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Hello everynyan. How are you?
This is my first attempt at doing a CYOA, so wish me luck. By the way, posting might be slow-ish....maybe.
- Unless I change my mind, pictures are to be counted irrelevant until somebody guesses what setting (it's a touhou fangame) the story takes place in. It's not that hard to figure out. Probably.
- Some future chapters will be NSFW (again, this is subject to change)


Wind in your hair.

These thoughts pass in an instance as you execute a perfect flip through the air, smashing the opponent into particles of light with a swift kick. You fall, and soon you find yourself gracefully touching down upon the cold surface of the floating metal platform.

No time to think. The surface beneath your feet is already falling. Your body reacts on instinct, leaping upward with great force and landing on the next metal platform; then the one after that, and the one after that. You dare not break your stride, for you are fully aware that one moment of hesitation would yield only death. Eventually, you arrive at your destination. Exhausted, you stumble uneasily towards a ledge, and although the flickering lights provide a faint glow, they fail to illuminate what lies in the darkness before you. It doesn’t matter. You are fully aware of what awaits you there. Thoughts race through your small natto-filled head

Do you:

[ ] Jump into the darkness, and face your foe
[ ] Rest and recover your strength
[ ] Examine surroundings
[ ] Examine self

No. 175017
[X] Rest and recover your strength
Probably shouldn't jump in there as tired as we are.
No. 175019
[X] Rest and recover your strength
No. 175060
[X] Examine surroundings
No. 175083
[ ] Jump into the darkness, and face your foe
Get ass kicked.
[ ] Rest and recover your strength
Get Ass kicked like Combat in TES IV where someone is sleeping and is stuck in the get out of bed animation as you slash at them
[x] Examine surroundings
Try to find something of use for a fight
[ ] Examine self
Stalling, enemy could come and wreck you during a moment of vanity
No. 175084
File 138375089926.jpg - (6.76KB , 100x107 , cup-guy.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to look around you. There is a low lying air duct near to the left, and darkness in front of you. The darkness is ominous and threatening. With what little strength your small body has left, you crawl as best as your little body can into the air duct, and fall asleep.

You wake up to the same droning sound of heavy machinery that you fell asleep to. A loud clank, followed burst of wind from deep within the air duct pushes you out before you can even open your eyes, and find yourself back in the room.

Do you:

[ ] Examine self/Inventory
[ ] Jump into the darkness, and face your foe
[ ] Write-in (Seriously, depending on if it fits the story, it may or may not be chosen)
No. 175110
[X] Jump into the darkness, and face your foe
No. 175116
Is it that one weird Megaman-like fangame where you play the armless mini-Yukari?
No. 175120
You mean Takkoman -Kouzatsu World-? It's certainly possible, but there are so many Touhou fangames...

[x] Examine self/Inventory
No. 175136
File 138380713341.jpg - (172.52KB , 1042x766 , fried_iku___welcome_to_my_factory__by_littleyasha-.jpg ) [iqdb]
Deciding it is best not to face your foe unprepared, you do a quick reflection of inventory. Upon looking through it, you find eight ribbons, which you string together.
After doing so, you feel surprisingly invigorated.

But enough of this idle preparation! The enemy won't kill itself! You leap into the enemies lair. Immediately you find yourself swallowed in an inky darkness. The fall is much deeper than you expected; if you were a human, you might have perished. Regaining your posture, you search for a source of light.
You stumble and crawl around for what seems like forever, looking for something. You run until you cannot run anymore, and then, just as soon as you begin to lose hope, the sounds of floodlights switching on echoes throughout the room, reverberating off the walls with a loud “CLANK”.
You try to shield your eyes, but the sudden shift from dark to light still sends you into a state of blinded shock. When your vision returns, you find yourself gazing upon what appears to be a massive, distorted shrimp tempura, with a head who's face is glazed over in a gross mockery of the Celestial Iku Nagae. The grotesque…thing pulsates like some sort of organ. The next thing you know, you are nearly drowning in a relentless torrent of danmaku. You need to think fast; Do you:

[ ] Spin kick
[ ] Take it easy
[ ] Write in
No. 175138
Oh it is Takkoman -Kouzatsu World-. I, uh, I've never played; I only know it exists because I looked up all the platformer fangames on the Touhou Wiki.

I can therefore identify the image and boss as Ikufurai, but I have no idea what the effect of any of those options would be.

Also sapient food hits squicks me hard. (I only now notice "natto-filled head" in the first post.) You all have fun.
No. 175149
Never played it.

