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168014 No. 168014
You are Doctor Gene Ray,the Wisest Human to ever live on Earth,Above God,and The Greatest Thinker.

Humanity has been completely enslaved and educated stupid evil by the Evil Academic Singularist Brotherhood of Bastardism,preventing them from acknowledging Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation.
The Word World is doomed to suffer in hell for ignoring the Time Cube.The worshippers of the fictitious Word God are close to victory.
Armageddon is imminent.

However,you have read in an old book about a world that is free of both Evil ONEism and Word God: Gensokyo,the Eastern Wonderland.

With the last of your money,you have left America for Japan.
You attempted to give Earth and it's Word-enslaved a final chance and loudly informed a large crowd that they were educated stupid evil and doomed to hell for ignoring the Time Cube.
However,it is clear from the pursuing Yakuza and police that the Academic Singularist Brotherhood's Ministry of Obscurantism has long since taken hold of Japan and has convinced the Opposite Poles of the Law to work together as EVIL ONE against you.

After two weeks of evading stupid Word Animals, you managed to reach an ancient,run-down shrine near some mountains,said by the book to the gateway to Gensokyo.

Tired from both your journey and escaping from the Cubeless Androids,you enter the old building and rest in your sleeping bag.

No. 168015
File 13681984966.jpg - (394.46KB , 461x1000 , 67d43ee09b696a490f92f116d32b9b97543f1f4d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fujiwara no Mokou furiously inserted one of her ribs into Kaguya Houraisan's left breast,causing the latter to scream in a mix of pain and ecstasy.Mokou then ripped Kaguya's right ear off before shoving it down the Princess throat with her right hand.Kaguya angrily bit down on the former bandit's right hand at the wrist,separating it from the rest of Mokou's arm but getting it stuck in her mouth.

Kaguya's strength left her as she choked on her own ear,which she was unable to vomit out due to Mokou's severed hand being stuck in her mouth with two of Mokou's intentionally poorly kept nails piercing her tongue.

The homeless pyromaniac then used remaining left hand to fire a quick shot of danmaku at the lazy princess' rather long hair,setting it on fire before backing away.
Mokou laughed at the sight of her rival choking on her own ear while her precious hair burned.
After at least four minutes of gagging and failed vomiting while burning,Kaguya Houraisan collapsed to the ground,unconscious and soon to be dead.

Satisfied that she had won this round Fujiwara no Mokou inserted her hands,or rather a stump and a hand,into her pockets and walked away.

After a few minutes Mokou's right hand and ribcage regenerated rather painfully,yet pain did nothing to remove the satisfied grin from the former bandit's face.
Victory or not though,she was still exhausted from the fight and wanted nothing more than to get some sleep in her house.

"What the fuck?Why is this old bastard sleeping in my house?" Mokou mumbled to herself as she stared at an old man in a sleeping bag.
The white-haired immortal resisted the temptation to burn him to ashes due to the fact that she had already set her house on fire a week before and that his rather large sleeping bag looked far more comfortable than her bed.
Too tired for her brain to think further,she simply slid into the sleeping bag next to him.
No. 168016
File 136819858231.jpg - (1.13MB , 1000x1333 , 3cf3212496adead15618d12119b5add644d4bca3.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I hereby award the Crown of Earth to Doctor Gene Ray for saving the human race from evil ONEism."
You reach to accept the prize from the once-educated stupid humans who have been saved from the Ministry of Singularist Bastardism.

It's soft,wait,how can a crown be soft?This must be a conspiracy to deny...

You open your eyes to a pair of red ones staring back at you.
Next to you in your sleeping bag is a white-haired woman in a white,bloodstained,jacket and red,talisman-covered suspenders.

Your right hand is on one of her rather large,clearly four-corner breasts.

Her blood-red eyes at glaring you.

Your Cubic Wisdom informs you that she is a Cubic Creature sent to be your servant in your quest.
How do you greet your new Four Corner Servant?

[_] (insert write-in)
No. 168018
This is just...what. I dont even know whats going on.Why?
No. 168019

Time Cube is an incomprehensible hypothesis, created by Gene Ray around 1997, that claims time is cubic. Interpretations vary, but the core appears to have something to do with the earth passing through four simultaneous days in the course of 24 hours. Ray is also a bit of a conspiracy nut, as evidenced by his assertion that we are taught to be stupid by "evil educators", and that only he knows the Truth. It also has something to do with opposites. At least that's the impression we got once our heads stopped spinning.

I don't know about you all, but I won't partake on a CYOA based on dumb conspiracy theories by 'Murrican nutcases.
No. 168020
>Gene Ray
>Time Cube
Oh fuck no! This is a terrible story idea and you should feel terrible.

Read http://www.timecube.com/
Or better yet, DON'T!
No. 168026
It's just a joke, man. Don't get so worked up.
No. 168030

I just read the link and locked this guy up.

Would I ever believe this seriously? Not a chance. But that makes me all the more interested to see how the author's going to spin this, because this sort of pants-on-head retarded theory is absolute comedy gold.

The "terminology" Gene Ray is using here already has me in stitches. Oh, this can only end poorly.

[X] Greet her warmly.
-[X] Apologize to her for your actions in sleep - you just felt her (Cubic) presence so strongly you unconsciously reached out, and you didn't expect her to be that close.
-[X] "I've been expecting you!"
-[X] Ask what her precise relationship with time is, and how it doesn't match up with everyone else's ONEism.
-[X] Begin educating her about Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation.

That being said, there are a few hinky things about the writing. Try and get a proofreader for the future, or do some focused proofreading yourself.
No. 168033
[X] Greet her warmly.
-[X] Begin educating her about Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation.

Apologize? For what?
No. 168037
Dear God what?

It's... Complete Lunatic Visits Gensokyo. I don't even know how to react.
No. 168041

I've got, literally, No Idea what the hell I just read. But this guy seems to know what's what, so I vote

[X] This Guy.
No. 168046
File 136821843823.jpg - (93.10KB , 1000x1000 , e255130ba69aa73f177444869cf1e6954455a9ee.jpg ) [iqdb]
Picture slightly related.

[X] Greet her warmly.
-[X] Apologize to her for your actions in sleep - you just felt her (Cubic) presence so strongly you unconsciously reached out, and you didn't expect her to be that close.
-[X] "I've been expecting you!"
-[X] Ask what her precise relationship with time is, and how it doesn't match up with everyone else's ONEism.
-[X] Begin educating her about Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation.

You retract your hand immediately and stand up.
"Hello fellow Cubic Creature!Sorry about that,your Cubic presence was strong so I unconsciously reached out."
"C-cubic?The hell does..."
"I've been expecting you!"
"Eh?The hell…"
"What is your relationship with time?"
The girl hesitates and adopts a wishful look.
"I'm immortal,time means nothing to me."
You pause. This girl, like you, must also be 82+Cancer.
"So you are also 82+cancer."
"What the fuck is canc-"
"Now,I must teach you the Truth."
"The truth?" The white-haired girl looks completely lost,nevertheless you press forward.
You take out your favorite object,a 4-Corner Cubic Paperweight of Cubed Earth and point to it.
"There is not One Day,but Four Harmonic Simultaneously Rotating 4 Corner 4 Hours Days Within Same Earth Rotation in what is called Nature's Harmonic Time Cube."
"All things,including you and I,exist as Opposites and Opposites create Opposites. ONE IS A DEMONIC RELIGIOUS LIE created by the Evil Academic Singularist Brotherhood's Ministry of Obscurantism. The Solar system, the Universe, the Earth and all humans are composed of + 0 - antipodes, and equal to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity.All Creation occurs between Opposites. Academic ONEism destroys +0- brain. I think Cubic, therefore I rise above the singularity mentality human and the false gods they worship - discovering a Universe of Opposites their education will never allow them to know.You and I cannot exist without our anti-side existence, as +0- antipodes. Add +0- as One = nothing.One must know the Time Cube or be doomed!"
At that the girl's expression changes from annoyance to what you think is awe, her mouth gaping open as the Truth of the universe enters her 4 Corner Mind.
For at least two minutes her face remains that way before she speaks again.
"Okay,first of all what the fuck is a cube?"
You gesture to your 4 Corner Paperweight of Cubed Earth.
"This here cube has 4 corners and represents the Time Cube,in which 4 Days Rotate Simultaneously making each day in reality 96 Hours instead of 24."
"But….that has 6 sides,not fucking 4 dumbass…" You are the Wisest Human and are above being insulted so you continue.
"The top and bottom aren't sides! Do you consider the floor and ceiling of this room to be sides?!?"
"N-no….Well shit,guess you're correct about that…"
At last the girl seems to understand!
"……Who the hell are you?" She stands up and loudly asks.
"I am Dr. Gene Ray and I AM WISER THAN ANY DAMN MAN WHO HAS EVER EXISTED. One cannot kill me, for I am 82+Cancer."
"The hell is cancer?"
"A deadly condition,but I am immune to it.No,it is not contagious."
"I won't make you sick."
"Uh….you are an Outsider right?"
"I was not born in Gensokyo,so that would be Cubically Correct."
"Why are you here?"
"The Word World has been educated stupid by Evil Academia and denies 4 Corner Day Rotation and my Belly Button Logic. They all deserve to die in HELL as a result."
"Belly button what?"
You point to her belly button, which is visible due to a rip in her shirt.
"That is proof that you were born of an Opposite.That is proof of your personal Creator,I believe her name is Mama.The educated stupid fools of the outside are taught the DAMNABLE LIE that a 1-day Word God and Dead Jew is their Creator, but in truth it is the Time Cube and the Sun-Earth Binary created us. Rather, their Opposites is our Creator as no actual Entity exists, only opposing antipodes that make up a 4 corner existence."
"So….what we call a day is actually four days at once in a thing called the Time Cube and everything exists of Opposites, but some academia fuckers are dooming us all?"
"Exactly!" For the first time in years you smile. You have finally found a Cubic creature that understands!"
"Now,and you are?" You ask impolitely.
"…Mokou, Fujiwara no Mokou. You said you were expecting me…"
"Ah yes, my Cubic wisdom informs me that you were sent by Nature's Harmonic Time Cube to be my Cubic Servant for my mission!"
"Servant?What the fuck…okay okay,before my fucking head hurts any further,what mission?"
"To inform everyone in Gensokyo of Nature's Harmonic 4 Corner Day Rotation and the Cubic Time Cubes before the Singularist Bastard Brotherhood educates everyone stupid and evil, dooming them all. The people of Gensokyo must be saved!"
"…You are completely fucking insan-"

In the center of the room there stands a black-haired girl with a weird red hat and wings, furiously scribbling away on a notepad she is holding.
"[Fujiwara no Mokou Takes Advantage of And Sleeps With Deranged Old Man, Village Educator Keine's Best Friend is a Slut?!?], just the one headline I needed for the next edition of Bunbunmaru!"
"Aya,you bitch…" Mokou grumbles while fire forms in her hands.
You are unsure of how she got in here,but you heard the words "Mokou", "Educator", "slut", and "ONE". So,this bird-woman "Aya" is an Evil ONEist Educator who just called your Cubic Servant a "slut".
She must die.
You and Mokou turn to face each other, a determined expression on your face, a most pissed-off one on Mokou's.
"Kill that ONEist bastard my Servant!"
Mokou's furious face warps into a sadistic grin before turning back to Aya.
"Oh,yes master~" Mokou half-sarcastically,half-seriously says as she tosses a ball of fire at Aya, lighting the ONEist woman on fire.
Ignoring Aya's screams, your Servant moves towards her and begins pummeling her with punch after bone-shattering punch.
Soon Aya, or rather the pile of organs and bones on the floor, finally stops moving.

