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171622 No. 171622
You barely have a moment to notice who's actually about to catch you before you find yourself headplanted in a mon's breasts, but in that tiny window you saw it was the Minoriko who tried to catch and molest you earlier. The one who's probably mad at you because you sprayed Repel in her face. You're suddenly thinking that you've come so far and are about to utterly fail at the last second, like five feet from the finish line.

You can hear distantly as your friends come tumbling out of the fall behind you, hitting the ground hard and making you appreciate your soft landing, just a little bit. The Minoriko is gently craddling your head in her chest as she hums happily, "My, what's this?" She asks, looking at the motley crew you've assembled, "Why sister, do you hear that?"

"That annoying music has stopped?" A somewhat irritable sounding voice speaks up, telling you that there's a Shizuha here as well,"Yeah, I noticed that a few acres away from here sis."

"Oh, poo. Don't be such a party pooper." She chides her sibling, "Today's a good day!"

You can hear your Prismrivers yelling something, but they sound a bit pained. Almost as if something big and heavy had landed on them.

...Damnit Abbott.

You're definitely going to have to do something nice for your poor girls. Assuming you get out of this, mind. "Wait, the music reached all the way out here?" You didn't hear it until you actually got into the tower, yourself.

"Yep! Well, to touhoumon at least." The Minoriko informs you, "We could hear it distantly a ways out into the forest. It was really bothersome!" She complains to you, "Why, the only reason I was able to sleep at all was because I had my sister with me."

"I didn't sleep at all..." The Shizuha complains,"She [i[clings[/i]."

Admittedly, you think that having a clingy Minoriko to sleep with would be rather nice, but still. "Well, I had a bit of help but I wound up getting the Lunasa playing it to stop. She's a different coloration from the usual members of her speicies, so her sisters kicked her out. That's why she was playing that music."

"Oh how awful! I can't believe they would do that to their own flesh and blood." Minoriko gasps.

"Ghost type." Shizuha points out.

"Oh how awful! I can't believe they'd do that to their own ectoplasm!" Minoriko gasps.

You shrug. "It's because they're supposed to be all equally important. If one's got an obvious advantage over the other two, then that one sister will get more attention or benefits than the other two." You can attest to that, if that kiss of Lyrica's is any indication. "Anyway, there were three such Prismrivers in the tower, so I was able to assemble a full ensemble of shiny Prismrivers." You notice she's still not letting you go.

"Hmmm...does that mean that you caught them?" The Minoriko asks you, her voice sounding a bit heavy with an unplaceable intent.

"Well, yeah." You respond casually.

"...oh. Poo." She sets you down and pouts at you fiercely, looking decidedly put out with the situation. "The first girl never wins I guess..."

Shizuha pats her sister consolingly on the back, "There there sis. There's always next time." She assures her.

"B-but I wanted this one! He's so cute and delectable and you just know he's really nice!" Minoriko insists.

"Right, now that I think about it, sorry about the face full of Repel. You didn't really leave me much choice though." You do take a couple steps away from her, backward. As nice as this Minoriko may be, there's the tiny problem where you don't really want to get taken home when you've got your girls to take care of now.

"Hm? Oh that? Oh it's fine." She waves it off, "I just didn't want you going into that tower all alone is all, and thought it would be better to take you home with me! So many cute boys go into that tower and never come back! We know all about what sorta of nasty things happen there!"

Shizuha nods, "I don't know why you humans keep going to that place. It's full of nothing but danger and bad ends."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have no plans to go back there anytime soon." You really don't. You've basically hit the jackpot with that place and feel absolutely no need to push your luck any further than it already has.

Speaking of which, you start to get your poor Prismrivers out from under Abbott, both to help them and to show off a bit. I mean, who wouldn't?

"Oh good!" The Minoriko claps her hands together happily. Another boy saved from the depravities of the White Tower! "...Oh, but will you be able to make it back to your human village before the sun sets?"

"That's in about...half an hour." The Shizuha determines, somehow.

"It didn't take that long to get here the first time." Though there's that tiiiiiiny problem of you're out way later than you thought you would be. Having to go rescue your friends ate up far more time than you thought it would. Which means your parents are probably home and worried sick. Fuzz nuggets.

"Oh no, we couldn't just leave you poor, succulent boys to walk home on your own! Why, in the condition you're in you'll be easy prey for the numerous touhoumon that will be finally coming out of their dens and hideyholes with that noise gone!"

"It's true." The Shizuha agrees, "Even with the mon you have on you, one of you reeks of sex and is top shelf stuff, and you've got a cute klutz and..." She gives Abbot a look,"...and a C+ I guess."


Abbot looks like he wants to say something about that, but Rei just smacks him again to shut him up. She seems to be enjoying that a bit much.

Granted, you're not one to complain. There's been plenty of times where you've wanted to smack the guy upside the head. As for the fact that you smell of sex... Well, yeah. You got sucked off twice and was given a handjob by your girls as you swayed them to your side. It only makes sense that you'd be walking mon bait at this point. You do purposely fail to respond to the Shizuha's assessment of you outside of blushing a bit though. "So you're offering to take us home, or lead us home?"

"Well, which would you prefer?" The Minoriko gives you a tempting grin, "Our home is closer, but if you just want to get back to your Human Village then I suppose we'll just have to walk you there."

"We'll take you to the edge of the village, but we're not taking you any deeper than that." The Shizuha explains in more depth, "I'm not getting caught because I waltzed into a human village thoughtlessly.

"As nice as you are, you taking me home would probably end in you having your way with me. I... I kinda just want to go home at this point." You continue blushing, which probably does nothing to make you seem like less of an acceptable target. "Besides, you're still pretty close to the town I'm from, right? My mother has a Yumeko, and she's, well..." You trail off as you fail to really find a way to describe her properly.

Rather than keep trying, you turn to the Shizuha. "I understand. You might get caught by someone you don't particularly care for. I won't ask you to go any further than you're comfortable with."

"Having our way with you?" The Minoriko looks shocked and hurt, "Why, whatever made you think I'd do that now? You've gone and found your partner, and while I wish you'd offered me the chance first, I wouldn't want to break up your little harem so shortly after they found you!"

"Also if we did that we'd have to fight you and your friends touhoumon at the same time." Shizuha points out the far more practical problem, 'Five versus two aren't odds I like much, even if your group are chibis."

You blush again, considering they missed the part where you don't have particularly high resistance right now. "Still, can we get going? I don't think we should stand here for much longer."

The Minoriko looks behind you as a door on the outer edge of the White Tower starts to open, and you can hear countless voices start to chatter from inside. Oh hell...

"This way dearies!" The Minoriko calls for you to follower her and she dashes off into a part of the brush, breaking easily through a bush. Shizuha grabs your arm and tosses you in that direction, getting you running as she does the same on the other humans in your group.

You follow that Minoriko as if your life depended on it, and it pretty much does at this point. You refuse to let her get out of your sight and manage to keep up with her rather handily as a result.

Interestingly enough once you break through the bush you find yourself on an easy to follow trail that seems rather well worn, but amazingly well concealed. Your Prismrivers gather around you as they float as quickly as they can to keep up with your sprinting pace. Behind you you can hear Costello stumbling along as well as he can while Abbott complains behind him, silenced by a slap to the head.

You know, suddenly you're becoming increasingly less jealous of your friends and more amused by the abuse Rei's giving Abbott. You also suspect that this is why he kept her in her ball, but after this? Well, you miiiiight just ask Yumeko to let Rei know of any tricks to get out of a ball from the inside. You know it can be done, since most balls aren't totally foolproof. Still, you're far more focused on just getting home in time.

You're actually starting to hear the sound of other things moving through the forest as something occurs to you. It's not just the White Tower touhoumon who will be going wild now that they're not suppressed. It's going to be an unknowing about of mon all throughout this entire part of the forest. What's that going to mean for your home? There's going to be a veritable horde of rampaging touhoumon, and you're the nearest settlement!

You just barely manage to leap over a root that rises up out of the ground and your Prismrivers have to catch you from your tumble, keeping you moving as you get your feet back underneath you. You can hear the sound of wood splintering and needles hitting something and can make your friends out behind you, still moving just fine.

That thought process causes you to cringe. Your Lunasa was acting as a stopper for so many mons that it's not even funny! You, ugh, there really was no way around it. Either you caught her and made her stop or you risked your own life while almost certainly ended your friend's lives by leaving her there. Not to mention her own. Besides, given how splintered Prismriver groups died after a while... This was inevitable. The only thing you did was cause this to happen early, and even then the town would be just as blindsided then as they would be now.

If it amounts to a full attack, that is.

Still, you can't afford to slow down or get caught here. If you get back, even if you get in trouble you can at least give the people of your town a little bit of an advance notice to what's happening. You only hope that your fears will remain fears.

Your fears are confirmed when the Minoriko suddenly skids to a stop and tosses you out of the way as she gets blind sided by something that knocks her into the ground and tears into her. The Minoriko blasts whatever it is off her with a barrage of razor leaves and gets shakily up to her feet, clutching her side.

"J-just keep going!" She tries to order you, pointing down the path you were traveling.

Her attacker, a Chen you recognize now, rolls onto her feet easily, grinning widely as she licks her bloodied claws clean. Several more Chen start to stalk out of the bushes behind the first, all of them carrying the same manic expression that the first Chen is.

Abbott and Costello stumble onto the scene along with their mons, with Abbott only giving it one look before he runs off down the path again, not even slowing down to help.

Costello flounders for a moment before giving you an apologetic glance and chasing after his friend to keep him from getting his fool self killed or caught.

You're not even sure where Shizuha is at this point, which leaves you with a wounded Minoriko and an advancing pack of Chens.

Your friends have run off, presumably to safety, and the Minoriko who decided to graciously lead you back as opposed to ignoring your plight is now getting hurt for your sake. There's a pack of Chen who probably homed in on you since you're the only one who smells like sex right now, so given the chance they'd focus on you one way or the other. You... You're not really sure the Minoriko would live past this if you left.

[ ] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

[ ] Do as she asks and flee.

No. 171623
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Can we even outrun Chens anyway?
No. 171624
Well, we've already proved that we aren't exactly the smartest when it comes to thins like this, so let the heroics continue.
[x] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.
No. 171626
[x] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Well well, looks like we have quite a crowd brewing up, so let's give em a show. It's time for our girls first concert! Puns.
No. 171627
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.


...No really, this Minoriko actually did a favour to us, being that of..
a) Actually being sensible with all being sprayed by Repel and all
b) Helped us on our way home

Ehhh, besides, if we ran, chances are the Chens are going to prioritize Zeke instead of Minoriko, and Minoriko trying to hold them off wouldnt last long. I get the feeling they are doing the "Divide and Conquer" thing.

So lets do this, for it is the Shirou thing to do...! Sometimes I wonder, if a chibi Lunasa's music can have that kind of effect on a lot of Mons, what of a Prismriver trio?
No. 171630
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

If it was Lunasa's music the only thing that kept feral mons at bay, and we have said Lunasa, then we should be more than able to fend the pack of Chens now. Moreso when we have the other two sisters to boot.
No. 171631
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Welcome to the our Phantom Ensemble.
No. 171632
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Admittedly, we're no longer enjoying the support of that Yuyuko. On the other hand, we're responsible for this, and should take responsibility.

Besides, I wanna see the trio in action.
No. 171633
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Yeah, Chens are speed-focused regardless of which Touhoumon hack you're mucking about with, so chances of fleeing successfully are basically nil. Besides, Lunasa made them sad and mopey and unmotivated once, and she can probably do it again now that she has Lyrica and Merlin for backup.
No. 171634
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Heroism! And few consequences for failure!
No. 171635
[x] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Why is there only one choice this update?
No. 171639
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Minoriko's been pretty nice considering all things so I'd feel bad leaving her behind. That and I don't think a human can outrun chens.
No. 171642
Just nice? She's probably about to try to delay them as much as she can and lose her life in the process.

Or at least, that's what she's probably planning. Screw that, we're not leaving her behind.
No. 171643
[x] Do as she asks and flee.

We should not waste her sacrifice.
No. 171644
[x] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.
-[x] She got hurt on your behalf. You're taking her home!
--[x] And it wouldn't do to break the pair up. Her sister comes too.

There aren't many options this update...let's write a few in, shall we?
No. 171645
Too fast. Wait to see how we do first in the fight.
No. 171646
File 137374839373.jpg - (47.41KB , 350x250 , Chesty_Puller_Wallpaper_JxHy.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Stand firm!
No. 171647
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Bunch of pests, those Chens...maybe we can really hurt a couple and demoralize the rest?
No. 171650
Hmm, I wonder if we could find a Mystia somewhere. How could we be a true band without a vocalist~.
No. 171651

See: all the discussion in the previous thread about getting a Mystua and Kyouko for a music themed team.

It would be rather amusing to see our mons arguing over music (i.e. punk for Kyouko/Mystia and classical for the Prismrivers).
No. 171652
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

Leave no 'mon behind.
No. 171655
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.

So I'm guessing the group of Chens aren't Chibi's?
No. 171659
[X] Stand your ground and fight. You're not leaving her behind.
No. 171662
Actually, they may be. I doubt a pack of evolved Chens would stick together like this.
No. 171663
[x] Do as she asks and flee.

Pissing against the tide~
No. 171686
File 137384596351.jpg - (435.52KB , 1200x850 , Aki sister Wrestlers.jpg ) [iqdb]
Under any other circumstance you'd probably just run home and let Minoriko handle things here. However, you have mons of your own and while her methods may have been a bit unorthodox, she did try to help you. Even now, she could have just spared herself the pain and let you and your friends try to race home on your own, yet she's chosen to help you.

You couldn't live with yourself if you left her behind.

"Not a chance." You reply to the Minoriko. You might still be outnumbered, but you had the advantage of having a full set of Prismrivers. They might not be sisters by birth, but you think that won't matter at all. They'll work together, which is more than you can say for a pack of wild Chen. "Lyrica, Merlin, Lunasa, help Minoriko out." That's the sole command you give to your girls. They should know how to handle the rest.

The Minoriko tries to speak up and say something, probably tell you that you're being foolish and that you need to do the smart thing. But that'd be the wrong thing to tell you because you never do the smart thing. However, she never gets the chance to meet as the chen attack, the horde of them charging forward with an echoed cry of fury and what is probably lust.

Your Prismrivers move as one, switching their instruments to attack position as Lyrica starts off a song and getting the other two to join in with her, bringing their sounds together into a single voice. Three of the Chen break off from the group to focus on Minoriko while the rest of the horde barrels down on your Prismrivers who don't seem to be losing their cool as they start up their triple performance.

As they Chen close distance though you catch the cues on what's coming as a deep breath is taken, a bow is readied to full and both arms are held high above the keyboard.

You don't even move. You trust their judgment, even as those Chen advance. Heck, you don't even cover your ears despite what must be coming.

And there's a single, massive cacophony of noise as they unleash their sounds all at once. You watch as the force of the soundwaves rips up grass and bushes and sends the Chens flying into the air with clumps of dirt and grass held in their hands. Behind them all, a tree uproots and goes tumbling to the ground.

You didn't expect that, but you're certainly not complaining! Still, what about the wild Minoriko and the Chens she was fighting?

Given that one of them is currently cowering, curled up into a ball as the Minoriko slams down onto the other two in a vicious elbow drop you think she's probably doing okay. Huh, you know you didn't know that Minoriko could learn fighting type moves.

It looks like the Chen's attacking you aren't through though, as they prowl back out of the woods, snarling as some of them lick their wounds. Your Prismrivers shift into a defensive formation around you as Chen start to try and circle you, their group chattering quietly in moonspeak as they try and plan out an angle of defense.

You're pretty surprised that your girls didn't wipe them all out on one blow, considering that their earlier attack managed to uproot and toss away a tree of all things. Given how steady those are you'd think think it'd outlast a bunch of mons. ...Then again, you suppose they take worse punishment on a regular basis. Still, there's not a whole lot you can do. Your girls have proven that they're perfectly capable of falling in line with each other without a hitch, and you haven't really had the opportunity to scan them or read what moves they had.

Thinking that they've got a clever plan, the Chen attack in two waves with one coming rapidly after the other. They've got your Prismrivers out of position now! Your girls manage to batter off the most of the, literally in the case of one Chen taking a keyboard to the skull, but one gets through and lunges for you, mouth open and teeth gleaming as she's-

...caught in mid-air by a suddenly returned Shizuha. "Welcome to the big times motherfucker!" She curses at the poor Chen before slamming her into the ground, spinning her over her head and slamming the Chen into the ground again before throwing her into a tree. Holy hell...

Shizuha grabs her dress and rips it off, revealing...that she's wearing some kind of leotard underneath and has a golden belt around her waist.


"Do you know who I am!?" She snarls angrily at the Chen, putting the belt right up in her face, "I'm the 12 time champion of the WTW girl, and that's my tag partner you thought you could punk!" She hauls the Chen up to eye level, "And that's my eye candy you're trying to steal."

Seeing that her sister has revealed their clever ruse, the Minoriko throws off her dress as well, revealing her actual clothes underneath.


You get the feeling that you needed to stick around and help get some of the heat off Minoriko, but this is still... Unusual. If you had to wager their true types are Grass/Fighting and you're pretty sure that the Chen horde is utterly hosed beyond all reason now.

"Do you hear that sound?" Shizuha asks the terried Chen, who just shakes her head,"It's the storm coming, and it's got your name on it!" Shizuha yells right into the Chen's face before piledriving her into the ground, planting her head in the soft soil like a turnip.

Minoriko hauls up a Chen who tries to run and starts to spin her above her head, rotating the Chen fast and faster until she's just a blur. Then the Minoriko throws her up into the air, Chen spins and falls like an autumn leaf before landing on the ground in a painful looking mess.

Your Prismrivers are actually standing on, watching in awe. They've never seen something like this before...

Neither have you, quite honestly. You have no idea how to respond to this. At all.

The Chen scattera nd run as something casually wanders out of the bushes, is that...another Chen? But this one is bigger than the rest and wearing a uniform that's...ah. Less. Also it looks kinda like the Aki sisters.

"You!" Shizuha points at the Chen who just entered the area. The Chen spreads her arms and showboats for a crowd that-is that cheering? "I should have known that you'd be behind them! Those kids aren't that organized without someone behind them."

"That's right, it was me." The new chen grins widely, showing her pronounced teeth as she sashays towards your little group, "That belt your wearing should be mine Shizuha, and I intend to take it and the boy."

Minoriko wanders over and stands in front of you with her sister, who are both conveniently giving you a view of their cracking asses in those outfits of theirs. Shizuha scoffs at the Chen and cracks her knuckles , "The only thing you're leaving here with is some broken bones."

...As silly as this is, you both have a morbid curiosity for the silliness involved and the fact that while that Chen horde is hurt and scattered one might get lucky with you. Karma and all that. It might also have to do with the fact that you've got a good view of a pair of nice, autumn rears too.

You can actually hear chatter going on in the woods around you now, signalling that other touhoumon are watching this as well as you. Meaning that they'd be something else you have to contend with if you tried to leave unmolested.

"So, what are the rules?" The Minoriko speaks up as she notices your attention and gives her ass a smack that causes it to jiggle pleasantly. She grins at your response to that.

Yeah, you were definetly right about what would happem if you went back to their place with them.

"Rules?" The Chen grins as she lunges forward towards your dynamic duo, "This isn't the league, and I'm not here to play!" She roars at the Autumn sisters, who charge her in response.

You kind of wish you had popcorn now.

You'll settle for staying nice and out of their way though. You do find it mildly annoying that you're basically a trophy right at the moment, but hey. You're just a little too dulled to that for it to be much of a surprise.

The fighting is fierce as it is brutal. These backwoods brawls have no rules, no regulations and no mercy in them, you can tell that much. The Chen doesn't even hold back when using her claws on either of the sisters, and the Aki's don't see to be upset about doubleteaming the Chen in return.

You also can't help but notice how much of the damage seems to be superficial scratches and clothing damage, making their skimpy outfits even skimpier when they're torn. You find yourself wishing you knew there was a touhoumon wrestling circuit in your woods behind your house sooner though. It'd have probably made time go by faster.

You watch on with the rest of the crowd as the Chen jukes underneath one of Minoriko's swings and drives her claws into the already wounded part of her side, drawing cries of disgust and boos from the crowd at the poor sportsmanship.

You wince at that, since that's definitely got to hurt, but you don't jump into the middle of this. Your girls are good, but this feels like something you really shouldn't butt into.

But the Minoriko grins savagely through the pain and takes advantage of the Chen's positioning to set her up for her downfall. She lunges forward and slams her forehead into the Chen's, dizzying her as she hauls her up into the air and starts to spin her up just like she did before.

As she does this you head a chant going up in the woods around you. "Autumn Fall! Autumn Fall!"

Even your girls seem to be getting into it, joining into the chant as it reaches your group.

You don't join in, if only because you're actually a bit tired from everything that's happened and that this is all just too surreal. The sweet, shapely Minoriko who tried to stop you from going to the White Tower is apparently a pro wrestler alongisde her sister, a unique Chen variant managed to rally together what must be most of the Chen in the forest into a relatively cohesive group, and now they're having an impromptu match with the Shizuha's trophy belt an you on the line.

That last part is something you object to, but you're also described as being what amounts to Touhoumon bait, especially now since apparently their finer sense of smell can pick up the fact that you've had sex recently.

All you can do is wait for it to be over, really.

...The heck with it. "Finish her off!" You yell. It's not the same, but it reflects your feelings on the matter well.

Mostly because part of you is really, really annoyed with that Chen.

The Minoriko lets out a yell of her own as she hurls the Chen wailing into the end as her sister leaps up onto the fallen tree and, using it as a stepping stone leaps up intot he air to grab the horridly disoriented Chen. The two slam into the ground with enough force to crack the Earth, and the Shizuha slams the Chen's back down on her knee.

Ooooh...that had to hurt.

Shizuha rolls the Chen off of her leg and drops her to the ground like a sack of potatoes, dusting her hands off as she stands up right. "Do any of the rest of you want a piece of this!?" The Shizuha gestures somewhat inappropriately as the Minoriko sashays over to her sister. "Remember! We'll take on any and all comers, especially on Sunday Nights TRIPLE X-TRAVAGANZA!"

You take that as your cue to walk up to them while staring in an absolutely dumbstruck manner while trying to shake that feeling off. After all, there's some pretty impressive clothing damage on those two and you wouldn't be surprised if more's showing than you thought. "That was... something. I don't think I've ever seen mons like you fight like that." Admittedly, you did actually think that was kinda cool despite the whole 'what the heck' aspect of the whole thing. "Anyway, do you want me to patch you two up? It's my fault you two even got hurt like this to begin with."

"Hm? Oh." The Shizuha notices you as you hear a chorus of 'awwww...' come from the forest around you, "That's sweet of you." She pats you on the head, "But give it to my sister, I'll be fine." Minoriko smiles at you, moving her hand out of the way to reveal her pretty savaged up side. Touhoumon fights can be pretty vicious, can't they?

"And now I'm going to take this boy..." The Shizuha speaks up to the crowd,"...back to his home with the newly bonded trio he's with, because I'm not a man stealing bitch!" She gives the Chen a kick and a cheer goes up from the woods again. Apparently man stealing bitches are problems around here.

You lean into the patting for some reason before nodding and taking another Potion out of your bag. "This is part of what sucks about not having any Gym Badges. You can't buy better medicine until you've trounced a few people. Anyway, this may sting a bit." You get another Potion out of your bag and spray it onto the Minoriko's wound. It does annoy you that for as prepared as you are you don't have stuff like gauze or even a clead, dry towel for situations like this. "You're a nice woman, you know? You didn't have to help at all but you've still gone so far out of your way for my sake." You're not quite content with the one Potion for that wound, and take out another one. You don't totally empty that one on the same wound, and simply check around and spritz it onto her as needed until you run out of that one too. "It's pretty much why I stuck around even when you told me to run. I couldn't live with myself if I abandoned you when I had the means to help."

The Minoriko grabs you and shoves you into her soft, warm bosom. "You're just so cute!" She enthuses, "If you keep acting like this it's going to be impossible to not take you home~..!" She whispers to you urgently, and you pick up on a warning hint of something in her voice.

She then begins to pet the back of your head, "But really, thank you. It's sweet of you to thank me for it. Really, I just got so tired of watching all those poor boy and men go into that tower for some reason I could never figure out. So few of them came back out but they just kept going anyway."

You can't really do anything to stop yourself from being hugged to her breasts, but you ge the feeling that part of that was to shut you up before she really did lose control of herself. It does feel nice though, right along with getting pet like that. Still... "It's because the Tower holds a lot of valuable, maybe even priceless secrets, and some people are willing to stake their lives on uncovering them." You'd shake your head if it weren't trapped between a pair of autumn breasts. That smell like roasted sweet potato. Good grief, if she keeps this up you might not be able to hold back. "Most know how dangerous it is but keep going anyway because they might be the one to bring something back."

"I was drawn in by the allure too." You admit, you voice going a bit quieter due to your experiences and new understanding changing your view on the matter. "The only reason I got out was because it turns out I was doing the Mistress of the White Tower a favor by stopping Lunasa's music. I walked out of there with three priceless treasures, sure, but I think next time I won't treat Anomalies so lightly."

"Not that my experiences will stop me from getting chewed out anyway." You comment dryly. Your parents were probably going to rip you a new one for this, while you're not sure you want to think about what Yumeko and Ruukoto might add into that.

"Hmmm..." The Minoriko hums thoughtfully as she rocks you from side to side, "Oh, I'd chew you out too if...oh." She lets you go and gives you a bit of a shove away from you, "Ahahahaha...I'm sorry about that." she apologizes to you bashfully, "I just got a bit heated up from fighting and you taking care of me, so...I'm just going to go and collect my outfit!" She proceeds to feel from the situation with admirable speed.

