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172378 No. 172378

We're sorry, but your journey has come to a premature end. Please choose a different option.

[ ] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

[ ] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

No. 172379
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Can we move on now? Screw the remaining scene.
No. 172380
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Yeah, I kinda want to move on, now.
No. 172381
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Thats enough smut people, time to move on

...We can always request the third scene later
No. 172382
Question: Is there any chance at all in this story or that other with Nebosa (did I get the name right?) to ever get a speaking mon in their party? Or do we have to assume any wild non-chibi mon we see is out to get some action?
No. 172383
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

I assume that if any they already own were ever to evolve, they'd be able to speak.
No. 172385
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

NOOOOO! The last scene! I MUST KNOW!
No. 172386

Nebosa's Mons are stated to actually speak, just that their speech is not acrually written in quotes, thats what I heard from Bread at least
No. 172387
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

Oh no you don't. We're going 3 for 3!
No. 172389
You realize this is not what I meant by that question?
No. 172390
[x] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

We've wasted enough time with this.
No. 172392
[x] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Yes I'd rather move forward so we can have more fun with the Prismrivers and SlKogasa.
No. 172393
>I wonder if you'll be going three for three on this one.

That sounds like a CHALLENGE.
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.
No. 172395
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

You know what. Why not. We already went this far. Might as well.
No. 172397
>Oh, darn it. I was looking forward to getting to play with you too.
Let's not disappoint the lady.

[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

>Or do we have to assume any wild non-chibi mon we see is out to get some action?
Who said wild chibis weren't looking for some?
No. 172398
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

Three for three. No turning back.
No. 172400
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

for completion's sake.

...I might have a problem.
No. 172402
Gotta catch 'em all!

You all now have the theme-song stuck in your head.
No. 172403
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

We don't normally get this much blatant availability of smut, which is kind of suspicious in and of itself. Maybe there's a hidden bonus to having seen all the Smut Ends here?
No. 172404
[x]Take the blue pill, and enjoy another bad end.

So...I wonder if taking neither will result in a bad as well. That would be interesting...
No. 172405
That's kind of what I'm hoping for, too. A secret bonus route that can only be unlocked by spending entirely too much time fucking around in Dreamworld.
No. 172406
It could be a negative bonus though. Well, we'll just have to wait and see.
No. 172407
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.
No. 172408

Damnit Anon we've been through this.

It's Gotta Fuck 'Em All! Touhoumon!
No. 172409
Like getting a stray CKazami for a prize.
No. 172410

I can see that going very very badly. Throw in a Fell variant Kazami on top of that.....

I'd vote for it.
No. 172411
File 137507887860.png - (2.39KB , 128x128 , Touhoudex_2_Yuuka[1].png ) [iqdb]
Not Fell, but definitely a CKazami. She wears a nightcap and pajamas all the time, that's fucking fantastic. And the evolved form is no slouch, either. Look at how casually she wields that parasol. Look at that smirk, that gaze of absolute confidence and superiority.

Thinking about a Fell Kazami gives me the shivers, though. The base form is already willing to commit genocide for shits and giggles, so I can't even imagine the atrocities she'd commit if Fell. Well, the inspiration of the base form; I imagine personality varies from 'mon to 'mon, but she's still pretty violent.

Was a sunflower patch mentioned at some point? Because one of these trainers needs to rush over there, post haste.
No. 172418

Seeing as how there's really only one option left, we'll get to work on that part soon enough. Congratulations on going three for three anons, I always knew you had it in you.

I'll get to work on those toohoo fax x-treme for the kidz soonish.
No. 172419
We completed the set, hooray! Now that we've collected all the boxtops, can we send them in to the cereal company and get a nifty decoder ring, or maybe a beanie with a little propeller on top?

As an aside, will these bad ends have any impact on the story at all, in the near or distant future, or were these delightful little vignettes just side-stories? Because, if there's any Bad End that has a chance of bleeding over into the story proper, it'd be one involving the Dreamlands, or maybe Yukari.
No. 172420

Why do I get the feeling that the woman who escaped was Zeke's mom?
No. 172421
I thought that was the implication, or at least the red herring.
No. 172422
At the rate of things it'll be 2 years before the Prismrivers evolve.
No. 172423

Assuming we ever leave Namek.
No. 172424
Oh, shush. It's just been three days since the first Mugetsu/Gengetsu scene.
No. 172425
But I've got a plotboner, and it's lasted for more than 4 hours!
No. 172428
File 137516722618.png - (41.48KB , 740x191 , matrix_revisited_break.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Take both pills, and empty the powder out. Mix the powder together. Then make like you're going to inhale it, but blow or toss it in Mugetsu's face instead, while simultaneously startling her, so that she gasps and inhales it herself.

Assuming they're capsules and not tablets. If they're tablets, he'd have to crush them first. Either way the goal is to get the Mugetsu to inhale the pills herself, to whatever effect that might have.
No. 172429
File 137516792459.jpg - (66.29KB , 336x400 , Why did I think of that button (final).jpg ) [iqdb]
You sir, are a genius.
No. 172433

...Do it. For the love of all that is good and holy DO IT.
No. 172435

Oh for the love of...

[x] Take both pills, and empty the powder out. Mix the powder together. Then make like you're going to inhale it, but blow or toss it in Mugetsu's face instead, while simultaneously startling her, so that she gasps and inhales it herself.
No. 172436

I sure hope that shes not sharp enough to catch on as to what were you trying to all

Assuming they are pills, crushing pills needs more time than opening capsules
No. 172437
[x] Take both pills, and empty the powder out. Mix the powder together. Then make like you're going to inhale it, but blow or toss it in Mugetsu's face instead, while simultaneously startling her, so that she gasps and inhales it herself.

No. 172447
Now why the hell would she just stand there and just watch you? Nevermind her sister either.

Forget the damn pills already.
No. 172449
[x] Take both pills, and empty the powder out. Mix the powder together. Then make like you're going to inhale it, but blow or toss it in Mugetsu's face instead, while simultaneously startling her, so that she gasps and inhales it herself.

I was going to suggest an attempt to get her to take a pill, and this seems like a good way to go about it.

Four for three?
No. 172453
I'm gonna have to agree. I voted for pills all three times, and now I'd like to move on with the actual story.

This is just plain silly.
No. 172456
More than that, I'll just step in and say that that option wouldn't even work to begin with. Rest assured, for those of you who do want to see the story move on, we're getting there.
No. 172460
Hey there, aspiring and young trainers! It's Professor W here to lay down some facts about Touhoumon training. Subject of the day? How many Touhoumon a trainer can have.

See, the Leagues set a limit to where trainers are only supposed to have six mons on 'em at a time. Really annoying, right? There's a lot of fine mons to choose from, and lucking out and finding a really rare one might mean benching a long-time partner that you've formed a bond with if you've already hit that limit and want to incorporate her into your party, and that's no fun. Trust me on that one.

You might think that this is just a bunch of arbitrary bull to limit potentially awesome upcoming trainers, but that rule's in place just as much for the trainer as it is his or her mons. Heck, some trainers don't even carry a full team of six, and the reason's pretty simple. Mons need plenty of TLC, and you have to give it.

The exact reasons vary from species to species. Some mons just don't like sharing a trainer, some might be more needy than others, some mons might even have a pretty substantial upkeep attached to 'em. They're a big responsibility, moreso than something like a pet dog or cat. Not that you should let that stop you from finding your dream mon, you just have to be aware of your limits.

First of all, and this is probably one of the bigger ones that keeps teams small, is the trainer's own physical stamina. I'm not going to beat around the bush on this one, once your girls get out of their Chibi state they're typically going to be a lot more active with their sexy times than they were when they're smaller. Odds are good they may even jump you out of sheer joy that they can bed you properly, and some species want it regularly. You know what I'm talking about.

Of course, if they're not jumping you they may have other needs or wants. Some mon species just don't take kindly to the idea of sharing their trainer. Bonds work both ways after all, and your mon might consider you her best friend just as much as you do her. This comes in two varieties: Some mons are just plain old easy to make jealous no matter what mon you try to bring in, while others might not take kindly to freshly caught mons and will take some time to get used to them.

Which leads into the next point. Mons have feelings, just like you or I. When you first catch a mon, she's not going to be comfortable, and why should she? You're bringing in a new girl who you may not even know into a closed circle of friends, and she's going to feel like the outsider she is. You're going to find that it takes a lot of effort to juggle both the needs of the new girl and the girls you already have, since you not only have to take care of all of them but you also have to let them get used to one another. They've got to form bonds with each other just as much as they need to form bonds with you.

Plus, don't even think about just boxing a girl you just caught just because she's not working out. The best trainers take responsibility and either keep at it until it works, or makes sure that the mon makes it to a Release Program. Just 'cause she's not working out with you doesn't mean you shouldn't make sure she finds a good home to go to.

Now, last on the immediate list is upkeep. To put it simply, it's stuff like keeping both you and your mon fed and happy. That costs money, which trainers earn and lose when battling one another, or through taking up offered jobs and the like. Yup, being a trainer isn't just about crushing every challenger in your way. Sometimes you've gotta get your hands dirty for the sake of your girls, but if you've got any sort of bond with them then that'll come naturally to you. Also, keep in mind that trainer battles are a gamble. Beating a trainer could give you a reprieve, but thanks to another trainer rule that states that in an official battle the loser has to shell out half his money, losing could put you up short.

If you're really cautious though, Touhoumon Centers offer a service that'll let you store some of the money you get in a personal account, just like with really rare items you might want to save for that special day. Plus, there's a guarantee that it won't be spent on stuff like furniture or plushies.

Anyway, hope this helps you young trainers figure out what you can and can't do. Remember, you can be the best even without a full team of six on you, so learn your limits and stick to 'em. Prof. W signing off!
No. 172462
My team consists exclusively of a high-level Parsee. After she murdered the first few catches I just stopped bothering.
No. 172464
>secure and not spent on plushies
What is this sorcery and how do I move my money from Mom Banking?
No. 172465
Mom Banking doesn't even offer any interest, either. It's just not a very good bank.
No. 172466

A world where practically no one is a virgin...thats amusing for me to think about

Anyhoo, might be good if theres a Fact/Tip on the origins of Touhoumon and the initial community reaction to them. I'm not sure most people would take kindly to their behaviour at first!
No. 172467
Touhoumon or Pokegirls? Because we've already spoken about the latter, and the former was, initially, a primarily Japanese phenomenon.

Who's the they, you're referring to, by the way? And which community does the reacting? You're using all kinds of nonspecific nouns and pronouns so I can't really get a clear idea of who you're talking about.
No. 172469

Well, I'm asking about how did Touhoumons came about in this CYOA's universe. Is it the same like what is the story behind the Touhoumon games? (Dolls being made and et cetera) Or is it something unique?

'They' here refers to the Touhoumons, and the community I was referring to refers to the people in general who encountered the Touhoumons for the first time.
No. 172470
Oh, I see. I thought you were asking questions on a meta level, referring to the actual Touhoumon games and some community's reaction to them.
No. 172487
File 137529676133.png - (631.59KB , 850x531 , Submersible Koishi.png ) [iqdb]
"You know, as much as I'd like to indulge my curiosity and take pills given to me by an individual who is most likely a powerful mon who wants in my pants, my common sense says I shouldn't." You refrain from taking either pill, simply because it'd be a rather stupid thing to do.

Mugetsu stares at you for a long moment before pouting, "Oh, poo! And this always worked before now. Humans love taking candy from pretty strangers!" She gives you a plaintive look, "Are you sure you don't want to have just a little bit of sex? I probably won't keep you here after it." She offers with a tempting thrust of her bust.

"Nope, sorry. Besides, I have my own girls already." Admittedly, this mon looks pretty and sex with her would be wonderful, but that would probably involve abandoning your girls. "I know it's a bit of a crazy question, but if someone made you the offer you're making me, and you figure there's a good chance you're going to become their fuck pet forever after, would you purposely abandon that which you care about just to do it?"

"There's nobody out there that COULD make me there fuck pet." Mugetsu counter-argues, though you see a flicker of doubt in her eyes, "But I suppose I see your point. I'd only do it if they had a good personality and I know they'd be a great lay for forever."

"...So probably not any man out there, sadly." She sighs and shakes her head forlornly.

"Exactly. I don't even know you outside of your name and what I've seen so far. I'm sorry, but I just don't know you well enough to take you up on your offer."

"...Poo." She sulks before reaching across the table and grabbing you by your collar. She pulls you across it to her and gives you a surprisingly kind and chaste kiss that leaves you feel a bit hungry for more. Her hand slips into your bag and leaves something there, "Well, if you ever want to try something, they're there for you~." She tempts you, the look in her eyes making a part of you desperately want to say yes to her offer.

You're a bit surprised that she was bold like that and are left a touch flustered when she kisses you. She's not forcing herself on you, which is a nice change of pace. "Alright." You say in response. It takes a bit of willpower to not just go for a more passionate kiss right then and there, but you have your girls to get back to. They're probably worried by now. "So... how do I get back to where I was?"

"Oh, you just need to go riiiiight through that door over there!" She points to a door sitting in the middle of nowhere marked with a glowing red 'exit' sign. "You can miss it though, so be careful!"

"Thanks. Take care of yourself." You get up from your seat and start to head off toward that door, keeping an eye on both it and the ground around you. The last thing you need is to get stuck here.

Your march towards the door goes seemingly unmolested as you walk, though you can feel the mons gaze boring into your back as you head towards the door. Right before you reach it though your foot hits air and-!

You manage to recover, but you almost went down a steep slide right before the exit. Behind you, the powerful mon curses quietly.

You sigh and manage to reach the exit, while wondering to yourself just what kind of a heart attack Yume's going to have when you finally call her. ...Or whether she's going to break space/time to teleport to you, lock you in a bedroom with her, and proceed to break you.

Well, to be fair, you didn't actually get caught or go anywhere stupid on PURPOSE. So, strictly speaking, you probably haven't done anything that would warrant her taking you back home and making sure you never leave...except capturing a slime type possibly, but would would she have wanted you to do?

"Feel free to come back without your clothes any time!" Mugetsu calls out behind you as you manage to exit the door and head out of her domain and you wake up and stare up at the sky with your girls all looming over you save for Slime Kogasa, who has apparently wandered off.

You immediately grab onto your girls and pull them into a hug. "Sorry for worrying you girls. Looks like I'm kind of a trouble magnet."

The three of them share a look with each other as they hug you right back, wondering just what happened to you while you were gone. You also notice that apparently you've been changed at some point to your beach clothes.

You look to your girls again. "Did you three change me while I was out?" You ask. Oddly enough, you don't feel even remotely embarrassed about that concept given that they've seen so much of you already.

Lyrica nods once while Lunasa bob her head up and down rapidly. Merlin just smirks with a knowing look in her eye. She saw what she wanted to see there, oh yes.

You kiss each of them in turn after that. "Well, aside from all that, is there anything you three want to do?" There's the fact that SlKogasa's gone off somewhere, but you have a feeling that she's not going to put herself in any real danger.

Lyrica points over to the Castle von Doomsteinvania as her sisters fly off around it, and you can see that the crabs appear to be rushing about in a panicked state as they repair the walls where they can and set up what appears to be defensive positions. Lyrica's chattering something to you in moonspeak, but even though you've gotten used to it enough that you can figure out where one word starts and another ends you still have no idea what she's saying. Something about 'Kaiju', if you had to guess?

"They're preparing for another attack from a giant monster?" You've seen enough stuff in movies and games that you're pretty sure that given the crab's state of panic and the level of damage inflicted on the castle and the surrounding area that something's attacked them. Their rush may very well mean that they know it's coming back.

Lyrica nods and waves down her sisters, both of him droop in disappointment and kick the sand. Merlin throws the rubbery looking costume she was holding back to the crabs who drag it inside for Plan 9. Maybe some other time they'll get to dress up in costumes and act out a monster fighting one of them.

...You're not even sure where your girls got that stuff to begin with, let alone where the crabs got it. Still, you scratch your head as you try to puzzle out exactly what attacked them. You turn to the crabs and proceed to ask one of them something while simultaneously marveling at how this doesn't feel weird at all. "Is the giant monster coming back soon?"

The crab who responds to you is one wearing a familiar yellow construction cap. It waves and gestures with its claws erratically, pointing at the ocean and then back at the castle and then miming in an odd manner that tells you that yes, the monster is coming back to fuck up their castle yet again, and even the mighty Castle von Doomsteinvania cannot resist forever. They manage to repel her the last few times, but if she gets through the walls it will be all over and Castle von Doomsteinvania's population will all be damned to be a seafood platter for its eating.

Part of you might have chosen to just walk away from all this, but there were several things wrong with that. Even if it was just in your dreams, you and Yume built this, with help from the crabs. You want this thing to last, and it's clear that despite all the enhancements Yume performed the castle was taking damage. Second, given that the crab is saying that it's one monster doing all this, you're almost certain that a mon is responsible for all this and since karma has a way of biting people in the ass odds are good said mon would skip the castle and go for you if you just walked off.

Third, you'd have to be the world's biggest jerk to just walk off and not at least try to help. That seems to be a recurring thing for you.

That's when you hear it, a bell gonging from the highest tower as the crabs scream...for crabs anyway. It sounds more like a burbling noise to you as they wave their claws about and scuttle around in a panic. The ones of the wall climb or are pulled back up by their fellows and they all retreat into the castle, countless crabs scuttling into either it or the castles keep as the bell tolls.

You keep a weather eye out for the monster in question, since odds are good it's pretty close. There's no real safe spot for you to sit in anyway, so there's no real point in running.

The whole beach becomes eerily quiet as you wait. There's no birds, no insects, no crabs scuttling about. Just you, your girls and the wind on the sand and sea. The waves crash against the shore with a resounding noise.

Still no sign of the monster, but yeah. This is pretty much the perfect setting for one to show up. You wonder if you're being filmed or something.

With a terrifying roar, something bursts up out of the surf and surges up onto the shore, numerous tentacles lashing about as they drag it further up onto the sand! It's...the upper body of it looks like a Koishi wearing a starfish bra, but the lower body is a massive, rubbery body that looks like it belongs to some kind of octopus or a squid! Thick tentacles swirl about in the surf and sand as she shakes the seaweed out of her hair and stares at the castle, "ROOOOOOAoh someone new!" She changes tracks immediately, focusing those glowing eyes on you as she stares, "So many cute little new toys to play with! Being the monster is fun, but it's boring to bash the walls for a while! So, little boy? Did you come to play hero? Because if you did..." She rubs her rubbery lower body, "I might just have to eat you up when I beat you~."

...Fuck. That's a Mer variant of a Koishi. The only thing you've heard about them is horror stories for the ability to disappear at will with both their color changing body and their ability to escape notice when they want to.

You're really starting to think that the only reason your mom and Yume were never bothered was because they could be really scary when they wanted to be. The fact that you've gotten yanked into some odd space by Mugetsu and are now accosted by a MerKoishi is evidence to support that. "Well, considering I didn't run when I had the chance, and that you could just snatch me up with your tentacles now that you're here I suppose you could say that I came here to play the hero."

"True, that is usually how it works!" Koishi agrees with you, smiling widely, "If one of the heroes tries to break and run away, they're always killed off to show why you can't escape from the situation! Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to stay and fight."

You hear a clattering coming from the ramparts, and you can see that numerous crabs are there clacking their claws together to cheer you on rather than fleeing to safety. There is a crab waving a pink handkerchief at the one you saved from falling down in your dream!?

"Well then, the stage is set." You reply. There's a few ways you could handle this, and you go with...

[ ] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

[ ] Have the Prismrivers use a Jetstream attack to finish her off quickly!

[ ] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!

[ ] She's a strong variant, you might not be able to beat her yourself. Offer yourself up instead.


My god, an update! Posted by me! We might actually get on track.
No. 172488
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

This is how it works in shows, no? The defense barely holding against a monstrous attack... and then the cavalry arrive to save the day.
No. 172489
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

Using ultimate attacks too early is a great way to get them no-sell'd, and the other two are fairly obvious bad end bait.

And I am NOT in the mood for tentacles.
No. 172490
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

This is a perfect chance for SlKogasa to be a hero!
No. 172491
File 137529948338.jpg - (159.85KB , 1366x768 , MassEffect1016.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hold the line.

"Hold fast prismiviers! We have a legacy to defend!
Think of our heroes: the Time Maid, who could stop time and space with a gesture and created that castle in the first place. Or the Ruukoto, whose lessons kept us togheter even after the tower incident.
These giants do not seem to give us solace here, but they are not all that we are.
Before the Orin there was the Kogasa. Before the Leader Chen, there was her Pack!
The Aki sisters stopped the Leader Chen, but before that we held the line!
The Patchouli defeated the Orin, but to get there, we held the line!
Our full team will win the battle today. Meanwhile, we will hold the line!”
No. 172492
[X] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!

This is a game, and cheating ends badly, if other games we've played with powerful monsters are any indication. Time to put on our acting cape and ham it up! The Prismrivers can be BGM.
No. 172493
Jetstream attack?
Oh Lawd.
No. 172494
[ ] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

Not one step back!
No. 172495
[x] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!
--[x] Have the girls provide you with heroic background music.

Sounds fun. Hopefully the fact that there's an obvious bad end option means this isn't one.
No. 172496
File 137530280078.jpg - (690.32KB , 1920x1080 , samuelrodriguez.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 172497
[x] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!
--[x] Have the girls provide you with heroic background music.

Something tells me that roleplaying will be appreciated.
then again, something also told me that it'd be cool to have all the dream world bad ends, so take that as you will.
No. 172498

Eh, fuck it. I'm game

[x] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!
--[x] Have the girls provide you with heroic background music.
No. 172499
likely a gundam reference instead, which is why I'm wary of it: Just due to how Amuro easily defeated it once he figured it out.

[x] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

It's a great set up for MerKoishi to get surprised.
No. 172500
[x] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.
-[x] And epic BGM, please.
No. 172501
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

Well, I dont know about the Jetstream attack, but I definitely wouldnt want to face her on her own terms...I mean come on
No. 172502
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.
No. 172503
[x] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.
No. 172504

Actually, adding on to my post, I wonder if Prismriver music is considered something that attacks/affects the mind. If that is the case, and since we are facing a MerKoishi...a Koishi nonetheless, well, that gives me a reason to think that the Jetstream wont be successful
No. 172505
File 137532933963.png - (1.00MB , 1360x768 , Kirrahe-442001675.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.

No. 172506
[ ] Hold the line and play defensively until SlKogasa shows up.
No. 172507
[X] If this is a game, you'll take her on on her terms yourself!

I'd have expected a MerKoishi to have a carp tail, not a squid body.
No. 172516

>>Implying that you don't want some sweet, sweet octopussy loving.
No. 172517
Votes called, 12-6 in favor of holding the line. I'm actually curious if you guys were paying attention to what MerKoishi wanted to do.


Actually, the reason she's like that is because of Hopeless Masquerade, where it's been confirmed that she can use tentacles to fight. Also carp is OP.
No. 172519

I think she wanted to vore us.
No. 172520

Only if you lost or broke the 'rules' of the scenario. She really just wanted to play in a non-sexual manner. Also, soft vore. Neither Nob nor I like snuff.
No. 172522
With how this story has been going, it seems safe to assume that all wild 'mon want to sex us into oblivion. Even after proven otherwise.
No. 172525
Evidently, six of us were paying attention. That's why I voted for "fight with her on her terms with a heroic BGM". This is Kaiju theatre, and the good monster always wins and sends the bad monster into the sea, and even though there's much destruction wrought they eventually rebuild. We stick to the script, so does she.
No. 172526
Does that mean we're gonna get another bad end?
well, now that we've got one we might as well get all of the others
No. 172527
Please not that again...
No. 172528

I dont think theres enough incentive here for that....unless you like small variations in scenes.

....Anyway, okay I think we need an explanation as to telling which Mon wants to bone us and which Mons doesnt, otherwise we assume every one of them wants to bone us and then we make decisions that sound 'right' but is not the right choice
No. 172529
Actually, I think we need to stop trying to be smart and just do things that are both heroic and will definitely give Yume a heart attack.
No. 172532
Urk. THIS is what doomed us again, isn't it? Holding the line and waiting for cavalry definitely sounds like something out a script that maybe Koishi would have enjoyed and just fighting her by ourselves had us think we would instantly lose. But nope, intelligence dooms us once again.

To be honest, that trend is starting to annoy me and not just a little.
No. 172533
No, no, it's eminently heroic. It's just the wrong kind of heroism. It's a tragic, dramatic sort of heroism grounded in stalwart resolution in face of overwhelming odds.

The kind of heroism we need right now is the sort that puts on a cheesy rubber suit, drinks a growth potion, and challenges Godzilla to a no-holds-barred boxing match.
No. 172535
well there's the matter of reality in which well we're in the dark.

Also on the topic of heroics, you forget SlKogasa who will be the "hero" of the piece most likely.
No. 172537
Awww, no Power Rangers/Kamen Rider? I was hoping the power of friendship/teamwork would win the day.

I feel kind of sad that all the problems we face always seems to rely on us working it out alone rather than working with our team.
No. 172541
Well, I translated what Koishi said as: "Let's play fight. Give it your all, and don't be a bitch. This way, we can both have fun!"
"...otherwise I will rape you forever, though that really doesn't need to be said."
No. 172559
File 137547716825.jpg - (134.31KB , 850x700 , Kogasa is waiting wetly.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's really two good ways to go about this, but one's sensible and the other's relying on the MerKoishi to not wrap you up in her tentacles and drag you off. Honestly, while betting worked once, maybe twice if you count Mugetsu, you're not really willing to keep pushing your luck like this. "So, shall my girls and I act as the valiant defenders holding the line until reinforcements show up?" You fail to say what kind of reinforcements, but you're certain that SlKogasa would get worried about you and come back before things got out of hand.

...In the end, you really just changed who you're betting on, haven't you? Rather than the MerKoishi, you're betting on SlKogasa figuring out something's off. ...Plus now you and your girls are on the line. Not that you think they'd like it if you decided to take MerKoishi on yourself.

"Aww, not going to step up to the plate yourself?" MerKoishi pouts at you as she lashes her tentacles around in an intimidating display, leaning back and giving you a glimpse of her soft, pink underbelly as those tentacles continue to move, "Oh well, so you'll be the director behind the defenders, hmm? It'll still be fun!" She claps her hands once.

MerKoishi takes a deep breath and then starts to advance on the sandcastle in a somewhat exaggeratedly slow charge. You know that Mer variants aren't fast on land, but MerKoishi should be able to move faster than this. "Rooooooooooar~!" She yells loudly, spreading her arms out wide.

You know, if you were an observer watching this from afar this would probably be silly enough that you'd snicker at it. You do, however, have a role to play and you don't want to be completely unprofessional here. "Alright girls, the 'giant monster's on her approach. We need to hold her off until help arrives." You keep your tone calm and even as you start to act out your part. If you had a pipe like your father did, you'd probably be blowing bubbles with it. Maybe with a fake beard to go with it. "Stick to defensive tactics, and don't go overboard."

You lean in close to Lyrica and speak to her quietly. "I think she's dialed herself back to give us a chance. Going all out will just cause her to stop holding back and wipe us all out. You girls are strong, but I don't want to risk making her mad."

You step back to give your girls the room they need and to ensure that if the MerKoishi does decide to start grabbing people, you're not in her immediate reach.

...Wait. They...

...At some point your girls seem to have recovered the ridiculous costumes that they had previously given to the crabs to put away. Lunasa is struggling into a floppy looking dinosaur suit, her rear wiggling at you as she tries to squirm into it while Lyrica looks completely ridiculous in what looks to be some kind of skintight silver jumpsuit with red racing stripes taht run up the side of it. It's covered with a dash of sparkles just to make sure it's eye-catching. Merlin is currently standing very seriously next to the wall of Castle von Doomsteinvania as Crabs rapidly scuttle about assembling her...'armor'. It looks like layers of repurposed cardboard, but hey!

You're really trying hard to take this seriously, seeing as your girls seem to be matching the MerKoishi's enthusiasm. Honestly, you almost want to join in, but commanders don't usually take to the fields themselves with much success. ...Admittedly, you do help Lunasa into her dinosaur suit, just to save a bit of time. Every bit helps after all.