"Always hated you Aya,everyone did…Does that mean I could murder you? Isn't murdering my only reason for living?" Mokou says to herself, looking mentally lost.
You clap, as with the help of your Cubic Servant, you have finally managed to end the life of a ONEist.
"Excellent work, Servant. Now we must go forth and teach the Time Cube to all,they must all know that Nature has Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation Time Cube!"

The blood-covered white-haired girl slowly turns towards you.
And laughs.
And laughs.
And laughs.
And laughs.
And laughs until she begins vomiting blood.
After a few moments your Cubic Servant ceases and turn to you, her face a dark grin.
"Yes master."

You consult with your Servant about where to head next as well as learning about the geography of Gensokyo.
Now, where should you go next to spread the truth of Time Cube…

[ ]Hakurei Shrine
[ ]Myouren Temple
[ ]Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ]Human Village
[ ]Underworld
[ ]Moriya Shrine
Updates will be irregular for the sake of my sanity and due to my bizarre weekly schedule.

In case your wondering why Eientei isn't an option Mokou didn't mention it to Gene Ray because she doesn't feel like going there. Also her decision to accept the role of Ray's Servant is mainly due to her sanity breaking.
No. 168050
File 136821942024.png - (73.19KB , 200x200 , rin.png ) [iqdb]
.....Wut. Seems the Malkavians have found this site.

[x]Hakurei Shrine
No. 168054
I... but... what...


[x]Myouren Temple

My head hurts.
No. 168057
Either she accepts that he actually has some power over her or she deals with the fact that she willingly murdered someone else again, for no adequate reason, after regretting her first murder (made to steal the elixir) for a thousand years.

[x]Myouren Temple
No. 168121
[x]Myouren Temple

Why is my brain in the floor anyways?
No. 168128
Well. This is a thing.


[x]Myouren Temple
No. 168141
[x] Myouren Temple

Gene Ray here will probably relate most to Buddhism than anything else.

And by relate, I mean decry as port of the Evil ONEism.
No. 168203
Called for Myouren Temple.
Due to Evil Academia's ongoing attempt at educating me stupid, updates may be irregular and/or infrequent.
No. 168238
...what the fuck did I just read.
No. 168408
File 13684622777.jpg - (266.45KB , 1250x812 , ff154aa5534e63673057c46770b69e5e382122b3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Picture 76% unrelated.

You and your Cubic Servant Mokou depart for the Myouren Temple.
However due to the Word World's ONEist of a thing called "aging" you move rather slowly. So slowly that Mokou reluctantly decides to carry you. She…..flies the way there. You decide not to question the blessings that Nature's Harmonic Time Cube has sent your way and simply enjoy the ride.
You swear you heard some cracking noises from Mokou's body during the trip,but ignore them.

"To that ancient old man
that rode upon the flying white immortal
who the Buddha are you?"

A black-haired girl in a black dress with six wing-like things coming out of her back appears in front of the gate to the Myouren Temple.
You swear the girl was a statue a moment ago.
You put on a polite smile and greet her.
"I am Gene Ray,the Wisest Human,a Knower of Four Corner Day Cubic Time Cubes and you are?"
"Bitch I'm an unidentified object,
But you can call me Nue Houjuu,
Call me outcast and die!"
"Don't you call my master a bitch,bitch." Mokou angrily shouts.
"The immortal Fujiwara no Mokou,
I don't believe I've before met you,
yet already rude to me desu~." A playful smile appears on Nue's face,infuriating your Cubic Servant further.
"Stop with the damn haikus!"
"Most fucking unfortunately for you,
I cannot stop with the damn haikus,
I cannot stop them for you,

I'm not just any nue,
But I'm in fact a [Haiku Nue],
Making me [Haiku Nue Houjuu]!

It's much better to haiku,
then be like a certain vampire do,
and constantly go uuuu~ uuuu~!

This badass temple is new,
I'm part of Captain Motherfucking Murasa's crew,
so I can haiku desu~"

Oh Wisest Cubic Knowing Human
Rather Annoyed is both Mokou and you
What shall you now do?


No. 168410
[x]Kill them with fire
[x]Cleanse and purify their non cubic hearts
[x]Kill all of them
No. 168415
[x] Rhyme and metrics try to bound.
[x] The beautiful words the time cube grants.
[x] Educate them you shall.

Don't know nothing about haiku and I don't have the mastery to actually rhyme, so I wrote something vaguely thematic.
And Haiku Nue is awesome.
No. 168420
[x] Rhyme and metrics try to bound.
[x] The beautiful words the time cube grants.
[x] Educate them you shall.

I'd try to make it more haiku-y, but I'm not unlazy enough at the moment.
No. 168422
I got nothing for a haiku, but it's syllables, not words.

But congratulations on perfectly encapsulating the essence of Time Cube in this story, my brain hurts.
No. 168507
It is adapted as words because counting syllables doesn't make sense in our language.
No. 168581
Most English-language haikus I've seen use the syllable-counting method though...
No. 168657
File 136879655622.jpg - (229.16KB , 850x1062 , 566cbcf489ea5af44e9230f8ed6ca086bd6c752d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Rhyme and metrics try to bound.
[x] The beautiful words the time cube grants.
[x] Educate them you shall.

"Master?Can I burn her?" Mokou looks at you adorably in an adoring manner.
"Patience my Cubic Servant Mokou,
I have decided to educate her in haiku,
As she must learn Time Cube."
"What the fuck Master?"
Nue leans forward towards you with a curious expression,giving you both her full attention and an eyeful of her Four Corner cleavage. You begin to educate her in unstupid.

"There is not single 24 hour day,
But 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation,
1Day is Evil Bastard Math."
Nue tilts her head.
"You don't have two hands,
That is an evil ONEist lie,instead
You merely have opposite hands.

Same applies to your tentacle-wings,
We cannot exist without our anti-side,
Exist with Opposite +0- antipodes.

Try my Belly-Button Logic.
4Day Time Cube Contradicts+Disproves 1Day God
Evil Adult Crime VS Youth.

1Day God Makes You Evil,
Evil Academic Singularist Brotherhood educates you stupid,

Only evil ONEists can deny,
4 Corner Simultaneous Days Same Earth Rotation
and Divinity of Cubic Creation.

3 Dimensions is erroneous math,
It must have a 4th corner perspective dimension,
1Day Math is DAMNABLE LIE.

Outside Word World has been
enslaved by Evil Word Animal Singularity Brotherhood,
thus I came to Gensokyo.

Outside World humans educated stupid,
Humans and youkai of Gensokyo still free,
You can still be saved from Word God that has been created by the Evil Word Animal Academian Scholastictist Singularity Entity Bastard Brotherhood and it's ONEist Ministry of Obscurantism that educates humanity ENTITY STUPID in order to ignore and prevent debate of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube in our Universe of Opposites and to deny that nothing exists as unified one…"

Mokou's head promptly explodes into a shower of bone and gore as your attempt at speaking in haiku collapses into your usual method of explanation ,much to Nue's horror.
Haiku Nue stares as the pieces of bone and brains slowly move towards the fallen body of Mokou and recombine. A minute later Mokou stands up mumbling about a migraine.
You see an opportunity and take it.
"Haiku Nue Houjuu,all things are made of Opposites and what you saw was my Cubic Servant's Opposite +0- antipodes of DEATH LIFE in action.
Opposites transcend Entity. Entity equals cancellation and the death of Opposites. Mokou has transcended SINGULARIST ENTITy DEATH!"
Mokou frowns.
"Damn it Master,that's not how-"
"I understand it all now,
And thus aid you two I shall,
The Time Cube must spread!

Aside from Captain Motherfucking Murasa,
I don't really care for Myouren Temple,
for Byakuren's a preachy bitch." Nue interrupts as she comprehends the Divinity of Cubic Creation.
Mokou's jaw drops.

Nue "Haiku Nue" Houjuu has is your new slave joined the party!

"Seriously Master?"
"Cubic Servant,she is a fellow Knower of 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour Days that occur within a single 4 corner rotation of Earth and wishes to help spread the Truth!"
Mokou sighs.

"Now then Nue,who is this Byakuren person?"
"Former human turned youkai hag,
Now claims to be the Youkai Savior.
Did I mention fucking preachy?"

Byakuren begins preaching the instant you enter her room.
Mokou looks at you pleadingly.

No. 168658


[x] Counter evil bastard ONEism with truth of Time Cube!

...or something.
No. 168659

[x] "Greetings fellow cubic being, It's good that you grasp the greatnes of the harmony of - o + antipodes and seek to balance the two natures that are same as human and youkai"

Or some other stuff like that.
No. 168660
Wait, it worked?

...It worked!

[x] Counter evil bastard ONEism with truth of Time Cube!

When this fails, we can just have Mokou burn her.
No. 168663
I guess we might as well combine these.
[x] "Greetings fellow cubic being, It's good that you grasp the greatnes of the harmony of - o + antipodes and seek to balance the two natures that are same as human and youkai"
[x] Counter evil bastard ONEism with truth of Time Cube!


>(lengthy Time Cube explanation, with haikus and stuff)
>Mokou's head promptly explodes into a shower of bone and gore

Wow...I don't think any story (CYOA or otherwise) has ever had THAT happen to a Touhou before. I guess even THEY can't handle Time Cube.
No. 168664
[x] If she's so attacked to the ONEism propaganda, then she'll enjoy being ONE small pile of ashes
[x]'Mokou! I choose you!'

Wait wrong thread.
No. 168673
[x] Counter evil bastard ONEism with truth of Time Cube!

This story is glorious.
No. 168678
To those fellow readers who do heavy drugs.

Does any of this make any sense to you?

Somehow I still, think I do anyways, enjoy it. That or the aneurysm caused me not to feel pain anymore.
No. 168712

It's easier if you just stop resisting and nod your head with an empty smile.
No. 168740
Not a single thing.
But my brain is playing with my dog in the floor, I'll ask him after he stops that.
In all seriousness you stop caring after a while
No. 168766
File 136906763731.jpg - (319.56KB , 1250x812 , 97e5b108a4d79f01df2a97dae87d4d9b464a19ba.jpg ) [iqdb]
Image 37% related.

[x] "Greetings fellow cubic being, It's good that you grasp the greatness of the harmony of - o + antipodes and seek to balance the two natures that are same as human and youkai"
[x] Counter evil bastard ONEism with truth of Time Cube!

"Greeting fellow cubic being, it's good that you grasp the greatness of the harmony of - 0 + antipodes and seek to balance the two natures that are same as human and youkai."
"I am not a sinner,I am Dr. Gene Ray,Wisest Human and Greatest Thinker. I am-"
"a Knower of 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour Days that occur within a single 4 corner rotation of Earth,one must know Cube or KNOW HELL."
"Each day goes through 4 corner points where Tengu rule at Sun Up,Humans rule at Midday,Fairies at Sun Down,and Youkai at Midnight. Other than having the Major Time Points humans and youkai are not even Opposites,as humans themselves are Opposites and youkai themselves are Opposites."
"ONE is EVIL gotohell from Mom and Dad,a result of being educated stupid.Nothing exists as one,only as - 0 + antipodes,sides and anti-sides."
You remember years ago you pledged the following:
Well,you can change the "personally" PART right?

[x] If she's so attacked to the ONEism propaganda, then she'll enjoy being ONE small pile of ashes
[x]'Mokou! I choose you!'

"Mokou,burn this ONEist into ONE pile of ashes!"
Both of your followers are overjoyed.
"Oh preachy wannabe Jesus bitch,
Thy shall finally shut the fuck up,
and turn to mere ashes!"
"Took you long enough Master!"
"Don't you dare harm Lady Hijiri!"