Shizuha is suddenly next to you, apparently having approached when you hadn't noticed. She's crossed her arms under her chest as she speaks, "The crowd'll have broken up in just a bit more, and then we should have a clear walk to your town from here." She informs you, "We'll leave you off at the edge of it and then head home ourselves." She gives you an extremely serious expression, "I'd recommend you stay away from the edge of the forest for the next few days, and get in well before nightfall."

"Thanks, and I'm not sure you'll have to worry about that. I'm probably going to get grounded for this." You state with equal seriousness. "Anyway, I'll follow you two whenever you're ready to go.

The Shizuha slowly puts a hand on your head and turns it to face another direction and oh sweet Shinki no it's Ruukuto and Yumeko. Ruukuto looks completely neutral as she holds her hands demurely in front of her, but Yumeko is tapping one foot up and down as she stares at you.

As much as you're glad that everything else ended on a high note, and that deep down you really are glad to see those two... Well, you really wish that this wasn't going to end with you being in tremendously hot water.

Yumeko stalks over to you and grabs you by your ear and twists it in that way that stings a whole heck of a lot, "You have had your mother worried sick." She tells you as she starts to frog step you back to your home before your new found friends try to buzz her and-

A series of sharp short swords pins Lunas and Merlin to a tree as she catches Lyrica by the throat with her free hand, her grip tightening around the smaller mons wind pipe.

"WaitwaitWAIT!" As much as you'd like to say 'OWOWOW' there's the tiny fact that Yumeko's trying to strangle one of your new mons! "They're with me Yumeko, I caught them!"

The Yumeko's grip stops tightening on the poor Lyrica's neck and she simply takes a moment to observe her. She then turns her gaze onto you and you can't help but flinch at the sheer disappointment in her eyes. "You know, I told your mother that there was no way you could be stupid enough to go to the White Tower." She tells you before she tosses the Lyrica to your feet and snaps her fingers, causing her short swords to disappear and sending Lunasa and Merlin to the ground. "Put them in their balls if you caught them." She tells you simply, her voice telling you that she won't accept any arguments.

"Sorry about this girls, but it's either this or she stabs you." You pluck each ball off your belt and recall each sister in turn, untill all three are safely tucked away. As much as you hate to do that. "There. I know I deserve to catch hell about this, but please don't take this out on them."

The Yumeko plucks the balls out of your hands and gives them over to Ruukuto who tucks them away. "Your parents will decide what happens to them." She tells you simply as she picks you up with little fanfare and sprints in the direction of town, making the landscape around you blur. Ruukuto flies comparatively close to you, her boosters activated to keep up with you.

Well, this is going about how you expected it.

You see town rapidly approaching now, and as you break out of the treeline you can see Abbot and Costello getting. Abbotts mother is smothering him in her embrace and Costello simply stands on his front stoop. He raises his hand to you in a salute before turning around and unlocking his door and shuffling inside. The light from the sun is all but gone now as you rapidly approach your home, and you can see the lights on inside of it and make out the silouettes of your parents.

You have to note that there's something of an almost hilarious irony involve here. You've dealt with things that would have left lesser, or less lucky men a wreck or worse. Nearly got kidnapped... twice, three times? Maybe even four? Survived a death field, collected a trio who may be torn from you depending on how badly things go, and dealt with the absurdity of an impromptu wrestling match.

And you're more scared now than you ever were during any of that.

Not for you, no.

Scared for your trio.

They're currently out of your hands, after all.

The Yumeko slows down to a walk as she approaches your house, her heels clicking on the stone pathway as she marches towards the door. "I hope for your sake, and for theirs, that you have a good reason for doing what you did." The Yumeko tells you, though she sounds doubtful that you have a reason beyond being dumb and impatient.

"I'm sorry, Yume. I didn't. Not initially." You respond to her statement quietly, but you have no doubt that she heard you.

Yumeko doesn't respond vocally, and doesn't act liek she heard what you said at all. But, the weigh in your heart grows all the heavier for some reason. You don't enjoy knowing that you've let her down, and Ruukuto is...

A quick look over at her shows her staring at you with those big robotic eyes before pointedly looking away. Great, Ruukuto is mad at you too.

Which is pretty much nothing compared to what your parents are going to do to you. Yumeko's being cold and Ruukoto's expressing her disapproval pretty obviously for her. Your folks are probably going to spend quite a bit of time yelling at you.
The door opens up as Yumeko steps up on the porch and you see your mother and father waiting for you inside. Your mother takes one look at you and opens her mouth and you...


[ ] Just sit there and take it and cooperate with them.

[ ] Speak up and plead your case!

[ ] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!
No. 171687

Well, seems the sisters would rather stay where they are. A shame. Then again, we probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but still.

Anyway, just pleading our case alone sounds stupid and hopeless and I'm not sure we should stay silent now so...

[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!
No. 171688
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

They're our girls, after all.

So... that was certainly something.
No. 171689
[ x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

After all this, any other answer would be rather inappropriate!

Also, please let the Wrasslin' Aki twins returns. That was glorious.
No. 171690
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Being stereotypically dumb and heroic got us touhoumon wrestling, so I'm voting that way forever.
No. 171691
[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

We went in knowing we'd be screwed in one way or another. Might as well.
No. 171692
[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

A man has to stand up for his family, and they're family now.
No. 171693
[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

I swear if this story ends with us grounded and the Prismrivers released I'm going to flip shit.
No. 171695
[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Oh the poor duo is not coming with us? aw that's too bad.
No. 171697
We both know that if they DO get released, they'll just hang out with the WrAkis until we get ungrounded. And then we get to re-"capture" them in a heartwarming piece of /at/.
No. 171700
You & me both, brother.

[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Kinda bummed about the departure of the Wrestling Akis but I'm keeping hope that they can join us at a later date.
No. 171704
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Damn, I wish we could have convinced the Aki's to come with us.
No. 171705
[x] Speak up and plead your case!

I'd rather say something in my defense.
No. 171708
[x] Speak up and plead your case!

We may not have had a good reason for going there, but finding out about the revitalized wild 'mons which may start massing for an attack is a serious deal. This is the sort of thing that ends up in a village full of lonely old mothers and young widows.

Not that the men are dead, mind you, but they're certainly never getting back home.

Honestly, the info we got should be worth keeping the girls, at least. Hell, if the quest-runners wanted, they could turn this thing dark pretty quick as the village gets raided and we have to escape with nothing but our cloths and 'mons, leaving the burning ruins behind.

grimdark touhoumon please?
No. 171710
[ ] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!
No. 171722
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Fuck that Yumeko though, totally uncalled for.
No. 171725
[X] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

Weeell...never saw that wrestling coming, just as unexpected as that Lucha?/Wrestling!Remi from that joke update of the Wizard story

But was not that surprised that Zeke is indeed in hot water, after all, if you heard that your bro/son/sister went off undetected by him/herself into some place where few returned, I'm sure alot of us would be both reeeeeal angry and scared
No. 171736
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

I'm torn between gaping in awe and staring at the sheer absurdity of what just happened.
No. 171746
[x] Speak up and say you'll take whatever punishment they want to give you, but beg for the Prismrivers' sakes!

At this point, the smart thing to do is acknowledge the fact that what we did was extremely retarded. The fact that we are now threatening the village due to the forest's no longer suppressed mons hurts our case even more.

We can only hope that our parents see our capability and don't punish us or our Prismrivers too harshly
No. 171747
also, lol wrestling
No. 171753
File 137391731360.jpg - (307.43KB , 800x800 , Yumeko being cross.jpg ) [iqdb]
Considering just many times your girls have saved your bacon, how you've gone to great lengths to get them together as a group, and how you four have bonded as you have, not at least trying to protect them would be downright criminal of you. As such, you cut your mother off just once in defense of your friends. "Wait, before you start I'd like to say that I'll accept any punishment, but please don't hurt the mons I caught." Not, 'please let me keep them', just 'don't hurt them'.

Yume made it clear that your ownership of them is currently in question thanks to how stupid you've been, but considering what their lives were before you came along... It'd be cruel to them to suddenly strip them away from you. Plus, you're not sure how you'd react. You're not sure you'd do so well yourself.

Your mother's teeth click shut audibly as her brows furrow. Thankfully your father quickly steps in and speaks up, "Let's just get him inside and lock up honey." He tells your mother as he gently guides her out of the way, allowing Yumeko and Ruukuto in. Ruukuto quickly closes the door behind her and locks it tight, before starting to pull the barriade out of storage. Is it really that bad...?

Yumeko walks you into the living room and sets you down there, and you notice that the security bars on the windows are in place too. It looks like they went into preparing for a bad situation quickly. huh?

Well, either that or you were such a gargantuan moron that they feel that they need to go this far to keep you from slipping back out. Not that they needed to, mind.

As you muse on whether it was your actions in the White Tower or your idiocy going their in the first place that caused your house to go into Code Red Lockdown Status Yumeko quickly moves around the room, ensuring that everything is in place before disappearing elsewhere in the house, working to make sure that you won't have any unwanted guests that she'll have to clean up off of the carpet. Mysteriously, a drink appears in your hand at some point. It smells nice, and you suspect that it's one of Yumeko's special blends.

Lacking anything better to do, you take a sip of the drink while waiting for judgement day, or something that'll probably come close to it. ...Sigh. She's mad at you but still doing something nice for you.

"She's not mad at you." Ruukuto speaks up suddenly, nearly making you jump out of your skin, "She's disappointed in your choices and your lack of foresight, just like your parents are." She tells you, staring you right in the eyes as she does so to make sure you can see her honesty. Her eyes aren't displaying 'lie protocols engaged' so you're pretty confident that she's telling you the truth.

"I know..." You're a bit surprised that you managed not to spill anything on yourself considering Ruukoto's sudden appearance, but that could just be because you're exhausted enough that you almost can't. "That's why I'm not bothering to argue about this, outside of trying to protect the Prismriver trio I caught."

"I see. I need to have dialogue with them on matters in order to fully ascertain the scope and variety of your foolishness. Data logs suggest that subject Abbot is unreliable source of accurate information." She decides, her eyes flashing red for a moment.

"Just don't be too hard on them, please?" You ask of her. "Each of those girls were kicked out of their original trio, and they've just been given a second chance at life. ...Or unlife. Anyway..." You pause for a moment, and your expression visibly darkens when Abbott is brought up. "What did he say?"

Considering that Abbot was directly responsible for you having to make a second trip into the White Tower, and his abandoning you when the Chen horde started attacking... You're a little miffed about that. If he seriously tried to throw you under the bus on top of that...

"Your reaction suggests an increase in stress levels. Applying a hug." She quickly completes her analysis of your situation and gives you a stiff but nice hug. "Subject Abbotts mother was very vocal in her responses as we departed to retrieve your per Subject Costello's suggestion. While you will need to speak with your parental units for more information, I can predict with ninety-eight percent accuracy that subject Abbott suggested that he followed you to try and stop you from entering the White Tower 'for your own good'." Even Ruukuto sounds immensely sceptical of Abbott.

You hug her back when she hugs you, and frown upon hearing what she had to say. "For my own good. Riiiight. He was probably looking to mooch of my weird luck streak again." You still haven't forgiven him about stealing your foil LWYukari card. "Ruu, that idiot is why I didn't get back until as late as I did. I kinda want to wait until I can just tell everyone so I don't have to repeat myself."

"Understood." Ruukuto replies, not pushing you as you hear your parents talking loudly in the other room. They don't sound like they're arguing with each other, at least not heatedly. From what you can gather though, your mother appears to be upset with both Abbot and Costello's parents for different reasons and your father is trying to calm her down so that they can talk to you like a family about why they're upset with your most recent choices.

"...Your newly acquired Prismrivers will be fine." Ruukuto decides to assure you, "Your parents are intelligent and capable people, and wouldn't just banish them. They know what releasing touhoumon like that can do to us."

You sigh in relief over hearing that. "Thank you. I know they are, but given what Yumeko said I had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. It's almost funny what catching a mon will do to you."

"And the beginnings of your addiction to their sexual abilities." Ruukuto replies, her tone completely flat and neutral as she points out the fact that, yes, your parents mon know you're not a virgin by the strictest definitions of the term anymore.

You simply blush in response to that. "I don't know why I'm surprised to hear that, since you and Yume have perfectly functional senses of smell." Still... "I certainly could have done worse in picking a partner."

"Prismriver trios are statistically extremely stable when together, and are shown to be capable of coordinating defenses very effectively." Ruukuto agrees, "After they are sufficiently disciplined they will make suitable matches for you, especially after you too are suitably disciplined."

You only have a moment to consider just how concerning that statement was before Yumeko returns. "Ruukuto, it is time." She informs her fellow mon solemnly.

Ruukuto releases you from her hugs and whirrs upright. "I shall retrieve the candles." She declares, making her exit from the room. Which means you are left alone with a Yumeko who is watching you silently, arms crossed. She has that same expression on her face that drives home the point of how disappointed she is with your choices.

All you can really do is sit there and keep drinking Yume's brew, since it's right at that perfect in-between temperature. Though you have to wonder what the candles are for.

The Yumeko apparently eventually decides that enough is enough and pounces on you when you set the cup down, dragging you into a crushing hug, "If you do anything that stupid ever again I can't be held responsible for what I will do to you." She says, her voice a mess as she squeezes you tighter,

"Do you have any idea how terrifying it was to find out that you'd gone to the White Tower? What do you think would happen to your parents if you'd been disappeared? To Ruukuto and I? Did you ever think about the consequences!?"

And you finally break down and hug her back, and crying. Anything, literally anything else you could have weathered just fine. This, though? "I'm sorry, Yume! I know it'll never be enough, but I'm sorry..." You really did have a soft spot for her. One that was probably a mile wide when you got right down to it. All you can do is keep apologizing to the Makai maid as you hug her back.

She holds you against her as you cry into her apron, arms tight around you like she doesn't want to let you go for fear of what could happen to you. "Just...don't do anything like that again." She asks of you eventually, after you've calmed down and your shoulders aren't shaking as you cry into her, "I don't think my heart could take it."

A soft cough breaks the moment as you notice your father standing in the doorway, watching your touching moment. "I'm sorry to interrupt." He speaks softly as he always does, "But Mary needs you Yumeko."

Yumeko slowly extricates herself from you, her hands trailing as she stands up right, "I...yes James, I'll go to her immediately." She starts out of the room and stops, her eyes moving nervously onto you. Your father waves her off and sits next to you on the couch, "Don't worry, I'll be here with him." He tells her, getting your mothers partner to leave the room, and the both of you together in silence.

Your fathers presence hangs heavy on you, and for the moment he seems content to play the waiting game. Knowing him, he wants to hear your explanation before he says anything.

"Impulse and impatience." You finally say quietly. "That's all it was the first time around."

There's no sense in cooking up some fantastic tale for this part of it. ...That comes after this. Plus you don't even have to invent anything, though it'll probably sound absurd.

You try to work up the nerve to keep going past that, but Yume's sudden hug rattled you so badly that you're not completely sure you can keep going. You have to try though. "I just wanted to get going on my adventure. I needed a partner and your and mom's stories... I set the bar too high for myself. The next research team probably wouldn't swing through here for at least a month, and you and mom can't just take time off whenever, right? I was antsy, I wanted to get going, and I wasn't going to settle for common mons."

"Although if I knew what I did about a Minoriko I ran into on the way out, I would have just proposed to her instead rather than go all the way out to the White Tower." You add dryly. It seems you're still perfectly capable of self-deprecation when the situation calls for it.

"So yes, a Minoriko showed up and tried to stop me from going there, which I responded to with a Repel to the face. I ran past her once she was down and kept going until I got to the tower itself, but it was largely deserted." You decide to just start recounting what happened. If your mother's handling Yumeko, then your father's the only one who'll be around for a while. "That Lunasa I caught? She was further up the tower at that point and was playing her heart out, which I later found out was actually suppressing not just all the mons in the tower, with a few exceptions, but quite a few of the mons in the general area."

"I'm jumping ahead here, but that part's important for later. There was basically nothing on the first floor, save for a shiny chibi Lyrica I found crying in some bushes. I was affected by the music at that point too, so I reached out to her and she basically started having her way with me. She had me pinned to the ground when I asked if her she was alone, and she burst into tears and cried on my chest for a while before asking me permission for her to have her way with me." You blush at the memory of what happened next. "As Yume and Ruu pointed out, I gave it. She did what she wanted, but she didn't cart me off, obviously. She waited until I offered to take her home with me."

You stopped to take a breath, then continued. "You know what happens when Prismriver trios split off like that, right? They fall apart, go their separate ways and starve to death eventually. That's what happened with the Lyrica I caught. She was convinced she was going to die alone, and I gave her an out." She hugged you around the middle and looked as though Christmas came twice, maybe three times that year. "Originally, that was it. I had my partner, we left the tower in a rush and ran into Abbott and Costello."

"My original 'plan' was to go in, stick to the first floor, find a mon, then go back home. That's it. No heroics, no absurd life-risking." That's when you felt yourself getting slightly annoyed. "I don't know what junk story Abbott fed his mother, but I could tell that he followed me out there to try and mooch off my luck. I mean, you knew how much I was fuming when he took that foil LWYukari card I drew out of that booster pack, right? He took one look at Lyrica and she got uncomfortable." You had to stop and breathe again, because it felt like you were about to start fuming again. "Anyway, neither of them had their mons out, Abbott completely ignored my attempts to convince him to go back home, and to make matters worse he opened his big mouth and almost got all three of us caught."

"I had let Lyrica out right after catching her, and this was the second time she saved my life over the course of an hour. If you're wondering why I'm being so defensive of her, it's less the sex and more that I seriously owe her. Anyway, a Rin variant managed to pick up on that idiot's voice and sent a few mobs of ZFairies after us. Costello managed to get Kiri and Rei's balls to me before he and Abbott were dragged off, and Lyrica stopped the batch that had come after me."

You rub your forehead as you start to come into the real reason you were out so late. "So it was either abandon them for now and get help, or dive into the tower after them. I chose to let Kiri and Rei out and go for round two in the Tower to try and save them. It didn't take long, but I'll get to why in a minute. Basically, I only had to go up three floors total. Not up to floor three, just three floors. The anomaly was playing nice. Floor two resulted in a Kogasa almost kidnapping me, but that shiny Merlin I ended up catching stepped in to help me out. Between her and another can of Repel we were able to drive that Kogasa off, and Lyrica..." You switched back to blushing again. "She encouraged me to recruit Merlin the same way, and it worked."

"That aside, the third floor I wound up on was where I found a few things. Namely a Patchouli variant that was nearly dead on the ground, who I wound up patching up a bit before moving on, the shiny Lunasa whom I made stop with the music by just kissing her... And well, she fit the pattern the other two had fallen into. She had her way with me, then joined me. Then we ran into the Rin responsible for kidnapping Abbott and Costello, but that Patchouli from earlier basically tore her down like she was nothing."

"I think she wasn't being totally honest about why she was up where I was though, since she dealt with that Rin, hijacked her ZFairies and deposited those two twits in front of me without ever actually coming after me." You're not quite sure what the correct term to describe her is though. "So there's that part. I collected a full set of shiny Prismrivers, rescued my friends with some help, and of course I couldn't catch a break. That Youmu that keeps taking out all those research teams? She picked just then to show up."

"It wasn't to attack me or anything, oddly enough, but to inform me that her mistress just gave me, my Prismrivers, and my friends a free pass out of the tower. She also brought up the fact that it was because I did her quite the favor by getting Lunasa to stop. She probably manipulated the tower to help speed me along too, so there's that. Needless to say, we walked out of there just fine."

"Of course, that wasn't the end of it. We got out, and I wound up winding up in the arms of that Minoriko I ran into earlier. Turns out she was a lot nicer than I thought and she really was just trying to stop me from going to the tower to begin with, so aside from hugging me a bit she didn't exactly make any moves on me. We wound up talking for a short while before the next problem reared its ugly head."

"Namely, Lunasa's swan song was suppressing pretty much every mon within a considerable radius, and now that her song's been shut down..." You trail off as you don't think you need to continue that line of logic. Your father is probably one of the more qualified people to know what would happen in that scenario. "Well, the Minoriko and the Shizuha who joined us a few moments earlier decided to help us get home. Then we got ambushed by a horde of Chen, at which point Abbott ran away and Costello went after him to make sure nothing happened. Considering that that Minoriko had just gotten wounded and had gone so far out of her way for us already, I stuck around and had my trio help her out."

"Turns out my trio's quite strong, as they basically blasted away all but three of the Chens and tore of those trees out of the ground and launched it a good distance. The only ones who didn't get hit were the ones who decided to fight the Minoriko, and they... They were getting thrashed."

"So there I was, surrounded by my girls with a half-hurt horde of Chen circling me like little fuzzy sharks. They start to lunge at me, get denied, and the one that almost slipped past gets stopped by that Shizuha. Basically, she stepped in and helped her sister mop up the horde. Turns out those two were variants too, ones specializing in Fighting type moves."

"The sisters had leotards and everything, and the Shizuha a trophy belt. Anyway, those Chen hordes that have popped up? Turns out they had a leader. A Chen variant stomps out and decides to have an off the books wrestling match with the Akis for the Shizuha's belt and me as an impromptu trophy. Needless to say, while the Akis took a few hits the Chen got wrecked. I patched up the Minoriko, she thanked me, I thanked both sisters for their help, and that's about the point Ruukoto and Yumeko showed up."

"Needless to say, I am completely, utterly done with the White Tower and have zero interest in ever going back to that place. In fact, between the Youmu and the Shizuha warning me, I probably shouldn't go out at all for the next few days."

Your father listens patiently the entire time, his expression never becoming judgemental or damning as he nods. He carefully prepares his pipe after you finish, and for a long moment there's silence. Eventually, he speaks again as he places a hand on your shoulder, "Son." His hand is paternally firm, "You fucked up."

"I'm quite aware of that." You respond dryly.

"That's because you're a smart kid, despite all the evidence you insist on giving us to the contrary." He responds back equally dryly, "You do know that by all rights you shouldn't have made it to the White Tower or left the First Floor, right son?" He prods, making sure you really undertand just how stupid your idea was in the first place, not even taking into account what went horribly wrong.

"I'm going to try and not harp on you about how foolish and shortsighted and downright dumb your plan was because that's what you're mother is going to do when she tears you a new one for giving her grey hairs." He continues on, putting the pipe to his lips, "What I'm going to do instead is make sure you know that you're grounded for the rest of forever." He puts the pipe to his lips and puffs into it, sending bubbles floating up into the air.

"And the Prismrivers?" That sounds about right for you, but you're still honestly more worried about them.

"Your mother and I aren't cruel enough to throw them out, if that's what you're suggesting." He responds, "But they're still essentially wild mon since you released them from their balls before they could have the cycle even started. Yumeko and Ruukuto will be supervising them as they receive an education from the both of them."

"No, Ruukoto already assured me that you weren't going to throw them out. I'm just worried about them, that's all. I mean, you'd worry about Ruukoto and mom would worry about Yume, right?"

"Why yes, of course your mother and I care immensely about our touhoumon partners that we've shared lifelong bonds with and both knew before we'd even met each other, and well before you were even a twinkle in your mothers eye." Your father responds, bubbling again. One of the bubbles floats up to you and pops on your nose. Raspberries...

"I still owe two of them my life, so I'd call it about even in terms of relevance."

"Son, you're riding the high of the bond you're starting to develop with your new friends, I understand that." Your father responds patiently to you, "But don't expect your friends and yours relationship to be just like Ruukuto's and mine or your mothers and Yumeko's immediately. You're at the first steps of your bonds with one another and going in with expectations like that is just going to hurt both you and them."

"Now, I'm not saying in any way that you shouldn't be worried about them. In fact, I'm very proud of you for the fact that the first thing out of your mouth was an arguement for their sake, and not trying to excuse your actions. That shows that not only are you accepting responsiblity for your mistakes, you're accepting responsibility for them."

Your father adjusts his pipe in his mouth before he continues, "And you are responsible for them, assuming your mother doesn't take you out of the world that she brought you into like she considering earlier." He admits, pipe bubbling concerdly for your sake.

Distantly you can hear your mother yelling about something, and you find yoursellf hoping that Yumeko is okay with her.

You just take a deep breath and exhale, trying to make sure you're stable before you open your mouth again. "I understand. I'm just exhausted, tired, and probably really need a bath before I crash." And for the first time today, you finally feel what you should have felt some time ago. All that running, all that molestation, all that stress is catching up with you quite fast. "And really, Yume twisted the knife so much already that I'm not sure mom's yelling would amount to much."

"Since when have things like 'futility' ever stopped your mother?" Your father responds jokingly, "I know how tired you have to be champ, but try ot just hold out for a little while longer and let your mother have her licks. Then you can-"

"James, shouldn't you be taking Ruukuto out to check on the neighbors?" Your mother interrupts from Kitchen, entering the room and sparing you a glance before putting an icy stare on your father. Your father for his part seems entirely unaffected by it, simply checking his watch to notice the time, "Ah, it is that time isn't it? Terribly sorry dear, you know how I can get when I-"

"Just…," Your mother rubs her forehead, "go dear. Please."

"Right-o." Your father agrees, patting you on the shoulder again, "I'll see you in the morning if I don't see you off to bed sport." He tells you before headed out into the main foyer. You hear him greet Ruukuto as the two slip out of the partially up barricade and head off to quickly check up on your neighbors before the night begins for real. Leaving you with your mother, who is pacing.

That is never a good sign.
No. 171754
However, you simply leave her to it. You've had to deal with Yume and your father so far, and right now you're prepared to just let her vent until she's done.