Lunasa cheerfully pecks you on the cheek, smushing the rubbery snout of the costume up against your cheek and rubbing it there before she pulls away from you and swaggers shakily over to her sisters. together, they all strike poses as they challenge the MerKoishi. Merlin takes on a wide stance as she holds one hand in a fist at her side and points the other at the sun while Lyrica puts her dukes up in front of her in some kind of movie style karate fighting pose. Lunasa stomps up next to her sisters and slaps the costumes tail agains the sand, kicking it up as lets out a fierce cry, "rooooooooar."

...Okay, that's it. Your Tablet has to have a camera function somewhere.

You proceed to look through the apps while still looking commander-like, and manage to stumble on one. You then take a pic of the scene before it dissolves into an adorable chaos, and wonder if Yume would find this as adorable as you do.

As the trio attempt to intimidate the MerKoishi, she strikes a fantastically villainous pose as she crosses her arms under her chest and leans back, emphasizing her assets while her lower body twists creates a menacing silhouette. For a long moment, nothing passes between the four of them as they face off.

Then, it happens. Lyrica darts forward and leaps over the tentacle that swishes through the air past her, punching the MerKoishi's rubbery body and leaping away with an acrobatic twist. Lunasa charges in next, grabbing onto one of the tentacles and flailing away at it with one of her stubby, rubber claws on the suit. Merlin stomps towards the fight as best she can with that bulky cardboard armor and wades in, grappling with two of the tentacles with surprising success. The MerKoishi really is playing around.

You keep a weather eye on things, seeing as they're going well enough. "I think I can leave this to you three." You say to your girls. You really do trust their judgment, even if you've only known them for a bit over a week.

Lyrica confirms your suspicions by leaping high into the air, probably using her flight actually, and engaging the MerKoishi's human half in a vicious and over the top kung-fu duel while her sisters keep her lower half occupied. They've just got to hold out for a hero..!

...Speaking of which, just like the camera app you're sure you've got that song on here too. Plus, doing this might have the added advantage of piquing SlKogasa's curiosity sooner. You open up a media player app, pull up 'Holding out for a Hero' and proceed to let it play.

The fight is fast and furious as your trio tries to match the significantly more massive MerKoishi is battle, and even if she is playing around and holding back the MerKoishi is still entirely capable of giving them a hard time as she demonstrates when a blow to Lyrica's core sends her flying away and slamming down into the sound where she rolls dazedly up to her feet and glares at the MerKoishi, shaking off the dizziness and getting right back into the fight. Lunasa is sent tumbling back next and is left stuck in the sand, costumed legs and tail waving in the air as she tries to right herself and eventually manages it. She lets out another cute roar as she charges back into the fight.

You hear the chattering noise coming from next to you as a group of crabs carries a black box with a shiny red button on it up to the wall and as close to you as they can manage. On the button in sloppy white letters you can read 'Sord'.

You take the black box with a nod and word of thanks, and press the button, curious as to what it does.

You hear a loud thumping noise as something flies out from behind the castle walls and high into the air where it glints off of the sun as it comes down on the battle sight. There you see that Merlin is struggling in the middle of a grapple with MerKoishi who is pulling your girl concerningly closer and closer to that pink underbelly of hers when she reaches out and catches something in her hand. It looks like...a sword? A completely ridiculous sword right out of one of those movies that you had in your house that your parents let you watch. It's so amazingly overdone it's ridiculous.

With a flourish your girl lays into smacking the tentacles grappling her which obligingly release her and flail about in 'pain' as you girls pull back and try to set up a plan while MerKoishi looks sadly at one of her tentacles and pouts at them, "That kind of stung a little..."

You breathe a sigh of relief as Merlin manages to free herself just in time, as you're not entirely sure you'd get her back if MerKoishi drew the ghost mon into her body. "Looks like that last set of blows made her mad. Stay on guard!" For once you join in with the over the top scenario, apparently having decided to look past the amusing absurdity and join in a little. After all, it's not like it'd hurt anything if you did.

The trio move into a defensive formation where they can all cover each other as MerKoishi lets out a fierce cry, "Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyah!". Then she charges them, moving far faster than her exaggerated slowness she was playing with before, her tentacles moving in deliberate patterns as she seems to shift and twirl and take on shapes that...wait. She's like some kind of...some kind of...Mimic Octopus!

Then she promptly disappears from your sight. Well...crud.

Of course, this is about the point where things are going to go downhill for you and your girls, since for all their playing around the MerKoishi was still ultimately stronger and you... well, you didn't choose to take up the role yourself so she started off using more of her power. Of course, you're just as vulnerable as your girls, perhaps even more so all considering.

It kinda sucks being the weakest link.

The trio watch around each other nervously, moving into a triangle formation as their eyes dart everywhich way for any signs of an oncoming attack. Lunasa's tail scrapes along the sand as she turns, leaving a line in it and then bending oddly as it touches something.

"Girls, she's in the middle of your formation!" You call out, noticing how Lunasa's costume reacted. While MerKoishi could hide herself, there were physical limits as to how far it could go!

The girls all launch themselves away from each other as space distorts in the middle of their formation and tentacles lash out at them, almost catching them. One even brushes along the length of Lunasa's rubbery tail and almost grabs her by it. The distortions settle down to take the form of MerKoishi's lower half...and specifically, her lower half sticking up out of the sand, revealing the very distinct look 'mouth' there that closes shut when it becomes obvious nothing will be going inside of it at the moment. Then the body distorts and squishes down to an unimaginably tiny form and slithers back into the sand, leaving the smallest traces of a hole.

She's got to be kidding. Lyrica is saying something to her sisters as Merlin gapes at what just happened while Lunasa watching everywhere she can for signs of the nexy arrival of the MerKoishi.

You're keeping an eye out for where the MerKoishi might pop up next too, though you're keeping one eye on your girls and one eye on your immediate surroundings. You just managed to keep the sneaky mon from swallowing your girls just by being observant and calling out to them. You half expect the mon to come after you next to make sure it doesn't happen a second time.

You're right about that at least. You feel the sand shift under your feet, rolling back behind you as you turn instinctively to see what's there. You can't feel surprised as you see numerous tentacles lashing out to you and the open 'mouth' on the MerKoishi's underside of her lower body. No doubt she intends to drag you in there as the tentacles wind slowly towards you and one wraps around your waist and...pulls you away from the attack. A soft, jelly like material is wrapped around your mid-section as you smack into a jiggling body that cradles you carefully, its owner glaring daggers a the retreating body of the MerKoishi.

And you know who that is! "Kogasa, you made it!" You say with genuine joy. "A Mermaid variant Koishi showed up and was attacking the castle, so I decided to indulge her playing. Do you mind giving us a hand?"

Admittedly, you were mildly curious as to what it would feel like to have been drawn into the MerKoishi, buuuut that would have made your adventure come to a grinding halt. And put the poor mon on the receiving end of Yume's wrath. Not really fair to either of you.

SlKogasa sets you gently down as your other girls crowd around you concernedly and starts to advance on forward...and begins to grow in size as she doesn't restrain herself anymore, matching the MerKoishi foot for foot from how you last saw her. SlKogasa morphs her left arm into a smooth tentacle and drives it into the ground, digging through the sand before her arm stops wiggling. You see it strengthen and grow in size as she gives a mighty heave and proceeds to tear the MerKoishi out of the ground and throw her into the surf.

MerKoishi unsteadily gets back to her tentacles and stares wide eyed at the SlKogasa, who proceeds to make 'come at me' gesture to the other mon.

Yup, this is the point at which you and the Prismrivers should step aside and let the two flexible mons work themselves out. You're actually pretty interested in seeing where this would go.

MerKoishi grins widely and surges forward towards SlKogasa, who sprouts numerous thick tentacles from her slime form and rushes right back towards the sea giant. The two crash together and soon devolve into a swirling, lashing mess of optically camouflaged tentacles and gooey, see through tentacles. Really though, with how shockingly big SlKogasa is you're pretty sure she can win a grappling match, even with MerKoishi. After all, slimes are said to be all but immune to physical attacks.

...You're mildly curious if this is how the two species would mate, considering how many tentacles are flailing around. You're also disappointed in yourself for not thinking to bring popcorn. This is actually pretty fun to watch now that you're not smack in the middle of it.

Now that you think about it, you're going to have to do something nice for SlKogasa too. She's definitely doing more than her fair share already.

You watch as the fight starts to settle down as you get a good view of what's going on. SlKogasa is wrapping her slippery form around MerKoishi and having more success than her opponent is at grappling. You watch in...faint arousal as Slime Kogasa wrestles the MerKoishi's human half more and more into her jiggling body while her slime covers as much of the octopus part of her as she can manage, wrestling with her for control.

You watch as the fight starts to settle down as you get a good view of what's going on. SlKogasa is wrapping her slippery form around MerKoishi and having more success than her opponent is at grappling. You watch in...faint arousal as Slime Kogasa wrestles the MerKoishi's human half more and more into her jiggling body while her slime covers as much of the octopus part of her as she can manage, wrestling with her for control.

You are privy to quite the nice sight here, and happen to feel that this is reinforcement for your desire to reduce SlKogasa's former trainer's balls to a fine red mist. Not his Touhouballs either.

It's at this point as you watch in awe that the teal slime shift and changes into a single, solid mass which picks up the MerKoishi and proceeds to throw her again, deeper into the water from whence she came.

The mass of teal slime oozes and jiggles as it reshapes itself into the SlKogasa you're used to seeing...albeit she's a fair amount bigger right now.

"Think she's had enough?" You ask, wanting to give SlKogasa a hug but nooooot entirely sure that MerKoishi's really down for the count.

MerKoishi bursts out of the water and sends a water blast straight at SlKogasa, ripping her in half as her top portion is shorn away.

...Moments later, the slime that makes up her body comes rushing back and oozes together again, leaving an exceedingly frustrated and upset looking SlKogasa whose body color shifts near her core, becoming a dark purple. It hits you just what she's planning to do now.

Granted, there's not a lot you could do to interfere at this point anyway, so you figure you may as well let SlKogasa finish up with her plan.

Rather than do what you expected you to, SlKogasa proceeds to unleash a clever ruse as one of her clear tentacles snaps up out of the water, revealing that she's grappled the MerKoishi when she least expected it. With a mighty heave you watch as the MerKoishi is dragged closer to the SlKogasa, and the two giants struggle in dominance before the SlKogasa lets go.

Of the ground, that is.

SlKogasa bodily slaps onto the MerKoishi, and you watch on as your newest girl brings both of their humanoids half close together as they wrestle and collapse back into the ocean.

You can't quite see what's going on, but you can see the purple draining out of the SlKogasa as she deposits it in the MerKoishi somehow.

Given how slimes work, and how SlKogasa isn't a Slime Queen variant, she's probably injected a rather potent something of herself into the MerKoishi to get her to stop fighting. Hopefully that didn't include her core.

Still, given that SlKogasa is the Poison/Ghost type, you'd have to figure that she's using the former type to help bring down MerKoishi proper. After all, poison could take down anything regardless of level so long as the victim isn't immune to it. Given that MerKoishi was probably Water/Normal or Water/Psychic, she wasn't immune.

SlKogasa restrains the MerKoishi until she stops struggling and then proceeds to drag her back onto shore before taking a victory, oozing lap around her defeated foe in a show of very poor, but amusing, showmanship.

Now you're confident to go out there and congratulate SlKogasa for her effort properly, and maybe help the MerKoishi get over her poison. While the mon started to go overboard, the original intent was just playing and you get the feeling that if you had stepped up yourself, it might not have gotten this wild.

"Nice work, Kogasa." You smile at her, honestly happy about how she stepped up literally right before MerKoishi would have swallowed you up. If she hadn't come back, odds are good you might have been eaten, or simply kept inside the mon for quite some time. You did also consider the fact that she tried the same thing on your girls too. Maybe she's an equal-opportunity mon?

SlKogasa looks distinctly proud of herself and continues her slimy, gooey strut around the downed MerKoishi who coughs up a bit of purple goo and moans pitifully, "My tummy hurts..." She whines, "This is why I never play with poison types."

You cringe a bit when she does that. "Sorry about that. You did kind of set Kogasa off by trying to swallow me though." You put your tablet back and pull out an Antidote. You start to apply it to her, hoping that she's not about to try anything else. "Her previous trainer abandoned her and I literally only just rescued her from isolation a few hours ago."

She coughs up some gunk and waves off your apologies, "It's fine, it's fine. I got a bit excited and rough with our game since I had new people to play with. I wouldn't have eaten you or anything...for long anyway." She gives you a bit of a grin and pinches your cheek with one of her hands, "You're pretty tasty looking.

You blush at the MerKoishi's words. Yet another mon who thinks you're top-tier material. "Well, poisoning aside, did you have fun?"

"Sure! That was as much fun as when the crabs deployed Steamcrab!" MerKoishi bubbles happily, tentacles waving about weakly,"...But then I broke Steamcrab."

"Just when I think my day couldn't get any weirder, you had to mention that the crabs have steam technology." You roll your eyes at the thought. At the rate they were going, they'd have functional airships by the time you got back here. "Still, could you not destroy the castle in the future? It means a lot to me."

"Oh! I'm not trying to destroy it! I'm playing a game with them! I try to fix it back up after but they end up throwing pointy sticks and rocks at me." She frowns, "It's just so boring here."

You think about it, and find that she's right. "Yeah. Between my mom and Yume and that Mugetsu person, people probably wouldn't want to come here much. Plus if you're into having sex occasionally, no guys coming by must get really dull." For some odd reason you're not really considering the fact that you're a perfectly acceptable target yourself.

"Yeah, it kinda sucks." She sulks, lounging on the beach now that the poison is out of her system, "But it's like, every time I try to leave her I end up ending back here somehow.

Behind you, SlKogasa and your girls are currently at an awards ceremony the crabs are holding for them as they're being awarded lovingly crafted seashell necklaces. They all look very proud.

"That's kind of weird." You scratch your head as you think about it. "Sort of like a 'take a turn and wind up back where you started' sort of thing?" You're also proud of your girls for their efforts, and decide to take a zoomed-in pic of them while you're at it.

"Yep! Something like that anyway. I can try leaving by land or sea and I just can't seem to get anywhere." She complains, "So, I stay here and play with the crabs."

There was a possible explanation for that, and you're not sure you like it. "Maybe something or someone's keeping you here. Your situation just doesn't sound normal at all."

"I guess, but..." She shrugs, "I'm not sure what could keep me here. I mean, I don't mean to offend but if I'd wanted to beat your team I think I'd have had a good chance of it if I'd gone serious from the start and taking that slime seriously. So...what could keep me here then?"

"None taken." Honestly, you're just chalking it up to luck at this point that she really did jus want to play. "You're a variant, and on top of that I'm guessing you're pretty strong. There's only two things I could think of that could hold you here like this." You gesture with your hand palm-side up and your fingers touching your palm, then extend your pointer finger. "One, something even stronger than you..." You extend your middle finger. "Or two, an anomaly."

"...But this place doesn't feel like an anomaly." MerKoishi points out, "I've been to Atlantis, and that's a pretty neat place but there's a feel to it. This place just feels empty, not even weird." She tries to explain it to you, "Not even a tingle."

"That's what's confusing me though. If this place doesn't have something abnormal about it, you'd be able to leave." You lean back and use your forearms for support as you sit next to the mon. "Yet you can't leave, and the phenomena you describe is anomaly-esque at least. Certainly not a conscious thing on your part."

"There's one more thing." You almost forgot given the excitement going around. "When I first arrived here, I was... I guess kidnapped by a mon named Mugetsu. I felt dizzy and off balance when she was pulling me into her realm, but that had to have been an anomaly."

"She even mentioned how she's been paying attention to my dreams, and more than that..." You point to the sandcastle the crabs lived in. "I built that with help from one of my big sister figures in a dream I had. That shouldn't even exist, but it does."
No. 172560
"Huh, Mugetsu?" She asks curiously, rubbing her chin thoughtfully, "...I've never heard of any type of mon by that name." She admits with a shrug, "But if she can control dreams though, she's probably one of those super powerful weirdo ones."

"Not a super powerful cute one like me!" She bats her eyelashes at you.

Now she's flirting with you. "Okay, yeah, you're pretty. I'll admit that. Heck, hearing your situation myself, I'm tempted to make the offer to have you come along with us. It's not like you're a bad girl, maybe a bit overzealous at times, but that was literally just because you were bored and excited because I showed up."

She pauses thoughtfully and gives you a look over, humming as she does so, "...Thanks, but no thanks." She pats you on the head, "You're a cutie and all and you've got potential, but I like my boys more...experienced, if you know what I mean. Preferably with shiny things to show off."

"I've got a trio of Prismrivers who spent about a full week working me over after I brought them home. I think I know what you're referring to. Maybe even in both terms of the word." Although her head-patting did feel nice. Eventually you snort as something pops up in your head. "You know, most trainers would be trying to catch you, and here I am practically asking you out. Shall I bring a bouquet of flowers and chocolates when I come back to sweep you off your feet?" Now you're feeling relaxed, if not amused at your odd thought process.

"Probably some Gym Badges too while I'm at it." You add.

She smiles widely and claps her hands together, "That would be wonderful~! I prefer an assortment of chocolates, but my favorites are the ones with coconut in the middle of them!"

You actually do jot that down in your tablet.

"I swear, at the rate I'm going I'm going to run into the exact kind of relationship issues Prof. W warns young trainers like me about." You roll your eyes at your self-awareness. "Though something tells me you're not the extreme clingy, jealous type."

"I love everyone equally!" She spreads her arms and tentacles wide open,"...As long as they like tentacles and don't mind me 'chewing' on them a bit anyways." She giggles and blushes.

"It'd probably take some acclimation to get my girls to be okay with that. ...Except maybe Merlin. She's... enthusiastic." She's pretty much consistently woken you up in a perverted manner every day of that week you spent getting acclimated to your girls. "And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about how that feels."

"Well..." She gives you a tempting smile, "I'd offer you it, but when I get going my instincts can be pretty intense. I'd probably just carry you off and play with you for forever." She shrugs, "Oh well, maybe some other time when you have a few shinies."

"Yeah. I'd rather do this properly than abandon my girls because I got too curious." You respond. "I couldn't forgive myself if I did. ...Even if it's for the brief period between my being with you before being broken in completely." You get up from your spot next to her and stand up. "Still, it was nice meeting you. I get the feeling we'll meet in the future."

"Meet again, I mean."

"It was a pleasure! I would have liked to play with you personally but...maybe later." She smiles at you and shakes your hand with a tentacle, her suckers sticking to your skin as she does so. "Oh, here!" She reaches down and proceed to remove her starfish bra and hand it to you, which also happens to reveal her great, stonking tits.

"Hold onto these! When I see you in the future, I'll smell them before I see you so I'll know it's you and to not, you know...ambush you." She giggles.

"O-okay..." You say as she just brazenly hands you her bra. You place that in your Key Items pocket, and feel like you're going to have to explain something to your girls later. Admittedly, you're also staring at her breasts, which really are quite nice. "I should probably get going." You say, trying to not keep staring at MerKoishi. Granted, you're not trying to be rude, but still, you'd rather not have to have your girls bodily drag you away.

MerKoishi waves to you as you leave her, the smug smirk on her face as you wander off telling you that she knows exactly what kind of effect she's having on you and is very much enjoying it. As you leave you feel a tentacle prod your rear once, getting a jump out of you and sending you scampering away as MerKoishi laughs and goes back to lounging on the beach contently.

Your girls are all looking exceedingly proud of themselves, chests puffed out as they're decorated by the Crab Emperor for their services to all crab kind and their selfless bravery in the face of extreme personal danger. That is why they're all being presented with the Order of Wakasagihime, First Class.

You decide it's high time to scoot back over to them too, though you make a point of taking your Tablet back out. "Hey girls, let me take a picture so we can save this moment." You say, readying yourself to do exactly that.

The sisters all faces all brighten up and they chatter with each other and SlKogasa in rapid order, and then Lyrica quickly gives out what you figure are commands to her sisters. The three all gather around SlKogasa and strike very...'distinct' poses, getting SlKogasa to strike one in short order right after them as they wait for you to take the picture.

You take a couple, making sure that at least one would come out well considering that you're not exactly a pro photographer. With that done, you check on the time. You know it probably hasn't been that long, but the battle felt like it took a while, and you weren't paying attention while talking to MerKoishi.

...You are currently at the beach and according to the clock you should be just leaving your home right about now to come to the beach and head through the tunnel and meet SlKogasa and then get here and...

...fucking anomalies.

Yeah, you're definitely going to have to come back for MerKoishi once she's willing to come with you. She's stuck in an anomaly and wasn't even aware of it until you pointed it out to her, and on top of that she can't even leave on her own. Still, that makes you wonder if you're going to meet yourself or something. Anomalies are known for bending time and space over the table and doing them in for kicks.

Still, you close the camera app and slip the Tablet back into your bag. "Anything else you girls want to do here?" You ask. While you wanted to come here, you did want to make sure your girls had their fun too.

The girls all open their mouths and then stop as they realize something. SlKogasa just burbles something happily and launches into action as she does exactly what she wants to do with you all.

...Which is apparently build a sand town around the sand castle, as countless small teal tentacles set to work on building small crab size houses and building around the castle so that life for the Crab Empire can return to normal once again.

You smile at SlKogasa's antics, and set about helping her as best you can. While you didn't want to get in her way during the fight, this is definitely something you can help with.

The Prismriver's pitch into helping as well, as best as they can manage. Merlin and Lyrica quickly organize a chain to carry materials over to you and SlKogasa while Lunasa sits down to help you all, showing an amazing ability or street planning as she begins to create paved roads and zone the town around Castle von Doomsteinvania.

Honestly, it's so fun that you kinda lose track of the time again, and don't feel anxious at all. You're just building stuff with sand with your girls, and feel like... like when you were doing this with Yume.

The grand gates of Castle von Doomsteinvania open with a groan as countless crabs scuttle out carrying numerous tools and all wearing hats that show their station. A familiar yellow safety helmet scuttles past you, directing a group of large crabs to begin paving and hardening the new main street of Crabton while you see a top hat wearing Crab waving his cane to a large group of worker crabs, directing them as they set to work on the Craftcrabs sector of Crabton.

Despite everything that happened so far today, it's turning out to be worth it.

As you craft Crabton with your girls and the crab locals, your mind drifts thoughtfully to where you should head next. There are two towns nearby that are easily within walking distance of the beach you're on now and along the Route near it. The first is a resort town for idle rich and people who want to pretend their idle rich for a few days, and the other is where Costello's Dad's gym is.

Neither aren't bad choices, all considering, since odds are good that you could run into a few trainers and get some experience for your girls. SlKogasa's probably the highest-level mon you have right now, or close to it, and you want to make sure your team is even.

Granted, where you go also depends on what you want to put up with. Since you're a fresh trainer, odds are good you're going to be viewed as nothing special regardless of where you go, and a town with a gym might be less aggravating about it than a town with a bunch of rich people. Granted, you've already got a trio of priceless treasures from the White Tower, but you're not going to bring attention to that little fact if it can be at all avoided.

...In fact, you take a moment to check the 'location caught' attribute of your trio. It might be a tad late to change the catch location without suspicion, but you want to see for yourself whether your balls are big glowing neon signs for the origin of your shiny Prismrivers or not.

They are, in fact, glowing neon signs for the origin of your shiny Prismrivers. Thankfully, the only people with that information are you, and the data center that the World Touhoumon League uses to keep track of this kind of information, and you're confident that there's no way that anyone would be able to intercept or access that information that shouldn't have access to it. Definitely confident.

...Yeah right. If that thought were a page in a book of fairy tales, you'd rip it out and use it as toilet paper. Still, if someone went that far to track the origin of your girls, odds are good you'd have bigger problems on your hands. Plus, it's not like they can be legally taken from you without due cause, and you don't plan to give anyone that kind of excuse.

Still, keeping all that in mind now you have to decide just where you're going to be going. You could go to the Resort town or you could head to the Costello's Father's gym, or...


[ ] Head to the Resort Town.
[ ] Head to the Gym Town.

[ ] Avoid the trainers like your father would want you to do.
[ ] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.
No. 172562
Wait, we're not vored after all? Nice.

[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

The more people we beat up, the closer the girls will be to evolve, right?

Also, if we end up meeting the Patchouli ghost variant again and she wants to follow us, her and that Koishi will pretty much make it a full team for us.
No. 172563
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Speaking as the indolent eldest scion of minor provincial nobility, nothing would please me more than beating the snot out of other indolent wastrels born to wealth, with more money than sense.

On the one hand, they'd line your pocketbook rather nicely should you manage to defeat them, and if you manage to strike up a friendship would prove an invaluable ally. On the other hand, some of them are also absolutely gigantic assholes, with the pettiness to carry grudge and envy alongside the money and connections to make your day a lot more unhappy.
No. 172565
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Time to level up!

This was a fun update. I really enjoyed reading it.
No. 172568
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

I wasn't expecting a Koishi to be so stacked, but well we should remember her in the future. That and checking on the crab town. Yes I like the little crab civilization made.
No. 172573
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Well the majority of trainers should be easy pickings for us.
No. 172574
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

I'd like to see our Mons stop being chibi, thats one!

Yeeees...violence...IS THE ANSWER!
No. 172575
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.
No. 172578
We do need a rival...
and as long as he doesn't go to far with it, a snooty rich boy would be perfect.

[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.
No. 172591
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Eventually, we will need to actually challenge the gym in the Gym Town. We are not ready for that yet, and I would prefer to avoid giving away too much about our girls in that particular town.
No. 172594
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Gotta get that delicious XP.
No. 172596
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Let's get some cash before hitting the gym.
No. 172599
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Our team is not quite ready, given the Gym is Grass/Nature type, which we don't have much counter-measure.

But we still have to be careful for potential Team Shuttle encounters, since rich and crime are just two sides of a coin.
No. 172600
[X] Head to the Resort Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

But we really have to return and check on the castle and town incrabitants some time later. (Terrible pun, I know, but I couldn't help it.)
No. 172601
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.
No. 172620
counter measure? this isn't normal touhoumon where the guy can catch a bunch of things, and even then Resort towns would have water types.

Last time I checked grass has nothing over ghost. That and SlKogasa is part poison (a natural counter to Grass)
No. 172622
'sides, the only things that ghosts have to really worry about are Dark types and other ghosts. And massively overleveled things and lucky crits, but that's just how it goes. At any rate, if it's anything like my decade+ old memory of Season 1 of the Pokemon Anime, ghosts are also right capable of fucking shit up and being immune to all kinds of crazy things they shouldn't really be immune to. You know, with those one or two episodes, or however many, with Sabrina and that Haunter. It's not anything like that, though, so I'm just rambling a bit.

Actually, I'd kinda like some clarification from the writefags. Ghosts in this universe aren't really dead things or incorporeal at all, so what, exactly, are they? And I'd also like the Tohodex info on our four partners, as that's a sensible and in-universe thing for the real Zeke to do without relying upon out-of-story authorial exposition. Not stats, or anything. Just what Nebosa did with his partners in the Tohocenter that gave him a rough idea of their capabilities, both individually and as a species.
No. 172632

That'll get covered, don't worry. I'm just kinda loathe to answer anything without being able to clear it with Nob first, and he's not on yet today.

Also, it's a tie folks, 7-7, perfectly even. We need one more vote either way!
No. 172633
[X] Head to the Gym Town.
[X] Beat up the trainers and take their money like your mother would be proud of you for.

Breakin' the tie.
No. 172690
File 137574720790.png - (0.99MB , 778x900 , Chen being adorable.png ) [iqdb]
It's actually a pretty even split in your mind, since both places have their pros and cons. Trainers at the Resort town would be pretty loaded, and thanks to their lack of common sense odds are good that there'd be at least a few of them who'd be easy to beat yet loaded. The downside is that you've got a trio of shiny mons and your mother made a point of telling you that rich people hate getting upstaged by people they think are beneath them. Odds are good you'd get harassed. Plus you kinda do unintentionally flaunt your girls just by having them out.