A spear emerges from Mokou's chest.
Behind Mokou waits a blonde-haired girl in a tiger-colored outfit with a red ornament thing on her hair. In her hands is the spear impaling Mokou.
Mokou puts her hands on her neck and with a sickening crack twists it around a full 180 degrees to face her would-be killer.Both you and The blonde-hair spearswoman gape in horror.
"You missed my heart."
Mokou grabs the spear,breaks off the upper third of it,and shoves it into the girl's right eye,piercing the tiger girl's skull.

"SHOU-SAMA!" A mouse-like girl leaps out of the shadows wielding a pair of metal rod things and furiously dashes towards Mokou and swings her rods only to be blocked by Nue's trident.
Nue's tentacle wings attempt to impale the mouse girl but she evades by jumping backwards…and clumsily landing on her head.
Mouse-girl quickly recovers and charges at Nue.
"TRAITOR!" she screams at the unknown youkai.
"Nazrin you stupid rat girl,
You and Shou were always so annoying,
Now join that dead tiger!"

Nazrin and Nue begin a deadly dance of metal and hate as they try to stab the other with their weapons.
Nazrin goes for a stab to the neck with her right rod,Nue blocks it with her long trident and attempts to impale the rat girl but she dodges out of the way.
Nazrin is small and fast but is clearly losing against the stronger Nue and also has to dodge the unidentified youkai's tentacle wings.
The mouse girl's movements get slower and slower
A red tentacle wing slams down at Nazrin who dodges to the left before trying to stab it with her rods.The wing-thing counters by latching onto one of the rods and Nue's two other wing-tentacles grab the other rod.
With effort Nue uses her wings to pull the rods out of mouse youkai's hands and thrusts the trident into Nazrin's chest.

"Shou-sama…I'm sorr-"
Nue twists the trident around a full 360 degrees while it's piercing Nazrin before roughly pulling it out. Blood flows out from the now-large wounds in Nazrin's chest as the mouse youkai collapses to the floor.

In the doorway is Murasa,
With a horrified expression on her face,
She looks at you terrified.

You look down at yourself,
And see your bloody items of cloth,
and your gore-covered trident.

You see the Nazrin corpse
Chest opened with skin and organs twisted
Why have you done this?

Annoying and thieving Nazrin was,
But did she deserve to be gored?
Wasn't peace what you swore?

Murasa's timid and scared expression,
It makes you when during Heian Period,
You loved being a horror.

Aren't youkai by their nature,
Monsters that exist to terrify and murder?
Just like you did then?

"N-nue…You…killed her."

Tearing up your only friend,
The Captain Motherfucking Murasa most definitely is,
How shall I,Nue,respond?


Sometimes even I don't know what the hell I am writing. And yes you are in control of Nue for now.
No. 168767
>"Shou-sama…I'm sorr-"
Oh. This is too much for me. My broken heart and the rest of my self will sit on the sidelines for now.
No. 168768
QUICK! Time cube haiku! Immediately!
No. 168769
Holy shit this is stupid.
No. 168770
Oh, what were the words,
All things are -0+ antipodes,
And so, Peace and War.
No. 168771
How do you pronounce -0+ (or +0- or whatever) anyway?
No. 168772
For the purpose of the haiku, I'm treating it as a monosyllabic word. Gene can correct Nue's pronunciation later, I suppose.
No. 168835
Oh, what were the words,
All things are -0+ antipodes,
And so, Peace and War.

I've become aware that I've been doing the haikus all wrong by counting words instead of syllables.I have decided that from now on when speaking/thinking normally she'll count by syllables however when explaining her understanding of Time Cube she'll usually count by words.

Murasa need not cry,
Truth of Time Cube
shall calm the Captain

"All things are -0+ antipodes,
Does not deserve to live if ignore Cube,
And ignore it they did."

A lie you tell her,
They did not ignore Cube,
so much as attack.

Murasa's tears slow,
And the Captain tilts her head
Not understanding your words.

"A-antipodes?The fuck?"
"All existing things are opposites,
All are doomed unless they know Time Cube
You cannot exist without anti-side."
"Stop saying random bullshit tell me why Nazrin and Shou are dead!"
"Defend Byakuren Hijiri they tried,
And thus slain by Mokou and I,
yet Hijiri shows no care."
Indeed Lady Byakuren
Hath continued to rant
Despite the two deaths.

"So you're telling me you're trying to mutiny against Lady Hijiri?!?"
"That we certainly are,
For the Lady is batshit crazy.
Let's end preachy bitch."
"Damn it I knew this ship was sinking…Ah whatever,better to board a lifeboat than to drown!"
Captain Murasa has joined the party!
Another follower has joined your ranks.
"Fellow Knowers of Cube,exterminate this ONEist!" You shout while gesturing to Byakuren. They approach Byakuren before the monk starts to raises her hands into the air,gazing at the ceiling with the calmest face you have ever seen.
A beam of light flows down from the ceiling and Byakuren ascends into it.
With that odd sound she and the light vanishes.
"What the fuck?" Both Mokou and Murasa question.
Silence answers.
It's only now as you exit through the gate that you realize how empty the Myouren Temple is.
"Murasa,you said earlier that "this ship was sinking",what did you mean?" Mokou asks the ghostly sailor.
"A week ago Byakuren suddenly started talking strangely and refused to leave her room. Then Ichirin and Unzan vanished one night. Kyouko said Reimu asked her to help sweep the Hakurei Shrine so she's gone too. Then Nue started speaking in haiku."
"No,I have always
spoken only within haiku!
Sure your brain is on?" Nue angrily corrects the Captain.

Strange occurrences or not,you are done here.

[ ]Hakurei Shrine
[ ]Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ]Human Village Mokou says to avoid it for now and you trust your Cubic Servant.
[ ]Underground
[ ]Moriya Shrine
No. 168837

I want to see Satori read his mind. I want to see Koishi react to his subconscious.
No. 168838
What the actual fuck
No. 168839

Man I don't even know.
No. 168841
Was is habbening?
No. 168843
[X] Underground

What does cubism consider alcohol?
No. 168845
[x]Moriya Shrine
Tide, etc.

So, are we fixing batshit insanity with EVEN greater insanity?
No. 168849

>I want to see Satori read his mind. I want to see Koishi react to his subconscious.
I can't wait to see this. If it made Mokou's head explode, then THIS will be hilarious.
No. 168855
File 136924187214.jpg - (466.40KB , 900x900 , 9d7dc72e0e1f76d0375428b612538ed3e84d7a9c.jpg ) [iqdb]

Part of you briefly considers the Moriya Shrine but you decide that the Underground sounds more interesting for now.
Mokou seems to have the most knowledge of the Underground so she leads the way through the trees and hills. Nue alternates between being on your left and right sides for some reason while muttering a haiku every now and then. Murasa stays a little bit behind you,tightly gripping her anchor and looking around cautiously.

If it wasn't for the rather strong winds violently shaking all the trees and bushes,the scenery would be completely silent.

After an hour you reach a cave entrance. Mokou summons a hovering fireball or something to act as a light source.

"Sailors…look at that…"
You party stops and turns towards Murasa,who points to the ceiling. Knowing your eyesight in the dark isn't as good as a youkai's Mokou brings up another hovering fireball.
On the ceiling is a large web covered with what is at least a hundred dead spiders.
"…the shit?" Mokou utters.
Nue flies up to them and examines the late specimens of subphylum Chelicerata.
"Deceased crawlers,
many of hath been cut into twain,
Where art THAT Yamane?"
"The spider youkai?No idea…Let's just continue on for now." Mokou urges the rest of you on.



Ahead on the arc-shaped bridge is a yellow-haired,elf-eared girl with tears streaming out of her green eyes.

In her hands is a chainsaw.

"T-this fucking bridge,this shitty BRIDGEEEEE!Why! Why? Why are you so strong?Why the fuck can't I be strong enough to prevent assholes from crossing?Danmaku doesn't do shit to you but it hurts like a motherfucker to me!"
The girl screams and swings her chainsaw around furiously.
The girl immediately begins cutting off small parts of the bridge with the chainsaw.

"Admiral." Murasa pokes you on the shoulder to grab your attention before continuing in a whisper.
"My ability is manipulation of drowning,I can probably use it to prevent us from drowning if we swim across the river.Fuck bridges anyway."
"We can just fly over the stupid thing." Your Cubic Servant points out.
"Then she'll see us,fly after us,and attack!"
"Then we'll kick her ass!"
"If I may suggest,
Thou can try speak to Parsee.
Time Cube the Green Envy!" Nue suggests.
Both Mokou and Murasa glare at her in disapproval.

None of your party mentions the option of simply killing Parsee.

What shall you do now,Wisest Human?


Parsee CAN be recruited but her anger won't go away.As a result it will be extremely difficult to keep your party members from killing her and possibly vice versa.
No. 168856

Gene drove the border insane on his way in, didn't he?

Also, apparently Time Cube is now a verb.


[x]Time Cube Parsee
No. 168858
[x]Time Cube Parsee

Agreed. This is now a verb. We shall time cube Parsee. We shall Time Cube her until her mind shatters, and can then be cubically re-constructed into a new form. A happier form. A 4-sided form.

And if that fails, the troops need some target practice anyway.
No. 168859
[x]Time Cube Parsee
No. 168860
[X] Swim past the bridge

I dunno guys our happy little family is already fracturing pretty heavily.
No. 168861
[x] Take her down.

She's nuts but not in the 'right' way.
No. 168863
[X] Swim past the bridge

Her mind too clouded is, anger blocks her reason, jealousy feeds anger, ONEism jealousy breeds.
Later for her come we'll. More pressing matters now.
To be honest the chainsaw is too dangerous for the rest
No. 168864
[x] Take her down.

Cubic chainsaw could be handy
No. 168867
[x]Manipulate Parsee to drown. In tears of jealousy.
No. 168900
[X] Time Cube Parsee.

You turn to Nue and nod.
"Knowing that 4 corner Days rotating simultaneously around 4 quadrant created Earth in only 1 Same Earth rotation shall surely calm her."
Murasa facepalms while your Servant grumbles.
"Fine Master, but the instant she tries to slice us her ass gets burned!"
"No, if that happens the bitch will get drowned!"
Brruum brrrrmmm
"If I may say,
My fellow 4-corner comrades,
should SHUT THE CUBE UP!" Nue angrily shouts at your arguing party members.
"Sun/Earth Binary damn it…" You curse.
Parsee has walked right up to you and your party, grinning and chainsaw in hand.
Perhaps arguing at the foot of the bridge was a horrible idea.
"Hey….How are you all doing today? Is the weather good today? I wouldn't know...BECAUSE I NEVER GET TO LEAVE THIS DAMN CAVE! MOTHERFUCKING BRIDGE SHOULD JUST DIE!
Parsee cuts a large hole in the floor of the bridge before facing you all again.
Ignoring the panicked faces of your followers,you step forward.
"Did you know that 4 different corner harmonic 24 hour Days rotate simultaneously within a single 4 quadrant rotation of a squared equator and cubed Earth?"
Her grin vanishes. Murasa quickly runs to the river's edge and plunges her head into the water.
"In 1884, meridian time personnel met in Washington to change Earth time. First words said was that only 1 day could be used on Earth to not change the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1 day and ignored the other 3 days. The bible time was wrong then and it proved wrong today. This a major lie has so much evil feed from it's wrong. No man on Earth has no belly-button, it proves every believer on Earth a liar. Belly-Button Logic works."
"You're fucking jealous of my belly-button,aren't you?"
"When the Sun shines upon Earth, 2 - major Time points are created on opposite sides of Earth - known as Midday and Midnight. Where the 2 major Time forces join, synergy creates 2 new minor Time points we recognize as Sunup and Sundown. The 4-equidistant Time points can be considered as Time Square imprinted upon the circle of Earth. Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. In a single rotation of the Earth sphere, each Time corner point rotates through the other 3-corner Time points, thus creating 16 corners, 96 hours and 4-simultaneous 24 hour Days within a single rotation of Earth - equated to a Higher Order of Life Time Cube."

