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16980 No. 16980
You walk out from pub with your friends, just slightly pissed. Yeah, it was a nice night, although you're not sure if you can remember all of it tomorrow.
While staggering towards your home you bump into one of your friends, almost pushing him to the street, after which you somehow lose your footing and go down. Damn it, did you fall in a manhole or what?

Doesn't look like it. When you finally land on your butt, you seem to be in a... Room? Pretty tidy one, too.
In front of you there's a blond woman wearing some kind of purple dress. She looks surprised but also amused.
"Oh my, didn't expect you to appear. Well, what's done is done." As she says this, she turns to leave and throws some clothes at you.
"I'd suggest that you change. After you're done, come to me."
And she walks out of the door, leaving you alone at the room. What's the correct course of action in this situation?

[] Change your clothes and follow the woman
[] Go after the woman without changing
[] Inspect the room

I'll give a go at this. But if you don't want another WuiG rip-off, I'll stop.

No. 16983
nah, dude, time to put as top to this...
WUiG and MiG are plenty. we also have GSQ as an in-between time killer
they all have different nature, but if you make more than one of the same- it gets boring.
No. 16984
[X] Change your clothes and follow the woman
there can nerver be enough clones
No. 16985
Yeah...too many is too many.
No. 16986

Eh, It's fine. GSQ just ended apparently, and this is a whole lot more readable. As long as OP shows common courtesy in keeping things condensed, I see nothing wrong here.

Stock write-in vote
[x] Breasts
No. 16989
[X] Change your clothes and follow the woman

Sure, why not? 3-4 is a good cap for these. It's a nice way to see different interpretations of characters (see: MiG's little sister Wriggle and *Scorn*'s fed up Wriggle).
No. 16990
[X] Change your clothes and follow the woman
No. 16991
[] Inspect the room

Now that Suppa Gensokyo is over I'd say it's fine that someone else steps up to the plate.

But this is kind of why I tucked my one away in /forest/. No one wants a front page covered in
"u wake up in gnsokyo lol"

Not that this reads like that, but the population need to stay low and spread out to stop this place being consumed.
No. 16993
I'll keep this in same topic until it drops down to... Let's say second or third page. That should keep it from being too cramped.

Also, four votes will decide what happens.
No. 16994
[X] Change your clothes and follow the woman

Speed run of this story!
No. 16995

I'd be fine with just keeping it in one thread as long as it's on the first page.
No. 16996
Sure, why not. If this is gonna turn out an interesting story all the better.

[] Change your clothes and follow the woman
No. 16997
No. 16998
File 120843099131.jpg - (76.63KB , 560x560 , Yukari Yakumo020.jpg ) [iqdb]
After wondering what to do, you decide to change. No reason not to, and your original clothes are a bit messy.
The ones that woman gave you seem like something civilians in east would've used few hundred years ago. They seem boring in contrast to her own colorful dress. But they are comfortable and easy to move in, so you don't really mind.

When you're done you follow the woman like she told you to.
After going through surprisingly long hallway, you arrive in Japanese style room where the woman you met earlier is sitting and talking with...
Is that a kitsune? The other woman has many tails, and hat that looks like it hides fox-ears under it. You are pretty sure that you're not drunk enough to see stuff like this.

While you're staring at her dumbfounded, the one in purple dress turns to you.
"Ah, so you changed! Good, that should make your life from now on a bit easier. Ran, could you..?" The kitsune stands up. "Of course, my lady." Well, now you know at least her name.
Ran walks to the drawer at the side of the room, and takes out something, and walks to you. She hands out a wallet.
"My lady has decided to give you 10,000 yen so that you can at least buy something to eat." After you take the wallet, you get a look at Ran's face. Unlike her lady who is smiling mischievously, Ran doesn't look amused at all. She then turns to her.
"Yukari, are you sure this is alright? You shouldn't interfere with outside world like this." Yukari sighs.
"Nothing has happened around here recently, and even sleeping gets boring after a while." She then turns to you. "Anything you want to say before starting your adventure?"

[] "Actually, I'd rather stay here."
[] "How about a kiss? For luck."
[] Turn to Ran. "Help?"
No. 16999
[ ] "Actually, I'd rather stay here."
No. 17000
[x] Turn to Ran. "Help?"
No. 17001
Shit might be slow since it's early morning. But I like your writing thus far.
No. 17002
Yeah, about that. I'm Eurofag, so I'll propably be around when MiG or WuiG aren't updating. Not that I'd write anything when Kira or GM are going on anyway.
No. 17003
I'm mostly saying that so you don't think, "oh, nobody is replying, they must hate it."
No. 17004
File 120843165445.jpg - (8.79KB , 215x164 , thegame.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "How about a kiss? For luck."
No. 17005
No. 17006

I rename almost everything I upload, just to see who's reading filenames.
No. 17008

It appears we are at an impasse. If I was a faggot, I'd vote again.
No. 17015
File 120843389432.jpg - (23.26KB , 400x400 , 1196465825373.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] "How about a kiss? For luck."

