “Now, I can show you around the underground. We could go to the Ancient City, or the Old Hells, or maybe stop by the bridge princess’s house. We could try going on the surface, but...Well, I’m not particularly liked up there.” Yamame extolls. You are interested in learning more about this place, and possibly some way home. You did just disappear, after all. To do that, you’ll need to start heading out and talking to people. After all, right now your supplies and information are a little lacking. Currently, you have a few basic spell cards and you’ve managed to figure out how to launch some basic danmaku. You’re also wearing some decent clothes, finally, though you’ve borrowed one of Yamame’s ribbons to tie your hair back. It’s presence has been comforting when she’s had to leave you alone in the caves she calls home.

[]To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place
[]Palace of the Earth Spirits still sounded good.
[]Bridge Princess? How much royalty is living down here?
[]To the Surface! That’s how you got here, that’s how you can get out!
[]Wait...hell? Fire and Brimstone?
[]Write in
No. 175557
[x]To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place
No. 175559
[x]Palace of the Earth Spirits still sounded good.
A palace? You can't beat that.

Also congrats for the first fit character in recent THP history.
No. 175563
[x] To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place.

Nina's apparently pretty well liked up on the surface, though! Just ... not how she'd prefer. At all.
No. 175565
[x] To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place.
No. 175566
[X]To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place
--[x] "I have to ask...where does the silk come out?"

You know you were thinking it.
No. 175567
[X]To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place
-[X] “I have to ask... where does the silk come out?”

I wasn't, but I am now.
No. 175569
[x]Bridge Princess? How much royalty is living down here?
No. 175571
[X]To the Ancient City! Yamame rather seems to like visiting the place
--[x] "I have to ask...where does the silk come out?"
No. 175574
“Well...the Ancient City sounds exciting.” You admit.

“Awesome! I’ve got a good stockpile of silk we can trade! Maybe we could get you an actual dress instead of those work clothes! Or...a proper hat. Or something.” Yamame says, taking your hand and leading you through the winding caves.

“Speaking of...and this might be rude, but...Where does the silk come out?” You ask, the words spilling out your mouth in a rush. Yamame stops and gives you a look of confusion. You feel your face heat up in embarrassment.

“Well...from my spinnerets of course.” Yamame answers matter of factually. With that said, she continues to pull you along through the caves. “Anyways, let’s just lay down a few rules to follow in the city. First, don’t drink the beer. Second, don’t drink the wine. Third, don’t lie. Fourth don’t drink the mead. Fifth, don’t drink the schnapps. Sixth, don’t challenge the Oni to a drinking contest or accept one. Seventh, don’t get into any contests with them. Finally, and most importantly, don’t drink the sake!” Yamame orders as you pass a bridge with a house. You think you see someone staring at you from the window, but that might have been a trick of the light.

“So, I’m getting the impression that the alcohol is bad. And the Oni are...dangerous?” You confirm.

“Well, they can be, yes. But they’re really nice. Most of the time. Just drunk, a lot. And very strict about honesty.” Yamame warned you as the caves opened up. “Now...it’s probably best that you stick by me while we’re in the city. I don’t think any harm would come to you, especially wearing my ribbon, but still…”

“Yeah, it’s probably for the best.” You agree.


Of course you got seperated from her. Of course. You turn your back for a moment to look at nice leather jacket and then Yamame is gone and you’re wandering around lost. Someone collides with you in the midst of the crowd, knocking you to the ground, and you feel that sudden terrifying feeling spike again. You look up to see a tall man with a single huge horn and a sword standing above you, a curious look on his face. “A human…” He muses, a mean grin forming on his face.

“Um...listen, I...I don’t really want to cause any trouble.” You tell him climbing to your feet, holding your hands out in front of you placatingly. Your fear spikes, and you feel something seem to just...relax.

“Oh, no trouble at all! Just a normal kidnapping!” He declares, charging you down surprisingly quickly. You try and dodge, but he catches you in the gut and throws you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, cackling as he runs away, bounding across rooftops.

[]Well...best to hope Yamame spots you
[]No. No, screw this. You’re tired of being the weak part of the equation.
[]Maybe you can convince this guy to stop?
[]Panic. Scream for help. Anything!
[]Write in

Well, thanks.
No. 175575
He is big guy, that means he has big guts, rip and tear his guts.
No. 175576
[x]No. No, screw this. You’re tired of being the weak part of the equation.
It is time.
No. 175577
[X]Maybe you can convince this guy to stop?

Ha. Time for the local sport. And "Not being the weak part of the equation"? That's hilarious. Its an Oni. Good? Good.
No. 175580
[x] No. No, screw this. You’re tired of being the weak part of the equation.
No. 175581
[X]No. No, screw this. You’re tired of being the weak part of the equation.
No. 175594
I think that option is attempting diplomacy.

[x] No. No, screw this. You’re tired of being the weak part of the equation.
Be it fighting or danmaku, we gonna be the strongest. [Cirno joke here]
No. 175602

I just wonder how you guys are thinking this will work out. Can't possibly be that you think it'll actually work out in our favor. Literally just got dropped into gensokyo a few days ago, now we're gonna try and take on an armed oni with our bare hands? Cool. Can't wait to see her reduced to giblets. I know that probably won't happen, but it totally should.
No. 175603
Oni respect courage. We might not beat him, but we probably will impress him.
No. 175606
We got some spell cards earlier. As awesome (and admittedly dumb) as straight-up fighting an Oni would be, it's gonna be danmaku.

Unsure whether to hope for brawling rules or not. Eh, Marisa(probably physically weaker than us) was in two(and a half) fighting games with Suika(almost certainly stronger than this random Oni)and she did alright, so we should be fine. At least in that we aren't at an inherent disadvantage, we probably still suck at danmaku.
No. 175611
“Damnit, let me go you stupid brute!” You yell, squirming in the apparent Oni’s grip. He just laughs as you try and force his iron like arm to open up enough to wiggle free. “Damnit!” You curse. First that night demon, now this Oni! Why are they all so much stronger than you? Why are they just so much better than humans? Something suddenly opens inside of you, and a feeling of warmth and strength floods your limbs, the Oni’s grip suddenly seems loose. You react immediately, pushing on his arm, to fall out to the rooftop below before he has a chance to reassert his grip.

“Wh-what?” He exclaims in surprise, stopping his mad dash. You scramble to your feet, barely taking notice of how your clothes practically hang off you now. “You’re not human...you’re some kind of Nue or something.” He says, anger growing on his face.

“Nue? What?” You ask, glancing at yourself now that you have a moment. You very nearly have a heart attack at what you see. You’re smaller, shorter than you were, the lock of your hair that occasionally falls in your eyes is now straw blonde. You’ve...You’ve become Yamame. You’re also now incredibly aware of the fact that there’s...things crawling everywhere. On your skin, in your gut, on the roof, all throughout the Oni. You shudder slightly at the sensation. Almost at your will, clumps of them clear away from you.

“Feh. Lying about your identity. I know you’re not Yamame! Face me like a proper demon!” He demands, drawing his sword and launching a burst of danmaku at you.

“Hey!” You shout, ducking underneath the attack. You automatically return fire, as Yamame taught you, and the things crawling everywhere follow your danmaku to the Oni. He easily bats aside the danmaku with his sword.

“You’re not fooling anyone when you transform right in front of them.” He growls, sprinting forward, his huge foot steps leaving cracks in the roof. The crawling things cling
ing to his feet as he charges you. You duck underneath a wild swing and lash out with a punch, your reach falling short of where you would expect. You curse and jump back, trying to put distance between you and the now angry demon. You can hear yelling as people down in the streets take notice of the fighting.

“I’m not trying to fool you!” You yell, bounding backwards without even looking to land on a clothesline. You barely even have to try and balance on it. You launch a set of danmaku waves, trying to fence the Oni in. He bats away one wave again, but the second catches him in the face, opening him up to a third in his gut.