Mokou's head explodes again.
Parsee's face twitches as an unreadable expression covers her face.
"I'm jealous of….of your…your……uh…THERE'S NOTHING TO BE FUCKING JEALOUS OF WITH YOU!
She raises her arms and screams to the sky,err ceiling in defeat. She nearly drops the chainsaw in the process.
"Now that you understand Cubic Creation Divinity of 4 Corner Simultaneous Days Within Same Earth Rotation,come with us so that your soul will be saved from Academic Word World's created hell on Earth. Ignorance of Time Cube will indict you as Stupid and Evil and will doom you and your grandchildren to 1-corner day suffering in-"
"Hell." Parsee finishes for you.
"It is good that you understand that 4 Corner Days-"
"I'll accompany your fucking lunatic-self to the Former Hell and beyond.AL-FUCKING-RIGHT YOU FUCKING SCHIZO?"
Parsee turns off her chainsaw.
Parsee is your next sacrificial offering has joined the party!
You hear a sigh and look to see that your Cubic Servant has revived.
Nue pulls Murasa's head out of the water. The sailor starts spitting out water and breathing heavily.She must have used her ability to prevent herself from drowning.
"Nue, what happened while I was protecting myself against the Admiral's madness?"
"Doctor Gene Ray,
Hath educated Parsee,
Via Cubic Wisdom."
Murasa groans before she and Nue rejoin the group.
"Where the fuck are we heading anyway?"
"Palace of the Earth Spirits.We need Satori." You consider asking who Satori is and why Mokou neglected to bring both her and that "Palace" up before, but you trust your Cubic Servant.
Parsee grumbles before heading to the back of the group.
Murasa moves behind her.
Parsee does the same.
"Sorry Lady Cuts Herself A Lot,but I'm staying at the back." Murasa pushes Parsee out the way.
The Youkai of Jealously right hand briefly moves to rev up the chainsaw but stops herself.
"Fucking fine,I never get anything in this shitty world!Let's just get going!"

Mokou leads the way across the bridge,with you a little bit behind her,Nue flying a little bit above,Parsee and Murasa at the near-rear and back respectively.
In this formation your Party enters the Former Capital of Hell ahead.

A tall,horned,blonde woman in a white shirt stands atop one of the buildings before a large crowd of what Mokou tells you are "oni", horned humanoids with extreme strength.You ask her who the blonde oni in white is.
"That's Yuugi Hoshiguma,their leader."
Yuugi clears her throat and speaks.
"Bad news ya'll as of today…" Her face
"Our alcohol reserves have run out!
The crowd and your party (with the exception of Nue) gasps.
"With the current amounts of alcohol currently in the city,we'll only last for another day!"
"There is one hope…the incomplete Kappa Alcohol Refinery that's missing only a few parts. But I know where we can find those parts:from that Hell Raven's Nuclear Reactor!We shall take them by force!"

"Like HELL you will."

A warning alarm sounds.
The building is struck by a large projectile and is set ablaze as it crumbles from the resulting explosion.
A woman.
Large red eye with a soul-piercing stare,resting between her massive breasts.
Black raven hair.
Glowing eyes.
The wings of a black angel of death.
An arm-cannon of annihilation.
Destruction itself stands amidst the flames.

"I,Utsuho "Okuu" Reiuji,have come to the conclusion that Oni are a waste of resources and an unnecessary threat to Reactor Safety.Commencing Neutralization Protocol KE0."

Utsuho takes flight and looks down upon you the Former Capital with sheer contempt while aiming the cannon on her right arm at the city below. The cannon and the eye between her breasts glow.
A magical circle filled with the word WARNING surrounds her cannon as several alarms sounds go off.
She fires.
Hundreds of danmaku projectiles slam into the Former Capital above.
Mokou tackles you to the ground and winces as several danmaku hit the back of her.
Her blood leaks onto you.You gaze in shock at her burned back.
"A Servant has to protect her Master,right?I'm a damn Immortal anyway!"
The rest of your party has been dodging most of the danmaku and blocking the rest of it with their weapons.
Mokou pulls you back to your feet.
Another building nearby explodes.
Nue is hit in her left shoulder by flying debris.
"ow ow ow ow ow
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow
ow ow ow ow ow!"
Even her cries of pain are in haiku.
"Master,we need to get out of here and get to Satori!"
"Fuck no,we need to stop that psycho-bitch!" Parsee declares.
"POT,KETTLE,FUCKING BLACK!" Murasa shouts at the chainsaw wielding Jealousy Youkai that minutes ago was tearing apart her own bridge.

What shall you do,Public Enemy #1 of Evil Academia's Singularist Brotherhood?

No. 168901
...my insanity has stopped hurting. Maybe I should stop reading...

[x]You need not fear death, for you are 82+cancer.
-[x]Your words shall overwhelm the fire, for they are filled with cubic wisdom.

Clarification: Engage Utsuho in a danmaku duel. We've killed Mokou twice so far with our words, so they should serve as an effective bullet substitute.
No. 168902
[x]You need not fear death, for you are 82+cancer.
-[x]Your words shall overwhelm the fire, for they are filled with cubic wisdom.

Oh god.

Oh god yes.

Our danmaku takes the form of an unending hail of Time-Cube logic. And the worst part? Okuu might wind up UNDERSTANDING IT.

Plus, once they've all settled down, I'm sure the time cube can be used to resolve things peacefully. After all, due to Time Cube, the Oni actually have four days to get new booze supplies.
No. 168908
[x] Take her down

I apologize guys, but 4 is the supreme number of the universe and that is the amount of companions we should have.
No. 168912

I forgot to mention this earlier but you can have up to 16 deranged girls that are moments away from pulling out each other's eyeballs companions,and if you wish they can separated into 4 groups of 4.
No. 168914
Obviously we must endeavor to Time Cube 4^4 girls.
No. 168917

Why not 256? Or 4 groups of 4 groups of 4 groups of 4? (4^4^4^4)
No. 168923
[x]You need not fear death, for you are 82+cancer.
-[x]Your words shall overwhelm the fire, for they are filled with cubic wisdom.

I do this because Okuu may yet become the second prophet of cubic wisdom.

Or something. I'm just playing this by ear.
No. 168930
[x]You need not fear death, for you are 82+cancer.
-[x]Your words shall overwhelm the fire, for they are filled with cubic wisdom.

Dammit, We're thinking with cubes now.
No. 168943
How about 4 ↑↑↑↑ 4 companions?

No. 168949
1.)That's going to be a lot of generic fairies...

No. 168962
[x]You need not fear death, for you are 82+cancer.
-[x]Your words shall overwhelm the fire, for they are filled with cubic wisdom.

"Master!" "Admiral!" "Schizo!"
"The fuck are you doing?
Doctor Gene Ray,please don't
relinquish thy life!"
You ignore your companions pleas and step forward.
"I need not fear death…" You hold out your hands.

Your words erupt from your hands as giant letters.
Pain spikes throughout your entire body and all of your strength leaves you. You nearly collapse to the floor before Nue and Mokou catch you.

You look up at your Wisdom streaming towards the Hell Raven above.
She panics and fires rapidly at the Cubic Truth that approaches her and dodges everything except for your final two sentences,which impact and knock her to the ground a few steps in front of you as the True Theory Of Everything forcefully enters her mind.
"Unyuuuuu,4 corner days…single rotation…Wisest Human…require followers…" she mutters dreamily before slowly getting up.
She glances at you and then at each of your companions and groans.

Although you are too exhausted to attack again,your companions are fully ready to fight and make threatening gestures with their weapons.
Her once contemptuous expression twists into an evil smile.
"Unyu,I'm outmatched it seems."
She removes from debris that got caught in her left wing during her impact before moving somewhat closer to your party.
"Doctor,you are Wise right?" You nod,too tired to speak at the moment. Thankfully she doesn't mind.
Utsuho's smile turns into an unnerving grin as she points at a nearby dead Oni with her left hand.
"These damn Oni waste countless resources and wished to destroy my Nuclear Furnace just so they can fucking get drunk.Do you have any idea how much radiation that would release?"
She blows up a nearby building with her arm cannon before continuing.
"If you let me end these Oni without the interference of your girl and I'll give you the full support of the Evil Spirits of Former Hell. If you and your followers help me complete Neutralization Protocol KE0,I'll also give you me and join your Cubic Army of 4 Days to help spread the word Nature's Harmonic Time Cube."
"The hell does KE0 stand for?" Murasa asks.
"Kill Everything,the zero is the amount of Oni that will exist in the Former Hell when I',no when we are finished." Murasa worriedly looks at the rest of your party and is horrified that none of their faces indicate any objection. Murasa turns to you with panic emitting from her very soul.
"Admiral,please! You can't just let her commit genocide!"
"Doctor these Oni will not care for Nature's Harmonic Time Cube,all they care about is drinking and partying. No matter how many times you tell the Oni the Cubic Truth of 4 Corner Day Rotation their constant drinking will cause them to forget. They are not educated stupid,they were already stupid to begin with!"

What shall you do,murderer or savior?


Do not worry about any of your companions (including Murasa) leaving the party. They are far too deep into the abyss of madness to leave have no choice but to accept the madman's words Cubic Divinity.
No. 168964
[x]Those who do not accept the wisdom of Time Cube are to burn in hell. These Oni have the location right, time for the burning!
No. 168967
File 136942025114.png - (811.59KB , 750x1017 , Servant_saver.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Savior

Drinking is the only way to escape the indoctrination. They are pure, uncorrupted souls.

Picture unrelated.
No. 168971
[x] Savior
No. 168973
Hell Raven or Oni. Hmm.

[x]Those who do not accept the wisdom of Time Cube are to burn in hell. These Oni have the location right, time for the burning!
No. 168978
[x]Those who do not accept the wisdom of Time Cube are to burn in hell. These Oni have the location right, time for the burning!
No. 169075
File 136975407520.jpg - (247.40KB , 700x964 , 9c06131b602466a912fccde3e9f1c150c60f317f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]Those who do not accept the wisdom of Time Cube are to burn in hell. These Oni have the location right, time for the burning!

"Those who do not accept the wisdom of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube are to burn in hell. These oni have the location right, time for the burning!"
Utsuho grins while Murasa pales.
"Cubic Army,end these Oni."

Utsuho continues bombarding the city from above while making sure not to hit your party. Within a few minutes not a building stands.The Hell Raven then flies down and assists the hunting for any that her barrages missed. Occasionally she eats a dead Oni or two and she eats at least one alive.
Mokou burns every Oni she sees while never leaving your sight,as a Cubic Servant must guard her master.
Nue impales them with her tentacles and trident.
Parsee cuts them into pieces with her chainsaw while screaming jealously-filled justifications for their slaughter.The bridge princess was unleashing the hate that she had gotten from centuries of being jealous of the Oni.

Murasa stays behind you and Mokou,refusing to take part in the genocide. About halfway through the city an Oni suddenly leaps out from the rubble it was hiding behind and charges at her.Reflexively she sidesteps it's fists and crushes it's skull with her enormous anchor,sending pieces of brain and spatters of blood onto her clothes.
You and Mokou are about to round the next street corner when you glance back and see Murasa still standing over the deceased Oni,gazing at the deceased Oni's crushed skull.Tears are coming out of her eyes.
You walk up to comfort her.
"Those who deny 4 Simultaneously Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Single Earth Rotation are doomed anyway Murasa.You saw what happened to Byakuren."
She slowly turns towards you,eyes still glistening with tears.
She nods.