No. 17016

Kiss Ran
Ask Chen for help
Say you'd rather stay in Yukari
No. 17018
[X] "How about a kiss? For luck."

Delicious Yukari.
No. 17019

[X] "How about a kiss? For luck."

I will never get tired of harassing Yukari. Lighter shit like this are included.
No. 17021

Do it.
No. 17022

No. 17023
[] "How about a kiss? For luck."
No. 17024
File 120843580741.gif - (200.87KB , 384x238 , GEE IT SURE IS BORING AROUND HERE.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] "How about a kiss? For luck."
No. 17025
File 120843617133.jpg - (76.89KB , 562x592 , 1208313171709.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Turn to Ran. "Help?"

I want my 10% damn it!
No. 17027
Well, you're already in, so might as well make the best of it. You look at Yukari with smirk on your face. "How about a kiss? For luck."
Yukari laughs, while Ran doesn't really seem to care about your manners. "Hah, I like your attitude. Although I don't know if my kiss will help you or not."

Yukari doesn't get up, but waves her fan for a bit, and...
Suddenly your head is pulled somehow next to Yukari and before you know it, light kiss is planted on your cheek. You weren't expecting any kind of serious response. That was supposed to be a joke!
You stand there a bit dazed. Yukari seems to be enjoying herself. "Well then, adieu! I'll surely enjoy watching you."

You get the familiar feeling of falling, and suddenly you're not at Yukari's place anymore.
This time you can make more sense of what happens, as everything seems purple for a second. And there's lots of eyes. Everywhere.
This the fall is much more pleasant, as you're right on your feet, although you stagger for a bit. Maybe you should try to get used to it.

Quick look around you tells you that you're in a stairs leading to something that looks like a traditional Shinto-shrine.
As you let your gaze wonder in to the other way, you're happy that you didn't have to climb these stairs up.
The next course of action is obviously, obvious.
[] Go to the shrine.
[] Walk down the stairs.

Also, why the fuck is my imported Brawl running in 50hz mode? That doesn't make sense.
No. 17028
File 120843667298.jpg - (151.34KB , 640x480 , 1208305326956.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Go to the shrine.

Arm pits ahoy!
No. 17029
[x] Go to the shrine.

We got money. Might as well blow it all right away.
No. 17030
[x] Strike a pose
No. 17032
[x] Go to the shrine, look for the oni with infinite alcohol activated
No. 17034
>>We got money. Might as well blow it all right away.

[x] Go to the shrine.

This seems like a good idea to me
Fold it into paper air planes, and throw the bills at Reimu one by one.
No. 17035
File 120843767767.jpg - (73.80KB , 640x480 , 095.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to the shrine

Hakugyokurou, or is it

No. 17036
[x] Go to the shrine.

And beat Reimu.
No. 17038
[] Go to the shrine.
We've got 1 Man Yen. Auto Reimu Good End.
No. 17039
File 120843842564.gif - (29.33KB , 852x731 , roasuke.gif ) [iqdb]
First, we need to get that 10,000 yen bill exchanged for 10,000 1 yen coins. And then...
No. 17040
How much was it to rub her boobs again?
No. 17041
File 120843895946.jpg - (96.00KB , 481x496 , Tako_ten_thousand_miko_extra.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's irrelevant, since she doesn't have anything to rub.
No. 17042

So 20,000 for boob rubbing. WE have one million which is let's see. Fifty times that.

What does she give us then?
No. 17043

We have ten thousand. Half the necessary cash for a groping.
No. 17044
Damn I misread it the first time.

Rape it is then.
No. 17048
Yeah. It would be stupid to walk down, it's pretty obvious that Yukari wants you to go the shrine. You take the last steps, and walk through the gate.
The courtyard of the shrine is... Much messier than you imagined. There's fallen leaves scattered all over the place, and you can spot few empty bottles too.
There's two figures sitting at the porch or the shrine. Since there isn't really anything else of interest at the courtyard, you decide to go and greet them.

At the porch, there's a young orange-haired girl with horns sticking out of her head, and older green-haired woman dressed in dark clothes, that look like they'd be suited for exercising.
They're engaged in lively conversation.

As you get closer, the green-haired one seems to notice you. "A visitor? This is rare, why are you here?"
[] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."
[] "I came to make a donation"
[] "Never mind that, what are you talking about?"

Suddenly I notice that I lack pictures.
No. 17049
[X] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."
No. 17050
[X] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."
We'll make our donation in the Moriya shrine, because Sanae>Reimu
No. 17052
[x] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."
Where's my "I came for some brewskis" option?
No. 17053
[] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."

Who's got green hair? Mima?