[X] Spin kick
No. 175151
No. 175153
[X] Spin kick

kick damage op
No. 175169
File 13838717195.jpg - (33.27KB , 256x512 , Ikufurai.jpg ) [iqdb]
You launch yourself into the air, and like a top you spin, delivering a swift kick to the jaw of the beast. The monumental force of the kick sends it soaring through the air.


Something isn't right. It should have hit the wall....

You look around, and it is only when you look up do you realize that the monstrosity can fly. You prepare for another attack, but instead of moving, it rockets down the adjacent corridor so fast that it actually creates a small gravity well. You begin to get sucked forward as the pull of the being threatens to smash you against wall after wall. You notice a one of the many conveyor belts below you, and use it to boost yourself into the air, a sort of limited flight.

As you fly, you pass over the shrimp, but it's tail impacts you and sends your small body cartwheeling through the air. Your boneless anatomy cushions the impact, and you push off the wall with a flip. With the gravitational pull on your body lessened, you land on the ground, and look up to see the shrimp charging like a angry bull towards you. Dodging it, you:

[ ] TAKORIN SUPAKU!!!!! (yellow-ish master spark fired from your EYEBALLS)
[ ] Bomb (Too small to be lethal)
[ ] Take it easy
No. 175189
[X] TAKORIN SUPAKU!!!!! (yellow-ish master spark fired from your EYEBALLS)
No. 175207
Soon as I get two more votes, I'll post the next part.
No. 175221
[X] TAKORIN SUPAKU!!!!! (yellow-ish master spark fired from your EYEBALLS)

No. 175223

You can never go wrong with lasers.
No. 175238
File 138396899441.jpg - (137.87KB , 721x1109 , takkorin_by_littleyasha-d60s5t3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] TAKORIN SUPAKU!!!!! (yellow-ish master spark fired from your
Dashing left, you react on instinct, turning and firing a column of deadly light at surprised tempura. The high-powered beam of raw energy quickly arcs it's way across the ground and into the air, leaving a glowing trail of molten steel and the smell of ozone in its wake. The disgusting food creature thrashes in the air in a fit of agony as the arcane beam cleaves it in two. With a great spasm, the being crashes to the ground with a deafening “POMF”.

...It doesn't get up.

The room is quiet, with the exception of your exhausted breaths, and the faint distant clanks of machinery. The silence is interrupted, however by a sound coming from somewhere to your left. Immediately you turn to the source, a scream of agony coming from a nearby corridor. You run down it, turning corner after corner, until you find yourself in a small room. A male, covered in burns and not wearing any clothing whatsoever, who looked to be in his early 20s, is suspended in the air by electrical bindings. The bindings begin to emit a whining noise, as if building up energy. Then, almost as soon as it began, it stopped. You jump when, not a moment later, the bindings glow white hot and send a massive output of electricity into the man's body. Another scream. Judging from the ashes and burnt cloth scattered at the base of the binding platform, his clothes probably had burned off a while ago. After the machines and their light die down, he stares at you, and manages to chokes out a weak "Help...me....", before passing out.

[ ] Electrical bindings ≠ bondage play. Free him despite his nudity.
[ ] He is imprisoned here for a reason and might be dangerous.
[ ] Write in
No. 175254
Bondage and electrostim? Kinky. Maybe we should have some fun with him. But first:
[X] Look for a way to turn off the electricity.
Getting shocked while playing with him would be not-fun.
No. 175258
[X] Look for a way to turn off the electricity.

makes sense.
No. 175259
[x] Electrical bindings ≠ bondage play. Free him despite his nudity.
No. 175269
No update tonight. Got a migrane...sorry...I'll see what I can write, but it will be shitty if I posyt so....yeah...
No. 175270
No update tonight. Got a migrane...sorry...I'll see what I can write, but it will be shitty if I posyt so....yeah...
No. 175285
File 138407192889.jpg - (149.68KB , 900x636 , the_factory_by_samuel123.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Look for a way to turn off the electricity
You look around the room desperately for a way to cut off the electricity. The man could be dangerous, but it wouldn't be right to leave him here. Having little to no knowledge of electronics, you decide to take a chance and smash the bases of the bindings.
Fortunately, your gamble plays in your favor, and the electrical beams flicker die out, sending the man falling limply to the ground. Having no arms to pick him up with, and too small to carry him over your shoulders, all you can do is wait for him to wake up.

An hour passes by. Maybe more, maybe less. Time can be difficult to tell when you are underground. You start to wonder what he might be like when he would wake up.
[ ] He will probably be embarrassed to be naked in front of a lady. Tear off some of your clothes for him.
[ ] Wait for him to wake up, try to take it easy, and see what happens.
[ ] Other/write in
No. 175286
[FALSE ALARM, I got over my headache...]
No. 175291
[X] Wait for him to wake up, try to take it easy, and see what happens.
No. 175297
[x] He will probably be embarrassed to be naked in front of a lady. Tear off some of your clothes for him.