On the other side of things, going to a town with a Gym in it would let you do more conventional trainer things, face down possible more consistently competent trainers and even challenge a Gym if the Leader's not a snob or something. It'd be less lucrative, but you also just got loaded down with SlKogasa's treasure trove. You're not exactly hurting for stuff.

And to be fair, Costello's Dad runs the gym there, and you're pretty sure he's...well, actually you've never met the guy. But Costello hasn't said anything bad about him! Of course, Costello tends to not say all that much at all if he can avoid it, and never really talked about his home life. Hmm...

It really comes down to what you're willing to put up with, and you're not really in the mood to deal with snobby rich people. ...Honestly you'd prefer to avoid snobby people in general, but by going to the nearest Gym you'd probably avoid where such people congregate.

At least that's something. If you remember correctly from looking at your map earlier, Costello's Dad runs the gym in the town south of where you are now, called One Tree City. Huh. Kind of a weird place to run a grass type gym if there's only one tree, isn't it?

Not that you're complaining, mind, since it'd both give you a chance to clobber some trainers to build up your monetary reserves and get you away from this anomalous place. While you did have fun here, you're just a touch done with it for now too.

Speaking of done with, it seems as if your girls have managed to construct the rest of Crabton for the Crabs, and currently there is a large celebration going on by the crabs to cheer for their new homes and room to expand and live a newer, better life. There's even a scuttling band! Isn't that amazing? You never knew that crabs could play the tuba. At the moment, the Prismrivers are actually leading the band in both the tune and their march as the large line of crabs follows along behind them while SlKogasa is sitting neatly near you, her humanoid form relaxing comfortably on a cushion of slime for support. As she notices you returning your attention to the real world, she gives you a happy smile. "We finished!" She cheers at you, clapping her hands together gleefully.

"You girls did a good job with this. We'll have to come back here later to see how the crabs are doing." You smile at their efforts, and lean against SlKogasa since she's right there. "Still, think you girls are almost ready to get going?"

SlKogasa looks over at how happy the Prismriver Sisters are with their celebration, all of them moving vibrantly and actively as they lead the scuttling band into its grand finale. "Soon?" She suggests with a shrug and a smile puting a friendly hand on her shoulder as her slime shifts and conforms to better support you. Her cool body is exactly what you need on a day like this under the sun, and it feels so good that you just want to relax like this, even though you know you probably need to leave before your past self shows up on the beach.

"Sounds good." You do let the Prismrivers finish up their performance first. No sense cutting their finale short. "So, did you have fun?" You ask SlKogasa. You probably already knew the answer, but you wanted to be sure too.

"Yes. Very much fun!" She grabs you into a great big hug as her slime starts too ooze around you and huge you as well, all over every last bit of your body in a friendly embrace, "So much fun! Can't remember last time..." Her voice goes melancholic and her embrace on you weakens.

You manage to pull one arm out of her embrace and hug her back at least partly. "Well, if you can't remember the last time then we'll need to make a lot more happy memories." You're content to stay in her embrace for a little bit, but you're concerned that the time-space fuckery involved with the beach might cause you to meet yourself, and you're not entirely sure what that would bring about. "Let's pack up and get going. Looks like the Prismrivers are about done too."

The sisters are, in fact, about done. Lyrica is currently teaching a familiar top hat and cane having Crab how to direct an orchestra while Lunasa and Merlin are simply teaching a few crabs how to better play their respective instruments. Plus, it's not like you really have much to pack up since everything sort of just...happened all at once.

Still, you've probably got a beach towel or something set out, and no sane traveler would go anywhere without some sort of towel. Outside of that though, you'd really just need to change since swim trunks weren't the best thing to wear when you're already Touhoumon bait. ...So you get right on that changing thing. Out in the open.

Honestly though, you don't mind changing in front of your girls, MerKoishi wouldn't mind the view, and the crabs probably don't care since their anatomy is so far removed from a human's.

...And they don't really respond or seem to notice at all, which gives you a faint feeling of discontent somewhere deep inside of you as your girls finish taking care of the crabs and MerKoishi just idly watches the show you're putting on, since she already gave you one of her own. SlKogasa oozes up behind you, hands making a grabby gesture as her slime shifts in a movement you recognize as her preparing to pounce on you with lewd intentions.

"Kogasa?" You ask when you turn to look at her, blushing since you know exactly what this means. "If we start doing that here, are we going to stop anytime soon?"

She pauses, her hands twitching in anticipation as she smiles widely. She gives you a slow shake of the head as that smile dims a bit,"...No? I want you...inside of me." She tells you as her slime starts to settle down just a bit and she oozes forward and cuddles you again as her slime pools around your ankles and...she proceeds to help you get dressed actually. She seems to have at least realized that you don't want to do this here.

"I don't mind doing it with you, but I'd rather we wait until a bit later. Plus I'm a bit uncomfortable about the location we're at." You admit.

She just gives you a big squeeze before releasing you full dressed from her embrace...and a bit slimy, admittedly. It doesn't actually feel bad though. It's keeping you pretty cool really. Lyrica floats over to you now, having left the top hatted crab behind now that she'd taught him everything he'd need to know, and checks you over as Lunasa and Merlin return with the towel folded up into a tight square as they stuff it into your pack for you.

"Alright, let's go. According to the Tablet we've somehow gone back in time, and I'd really rather not try to explain what's going on here to a past me." You say. "There's a couple towns close by, one with a gym and a resort town that's just a bit closer. I figure we should go for the Gym since you girls-" You look to the Prismrivers. "-should get some actual experience fighting the mons of other trainers." You almost leave it at that, but... "Admittedly, while the resort town might be fun, there's the fact that rich people tend to lack common sense. They'd probably despise you-" You look to SlKogasa, then look back to the Prismrivers. "-and they'd probably despise me for not only having a full set of shiny Prismrivers, but having the gall to flaunt them."

SlKogasa droops, her humanoid portion of her body slinking down deeper into her slime. Why would anyone hate her? She didn't do anything bad. Merlin just pats SlKogasa on the head comfortingly, speaking in soothing tones to her in moonspeak while Lunasa and Lyrica both share a look between each other as they listen to your plans and share a quick conversation before nodding their acceptance to your idea.

You didn't miss SlKogasa's reaction, and once you got the okay of your girls you looked to SlKogasa and pet her. "Kogasa, some people just hate slime variants by default. It's nothing you've done personally." You don't really know of any good way to put it. "Slime variants are the end result of human pollution, so they're something of a failure of human policies. Some people hate being forced to face the fact that they've done something horrible, or to face the fact that they're even capable of it."

SlKogasa just droops even deeper into her slime now, sulking face down into herself as she exudes and aura of sadness over such terrible circumstances. You can tell what she's thinking. She didn't do anything wrong, so why do they get to treat her like that just because they're dumb?

You wrap your arms around her and pull her a bit out of her puddle. "Some people are just that stupid. I'll never treat you like that though. I care about you, and I'm sure Lyrica, Lunasa, and Merlin do too."

SlKogasa just makes a burbling noise as you hug her, but doesn't try to sink even deeper into her slime or anything of the sort. The Prismrivers all crowd around her as well, latching onto the larger touhoumon in a great big group hug that is sure to raise her spirits. SlKogasa just lets out a sigh and hugs all of you back with her slime, turning the entire event into one giant hug pile.

You don't really want to let go of her, but in the end you need to get moving. You have no idea how much longer you've got before your past you shows up, assuming that's how this even works, and pull away from her. "Let's get going. Kogasa, when we retire to a Touhoumon center for the evening, we can see about having me inside you then."

Kogasa immediately returns to her original shape and proceeds to pick up you and all of the Prismrivers and charges off away from the beach, surging back up the path you came down on as you can see the Crabs waving to you as you leave while MerKoishi slinks off into the ocean, disappearing beneath the waves.

You can't argue with this form of transport, and let the goo girl carry you off. It's honestly pretty comfortable.

SlKogasa rapidly speeds up the trail and onto the route proper and proceeds to promptly stop as she realizes she's not quite sure where she's supposed to go, leaving her looking up and down the road confusedly.

"Alright. From here we need to go... that way." You check your Tablet's map app and point in the direction you and your team needs to go to reach the closest town with a Gym.

SlKogasa lets out a cheer and proceeds to ooze off rapidly in that direction, covering a lot more ground than you'd be able to on foot. You and the Prismrivers are left sitting in little indentation seats she's made in her membrane, keeping you all from getting sticky in her slime proper.

As you rush down the route behind you, you can see four small figures and a bigger fifth one rush excitedly down the hill that leads into the forest and jump over the route's path before they charge down the same path you traveled towards the beach.

You check your tablet and are quite frankly happy that you had SlKogasa hold off on the sex. You didn't have much time left before the you of a couple hours ago ran into the you of now, and you're not sure how that would have gone down. Likely not well.

Plus you shudder at the thought of your Prismriver's and SlKogasa meeting their past selves. That would have gotten messy and exhausting for both versions of you, you suspect.

You're definitely going to have plenty of scenarios like that with just your own girls, so there's no reason to go and do something silly to accelerate its arrival. Anywho, that's averted so now you can just focus on the route ahead.

Your general strategy involves keeping an eye out for any sort of loitering trainers and challenging them since your Prismrivers do need the experience. You figure SlKogasa's decently strong, and you'd like to both get your Prismrivers up there to at least match her or even get them evolved.

The wonderful thing about being on main routes as that you can usually count on at least running into a few trainers loitering around on them, having picnics or fishing or trying to do the same thing you intend to do, harassing random passersby and beating them up for their lunch money. What an amazing world you live in.

Speaking of, someone up ahead is currently sitting in full view of you behind a bush, watching down the road in the direction that the Gym town is. Is he...lying in ambush or something?

"..." You don't really have any words, and have to think about this a bit.

"Kogasa, I think that's a trainer up ahead. Mind if we battle him?" You ask.

Kogasa nods silently as she starts to slow down to a crawl, oozing along up the trail towards the trainer before she's reached close enough for her taste and shifts her slime to let you slide off of her easily. Even then the trainer doesn't seem to notice your approach as he stares focusedly down the path in the exact opposite direction that he should probably be looking. Or, really, he should just be hiding IN the bush and watching both paths.

You creep up behind the trainer in question just as quietly as you can, and proceed to yell "I challenge thee!" at him in your most theatrical voice possible.

The trainer proceeds to completely panic and flip out, tumbling into the bush he was hiding behind and flailing about while yelling out in wordless terror as he sends leaves scattering all over the place in his terror.

You can hear Lyrica and Merlin struggling to contain their laughter behind you, while Lunasa and SlKogasa have no such restraint and break out into giggles and guffaws.

The trainer drags himself out of the bush and then makes eye contact with you. You can almost feel the tension in the air in that moment before he point an accusatory finger at you, "Ah ha! You tried to ambush me, but it didn't work!"

"Oh ho, but if it were not me, then who sent you tumbling through the bushes with an issue of challenge? Or perhaps you thought you were executing a clever ruse?" Good grief, apparently you just needed the right trigger to want to be a goof yourself. Then again, as Prof. W says, if you're gonna be in the spotlight, you might as well put on a show!

"Don't think you can just shake it off here Mister Mystery! You're the one trying to pull of a ruse cruise with your sneaky sneakiness!" The other boy prods the air in your direction in an extra accusatory manner as he adjusts his yellow and blue cap.

"A ruse to punish an inexperienced sneaker's complacency!" You retort with a hint of smugness in your voice. You got quite the laugh out of your girls with that one, which you're happy about. "Now then, I believe courtesy demands a duel between our mons!"

"Uh..." The boy looks suddenly nervous, "Well I mean, I would but I kinda, got a thing plan I was gonna do here in a second and..." He glances back down the road towards the Gym town, eyes nervous.

"Something that needs you to look at the main route from behind a bush, leaving you susceptible to ambush?" You drop the theatrics in favor of using a more normal tone, and can't help but wonder if he's backpedaling now.

"Yeah, I mean. I'm watching for something I know is gonna come from that way, so I..." He kicks the dirt as you poke holes in his clever plan, "...I'm gonna beat up the mons of someone who beat up my sister and her friends mons because they're a bunch of jerks! I'll fight you after I've beaten them up if you really want to do it, but...can you just wait, please?"

"Do you know what said trainer is running in terms of mons?" If you were asked about why you were sticking your nose in this kid's business, you'd have to admit that your reason is mostly because it'd give you a chance to maul multiple trainers rather than just one.

"Why do you want to know?" He asks, eyeing you suspiciously as one hand starts to drift down towards his belt. You guess it really wasn't that long ago when Shuttle was an issue, but still...

"I could help out, depending on what's going on." You answer simply.

"I...uh, I don't know. I remember my sister talking about dealing with some jerk down at the gym and then I heard him around town bragging about how he totally beat her, and said some other things to." He clenches his fists together, "Nobody talks about my sister like that and gets away with it."

"Even if he does have friends." The boy looks a bit nervous at that, but still resolved in his plan.

"A gym trainer then?" Of course, if this is Costello's dad's Grass Gym like you think it is, it might be more practical to sic SlKogasa on them. Not that you're totally sure.

"What, no! My sister's a gym trainer! These guys are a bunch of travelling, snobbish pricks. They didn't even make it all the way through the gym to fight Sebastion and they still talked trash about it!" The boy insists, "Travelling trouble causers, the worst kind of trainers!"

"Ugh, well, in that case I'd be more than willing to help you out. You said that there's more than one trainer, right? Plus you don't sound too confident about taking on a bunch of trainers at once."

"...Why would you help though? What are you, a wandering ally of justice or something?" The Kid asks you curiously, though thankfully he doesn't seem quite as skeptical of you now.

"I just find snobs insufferable, plus my girls need some EXP of their own." You cross your arms as you speak the truth.

"...Oh okay, that's cool then." He gets back to hiding behind the bush, watching the path patiently as if he'd never been disturbed at all, "You might want to get behind a bush too if we're going to do this properly.

You do exactly that, looking to your girls before you do. "Looks like we're going to get into a fight soon, so we ought to keep out of sight." You get the feeling that SlKogasa might actually spook whoever comes by if they see her right off the bat.

SlKogasa gives you a salute before she promptly collapses into a puddle that's scarcely visible from where you are right next to it, and your Prismriver's all dart off to hide...right next to you and in your lap. Lyrica is sitting next to you, watching the road seriously as Merlin sits in your lap with her face buried in your chest. Lunasa is currently actually in a dip in the land near SlKogasa, and is also watching the road intently.

You're not surprised with where everyone ended up, and you're not totally surprised either. You settle for hugging Merlin with one arm and petting Lyrica with the other until these odd offending trainers showed up.


"Say, what's your name?" You ask the youngster.

"Huh? Oh!" His face lights up with realization, "My name's Joey! What's yours?"

"Ezekiel, or just Zeke. Nice to meet you." You respond politely.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too." Joey responds as he goes back to staring right down the road and waiting for his chance to avenge his sister and crush a bunch of punks.

You wait there right along with him, hoping that these guys will show up soon.

Time slowly ticks by as you watch the path and the sun starts to rise higher in the sky above you again. You hope this time travel doesn't mess with your sleeping schedule too much. That'd just be very unfortunate. Then, you see something up ahead on the path, two dots slowly coming closer and growing bigger.

"That's them..!" Joey hisses, clenching his fists as he stares at the person who dared harm his sister.

"Shall we introduce ourselves?" You ask.

"We need to wait, for the most dramatic moment. My sister says your first appearance is everything." He insists in a solemn tone as he waits and waits until...

"Now..!" He hisses as he suddenly jumps out the bush and into the path, in front of the two older boys traveling down the path as he strikes a ridiculous and admittedly kind of cool pose in front of the two, "Stop right there, criminal scum!"

You follow suit in a more subdued manner, stepping out in a manner that practically exudes confidence and superiority. You strike your own pose shortly after that. "It's time to pay the price for your thoughtless actions!"

"Oh hey!" One of the older boys, the one in the red tracksuit, "It's that bitch's brother and some other kid!"

"It is." The fuzzy-collared boy agrees,"...Let's kick his ass and then tie him up out in the woods!"

...Are they being serious?

"No man, you idiot." The red tracksuited one punches his fuzzy-collared friend in the shoulder, "We need to hold them for ransom from her! Think about what we could get out of that!"

"Oh yeah..." Fuzzy-collared agrees, rubbing his scraggly chin thoughtfully.

"...What'd you just say!?" Joey snaps, possibly unable to believe what he's hearing, "Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass harder!"

"Okay, clearly you guys aren't taking this thing seriously." You reply in a flat tone. "Still, you're missing a step in all this. All of us have mons, right? Let's settle this with them first."

"Yeah, what he said!" Joey shakes a fist at them as he plucks a ball off of his belt and tosses it infront of him. A beam of light lauches out and takes the form of-

"CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" A Chibi Chen who proceeds to promptly turn around completely and tackle Joey's chest before latches on and begins to rub her face there back and forth, purring up a storm.

You roll your eyes at the sight, but you're also smiling a bit. Odds are good that Joey's a good guy if his Chen's acting like that toward him. "Alright girls, time to come out." You don't even bother with your balls. Namely because you never keep your girls in them.

Apparently they've been bitten by the posing bug themselves, because your Prismriver sisters burst out of their hiding places with their instruments drawn, playing up a storm as they circle you rapidly before hitting the final note of their song and striking a pose in front of you with Lyrica in the middle and Lunasa and Merlin on either side of you. Behind you, SlKogasa spins up into a slimy tornado before stopping behind you, looming over all of you with her slime enhanced height.

"...Ew, he has a slime type!" Fuzzy-Collar's lip curls up in distaste at the sight of your slimy girl.

"Some people don't have taste bro. You should already know that." Red Tracksuit reminds his friend while eyeing your SlKogasa warily, like she's going to kidnap and eat a baby or something.
No. 172691
Joey manages to get his Chen calmed down with sufficient head scratching and attention that she hops off of his chest and stands in front of him, bouncing from one foot to the other eagerly.

"You certainly talk big for a couple of cretins." Your expression has pretty much lost any humor it had, and is replaced with a much more annoyed one. Heck, they even ignored your shiny Prismrivers! "Let's see what you've got then."

"All right, let's kick their asses and hold them hostage in the woods!" Fuzzy-collar pulls a touhouball out from inside of his pockets.

"Only that girls brother is worth anything to us. We can tie the other one up in the woods since you're focusing on that." Red Tracksuit decides as he pulls a ball off of the back of his belt.

So, it's going to be a two versus two match?

You completely ignore what the cheeseballs are saying in favor of speaking to your girls. "Lyrica, Lunasa, Merlin, any of you feel like playing fair with this?" You ask them.

Lyrica is currently staring at the duo with murder in her eyes while Merlin holds a gentle hand on her shoulder, smiling politely like Yume doesn't when she's trying to not strangle you. Merlin is hugging SlKogasa who is starring at the duo with an odd expression on her face that you can't read. You don't think that they are intending to play fair, and considering that these two talked about holding Joey ransom and tying you up in the woods...

Joey has knelt down next to his Chen and is whispering something into her ear as she nods along, occasionally murmuring something in moonspeak back at him.

"Alright, just checking. You've got free reign for this one." You say to your girls before turning back to the offenders. "So, are we going to start sometime this century or are you going to keep wasting our time with empty threats?"

Fuzzy-collar snarls at you as he flicks the ball out of his hand and releases his mon while Red Tracksuit does the same, both of them putting on their Game Faces. Fuzzy-collar releases a particularly mean looking Chibi Suika who cracks her knuckles upon being released, while Red Tracksuit lets out a...Red Kedama wearing sunglasses?

"A Kedama? Seriously?"You know that certain species of Kedama could be a threat, but still, there was a reason they typically aren't used. You shrug after that. "Alright girls, you're up." You motion to your shiny Prismriver trio. Odds are good they'd have fielded themselves as a group even if you told them not to. Good thing you had no intention of stopping them.

"This is no ordinary Kedama." Red Tracksuit grins at you as his Kedama vibrates in place, twitching rapidly around the area in front of him in an amazing display of hyper activity, "And you're about to find out just what makes it so special."

"What, it's faster?" You ask, not really impressed. Your shiny Prismrivers were abnormally strong too, but they had a general boost to their abilities that let them perform better than others of their kind. "Anytime you want to start, girls."

Lyrica charges forward, followed by Lunasa with Merlin trailing in the rear, all of them holding their instruments in attack position as they shift into formation alpha three!

"Heh." Red Tracksuit just smirks and points a finger, "Akadama! Use your PINBALL ATTACK!" The Akadama lets out a squeaky cry and promptly disappears into a blur as it rushes forward to attack your trio at blinding speeds and...

...Proceeds to hit them ineffectually due to its attack being a normal typing while your Prismrivers are all ghosts. Your girls are trying to swat the annoying thing out of the air but are having trouble getting an attack to hit with how insanely fast this Kedama variant is.

Off to your side, Joey's Chen is battling against the Suika, bobbing and weaving around the stronger touhoumons attacks while lashing out with her claws to cut narrow, shallow gashes onto her. It doesn't seem like the Chen can do much damage against the Suika, but she's using her extreme speed advantage to keep ahead of the slower but strong touhoumon!

You just raise an eyebrow at the tracksuit-wearing trainer before looking to your girls. The Kedama was fast, sure, but from the looks of things that's literally all it has going for it. From the sounds of it its best move is of a type that doesn't even affect your girls, so it's literally nothing more than an annoying red fly pestering them. It still has to get in close to attack though... Wait a tick, you did consider the idea of having them use a literal sound barrier before. "Girls, think you can generate brief omnidirectional shockwaves?" You don't want to give too much away, and your girls are pretty clever.

Lyrica's eyes light up with inspiration at your suggestion as she quickly barks out orders to her two sisters. The three of them form up into what you think is a defensive positions and support each other as the mysterious Red Kedama continues to assault from multiple directions and avoid any counterattack that they try to launch. You watch and notice as the three of them prepare to play their instruments, but all pause right before they start, eyes closed in concentration as they wait for something you can't seem to see.

Off to the side, Chen ducks under another punch and delivers another scratch to the increasingly infuriated and bloody looking Suika, who seems to be using Rage. if her behavior is any indication.

"Come on Suika, hit the stupid furball!" Fuzzy-Collar shouts at his Touhoumon as she misses another attack, "Why the hell are you missing her!?"

You feel a brief moment of shock as you finally catch it. The Chen hasn't just been scratching the Suika, she's been blending movements and attacks launch sand into her opponent’s eyes and nearly completely blind her! With Suika stuck in her rage, she's not able to clean her eyes or use a more accurate attack!

Clever. The mix of the two attacks was less Scratch or Sand-Attack, and more Mud Slap. Between all that and the rage, the Chen could just continue to pick away at the Suika until she's out of health. Seems like Joey knows what he's doing, though at the same time you get the feeling he would have lost if he had gone at it alone. The Kedama was no doubt faster and could probably interrupt and distract the Chen.

As it stands though, you really just have to wonder if track suit really understands this little thing called 'type advantage'.

You watch as the girls all take in a deep breath and you're surprised as SlKogasa suddenly surges up and around you, holding you close while a purple flower bursts up out of the ground and wraps around Joey. Then the girls unleash their attack and you find yourself very thankful that the sound of it is muffled by the gel you're wrapped in because you can see the sheer force of the sound send those two jerks flying backwards and blasting the Akadama who tries to speed power through the blast but can't, and is sent flying off himself. Even the Suika takes the force of the blow on the chin, sending her tumbling to the ground and...where's Joey's Chen!?

...She digs back up out of the ground and shakes the dirt off of her outfit and hair, rubbing one of her ears while giving your girls a pout...which leaves Joey stuck in that big purple flower.

"Thanks for that, Kogasa." You say to the goo girl after you watch everything unfold. ...Admittedly, you're kind of disappointed. Both the Suika and Kedama got blown away, but so did both of the trainers. In fact, you're not sure you can spot them anymore. This is detrimental to the idea of building up a money reserve, but eh. Your girls seem to have a new attack to use, and everyone important is safe. You have to wonder just where the giant purple flower came from though.

The flower slowly unfolds and reveals Joey, who is currently tied up in and supported by a number of green vines as what you think may be a Kasen who is seemingly fused with the flowers strokes his cheek with one hand, softly smiling as she nuzzles up against him. Joey seems to be very much embarrassed to be caught in such an exposing position, "Ah, Hermy? Could you set me down please?" He asks, his voice a pitch higher than it was before. The Chen yells something in moonspeak at the odd Kasen as well, shaking her fist in an infuriated manner. Lyrica covers her mouth with one hand and tries to hide her laughter as Lunasa doesn't bother and just breaks out laughing and Merlin just dissolves into giggles. Even SlKogasa is laughing, you can feel her slime jiggling as she does so.

Really, you're not much better in terms of positioning, so you don't really laugh at him. Even if you do find the scene to be amusing. "So, I guess we win?"

"Uh...yeah, I guess so." Joey agrees as the Kasen just leans closer and kisses him on the cheek, leaving a great big pair of purple lips there as she pulls back and slowly goes about letting go of him, the vines rubbing along his body as they pull away from him and leaving Joey even more embarrassed as he dusts himself off...and is promptly tackled by the Chen right back into the flower where the Kasen just smiles as her vines start to hug the poor boy as much as the Chen is.

SlKogasa gently releases you as well and your girls rush up to you, though they stop short of tackling you back into Kogasa. Still, you can see just how happy and excited they are for how successful their first trainer battle was, the light of victory burning brightly in their eyes.

"You girls did well. I'm proud of you all." You hug each girl on your own terms though, since they're being considerate enough to not start something in the immediate line of sight of another boy who's in a much more embarrassing position than you are. Last thing you need is for your girls and Joey's to decide that they need to have a 'who can molest their shota better' competition.

"Ah, ah! Girls, wait! Sister will notice we're gone soon!" Joey pleads and manages to get his two lovely ladies to release him, allowing him to crawl back up woozily to his feet, "Ah...hey." He waves to you as he reaches behind him and pulls out...his wallet? "I know it's not that much, but..." He holds out a small wad of cash for you, "I wanted to thank you for your help, since you won't be able to get anything from those two jerks."

"Well, strictly speaking it's my fault that neither of us got anything from them to begin with, so I'll just say keep what you got. It's not like I'm really hurting for cash." You did have a decent amount of starting money, plus SlKogasa's trove had some really valuable stuff in it. Not that you make metion of that part.

Joey looks like he's not going to argue and just puts the money back away before slipping his wallet back into his pocket, "Oh! Are you headed into town? You should come with me if that's the case. I'm sure that-."

"Your sister will be waiting for you?" His Kasen asks, her voice deep and amused.

You snort, since this feels like a mild case of deja-vu. "Yeah. I was heading that direction anyway."

"...Okay great!" Joey proceeds to ignore the Kasen who's smirking smugly at his back as he promptly spins on his heels and starts marching towards town, "Besides, it's best to travel together if you don't want to be attacked by wild mon. They've been picking up in rate recently, even if you stay on the roads and routes themselves."

"Huh, really?" You start following Joey since you don't want to get left behind. "I haven't really noticed yet, though I've only gone through the underground tunnel and to the nearby beach." And the path that leads to the White Tower, but you don't need to say that. "Kogasa here was abandoned down there by some jerk who knows how long ago, but since she's tame to begin with I don't really count her as a wild attack."

"What?" Joey sounds shocked and appalled, "What kind of ass abandons a touhoumon in an underground tunnel? Those things are built to...what a prick. Happy you found her."

"And yeah, the wild attack rate's actually gone up. It's still not too common to get attacked if you're on the roads proper, but it will happen. I've been hearing about it from my sister. She says that something disturbed the wild touhoumon, but no one seems to know what."

You're actually stuck thinking about that for a minute. There's at least a few things that could agitate wild mons, but Lunasa's song was the only one you could think of that's immediate. That was over a week ago though, and things had settled down since then, so it can't be that. "I'll definitely keep that in mind."

"Aside from that, an Alraune variant Kasen? That's pretty impressive." You knew your variants and had a good handle on which mons could evolve into what, but there was just something about seeing one of the more unusual ones that was just exciting.

"Yeah, she's pretty amazing alright." Joey agrees as the AlKasen somehow follows along behind him, the plant portion of her seemingly digging easily through the earth and leaving it almost undisturbed in her passing, "My sister gave her to me to take care of, so I try my best to."

