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....You know, you really want to hear his story. It sounds like he's a pretty cool old guy, like Hannibal, but he actually looks old. You settle down, relaxing from your very, very stressful day.

Sir Charles continues his story as NReisen pulls up a chair next to you and sits down.

"...and told me to put my hands above my head! The ruffians had been on the take of course, almost all of the police were back in those days and even recently in towns where Shuttle operated. I digress though. The Police ordered me to put my hands above my head and that I was under arrest for this and that and those sorts of things, something along the lines of 'mass destruction of private property' and 'countless counts of assault'." He shrugs, in that gentlemanly way,"To be honest I wasn't paying all that much attention. I knew that the real reason they were after me is because I'd destroyed the status quo. I'd taken out the gangs who had been bribing them and gotten the whole city in a tizzy doing it. They weren't going to be able to spend their time writing parking tickets and arresting young men and women for possession of whatever substance the puritanical fogies decided to rally against that decade." He scoffs, "So of course I wasn't going to just let them arrest me and end up rotting in a cell or disappeared or whatever fate was in store for me. So the moment one of the pigs got close to me to cuff my hands I turned around and broke his nose." He says, miming a textbook jab for you.

...NReisen's lap looks so COMFY from the side of your vision, and his story is...

"Now, his friends didn't take well to this at all so they came after me with their nightsticks and batons to try and brutalize me as they're wont to do." He explains to you, "Of course, usually they don't have to deal with the world boxing champ of thirty-six through forty-six!"

There's a pause, "So after that mess was cleaned up and they were left in a nice pile I made quick my escape from the building and headed towards where I had Coraline stored away. Now, Coraline was no ordinary bike you see, she..." Then he starts talking about his motorcycle he used to have.

...It sounds pretty cool, but...

You stretch a little and settle in a bit more, listening, ah...'intently'? Well, you're trying to listen, at least, but you're kind of tired and your attention keeps drifting away from his story and when did you lie down? Nurse Reisen's lap is really comfy, though, and she smells really nice, so you don't really want to move.

You yawn, quietly, covering your mouth politely.

So he is explaining the part of his story to you where he rode his motorcycle out of the city while the police were chasing him in their police cruisers, and it's really neat but...but...you're so...



Suddenly, you wake up in a warm bed. Mima is snuggled into your right side with her face buried into your chest and CYukari is sleeping on your left side, clinging to your arm like it was a body pillow. A quick look around the room reveals that Reisen has once more left before you awoke and that your newest friend is seated in a proper position, sword resting in front of her with her eyes closed as she waits...or is she asleep?

You yawn again, taking a moment to bask in the warmth and togetherness of the small group in the bed - it's very comfortable and nice. Snuggling is truly the epitome of togetherness.

You bask in the glory of your comfortable snugglings, even though one of you has left and the other is alone...

As you muse on that matter, the door opens and Reisen returns, pushing a large cart of food with trays for each and every one of you sitting atop it. She turns her attention to you, and notices that you've finally woken up. Still, you deserved the rest so it's okay for you to sleep in this much this time.

Sleep in? You turn your head to check the window, concerned. You can't make this a habit! It'd mess up your whole system! You'd be a mess when your journey ended! So slothful and decadent!

Oh goodness gracious, it's already an hour after sunrise! A surge of disappointment and discontent runs through you as you contemplate your first steps down the path to slothful decadence and city living. Truly, a terrible thing.

Mima smacks your chest lightly, mumbling something vaguely comforting sounding that you can quite catch through the fact that her face is buried into your chest and...new pyjamas? They're a bit oversized and are red with blue rabbits on them.

It takes a minute for the implications to sink in, but once they do...you're mortified. Did, did...Nurse Reisen give you these? ....Someone had to have changed you, too. Oh, the shame!

Mima smacks you again, this time a touch harder, mumbling something into you about how she didn't see anything that Mima and your Reisen haven't already.

...The implications of that statement are staggering.

Your Reisen however manages to save the day by swooping in like a rabbit of prey and chasing Mima and Yukari off of you and setting about getting everyone's meals handed to them. Mima's is once again a sweet, sugary mess of carbohydrates and calories, and Yukari's is another mixture of fruits and what looks like a somewhat fancy yogurt thing of some sort with various things in it. It looks tasty.

Reisen sets your tray in front of you, still covered, before marching over to Youmu and placing the somewhat simple and sparse looking meal before the young samurai/gardener. Youmu seems a bit startled by the amount of food, and tries to insist that she doesn't need this much.

Reisen stares at the tray of food and then shifts her stare over to a few inches to the right of the Chibi Youmu.

Your new friend Youmu decides that she can eat all the food just fine, thank you.

You immediately begin to set to your meal. You certainly don't want Reisen to think you're not going to eat, or, worse, not going to finish your meals! She can be pretty scary when she thinks she needs to take care of you.

She stares in your general direction for a moment and you almost think that you can see the world start to distort around you before she looks away and that feeling is gone.

It must have been your imagination.

And Mima's imagination too, with the way she's shivering. She seems to think that something must have seriously pissed off Reisen already today for her to be this cranky as she is.

You clear your throat awkwardly.

"So, uh, Reisen..." You try, "...What's up?"

Reisen pauses in what she's doing before turning slighlty in your direction and answering. Her answer is: The roof, the sky and the heavens.

Oh, wow, she's getting sarcastic with you. That's...that's a bad sign.

"...Reisen." You sigh, "Come on, what's wrong?"

She turns to look at your general direction for a long moment, considering before she finally relents. Apparently the police came back and want to ask you some questions. It's a different person from before, it's actually the one that you give that kids wallet to and who gave you the reward. But, even so the police are here early in the morning to try and harass you again. She and NReisen apparently 'convinced' him to not push anymore than he already had, but they'll be back probably.

Mima suggests that you could always just go and beat up the entire police department. It worked for Sir Charles, after all!

Youmu is somewhat hesitant at the thought of fighting an entire police department's Touhoumon force, and wonders if perhaps you could ask Sir Chester about the situation, maybe? Or just avoid it since they can't really do anything to you, correct?

Yukari pauses in her meal to point out that you could always talk to the fine people at Yakumocorp, and that perhaps you should turn in all your data properly anyway.

"Oh." You'd almost forgotten about that. "Yeah, I really should turn in all my data, shouldn't I?" You use the time-honoured method of ignoring the problem at hand, thereby solving all of your problems perfectly.


Despite your attempts to just ignore your problems away, they gnaw at you like a particularly annoying itch. You won't just be able to sit in this room all day and ignore them, so you'll just have to...

[ ] Run away! Time to go check out that SDM~
[ ] Face them! Time to go talk to Mr. Friendly Cop!
[ ] Get help! Time to go share some field data!
[ ] ...Get SHADY ASSISTANCE! Time to go call Chester! Although you suppose you don't actually have to go anywhere to do that.

No. 169833
[X] Get help! Time to go share some field data!


The data on the fell Keine should be interesting to them, and there's nothing like the local Dominant Megacorporation to cow the corrupt and ineffective police.


Poor CReisen. I feel like her uptightness is going to get her left out in the cold. Same for CYoumu. They're small enough, they can all fit in the bed! And when/if they evolve we'll just get a bigger bed!

I'm kind of curious about CReisen's refusal to evolve. Is she afraid of it? She's definitely jealous of NReisen's huge... tracts of land. Maybe she hasn't decided which type she wants to evolve to, or feels that she'd change in a bad way?
No. 169837
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!

Damn, we miss the chance to have all our girls snuggle with us. I'm sure Reisen was with us for a while and is just an early riser but poor Youmy got left out.
No. 169838
[X] Get help! Time to go share some field data!
No. 169840
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!
Maybe she just doesn't want to overshadow the others.
No. 169842
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!

No. 169845
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!

That was a fun story, even if we didn't get to see the entirety of it. It proves how idiotic/ineffectual the police force is in regards to dealing with anything more than minor incidents, and that Nebosa's situation isn't unique. Shinki knows how many trainers got harassed or put in the slammer just because they did something the police couldn't.

The fact that they've basically ignored Sir Charles demand that they wait until they schedule an appointment to speak to Nebosa and barged into the Touhoumon Center at the crack of dawn just screams desperation in terms of how bad someone wants to have the kid tossed away. It might be the good cop who actually treated Nebosa defeating that kid who was harassing people with his CAlice and Kedama as a good thing, but at this point I seriously doubt the police higher-ups will just accept anything Nebosa says that doesn't somehow constitute as criminal evidence.

So, it's time for Nebosa to turn in the info he's gotten and get some backup. Even if he's dealing with a nicer guy, it's possible that said nicer guy has been put under pressure to get 'results'.

Plus, the kid's got data on at least two rare variants. That Seiga got scanned (I think YakumoCorp will be able to resolve the garbled data) and so did that LGKagerou, though I don't think the kid actually got a clean scan on that Fell Keine. They ought to be worth some money though.

I do have one concern though.

Your average Pokemon game protag usually doesn't just do one status-quo shaking thing. Usually he or she thwarts the plans of an entire gang/mafia/what have you and doing all sorts of things on the side. Nebosa looks like he's going to blow those sorts of exploits out of the water just by bumbling around, so we ought to expect that this sort of police harassment will occur over and over. And if Nebosa becomes popular enough with the public through doing this sort of thing, the populace will probably riot over any sort of arrest that isn't completely justified. The kid doesn't have that kind of popularity now, but I have no doubt that tales of his exploits will start to spread once he's done enough stuff.
No. 169851
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!
Unanimous decisions, go!
No. 169856
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!

Obviously, we choose the shady megacorp over the corrupt police force!
No. 169885
[x] Get help! Time to go share some field data!
No. 169887
So I downloaded touhoumon FR.

>this fucking game

So I'm fighting a CRumia in Mt Moon with CReisen, and I'm using tail whip to try and one-hit-KO it, while it just uses Lick over and over again. So I've got this mental image of Reisen shaking her ass while Rumia is locked around her licking her face like a dog.

It's pretty good.
No. 169926
>It's pretty good.
The image or the game?
No. 169946
No. 169952
which version? There's quite a few touhoumon hacks based on FR. I presume it must be some other version as in the original CReisens are rare as hell while CRumias is painfully common.
No. 169957
You can select Reisen as a starter in the latest versions.
No. 169958
[X] Get help! Time to go share some field data!

Eh, we have a job to do anyway. Might as well get started on that.
No. 169963
You sigh, and stand. "Alright." You decide, reluctantly, "I guess we should head over to the Yakumo Corp. store, then, and turn in this data..."

Mima throws her hat to the floor in disgust for your blatant bias against her ideas and blatant bias for blonde, non-euclidean touhoumon who sit on your head all the time and don't do anything awesome.

Then she picks her hat back up and dusts it off, checking it over for any damage.

Meanwhile, Yukari smiles a touch smugly as she retakes her position atop your head.

"You two..." You sigh, as you gather your things to leave.

Mima puts her hat on and floats off muttering unkind things under her breath as she goes to...do something you guess. Youmu is fussing about with Reisen, who has already gathered your things and is holding them out for you. Youmu seems to believe that she could help here while Reisen seems to be certain she has the entire matter in hand and requires no help.

"Thanks, Reisen," You say, collecting your things even as you pat Youmu's head reassuringly. "Don't worry about it too much," You advise her, "She does this to everyone."

Reisen stares in your general direction, and you think you see her ears droop a bit, but she moves out of the door too quickly for you to make a decision one way or another, and Mima flies out after her.

Youmu meanwhile flinches when you pat her head, shrinking back for the briefest of moments and in the shortest of movements. Still, it was enough for you to notice it.

"Uh." You're really not prepared to deal with things like this. "...sorry..." You apologise to Youmu awkwardly. You secure your pack and head for the door, a little down.

Youmu stares at you as you leave before simply trotting after you, taking up her position to the right of you and a step behind. Every now and then she casts glances at you, but doesn't speak up.

Outside, you find Mima and Reisen speaking in hushed tones about something but the both of them quiet down as you exit the room and take to walking a few steps ahead of you as you start trying to make your way out of this maze.

...seriously you're lucky you have Reisen, otherwise you'd be in a lot of trouble because you can't tell any hallway in this place apart from the last or the next.

So you are marched through the halls as Reisen guides you out, but...

Don't those two seem awfully distant?

Before you can ask them about it though, you leave the back hallways of the Touhoumon Center and find yourself once more in the main lobby of it. NReisen is working behind her counter, typing into her computer diligently, no doubt putting in an important report or requesting supplies or something equally dutiful.

You wave goodbye to her, distractedly, concerned in a more immediate sense by the strange behavior of your old friends. You rack you mind for what it could be about. A birthday? A surprise? Did you upset them somehow...?

Your mind whirls at the numerous possibilities, both good and bad. How could you have upset them? What could you have done wrong that could have possibly warranted the cold shoulder like this? You only distantly hear NReisen call out what must be her goodbyes to you as you walk out the door and move automatically after Reisen and Mima, following them as you are lost in thought.

...Maybe it's because you wore NReisen's pajamas?

You bite your lip, distracted, as you make your way through the streets towards Yakumo Corp. What could it have possibly been?

What could it be!? You struggle through those countless possibilities of the ways you could have offended them. What...what if it's because you fell asleep before you could properly say good night to them last night and you hurt their feelings!? Surely that must be the case and-oh you're here.

You stand before the YakumoCorp store, having apparently arrived while you were distracted. Reisen and Mima are off to the side, talking in hushed tones again and casting looks either at you or in your general direction.

You sigh, despondently, and give them a sad look, before proceeding into the store. "....Hey, Yukari, where do I...? You know, do this?"

Yukari is kind enough to direct you into the store and to where you need to do this, pausing only to terrify the poor clerk with a pointed stare. The Clerk lets out a pitiful noise and curls up a bit on himself, leaving Yukari to feel satisfied.

Thankfully, she quickly goes back to guiding you and you find yourself in a nice booth marked for 'Employee's Only'. In this booth there is one of those big and fancy computers that you saw on the television. You had one of those in your house, but you never used it. Mima did though.

"...Mima?" You turn, looking for her, "How do I...?" You have noooo idea how to deal with these things.

Mima stares at you for a long moment, silently judging you. Finally, she lets out a sigh and shoves past you, taking your tablet from you as she does so. Quickly she sets about plugging the doohicky in the whatchamacalit by putting tab A into slot B, then she taps the picture box and types on the typewriter thing a bit. Then the screen tells you that a secure connection has been established and you are uploading the data now, and that the process will take approximately...20 minutes! Oh boy, that's just enough time to...

"...So!" You say with a clap, turning to your girls. "Let's talk about our FEELINGS!"

Mima's silent judgement of you slowly grows as she stares at you, her expression one of incredulity.

Reisen is looking away from you and doesn't turn back when you speak. Not even her ears...!

Yukari yawns loudly from your head, nestling in for a nice nap.

Youmu stands before you, eyes wide and sparkling as she listens with rapt attention.

"...What...?" You're hurt. "P-please?" You try, "Come on..." You sigh, wilting as you look to Youmu. "...Sometimes, I feel like i'm expected to be a mind reader." You tell her, despondently. "I just want a bit more openness and discussion in our group, you know?"

Youmu looks at you with concern and then moves slowly and cautiously to pat you comfortingly on the knee. There there, it will be okay. They’re probably just upset because there has been a recent upheaval in the previously established group norms by the addition of herself and likely Yukari. Professor Hefner wrote numerous papers on this subject and explained that often times situations such as these can be expected in groups, especially if you have a long established partnership with a particular touohoumon. It is suggested that even when you recently acquired a new touhoumon that you make sure all of your other touhoumon know you still appreciate them and aren't forgetting them for something new or 'different'. It's like in his article in issue One-seventeen of Playtrainer-

You choke.

Youmu stops mid-sentence, as if something occurs to her. Slowly, it connects as a blush starts to consume her face and she sputters out assurances that she merely read them for the articles.

You're struggling to breathe as this astounding new revelation about one of your girls comes to light. She, she, wha- wha- You're turning bright red.

She just read them because they were there and had important and valuable information on team dynamics and strategies for battling against numerous opponents. She also read ever other thing she could get her hands on when she had the chance to read.

Off to the side Mima is staring at Youmu with shock. Someone else read Playtrainer in this group besides her!?