Don't mention the money, these people will just mug us.
No. 17054
[x] "I came to bring the gun show to the ladies here." Begin flexing.
No. 17055

[x] I came to challenge you both to a drinking contest
No. 17056
[x] "Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here."
No. 17057
[x] "I came to make a donation"
Donations = love.
No. 17062
[X] "I came."
No. 17064
[] I came to make a donation

but only if it involves breast grabbing
No. 17068

[X] "Where`s Reimu, bitch?"
No. 17071
File 120844770263.jpg - (196.66KB , 640x480 , 37c3d64d48512d4275076805d39ae51c.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Oh, I just wanted to see what it's like in here." That's the truth really, since you didn't know anything about this place you just came to check it out.
"Oh, then you should probably wait for the miko to come back. As freeloaders we probably shouldn't show other strangers around our friend's place." Woman turns to look at girl who is busy drinking something out of big gourd.
"Right, Suika?"
"Yeah! Even thou' we're like this, we've got manners!"
"Uh, you look pretty young. Should you really be drinking?" Well, it looks like she's drunk. You can't help but to wonder if it is alright for girl of that age. Suika replies with cheerful laughter.
"HAHAHAHAA! Don' worry about it, don' worry about it! I'm older than I look!"
The other girl seems to be amused by this. "You're interesting person. Would you like to stay and drink with us?"

[] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
[] "Maybe some other time, I have to go."
[] "When will the shrine-maiden be back?"

Originally this part was supposed to be longer, but I figured that you'd want to choose.
No. 17072
[] "When will the shrine-maiden be back?"

No. 17074
[] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
No. 17075
[x] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
This better end with GHOST BLOWJOB WHOOO
No. 17079
[X] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
No. 17085
[X] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
get raped by mima and suika
No. 17086
[x] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"
No. 17093
[X] "Sure, I'd be happy to!"

No. 17117
File 120845434478.jpg - (305.04KB , 596x602 , 33c14588454fad7f04580213aa42eb54.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sure, I'd be happy to!" It's not like you have other places to go right now.
"Alright then, I'll go get a cup for you." The woman gets up and goes inside the shrine.
Now that you're alone with Suika you continue from where you left off.

"So, what exactly are you? I'd guess not a human, since you've got those horns sticking out of your head."
"I'm an Oni! You seriously haven't heard of my kind?" Suika doesn't look really pleased with you not knowing. Or maybe she's puzzled?
"Hmm, now that you mention it, I think I've heard something. Are there lots of Onis around here?"
Suika looks down. "No... I'm the last one. Everybody else left." Damn, now she's sad

The woman comes out of Shrine with few new sake bottles and a cup for you, but stops when she sees the situation in the porch.
"Suika? What happened?"
"Uh, nothing, Mima. I just started thinking about past.."
Mima looks at you, but apparently decides that it's not worth it to push the subject, and hands you the cup. "Come on, drink. We've been going at this for a while, and I'd like to see how much you can take."
You take a sip at the sake, and are surprised at the flavour. It's not really as bitter as you expected, and the taste of alcohol isn't that strong. But it's good.
"Tastes pretty nice, huh?" Mima is inspecting your reaction, and seems satisfied.

You continue to talk about menial thing, like how the local miko is total slacker and shrine not getting nearly any regular visitors.
Suddenly Mima looks at you "By the way, I don't think you introduced yourself yet. What's your name?"
[] "My name is Adahn."
[] "My name is not important."
[] "My name is... I can't remember it?"

And this is where I quit for tonight. Just noticed that Kira updated.
No. 17120
No. 17127

I see what you did there.
No. 17131
[x] "My name is Adahn."

It's okay, as long as we don't say it ten more times.
No. 17134
[x] "My name is... I can't remember it?"
Suddenly, amnesia! Out of fucking nowhere!
No. 17135
[X] "My name is Adahn."

It worked for that other nameless guy
No. 17142
[] "My name is... I can't remember it?"
No. 17162
[] "My name is Adahn."

I wonder what will happen when we fuck up and die.
No. 17180
[X] "My name is... I can't remember it?"
No. 17195
[X] "My name is not important."

Come on anon, let's be GAR all the way through for once.
Alternatively, I wonder what happens if Vodka gives us an Adahn choice 10 or so times...
No. 17198
I support this

[X] "My name is not important."
No. 17201
[X] "My name is Adahn."
No. 17203
[] "My name is Adahn."
No. 17208
[X] "My name is Adahn."
No. 17209
[] "My name is Anon."
No. 17221
[X] "My name is Adahn."

...Who the fuck is Adahn?
No. 17223

Oh... Planescape, nvm.
No. 17224
You are Adahn.
No. 17227
Thanks for not picking the amnesia option guys. It would be annoying to have two Anons around with memories gone.

Also, >>17221 you should seriously play Planescape: Torment.
No. 17229
Keep your dirty mits off of my cliche plot device.

Also, nice stuff.
No. 17246
File 120845940486.png - (4.54KB , 64x64 , Th02mima.png ) [iqdb]
Holy shit, PC98 characters

No. 18295
Woke up just moments ago, will be writing the next part while eating.
Also, do you guys want obviously suicidal, or just plain stupid options?
No. 18296
They're the same
No. 18297
Oh fuck now im not going to sleep
No. 18298
A mix of both.
No. 18303
File 12084994947.jpg - (98.42KB , 650x946 , 470b3349f61faa9e321b04c0620c16b2.jpg ) [iqdb]
"My name is Adahn." You look at their reaction, somehow hoping that they catch the reference.
They don't. Mima seems to try getting the feeling of it; "Adahn, huh? I wouldn't say that it suits you." while Suika isn't particularly interested in it.
"Hah! It's not like names are that important! I mean, I learn'd Reimu's accidentally few weeks after fightin' her!"
...At least they got name to call you now.