She stops and turns her focus on you, seeming like she's about to start before she just sighs, "This is my fault, isn't it? If I'd been a better parent and been around for you more, you wouldn't have done this would you?"

Rather than yelling at you like you'd expect she just kneels down in front of you and pulls you into a hug, her arms pulling you close to her as you're left with your face buried in her hair.

You don't respond outside of hugging her back. You don't think there's anything you can really say to this.

You and your mother hold onto each other, sharing that moment as it just further drives home the point of how much you hurt your family with your actions before she takes a breath and coughs, pulling back from you and giving you a look, "You reek of sex...and cherry blossoms." She declares, her tone suggesting she's restraining herself from doing what she'd like to right now, "Let's get you a bath and deal with that." She gets up and hauls you up herself, supporting you as you start to wobble your way towards the bathroom.

And really, you're grateful for that support. Though you didn't quite notice that you smelled so strongly of cherry blossoms.

"Oh, and don't think your getting out of the lecture." She tells you as she opens the door and takes you into the bathroom and starts to strip you of your clothes, "That's being put on hold until tomorrow when I've got the energy to really yell and you've got the energy to listen and think about what you've done." Thankfully she seems content to let you take your boxers off yourself and is starting up the water now, getting your bath ready.

You take your boxers off and note that yes, you really do reek of sex. Quite strongly. It doesn't help that you had no fewer than three rounds and are only a virgin in the technical sense rather than the complete sense. You're probably partially broken in too, now that you think about it. Your girls refrained from using their full capabilities on you, but part of you really wants to try what that Kogasa tried on you with Lyrica.

You shake your head and try to clear those thoughts out, especially since getting a stiffy now would be embarrassing. That and your girls are probably going to be busy for quite some time. You'd honestly be surprised if you got them back tonight to snuggle with them. That aside, you're just waiting tiredly now.

"All right, in you go." Your mother tells you as she helps you into the tub and eases you down so you can lie in the nice, hot water that feels so soothing and good on your body. Your mother then surprises you by soaping up her hands and starting to clean you off herself rather than expect you to do it. Which might be a good idea because as tired as you're feeling you fear you might fall asleep and drown in the tub if you were left alone.

"I love you mom." Is all you can really say.

"You've sure got a way of showing it." She responds snarkily as she cleans off your upper body and rinses you off with a spray of fresh water, "Going out into forbidden zones and coming home with a bunch of girls I don't know, reeking of sex. You're going to drive me to drink, you know."

"Considering Ruukoto got dad to quit smoking, I'm not sure she'd let you take to drinking." Apparently you're pretty easy to make blush tonight, though to be fair you're kind of constantly being reminded of the fact that you had sex multiple times in one day. Still. "At least Abbott and Costello made it back in one piece. I was kinda worried considering Abbott zipped off ahead when there were a bunch of wild mons about."

Your mother snorts as her hands move down, washing the rest of your body without letting you complain about how uncomfortable it is to have your mother womanhandling certain aspects of your form. "Oh, don't even get me started on that Abbot boy. How many times have I told you that no good could come from hanging around him? Didn't he steal something from you? Lord knows that..." She just keeps on grumbling about your choice in Abbott as friend material.

Mother always did like Costello better out of the two of them, but they're basically the only kids your age in town.

"It's not like I have much choice. Costello's slow, but he's got a good head on his shoulders. The problem is that Abbott's kind of part of the package." You roll your eyes at being reminded of his stealing that card. You certainly spent long enough fuming over it. "Yeah. That foil Last Word Yukari card. From what I know the odds of drawing one are about as likely as finding two shiny mons in a row." Granted, you've one-upped that...

You sigh as you think about the other reason you were in a rush to get going. "I was impatient about getting a starter, but you're right about Abbott. I'm not trying to make excuses, but between him being such a cruddy friend and his having such a rare mon handed to him on a silver platter... I guess I was impatient and jealous."

"I already wanted to go off to different towns and make other friends, on top of seeing the world like you and dad have. Abbott having the means to do all that before I did... It's not you so much as that. Abbott having a rare mon like Hakurei drove me up the wall." You take one hand and pinch the bridge of your nose with it. "Especially since he's got terrible naming sense on top of everything else."

Your mother sighs and dumps water over your head and starts to wash your hair, "I understand sweetheart, I really do. I know how much waiting for something like your starter probably had to hurt especially with how that Abbott boy was parading his about." She gives you a kiss on your forehead, "Thank you for being honest with me."

"...You're still getting that lecture in the morning though."

"I know..." You really don't want to consider having to put up with that lecture right now, but still. She's actually being reasonable. "Well, at least I can safely say I have him beat as far as rare mons go. Today's odds had to have been the most astronomical long shot since the Boy in Red."

Her nails dig into your scalp, "If you keep pushing it I'll start the lecture now and get Yumeko to pinch you to keep you awake." She tells you simply.

You wince at that. "Alright, alright, shutting up."

"And there's that intelligence you got from your father!" She praises you with a pat on the head, "All right, we're here to clean you not let you soak, so you're all done." She pulls the plug on the tub and hands you a towel.

You step out of the tub, having grabbed the towel handed to you, and proceed to dry yourself off. "Still, thanks for listening rather than yelling. I know that can't have been the easiest thing for you." You start with your hair and work your way downward only when you're satisfied that it's dry.

"Compared to the twenty-nine hours of labor you put me through when I brought you into this world, restraining my urge to throttle you for scaring me half to death isn't too much." Your mothers responds, her tone dry.

"I'll try to avoid doing that in the future then." You respond to her as you finish up.

"Especially with the White Tower. Lecture or no, I'm done with that place. Maybe until I'm the Champion of two regions or something and my girls are all Last Words."

"Good boy." She pats you on head and hands you a set of pajama's for you to put on. They've got nuclear warning symbols and caution signs on them.

You slip into those fairly easily and on your own, which is more than you thought you'd be able to accomplish, really. "Night, mom."

"Right, come on." Your mother supports you as she starts to walk you to your room in the basement, "If I let you go downstairs by yourself you'll probably either fall down the stairs or get kidnapped."

"Knowing my luck today, both." Your voice carries hints of mild amusment as you take another jab at your wonderfully two-faced luck streak.

Your mother doesn't laugh at your joke as she hauls you downstairs and opens your door to reveal your room and hauls you over to your bed and carefully rolls you into it before gingerly tucking you under the covers. Just lying down on the soft mattress makes your eyes start to drift close...

And after a short while, you nod off completely and are met by images your mind has conjured up. The one that winds up sticking around is...


[ ] What if that Minoriko has caught you?
[ ] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
[ ] That Kogasa and her tonguing.
[ ] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...
No. 171756
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

That wording makes it seem like this is the amusing and surreal option.
No. 171764
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

Just wondering, but are the Last Word touhoumon from 1.5 and not 1.8? I've been playing a 1.8 Emerald hack because it seems more 'balanced' and 'clean,' but am I missing out on anything here?
No. 171765
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

We have to help them train for their big match!
No. 171766

They're from 1.5, and no you're not really missing anything. Last Words are typically pseudolegendary or legendary-tier, but thanks to 1.8 rebalancing everything they're pretty much unnecessary.
No. 171767
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
No. 171768
Yes, Last Words are a horrible broken thing that happens in 1.5 hacks and not 1.8 hacks. Because apparently, 1.5 and its derivatives having chibi, normal, and EX versions (plus alternate joke versions in a lot of 1.5-based hacks) just didn't give enough room to make gym leaders and E4 as overstatted as 1.5 hackmakers wanted them to be.
No. 171769
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
No. 171770
[x] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
No. 171772
[x] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...

How could I ignore this option?
No. 171773

[X] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...

Well, they did say something about candles, after all. I can't ignore this either.
No. 171774
[x] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
No. 171781
They're actually boss-only mon in the Elite 4 Round 2 in the original 1.5 but due to fan whiningdemand, various hackmakers made they available to players. It's one of many reasons why I consider the original 1.53 superior to the various copies.

[x] That Kogasa and her tonguing.

Pissing against the tide and all, though it's nice to see people actually care about the Akis, even if it's just for an /at/ bad end.
No. 171783
[x] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

Finally, we can learn some wrestling moves!
No. 171786
I chuckled.
[x] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.
No. 171787
>it's nice to see people actually care about the Akis
It is.
>even if it's just for an /at/ bad end
Generalize a little less, please. I would legitimately like them adventuring with us.
No. 171788
[x] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...

I like Ruukuto.
No. 171789

I agree! The wrestling Aki sisters, with our Prismrivers providing the theme music? And our MC acting as their manager? The possibilities are endless!
No. 171792
[x] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...
No. 171793
[x] Getting disciplined by the Aki sisters.

Dreams tend to get weird sometimes. And sexy.

I agree. We still have two more slots, maybe we can convince them to come with us the next time we can leave home, which will be sometime next year.
No. 171795
[x] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

I hope they show up more after this, too.
No. 171797
hard to tell with some of the readers, though I do wish we could have taken those two with as well, though it might be for the best as it might interfere with their schedule.
No. 171799
[x] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...

Aichiya's hacks have Z forms as well, which are well, well above Last Words in terms of hilarious overpoweredness. They're impossible to catch, mind you, and I'm fairly sure only exist as data rather than in the games themselves, but that's neither here nor there. Basically, they're to Last Words what Ex-forms are to Chibis.

Also, Anonybody, could you please get a beta reader or something? I know that you have two authors working on this cluster of related stories together, but it seems as though you aren't reading what the other is doing, and it's hurting quality in purely grammatical terms. The actual writing itself is fine, but there are enough errors sprinkled throughout to mar enjoyment.
No. 171801
Grrr, having to pick between the tag-teaming Akis and disciplinarian Ruukoto is sadistic.

[X] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...

Voting for the underdog so it has a chance.

>She pats you on head and hands you a set of pajama's for you to put on. They've got nuclear warning symbols and caution signs on them.
Heh, I wonder if his dad also has an Utsuho.
No. 171802

Thank you very much for the responses. If I could trouble someone, is it possible to catch shiny touhoumon in the hacks? I've never actually caught a shiny in pokemon or the touhoumon game I'm playing so I'm hoping I might be able to eventually, currently my team is all lvl 35. If it matters I'm playing ikaexe's emerald hack. Thanks.
No. 171807
[X] Getting tag-teamed by the Aki sisters.

OF COURSE, this is the only way!

Ehem, you know, given that Zeke saved Abott's ass, and it is always brought up that he stole Zeke's Foil LWYukari Card, perhaps we can demand that as a compensation for preventing him from getting loved forever?

That or...whichever third Mon of the set that Abott and Costello got from but was not picked up.

...Yes, I am being wishy-washy here, I can only hope.


Chances are you can get one, but I wouldnt know, after all, never in my pokemon playing did I ever caught a Shiny anyway
No. 171809

You can in fact locate and catch shinies, though odds are good that the reason you've never seen one is because the odds of finding one are unchanged. It's still the same 1/8192 as it is in every single other game, though I will point out that Achiya's version actually has an NPC that will force every encounter to be a shiny mon, but you can only access it after you've completed the Touhoudex.
No. 171812

No. 171819
[X] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...
No. 171820
[X] Ruukuto was talking about disciplining you...
No. 171821
Phone double posted, please ignore 2nd
No. 171824

And as your eyes slide shut...

...they also slide open as you blink the sleepiness out of them and wake up in your own bed, in your own room in your parent’s basement.

You feel just mildly disappointed with that reality, and notice that you're... quite erect from that dream. Slightly wet even. You're not really sure what time it is since you're not facing your clock and no alarms are going off or anything, so it could be that you might be able to go back to sleep. Or wake up and actually deal with things today. You're kind of still in trouble you know.


[ ] Go back to sleep and try to find that dream again.
[ ]Get up and face the music.
[ ]Get up and procrastinate by poking around your room.
No. 171826
[X]Get up and face the music.

Mom is angry enough already. Let's no delay and anger her some more, alright?
No. 171827
[x]Get up and procrastinate by poking around your room.

Maybe we'll find a bunch of rupees we forgot we had!
No. 171828
[x] Get up and face the music.

Alright, lets's get it over with. The sooner we do, the sooner we can get back to our harem girls.

And the sooner we can add the Aki's.
No. 171829
[X]Get up and face the music.
No. 171830
[X]Get up and procrastinate by poking around your room.

Might as well use this moment to check the time, oh and see if the Prismriver sisters are okay or something, if they were in the room or something.

If not, and its still nighttime, go back to sleep
No. 171831
[X]Get up and face the music.
No. 171833
[X]Get up and face the music.
No. 171834
[x]Get up and face the music.
No. 171835
[X]Get up and face the music.
No. 171836
[X]Get up and procrastinate by poking around your room.

Maybe we have some cool stuff.
No. 171837
[x]Get up and face the music.

I wanna see our girls again.
No. 171839
[X] Go back to sleep and try to find that dream again.

I am honestly surprised nobody has picked this option yet.
No. 171846
[X]Get up and face the music.

We put this off long enough.
No. 171853
File 137408475012.png - (1.50MB , 850x907 , Not nearly so grumpy this time.png ) [iqdb]
You're pretty sure that you should just get up and get this whole lecture bit over with, seeing as it's going to happen no matter what you do and delaying might put your mother in a worse mood than she likely already is. Plus you want to hurry up and see your girls again. Being apart from them is unpleasant.

You get up from your bed and rub your eyes before you take your pajamas off, leaving yourself stark naked. Not like it matters down here, since it's not like that Kogasa managed to slip in here during the night. You get out a full set of clothes, put all that on, and blink a couple more times. You then turn to look at the stairs, which are... Gone.

Overkill much?

The markings on the wall where your stairs used to be show up clear as day. There is a sticky note sitting next to the light switch by the door leading to your room. Don't your parents keep storage stuff down here? You guess Ruukuto and Yumeko could get things out of here just fine.

The note is easy enough to read without even taking it off of the wall. It says: 'Food will be brought to you, your assignment is on your desk. <3 Mom'.

Apparently your mother decided to change her mind on that whole 'lecture' thing and proceeded to do something even worse, somehow. You decide to just check your desk since you have nothing better to do, and don't have the jumping ability required to leap up, grab onto the doorknob and let yourself out.

...You imagine your parents may have locked the door too, just in case you somehow did manage to do that. They're prepared like that.

Plus Ruukoto or Yumeko could just toss you right back in here anyway.

Your desk is sitting where it always was in your room. Your desktop is, thankfully, not missing like your stairs are. Probably only because you need it for the assignment your mother has given you. On your desk there is a small stack of papers containing your assignment. Apparently your parents have gotten you access to records relating to the White Tower and the area around it and you need to write a 10 page paper, single spaced and double sided, on relating to the dangers of the White Tower. You should use references in the records to justify your arguments and statements.

...Your father also left a note of his own down here. It reads: 'Son, I am sorry about your mother going a bit overboard, but she just wants you to be safe. I'll have some of my waffles sent down to you when you are awake and then see about getting some visitors down to you with supervision. -Dad'

You understand that your mother cares about you, but you do have a little something called 'first-hand experience' that will be a far better teacher than some words on a piece of paper. Still, the sooner you get done with this the sooner you can get done with this whole grounded deal. Or at least get your girls back. You know nothing bad... well, nothing too bad is going to happen to them. You kinda didn't have the luxury of time to let the conditioning take effect, which means that given what your dad was saying last night... They're probably being adjusted. Manually.

Once you get going on your journey you're going to work up the money for some Touhousnax. They've earned a box each at this point, at least.

Still, you set to work on what's probably going to take a couple days to work on and finish, considering that ten pages isn't exactly a small order. Even if it is front and back.

...You kind of have to admit that despite your first hand experience it's pretty neat to be getting access to these records and official documents and after-action reports. It's like reading about a trainwreck or car accident, except you were in a trainwreck or car accident later on in the same place. Something of note is that traveling in large groups or even teams with more than two humans seems to always go increasingly catastrophically wrong. It's why the most recent scientific expedition was considered 'irredeemably flawed' and 'doomed from the start'. That's not saying sending in solo or duo teams is guaranteed success, but it seems like if you keep your numbers low it's easier to keep a low profile, but once you start gathering in larger groups you'll gain the attention of the population of the entire floor, and the ones above you.

Which makes sense seeing as the Tower's mistress, who you still think is a Yuyuko of some sort, seemed to be playing a game with you the whole time you were there. ...Of course, now that you think about it you could have asked that Youmu for confirmation on the matter seeing as she was being talkative and not, say, wanting to snatch you up and rape you. You continue to read through the various papers on the matter, finding them more interesting than the 'hammer the point through your thick skull' thing your mother likely thinks this is.

It's already in there anyway. This is just to prove it.

...Huh. You found a a series of reports on the 'Boy in Red' in these archives. Apparently you've got authorization to read them.

Well, you're not going to pass up the chance to read about that. You proceed to read through those too.

...Holy hell, you'd heard about this guy but you never knew it was like this. Apparently the most successful investigation ever made was sent in right after he started his journey to the top and the investigators were left almost completely unmolested. The touhoumon population was described by one researcher as 'in hiding'. They found and contained various exceedingly high level touhoumon that had been left defeated and weakened by the Boy in Red's advance up the tower, which would have hopefully lead to drastic increased in their knowledge of the towers operations.

The Science team was able to advance an entire ten floors up the tower before they were forced to make a hasty exit by the arrival of the Youmu who had broken numerous other expeditions, and the team only took twenty percent casualties before the Youmu broke off her attack and disappeared, leaving them outside the White Tower looking over their collection, which included evidence that more than just Ghost Types inhabited the White Tower as they'd come across a Miko, Seiga, Tojiko and Futo all together.

It's actually pretty impressive that the science team that followed the Boy in Red up there even got that far, considering what you've just read about the expeditions. Still, you could probably understand why this isn't common knowledge, seeing as you don't think any of the mons named at the end of the report were ones that could be commonly acquired elsewhere.

There was a high enough casualty rate that the news of rare mons being inside the tower would just draw in even more people to their doom. Especially since no one seems to have even guessed at the fact that the White Tower's mistress might be watching them and deciding whether they're boring or worth playing with. In a way, you probably came out with far more than most science teams ever manage.

The problem is, of course, that you're not a scientist and are pretty much just a kid who managed to leave intact because you happened to be doing the Tower's mistress a favor. Odds are good that no one would take you seriously anyway, which is kind of sad because if these people actually stopped and thought about what went wrong they might see a lower loss rate.

The document then goes on to explain that the Boy in Red would leave the tower several hours later to find the research team which were finishing processing of the captured specimens.

He would then proceed to crush the entire research team and their guards on his own, all at the same time. The document takes on the tone of a shell shocked war veteran as the scientist describes the Boy in Red's apparently completly terrifying stare and how he maintained a neutral expression even as he ordered his team into battle when the odds were 9 to 1.

Apparently the writer of this article suspects the Boy in Red is both some kind of tactical genius and has some means of communicating with his mons non-verbally, as his team acted as if they were guided by a hand that wasn't their own.

Apparently the battle itself lasted under ten minutes before the entire expedition was crushed, their specimens released back into the tower after a round of vigorous hugs and head patting.

You snort as you read that. Considering that the science team was acting like a bunch of vultures, picking off already weakened mons who couldn't resist... Well, they had it coming. Not that this kind of thing ever gets released to the public, considering that the Boy in Red is something of a legendary vigilante and this was a massive blow to the researchers and made them all look like idiots.

Apparently someone actually worked up the courage to ask the Boy in Red why he did what he did when it would set back scientific advancement and their knowledge of the White Tower years. The only response he got was a chilly stare in the eyes until his will broke and he looked away first, unable to match gazes with the smaller boy. The Boy in Red's Marisa apparently had no problems with speaking up though, and told them it was because the science team: A) Sucked. B)And she means REALLY sucked so there's no way you could have controlled them C) You're a bunch of filthy vultures. D) Your sense of fashion is terrible and doesn't have enough frills.

She was apparently going to continue but the stopped her taunting at a glance from the Boy in Red. The group departed shortly there after, leaving the expeditionary team with little choice but to use the medical supplies they had to revive their guards and beat a hasty retreat after him.

You snicker after reading the Marisa's comments. That sounds about right for her speicies, and you certainly shared her opinions for the most part. Except the fashion sense thing. You don't think frills would have helped a bunch of field researchers.

You don't think frills would help you either, quite honestly.

...Doesn't Yumeko have a picture of you when you were younger in a tiny copy of her own uniform?

It didn't help you then, it certainly won't help you now. ...Though you don't doubt that Yumeko probably has a scaled up version of that outfit. She's like a second mother or big sister to you, but she has the oddest quirks at times.

Still, you haven't gone through everything and you're quite sure that no one's going to pop in just yet, so you keep going. You don't think there's going to be anything that topped that report though.

You continue to sift through the reports looking for anything interesting, and you're correct that you don't find anything that matches the Boy in Red incident. Some of them are pretty interesting though, and they give you an actual statistic on the number of humans that the White Tower has devoured. The answer is a pretty high number.

Suddenly, there is a space cleared in front of you and a plate of waffles being set down by a Yumeko who is leaning over your chair to set them down, meaning her breasts are pressing up against the back of your head rather firmly.

"Thanks Yume." You respond to the maid once you notice she's there, which is pretty much an inevitable outcome considering her warm, soft chest is in contact with your head. "How are the Prismrivers doing?" Second thing out of your mouth is to ask about your girls.

"They are responding well to their education. I have had no cause to make use of the whips and clamps." She responds evenly as she helpfully produces the toppings you love most on your waffles and sets them down next to your plate, "The candles were only needed to set the mood, and to keep the room lighted when the power went out."

"That's good to hear. I was kind of worried, but then I stopped and thought about it and realized that you might not have had to do much with them. It might be blind trust on my part, but they didn't give me any problems despite skipping the conditioning process." You're not treating it like an accomplishment, since Yumeko might still be annoyed with you over the whole thing. Your tone is neutral and sounds more like you're presenting facts. You did look up at her, or at least try to when she mentioned the power going out. That didn't really do much aside from rub your head against her breasts a bit. "The power went out? Did the town get attacked after I went to sleep or something?" It was a bit unusual to hear about something like that, since while Higa's Town was pretty far out in the sticks, it's not like the power lines were out in the open where anyone could sabotage them.

"I can't say for sure what happened, but I do know that no attacks were made on the town proper. There are several reports of incidents from the Town Watch, more than we usually have." She wraps her arms around you and decides to hold you while she talks,"Including a report of one of the Watchmen receiving help from a pair of Aki Sisters in wrestling tights."

"You're very lucky that you ran into those two instead of that Chen you know." Yumeko tells you, "Despite their wild nature, those two have honor."

You hold one of her hands with yours, and set about eating the waffles with one hand. It looks awkward, but you're doing quite well at it. "Given how everything turned out, I almost regret not simply asking that Minoriko to be my partner. She wasn't against the idea since she seems to like me." On the other hand... "I say almost because if I didn't catch that Lunasa she would have been playing her swan song for far longer, and once she died... Yume, how bad would that have been? I'm not trying to justify my going there, I'm just curious. Suppressing wild mons for too long is a disaster waiting to happen, from what I recall."

"...In a worst case scenario, it's quite possible the entire town could have been overrun." Yumeko admits, "But chances are that your Lunasa would have been 'disposed of' by a mon resistant to her song before that point. There was an experiment that I saw the aftermath of when your mother and I were still traveling, before she met your father." One of her hands brushes across your forehead, moving a few errant locks out of the way, "They had developed a signal that when broadcasted at high intensity made wild touhoumon subservient, to a certain point. It required a dedicated broadcast tower and several support structures as well as its own power supply to work. There was an accident." She hugs you a bit closer to her as she reaches this point. "The broadcast tower failed, and the wild touhoumon went berserk. The tower was destroyed and everyone in it and the town it was near disappeared. Two thousand people, gone in a single night."

"Maybe, Yume. Maybe. From what I saw not a single mon made an attempt on that Lunasa. Even the Youmu I encountered didn't show up until after I got her to stop. Plus her song..." You trail off as the memory of what that song did to nearly everything in that tower resurfaced, along with what it almost did to you several times. "It was abnormally strong. The White Tower is normally filled with vibrant plants, but the floor she was playing on had nothing but dead plants, and even further down things were starting to lose the will to live." You take a few deep breaths to steady yourself rather than try to recount all of it. You got her to stop, and the resulting backlash was minimal. "This whole thing turned out to be sheer, dumb luck. If I went with the Akis, you and Ruukoto probably would have approved of my choice and mom and dad wouldn't have been nearly as mad. I would have departed sooner, but who knows what would have happened to you guys. ...You know I'd come rushing right back the moment I heard something went wrong here, right?"

"And you'd get yourself caught and no doubt your parents would stage a daring rescue of you." Yumeko responds, rubbing your stomach soothingly as you realize that you're suddenly sitting in her lap. You're not sure when she did it, but you don't think you'll complain because she's warm and soft and being held like you are makes you feel better. "Though, now that you mention it your mother has been studying the Prismrivers unique quirks, and it seems that they're all better able to pour their emotions into a song than even an average Prismriver. That's likely why her song was so powerful."

"...And yes, before you ask, your mother refrained from making use of any needles." She cuts off the oncoming question immediately.

"With you carrying me home fireman style and chaining me to my bed no doubt." You feel good enough now to teas her a bit, then you breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing that your mother showed some restraint. You'd like your girls back intact thank you very much. "I was wondering about that. On the last stretch of my return trip they worked together to blast back a horde of Chen and tore a tree out of the ground with their sound alone. I'm not talking some little sapling. This is probably one of the older ones. It didn't seem like something an ordinary trio could pull off."

"They were working together in concert." Yumeko points out, her pun as stealthy as she is, "Considering that they're extremely famous for their skill in doing so it is not as surprising as you would think for them to be capable of it...though for ones of their age and Chibi to be capable of it does make the matter worth looking into. Perhaps your father can design a course to test them on."