You choke.

Reisen's ears are currently shaking and shivering rapidly with some unknown emotion, but at the very least now they're turned to listen to your group.

Mima turns and looks at you, staring in your eyes for a long moment before simply shrugging. She's not going to make excuses, because she's got nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, you ENJOYED those massages, and you know it.

...It's true, you did.

Reisen actually turns finally, looking in Mima's general direction. So, that's how she managed to learn how to do that, huh? She turns and looks in your general direction for a long moment before turning away and letting you know that she did not read Playtrainer.

W-what?! Th-that's where she learned it?! You feel so violated... But you sigh in relief. At least Reisen's not one of...them...

She did read old Rustler magazines she found hidden in the house though when she found them though.

You start to cry.

Yukari falls off of your head to the ground, laughing hysterically at the entire situation. It's too much for her...!
You sniffle. Well, at least SOMEONE thinks this is funny! You're appalled! Appalled!

Reisen seems to react immediately even as Youmu is stuck in shock and embarrassment. She simply walks over to you and hops up into your lap, quickly pulling out a handkerchief and drying your tears.

You pout at her, sniffling, refusing to look right at her.

Mima quickly floats over and joins her, giving you a ghostly hug that feels soothing, despite the horrible revelations and truths you've discovered this day.

You sniffle. "...I can't believe you guys..." You say, sadly.

Mima stares at you, a terrifying smile on her face as a glint enters her eyes. Oh, is that so? Can't believe that they did what? They didn't do anything wrong you...you...

You hear a sniffle come from in front of you and your attention is drawn to it. Youmu sits there biting her lip to keep from crying as she looks down at the floor, unshed tears already building up in her eyes at the fact that she's already managed to ruin it all and make you hate her.

Mima turns her own stare back you, and it is one of scorn and accusation. You huge, meanie jerk. She finishes that cruelest of insults as she flies over to Youmu and pats the poor girl on the back.

Reisen stares at your chest as she puts her handkerchief away and then hops off of your lap and takes up a position outside of the booth you're in to watch for anyone else.

Yukari just keeps laughing and giggling.

You can't help but feel that somehow this situation has gotten turned around somewhere. "N-no, Youmu, I don't hate you..." You try to soothe her, even as your moral outrage fades, overwhelmed by 'crying girls'.

Suddenly the Computer Machine your sitting at starts beeping and ringing at you and generally making a ruckus. Apparently the information went through just fine but now you're getting a call from...Yukari Yakumo herself!

[ ]Answer the Phone.

[ ] Deal with this whole situation somehow.
No. 169965
[X]Answer the Phone.

Professor Hefner? I feel sorry for the kids who have to get their starters from him.
No. 169966
[x]Answer the phone.
-[x]Try not to let it distract you from handling your group issues.
No. 169970
[x] Assure Youmu that you don't hate her because they read... Certain articles. You're sure they are fascinating. You're just surprised is all, never judge books by their cover and everything. Maybe you'll read one yourself. Eventually, someday.
[x] Answer phone.

Must be careful about giving Mima ammo.
No. 169972
Somehow the idea that a female-oriented pornographic magazine series based on strong, dominating males leading women seems scarily appropriate, and yet I had never even considered the possibility.

I sure hope they aren't... *touching* themselves when we're all sleeping together. (Well, maybe just a little).

[x]sit down so you're level with Youmu, hold her hand and give her a smile.
[x]Answer the call.

On one hand, goddamn crying chibi Youmu. On the other, this is our boss, and presumably THE Yukari Yakumo, not just an evolved touhoumon, given the eerie feeling described when we met her. Can't snub that.

And really, while its a comic relief of a sort, Nebosa REALLY needs to stop breaking down and crying at every turn. He's 1X, and lived without parents for some time now. Crying needs to go.

After that call

[x]Comfort the daylights out of Youmu. Help her pick out a brand of touhousnax.

You're pushing all my buttons here, Bread.
No. 169973
>He's 1X, and lived without parents for some time now. Crying needs to go.

I second this. Seriously, unless he's supposed to be 10, dang.

[x]Answer the call.
[x]One-arm hug on Youmu. "Its fiiiine."
No. 169974
[x] Deal with this whole situation somehow.
No. 169975
[x]Answer the Phone.
-[x] "Just a moment, please. Crying girl."
--[x] Hug Youmu & make sure she knows you don't hate her.

>And really, while its a comic relief of a sort, Nebosa REALLY needs to stop breaking down and crying at every turn. He's 1X, and lived without parents for some time now. Crying needs to go.
Seriously. Let's hurry up and get him properly traumatized so he grow up real quick.
No. 169977
[X] Ruffle Youmu's hair and smile, then
[X] Answer the phone.

>He's 1X, and lived without parents for some time now. Crying needs to go.
I agree with this as well. Perhaps we should guide Nebosa to some jerk who will try to grab Reisen's ears again. That situation gave him the most confidence we've seen so far.

I wonder what other lessons the esteemed Professor Hefner has taught the 'mon~.
No. 169978
>Youmu flinches at physical contact

Almost certainly got smacked around, if not outright abused, by her previous trainer. Dude was an ass, I could see him really laying into his touhoumon in order to force their obedience.
No. 169979
[x] Hug Youmu and put her on your lap.
[x] Answer the Phone.

Really wish we could have laid down an asswhoopin on him. I hope Chester or his boss laid one for us.
No. 169980
[x]Answer the Phone.
-[x] "Just a moment, please. Crying girl."
--[x] Make sure Youmu knows you don't hate her.
No. 169981
I just realized why our CReisen never looks straight at people.

She can't turn off her crazy eyes.

sage for slowpoke.
No. 169988

That's more Slowbro or Slowking level broski. This is thread 5.
No. 169991
I felt this was appropriate.
No. 169992
We ought to see if we can buy some kind of special glasses or something so we can look at her.

Then everytime we look into her eyes, she panics and blushes, and Mima can't stop making fun of her for it...

The greatest part about kuudere is awakening all those emotions they don't know about.
No. 170001
[X]Answer the Phone.
-[X] "Just a moment, please. Crying girl."
--[X] Make sure Youmu knows you don't hate her.
No. 170002

Yup. Just like Playboy is for women, Playgirl is for men, and Hustler is for pool sharks
No. 170004
I think you guys are missing the point of why Nebosa started crying there. It's less because he's a pansy and more because he found out that his best friends have been reading naughty magazines behind his back, and given that Touhoumon have a decidedly sexual aspect he may be afraid that one day they're just going to push him down and rape him like all those other wild mons.

He's overreacting, yes, but at the same time the kid's shown that he's not exactly ready for sexual stuff. He's aware of it, sure, and knows the nature of Touhoumon but in the three 'bad' ends so far he's shown that he's not exactly ready for that kind of thing. He was afraid when that Mystia gave him a handjob, he was afraid when NReisen started putting the moves on him in the bath, and was outright terrified when Yukari decided to give him the handjob of the century. The kid is not ready for that kind of thing.

Putting it simply, it's the equivalent of finding out that your best friends are all rapists, and you're their target.

Just something to bear in mind, yes?

Now, as for CYoumu...

I was typing up something last night about that but >>169978 brings up the biggest point I was going to talk about then. CYoumu was certainly abused, and there's little hints of it everywhere. Notice how she sat ramrod straight next to Nebosa all night rather than snuggle up to him like his other girls? How she follows obediently and in a decidedly submissive position? This along with the whole 'flinching when head petted' and 'thinking Nebosa hates her because she upset him' means that THAT GUY abuse his mons and then some. CYoumu most certainly had no freedom and given THAT GUY's shitsack of a personality, no room for etiquette error as well. Even the slightest offense was likely met with physical abuse.

Which is why it kills me to say this, but I think that voting to comfort her now is a bad idea. Yes, Nebosa screwed up here but at the same time his reaction was understandable and CYoumu's trauma is a minefield waiting to be set off. Trying to interact with her is nothing short of playing Minesweeper on some insane difficulty. He's going to set something off without meaning to, and he's going to have to fix it before it becomes a problem.

But right now? It's not such a good idea.

Remeber, Nebosa came here to upload his scan data to YakumoCorp. The Seiga data he got alone would raise some eyebrows, and assuming he has the Fell Keine scan data he might get asked about that as well. And let's not forget that he came here to get backup for dealing with the asshole part of the police force trying to arrest him on clearly trumped up and exaggerated charges because they're butthurt that he did things they wouldn't or couldn't. He can no more ignore Yukari than he can CYoumu.

But I cannot place enough emphasis on this when I say that he needs to respond to Yukari first. He needs to clear up CYoumu's misunderstanding, but he needs to be able to sit down with her to talk and dote on her, which will take time he doesn't have right now. Not that that's any fault of his own, but this is something he absolutely, positively cannot half-ass. If we vote to comfort her and answer the phone, we're half-assing it.

We need to set aside a chunk of time out of the day and treat CYoumu nicely (which in turns means doting on all his girls, since CMima and CReisen are annoyed with him too.) Convince her that Nebosa is not the jackass THAT GUY was and that he won't hate her just because of one little slip-up. The girl likely has a lot of trauma, though not enough to make her Fell or anything stupid like that, so steps need to be taken to undo that.

But Nebosa can't do that if he's thrown in prison.


[X]Answer the Phone.

Nebosa has to clear his current problem up first, get paid, then take a day to prove to his newest girl that she doesn't hate him.
No. 170006
[X]Answer the Phone.

I like your reasoning. Since this isn't something that can be handled in a few minutes, we might as well finish what we came here for.
No. 170008
Yeah, playgirl is bara not yaoi.

Though according to market research Hustler's online readership is half girls.
No. 170010
[X]Answer the Phone.

Long post is convincing.
No. 170020
[X]Answer the Phone.

Nice write-up you did there. You've convinced me.
No. 170024
I changed my mind. This reversal thing they keep pulling out is getting annoying.

[x]Answer the Phone.
No. 170035
[x]Answer the Phone.
No. 170042

Your logic, it has defeated me. I submit to your reasoning.

[x]Answer the Phone.
-[x]And be sure to do something nice for Youmu afterwards. Give her a hug or something. Hugs for everybody!
No. 170045
Wall-of-text anon has it right.

And the rapists analogue IS terrifying. I dunno if I'd cry, but I definitely wouldn't sleep with them anymore.

Sure, it doesn't fit with real-world analogues, but given the sexuality of the touhoumons we've seen so far, I imagine that they're more interested in staring at pictures of naked trainers rather than pictures of naked touhoumon.
No. 170059
[x]Answer the Phone.
-[x]And be sure to do something nice for Youmu afterwards. Give her a hug or something. Hugs for everybody!
No. 170060
[X]Answer the Phone.
No. 170070
I see I'll have to spell it out.
PlayTrainer and Rustler are, like their real-world counterparts, designed, produced, and marketed towards that wonderful segment of the market, straight adult men.

Not Touhoumon.
Touhoumon don't have money.
Men do.
No. 170071
[X]Answer the Phone.

Just that. Nothing else.
No. 170074
So our touhoumon are reading magazines full of naked women and advice on how to control a team of super-powered women.

Must do wonders for team dynamics.
No. 170079
>Touhoumon don't have money.
>Men do.
I resent that. I have no money at all.
No. 170088

...Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be female?
No. 170092
So yeah, the touhoumon game.

Is there a version that isn't so... grindy? I'm sitting here trying to level up before the Gary fight on the bridge in Cerulean city, because all his shit is lvl 19+, all my shit is lvl 10-15 with my starter at 22, and the only available fighting spot is against lvl 8s. And they give you like 20 xp per fight. This isn't fun, it's burdensome.
No. 170111
Welcome to every pokemon game ever.
No. 170112
Have you tried Blue Version?
It removes all of the roadblocks, so you can head anywhere you want to train, even to Cinnabar (there's a completely new underwater tunnel from Fuschia to Cinnabar Island).

You just have to deal with the lack of a proper special/physical split (I think) and 1.5-style evolutions.

Also, another vote for >>170004
No. 170115
[X]Answer the Phone.

Yeah, let's keep the sorting out after we talk with Yukari
No. 170168
I don't know. I think we should answer her now. This feels like a kid asking their parents if they hate them, and the parents postponing the talk that no they don't hate them because they got a phone call from work.
No. 170170
[X]Answer the Phone.

They're not going to rape, him, but yeah, good points all around.
Now, they'll obviously take charge in any specific situation, but that's to be expected
No. 170174
No. 170175
>Putting it simply, it's the equivalent of finding out that your best friends are all rapists, and you're their target.

Sounds like 95% of all anime shows right there.
No. 170233
[x] hold youmu and start petting her.
- [x] Answer the phone
No. 170334
>struggle snuggle

Well, shit. We'd best avoid letting our girls use up their PP.
No. 170345
...You look at your girls for a long moment, as the phone rings, but...There's really nothing you can say. With a sigh, you turn and take the call, mentally resolving to make everything up to them later.

As you admit how everything in this entire situation is completely and utterly your fault and promptly postpone solving the problem in favor of something equally urgent, the computer accepts the call for you. A little moving picture box appears on the screen, showing Yukari Yakumo's image.

"My, I knew she was making a delicious choice when she choose you, but I didn't expect you to be this...competent and capable immediately. Most boys need to be broken in a bit first before they start delivering a satisfying performance and showing results like this." She praises you as she looks down on her screen and at something in her hand.

...Um. "...What do you mean?" You ask. "...And, uh, I mean about the results." You clarify. You get the feeling she had another meaning in there, and you'd rather not know more.

"Oh, well, you see, I meant that-" She stops when you clarify,"...Oh. Fine then." She continues, sounding a bit put out,"What I meant is that most of our employees don't bring us information on this many abnormal touhoumon so quickly. Ordinarily it's a few weeks of generic, boring data to go over. You've actually got some of our labs in quite a tizzy you know." She informs you, "I mean, a Fell, and only the third recorded case of a particularly rare variant? And, of course, 'that'." She smiles at you and you feel a bit of pleasant warmth in your chest, "I am very pleased with your efforts so far."

You smile back, despite youself.

"Thank you! I mean, I couldn't have done any of it without my girls, here, but..." You pause. "....'that'?"

"Yes, 'that'." She says as she fiddles with something and the booth you're in hisses quietly, "There, now we're both completely isolated and can speak freely. By 'that', I meant the odd Seiga you encountered. That was no ordinary or even an extraordinary variant. It's something...very, very different. If we'd had the Seiga itself to study hands on, it would be more ideal, but the same could be said for the Keine, and...well, we both know who has those two now, don't we?" She asks you, a gentle chastisement in her voice.

...Ah. "...Um." You swallow. "...We, uh, both do?"

"Yes." She tells you, her eyes boring into you like they can see and know everything,"We both know who has both the Seiga and the Keine you encountered Nebosa. Still, I can't fault you for the Seiga or the Keine. At the very least they're both contained and off of the field of play for now, and I can always just get them some other way." She gently taps her chin with one gloved finger, "So, nothing of value was lost in the grand scheme of things. Still, I expect you to make up for the inconvenience you've caused me." She tells you.

"...Make up for the inconvenience I've caused you? It's my fault you can't have them?" You're rather incredulous at her bold, ridiculous claim.

"You at the very least had the Keine captured and under your control at the time, and you turned her over to some man who followed you out into the middle of the woods. I am aware of 'Chester the Magnificent' and the group that he belongs to." She informs you, "Still, at the very least you turned her over to them and not any number of other spooky men who could have waylaid you in the middle of the forest when you were on your lonesome save for your small companions."

...You know when she puts it like that...

...Your only fallback is sulkiness. It's not like you ever had any dignity anyway. "...W-well..." You sigh. "..Anyway."

"Anyway." She responds, smiling to herself at your submission, "All teasing aside, You've done admirably Nebosa. I'm very impressed that a young man like yourself could handle the situation you found yourself in so well, especially considering, well...nevermind that. I will be transferring the funds to your account now. Your stipend is already active and with what you've earned here with your hazard pay and the bounties on the sort of data you've gathered for us, you'll have earned...something to the tune of...this!" She says as a little box pops up on your screen and...



That's...that's rather a lot of money.

"...Ah." Words fail you. "A- u, um." You stare at the zeroes for a long moment. "...Thank you?" You try. "Thank you, very, very much?"