His Chen leaps at him, but this time Joey is ready and catches her with a flourish, cradling the giggling kitty against him as best as he can while carrying her, "I caught Chen here myself. She's amazing, I'll tell you that. Easily in the top percentile of all Chen."

"I lucked out big time with my Prismriver trio. I couldn't have asked for a better trio of first partners." You look to your girls with a smile, and note that yes, you really do still feel a bit giddy when you look at them too long.

SlKogasa presses up against your back and whines plaintively, her slimy breasts rubbing against the back of your head.

"I haven't forgotten you, Kogasa." You reassure her. "Honestly, finding a slime variant Kogasa was a pretty big stroke of luck too. I wouldn't trade any of my girls for anything."

"Yeah." Joey agrees as his Kasen leans down and presses her own chest up against the back of his head, smirking smugly at the SlKogasa who leans more onto you because of it. She won't back down from this challenge.

You get the feeling it's going to be a long walk.

Not that you're complaining too much. SlKogasa's breasts are quite nice to feel, along with the rest of her body, really. "You know, I have to wonder. You said those two guys were bragging about beating your sister, didn't you?"

"Uh...yeah? They were trash talking her." Joey agrees with a nod.

You furrow your brow as you think about it. "How did they manage that?”

Joey opens his mouth and then closes it slowly, looking deeply puzzled. "I...don't know? They were just talking about beating her and saying insults, and they said they were going to leave town this way so I...went."

"It just strikes me as odd that for all their trash talking and insidious planning, they were absolute jokes once we actually started fighting them. I mean, seriously. That track suit guy used a normal type attack on obvious Ghost types and acted like there was no way he'd lose." That was the biggest one that made you want to laugh.

"Plus, if your sister was able to get a Kasen to evolve into an Alraune variant, she's got to be a pretty good trainer herself. Not to mention she's probably packing a team that's got mons just as good as your Kasen."

"Honestly, I think they didn't beat her at all." You state after pointing out how things didn't quite add up.

"...but they said they did." Joey says confusedly, even though it seems like he understands what you're saying, "I mean, if they didn't they'd be lying. Do you really think someone would do that? Just go to a gym and tell lies?"

"They were planning on tying you up and holding you for ransom. Odds are good they got thrashed and are mad about it, and went so far as to lie to cover it up."

"...But-" Joey seems to be having trouble figuring this out, "If you lost then you lost. You don't lie about it, you just go train harder so you can beat up the people who beat you before.

"Not everyone works like that though. You've got good, honest trainers like you and I who are willing to admit to our mistakes and learn from them." You start, trying to explain things in a way that makes sense. "Then you get people like Kogasa's former trainer, who abandoned her, trainers like track suit and fuzzy collar who think they're better than everyone else... Heck, even trainers like Team Shuttle members. There's both good and bad trainers out there."

Then you get crazy trainers like your mother, who are mostly good, know when to tell the rules to pack sand, and seem to have entirely too many ways to make someone's life miserable if they threaten her and her family.

"...Those other people are stupid." Joey decides firmly, "I'll kick their asses if I see them again."

"And make sure to keep getting stronger while you're at it. Even losers can train, if barely."

"Well yeah, I'm never going to stop training, not until I'm as strong as my sister is!" Joey declares, pumping a fist in the air and walking into a woman that you'd swear wasn't in front of you both when you last looked.

"Would that be her right in front of you?" You ask, both interested in getting some confirmation and getting a look at the poor kid's reaction.

"...Gissele?" Joey looks up at the older girl with wide eyes, and is promptly dragged into a bone crushing hug by his apparent older sister.

Ayup, that must be his older sister.

"Geez, you idiot." She complains, ruffling his hand with one hand as she uses the other to maintain her crushing force hug on him, "What did I tell you about going out of town on your own?"

"...Don't get caught?" Joey offers.

There isn't really anything you can say or do right at the moment, since you understand full well that family needs its moments every now and again. You just settle for having SlKogasa continue to hug you from behind, since from the feel of it she hasn't stopped.

SlKogasa continues to hug you as you feel the faintest stirring of homesickness in you from watching this lovely family moment. It's amazing how just being a fairly short ways away can feel so far.

"...Something like that." Gissele just sighs with fond annoyance for her younger brother before she turns her attention onto you and your crew, "Oh, a Slime variant? We don't see a lot of those around here. So Joey, who's your friend?"

Joey speaks up excitedly, "This is Zeke! He's a wandering ally of justice!"

"Closer to just an ordinary trainer passing through, but that works too." You roll your eyes again, though you're still amused by the situation.

"Anyway, yeah. I really was passing through since I was on my way to visit the Gym in the town up ahead. My Prismrivers need to get some experience in battle, and my encounters with wild mons have been... Unsuitable, I guess is the word."

"Yeah, I understand that." Gissele frowns with annoyance, "They've been really erratic as of late. Well, why don't you come back to town with me? I can introduce you to Sebastian and get you onto the training courses or into the arena faster. Whichever you prefer."

"Thanks. Joey was leading me there already, but having an extra party member never hurt anyone."

"Unless that party member is a traitor." Gissele points out, "That's hurt people plenty of times!" Still, she helpfully goes about guiding the both of you back towards the town, which probably isn't too far now.

Joey is apparently content to remain next to his sister who keeps an arm around him and holds him close to her hip to make sure he doesn't go wandering off on some other crazy adventure, "What were you even doing out here?"

"Oh, you know...stuff." Joey tries to avoid the question.

You're not quite ready to blow Joey's 'story' wide open yet, and given how his Kasen hasn't spoken up yet you imagine it's only a matter of time before Gissele figures it out, or gets him to talk.

"Oh, stuff huh?" Gissele has a knowing look on her face as she walks along, "Stuff like being the brave avenger of your sister’s honor?"

"What? How did you find out!?" Joey immediately falls for the bait.

"You just told her." You say.

"...oh." Joey droops as his sister pats him on the head.

"There, there. It was sweet of you to try to help, and it looks like you're not hurt. I'm more annoyed that you thought punks like those could stop your big sister!" Gissele puffs out her chest, "After all, aren't you always going on about how I'm unbeatable?"

"Of course you're unbeatable!" Joey agrees, "I just...I didn't really think. I just got so mad, that I..."

"Didn't think straight?" You offer, seeing as you had some experience in that department.

"Yeah..." Joey droops more.

"See, your friend over there understands Joey. I can tell he has experience with not thinking and scaring the people who care about him, because he's got the marks of a big sister’s worry all over him!" Gissele states, driving a knife of words right into your heart. Will you ever live that down?

"Now, you're going to help out around the gym as a punishment so I can keep an eye on you, okay?" She asks her little brother, getting an agreeing nod from him. "Good!"

The biggest question on your mind being how she was even able to tell to begin with. Still, you're just keeping an eye out for things until your group actually gets to the town.

"I'm a big sister." Gissele apparently reads your mind, "We always know what a little brother is thinking...even if it isn't ours." She gives Joey a squeeze, "If we couldn't do that, how else would we keep naughty little boys under control?"

"I'm sure you'd find a way." You say, feeling a touch embarrassed that you were read so easily. Then again, you're probably easier to read than most given how Yume never seems to have less potent reactions whenever you make her worry.

"Anyway, how close are we to town?"

"We'll be in town proper in just a bit, but we're already at the city limits. One Tree's a pretty interesting place." She grins, "If you're looking for the outlying houses, look up."

You look up, thinking that you'd probably have missed the city itself if you hadn't done so. ...Seriously. First SlKogasa, now this. You think you'd learn to start looking up every now and again.

You're actually quite shocked when you see a quite honestly large house in an equally large tree. You can see a few more houses, all varying in size and design, as you make your way into the town. Up ahead you can see that at least some of the buildings are built on the ground, and towards the center of town you can see an absolutely massive tree that seems to have a door built into it.

"That's really impressive." Yup, definitely going to have to learn to look up more. You're not quite slack-jawed at the sight, but you've never seen anything this impressive before either.

Now that you’re in town proper though, you need to make a decision about just what you’re going to do at the gym.

[ ] The gym’s Arena sounds like fun. Just some classic trainer vs trainer goodness.
[ ] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.
[ ] You know, this is Costello’s dad’s gym. You should ask about how Costello is doing.
No. 172692
[x] The gym’s Arena sounds like fun. Just some classic trainer vs trainer goodness.
No. 172693
[x] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

Let's get to training!
No. 172694
[X] You know, this is Costello’s dad’s gym. You should ask about how Costello is doing.
[X] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

EXP is good and all, but currently we are the weakest link in the party. Improving the body is critical to proper adventuring; circumstances may render our partners unable to assist, in which case we need all the athleticism and wits at our disposal.

I say "ask about Costello" first because that's really like a five-minute conversation, while the latter is a training montage.
No. 172700
[x] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

it might be the other way around such as leading into a fight itself.
No. 172701
[X] You know, this is Costello’s dad’s gym. You should ask about how Costello is doing.
[X] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.
No. 172702
[x] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

Training directly with our girls would be a great way to find out what they're capable of.
No. 172709
[X] You know, this is Costello’s dad’s gym. You should ask about how Costello is doing.
[X] Supposed gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

Good idea to me~

Also...uhh, if I remember correctly, since Gym Town is almost neighbouring where Zeke lives, he should probably take the time to say what did he experience on the beach to his mother.

Oh, we might also be able to get help from the gym in tracking down the trainer ID of that SlKogasa (We did note that down right?)
No. 172713
[X] You know, this is Costello’s dad’s gym. You should ask about how Costello is doing.
[X] Gym training courses are supposed to be a great way to train both yourself and your touhoumon.

Besides that, it might be a good idea to call home just to report report that he's made it here safely, he caught a SlKogasa, the crabs at Castle von Doomsteinvania are doing fine and so on.
No. 172737
File 137593522348.jpg - (496.34KB , 1600x1000 , Prismrivers Together.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, if this town is where Costello's dad's gym is, and Costello's mother sent him out this way, he might still be around. It is kind of a priority since you want to say hello to your good friend, though the Gym training course is the next thing on your list. Your Prismrivers need to get some exp of their own, and that one battle by itself isn't going to cut it. Even if they were awesome.

Needless to say, you're heading to the gym. You've just got your priorities in order.

Which is why you continue to follow Gissele and her brother as they guide you into One Tree Town proper. You're seeing a lot more than one tree here though, so there's probably a story to that name. "So, tell me." Gissele speaks up as you pass by a Yakumo Store, "What are you travelling around as a trainer for? Aiming to be a Touhoumon Master? Champion, Gym Leader? You don't look like one of the types who wants to be a breeder." She jibes at you.

"Master, not unlike most kids my age who want to get into this." You already had a tendency to aim high, so why not shoot for the moon while you're at it? You are slightly flustered about the breeder part of that. "I don't have any plans to become a breeder, no. I've still got that urge to travel around, and while I'm sure my girls wouldn't object to my taking up that occupation, it's not quite what I was going for."

"I'm going to be a Gym Trainer!" Joey pipes in excitedly as he hugs his older sister, getting an amused smile out of her as she pats his head and ruffles the boy’s hair again.

"Yes, you've told me before." Gissele responds, soothingly rubbing Joey's head, "And I've always told you that you should aim higher than that. You're a special young man, and you could easily make it to Gym Leader if you put your mind to it."

"Ah, but I'm going to be a Gym Trainer for you when you're a Gym Leader!" Joey responds, seemingly quite smug in his victory in this argument.

Gissele just shakes her head and sighs, smiling fondly at her little brother.

"You're aiming to be a Gym Leader yourself, I take it?" You ask Gissele, since Joey's comment seems to imply it.

"I'm the Senior Trainer at One Tree's Gym." Gissele admits, "So, if Sebastian ever retires from being Gym Leader I'm the next in line for succession of the Gym at the moment. And if you consider that the Elite Four of the region are currently looking around for a new member and Sebastian is easily the best Gym Leader in the region..." She shrugs, "I may be moving up sooner than I'd thought."

"Sister's the best trainer I've ever met! She could destroy Sebastian in a battle! I'd bet on it!" Joey insists.

"Huh. Depending on how things go I may have to try my hand at earning this town's badge from you." You say. You're not totally sure why but you pull Lunasa into a hug and carry her along, and plan to rotate her out for Lyrica later. "I need to get some experience for my girls. I've had all of one battle with another trainer so far, and he only had a red Kedama." You pause for a moment. "Well, he might have had more but my Prismrivers basically blew the Kedama and the trainer away."

"Ah, yeah. That guy." Gissele makes a face," You'd think for all the talk he put out he'd be a bit more impressive on the field. He has another Kedama besides that one, but he's no Kedama Ken." She just shakes her head, "One eccentric trainer pulls off something that took him an insane amount of work and suddenly everyone starts trying to copy cat them." Truly, what a horrible state this world is in.

"No kidding. He had his red Kedama use a Normal type attack against my Ghost type Prismrivers. Sure, they had trouble hitting it, but it was only a matter of time before they blew it away." You were exasperated about that whole thing, seeing as it wouldn't have taken more than two functional brain cells to tell that tracksuit got himself into a battle he couldn't win.

"Exactly! Kedama Ken put a lot of effort into his team and making sure each of every one of them were as capable and trained as they could be, and even he can't take away their weaknesses entirely." She shakes her head," Some people just read a list online and copy it, thinking they'll be just as good as the person who created the idea themselves."

You nod in agreement. "That's why I'm not making up a laundry list of mons to hunt for, and plan to use the girls I can convince to join my team." Granted, you're pretty sure you're not going to catch more than six mons until you're sure you've got a good place to put them. Especially considering that SlKogasa has had such a miserable experience with being stuck in a ball in the past.

"Well, it's good to see that there's finally a little boy trainer whose head I don't need to knock on right. Too many kids these days aren't taught how to properly treat touhoumon and respect them. They just think of them as toys that they can put away when they're done with them, not as the people and partners that they are." Gissele states.

"I didn't need to have my head slapped on straight!" Joey points out,"...for that anyway."

"I raised you, shrimp." Gissele points out, poking her brothers cheek, "I slapped your head on straight when you were a baby by raising you right."

The Lunasa in your arms is squirming about to get comfortable before she settles down and hugs you, making a happy humming sound that kind of vibrates your chest a bit.

You're well-adjusted for similar reasons. ...Or at least semi-adjusted. You're pretty sure your mother's antics have knocked a screw loose considering you mostly convince mons through logic and then having sex with them. It's worth it though, and your feelings on the matter are written all over your face as you look down at Lunasa with a content, caring expression.

"Yeah. I can agree with that. It doesn't take much to realize just what mons are, if you actually pay attention to them." You even pet Lunasa as you walk. "I'm actually trying to avoid creating a full team for now until I've got an actual place to put them. PC Boxes are fine and dandy, but they're basically linked Touhouballs."

"PC Boxes aren't bad places. They're pretty nice all said and done, and are definitely better than a touhouball is. And touhouballs aren't bad from what I've been told, just...comparatively small." Gissele explains, "Still, that sounds like a very sweet decision of you to make, and a smart one in the end. It's best not to rush into getting a lot of touhoumon all at once."

You pass by the touhoumon center and can see an Eirin sitting inside at the desk, reading to be what looks like some sort of magazine. Probably some sort of medical quarterly magazine or something you'd bet. Still, it's nice of them to keep the touhoumon center right next to the gym. Probably saves a lot of time for everyone involved.

"I know they're not, but Kogasa here was abandoned in an underground tunnel and was stuck inside her ball for years until I found her." You motion to SlKogasa, though you fail to bring up your suspicions regarding her inability to form up completely and her difficulty talking in common. "The seal on the ball literally failed, and the protections were long gone. I had to re-catch her, and even then she didn't want back in a ball."

"I know that not every mon will have her aversion to being stored like that, but it's a big enough deal to me that if I do need to bench her for whatever reason, it's not going to be via the storage system."

"...What kind of terrible person just leaves a touhoumon in their ball in an Underground Tunnel? If I ever met someone like that I'd kick their asses." Gissele looks positively disgusted by what she's just heard as the three of you make your final approach to the gym.

"I've actually still got the worn out ball. If I meet the guy responsible, I'm going to return it to him at high velocity, preferably to his nether regions." You say with absolute seriousness. "This is why some trainers shouldn't have mons."

"Just make sure you know exactly who you're dealing with and what their circumstances were before you go beating them up." Gissele does the responsible thing and attempts to convince you to be careful about just whose nether regions you stuff the broken ball into, "Just-"

"Was someone just talking about violence!?" There's a loud booming noise as the doors to the gym are thrown open to reveal a man who looks an awful lot like an older, more muscular Costello, "I-oh it was you Gissele." The man narrows his eyes as he watches her, scratching his chin, "...You're not telling this young men about how you threw those two boys earlier out of here on their rears, are you?"

"Because as members of the official Touhoumon League and the Leader and Senior Trainer of the One Tree Gym, we have to set an example for the youths of today by always being patient and polite, even in the face of extremely rude fellows such as those two." He crosses his arms and looks at her with a serious twinkle in his eyes, "And besides, only the Gym Leader is allowed to get hands on violent with challengers, and I'm not gone just yet! Haaaahahahahaaa!"
You were about to respond, except you were interrupted by what has to be one of the most noticeable Gym Leaders ever. You're actually not quite sure how to take this, except maybe that Costello's got some family silliness of his own to deal with. Anyway... "Would you happen to be Costello's dad?" You ask, once the human tornado subsides.

"Ah, why yes I am!" Sebastian turns his attention onto you, his grin wide and friendly as he poses with his hands on his hips, "I, Sebastian, am the father of Costello. And who might you be young man?" Why is he so loud and cheerful? If this guy didn't look like it so much, you'd have to wonder if he was really Costello's father.

"Ezekiel, Costello's friend. Is he here, by any chance?" You ask, seeing as you wanted to be sure that your friend was doing okay.

"Hmmm, why no, he's not." Sebastian's eyes narrow as he frowns, putting a hand on his chin again, "He should still be at home with his mother, shouldn't he? Did he leave home for some reason?"

That's got you a bit worried. "Yeah. His mom supposedly sent him out this way a week ago. Right in the middle of a suppression backlash that started the evening before. My mom wasn't really happy about that one and I was kinda grounded at the time." You don't mention why you got grounded, since that would just lead to more talking about an issue that's already over.

Sebastian stares at you for a long moment, his expression frozen completely solid as he stares at you, "Did your mother tell you which way he left town from? Did he take the Underground Path?" His voice is incredibly steady and serious, but you can feel an odd sense of 'pressure' coming from him. Lunasa shifts about in your arms to stare at the man while your other Prismriver's look over your shoulder at him, and behind you Kogasa is still pressure up against your back.

"No, just that he was sent out during the worst of it by his mother." Though something does occur to you. If he went by the underground tunnel, then SlKogasa would have seen him. "Hey, Kogasa. Did you happen to see anyone about my age come through before I did, and recently?"

SlKogasa hums thoughtfully, sending her jelly jiggling as she poses in a way concerningly similar to Sebastian. Eventually she shakes her head," one went." She tells you, and you notice Sebastian's expression take a turn for the darker. Still, maybe she had been sleeping...?

You're not quite panicking yet. Costello didn't just have Kiri with him after all, Rei got handed to him too. Those two, while chibi, were still two of the more devastating mons you knew and it would take quite a lot to bring them down. Not to mention that Costello himself wasn't like Abbott at all. If he got going he'd just make his two girls even more effective. "And he doesn't have something to contact him with, does he?" You ask in a flat tone, checking your Tablet for anything that might be used to contact your friend directly.

"If he's gone the way I think he did, then there won't be any signal boosters in the area that would let him call for help if he needed it." Sebastian, "There's usually a booster or two along the main routes and a wide range outside of any town or village but..." Sebastian sounds like he's about to panic, "Why would she send him along the way I always take home!? It would be faster and safer to go through the Underground Path! I need to-Gissele!" He points to the girl, "You're in charge of the gym in my absence, and all the rights and responsibilities of that post!"

"Just hold on Costello!" Sebastian yells out as he charges back into the gym to rapidly gather his supplies.

"...I see." Gissele seems to be taking everything in stride while Joey hides behind her.

"...Is he gone?" He asks, peering out from behind her.

"Yes Joey." Gissele rolls her eyes, "The scary man is gone."

You just rub your forehead. "Honestly, knowing Costello he's probably fine. Suppression backlash or no." You say how effective his two girls were yourself, and your friend was far from stupid. "I would have gone out to help search, but that'd also mean getting blown around by a human hurricane of a man."

"...When have I ever not been fine?" Costello asks you, wandering up to your little group.

That doesn't even phase you, oddly enough. "Case in point." You gesture to Costello with your thumb. "How've you been?" You look to your friend proper.

"...Well, I didn't take the Underground Path, and had to trudge through heavily touhoumon infested woods for the past week." He admits, dusting off his jacket. You notice that it's a fair bit damaged, dirtied and in dire need of some stitches in a few points, "It looks like all those times we were told not to play in the woods were right."

Kiri is hovering over Costello, muttering something in a decidedly dark tone that makes you a bit nervous. She seems to be pretty upset.

Rei is just lounging on top of a ying-yang ball, relaxing contently and boredly watching what's going on in front of her. Life's good, so she's apparently just going to take it easy for now.

You cringe at your friend's overall appearance. "Dang. Well, at least you don't have to deal with your mother's insane demands anymore. I'd almost feel bad about my first day out being a relaxing trip to the beach if it didn't involve getting dragged into an anomaly and having to deal with the whims of a Mermaid variant Koishi while there." You look to SlKogasa next. "I got jumped by Kogasa here, but she wasn't really attacking."

"...Huh. Well that sounds like it wasn't much fun." Costello remarks, "I didn't end up in any anomalies, but I did run into a few mysterious locations. Found an SDM and an Eientei." He shrugs, "They both had lovely gardens."

"Usual thing you hear about happened. I played a game with the ruler after my friends fought a few battles, I beat them at their own game and ended up being kept as a guest safely for the night." He adjusts his collar, "Honestly, I think that Remilia and the Kaguya both just wanted new company to talk to more than anything."

Kiri's muttering intensifies as her hands clench into fists, and strange arcane whispers can be heard chanting along with her underneath her own voice.

"I'm guessing Kiri didn't have fun." You say, noting the witch's reaction and how she looks like she's about ready to blow something up.

"Oh, right. Rei, I'm glad to see you wound up with Costello. I would have been worried if you stayed with Abbott." You look to the purple-haired mon to talk to her, and are genuinely relieved that she wound up with the more intelligent of the pair.

Rei just looks at you and then nods once. She too is happy she ended up with Costello apparently. You can't blame her given how Abbott probably wouldn't have reacted well to her smacking him like she did.

"Kiri's just upset because the Remilia and the Kaguya were both very friendly people." Costello puts a hand on the witch's head and gently pets her, soothing the irritated spirit of the touhoumon, "She thinks any girl who's so much as polite to me is planning something, I think."

It looks as though Giselle left at some point during your conversation, leaving Joey behind here alone. You also notice that while the three of you are chatting, your touhoumon are starting to congregate together as well into their own little round robin of discussion, drawing in SlKogasa, Rei and even Kiri. Joey's Chen and his AlKasen are involved in it as well, and the entire group is conversing in moonspeak.

"...Do you ever kinda wish you could speak moonspeak?" Joey asks suddenly as he watches them all together, Chen laughing cattily at something while Kasen giggles with a hand over her mouth.

"It'd be nice to be able to talk to my Prismrivers on even terms, yeah." You respond. Now that Gissele's gone though, you feel comfortable enough to bring up another point. "I swear I'm going to say this more than a dozen times before I'm done, but the Slime variant Kogasa I found in the underground tunnel? She had been left in her ball when she was abandoned and seems to have a bit of trouble speaking in common as well as forming up completely. I plan to ask my mom about that, but I wanted your opinion on the matter while I was at it."

"I suspect that the ball's degradation might have affected her." You state.

"...Well, I remember hearing about how degradation of data integrity can hurt touhoumon in balls." Joey tries to help, "Plus if they're left alone in them too long that'd be like a human getting locked up and never talking to anyone, right? Maybe she just forgot how to talk in it because she didn't use it much."

"...That sounds reasonable." Costello agrees, "I remember reading a few stories on the net about what can happen when a touhoumon is stuck in a ball and the data begins to corrupt. Most were just that, stories but...given that touhoumon are stored as energy..."

You get out SlKogasa's previous ball and unwrap it to show the other two in all its decrepit glory. "That's my line of thinking, considering how bad off her ball is."

"woah..." Joey leans in closer to look at the ball you're showing off, "That thing is decrepit. It doesn't even look like a modern pattern!"

"...Hrm." Costello kneels down and runs a finger lightly along the rim of the open ball, "Even the seal is completely broken down.

"Yeah. I have a convenient little app that let me scan the ball's structural integrity. It's completely shot, protection and all. Plus it's over ten years old, meaning she's been stuck in it, and down in the underground tunnel for a long time." You wrap the ball back up and put it away, at least once you're certain that they're done looking at it.

"Yeah, that sounds right." Joey agrees, striking a pose that you suspect is supposed to seem thoughtful somehow, "That model of touhouball stopped being produced about fourteen years ago due to faults that were found in their..." Joey looks like he just realizes something, "Long term storage capabilities."

"...Well. Guess that confirms something for you at least." Costello remarks as you hear indistinct yelling coming from inside of the gym and what sounds like a train barreling down on you.

"No kidding. The guy who did this better hope that I don't find him." You say. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to inflict that kind of torture on a mon. "Hopefully mom will know how to fix her forming issue at least."

You get the feeling the human tornado is coming back though.

"Costello!" Sebastian bursts out of the Gym and scoops up his smaller son in a great, crushing hug as he squeezes him tight, tears rolling down his cheeks," My son! I'm so sorry for the trials you've suffered."

Costello just has a dull, neutral expression on his face as this happens, like he's just shut off his brain for now.

Seeing this drives home the point of just how much smaller you are than Sebastian though. If Costello makes you feel short, his father must do the same thing to him.

You're not really sure you should do anything to disturb this though, so you just wait for Sebastian to finish his fatherly hug and see where things go from there.

Costello is jostled about by his father in the hug a bit more before Sebastian throws open the doors to the gym, "Come my son, let us discuss your youthful adventures! Tell me about everything that happened!"

"Sir?" Gissele speaks up, "I don't think your son can breathe."

"...Oh." Sebastian puts Costello down, allowing your friend to take a deep breath. Costello seems to be completely unphased though, as he just fusses with his clothing a bit before seemingly left completely unruffled.

"...Hello father." Costello speaks up after he finishes making his adjustments.

"Son!" Sebastian beams down at this offspring. Costello just looks even more neutral than he usually does, which is saying something given the guy can look downright dull when he doesn’t care to.

"...I want to hit the Arena, if that's fine with you." Costello says, pointing at the door into the gym his father is blocking.

"Hm? Oh, yes of course!" Sebastian places a heavy hand on his sons shoulder and brings him inside, "I'll take you there myself! I'm looking forward to seeing you in action for the first time." Sebastian guides Costello into the gym, and Rei and Kiri break off from the group chat to hurry along and join up with him. Kiri crabs onto Costello's arm while Rei sets about lounging on his shoulder.

You just shake your head after watching Costello get lead off into the Gym proper, and you look to Gissele since she's there. "You wouldn't happen to have a training course at this Gym, would you?" You ask, since your first order of business is out of the way.

"We have several actually!" Giselle seems happy to help as she invites you inside, "Just what kind of training were you hoping to get?" She asks of you as Joey wanders into the Gym past his sister.

You step into the Gym proper at Gissele's prompting. You wind up feeling a touch embarrassed when you're asked this question, largely because you genuinely don't know the full extent of the services a Gym offers. Higa's Town is too small and inconvenient for a lab, so a Gym is right out. Plus, your parents educated you in their own ways, so there's that. "Actually, I don't know what goes into the courses. I come from Higa's Town, which is too small and out in the sticks to have its own Gym..."