You go back to your conversation, but after a while you hear sound of crows and... Large wings flapping? It's getting closer.
"Ah, great. Here she comes again." Mima gets up and turns to the Shrine's door.
"She? Who's she?"
"Aya. Make your own conclusions of her." And with that, she's gone inside.
You look at Suika with puzzled look on your face. "Oh, don' mind her. She's doesn't really care for the tengu."

Soon the source of the noise appears. Up in the air you see girl wearing surprisingly modern clothes... Well, more modern than Suika or Mima, at least. She's carrying some kind of bag.
"Bunbunmaru News extra! Big news!" She gets lower, the level where you and Suika are. "Huh? Where's Reimu and Mima? And who's this?"
Suika seems like she'll do the introduction for you.
[] "The name's Adahn."
[] Let Suika introduce you.

Alright. Expect some chances to be absolute jerk in the future.
No. 18305
I guess I will archive this as well. Would you like it titled "Something at Gensokyo", or do you have a better name for it?
No. 18306
[X] Let Suika introduce you.

The third option here should have been to comment on the fantastic pantyshots that Aya must be giving everyone, flying around in that short skirt of hers.
No. 18307
[] Let Suika introduce you.

I say let the drunken handlebar loli do the talking.
It will probably be funnier that way.
No. 18308
[X] Let Suika introduce you.
No. 18309
[X] Let Suika introduce you.
No. 18311
[x] "The name's Adahn."
No. 18314
Aaw, I was hoping you'd pick the Adahn. Oh well.
Obviously the optimal name has to have four words in it. "Something's Happening at Gensokyo"
Aya controls wind. It is almost impossible to get pantyshot of her.
No. 18315
SHaG it is.


Wait a minute.
No. 18316
[] Let Suika introduce you.
No. 18317
File 12085023593.jpg - (43.62KB , 350x436 , 1205136605411.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Her name's Adahn! She came to have a look at the shrine!" Suika seems to be happy to act important. Is she always like this, or is it because she's drunk?
...Was there something strange about that? ...No, she said it right.

"A regular human visitor? I didn't know the shrine still got them." Aya seems to be interested, and is inspecting you more closely.
"Hah! Yeah, she's the first one in ages, I think people at village are afraid of Reimu or sumthin'!"
Aya turns back to Suika; "Where's Reimu anyway?"
"Uhh, I think she said in the mornin' that she had some business at the mansion. It was a while since she left, so she should be back soon."

"Alright then, you don't mind if I wait here, right?" She sits next to you; "I've got something to talk to her about."
Suika seems a bit taken back by this. "Um, are you sure? Don't you have news to spread, or sumthin'?"
"You said she would be back soon, and I'm ahead of schedule anyways."
[ ] "Suika, what's that mansion you mentioned?"
[ ] "Aya, you're a journalist?"
[ ] "I gotta go." Walk in to the shrine.

...Totally unintentional. I shouldn't have any knowledge of British slang.
No. 18318
[ ] "Aya, you're a journalist?"

Wait. Her? We're a her?
No. 18319
[x] "Aya, you're a journalist?"

delicious aya route. although a suika would be fine too.
No. 18321
[ ] "Aya, you're a journalist?"
No. 18322
[X] "Aya, you're a journalist?"

Her? If we've gone through the gender bender, then we'd best get the chance to take the new equipment for a test ride.
No. 18323
Flawless victory for Aya.
I wanted to give it away later, but this is fine too.
No. 18324
No. 18325
Oho-ho. How very interesting.
No. 18327
File 120850494899.jpg - (209.21KB , 500x688 , 1f7a294d354731a130ded7a29b9a86c9.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're interested in this "tengu", as Suika called her; "Aya, you're a journalist?"
Aya's eyes lighten up. "Yeah! See, I run this paper, Bunbunmaru News, and I report anything that's going around!"
She really seems to like her work.

"You see, all tengus in Gensokyo report news!"
She crosses arms, looking really proud. "Actually, my paper is probably the most popular of them all! I even have few human readers!"
Suika is doing her best to hold her laughter. "Ahaha, Aya, aren't you exagrating for a bit? Just who are the humans that read your paper?"
Aya turns to Suika; "What, you think I'm a liar? I'll have you know, that history teacher from the village and that shop-keeper are my regular readers!"

Aya reaches into her bag.
"Hey, I'm carrying some issues with me right now. Would you like to buy one?"
[ ] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."
[ ] "Sure, I'm interested in recent events."
[ ] "No, I'm a bit tight on cash."
[ ] "I'm not interested."
No. 18328
[ ] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."

Butter her up.
No. 18329
[ ] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."

Yes, if we're offered the choice to buy it or not after she tells us the price.
No. 18330
[X] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."