She laughs, dreadfully amused by your response.

"My, is your heart all a flutter at my generosity. Remember my dear boy, I reward all those who serve me with with the same loyalty they treat me with. Serve me faithfully, and anything in this entire world could be yours~!" She tells you this as she bursts into maniacal yet pleasing laughter. You kind of want to join her.

You don't though. You have your very own Yukari to serv- no, wait, that's mixed up somehow.

"...Um." You say. "...Also, uh, I was hoping maybe for a little, uh, help, or advice, maybe, or something?"

"Oh?" She stops her laugh and seriouses right back up, mostly. Okay maybe she looks like she's still giggling a little bit but she's paying attention to you so that's good,"And what do you need from me? A hand?" she asks, breaking out into giggles again.

...That one's lost on you though.

"...Um, well, it's just, the police want to talk to me, and, um." You're not entirely sure how to explain, exactly.

"Are they harassing you still?" She asks, concerned, "Oh your poor dear." She sympathizes as a hand pats you soothingly and comfortingly on the head, running its fingers through your hair,"Do I need to let Charles do what he wanted to do in the first place and beat them all up for you?"

It's a very pleasant feeling, getting softly stroked.

"W-well, I'd rather not go that far, um." ...Why is the first solution always violence? Do people really like it that muc- wait, hand? You start, turning your head to look.

There is a tear in reality, and an elegant, gloved hand is poking out of it and petting you in that exceedingly pleasant way that makes you not really want to question it.

"I see...well, I suppose I could always do something. Maybe remind them that if we ceased support in their area they'd be a doomed and dying city, or..." She starts to mumble softly to herself, though you manage to catch some of her suggestions. Truly, you are better off working FOR her rather than against her.

Also, apparently Sir Charles has a shockingly wide range of skills when it comes to destruction of property and causing mayhem. You kind of wish you'd stayed awake for his entire story now.

"That, uh, all seems a bit extreme..." You hazard, slowly, as you try to just forget what you're hearing and what it implies about the people you're working for that these are their initial reactions.

"Oh, psh. You're still naive, is all. The only way to deal with problems like this is to make them understand that they can't bully you, because you're bigger and meaner than they are. If you don't make them realize that they were just a big fish in a little pond, they'll keep trying to annoy you until you have to stomp them into the dirt and grind them under your heel, and it's no fun if it's an obligation." She gives you that valuable life lesson for free.

"...But, uh." You point out the immediate flaws in her advice. "It would never be fun, and I don't want to be mean?" You think about it for a minute. "And I think the police serve an important function and deserve to be honoured for their commitment to the public welfare...?"

She stares at you for a long moment before bursting out laughing at your incredibly funny and amusing joke.

"Oh-! Ohohohoho~!" She seems to be having trouble stopping, "Oh that's so cute! Why, if I'd be tempted to take you home if I wouldn't be trespassing." She declares,"...I still am, really." She adds on that admission.

"Well anyway, I'll make sure to handle the problem, and I'll even keep Charles on a tight leash since you made me laugh so much. Don't worry your cute, little head about it." She informs you, the hand petting you scratching your scalp in a delightfully magnificent way that makes it hard to argue, "You just go out and get me more 'data', okay?"

"Mm....yeah." You acknowledge, tilting your head a bit to facilitate the scratch. "...Some of them really are very nice, so please don't be mean."

She laughs again as she pats you on the head.

"Oh don't worry your cute little butt a bit about this at all, and you just go take care of things today, okay?" She asks you as the hand withdraws and returns to her own side of the exchange,"Now then, I've got work to get back to myself, so bye bye!" She waves to you as the screen goes dark.

The room hisses as it unseals, and your keen ears can distantly pick up the sound of forlorn sniffling two aisles away.

You sigh, and step away from the computerphone thing. Well, it's time to go deal with sads.

You step out of the booth and into a bunch of plastic wrap. Oh no, you've been wrapped in! From the other side of the plastic wrap, Mima glares triumphantly at you, arms crossed as Youmu sniffles from behind her, peering over Mima's shoulder at you nervously.

Reisen is simply watching, looking boredly neutral with the whole situation.

Your Yukari is still giggling.

[ ] Smile, laugh. It's time to take them out for a day on the town.
[ ] Smile, laugh. Lavish them with gifts.
[ ] Smile, laugh. There's no time to be sitting around in town, so pick up some treats and head to your next destination!
[ ] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
No. 170347
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
No. 170348
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
No. 170349
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.

Hugs for everybody!
No. 170350
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)
No. 170360
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)
No. 170362
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
No. 170367
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)
No. 170368
[X] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.

>subvotes that imply hugs and petting don't qualify as fun
Sons, I am disappoint.

>"Serve me faithfully, and anything in this entire world could be yours~!" She tells you this as she bursts into maniacal yet pleasing laughter. You kind of want to join her.
Yukari for best boss ever.
>You don't though.
C'mon, do it. It's therapeutic.
>You have your very own Yukari to serv- no, wait, that's mixed up somehow.
Who says you can't serve two Yukaris?
No. 170397
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)

Tomorrow, the SDM! And next time let's keep the rare one!
No. 170404
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)

Explain to the CYoumu that no, it's not her fault, we're not upset with her, just surprised, and so on. And then we throw her a party to welcome her to the group (and prove that we're not like her previous trainer).
A party with a cake and funny hats. And this is Touhou so the funny hats will be GLORIOUS.
We suddenly have an awful lot of money, so we can definitely afford it.
No. 170412
You know, I can't help but wonder if you guys considered what CYoumu was saying when she brought up the whole team dynamic bit, before she accidentally revealed that she read about it in Playtrainer. CMima and CReisen tend to get a bit annoyed whenever Nebosa starts adding to his roster, and it's not like he's been showering them in gifts when he messes up with them.

Really, it's pretty obvious that CMima was annoyed when CYukari decided to take over Nebosa's head, and CReisen was just as annoyed in her usual reserved manner. I'd imagine that the reason they're getting annoyed now is because the kid's added the CYoumu to his team without letting them finish acclimating themselves to the shiny CYukari's presence. The chibi swordswoman is right, Nebosa needs to balance his girls and not play favorites. Plus he needs to do this while fixing his mistake regarding CYoumu.


[X] Smile, laugh. Lavish them with gifts.

I don't think sitting down and talking with the CYoumu is completely necessary, because it's not the only way. She's worried that she screwed up and that Nebosa hates her now, while his chibi bunny and ghost are annoyed that he's taken up another party member without even considering them.

...CYukari just treats this entire thing as her amusement, so I'm not worried about her.

So Nebosa getting all his mons gifts kills a couple birds with one rock. He can reaffirm that he's not going to forget about or leave CReisen and CMima behind, and by lavishing CYoumu as much as his other party members should be enough to tell her that he doesn't hate her, and in fact considers her just as important as the rest of his party. Heck, we can treat that as a formal apology for not considering her feelings.

As another thing to consider, Yukari (YakumoCorp Yukari) seems to be involved in quite a few more things than she let on, which doesn't really come to a surprise to me. The fact that she knew Chester and his group tells me that should Nebosa have the chance to talk to her directly again, she might be a viable source to learn about Chester's group. The best way to do that, it seems, would be to track down more rare variants and the likes.

Additionally, the option to hand Fell mons over to YakumoCorp directly seems to be a viable one now that the kid knows about it. Just something to bear in mind for later, since I'm sure that Keine won't be the last one the kid will run into.
No. 170418
[x] Smile, laugh. There's no time to be sitting around in town, so pick up some treats and head to your next destination!

Time to take the road to adventure! (insert easy joke here)
No. 170423
Excuse me, bandwagon driver? This is my stop.

I like your reasoning, but "having a serious talk" doesn't mean it's JUST with CYoumu. It could just as well mean explaining to CMima and CReisen that nothing will ever replace them, because they've all been together for so long.
Sometimes you have to take things seriously, because presents and snacks can only get you so far with thinking, reasoning creatures rather than simple animals.
But after that talk they should totally party, since a party involves everyone equally regardless of who the party is actually for. And instead of the party being for anyone in particular they can celebrate their first successful adventure/assignment, getting their first paycheck and just surviving the "it puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again"-kind of crazy Fell Keine.
Then someone slips a roofie into his lemonade. CAKE END.

Either way, I know I'd love to unwind a bit after almost being mindraped into living the rest of my (soon to be very short) life in someone else's dream, followed by being harassed by the people who were supposed to protect you from exactly that.
No. 170429

I get where you're coming from, but there's just one problem with that line of logic. The voters, and by extension Nebosa, have been focusing on the CYoumu almost entirely because she's a repressed girl who thinks she's walking on a tightrope when she's not, and she's started crying. I can almost guarantee that nearly every voter is focusing on the crying new girl as opposed to taking the time to iron out the team dynamics as a whole. This is a mistake, and while you acknowledge it, how many other people will treat it as the option to have a serious talk with everyone?

Second, I can't quite fathom why you would think that treats and gifts are inappropriate at this point, or why they couldn't open the door to dialogue. Just as you accuse me of not considering the mons to be living, thinking beings, you are ignoring the fact that giving them gifts and talking to them are not mutually exclusive. Aside from using gifts as an apology to CMima and CReisen for upsetting them again, Nebosa owes his team anyway as they are literally the only reason he's even back at Hakutown right now as opposed to being Fell Keine's pet. I don't consider the Touhousnax enough of a reward because the kid planned on giving his mons those anyway.

Besides, it's one thing to use words alone to convince CYoumu that Nebosa doesn't hate her, and to use them to tell CReisen and CMima that he won't forget them. It's something else entirely to back his words up with something of tangible value. Namely, doing something nice for them.

Also, really. 'Bandwagon driver'? I'm not actively trying to force votes to go my way here. All I'm doing is thinking about how to go about things without screwing things up and trying to get others to think as well.
No. 170431
I never ignored the gifts, or said that we shouldn't give them gifts. The gifts should just come come AFTER having a serious talk. What I said was that only gifts can't go as far as gifts and a serious talk. I even suggested throwing a party as soon as serious-time is over.

Also, that bandwagon thing was a joke that came out poorly. I meant that your post was my stop and I was stepping off the bandwagon because you made some good points.
No. 170433

Ah, well, I understand what you meant now and apologize for being presumptuous.
No. 170434
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.

I agree with the sentiment that we can't just smooth things over with gifts and hugs. Those can come /after/ we deal with all of the things that are simmering before they come to a boil. It's best to deal with a few cinders than a forest fire, after all.
No. 170454
No worries. This is the internet, it happens.
No. 170486
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
No. 170487
>Making that police bitch realize how insignificant she truly is
I love you.

[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)

We might as well spend some money on ourselves.
And, as long as cuddling happens with cReisen, I'm fine with anything else.
No. 170742
You know, it just occurred to me. there hasn't been a single human female in the story yet, as far as I can tell at least.

Make of that what you will.
No. 170744
The policewoman?
No. 170758
Holy shit, how did I manage to forget her. Still, if what we've seen so far is indictive, that is still a very disproportionate gender ratio.
No. 170759
Sage for fuck's sake.
No. 170776
That might just be a quirk of the story. I'm pretty sure genetics maintains a roughly 50% chance of male/female children even if you were to cull the females via out-competing.
No. 170779
I'm fairly positive that I am not obligated to elaborate further.
I'm not... positive, but I don't think we've seen a single male Touhoumon.
For all we know, the entire population could be female and use human males for breeding. It would certainly explain why they all seem so... enthusiastic... towards human males.
Reminds me of a certain completed and nearly-translated VN, now that I think about it.
No. 170781

Hora hora, what ever could you be speaking of?
No. 170783

I'll just confirm that to this point, no male TouhouMon has yet made an appearance, speculation towards the MC's heritage or the case of Sir Charles notwithstanding.
No. 170784
You guys are reading way too deeply into this, imo.
No. 170785
HAH, what about Nebos-
>speculation towards the MC's heritage or the case of Sir Charles notwithstanding.


Also, found another piece to support the fact we're a Sakuya's child from the last thread.

>The moonstone glows and pulses in your hand, emitting visible rings of light that fly off into the air, revealing a bit of the area around you. It's warm in your hand and seems to vibrate slightly with a repressed power.

Now that Kagerou was the target of the moonstone and it worked on that horny bitch, but what if it was glowing because of us? It could be reacting to some resemblance of our Mom's blood due to her being a EXSakuya or a Last Word Sakuya.
No. 170796
If it was reacting to Nebosa, why did it take so goldurn long to do so? We had been carrying it for at least a day.
No. 170800
Also, if it was reacting to Nebosa, wouldn't it have evolved him? Why didn't it react constantly in Reisen's presence? I'm gonna write it off as an author oversight.

I don't think Nebosa's mom was a Sakuya. The only evidence we have is circumstantial at best. A few mentions of how she "set a camera and then zipped over to get in the picture" is hardly suggestive of time manipulation. More like a camera timer.
No. 170802

Odds are good that CReisen wasn't ready or qualified to evolve, thus the Moonstone wasn't reacting. Kinda like the Oddish line. You can't just use a Leaf or Sunstone to make it evolve into Vileplume or Bellossom, right? You have to make Oddish evolve into Gloom first, then use a stone. Could very well be the same deal here, especially since we know very little about this story's evolution requirements.
No. 170805
Sakuyas don't evolve with stones at all.
No. 170808

Just me being a conspiracy theorist about us being a Sakuya's kid. Just for a bit of fun.

Also she had lots of clocks. Clocks man!


Yeah they do. InuSakuya is a water stone on a ...believe first form and Last Word Sakuya is a Moonstone on an EXSakuya. There are different versions of Touhoumon after all.
No. 170811
Yeah, well what if he's just a really empathetic kid on account of having been raised with and by Touhoumon all his life, and his mother happened to be an enthusiastic clock collector? I mean, I like clocks. I really like clocks, and have a few spiffy ones myself, but that doesn't make me Sakuya.
No. 170814
Neither of those are playable in original 1.53, not one of the various knock offs made after it.
No. 170816
....There's a fucking Kagerou in this story.

...As much as I hate to chime in on this wonderful discussion and give you all hope and all.
No. 170817
What ever happened to 'sticking as close to the games as possible'?
No. 170818

It got thrown out the window for the rules of cool and fun. While I still intend to draw heavy inspiration and important things like moves and typing and the like from 1.53, I'll be bringing in plenty of things I'll just out and out make up or 'appropriate' from other sources.
No. 170819
Like SSUtsuho, for instance. Or Tori, the indisputably best Touhoumon.
No. 170828
No, let's not be StupidMemeMon Adventures.
No. 170840
Are you sure? We can get stupider and meme-ier, if you so choose.
No. 170847
This story is already stupider and meme-ier than I'd like. Frankly, I'm on the verge of dropping it.
No. 170864
Are you sure? I don't really see anything particularly meme worthy in the story. I might agree with you about it getting stupider, though.
No. 170868
TO phrase this in a way that doesn't make me reflexively cringe from unfortunate conditioning I have gone through (not nob's fault, just me wandering through the wrong sections of internet alone):

We never, ever intended to cleave to the games. The only touhoumon game that I can enjoy is Touhoumon Blue. We're using them for a base to provide our moves and typing, mostly, but this is about as faithful to the games as Pokemon Adventures was to the anime.

We're abstracting the shit out of this world and making it something real and usable for 'serious' fiction. As serious as stuff like this gets, anyway. It's a comedy, it's a sex-filled funtime romp, in places, but beyond the viewpoint characters and their perceptions of events, we've got an actual world running through its paces.

We take silly smut-filled cyoa stories about little girls in frilly dresses being used as gladiatorial warriors in impromptu duels seriously, yo.

So, uh.
You know.
Chill out, guys.
We're not just flying seat of our pants, here.

We promise.
No. 170892
>as faithful to the games as Pokemon Adventures was to the anime.
Well, Adventures was based on the games, not the anime, so yeah.
No. 170904

Let me give you a quick lesson, here:

Do you see e mentioned there? No? Tell me, how does it affect the statement? Not at all? Thank you, yes, that's right.