“You think I would be so easily tricked! Just because we’re honest folk doesn’t mean we Oni can’t sniff out a lie!” He bellows, launching a huge wave of danmaku. You try and twist out of the way, but being on the clothesline leaves you little room to dodge and you feel the attack slam into your shoulder, spinning you around and knocking you off the line. You let out a pained gasp as the wind is knocked out of you. The crowd gathers around you curiously, and you hear a familiar voice shouting.

“Out of the way! Out of the way!” You hear Yamame yelling as you try and get to your feet. She manages to push her way to your side.

“Nina? What happened to you?” She asked, a note of worry in her voice.

“Got...got kidnapped or something. And then...something, and he get all mad about it, starting fighting me.” You wheeze in pain.

“Well, Yuugi will take right care of him.” Yamame assures you, carefully helping you to your feet. You can see down the street a huge woman with a single horn dragging a the Oni by his ear and lecturing him.

“How...how did you find me?” You ask her.

“I...planted a couple of mild diseases on you. Ones that wouldn’t affect you!” She assures you.

“Oh...okay…” You mutter. You let out a sigh of relief now that Yamame is here, and relax. Something uncoils inside you and suddenly your clothes fit again and the hair in your eyes is black again.

“Oh, look, you’re back to normal…” Yamame remarks. You’re busy checking yourself over for any other changes when the huge woman comes over to you and Yamame.

“Sorry about that, people sometimes get a little excited when they meet a human. Especially one they think they can kidnap like in the old days.” The huge woman apologizes, rubbing the back of her head nervously. “So, as an apology how about I treat you guys to lunch?”

[]Oh, well. That’s alright. It, uh, it happens.
[]So, you attack all your visitors? Really? What kind of city is this place?
[]Well...for Yamame’s sake, you can deal with it.
[]Um...There’s no alchohol is there?
[]Write in
No. 175612
[x]what the heck why did I turn into you oh god help ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
No. 175613
this sounds appropriate.
No. 175614
[x]what the heck why did I turn into you oh god help ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
No. 175615
If I may suggest, possibly you should consider asking for some writing advice on IRC. You're by no means bad, but you sorta have a tendency to ... Just have things happen for the sake of the plot, to try to put it into words.
No. 175618

Yes, I feel that way too.. To just simplify the story so far, Random girl falls into gensokyo, 3 or 4 days later, she's transformed into someone and started using weird magical powers. Its just the kind of thing i'd expect to be more.. gradual? Just feels too easy.
No. 175624

Alright, I'll try and work on that. I'm trying not to rush it, but I'm also trying not to drag it out. Thanks for the feedback.
No. 175703
Reminds me of the stories of old, actually. Guy wakes up/falls into gensoukyo, things happen.
No. 175724
Just wanted to jump in and mention that this is a matter of preference, not bad writing.

What is bad writing is the lack of justification for stuff to happen that the other anon mentioned (I don't share his opinion, I'm just clarifying it)
No. 175731
Well, my point with that "Feeling too easy" is that there was no prior justification for it. It just sort of happened. I'm not going to jump all over it with running cleats right now, because that can all be filled in, but it just leaves me with that feeling of before: "Oh come on, that's too easy."
No. 175789
It really is too easy. She can transform into someone and gain their unique powers with apparently no real effort or cost? That's some broken-tier bullshit, even by Gensokyo's standards.
No. 175794
I will say, there is a background reason for it at least. And I do appreciate the comments and advice. I'm making certain to keep them under consideration while I'm writing.


You stare at her for a few moments as your brain tries to catch up to what you’d been doing. She begins to show signs of worry as you stare at her for a moment. And that’s when it all catches up to you and you turn back to Yamame. “I...I was you. I became you...And then...there were things crawling, crawling in me, crawling on me, crawling all inside of and over everything!” You begin softly, slowly working up to panicked fever pitch as you speak.

“Nina, calm down, please, it will be alright!” Yamame assured you as you begin to hyperventilate, holding your hand reassuringly.

“B-but I became you!” You half wailed, latching onto her desperately.

“I know. I saw it. And it’s okay, it’s probably just a sign of your abilities manifesting.” Yamame said softly, patting your hair calmingly.

“So...are you going to be okay?” The huge woman asks, startling a small squeak out of you as you feel everything tense up and your body shifts for a split second.

“Oh. Right. Nina, this is my Oni friend Yuugi. Yuugi, this is my human friend Nina.” Yamame introduces you two. Yuugi sticks her hand out.

“Nice to meet you.” She greets.

“Oh...um...nice to meet you too.” You say, shaking her hand hesitantly. Her grip is firm and strong, but not crushing.

“Yamame has been a little bundle of energy and excitement ever since you fell into her net. She’s been bustling in and out of here more often in the last week than she normally does in the whole year!” Yuugi proclaimed jovially. You blush slightly in embarrassment, cutting a glance at Yamame. “It’s good for her, too. She spends way too much time cooped up in her cave there.” Yuugi adds, nodding sagely.

“I...I see.” You half heartedly agree. “You didn’t have to do all this for me…” You whisper to her.

“But I wanted to.” Yamame whispered back. You feel your blush intensify as Yamame gives you a small smile. “Anyways, I think it would be best if we took Yuugi up on her offer.” Yamame suggested, “She knows the best places to eat, and, well, nobody wants to mess with one of the four Deva.”

“Ha! They’re all welcome to try!” Yuugi boasts proudly, leading you to a small hole in the wall restaurant. “Hey, keep! Three specials!” She yells out as she takes a seat at a nearby booth. “So, it looks like you somehow lucked out on the draw there, and actually got a real power.” Yuugi remarks.

“But...Yamame said I might get one...Is it that unusual?” You ask as you sit next to Yamame.

“Well...with this being a land rich in magic and mysticism, most people get something. But most of the time it’s just the ability to, say, learn magic. Generally, though, they don’t make much of themselves unless they’re insane like the Black-White. A few get abilities like the Shrine Maidens and can really make a name for themselves, but they’re few and far between. The fact that you actually got a power and that you’ve already used it once...well, either you’re incredibly lucky or there’s something strange going on.” Yamame points out. A shudder travels up your spine at the thought of something being wrong with you.

“Something strange? Like...what?” You half whisper. She shrugs.

“Lot’s of things. Youkai heritage, divine heritage, contracts with a devil, possession, hauntings, overexposure to magic as a child, magical diseases or transformations.” Yamama explains, “Could be almost anything, so long as it’s related to magic in some way.”

“Well, you don’t have anything to worry about from the disease angle with Yamame here! She’ll keep you right as rain in that department.” Yuugi reassures you.

“But...that still leaves a lot of things that could be affecting me.” You point out.

“It could just also be sheer luck.” Yuugi adds as your food is placed on the table. Some kind of steak piled high with mushrooms and gravy.

“But highly unlikely. I don’t like the idea that there’s something...different about me that I don’t know about or that I can’t control.” You say.

“I’m certain we’ll figure it out.” Yamame says reassuringly. You make a noise of agreement, a little unsure of how that will work out. You eat your meal in a mostly comfortable silence, listening as Yamame and Yuugi keep coming up with more and more outlandish ideas for the possible source of your abilities. At one point, aliens and masks come up as an explanation. Soon enough, though, you’re done eating and Yuugi is paying the shop owner for the meal, while you and Yamame stand outside.

“So...who do you think would best know what’s going on with me?” You ask curiously.

“Well...I can think of a few people that might be able to figure something out. The shrine maidens might be able to figure it out if it’s due to a third party, or one of the witches might be able to figure it out with magic. If it’s something buried deep within your mind, the residents of the Earth Palace might be able to dig it out, though it may not be pleasant. Hm...The doctor might be able to tell you about your heritage, as could the historian.” Yamame suggests as Yuugi steps out behind you.

“I recommend the historian over the doctor.” Yuugi mutters.