After an hour which is actually four simultaneous hours due to the Time Cube Theory of Everything,the Oni are no more.
Some put up a fight but were no match for Nue and Mokou's skill,Utsuho's power,or Parsee's sheer rage.

You are the only who is not covered in blood.


The Hell Raven leads the way over a rock bridge suspended above a river lava to the Palace of the Earth Spirits,which is really half-mansion,half-palace.
Utsuho kicks open the gate.
"This gate hasn't been used in years,Satori-sama rarely leaves the Palace and when she does she just flies over it. Both this gate and fence are a waste of metal." The nuclear bird explains.
"So, who is Satori?" You ask. Mokou answers before Utsuho does.
"A satori,a type of mind-reading youkai. Yes,her name is also the name of her species. They read people's minds via a 3rd Eye, which is attached to their body. Utsuho is one of Satori-sama's "pets". She adopted various animals and a few youkai to keep her and her sister Koishi company since satoris by their nature are hated for their ability."
Utsuho nods while glaring at Mokou with suspicion for a moment as your party enters Satori's residence.
You follow the Hell Raven up at least three flights of stairs and down a hallway towards a rather fancy door which is apparently Satori's room.
"Doctor,please stay a bit away from the door for now.It's best if she doesn't read your mind yet.Don't worry Doctor,you'll be able to hear everything…"
Utsuho knocks on the door.
"You,I know Okuu! And I don't need to read your mind to know what you have done,I could hear the explosions and screams from here!" Satori shouts from the other side of the door.
Some of those screams were indeed ear-damagingly loud.
"Satori-sama,they were-"
"Going to destroy the Nuclear Furnace,I know from your mind.That doesn't mean they all needed to die!"
"Since when are Oni reasonable?"
Utsuho tries to open the door but it refuses to budge more than a few inches,despite not being locked.
"Unyu…Satori-sama,you've been barricaded in your room for weeks! You'll run out of food soon!"
"NO,I can't trust anyone but Koishi!"
"Satori-sama,but Koishi's been acting weird for a good month!"
"SEE?She's fine!"
"Unyu,we can't read minds Satori-sama…"
"The hell do you mean by "we" you fucking bird-brain?"
"Let me see who's with you…Parsee?Why aren't…it doesn't matter if you hated it's your damn job to keep people like this group out!
Miss Nue,the fuck is wrong with your mind?Why the fuck are all of your thoughts are in haiku?
Murasa you're…I see.
AND Mokou,I told you to never come back here and who is this "Master" that keeps appearing in your head so damn much?"
You step towards the door.
"That would be me,Gene Ray,Cubic Thinker and Wisest Human."
"Let me read you-AAAAAAAAGH…Your mind gave me a splitting headache the instant I read it! Four corner Cubic Time Cubes…what is this insane nonsense?I What do the rest of you mean it's not nonsense!Even you Okuu? Old man,what the fuck are you?"
"Doctor Gene Ray,Wisest Human and Above-"
"BULLSHIT,the thought wavelengths from your brain aren't human,youkai,or even Lunarian! I'm shutting my 3rd Eye closed before your nonsense infects me!
Hold on..Four Corners…that's some of the same nonsense Koishi has been drawing all over the walls!"
"That what you meant by her Koishi acting weird,Utsuho?" Your Cubic Servant asks the Hell Raven,who nods in reply.
"I don't know what you arebut leave my fucking sister alone!ALL OF YOU,GET OUT OF MY HOME!!" Satori screams.

Parsee walks up to you.
"Hey Schizo,sounds like her sister is a comrade of yours.I say we cut that door down."
Murasa gives you the same worried expression she gave you earlier while shaking her head pleadingly and gesturing towards the stairs.

What shall you do?


My spellchecker thought Koishi was a typo of the word "Choice".
No. 169077
[x] Clearly a fellow cubic figure is being held hostage on the other side of that door! We must help her at once!
No. 169081
[x] Her sister needs help: to find people who share they concerns. Find her.

So Satori can close her third eye? Mmhh.
No. 169093
Murasa is to be our voice of anti-wisdom; We shall do whatever she disapproves of!

[x]Parsee, if you would be so kind as to employ your chainsaw?
No. 169094
[x] Have Parsee chainsaw the door down.
[x] Get your cubic army to pin down Satori and give her the CUBIC TRUTH via Danmaku.
[x] Find Koishi.
No. 169101
[x] Have Parsee chainsaw the door down.
[x] Get your cubic army to pin down Satori and give her the CUBIC TRUTH via Danmaku.
[x] Find Koishi.

Sounds like a plan
No. 169106
File 136985829690.png - (310.41KB , 600x700 , 1dd433c893742d0409d58ded238092dafc0c0752.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Clearly a fellow cubic figure is being held hostage on the other side of that door! We must help her at once!
[x] Have Parsee chainsaw the door down.
[x] Parsee, if you would be so kind as to employ your chainsaw?
[x] Get your cubic army to pin down Satori and give her the CUBIC TRUTH via Danmaku.
[x] Find Koishi.

"Clearly a fellow cubic figure is being held hostage on the other side of that door! We must help her at once! Parsee, if you would be so kind as to employ your chainsaw?"
"Gladly,that door is durable while I'm fucking not!" Parsee revs up her chainsaw and begins cutting it open while mumbling something, most likely about various features of the door that are better than her. Satori screams something but it's impossible to make out.
It takes her a full minute to cut through the surprisingly-thick door.
However,behind the door is a large barricade of various furniture forming a makeshift wall. Judging by the dust,it's been there for a while.
Parsee angrily begins chopping them as well and Murasa lends a hand by smashing anything the bridge princess' chainsaw can't cut with her over-sized anchor. As anti-wise as Murasa is, she still acknowledges that she's a member of your Cubic Army.
Grudgingly working together they manage to quickly tear apart the barrier and step inside.
Murasa loudly drops her anchor to the floor as she stares at something in shock while Parsee looks disgusted.
"What the fuck?" the Captain asks existence.
Utsuho enters the room third, sweeping the room with arm cannon SWAT-team style.
You and the rest of your cubic army enter the room.

On the left side are a pile of nearly-depleted food supplies. A pink-haired girl with wires attached to a small sphere is in the fetal position is the corner nearest the pile, shaking.
"Get out…get out!" From her voice you identify her as Satori and ignore her and focus on the more alarming bits of the rooms.
Namely the walls that are covered with phrase after phrase in grey crayon.


"Schizo, did you live here once?" Parsee ask
You shake your head.
"Unyu? Doctor,look up…
You do so and your heart skips a beat.

At the top of the room is a girl with green hair with a black hat and orange shirt flying around as she completes her drawing of…something on the ceiling.
A red eye in a blue box of some sort with five yellow spikes protruding from it in a star-shape.
Beneath it is a mountain of stick figures corpses and below them is a single sentence:

Koishi flies back down to the floor, sits,and blankly stares at what she has drawn.
Nue suddenly darts to your left side and blocks a burst of danmaku with her trident.
You turn to see that Satori has gotten up and is running towards a spell card on the floor.
Mokou intercepts her and knocks the mind reader to the ground with a punch. Parsee and Murasa quickly move above Satori and hold her down with the threats of being smashed and dismembered by an anchor and a chainsaw respectively.
"Why the fuck are you people even in my HOME?GO THE FUCK AWAY." Satori screams.
Why exactly ARE you in her home anyway?
Mokou pokes you on the shoulder to grab your attention.
"Master, you should use that brainwashing,err 4 Corner Day Rotation educating danmaku on Satori. It worked well on Reiuji over there."
"UNYU? I've been brainwashed?!"
"YOU BRAINWASHED MY PET? YOU BASTARD FUCKE-UGH!" Satori's furious insult is interrupted by two simultaneous kicks from Murasa and Parsee.
Those two are making an excellent team.

You walk over to Satori and hold your hands forward at Satori.Mokou remembers what happened last time you did this and holds you up with her arms so you don't collapse in pain.
Parsee and Murasa back away to avoid being hit by the imminent barrage.
You begin firing the wisdom of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube at the pink-haired girl.

[Till You KNOW 4 Simultaneous Days Rotate In Same 24 Hours Of Earth You Don't Deserve To Live On Earth. 1 Educated Are Most Dumb. Not 1 Human Except Dead 1. Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self. 1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God. . ONE IS A DEMONIC RELIGIOUS LIE created by the Evil Academic Singularist Brotherhood's Ministry of Obscurantism. The Solar system, the Universe, the Earth and all humans are composed of + 0 - antipodes, and equal to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity.All Creation occurs between Opposites. Academic ONEism destroys +0- brain. I think Cubic, therefore I rise above the singularity mentality human and the false gods they worship - discovering a Universe of Opposites their education will never allow them to know.You and I cannot exist without our anti-side existence, as +0- antipodes. Add +0- as One = nothing. Humans are Cubic forms that rotate a 4 corner face lifetime, not an entity as the 4 corner stage faces do not occur at the same time for the 1 corner face individual. There is absolute proof that Earth is not an entity as Earth is composed of 2 opposite hemispheres (as in plus and minus), that would cancel each out if unified as an entity. There is proof that all humans exist between the 2 opposites of femininity and masculinity, and would cancel each other out if unified as academic or religious "singularity" - equating to stupidity and suicide for humanity.]

Satori looks exhausted but still angry. Her Third Eye opens back up and stares at her.
"Let's see what the fuck that did to me…You sent thoughts directly into my mind? All your doing is glorified telepathy…wait, the fuck? Why are my thought wavelengths different?"
"Miss Satori,your mind is now like Master's and the rest of us, it understands the Time Cube." Mokou sighs as she tells her.
"Understand? I don't understand a FUCKING THING!!"
"Stop being so loud."
All eyes to turn towards the source of the voice, who has walked up to Satori.
"K-Koishi? Your back to normal?" Satori asks with hope.
Koishi punches her sister in the chest.
"I guess I am back to normal, but the normal you wanted. You thought you could keep my true personality silent, didn't you?" Koishi taunts her sister.
"I did it because I love you Koishi…" Tears begin to fall from the pink-haired mind readers eyes.
Koishi scowls.
"You only loved the image of a sister to have, a person who's mind you couldn't read. For years you have had perverted fantasies about a person you couldn't understand, your dream man, your ultimate sexual fantasy. But that person never came. So you erased my entire consciousness and sealed my Third Eye in other to make do with what you had. It's easy to take sexual advantage of a person who has no consciousness, right? What a horrible sister you are."
"K-Koishi…but I do love-" Tears
"I don't know what that old man did but apparently he brought me back. I guess I'll call him "Onii-chan" from now on, because even he would be a better sibling than you."
"Koishi….I'm sorry…I'msorryi'msorryimsorrysorry-"
"You killed me Satori. So now I kill you."

Koishi grabs Satori's Third Eye and shoves it into Parsee's still active chainsaw.
Satori Komeiji immediately collapses, lifeless.
"Never liked Satori-sama anyway..."

"Let's get going, Onii-chan." Koishi says with complete indifference.
"Another ship has sunk…" Murasa sighs.
"We're done with the Underground Master, where to now?"
"Pay the Hakurei
Both visit and donation,
is what I must say." Chirps Nue.

[ ] Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Human Village
[ ] Moriya Shrine

I didn't forget about Yamane, Kisume,and Orin. You'll find out about them soon enough.
No. 169111
[x] Moriya Shrine
No. 169113
File 136986541879.png - (455.72KB , 396x446 , [SLAMS INTERNALLY].png ) [iqdb]
This image properly conveys how I feel about this latest turn of events.

In any case, we've avoided the SDM trap too long.