In this metaphor, the pokemon games are e.
No. 170916
[x] Smile. Try to have a serious discussion, somewhere private. Then gifts and fun.
-[x] And hugs. And head-pats.
-[x] If you have time, restock for your next adventure. (MORE Tohoballs, herbs, rations, etc.)
No. 170962
What the fuck are you even talking about. Are you high?
No. 170965
Are you completely unfamiliar with analogy?
No. 170975
No. 170978
I am not. Your analogy makes no sense.

This story is based on (the Touhoumon mod of) the Pokemon games.
Pokemon Adventures is also based on the games.

Your statement implied that Adventures was not a faithful adaptation of the anime, which is correct; it is not an adaptation of the anime at all. However, you were comparing the faithfulness of your adaptation from the games to the faithfulness of Adventures' adaptation from the anime, which obviously makes no sense.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate this work's faithfulness to the source material at about a 5. Using the same scale I'd rate Adventures's faithfulness to the games at an 8, and to the anime, negative infinity.
So you're doing either a bit worse or much better than Adventures, depending on whether you're using a sensible comparison or not, respectively.

I was simply trying to correct what I thought was a mistaken belief that Adventures was based on the anime.
No. 171074

Personally, I never knew there was such a thing as a touhou pokemon game. When I found out, I just assumed that you were going to be using it as a basis, and then going off on your own tangent. Really, I think most people assumed that. Not sure what all this rage is about.

Personally, I'm just eagerly awaiting the next installment.
No. 171097
The main difference between this and the Touhoumon games is that, in every hack I've played, they make it really explicit that the 'mons are magically animated <p>dolls</p> THEY'RE ACTION FIGURES, MOM, and, as such, are not wont to lurk in the wilderness lusting after barely pubescent boys.
No. 171135

Well, these touhoumon are certainly anatomically correct. Poseable, too.
No. 171148
I don't think that many of them have Action Jesus Kung-Fu Grip, though.
No. 171149
This is one of those things were you have to very carefully not think about it.

I mean, you've got fully dressed, humanoid, intelligent, powerful beings. And they live in tall grass. Why? They're clearly capable of organizing (if by nothing else than beating others into submission), basic architecture isn't a mystic art. And what do they eat? I can see the more "wild" ones hunting and eating other 'mons or wild animals, but I just can't see the humanoid types stalk a squirrel, pounce on it, and eat it with their bare hands.

On the other hand, animated dolls are boring and offer little to no character development options, unless we went full rival.
No. 171158
I just abstract it to sapient dolls driven to stake out and protect a thing/area, after which I think no further about it.
No. 171172
They can't be dolls, otherwise they wouldn't be able to reproduce and hold relationships with humans.

Honestly, they strike me as a engineered servant race that grew beyond their bounds. Maybe some post-apocalyptic data loss or something.
No. 171178
MAGIC dolls. It answers any and all questions. You missed the sapient bit, though, which implies a level of self-awareness necessary to form bonds and what have you.
No. 171185
Then you've got thousands of humans forming meaningless relationships with Turing machines, while Touhous laugh at the silly mortals. Or are mortified that they're having sex with their image.

I prefer to believe that touhoumon are real, living beings.
No. 171186
What's the difference between a magical construct made up of organic matter that is sentient, sapient, and capable of emotion and a non-magical construct made up of organic matter that is sentient, sapient, and capable of emotion?

Just because they were possibly created has no bearing on whether their emotions or minds are "real". Humans might have been created, too. Whether we were created or spontaneously evolved through natural selection has no bearing on the validity of our emotions and existence as legitimate beings.
No. 171188
I fail to notice the distinction between an engineered servant race and magically animated homunculi given the stipulation that both are sapient and sentient. One is biological in nature while the other is not; is that the sole determining factor? How can we know that the feelings of the dolls are insincere or faked?

We run into issues of epistemology here, because not a one of us can ever really get the full perspective of any other being. We assume that other humans have emotions and thoughts and feelings as we do because they appear to. Why, therefor, should an artificial creature whose seeming emotions and thoughts are indistinguishable from a human's be treated differently?

Is it because we know, mechanically, how the artificial creature works? How we see that it's nothing more than a set of complex instructions? Because the same could be said of our own brains, with it's wonderfully complex set of chemical reactions constantly firing.
No. 171189
MonTouhouMon's creatures do not appear to be those of Touhoumon proper in any way, shape, or form, save for some portion of the battle stats.

The original Touhou Puppet Play / Touhoumon puppets weren't any more sapient than Pokémon are, which doesn't preclude sapience but does make it a species-by-species thing, and if I am not mistaken they did not speak. They most certainly did not have sex with humans or youkai. They inherited the reproductive mechanics from Pokémon, but these have not been confirmed to involve sex, and if a certain cutscene is to be believed involve Arceus recreating the universe or doing something of the sort in order to form each and every egg.

The Touhoumon in this story, in sharp contrast, seem more based on the creatures of the infamous Monster Girl Encyclopedia, who attack human males for the purpose of sex, in terms of body structure and behavior, and take only some battle-related data from the Touhoumon games proper. They don't seem to be dolls, any more than non-construct MGE creatures are. The term "MonTouhouMon" seems to derive from both "MonMusu" (monster girl) and "Touhoumon".
No. 171190
Correction: They also appear to share at least some of the species grouping, at least by default.
No. 171191
Well, yes. This is another kettle of monstergirls altogether. The earlier Touhoumon did not speak and were of questionable intelligence, whereas these are, as you mentioned, resemble a cross between Pokemon, Touhou, and the Monstergirl Encyclopedia.

All your favorite fetishes, now in one adventure!
No. 171195
For me, this story immediately reminded me of the old "Pokégirl Project".
(It's basically exactly the same except replace Touhou with a MASSIVE clusterfuck of crossovers.)
No. 171198
I thought of that as soon as I posted. The main difference between this and Pokegirls is that the old Pokegirl Project was horrifyingly awful in every particular. It was poorly written, had a nonsensical background, was an absolute clusterfuck of 'mons with shitty pun names like A-bra, and was based exclusively around sex with no other real themes or facets. It even had a long essay saying THIS ISN'T SEXIST YOU GUYS IT'S REALLY NOT I PROMISE, a claim I found somewhat facetious in light of the fact that all human girls turned into Pokegirls and needed to have sex repeatedly or turn into near-mindless creatures.

I think that I like this a lot more because it's much better written, doesn't try to justify its existence, and has a sense of playfulness about it rather than being worryingly sincere.
No. 171200

I forgot to post my essay on why I'm not sexist? I knew I was missing something.



You smile. A clever trick, you must admit. They got you good, they did. "...So, uh." You scratch your head. "Yeah, um. I'm really sorry." You wave a hand, "About everything, and...we... need to talk." You aren't sure if this is the best way to do this, but hey. You're going to stumble and bumble your way through the mystifying darkness that is relationships until you get it right.

Mima crosses her arms and cocks her ghostly hips at an angle showing a posture that screams 'mhmm, that so' at you as she raises one eyebrow at your statement. Oh? We need to talk now? You want to talk with Mima now that she's trapped you with plastic wrap? She never pegged you for the type to be into being restrained.

Your Reisen looks faintly intrigued...perhaps? She hasn't said anything but her ears have shifted about a bit in thought as Mima threatened you with freaky kitchen supply bondage. The Youmu simply blushes prettily, still not being able to look you in the eye but casting glances at you before looking away.

Yukari is now giggling relaxedly, but she pauses at Mima's words and gives you a speculative look.

You blink, shocked. "What? No!" You protest, "It's not like that!" You sigh. "Really. I just..." You reach for words. "I'd like to talk to you all. And...try to get things worked out." You're not sure you're getting it across very well. "You know?"

Mima stares at you, eyes locked onto yours and entirely unblinking. That gaze of hers makes you want to squirm around. You don't think you've seen Mima quite like this before. Eventually though, she nods and pulls out her staff, using it to cut the plastic wrap and free you from your cage. Reisen pushes herself off of the wall and readies herself to follow you wherever you end up going so she can keep you from hurting yourself, while the Yukari has finally calmed down and is floating up to your head via gap.

Youmu seems to have put herself behind Mima now. Did those two end up friends while you were talking business?

Well, good. At least they're getting along. That's a small relief. You start walking out of the booth. You're not quite sure where to bring you small group, but you're pretty sure that in a big city like this - there've got to be at least ten thousand people living here! - there'll be plenty of little out-of-the-way nooks where you can all sit down and talk. Isn't that how all that crime happens?

Cities are rife with it, according to tv, so you're sure to find a spot.

It actually suddenly occurs to you as you spot it sitting across the street from you, not looking especially dangerous or anything of the sort or even busy! O'Dailley's seems to still be open for business, and O'Dailley himself is out front, cleaning up broken glass off of the street into a small dust pan. That...could work?

That seems like a much better plan than the one you had anyway! You wave to the big man, happy to have found the perfect spot for your talk. "Hey, Mr. O'Dailley!" You greet him, as you make for the small restaurant.

O'Dailley looks up in shock at you as you approach before barging over to you and picking you up in a big, beefy and paternal hug. "Ahahahaha, well if it isn't the towns new hero, eh?" He bellows out, still laughing amusedly as he sets you back down and out of his manly embrace between manly men. "I heard all about what you got up to from

Lil' Danny boy. Said he wanted to make sure that people knew what really happened afore he was sent to try and 'talk' to you tomorrow...or rather, today!" He explains as he ends up shepherding you into his fine establishment, your mon trailing in behind you. Mima at the very least looks happy to be back here, though the Youmu seems a touch intimidated.

"...Danny? Sent to talk to me?" You're lost. Talking with O'Dailley always leaves your head spinning, whether just through his exuberance or the way he's so familiar with you, he just leaves you so confused...

"Aye, Danny boy! He's the copper who told me about how you beat up that rapscallion yesterday!" He says, referencing the nice cop that you met before, and the same one who'd been sent to try and harass you this morning. You're taken back into the restaurant and given a nice booth in the back corner that's actually fairly private. "I'll go get ya a menu, less you already know what you want." O'Dailley tells you, "Yer meal's on me again today!"

"Ah, You don't need to..." You protest, weakly "I can pay..."

"I insist!" O'Dailley thunders, "That harpy you dealt with's disappeared too many people o'er the years, and you've done us all a great favor to get rid of 'er. The least I can do is to give you a free meal after you did something like that." He doesn't seem like he'll be taking no for an answer. "Now, I'll be right back." He tells you before he's off, faster than his size would suggest possible as he quickly escapes your range. It looks like you're having another free meal...

Reisen and Yukari have taken up spots on either side of you on your side of the booth while Mima and Youmu are sitting across from you. An awkward silence has descended upon you all...

You clear your throat, breaking the silence. "...So." You begin. "...Um." You look down at the surface of the table. "I suppose, uh, first, I should apologize." You wait a moment, before continuing. "To all of you."

Mima continues to stare at you, aloof and skeptical of you. Or, at least that's how she's trying to act. Really you know she's probably hurt by your behavior and putting on a show to hide it. Reisen simply keeps focusing on the table in front of her, staring at it pointedly without any outward sign of discontent. Yukari is currently building a pyramid out of sugar alternative packets and Youmu is fiddling with her sword nervously.

You sigh. "Things aren't going like I'd hoped they would." You continue. "I'd...hoped that we'd be able to go without any fighting, for one thing. But that didn't end up happening. And I hadn't expected to have more members of our group, at all, either. So...I don't really know what I'm doing." You explain. "I'm...I'm trying my best, but, I'm...just not sure what to do sometimes, and..."

You sigh. "I guess what I'm saying is, I know I've messed up, and, well, I guess I'll probably end up making more mistakes, but, I'm trying to figure things out as I go, you know? So..."

The Mima looks at you and then at Reisen, and then at Yukari before quickly realizing nothing important is happening over there. Finally she stares at you for a long moment before lunging across the table and hugging your face. Ahhhh~. You're just too cute when you're apologetic and squirming because you messed up she just wants to eat you up.

Apparently, Mima forgives you for now. Just don't mess up again.

Reisen looks in your general direction for a moment before reaching over and patting your leg thrice, and then going back to staring at the table. Across from you, the Youmu shifts about awkwardly still.

You paste on a smile, through the awkwardness and embarrassment, and look to Youmu. "Youmu." You "Listen. I don't hate you. I was just surprised, that's all. I won't judge you for something like that. We're family now, after all, right?"

The Youmu looks up sharply at you, eyes wide as she registers what you just said to her. Slowly, her face morphs to one that's a mixture of shock, sadness and...hope? She speaks slowly, and unsurely, but wants to know...do you...really mean that?

You pause, confused. "Well, of course." You tell her. "Of course I do." It's just obvious, isn't it? Hardly needs to be said.

She just keep staring at you before letting out an odd whigne and flying across the table to cuddle against you, slamming into your chest and wrapping her arms around you as best she can. Mima continues to cuddle your face, but now far more fiercely since there's competition. Yukari grabs onto your flank and cuddles you because you're soft like a marshmallow.

...Reisen cuddles up against you, in her own way. Which is to say she slides a bit closer to you and leans her head against you.

You're a bit surprised at the sudden mass cuddlings that are taking place, but, well, it's nice. And so, you do your best to reciprocate the feelings being so clearly expressed to you. It's just...so cute.

The warm fuzzy feelings continue as morale is improved until you hear a polite cough from your side. There you see a mousey looking fellow with a pad of paper and a pen. He's wearing a casual grey suit and carefully shined shoes, and a fedora with a card placed on it that says 'press'. Oh! A reporter like from one of those movies! Behind him there's an Aya holding a camera and eyeing you like you're an award winning scoop.

...which you may actually be.

" 'Scuse me young fellow, sorry to bother you but," He pulls out a card and presents it to you, "I'm Jacob Jacobson, Ace Reporter for the New Continent Times. I heard from around town stories about what you got up to and how the police responded to your heroic actions and I think it's just shameful!" He explains all in one fast blur that sounds like he said it all in one sentence.

"Shameful! Absolutely." His Aya agrees, nodding along as she takes a few non-obtrusive pictures of your group and you.

"That's why I'd like to speak with you if you've got the time and get your side of the story so we can expose the truth of what happened and the criminal way this police force has treated you in the aftermath."

"...Um?" Your...side of the story? A reporter? Oh. You, you're not quite sure how to deal with this...or that you're even ready to deal with this. ...Or that you'll ever be ready to deal with this...

[ ] Well, he’s asking politely and letting you put out your story officially. Sure you’ll give him a few minutes.
[ ] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?
[ ] You really don’t want to talk about it, not even to an Ace Reporter.
No. 171202
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

Well, he did ask politely, though I would think that we'd prefer doing this in a more private place or something...just a feeling I had that doing it in the restaurant/public area itself might not be a good idea.
No. 171203
[x] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

Wait and, maybe, get a ill bit of advice from our boss about handling reporters.
No. 171207
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

You're ruining the moment.

>"Youmu." You "Listen.[...]"
You what?

>"I'm Jacob Jacobson, Ace Reporter for the New Continent Times.
Is his middle name Jonah?

Speaking of the boss, I think this is part of her plan to get back at the police.
No. 171212
[x] Well, he’s asking politely and letting you put out your story officially. Sure you’ll give him a few minutes.

I vote we get the media on our side.
No. 171216
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?
No. 171217
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

We don't want to go off-script and piss off our handlers.
No. 171218
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

We don't know what will happen if we cave in to his request; he could be a sensationalistic reporter who will skew the story despite his obligation to tell the truth. Besides, it's not like we'll lose anything if we turn him down temporarily; journalists like him should always expect to be rebuffed by their sources if they so choose, and we're just asking to be given some time to be mentally prepared for this interview.
No. 171220
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

We're kinda in the middle of something, but he is asking so nicely. (This can only end well!)

It did have some themes other than sex, but they were mostly lost in the rush to write more smut, so it was an amusing train wreck at least but if you really TRY there are some deeper stuff to be found there too.
No. 171223
[ ] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

Right now is touhoumon time. Gotta keep up party morale. The hug-a-thon is good, but we should keep the good times rolling. Game night, anyone?

And the interview is the perfect time to throw some mud back at the cops. We can detail how we were threatened with imprisonment and innocent people were threatened with false charges. Did we ever catch that one cop's name? I'm all for getting her fired. Or lynched.
No. 171238
[x] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

Does Jake really have a Yukkuri Aya or just a normal one?
No. 171240
[x] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?