...You are going to have to apologize so much to them.

"Yume, given what's happened so far I'd prefer it if those poor girls didn't have to run through something like that so soon. Seriously, I left it out before but at one point Abbott landed on them." You use your free hand to pinch the bridge of your nose.

"...I'll make sure they have an easy time of things." She says, sympathy in her voice as she considers such a terrible fate, "Speaking of Abbott I have great news for you. It appears that after that incident his mother was scared, and sent him to live with aunt and uncle in Blair."

"That's good to hear. I probably won't be able to get that card back from him, but I don't really care anymore. Much. I've got three girls who are far more valuable than some trading card." This was good news in and of itself, as while you liked Costello's company, Abbott grated on your nerves. "I'm definitely going to worry about Rei though. That poor girl is going to be stuck with him for a long time." Of course, then you recall something. "Oh, speaking of which, Ruukoto didn't tell me everything but she said that Abbott tried to feed you guys some information of questionable accuracy?"

"You will not need to worry about the Hakurei, as she cannot go to Blair with Abbott. That is witch country and a shrine maiden would cause tensions. She has been given to Costello as a 'gift' instead by Abbott's mother for how hard he works to take care of her 'special little boy'."

"And yes, he did give his own view on the matter which was as skewed as it always is." Yumeko informs you, "No doubt in his own mind that it was all absolutely true, and that he was only trying to look out for your best interests just as he said he was."

Another bit of good news, another sigh of relief. "I know it's rude of me to actually say it, but I thought that Hakurei was wasted on Abbott. Glad to hear she was handed to Costello. The guy's slow, but hardly stupid." You've hit the point where you're absolutely relaxed against the Makai maid, and between her warmth and her holding you you don't want to move. "Ruukoto did say that. I just wanted to be sure that that was all he said. He has a habit of putting himself ahead of others, and his mother doesn't help matters. Damage control is always a pain with him. Heck, that's part of the reason I never managed to get that LWYukari card back." You say that last part somewhat bitterly, since the boy's actions put you and Costello in far more danger yesterday than you had brought upon yourself.

"Seriously. He followed me out there to try and mooch off my luck again, dragged Costello into it, nearly got all three of us caught and put us all in far more danger than I had put myself in. I still saved his sorry behind and he can't even stop by and say thanks."

"You're grounded, so he wouldn't be allowed to anyway." Yumeko points out helpfully as she rests her chin on your head, "Costello tried to, if that makes you feel any better. I'm afraid you won't be seeing him though, as his mother is...insisting that he should start his journey now on a high note. She was very...proud of him for having 'his father's adventuring spirit'." She tells you.

"He could have at least left a note or something." You point out to her as well. "It does, but I wouldn't have asked him to say thanks or anything. He got swept up into things and he's an actual friend. Saving him was the least I could have done." Your hand meets your face again when you hear about Costello's mother. "Pardon me if I'm being rude again, but there is something not right about that woman."

"Not every mother can be as perfect as yours." Yumeko soothes you with belly rubs, calming your inner savage beast, "Her husband is a Gym Leader of Mossburg and a respected name in the training world, but he's only here with her very rarely."

Mossburg is actually the gym nearest to you, you remember. Costello's father specializes in all plant type touhoumon and his gym is famous for being full of beautiful flowers. Especially sunflowers.

"I know, I'm just a little exasperated. Dad's response to my stupidity was fairly tame, mom's... gone overboard a bit and you said you couldn't be held accountable for what you'd do to me if I did something that stupid again." Admittedly, your mind was slightly stuck on that concept. Especially since you're almost certain that it would involve some of the things she mentioned that she didn't have to use on your girls. "Different people have different situations, I guess."

"Yes, that is usually how the world works." She smiles as she continues to rub your belly in slow, soothing circles that make you kind sleepy. "Do not forget Ruukuto. Your mother actually had to convince her that putting a collar on you was unnecessary for now."

You feel your face redden at that. "S-She didn't say anything, so I couldn't just up and guess."

"Hmmm, you're turning red." She pinches your cheeks as she teases you verbally, "I'll be sure to tell Ruukuto the reaction her idea got out of you. Perhaps she'll be nice enough to teach your girls a few things. I've already taught them how to tie knots properly."


"A maid's education must cover all possible scenario's after all. One never knows when you'll need to rig a ship. I had to do it three times while your mother and I journeyed." She explains.

If you could look at Yumeko to raise your eyebrow at her, you would be doing that so hard right now. "Considering my girls aren't maids, I hope you'll forgive me if I find teaching them how to tie ropes shortly after I got molested by all three of them just slightly suspicious."

"They're not maids yet." Yumeko corrects you with just a hint of smugness in her voice, "Do not forget that the maid variant exists in almost every species of touhoumon on the planet. With just a bit of time and polish they shall be as elegant and perfect a maid as I am and that [pretender claims to be."

"Maid variants who would know how to tie me up, collar me, and all sorts of things that could have double meanings. Possibly in the name of keeping me out or trouble." You're still skeptical that part of her motivation isn't, say, training your girls to do things to you if you ever consider trying something dangerous. You note that Yumeko's rivalry with the Sakuya species starting to surface again, which means things are starting to approach normal.

Her constant belly-rubbing is taking its toll on you though, and you yawn once. Thankfully you're done eating and are just enjoying her embrace now. Part of you thinks this is wonderful, while the other part of you thinks it's unfair that she can make you react like this so easily. She's just too darn comfortable. "Yume... You're making me want to sleep on you again."

"Oh, is that so?" She asks, not slowing down her belly rubbing at all you relax in her embrace, "Well now, that just won't do. I can't be interrupting your work by making you fall asleep on me. Your mother would be dreadfully cross with me for that."

Of course, the fact that she's not stopping speaks volumes about what she thinks of your mother's opinion on the matter. "Sheesh, Yume, you say that but you're not stopping at all..." Your breathing is nice and steady now, and you can juuuuust feel sleep tugging at the edge of your mind. "You weren't satisfied with just hugging me for that long last night, were you?"

"If I wasn't busy all night I would have held you while you slept." She admits, nuzzling her cheek against yours as she holds you just a bit tighter. "But, making sure you were safe in bed was more important than being there with you."

She used to do that for you when you were little, just hold you while you went to sleep so you'd have someone there for you when you were scared. Though, maybe she's the one who's scared this time.

You use one hand to hold the hand she's not using to rub your belly, and are faced with a rather important choice.

[ ] You're not going to tell her to go away, but maybe to just stop rubbing your belly? You need to get this paper done if you ever plan on getting ungrounded.

[ ] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
No. 171854
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.

It's Mom's fault she didn't specify a due date, not ours. 'sides, it's been less than twelve hours since a dramatic chase scene and a bizarre impromptu wrestling match. The paper can wait a few hours; it's not like we'll be asleep for that long or the paper will be going anywhere.
No. 171855
>It appears that after that incident his mother was scared, and sent him to live with aunt and uncle in Blair.

You sumbitch I was drinking when I read this!

[x] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
No. 171856
[X] You're not going to tell her to go away, but maybe to just stop rubbing your belly? You need to get this paper done if you ever plan on getting ungrounded.

Well, I'd prefer we get this done right away as fast as possible, on the other hand...I cant say I mind the other option

Hm, might still want to demand that LWYukari card back, him mentioning it a lot seems to be the sign that Zeke has not let that one go.

If somehow we meet whoever gave Abbott and Costello their starters, I wonder what would be the third starter in their set, I'm only thinking that its either a Sanae or Sakuya, though that would make things awkward if we do actually get a Sakuya and go home and show her to Yumeko
No. 171857
[X] You're not going to tell her to go away, but maybe to just stop rubbing your belly? You need to get this paper done if you ever plan on getting ungrounded.

All options in this story are win-win
No. 171858
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.

We're here for a while anyway.
No. 171859

It is likely neither of those as (IIRC) Hakurei and Kirisame are the PC-98 versions of Reimu and Marisa. There may not even be a third member of the set.
No. 171860
[x] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
No. 171861
Mima. Clearly, Nebosa got the third starter.
No. 171862
[X] You're not going to tell her to go away, but maybe to just stop rubbing your belly? You need to get this paper done if you ever plan on getting ungrounded.

Mmmm, I really wanna get back to our girls.
No. 171863
But that wouldn't make sense what with, by all accounts, Mima & Reisen having been a part of his life for a number of years now.
No. 171864
[x] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.

Besides, if we leave our girls in their care longer, maybe they'll learn more neat rope tricks for... Future usage.
No. 171865
Time travel. Sakuya's his mom, after all.
No. 171867
That schtick has gone past its shelf life.
No. 171869
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
No. 171870
[x] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.

We may have new mons but let's not forget the others that are close to us.
No. 171873
Nah. Kaguya's his dad, so it'll stay fresh eternally.
No. 171874
[x] You're not going to tell her to go away, but maybe to just stop rubbing your belly? You need to get this paper done if you ever plan on getting ungrounded.

I'm unsure of this, but I have a slight suspicion that getting ungrounded will let us see our sisters again...
No. 171875
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
Big-sis Yume~.

>...Doesn't Yumeko have a picture of you when you were younger in a tiny copy of her own uniform?
Sounds like she wanted someone to be her little sister. Of course, the nest will be empty soon...
No. 171887
Well only now I notice, and start to wonder if Zeke's family has some kind of Maid fetish actually, given that so far Zeke's parents' personal Mons are Maids

And maybe Zeke will follow their footsteps
No. 171889
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.

Surprised the /at/ story hasn't popped up yet.

Also calling it for us NTRin' our Dad (or was it our Mom?) and recruiting Yumeko for our travels.


No it didn't, it's a timeless classic.
No. 171901
[X] Give in to Yume and fall asleep. She needs this.
No. 171902
File 137416791614.jpg - (13.52KB , 256x300 , Sh02Erich.jpg ) [iqdb]
I swear, if this character's dad turns out to be some sort of AU Erich...

I will not be amused. Erich is too badass for that guy to be him.
No. 171904
Ruukoto is Dad's partner, Yumeko is Mom's.

I have to wonder what marriages are like in this universe. Or do Touhou-orbs suppress the MGQ-levels of sexual-desire that 'mons have? And how to they make more 'mons?

It is kinda interesting, though, how "catching" works both ways. 'mons can catch and break humans, humans can catch and break 'mons, and both sort of treat it as the natural way of things.
No. 171907

For that matter, are things completely celibate between trainers and their mons? Nebosa's mons seems quite fond of him. Do adult trainers still have occasional sex with their mons. What about when they're married? Does the master bedroom have a bed for four?
No. 171908
>MGQ-levels of sexual-desire that 'mons have?

A. I bet they don't. Just look at what happens with this Yumeko next update. We gonna get loved tenderly by her.

B. Also about the MGQ comment, we've seen how much influence that has had on this story I'm seriously somewhat surprised there hasn't been cameos from that. I'd thought they would've showed up as Touhoumon equivalents or something

We all know a LWTamomo would be best, a LWGranberries is fine too
No. 171909
Or what about interspecies marriage? Or are Touhoumon exclusively shotacons?
No. 171924
Well, there's that one Yuugi from that other story who went to do it in all the ways at all the places all over again with her trainer, who's testicles have presumably dropped.
No. 171930
There's also the danny boy in the main story who seems to have a normal Komachi around (one would guess that her milkshakes bring a decent amount of guys in)

There's slime variants mentioned in a couple of other threads.
No. 171934

No. Bad voter. No NTRing mons, or making a mon NTR a trainer that isn't hers. It counts because Zeke has his shiny Prismriver trio, and it's quite likely that he's literally the only trainer who can handle them now.
No. 171935
Oh what the fuck man!

Alright just count it as Incest is Wincest™, it's fun for the whole family! Could always chalk it up to families in Touhoumon are very open minded when it comes to sexuality amongst close relatives.

Either way, we gots to fuck Yumeko.
No. 171945
Just drop it already, it's not gonna happen.
No. 171948
Truly, NTR is the worst fetish.
No. 171956
What's NTR?
No. 171957
File 137428233916.jpg - (616.44KB , 723x1023 , Yumeko Underwear.jpg ) [iqdb]
You squirm about just a little as you make yourself comfortable one last time. "Alright, Yume, you win~." And before you know it you're off in dreamland again.

She shifts a bit as you fall asleep in her arms, and you can distantly hear her saying something as you drift blissfully off into the land of dreams and magic.


You wake up as Yumeko gives you a gentle shake, smiling at you in the light of the early morning sun that catches her from behind, framing her hair and giving her an illusion of a halo. "It's time to wake up Zeke." She informs you, "We've arrived."

"Mmmh, already?" You blink your eyes a bit as you try to focus. You were never a particularly quick riser, at least when it came to instances where you had to wake up earlier than normal. Today though? This was a bit different. You forced yourself awake and caught sight of that image of the sun framing the Makai maid's head, and it was enough to give you pause. Sometimes you had to wonder if she was actually an angel instead of a demon, as classified.

She smiles at you, dreadfully amused at your weak morning face, "Yes Ezekiel, it is." She tells you as she helps you up and carefully supports you with one arm as she puts the bag with all your supplies in it for the day over her other shoulder. "Unless of course you want to just go back to sleep and miss the beach that your mother told you so much about?"

"Of course not! Not unless it'd mean cuddling with you, but that would still defeat the purpose of the trip." You're grateful for her support as you manage to wake up properly. It doesn't take long, and you're able to walk along with her normally in no time at all. Not that you let go of her.

Yumeko is apparently content to let you hold onto her as you walk down the non-descript path together. Really, if Yumeko hadn't told you about this place, you'd never have noticed it at all if you'd walked right by it. "Good, I'd hate to think that all the convincing it took to get your mother to agree to this would have went to waste just because you're a sleepy cuddle bug." She pokes you in the side, tickling you.

You blush a bit in response to that. "Yume, I can't help it if you're comfortable to sleep with." Half legitimate reason, half cop-out really. You could snuggle with her anytime within reason. It's not like she ever argued about it. "It's just you and I today too, huh? I didn't think mom would go for it."

"You know how busy your mother is." Yumeko replies, looking apologetic, "She wanted to come along, but she couldn't get the time off. Your father is working with her, and Ruukuto has to keep the house safe and clean."

"I'm not complaining, Yume. It's just that usually we don't get the chance to have alone time like this." You really weren't. It wasn't much of a secret that you enjoyed Yumeko's company, and while Ruukoto was far from bad she didn't quite have the same... appeal? Connection? You're not sure what it is.

"Hmmm." She hums in agreement, still walking you along the increasingly sandy path with her, "I suppose we don't, at least not anymore. I remember spending countless hours together with you when you were still so small, but you humans do not have good memory of your earliest stages."

"True, but there's no reason we can't make up for it. Or maybe it's me who wants to make up for that." Part of you did think that in the end, Yumeko was just as much a cuddle bug as you were at times. "Well, at least I'm unlikely to forget this."

"I just hope you aren't disappointed." Yumeko responds, "Your mother's storytelling can be a bit...embellishing." She takes a look at the beautiful coastal plants all around you, "Though it seems to be just like I remember it from all those years ago."

"Not really. It's quite pretty." The early morning sun most certainly helped with that. There didn't seem to be anyone else around either. It really was just you and Yumeko. "Though I get the feeling that something more interesting must have happened here, for mom to make such grandiose claims."

"I'm afraid that your mother just loves telling a good story. The only thing that happened here was the both of us getting a chance to relax..." She muses, "Oh, was that it? Well, there was the incident with the peeping toms and your mother and I dealing with them."

"And by 'dealing with', you mean 'utterly thrashed'.” Neither your mother nor Yumeko did things by half, if your mother's stories were any indication. "I don't think we're likely to run into any of those here. At least not today."

"Actually I think that rumors started that these sections of the beach were cursed. Since they're not easy to find or get to in the first place, and all the screaming that happened, well..." Yumeko just smiles, "I suppose it works out very well for us, yes? An entire beach just to the two of us."

That sounded a lot like an anomaly, really. Still, you weren't here for that kind of thing. "It does. I like the concept of spending the day with you like this."

"I'm flattered, but shouldn't a boy your age have something he'd rather be doing than spending all day with his mother's maid?" She asks you as you see the light intensifying up ahead as the foliage breaks apart.

"Well, Abbott was sent away by his mom, Costello's mom sent her son off, Ruukoto's training the girls and I'm not going anywhere without them. Well, this being an exception." Things did manage to settle down, somewhat, but the fact remains that you're pretty much the only boy of your age group in Higa's Town anymore. "So, not really. Plus, I wanted to spend some time with you before I set out. Who knows when I'll get to see you again?"

"You would have been able to talk to me whenever you were at a center." Yumeko points out to you but pulls you into a hug all the same, burying your face in her chest and the fuzzy robe she's wearing over her bathing suit, "But that's sweet of you all the same."

You finally break through the foliage and you find yourself at the beach your mother played up so much. Or you'd thought she had, really is that beautiful. Pristine ocean water as far as you can see out onto the horizon save for a lone island in the distance. The sand of the beach is a pure, unsoiled white. It's...picturesque? It's like something out of a painting.

You return the brief hug while it lasts. "But I can't hug you over the phone." You point out right back. As for the beach... "Mom wasn't exaggerating at all. How did this place not get discovered by more trainers?" You refrain from saying people since something might have ambushed your average not-trainer.

"The near complete and utter lack of touhoumon here to attract them." Yumeko responds simply, "I wouldn't have brought you here if I'd thought there was much of a chance of someone trying to make off with you. Your mother and I researched this area years ago and we found that on this beach and the immediate area near here the touhoumon population drops down to next to nothing, and the ones who come here don't stay long."

"That makes sense. Toss in what you and Mom did and that'd pretty much ensure this place is deserted for a nice long time." Still, you know Yumeko isn't disappointed in you now or anything, but her reaction after your return from the White Tower was still very much fresh in your mind, so you turned red from embarrassment when she pointed out that there weren't even any mons around. "Thanks for always looking after me, Yume."

...Though no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't just ignore the fact that you made Yumeko cry like that. You care about her, just as she cares for you. You try to shake that off but the realization of just what could have happened won't go away. Not only would you have never seen Yumeko again, you're almost certain that she would have come after you.

And if she came after you when you were trapped so high up in the White Tower... That would have been the same as killing her yourself.

Worst of all, you never would have known.

Considering the stories you've heard of just what happens to humans caught by touhoumon, you may very well have never even thought about her or the people you left behind.

Yumeko kneels down and looks you in the eyes, her gaze concerned. Apparently she picked up on your mood easily, "Zeke, what's wrong?" She asks, her hands on your shoulders.

"Just realization setting in." You reply while fighting back tears. "Yume, if I ever think about going to an anomaly like the White Tower again, I want you to break me. Because if I go and get myself caught, you'd try to come after me, just the same as I'd do for you if you got in trouble. I couldn't take it if you got hurt or even died because of me."

"Oh Zeke." She pulls you into her embrace, burying your face in her golden locks and her neck as she pulls you against her warm body.

"...I already told you I'd do that." She reminds you as she gives you a great big squeeze, "Just...please don't hold your parents up as a shining example for yourself to follow on your own journey. Your mother gave me enough stress as it was when I was there to protect her. Imagining you being the same as her, or your father is..." She shudders.

"It's hard not to, Yume." You hug her back, quietly crying on her shoulder. "I grew up hearing all these stories from mom and dad's past, they, you, and Ruukoto put a lot of importance on how Touhoumon were a commitment... Between that and my being jealous of Abbott getting a Hakurei of all mons, I felt I couldn't go for anything less."

"Yume, mom, dad, even Ruukoto's reactions didn't hurt anywhere near as bad as yours. I learned my lesson, sure, but I just... The only reason I can forgive myself is because no one got hurt." You have to take a moment to recover before you start again, your words thick with regret. "And if I just waited like a sane person, mom and dad would have helped me catch a starter. Heck, maybe even something like a Yuki/Mai pair."

"I know it's not good to linger on 'what ifs' like that, but I just..." You look her in the eyes, not quite sure what to feel anymore.

She sighs and just holds you tighter, "As long as you realize how thoughtless, inconsiderate and foolish you were being, there's no need to keep beating yourself up. Your mother made sure to drive home the point of just how stupid you were in your actions." She reminds you, "If you learn from them, I see no reason for you punish yourself unless you simply enjoy it." She raises one eyebrow ever so slightly, "Shall I tell Ruukuto?"

"Ugh, no..." You try to regain composure. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it with you. You mean as much to me as I do to you, so it's hard to forgive myself for near-misses like that."

You take a deep breath to steady yourself, and simply continue to hug her. "Let's get set up for the day."
"We already are." She points over her shoulder where your beach towerl, umbrella, basket and various other beach time fun accessories are already carefully and perfectly positioned. But, how did she manage to do that while hugging you..?

That's a mystery you don't spend long thinking about though. You learned long ago that if you started to think about the impossibility aspect of your mother's Yumeko, you don't get much sleep at night. "Thank you for listening to me though. I'll try not to be so stupid again."

Now, you're actually at something of a loss as to what to do. You could go swimming, sure, but you're not entirely sure it would be pleasant this early in the morning. It's nice enough to where you don't need more than your swim trunks, but just because the air is warm doesn't mean the water is. So for the time being you choose to sit down on the beach tower, leaving Yumeko more than enough room to sit down with you if she so chooses.

Yumeko casually takes off her outer robe, revealing the black two piece suit she's wearing underneath it, and you can't help but notice that she fills it out very, very well. She takes a moment to adjust her bottom piece before she speaks up, "My, it's been so long since I've had the chance to go to the beach." She sounds quite happy though, "Zeke, would you like to make a sand castle with me?"

You're minorly distracted by just how pretty Yumeko is, but you set that to the side. She's your big sister and you don't want to ruin what you have with her. ...Besides, once your girls evolve it's not like you're going to be starved for chances to work that kind of thing out of your system. "Alright. It's been a long time since we did something like that." It's a simple thing, but as you said before, Yume doesn't do anything by half. No mere kid could keep up with her.

"Excellent!" She says happily, disappearing suddenly as a blur works around an area of the beach. Lines are drawn in the sand and flags of various colors and meanings that escape you are being set down. You feel her take hold of your arm and find that yes, she has indeed reappeared right nest to you and is excitedly pulling you towards the construction site. She places a orange pail and a yellow shovel in your hand and points to what you think is the moat judging by the little waves and cartoony crocodile drawn in it, "Please prepare the moat while I gather materials for the main castle."

...she's really excited isn't she?

Her enthusiasm is rather infectious too. You almost forgot that she could get like this, so it's nice to have a reminder every now and again. You set to work on the moat immediately and manage to do a rather good job with it, though you're pretty sure Yume could make the edges a bit sharper. Thankfully you're not going overkill and making it so deep that you can't get out. You recall doing that once when you were younger, and Yume teased you about it for a while.

As you work long and hard on the moat you hear and see the signs of Yumeko working hard at her plans as she gathers the materials needed for her plans for the magnificent castle. Numerous buckets and containers full of ideally mixed wet sand are placed in row after row and you confirm your suspicions that Yumeko's bag is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. "Oh, my. I found the perfect guard dog." You hear Yumeko comment, "I'm sure you'll work hard, won't you?"

She returns walking slowly this time, and carefully carrying a smallish crab in the palm of her hand while she teases it with a finger. The crab will reach out and try to pick the tip of her finger, but she always pulls it back in time.

"That's kinda cute, Yume." You take a look at the crab Yumeko brought to the castle, or castle-to-be, and keep working on the moat. You notice that the sand you excavated has vanished too, so she must have mixed that with water too. "Alright Yume, what's next?"

"Next I need you to work on the outer wall and to put the details into it." Yumeko declares, pointing to the three and a half foot tall wall of sand that's behind your moat. When did-? How did she-? But you were looking there the whole time!

"I shall begin construction of the central keep of the fortress, and by the time we are both finished we'll be able to work on the grand castle together." She declares, apparently entirely confident in your ability to make her walls feellook good.

You shake that thought from your head. You're not going down that route, you already told yourself that! "Alright, Yume~" You distract yourself from that concept by using your hands to sculpt shallow, yet intricate patterns into the sand wall, using the occasional shell to help the apperance. You're not totally sure where you picked those up either, but it looks nice.

...You know, these shells almost look like tiny heraldric shields, don't they? Actually, looking closer at them they look awfully intricate for patterns on a shell.

Yumeko is currently construction a forbodding looking keep set atop a steep rise in the land. Its angles are harsh and sharp, and its only connection to the site where she'll be setting up your grand central castle is a single, narrow bridge that she's currently construction and making you wonder just how it's staying intact without struts to the ground. Internal support structure made of twigs? Possible, knowing her.

Yumeko routinely laughed in the face of physics, which you've really learned to stop thinking about. You just keep working on your part until you're satisfied with it, then wait for Yume to finish up. Then the two of you can work on the last stretch together.

Your castle walls seem to have come out very well, but Yumeko seems to have become deeply engrossed in putting the finishing touches on the bridge, placing little sandstone gargoyles she made somehow along it at key points and then spending time perfectly adjusting them to just the right angle.

Next to you, you see the little crab that Yumeko got to be the guard of the gate is actually now guarding the gate and wearing a little helmet on his hat. His little helmet has a little spike on it and everything.

...did it just salute you?

You salute it back, as this isn't even the oddest thing you've seen when Yumeko is around. In fact, you'd be surprised if she didn't somehow turn this whole thing into sandstone just to preserve it. Make it into that one little monument that maybe one day you can take your kids to see.

The crab goes back to scuttling back and forth in front of the gate, maintaining a constant watch on the approach of the mighty Castle Doomsteinvania. None shall pass by it while it is at its post.

Yumeko is finishing up on the gargoyles and giving one of them a little scratch on the back of the neck and you'd swear for just a moment that you could see its wings twitching.