Let us show some consideration for the poor man.
No. 175323
...the vote is tied so far...need a tie breaker
No. 175324
Nah... I think I'll just combine the two. Better for what I have in mind. Posting later today or Tomorrow.
No. 175326
File 138419904660.jpg - (324.43KB , 1138x700 , underground_factory_by_molybdenumgp03.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wait for him to wake up, try to take it easy, and see what happens
[X] He will probably be embarrassed to be naked in front of a lady. Tear of some of your clothes for him.
You wait. He still doesn't get up, although he occasionally mutters a word or two in his sleep.
This man...he might be embarrassed when he wakes up...well, I guess I could do him a favor...
You bend over and, using your small teeth, tear off a section of your clothes. Only too late do you realize that not only does this leave yourself nearly as exposed as the sleeping man before you; but with no arms to speak of, you cannot tie or fashion clothes for him either. The man lets out a groan and begins to sit up.
[ ] Panic and try hiding yourself behind a few nearby crates.
[ ] Ignore your current lack of clothing and wait for him to get up.
[ ] Other/write in
No. 175327
[x] Ignore your current lack of clothing and wait for him to get up.

Hopefully, our shared indecency will put him at ease.
No. 175332
[X] Ignore your current lack of clothing and wait for him to get up.
No. 175340
File 138422124988.jpg - (252.13KB , 616x825 , armless.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ignore your current lack of clothing and wait for him to get up.

You decide there is no purpose in hiding. Too late to make it to cover. With a gulp, you decide to face him. He rubs his eyes and looks at you.
“Wh…who…who are you?”
You want to respond.
Say something Takorin, say anything. Just let him know who you are!
"Can you speak?"
You try to say something, but, the words come out jumbled, and a blush comes to your cheeks. Tears well up in your eyes as you hunger down trying to hide your face. You wish you could just disappear and spare yourself from this embarrassment.
Instead, your body instinctively passes out.

You wake to a sense of warmth and pressure. Flesh upon flesh. Slowly, you open your eyes, and see that the man has placed you upon a mat and taken your body into a warm embrace.

You turn your head and look at the man laying next to you on the bed.
To your surprise, he is sound asleep, and for the first time in the past week, you feel safe. You blush when you realize that the both of you are still in the nude. Still, being next to him...your body cannot help but feel a bit hotter...

[ ] You are both naked in a bed, and you are getting hot. (You know what to do)
[ ] Wake him and form a plan.
[ ] Cuddle; Take it easy
[ ] Write in/make your own suggestion
No. 175353
[X] You are both naked in a bed, and you are getting hot. (You know what to do) 
No. 175367
Fuck you, please die.
[X] Find appropriately sized hybrid, kill it, and wear its clothing.
-[X] find one the size of the man and take its clothing too.
No. 175369

Whoa, why so hostile broski? Why can't we all just...

[X] Cuddle; Take it easy!
No. 175376
File 138427534910.jpg - (333.57KB , 720x720 , tumblr_lcwad9aScj1qzracxo1_1280.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you for the entirely unnecessary insult. Your comment will be "taken into consideration". I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
No. 175377
We need a tie breaker. Somebody post please.
No. 175378
[X] Cuddle; Take it easy!

No. 175381
File 138427864714.jpg - (177.85KB , 748x1069 , wanna_join_us___by_littleyasha-d65rb1b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Cuddle; Take it easy
The wetness between your legs urges you to move to him, to fulfill your growing passion, but you resist the desire. Instead, you lazily shift closer and nuzzle yourself into his broad chest. His soft breaths upon your small body calm you, and soon you fall into a gentle sleep.

You wake to the sound of hydraulics and a loud CLANG. Moments later, you hear a loud banging noise. You shift over in the makeshift bed, and see the man curse to himself as he hammers his fists upon the door to the room, which appears to now be sealed shut.

[ ] Tell him to stand back, and try to blast down the door yourself.
[ ] Try and help him
[ ] Other/Write in
No. 175382
sorry for the short post...I'm in school lol
No. 175383
[X] Tell him to stand back, and try to blast down the door yourself.
No. 175394
I'm out of school. Feel free to begin the votes again ^_^
No. 175399
[X] Tell him to stand back, and try to blast down the door yourself.

Showing off!