C'mon man, read the mood.
No. 171242
[x] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?
>after the paper's headline is revealed to contain the word 'harem'
ahahaha can't wait.
No. 171263
[X] Well, he’s asking politely and letting you put out your story officially. Sure you’ll give him a few minutes.
No. 171264
[x] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?
No. 171418
[X] You don’t mind telling him your story, but not right now. Maybe later tonight, or tomorrow?
No. 171751
"...Well, I guess I don't mind." You say, hesitantly, "But...Not right now? Maybe tonight, or tomorrow, but..."

Jacob Jacobson nods once, looking the very image of apologetic as he pulls out a card from his hat and hands it to you,"Ah, right. Sorry there my friend got so excited that I ended up being rude. My fault. Here's my card." He sets it down on the table for you and backs up, doffing his cap to you, "Pleasure seeing you and hope to hear from you!" He says as he hurries off, the Aya following him.

You can hear him distantly speak to her, "C'mon Dame, let's go and have a talk with the Chief of Police and see if we can turn him purple, nyeah?" Followed by the Aya's enthusiastic laugh.

“Well hey there, if it isn’t our towns little hero!” Kochi’s eager voice is the only warning you get before your head is engulfed by her massive mammaries as she drags you into a hug and gives you a little bit of a squeeze, “and how are you doing today?”

You only struggle a little bit. It's not like you could actually get away, anyway. "Hey..." You complain, without any real feeling to it. "...I'm doing pretty well, today." You answer her, after the formalities are taken care of.

She laughs, clearly amused, "Glad to hear it champ! So, what'll you have to drink today?" She asks you, hugging you a bit tighter as the pleasant pressure around your head intensifies, "Maybe a milkshake..?"

You hear the sound of steel starting to be drawn when O'Dailley bellows something out from the kitchen, "Koichi! Stop molesting the poor lad and just take his order!"

Kochi just huffs, but lets you go and leans back up right with a noticeable wobble in her figure that you find it hard not to stare at. You also notice that Mima is urging Youmu to put away her sword, and that Youmu is thankfully following the more experienced mons suggestions, though she's staring rather pointedly at Kochi.

Kochi just seems to find the whole thing funny.

You cough, once, as you recover your composure. "I'll just have, ah, a soda." You decide, "Something fizzy."

The Kochi grins, "I've got just the thing in mind for you then. Now, what can I get for the rest of you?" She asks of your team, each of them giving their orders in turn. Reisen wants ice water, Mima wants a root beer, Yukari wants their homemade fizzy fruit punch and Youmu wants tea, Earl Grey, hot.

"Oh, not green?" The Kochi teases the Youmu, who blushes a bit at the comment and opens her mouth to respond before the Kochi waves her off, "Just teasing you girl, don't worry about it. I'm not judging your taste in tea."

You shake your head, but don't say anything. You don't think that butting in here would really help, anyway, but you can't help but want to. ...Youmu's just too soft.

"Anyway, I'll be back with your drinks before my honey has your appetizers out." She informs you as she tucks her little notepad she'd taken your order on into her cleavage and sashays off.

You feel pretty proud of yourself that you don't watch her go...much anyway.

You hear a cough from across the table and finda Mima staring pointedly at you along with a Youmu whose cheeks are puffed out in an exaggerated pout. Yukari is currently watching as Reisen proceeds to make origami. Wait, Reisen's making origami?

She places the napkin on her left hand and then only using that left hand proceeds to bend, fold and crease the napkin into...a swan? Some kind of bird. Whatever it is it looks a hell of a lot better than any origami made of a paper napkin should. That couldn't have taken more than fifteen seconds...

"...Wow..." You're really, really impressed. "That's pretty amazing, Reisen. How'd you even do that?"

Reisen shifts, her ears wobbling with signs of embarassment as you praise her. She takes another paper napkin and does it again, this time going much slower so you can watch as each finger moves with an amazing amount of dexterity and flexibility.

...Not that this really does much for telling you how she did it, but still!

"Wooow." You're still impressed. "That's incredible." You say, in awe of Reisen's manual dexterity and great skill.

Apparently not wanting to be left out, Yukari produces a cherry seemingly from nowhere and holds it up for you to see. With a twinkle in her eyes she takes the whole thing, steam and all, into her mouth. You watch as her mouth shifts about for a few moments and Yukari reaches into and pulls out...

...cherry stems tied into a spiderweb!?

...Somehow, you doubt that that was wholly her skill, as opposed to blatant cheating. ...Still, it's fairly impressive that she managed to get them into a spiderweb. "...Neat." You smile, not so much impressed as...

She looks at you for a long moment and then hits you with a pout that punches you in your souls gut. How could you treat her like that...?

Even Mima is giving you a vaguely accusatory look. You monster.

"Ah, I'm sorry, it's just..." You try not to say 'I'm pretty sure you cheated'. "...I dunno, it just seems less impressive." You finish, weakly. "...I'm sorry."

She sniffs, eyes starting to water at your hateful, hurtful words. You hear her make a plaintive whining noise as Yukari buries her face in Reisen's shoulder. Reisen pats your half-heartedly, yet somehow smugly. Establishing dominance is important in her book.

Mima seems to be considering whether she should actually show off one of her many unique skills and talents. She's not sure she wants to risk you saying more mean, hurtful things to her today.

Youmu is...well apparently she noticed that everyone is showing off and is focusing on her calligraphy work as she writes something carefully on a piece of paper. Is she composing something..?

Curious, you peer over at what she's working on. ...Come to think of it, where'd she even get the ink and brush...? ...And the paper. As mysteries continue to present themselves, you instead focus on her writing, trying to see what she's working on.

Mima intercepts your gaze and chastises you for trying to sneak a peak before a lady is ready, you big meanie. Just how much meaner are you going to get today after you already made two girls cry? She even baps you on the nose.

"Ah!" You flinch, reflexively. "Hey, Mima!" Your tone has a definite whine to it. "I'm just curious..." You mope, a little theatrically, as you droop in your seat.

Curious about breaking young girls hearts no doubt! Mima's onto your cruel and unusual ways, you can't trick her! She knows all your tricks and- ahah! She suddenly waves something in front of you. That's...that's your underwear! How did she-!?

Mima seems inordinately proud of herself for having managed that.

"...What." For a minute, your mind goes blank, as she waves your own undergarments in your face. "Wha- hey!" Indignation quickly comes to the fore, followed by embarrassment. :G, Give me that!" You swipe at it. "You...you!"

She gives it back to you, smirking smugly at you. There, she's repaid you for breaking her pure and maidenly heart and showed off her incredible dexterity. You'll be happy that she can do that in just a little while longer, she promises you.

"How did you even..." You quickly squirrel away the garment, resolving to ask about a restroom next time O'Dailley or Kochi come by, so you can, ah. Set things to rights. "...Why would you even..." You continue to gripe, quietly, as you readjust slightly.

The Mima gives you a wide, happy smile as she spreads her arms open just as widely. Why, isn't the answer obvious? Because she can!

...Also because you're extra cute when you're embarrassed.

...You can't help the embarrassed flush that spreads over your face at her words. She's a cad! A lecher! ...But you love her anyway, of course. You cough awkwardly as you shift in your seat. Really, that's about the sort of answer you should have expected. It's the one she uses every time she plays this sort of prank. Never the same one twice, of course, to keep you on your toes. Well, except for the time she used the same one twice in a row, to really throw you off.

Mima is just exceptionally smug as she sits back in her seat, arms crossed over her chest as she grins at you. Somehow, you know that she's going to come up with something even more off the chain the next time she decides to get you.

...Meanwhile, Yukari is still crying into an increasingly uncomfortable acting Reisen's shoulder (you can tell because of her ears). Apparently what you said really cut deep and she's inconsolable...or Reisen just isn't really trying to console her.

"Um." You pat Yukari awkwardly on the shoulder. "There, there?" You're, of course, not very good at this. "...It's not that your trick wasn't cool. It was! Really!"

Her crying slows down as she peaks up at you from behind those golden curtains of hair. Really? You're not just saying that because crying girls make you uncomfortable especially when you made them cry in the first place?

...Isn't she laying it on a bit thick here? I mean, come on...

"...Of course I'm not," even if that is true, which it very much is. "Your trick really was pretty neat. I mean it." You nod, in hopefully a confident manner.

She stares at you for a long moment before immediately becoming bright and cheerful again, laughing happily. Ohohohohoho~! Of course you'd appreciate her trick, wouldn't you? After all...

Her eyes glint dangerously golden as she tells you she's certain you'll appreciate that in a short while longer.

Mima claps appreciatively of Yukari's sense of dramatics and the Yukari bows and accepts the applause graciously.

Reisen just seems happy that there's no longer a Yukari soaking her shoulder.

just sigh and bury your face in your hands. It's a second Mima. Why.

You notice something edging in front of you now, and Youmu is nervously switching places with Mima while clutching a bit tightly onto the gift she was working on. She seems to want to show it to you now, but Mima's prodding in her sides don't seem to be enough to get her past her fear of your disliking it.

You smile, encouraged. Here, at least, you're sure, you won't find another prankster. "Come on, Youmu." You encourage her, "Let me see what you were doing, I'm curious." She was working hard on it, too. You're sure it will be impressive and cool.

She glances about before gulping down her nervousness and bowing while she presents you what she was working on. It's...a poem of some kind? But what really gets you is the beautiful, detailed artwork on the paper with it. How did she manage to make such a pretty painting using nothing but black ink and those kind of brushstrokes, and do it so quickly?

"...Wow." You're almost struck speechless. You were expecting something...less. Something...closer, at least, to what everyone else was doing. A neat trick, or an interesting little skill of questionable use. But...This is pretty incredible. "...Woooow." You're really, really impressed.

Youmu blushes prettily and looks away bashfully as you gush verbosely over her paltry offerings. She insists that they're really not that much and she just did what she had time for and even then she was so much slower than everyone else...

Mima pokes her in the side and tells her that perhaps she should just accept your praise like a good girl, making the Youmu apparently even more embarassed than she was before.

Still though, this painting is really something, and the poem is...it's just so beautiful, you can't even put it into words. Beautiful little swallow indeed...

"...This is really incredible, Youmu." You tell her, finally managing to get out more than your mere 'wow'. "Like, really incredible. The painting, the poem..." You shake your head. "If you can do something like this, then you really need to be more confident in yourself!" You declare, "I mean, just...look at this!"

She starts to push her fingertip around on the table in circles, bashfully responding that you don't need to praise her that much for a rushed effort. She knows it wasn't exactly the best she could have done, and that rushing it made it all come out a bit poorly. But she wanted to get something out quickly like everyone else and she doesn't have a rock garden to meditate in while contemplating the nature of art.

You can't help it. You just stare at her.

This is a rushed effort? Your gaze seems to say, This? Really, now?

She nods, telling you that yes it is a rushed effort. While under her previous ownership she did not have as much time to practice the non-martial arts of her clan. A warrior must be trained in both war and peace, inner and outer. But her previous trainer saw need only for her to hone her combat skills.

...She doesn't get it at all. ...But still. "Youmu. This is really, really amazing. And I just want you to know that whatever skills you want to pursue, I'll totally support you."

The Youmu doesn't really seem to know how to respond to that so she just sits back down as Mima throws an arm around the girl, who seems to have had a world shaking revelation. Mima tells her that it's okay, she'll get used to it. After all, stuff like that is why they still keep you around.

Satisfied, you resume your long-interrupted contemplation of the menu. Let's see, so many options...

Well, you could just have what you ordered last time. That was pretty great you remember, but there's also things on here you're pretty tempted to try-oh! Today's special is a Pizza with up to five(5) toppings!

Five toppings on a pizza is an awful lot. It's incredibly tempting. But then, that's true of just so much on this menu. You're almost paralyzed by your indecision!

[ ] Get the Daily O’Dailley Special!
[ ]Get the Surf and Turf.
[ ] Get the Sushi.
[ ] Get Pounder burger.
[ ] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[ ]Pepperoni
-[ ] Sausage
-[ ] Mushrooms
-[ ]Onions
-[ ] Extra Cheese
-[ ] Black Olives
-[ ] Green Olives
-[ ] Grilled Chicken
-[ ] Sardines
-[ ]Pineapple
-[ ] Ham
-[ ] Other (Write in)


Choose wisely for this update may be the deciding factor of everything to come.
No. 171755
[x] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
No. 171758
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Black Olives
-[X] Green Peppers

Your lack of delicious olives disturbs me, >>171755.
No. 171759
Here's a hint for people wanting to order Pizza.

Reisen seems to be a vegetarian. Yukari loves fruit.
No. 171760
[X]Get the Surf and Turf.

I'm absolutely sure that this is a subtle double entendre, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. At any rate, delicious Hakutaku steak seems like an appropriate I-somehow-survived meal.
No. 171761
You know, I do remember some specific instances of this.
Changing >>171755 to
[x] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Extra Cheese
-[x]Half Pineapple, Half Pepperoni, overlapping
No. 171762

If these are the main opinions on what pizza is best, I think I'll just keep quiet about my own until something similar comes up.
No. 171771
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Green Olives

these go well together, adding pineapple would just be silly and its all veg so Reisen will be happy.

also Superior Green Olive Master Race reporting in.
No. 171775
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Onions
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Green Olives
-[X] Pineapple.

Should accommodate everyone.
No. 171782
I have a question: when are we going to scan Youmu with the touhoudex?
No. 171785
Good point. How about we scan her after we order, while waiting for the food to arrive?
No. 171790
>[ ] Get the Sushi.
...If I weren't so concerned about the retarded 5x Extra Cheese vote, I would vote for this because lewds. Anyone else remember that game?

-[X] Pepperoni
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Pineapple
-[X] Black Olives
-[X] Green Peppers

Reisen can pick off the pepperoni if she doesn't like it.
No. 171791
It isn't even necessary to make her pick it off. Just have the kitchen staff leave the pepperoni off of a few slices.
No. 171796
There's a write-in section. This means that it is your duty to have a carrot, candy, and pineapple pizza, given that my vote doesn't seem likely to carry through.
No. 171798
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Onions
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Green Olives
-[X] Pineapple.
No. 171800
[x] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
- [x] Four Quarters:
- Ham and Pineapple
- Mushrooms and Pineapple
- Mushrooms and Peperoni
- Ham and Peperoni
- A light sprinkling of Black Olives over all of it (anyone who doesn't like them can pick them off)
No. 171804
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Sausage
-[X] Onions
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Grilled Chicken
-[X] Onions
-[X] Bacon Rashers

Well there WAS a write-in option *cough* cough* meatlovers forever.
No. 171806
>onions listed twice
>meatlovers forever
Reisen will hate you forever.
No. 171808
[x] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings?
- Oregano's Clark Street Meat Pizza

Ya'll don't know nothin' about pizza till you had some Oregano's.
No. 171810
[X] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
-[X] Mushrooms
-[X] Onions
-[X] Extra Cheese
-[X] Green Olives
-[X] Pineapple.

It's not my personal favorite, but we should try and accommodate everybody.
No. 171811
No. 172050
[x] You know if you got the Pizza you could probably share it with all your girls! But what toppings? ((Up to five))
- [x] Four Quarters:
- Ham and Pineapple
- Mushrooms and Pineapple
- Mushrooms and Peperoni
- Ham and Peperoni
- A light sprinkling of Black Olives over all of it (anyone who doesn't like them can pick them off)

seems like it would work. We should probably find a way that we can eat too, since if this is perfect for the girls, we might not have any pizza to share
No. 172442

Activate Secret Skill!

[X] Ask the girls to choose one quarter of the pizza each.

Sure, there're probably points for mind reading. But there're probably points for asking for input as well.
No. 172443
And here I thought there was actually an update.
No. 172452

Seriously. I miss Nebosa and his crew. This was my favorite of the touhoumon stories.
No. 172514
Agreed. The sexuality is light and humorous, and the plot seems to be impressive, what with all the shadowy corporations.

Unfortunately, the authors are all busy writing shota-smut, which is tolerable enough alone, but there's like four of them doing it and it's all the same shit over and over.