“If you go to the surface, though, we won’t be able to come with you due to some ancient laws. They aren’t all that strictly enforced, but it’s still better not to risk it, probably.” Yamame tells you. You’re not certain how you feel about that, trying to go up there with that other demon roaming about.

[]Shrine Maiden’s are nice people, right? They can definitely help!
[]Well...a witch certainly knows magic. Hopefully they can figure this out.
[]A doctor sounds like a good idea. Although, why would a historian know about your history?
[]Going on the surface seems like a bad idea right now. Maybe you should do everything you can down here first?
[]Write in
No. 175796
That's...not exactly the ability. I won't say anymore, though.
No. 175798
Noes, Don't make me go up to the surface without friends!
No. 175801
Well, I would like to stick around and barfight with Yuugi as the first step in fighting/learning from everyone martially inclined in Gensokyo, but that goal was based on us being like an MMA fighter or something on the outside, which while awesome does not seem to be the case. Therefore I'm thinking going to a witch will sound like the wisest course of action for us. We have to accept that magic exists now, I guess. No use trying to deny it and doing something stupid because of it.

[x]Well...a witch certainly knows magic. Hopefully they can figure this out.
No. 175803
[X]Going on the surface seems like a bad idea right now. Maybe you should do everything you can down here first?

I want to see more yamame interaction
No. 175830
[X]Going on the surface seems like a bad idea right now. Maybe you should do everything you can down here first?

Given that we've only seen the transformation once, it's kinda early to say what happened.
No. 175835
Feeling too easy in a site where stories die at the second thread is perfectly fine in my book. I tire of reading 4 threads of introduction and then... Nothing.
No. 175838
[X]Going on the surface seems like a bad idea right now. Maybe you should do everything you can down here first?
No. 175840
[x] bar fight lesson option
No. 175917
“I...I think I’ll hold off going to the surface for now.” You say. Yuugi nods in agreement.

“The devil you know over the devil you don’t.” She remarks.

“Something like that.” You agree.

“Oh, good. Then should I tell my sister to expect you?” A girl with short blue-green hair asks from your left. She has a yellow and green dress and blue wide brimmed hat, and strange blue tubes wrapping around her form. They collect in one spot in front of her heart, clumping together into a single sphere. You practically jump out of your skin and find yourself stepping back towards Yamame and Yuugi. Once you get a clear look at her, you feel ashamed of being frightened by something so small and frail.

“Koishi.” Yamame says tersely.

“Wh-wha-where?” You demand.

“Well, when a mommy and daddy Satori love each other very much…” Koishi begins with a sly grin. At Yamame’s glare she rolls her eyes and answers, “I’ve been there the entire time. You just ignored me.”

“I’m not in the habit of ignoring people.” You retort.

“Oh, don’t I know it. You’re internally wound up tighter than a clock, with your fear just waiting to lash out and hit those alarm bells. Took my forever to put a muffler in there to keep you from noticing.” She complains.

“Ignoring her antics, this is Komeiji Koishi, sister to Komeiji Satori. They reside in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, and they might be able to help you out. Between the two of them, they can find anything hiding away in your mind or memories.” Yamame explains.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was talking to someone so renowned.” You apologize, bowing slightly. Koishi stifles a giggle.

“Renowned? Me? That’s a laugh and a half.” She remarks.

“But...you live in a Palace…” You point out.

“Only because we need the space for all the pets and no one else in particular wanted it.” She replies with a grin.

“They’ve also become de facto leaders and representatives of the underground due to their nature as mind readers.” Yuugi tells you. You glance at Koishi nervously.

“Ah, I’ve stopped with reading people’s hearts long ago. Besides, its not like we liked and wanted to do it. But no, people judged us for it!” She whines, “Anyways, your power is pretty interesting, I caught a bit of it out in the market place. I might have actually pushed your fear reaction into overdrive there, and, well, something went off. Just, sproing! It was kind of interesting, really. I’ve never seen someone who’s fear reaction was that strong and violent.”

“Sorry if I have a healthy fear for my life.” You mutter.

“Oh, no, a healthy fear for your life would be if you shut down when your body hit that point. Most people I see with a fear response anywhere near yours they just shut down. Click, and out like a light.” Koishi explains.

“So, I’m crazy.” You say flatly.

“Aren’t all the best people?” Koishi answers honestly, “But I digress. I’m certainly interested in figure out how everything in your head works, and I can practically guarantee that my sister will be interested as well.”

“Ignoring Koishi’s eccentricities, the Komeijis are reliable and trustworthy. Just...remember that Satori is the reasonable one.” Yamame warns you, an almost deadly seriousness in her eyes. “It’s not that I don’t trust Koishi, but...she makes me uncomfortable. If you don’t mind, I’d rather skip out on this visit…” Yamame adds softly, “But if you’re really worried, I will come with you.”

“Well...if you’d like the extra company I can certainly tag along. I haven’t really got anything planned for the day.” Yuugi said.

[]The more the merrier
[]Just Yamame. You don’t really know Yuugi all that well
[]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you
[]You’ll be fine on your own. Really. What can a pair of tiny little mind readers do?
[]Mind readers? No, never. That seems like a terrible idea. You need to train, for the Surface!
No. 175919
[x]You’ll be fine on your own. Really. What can a pair of tiny little mind readers do?
No. 175921
[]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you.

Let's not force Yamame to tag along if she doesn't want to. We'll just meet up with her afterwards.
No. 175923
[x]You’ll be fine on your own. Really. What can a pair of tiny little mind readers do?

They clearly don't wanna come along, so meet up later?
No. 175924
[]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you.

Let's see if we can meet up with Yamame afterwards, though.
No. 175927
[x]You’ll be fine on your own. Really. What can a pair of tiny little mind readers do?
No. 175928
[x]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you.
No. 175933
[X]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you.
No. 175954
[x] safety in numbers

I like this gal's approach to life: "fuck you. Fuck everyone. I'll live till 80"
No. 175957
[x]Yuugi. She’s ready and willing, and Yamame has already done so much for you.
No. 176048
“You certain? I...don’t really want to force you to baby sit me if you don’t want to.” You say to Yuugi.

“Yeah, I’m good. Been a while since I visited Satori anyways.” Yuugi assures you.

“Alright then. I’ll meet you later, then?” You ask Yamame. She nods.

“When you’re ready to go home, I’ll be at the bridge princess’s house that we passed on the way in. Yuugi knows where it is.” Yamame told you, Yuugi nodding off to the side.

“Great! Now that we’re done deciding how to split the party, follow me!” Koishi orders, spinning lightly on one foot and skipping down the street. Yuugi gives you a wry grin before following and you wave good bye to Yamame as you follow the pair down the street. You can’t help but notice how even though the crowd gives you a berth, nobody seems to take notice of you. Earlier, even with Yamame, you’d been getting curious looks. Now, their eyes seemed to just pass over you. It’s almost creepy in a way.

“Ah, so you’ve noticed.” Yuugi remarks softly, slowing slightly to walk alongside you.

“Is this...you?” You ask quietly. Yuugi shakes her head.

“This is because of her.” Yuugi tells you, pointing at the seemingly cheery girl in front of you. “Manipulation of the subconscious. In a fit of despair, she closed that third eye next to her heart, sealing away her heart. In return...she knows things about you that even you can’t, and she can manipulate it. She hides herself beneath your notice, resting in those thoughts that you have that not even you acknowledge.” Yuugi explains.

“No emotions? But...she seems so happy…” You mutter.

“Look at her eyes when she smiles.” Yuugi orders. As she twirls around, you watch as her eyes cross the crowd, cold and dead. It sends a shudder up your spine.

“That’s...terrifying really.” You mutter softly.