[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
No. 169115
[x] Flower Field.

Do the impossible.
No. 169121
[x] Hakurei Shrine

Might as well take Nue's advice.
No. 169125
File 136987752130.jpg - (15.57KB , 229x300 , Photo-By-Hendrike-229x300.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ah! A new update! Let's see what...


That's... that was...

Well. We should go somewhere now. Else.

[x] Human Village
No. 169132
No. 169146
[x] Moriya Shrine
Need some gods and shrine maidens
No. 169151
[x]Flower Field

Let's see how Yuuka turns out...
No. 169156
[x] Moriya Shrine

-All right, to the shrine!
-Wait! That's not the-

That last update was... something.
No. 169157
File 137002775541.jpg - (1.01MB , 900x1200 , fbc0df050586140af124f4bf07dacc657921851d.jpg ) [iqdb]
I decided to combine the votes, you'll go to the Flower Field and then Moriya Shrine.

[x]Flower Field
[x]Moriya Shrine

"To the Garden of the Sun? Master, are you insane? "
"No, but I am a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic."
"SAME THING!" Mokou, Parsee, and Murasa yell.
"Admiral, there's a very powerful youkai that lives there. I don't think we can take her even with this crew."
"With the power of the Harmonic Sun/Earth Binary we can and shall."
"Oh Wisest Human,
Confidence you never lack.
Thy fear is absent!"
"This is going to end horribly…"
Giant spiders.

"HELL hath arrived.
MADNESS has descended upon
our land Gensokyo!"

In the center of the Garden of the Sun is a colossal spider with a blonde-haired head that'd look completely human if it wasn't larger than a car and had those huge fangs. Around her on various webs are smaller but still giant spiders currently being attacked by swarms of fairies with danmaku.
The spiders react by either leaping into the air after them, firing their own danmaku, and/or catching them with webbing that they shoot out from their mouths.
The flowers in the fields are either crushed by the legs of the spiders, covered in webs, or frozen.
"Is that huge fucking thing…Yamane?"
"Unyu, looks like it."

A bit of a distance away is a large glacier on which a blue-haired fairy with six ice wings sits on a frozen throne while a green-haired fairy in front of her directs the fairy army using messengers and a large ice sculpture of the battlefield for reference.
"That fucking ice fairy Cirno is sitting on a throne while her crew dies, such an irresponsible captain deserves to drown..." Murasa says in disgust.
"Where is that fucking Shrine Maiden, this is an unprecedented incident!" Your Cubic Servant angrily shouts.

In front of your group is a red-eyed, green-haired woman in a red-plaid waistcoat and a skirt of the same color with an umbrella tightly clutched in her left hand.
"My my, MORE unexpected and unwelcome. As if I don't have enough already!"
She turns to your Cubic Army of 4 Days, barely maintaining a threatening smile on her face.
You step forward to the woman and shake her free hand, much to your party's horror and her shock.
"I am Doctor Gene Ray, Cubic Thinker and Wisest Human. In exchange for joining my Cubic Army of 4 Days, my followers shall help you save your fields!"
"My flowers are all dead, I heard every single scream of my beloved plants due to my ability! There is NOTHING to save!" Her face turns into a deep scowl.
"Then we shall help with revenge, as even a mighty youkai such as yourself would have difficulty defeating so many, Miss…" She blocks an incoming burst of stray danmaku with her umbrella before answering.
"Yuuka Kazami, Flower Master of the Four Seasons. I shall join this "Cubic Army" of yours."
Yuuka Kazami is going to kill everyone has joined the party.
Yuuka abruptly shakes her head and glares accusingly at Koishi's unsealed Third Eye.
"Younger satori, you did something to make me accept his offer didn't you?"
"Yes I did, subconsciously you were anxious for help."
"I'll be sure to swap the locations of your arms and legs for that sometime, but for now I'll admit that for once I could use the help. But that spider Yamane is mine."

You look at the titan-sized Yamane and then at Cirno in her throne, the first true battlefield for your Cubic Army of 4 Days.

Your have a feeling that your abilities of imparting Cubic Wisdom won't work on them.
Mokou said Cirno was a ice fairy and obviously is therefore the creator of all that ice, ergo Utsuho and Mokou will deal with her best while Murasa can smash the ice with her anchor in addition to her limited control over water.
Nue and Parsee have weapons for stabbing,slashing, and/or cutting. Neither of those will help much against solid ice.
Against fairies and spider webs on the other hand…
Finally, Koishi can use her abilities over the subconscious to organize the fairies assault on Yamane.

You are the Wisest Human.
Time to prove it.

"Mokou, Utsuho, and Murasa, take me to Cirno, we'll defeat her and take over the fairy army. Parsee and Nue, directly help Yuuka crush Yamane. Koishi, go with them and coordinate the fairies' against Yamane and her arachnids.For the Time Cube!"
[i]""""""""For the Time Cube!""""""""[i] everyone aside from Yuuka shouts, some with sarcasm, some without.

Yuuka doesn't waste another second and begins flying towards Yamane with Parsee and Nue on her flanks and Koishi flying behind the thee.

Utsuho turns her back to you and leans down.
"Hop on Doctor."
You climb onto Utsuho's back. You didn't realize until now just how much bigger she is than you and the rest of your party. She, Mokou, and Murasa take flight and dart towards the throne of Cirno in the distance.

Countless fairies move to intercept.
You followers are ready for them.
"FUCKING FREAKS,I WANT EIGHT LEEEEEEEEGS!" Parsee shouts as she slices another spider in half.
Five other spiders leap towards her in to avenge their dismembered sister.
Cut slash cut slash.They join their sister
Repetitively she cuts through web after spider as she clears the way for Yuuka.
At least fifteen spiders attempt to drop down on Nue from the webs she was flying underneath above. The unidentified youkai stabs each of them in their brains, one with her trident and the rest with her wing-tentacles. She quickly pulls her wings and trident out and then rinses and repeats
Koishi hangs back and uses her power over the subconscious to coordinate the fairy troops and to raise their morale. The tide of the battle slowly turns.

Yuuka growls as she punches arachnid after arachnid.
Due to the resilience of some of the webs she is forced to wait for Parsee to make a path through the webs with her chainsaw.
She considers simply using a Master Spark to clear a straight path but calms herself.

Using any kind of Spark on the webs would be a waste of energy when Parsee can just slice through.

"Murasa, smash her throne! Monarchs have no place in the Cubic World I am making!" You shout
"Understood Admiral!" Murasa responds with a grin.

Several formations of fairies move to block your group but stand no chance against Utsuho and Mokou.
Murasa charges ahead and swings her anchor at the still-sitting ice fairy who quickly tries to create a barrier of ice.
Her anchor smashes through the barrier,Cirno's skull,and the throne.
The green-haired fairy looks at Cirno's completely crushed head atop a pile of broken ice and breathes a sigh of relief.
The other fairies hold their hands up in a surrender position while the green-haired simply sits down.
Utsuho lands in front of her and you get off the nuclear bird's surprisingly comfortable back.
You look at the fairy by the sculpture of the battlefield,who is sitting down in a dejected manner.
"I'm Daiyousei. Hey Mister" The green-haired fairy says to you.
"Please kill me.I'm a failure at everything I do, only good for my breasts as Cirno said."

Daiyousei awaits your response.
No. 169158
Good breasts are reason enough to live! Magnanimously spare her life!
No. 169159
[x] "Cirno is dead! She no longer exists in 4 cornered world!"
-[x] Raise up her shirt a little and point to her navel.
--[x] "Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother – She Left Belly B. Signature. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners."
---[x] "Cirno is Educated Stupid. Every Man Born Of Woman. Educators have destroyed the human analytical brain to a single perspective, in spite of all creation within Universe being based upon opposites, binaries & antipodes, including Sun/Earth binary relative to the human male/female binary."
No. 169188
[x] "Cirno is dead! She no longer exists in 4 cornered world!"
-[x] Raise up her shirt a little and point to her navel.
--[x] "Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother – She Left Belly B. Signature. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners."
---[x] "Cirno is Educated Stupid. Every Man Born Of Woman. Educators have destroyed the human analytical brain to a single perspective, in spite of all creation within Universe

Am I the only one thinks that our Wisest Human is encountering a re-hash of "Koishi's Doki-Doki adventure"?
No. 169194
[x] "Cirno is dead! She no longer exists in 4 cornered world!"
-[x] Raise up her shirt a little and point to her navel.
--[x] "Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother – She Left Belly B. Signature. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners."
---[x] "Cirno is Educated Stupid. Every Man Born Of Woman. Educators have destroyed the human analytical brain to a single perspective, in spite of all creation within Universe being based upon opposites, binaries & antipodes, including Sun/Earth binary relative to the human male/female binary."
No. 169200
Our Wisest Human is a re-hash of Koishi's Doki-Doki adventure.
No. 169293
What am I reading... Why can't I stop...
No. 169311
File 137027348943.jpg - (1.58MB , 1280x1024 , Utsuho_&_Satori_3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic 5% related.

[x] "Cirno is dead! She no longer exists in 4 cornered world!"
-[x] Raise up her shirt a little and point to her navel.
--[x] "Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother – She Left Belly B. Signature. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners."
---[x] "Cirno is Educated Stupid. Every Man Born Of Woman. Educators have destroyed the human analytical brain to a single perspective, in spite of all creation within Universe being based upon opposites, binaries & antipodes, including Sun/Earth binary relative to the human male/female binary."

"Cirno is dead! She no longer exists in 4 cornered world!"
"I know-,wait 4-cornered…?"
She does not understand yet. You lift up her shirt a little (much to her horror) and point to her navel.
"Navel Connects 4 Corners 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother - She Left Belly Button Signature. Belly Button Proves 4 Corners."
"E-eh…" Her tears halt.
"Cirno is Educated Stupid. Every Man Of Woman. Educators have destroyed the human analytical brain to a single perspective, in spite of all creation within Universe being based upon opposites, binaries and antipodes, including Sun/Earth Binary relative to Human Male/Female Binary.Ergo, good breasts are reason enough to live!"
"WHAT?" The green-haired fairy's dejected expression turns into one that looks rather shocked.
Mokou and Utsuho chuckle while Murasa (who is the only female here with breasts smaller than a D-cup) glares at you with a massive amount of disapproval.
You grab Daiyousei's hand and pull her to her feet.
"Mister, who are you?" She asks a question that you are always glad to answer.
"I am Doctor Gene Ray,Cubic and Wisest Human. I am a Knower of 4 Corner Days Within Single Earth Rotation."
"But Mister Ray…my breasts aren't good unless THEY ARE BEING RUBBED!" Daiyousei grabs your left hand and places it onto her left breast before moving your hand around in a forced breast massage.

It feels nice, but you politely retract your hand anyway.
Mokou promptly tosses a fireball at the insect-winged fairy, who dodges.
"Don't you fucking sexually harass my Master!"
"Unyu? Breasts are only good if rubbed?"
"Okuu please ignore that fairy lass, she's just a pervert."
"Unyu? Murasa,what's a pervert?"
"Oh my fucking Buddha…Just know that what Daiyousei is a lie,alright?" Murasa sighs while joining Mokou in giving the fairy in question a rather threatening glare.
Daiyousei timidly cowers.
"You can come with, but don't you dare fucking touch my Master!" Mokou shouts at the fairy.
"But can't a Master could have multiple sex slaves?"
Daiyousei is horny as hell has joined the party!