Also, I looked this game up on youtube. I think it hurt my brain.
No. 175437
Posting soon. Sorry for the delay
No. 175438
Please check:

[X] Tell him to stand back, and try to blast down the door yourself
-[X]"Your wish is my command"
First time where we let the NPC take the lead I think.
No. 175446
File 138439492510.jpg - (57.30KB , 1024x768 , rl13_26.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell him to stand back, and try to blast down the door yourself.
His banging continues. Eventually, you can't take it anymore. You crawl out of the bed, walk over to him, and push against him. He pauses, and looks down upon you.
Your determined face tells him enough. With a sigh, he backs away from the door.
You face the door, and fire an immense beam of light into it. After the light dies, you see what is left of the door. All of it. Despite that the beam had been able to heat it to a glowing orange, the door remains intact. You keep trying. Blast after blast, each one weaker than the previous as you tire impacts the door, until you may as well be shooting the light from a sparkler from your eyes.
"Thats enough. Don't burn yourself out."
You stop when you hear the man speak.
"Come over here. Were trapped, so we may as well make use of our time."

You walk over and sit down next to him, resting your head against his side.
"I'll tell you a story my mother used to read to me when I was a kid." He says, looking down at you, "You look like somebody who would these kind of stories."
[ ] Other/Write in
No. 175447
[x] "Yuuuu." Nod and cuddle closer.

Can this character actually speak?
No. 175457
[b]SPOILER SHIT...Not really relevant, but kind of ruins the mood...[b]
I plan to have her learn throughout the story, but it isn't really explained. Kind of like how a baby develops the ability to speak based on the language it is exposed to. All it can speak right now are yukkuri noises "yuuu"
No. 175461
NOTICE: This will probably not be the case. VERDICT: She knows a few words, but other than that, cannot speak.
No. 175482
[x] "Yuuuu." Nod and cuddle closer.
No. 175492
[x] "Yuuuu." Nod and cuddle closer.
No. 175526
[X] "Yuuuu." Nod and cuddle closed
You nod your pudgy head and cuddle closer to him, eager to hear this story. You try and listen to his words, but instead, sleep begins to overtake you. The blasts have tired you, and before you know it, you begin to drift off.
When you are about to fall asleep, it seems the man notices, and he stops speaking. With a kiss to your forehead, he holds you tighter, but not uncomfortably, and you both fall asleep in a gentle embrace.

Another day in the room. Upon waking up, you decide it is about to ask the man his name. You blink a few times to clear your eyes, and scan the room for the man; yet he is nowhere to be found. Then, you hear a faint noise. A light slapping sound, repeating itself rapidly.
[ ] Look for the source
[ ] Look for the man
[ ] Other/Write in
No. 175527
[x] Look for the source

Find one, probably find the other.
No. 175532
What the fuck, now he's fapping?

[x]avoid noise
[x]abandon man
[x]kill hybrid and take it's clothing
No. 175544
[x] Look for the source
No. 175550
[x] Look for the source
No. 175551

Come on bro...you telling me you Don't enjoy polishing off that pesky morning wood? Cut the guy a break.

[X] Look for the man.
No. 175553
There at no hybrids yet. If you are confused as to the title of the story and why I am taking it in the direction I am, please look up hybridization in the dictionary. It will might give you an idea of what is going in here.
No. 175554
What the hell are those mixtures of food and touhous called then? We already fought the iku shrimp, and I remember at least some of the enemies having clothing.
No. 175555
What the hell are those mixtures of food and touhous called then? We already fought the iku shrimp, and I remember at least some of the enemies having clothing.
No. 175556
Niice. I'll be looking forward to it.
Those are Yukkuri.
No. 175560
Even the iku-tempura mix and company? Huh. Didn't know yukkuri was that wide a category. The game this is based off of has some crazy as shit enemies.
No. 175760
[X] Look for the source.
No. 176220
You carefully walk into the next room, and find what appears to be a struggle. The man you met seems to be trying to catch some sort of hybrid. From what you can tell, it is slick as oil.

Well, that explains the odd noise...

The man makes a final leap towards it, but it flies into a vent in the wall and out of sight. The man sighs, and puts a hand to his stomach.

"Uh...hello..." The man says. The two of you share a brief moment of awkward silence, before he decides to end it.
"I..I never really asked your name. do you have one?"

"Ta...tako..." You manage to stutter.



"Well Takorin, my name is Isaac. Nice to meet you."

You give him a triumphant smile. He looks like he is about to say something else, when the both of you are interrupted by a loud voice from one of the overhead speakers.



Then, almost as if on cue, the door opens as quick as it had shut the previous day, and two heavily armored figures enter the room. One grabs you by the arms, and as you struggle, you see the same is being done to your newfound friend.
Both of you are dragged down the long hallway, and thrown into separate transparent hovering prison cells.
The floor beneath you jerks, and only when you notice the panicked yelling of the man do you start to realize the situation. The cells are moving in opposite directions.