“That’s what happens when someone is hated and feared baselessly.” Yuugi says darkly. You nod in agreement. “For a while, I thought Yamame was going down that road. Then, just a little while ago she came in bubbling with excitement. Come to find out, someone had trusted her and was relying on her. Meant a lot to her, it seemed. And I was happy for her. But...if that person were to hurt her…” Yuugi adds, shrugging her shoulders helplessly, “Then who knows.”

“Ah...I see.” You say nervously.

“I can watch you in your sleep and kill you with my brain.” Koishi says, suddenly between you. You squeak, jumping away from the pair and fear and causing Koishi to laugh. Yuugi lets out an amused sigh.

“Just had to get that out there. Yamame’s a close friend of mine, and I worry for her. And a friend of hers is a friend of mine, or so I’d like to think. Just make sure you treat her fairly, and we’ll be as close as a princess and her bridge.” Yuugi assures you, clapping you on the shoulder.

“And watching people sleep is booooring.” Koishi adds, skipping ahead towards the huge archway leading towards a sprawling stone mansion.

“Welcome to the Palace of the Earth Spirits.” Yuugi says, gently pushing you inside. For the first time since you left Yamame’s house, you feel at ease. Koishi leads you through a sprawling hallway past a menagerie of animals. Somewhere along the way, a black cat with a pair of bows began following you, watching you with its yellow eyes. After a winding set of doors and corridors, Koishi opens the door to a large library with short pink haired girl sitting and reading a book with a cat in her lap and puppies at her feet.

“Siiister, I brought a project home!” Koishi calls out.

“I’m not a project….” You protest quietly as the other girl looks up from her book. That’s when you notice the bright red eye staring at you.

“My third eye. It allows me to see your heart. Oh, yes, my name is Satori. You’ve come here because of the change in the street, I see. I apologize for my sister’s behavior, what she’s thinking escapes even me. Now, I can see you’ve already had several explanations given to you on the origins of this ability, but nothing on how we would be able to help you.” Satori says, cutting your questions off before they can begin. You find your gaze on the eye again and you can’t help but wonder if you should be looking at it, or at her face. “My face would be preferable, honestly. Now, if your memories are correct, we may be able to help you at least control your ability. I’m not certain if we can nail down exactly the source of your power, however, as that is more in the realm of magical theory, something of which I only have a basic understanding of.” Satori answers.

“So, you wanna be our first attempt at mind surgery?” Koishi offers excitedly. Satori gives her a dark look before clearing her throat.

“It is not, as my sister says, surgery. Nor is it as though we’re as inexperience as her statement implies. We’ve both had experience with sifting through and manipulating minds before, though I, at least, prefer not to. What we would need to do, however, is trigger the reaction in you that caused the power to activate on you in the first place, and then try and move that from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Or, at the very least, less deeply buried. I will admit, however, that there is not some risk in such a task, so unless you wish it we will not move anything in your mind. We can, however, at least take a look and see if we can identify it’s source, or we can see if we can get the Shrine Maiden of the mountain to stop by for a bit.” Satori explains, calmly waiting as you take in her offer. You glance out of the corner of your eye at Yuugi.

“She can remain, if you wish.” Satori says, answering your question as it forms.

“They definitely know their work.” Yuugi says reassuringly, “We wouldn’t have mentioned them as an option if they weren’t safe.”

[]Mind surgery sounds...dangerous. Just take a look.
[]How quickly can the Shrine Maiden get here?
[]Well, you come with ringing endorsements.
[]Write in
No. 176049
[x]Well, you come with ringing endorsements.

Grab your picks & mining hats and get to digging ladies.
No. 176050
[x]Well, you come with ringing endorsements.

Because it's SCIENCE!!
No. 176054
[x] I'm not totally opposed, but I'd like a little more information. Just take a look, for now.
No. 176056
[X] Mind surgery sounds...dangerous. Just take a look.

How about making sure it's actually safe for the patient before changing things in their mind?
No. 176069
[x]Well, you come with ringing endorsements.
No. 176080
[x] we'll, you come with horning endorsements.
-[x] Is your name really Satori? Should you call me "Human"?

I've always wanted to say that
No. 176339
You hesitate slightly, before finally opening your mouth to speak. “Well...you are very well endorsed. Just...be careful, please?” You ask. Satori nods.

“Almost certainly. We’ll just start by taking a careful look around. However, it would be best if you were asleep for this, so if you could just relax a bit…” Satori implores you, leading you to a couch. You nod, and try to relax in the huge plush cushions nervously. And then, everything is dark.

After several tense moments a bright light forms, and you can see Yamame standing around in your clothes staring at you. “Oh, you’re here. That’s good. How are you doing?” She asks.

“I...what? Yamame?” You ask, surprised. She shakes her head.

“Oh, no no no. I’m not Yamame. Or, well, I am. But I’m not. I’m your impression of her, a caricature of her formed from your memories and experiences.” She says, twirling around. Now that she mentions it, her browns seem browner and her yellows yellower, and something about her does seem...off. “But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because of, well...this.” She says, gesturing to the darkness surrounding you two.

“So...this isn’t normal?” You ask her.

“Oh, heavens no. Before you end up in freaky magic land, this darkness wasn’t here. You could see vast plains of snow, with dunes and banks for each of your memories. Now, though...During that whole panic attack, something happened here. There was an eruption of this nasty darkness, and it rapidly grew to spread across the land. Now, we can barely find our way around here, and sometimes...well, sometimes the darkness grabs us and pulls us under.” She explains. Now that she’s mentioned it, you notice you’re standing in snow.

“Us?” You ask her. She gestures with the lantern in her hand and you notice almost hiding behind her is what appears to be Satori and Koishi and looming over them, unnaturally tall, is what looks to be Yuugi. You step back, startled slightly. That’s when you notice, they’re all wearing your clothes as well. And Yamame’s hair ribbon.

“Us.” She says with a smile. “The impressions people leave on you, and how you see them. Satori as quiet and reserved, Koishi as creepy and stalker-ish. Yuugi...Yuugi is huge, and strong.”

“So, then, what do we do about this...darkness?” You ask her. The Yamame caricature shrugs.

“I don’t know. All I know is that two or three times now, I’ve been dragged into...nothingness by the darkness. And then I’m back here, like nothing happened. And I’m no magical or mental expert, but that doesn’t seem right. Then again, neither is talking to yourself, so…” She says with a shrug.

“Well, some of that might be because of Satori and Koishi being in my head right now.” You point out.

“True...but...hm. That might be why we’re talking now, but I bet you it wasn’t the reason for my disappearance earlier, before you met Satori.” The caricature points out.

“Damn...so, then, there is something in here. Maybe. Or something is wrong.” You remark.

“That’s one way of putting it.” She answered. Suddenly, the darkness around pulses and a bright light strikes down around you. The snow at your feet begins to sear and burn, and a bright rainbow line begins to extend from the feet of the various caricatures towards you. You watch cautiously.

“It seems like the real Satori and Koishii have managed to do something.” The Satori caricature remarks.

“So you’ll probably wake up soon~” The Koishi caricature sings.

“Well, good luck in the land of the conscious!” The Yamame caricature encourages you as you leave.

“Um...thank you?” You says as everything suddenly snaps back to black before you blink your eyes open.

“Good, good. Everything seems alright. Although...well, no matter. That seems to be the way your mind is.” Satori remarks as she helps you sit up. Koishi is grinning like a loon on the couch next to you.

“You have the best subconscious ever.” She says happily.

“I will admit, your mind is a little odd. As you seem to have seen for yourself. But...that darkness that you’re thinking about...I’m not certain. I can find signs of self repressed memories and emotions, and I felt it was best to leave them like that, but...There may be something else at work, judging by what you saw in your own subconscious.” Satori muttered, getting up, “It is best you go home, at least for now, as it is after noon already. If you wish to go to the surface, it would be best to do so tomorrow. As well, it may take some time to get used to using your power, as it seems rather...mutable. We should have set it up to adjust itself as it changes and grows so all you need to do is think about using it.”