"Ah, home educated?" Gissele nods understandingly, "Well, we here at One Tree Gym offer a wide variety of training courses meant to simulate specific circumstances or train certain skills. One of the more popular ones we currently offer is meant to help teach a trainers team how to react and handle a situation in which their trainer is incapacitated. The "Damsel in Distress" is the most popular there, in which one of the gym's touhoumon will 'kidnap' the trainer and their team has to rescue them within a time limit meant to simulate the touhoumon reaching their 'lair'."

"Another popular one is our good old fashioned obstacle course, which is less about teaching you how to deal with attacking touhoumon and more on how to handle the numerous ways mother nature herself will endanger you. We here at One Tree focus specifically on the threats you'll run into in all parts of the forest. That and bears."

"Hm..." You have to give it some thought. On the one hand, while your girls are pretty smart, you're still kind of the key component that helps them push past situations they might not have been able to get past themselves. If you're incapacitated, their effectiveness lessens. On the other hand, if you take the time to start developing yourself, there's more of a chance that you might not need to get rescued to begin with.

"Those aren't the only courses we offer either." Gissele is quick to point out, ever helpfully, "If there's any sort of scenario or situation you want to train for, just tell me and I should be able to figure out something."

Your Prismriver's are all fluttering around with Joey's Chen and his AlKasen, the Purple Hermit seemingly in the middle of explaining something to all of them as the girls watch on with rapt attention, eyes wide as the Kasen holds her hands a large distance apart.

SlKogasa reveals herself by recuddling with you once more, clinging onto your back as she hugs you.

You take one of the goo girl's hands in yours after she cuddles up to you, and proceed to answer. "Alright then, I'll..."


[ ] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.
[ ] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.
[ ] Well, she did say any scenario or situation… (write in)
No. 172738
[X] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.

This would help lessen the chances of having to need our girls to save us in the first place. That and a crash course on just what things to do and not to do in the wilderness against wild Mons would be really really helpful

After all, I cant count on the number of times we got BAD ENDO due to making unwise decisions, so lets set the rules straight on what to do and not to do
No. 172739
[X] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.

We can't be the dude-sel in distress forever. It'll get the girls all tired out and cranky.
No. 172740
[X] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.

There's a heck of a lot more nature than there are Touhoumon, and it's more willing to apply lethal force to boot. 'sides, this sort of training helps prevent Damsel in Distress scenarios, and I believe that prevention is more effective than cure.
No. 172741
[X] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.

Obstacle course does seem interesting. I wonder if we could time how fast we can get through it safely. But it does sound like it'd be good team building.
No. 172743
[X] You know that Mother Nature is one tough mother. Get trained in how to deal with that first.

Other people have already mentioned my main reason for this vote ("prevention vs cure" and all that), so yeah..
No. 172744
[ ] Well, she did say any scenario or situation… (write in)

Train with Giselle. One on one. In private.
I mean sex.
No. 172745
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

I fear those talking about "prevention" don't realize that the obscole course only covers the elements, not any wild mon or their tactics.
No. 172746
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

Sounds more fun,to be honest.
No. 172747
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own
No. 172748
[x]Well Team Shuttle might, uh, abduct you (Giselle can substitute for Team Shuttle!) and, uh, give you a VERY through and VERY physical examination. that, uh, test and researches your exact [i]prowess[/] in "recruiting" Touhoumon. She should totally simulate that, yeah.

Totally not looking for Giselle x Zeke. Totally not.

What? You actually believed me?
No. 172751
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

This one sounds the most fun. Useful too, since most of the times we've been bad ended have been a result of our capture. Let's exercise their teamwork and decision making.
No. 172752
[X] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.
I'm choosing this because it'll allow the girls to be able to function and be effective even with Zeke incapacitated. They aren't just reliant upon him for plans and such and can solve problems on their own.

Costello seems to have a subdued relation with his dad. He seems much more open with Zeke while his reaction to Sebastian is almost unhappy it appears. Any reason for that?

Regarding SlKogasa's old ball, Joey mentions the problem it had with long-term storage. What differences are there with current touhouballs vs. older versions like SlKogasa's ball? Is the difference merely evolutionary, as in incremental improvements, or have their been big leaps in touhouball technology?
No. 172753
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.
They need to build teamwork! They'll be like a happy family and all that.

Besides, it kinda makes them autonomous if we're focused on using another mon' or rescuing someone.
No. 172754
[X] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

Well, Zeke does seem to get captured an awful lot, and our mons could use the EXP.
No. 172755
[c] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

Alright, then.
No. 172757
No, I realize. It's just that general physical fitness is an important part of adventuring, and can aid in escape or resistance. Besides, our partners seem autonomous enough; they seem to figure things out on their own fairly well.
No. 172758
[x] You should play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and let your girls learn how to save you on their own.

This sounds more amusing than the other option.
No. 172760
>> We here at One Tree focus specifically on the threats you'll run into in all parts of the forest. That and bears.

So does that mean Bear Varients, or actual Bears?
No. 172761
Actual bears I'd imagine; they're godless killing machines.
No. 172763
File 137600482864.jpg - (555.93KB , 1000x848 , Ran Smiling So Saucy.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Start us off with the 'Damsel in distress' course." You say. While getting a bit more physically fit could let you get out of being kidnapped every now and again, you have to acknowledge that you’re both the weakest link as the trainer and that you're probably going to get kidnapped several times over the course of your adventure. You want to be sure that your girls are up for the task of saving you when some mon inevitably gets lucky and makes off with you.

"Yoooou've got it!" Gissele smiles as she starts to walk away from you and deeper into the gym, "Just follow me and I'll get you set up. Joey, go to my office and wait there, all right?"

Joey nods, "Okay, I'll wait for you there sis! Later Zeke, have fun! Watch out for the thorn bushes!" He warns you as he charges off down one of the hallways of the gym. Looking around...this place really is inside of a massive, living tree isn't it? Everything seems to have either been carved out of the tree itself, or perhaps grown that way.

You're a touch worried about the mention of thorn bushes, but you wave bye to Joey and follow Gissele further in while making sure that your girls are following you.

Your Prismrivers dart after you, though all of them seem a touch in awe of the gym itself and its sheer size. Lyrica is the most in control of herself and is floating along next to you, nibbling on her lip nervously while muttering quietly to herself. Lunasa and Merlin are floating along behind you, both of them seemingly in a better, or at least less stressed, state than Lyrica is. SlKogasa oozes along behind you all, eyes darting every which way and trying to take in all the new things she's seeing here.

You're a touch nervous yourself, given how you're basically going to take up a course that basically involves you getting kidnapped. Granted, it's under a controlled environment so there shouldn't be any real danger. None the less, you pull Lyrica into a one-armed hug and keep her close to provide her at least some comfort.

Lyrica squeaks in surprise at the hug, but cuddles up against you all the same. It would appear that your hug soothed some of her worries, whatever they happened to be. That's good, isn't it?

Gissele leads you deeper into the gym, her steps long and fast as she hustles eagerly. She reaches a door marked with a sign that has a picture of what looks to be a Marisa carrying off someone in a sack. "Here we are! Are you ready? When you are, just step inside and you'll begin." She gestures to the adorably signed door.

You nod. "Alright girls, let's go." You go through the designated door, and brace yourself.

You step through the door and into empty air. You feel a brief moment of consternation as gravity takes hold of you and you're sent hurtling down a shaft in the tree, falling rapidly through the air as you hear your girls cry out behind you and rush to try and catch up to you. Suddenly, you break free of the shaft and...

You can see numerous glowing crystals poking out of the ceiling, lighting up the air and the floor below them. And below them is a massive, lush forest that spreads as far as the eye can see in this dim underground light. There's an underground jungle, here!?

While you'd like to stop and marvel at the sight, there's the tiny problem that you're still kind of in a freefall state and noting that you really ought to invest in something like a grappling gun. You're pretty sure you're going to get snatched up soon, so...

You continue to scream rapidly towards the ground and trees, which seem to be getting very big very quickly and you're starting get really worried about just crashing into the trees and the exceedingly hard ground.

Then, something leaps up out of the trees and grabs you in a soft, fluffy hold. Numerous amazingly soft and comfortable fluffy tails wind around you and bind you tight in their embrace, squeezing and hugging you as you slowly come to realize you are in the tails of a Ran who is standing on top of a tree, having caught you. The Ran smiles at you, showing off her pearly white teeth.

"I guess that answers the question of who'd catch me." You say, feeling mildly flustered at the concept of being bound up in fluffy tails.

"Just relax and enjoy the ride." The Ran advises as she takes off, blasting off fo the tree top and bouncing from branch to branch as you see your Prismriver's divert their course and chase after you as quickly as they can while SlKogasa proceeds to slam right through the tree tops, breaking through the branches and probably falling to the floor below.

"Tell me, how is the weather doing up on the surface?" The Ran makes casual, polite conversation as she carries you off, her tails making it so you don't even feel the bouncing from her bounding steps.

"It's sunny up there and not too hot, so I'd call it good." You respond, noting that this is a pretty casual situation all considering. "I can't say I was expecting the huge drop when I came in here, though I guess if one needs room to move and such..."

"The point of the exercise is to teach you how to respond and deal with actual situations you'll be exposed to." The Ran points out as she proceeds to suddenly drop down into the thick of the foliage as a wave of thick air pressure and sound blasts over her where you both just where, "I wonder if they realize that that attack would have hurt you too."
"That's why I'm having them sort this kind of thing out here rather than out in the wild. Granted, they seem to be pretty good at picking their targets, from what I've been able to tell." You say. Granted, their strongest shockwave was enough for SlKogasa to pull you into her so you wouldn't get blasted away, but nearly every other time your girls have attacked they've been able to focus reasonably well.

"I see. They do seem to mesh together quite while, but that's expected of Prismrivers. Let's see what they do when I pick up the pace." Ran bends down a bit deeper on the next branch she lands on and shinki fuck why are you going so fast!?

Trees blur past and around you as the Ran puts the pedal to the metal and blitzes from tree to tree. Still, you feel pretty comfortable in her tails as her fur tickles you a bit. one of her tails tips is rubbing your chin and throat, teasing you.

You can't do much more than squirm about since the Ran in question has a pretty solid, if comfortable hold of you. Still, she's probably doing that on purpose now.

"Hmm." The Ran hums thoughtfully as she suddenly twists in mid-air, dodging a tentacle spear that lances up from the ground far below, "Ah, there's the fourth one. I was wondering when she would show up." The Ran seems to be taking this whole situation fairly easily, doesn't she?

Her tails shift around you, binding your limbs a bit tighter, "Things are going to be getting a little bit rough." She warns you as she digs her nails into a trunk and swings around it, avoiding another sonic blast and letting go, sending you both hurtling towards another trunk that she bounces off of just in time to avoid a slime spear.

You still cry out at the sudden change in direction, which is fine and dandy since the Ran taking care of you is rocketing around like a pinball in a clothes dryer!

The Ran laughs happily, apparently having a great time right now. "Goodness, with a voice like that you were smart to come and get trained here. The wild ones must be all over you, aren't they?" She asks as she bounces off several more trees in the span of a few seconds, dodging and dancing around sonic attacks and slimy spears.

"Considering I've been snatched up like this once already, yeah!" You say, trying to make yourself heard as Ran continues to pinball around.

"Oh, really? Did you go wandering off into a part of the woods where big, scary monsters like me live?" The Ran asks as she lithely avoids three sonic attacks coming from different directions, spinning you around as she moves and dances around them and then twists, through multiple slime spears with casual ease, "There's a reason tasty, new trainers like you are supposed to stay close to town. If you don't..." A tail tip trails sensually along your cheek, "You'll just get eaten up."

You actually blush at that particular action. There's not a whole lot you can say either, all considering. You'd like to put the White Tower experience behind you, after all.

"Hrm, you know I don't think they're being properly motivated." The Ran comments as she leaps off of another tree and drives through a thick bunch of branches, avoiding a sonic barrage as she goes, "Let's solve that together."

It's at this moment the fluffy softness of her tails proceeds to invade your clothing, several of her tails worming their way into your clothes and running along your bare skin.

"W-wha?!" You blush harder and cry out a lot more convincingly as she starts to use her tails to play with you. You know you're supposed to just sit tight and let her do what she needs to, but still...!

Still, she does seem to be helpfully avoiding your most sensitive weak spot, her tails mostly teasing your back, chest face and legs rather than just going straight for the kill. Which is good, because with how fluffy and soft her tails are you doubt you'd last for long. "You know, it was actually raining down here earlier." She remarks, going back to the topic of the weather, "It was a nice little downpour. Not a real storm, but a good rain."

"U-underground but there's still weather?" Even though she's only going for your less sensitive weak spots, it's enough to throw your ability to speak off-balance. "That's actually pretty amazing."

"Oh yes, it's quite nice down here." The Ran agrees," This cavern is so massive that weather patterns form here. I suspect that there's more to it than that, of course but-" She twists and avoids a web of slime as you see Kogasa surging up one of the tree trunks near you, pulling herself up quickly using her slime limbs as grappling hooks.

"She's definitely getting closer." You remark. Then again, you suspect that SlKogasa might be the type to pick up on ensnaring people fairly quickly, given how her species is adept at surprising people, mixed with the Slime variant's skill at inflicting status effects..

"Yes she is." The Ran agrees with your remark, "I haven't had the chance to compete against a Slime type before. I wonder if your friends will force me to actually fight back against their pursuit." She dodges another barrage of sonic booms as you see the Prismrivers zip down from above you, attempting to trap the Ran between themselves and SlKogasa. "It looks like they're getting a hang of three dimensional combat too."

"I can see why. Slimes aren't exactly native to New Continent." You respond in an almost casual tone, barring her tails continuing to play with you. "As for making you fight back, they probably will."

"Oh, in that case I might as well just start now." The Ran decides based off of what you just told her, fliping in mid-air to stare at the trio of pursuing Prismrivers as her whole body glows and pulses with a power, and you have an up close view of the purple aura running along her fur. It is at this point that you remember Ran's actual typing.

Ran being the Psychic type, but that puts her at a pretty big disadvantage considering that your Prismrivers are pure Ghost types. SlKogasa might be in trouble though...

Ran just chuckles, almost as if she read your thoughts as you notice her focusing on the Prismrivers, the glowing intensifying as you hear a rumbling coming from the forest floor, "Another part of the lessons you're here to learn is to never ignore your environment."

Then Lunasa is hit with a boulder that rockets up from the forest floor, slamming into the small touhoumon and sending her sailing up higher into the trees out of sight, "A Psychic type does not have to attack directly to be dangerous." She hisses, hands hidden in her sleeves as she brings them both together.

You wince as you watch Lunasa go sailing, and berate yourself for forgetting that a mon's moves aren't dictated by their type alone. Still, you're not supposed to give your mons directions during this exercise, and even if you did Ran could probably shut you up or render you useless in no time at all.

"We're almost at my 'lair'." The Ran informs you as she slips around an attack from the disorganized Prismrivers, her tails rubbing against your body teasingly as she makes several hand gestures and numerous more rocks, both large and small, come flying up off of the floor below and begin to blitz your Prismrivers, breaking up their pursuit and making numerous near hits on them as the Ran raises her other hand and points two fingers at the SlKogasa.

"Bang." She says one word, and you watch as the purple glow leaves her fingers tips and blasts straight through Kogasa's slimy body, ripping a ragged hole in it. That special attack was a lot more effective than the MerKoishi's attacks were.

This isn't really going well at all, but to be honest this is why you chose to engage in this course. When Kogasa tried to kidnap you back in the White Tower, it was only dumb luck and Merlin's intervention that kept her from making you a slave to her tongue skills. You... you really do need the peace of mind that if you do get snatched up again, that your girls could rescue you.

That, and your girls will wind up needing the peace of mind that they can rescue you as well. You'd like to think your fears are mutual.

Merlin unleashes another attack, a sonic boom that Lyrica mirrors as Slime Kogasa twists her body and hurls her slime arm up at the Ran who has you captured. "Check." The Ran simply says as she sends a boulder into the way of the attack to block, "And..."

There's a flare of power from her, a psychic pressure powerful enough to knock even your highly resistant Prismrivers off course as Ran slams into a tree and reaches up it up?

"Mate~." She teases your girls as they make one final, desperate lunge for you with even Lunasa managing to catch up as the Ran flips into the tree she just opened up and slams opening shut on them.

"...My, they did much better than most first timers do!" Your captor Ran praises you as her tails gradually unwind from around you and withdraw from your form and allow you to shakily stand on your own two feet in this new room, "Most people end up not being able to catch up with me at all, let alone put up that much of a fight."

This new room you're in is quite nice actually. It's a decently sized round room with comfortable pillows and cushions put here and there and with numerous bookshelves all over the walls of it, which hold countless books and scrolls and odd figurines and statues and various knick-knacks. It has a sort of homey feel to it. At one end of the room you see a large, fluffy futon and at the other an older model television that's not turned on.

It takes you a couple moments to recover from being trapped in Ran's fluffy tails like that, though eventually your breathing returns to normal and you're able to stand up without shaking. "Huh. I guess I don't have anything to use as a gauge for their performance, and I'm almost certain that they don't." You note as you look around. "I figured this wouldn't be easy though, since you seem like you're pretty tough." You say to the Ran.

"I specialize in this sort of thing." Ran proudly accepts your praise, her tails fanning impressively out behind you and you find yourself very much missing the way they held and ran all over you just moments ago, "It's my job here as a teacher to break people on their first try on these sorts of trials. You all were supposed to lose this first time to help drive home just why it's so important that you all train and improve yourselves. Which is why you'll be staying with me now."

"...Until Gissele and the team of observers can debrief your girls and explain what they did right and wrong. Then we'll try again, or you can leave if you wish to." Ran explains further as you feel the panic that was rising up in you go back down just a bit.

You do let a small sigh of relief escape you when Ran clarifies. Still... "Lyrica and I already know the importance of that at least, though you're right. It'll help for Lunasa, Merlin, and Kogasa." You find a spot to sit down and do so, feeling oddly exhausted yourself. Most likely not due to any sort of physical strain, but the adrenaline rush wearing off.

"The Lyrica did behave quite intelligently as a leader. I was impressed at her ability to coordinate her sisters together like that." The Ran admits as she sits down across from you on a pillow of her own, smiling a she speaks, "I would say it is a close competition between her and that Slime of yours for most valuable player. Had she been in an environment that works more to her advantage, or had just a bit more time to prepare herself or get in front of me, I would have been in trouble."

You nod, since that fits with Lyrica's overall behavior. "Which seems kind of odd, now that I think about it. Prismrivers tend to be based on equality, so none of them try to take the lead. At least from what I understand. It probably has to do with a combination of her status as a shiny, her situation, and how we met."

"Ah, is that what you believe? It's funny how so many of you humans buy into that sort of thing so easily." That Ran seems amused, her ears in her hat shifting as her grin widens, "Prismriver Trio’s are as equal as any other set of triplets are going to be. Every group is different, and while there's always a balance to their relations it is not irregular to have a combat leader. Some personalities just handle that role better than others. In general, each one of the sisters will have their own role they lead in, whether it be in household management or in bed."

"There is some truth to that story though." You say, acknowledging Ran's words but feeling the need to add your own point. "If one particular sister in a trio is shiny and the other two aren't, for example, the shiny one will get kicked out. Of course, that's kind of an extremely rare scenario, but still."

"Hmmmm..." Ran's smile turns just a bit smug as her eyes narrow, golden orbs staring at you half-lidded as she considers your statement, "That is not what always happens, but you make your point none the less. It is not always due to their coloration being different or brighter, but rather due to the fact that the shiny ones tend to be...better." Ran admits, shrugging at the lack of a word for it, "Shinies are brightly colored precisely because they are superior to their fellows in ways, not the other way around. That is what causes the relationship problems in a group like a Prismriver Trio, because one is too much strong than the others, and as such is likely simply the best period."

"Mom did say that my trio happens to be better at expressing their emotions through their music than most, plus they do seem to be just plain stronger overall." You nod in agreement, and proof of that certainly exists as well considering Lunasa's swan song was nothing short of a death field. Not that she could pull that off again now that she's happy with her life. "Plus they seem to have perks in bed." You note with a light blush.

"Ah." The Ran's grin becomes a bit wider at your statement, her eyes twinkling, "My, so young and you're already showing a healthy teenage sex drive? What an impressive young man they have to service." The Ran teases you, tails fluttering around behind her, "Still, to have collected three shinies and a slime variant..."

"Are you perhaps a deviant trying to create the ultimate harem?" She queries.

You blush furiously and sputter at the Ran's question, not having expected it at all. Well, perhaps not the bluntness of it, but still, that was enough to almost make you lose balance!

"Ah, but your expression reveals it all!" One of her tails reaches across the table and 'slaps' you across the face, "I bet you enjoyed just being tickled by my tails, didn't you? Wrapped up in their fluffy hold and getting off on it when I'm not even touching you down there."

"Says the person who was doing it on purpose!" You manage to say, though you're still blushing quite furiously.

"Slanderous lies and accusations!" The Ran slaps you with a tail again, "All I did was professionally encourage you to make a bit more noise to drive your girls to try and save you. You're the one who was enjoying it sexually." The Ran huffs and crosses her arms under her chest, "Honestly, how can you live with yourself?"

You just cross your arms and pout while looking away from her. You're too flustered and annoyed to give a coherent response, and you're pretty sure she's messing with you anyway.

"That just means I win." The Ran declares smugly across from you, smirking knowingly at you from her superior position, her tails waving about behind her temptingly, "Well...since we have some time to pass, why don't we play a game you might have a chance of not losing. What do you think of, say, Chess?"

[ ] Chess sounds like fine.
[ ] Actually, you prefer Checkers.
[ ] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!
[ ] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.
No. 172764
[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

In bed of course.
No. 172765
[x] Actually, you prefer Checkers.
No. 172766
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

No. 172768
[ ] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.
No. 172769
[x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

This I gotta see.
No. 172772
[X]Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

Fluffy tails are the best.


[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

Let's see Zeke's frugality!
No. 172773
[ x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

Yeah I don't think we're gonna beat Ran in chess.

But our Monopoly skills are second to none!
No. 172774
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

So... Anybody. Or S.L.D.T. Any chance to be able to vote to advance the story and still get the h-scene if you feel like writing it?

I'm not interested in it myself, but since some want to see it...
No. 172775
[X]Touch fluffy tail.
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

Ah, Monopoly. The game where nobody ever loses. Because it never fucking finishes, except in a draw when everyone has hotels everywhere and the money just keeps rotating every turn.
No. 172776
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!


Also, those tails.
No. 172777
Yeah I still want to see fluffy tails!
No. 172778
>game of economy
>not a game of humdrum tedium, with very little player input beyond "buy property"

More like Monotony.

[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

Seriously. Because training to resist the allure and advances of other mons for longer means more time for your own mons to come and save you.

And let's not dismiss the possibility of reaching a level of expertise so great you can dominate a mon yourself. That would be quite an achievement.
No. 172781
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

Yeah, because people always play with house rules (I'm looking at you, Free Parking) to keep money in the game, because that's more "fair" or something? When you play according to the actual rules it is not so long and boring, and it actually becomes a rather cutthroat game.

Right, never mind that you can buy/sell/trade properties with other players whenever you want.
No. 172784
[x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!
I like this so much
No. 172787
[x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!
No. 172788
Maybe after "training" we can unlock that ability. I'm hoping Mom passed down those genes to us. We'd be the most badass shota ever.

[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.
Strictly business, though. Fluffy tails have nothing to do with it.

If this does win, I'm hoping it's a one time thing (for training purposes only), otherwise i'd feel like we were cheating on our girls.
No. 172789
that is assuming it's not just a bad/NTR end.
No. 172790
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly! management is a skill I guess..

In before Zeke loses all of his Monopoly money and get molested as the punishment/reward

You know, once we are done, we need to ask the gym if they have a training course for learning moonspeak, since Zeke always mentions having a problem with that
No. 172791
[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

I still wonder what would have happened if it was Ran that caught Zeke at the end of the White Tower's slide. Would it have been a similar situation to this?
No. 172792
[ ] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

Because Balista and Yukari tailblocked us.
No. 172793
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of chance! Go for Monopoly!

It's the heavy random elements that make this one workable. Economics are strategy; in fact, there's an entire branch of economic study labeled as "game theory" that focuses on how people form strategies to work with different scenarios.
No. 172799
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!
No. 172800
[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.

This could also be training. 'Holding out' till the girls can save you.
No. 172805
[x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!

Let's not forget about the girls this time.
No. 172809
[X] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of chance! Go for Monopoly!

Screw porn.
No. 172815
[X] Actually, you’d prefer she played with you.
No. 172818
Monopoly is quite possibly the worst boardgame mankind has ever invented. Even Candyland is better, because at least the board looks fun and it's over quickly. We can't win at Chess, Checkers, or bed, either. Might as well play Chess, because at least we'll learn something. Well, Chess or Candyland.

[X] Chess
No. 172819
Although, looking at the votes, it's narrowing down to Monopoly and fucking, and I'd prefer Monopoly right at the moment, which says a lot about how tired I am of sex.

[X] Disregard the above vote, play a game of soul-draining monopoly.
No. 172820
>>172788 here,
Changing my vote
[X] Monopoly

If sexytimes does win out, I want it known that my prior vote is my expectations (probably won't happen, but still)

Monopoly does seem like it would be the closest thing we could win at, and then gloat to our girls
No. 172837
I think the issue wouldn't be so much sex but the notion it'll result in NTR and be an update not spent progressing things to the point of where the sisters can evolve and have similar fun with love.
No. 172841
Yeah, it would be nice if there was the occasional smut option that's not "you fucked (up) RETRY Y/N".
Not that I mind those either, they're... Part of the experience, I guess you could say? It's meaningless to have choices if they don't have consequences, and all that.

But since this will just be time spent idly waiting for Damzekiel in DisDress 2: Ninetailed Boogaloo, if there ever was a chance to touch fluffy tail and still get the bell, this is it, if you know what I mean?

I voted for monopoly, but if there is the possibility of moving the plot along a bit (debriefing and preparations for the second attempt at running this course) parallel to a sex scene, I wouldn't exactly mind that either.
No. 172845
Well of course all sex scenes aren't bad ends. I mean, you've already fucked your Prism rivers and not gotten bad ended. And besides, this is just a simulation with what is a tamed Ran. A non-standardly tamed Ran admittedly, but tamed none the less.

What could go wrong?
No. 172852
>What could go wrong?

You mean, other than straining the young relationship Zeke has with his girls? I can't believe the day would ever come where I would ever vote against Touching Fluffy Tails but...

[x] This Ran could take you in a game of strategy, but not a game of economy! Go for Monopoly!
No. 172883
File 137617774470.png - (1.64MB , 850x1202 , Are you sure you won't~.png ) [iqdb]
"Actually, do you have Monopoly?" You ask. You never were that fond of chess, at least not after that one time you caught your mom and Yumeko using the pieces for... things. Now that you think about it those two have ruined more than a couple things for you, though it's mostly your mom's insatiable sex drive that causes it.

"Hmmm..." The Ran taps her fingers against her chin as she thinks carefully, "Actually...I think I do have Monopoly!" She informs you happily as she rises from her pillow and goes looking for it, hips sashaying and tails waving distractedly as she moves, which brings your attention to certain assets.

Good, yes. One thing you have to thank your mother for is her viciously effectively lessons she's taught you over the years on Family Boardgame Night. Your mother always won in Monopoly and pursued what would probably be unethical business practices in the real world when she was playing the game, and would sometimes outright bend the rules to the point where they probably should count as broken. If you follow her example, you can't lose...except in the moral sense.

Then again, that implies that you have a tighty-whitey sense of morals to begin with, which you most certainly don't. Not for a lack of your dad's attempts to teach you otherwise, mind, but for every bit of emotional trauma your mother inadvertently inflicts on you she teaches you at least two awesome things that wind up being useful somewhere else. With the added benefit of being legal in the technical sense.

That and even your dad's moral lessons were kinda weird compared to what you heard from your friends. At least he usually mixed his lessons with practical ones though, like when he taught you how to tie different kinds of knows and their uses while explaining to you why you were being punished.

And he didn't even tie you up like you mom did when she 'taught you some your father forgot'.