You're starting to wonder if Yume is secretly plotting to create a full-scale castle and kidnap you to see if your girls are bad enough 'dudes' to rescue you.
No. 171958
Thankfully this castle you're making is small enough that you couldn't be held hostage in it. If it were scaled up, those three and a half foot walls would be over sixty feet high. Also, Yumeko wouldn't be anywhere near this subtle if this was a test for them and you'd already be trussed up and held captive. Plus she'd probably have recruited Ruukuto to be her mid-boss.

"There." She declares, putting her hands on her hips as she smiles at her work, improbably glorious as it is, "Zeke, are you ready?" She turns to you and eyes your own work, "Oh, already done? And a fine job too.

"Yeah, I'm ready, Yume. Let's start on this last part together." You look up to her and smile, feeling content with things exactly the way they are.

"Very well then!" Yumeko takes your hand and produces a large blueprint from somewhere and oh sweet shinki she has this whole thing planned out floor by floor room by room, "First we'll need to dig down to prepare the dungeon and waterways." She informs you, pointing out that level. The waterways apparently will include mechanisms to crush intruders.

You start work on that, making quite sure to stick with what her blueprints are saying. Honestly, this is going to be something you can stand back and stare at for ages.

Yumeko and you both quickly set about excavating out the marked out area, digging down as deeply as you need to. The first level of it is the Underground Reservoir and the Waterways. Yumeko sets you to work on the main platforms and walkways of the the area while she works on the more intricate canals and tunnels. Suddenly, you notice a little trickle of water flowing through the canals you just finished. A trickle that is slowly growing stronger as a helmeted crab breaks through a wall of sand to reveal that he has brought you water for your waterways. The helmeted crab raises both of its claws in a flexing salute as it shows off a bit just how hardcore he is.

There's nothing more hardcore than working for an honest living in crab society.

...You're starting to wonder if this place is going to become a castle for crabs, since this is far too small for humans to ever use. Which admittedly would be rather awesome to see. Especially if Yumeko makes this place as permanent as she can make it.

Several other crabs come out of the hole in the wall the safety helmet wearing one made. All of these are also wearing little helmets or hats and quickly set to work helping you maintain the vast network of tunnels and walkways that make up the lowest level of your castle. One wearing a monocle and a top hat waves his cane at the others as he reads from a tiny blueprint.

That looks about right. You keep helping Yumeko with the underground section until that's fully finished, and it does go quite a bit faster with the crabs helping.

Yumeko takes a moment to pat each of the crabs on the head and give them a word of thanks, and you can barely manage to restrain your laugh as the crabs act bashful. The one with the cane starts to try and draw circles in the sandstone walkway he's standing on.

"Please keep working on this floor while we set to work on the next." Yumeko asks of them, getting a crabby salute from the crabs who set about their work efficiently as a crab can. Which is pretty impressive.

Yumeko picks you up and pulls you out of the lower levels and shows you the blueprints once again, pointing out the intricate floor plan and then the largest room of the floor which is essentially a large circle, "I need you to work on the grand ballroom while I work on the rest."

And you begin what Yumeko asked of you, taking great pride in your work as you crafted the grand ballroom she asked of you. You're not entirely sure how, but you even somehow managed to craft tiny chandeliers for later. Or did Yumeko make those for you? You're not entirely sure anymore.

Everything seems just a bit confusing but easy to dismiss in this magical time you're sharing with Yumeko. You manage to finish up your ballroom before Yumeko finished up...the entire rest of the floor. It occurs to you that Yumeko is giving you the easy job! Either to keep you from messing something up in her grand castle or just because she doesn't want you to stress out over something difficult.

Or perhaps she simply handed you a job that was within your ability to perform. You had to keep in mind that Yumeko had abilities that were far beyond your understanding, and that at times time and space seemed to be her plaything. You're just a young human with a massive luck streak, who doubles as Touhoumon bait. Really, you can't feel offended or insulted considering the vast difference between the two of you.

Yumeko is quickly putting the finishing touches on the main foyer, the last and most complicated part of her job on this floor. Currently she's putting into place a series of stairs and platforms that exist seemingly for no purpose what so ever. You realize what they're for though when a small honor guard of crabs marches in, lead by the Gate Guard Crab. Somehow they're all wearing tiny crab suits of armor and carrying spears. It is adorable.

They quickly take up position at various points through the main foyer and several of them climb up onto those platforms. So they're for the guard to stand on? What, are they archer crabs?

No actually they aren't. You realize this as one pulls proceeds to give one of its spears a toss. So they're...javeling crabs? Skirmisher crabs?

Where did Yumeko even find these things? Was one of the things your mother and her did at this beach involve granting crabs sapience? Your mother always told you she wasn't that kind of mad scientist, but this is just...

Further proof in your book that your mother did strange things when she was bored.

Still, it's not a bad sight. In fact it's still pretty adorable. Just a bit odd all considering. You look to Yumeko again, wondering what the next part would consist of.
Yumeko obligingly pulls out her blueprint and shows it to you again. Hmm, it looks like these next few floors are pretty simple. They just contain various small to mid-sized rooms for numerous purposes, nothing as interesting as what you've done up until now. "Once we get this done we can work on the treasury and then the throne room." Yumeko informs you as she sets about working on the next layer of the castle. You notice that it appears the walls you made are crabbed now, with numerous guards stationed along them. One of them salutes you as he notices your gaze.

You join Yumeko in working after returning the salute, taking care of what you can while Yumeko makes the next set of rooms and floors pop up like something out of a storybook. Honestly, this whole castle is, but at the same time that was just how Yumeko is.

Yumeko works rapidly and efficiently as she quickly sets up the numerous rooms and facilities. As she works you notice that there are crabs now carrying in tiny furniture for the castle and furnishing the rooms that Yumeko generously prepared for them while you smoothed out the process ahead of her. She even helps them with interior design while never missing a beat. You watch out of the corner of your gaze as a Crab starts to scuttle dangerously close to the edge of an unfinished portion of the castle. With his arms full of boxes it can't seem to see the cliff!

You quickly help guide the poor crab away from the cliff before it goes tumbling off. No reason to let misfortune befall such a hard worker.

The crab is startled by your hand but quickly rights its way and heads back where it's supposed to be going...hopefully. You're actually starting to notice how labyrinthine Yumeko is making this castle, it's really quite amazing how something can be so subtly dangerous, but this floor of the castle is set up in a way that if you don't know the path then you'd easily find yourself lost.

Yumeko finishes up this section of the castle with a satisfied smile on her face. She tugs out the blueprints again and shares them with you, showing you what comes next apparently a vast treasury and then the throne room at the very top of the castle are your goals now.

"Once this is finished it will be complete save for just a bit of preservation work." Yumeko sounds deeply satisfied with that.

"This is amazing, Yume. I mean that too." Considering what you've helped her accomplish so far, you really are amazed with her. at this rate this really will be something you'd want to share with your own kids. ...Be they human or mons. "Let's keep going!"

"Yes, let's." Yumeko agrees. But there's on problem now.

...This last section of the castle is too tall for you to work on. Things got a bit out of control with you and Yumeko being so excited, and you suspect the finished product is going to be perhaps ten feet tall.

"Ah." You say as you notice just how tall the structure has gotten. Its intricate, ornate nature and your and Yume's enthusiasm have translated into something truly massive. "How will I be able to help?"

Yumeko looks at the castle and then looks back at you. Then she considers the situation before giving you the blueprint, "Here, hold onto this." She orders you before she blurs out of view and then, suddenly, the castle is finished entirely.

She takes the blueprint back from you and then hands you a tiny flag that has an image the astrological sign Cancer on it. Cancer is dark blue on a light blue background. "Would you help me set this up on the top of the castle?"

You nod and take the tiny flag, and have a feeling that you know what's going to come next.

Yumeko grabs hold of you by your middle and hefts you up into the air. A happy feeling fills you as fond memories flood your mind as she holds you up in arms reach of the very tip top of the castle.

You place the tiny flag carefully on that topmost point, ensuring that it won't come out. It's been a while since she's lifted you up like this. Sure, one might consider you a little old for it, but it's Yumeko doing it. You're not going to complain about her doing something like this.

Yumeko slowly pulls you down and turns you around, pulling you close to her in a great, warm hug as she presses her body up against yours.


And as you slip off into that slumber Ruukuto records the entire thing, as she records everything.

As you slip off you find yourself thinking of just what you’re going to do when your journey starts now that the two guys who were you only friends have already started theirs.


[ ] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.
[ ] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.
No. 171959
[X] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

And build another sandcastle.
No. 171960
[x] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

Chillax with the girls.

And find a Murasa.
No. 171962
While Murasa is, in fact, a ghost, she is not a musician, a technicality not strongly in her favor. She's allowed to join, but only if someone teaches her the accordion.

[X] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.

Training goes first so it makes the vacation all the more relaxing. Also less likely to get raped.
No. 171963
[X] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

Considering his dream, before he woke up, involved Ruukoto along with Yumeko, have both Yumeko and Ruukoto ever tried to do such things to Ezekiel before? It's mentioned in the /at thread that Touhoumons are quite sexual in nature, so what of Ezekie's two older sister figures? I mean hell Ruukoto was recording the entire session, would she have joined in if asked or ordered?
No. 171964
[ ] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

Afterwards, let's hit up the Gym

Also Ruukuto would probably file this under: Precious Memories\Ezekiel\First Threesome
No. 171965
File 137428742497.jpg - (854.10KB , 1230x683 , murasa_minamitsu_with_her_axe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmm she doesn't seem like an accordion person.
No. 171966
File 137428777555.jpg - (108.13KB , 511x647 , shiny prismrivers.jpg ) [iqdb]
She's the ghost of a drowned sailor. That's about at accordion as it gets.

At any rate, I compiled a picture of some unevolved and evolved shiny Prismrivers, using the power of cheating. These are 1.8 sprites, mind you, not 1.5, but I chose these instead because they look a heck of a lot better. I lack the necessary expertise to extract sprites from a .gba file, sadly, and I didn't particularly feel like learning right just now.
No. 171968
[x] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.
No. 171969

寝取られ ("Netorare"), also NTR

A form of cheating in which someone close to the protagonist is either willingly or unwillingly seduced and stolen away. This isn't necessarily limited to one's lover, but may also include friends, unrequited love interests, or even relatives.

NTR is intended to arouse feelings of jealousy, abandonment, hurt, and heartache, among other negative emotions. The narrative, dialogue, and such in these works often go the extra mile to incite and reinforce these emotions.

So yes, worst fetish.

[x] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.
No. 171970
Second worst. I don't know about you, but I have yet to see any thing that tops guro in that respect. Also,

No. 171971
Guro may be bad for the stomach, but NTR is bad for the heart. The absolute worst, though, is probably

I am abandoning this line of thought now, and feel much better for it.
No. 171973
File 137429761560.jpg - (415.26KB , 543x805 , wut.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.

If Costello takes after his parents, odds are his dad is a pretty cool guy.

Funnily enough, there are pictures on Danbooru involving toohoos and accordions, but Murasa doesn't even appear in any of them.

Odds are Lyrica could play accordion by writing it off as "close enough to a keyboard", but if you're sticking to the music theme and trying to consider who to gun for as a sixth member, so see pic.
No. 171974
[X] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.

We should hold off on getting the Prismrivers in swimsuits until they evolve.
No. 171976
Goodness, you're right. I was quite surprised to find that Patchouli was the most frequent accordion player, followed by Meiling and Lyrica tied for second.

That Murasa remains bereft of accordions saddens and disappoints me.
No. 171977

A Yumekofag here, I just want to say you two are some of the biggest cockteasers ever.

[X]Abbot's Dad's gym.

Gotta evolve those Touhous into very fine looking LW variants and you gotta start sometime!
No. 171978

Whoops. Meant Costello's Dad.

Love it when a phone won't copypasta correctly.
No. 171979
[X] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

I wonder if that castle is still there or not or that brave crab soldier (I'd imagine he'd be the star of his own story)
No. 171982
[X] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

They say Mons almost never come around the place, but usually when people say that, the opposite happens, so hey I'd bet on that

If that doesnt happen...beach scene is still good...!
No. 171987
[X] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

Just to be clear, that was a timeskip-sequence, right? Not all a dream sequence?


Patchouli on the accordion. Ghost-Patchouli. That tears it, we must meet her again. And get a Murasa on the saxophone or something.
No. 171989

The Yumeko part was a dream sequence, the Prismrivers were what he woke up to.
No. 171990
Sorry to say it, but the part that happened on the beach was pretty definitely a dream sequence. It ends on an abrupt you-wake-up and everything.
No. 171991
In light of absolute word-of-god confirmation that the obvious beach dream sequence was, in fact, a dream sequence (ya big dummies), I strongly encourage you to reconsider your votes. I mean, if you still want to go to the beach with that knowledge, fine, but I'd hate for confusion or misinformation inform your choice.
No. 171992
Plot twist: we actually find a huge sandcastle guarded by an army of crabs with helmets and spears. We fall into madness trying to figure out what is dream and what is reality. Then a mysterious man offers us to pick between a blue pill and a red pill.
No. 171993
The problem with this particular plot twist is that it probably won't provide enough opportunities to satiate the writers' need for smut. Unless you like hot crab-on-shota action, I mean, because I don't think that many 2hus would lurk about in a giant sandcastle maintained by a vigilant crustaceous guard.
No. 171994
[x] To that beach your mother always talked about. You’re in no rush, and you always wanted to see the place yourself.

Wonder if we'll find anything there.
No. 171999
[x] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.

We can hit the beach later. First is some additional training; the three Prismrivers are bound to draw lots of attention, so we should be ready. Also, I suspect that going to the beach right away might lead to some not-as-good-as-imagined letdown.
No. 172004
[x] Costello’s Dad’s gym is the closest to your town. You should head there first for some training even if you can’t challenge him.
No. 172007
File 137436078983.png - (656.64KB , 850x967 , You can (not) escape.png ) [iqdb]
It's been quite the week for you, considering that you've been, well, grounded and were given the task of writing a ten page paper on the dangers of the White Tower while juggling getting acclimated to your girls, with either Yume or Ruukoto keeping an eye on things so your Prismrivers don't go overboard. Thankfully they never did, and seemed to have developed an understanding of what your limits are, while you learned about how best to pleasure them back for the time being. Ruukoto providing entirely neutral commentary on the matter while Yumeko... started teasing you and giving you hands-on lessons with your girls.

It's a miracle that it took only a week for that paper to get done.

Still, you did have some time to consider where to go after this. You weren't going to be grounded forever, despite what your dad told you, so you wanted to think about where to go once the dust is settled and you family was willing to let you actually start on your adventure. Going wherever your whim takes you just didn't seem like a terribly good idea considering that the last time you did that you ended up at the White Tower. If you went somewhere similar, you're quite certain Yumeko would do things to you until you could never even consider leaving the house again. Granted, she'd only do it because she loves you, but something tells you that things would become mortifying for you very quickly after that.

Thus, it wasn't much of an option to you. So that left two other real options. One was to visit Costello's dad's Gym in Mossberg for training. While there was the fact that the Gym Leader himself would not challenge you until you had a certain number of badges, you had no doubt that you could train your sisters in the fine art of blasting away everything in their path on his lackeys. Plus, it wasn't like there were overly strict rules about re-battling said lackeys, and some even went out of their way to re-challenge a particularly strong trainer to improve themselves. Throw yourself at a brick wall and you might smash through it eventually, you guess.

Yet that wasn't quite what you had in mind. You actually had one location you wanted to check out first. That beach you dreamed about, the one mother always talked about and the one that Yumeko took you to in that dream of yours has been on your mind quite a bit as of late. You wanted to see it for yourself, for real this time, and you figure no one would really object because while it was a good distance away from Higa's Town, it was also a very safe, relatively relaxing trip to get there.

...Admittedly you also wanted to confirm something for yourself there, but that was just you being either paranoid or outlandish.

Of course, broaching the subject to your mother was a very interesting experience. Especially after she'd critiqued your paper and sent it back twice. She'd even used the red pen. Eventually she decided that enough was enough and accepted it. She even gave you a pat on the head and made your favorite meal for dinner.

...and threatened to lock you in a room with Ruukuto if you ever did anything that stupid ever again.

When you'd asked her about it she just stared at you for the longest moment before...easily accepting it, which you didn't see coming at all. Your mother's only stipulations were that she and Yumeko would accompany you to the entrance to the Underground Tunnel you'd be taking most of the way there.

You weren't going to argue that point, seeing as you pretty much brought every last scrap of this onto yourself. Though admittedly, while you wouldn't do it again you would never wish you hadn't done that since you have your girls now, and wishing to have not gone to the White Tower was the same as condemning them.

Your connection to them was still fresh and weak, but you couldn't say something like that in good conscience. Even if you were still on an emotional high from having caught them the way that you did and having... supervised sex for a week that was increasingly embarrassing because Ruukoto and Yumeko both knew things that you didn't even know about or consider, both of them recording it and... Well, the whole acclimation process was just as much for your girls as it was for you, as at times you found yourself being molested for the sake of teaching them things.

Which is a really roundabout way of saying that you care about them and wouldn't trade them for anything.

You're just not going to be able to see Ruukoto the same way ever again.

The sacrifices you make for the sake of your loved ones are truly great and tragic. Though, you weren't complaining when she was doing it and explaining everything in excruciating detail to your girls as they watched on in awe. You also discovered the Ruukuto never joked about her numerous 'functions'. Not even the Fish Function.

...You're not sure why, but you're both highly embarrassed by having that used on you and happy she did because you had no idea that kind of thing was even possible.

You are, however, immensely worried that you are now okay with the concept of having sex with Ruukoto.

It doesn't help that you suspect that Ruukoto may well be okay with the concept of having sex with you. Her mindset's always been a bit...different than most people, human or mon.

Still, you try to discard the concept of having a kinky threesome with Ruukoto and Yume. Okay REALLY DISCARDING THOSE THOUGHTS NOW.

You are ready to go though, and you've got your girls and they're pretty much ready to go.

You might even have that blush down to a dull roar now. You're hugging Merlin to you while Lunasa and Lyrica take up spots on you as you join up with your mother and Yumeko. "Alright, I'm ready." You say to the two.

Your mother looks at you for a moment with one eyebrow cocked, "Oh? You're finally ready? You sure you don't need to have one more quickie in your mother's house before you head off?" Your mother is just a bit cranky this morning though. You suspect it's because she's out of her favorite blend of coffee and has to use instant.

You sputter and blush at her blunt question. Evidently, you're still in the 'easily embarrassed' phase of this whole 'learning about sex' thing and it doesn't take much to make you go from normal to shy and flustered.

Your mother just rolls her eyes and goes back to glowering at existence in general, "Let's just get going. Come on, we've got a walk ahead of us before we get to the Underground Tunnel."

Yumeko helpfully pulls something out from somewhere, you don't even know where she keeps things, and gives you a thermos full of a nice, cold drink of some sort. She pats you on the head and gives you a small smile before quickly joining your mother.

You follow you mother quietly after thanking Yumeko for her thoughtfulness and storing said thermos for later. You sigh as you try to steady yourself again, but keep pace with your mother and Yume rather easily.

You quickly walk through the town as your mother guides you. The streets still seem a bit deserted and people a bit more on edge, but most of them still wave to you as you pass by. Old Man Jenkins and his Chibi Wriggle are both relaxing on a bench as Old Man Jenkins tells the littlest of the children a story.

As you pass by one point though, you see Abbott's mother notice you. Her eyes narrow and her lips purse, but one glance at your mother keeps her well away from you.

Moments later, her eyes widen and she turns a pale white before scurrying off. Ahead of you, your mother chuckles nastily and hands Yumeko back something that glints brightly in the early daylight.

You wave back in order to return greetings, or at least as well as you can with one of your girls cuddling you like that. You suppose that Abbott's mother would probably react like that, given who she always seemed to favor her son and took everything he said at face value. You're glad your mother got her to back off, but given how suspicious whatever glinting object that was, you're pretty sure you don't actually want to know how she made Abbott's mother back off.

You exit the town and-

"Boo." Gary Rodges whispers in your ear, getting a shriek out of your girls as his Kogasa loudly snaps open her umbrella behind you as well.

Your reaction is a relatively tame jump, all considering. For some odd reason you're just not reacting to strange things half as much as usual. "Did you have to do that?" You ask.

"Well." He responds to you in that whispy voice of his and gives you a shrug and a smile, "I've got to keep myself entertained somehow." His Kogasa is chattering something to her fellow ghost types in moonspeak while Gary turns to your mother, "You're not taking him out back behind the shed I hope, Mary."

"Nah, Shed's the entire other direction, remember?" Your mother responds, "I decided that the sooner my little bundle of headaches and early aging gets somewhere safer than right next to the White Tower and deeper into the country, the better."

"Ah, then by all means." Gary bows and slinks back, "I'll get back to my gate watching duty."

"We had anything happen today?" Your mother asks as Gary slinks off into the shadows with his Kogasa.

"Well," Your mother sighs as she pulls a flask out and takes a swig from it, "That's better than it was a week ago. I can't believe that his mother sent him out during that." Your mother rubs her temples, apparently nursing a headache.

'Him' probably referring to Costello, considering that his mother was the only one crazy enough to do something like that. Abbott's mother probably got Abbott out right away, but in the safest manner possible since she pretty much stripped him of his starter. Still, you're not about to speak up while your mother is in such a bad mood, but you are kinda worried for Costello.

On the flip side, he now has Rei and Kiri watching his back. Nothing short of a concentrated attack would be that much of a threat to him.

Your mother starts on her march again, calling back to you to get you moving yourself. Your walk away from town leads you down a different path this time, and one that veers well away from the White Tower. You don't see any signs of touhoumon while you walk though, possibly because Yumeko has a reputation for how dangerous she is, plus you've got three mon out protecting you as well.

It could also be because your mother is leaking something that you find yourself tempted to call 'Killing Intent'.

If you knew she was out of her preferred blend of coffee, odds are good you would have refrained from asking this of her until she could get a proper cup of coffee. As it stands, you're more scared of her than any other mon you've encountered. Not even that Patchouli was this scary.

Your mother continues to leak out her murderous fury for the world and most everything in it as Yumeko just pulls closer to her and leans down to whisper something in your mothers ear. She seems to perk up and laughs at what she heard and wraps an arm around Yumeko's waist, pulling her closer and whispering something back to her. You catch the word 'naughty' from the exchange.

And you're purposely trying to ignore that because the last thing you want to add to your relatively unwarranted fantasies is your mother deciding that Yumeko taking you would qualify as cutting in on her turf and deciding that it's a good idea to dominate you to establish who Yume belongs to.

You just continue to hug Merlin to you and focus on how comfortable and warm she is, and how nice she smells. It's like incense, only huggable.

Your Merlin is entirely happy about being hugged and gleefully accepts being held and carried like she is as her sisters continue to maintain a guard formation around you. They'll rotate who's getting carried on an hourly basis to make sure it's fair.

Not that you mind though, considering that you're enjoying hugging them as much as they enjoy being hugged, and you're well aware that you have to treat these girls equally. You didn't unite them just to create a schism a week later.

Your journey down the road is pleasantly quiet and simple, and you've gone through a two rotations of hug duty, meaning that all of your Prismrivers have received a proper hugging by this point. You can't be that far from the Underground Tunnel's entrance when...

"Stop right there and hand over your touhoumon!" Three men in black and grey uniforms dash out into the middle of the path. Emblazoned on their chest is a blood-red, stylized S, the calling sign of Team Shuttle. But...they were supposed to have been disbanded, weren't they!?

Your mother just stares at them before taking a swig from her flask. Then, with all the tact your mother possesses, she asks them a question. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Two of the Team Shuttle Lackeys seem caught off balance by your mothers reaction to the dreaded Team Shuttle, but the last one just snarls at his two fellows, "Are you seriously going to let a postmenopausal housewife scare you?"

You feel that this is partly your fault for having such obviously rare Touhoumon out and about, but at the same time, these guys were angering your mother. You know, when she's already in a foul mood. You give your sisters a quiet order to stick close to you and not get in the way. You have confidence in their abilities, and you tell them as such, but your mother and Yume... Your mother didn't exaggerate things. These guys won't stand a chance.

...Where did the sun go? Why is it getting so dark and cold all of a sudden, as if the life itself is being squeezed out of the world around you. Yumeko is very calmly drawing her numerous swords as your mother slowly clenches and unclenches her fists.

"Honey?" Your mother's voice is sweet like honey as she turns her head slightly to lock one eye (oh god you'd swear it's got a slit pupil) on you, "Do you remember my lesson about 'do what I say and not what I do'?"

"Yup." You respond simply. This is why you're keeping your girls good and out of the way.

"Good boy!" She praises you, "Remember, it's bad to tear the limbs off of your opponent and beat them to death with them in a legal match!"

"Yumeko." Your mother says once and Yumeko blurs, disappearing from sight. Just a moment later you hear the sounds of cries of pain and surprise coming from the brush around you as she begins taking down the mon the Shuttle Lackeys had lying in ambush.

"I'm not scared of someyoof." The loud, stupid Shuttle doesn't get the chance to finish what he's saying as your mother closes the distance and slams her open palm into his midsection and drives up, lifting him up into the air before slamming her other hand into him in a vicious backfist that sends him spinning through the air before he slams into the ground a few feet away. Her cruel, heartless eyes slide over to the nearest other Shuttle lackey and she sweeps his feet out from underneath him and grabs onto his legs as they flail in the air. In one quick swing she slams that Shuttle Lackey into the only other one still standing and sends them both crashing to the ground.