[]Go to the surface today. Something not you is in you and you want it out.
-[]To a shrine maiden
-[]To a magician
[]Tomorrow seems like a good idea.
[]Maybe you ought to take some time and prepare first. No need to rush. It’s not like your brain is going to run off.
[]Write in

Sorry this one took so long, I was just a little busy.
No. 176340
[x]Tomorrow seems like a good idea.
No. 176353
[x]Tomorrow seems like a good idea.
-[x]Can you recommend any shrines, real Satori?
No. 176420
[x]Tomorrow seems like a good idea.
No. 176422
it seems our power revolves around taking the form of our mental image of people we have met
No. 176423
No fucking shit. You mean the time we turned into someone, and the time we met impressions of people inside our own mind, might mean our power has something to do with transforming into our impressions of people?

Guys, I think this anon's on to something big!
No. 176549
“I would like to see someone about...whatever that was, but…” You begin, trailing off.

“Yes, good to see that you’re being reasonable. There’s a couple options for you to leave by. Okuu can guide you up through the Nuclear Reactor, bringing you up to the Moriya shrine. We have some connections with them, so that would be your easiest option. However, one cannot deny that the Hakurei shrine is certainly better at their job and more skilled, when they can be tasked to do something.” Satori explains.

“I recommend the Moriyas! They’re a barrel of laughs!” Koishi pipes up.

“...Ignoring that, I suggest you go home and get some rest. The trip through the reactor will be mostly uneventful, but afterwards is where there may be complications. The Tengu of the mountain are sometimes rather strict about their territory, but they generally let people through to the shrine. Just make certain you remain polite and honest. If the Moriya shrine cannot handle your problem, though, then they should be able to help you get to the Hakurei shrine or wherever else you may wish to go, okay?” Satori asks. You nod, and she gives you a reassuring smile. “Good. You’ll be fine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk to my sister.” She tells you. You nod, and leave with Yuugi. She strolls confidently through the bustling Ancient City, and you follow in the wake she makes. With her leading, you make good time to the outskirts of the town. From the largest cave entrance, you can just barely spot a light further down, by the bridge you passed.

“Looks like Yamame and Parsee are hitting off as they normally do.” Yuugi says with a grin.

“Parsee?” You ask curiously.

“She’s our resident bridge princess. She guards the main entrance to our Ancient City.” Yuugi answers offhandedly.

“Um...is she real royalty, or is the title like the Komeiji sisters’ position?” You wonder aloud.

“Hm? Oh, she’s not technically royalty, I guess, but...it’s the type of demon she is.” Yuugi explains.

“Oh...So, then, is she really pretty, and wise or something? Charismatic, has a voice of command?” You muse. Yuugi let’s out a loud laugh.

“Oh, I can’t wait to tell her about that one!” She cackles. After a moment, she gets her laughter under control and with a grin she just says, “She’s certainly got personality and spunk to her, but...well, you’ll see when you meet her.”

“Okay…” You mutter, slightly confused. Before too long, you can see Yamame talking excitedly with a short haired blonde woman in a strange brown and purple outfit with white leg and arm warmers. The woman in the brown and purple outfit looks mildly annoyed and bored, but Yamame doesn’t seem the least bit perturbed.

“Oh, Nina! Yuugi!” Yamame says, taking notice of your presence when she realizes that her audience is staring at us. “Did everything go well?” She asks.

“Mostly. There might be something else wrong with me that the Komeijis couldn’t deal with. They recommended the Moriya Shrine, to see what it might be.” You say.

“They’re a good, solid choice. And there would be less risk of something going wrong on the surface with less distance to travel.” Yamame says.

“So, this is the girl you found?” The blonde haired woman asks suddenly. Yamame nods excitedly.

“Yep! This is Nina! Nina, this is Parsee!” Yamame introduces, gesturing to the blonde woman excitedly.

“Pleased to meet you.” You greet softly.

Parsee makes an annoyed sound with a click of her tongue, “Nice, strong body. Tall. Well built, healthy. Moderate bust size, enough to be sexy, not so much to be uncomfortable. Straight, well kept hair. And Yamame looking out for you. I’m jealous.” She half growls, giving you a light glare.

“I’m...sorry?” You say, taken aback by this sudden hostility.

“Oh, ignore her. She’s always like that, prattling on about what you have that she doesn’t.” Yamame says, batting Parsee’s arm and giving her a small glare, “She doesn’t mean anything by it.”

“Hmph...that’s easy for you to say! You have that lewd body that you get to flaunt everywhere you wish.” Parsee grumbles, looking away.

“Oh, come here you! I need a drinking partner again.” Yuugi says, grabbing the bridge princess and throwing her over a shoulder.

“H-Hey!” Parsee squeaks in surprise.

“You two have a nice day! Hopefully I can see you off tomorrow!” Yuugi says, turning and leaving with a pouting bridge princess.

“Bye!” Yamame calls out. After a small wave she turns to you, “Shall we go home then?” She asks. You nod, and Yamame leads the way, humming slightly as you make your way home.


“Listen, if you ever just want to back out, remember that there’ll be a place for you at my home. Just make your way underground, and keep an eye out for the spiders or any large webs. I’ll find you.” Yamame says as you two make your way back to the Ancient City early the next morning.

“Okay. Thank you.” You answer softly.

“And don’t trust Koishi! She can be beneficial one minute, and then working against you the next! Still with that same smile on her face!” Yamame warns. You nod, and she gives you a soft smile, “I think you’ll be fine, though. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Just a short walk to the Moriya Shrine, and then they can protect you on the trip back or elsewhere. Everything will be just fine.” Yamame mutters, almost as much to herself as you. She perks up slightly upon spotting Parsee standing on the bridge to the Ancient City.

“...morning…” Parsee mumbles softly, her face looking somewhat haggard and a leather package wrapped under her arm.

“Couldn’t escape Yuugi?” Yamame asks with a grin. Parsee groans.

“...Not the drinking. Guilt trips.” She mumbles before turning to face you, “...Here. It’s something I picked up from the caves. I saved it, because I liked the way they looked, but they would probably suit you better. I’m so jealous…” She says, offering the package to you. You notice it’s a bomber jacket and a pair of long, thin straight swords. They look a little fragile, but it’s more than you have right now.

“Take them, it’s her way of trying to apologize for yesterday.” Yamame whispers beside you.

“Oh...um, thank you.” You tell her, taking the items with a small bow. With some trepidation and Yamame’s urging, you put them on.

“Ah...they looks so good on you. I’m jealous.” Parsee sighs.

“By that, she means you’re welcome. Now, let’s get going. The sooner you can get one your way to the shrine, the less likely you are to get in trouble.” Yamame says, leading you away and waving goodbye to Parsee. You wave as well, and are a little surprised to see her wave back with a small smile on her face when she thinks no one is looking.

“Ah...to be free to roam the surface.” You hear her mumble with a sigh.

“She’s a bit...odd, but she’s a good person. She sees everyone’s best points, but at the expense of her own. It’s been something of a problem for her.” Yamame explains to you as you walk through town.

“So...she’s just jealous of everyone?” You ask. Yamame nods, “Wow, that’s actually...kind of depressing.” You admit.

“Maybe. But she wouldn’t be herself if she wasn’t jealous.” Yamame replies. You walk the rest of the way in comfortable silence, and this time you make certain to stick next to Yamame. When you arrive at the Earth Palace, a woman almost as tall as Yuugi with long black hair and with huge black wings under a cape covered in stars answers the door. On one foot is a boot that looks to be made of cement, on the other is a thigh high stocking with several glowing orbs orbiting her ankle.

“...Miss Nina?” She asks, cocking her head to the side curiously. It reminds you of a bird, in some ways.

“Um...yes?” You answer nervously. She gives you a huge grin and sticks her hand out.

“Hi! I’m Okuu!” She greets happily and excitedly. You take the offered hand nervously, a little nervous from how happy and energetic she is.