I'm tired of the smut (especially that slime scene, I've never had my heterosexuality so rigorously confirmed before). I want plot!
No. 172518
That is the major issue with something with Monster Girl Quest elements. I'm with you as I don't want a bunch of "bad ends" but rather progress so we can see the MCs get it on with their mons lovingly (and with some variety and foreplay)
No. 172531
>the authors are all busy writing shota-smut
Pretty obvious by now that this is what they intended from the beginning.
They could at least have the good manners to tell us that they've decided to drop the actual story in favour of MOAR POARN.
I had such high hopes for this in the beginning, too.
No. 172538
I'd actually prefer it if the sexual aspect remained as it is now: smarmy jokes and double entendre. Stuff like Yukari falling off his head when he made sex-noises was funny. A chapter a day of porn is boring.
No. 172539
I'm not saying it should be every day, but there should be some progression of things. Not his mons stay chibi and Nebrosa stay a virgin forever like Ash.
No. 172553
I also really liked this story.
I don't mind the occasional "BAD END RETRY Y/N" but when the porn starts to outweigh the plot, there's no reason to actually go to the main thread anymore.
Like 10&0, where there were 3 porn scenes in one update, and it only stopped because they ran out of bad ends to pick.
Now, in the next update, it looks like some people want to do the same thing all over again.
I'm rapidly losing interesting in it because the way things are going I might as well just bookmark the /at/ thread and call it a day.
(Or, better yet, I DON'T bookmark the /at/ thread and drop these stories altogether to just wait for some of the others to update. Weekend is coming, so hopefully there will be some luck with that.)
No. 172583
Seems like it's starting to move along now. I think that people are tiring of the porn in that thread, if the recent voting is any indication. People voted seriously to avoid that MerKoishi, and are voting seriously for the current choice as well. It seems like that dreamworld thing was a temporary interlude, and given the rate of updates, I'm not too worried that it'll be stuck in one place for long.

I do miss Nebosa, though.
No. 172653

Ash's pokemon are actually animals. Just saying that.

I really miss this story. The others really don't appeal to me all that much.

I wanna see Nebosa and co battle more Fells.

I wanna see what happened to that Ghost Keine.

I want to see more and more of Nebosa's heritage (maybe confirm or deny Nebosa not being entirely human)

Hell, I still wanna see that Train Station (you know the one marked as an Anomaly?).

There's so much going for this story, so much adventure to have.
No. 172961
bumping to get this back on the map.
No. 172971
I miss it too.
I've been half-and-half following 10 & 0 to get my touhoumon fix, but I'd honestly prefer if this started up again.
A sexy story is fine and all, but sometimes you just want something cute instead.
No. 172972
I get the feeling what's going on with Nebrosa is due to his mons being too nice/polite/etc to jump his bones right then and there. That and once they evolve, I don't think they'd be quite so reserved.
No. 172995
I preferred the more gritty, mystery portion of it. Yeah, they're girls whom we capture and have sex with. Great.

But there's a secret group that's playing loose and fast with the law, corrupt police, a previously thought defunct gang of criminals, that ever-distant goal of Championship, and we're facing it all with our childhood friends.

The other ones are just "receive touhoumon, insert penis."
No. 172998
Just to point out to you guys, DaiStory hasn't been updating either. It's not that shotaporn is overwhelming anything, it's that Bread is in a terrible place right now.

We'll be getting back to our stories as soon as we can, but I'm sick, I just lost my job, etc. etc. Basically, everything is going wrong right now and I'm in no condition to write the way I'd like.

As much as I hate to weigh the thread down with blogshit, you guys do deserve to know what's going on. Hopefully the doctors will be able to tell me what's up soon, and I can get this back on track.

Sorry about the delays.
No. 173016
Okay, well in that case I really hope things will get better for you soon.
No. 173023
My sentiments exactly, and uh, hey don't worry about blogshit, I'd prefer to know about extenuating circumstances then to remain in the dark.
No. 173033

Life comes first mate.

When you're ready come back. We will most likely still be here.
No. 173034
Best of luck, mate
No. 173044
hope you get better soon
No. 173072
No. 173074

No. 173076
Oh,and for my vote...
[X] Order the Sushi.

as Izaya once said, "Sushi love! Especially fatty tuna."
No. 173077

>posting pointless images for no reason
>not saging

Stop it.
No. 173113
read my thread before making any further comments,please.

No. 173117

"Your thread"? Where? You haven't made any threads on this whole website.

Anyway, assuming you aren't a troll, go read >>/gensokyo/6052 before posting again.
No. 173118
No. Go away.
No. 173119
Dealt with. Ignore and move on.
No. 173997
[X] Ask the girls to choose one quarter of the pizza each.
No. 174001
Goddammit man. Over 2 months since the last story post.
No. 175748
You set down your menu at last. "...How about the Five-Topping Pizza?" You declare, with all the force of a decision made on the spot that you're not very confident in.

You watch with slowly dawning horror, fear and resignation as you see all of your girls' eyes light up, and then they immediately begin to exchange glances with each other, each of them having a gleam that puts you on an uneasy edge. These girls...they couldn't be planning to fight over what's going on the pizza, could they? Mima speaks up, grandly declaring that you should make a meat lovers mountain for everyone, to which Yukari pokes a tongue out in mocking disgust and Reisen's nose wrinkles. Yukari counters her proposal, saying that obviously the best solution is to make a Supreme Islander Pizza using fruit and exotic meats...or ham, since that is more likely to be in stock. Youmu speaks up herself, suggesting that perhaps they should make sure the pizza contains every food group so as to maximize your gains.

Reisen's nose twitches annoyedly as she stares at the menu. You get the feeling she doesn't particularly want to eat meat today. Though she can, and has, done it before, Reisen's never been big on the beef. Most likely, she wants a vegetable and fruit pizza, but...

...Geez, is there some way you can solve this without people fighting?

"W-Well..." You pause, thinking, trying to find a way to avoid any internal conflict within your team. "Um, what if, one side of the pizza has meat, and the other side is vegetarian? You know, split it down the middle?"

Oh no. This just leads to further arguements as the lines start to change and splinter, shifting into a vicious cold war over a warm meal. Mima knows exactly what she wants on 'her' side of the pizza and doesn't want to hear otherwise from anyone. Yukari stills wants pineapple on her portion of it, and may be willing to bend reality to her whim to get what she wants. Youmu is still speaking up, trying to make sure that everyone takes into account what you need in terms of nutrition rather than just what they want, and is trying to explain why it's vital to include specific toppings when feeding you. Reisen is...calmly looking over the list of ingredients, considering just what she wants to get.

You droop a little. What have you done...? But...but this is still salvageable. This is totally still salvageable.

"Well, um. There are five of us, so...How about..." You look around the table. "Each of us picks a topping?"

They all pause, glancing at each other and then at you. Mima is staring you in the eye, completely unflinching as she asks you one simply question. Are you willing to bear the responsibility of what you're going to unleash? Are you willing to make certain that no food goes to waste and that this entire pizza is eaten no matter what toppings are on it? Are you prepared for that, Nebosa?

...Well? Are you?

"...Um." This seems...a bit... "Don't you think you're, uh. Overreacting? Just a little bit? It's not some kind of..." You wave a hand... "Momentous decision which will resonate through the ages, shaping everything which comes after. You don't need to sound quite so serious over a pizza."

Mima just stares at you and then turns to Youmu and chuckles, waving a hand at you as she has a good laugh over how you don't understand that what you're going to eat her is the most important decision that you could possibly make. Youmu just seems happy that someone seems to agree with her that it's important that you be mindful of your nutrition and thus how important meal times are when it comes to deciding what to eat. Yukari is actually giggling along with Mima at your apparent lack of knowledge about just how vital this decision is for your future.

Reisen is currently wondering if she wants olives or onions.

You sigh. Yukari's just encouraging Mima, and Youmu doesn't quite seem to get it. You shake your head, exasperated.

"...Well. I'm thinking extra cheese, myself." You say, instead, avoiding comment.

There's a collective sound of hair and ribbons whipping and snapping as all of the girls turn at you and look at you at the same moment, shock and horror on most of their features except for Reisen who really just looks the same as she always does.

Mima looks disgusted as she wonders just what could have happened to you when she wasn't there for you that would make you want extra chesse. Youmu currently trying to explain how extra cheese is a waste of potentially valuable vitamins and other such materials you won't already be getting on the pizza.

Yukari is just miffed but seems to have accepted your poor taste.

...Reisen is thinking thoughtful thoughts, looking back to the menu and then deciding that she'll go with mushrooms.

You huff, surprised at their reactions.

"Well. I like cheese."

Mima stares at you for a moment before a sly smirk slides onto her face and she informs you that she already knew that from the kind of jokes you tend to tell.

Yukari giggles at that masterfully delivered statement before surpressing a snort and covering her mouth daintily.

Youmu has seemingly given up on trying to convince everyone of her plan and is trying to figure out which topping she should pick to maximize your gains and is mumbling formulas under her breath.

Reisen has seemingly decided that she'll definetly be going with mushrooms, though she had been considering onions.

You give Mima a look.

"I would have thought you'd be rather more fond of cheese yourself." You declare. "I learned most of my jokes from you, after all."

Mima scoffs at that, certain that you merely try to imitate her grand and amazing sense of humor and fall short of the true goal. Her sense of humor is as amazing and fantastic as she is.

Yukari snorts at that, not even trying to cover it up this time as she glances over the ingredients and decides that she'll be having pineapple. Pineapple and mushrooms...?

Youmu is finishing up her calculations and is now giving you speculative glances.

You snort.

"Maybe. If you think puns are 'as amazing and fantastic' as you are. You seem awfully fond of them, after all."

Mima snaps at you, explaining with amazing passion and burning soul that puns are the height of comedic humor and that a mastery of puns is a mastery of humor itself! The very reason that puns are so underappreciated is because only the greatest jestmeisters are capable of crafting a good one and everyone and their mother wants to try and make a witty pun. It will only be when the incompetent amateurs go and latch onto a new kind of humor that puns will be appreciated for the height of humor that they truly are! Mima is certain of this!

"...Jestmeisters." You repeat, drily. "...I see." You bury your face into the menu, so she can't see your grin. "Pineapple, mushrooms, extra cheese..." you ponder the toppings so far.

es you a look that makes you suspect that she knows you're grinning at her behind your menu. Still, she doesn't pursue the issue and instead declares she wants Amalfitan Spiced Sausage on the pizza.

Yukari sighs and Reisen's ears twitch slightly. Youmu simply speaks up and declares that she suggests either Qualot Berries or Black Olives.

"...Qualot...?" You're not entirely familiar with these. "...Well, I guess we can ask. The sausage's only going on half the pizza, though. ...Especially if it's spicy." You determine.

Mima suddenly looks up, a gleam in her eye as she suggests something. Perhaps, she suggests, you should have extra cheese on the entire pizza and have the other ingredients on a quarter of the pizza each so they each get their 'own' part of the pizza.

...You're suddenly nervous. When Mima gets like this, it's never usually good, but...

You can't actually see how this could come to inconvenience you.

"...Welll..." You waver, just on principle, but... "...I guess we could."

"Well then." You hear a booming, friendly voice behind you suddenly speaks up, announcing O'Dailley has arrived behind you, "So then, that's the large five topping pie, extra cheese all over and with mushrooms, pineapples, Amalfitian Spicy Sausage and Black Olives each on their own fourth. I can't go putting Qualots on the pizza, but I'll make some berry smoothies for ya if that's what you're keen on." He writes it all down on his notepad, the pen looking rather comically small in his hand.

"...I suppose that's right." You manage not to die as the large man appears out of nowhere, and agree. "I think that's what we've decided on, all around."

"Aye, I'll have that out to you in...seven minutes." O'Dailley informs you before tucking the notepad and pen away, "Ye'll enjoy this one for sure, I promise you that!" He tells you as he departs, hurrying off to the kitchen with a grace a massive, burly man would not usually possess, to your knowledge.

Your girls however are currently talking all in a tizzy over the apparent berry smoothies they're going to be getting. All of them are excited, even Reisen to some degree. Are berries really that big of a deal?

"...Sooo." You try. "Berries. They're...good?"

All the girls let out sighs of pleasure that come in varying degrees of exaggeration. Mima's the one who steps up and explains though.

Berries, she says, are a lot like naturally growing touhoumon treats. At least, some of them are. There are certain berries in the world that would be poisonous or inedible to a human, but are perfect snacks and meals for touhoumon because they're amazingly rich in nutrients and things touhoumon need to be healthy, happy and hyper.

"...Hyper, huh." You grin, shaking your head. "Well, I'm glad it's something you're so excited for." You smile at them. "I'm always happy to see you happy." ...That might have been somewhat less cheesy in your head. Even if it's true.

Mima giggles, suggesting something rather crass to you after your statement, though she means it in jest, this time, you are certain. Youmu actually flushes at the suggestion and covers her mouth, muttering a quiet 'my word' exclamation. Yukari licks her lips and her gaze narrows and Reisen...

...Reisen is folding a paper napkin into an origami bear.

You sigh, the long-suffering sigh of someone who has had to put up with Mima for a long, long time.

"Really, Mima..."

She grins at you widely, like a particularly proud deviant who knows she is getting under your skin and doing a wonderful job of it. At least there's one thing you're happy about, and that is that Mima is treating you normally now and not doing things out of a sense of revenge or malice, but of her just being...her.

...Reisen is currently making another origami animal, and while you weren't paying attention she had made a tiger to fight her bear and they're locked in a paper struggle.

As always, Reisen's skills with origami are awe-inspiring.

"How do you even do that...?"

Reisen pauses, looking to you as she finishes the Lion she is working on and sets it down to join the fight. She seems to consider how to explain and then picks up several napkins this time and holding them up to show you what she's doing. Her hands twitch and then blur into movement and you watch as the napkins are folded and bend and fused together rapidly.

They take shape and become a...dog? Why did she need that many napkins for just one dog?

Reisen sets the dog down on the table near the lion, bear and tiger and then taps it once on the head, making the dogs body fall apart and change to reveal it wasn't a dog at all the entire time, but rather...

...mimic octopus!

...That. "...How." It's almost plaintive, the question of someone far too far out of their depth. "...That didn't even make any sense. I don't get it..."

Reisen reaches out and calmly pats your hand soothingly as you watch the octopus, bear and lion all struggle for papery dominance with each other. This is just...you don't even...

"Here's your smoothies~." Kochi interrupts your mental breakdown by leaning into you in a decidedly friendly manner and setting down several glasses of oddly colored smoothie in front of the girls, and then something different in front of you. She winks at you with a grin on her face, "You can't eat the fruit they're having, so I made you something..." She pauses for a moment, as though choosing her words. "...special." She finishes with her grin growing a bit wider.

"Thanks!" You reply. She was thinking of you! How nice. It would have been kind of disappointing to have had the smoothies come out for everyone else, just to find out you can't have that fruit. You would have been thirsty. You pull it closer, to give it a taste. What could she have made you?

...It's a milkshake, and it is very good. In fact, it's positively delicious. It tastes like chocolate, but it's not overpoweringly so and the milkshake itself has a taste beyond chocolate. All in all it's pretty good.

All around you, your girls are sipping at their drinks themselves. Mima is sipping on her smoothie while keeping a speculative eye on the Komachi looming over you like a buxom vulture and Youmu is busy looking positively astounded at the taste and flavor of her shake, her eyes and mouth both wide open.

Yukari has somehow acquired a swirly straw that fills you with even and is sucking up the drink through that while mutter unkind things about show offs. Reisen...

Reisen has apparently taken in her smoothie all in one go, and is now working on paper again. Wait, the entire smoothie all at once? That would have surely given her brainfreeze, but she's not showing any signs of it as she works on her latest creation...

"Mm!" You're quite in favour of this....chocolate milkshake? Maybe? Well, you like it. "It's good! Thank you!" You take another sip.

"Very good."

Kochi just grins, but you hear the bellowing voice of O'Dailey.

"Kochi! Stop teasing the lad and get in here to help me with this pizza!"

Kochi just sighs dramatically and sashays off, waving goodbye to you as she goes with a waggle in her hips that draws your attention,

"See you later, little boy."

...You can feel various gazes on you from your table. Mima is staring at you, eyes locked in an unamused state. Youmu is glancing at you and then back at the table, somehow deflating a little bit and murmuring about junk in trunks and boots with no loot and you don't really know what she's talking about.