"You know, I remember the Shuttle Members being more disciplined and well mannered in my day." She remarks as she strolls over to the obnoxious one, making it a point to step hard on the other downed lackeys as she advances on him, "Sure they'd try to hold you up in the middle of the road or they'd take over a radio tower, but they did it with style and panache."

You're pretty much hugging all your girls to you, since you know that Yume basically demolished anything that could have posed a threat to you at this point. Sure, this is kinda awesome to watch and it probably will help her work off her bad mood, but at the same time you're pretty much completely justified in being somewhat scared of her when she's like this.

Your mother grins as she closes the last of the distance between her and the cowering, terrified Lackey and reaches out with one hand for his face and you're suddenly incapable of seeing as you're covered by a blanket. But you can hear the screaming, oh you can hear that screaming.
No. 172008
You're just... Not going to do anything here except try to not imagine what your mother is doing to that poor sap. You may want to have your girls fuck you senseless, or close to it later once you've got a genuinely private moment to work with. Maybe you can counterbalance the screams of a fool who tried to tangle with the wrong mother with the moans of pleasure from your girls.

Or perhaps you just want to drown in pleasure yourself again. There's nothing wrong with admitting that.

Eventually, two more sets of screams join in the first, and then there's silence.

Finally, the blanket is taken off of your head and your mother gives you a hug, "I'm so sorry you had to hear that."

You manage to hug back even with your girls in the way, somehow. "Next time I'm bringing earplugs." You respond in a completely serious manner.

"You would think that living in my house you would have learned to always have earplugs on you by now." Your mother responds back in an equally serious manner before she ruffles your hair.

"To be fair, I am going to start on my journey eventually." And that means not being in your mother's home occasionally hearing her and Yume go at it like Momijis in heat. Yes, you are aware of that, and no, you don't bring it up because your mother is juuust strange enough to where you might get dragged into it if you did.

You find yourself once again thankful that your father is who he is, and provides you with sane, strong paternal support in a house full of estrogen and girl lust. He was truly your rock in those hard times.

"And earplugs are something you should always have! Don't you remember my story about the Siren Prismrivers?" She asks you, poking you in the side, "You'd think considering circumstances you'd have remembered that one at least."

"Alright, I'll keep a pair on hand. Though given how much control Siren variants have over their voices, I'm not sure I'd need earplugs or a condom that blocks sound." You are forced to consider the fact that yes, you do have Prismrivers, and yes, one may very well evolve into a Siren variant.

"Those are all scams, don't fall for them." Your mother responds immediately and completely seriously, "Actually, most of the condoms related to special touhoumon problems are scams unless they come from Yakumo Corp."

"I was planning on looking at their products anyway. I'm dumb enough to go to an Anomaly without mons, not dumb enough to fall for a shady sales pitch." You do pause for a moment. "Of course, those cost a fair bit of money and generally relate to mons I shouldn't be running into for a while, so there's that too."

"Yeah, just don't go buying any Jeweled Pagoda's." She pats you on the head one more time and then sets you all off back down the road that you'd all been traveling on before you were so rudely interrupted. Your mind doesn't wonder about where the bodies are too much as you walk by the signs of struggle on the road.

"Right. I'll just remember to use Thief on a wild Shou instead." You roll your eyes as you continue to follow your mother, neatly putting the fates of those idiots out of your mind as you follow her.

"Exactly." Your mother responds in approval to your thieving ways, "Remember, it's not stealing, it's borrowing for an extended period of time without permission, and sharing is caring." She pats you on the head, "So all you're really doing is helping them care."

That was one thing your mother never seemed to have a problem with, though deep down you know exactly how much of a risk it is to steal from a Shou. You'd probably get mobbed/kidnapped by a Nazrin for your trouble later.

With a convenient chain of revenge going, you could probably wind up with both the Nazrin and the Shou you originally stole from, if you're careful.

"Something tells me you wouldn't mind if I wound up with a Marisa at some point." You respond to your mother properly this time, continuing to follow her along.

"I'm certain that she would be a great influence on you when I wasn't around to guide you properly." Your mother responds, "I don't want you falling for that propaganda they teach most kids who are trainers about rules and regulations always applying, that's what gets so many of them kidnapped."

"No kidding. I'd rather have the police annoyed with me than get kidnapped because I'm not supposed to have all three of my girls out to protect me at once." Your mother always was pretty vocal about what she thought about the whole trainer regulation thing, and considering most of it was common sense you tended to agree. "And that applies double for places like Metro City's industrial areas. Obeying rules and regulations in areas like that is just letting other people gamble with your life. They should go out to places like that and be forced to obey their own rules."

"You can't expect them to hold themselves to the standards they hold other people to, that's ridiculous." Your mother responds sarcastically, "So, you actually remember the stories I told you about Metro City? Didn't you get nightmares after your father told you one of his?"

"That's with me trying to forget about them too." You shudder as you recall one especially nasty episode that your father barely got away from.

"Well, since you won't be leaving the New Continent you don't have to worry about Metro City." Your mother responds as she puts her hands in her pockets, "None of the cities on the New Continent are as bad as Metro City is, and that's one thing I'm thankful for. Slime Variants are a nasty invasive species that'll chase out or kill off other types of touhoumon."

"And that's before you get into the theories that they may be able to force weaker-willed chibis into evolving into more Slime variants, or that less reputable ones don't even bother to keep their prey."

"But at least they're not here. I'd rather not have my adventure end because I slip up, then have to watch my girls get converted, if those theories really are true."

"...Yeah." Your mother responds, her mood taking a turn downward as you see the Underground Tunnel up ahead of you. The entrance building is painted a bright, garish pink that sticks out like a sore thumb. These places are actually really interesting, because apparently something in the design of the buildings and the way they build the tunnels actually naturally repels long as the human population in the tunnels doesn't build up anyway. Supposedly a group of people tried to settle in an abandoned tunnel, only to find themselves trapped from both ends of it. Then again, that was a story you heard on the net.

You hug your mom, then Yume. "Thanks for coming along. I should be okay from here on out."

"Yeah, take care Zeke." Your mother ruffles your hair as Yumeko lingers in her hug, "And remember that if you don't call me on a regular basis I will come and get you." She informs you, making it both a threat and a promise.

"I'll remember!" You know she's dead serious too. After letting Yumeko take her time, you eventually head down into the underground tunnel, feeling a little sad that you're leaving home. ...Sad yet a tiny bit relieved since, you know, your mother was weird in her antics. You might even be able to get a full night's sleep consistently! Or trade an uncomfortable oddity for a much more fun one because you know you're going to get involved with your girls quite a lot.

The Underground tunnel is just like you'd read about, running a long straight line from one point to another underground. It's not as well lit as it could be and since you're a bit further out in the boonies a few of the lights are out and haven't been replaced just yet. Still, it's...yeah there's no way you can get around admitting it, even though this tunnel is mostly a straight line it's creepy as all hell. It just looks like it goes on forever, and every once in a while there's a dimly lit or pitch-black offshoot hallway or little rest area for walkers of the tunnel.

It honestly does make you think that the Team Shuttle members were a few corn dogs short of a full picnic basket, because if they had set up shop down here you doubt you would have been able to see them coming. Plus you have more valuable targets than Yume, at least monetary-wise, and are less experienced. Honestly, you'd be surprised if you didn't at least get ambushed by a mon down here.

Still, it's just creepy as opposed to being an actual danger. Whoever designed this thing seems to have done their job well at least, even if their maintenance policies leave something to be desired.

To be fair though, you do live a bit deeper into the New Continent than most people go, or did live there anyway. Thanks to this tunnel you'll be on the mostly sorta safe coast, or near it when you come out. Still, these tunnels are pretty spooky, but that's all they are. Spooky. There's almost certainly- what was that sound!?

Your girls are clinging to you as they stare around into the darkness with wide eyes.

You just keep walking and try to just chalk it up to someone really needing to get in here and fix some things up. It's either that or the tunnel's safety precautions are a load of KS (Keineshit) and you're really getting stalked.

Well it's possible that's true, from what you understood almost all wild touhoumon avoid this place, so the only ones who would have a chance of being here you figure would be ones who naturally inhabit urban environments.

...Like slime variants.

With that thought you start to keep a better eye on things. Just trying to relax and walk away is a surefire recipe to get blindsided, captured, and raped. Maybe it's paranoia, but you'd rather be paranoid than oblivious. You keep going regardless, hoping that the end of the tunnel is nearby. You kinda want out so you can relax at that beach your mother told you about. The one you visited in your dreams.

...Maybe you're just being silly, but you're genuinely curious if maybe that castle is in fact there. It's a bit more... childishly hopeful, you guess? Well, more than you're used to. But it won't kill you to check.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of childish hope, no matter how silly it is. Who wouldn't want Castle von Doomsteinvania to stand proud and tall with crustacean society thriving around her.

You hear something distantly now again.

ch ah kill

"Girls, I really, really hate being right sometimes." You talk to your girls as calmly as you can manage as you try to slip into that 'can't give a carp' mode you developed after being in the White Tower for a while. Problem is, you still have carp to give about this. Whatever that thing is, it's saying 'kill'. That's not a good sign.

More than that, you can't tell where it's coming from exactly. It's distant, but it could be ahead or behind.

Your girls take up defense pattern omega around you and unlock their instruments and move them to combat position, eyes locked on the darkness for any signs of attacking.

Something cold and wet drips down on your head from the ceiling.

...Shinki dammit, did you seriously forget to look up?!

A tongue descends from the ceiling and tries to wrap around you, but not this time, too fast! You manage to duck and scamper out of the way just in time before the tongue moves back up into the dark ceiling and another light burns out. But that tongue, there's only one mon type that could be. The only problem was...

...the tongue was an odd color, and you could see through it.

"'Good thing there aren't any Slime variants around here.' Yeah, I had to open my stupid mouth." You grumble to yourself as you pull out a flashlight from your bag. Admittedly this was actually one of your additions, but your father insisted on getting you one of those flashlights that could survive a grenade blast.

You need to see, otherwise that Slime could just correct her mistake and nail you on her second pass.

The light from your flashlight is helpful and cuts through the darkness to let you see just a bit better as another of the lights fizzes out and you catch just a hint of a teal body slipping away with a giggle along the ceiling, and a wet trail leading to a vent. Fuck.

Your girls are crowded protectively around you as they nervously eye where the Slime Kogasa just disappeared into. A place like this has to have an extensive and easy to travel network of vents for someone like her. You're in trouble, so you need to...

[ ] Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.

[ ] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

[ ] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.


Damn, we really should have called it. We've been working on this one all day, so when we started the beach vote was in the lead. I'm not sure since I haven't recounted, but neither of us wanted to scrap all this and start over.
No. 172011
[x] Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.

Slimy stuff is ick.
No. 172012
Ah, well. What are you gonna do? What's done is done, although I hope that you remember to call votes in the future. I'm also mildly surprised that there are Slime variants in the New Continent at all, given that it has very little in the way of urbanization, and Slimes arise from toxic runoff or pollution in heavily populated areas.

I'm even more surprised that there's a slime in the ass-end of the new-continent in an almost-abandoned stretch of an Underground tunnel that no-one bothers to use anymore on account of being completely uninteresting. No prey, after all.

What surprises me the most, though, is that it's a ghost that managed to get a slime variant; I'd think that they'd be the least-likely to develop that subtype. Of course, it isn't necessarily a slime, given that the only descriptors were transparent and of an odd color.

All-in-all, this has been a very surprising encounter.

At any rate, there aren't any good options there that aren't likely to get us raped, so my vote goes to
[X] Shut Up and Jam!
No. 172013
Though if you don't like joke votes,
[X]Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.
is fine too. Though we have to strike up a marching tune while we escape to boost morale.
No. 172014
[x] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

Courage. And if we run, she'll just ambush us.
No. 172016

I'll give you credit, you're rather close to what's really going on here. The New Continent really isn't polluted enough to where Slime variants can form. Especially not where this one is. The entrances/exits are basically designed to repel Touhoumon, so that means unless there's a really tempting person already inside, none will bother with it.

As you said, there's no prey.

So if there's no pollution to force a CKogasa to evolve on the New Continent, and no reason for her to be in that underground tunnel to begin with, why in the world is she there?

Don't read if you want to figure it out for yourself without help.
What do reckless people do with pets they thought would be cool, but turned out to be too dangerous to make good pets?
No. 172019
[x] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

>Slime Variant

Then again, she is a ghost so it could just be an illusion, but that's probably grasping at straws.
No. 172020
So, I can't help but think. From this last post, Zeke's Mom and Yumeko are sexually active with each other, as presumably are Ruukoto and his father. But it seems that touhoumon are still perfectly willing to have sex with human women.

Which raises the troubling prospect of futa touhoumon going after young female trainers. Please tell me I'm wrong about this.
No. 172021
[x] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

Shirou Logic never fails.
No. 172022
[x] Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.

There's no need for us to find her. She will find us.
No. 172023
[X] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

My logic dictates that we would get found my the SlKogasa whether we try to escape or not. Yet, I have a feeling that we'd get caught in our panic to escape if it was the former, so...I'm aiming for the Shirou logic yes

Also, dat option to share some food

I do not think it is what Zeke thinks it is...!
No. 172024
Hey, does anyone know what move the Prisimrivers have?
No. 172025

Depends on which version, assuming our Prismrivers to be level 10, CLunasa would have Astonish, Harden and Nightshade, CMerlin would switch Harden with Mana Shield, while CLyrica would switch around the Harden with Growl

Well, its not like Kogasas are immune to Night Shade.


....Oh wait, I remember something, to add on to my vote. Kogasas are known for....SURPRISES!

Which means that its possible if we want to do something, the opposite of what we expect happens instead, because SURPRISE, unless you're telling me that Kogasas here dont have that power, though that does not seem to be the case given this SlKogasa did surprise us
No. 172026
If we're talking about 1.5, from what we've seen of the Prismrivers, it's likely that they know Astonish, Cheer, Night Shade, and Performance. Of these, we know that they have Performance and Cheer. Performance is a decently strong ghost-type move, if I recall correctly, and Cheer allows a 'mon to aid another and increase the damage of its attack by 50%, and stacks if a second 'mon Cheers as well. This allows the Prismrivers to work in tandem and produce an attack stronger than what they could have otherwise by channeling all their aid into the one with the highest offensive potential; that is to say, Merlin.

So when they attack, they focus their power through Merlin with devastating results, but when need be they can function independently as well. If this quest goes on long enough and they hit a high enough level, they learn Prismriver Live, which I believe is Performance but on steroids.
No. 172027
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

Negotiating her down and putting her through a touhouball conditioning cycle is a safer way to neutralize her than chasing after her and getting ourselves ambushed. If she turns out to be overly hostile and/or clingy... well, we have an adorable band who can probably take her.

If she turns to be just the right amount of clingy, we can use her as a mattress while it's sleep time and/or Girls Time.

I wonder if she tastes like that artificial "blue raspberry" flavor.
No. 172029
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172030
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

Abuse that luck stat. And it will be quite the phone call with his mother if he catches the SlKogasa. "You caught a WHAT?"
No. 172031
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172032
[X]Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.

I'm not a fan of slimes and I'm pretty sure the SlKogasa wants something other than our lunch. I suspect the votes won't go my way, though.
No. 172033
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

It's a risk but one worth taking.
No. 172034
[X]Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.

After reading what that SLRan did to poor(?) Wilheim at /at/, I'm pretty much convinced Slime Variants are definitely not my type. I'd like to avoid them like the plague they are.
No. 172035

>Implying that SlKogasa is the same as a tamed down SlRan who fucked girls/mons so often that she can recreate any pussy she felt in LWSatori's mansion, and is a lusty bisexual who's used to filling every hole to boot.

I am inclined to laugh about this. Treating all mons the same based on the experience gained from watching one mon at work is just silly.
No. 172036
Precisely because that SLRan was tame we should be even more scared of this wild SLKogasa. At least the Ran was intent in drowning Wilheim in pleasure. I don't think the Kogasa will be so mindful.
No. 172039
File 137441081885.jpg - (673.18KB , 1000x700 , 1829.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, there really are two ways this can go. She could either be insane due to loneliness and/or other factors. Or she could be an abandoned puppy waiting for someone to adopt them.

We have no idea which it is, and if we go through the idea of a ghost team/and or abandoned mons. Then SlKogasa could be a solid addition and we have been surprised by mon variants before. CoughMinoriko/ShizuhaCough.
No. 172041
Which is exactly why we should be baiting her out. We're talking about an ambush (sexual) predator on her home ground here - if we don't get her to come where we can see her, we're a complete sitting duck. (Sitting dick?) This applies even if we try to bail; it's her home turf and she knows the tunnels and vents better than we do.
No. 172042
[x] Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.
Yeah no.
No. 172044
[x] Keep the flashlight trained on the vents and escape. This isn't worth the risk.
-[x] Make sure to bounce the flashlight ahead and behind us so we don't get ambushed

So we were wrong about no Touhoumon being in here, whose to say there aren't any more? It could be trying to bait us into a trap with it's friends.

Main objective: GTFO

If we get caught now, not even 5 min after Mom left, Yumeko will break us for sure, and we'll never go on our adventure. (I have no doubt in my mind that when we don't call, Mom and Yume will DEMOLISH the cave, forest, and beach to find us)
No. 172045
Wilhelm may have Unlimited Kitchen Works, but Yumeko legitimately does have Unlimited Blade Works. She throws swords like that other space-warping maid hussy throws knives.
No. 172053
Yeah and look how well kindness worked for Zeke so far (i.e. the sisters)
No. 172055
This and that are two entirely unalike scenarios. This is an actively hostile slime, while they were weakened and inattentive chibis.
No. 172057
And an actively hostile SlKogasa is still better handled by trying to bait her out where we can see her than by waving our flashlights around making a scene of ourselves while we frantically pray that she doesn't find another blind spot to slip us the tongue from.

Don't even get me started on the people who wanted to pursue an ambush (sexual) predator into her home turf.
No. 172059
In that case, trying to bait it is rather like keeping eyes trained on the ceiling and being on guard, because it is still attempting to draw the 'mon to your presence; just because you place the bait doesn't mean the bait will be taken. I'd rather be on absolute guard than fool about with the backpack and rely upon a slime's good-will.
No. 172060

Did you forget about how Lunasa's song was royally fucking with things in the area?

That wouldn't work as that'd likely have her attack from another angle as she seems scared of the light.
No. 172073
Voting called. Seven for fleeing, four for tracking, five for luring her out. Update will be out today.
No. 172078

We’re sorry, your journey has come to a premature end. Please observes these choices and select another option.

[ ] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

[ ] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172080
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

What did I tell you guys about running away and stories like these? Good job!
No. 172082
[x] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

Told you.
No. 172084
[x] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

So saw the bad end coming
No. 172085
Yeah, alright, fine, no need to sarcastically rub it in. I was expecting more of a tactical retreat than that, but whatever.

[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172087
This is absolutely fucking ridiculous.
"Hah. Anon picked a rational choice. BAD END FOR YOU! Now go back and pick a DUMBER option."

The worst part is that when we get conditioned to pick the dumb options, you're probably gonna capitalize on that and bad end us there as well, shaking your head sadly and saying "Wow, you guys really aren't very smart, are you? Should've seen that coming."

No. 172089
[X] Try to lure her out etcetera.

I pointed out EXACTLY why trying to run was a dumb idea. While I haven't checked the bad ending to see if it used what I pointed out yet, i'm still going to declare:

I fucking called it.
No. 172090
[X] Track the SlKogasa down. You managed to slip away from her, but the next person to swing by might not be so lucky.

I'd rather not add the slime to Zeke's harem, which is inevitable if he is nice to it. It doesn't add any combat power to the team, and his relationship with the Prismrivers should be allowed to develop for a while before adding another mon.
No. 172091
Doesn't change the fact that the other options are even dumber. I.E. Running into the jaws of said Kogasa, or coming across a variant known for converting and dissolving mons and people and your first though being "Hey, lets give it a sandwich."
No. 172092
Incidentally guys, offering to share lunch? When she consider us and the Prismrivers lunch?

Not exactly what I would call the wisest of ideas.
No. 172094
None of the ideas are very good. Despite assertions to the contrary, Zeke is not actually all that bright. Which is why I'm going back and changing my vote to
[X] Shut up and Jam!
No. 172095
And I just thought of an entirely new problem with this. That Kogasa should by no rights even be a threat. The maximum amount of time that the Kogasa should be able to be hidden, and waiting to attack when we know shes there is the amount of time it takes for the prismrivers to put their hands on their instruments.

They have a quite literal omni-directional attack, and it doesnt MATTER if its dark or not, the instant kogasa is within 50 feet of them, its in their attack range. Even if you want to argue that she could have no ears, we've seen their music affect objects and living things that dont have ears both concussivley and musically. The trees that were dead in the white tower didn't have ears, eh?

At the very least, they could play a tune to mollify it, so they can escape and inform authorities. The hell.
No. 172096
> Baiting the ambush predator into the open where you can see her is dumb.

Yeah, no. Do you even tactics?
No. 172098
Several problems with that.
She could just extend a tentacle and grab the sandwich back into the darkness.
She could just ignore the sandwich, because there are three delectable mons and a young boy there. Its not an effective bait.

Do YOU even tactics?
No. 172102
She could do any of these things regardless of our choices. Meanwhile, she most definitely won't come out where we can see her with the other options.

If all options carry the same risks, and only one has a decent chance of yielding a desirable outcome, you go with that one.

I'm pretty confident you don't even tactics.
No. 172103

Hm, running away would be a perfectly viable option, and the most intelligent one if SlKogasa wasn't pretty much specced as an assassin-class mon, Zeke wasn't smack in the middle of a long underground tunnel with dozens of angles of attack between him and the exit(seriously, watch/read a LP of FireRed/LeafGreen. Those are fucking long because they're literally bypassing parts of two routes and entire city. This Underground Tunnel is just as long and Zeke was nowhere near the end of it.), and she wasn't getting desperate because she doesn't want him to leave.

You're thinking smart, but not thinking smart in terms of the scenario you're in.


Did you even read the 'bad' end? It explains a lot about Kogasa's situation if you actually pay attention. In fact, she doesn't dissolve anyone and just focuses on breaking both Zeke and his girls because she's lonely.

Ever watch the first season of the Pokemon anime, where that one trainer purposely left his Charmander out in the rain even though it would die? This is a similar scenario.


Which is jumping to conclusions. Which is pretty much what the SlKogasa's previous trainer did. Oh, whoops, did I forget to mention that her previous trainer abandoned her down there with that reasoning as justification?


Look, the idea you have isn't bad, the problem is that the Prismrivers can't keep up a damaging sound barrier indefinitely. Eventually they'll get exhausted and be even easier marks for the SlKogasa.

Also, I'd say Zeke is smarter than you seem to think, since he's actually figured out what's going while you're still going 'ARGH I'M BUTTHURT'. He wouldn't come up with that 'offer her part of your lunch' idea if he wasn't sure it would work.

So, yeah, not even going to try and dress the responses up this time. I'm just going to start arguing the point since you guys (whom I have quoted, as not everyone has a problem with things) are actively a) accusing us of fucking you over, and b) treating us like idiots.
No. 172104
[x] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
-[x] Maybe a hug, as well?
No. 172106

Hmmm. All right, you make a good point. And come to think of it, attempting to track down an assassin-type mon in her own lair might be a bad idea. Luring her out might be wiser.

Okay, deleted old vote and changing to:

[x] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172107
You're saying that the bad end exposes a lot of Kogasa's motivation. It does, but Zeke has no way of knowing that prior.

Again, its a species known for converting and dissolving people and mons, and you want us to assume that its not going to do those exact things. That is dumb. Also, her "greeting" didn't do her any favors. Unlike the charmander in that episode, she was outright hostile from the beginning. What else is zeke supposed to think about her?

Zeke thinking about offering part of his lunch is a bad idea because again, he has no way of knowing that the mon is lonely, perhaps she is nesting there because it is a great environment for sneak attacks, which her species seems to be adept at?

I'm not saying running was a perfect option, but certainly better than the other two. You can apply the disadvantages of running to both the other options, then add their own disadvantages to those.

In sum, you expect us to have zeke act with foreknowledge he doesn't have, or have us all assume that the mon that is currently attacking him just needs a friend, which is a dumb and idealistic view that would 99% of the time get you killed.

One of the more mild forms of fucking people over, but it still doesn't make sense.
No. 172108
[x] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172111
>If all options carry the same risks, and only one has a decent chance of yielding a desirable outcome, you go with that one.

I agree. I don't buy it that sharing lunch is the best option, because it doesn't say anything about getting out of the danger zone. Running back at least attempts to get us out of danger. Now if there was an option for Distract her with our lunch; Run away, i'd do that.
No. 172112
Hey, now. I wasn't accusing you of fucking us over, nor of you guys being idiots, I was just accusing Zeke of being an idiot. Not all options you include are necessarily smart; the option could have been there because Zeke thought it was smart, not because he was sure it would work. At least, that's how it seemed to me.

Incidentally, I was butthurt over the other guys being smugly superior, not the BAD END. Overall, my primary complaints with you guys is that sometimes the dialogue can get stilted, like that massive passage where Zeke dumped a ton of information on his dad, and the occasional grammatical and spelling mistakes, though I try not to give you grief over it because this is an imageboard with no spellcheck and no editing features.

I haven't once thought that you were actively trying to fuck us over, because that's just silly. I do apologize for acting like an ass, though; I was riled up. I still think that a marching tune is in order, though. Not necessarily a supernatural one, but a mundane one. The thought was more to keep cheerful and not panic rather than actively block the SLKogasa out.

Anyway, the gist of this is that I'm sorry that I was strident and unpleasant over something someone said on the internet, because that too is just silly.
No. 172113
File 137452724685.jpg - (471.38KB , 1129x751 , railroad_tracks414.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

This looks like the intended solution...
No. 172114

It does, because Zeke applied this little thing called logic.