“Okuu! I want you to make sure that she stays safe for as long as you’re guiding her, okay!” Yamame orders.

“Yes, Miss Yamame! I won’t let any harm come to Miss Nina on the way up!” She assures the spider demon.

“Right. Then I won’t keep you any longer. You two had best be off.” Yamame says, waving you off. Okuu nods, and turns to lead you down the hall. You give a wave goodbye to Yamame, who waves back until the door closes. That taken care of, you turn to follow Okuu through the twisting maze of corridors and doors, through a yard, and into an industrial area. From there, you spend several moments following her through twists and turns and tunnels until finally you reach an elevator.

“Alright, take this up to the surface, and follow the trailed marks to the shrine!” Okuu says, opening the doors with the press of a button.

“Oh...okay. Um...thank you for showing me this far.” You say.

“You’re welcome! Good luck with the shadow demon thing in your brain!” Okuu replies, waving cheerily as the doors close. That was immensely reassuring. There’s a slight jolt, and the elevator begins to ascend. And continues to ascend for a surprisingly long amount of time. How deep underground had you been? When the doors finally open, you blink slightly at the harsh sunlight and step out onto a mountain side. As you do, the elevator closes behind you. In front of you, there are three trails, all clearly marked. One goes up the mountain a little ways before bending out of sight, another seems to head slightly down the mountain, and the third goes almost straight down the mountain side. Sadly, the characters mostly mean nothing to you on the trees, but one looks like some kind of cloud, another looks like a swirl or spiral, and the last looks like some kind of lake.

[]Go up the mountain, take the cloud path
[]Go down the middle, take the lake path
[]Gow down the mountain, take the spiral path
[]Paths are not helpful. Maybe if you yell really loud, one of those Tengu will show up?
[]Write in

Hey guys, sorry I'm a bit late in getting this up again. Was a little stumped on how to write a couple parts.
No. 176550
Maybe up leads to Shrines?
Or Tenshi... i am willing to take this chance.
No. 176554
[x] Wait a few minutes to see if there are any passers-by; try to hail them and ask directions.
- [x] Failing that, climb a nearby tree, and see your new vantage point provides a glimpse of anything that looks suspiciously shrinelike (or, alternatively, suspiciously like the absence of a shrine).
- - [x] Failing that, go up the mountain.

There is less territory up the mountain than down it, so there's a maximum distance we can possibly get from our destination. Also, regardless of where the shrine actually is, we're more likely to be able to see it from the peak -- or at least to be able to rule out the middle path as heading to a shrine.

Perhaps more importantly, if it turns out to be the wrong way, going back down the mountain will be easier and less disheartening than climbing back up.
No. 176557
[X]Go down the middle, take the lake path
No. 176570
[X]Go down the middle, take the lake path

Well, the middle path is usually the right one, right?

No. 176571
No, that's not right. The right path is the ... I'd call it leftleast but google has no hits for that ... If you were standing on your head, the right path is the one that would look like the leftmost.

Anyway, I don't actually know which of these paths is the right one, but I hear the shrine is at the top of the mountain, so:
[X]Go up the mountain, take the cloud path
No. 176574
[x] Wait a few minutes to see if there are any passers-by; try to hail them and ask directions.
- [x] Failing that, climb a nearby tree, and see your new vantage point provides a glimpse of anything that looks suspiciously shrinelike (or, alternatively, suspiciously like the absence of a shrine).
- - [x] Failing that, go up the mountain.


Are you guys sure you want to pick that option?

Inb4 we get Lake End.
No. 176577
[x]Go up the mountain, take the cloud path
No. 176581

The Moriya shrime is at The Wind God's Lake.
No. 176836
You wait a few moments, wondering if you might be able to ask a passerby for directions. Sadly, however, the path seems somewhat deserted. With a sigh, you start inspecting nearby trees, trying to find one that looks like it would be good to climb. About ten feet off the path, you find a good tree and begin to climb. You make it up the tree about twenty or thirty feet and look out around through the thinner tree cover. You can see down the mountain easily. There’s a small village a way out in the plains, a forest off towards the eastern base of the mountain. There’s a mansion in the middle of the lake, off towards the west a bit. Sadly, though, you cannot see much up the mountain or on your level. You can, however, be certain that the Moriya shrine is not down the hill. You climb back down, and stare at the sign before deciding. Up the mountain you head. If you’re wrong, it will be easier to come down the mountain that it would be to go up.


How high up can this mountain go? You’ve been walking now for at least two hours, and the trees have begun to thin out, but you still see no sign of any shrines. You sigh, and step off the trail to rest for a moment, throwing the jacket Parsee had given you over the branch of a nearby tree. You sigh, leaning against the tree trunk and closing your eyes. You can hear the chirping of birds, the buzz of insects, and footsteps of a nearby traveller. Your eyes snap back open, and you scramble to your feet as you jump back onto the trail. A long, blue haired girl in a sunhat stares at you in surprise. Her blue and white dress has a loop of rainbow cloth lining where the dress changes from white to blue, and tied at her waist is a Chinese sword. She quickly overcomes her shock, however, and her bright red eyes narrow in suspicion. “Who are you?” She demands, hand on the sword handle. You hold your hands up in surrender.

“I’m Antonina Reiss.” You answer cautiously, keeping an eye on her hand. She measures you up carefully, and relaxes slightly.

“Oh. Okay. Sorry.” She says, before moving past you and down the mountain.

“Wait! Do you know where the Moriya shrine is?” You ask her, desperate for any kind of information. She gives you a look of confusion.

“You made it this far up the mountain without passing by the shrine? They’re by that little lake above the waterfall. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get going.” She answers, resuming her trip back down the mountain. You grab your jacket and follow after her.

“So...what’s your name?” You ask her as you walk.

“I am Hinanawi Tenshi, heir of the Hinanawi family.” She says, puffing her chest up with pride. “So...what do you need the Moriya shrine for? Why not the Hakurei shrine?” Tenshi questions curiously.

“Well, the Moriya shrine seemed closer, and like a better option coming from the underground.” You answer.

“You’re from the underground? I didn’t think there were any humans down there…” Tenshi mused. You tense up slightly at her phrasing. Unlike around the other demons, nothing felt unnaturally threatening about Tenshi.

“...Well, I think I’m the only one. I ended up there kind of by chance.” You admitted.

“...if surface demons aren’t allowed down there, then...maybe I can hide out from Iku there?” Tenshi muttered.

“You’re hiding from someone?” You ask, somewhat surprised. She seems rather calm, for someone being hunted.

“Yeah, Iku’s going to hounding after me any moment now, so I need to keep on the move. Find someplace I can occasionally lay low.” Tenshi tells you. You begin to think that maybe you could team up, but you don’t if it would really help you. Although there is a strength in numbers. On the other hand, Tenshi isn’t human and yet she doesn’t seem to be a demon either. As you come back to the split in the path and Tenshi explains that the center path leads to the Moriya shrine, you decide…

[]To team up. Together, you can deal with either of your individual threats.
[]Go at it alone. With two of you, that’s twice as much trouble looking for you.
[]Ask her to show you to the Hakurei shrine, if they’re that much better than the Moriya shrine
[]Write in

Sorry for the late post again. Been busy with xmas preparations. Might be a while before the next update as well.
No. 176842
[x]To team up. Together, you can deal with either of your individual threats.

Well, if she's interested, we could help each other out. She shows us to the shrine, we introduce her to people underground.
No. 176843
A favor for a favor. Sounds legit
No. 176865
Yay~ Tenshi!
And I am jumping on the bandwagon of teaming up.
Because Tenshi is good.
[x]To team up. Together, you can deal with either of your individual threats.

And no write in since, well, there is no real reason for one. We ARE a somewhat sane, normal (almost) person and the choices are logical.
No. 176866
[x] To team up. Together, you can deal with either of your individual threats.