A loud rumbling sound breaks the silly argument.
Yamane has apparently jumped off of her web and is now leaping towards the glacier you stand on. With your Cubic Vision you can see the other half of your Cubic Army pursuing it from behind, but they won't catch up before it reaches the glacier.
"Utsuho,let me onto your back again, the rest of you take flight!"
"Unyu!" Utsuho bends forward while you climb onto her.
After you are comfortable between her massive wings she lifts off.
"Mokou, Utsuho, wait until my say so and melt that glacier! Murasa, once Yamane is underwater use your ability to make that eight-legged freak drown!"
"Aye Admiral!"

With each impact from her jumps Yamane makes the ground tremor.
And grows closer.
The shaking of the ground increases as she gets closer.

Yamane is literally almost on top of your group with this leap.
Mokou and Okuu promptly fire barrages of danmaku that quickly cause the glacier to being melting, quickly flooding the Garden of the Sun.

Utsuho and your group dives out of the way of Yamane's impact as the colossal spider youkai lands on ice that has yet to melt and slips into what has melted.
It's amusing to see a titan-sized spider slip into such a massive body of water.

However,the water level is only a third of the way high enough and Yamane still stands as a result. Or did until her legs "mysteriously" were cut in half.
Even with her legs sliced in half from Parsee's chainsaw, Yamane still managed to keep herself from falling into the flooded flower fields below.
You watch as Yuuka Kazami flies to the front of the giant spider youkai.
"Persistent little thing…"
Yuuka faced the gigantic blonde head of Yamane and slowly pulled out a Spell Card.
Her favorite.
Yuuka felt as she split into two.
Her two halves, each holding a Spell Card glanced at each other and nodded before facing Yamane one final time,pointing their umbrellas at the lower part of her over-sized head.

Flower Sign [Dual Spark]

Two massive Master Spark-like beams emerged each Yuuka's umbrella and impacted upon Yamane, the force of the attack tearing her apart as well as knocking her onto her back where she would be unable to use her leg stumps to "stand".
Yamane's heavily damaged but still functioning head was finally underwater.
"Murasa,NOW!" You shout to the ghostly sailor.
Murasa seems to concentrate on Yamane's head and shortly bubbles fly to the surface of the waters before the spider youkai finally falls limp.
The remaining spiders instantly cease all movement upon the death of their mother, allowing the few fairies left to eliminate them with ease.

You have won your first true battle.

Less than thirty of the some two hundred fairies in the battle perished. The remnants pledged to offer their support whenever you called upon them before departing to wherever they lived.
Daiyousei as a member of your Cubic Of 4 Days remained of course.
Your party slowly moves towards Youkai Mountain once more.

Nue flies slightly above the party to keep watch on the surroundings, Yuuka and Utsuho walk at the front of the group, Mokou and Koishi stay by your side, Parsee and Murasa stay at the rear. Daiyousei stays to the left side of the group, trying to make herself go unnoticed as much as possible.

Yuuka looks over her shoulder at you.
"Outsider, why are heading to Youkai Mountain?"
"We are going there to reach the Moriya Shrine and instruct the people there on the wisdom of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube."
She rolls her eyes before facing the front once more.

Your Cubic Army looks up at the sky and discovers that it is indeed raining.
With surprising speed the rain gets rather heavy.
Parsee attempts to hide under Yuuka's umbrella but the latter casually punches the ex-bridge princess aside.
Yuuka smiles.
"Unyu,here Doctor."
Okuu uses her large wings to prevent any further rain from dropping onto you. Daiyousei, Koishi, Mokou, and Parsee quickly run under her wings as well.
Nue continues flying above and Murasa keeps walking as she was earlier.
"Murasa,why aren't you under Miss Reiuji's wings?" Daiyousei's falsely innocent voice asks.
"When on a ship, at least one member of the crew has gotta work in the rain."
Daiyousei looks out from under the nuclear bird at the unidentified youkai and asks her the same question.
"Such beautiful drops
Feel orgasmic and pleasing
On my tentacles."
"Really? Let me-"Daiyousei is interrupted by a slap from Koishi.
"Start moaning and I'll force-feed you your own wings." Yuuka warns.
Daiyousei whimpers before keeping silent.
"Master,look a cave!"
Mokou points to an opening in the side of a nearby hill.

"Here's your motherfucking firewood you damn whores!" An absolutely drenched Parsee groans before dropping some wood in the middle of some rocks.
When your Cubic Army entered the cave the youkai of jealously complained about the lack of heat and how little light that Mokou's hovering fireball she was using as a lantern was giving off.
Naturally, Parsee was quickly forced to find firewood since she refused to lend the only weapon capable of cutting trees to anyone else.

Mokou tossed the fireball she was using as a lantern at the firewood that Parsee dropped, illuminating the cave.

Tired from your day, you take out your sleeping bag that you somehow kept with you this entire time, enter it, and quickly fall asleep.



Master quickly falls asleep but everyone else is still somewhat up. You fix your white-red bow on your head before looking at everyone else again.
Perhaps you should talk to some of Master's followers before going to sleep.

Daiyousei is nowhere to be seen and you don't feel disturbing everyone else to call out to her.
Nue is combining her tentacles and trident together as a makeshift pillow.
Yuuka is leaning against the walls of the cave.
Utsuho is…hanging upside-down on the ceiling like a bat.
Parsee is…on her chainsaw, everything below her neck resting on the metal part of it.
Finally, Murasa is outside the cave, sitting in the rain.

Who do you wish to talk to, and about what?


For now, you can talk to everyone (except Daiyousei) but for party member you can only ask 4 questions.
Normally you'd be able to choose between talking to them as Mokou or talking to them as Gene Ray but at the moment the Wisest Human is too tired.

No. 169320
[x] Activate chainsaw
[x] Talk to Koishi.
-[x]What is going on with her?
-[x]Why did she join the cubic army?
-[x]What was she writing about that freaked satori out so much?
-[x] Speaking of which, why did she killed her?
No. 169322
>Tired from your day, you take out your sleeping bag that you somehow kept with you this entire time, enter it, and quickly fall asleep.



We master of space and time now.

Also, realize pervert fairy is probably in sleeping bag with master.
No. 169325
Four questions for one party member, or four questions divided among the various party members?
No. 169328
Four questions per party member, you can speak to as many Cubic Soldiers as you wish. You can also go to sleep early if you wish but that's no fun.

My apologies for not making that clearer.
No. 169333
[x] Nue
-[x] ...That didn't actually feel THAT good, did it?
[x] How long is she sticking around, anyway? Now that her garden needs replanting, and all that.
[x] Utsuho
-[x] Talk about burning things.
[x] Parsee
-[x] Glare suspiciously.
-[x] How's she feeling? She's seen a lot of death lately.

...That's about all I can think of. Also: I very much like this Daiyousei. Nice and... affectionate.
No. 169345
File 137036080785.jpg - (218.88KB , 1000x1395 , 306a2105086956b78cdc99c99911ffd66c9e95b7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic 54% Related.

[x] Activate chainsaw
[x] Talk to Koishi.
-[x]What is going on with her?
-[x]Why did she join the cubic army?
-[x]What was she writing about that freaked satori out so much?
-[x] Speaking of which, why did she killed her?

You briefly consider activating the chainsaw for laughs but decide against it.

You decide to speak with Koishi….wait,where the fuck is she? Damn mind power bullshit…
Wait of course she's right behind you, so you turn your head…she's not there.
"Something you want Fujiwara?" From a direction impossible to pinpoint the young mind reader answers.
"Yes, I wanted to chat a bit."
"I did too. Now speak."
"What's going on with you?" You ask.
"You mean not showing myself?"
"Yeah that,it's rather fucking eerie to be talking to someone I can't even see."
"I don't like it when people read my facial expressions. Also this gives me an edge in conversations." At least she's honest.
You move onto the next question.
"Why did you join up with us?"
"I can't cook and ergo can't take of myself. That and Onii-chan somehow restored my consciousness that Satori had completely erased, which should be impossible. I'm curious as to what else he can do. What next?"
"What the fuck were you writing that freaked out Satori so much?"
"Wasn't the writing so much as the drawing. Remember what I drew on the ceiling in my sister's room? In the basement I drew a sequence of drawings in which Satori was sexually violated and then absorbed by that same eye thing."
"…Why the fuck would you do that? And what was that eye thing?"
"I don't know. I only became lucid after Onii-chan did that telepathic danmaku thing to my sister. Until then I just wrote and drew things that appeared in my head without any ability to think. My guess is that someone was sending messages to my will-less mind. Anything else Miss Fujiwara?"
"Yes, why did you kill your sister?"
"I said why just before I killed her, but I guess I shall repeat myself. Satori for a couple hundred years had this sexual fantasy of a man without a mind. Not one under hypnosis, a man literally without a consciousness."
"So she wanted to fuck a dude in a coma?"
"Nah, they needed to be mobile. So she got impatient, erased my consciousness, sealed my Third Eye, and then engaged in near-constant sexual activity with my body."
"…That's fucked up."
"Yes it is. Now, I need my sleep so goodnight Fujiwara."
"G'night Koishi."
"By the way, Daiyousei is in your Master's sleeping bag."


You only resist the urge to burn the green-haired fairy on account that'd you harm Master in the process.Slut better at least be making Master comfortable or you will BURN THE FUCKING WHORE INTO NEXT YEAR.

After a minute of calming yourself you decide to talk to someone else.
[x] Nue
-[x] ...That didn't actually feel THAT good, did it?

You walk over to the unidentified youkai.
"Ah the Fujiwara of
Mokou, the Cubic Servant
of Doctor Gene Ray."
"Yeah, me. Say Nue, the didn't feel THAT good, did it?"
"The orgasmic rain,
Makes my tentacles shake
in great sheer pleasure.

As the water moves down
wings my breasts grotesquely
become much aroused.

To be most descript
my breasts-"

You quickly move away from Houjuu before you can discover how something can be "grotesquely aroused".

Unintentionally you've moved towards Yuuka, oh well.
"Hey Yuuka."
"Hello Miss Fujiwara~" As is usually the case with her, this is a large dissonance between how she speaks and her appearance. Leaning against the wall, arms crossed over her umbrella, she wouldn't look as friendly as she sounds.
"Say, how long are are you sticking around for?"
"Tired of me already,hmmm?"
"Nah, I mean doesn't your garden need replanting and shit?"
"Nope~, it's really all low-maintenance, it grows back on it's own after a few months. Plus the corpses and this current amount of rain will provide enough nutrients to my garden for a few months. Secretly I'm actually pretty lazy and have let my plants all die on multiple occasions~"
"My mental image of the Flower Master of the Four Seasons has been shattered."
"Hehe~, just be sure to keep that a secret as I worked hard on that image, understand~? Goodnight~"
"G'night Yuuka."

Next is Utsuho you suppose. You take flight and move up to Okuu.
Talking while flying mid-air is normal in Gensokyo, but talking to a person hanging upside-down is not.
"Unyu, let me guess you want to know how I'm doing this? Easy, gravity boots!"
"Actually I wanted to talk to you about burning things."
The resulting conversation might've horrified even Yuuka.

"I like burning the hands first, barbecued hands are always delicious!"
"Me too! This one time I kidnapped that one medicine-selling bunny and burned off her eyes. Eventually she got depressed and tried stabbing herself in the head but stabbed herself in the wrist instead because she was fucking blind, it was HILARIOUS.
Two days later she somehow succeeded in killing herself with a knife.
You should have seen the fucking tears in Kaguya's and Yagokoro eyes, even that bitch Tewi cried like a bitch, it was the fucking funniest thing I've seen HA HA HA!"
"That's incredible! Oh yeah, one time Orin brought me a live, naked human man who had a large reproductive organ, saying I needed "experience" or something. I haven't eaten a living, naked male human before so I started my feast at his balls, you should have heard him scream! Orin always brought me dead people after that though, unyu…"
"Say, what happened to Orin?"
"Unyu…I haven't seen her for over a week. Around 10 days ago she went out to find corpses once more and didn't come back.'
"So many disappearances…Anyway,it was nice talking to you Okuu!"
"Unyu, you too Moko-tan!"