Flattery is the way to a Tengu's heart, right?
No. 18331
[X] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."

Maybe all she'll want for payment is an interview.
No. 18332
I'd butter her up, if you know what I mean.

[x] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."
No. 18333
[X] "Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written."
full TENGUW modo
No. 18334
"Yeah, I'd like to see what you've written." Little bit of flattery never hurts, and you want to see if the news live up to her claim.
Aya smiles in response to you; "Thanks! That'll be 500 yen!"
You reach to your wallet that Ran gave you, and open it. Nice! There's ten 1,000 yen bills there that look almost new. You give one of the bills to Aya, who gladly takes it.
"Here's your change! And Bunbunmaru News, the best paper in Gensokyo!"

Aya hands you one 500 yen bill, and paper that's a lot thinner than what you'd expect for 500 yen. You decide to ask about it.
"Hey Aya, there doesn't seem to be that many pages in this. Why's that?"
Aya blushes for bit; "Yeah, I know. But the pressing costs money, and with this price I can just cover it. Sales aren't as good as I'd hope."

Didn't she say that Bunbunmaru News is the most popular of the Tengu papers?
[ ] Press about amount of readers.
[ ] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.
[ ] "Thanks Aya, I'll read it later."

Originally the plan was that Aya wouldn't have change, but I figured that it would just hold the story since everybody would've picked "It's okay, pay me back later."
Also, any suggestions to make this better/more enjoyable would be appreciated.
No. 18336
[x] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.
we'll start our journalist career as a freelance reporter for ayas paper. the payment will be ... she's the tenguw after all
No. 18337
[x] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.

And the other 9,500 yen can go in the donation box.
No. 18338
[ ] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.

Your writing is fine. I like it. Can we have an Aya route? I'd her cloaca.
No. 18340
Aya and Suika route. And Mima. How does that sound?
No. 18341
Noes, Suika route!

[ ] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.

Although I have to admit, journalist job sounds kind of fun.
No. 18342
That sounds fine indeed.
No. 18345
>Aya and Suika route.
This is going to be the best yuri threesome ever, even though Suika will likely shatter Anonko's and Aya's pelvises (pelvii?) with her forceful scissoring.
No. 18346
I'd forcefully scissor Suika. If you know what I mean.
No. 18348
[ ] Let the matter drop and have a look at the paper.
No. 18349
anon is still a girl, isn't he?
No. 18350
No. 18351
File 120851027351.png - (315.05KB , 605x450 , OniandSaya.png ) [iqdb]
...She propably doesn't want to talk about it. Well, you take a look at the paper, what's the big news worth making this extra for?

It looks like the main article is about people at Moriya shrine holding festival to promote it.
Other news that catch your interest are that paper now having weather forecasts, thanks to cooperation of some gods. Well, that should help gathering new readers.
There's also article about weird medicine being sold at the village and reviews of local yakitori and grilled lamprey stands.
There's also few adverts. One for local shop having big sale because thay're running out of storage space, and other for some mansion looking for maids.

After you're done reading, Aya looks at you waiting for some kind of feedback. Suika seems bit interested too, propably to know your tastes.
"Well? Was it good?"
[ ] "It was very informative."
[ ] "I liked it, really good!"
[ ] "Could've been more interesting, not really worth the money."
-Also pick two(or one) of these-
[ ] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
[ ] Ask about the medicine shop at village.
[ ] Ask about food stands.
[ ] Ask about the shop.
[ ] Ask about the mansion.
[ ] Don't ask about anything.

This'll be the last update for now. I've got a class to go to.
No. 18352
[x] "It was very informative."
[x] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
No. 18353
[ ] "I liked it, really good!"
[ ] Ask about food stands.
No. 18354
[ ] "I liked it, really good!"
Complement her and then
[ ] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
We should visit the Moriya shrine and get drunk with Suika and Aya.
No. 18355
[x] "I liked it, really good!"

[x] Ask about the shrine holding festival.

she might take us up to the shrine to visit!
No. 18356
[X] "I liked it, really good!"

don't really care about the other option but ill go with

[X] Ask about the shrine holding festival.

for the sake of progress.
No. 18357
File 120851548719.jpg - (63.72KB , 407x499 , 480.jpg ) [iqdb]

Journalism and sex?

My idea of "happy life"!
No. 18361
[x] "I liked it, really good!"

[x] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
No. 18364
My sister took over the other computer, to play Sims 2(I knew I shouldn't have teached her to use Bittorrent). That means I'm stuck on this laptop with broken J-button.
Anyways, complimenting and shrine festival won.
No. 18368
[x] "I liked it, really good!"
[x] Ask about the shrine holding festival.

"Say Aya, how about we go back to yours and we do some of that artistic bed top photography for indoor types?"
No. 18379
[X] "I liked it, really good!"
[X] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
[X] Ask about food stands.