Really, if all she needs is some introductions, I don't see a problem.
No. 176879
Up, With the teaming!
No. 176888
That surprised me quite a bit. As I said before, I like this 'realistic' approach: completely normal MC with a healthy dose of self-preservation plus an interesting power.

That said I fear for the future of this story. Call it a hunch.
No. 176940
“Hey...um, maybe we could work together? The two of us together might be able to fight off this Iku person, and I can introduce you to some of the people Underground.” You offer as Tenshi turns to leave.

“And you want me to show you to the shrines in return?” Tenshi asks. You nod in reply, and Tenshi looks thoughtful as she considers her options. “Right, let’s move quickly then. I think we can get to the Moriya place and down the mountain before Iku catches up.” Tenshi agrees, turning back around to head down the central path.

“Thank you!” You tell her as you jog lightly to catch up and walk beside her.

“No thanks needed! As a Celestial of great renown and honor, of course I should help those less fortunate than myself!” Tenshi declares proudly, chest puffed up with pride, “Although...the help is appreciated on my end as well.” She confesses softly at the end.

“So...why is this Iku person looking for you?” You ask. Tenshi gives an exasperated sigh.

“Because I skipped out of home without permission or supervision. They’re always all worried, telling me I can’t go out, what if somebody took advantage of me, we have everything you could ever want at home, why would you want to go into the dirty old world. It drives me nuts. I don’t want to be locked up like some pretty little bird. I want to go out, see the world. And I don’t want to be watched, and told not to go somewhere by some...some interfering nanny!” Tenshi rants, face flushed slightly as her voice slowly raises as she builds up more furor as she speaks. After she finishes her rant, she draws a deep breath and calms down. “Sorry. It just...aggravates me, that no one trusts me.” She apologizes. You find yourself a little jealous of her easy confidence, and determination. At the same time, though, you’re glad that you have a chance to help her. “So, then, you’re obviously not from the village, meaning...you’re an Outsider probably. Not often, that they last long without making it to the village.” Tenshi remarks. You give a noncommittal shrug.

“I got lucky, met some nice people Underground. Although, I did nearly get killed by some dark demon when I first showed up.” You admit. Tenshi nods in understanding.

“Probably the Grue, Rumia. She’s reasonably harmless. If you fight back hard enough, she’ll give up and look for easier prey.” Tenshi says, “But, if you found safety with the Underground, why are you back up here roaming around? And looking for the shrines in particular?” She continues to question. You hesitate slightly, but the pleading look on her young face makes you give in.

“There’s...something in my head, possessing me or something. I was hoping the shrines could figure out what it was or exorcise it or...something. I don’t really know yet. Satori says there hasn’t been external influence on my mind, but that there is something strange there. And I did see something affecting my mind. And it worries me that there might be something in my soul or mind or whatever that isn’t me.” You tell her.

“I see...you know, I think that everyone has a part of themselves they don’t really want to admit is there. Maybe coming to Gensokyo awakened that part of you. Maybe the thing in you is just...you. Coming to terms with it may help you achieve enlightenment, or it could help you in the path of asceticism and become a hermit. Or, you can ignore it as you are, and try and eliminate it. But you might be getting rid of a part of yourself if you do that.” Tenshi points out.

“I...don’t know. I need to figure things out first.” You say softly. Tenshi nods in agreement.

“Understandable. Just keep an open mind.” She tells you as you approach a somewhat modern looking japanese house, with a small pond and shrine off to one side.

“I can try.” You answer half heartedly as a young green haired woman perks up upon seeing you. She’s wearing what looks to be a shrine maiden’s outfit in blue and white rather than the traditional red and white. In her hair is a childish looking frog ornament, and a snake ornament wrapped around the bangs on her left.

“Oh, Tenshi. Hello. And who’s your friend?” She asks.

“Sanae, this is Antonina Reiss. Antonina, this is Kotiya Sanae. She’s the Shrine Maiden for the Moriya Shrine.” Tenshi introduces you two. Sanae bows to you in greeting, and you bow uncertainly in response. “My friend here is worried about something possessing her or unduly influence her self, and we were wondering if you could take a look at things for her?” Tenshi asks.

“Oh, certainly. A friend of yours is a friend of ours. If you’ll just come this way Miss Antonina.” Sanae says, leading you over towards the house. Tenshi follows a little more lazily, keeping an eye towards the sky as she does so. The energetic shrine maiden steps into the house for a moment, rummaging around before returning with a stick with a piece of paper on the end and a handful of paper slips with symbols written on them. “Sit, sit.” Sanae tells you, gesturing to the porch. You nervously take a seat, and Sanae arranges the slips of paper around you, sticking them to the floor and posts around you. She then kneels in front of you and begins to say something too softly to hear, her hands clasped around the wand she’d procured. Tenshi stands relatively close by as Sanae continues her chanting. You try and sit as still as possible, and not disturb her, but as time drags on you find it harder and harder to sit still. “I...I can’t find any signs of...well, of anything. There’s some active magic in you, but that seems to be your own natural abilities. As well, I can see signs of entry to your mind, from...Koishii, judging by the magical signature, and probably her sister as well, but nothing seems to have been forced. If there’s something trying to influence or possess you, it’s already left or it’s better at hiding than I am at looking for it.” Sanae confesses.

“Are you sure? There isn’t anything you can do that would...search a little more deeply?” You ask her.

“Well...Maybe. I’d have to cast a sleep spell on you, and try and pull any of the external influences to the fore.” Sanae confesses, “It could get dangerous, as it let’s the possessing factor have a channel to take over your body, so if I fail to find it or defeat it, it can take over you that much easier. However, I’m confident in my ability to defeat any demon within you!”

“As well, we might be running out of time.” Tenshi warns you, “I’d like to keep moving, and we might be able to get better help from one of the magicians or the Hakurei shrine maiden.”

You lick your lips nervously as you weigh your options. Sanae seems confident in her abilities, assuming there is anything in you at all. On the other hand, Tenshi is eager to get moving. But if Sanae didn’t find anything, and would have to dig deeper, the other shrine maiden or the magician might need to as well.

[]Dig Deeper
[]Let’s get going, visit some Magicians
[]You have heard that the Hakurei Maiden might be better at this…
[]Well, it seems that you have nothing in you. Might as well head back and introduce Tenshi
[]Write in

You fear for it? In what way? Hopefully, I can keep that fear from coming true.
No. 176944
[x]Let’s get going, visit some Magicians

I honestly don't think that this is some sort of possession. I think the shadows in her mind have something to do with Nina's power. Like, the Yamame duplicate mentioned that she was dragged under two or three times, starting with Nina's panic attack. Maybe the duplicates are dragged under when Nina shapeshifts?

Anyway, this seems to be more of a magical side-effect. I think we should check with a magician for more information about our abilities.
No. 176955
[x]Dig Deeper
We're already here, no?
No. 177120
No. 177123
“Thank you for the offer, but I think we’re done here. As Miss Tenshi said, a magician may have an easier time with this, especially if it’s some kind of strange magic.” You say, standing with a stretch. Sanae grimaces as your joints all pop. “If we still have trouble, maybe we’ll come back here.” You add.

“Well...good luck. And make sure to double check that you have everything after talking to Marisa!” Sanae warns you, “She’s a decent girl, just little...loose on her the definition of borrowing.”

“The girl is a thief and a pickpocket.” Tenshi grumbles.

“Well...yes, but she doesn’t mean any harm by it.” Sanae points out. Tenshi sighs and shrugs.

“She knows her stuff, at least.” Tenshi admits.

“Then she is who we want to talk with?” You ask curiously. Tenshi shrugs.

“Hopefully we can catch her with the Puppeteer, Alice. Those two together are nothing short of genius, and Alice tends to keep Marisa from doing too much ‘borrowing’.” Tenshi says, beginning to walk out.

