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Hey guys. I am alive and I *WILL* run MiG today. It'll be a nice little marathon session, I just have a bunch of errands to take care of and a wall of text to finish writing, so I should be starting in about 2 hours. Just thought I'd give you a head's up.
Also, FUCK YEA ETRIAN ODYSSEY 2! 6/17 baby!

No. 17088
Take your time. Greatness can't be rushed.

Sadly, I work tonight, so I'll probably miss out on the festivities. Damn the luck.
No. 17089
One exam left. ECE 250 went surpringly surprising. I'm pretty sure I did well, though.

P.S. Sorry for slacking off. I'll probably do Stuff today.
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Don't temp me Kira. I KNOW you're thread will last deep into my fair English night, I'm supposed to take today off.

And yet even now with the prospect of a marathon MiG thread I find my self unable to resist
No. 17094
you're != your
No. 17111
Bite me
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No, but seriously, take your time, Kira. It`s better to wait than to experience a writer`s block or miss a nice movie\date\class\whatever.
No. 17202
Begin whenever you feel ready for it Kira
No. 17214
Yesterday was mainly on hold 'cause GM was runing WUiG, and then I had to work. Had a crappy night at work, so I didn't feel like pulling a Darks. Just letting people know that I didn't abandon them. Plus, too much dead stuff outside to take the girls out and start photographing them. Though I may do a Photoshoot with Gin tomorrow. Also, just looking for a picture now, and then I'll start MiG.
No. 17219

you have 15 minutes before GM returns

meaning you have enough time for the marathon
No. 17226
Gin? Dead stuff?

What the fuck are you on about Kira?
No. 17228

Kira collects outrageously expensive Rozen Maiden dolls, then takes pictures of them.
No. 17232
File 120845915423.jpg - (28.90KB , 450x450 , 1198455488239.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ahhh, he's a Sugintou fan then? I had forgotten about Rozen Maiden.

The man has taste. Unfortunately the only Gin pic I have is in my porn folder.
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The grass is still dead and brown, and the flowers haven't started coming back in yet. Well, some have, but not a lot, plus I still have to clean the deck off, so it's a rather large mess at the moment. I have quite a bit of yardwork that needs to get done, not to mention replacing some of the landscaping. So once spring advances a bit more and it's prettier in my yard, I'ma be taking a crapton more pictures.
Indeed I do, and I love them do death.
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why are dolls so creepy?
No. 17707
That particular pictures just poor lighting.
No. 17725
For fun, add silly captions to the pics. It does so irritate him~
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Shitty shit gif
No. 17758
Kinda creepy, but oh well, he writes MiG, so who cares.