If she gives us information on a nearby food stand, we can offer to treat her.
No. 18382
Tell her she had no right over you to play on the computer over you unless she's doing a legacy family with University installed. Problem solved.
No. 18384

08/04/18 (Fri) 04:39

welcome to 3 hours ago
No. 18385
Well, we live on Namek, so it's all relevant.
No. 18483
Actually, she made made house on a cliff, invited everybody to the party and then burned the house. Vile little devil, that one.
No. 18505
[x] "It was very informative."
[x] Ask about the shrine holding festival.
[x] Ask about the shop.

Also, let's look into a mirror or pool of water sometime soon.

You mean relative?
No. 18509
>But if you don't want another WuiG rip-off
Don't worry. That stopped at this:
>"Her name's Adahn! She came to have a look at the shrine!" Suika seems to be happy to act important. Is she always like this, or is it because she's drunk?
>...Was there something strange about that? ...No, she said it right.
No. 18618
>My name is Adahn.

If this reference is followed all the way to its conclusion, bricks will be shat I tell you.
No. 18640
It would be interesting, now, wouldn't it?
No. 18890
[ ] "It was very informative."

[ ] Ask about the shrine holding festival.

[ ] Ask about food stands.
No. 18905
[ ] "Could've been more interesting, not really worth the money."

[ ] Don't ask about anything.

I have a good idea to make her newspaper more interesting, though I can't critisize contructivly with those answers.
No. 18923
For someone who does not care about that kind of games, it stopped being interesting when the character was revealed not to be Anonymous.
No. 18941
Clearly you've never heard of genderswap.

Oh, we are in for a ride.
Hijinks. There had better be goddamn hijinks.
No. 18949
No wimmin on the interbuttz.
Whatta dick.
No. 18961
>No wimmin on the interbuttz.
...But plenty in Gensokyo.
No. 18986

Yes gensokyo is full of LaDIES
No. 20293
File 120862794197.jpg - (159.57KB , 450x630 , 40ffa7e8dc34f3a1c38c7faae409197b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "It was very informative."

[x] Ask about the shop.
[x] Ask about the mansion.
We need to get equipped with jetpack and go hang out with China. I miss China.
No. 20295
Damn it now I miss China too.
No. 20304
I miss my penis. Where's my "Sing a sad and wishful drunken reverie for Adahn Jr., who died and went to penis heaven" option?
No. 20307

Nothing says we can't acquire a penis.
You'll just need to seek our Eirin.
No. 20309
>>I miss my penis.

I woke up in Gensokyo with a bad hangover
And my penis was missing again.
This happens all the time.
It's detachable.

This comes in handy a lot of the time.
I can leave it home, when I think it's gonna get me in trouble,
Or I can rent it out, when I don't need it.
But now and then I go to a party, get drunk,
and the next morning I can't for the life of me
remember what I did with it.
No. 20318
"I liked it, really good!"
"Ah-ha, now you're just flattering me."
"I'm serious, it was nice to read."
Aya looks away in to distance; "It's alright, I know that there's so many things that could be better..." She sighs. "Maybe if I had more time to work on it."
She's right, much of the news on her paper were mousy or just pointless. Nevertheless, you enjoyed them, and one news especially interested you. Asking about it should be good way to break this silence.

"Aya, what's this shrine in the main-article?"
She's taken aback with you suddenly talking, but quickly returns to her usual self.
"Yeah, recently another shrine appeared here. The people living there have been doing lots of work to make themself more known to people here."
She gives a small laugh. "Actually, the reason that's a main article is kind of an favor for them giving me forecasts from now on."
"Where's that's shrine located at?"
"Oh, it's on top of the mountain where I live. ...I know it's pretty unlikely that any regular humans would come there, but their efforts are admirable."

"Hahaha! Yeah, this place is much closer to village, but Reimu never bothers to hold any festivals!"
"You should not speak that way of the person you're leeching off."
You look up and see girl dressed in red and white. Weird, unlike Aya she doesn't have any kinds of wings on her. Can everybody fly around here?

This has to be the shrine-maiden Suika and Mima talked about. She gives you a slightly irritated look, lands in front of you and turns to Suika.
"Seriously, I go away for one day and you invite strangers to drink here." She turns back to you. "Why are you doing here anyway?"
[ ] "I just came to visit."
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
[ ] "Actually... I think somebody teleported me here."
[ ] "...I have to go now."
Stop reading my mind. But relating to that, futa, yes or no?
No. 20322
[ ] "Actually... I think somebody teleported me here."
No. 20323
[x] "I came to make a donation."

>>Stop reading my mind. But relating to that, futa, yes or no?

Normally I'd say no, but Anon isn't anon without proper equipment.
No. 20324
[x] I came to drink with the Oni with Unlimited Alcohol.
No. 20325
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20326
Futa yes
No. 20329
[x] "Actually... I think somebody teleported me here."

Why lie?
No. 20330
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20331
[ ] "I came to make a donation."

fuck futa

we are in gensenkyo
everyone is gay in gensenkyo
No. 20333
[x] "Actually... I think somebody teleported me here."

Despite what my porn folder may tell you, no for futa.
No. 20336
[x] "Actually... I think somebody teleported me here."