“Alright...Thank you again, Miss Sanae.” You say, waving at the young woman as you follow after Tenshi. Sanae waves back.

“Good luck!” She calls out as you approach the steep stairs down the mountain. You and Tenshi descend the mountain in a mostly comfortable silence when there’s a crack of thunder from behind you up on the mountain top.

“And that is our sign to move! Iku must have just arrived at the shrine!” Tenshi warns you, glancing up in the worry in mild worry. You follow her gaze to see a bolt of lightning strike up by the shrine, and you find yourself agreeing with Tenshi. You both turn and run down the path that you’re on, leaping over roots and stones as you practically fly down the mountainside. Your heart is pounding in your chest, and the woods around you begin to grow incredibly dense. Soon, you can barely make out the trail ahead of you, relying on how Tenshi runs down the path to determine what obstacles are coming next. Soon, she comes to a slight fork in the path as the trees lighten slightly and she jumps through the bushes covering the right path. You nearly run past it, but turn and jump after her. “This way!” She half yells, floating ahead of you in thin air as you stumble forward off the previously unseen cliff edge. You let out a squeak and a familiar warm feeling runs through you as you feel your clothes shift on your frame. You kick off a nearby rocky outcropping by reflex, all six of your feet strike it near simultaneously while you reach out towards Tenshi and launch shot of webbing at her on pure adrenaline. Tenshi lets out a squeak of surprise as the webbing hits her in the thigh, and then all your weight pulls on it, dragging her down slightly. “H-Hey! Can’t you fly on your own?!” She demands.

“No! I don’t know how to fly!” You wail, clinging to the web line desperately. You’re not even certain how you fired it. And...did you just have six feet a moment ago? Because you only have two now. Tenshi tries to fly down carefully, but another bout of thunder and lightning causes her concentration to slip, sending you both crashing into the dirt at the edge of a forest on the base of the mountain. Tenshi jumps up, cutting the webbing on her thigh with sweep of her sword. You let out a shaky sigh, and you return to your own body, though you still feel like you’re wound up tighter than an eight day clock. Tenshi glances at the sky nervously for a moment.

“Come on, this way.” She says, heading off into the rather dark and foreboding looking woods. You swallow the lump in your throat, and follow after her. As you two make your way through the forest at a decent clip, you occasionally lose sight of her in the shadows, but quickly regain sight of her. Every time, though, your heart jumps into your throat. Around you, you swear you can hear giggling amongst the trees, and it feels like something is watching every step you make. After several tense moments without the sound of thunder, Tenshi finally slows down, and you both stop to lean against a tree. Tenshi seems the worst off out of you two, her pale face flushed deep red as she pants heavily, completely out of breath. It isn’t too long before you’ve got your breathing back under control and you’re waiting on her. A few moments later, she finally stands up straight. “Right. Well...we could have taken her, but I was worried about you getting scared fighting someone like her. So, here we are. In the Forest of Magic. Stay close, or risk getting lost.” Tenshi says. You nod, and she leads the way again, pausing every now and then to fly up above the trees and check where you are, eventually leading you to a rather quaint looking cottage in the woods, well kept except for the broken window temporarily covered with cloth and tarpaulin.

“The Magician’s home?” You ask. Tenshi nods, and you take a nervous breath.

[]Knock on the door
[]Call out
[]Ask Tenshi to introduce you
[]Keep running, Iku is after you!
[]Write in
No. 177133
[x]Knock on the door
Tenshi can hide in the basement!
No. 177134
[x]Knock on the door

No sense not being polite just because we're on the run.
No. 177141
[x]Call out
No. 177156
[x]Knock on the door

I vote against shouting while Iku is looking for us.
No. 177376
Hey guys, sorry I'm late with this update. I've just gotten over a nasty sickness, and I'm back to working on this. I hope to have it up in a day or two.
No. 177391
You knock softly on the door, still tense from your mad dash through the woods. You can still hear Tenshi’s nervous breathing behind you. You can hear muffled speaking on the other side of the door, and shortly afterwards it opens to reveal a young woman with short blond hair in a blue and red dress with a white mantle on her shoulders. “Yes, can I help you two?” She asks.

“Ah, yes. My name is Antonina Reiss, and I’ve come here to speak with a magician about a problem I have.” You tell her nervously.

“She’s here about some kind of magic effect rooting around in her head, Alice. I figured either you or the Black-White could figure something out about it.” Tenshi explains, giving the young woman a hard look. Alice sighs, and steps aside so that she can open the door completely. Inside the house, there are shelves covered in dolls. It’s a little unsettling, and it seems like their eyes are following you.

“It won’t be completely free. While Marisa will take minor trinkets or the like, I will ask for something more. Especially if this is difficult, or dangerous.” She warns you.

“That’s fine. I don’t have any real money right now, but I’m willing to do what I can to help you out or pay you at a later date.” You tell her.

“...Right, well I’m certain we’ll come to some kind of an agreement. You came at a decent time anyways, if you wanted both mine and Marisa’s help. She just stopped by to work on a project with me, and we’ve hit something of an impasse. Taking a moment off to work on your problem will likely do us some good.” Alice replies, leading you down the hall and into a kitchen where you see a woman dressed like an almost stereotypical witch. She looks up curiously as you enter, and scrutinizes you carefully.

“...I don’t recognize you. From the village?” She asks.

“Marisa, this is Antonina Reiss. She’s here for some kind of mental magic effect.” Alice introduces.

“I see. So, what kind of mental effect are you talking about? The inability to use swears? You have to spit out watermelon seeds? When you visit the ladies room, you have to yell chitty-chitty-bang-bang?” Marisa asks excitedly.

“Ah, no. Nothing quite like that. It’s just that when someone was in my head looking about, there was something else in there. And when I was in my own subconscious, everything was covered in some kind of foggy darkness. Sanae was unable to find any kind of possession, but she did say it could be something buried very deep in me. My only other option seemed to be some kind of a magical spell or something.” You explain to her. Alice has a look of concentration on her face, while Marisa strokes her chin thoughtfully.

“Well, that could be a multitude of things. My money would be on a dormant domination curse. Or merely a spell to channel a possessing entity in. That way the entity isn’t in you when you’re being actively scrutinized but it can keep the door open.” Marisa suggests.

“So then, the typical battery of spells to probe it and figure out what it is for certain?” Alice asks.

“Even better! I’ve been working on a potion for things like this! If she’s willing to give me a little payment, I can take care of this myself.” Marisa answers.

“I still recommend following common guidelines and testing. But, ultimately that would be up to Miss Reiss.” Alice points out.

“Well, I know Alice here charges more for her services. All I would need is two locks of hair, the size of your thumb. One for payment, another to use in the potion.” Marisa tells you, grinning like a used car salesman.

“Marisa does know her potions, and I think it would be quicker than the tests Alice would perform.” Tenshi adds softly, “As well, we can always try shopping around elsewhere. Another magician, or the Hakurei Shrine Maiden.”

[]Potions are cheap.
[]A battery of tests? Is that like getting an x-ray?
[]Batteries? Experimental potions? I’ll take my chances elsewhere.
[]Write in


Or I could have a relapse on my sickness...But I got it up!
No. 177392
[x]Potions are cheap.
Let's just hope the side effects are mild.
>I got it up!
Oh, so it was that kind of illness.
No. 177397
[x] Ask for details about the potion:
- [x] What's it supposed to do?
-- [x] Is that a treatment for the root cause or just for symptoms?
- [x] What'll happen to me if the problem isn't what you suspect it is?
- [x] Will you be able to check whether it worked or not after the fact?

I suspect the answer to these is going to be something like "go take Alice's tests," but I'd be [x] okay with that.
No. 177453
[x] Alice's treatment

That's what I'd choose. You don't spare expenses when talking about this weird magic mumbo jumbo
No. 177557
[x] potions are cheap

Taking some of Marisa's experamental potions? What could go wrong!