Nob and I, who write this story, have stated multiple times that Slime variants do not form naturally on the New Continent. Period. Zeke knows this.

Yet there's a SlKogasa, which clearly shouldn't exist, running around in an underground tunnel which has entrances and exits designed to repel Touhoumon. She could not have gotten in by herself because while there are nooks and crannies for her to hide in, there are in fact no entrances or exits outside of the two stated. It is a straight line. Zeke also knows this.

So, if the SlKogasa could not have formed naturally, and could not have gotten where she is by herself, what does that mean? A trainer from another region brought her in, decided he didn't want her anymore, and rather than put her into a program to give her a better home he just ditched her in a place she couldn't escape from.

Which means that she must have been tamed previously.

As for why she's not dangerous, think about it. What are Kogasa known for as a species? I don't know, maybe it's... spooking people? When she extended her tongue down to grab Zeke the first time, there was no reason she couldn't have just extended her tongue further and snared him regardless of his getting out of the way. (Remember the scene right before Zeke recruited Merlin? How the Kogasa there stole him first, dragged him off and then tried to rape him?)

Meaning there was no reason for her to just play around with him like that. She set Zeke on edge, yes, but that's what all Kogasa do.

Now then, for one of the bigger reasons you got bad-ended here.
Nob actually talked me out of doing what I was originally going to do with this, and that was let you guys out of here scot-free. Why? Because it was a mercy kill compared to what I was going to do. See, Nob and I were talking and I had the idea that since Kogasa already had abandonment issues, Zeke running away would compound that, and she'd start snatching up and storing anyone who came into the Underground Tunnel she was trapped in, so she wouldn't be lonely anymore. She'd also go a touch crazy and become a Fell because she wants love and no one gives it to her. Everyone just runs away because she's a slime. You'd revisit this location later on, which would basically be a giant, inescapable bad end that was set in motion waaaaaaay back at this point, because now the Underground Tunnel here is basically just shy of being an Anomaly. You know how Zeke's Prismrivers were ripped from his arms? I was going to do one worse where not only did you have to see that happen, but Slime Queen Kogasa (She would have evolved in the interm) would have converted the Prismrivers and any other mons Zeke had on him and made him watch. Then broken him.

So really, would you have preferred that I did that?
No. 172115

>Slime Queen Kogasa

We must now capture her, evolve her, and use her as a house.
No. 172117
The Kogasa could have just as easily turned cruel and vengeful from the first trainer abandoning her, and you said you were already planning to have her go down the vengeful route.

Kogasa as a species are known for surprising people, but slimes as a variant are know for the awful things. She could have just been cruelly playing with him in the first place, to take him in the end anyways. If he figured that she was abandoned before, and considering his foreknowledge of slime variants, its pretty easy to see how he could think she was bad news.

And going into the could-have-been section, that implies that first off, we wouldn't TELL anyone what we saw down there, and that if we did, the authorities are more incompetent than a single boy with 3 chibi mons. Fuck this.
No. 172118
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172119
You imply that Zeke's logic is the only logic to be taken; it may be right, in this case, but it could well not have been. He can infer that it was an abandoned Slime Kogasa, a species known for surprising people, and that it was trapped in this Underground Tunnel, which you stated fairly early up above.

However, I don't believe that he, or anyone but the writers, possesses sufficient information to read this particular Kogasa's emotional state. Is it just looking for a friend? Is it hostile? Is it toying with us? It could have easily grabbed him, but her not doing so could have been caused by many other factors.

In this instance, Zeke's inference was correct, while ours was wrong, but that doesn't mean that we didn't also apply logic to the situation, nor that his conclusion was the only logical one based on the known factors. I mean, in light of the Bad End, it's the only logical conclusion, but neither Zeke nor we knew that at the time; we can only see it retrospectively.

Again, I don't particularly mind being wrong, or that my deduction was an incorrect one. These things happen all the time. I do dislike that I'm called illogical and stupid for not having derived Zeke's conclusion, or for having considered it and deciding it wasn't worth the risk.
No. 172120
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.

Then let's sing "Do You Believe in Magic"
No. 172121
As an aside, can Kogasas draw nutrition/energy from the act of surprising people? And how detailed have you made the setting/background? I'm pretty interested in how you've set it up.
No. 172122
By the way, considering all that was said about Kogasa... Are we going to have to take her with us to stay IC?

High level of Do not want here.
No. 172124
[X] Lure her out by offering to share your lunch. You've had good things happen before when you're nice to mons.
No. 172125
Pretty much. Otherwise we're faced with another Slime Queen Kogasa scenario, only worse this time. We can grab her and send to to some sort of rehabilitative care or something, I dunno. Maybe a Touhoumon psychologist.
No. 172142
I don't think dropping Sl.Kogasa after we pick her up would be a good idea. That's pretty much saying we don't want her. And leads to abandonment issues again at worst and leaving the job half done at best.

Besides, It might not be as bad as some of you think. Depending on how the writer writes Sl.Kogasa, could be adorable.
No. 172144
And like I said, Do Not Want. Dunno why the slime variation was added, of all things, but I have no desire for it.
No. 172146
talking wild here but, maybe there is a way to...reverse a Sl version into a standard one?
No. 172155

I think what jarred me about that bad end was the nightmarish thought of having our girls ripped away from us, which may be why some people aren't well-disposed towards this Kogasa (which just means the writer is doing his job if we like the Prismrivers that much).

But I just had a thought. Slimes have tentacles. Lots of tentacles.

We could have the best drummer in the world here! With surprising skill!
No. 172158
Issue Number 71: The Subtle Differences Between Abandoning a Touhoumon and Releasing Them.

Salutations my fellow young people! We here are Touhou Fax X-Treme Edition (made for us youngsters) are gonna have to bring the tone down and talk about a totally ungnarly subject today. We've gotta talk about a real problem that's been hitting regions all over the globe, and that's abandoned touhoumon. Sometimes, things happen. Your relationship with a touhoumon just isn't working out, or you can't keep up with a mons needs, or even those sad times when a touhoumon just got a bit too banged up and can't fight as well anymore and you want to let her retire somewhere nice. That's what the Release Program is for.

The Release Program is a run by the League of your region, and exists to take care of touhoumon that are handed over to it. They're processed and cared for while the program looks for a new home for them. Many will go to a touhoumon gym to be a part of their training programs or serve as challenges on the rapidly popularizing 'Training Course' program, or to join the teams of one of the trainers who have settled into the gym to train under a leader directly. Others will be rehomed to people who have requested touhoumon for their children or themselves, and often become 'starters' for many new trainers where they can form a truly lasting bond with them. Should you choose to release your touhoumon, please make sure the group you are releasing them to are a part of the official Touhoumon League Release Program. Recently several organizations, companies and criminal groups have taken to operating their own release programs in which you would no doubt condemn the touhoumon to a truly miserable fate. Such as being made use of to produce various 'touhoumon products' meant for human consumption and use.

Abandoning your touhoumon is different from releasing them. Rather than doing the responsible thing and ensuring that they'll be safe and care for, people who abandon their mon will simply throw their mon out into the wild and order them not to come back, or trick them in some manner. One such famous example was when a trainer ordered his Cirno to stay out in a desert when the sun was rising. In this case the Cirno was thankfully saved, but in many others they're not. Captured touhoumon are no longer wild touhoumon, they cannot survive as well in the wilderness as their counterparts can. They are fundamentally changed mentally. Many touhoumon abandoned this way end up extra human aggressive and will use their knowledge of trainers to their advantage if they do not simply go fell and become one of the greatest dangers known to all trainers.

I won't drag on about this any longer, as I know that you, my fellow young people, don't want to sit around for too long reading an article and that your reading comprehension drops off at about 1000 words into something, so I'll get real and summarize this sunnafagun. Releasing your touhoumon to the Touhoumon League is a good thing, releasing them to anyone else can vary from bad to worse, and releasing them into the wild is irresponsible. Tricking them into staying somewhere dangerous for them just makes you a shitlord.
No. 172160
>Such as being made use of to produce various 'touhoumon products' meant for human consumption and use.

...Holy crap, this reminds me of the Slowpoke Tail item in the Pokemon games, yet this time I really do not want to know how do they convert Touhoumons into such products...oh boy

>or to join the teams of one of the trainers who have settled into the gym to train under a leader directly.

Seems like it would be good for us to train in the Mossburg gym in this way to expand our team and also gain knowledge, after all is done of course
No. 172163
I seem to recall that Slowpokes' tails regrow. And I know that people eat Pokemon; Diamond and Pearl confirmed it. But it was a sort of Native American sort of hunting/consumption, with lots of thanking the Pokemon for giving their spirits and whatnot. I mean, they'd have to eat Pokemon given that regular animals don't seem to exist at all.
No. 172177
I think if she gets some love she'll be very loyal, loving and pretty nice. That bad end was a result of doing the completely wrong thing.

It's not surprising considering this was partially based on monster girl quest. Wasn't all the shota doming enough of a sign?
No. 172184
As long as we don't take a trip to Plantsect Village I'm fine. I suppose the Touhou equivalent would be YuukaWriggle Village, but that sounds awesome rather than horrifying.
No. 172185
File 137462871538.jpg - (255.11KB , 850x1267 , Kogasa lifting her skit up and smiling also great .jpg ) [iqdb]
You need to get her back out here, where you can keep track of her. Running away when you have so far to go, and she can attack from any number of angles plus being able to knock out the lights just seems stupid, but chasing her down doesn't seem particularly intelligent either. So that leaves you with trying to lure her out.

Now, you wouldn't be trying this if you weren't at least confident that this would work. A Slime variant mon literally can't form here naturally, and unless there was a human settlement inside the tunnel no mon was going to charge into the tunnel just to live here. She had to have been abandoned.

"Hey, are you hungry? I could let you have part of my lunch if you'd like." You make sure to speak nice and loudly for her, since she could be hiding anywhere.

You've read about Abandoned mons too. It's where trainers couldn't be bothered to take the simple step of ensuring that their mons end up in a good home, and just toss them out wherever. Highly irresponsible to begin with, but the trainer responsible for this SlKogasa is even more so, considering how Slimes usually operate.

Now, you weren't going to accuse this slime of being a monster. You had no proof of that. However, since abandoned mons may seek company, she might get overzealous and create more slime variant mons. Meaning this is the potential start of a slime nest that doesn't need to exist.

For a long moment the tunnel is as quiet as can be, only the sounds of dripping water and the pipes doing their jobs reaching your ears. Eventually though, you hear the sound of a vents grating being carefully undone and pushed up and out of the way. Looks like you got her attention at least. You can't tell just where she's coming from though with how this tunnels acoustics are working out, but you can hear what you think is the sound of her crawling along the walls or ceiling. She hasn't attacked yet, but she still hasn't come down.

...Your girls must think you're nuts right now, but the slime mon is coming out. "I'm not going to hurt you or run away. I want to talk to you." The simple fact that she's not outright attacking you is a good sign, though you do look up again as you keep an eye out for her.

Lyrica, Merlin and Lunasa are all huddle around you now, trying to figure out just where the noises are coming from as you attempt to coax the slime out into the open in what is no doubt some clever ruse. The SlKogasa still isn't revealing herself though, but shining the flashlight around shows she's not above you, or over there but-ah ha! You finally manage to catch her in the light of your flashlight...or, well. Part of her anyway. There's a mass of slime on the ceiling in a disk with a tongue dangling from it that looks like the Kogasa's but where is-

"SURPRISE!" A voice suddenly yells loudly from right behind you. Your girls panic in response to it and how she easily got past their detection and react with force, unleashing what must no doubt be a vicious classical power chord.

The SlKogasa's body is jiggling under the barrage of sound, but aside from giggling and grabbing parts of her slime body to try and make them stop jiggling she doesn't seem affected by the sound.

You cringe at your girl's sudden, violent reaction but note that the SlKogasa doesn't seem to be that bothered by it. Suddenly you're glad you didn't order your girls to start playing music to generate a sound barrier. From the looks of it it wouldn't have worked.

Still, you did offer her lunch, so you rummage through your bag and take out half of a sandwich meant for you. You step closer to the goo girl and offer it to her. "Here."

Now that you've got a clear look at her, there's something off about this SlKogasa. Pretty much every single slime variant is capable of forming a whole body, but this one has only formed a body from the waist up.

SlKogasa looks at the sandwich for a moment as you hear her other mass of slime drop down to the ground with a plot and start to ooze it's way over to where you all are. It's actually fascinating to watch as the two masses of slime join together, as they press up against each other for a moment as the membranes seem to resist, and then they simply become a part of the greater mass as her blobish lower body grows as it is joined with the rest of her. SlKogasa eventually moves forward fast enough to spooky you as she opens her mouth and proceeds to take the sandwich and your entire hand into her head. You can't help but watch as the sandwich floats up out of your hand and starts to slide down deeper into her body, breaking apart rapidly as it goes. The Kogasa sucks on your hand for a moment before releasing it, just as good as it was before...except coated in a fine layer of her slime.

Still SlKogasa is now positively beaming at you, and seems more curious about your girls as they warily regard the slime and try to make sure they can protect you if she tries anymore funny business.

You are pretty surprised that she went ahead and took your whole hand into her mouth, and noted that it felt like her internal currents weren't just whisking your half sandwich away, but making sure there wasn't so much as a crumb left on your hand. You get the feeling she enjoyed doing that. "Alright. I think I've got most of your situation figured out, but I wanted to ask you about it personally."

SlKogasa manages to bring her attention fully back onto you and puts on her 'game face' as she finally stops jiggling in place. She nods to you, speaking something in a broken mixture of common and moonspeak, from which you gather that she's said 'okay'.

...A combination of common and moonspeak. She can't even talk properly? Just what... "I can't understand what you're saying that well, so I'll try to stick to yes or no questions. First off, were you abandoned down here?" You keep one eye on your girls to watch for their reactions. You need Yume or Ruukoto to translate properly, but your girls can help you gauge just how bad off the goo girl is.

The SlKogasa's expression shifts as her whole body starts to shake and shudder after you asked her that question. Lyrica cuts in and starts to chatter something at the SlKogasa, getting the Slime's attention and starting to calm her down. Given that reaction though...

Lyrica continues to try and chat with the SlKogasa, speaking with her in moonspeak and trying to get her to answer you as best as she can. The SlKogasa just shakes her head rapidly and speaks, "No no no no can't..." She struggles to find a word, "Memories. Can't memories."

"Can't remember?" You ask. Honestly you want to give this poor girl a hug, but you're not totally sure about how smart that is just yet. Still, you've got enough now to where if you meet whoever dumped her down here, that individual is going to have broken shins, broken balls, or both. Not Touhouballs either.

She looks to Lyrica who quickly chats with Lunasa and Merlin and then nods to her, which leads to SlKogasa nodding to you, confirming that she cannot into her memories.

"You can't recall what happened, you know you don't want to be down here all alone, and judging from your actions and reactions you must be tame." You try to avoid bringing up the 'and you were dumped here' point since you didn't want to upset her again. "It doesn't look like you can form up completely and you're mixing common and moonspeak, so you must have been down here for a while..."

Funny. This feels similar to what you felt when you recruited your girls. You reach out and pet the slime variant on the head.

Her head is fairly firm under your hand, only squishing a bit as you rub her membrane and manage to get a smile out of the poor slime girl as she leans into your patting with a sigh. Out of the corner of your eye you can make out your girls all sharing looks.

You look to your girls while continuing to pet the goo girl and look at them quizzically.

Well, you look back to the goo girl. There's really only one sane option here. Leaving her here would just compound whatever issues she's got. You're probably jumping the gun here but... "Lyrica, Lunasa, Merlin, do you three mind if we take this Kogasa with us?"

Lyrica just shrugs and smirks, having already pegged you for what you are. Merlin gives the slime a look over and then nods to you, giving her consent as long as the Slime behaves. Lunasa is...hugging the slime girl and crying and saying something to her in moonspeak and SlKogasa is hugging her back but looks positively bewildered at what to do with the small crying touhou in her arms.

...But you know if she was caught before she might still have the protections that all mon get when they're captured on her. You don't know what, how or when she was left down here, and that's something you need to keep in mind while figuring out just what you're going to do.

The problem is knowing how to approach this scenario. Your girls approve, with Lunasa being the most vocal about taking the SlKogasa along, so there's no real issue there. Still... "It's fine." You say to the SlKogasa. "These three girls were basically left by themselves to die before I managed to catch them and form them into a new trio. Lunasa's just empathizing with you about it." You hug the goo girl as well, figuring that if Lunasa has deemed it okay, it might be okay for you to do so too.

And since you're hugging the goo girl and their chosen sister is as well, Lyrica and Merlin join in on the group hug as well. The SlKogasa is very much surprised at all the physical affection that she's receiving and doesn't quite know how to handle it all. That's why just moments into her hug you feel her upped body melt down and flow through your arms into the pile of slime on the floor that your standing in up to your ankles.

"I guess that was a bit much?" You ask your girls sheepishly. Honestly, if she was alone for a long time, she might not know how to deal with that kind of thing. "Are you alright?" You ask the slime puddle.

The slime puddle burbles in response.

Lyrica is trying to restrain her giggling but Merlin isn't even bothering to hold it back and is laughing uproariously at what just happened. Lunasa is trying to help the poor Kogasa get herself together by trying to gather her slime up and shape it into a slime girl again.

That's not really working out very well.

You just sigh at your girl's antics before saying what should be said. "Since the girls approve of it, would you like to come with us?" You squat down and ask the puddle of SlKogasa.

The slime promptly lunges up at you, knocking Lunasa aside and sending her spinning as it wraps around you and pulls you part ways into it. It's like your entire body is being hugged now as the shapeless mass squeezes you softly.

Just moment later your face is buried between two very shapely masses as the SlKogasa manages to regain control of her form again and hugs your head to her chest, happily repeating the same word in moonspeak over and over again.

You're guessing that means yes.

You're pretty positive it means yes...right up until she starts to drag you off down one of the little tunnels that lead to maintenance and rest areas in this place. She's humming happily as her whole body vibrates around you. You can see your girls flying after you behind you, and they don't seem to be in an attack pattern just yet.

The SlKogasa throws open a door and you find yourself in a very dark room. You can feel her gingerly letting you out of her body and you can't help but find yourself missing the feeling of behind hugged safely inside of her. It was comforting, if a bit weird. SlKogasa is excitedly about, as much as a slime can, and spreads her arms wide around her right in front of you, "Stuff!"

That was out of left field, but not entirely unexpected you suppose. "Stuff?" You repeat, not quite sure what she's getting at. You really either need to pioneer some way to learn moonspeak or get Yume or Ruukoto on the phone to act as a translator.

There's a few ways that could go, after all. She could be talking about catching her, or having sex with her. Admittedly you're not quite sure which one it is but she may not object to either one.

Or she could be trying to show you her stuff. You still have your flashlight, so you decide to light up the room a bit and see if that's what she's talking about.

Your look around the room shows you that you're in a decently sized area with numerous shelving units all over it. On those units you can see a surprisingly large amount of stuff. Some of it's just junk, but there's an impressive amount of potentially very valuable things in here. You'd need to look through some of the bags, but this is amazing-is that a Star Piece!?

"This is all stuff you've collected? This is impressive!" You mean that too. Befriended a slime and get to see her treasure trove, maybe even take some of it with you since you're going to take her with you.

She actually starts to slime around the room and pick up things and carry them over to you to show them off to you. Looking at some of the things in the room and some of the thing she's shown you it seems like some of the touhoumon related products have expired by now, but others look to still be good.

Looking at one of the objects she shows off to you now, you realize that some of these supplies seem to be marked with stamps from the nearby Science Lab, and you connect the dots to realize that they're probably supplies for various expeditions.

That raises an interesting question, given her circumstances. ...Though to be fair, given all the nooks and crannies this place has, and that there was a group of people who tried to stay here before, it's possible that some of these items are just what was left of those people. It warrants asking though. "Kogasa, I wasn't the first person to come through here while you were stuck here, was I?" You ask her with genuine curiosity.

Kogasa pauses mid search and turns around to look at you, her waist swiveling on her lower slime half as she regards you. She shakes her head back and forth, answering your question that you were not the first person what came through here while she was stuck.

The Prismrivers are actually poking around the room themselves now, chatting as they take a look at all the objects and various things. Merlin gives a flute a toot and all four mon in the room flinch at the sound it makes, leading to her quickly putting it back.

A flute...? You make a mental note to check what that is later. Considering the reaction of your mons, that may just be a Black Flute. Still... "Though you were more interested in playing with people... Kogasa, was this stuff left behind after various Touhoumon attacks? I know mons typically don't have uses for this stuff."

SlKogasa is looking confused and a bit upset when Lyrica gently smacks you upside the head and then chatters at Kogasa, getting the Slime girl to focus on her while she explains what you're asking. Kogasa seems to be having trouble explaining it even in moonspeak, but then Merlin and Lunasa show up carry that a white board? What's that doing down here?

Lyrica claps her hands and quickly begins to tell her sisters what to do, and they set to work creating something while SlKogasa watches on.

"Agh, sorry." You apologize when you realize that you sounded like you were accusing the SlKogasa.

Finally, you're presented with a comic that helpfully explains the situation. Apparently while Kogasa remembers people passing through here before, there were either lots of them so she was scared or she was asleep and didn't notice when they passed through. When they came through they'd end up dropping stuff, and she'd pick up some of the stuff and bring it back here to where she sleeps and keep it because she liked it.

"Oh, that makes sense." You say after reading it. You turn to the SlKogasa again while blushing from embarrassment. "I wasn't trying to say you made anyone disappear. I heard rumors that there was a group of people who tried to settle down in this underground tunnel and got carted off by mons who decided that the concept of having new humans to mess with was more than worth braving the repellant measures. What I was trying to ask is if you is if you found some stuff from that too, and added it to your pile."

SlKogasa just looks confused at that. She shakes her head from side to side, "No, no...memories."

Lyrica and the other sisters are now drawing a comic after having erased the previous one. It's about a stylistically drawn brave young man carrying off a trio of princesses after saving them from an ivory tower and then he takes off his pants...

"Alright." You respond. "Still, you must be quite the treasure hunter. Items on the ground aren't always easy to spot." That's pretty much why the Itemfinder- You catch a glimpse at what your girls are drawing and proceed to blush for a different reason.
"Uh... so, yeah." You look at the SlKogasa again. "That's stylized a bit but that's pretty much what happened. Except I had sex with my girls while I was still convincing them to come with me." And then proceeded to have sex with them for an entire week as you got acclimated to them, since while they didn't break you you were still partially broken in and needed to have the job finished in a controlled and careful manner so you could still be a trainer and not a fuck pet.

SlKogasa is staring at you and oh she just licked her lips and her slime that was pooled around your feet is climbing up to your ankles and is working its way up your legs to-

Lyrica smacks her upside the head, just a bit. She then chatters at the SlKogasa and makes a series of vaguely erotic hand gestures as her sisters nod along behind her, Merlin offering up what you suspect are suggestions while Lunasa is being the serious sister and trying to make sure that nothing funny gets tried.

SlKogasa is pouting, just a little bit.

You're still just a tad stuck though. "So... should I take off my pants then?" You ask your girls, since that's what they seem to be aiming for anyway.




You're pried off the SlKogasa, but have to take a couple minutes to recover from the afterglow. That was certainly exotic enough that you wouldn't mind doing it again sometime. Still, there's one more thing left to do. You're not sure if the SlKogasa has any protection against being caught. "Hah... Kogasa, there's one more thing I have to do if I'm going to take you with me." Rather than just straight up ask the question since you seemed to be on an idort streak, you take a leaf out of your girls' book and take up the whiteboard, drawing a servicable picture of yourself, her, and a theoretical trainer. "I'm not sure if you remember, but when caught, a trainer's mon has special protection applied to it in order to keep it from being caught." You proceed to draw the theoretical trainer throwing a ball, which then bounces off the SlKogasa in the picture.

"Since I have no idea how long you've been stuck here, I don't know if that protection even applies to you anymore. For all I know, your original ball has degraded beyond all hope of repair." You erase the ball from the earlier scene and redraw part of it again, this time showing a more successful capture with the you in the pic panicking. "If it doesn't apply, anyone could catch you, and I wouldn't have a leg to stand on in terms of my claim on you."

"So, really, I need to catch you to make sure someone's not going to be able to steal you from me."

She stares at you for a long moment before she slimes off into the distant parts of her lair, disappearing into the darkness.

Eventually, she returns carrying something wrapped up in multiple rags and holds it out to you.

Curious, you take it from her and start to unwrap it carefully.

You're not sure if you're supposed to do this, but at the same time you need to check.

SlKogasa watches nervously as you push aside the rags to reveal an odd looking touhouball that it takes you a moment ro place. This is a premier ball and it's probably quite old judging by the look of it. The surface of it is worn down and just after a cursory look you can tell that the seal on the ball itself failed at some point, leaving it so that it couldn't possibly contain a touhoumon at this point.

...And for once, you set your flashlight down and pull out your Tablet. It has enough functions and apps that there should be one to check the structural and storage integrity of the ball in question, seeing as even the most durable balls can fail after a while. Having early warning to a ball degrading shouldn't be necessary, but just like everything else you've got something that could help with that.

It's broken, you don't need an app to tell you that. What you want to know is the severity of the damage, since that could help explain a few things.

Your tablet does its level best to connect with the ball and see if it can gain access to its diagnostic systems. The ball complains and attempts to force you put in a password as you don't have the authorization for it on your tablet, but 'Mama's Own Cracker' deals with that easily, breaking open the balls information for you. What you find inside isn't exactly heartwarming. A lot of the data is compromised or damaged, but you can find that this touhouball was manufactured about thirteen years ago, and the mon captured in it was registered in...