Yukari's simply amused and smirking. Reisen...

...Reisen has finished her next addition and adds a giant spider to the fight going on on the table. The spider grapples with the mimic octopus who is grappling the bear and tiger. It's very dramatic.

You're not entirely sure what, exactly, just happened, but...somehow, you get the impression you did something wrong. You sigh.

And thus you're left with the girls as you wait. A pleasing, amazing aroma assaults your senses as you see something huge leave the kitchen. That...can't be your pizza right? I mean it's too big and-oh no, he's carrying it right to you! O'Dailey sets the humongous platter down right in the middle of your table, practicedly missing Reisen's animal fight.

This thing...it's huge!

"And here you are my boy!" O'Dailley has a grin on his face as she claps his hands off, "Fresh and ready to fill yer belly! You just give a holler if you need anything else, aye?"

"Y-yeah." You can't help but stare. That's...that's the pizza? That...You're totally not going to be able to finish. Not even all five of you.

"You enjoy now!" O'Dailley takes his leave, headed back to the kitchen and leaving you with this monster of a pizza.

...You find yourself once more the target of four inquisitive gazes, all watching you like hawks watch their prey and waiting for something. Waiting to see just what slice you go for first, and whose tastes you confirm as best.

...this could be a problem.

[ ] Sausage
[ ] Olives
[ ] Pineapple
[ ] Mushrooms


It's, uh. Been awhile, huh?
Well, here you go. In between my bouts of unemployment and doctors, we've managed to produce this for you.
No. 175749
-[X] Can't play favorites. Eat equal amounts of each topping.
No. 175751
No. 175753

Holy crap, it updated. Welcome back!
No. 175757

No. 175761

haha, my favorite shota molestation story is back!
No. 175763
Komachi boobmonster milkshake, oh dear.


Is there even a choice here?
No. 175764


Also nice to see you back, don't worry we understand life can kick you in the balls when you least expect it.
No. 175770
Not sure if that's the case but she is quite flirty (Mons are weak against shota), but it makes me wish the girls would evolve soon, but I'm enjoying this sort of pace.

>seven minutes

I think they already passed. Is the Dai story going to get updated next?

[x] Multi-Slice eating

Two-fisted pizza eating, aw yeah.
No. 175771

Hooray! Does this mean we're going to get more Champion's Journey too?
No. 175791
No. 175800
Bread, I have missed you and this story so much.
I missed the naive Nebosa, and his odd ability to understand what his chibis are saying.
I missed Mima's playfulness, Reisen's quite prowess, and their dynamic.
I missed how Yukari's wise but lazy.
I missed Youmu's youthful eagerness.
As much as I like Zeke's story there's just too much smut and smut-y undertone. This story is more comedic in nature and its just so refreshing!

Oh right, voting. Nebosa has this coming.

No. 175817
ideally I think the two stories would run creating a balance of sorts.

Still hoping to see more Champion's journey update (and possibly some more Dai/Sittas bonding)
No. 175831

Cut out the middle and eat from all four at the same time! No, that's a terrible idea.
No. 175837
No. 175841
[ ] Multi-slice eating?!

Oh-ho, so that's why this was considered such a massively important, nigh-monumental decision~ His girls picking the pizza toppings in a subtle setup of a devious trap to see who he really favors! Will he be able to escape it?

Probably not, but the results will be amusing anyway.
No. 175845

Sometimes I start to wonder who has dibs on him first when they all inevitably evolve.

...Hmm, that does make me wonder why are all of Nebosa's Chibis less lewd in general than those Shiny Prismrivers(not counting the effect of Zeke's mother's training)
No. 175846
I have a question, are all the 4 Touhoumon stories happening around the same time, like within a month or two of each other? Are they contemporary to each other or are there some that start several years earlier before the others?
No. 175851
Different primary writers, different preferences, I imagine.

Also it's gotta be Reisen.
No. 175852
Mima and Reisen have been with him for a long time and perhaps causing them to wait to make a move

Youmu was a normally caught one and Yukari likely similar.

It was also said that Zeke is extra appealing to mon. Odds are once they evolve I think Nebrosa is going to get tenderly loved one way or another.

I must note that Bread's side of things seem lighter on the MGQ elements than SLDT's.
No. 175854
...Can we handfeed Reisen or something?
I'd like to do that, it'd be nice.
No. 175868
No. 175871

Well, if I had to put in my two cents on the matter it would be because the foundation of the relationship between Nebosa and his mons and Zeke and his Prismrivers are different.

Nebosa likely obtained his girls in a more conventional manner than Zeke did, and as a result is an example of a more typical relationship between a trainer and his mons. Or at the very least an example of a good, stable relationship.

Zeke met his girls in an extremely unconventional manner and recruited them in an equally unconventional way. They most likely reason lewdness permeates their relationship is because he set the framework down based on sex and trust. As a result, they're looser with each other in terms of naughty things and the Chibi Prismrivers saw no reason to wait if he was willing then.


Hey, don't forget that Nob helps us run those stories. Without him neither Zeke's story nor Nebosa's could even exist.
No. 178734
Your eyes dart around the table. ...You're trapped, and you know it. This. Is not exactly a situation that's easy to get out of. Only one path lies open before you. Only one thing that you can really do. You look down upon the pizza, sitting there, taunting you. And you reach out, with both hands.

You can feel those eyes boring into you, each carrying a different emotion, but all focused solely and intently on you as your hands creep closer to the pizza. Such a delicious, impressive looking thing being so threatening just isn't right, but because of this situation...all you can do is see the pizza as a threat, a blade hanging over your head as the thread slowly wears more and more thin.

Mima's face has a slight smile with a vaguely cocerning glint in her eyes, confident that you'll pick hers. Youmu looks at you worriedly, her hands worrying each other all the while. What's got in her such a fuss...? Reisen stares in your general direction, more at your ribs than your face. Still, you know she's watching to see what you do to. And Yukari...

...Yukari is staring right at you, looking slighlty flushed and holding either of her hands on her cheeks. She seems to be enjoying your reaction to this dreadful situation you've found yourself in. At least one of you is having fun...?

With each hand, you sieze the pizza, two slices to a hand. Each of the toppings is represented, as you stack the pizzas together. You look around the table. This is what they've done. This is their doing. You make brief eye contact with each of them. And then you take a bite.

...You...you regret this decision, even though you know you have to go through with it. There are many reasons for this regret, but there are two foremost. The first is that the pizza itself is amazing and delicious, and through the unfortunate tragedy of the different slices competing and covering up each others flavors you can taste the amazing, wonderful quality of the food beneath it. Homecooked, with a manly love for one's fellows. Secondly, it's amazingly delicious but very filling. Even after just taking that one bite of the four slices...!

Their reactions though, they make it more worthwhile. You can't help but feel proud of that look of respect and faint awe on Mima's face. She never expected you to be capable of this, and now she's seen you in a whole new light. Youmu looks like she's worried for a whole new reason now, but at least she's not fretting over being the unfavorite anymore. Reisen is...while she's still Reisen, but her ear twitches suggest that she is both slighlty impressed and vaguely annoyed.

Yukari...is exceedingly pleased. You guess you made a good decision...?

You carefully school your features as you set the pizza down.

"...Well?" You ask. "Dig in." you indicate the pizza. You'll...you'll take your next bite in just a minute. ...yeah.

Your girls all look at each other...and then promptly share a collective shrug and do so, with each of them going for their own flavors as shtey proceed to demonstrate that objects really can be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside as they put away all that pizza in their own way. Mima wolfs hers down aggressively and eagerly, making only a cursory effort to keep up table decorum as she does so. Youmu is slow and careful in how she eats, actually using a fork and knife and seeming like she might stop with just one slice before Mima steps in and encourages her to have more, egging the swordswomen mon on and getting her to do so, something you have to appreciate her doing given what you've picked up about Youmu. Reisen is carefully nibbling her way throug hers, her ear wiggling in a show of her appreciation for the food as she does so. Yukari is blissfully and happily chewing away at her food, her eyes a bit glazed over as if she's in a happy place


She must really like pizza, huh?

...Impressed, you watch them eat, taking a moment to nibble at some of the pizza you took. You'd feel really guilty if you had to let it go unfinished, but...

You can't help but imagine what O'Dailey would look like if you left your pizza unfinished. Could you bear seeing such a sight, the great and burly man looking so disappointed?

You certainly could not. You nibble a little more at your pizza, but. So filling...

Somehow...somehow, slowly but surely you manage to nibble your way towards victory and they end. Even if your body starts to falter, even if your stomach starts to submit, you don't stop until you've eater enough of it to say that you enjoyed it all and don't like crusts as an excuse...!

Eventually you manage to make it, reaching a reasonable amount of pizza eaten so as to avoid tarnishing the golden spirit of O'Dailey and not seem rude after he's been so kind to you.

Thankfully, your girls manage to polish off the rest of the food on the table themselves, each looking satisfied in their own way.

You feel full and bloated, but glad that you could finish.It only hurts a little bit. YOu can...you can take this much!

You feel a hand suddenly drop down on your shoulder as a boisterous, manly voice laughs, "Waaahahahaha! Ya sure do like my cookin', don't you my boy?" O'Dailey is exceedingly pleased that you ate as much as you did, "Hah, liked it so much you stuffed yourself too full for dessert? I sure hope not!"

"...Dessert?" You squeak. It is a small, pitiful sound, of the sort made by only those who have seen the death of all hope. ....there's...there's more food.....

Mima lights up like the sky on a clear night at the mention of dessert, Youmu beside her looking rather intrigued with the statement as well though she is far more reserved in her reaction. Reisen's ears twitch, and already you can see vissions of carrot cake in her eyes. Yukari...merely licks her lips, looking hungry once more. Oh dear...

"Gaahahaha! If ye can't eat any more my boy, just say so! Ain't no shame in being stuffed after a meal like that, I promise you." O'Dailley maks you feel a bit better with his assurances. He's not lying, is he...?

"W-well, then." You relax a hair, almost able to smile. "...In that case..." You couldn't have managed it. Not at all. ...But, your girls sure seem to be ready for more...

They're all staring at you.

...It's up to you.

[ ] Man lives not on cakes alone...
No. 178735

Just because we're full doesn't mean the others can't have cake.
No. 178736
Glad to see a return of this, even if it's probably not a lasting return!


Like there was any other choice.
No. 178737
We don't have to eat our portion of the cake. Just put our portion in a doggy bag for takeout. When you don't finish all the food, the restaurants just throw it away, from what I remember.
No. 178738

They can have our portions. Or we can take ours home or something.
No. 178742
No. 178749

Well, its not like we have to eat alongside them....PERHAPS

Anyway, nice to see you back! How is it going nowadays?

Also, hmm, I was imagining...a different sort of cake, oh well
No. 178756

Looks like we're out bread, only one thing to do.
No. 178774
No. 179014

A man knows when they've met defeat. Fold gracefully young sir.
No. 182280

You...you just can't bring yourself to refuse them. You've really got no excuse, either, beyond 'but I'll be sick'. They deserve their desserts. They've all earned them, with their hard work and good behaviour. So...let them eat cake.

"Well...none for me, but...they seem like they'd enjoy something sweet." You say, a little reluctantly.

"Oh, yer sure that you can't stomach anything more, boy?" O'Dailley asks, giving you a speculative look, "Yer a growing boy after all, ya need to eat enough to put meat on your bones...like me!" The big man laughs and pays his belly with his large, muscular arms.

Your girls, meanwhile, are all looking over the menu with renewed interest as you make their opportunity known to them. Mima especially has a wide, eager grin on her face as she specifically looks towards where you know the fancy cakes belong. Thank goodness you're not paying for this.

"I'm sure, I'm sure." You'd laugh, too, but your queasiness at the thought of more food makes that a bit difficult. "Girls? Do you know what you'd like?" You're always so surprised at how they eat, even though you really should be used to a Touhoumon's appetite by now.

Mima hops up and quickly begins to gesticulate to a dish called 'Megadeath Suicide by Quadra Chocolate'. You don't even know what that means, but you're intimidated. Even O'Dailley looks a touch unnerved, glancing at you as if to get your approval.

You eye Mima for a moment.

"Are....you sure about that? It looks kind of...." There's not exactly words, for it, but.

Mima nods, eyes wide is excitement and determination and sparkling with the hopes and dreams of an entire nation.

Or, at least her hope and dreams. Not that she doesn't HAVE an excess of hopes and/or dreams, but to call it an entire nation's worth seems a bit excessive. ...Maybe.

Reisen, meanwhile, settles for a carrot cake.

"Youmu?" You prompt, knowing that Yukari's certainly fully capable of deciding on sweets on her own, and needs no encouragement. "What would you like?"

Youmu sort of hops in her seat as you call for her, attention snapping towards you before she glances back towards the menu and then back to you, seemingly unsure about something.

"Yes?" You ask, leaning a bit closer. "What's wrong?"

Youmu shifts in her chair, glancing between the menu and you before speaking up tentatively, asking if it's really okay for her to order what she wants.

"Anything." You smile. "Don't worry about it - this is for you guys, after all."

She seems to be hesitant for just a bit longer before she turns her menu around and points to her choice. A picture of a positively delectable slice of apple pie with a perfectly flaky crust and a dollop of vanilla ice cream sitting on top of it greets you. You can see Youmu somewhat nervously peering around the side of her menu, as if she's still unsure.

It's almost too cute - and you don't think you've ever been as angry at That Guy as you are right now. Still, you smile.

"Of course." You reassure her, "That looks very good."

Youmu smiles brightly and gesticulates to the picture of her choice while chattering somewhat happily about her choice to a nodding O'Dailley, "Ah, you'll love that for sure! It's me mother's mother's recipe, brought over from Eagleland itself ya know." The big boisterous man smiles fondly at the bit of family history he reveals.

It seems like a lot of the stuff in his restaurant comes from old family recipes doesn't it?

You turn your gaze to Yukari, the last one deliberating over her choice. Frankly, you're surprised she hasn't already ordered half the menu, or some ridiculous fruit parfait.

Yukari stares at you with the undue smugness of someone who knows they're doing something that's specifically going to bug the heck out of someone else as she gestures to the Fruit Parfait and informs you she wants the one with all the fruit on it.

Her eyes narrow just a bit as she takes in your reaction.

Man, sometimes it almost seems like she's reading your mind, somehow. Just goes to show, though - you totally know what to expect from her. She's getting almost....predictable.

Yukari shrugs, letting out a little puff to tell you that she doesn't really care if you think she's predictable. In the end, she just really likes sweets and fruit.

As O'Dailley looks down at his notepad to write down the order she'd pointed to, her smile becomes just a touch unsettling as she suggests that she still has plenty of ways and times to surprise you.

You cough, a bit awkwardly. Right, well.

"And that'll be all for us." You tell O'Dailley - having no interest in exploding, you certainly aren't going to order any dessert for yourself. That would be a waste, really, and even worse since you can't take the leftovers - where would you even keep them?

"Aye lad. I'll have this all out for ya in a bit, don't ya worry!" O'Dailley informs you with great cheer, "Now, you all have fun and relax, and if ya need anything else just go ahead and call for Kochi, aye?"

"We will, right girls?" You smile around the table, leaning back in your seat. This meal was really wonderful - spending time with everyone together peacefully like this, enjoying yourselves... this is the best.

Your girls all chirp an affirmative at your prodding, getting O'Dailley to take his leave and head back into the kitchen. As the door swing girls all chirp an affirmative at your prodding, getting O'Dailley to take his leave and head back into the kitchen. As the door swings shut behind him, you feel a sudden pressure as your girls all eye each other. Mima smirks, her eyes half-lidded at her fellows as she suggests that she's sure you'll enjoy trying a bite of her dessert the most.

Oh no.

"Aha. Um. I'm uh, not so sure I'll be trying anyone's dessert...." You protest, a little nervously, "I'm quite full. Stuffed, in fact. Fit to burst, frankly. Not in any condition to be, ah, munching."

You can feel the pressure of their stares.

Well, except for Reisen who's just sort of looking at the table.

Even so, the guilt they're piling on you won't prevail, though! You can't, absolutely can't eat anything else! You've already overeaten pretty heavily after all, actually eating an entire meal at O'Dailley's portion sizes - there's no way you could stomach dessert.