You only make out three words which he repeatedly yells, almost completely muffled by the cell's walls.

"I'll find you"


You wake to the ever familiar sound of the cell's lower hatch sliding open. A moment later, a sliding sound, and the noise of the hatch sliding shut again. You close your eyes again. Breakfast could wait.


Your eyes snap open. There was never a sound in this cell, aside from those of yourself. You rolled off of the uncomfortable cot.

You put your head to the ground, and sure enough, you feel a faint tremor from within the ground below you. The tremors are interrupted, when a loud clang echoes of the cramped spaces of the holding cell. Slowly, the chamber door releases its locks. Sounds of yelling, of revolt, cries of freedom echo down the now open corridor.
[ ] Other/Write in
No. 176221
[x] Bust outta this joint.
No. 176281
As in get out of here
No. 176305
File 138613984397.jpg - (43.75KB , 600x385 , 052112Prison5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Without a moment of hesitation, you dash down the hallway, and into the main hall, where the prisoners would usually gather when allowed. This time, there was chaos. One of the armored men lay face down in a pool of their own blood. Captives, now free, are running about, smashing things, breaking down doors.

To the far left, a humanoid prisoner, it's once easy face disfigured into a pulpy mass by constant torture, grasps one of the floating metal platforms with it's numerous tentacles and smashes it repeatedly against the door to the facility. Like paper being crushed in the hand of child, the door is reduced to a pile of bent metal, and thrown to the side like trash. As if of one mind, nearly everyone in the room races for the exit. Like insects swarming, many of them even crawl over one another, desperate for their freedom. Some trip and fall, bloodying themselves on the sharp edges of the ruined door. Some of them don't get back up.

Before you can fully comprehend the situation,a hand has grasped your collar and you find yourself being lifted into someones arms. You struggle, futilely, to break free, but the figure who holds you only tightens their grip. A moment of running, struggling, and desperation later, you find yourself staring at the outside of the prison the prison complex, blinding after what seemed like an eternity of solitude.

Finally, you get fed up with the carrying, and bite down on the arm that holds you, your small teeth sinking into the skin. You wait for your captor to strike you. To fight, attack, or kill you. But there is no response. Instead of a cry of anger, you are nearly deafened. The sound of the gunshot rings through the air.
You look down, and see blood. Suddenly, the man carrying you falls to the ground, and you with him. A throbbing pain in your chest tells you enough. He wasn't the only one shot. But, at least you may glimpse his face before the end. Your eyes snap open. Amidst the pain, you feel something. Not pain, rather, warmth. Contact on your face, on your lips

A...kiss? Why...now?

These thoughts pass through your slowing mind as the thick, warm frothing blood coming from his mouth mixes with your own. Finally, as the spark of life fades from your body, you smile, realizing who it was that tried to save you.
"T...thank you..."
Too late you utter the first words you had spoken in a very long time. The man had already died, and not a moment later, so did you.

Yes [ ]
No [ ]
(Author's note: Shitty short story, I know. If it makes anybody happier, I might write something like a journal-esque thing about takorin's prison time. Or something. Give me suggestions for that, alright? I still feel like I can write more about this, fill in some gaps or expand, so just post if you want me to add more rubbish to this piece of junk.)
No. 176326
Seriously, it would be nice to get some feedback. I am willing to write an epilogue and a side story, I just need to know if it would be worth my time. Can I get an answer?
No. 176327
[x] Yes

Did we get bad ended by choice? Design? Anyways, just what the hell was the deal with the lab people?
No. 176332
All will be explained. Also, it is nice to see that somebody likes my writing. I think.
I've will also create a little side series eventually detailing Takorin's two years in prison. (although there is not a definite release date for this).

Oh, and by the way. You might not find the epilogue here.
HINT: try visiting the /at/ board soon. Who knows? You just might find something. ^_^
No. 176333

Please don't do that here.
No. 176334

[Yes] for epilogue.

Also, will we see any sequel material? I liked the idea, please make more in this weird setting.
No. 176356
Elaborate. Here or the said board?

Probably not. The epilogue is a short 2-5 paragraph version of an after story. If you have suggestions for a sequel, you can email them to me at henryknanstad@gmail.com. No spam please.
No. 176357
Epilogue will be longer than expected, and more serious. Probably a sequel. I finally got an idea. But, since I am not too familiar with some of the touhou cast, some characters may be out of character. Last chapter of the "epilogue" will be NSFW, and you know where to find that.