Fuck Reimu, she doesn't deserve donations
No. 20338
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20340
[X] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20342
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20344
[ ] "I came to make a donation."
No. 20345
[x] "I came on the donations."
No. 20346

I see what you did there.
No. 20347
[X] "I came to make a donation."

Not a big one, though. We ought to keep some cash around.
No. 20348
10,000 yen donation
No. 20349
[X] "I came to make a donation."
10000 Yen
No. 20350
[X] "I came to make a donation."
[X] Futa
No. 20351

We don't have that much anymore. We bought Aya's newspaper, remember?
No. 20352
We don't need food. We're a creature that can survive on alcohol alone. Suika was made for us!
No. 20354
File 120863291353.jpg - (162.73KB , 700x700 , b9e34a5283ddb3f29a05c5b094c2a743.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I came to make a donation."
Everyone at shrine freeze. Reimu is looking at you in amazement, Suika doesn't seem to believe her ears and Aya is writing something to her notebook.
It is Suika who ends up breaking the silence; "That's not at all what you said earlier! Didn't you come here to-*Smack!* "Ow!"
"THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL NOW IS IT." Reimu punched Suika, and now she is looking at you in a glee.
"You came to donate something? No joke?"
"Alright then, the box is this way! We should be formal about this!" She drags you to dusty old box at the side of the shrine. Looks like she hasn't even bothered to check it in long while.

She really seems to want a donation. Then...
[ ] Donate X amount of cash.
[ ] Rip X amount of cash to Reimu's face.
[ ] "Are the donations that rare here?"
How much?
No. 20355
[X] Rip X amount of cash to Reimu's face.

No. 20356
Trip was forgotten.
No. 20357
[ ] Donate 4000 Yen.
[ ] "Are the donations that rare here?"
Said in the nicest way possible.
No. 20358
[x] Donate X amount of cash.
All the cash we have.
No. 20359
[ ] Donate 2500 amount of cash.

I want arm pit loev, although ripping it up in her face is sooooo tempting.
No. 20360
[ ] Donate X amount of cash.
[ ] "Are the donations that rare here?"
No. 20363
[x] Donate everything.

If we need food, Reimu'll feed us.
No. 20364
[x] Donate half of our cash.
It's night time, right? Maybe we can talk her into letting us stay at the shrine so we don't get eaten by stray youkai. And PARTY HARD with our oni.
No. 20365
[ ] Donate 3000 amount of cash.
No. 20366
[X] Donate 3500 Yen.
[X] "Are the donations really that rare here?"

Leaves us with a nice, even 6000 yen.
No. 20369
[ ] Donate 4000 amount of cash.

or whatever is needed for some delicious scissoring
No. 20371
File 120863363195.jpg - (109.34KB , 448x336 , 1204363612030.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank god, although I kinda hoped you would've picked ripping just so I could have posted this pic to go with story.
It's not night yet, but late evening.
No. 20373
[x] Donate X amount of cash.
A nice good amount.
No. 20377
Average seems to be 4725, or almost exactly half of our remaining money.

I'd round it up to 5000, consider we've only got it bills of ten.
No. 20378
Oh-ho, why not just waste all our money?
No. 20379
[ ] Donate 5000 amount of cash.

it is then
No. 20384
[X] Donate 9,500円
She's unlikely to have any change.

Also, Fuck-yeah female anon!
No. 20385
[X] "Are the donations that rare here?"
No. 20391
[ ] Donate 4000 amount of cash.
No. 20396
[X] Ignore her writing "It like a right thing to do."

We're making headlines! Wheeee!
No. 20401
[ ] Ignore her writing "It was the write thing to do."
No. 20402
[ ] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20405
[x] Why not?
No. 20406
And no fucking futa, please.
No. 20407
File 120863626711.jpg - (96.58KB , 420x591 , Reimu Hakurei001.jpg ) [iqdb]
After considering the amount of cash that you have on you, you decide to donate 4,500 yen.
Just when the money hits floor of the box, Reimu throws it's cover away and snatches the cash.
She counts the cash and turns to you with her eyes beaming; "Wow! Thanks a lot, I hope everybody who visited would be like this!"

"What do you mean? It's not like you have money problems or anything!" Suika cuts in, seemingly still angry of the punch earlier.
"It's the thought that counts! And since I'm used to not having much money, I've cut lots of luxuries from my life!"
"Yeah, but you still find enough cash keep buying sake!"
"Damn you Suika!" Reimu chases after Suika who has started to run around shrine grounds while laughing cheerfully. But it looks like they're both having fun, so you figure it's better if you don't butt in.

"That really was something else." You turn around, and notice that Aya is standing behind you.
"That had to be the first donation this place has gotten in ages, why did you do that?"
Just when you're about to answer, you notice that she's making notes.
[ ] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
[ ] "Could you not do that?"
[ ] "...Are you thinking of writing an article about this?"

7 minute break, gotta take care of the heating for the house.
And yeah, I did delete this message two times to fix things up. I'm not that good with writing stuff in Notebad. Sorry.
No. 20409
[X] Ignore her writing. "It seemed like the right thing to do."