The corner of Mima's lips start to droop as she stares at you, those wide eyes so deeply hurt at your actions. Yukari simply watches you and smiles just a touch, as you feel a cold sweat start to develop. Youmu though...she just looks sort of upset, but like she's trying to hide it but isn't very good at hiding it.

"N-no, really." You say, seriously worried now, "I'll be sick. It'd be a waste, after all. You girls enjoy your desserts - that's enough for me."

Mima's look begins to get to you as she mumbles if it would really be so bad if you just tried a lick. Yukari's smile continues to grow. Youmu tries to defend you and get the others to back off back off the pressure since you don't want their sweets.

Reisen stares at the ceiling.

You close your eyes. You're obviously meant to suffer. That's apparently your purpose.

"Welllll..." You draw it out, reluctantly. "Mayyybe just a lick. But no more than that. Maybe." You don't open your eyes. If you don't witness their victory, is it even your loss?

The excited cheer of Mima and a quiet sigh of relief from Youmu reach your eyes, and you can hear a tittering in your head at your defeat. Surely, this is defeat as well.

You feel a gentle hand pat you on the back. Reisen supports you even now, apparently.

Ah, well. Such are the trials of a trainer.


You groan. That was a mistake - a horrible, horrible mistake. You just know your girls are probably laughing at you, too, for ending up like this, but....

You're not some kind of bottomless pit, like them! You have limits! And you've pretty clearly gone past them. Head resting on the table, you wait to die. Or at least, for your stomach to stop being so overfull so you can leave without any events.

Surprisingly, you can actually feel your girls hovering around you as well as hear them conversing quietly. Youmu is expressing concern for your condition and trying to decide whether they should simply take you to the doctor or call for emergency assistance, and Mima is trying to calm her down and assure her that this isn't the first time you've ended up like this and that it is just stomach trouble.

Reisen is gently rubbing your back and helping you feel just a bit less pain and tension, and Yukari is resting on your head, her soft pressure somehow being soothing.

It's a little nice, to have them all concerned about you like this. You work a weak smile on your face as you - carefully, carefully - sit up.

"Alright, I'm alright." You say, a little strained. "I just need to walk it off, I guess." You look around your group. The plates are clean and the food was free, so.... You guess, it's just time to leave?

Youmu looks upset to the point of tears being in the corners of her eyes, and Mima is patting her on the back while giving you a look of mild concern herself. Reisen continues to rub your back with her eyes looking somewhere behind you. Yukari continues to rest on your head.

You hear a clink as a small glass is set down on the table in front of you, "Here lad, drink this. It'll chase away your troubles fer sure." O'Dailley's voice is thoughtfully kept low. The glass in front of you is vaguely orange and a fairly clear liquid. You can see the occasional bit of something in it, but it doesn't really look gross. The smell of it is rather sharp though.

"Oh!" How does he keep doing that. "Um, thank you." You bob your a head a little, before picking up the glass. You give it a sniff. Well, it's sharp, but it's not...terrible?

You drink it, trusting in O'Dailley. He wouldn't lead you wrong!

As the liquid passes your lips you find that the drink is very sharp, and has a mild burny-tingly feeling to it. It tastes like...mint and something fruity, and a few other tastes you can't identify. It's not bad by any means, but you find that you have a bit of trouble with the first swallow as that burny-tingly feeling goes all the way down your throat.

You cough, a bit, on the burn, unfamiliar with it.

"W...what," Cough, "What is this, anyway?" You blink, rapidly, as your eyes water up at the unfamiliar sensations.

"It's an old family recipe!" O'Dailley informs you with a wide grin, "It's the same thing I take when my stomach gives me trouble, or when I have a headache, or when my sinuses are clogged. It's made with an assortment of fruit, a touch of honey, a few other bits and gubbins, and spirit."

"I...see." You don't. "It sounds like....something." You're not exactly sure what it sounds like, to be honest, but it's almost certainly something. You grit your teeth, and finish it, taking a breath here and there to cough. It's a very....O'Dailley sort of drink, you think.

...You also find that your pain and misery are fading away! You feel better! Truly, this drink is a miracle.

...You also feel a little bit warm.

"Now, don't go making me give you too much, aye? A touch here and there is fine, but a boy your age should be a bit more careful! A boy your age may be growin' still, but ya sure don't want to grow a belly like mine!" O'Dailley laughs boisterously as he pats his apron clad stomach.

"D-don't worry." You give him a bit of a sickly smile, but it's better than before, at least, "I'd rather not need to, honestly." It's not exactly pleasant, after all. "But, um, thank you for everything." You can't help but feel he's done too much for you, really, feeding you for free, helping you here, everything.

"Yer more than welcome lad. Like I said, I liked ya the first moment I heard about what ya did. More over, I could tell from when I first set eyes on ya that you're a good lad, a honest to goodness nice boy from what Kochi said as well." O'Dailley kneels down now so he's on your eye level, "It's the least I could do to look out for ya some in a world like this. Now, I'm not sure where yer goin' next, but you be sure to be careful and come back when ya can, aye? Too many good lads like you have gone out and never come back."

"Ah, well...." You're not really sure how to respond - first the praise, then the concern... You're not used to it, either of them, and it makes you a little unfortable. Not in a bad way, just....you're not sure how to reply. "...Thank you." You end up repeating, awkwardly, "Um, don't worry. The girls will take care of me." You're a little bolstered by the reminder.

"Just be careful lad." O'Dailley puts a hand on your shoulder and you feel a bit bolstered by it. It's...a nice feeling, "Now, if'n you need any advice 'bout where you're going, you go ahead and ask O'Dailley, yeah? Otherwise, get on out of here and have some fun. You're only young once!"

"Haaah..." It's always whiplash, talking to O'Dailley. "Well, I was planning to head out for the Scarlet Devil Mansion, not far from here..." You fidget, a bit. Well, it's really the only place left to go investigate, since there's no way you're going to go investigate another potential Anomaly right after the whole Ghost Town debacle. "If you knew anything about it that might help, I'd be grateful..."

"Hmmmm? Hmmm..." O'Dailley looks thoughtful at that, "Well, I can't say I know much about it lad. I don't rightly recall just when it was found, but there was a real tizzy about it because it was so close to town. Those sortsa places shouldn't be within that few klicks of town. It's not even a days walk out really, 'slong as you don't stay fer too long. Other than that...from what I've heard scuttlebutt wise, they're pretty calm and sedate out thatta ways, supposedly. At the very least, I don't think that men who go there disappear for forever too much. Though..." He frowns a touch as he continues, "Some of 'em keep goin' back like a pup given his first taste of sugar."

Across the table you can hear Mima snickering under her breath as she bends over slightly. Yukari appears to be somewhat amused as well.

"So, it's really close, and pretty peaceful?" You nod, brightening up. That's what those guys in the Touhoumon Center said! There's no possible way this one could go worse than that ghost town, after all! You find yourself looking forward to the trip. People hardly ever disappear there, even (Forever, at least, which is something)! "Great! Thank you, again!"

"Of course lad!" O'Dailley gives you another of his big smiles and a nod of his head, "Happy to help! You come back any time you want, yeah? Maybe next time I might even let you pay!" He pats you on the back again in a firm, manly way and laughs uproariously at his own joke.

"I would like that." You smile at him, sincerely, "Next time, I'll pay for my meal for sure." Gathering up your girls to go is the work of a moment, and then you head out, your destination in mind - a good walk helps the digestion, after all, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion's just outside of town - it's perfect.


It's exciting, really. Soon, you'll get to see the Scarlet Devil Mansion - they're supposed to be pretty impressive. And this one has strange variant Touhoumon! They're even friendly! Well. 'Unusually docile,' but that's the same thing, right?

Reisen is walking on your right, by your side and with a small bit of distance between the two of you. Her ears are perked up and occasionally seem to twitch about as if they're trying to hear something.

Mima flutters about ahead of you, dashing about to try and find something that will hold onto her interest for a while, and failing to find anything that does so so far. Still, it's kind of cute to watch her little ghost tail wiggle as she zips back and forth past you.

Yukari is sleeping on your head peacefully. You can hear her mumble something sometimes, but you can't quite catch it since it's under her breath.

Youmu has taken up the rear guard of your formation, and is walking behind you with a positively adorable look of seriousness on her face as one hand rests on her sword and the other hanging by her side. Like the grim, determined samurai that she is her gaze is as sharp as her steel as she looks about for a threat or brigand of some sort.

Youmu's adorable, you reflect, as you travel. She takes her 'job' so seriously, it almost makes you want to just pinch her cheeks. Mima probably will at some point, though, she's kind of silly like that. While you travel, though, you'll have to content yourself with watching Mima's wiggly little ghost tail. It's awfully cute, and it lets you make sure Mima doesn't do something that you'll regret! It's win-win!

As you watch Mima's ghost tail wriggle around inside of a bush that she dove into for some reason, you also get to see her pop out of it with a triumphant expression of glee on her face as she brings what she found to you. It's...

...Oh hey this is a great ball! You've only seen pictures and stuff of these!

"Wow!" You turn the ball over a few times, taking your time to look at this new discovery Mima has made. "How do you keep finding things like that?" You shake your head, "It's kind of impressive." You think you'll probably keep the great ball, if only for the novelty value - it's pretty neat-looking, after all.

Mima puffs up with pride once again. Yeah, she is pretty great isn't she? Strong, Beautiful, Smart and talented! Really, you're lucky to have someone like her with you, you know?

Reisen points a finger at a spot in the brush with her thumb up and you hear terrified squeals and the sound of somethings retreating back deeper into the forest. Her hand drops back down to her side and then she turns to stare at your hip.

"...How did you even know they we-" You cut yourself off, eying her big rabbit ears. "...Right. Nice job!" You grin at her, and give her a pat on the head. She's earned it. You turn your gaze to the map on your tablet, curious as to how much farther you have to go.

Reisen's ears waggle as you pat her head, even as she keeps up her neutral face. She's happy though, that's for certain. It's just like her to do that though.

...As you check your map, it looks like you're pretty close to the misty lake that was mentioned to you. You just need to go around that and get to the mansion itself.

"Not much farther!" You inform the girls, cheerfully. "We just need to go around the lake up ahead, and we're there!" It's exciting! Your destination's almost in sight! The end of (this leg of) your journey is growing nearer. You can't wait to see the Mansion and meet some of the Touhoumon that live there!

Ahead of you, a Misty Lake appears in a break in the trees! It's...

...really freaking misty. Like you're having trouble seeing anything at this point, seriously. This is kind of ridiculous.

Around you, Reisen and Youmu shift, both of them taking in the area around you with more intensity as you feel Yukari stir on your head. Even Mima shifts closer to you and stops wandering around as she begins to tap her staff lightly against the palm of her hand while she stares out into the mist.

"Huh." You're impressed. "As expected of a Misty Lake." They wouldn't call it that for no reason! "Let's all be careful not to get split up." You announce, "It would be hard to find each other again, and someone might fall into the lake or something."

Mima grabs onto your collar to make sure you won't get lost, as she explains it with a smug smirk. Reisen is twitching her ears as she takes the forward position and you hear Youmu set up behind you again. You can also hear her fiddling with her sword.

Yukari is on your head still, but you think she's awake.

...Is it just you or is it a bit colder?

You don't mind, though - a bit of a nip in the air is quite pleasant, really, as long as it's not too cold. You start humming as you resume walking, making your way around the lake, taking care not to get too close to the shore - you don't want to get wet or fall in.

Your girls move along with you, Reisen guarding your front and Youmu guarding your rear as you make your way down the path beside the misty lake. But...you'd swear you can feel that chill trying to creep up on you more as Mima keeps a hand on your collar and has herself between you and the lake.

...The fog's getting a little bit thicker isn't it-

"Aaaaahahahahaha! You've activated my trap!" A boisterous voice calls out from the fog, continuing the laugh after she's declared that she has taken you for a ruse cruise, "Now, give up, or I'll chill you and your friends to the bone-WAH!" That scream comes from a wave of pressure that washes over you from a point over your head and expands outwards, pushing back the mist and revealing...

...A Cirno!

"...I see! You're smarter than you look...but that's not that hard I guess." The Cirno shifts her expression of shock into one of cockiness as she buffs her nails on her dress, "Even if you pushed back the mist, I'll just freeze all of you unless you turn him over!"

Reisen very quietly flexes and unflexes her knuckles as she cricks her neck, staring in the general direction of the Cirno from underneath her bangs. Mima's tapping her staff against her shoulder while smiling unsettlingly at the Cirno, and still has her other hand on your collar.

A whisper of steel on sheath comes from behind you as the Youmu draws her sword and takes what you assume to be a very aggressive stance as she stares down the Cirno, edging towards the water slightly to better put herself into position to protect you.

...You feel Yukari move and hear a quiet snap as she unfolds what seems to be a small fan that she's holding in front of her face.

...Oh. It looks like everyone is all fired up.


[ ] It seems violence is inevitable, so you'll...
[ ] Ask Reisen to end it quickly!
[ ] Let Mima take out some aggression on someone besides you!
[ ] Ask Yukari if she'd like to give it a try.
[ ] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!

[ ] Surely, there's some way we can talk our way out of this!

[ ] {Write In}

At last, after six months I am finally free (to post)! It's time to take over /th/!
No. 182281
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!

Are you planning on continuing Champion's Journey?
No. 182282

Yes, we're working on it right now actually. I'll be doing everything I can to try and at least get one update a week out for each of them with Bread now that some things have changed for us.
No. 182283
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!

It has returned!
No. 182284
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!

It's either a x2 advantage or x4 depending on whether Cirno's Ice/Flying or Ice/Fairy. Either way the gardener mon's probably going to ruin the fairy's day.
No. 182289
[X] Whip out your fancy dex to see if anything's out of the ordinary while Youmu mulches her.

Still have a job to do.
No. 182290
Does fairy in this work like it does in X and Y?
No. 182292
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
[x] Use the Dex
No. 182294
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
[x] Use the Dex
No. 182302
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
[x] Use the Dex

I hope Youmu won't hurt the Cirno too badly.
No. 182303
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
[x] Use the Dex

That's kind of hard to do, after all, you can Hyper Beam or use some super-overkill move on any mon and they will just faint without fail
No. 182306
Seriously, does fairy work here like it does there?
No. 182310

Yes, Fairy Type is in play. There was a discussion between people who are doing Montouhoumon, and after a touch of rabble rousing and grumping about, we decided to make Fairy Type its own thing. Various bits of information about it becoming its own thing will be revealed over time, and should give you valuable insight into just how this world works on deeper levels.
No. 182312
So, to be perfectly clear, it's not going to work like it does in gen 6.
No. 182313

That is the opposite of what he said.
Fairy type is fairy type.
No. 182314
Really? It seemed a bit ambiguous to me.
No. 182318
[x] Use the dex
[x] Ask Yukari if she'd like to give it a try.

I wonder...
No. 182321
[ ] Ask Yukari if she'd like to give it a try.
No. 182325
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
Youmu should be more resistant to Cirno's amazing thermodynamic mastery
No. 182330
That's because it was an almost complete failure to answer the actual question (>>182290). "The Fairy type exists in MonTouhouMon" simply isn't sufficient to conclude whether it's the same as in X/Y.

And if that was deliberate, rather than a miscommunication -- you're not being clever. You're just being a dick.
No. 182338

Because, you know, there's been any other typing shenanigans. Watch out, maybe fire's weak to grass! After all, they haven't specifically said it works the same!

No type is safe!
No. 182339
Well, to be fair. Varient Touhou's can be a pain in the ass.

[x] Use the dex
[x] Ask Yukari if she'd like to give it a try.

Anyway, the fact that Yukari actually seems interested in this fight is kind of a miracle in and of itself.
No. 182351
[x] Let Youmu have this chance to show her stuff!
[x] Use the Dex
No. 182360
I'm going to call the votes here - it looks like Youmu is the fighter of choice, and you want to break out the technology.

We're solidly into autosage, so Thread Six will be up sometime soon.

2017, maybe?
No. 182421
Sorta interesting how there's a Misty Lake with the SDM. I guess we can figure out what a Touhoumon compound will be based upon the environment around it.
No. 182447

Next thread is here.
No. 182448
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