Metro City. Figures.

There' no name on here, but you do find a trainer id number, and one other important bit of information. This touhouball is so compromised that its protection has failed completely.
No. 172186
You keep the scanner app open and open up a notepad as well, jotting the ID number down for later. While normally it wasn't nice for a trainer to rip another trainer's arms off and beat them to death with them in an official match, the SlKogasa's trainer was at least earning a manual castration via your steel-toed hiking boots. Given how Touhoumon were stored in an energy state while inside the ball, any sort of ball degradation would directly and adversely affect the Touhoumon trapped inside it. Meaning it's likely that the Kogasa wasn't running around free when she was abandoned, and that she was trapped for a very long time.

You're honestly surprised that this SlKogasa is even sane, and more surprised that she can even form up correctly.

You watch as the SlKogasa shows off for the Prismriver sisters and turns her head around 360 degrees on her neck.

...Correction. You're surprised she's not Fell.

"Kogasa." You call the goo girl's name to catch her attention. "Do you have any sort of attachment to this ball whatsoever?" You ask simply.

She just stares at it and ends up shaking her head from side to side, She doesn't have any attachment to it, not really. You don't miss how her gaze lingers on it as she answers though.

You were going to destroy it, preferably by crushing it under your boot heel, but you've come up with a much more ironic use for it that'll probably help you avoid jail time later on. You wrap the ball back up and store it in your Key Items pocket, then proceed to pull out a shiny, new, albeit ordinary Touhouball. "The protection on your old ball is completely shot, so I really do need to catch you. Don't worry though, I won't make you stay in there. I don't make any of my girls stay in their balls."

SlKogasa is actually staring at the touhouball and vibrating, her whole form shuddering as she watches you holding it.

You walk up to her, place a hand on her cheek and make her look at you. "I will not make you stay in there. I have to renew your protection, and this is the only way." You then kiss her on the lips briefly for good measure. "I promise."

She stares at you for a long moment before nodding and putting on a brave face as you see her core shift about and slowly draw closer to the surface of her body.

You know she's scared, and you slowly bring up the ball until it can make contact with her core. You literally only wait until the capture confirmation pings a success before letting her back out.

You watch with a sense of awe as her core glows bright white and the glow spreads to the rest of her body and she's drawn into ball like water flowing down a drain. Then, more lights roll out of the vents and go into the ball as well, taking a full five seconds to stop.

The ping comes and you immediately let her out. The light shifts and twists into the form of a pile of teal ooze that seems to be a bit bigger than she was before. Did she have more of herself in the vents?

...Judging by her even fuller figure than before, she probably did have spare her stored up for repairing herself or capturing people in the event that she did get brave enough to attack someone. Still, that's done and you attach the SlKogasa's ball to your belt. You kneel down and pet the pile of teal ooze. "That was brave of you. Thank you."

She just lunges towards you with a cry and drags your face into her gelatinous, and confirmed to be bigger, bust and squeezes you in a hug as more of her slime reaches around you to hug you as well. Lunasa immediately joins the hug and tries to squeeze the both of you as well as she can. Merlin joins the hug but her hand is on your ass and probably on what passes for SlKogasa's too. Lyrica just watches on with a faintly amused expression as she shakes her head and ends up joining your hug pile too.

You suspect that Merlin is doing this on purpose, but you don't care. The important part is out of the way, and you have a new party member. You hug the SlKogasa back until she's willing to let go.

SlKogasa just hums happily as you all hug and you find yourself sinking into her suddenly, along with the Prismrivers by the sounds of their surprised cries as you're all submerged in her slime. There's a brief and immensely odd moment where you and the sisters are all just staring at each other in a bit of shock before the SlKogasa carefully releases you all as she oozes back. She looks very embarrassed at what just happened, her slime actually changing tinting where her cheeks are.

"You know, if you want to do that kind of thing, you can ask when we're safely in a Touhoumon center room or something." You offer her since you really don't object to what she was doing. "Anyway, do you mind if we take some of your stuff with us, Kogasa? It'd be a shame to leave the usable stuff here."

She seems immensely pleased when you ask her and promptly begins to slime about the room again, rushing hither and thither to find various things and bring them over to you. Apparently you can have whatever you want, if her behavior is any guess.

You proceed to help her sort through it, taking everything that can either be used or has value. This saves you some money on restocking, and if you have to you can sell some of the stuff like the Star Piece for a tidy sum. Though to be honest, you're probably not going to sell it unless you have to. Star Pieces are pretty, and could make a good pendant if you could sort out how to hold it in place.

You have to admit it to yourself, you'd do that for your Prismrivers because quite frankly you still want to do something nice for them.

The Prismrivers float about the room as well, aiding in the process of sorting through everything and casting dirty looks at the flute that they'd tried out earlier. They won't trust random instruments they find lying around twice, they're sure of that!

Speaking of which, you decide to pick that flute up and examine it. You think you already know what it is, but a closer examination would let you be certain of it.

Well, you've only seen Black Flutes on the net before, but given the way this looks and how they reacted to it you think it may be the real deal, or a close enough of a copy.

You roll your eyes before looking back to your girls. "Girls, this is a Black Flute. When you play it it produces a sound that repels Touhoumon, or at least makes them uncomfortable." Still, you stick it in your Item Pocket, since you never know when something like that might come in handy. Or hell, they're worth a bit. You can sell it too.

Still, you set your bag on the table you've been sorting the items out on, and are sticking the good and usable stuff in there. Honestly, while the SlKogasa did accumulate a fair bit of junk she seems to have an eye for treasure too. Perhaps you won't have to throw down a hideously large sum for an Itemfinder. ...Though now that you think about it, your mother's probably made a reliable app for that already.

Still, you may very well have someone better for that job.

Your Prismrivers are now giving you looks and skirting around you while eyeing the pocket you put the Black Flute in. Apparently they don't really like that thing at all.

SlKogasa for her part seems to rustling about somewhere in the back of the room and looking for something in specific. She lets out a happy noise and hands over something to you that she's holding very carefully. It's a perfectly mundane looking stone. Well polished, but you don't see anything immediately stunning about it visually.

You take it from her and carefully pocket it, since it seems to mean something to her. "Thanks~" You're going to have to look up what that stone is later, but you get the feeling it might be useful.

She smiles brightly at you in response to you taking her special gift so well.

"Alright, I think that's it." You say as you finish sticking all the valuables and usables into your bag and get it back on you. "Girls, I do plan on selling that flute, you know. Or heck, if it's the real deal maybe hang onto it until I can find a White Flute to trade it for.

...Which admittedly might wind up being disastrous since the White Flute is the opposite of the Black Flute.

"Think we're done here?" You ask your girls.

Your girls give you a subtle nod as SlKogasa is shifting about aimlessly in the middle of the room, an unreadable expression on her face as she looks over the numerous shelves, some newly bare and some still full of junk or useless expired products.

You place a hand on the SlKogasa's shoulder. "Are you okay?" You ask her.

SlKogasa starts as you surprise her and shifts her humanoid portion around to face you as she nervously plays with her hands. "...Really leave?" She manages after a few moments of struggle as she strains to remember the words.

"Yes, we're really leaving. You're not trapped here anymore."

She's got an expression on her face like she can't quite believe you even though she wants to. She oozes after you all the same to follow you where you'll go.

You eventually get out to the main passage of the underground tunnel, and resume walking toward the direction you had meant to go to begin with. Toward that beach that you dreamed about. Confident that there's nothing else in here, you allow yourself to relax. ...And note that you kinda reek of sex again.

Less you and more SlKogasa, mind, but you were basically covered in her goo more than once, and technically one could qualify it as her juices, so maaaaybe it won't make everything on the New Continent want a piece of you any more than it already does.

Hm, you know that's actually an interesting thought. Slimes tend to be a bit intimidating, or at least off putting, to other touhoumon. So perhaps having a SlKogasa with you will make things a bit easier for you if you smell like her? Though, that study was conducted in Metro City where probably everyone and everything in the place knows just how dangerous Slimes can be, and they're darn near everywhere in the less populated parts of the city.

Here, things would probably treat you like you've been pre-dipped in aphrodisiac. Which may very well be true.

Your walk through the tunnel is considerably more pleasant though as you find that the lights aren't shutting down at the absolute most ominous moment anymore without someone doing her level best to spook you. SlKogasa and the Prismrivers actually seem be getting along quite well as the four of them are all chatting together, thought some parties are more involved than others. SlKogasa seems to at least still be perfectly fluent in moonspeak at least, so that's something.

You kinda wish she could talk in common though, but you understand that given her situation, you're lucky she wasn't a Fell mon. ...Yume's going to have enough of a heart attack as it is once you finally phone in.

Still, you eventually get to the exit of the underground tunnel, and you look back to SlKogasa to watch her reaction. You're not sure she's scared or not.

SlKogasa is stopped completely still in her tracks and staring at the entrance, and exit, of the Underground Tunnel and is positively shaking, her pupils dilated as her slime quivers in what you realize is either terror or disgust. You hadn't noticed it much before, but your Prismrivers all clutch around you as you draw closer to the exit, using you as a safety blanket to protect them from its effects.

You grab the SlKogasa's hand. "Does closing your eyes help?"

SlKogasa stops shaking when you take her hand and her eyes focus on you as they slowly change back to normal. She oozes towards you and presses herself up against your back, burying her face there. Apparently she found her own solution.

With that, you move forward and through the exit, and after a short period of time your out of that underground tunnel and back to track for the beach.

"We're through." You say to SlKogasa.

SlKogasa opens one eye and looks around you at the world proper. You're in a clearing now in a place that's just as new to you as it is to her. There are large pine trees all around you, some of them going up over one hundred feet at a guess. Even the Prismrivers seem awed by the drastic change from the forests they were used to.

"It's a nice change of pace, isn't it?" You say.

Lyrica nods, amazed at the lack of flowery petals on the tree while Merlin is playing around with the pine needles nearby. Lunasa is hanging close to SlKogasa as she stares all around her, looking every which way as she sees the outside of that tunnel for the first time in who knows how long.

Even you have to take a moment and stare, though you're more letting your girls get their fill of the scenery. You're still not sure how far out that beach is, and it's probably late morning at least, if not noon. ...Plus it's only a matter of time before something native to this neck of the woods jumps you, so... "Alright, let's keep moving. There's some even more impressive scenery where we're going."

SlKogasa oozes slowly after you as you walk along and your girls take up defensive positions around you for the march. It's going to be a bit of a hike you know, but at least you have your map app your mother made with you. Thanks to hijacking signals and information from other sources, it gives you information you wouldn't even have otherwise. Like the locations of ranger stations.

...You know, you honestly think that you couldn't buy a Tablet with this much useful stuff from YakumoCorp. Still, you're not complaining about its various and occasionally barely and/or completely illegal functions. They're quite handy.

Still, you're looking forward to being able to just kick back on the beach and relax a bit. Maybe teach the girls how to build a sand castle. Though now that you think about it, you probably don't have a bucket and pail on you for that.


It takes hours of travel with a few short breaks to keep yourself hydrated and snack on a foodbar or a preserved meal your mother and Yume made for you, but you finally start to see signs of the forest breaking up as you grow closer and closer to the coast of the New Continent. Technically this beach is actually in The Scar, so it's a fair bit closer to you than the rest of the coast is, but it's still the coast!

You're actually excited and nervous about the prospect of finding that beach your mother talked about, and you're pretty sure that your girls are going to like it too. They got excited enough just seeing a different kind of tree, or in the case of SlKogasa, the first trees she's seen in ages. Something like a beach should just floor them, even if you're not sure it'll be quite as pretty as it was in your dreams.

It's a quick trek downhill towards where the first of the tropical trees begin to grow and you pass over a worn dirt path as you charge, your girls all trailing along behind you as best as they can manage while being awed by the world around them. You manage to find it though, the same path you walked with Yumeko in your dreams. You'd swear it looks exactly the same!

Your excitement is tempered by a sudden, even stronger bout of nervousness as you look over the beach in question. It's not 'just like' the beach in your dreams, it's exactly one detail short of being exactly the same. Still, it can't be, can it?

You make your way down the path as Merlin flies past you along with Lyrica to take a look at everything, the two laughing and playing as they go. Behind you Lunasa smiles happily as her sisters play and hangs close by to SlKogasa who is stuck in a state of wordless awe. As you arrive on the beach proper-

Yeah there's Castle von Doomsteinvania. Its walls are scarred and damaged but she still stands proud and tall with the flag you placed there waving bravely in the winds.

You're left staring yourself. That sand castle by all means should not be where it is. Or rather, it shouldn't be there at all since it was all supposedly in your head. Emphasis on supposedly. Yet here it is, in all its battle-worn glory. You'd honestly be a bit surprised if there weren't crabs inhabiting that castle.

...Still, you're kinda wondering what in the world could have damaged it like that. Yumeko's handiwork could survive a lot of damage, even if the material is preserved sandstone.

You're not even slightly surprised as you see a battle scared crustacean peer at you from over the battlement. It's wearing a familiar spiked helmet and looks shocked, for a crab, at the sight of you.

You're pretty shocked at the sight of it too. You give the little crab a salute though.

The crab salutes you right back as primly as its synthetic claw will let it and makes a gesture to someone behind the gates. You watch as more and more crabs start to climb up on the walls and wave their claws in joyous celebration at your arrival. You actually spot now around the castle there's the remnants of what must have one been a town of some kind, a tiny crab scale town. Have you stumbled upon some kind of crab war?

You scratch your head as you think about it. Yumeko may have said that no one ever bothered her or your mother on this beach, at least not after some peeping toms got wrecked by them, but you know that has more to do with your mother being the type of individual that few mons would consider worth attacking. Both because she's scary when she wants to be, and because she's entirely the wrong gender for most mons to be into.

So that means there's probably some mon who took offense to Castle von Doomsteinvania being on their waterfront property and has been attacking it. What though, you have no idea.

SlKogasa is curiously exploring the beach, apparently not particularly concerned about what's going on with you as she with all these new things around.

The Prismrivers are currently floating around you in a loose formation, having come to the same conclusion as you did most likely and...

...and... feel really woozy all of a sudden.

You're fighting to stay upright since this is definitely 'not normal' tier. You're looking for anything that's out of place, outside of your group, that could be the cause of this.

As you look towards the island in the distance, the one that's right in the middle of the scar, you can't help but feel like you're falling towards it somehow.


You are sitting in a chair across from a a blonde haired girl in a maid uniform that is not Yumeko. She's nowhere near as dignified and proper.

"Hello there." She speaks up to you as she gives you a friendly smile, "I'm Mugetsu, and I've brought you here to the land of dreams. I watched your last dream before, when your bubble showed you sleeping by the shore near us, and I couldn't help but enjoy what I saw. Such amusing creativity is something to be cultivated."

You're not sure what's going on or how to respond, really. "Sleeping by the shore near you? You're talking about the one where I helped Yumeko build that sand castle? I thought I was sleeping in my bed for that one." You frown as you start to take stock of what just happened.

"And what do you mean by 'cultivate', anyway?" You eye Mugetsu warily.

"I just like find your imagination fascinating." She smiles at you, her expression one that makes you want to trust, which means you should trust as your mother always told you, "Which is why I'm going to offer you something!"

She holds out both hands, In one hand there's a small red pill, in the other a small blue pill. "Just take one of these, they're my gift to you." She tells you.

You're still rather wary since even if you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle you're still pretty sure you know where this is going. You're a shota, described as being top-shelf by that WrShizuha. Mugetsu is a mon, and one who's probably a walking anomaly. It doesn't take much to think that she's probably trying to bed you.

So you...
[ ] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

[ ] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

[ ] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

[ ] Take both and see what happens.
No. 172187
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This is the only logical answer.
No. 172188
Time to think on this but having a rather busty SlKogasa is nothing to complain about.
No. 172189
I don't have a problem with having a Kogasa. It's the slime part I have a problem with. That and having her forced on us. I suppose I'll just have to ignore her as much as I can.

Now I wish gym training had won instead of going to that beach.
No. 172190
[x] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
No. 172191
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Dunno, I'm kinda sold on SlKogasa now. And I still think she should be our drummer.
No. 172192
She's also a ghost-type. I'm still kinda confused on how Ghost-types can become slimes, incidentally.
No. 172193
[X] Take both and see what happens.

Im just kinda guessing that one is Mugetsu and the other one her sister. We take one pill and bed and/or catch her. Why not go for both.
No. 172194
[ ] Take both and see what happens.

Trippy sequence time!
No. 172195
[x]Take the blue red purple pills and see what happens!

Mixing unknown drugs given to us by strangers is never a bad idea!
No. 172196

You sure didn't complain about having a trio of shiny Prismrivers forced on you.


That one's actually pretty simple. You're probably thinking that Ghost types are already dead, can't be touched, ect., but that's actually not entirely true here. A slime core is in effect an extremely weak evolutionary stone. One so weak, in fact, that even a chibi caught in its proximity could shrug it off. The thing is that Touhoumon can break other Touhoumon just fine, which means a Slime variant could break its victim's will and inject a part of its slime core directly into said victim's womb while she's still weak. This is done through two ways, typically. Either a Slime Queen variant performs the conversion, or a pack of slimes all chip in to inject smaller chunks of core that build up into a sizable one. The latter being a favored tactic of SlChen, as a matter of fact. This is part and parcel of why they're so feared. Not only are they the direct result of human pollution (meaning that their very existence is a human-based failure and shame), but they could literally break and warp any mon into becoming one of them. Type, disposition, even evolutionary potential are ignored here. Granted, it's not like they're inherently evil so much as they operate on different terms than normal. Their bad rep is justified, but there are those who defy the stereotype. A tame Slime Queen variant, for example, is arguably one of the most trustworthy mons a trainer could have if said trainer evolved her from an ordinary Slime variant.
No. 172197
[X] Take both and see what happens.

The only way to beat someone who has all the pieces is to flip the table.
No. 172200
[X] Take both

This can only end with awesome.
No. 172201
Perhaps so, but they fitted the theme ever since it was a Lyrica that first got found.

As soon as we entered the tunnel... What else would have happened other than us leaving with her, whenever we looked for her or made her come to us? Especially since you made it pretty clear you were quite angry at the option to just leave, considering what you planned to drop on us for it? Especially since we could have just, you know, told our parents about the slime type down there so someone could take care of her way before it became the auto bad end you described?

...Come to think of it, what would have happened had Abbot and Costello not won that vote way back then? We wouldn't have had a reason to go in that tower, no?
No. 172202
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Wait, since SlKogasa was abandoned, would the capturing process have attempted another mental conditioning cycle? If so, Zeke's developing a very bad habit.
No. 172204
Such is the branching nature of life. Who knows what could have been? Even if the authors plan multiple branches in advance (they are), I don't think that they'd bother to keep a detailed decision-tree of every event in the story.

At any rate, I hope Kogasa gets her legs back at some point. Geta are really cool.
No. 172205
[X] Take both and see what happens.

Normally, I would be voting for a remotely sane option... but this time, I really don't see why the hell we wouldn't go nuts. Besides, dreams run on weird logic, and "keep dreaming" plus "stay awake" might just equal "bring the dream into reality, Mugetsu GET".
No. 172206
[X]Take both and see what happens.

Honestly I think this is a bad idea and I'm leaning to just taking the red pill, come on I always try to justify my votes here usually.

...But then this time I'm curious enough to want to know just what the heck happens if we do this, I always did wonder now that this situation is presented....! Sure, sure, lets go with it, hahahaha, what can possibly go wrong!?
No. 172210
[ ] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

>"Just take one of these, they're my gift to you."

ONE people. Trying to take both is greedy, probably stupid, and most of all considered rude
No. 172211
[x] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

Alright I'll admit it, SlKogasa is still pretty cute. Wish there was a way to revert her into a standard variant, but she'll be a good addition to the team.
No. 172212
Holy damn, when I said that it was meant to be a joke. Didn't think you'd go with it for serious. Should I come up with more "plot tweeeeests" in the future?

[x] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And here's hoping for a nice Mugetsu Bad End. I have a feeling that other story in /th/ will feature lots of bad ends with Mugetsu too, but not of the "nice" kind, so better get stacked of lovey-rapey scenes here before it happens.
No. 172213
[x] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

Master our fate!
No. 172214
*spills own drink and coughs once he realizes*

And I notice that Mugetsu is also a Maid Touhou, and earlier on I was the one who pointed out that Zeke's parents had Maid Mons and wonder if Zeke will follow them as well, funny how things turn out
No. 172217

Even if you told someone about the SlKogasa, there's the little fact that she flat-out admitted that she's either sleeping when groups of people come by or too scared to come out. A slime variant would warrant a full search and capture/destroy team, meaning that the SlKogasa would never come out for them. Plus she's been there for so long that she knows the place like the back of her hand, further reducing the odds of her being found.

Really, one could argue that she only tried to make off with Zeke because his shota-ness overrode her common sense. Granted, it paid off for her, but still. This was unusual for her.

Additionally, given the bad rep slimes have, any other trainer that she comes out to meet would either attack her or attempt to run away, and you saw how easy it was for her to ensnare Zeke. This is with him being abnormally lucky. Your average trainer would probably think 'ew, slime' and run like hell for the exit, and get picked off and cocooned. Especially since most trainers either don't keep their mons out, or only keep one out.

Additionally, not picking Abbott and Costello would have resulted in you not going back into the tower and not getting the full set of Prismrivers, which would have changed the story considerably. Namely, Lyrica might be far more jealous and clingy, rather than calm and balanced as she is.
No. 172219

I get the feeling you were expecting us to fall into our own curiousity and pick Abbott and Costello choice simply to know what does that choice do, no offense or something, it did pay off in the end

For me myself, I would have thought that you probably have the other two members of the trio somewhere there in the tower, after all, Prismrivers always come in sets...! (Except in PoFV but thats beside the point)
No. 172222
[X]Take both and see what happens.

Honestly, the smart choices have not really been doing us any good. I say we go for broke.
No. 172224
[x] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And by how deep the rabbit hole is, we mean how deep we go in Mugetsu's hole right?
No. 172226
So after doing what could be called reasoning if you stretched the definition a bit, I'm guessing that red pill will trap us with Mugetsu, possibly forever, and blue pill will let us escape. No idea what taking both will do, but it's bound to be interesting!
No. 172227
[X]Take both and see what happens

Care to point out the other /th/ story with chances of Mugetsu?
No. 172228
File 13746986083.jpg - (1.11MB , 1480x1024 , e64cb0b109caaf203041cb8ddeb11d6a[1].jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm noticing a trend with the authors having something of a taste for sisters. I wonder when Gengetsu is going to show up?
No. 172229
Gensokyo's Public Enemy in >>170820. Though she's pretty much set up as the Bad Guy of the story.
No. 172243
[X] Take both and see what happens.
No. 172268



We're sorry, your adventure has come to a premature end. Please go back to the previous point and choose another option.


[ ] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

[ ] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

[ ] I'm not grabbin' these pills.
No. 172269
I'm torn.

On the one hand, what were you thinking taking both pills, you greedy bastards? On the other, this is, quite probably, the only piece of Gengetsu and Mugetsu smut that ever was or shall be, and I'm sure as hell not going to complain about that, nor even berate anyone because I'm pretty sure we all knew going in what was going to happen.

At any rate,
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Bad End, ho!

I can't wait for more Xtreme Touhou Funfax for Kidx.
No. 172270
Oh, we seem to have hit the bump limit, so you might want to start the poll in a new thread.
No. 172271
Well, seems like the pills indicates which sister he will be trapped with, so...
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.
No. 172272
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In before there's a joke about Mugetsu wearing bunny ears.
No. 172275
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

>mention of a Yumeko scene before fading to black
Aw, come on, why'd you have to cut it off there?

You don't want to see more Bad Ends? But that's what this setting is all about.
No. 172276
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.
No. 172279
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.
No. 172283
Only squares and losers don't unhesitatingly accept questionable pills from a known rapist they just met two minutes ago in their sleep.

You guys aren't squares or losers, are you?
No. 172290
[X] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Eh, Everything in moderation.
No. 172291
[x] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

See what being greedy got you? Eternal dream pleasure

...uh, I mean no more adventure
No. 172297
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Just for fun.
No. 172298
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Could you write both scenes? Please? I wanna know what they "enjoy", made me curious. I NEED TO KNOW.
No. 172308
[x] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

I'm good for now. Adventure time, please.
No. 172324
I sure hope so. It'd be a darn shame if we missed the chance to time out Gengetsu Rape Time.
No. 172325
If given the option in a side thread, I would love the option to have us actually try to survive it via choices. And if we do actually survive, we could get a bonus item/scene in the main story.

Author's choice of course
No. 172329
We'd need some sort of time-hax to dodge all those superfast bullets, though. Shame we're not Nemosa.

You know, what with being Sakuya's son and all.
No. 172343
[X] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
No. 172345
[ ] Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
No. 172346
Voting called, please wait warmly while we get stuck writing another piece of smut.

No. 172350
it's funny how some people oppose dai-chan time in Champion's path while they rush into things here, go figure.
No. 172352
That's because this doesn't involve romance and will double the amount of Gengetsu smut currently in existence. We've reached the bump limit, incidentally, so you don't need to keep saging.

Anyway, looking forward to surviving Gengetsu Rape Time and not Bad Ending!
No. 172354
>Implying Daiyousei has much on this site outside of winemaker.

She is not Sanae.
No. 172356
That wasn't the implication at all. The implication was "Daiyousei has more smut than Gengetsu," which is absolutely true. I was discussing relative rather than absolute presence, geeze.
No. 172370
[x] I'm not grabbin' these pills.

Once was twice, and twice is enough.
No. 172374
Bit late there, sport.
No. 172412
[X] Take the blue pill and you wake up. You decide what's real and what's not.

The more Mugetsu the better.