Well, it seems proper to donate when you get to a shrine. Assuming you have something to donate, anyway.
No. 20410
[x] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."

[x] Futa, if for no other reason than the wacky hijinks that will ensue.
No. 20411
[ ] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20413
[ ] "...Are you thinking of writing an article about this?"

Answer questions with questions.
No. 20416
>>"why did you do that?"

[x] Why not?
No. 20417
[x] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20422
[X] Ignore her writing. "It seemed like the right thing to do."
next stop: moriya shrine, more donations
No. 20423
[ ] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20425
[x] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20428
Aw, you're no fun.
No. 20430
[ ] Ignore her writing "It seemed like a right thing to do."
No. 20434
No. 20439
File 12086392521.jpg - (11.12KB , 250x250 , AyaBunbunmaru..jpg ) [iqdb]
"It seemed like a right thing to do." You really had no reason to do it, so best you can do is sound nice.
"So, you just did it on a whim..." Aya keeps making notes. It seems like what will be reported is not the exact truth.
"Ah! I just remembered, Reimu!"

Aya runs to Reimu who is still chasing Suika.
"Listen, I've got some things I need to ask about."
"What, right now? Can't it wait?" Aya starts dragging her towards the shrine.
"No, I've already waited. And this is important."
Reimu finally gives in, and walks inside with Aya.
Suika, with her chaser gone, goes back to drink on the porch. You decide to join her, no use standing around doing nothing.

You sit on the porch of the shrine while chatting with Suika. The view of the sun-set is perfect, and it's unlike anything you've seen before. Soon Aya comes from inside with Reimu.
"Thanks for the info Reimu, this will come in as useful." She shakes her hand.
"It's part of my job, not like I can refuse helping." Reimu walks over to you and Suika and takes a look at the sky.
"It'll be night soon, and youkai will be up. What're your plans?"
[ ] "Could I stay here for the night?"
[ ] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"
[ ] "Yeah, it's getting late. I should leave now."

Futa route has been made available, but you have to work on it, just so everybody who doesn't like girls with dicks can do their best to avoid it.
And from now on five votes will decide the winner.
No. 20440
[x] "Could I stay here for the night?"
So, as I drink, Unlimited Alcohol Works
No. 20441
You might want to start a new thread
No. 20442
[x] "Could I stay here for the night?"
No. 20443
[X] "Could I stay here for the night?"

Yay, futa route!
No. 20444
[X] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"
No. 20445
[ ] "Could I stay here for the night?"
[ ] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"
Either or is fine with me.
No. 20447
[x] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"

No. 20449
[x] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"
No. 20454
[X] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"

No. 20456
[X] "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"

For instance, Eientei...
No. 20458
[x] "Could I stay here for the night?"
It's boozin time.
No. 20459
A cloaca is fine, too.
No. 20460
You don't know 'bout Eientei, bitch.
No. 20467
anon thinks with his dick and eientei is where his dick is now
No. 20468
[X] "Could I stay here for the night?"
No. 20470

[x] Hey Aya, you look well versed in this. Where's the closest place you can score a penis?
No. 20474
You turn to the Tengu; "Aya, could you take me somewhere?"
"Hmm? Sure, I was just about to leave myself."
Aya grabs hold of you, and takes off with surprising ease.
As you're going up you get one last look at the shrine, and you see both Reimu and Suika waving you off. But where did Mima go when Aya came?

Now you're well in air, and you have good view of the world you are in. There's few mountains in distance, forest covering most of the ground, mansion surrounded by lake and village with few fields surrounding it.
You feel the wind on your face when Aya asks you; "So, where did you want to go to?"
[ ] Explain the situation.
[ ] "There's a human village around there, right?"
[ ] "Could you take me to that other shrine?"
[ ] "How about that mansion?"

Next post will be at new thread.
No. 20475
God damn it, why do all the best ideas come out after the limit's reached?
No. 20477
[ ] Explain the situation.
No. 20479
[ ] "There's a human village around there, right?"
No. 20480
[X] Explain the situation.
No. 20481
[X] "Could you take me to that other shrine?"
No. 20484
[ ] Explain the situation.
No. 20485
[X] "Could you take me to that other shrine?"
moriya shrine sure is popular these days
No. 20486


Tengu don't have cloaca. Pooshlmer states that they have a humanoid body structure but with wings.

Also, ffs, NO FUTA. Give an enormous, all caps warning before any choice that would lead to futa please. H-scenes are fine, but at least warn us so we don't accidentally pick futa.
No. 20487
[ ] Explain the situation.
No. 20488
[x] Explain the situation.
Wacky hijinks start!
No. 20489


Get out.
No. 20490
I for one will be disappointed if this doesn't end with us getting surprise futa rape.
No. 20491
What's sad is that you're serious. What's sadder is that you probably don't understand what makes that sad.
No. 20492
[X] Explain the situation.

And suggest rooming with Aya so that she has first hand access to a potential news story.
No. 20496
New thread. >>20495