...Admittedly, you were more than a little concerned that her tying you up was a prelude to her siccing Ruukoto on you.

Ah, mother. You wouldn't be the man you are today without her.

The Ran returns carrying the boardgame and proceeds to set it up at rapid speeds, easily putting all the pieces, cards, and bank into position. The Ran quickly deals you out your starting money and then sits there across from you, tails waving about as she shakes the dice in her hand, "So, since you're the guest why don't you go first?"

"Thanks." You take the dice, shake them up in your hands a bit, roll them... One's a five and the other's a one, so you move your piece six spaces.

Well, you didn't get sent to jail on your first turn! This is already off to a better start than your last game against your mother in which exactly that happened. The Ran takes the dice herself and has her own turn, moving five spaces ahead and purchasing property as the game begins proper, "So young man." The Ran starts up a conversation as you both play, "Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?"

"Right, I never did introduce myself. The name's Ezekiel, or Zeke for short. I was born and raised in a small town called Higa's Town. Mostly because the mayor who founded the place hasn't grown old enough to step down yet." You say. Honestly, the town was home to you, so you can't be too negative in your view. You can still comment on its 'in the sticks' sort of nature.

"I really need to pay more attention to what I'm saying. I mean the town is still called Higa's Town because the mayor hasn't stepped down yet." You shake your head at your mistake. "Anyway..."

The Ran giggles at your slip up, the game continuing as she watches you with golden eyes shining with amusement. Good, she seems to be more focused on you than the game, but still...this is a Ran you're dealing with.

You roll the dice again... total is eight. "The only reason Higa's Town even survives is because it's a good place for researchers to launch investigations into the local Anomaly. A structure that goes by the name 'White Tower.' It's a predominately Ghost-oriented anomaly and not a single research team has managed much success, if any." You continue to explain, feeling that the origin of your Prismrivers is going to come up sooner or later.

"My, I've heard of the White Tower. I've never visited it for...obvious reasons." She gestures to herself, "I doubt that a psychic type such as myself would find the place the most comforting in the world. Though I do remember hearing of the attempts people made to research there."

She taps her chin thoughtfully, "...Don't they have over a seventy percent rate in members of the missions going missing? I suppose that could be exaggerated, but I have to wonder if they're really going there for that kind of research."

"Actually, that's them doctoring the numbers a bit by adding in the wandering trainers who go in and manage to come back out. The actual research teams usually get borderline wiped out every time." Because they weren't following the rules the tower mistress had laid down, but you aren't about to come out and admit that, or how you learned it.

"I suppose that's what happens when you go into someone's lair and refuse to play their game properly." Ran just shrugs sadly, "I have to wonder how your educated humans haven't managed to figure out something so basic.

You roll your eyes at that. "These are the guys adults fund with their tax money, and we get dopes who lose items in underground tunnels and can't pay attention to what's actually important. Seriously, my Kogasa had quite the trove of stuff left behind by careless researchers."

"Really now?" The Ran asks as her tails swish about behind her, eyeing the fact that you've manage to gather two of the railroads already into your pile or property, "Just where did she pick them up from? Don't tell me that she was in one of those horrid places."

You nod. "Someone abandoned her down there a long time ago. One of my friends identified the ball Kogasa was stuck in as one of the ones that has problems with long-term storage too. She actually has trouble speaking in common, and can't form herself up completely. The seal and protection on the ball are completely shot to boot."

The Ran glows ominously for a moment, her eyes glinting menacingly as you get a third railroad, "I see...Well, I have to ask this question then. Are these scientists not usually the ones who make use of this Underground Tunnel?" She asks.

"Yeah, but Kogasa was either too scared or was asleep when they came by, so even after she managed to get out she didn't approach them. Given how bad a rep Slime variants have, that might have been a good thing." You're not sure you understand the Ran's question in full, but you're going through the various scenarios.

"I see." The Ran responds as she takes Boardwalk, and you realize she has Park Place as well. So, she's trying that strategy? "What I meant to imply was, if these scientists can lose so many supplies, who is to say that they could not, perhaps, lose a touhouball off their belt?"

"Oh! Well, that's true too." In fact, you shudder at the thought. "...In fact, now that I recall it most of the data protection on the ball was shot too. I was able to get a Trainer ID and the original location off it, and it was registered in Metro City."

Ran makes a face at the mention of Metro City, "Ah, I've heard of that place. A...friend of mine is from there. She says that she's never found a more wretched hive of scum and villainy in all her days." You're still considering the ramifications of what the Ran suggested, wondering what it could mean as Ran lands on one of your Railroads and curses.

You nod all the same. "I have no interest in going there, to boot. The last thing I need is for my Prismrivers to get converted into slimes and my getting broken." Honestly, the thought is beyond unpleasant to you, considering what you heard goes into it. "Honestly, I'm not so sure it's a scientist that just lost Kogasa down there. There's enough people who just go 'ew, slime' that I can't discount the possibility that someone dumped her down there on purpose."

"True, I suppose." The Ran agrees, "It's also possible that they may have been a trainer coming from Metro City who just decided it was time to dump off a slime they had been carrying for...oh, who knows how long. I have to wonder why they would choose such an inconvenient place though. Surely they must have been better places to leave a ball if you intend to abandon her, even amongst her own kind."

The Ran's brow twitches as she realizes that you have control of the entire side of the board between go and jail, her fangs showing as she keeps up her smile.

"Some people are just thoughtless." You frown after saying that. "I mean, there's that infamous story of some trainer who ordered his Cirno to stand out in a desert and not move, even though that would have killed her."

You are paying absolutely no attention to the board... pffft, yeah right. You've developed a decent poker face and using the conversation's depressing direction to your advantage isn't beneath you.

"Ah, you mean the Cirno that delightful Boy in Red had with him?" The Ran asks as she moves again, fangs becoming a bit more evident as she just barely manages to avoid landing on one of your spaces, but gets a bad card from the chest.

"That one, yeah. She was one of the lucky ones." You know the statistics of abandoned mons, as your mother made sure to teach you about how many thoughtless trainers there were while teaching you not to be one yourself.

"Indeed, she was talking about how happy she was to have had him find her." The Ran explains as she lets out a quiet sigh of relief at landing on free parking, "She also mentioned what that delightful Boy did to the one who abandoned her to help...encourage him to hand over his rights to the Cirno."

"You know her?" You ask, rather curious since this Ran seems to be talking about the Cirno with familiarity.

"Well yes. I met her and that nice young man in person when he came by here once before. I believe he ended up traveling in the same direction as one of those research teams..." She taps her lips thoughtfully, pouting at you as you set up even more hotels on your properties.

"That'd probably his trip to the White Tower, then. I actually got to read the report on his trip up to the top and the research team that took advantage of the situation. The researchers got out of it in one piece, but they got thrashed for being vultures."

Ran titters amusedly, "My, that does sound just like something that boy would do. I got that kind of impression from him. Such a sweet young man, I don't know why so many humans find him intimidating."

"I can think of two possible reasons." You say while keeping an eye on the Ran's reactions. You control most of the board, and it's clear that she wasn't expecting it. "The Boy in Red is a living legend. He routinely dives into scenarios normal humans would consider impossible and walks out of it like it's no big deal. Judging from what I've read and heard, he has this sort of presence that makes humans nervous. The second reason is that he's strong, and has real power. If he wanted to he could bring the status quo down the world over, and everyone knows it."

"Huh. I see. And here I thought he was just a very fine young man." The Ran comments as you land on one of her spaces, giving her a much needed cash in-flow that makes her grin happily, "With a very fine ass, but I don't think that would change the world itself."

"If mons were more prevalent in top positions in the government, church, and economic sectors, odds are good that would be enough." You roll your eyes in response to the Ran's statement. "It's more like he can befriend any mon he meets, often without even having to fight them."

"Oh, yes. That's very, very true. He's a very friendly fellow, even if he doesn't speak up very much. Also he just has the softest hands." The Ran sighs fitfully as she rubs one of her tails in her lap, "It gets a bit dull grooming yourself all the time. It's hard to reach everywhere..."

"I can imagine. It'd be like a human trying to wash his own back by himself. Especially mid to upper. You really need a long handled scrub brush for that." Then again, if you needed help with that Yume was perfectly willing to help.

"It's even worse, even with my psychic powers and flexibility I just can't seem to get it done right." She complains, softly running a hand through that fluffy, warm inviting fur of her tails as she moves on the board and just barely manages to avoid landing on your orange spaces. "You are...very good at this game."

You're not sure that that is a compliment.

She's not being terribly subtle about that, using her body to try and distract you to keep you from winning. The sad part is that even though you are managing to keep an eye on the game, you can't totally ignore her tail-flaunting and have the barest hint of a blush on your face. "Thanks. My mom's actually far better at this than I am, since I learned most of this from her."

"Oh? I see. She must truly be a terrifying person to have raised her son to take such advantages with a pure maiden such as myself." The Ran responds as her tails fluffy about temptingly and invitingly, and you feel the call to just abandon the game and surrender yourself to non-sexual, strictly platonic tail hugging. "You chose your game well, I think that the Chess game would be over by now, but in this game..." She sighs in disgust as she lands on a utility.

"Terrifying doesn't even begin to describe her. She's not a bad person, but sheesh." Unfortunately for Ran, the memories you have of your mother are like a bucket of ice water on your head for a few brief moments. It's not enough to stop you from wanting to engage in tail-hugging, but it's enough to let you keep at this for a bit longer. "Well, yeah. A trainer should know how to pick his battles."

"I suppose that's one lesson you won't have to be taught. Pity, I'm sure that they were just hoping to have the chance to teach someone that lesson again." The Ran sighs as you proceed to bankrupt her and...

Promptly takes off her tabard, leaving her in a gown that while technically keeping her clothed, still lets you see all sorts of details about her voluptuous body, "I will put my Tabard up for money." She states simply as she sets it down and deals herself money from the bank. this allowed in the rules...?

If you had a drink, you'd spittake right now. "Strip Monopoly?!" You say, having been blindsided by this unusual tactical maneuver.

"Yes." She informs you, as she rolls the die and moves her piece, "Of course, we can always trade property and money instead, if you'd prefer." She gives you a knowing, smouldering smile that leave you breathless.

You actually have to look away from her, and you're still blushing hard. "I'm going to have to decline that particular offer. I'd rather not put strain on my relationship with my girls if I can avoid it."

"Awww...You're just so adorable!" The Ran gushes, her tails flaring about behind her as they wag, "So purely devoted to your girls, it's just got my heart all aflutter!" She praises you, "So many young trainers don't realize that part of the task, you know." She tells you as she snaps her fingers once, her tabard returning to its place on her as you look around you, the room around you having not changed at all besides the Ran being clothed.

"I was taught well, I think." You say, relieved that the Ran wasn't going to do more to you than you thought. "Heck, I didn't take Kogasa with me until I checked with my Prismrivers first."

"You already have the instincts and habits we need. Since you've already done well enough to past this part of the training, I will explain it plainly." The Ran declares, "Your girls weren't the only ones being tested. You were as well, Despite my own actions during the chase, you didn't do anything to interfere with their synergy and plan, which is good for most first timers. They often try to command their mons, or panic and cause them to panic as well."

"Perhaps more importantly you didn't jump into bed with me or submit to temptations I offered. Remember that many touhoumon are of the opinion that honey and sugar will get them what they want more easily than just beating you down and taking it will. After capturing a human, most wild touhoumon will begin to..." She searches for a word, "Domesticate them. Thanks to our unique nature, this can be very effective very quickly."

"No kidding." You say. Lyrica alone could have done so much more to you, and she and her sisters were so good at it already that your parents and big sister figures saw fit to teach them restraint and acclimate you to them at the same time. If Lyrica got any better with her kissing, she'd probably be able to make you orgasm with that alone.

"If you are ever captured it is your job as damsel to resist, but to do so intelligently." The Ran declares, "Each situation is unique in how you must respond to it. Though..." She gives you a look, "Somehow I suspect you already know this part quite well."

You nod, and fail to respond verbally since you've been captured... how many times now? Minoriko, each Prismriver, the regular Kogasa, Mugetsu... At least five times. SlKogasa and MerKoishi don't really count since neither actively captured you.

Six, six dangit. Apparently you have trouble doing things coherently when you're really flustered.

Eventually though... "S-six times."

"I see." The Ran says simply as she moves slowly around the table, gently reaching out and taking your unresisting form into a hug, one that's not full of subtext and hidden intentions or desires. "You are even more impressive than I had first guessed. Despite the smell of inexperience you carry about you, you've managed to have survived through so much already."

You squeak when she suddenly hugs you, but you hug back in short order. "A lot of it was my lucky streak, and I'm trying to not rely on it so much."

"Then it's a good choice you made to come here. Sebastian may be eccentric, but I have yet to hear of one of your Gym Leaders that takes his duties as seriously as he does. This place, and everything in it run as smoothly as they do because of him."

"I can imagine. The guy's got the right spirit for the job." You pretty much consider the guy a tornado in human form, and it's clear he puts that energy into everything he does.

"He simply loves what he does. Passion can make anyone into a master of their art." The Ran replies, "Just as your passion will make you into a masterful trainer...once you've had your roughness worn away at least." The Ran gives you a nice squeeze against her.

You do snuggle up to her, now that she's not trying to test you. You kinda need the closeness right now. "That's why I came here. I figured some training courses would do me and my girls some good. ...And I'll be honest. I'm scared of being torn away from my girls."

"That's a natural thing to be afraid of. It's a danger that you trainers face every day in your travels. I will not lie to you like so many professors lie to the children they send out. In your travels you will face more danger than almost any adult in this whole world will on a daily basis."

You nod in response to that. "I'm well aware of that. I've been dragged into an anomaly once already." Though it's really the second one you've been to.

"...I...really? Well I mean, I..." The Ran actually seems a bit flustered and concerned about what you just said, "...I do not think you're supposed to be running into that kind of danger that often. Certainly not this early in your journey."

"I didn't think I was." You say, then you take a deep breath to try and explain things. "Today's original plan was to spend some time at a beach my mother spoke highly of. She and her Yumeko basically ensured that it was kept quiet and out of the way, which is the only reason why they let me go out that way. Turns out that not only was there an anomaly there, but it actually sort of bled out into the beach itself."

"Oh dear..." The Ran hugs you tighter against her as you tell your tale, her own tales bending comfortably around her and rubbing up against your back.

"The only reason I managed to leave was because the mon who pulled me in was just playing a game. She called herself Mugetsu, by the way." You continue, and bring up one point that managed to perplex you. You've never even heard of a mon that goes by that name prior to meeting the maid-cosplaying mon.

The Ran opens and closes her mouth,"...I see." She sounds increasingly unsettled as her hold on you becomes just a bit tighter than it was before, "Won't you tell me everything?"

"About that particular event, or everything leading up to this point?" You ask, since you're once again not totally sure which.

"...Why don't you just explain everything you think is important to me?" The Ran suggests, her tails rubbing against your soothingly.

You proceed to do exactly that, telling her not just about your trip to the beach earlier today, but finally telling the truth as to how you met your Prismrivers to the Ran and your own adventures at the White Tower. It certainly took a while since you went into detail, but eventually you skipped ahead to where you met SlKogasa and managed to get her to join you without a fuss, even telling her about just how much stuff the goo girl had amassed. You then talk about the dream world anomaly in full, how Mugetsu actively tried to seduce you, made you keep the pills she was offering you, and nearly caused you to not leave anyway, then the far more relaxing and fun event you had with the Mermaid variant Koishi, who you tell the Ran you had managed to more or less make a date with her once you managed to get some badges, but she's stuck where she is otherwise.

It takes a while, and it's quite the load off your shoulders. You're not even totally sure why the dams burst like that, so to speak, but the Ran just felt so warm and comforting that your defenses just sort of... eroded and washed away.

The Ran is holding you firmly against her and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of letting go right now, or any time soon if her grip is any indication, "That..." She seems at a loss for words,"...That's completely...I haven't even..."

"Heard of someone with a double-sided luck streak like mine?" You offer tiredly.

"There's an anomaly of that sort so close to town...?" The Ran seems faintly horrified at the implications of that, "But that's can't...I mean, thank goodness it's in a spot that no one goes to, but still. To think that something so dangerous was so close."

"Apparently. You might want to bring that up with Sebastian, along with the name and description of the anomaly master." You made sure to give a solid description of the mon in question too.

"I will, I absolutely will." The Ran declares as she sounds exceedingly shocked with the situation. It seems like even she never expected anything like that, "I, no. Perhaps on safer ground. Have you thought about what other kinds of training you'd like to take? When the timer is up, I could set you up for a different sort of course if you'd like."

"I... haven't, honestly. I know I should get myself in shape too, but I want to see what my girls want to do first. I'm kinda big on making sure I meet their desires too." You say, content with where you are. "I really do have a bond with my Prismrivers beyond what I can understand, and I want to make sure it cements exactly the way it is. I trust them with my life without hesitation."

"Hmmm..." The Ran sounds thoughtful, "Well, ordinarily what we do in a situation like this is either rerun the scenario you just finished, or run a 'sequel' scenario to test them after that, and perhaps teach your girls how to rescue you post capture. Unfortunately, as you saw before some touhoumon are just too good at avoiding capture, so if they're to save you they may have to brave their opponent's lair."

"Oh, if we did the sequel we could finally use 'that'!" The Ran sounds excited at the idea of 'that'.

"...What's 'that'?" You ask, regaining something resembling composure as curiosity takes over.

" 'That' a secret!" The Ran pokes you in the nose as you ask, "You'll just have to find out for yourself if you want to know.

That leaves you with a few solid choices, so you...

[ ] Request round two. Your girls won't fail a second time. You're sure of it.

[ ] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.

[ ] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.
No. 172884
[X] Request round two. Your girls won't fail a second time. You're sure of it.

Prismrivers are pretty speedy. They'll still probably fail, but they'll get better, and getting the fundamentals down is best first.

Do people in this world worship Shinki, by the way? They certainly use her name in oath often.
No. 172885
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172887
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172890
[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.

Didn't we just make this point, as to why we should be talking with them first?
No. 172891
[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.

You're right. Changing my vote to this and deleted my original vote.
No. 172892
[ ] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.

"That" demands to be chosen
No. 172894
[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.

Let's hear what they have to say before we try anything else.
No. 172896
>>172887 here, changing my vote to:

[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172899
Woo! Hidden test passed!

[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.
No. 172903
Just to note guys, voting to have Zeke see his girls and to move on to the next stage of the training would actually diminish the effectiveness of the latter, since they might not be under the kind of pressure they need to be under if they know Zeke is okay for certain. Try to keep it to one or the other, if possible.
No. 172904

Ah, I see. Then when you put it like that:

[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.

Let's keep 'er goin'!
No. 172905
Wait...aren't they already being given an evaluation of how they did? I'm no psychologist or anything, but I'd think that immersion would already be broken pretty badly by that...

Well, letting my vote stand, but I'm feeling quite a bit less badly over the other options now.
No. 172906
[X] Request to talk to your girls first. You want their input, and their presence.
-[X] Ask them if they want to retry, or to go on to the sequel.

Don't forget, we have to tell Mom all this as well.
No. 172908

Think of it as less a matter of immersion, as they're all pretty aware that this is a simulation, and more the fact that they know you're still in the possession of some other mon, tame or otherwise. That gives them a bit more incentive to work to their best.
No. 172909
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172919
in theory anyways, though if this is Word of God assuring us of this, it'd have more weight.
No. 172924
In that case, I'll change my vote to just
[X] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.

I'll delete my old vote, for simplicity's sake.
No. 172925
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172926
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.
No. 172930
[x] Request the sequel scenario. You know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage.

"We'll have to use...'that'!"
No. 172974
File 137635322349.png - (0.98MB , 850x637 , A rough approximation.png ) [iqdb]
Now you're kinda torn. You do want the comforting presence of your girls and to ask them what they want to do, but at the same time you want to do the sequel scenario. Both because you know full well that sometimes you just can't stop the first stage, and because you're curious about 'that'. "I think I'll go for the sequel scenario. You've got me curious about what 'that' is."

The Ran grins widely, showing off all of her teeth as those eyes become gleeful, narrow slits. "Oh I'm certain you'll enjoy it. I know I will be after all. Let's see...I suppose I need to transport you then." The Ran declares standing up and stretching idly as her tails do the same, reaching out and winding about you to pull you back into a familiar and comfortable embrace with her tails holding you in the middle of them, holding and stroking your body idly while one runs across your face with a gentle touch. "Now then..." The Ran walks over to a wall and pulls aside a portion of the wall to reveal what looks to be some kind of radio system, "I'll be bringing our princess to another castle, Gissele."

You hear nothing but static and muffled cursing from the other end of it before Gissele finally responds, her tone irritable at best, "Fine, I'll go get ready. And Ran?" Her voice takes a turn for the sweet," I'll be getting back at you for this."

"I'm certain you'll try ma'am." The Ran responds a touch smugly before closing the communications booth and making her way towards the hole in the wall she'd used to enter before. She reopens the hole and peers outside of it as you get a breath of the wilderness air. This underground jungle is a fascinating place, you kinda want to explore around it a bit if you ever get the chance to. "Well, now it's time to take you to the Keep."

"Alright." You say in response. This is officially out of your hands, so you simply trust the Ran to do what she needs to do.

The Ran leaps through the hole and bounces off of a tree to another and starts to climb up them to reach their higher limbs. Once there, she starts to jump from tree limb to tree limb at a pace that doesn't leave you a terrified screaming wreck, which is awfully nice of her to do. "So then, do you want me to explain this scenario to you while we're on the way there?"

"If you could, please. I imagine further testing on my part would be unnecessary, at least for this, so having things not be a surprise would help." You say in response. You're actually quite enjoying the view, or at least as much of a view as you can get while being suspended in fluffy tails.

You are also enjoying the touch of her fluffy tails on your body, even if they aren't slipping through your clothes and playing with you intimately. "Well, it's a simple little course really. You see, we're going to play the 'Saving the Princess from the Castle'. You'll be taken to a 'Castle' in the jungle and held in the keep while your girls will attempt to breach the keep, get past the guards and rescue you. There will also be treasures placed systematically around the keep for them to gather and make use of if they wish to, and of course various traps and nefarious end awaiting them. Also, plenty of monsters of both the 'mook' and 'boss' designations. It's quite possibly the best course we have in terms of experience gain to time invested."

"And it's got a 99.9 percent survival rate for the hostages!" Ran claims.

"Interesting..." You say, as you're actually pretty curious about how the event plays out. On the other hand... "Er... 99.9%? Do I want to ask why it's not a straight one-hundred?"

"Oh you know how it is, sometimes a captive gets too excited and sometimes a captor gets to having a bit too much fun." She shrugs her shoulders and smiles over them at you, "I'm certain with how sturdy you are that first one won't be a problem."

"Ah, so that whole 'resist seduction' thing is still in play then." You say, feeling a touch relieved.

"Oh, yes. That's still in play. I mean, why wouldn't it be? Since you're in the keep you'll have to play your part as the damsel and balance co-operating with your captors and resisting to keep them from taking liberties with you and breaking you in, not really in this simulation. Of course, if you resist too much or in the wrong ways you'll burn up good will or their interest in you and that usually...doesn't end well when you're being held by a mon who is powerful enough to own their own castle keep and defend it from all comers. They usually have subordinates or pets they may pass you off to."

"So is that being handled by you, or is it going to be a different girl handling that part?" You ask, wanting to get as much information as you can.

"Oh no." The Ran says with a wide smile, her eyes lighting up with glee, "We've got a whole different person playing the part of the Dark Queen of the castle. I'm certain you'll enjoy it when you see her."

"Well, you don't have to worry about me being unconvincing about how nervous I am." You say, feeling a touch nervous now that you're facing a genuine unknown again. One that you're going to have to learn how to play with right very, very quickly.

"Oh yes, It's going to be fun to watch!" The Ran sounds decidedly excited really, like she just can't wait to see what's going to happen, "I get to play the Dark Lieutenant, meaning that if you mess up I'll likely have first shot at you." One of her tails rubs your stomach comfortingly, "Don't worry if that happens sweetie, I'll keep it to a bit of fierce cuddling instead of anything serious."

"Thanks." Your response is slightly relieved again, and you calm down a bit. Still, you need to prepare yourself for what's ahead.

You start to exit the odd underground jungle, the trees thinning out fairly quickly as the Ran's jumps start to cover more and more distance. Eventually you see a great wall of rock in from of you which the Ran leaps straight towards, not bothering to protect herself as she carries you both straight into and through the wall of rock, leading to you being in a cave lit by torches. Their orange glow gives the cave and eerie hue, and you can hear things moving about in the cave, but can't see them in the dim light. Occasionally you see what you think are glowing pairs of eyes, but they disappear to quickly to be sure. The Ran's hold around starts to feel more and more like a comfort as the cold, cave air starts to seep into your exposed skin.

"Wow, you guys really know how to set the stage." Creepy though it may be, you really do have to marvel at just how thorough the Gym's staff have been at this entire thing. It's one thing to have an underground jungle, but a massive underground castle as well? With all the bells and whistles to make it feel like it really belongs to some dark queen? You're equal parts impressed and nervous.

"Oh, if you think this is something, wait until you actually see the castle." The Ran informs you as she starts to march through the dark cave, tortches lighting up in front of her as she makes her way along as they shut off behind her as she leaves, always allowing a wall of darkness to exist behind you from which you can just feel yourself being watched hungrily. You suspect the only thing keeping you safe is the fact that you're in the Ran's tails.

"I would hope." The Ran speaks up, looking over her shoulder calmly, "That everyone in this tunnel knows what happens to people who annoy me."

...And just like that, the feeling fades away and you're left alone with the Ran.

"That many mons eyeing me like a piece of meat, huh?" You say with a nervous chuckle.

"Less a piece of meat, and more a buffet of manliness." The Ran assures you as one of her tails strokes the top of your head soothingly in long, slow rubs, "Between your scent and appearance, many touhoumon will find themselves direly tempted to have a taste of you, meaning that you will likely face more encounters than most trainers will, and potentially draw the interest of touhoumon that would not bother with that ordinarily."

Now that you think about it, you already have run into scenarios that most trainers wouldn't have. "That makes sense. Kogasa alone wouldn't have come out for just anyone, I think."

"Precisely. There's something about you that makes you exceedingly attractive to touhoumon." She explains in more detail, "Besides your rougish good looks, I mean. You have an attractive scent on you, one that would wake up the hunger in most any touhoumon. And more than that, the way you act and carry yourself combines confidence and vulnerability into an intoxicating blend that's just..." The Ran sighs and pulls out a hankerchief, dabbing her face with it, "I'm getting hot just talking about it."

...Well that's always good to hear, right?

"To put it simply, I'm Touhoumon bait. Really effective bait." You say, not quite sure how to take that since being attractive to Touhoumon was a massive double-edged sword.

"You're like the opposite of that disgusting Repel stuff that you humans make." The Ran agrees, taking a turn in the maze of tunnels and picking up the pace in her walk.

And now you have to deal with the fact that you're like a walking attractant. You didn't know that before, but it explains a lot. "I have to agree with the idea that my adventure is going to be quite a lot more interesting than most."

"That aside, how close are we? I'm kind of excited now."

"You'll be seeing it in just a moment." The Ran informs you as she charges forward, running up a roughly hewn set of stairs in the stone and reaching the top and passing out of an exit. It takes a moment for your eyes to get used to the change of light, but...there.



There's a huge, ominous fortress sitting in the middle of this dome in the underground area, surronded by a thick, black trees. It has numerous peaks and massive gargoyle statues decorating the top of its form, and countless lesser gargoyles protecting other points all over the castle. From the castle, you can see eerie lights glowing out of some of the windows on it. "Some of the girls thought this was a bit much, but I think it's perfect personally."

"Sheesh. If you needed to do a superhero show, this would be perfect for the villain's lair." At this point you're kinda just wondering what it took to get all this built.

"Well, isn't it wonderful for you then that we're planning something similar!" The Ran says enthusiastically, "By the way, by selecting to do this you agreed to a vocal contract that we own the right to your image that we record here today." Wait what.

The Ran skips and hops down the side of the cliff, easily making each jump before she lands on the soft earth and takes off at a sprint towards the castle, passing through the forest at high speeds and not slowing down even as you see the occassional touhoumon watch you pass by.

"You're filming this? ...Is this training alone, or an impromptu recording session as well?" You're just a touch suspicious of the Ran's intent now, considering that your getting raped was a real possibility.

"We record most everything that goes on in the facility, for security reasons." She responds, "The battles, the training routes, the locker rooms. You'd be amazed the sorts of vandalism and criminal acitivities people could try ot get up to. It just so happens that we also have television channels that people can watch for exciting matches and events on, as well as watching people on training courses. It helps fund the Gym, giving us a bit more funding to work with than just what we get from the League."

"I can agree with that. I have to wonder what happens with the recorded erotic stuff, since that seems to happen at least some of the time."

"Heavens, what kind of bawdy house do you think we run here?" The Ran is aghast and horrified by you statement and the implciations of it. "Obviously we can't broadcast that on television, it breaks all sorts of rules. And, I'll have you know all our staff are professional and won't start anything if you don't. Any sort of tawdry affairs that happen here are strictly at the fault of the trainer not being able to hold back their own impulses." The Ran says all that with a completely straight face, "...Well, the mon may do a bit of seduction, but that's part of the training!"

"You girls don't keep it for your own use?" You ask, looking rather clueless in the 'what are you talking about' sense. This may or may not be an act on your part.

"Oh no, of course not. We've always got plenty of gym trainers to play with anyway if we have those sort of urges. We sell the video's to other, less fortunate touhoumon or people." She declares, "You would be amazed how popular they are with the women in town. We actually have a lot of people order them from the nearby towns as well. It's where we get about a third of our total funding."

...You can't tell if she's serious.

"Yet more incentive to not give in, then." You roll your eyes as you say that, since you don't have an exhibition fetish.

"Oh, don't be like that." The Ran prods you with her tails, her tone chiding, "Of course we don't sell sex tapes. I already told you that we pride ourselves in our professionalism...mostly." She admits as you draw closer to the Castle. The great gates open up for you, allow you both entrance as the Ran sprints through them, and you watch them close shut behind you.

"That aside, we're almost to the keep, huh?" You ask, feeling the need to make at least a bit of small talk.

"Technically we're in it already, since we've passed the gates." The Ran points out to you as she opens up the front doors and walks through them, calmly carrying you through the eerie interior. The castle is lit only by blue flames coming from torches. "Personally, I think the blue flames add to the atmosphere." The Ran informs you as she leaps up a staircase.

"Sorry. I've just never been in a castle like this before. And yeah, the blue flames give it a kind of ghostly appeal to it." The entire place would give you the creeps more than it already does if you weren't practically submerged in golden fluff.

Being submerged in this golden fluffy is really nice, honestly. It's so warm and soft. It's sort of like being in SlKogasa, in a way. Being held and cradled and cared for softly. The Ran reaches up to one of the torches and pulls down on it, revealing that it was a leve and lead to an elevator! "Here you are, just ride this up and cooperate. If you want to have the most fun, I'd suggest you play along." The Ran tells you with a wink as she extracts you from her tails and sets you in the small elevator.

You nod in response to that. "See you around, then." Now you're by yourself, riding an elevator to the top where you'll be held captive by a mon you don't know while your girls work to rescue you. All the while you need to resist your captor's advances properly, which will likely require you to analyze your captor and listen to her carefully.

Should be interesting.

The elevator closes shut around you, steel bars remarkably like a cage forming a door and...actually, looking around you this whole thing looks an awful lot like a cage.


Ran waves cheerily to you as she pushes the lever torch back up, shutting the wall and leaving you in darkness. You hear a creaking, groaning noise as the elevator clanks noisily and begins a slow, steady ascent in the darkness.

...Turns out you were right! This castle has a down right terrifying atmosphere when you're not bound up in those tails and certain in your safety with the Ran!

You don't really have to 'play along' in this case since you're actually kinda scared now. This is just a simulation, but they did a really good job with the atmosphere. You might have had things explained to you, but immersion trumps expectation you suppose.

Your cage jerks about in the shaft as you hear something land on top of it, shaking you about in your prison. You can hear heavy breathing from above you as something reaches through the bars and runs its fingers along your cheek. "Ah...such a cute, little boy." The voice comments, "I could just eat you up, you know. would you like to drown in darkness with me? I promise I'll make you feel good until you can't feel anything else if you say yes."

You jerk away from the touch on reflex, even though you already know you can't escape. "I don't even know you!" You say, not really having to feign fear, but not outright denying your captor either.

"Oh, but we'll get to know each other very, very thoroughly." She says above you, giggling gleefully as you hear it echo all around you.

Then you realize those aren't echoes.

More hands reach in out of the darkness, prodding your chest, butt legs and one caressing your head again, and as one trails up towards your upper, inner thigh a commanding, somewhat familiar voice cuts in, "Cease this foolishness. I didn't give you permission to play with our guest." The hand immediately withdraw from you and you feel whatever was on the top of your cage leave. Your cages ascent ceases and you watch as black, velvet curtains are drawn back to reveal-


Is that Gissele? She looks...different. I mean, before she was wearing a loose sweater and jeans and had her hair up in a pony tail. She was pretty, sure, but not like...this.

She's wearing a dark purple dress that hugs her curves perfectly while leaving a large amount of her skin covered. The dress also helps support her bust and reveal to you that, yes, she does have a very 'motherly' figure to her. With her hair down and flowing across her shoulder and chest, you can't help but feel an impression of regality from her as she is now.

You blush and squeak when you find that you're being groped all over, and pretty much land on your backside when said commanding presence tells the offending mons to back off. That's when you get a good look at the woman who commanded them. She's... Gissele. All cleaned up, dressed up, and playing a role with a costume that almost makes you want to break down laughing. That, however, would be rude so you don't do it. You get the feeling that just because she's human, doesn't mean she's willing to get professional on your rear. So instead you just stare, blushing yet somewhat fearful. Or at least as much as you can manage, all considering.

Gissele stares at you impresioully, her professional mask one of perfected disinterest as she watches you cower from her. "Get up." She orders, her tone carrying an edge of command to it that reminds you eeriely of your mother when she was in a bad mood.

You do so, noting that this is nowhere near the point at which you need to start resisting.

"Walk with me." She orders, gesturing with a closed fan to where you're supposed to be going, "At the moment, you are my captive and my guest. If you do not wish to become the prey of my minions, you will be certain that your behavior is..." She stares you in the eye and you get a little shiver by the gleam in them, "Impeccable."

You do as you're told, and make sure to pay close attention to her. From the sounds of things, you're going to need to do a lot better than when you were just dealing with Ran. "Yes, ma'am."

"At least you are better behaved than the last mongrel who was brought here." She states as she walks alongside you, her heels clicking on the stone floor of this narrow hallway. You're actually almost bumping into her as you walk, and you get a whiff of a sweet scent that makes your head feel a bit funny after you catch it. Some sort of perfume, "I expect that you hold delusions of escape." Gissele states as you walk, "It would be in your best interest not to cling futilely to those. No one who has been brought here before has ever escaped. If you learn and behave properly, then you will find yourself..." Gissele reaches out and runs one gloved hand down your arm, sending shivers down your spine at the touch, "Comfortable." She finishes, a hint of a smirk on her lips as she sees your response.

Okay, wow. She is just...this did not expect this when dealing with a human woman.

You're definitely going to have to ask Gissele about this when this is all over, because this doesn't quite feel like a 'fantasy' scenario to you. Still, you don't permit your mind to wander off-course like that for long, nor do you allow your attention to slip away from your 'captor' for long. From the general feel of things, she's probably using a perfume meant to disorient you or render you more... active, not unlike what grass type mons would use. You need to pay attention to how hard you're breathing, which is difficult considering the fact that you're nervous as all heck.

You shudder and nod in response to Gissele's talk, though she is right. You're not escaping on your own. That's not the point of this.

"I suppose that will pass for now, but try to make yourself into a better conversationalist as the night drags on. Otherwise I may get bored of you." Gissele warns you as a door ahead of you opens up on its own to allow you through it, into a massive banquet hall. There is a grand table that is mostly unset, save for one end of it which has a grand throne seat and a smaller but still fancy chair sitting near one another. The smell of delicious food wafts over to you and you feel your stomach growl loudly. Gissele snaps her fan out and giggles at you from behind it, eyes narrowing in amusement.

"Sorry, ma'am. I'm just not sure how far I can go before I step out of bounds. It's not good to anger one's host." You say in response, which is the most you've said so far in all of this. Still, when you see the banquet hall... good grief. Hunger or no, you're absolutely baffled about how much goes into this place. This Gym must need every last coin it gets with how luxurious this place can be. Upkeep must be a nightmare. That aside, you're rather wary about the food, though you don't just go over and start eating. "Ma'am?" You say curiously, not quite sure what she's getting at while putting on a rather... well, you hope you look cute and confused.

She gestures to the end of the table with the chairs as you both walk towards it, "Eat, feel free. I did, after all, have this meal prepared for you as my guest." Gissele informs you as you walk closer to the delicious smelling food, which all looks incredibly rich. The vegetales and fruits all seem to be perfectly fresh as if they were just gathered from the fields. All of it looks so good, and it all smells like it suits your tastes just fine. You don't think there's a thing on the table that you wouldn't eat.

"Ah, thank you." You sit at the smaller seat and start to pick out which of what you want to eat, while bearing in mind that you ought to pace yourself just in case this is a trap. Maybe you're being paranoid, but you are her prisoner and making you more pliant wouldn't be against her end goal. ...You're really getting into this.

"Good, go ahead and indulge yourself." Gissele orders you as she takes to her throne and rests there, lounging in her seat as she watches you eat, eyes narrowed as a small, amused smile plays out across her face as she waits. In one hand she holds a glass of red liquid, gently swirling it when she's not taking a sip from it. Up close like this now, you can't help but feel your gaze constantly drawn to her face. Without make up on she was pretty, very much so admittedly. With it on her face is awe inspiriing, her full lips pursuing as as amber eyes draw you in deeper.

You can't afford to get sucked in here, so to speak, so you need to distract yourself somehow. Maybe making conversation would help distract you from Gissele? In the meantime, you're trying hard not to stare too much...

It's difficult not to stare though, with how she looks. Her attitude, appearance and posture all draw you in like a moth to the flame. Which, you suppose, is important for her to be doing given the role she's playing in this scenario. Gissele on her part simply continues to watch as you eat the meal that was prepared for you. The food is...exquisite, amazingly good. It's all awe inspiringly fresh and flavorful and each bite is a huge burst of flavor all of its own.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Gissele questions, her voice soft and drawing your attention back to her when that's the last place you want to look. Those amber eyes of hers just keep focused on you, their gaze never shifting or deviating. It's as if you're the center of this amazingly beautiful woman's world.

Admittedly, part of you wants tp be the center of her world... but you have your own girls already. You need to focus on them and try to use your feelings for your girls to help counter-act some of this. It worked well enough with Ran, it should work at least partially here too. "Yes, ma'am, I am. Might I ask about where the food was grown? I have to admit that I've never eaten anything quite this good before."
No. 172975
"All of the meals in my castle are prepared from crops and animals cared for here in the underground jungle that my lair calls home." Gissele explains to you as she shifts, languidly crossing one leg over the other and revealing the thigh slit in her dress that shows off an amazing amount of her perfect leg, right up until the point of no return. It's a titanic struggle not to stare. "Just as most of the supplies we use are. This is a full eco-system after all, and there are plants that the surface world will never see down here. For instance..." She stretches a leg out and shows you the stocking she's wearing underneath it, "These stockings are made of spider silk that was harvested from the spiders that live here in the underground."

"I was carried through an underground jungle on the way here, and there is supposed to be weather down here too, so that makes sense. Still, spider silk? That must have taken a while. You don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunction with that stuff though." You say, relaxing in tone but not in mind. You're still pacing yourself, which is surprisingly easy because your desire to savor the food is stronger than your desire to wolf it down. Nice pretense for not going too fast. This stuff could be drugged after all.

"Oh, it's certainly of only the best quality. I deserve only the best, after all." Gissele points out as she rests her head on one hand while watching you eat, "You're right in how sturdy it is as well, I've never had a wardrobe malfunction. If I show something off..." She slowly and purposefully shifts her legs again, giving you a long and lovely view of them that makes you gulp reflexively, "It's because I wanted them to see it." She tells you, her smile showing a hint of pearly white teeth.

"Are you sure it's me you want to show them to, though?" You ask, feeling nervous, aroused, and uncomfortable as you continue eating at your pace while trying your darn hardest to not stare too much. Honestly, it's a miracle you haven't gotten a stiffy just from her teasing you like this.

"Oh? What makes you think that I'm giving you a show?" She asks you, her expression one of bored interest, "That's an awful lot for you to presume of me, isn't it?"

"You're right, I'm sorry. I'm not used to being around someone like you." You say, feeling embarrassed. To be honest, part of you was wondering just what her idea of a show was, since she's going out of her way to bare her skin like that.

She just laughs at your response, dreadfully amused by your embarrassment, "My, there's no need to be so embarrassed. It's only natural to want the best in life, especially when it's sitting right in front of you." Gissele informs you, her smile soothing and inviting despite the predatory feel it has to it. Those amber eyes of hers have that glint again, "Let me tell you this though, if I was truly trying for'd have put a collar around your own neck already." She isn't bragging, you can feel it. She's statting it like it's a fact, and you can't really bring yourself to argue against it.

You look away once more. "Like I said, not used to you at all. I've certainly had Touhoumon try to seduce me enough times already..." And three of them succeeded. Your Prismrivers are proof of that. "But a human woman? You really know what you're doing, to make vulnerable little me nervous with just this."

Gissele just gives you a smile that thrills and chills you to the core, "If you think that human women can't be just as dangerous as a touhoumon can be, you're very uninformed little boy." But that's ridiculous, isn't it I mean-oh wait your mother.

And once again you feel like you've been doused with cold water. Good grief, your mother is a certified mood-killer. "You're right about that too. I forgot about my mother." Your tone and demeanor change in a flash from flustered to nearly nonchalant. You just absent-mindedly take a bite of apple while trying your hardest to get that one memory out of your head, and funnily enough Gissele's presence hasn't done enough to dislodge it yet.

Gissele just watches you, an odd expression on her face, "My, just what sort of things are you thinking in that head of yours little boy?" Gissele asks you, seemingly annoyed that you're not paying the proper amount of attention and lust to her.

"Things I'd rather forget about." You reply dryly as you take another bite. "Just, sorry, you brought up strong women and my mother is the strongest I know. She's also a pervert who's perfectly content to have sex with her Yumeko while her son's home." Which is just causing a downward spiral now. You really need to focus on the memories you have of your girls, or at least Yumeko. "Seriously, I needed earplugs in my own home."

"Ugh, sorry, I'm just ruining this, aren't I."

"Yes." Gissele's eyes are narrowed and her gaze is cold, disinterested and decidedly annoyed with you, "You're also ruining your chances in many other things." She informs you as you hear a quiet whispering from the end of the hall. There you see the doorway that lead to the elevator you came up open just a bit, and can see the gleaming of several eyes watching you, waiting for your final misstep.

"I apologize, miss. You're being a good host and here I am, being a prick." You say, feeling a touch embarrassed over this, looking away from Gissele since you can't quite bring yourself to look her in the eye yet. "I hope that you can forgive me for this mis-step. It wasn't intended."

"I suppose that remains to be seen." Gissele informs you coolly, not even bothering to pay attention to you now which...actually hurts, oddly enough. "As it stands, I have better things to do than tolerate a man who is in my company and cannot even pay attention to me."

You sigh, and feel that you need to talk to a therapist already. "...I do agree with you though, women can be just as dangerous as mons. I haven't exactly been able to keep my eyes off you this entire time." Case in point, you caught yourself looking at her body again.

She sighs, "I suppose your mistake is forgivable, assuming you can do something to make it up to me somehow." Her eyes slide back over to you, and you feel that hint of thrill that her attention is on you again, "Though, it had best be something impressive if you really want to get in me."

...Maybe she misspoke?

And now you're back to feeling flustered and nervous. Granted, even if she didn't misspeak you had no intention of having her get in your pants. The whole point of this exercise on your end was to resist long enough for your girls to come save you. "I'm not sure what I could do to accomplish that at this point. It's difficult to do much more than stare at you, try to stop myself, and..." You almost say 'imagine stuff', but come up short. Good Shinki, you actually do want to have sex with her.

Still, the pause gives you enough time to actually think about things. Obviously you needed to do something to get back in Gissele's good graces, and you? Well, now that you're able to think straight just a bit you recall one thing you know you can do that could turn this whole scenario around and let you stall for as long as you need to. "Actually, there is one thing I could do to make up for this..." You say, keeping in-character but not managing to keep the composure out of your body language completely.

[ ] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

[ ] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.

[ ] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.

[ ] Give Gissele the full routine.

[ ] Put on a collar.


Just a note, but this time you can combine any of the first three votes any way you like! The name of the game is stalling for time, after all.
No. 172978
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.

I figure this would have her so pre-occuplied it'd work.

I would consider a human woman/girl more dangerous than a touhoumon as their seduction ability is more than instinctual/"rip their pants off and shove it in"
No. 172983
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.

No. 172984
[x] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

This, while kneeling before her.
No. 172985
[x] Put on a collar.
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.

If I wasn't sure that the collar would make us fail the test/piss off our girls...
No. 172986
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.

No. 172993
[X) Give the [I]full[/] routine to Giselle. and more

I don't think the collar would work out so well. Never been into that sort of thing either.
No. 173001
>>172993 comfirmed for a cheater.

Not to say it isn't tempting but it'd be better to wait until we're back to with the girls. Though I hope the town has a way of fixing SlKogasa's problem
No. 173003
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.

Just in case this differs from the full treatment...
No. 173006
[X] Put on a collar.
And then,
[X] Give Gissele the full routine.

Total submission. Only the best for a lady like her.
No. 173008
File 137637345058.jpg - (63.15KB , 1200x804 , 2142738-back-massage.jpg ) [iqdb]
... Is anyone else seeing the "full routine" as a trap?
I see it as "I'm broken, but the only reason I'm not wearing the collar is because you want me to resist"

I think we should go with:

[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

This way, we have a bit more control. It's not Mom, but if we start to slip up, we can imagine it is and regain our composure. Hopefully we don't go stone cold sober like we did at the dining table.

Besides, everyone enjoys a good back massage.
I would consider this work safe, but just in case
No. 173010
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.
No. 173011
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

I agree with this reasoning.

We can start with something innocent enough (shoulders) and then move along from there. That way we can get a feel for what's "too far" and (hopefully) stop before we get there.
No. 173012
[x] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages

No. 173013
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

Fair enough.
No. 173015
>>172983 here, change vote to
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.
No. 173017
you might be overthinking it, though we need some word if the full thing is the same as all three or not.
No. 173018
[x] Give Gissele the full routine.
No. 173029
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

The /at/ shota is a master of the culinary arts. This one shall be a master of physical therapy.
No. 173030
Changing to this:
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
[X] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.
No. 173036
Right, I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but giving Gissele the full treatment is the same as stacking all three of the first three votes. Just thought you guys should know.
No. 173037
[x] Full routine
[x] No collar
No. 173049
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.

Hand and foot massages are too erotic, and the full routine is a fancy way of putting on a collar. Working out shoulder problems is enjoyable without being arousing, and working out kinks in her back will cause him to think of his mother, which is sure to counteract whatever seduction techniques she's been applying.
No. 173053
you're assuming a bit much about that as going full routine isn't always the same as submitting, just looking like it.
No. 173082
Hey, I just had an extremely unnerving thought...

All Touhoumon have this instinctual craving for kidnapping boys/men/the occasional girl to mate with, right? So far, we have seen nothing that suggests that there are species out there which have no interest in interspecies breeding.

And then there's Kedama Ken.



Do Kedamas secretly have some sort of cute girl form that they only unveil to their trainers? Does Ken go home every night to a harem of poofy white-haired, happy-go-lucky girls, or does he stick his dick in fluff? And for that matter, what about the missile touhoumon, or the Hisoutensoku one? Sure, I could just try to ignore this blatant insanity, write it off as author's choice, but then why even bother going with Kedamas, and not another typically weak, normal type that fits the world of Touhoumon depicted here like Chens or Nazrins?

No. 173088
>So far, we have seen nothing that suggests that there are species out there which have no interest in interspecies breeding.
This is hopefully because the main character hasn't captured a kedama, Evil Eye, or any other Touhoumon based on a non-humanoid entity. My guess would be that they're sufficiently inhuman that they have no sexual interest in humans.

No. 173090

Don't forget, there's also male versions of the touhoumon as well.

What are their preferences?
No. 173091

The last thing I want in this story is to have to deal with male Touhoumon bullshit. If I wanted to read about men with supernatural powers beating each other up and fucking women, I'd just go read any average adult western fantasy novel. I'll stick with crazy japanese youkai girls doing crazy japanese youkai things.
No. 173092

Easy solution: do what Pokémon does and make them asexual.
No. 173093

How could they be asexual if they have sex with humans all the time, actively seek out sex, and are capable of having babies? It would be easier to just either revise Kedama to some other normal type touhoumon, say Ken has some weird ass fetish for fluff, or...fuck, I don't know. I'm sure the author can come up with something.
No. 173103
I think the "asexual" idea referred specifically only to Kedama, not everyone else.
No. 173110

Yeah, just young boy on wild Monster girl action.

Don't get too high and mighty there buddy.
No. 173136

Congratulations on your non-standard ending everyone. Pats on the back all around. Please feel free to peruse the following.


Up to two of these three options.

[ ] Yumeko always did enjoy your hand and foot massages.

[ ] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.

[ ] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.


[ ] Put on a collar.


On an unrelated note, trying to post when exhausted and about to pass out is a bad idea.
No. 173137
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.

.....Thats one heck of a long /at/ scene there ouch.

Okay, reading on the passage again, given how Zeke himself is faaaalling into temptation, a full routine was actually a bad idea. So lets tone that down a bit. On the other hand, I'm still not that sure about putting a collar so~
No. 173138
[x] Put on a collar.

In the end, I learned nothing.
No. 173139
I think we should focus on the ones that aren't as effective if anything. This is like a bad end minefield, except we have people that might try to trigger them on purpose.
No. 173140
[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.

No. 173141
Yeah, once it was confirmed that all 3 was full service, I should have vote changed (>>173008).
I was right and didn't listen to my own advice.

If I remember correctly from Being Meiling, there are erogenous zones in the feet. There are most likely some in the back as well, so we probably should go with:

[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.

I now want to give the full service to each of our girls as an apology, even though we have done nothing wrong (in this timeline, anyway)

Not sure how we'd do Kogasa, though. We'll figure something out.
No. 173142

Actually, this isn't a minefield at all. Putting on the collar and giving Gissele the full routine are the only premature ends this update has to offer, and you did the latter already.


This guy still has the right idea, so don't lose faith completely guys.
No. 173143
Hmmm, it looks like we were fine until we started on the hands and feet. >>173049 has the right idea. So:

[X] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[X] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.

Just focus on the back and shoulders, keep her relaxed, and think about Mom. And chess pieces. Oh Dear Shinki, the chess pieces.
No. 173144
[x] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[x] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
No. 173145
I have to say that was quite the alternative end. Complete and interesting to read-nothing like a fade-to-black bullshit.

Good work!
No. 173147
And here I was, wondering if the full routine could seduce the Queen and what happen to the simulation then. Guess I know now.

Oh well. The detour was nice.

[x] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[x] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
No. 173154
[X] Put on a collar.

Ran scene? Ran scene.

>"Er... 99.9%? Do I want to ask why it's not a straight one-hundred?"
>"Oh you know how it is, sometimes a captive gets too excited and sometimes a captor gets to having a bit too much fun."
One in one thousand. Which for Zeke is one in three.
No. 173158
[X] Put on a collar.

I honestly didn't expect that one to bad end us, therefore, this one probably won't.
No. 173159

It will. And I'm fine with it.
No. 173160
Who said it would be Ran scene? It could be Komachi scene too.

That said, would rather have plot.

[x] Ruukoto had those weird shoulder problems that you have a knack for working out.
[x] It always was a touch awkward, but your mother liked it when worked out her back problems.
No. 173162
Fucken' told you guys about those foot massages, man. Erotic as all get out. Anyway, another vote for that thing I outlined above. NTR hurts my heart too bad to go through it again.

As an aside, is DeKomachi Dark-Ex Komachi? Because in the games, and, if I'm not mistaken, this universe as well, those only come about through severe abuse.
No. 173165
that's assuming the foot messages are the key point of seduction.
No. 173166
File 137671562084.png - (112.65KB , 252x256 , 1189152905306dx2-1889853943.png ) [iqdb]

First, the "dark/abused" mons in this story are known as Fells, not Darks aka Ecstasy.

Second, given this Komachi's Grim Reaper-esque appearance, I am going to go out on a limb and say the De stands for Death.
No. 173172
Dem massages. Dat Gissele.
Our 'Training' from Mom and Dad have turned our little hands into incredible weapons of mass seduction. Will we use them for good or for evil?
No. 173174

Actually, if were that sort of designation it'd probably be something closer to DEx. However...


This guy/gal is right. De is short for Death. 'Cause Komachi's a reaper. Death humor, har.

That aside, I will point out the fact that Fell Touhoumon aren't the only type of mon in that category. If you've paid attention to the Touhoufacts in MonTouhoumon (Nob and Bread's story) you'd know that there are multiple variations of mons that are broken, abused, or just downright evil.
No. 173175
Sorry for the double-post, but voting's been called. Doing two-thirds of the routine's won out with four votes, while doing one part had three, and putting a collar on had two. Please wait warmly for the update.
No. 173184
File 137678297684.png - (736.36KB , 845x1200 , Right hand woman.png ) [iqdb]
"Would you like me to give you a massage? I'm quite good with my hands." You offer to Gissele, since this would be a good way to stall for time until your girls make it up here.

It would also let you have a chance to get your hands on that sculpture perfect body of hers, something that fills you with more than a bit of excitement at the prospect of it. Gissele for her part merely taps her chin thoughtfully with a fan, "My, can you not resist the chance to put your hands on my body. I hope you understand what will happen to you if you try anything funny during this session?"

You nod in response to her question. "I wouldn't try anything so crass. I will request that I be permitted to give this massage somewhere where you can lie on your front, seeing as one of the techniques I know pretty much requires it."

Gissele rises from her seat, languidly stretching as she does so and giving you a good view of her body with how that dress of hers clings to it, "Very well. Come with me and we will see just whether your hands can live up to your mouth."

There are a lot of meanings to that sentence.

You're flustered by that, but you're not losing face just yet. You follow Gissele closely, walking a little bit behind her and to the side. Additionally, you're taking her statement as something of an issue of challenge, which you're more than happy to act on.

Gissele strides calmly out of the main dinning room and down the hallway, her heels somehow managing to click on the blue carpet that runs the length of the middle of the hallway. "I must wonder how a little boy such as yourself managed to develop those skills to the degree you claim to have." She asks you idly, amber eyes regarding you with neutral curiosity.

"It's a bit of a long story, but my learning massage techniques was actually part of my training to become a trainer, so to speak. Knowing how to work out the stress of one's partners is supposed to be an important skill for people like me to know." You launch into a brief explanation about how you learned all that, and try not to divulge too many details. "As for how I developed them... I had to practice quite a lot. Though words don't really prove anything in this case."

"...I see." Gissele eventually responds, apparently content to allow you to keep your secrets for now and not just take them from you like she's taking your heart. Ahead of you, you can a grandly decorated door made of the darkest wood. Gissele waves her hand once at the door and it swings open seemingly on its own. Gissele simply marches on into the room. As she strides towards the bed she reaches up to the back of her neck and clicks something there, which causes the top of her dress to slide off of her body like water off of a swan's back, leaving that lovely skin of hers exposed to you as she calmly lies down on her bed and peers at you with one amber eye, "...well?"

You're rather flustered at that little display, but you're not about to disappoint her now that you've put your pride on the line. You follow her to the bed and begin work on her immediately, starting on her shoulders since you're just methodical like that. Still, she's quite stiff. "Wow. This is going to take some time to work out, I've never felt someone so stiff..." You start off gently, figuring out the best points of attack before applying more pressure to start loosening those stubborn muscles up.

Her shoulders are completely ridiculous tense with how she carries herself. This can be all from not taking care of herself or working too hard, right? Look at how tightly controlled her whole body is. "Really?" Gissele asks of you, her tone teasing, "Because as far as I can tell with you brushing up against me, you're just as stiff."

"That's different. I'm giving a massage to a beautiful woman, and I have a perfectly healthy sex drive." You're blushing even harder, but you don't permit yourself to falter for even a second. "With you, it almost feels like you're overworking yourself without taking the proper breaks. I don't mean to be nosy, but do you use hot tubs or take showers with a shower head that has a pulse function?"

"The duties of a queen take precedence over the queen herself." Gissele replies simply, allowing you to continue your work on her shoulders unhindered as she keeps from moving. Even with your best efforts, this is just ridiculously slow going on getting anything done. Not even your mother after that month long 'business trip' was this tense!

Not that you mind, since this is both a chance to prove that you're not just talking the talk and a good way to stall for time. "I can understand that, but it won't do anyone any good if the Queen is so sore and tired that she can't perform her duties. I apologize if I seem pushy, but I take this sort of thing very seriously."

"Are you implying that I an incapable of performing?" Gissele asks you, one of those amber eyes locking onto you again as it bores into you, "I assure you that I am not a fool who would push herself so far that her inability would lead her people to ruin."

You feel more than a little nervous about that. "No, I'm not saying you're incapable of performing. I'm just concerned because of what I'm feeling with my hands." Good grief, you might want to see about her neck too, while you're at it. You can't imagine what her routine must be like if she's like this. "Well, not that my opinion on your lifestyle matters. I am, however, going to be nice and thorough about this until you feel good and relaxed. My professional pride demands it." Neither your mother or father would permit you to settle for anything less, and both Yume and Ruukoto reinforced that in their own way.

Gissele just stares at you as you work, eyes seeming to pierce right through you and be able to root around in your head and make a mess of your mental pots and pans as she sees your every thought. Even as her shoulders start to loosen up just a bit, you can tell that her neck is just as tense and her back is no doubt a maze of knots, problems and issues. You know, you suspect that it's not that she doesn't take care of herself now, given how her skin is obviously in very good condition and well cared for.

Granted, your head's probably a mess to begin with, so any sort of rifling through it wouldn't really leave a noticeable dent in your organization. You don't stop with her shoulders just yet though, since they're not done to your satisfaction. You sigh as you continue. "I apologize if I was being presumptuous. I just get a bit worried when I feel someone with muscles as stiff as yours. It feels like you take care of yourself well enough... Honestly, if I were a girl I'd probably be quite envious of you. Your skin is quite pleasant to feel."

Plus, her earlier teasing holds true. You stiffy is still poking her, though you try to make sure it's not doing that.

"Why, thank you." Gissele replies as you continue to work carefully and slowly on her shoulders, "A queen must always ensure that she maintains her appearance. She must reflect the beauty of her lands and their people, after all."

"You must have people flocking to your kingdom then, since you're almost irresistible." You mean that too, since you're having to go against what your hormones are screaming at you to do. You work on her shoulders a bit more... "Alright, how do your shoulders feel?" You ask, wanting her opinion before you move on.

"...Passable." Gissele allows, her tone hinting that she thinks it's more than passable, "Move onto my neck next." She orders you as she shifts about underneath you, rubbing against you incidentally as she gets more comfortable and rolls her shoulders to resettle them after your work. Did she tense them back up...?

"Alright." You resist the urge to sigh as you set to work on her neck, applying much the same technique, though the neck required different motions than the shoulders did.

She actually closes her eyes as you work on her neck, allowing you to breathe a mental sigh of relief now that you're free of that piercing gaze of hers. You'd swear she wasn't this intimidating or ridiculously sexy before.

You also weren't in continuous contact with her before, which probably has something to do with it. Still, you let her relax as you work on her neck further, half amazed and half horrified that anyone could be this stiff.

Even as you work your best efforts on her neck you find yourself thankful that it's much easier to work on and help than her shoulders were. You guess a person can't have a neck that's too tense without running into the whole problems with not being able to turn their heads from side to side. There's a knock at the door but Gissele speaks up, "Do not. Interrupt."

It's a good thing you've got something resembling a poker face, otherwise she might be able to catch on to the purpose of this before you're ready to drop the charade. Though that's helped along by the fact that you really do want to help Gissele with her stiffness problem, and you won't permit yourself to settle for her being anything less than relaxed. Puddle-ish would be better, but that's probably asking too much.

It's definitely asking too much. Even with the effort you're putting into this she's still tense underneath you, but seems content to allow you to work her over as whoever was at the door appears to leave you both be. You have to wonder just how your girls are doing in this situation. What kind of challenges are they running into this castle?

You hope it's nothing too bad.

Still, her neck is loosening up enough that you suspect you can move on soon as Gissele speaks up again, "Tell me, just what are you expecting to have happen here tonight?"

"Well, I expect to be able to finish up with this massage at the very least. Past that I'm not too sure." You give the immediate, obvious answer first as you begin to finish up with her neck. "How's your neck?" You ask.

"Better. Why don't you try working lower?" She suggests to you, eyes still closed as you hear something in the distance, a sort of faint music that lifts your spirits just a bit.

And that's the glorious sound of your valiant princesses coming to save the captured prince. Not that you're going to draw attention to that at all. "Alright then." You shift lower bit by bit, and you quickly find that her back is every bit as bad as you feared it was. Good grief, what does she do to herself?

...Well, now that you think about it, you have a pretty substantial idea. She's basically Sebastian's number two, which means she takes on a lot of the responsibility for handling the Gym. Not only does she have the typical Gym Trainer jobs of making sure everything runs smoothly and defending the town and surrounding areas from threats, there's also her having to deal with Sebastian himself. You can't imagine that being easy.

Not to mention keeping Joey safe, which given that the kid seems to be kinda like you, must be something of a pain in the neck.

Her back is, if anything, even worse than her shoulders and neck combined together. What kind of bed does this girl sleep on? Even your mother after passing out at her desk wasn't this bad.

You set to work regardless, knowing that you had to get this done right to keep her relaxing the way she is. You know your girls are coming for you, and they won't stop for anything so long as you keep trusting in them. You just need to give them time. ...Plus, you feel kinda sorry for Gissele. This must be the first time someone's pampered her like this in a while, if her muscles are this bad.

Things start to get just a bit more awkward and tempting as Gissele shifts about underneath you as you work while letting out tiny, suppressed noises of pleasure that make your own stiffness problem become just that much more problematic. How much of this in character and how much is her own feelings?

"Perhaps I should offer your to DeKomachi once I'm done with you. I'm certain that her bones could use a bit of work of their own." Gissele ponders on the matter as you work on her lower back which is a horrifying mass of tenseness and uncomfortable feeling knots, "If you think I'm bad, I'm worried you may have a fit after you get your hands on her...if we could get her out of that robe anyway."

"I probably would." You admit, considering your earlier reactions. "I take it she's one of the workaholic types?" You ask, since now you're a touch curious.

"She takes too many burdens onto her shoulders that aren't hers to bear." Gissele admits as you work her over, "It is my duty to carry the weight I do, there is no need for her to push herself so hard and work herself to the bone when it's pointless to do so."

"Good grief... It almost sounds like she needs to learn how to learn how to let others help her. Taking on all that work can't be healthy." Still, you're making some headway, and you notice that she doesn't seem to be putting as much effort into her Dark Queen persona as he was a little while ago. At least, it doesn't feel like she is.

Or she could simply be lulling you into a trap by acting more open and friendly with you as you start to get more and more into working her over and making her feel good and loving the feeling of her under your hands and body.

...You're really thankful that you could swear your girls are close now and that-

There's a loud boom somewhere nearby that you feel shake the castle, and you find yourself suddenly thrown off of Gissele and onto the bed with a pomf as Gissele quickly does her top back up, "My, my. And here I thought we'd get to play our little game a bit longer before your attempted rescuers made it here. I wonder how they got this far."

Well, the correct answer would be that your girls are pretty clever and they're driven by the fact that you're their 'prince', alongside that bond you share, but you're not saying that. "Well, guess you're up then." You shrug, actually sounding mildly disappointed that you couldn't finish. Though you wouldn't say why until after this is done.

You feel a chill sweep over you as the window is thrown open and a black clothed being bursts through it, carrying a viscous looking scythe. You suspect that this is DeKomachi. "Ah, my most loyal friend." Gissele approaches the terrifying being and pulls it into an embrace, "Did they not bother to visit you in your tower? How rude of them."

"Indeed." The DeKomachi's voice is an intimidating, dark hiss that reminds you of the odd Patchouli you met, "Shall we discipline them, Milady?" The DeKomachi asks, spinning her scythe in a deadly arc as you'd swear you heard the winds dying scream.

sweet shinki how horrifying.

Still, this has officially gotten out of your hands. You've done all you can, so it's now down to your girls to be able to finish the job.

"Tell me, Little boy." Gissele speaks up as you head the sounds of fighting and shouting gradually drawing closer to your position as your girls fight their way to your rescue, "Do you know what makes DeKomachi so much different than her fellow Komachi?"

"De being short for death?" You ask. You're a touch foggy on the specifics, but you know that there was something about this particular subspecies that makes her more annoying than most.

"Correct. As stories go, they say all Komachi share a bond with death and are responsible for ferrying the souls of the dead to the afterlife." Gissele explains, "This one has a bond stronger than almost any other, which makes her exceedingly lethal when she wishes to be. You could say she's a guillotine waiting to deliver your saviors to the sheer cold of the afterlife."

DeKomachi just continues to idly spin that scythe of hers as you become more and more certain that it is making the air scream as it passes through it.

"She specializes in OH-KO moves then." You sit in a cross-legged pose as you wait for your girls to make their final approach. It won't take long, after all, so you might as well sit back.

"Oh, was that a bit too obvious?" Gissele wonders sadly as you hear the sound of blaring instruments coming from right down the hallway that leads to the Dark Queen's chambers, "Well, it's not just that she specializes in using them." Gissele informs you, apparently content to let you know, "It's that they're at least twice as effective when she makes use of them."

That makes you pale just a bit. You know one-shot moves are unreliable at best, as research clocks them in at only hitting 30% of the time when both the user and the target are the same level. Then it gets more effective the stronger the user is compared to the opponent. DeKomachi takes that final accuracy number and doubles that. The only consolation is that they're also taxing to use, and that your Ghost type girls basically cut DeKomachi's options in half.

But, what about Kogasa? If that Guillotine were to hit her core, then she could be seriously hurt for real, maybe even...

The door is blown off its hinges as three larger than expected figures burst into the room. Gissele idly sidesteps a chunk of wood and grabs one out of mid-air that was going to smack into your face, the sound of it slapping into her flesh making you flinch at the sound of it. "That door was expensive." She points out, no real pain in her voice, "I'll be making you pay for that."

"With what?" An unexpected but somehow familiar voice comes from a much larger Lyrica, "Our bodies?" She snarks at Gissele as she readies her instruments, her sisters in position behind her doing the same.

"Yes." Gissele responds simply, snapping her fingers one and setting off a pitfall trap right beneath the girls...which fails to do anything as your girls can all fly.

"Hah!" Lyrica laughs at Gissele right before the the bookshelf behind them suddenly slams down on them, smashing them down through that hole.

...Well, shit.

You really hope that didn't knock them out, though you were surprised and happy to see that your girls managed to evolve on their own. You kinda wonder how they managed to do that this soon...

The bookshelf explodes as your girls fly up through it, looking mildly ruffled and a bit embarrassed but not too much worse for wear. "That was expensive too." Gissele points out mildly as she pulls you closer to her as you feel a horrifying chill start to sweep through the room that robs you of warmth rapidly, save for what Gissele is providing you with. The DeKomachi lets out an unexpectedly soft sigh as you see a wave of sheer cold blast rapidly towards your girls, the ground and everything between her and it freezing solid, even the fire in the fire place.

And of course DeKomachi wouldn't make the mistake of using a Normal-type move against a Ghost type. The only real hope for you at this point is if your girls can manage to evade every last shot.

Your girls hurl themselves as quickly out of the way as they can as Gissele continues to hold you against her to keep you from running, or perhaps provide you with some measure of protection from the cold.

The Prismrivers all manage to avoid that one, though you watch as poor Lunasa is forced to break off and shake off a layer of frost and ice on her as she shivers violently, her teeth chattering as she leans onto Merlin for support as Lyrica grits her teeth at Gissele, "Hey! Let him go you over makeuped harpy!"

Over-makeupped harpy? Oh geeze, she's got a mouth on her. ...You'd know that, albeit for different reasons. You role in all this is still the prisoner, soooo...

Gissele seems to be entirely unruffled by that insult as she snaps her fingers and another secret passage opens up to reveal-

Well, you never see what it reveals because the cool gel that was gradually creeping towards you from the open window touches your foot and suddenly lunges up around you and pulls you from Gissele's hold and right out the window, where you fall into SlKogasa's sticky body as she starts to rapidly ooze down the side of the castle to escape. The frontal assault was a ruse?

"Well, I guess Gissele did what Lyrica asked. Technically." You quip as you're suspended in SlKogasa's body. Now your girls just have to escape and then it ought to be just about over.

Your girls all leap out of the window, flying rapidly down after you as they cheer.

Then DeKomachi bursts out of the window behind them and hurtles after you all, spinning her scythe rapidly and cutting the blasts of air pressure your girls attempt to use on her apart. How is she cutting air and sound apart!?

Still, they got this far. They're at the last boss, but they've got you, so they don't even need to beat DeKomachi in full. They just need to throw her off, and you're confident that they will.

Then you spot a white and gold dot that rapidly grows in size as it gains on you, sprinting down the length of the tower towards you with all the tails tucked in behind her. Oh shit, that Ran is here too!?

...Right, and SlKogasa had problems with her during the first exercise too. Between Komachi and Ran bearing down on you, it looks like your girls are going to have a rough time of things. Still, there ought to be a 'cutoff point' eventually, right? Maybe the simulation has a finite radius, and escaping it is just as good as defeating them? You hope so, at least because this is going to be interesting if there isn't.

Your girls quickly move around you and SlKogasa protectively, firing all about you in a flurry as they try to keep Ran and the DeKomachi away long enough for SlKogasa to make it all the way to the bottom of the castle where you think they plan to attempt to escape into the woods so they can use the cover more to their advantage.

SlKogasa hurls herself off of the castle and across the moat, landing with a splat that shakes you about in her as you look in front of you to see a smiling, green haired woman wearing a lot of plaid, including plaid pants. Over her shoulder she carries a closed parasol.

"Hello there young man." She greets you in a friendly manner, "And just what are you doing out here?"

Well, crap. You know this mon, at least. A Grass/Dark type known as Kazami, and likely one who's got some experience under her belt. "Getting carried away, from the looks of it." You aren't happy to see that there's yet another powerful mon here, and wonder if your girls just sequence broke to get to you faster. Not that it's bad, mind, it's just starting to bite them in the rear if that's what they did.

SlKogasa gulps, her body drawing you deeper into her as she shifts about nervously at the dangerous being in front of her that's watching her with a friendly smile on her face, not moving as your girls land beside you and take up protective positions as DeKomachi swoops down on your group, staring at you all as she clutches her scythe in her hands. Ran quietly lands on the water with a whisper and stands up, balancing on a lily pad.

Now, if you had a full complement of trainer items at this point you'd be inclined to break out a Smoke Ball to cover your escape. The problem is that you don't have one, and unless Gissele purposely sets this place up so mons can gain access to valuable hold items, odds are good your girls don't have one either. So now you're stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out how you're going to get you and your girls out of this.

Lyrica growls viciously at DeKomachi as Merlin puts herself between the Ran and you, calmly readying her instrument as she drifts closer to you, "Don't worry." She whispers to you, "I didn't save you before to just have you get snatched away now." She finishes as she gives you a wink.

Lunasa is bravely standing between you and the Kazami, apparently completely willing to stand up to one of the most feared touhoumon types on the planet for your sake, staring death in the eye as Death approaches you all from behind.

"If you surrender..." Gissele speaks up, calmly walking out from behind Kazami. How did she get down her so fast!? "I will spare both yourself and your followers from any unnecessary suffering."

"You have performed admirably, enough so that I would rather you serve me than see you and your followers destroyed." She informs you, "Submit. It would be foolish to risk yourselves further."

You're kind of stuck in SlKogasa's body, plus Merlin already told you that she and her sisters had a plan, so there was pretty much no reason to say anything. In fact, you're not even sure you would be heard. Instead, you just shake your head in refusal, choosing to trust in your girls once again rather than give up.

Your girls start to back up closer to your as DeKomachi and Ran start to close in the distance. Lunasa presses up against both you and SlKogasa as Merlin and Lyrica do the same. Suddenly, Lyrica pulls out a familiar looking object. An escape rope!?

"Later bitches!" She yells out crassly before activating it and oh god everything is spinning!
No. 173185
That's an admittedly good plan, since no one has arbitrary control over this space that would let them pull you right into the depths of the underground castle or anything silly like that. Makes you glad that your girls are this clever, overall. You aren't doing so hot with the spinning, mind.

You are spiraling and spinning through the odd distortion that these amazing inventions create, heading up and up and then-

Whumph! That's the thrilling noise as the spinning stops and you're deposited in a dark room without any source of light. This is not off to the best start.

"Girls, are you there?" Is the first thing out of your mouth. You're pretty sure that they all came with you, since they were close enough for it. Plus looking is pointless because the room's dark anyway.

You feel SlKogasa squeeze you affirmatively, her slime taking you back inside of her as she stabilizes from the jump. Slime bodies may not handle that kind of spinning very well.

"I'm here..." Lyrica speaks up, her voice miserable, "I landed on my ass though."

"That's fine then, isn't it? Plenty of cushion there." You hear Merlin pipe up, "I'm here too darling!" She adds on a bit unnecessarily.

"...Are you okay?" You hear a soft voice that has to belong to Lunasa as hands grab onto your face and someone draws very close to you, worriedly checking you over.

You breathe a sigh of relief as your girls check in. "That's good to hear. Also, I'm fine, Lunasa. Gissele didn't try anything weird and Kogasa made sure I didn't so much as get a scratch. I'm more worried about you and the others, honestly." Your response is far more relaxed than anything else right now, though there's one issue... "If an Escape Rope dumps the user back at the entrance of a given dungeon, and there's not anomaly to muck with it, why are we in some pitch-black room?" You wonder, mostly to yourself.

"I don't know." Lunasa admits quietly as she continues to keep her hands on you, as if she's afraid to let go. Which she may well be.

"Well, maybe we're back at the entrance of the Dungeon?" Merlin suggests helpfully.

"Uh, we didn't come through any place like this, remember?" Lyrica points out.

"Maybe." Merlin agrees, "But darling may have."

"Ran brought me to the main dungeon, and not one part of it was this dark..." You trail off for a moment, holding onto one of Lunasa's hands as you do so. "Oh, right. When she was taking me through here, it was lit by torches, but they went out as we passed through. We're probably close to the underground jungle if that's the case."

"Kinda weird though. I would have thought that since Lyrica was the one to use the rope, it'd lock on to your entry point, not mine."

"That's because they focus on human mental signatures, not touhoumon ones!" You're suddenly informed by a booming voice as several torches flare up bright orange rather than blue. It's...Sebastian?

"Ezekiel." Sebastian suddenly claps his hands on your shoulders and looks you in the eye, his own showing his deep sincerity, "I am happy to know that a trainer of your caliber and potential is a friend of my son. The cunning, teamwork and devotion that your team showed in their efforts to rescue you show just what kind of trainer you are."

You're rather surprised by Sebastian's sudden appearance, but then again the guy's practically a tornado in human form. If you weren't startled by him you were used to him or psychic. Still, you felt a fair bit of pride for your girls since that can't have been easy. "A good one, I hope." You say. Not your best line, but hey.

"One with excellent potential. You are a shining star, a beacon of a hopeful future just like my own Costello is!" Sebastian gestures grandly as he declares this while behind his back Lyrica rolls her eyes and Lunasa watches on nodding along with SlKogasa. Merlin, for her part, is just watching Sebastian with a strange expression on her face.

"Ah, now that I remember it, Ran brought you up to speed on the Anomaly present near that beach, right?" You remember and decide to get confirmation about that first. Honestly, your own little victory can wait.

You'd much rather celebrate that with your girls, right along with their evolution.

"Yes, I've heard about it and already ran down there to place up warning signs to keep out those who would wander in." He informs you, his expression very grave and serious, "It's thankful most people already avoid the area due to the stories that are passed around about it."

"However, that's not what I came down here for. You see, I've received a request just a few minutes ago and would like to ask you to participate in a quick, little impromptu tournament I've decided to hold." Sebastian tells you, "Your touhoumon will be restored to full health before the tournament starts, of course, and will be healed between each round."

"If you do not wish to participate, I understand completely. However, there's a prize for both the winner and runner-up of the tournament." Sebastian tempts, grinning widely.

[ ] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.

[ ] You're kind of exhausted after all that. Politely decline.


Once again, Nob and I break the post limit.
No. 173186
So the girls evolved, huh. too bad we weren't here for it.
No. 173187
[x] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.

Why the hell not? I suspect that Sebastian has a reason for this, as well.
No. 173188
Wait, they talk themselves now? Have I missed something or is that new?
No. 173189

[x]Ladies? Shall we?
No. 173190
[x] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.

No. 173191
[x] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it

No. 173192
They evolved during teh training, it seems. Now they are no longer chibis.
No. 173193

Evolved Touhoumon have always been able to speak Common in this story. Even our own SlKogasa can, though it's rather broken due to her isolation.

As for why evolution just invokes that, I guess a wizard did it?
No. 173194
[x] Ladies? Shall we?

Let's leave it up to our girls, they were the ones running around while we were just giving out massages.

On that note, goodbye Gissele. Our hands will always be free for another massage.
No. 173195
[X] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.

Why? Why not!? ...A bit disappointed that we did not see the process of our Prismrivers evolving, then I notice that they also did evolve (if the way I'm reading between the lines is correct) in the bad end

Sometimes I wonder just what was SlKogasa prior to being Zeke's Mon. She's very well-trained despite being locked up for a looong time and has good temperament (She's the one who negotiated between the Prismrivers and Zeke in that last bad end).

Foursome/Orgy when!?
No. 173196
That and there wasn't much attention to the changes (such as Merlin getting closer to Kogasa in bust size) Honestly I'm tempted ot try to sit out just so we can catch up and seeing what they learned while Zeke was captured. It'd be foolish to go into battle with outdated info.
No. 173197
[x] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.
No. 173198
[X] Free heal, a chance to see your girls fight, and a prize at the end. May as well sign up for it.

I see very little reason not to do it.
No. 173199
File 137680114354.png - (4.28KB , 240x160 , go team.png ) [iqdb]
>60% + chance of OHKO

Sweet Shinki how horrifying indeed, especially considering how rare OHKO moves are in Touhoumon. As I recall, there are only two: Sheer Cold, seen here, and Judgement. I believe that only the Cirno and Letty lines have access to Sheer Cold, but Judgement is Shikieiki's signature move. Advent Yukari also has access to Judgement, but she's a special case and I don't think she should have it anyways. At any rate, DeKomachi would be instabanned from the Shoddy network, right up there with Sendai and Defense Satori.

'course, if this is how terrifying a DeKomachi is, I shudder to imagine what a high-leveled Shikieiki would be. I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds levels of terrifying. Not even praying to your Lord and Savior Shinki would save you.
No. 173200

I think you are seeing things that aren't there.

>You could say she's a guillotine waiting to deliver your saviors to the sheer cold of the afterlife.

This is no doubt referring to the OHKO moves DeKomachi knows: Guillotine and Sheer Cold. This story doesn't stick to the games like glue, so there's no need for Judgement and Sheer Cold to be the only OHKO moves there are.

Not that DeKomachi wouldn't be a scary opponent to face, but I don't think she is meant to be a godlike horror as the presence of the Judgement move would suggest.
No. 173202

Don't forget that the opponents level has to be equal or lower to DeKomachi. Even a single level higher reduces an OHKO move effectiveness to 0%. And two times zero is still zero. And don't forget the Sturdy ability.

Of course, this is going by regular Pokemon game mechanics, so it may work differently.
No. 173204
File 13768395276.png - (231.13KB , 850x663 , red_sky_of_japonesia_28.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry, I wasn't clear; I wasn't implying that DeKomachi knew Judgement. I knew she used Sheer Cold because of that very line, though I didn't make it explicit. You do underestimate, I think, a 60% of ending a battle immediately, even if it isn't Shikieiki's Judgement. I know that, mechanically, it's identical to other OHKO moves, but c'mon. Look at the name. Don't tell me that isn't a name that inspires dread and awe.

Judgement tends to do that. It's a rather loaded word.
No. 173210
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.

Work with your team people. Remember That Guy? Part of the reason he was suck dickish asshat was because he wasn't Willing to work with his team and look where that got him.
No. 173212
Such a dickish asshat.

No clue as to how that typo got past me.
No. 173213
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.
No. 173214
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.

Guys, guys, they can talk to us now!
No. 173216
Changing from >>173194

[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.

Hugs all around.
No. 173217
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.

I get the feeling that there will be much lewdness going on soon, what with three newly evolved Touhous and all. I am okay with this.
No. 173218
Not to mention Zeke likely has a second girl with notable boobs (Merlin)

[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.
No. 173220
>>173190 Here, change to
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.
No. 173222
I think it was mostly that he beat them, abused them emotionally, and accepted or bought Touhoumon of dubious providence. Oh, and thought that he knew more than he actually did. Frankly, on the large list of reasons he was a dick, not checking with his partners' opinions on everything is barely a footnote.
No. 173223
Which is why I said it was part of the reason.
No. 173224
I disagree rather strongly that we need to take their opinion everything, incidentally; I think that it betrays a lack of belief in both our ability to lead and their ability to fight. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have their input, but to ask over as many decisions as we are seems unnecessary, especially as they can raise objections and improvise to changing circumstances on the fly regardless of whether or not we consult with them beforehand. It should be implicit that they can speak up if they feel as though we choose a course of action that they deem unwise, but this isn't a committee.

It just seems like an extra, unnecessary step that slows everything down. Besides, if I'm following someone, I expect them to lead and make decisions, and would get annoyed if they were to stop and ask for my opinion all the time. There's a point at which openness to input becomes indecisiveness, and I believe that we are crossing that point.

So, all that being said, we should probably make it explicit that they should let us know what they think whenever they want to, and then dispense with the tedium of constant consultation unless it's for a truly important decision.

This is not one of those decisions. This isn't a life-or-death, momentous decision, but an impromptu tournament that will get them good experience with minimal risk, and will implicitly let them know that we trust in their ability to fight and that we want to see them in action.
No. 173226
Some of us would actually like time with them before getting either rushed into some tourney arc or outright pass it up.

Shame on SDLT to have them evolve and not give us a real chance to have it sink in before forcing a tournament.
No. 173230

I agree. From Zeke's prior behavior, I would think that it's just inferred that he would make sure that his girls were okay with it beforehand, but would be in favor of going through with the tournament (assuming that's your vote). I mean, he's clearly not a That Guy, so it isn't really an issue.
No. 173242
This sounds good to me. Since they have recently evolved and all that, they can finally have a proper conversation and agree to do like that in the future.
No. 173248
[X] Ask for the girls opinions.
-[X] Realize that your girls evolved.
--[X] Gush about it.
No. 173263
[X] Ask for the girls opinions, and follow their choice.
-[X] Bask in the joy of having a proper conversation with them

Gushing? Please.
No. 173278
Update's on its way, folks. Unfortunately, just agreeing to the tournament won as we weren't accepting write-ins at that point. I wouldn't worry about not having an opportunity to do exactly what you guys were talking about though, this tournament won't last forever.
No. 173283
But such a thing should be done before it not after it. And it seems disrepectful that when they finally evolved it gets glossed over for some fighting.