Who to talk to next…
You move other to the jealously youkai and glare.
She's fucking suspicious isn't she?
"The fuck you want?"
"Do you exist?"
"Stop glaring at me…"
"You're creeping me out slave-girl."
"How the fuck can you glare like that anyway?" Parsee tries to glare back but it's completely unimpressive.
"Why the fuck can't I glare like that?"
"Because you're the definition of imperfection. You are destined to be eternally unhappy." Koishi's voice answers from somewhere.
"And why the fuck is that?" Koishi does not respond.
Wasn't Koishi sleeping? Can a satori's 3rd Eye remain active during sleep? Questions questions.
"Because you're so easy to piss off." You answer.
"Damn fucking straight I am…Why can't I be all calm like you?"
"Trust me I ain't calm."
"That's fucking bullshit you immortal slave."
"How about I activate your chainsaw you jealous bitch?"
"Oh fuck off and let me sleep…"
Parsee flips onto her front side and rests her head on the non-metal part of the chainsaw.
"Isn't that shit uncomfortable?"
"Fuck you, this chainsaw is better than any bed. I wish you sweet nightmares you servile pyrophile."
"I hope you pull the switch and get your limbs cut off by your own during an erotic dream Parsee, bad night."

-[x] How's she feeling? She's seen a lot of death lately.

One person left to talk to: Captain Murasa who is still sitting outside the cave in the rain.

"Oi, Murasa."
"Hey Vice Admiral." Murasa doesn't turn to face you.
"Vice Admiral?"
"You're 2nd in command."
"Ah, I prefer Mokou…"
"Vice Admiral Mokou then."
You sigh.
"Just Mokou for now, you can ditch the formalities since we're alone. Everyone else has fallen asleep."
"Alright, Mokou then."
"Murasa, how are you feeling? You've seen a lot of death lately."
"I don't know what I'm feeling…On one hand I both helped stop and finished off Yamane and her rampage, on the other hand I helped you all commit genocide and saw my best friend kill another friend."
You move closer to Murasa and notice that she isn't actually sitting, she's digging a couple holes.
"What's with the holes?
"There graves for Shou and Nazrin." In Shou's grave she puts a piece of glass from Shou's Pagoda. In Nazrin's grave she puts a diving rod.
"You've been carrying those the entire time?"
"Yeah…I'd make a grave for Byakuren but I honestly don't know if what happened to her could be called dying."
Murasa covers the two holes with dirt before writing their names in the dirt.
The rain instantly washes them away.
Murasa writes the names.
Rain washes them away again.
Write,washed away.
Nature cares not for those that die.
Murasa weeps and turns to you once more.
"Sorry Mokou, but can…can I be alone for now?"
"Thank you..."



Slowly you awaken and find that for the second day in a row you wake up groping a girl's breast, specifically the left breast a sleeping Daiyousei. You quickly retract your hand.
"Master, time to get up!"
Daiyousei and your hand was hidden inside the sleeping bag so nobody except for maybe Koishi will ever know of your crime.

You exit your sleeping bag and look around. Everyone else seems to have woken up.
Parsee and Murasa seem to be practice sparring with their weapons, Nue is stabbing her wings with her own trident for some reason, Yuuka, Utsuho, and Koishi are eating something over the fire.
"Cubic Servant, where's Daiyousei?"
"Right here."
Mokou roughly pulls out Daiyousei of your sleeping before slapping her awake.
"Fuuuuaa…aaah?" Daiyousei's eyes open to a pair of red ones.
"Because he's sexy."

After a stunned silence from everyone else in the cave, Mokou promptly sets Daiyousei on fire.

The green-haired fairy screams and runs outside, where it's still raining. After the rain extinguishes the flames she slowly re-enters the cave.
Somehow her clothes aren't damaged.

You move to the campfire and commence eating after Okuu hands you some cooked meat.

The rain seems to have stopped while you were eating breakfast (which is apparently a wandering youkai that Mokou cooked) so your Cubic Army quickly sets out.

"Master, I know we're heading to the Moriya Shrine but we could also head to the Tengu Village or the Kappa Town first."

[_]Moriya Shrine
[_]Tengu Village
[_]Kappa Town
No. 169346
[x]Kappa Town

May as well take our time climbing the mountain.

Also, that exchange between Mokou and Okuu was suitably horrifying.
No. 169348
[K]appa Town

Considering the general madness thus far, I can't wait to see what the mad scientists have done.
No. 169350
[x]Kappa Town
-Insert mad scientist laugh here-
No. 169355
[x]Kappa Town
No. 169360
>because he's sexy
>old, wrinkly overweight schizophrenic man with cancer.
No. 169376
[x]Kappa town
[x]Institute rule of one cubic being per bag

...And no, Dai. Just no.
No. 169379
File 137044397825.jpg - (179.41KB , 1280x1280 , Evil_Eye_Sigma_full_1189686.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic 100% related.

[X]Kappa Town

"To the Kappa Town then."
Mokou leads the way, Nue and Daiyousei fly above, Yuuka stays on the side, Koishi and Utsuho stay close to you, while Murasa and Parsee guard the rear.
Typical formation.
"Can't Mister Ray just hang onto Okuu's back again so that we can all fly there?" Daiyousei asks.
"Flying removes the pleasure of walking and enjoying nature~"


"Major Nitori, we have nine new Contacts on Radar at Border Sector NX-04, currently approaching Town Alpha!" Glasses Kappa said to the leader of the Kappa Defense Force, who was currently seated in the "Command Chair", a hovering seat in the Tactical Command Center of the KDFHQ.

"If this is another damn flock of normal avians I'm deploying Agent Orange on all the nesting trees in Gensokyo via Mass Precision Bomber-class UAVs!" Nitori grumbled as she tapped through the holographic display in front of her.

[WARNING:Minor amount of radioactivity detected. Radiation levels match that of Hell Raven/Yatagarasu Hybrid Utsuho "Okuu" Reiuji.]
A digital voice stated.
"Since at least one of them is a bird, may I give the order to deploy Agent Orange across Gensokyo?" Dark-Haired Kappa sarcastically asked her leader.
"This isn't the time to be joking around! Sound the alert, ready the SAMs and AAA cannons! Get some UAVs in position, I want to know what the River we're facing!"
"Way ahead of you boss, putting up the live feed on Main Screen!" Dark-Haired Kappa shouted.
All eyes that had the time to spare looked at the feed that appeared on the main screen.
"Feed shows an unknown human and several high-class youkai in addition to Utsuho Reiuji, including a Hourai-Class Immortal Fujiwara no Mokou, Houjuu Nue, Koishi Komeiji, and…YUUKA KAZAMI!" Hair Tie Kappa reported.
Panic spread like a meme across the entire Tactical Command Center.
"River damn it, mobilize EVERYTHING to Town Alpha and prepare the warheads! Zoom in on that one human and run his face through the database!" Nitori barked.
"Again way ahead of you boss, hence why Hair Tie over there said 'unknown'. Looks like he's an Outsider and judging from his central position he's the leader."
"An Outsider leading youkai? What the River is this?!"
"Oh yeah boss, take a look at Parsee's weapon."
"Major Nitori, the blonde pointy-eared youkai." Glasses Kappa informed.



"Oh my, that's quite the greeting~" Yuuka said with sarcasm.
Ahead of your Cubic Army was built are at least thirty tanks,tower-like turrets,and dozens of kappa armed with weapons that range from rocket launchers to sniper rifles to railguns, taking cover behind sandbags or other barriers. In the skies multiple squadrons of aircraft hover in place.

A brown-haired human woman with twin braids stands atop a giant eyeball with wings.
"Halt! State your business or be fired upon!"
You boldly walk to the front of your Cubic Army and do so.
"I am Doctor Gene Ray, Wisest Human. I am a Knower of 4 Corner Days Within Single Earth Rotation."
Mokou steps forth and lends a hand.
"We've come to show you guys a new scientific theory."

At the mention of SCIENCE Rikako Asakura burst into the KDF Command Center and grabbed Nitori's radio headset.'
"Where the River did you come from?!" Nitori shouted at the purple-haired researcher, who ignored the kappa leader and spoke into the headset.
"All units, in the name of SCIENCE stand down! The Outsider has come to share with a new scientific theory!
The entire Command Center ceased all tasks and, aside from Dark-Haired Kappa, excitedly looked to Rikako.

""""""""""A NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORY?!""""""""""

"Yes, a new one!"
Nitori quickly took back her headset.
"Major Nitori here, let them in for SCIENCE!"
"Boss, are you REALLY letting people like Yuuka and Utsuho in? One of them even has your chainsaw! They might-"

""A new SCIENTIFIC theory?!"" Rika squeals and jumps for joy…falling off the giant winged eye in the process.
"Evil Eye Sigma, you're supposed to catch me damn it!"
Suddenly Evil Eye Sigma bursts into a shower of blood.
"WHAT THE-" Rika shouts in shock.
Where the giant eyeball was, a winged, purple-haired female with a blue-red bracelets and a halo over her head.
She looks at you, smiles, and flies over to your Cubic Army.

Evil Eye Sigma is your new stalker has joined the party!

From Parsee and Murasa the following could be heard:
"What the fuck."


Rika leads your Cubic Army to the back of a podium.
"Welcome Wisest Human!" A purple-haired scientist greets.
"My name is Rikako Asakura and we'd like you to announce your new theory to us on the podium. You can go up alone or have one person accompany you to help with the explanation as per Kappa tradition. I'll be back in four minutes!"
Rikako and Rika excitedly hurry off somewhere.
"Master, I've started to understand it recently. I'll be blunt and direct. Let me go with you!"
"UNYU, Doctor due to your telepathic thing I understand your theory and it's technicalities just as well as you do! Let me go!"
"No Doctor Gene Ray,
Neither two are eloquent
as I, Houjuu Nue!"

Directness, technicality, or eloquence?

No. 169381
[x] technicality

Against a league of scientists? Easy money.
No. 169385
[x] technicality

Let the kappa see the might of Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation !!
No. 169396
[X] Technicality

So what are we going to do with Evil Eye Sigma? Because we literally did nothing to get it(her?).
No. 169397
[X] Technicality
No. 169423
[x]Roast Evil Eye sigma over a open flame and feat on its delicious flesh?
No. 169428
No. 169447
[x] If they are oppressing the Kappa, the true scholars of Gensokyo, they are clearly evil and must be destroyed for the future of SCIENCE.
No. 169450
[x] Onwards! FOR SCIENCE!

Is yukari helping us now?
No. 169451

Apparently. Can't say I'm all that surprised.

[x] Onwards! FOR SCIENCE!
No. 169610
File 137087948233.jpg - (933.79KB , 1400x1050 , e24e99cf94c4b6c1d5394c937085fb4c13a8b9aa.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] If they are oppressing the Kappa, the true scholars of Gensokyo, they are clearly evil and must be destroyed for the future of SCIENCE.
[x] Onwards! FOR SCIENCE!

Your Cubic Army sets off towards the upper part of Youkai Mountain in the same formation as earlier, except with Evil Eye Sigma staying a little bit behind Utsuho.

After a while, you notice that Mokou is constantly looking around in a paranoid manner.
"Cubic Servant, what is it?" You call out to her.
"Something is wrong Master." Mokou says without looking back at you.
"Please fucking enlighten us as to what the fuck that "something" is." Parsee angrily says.
"Normally a tengu patrol would have confronted us or at the very least we'd have run into a youkai by now. Master, let's take a short detour to the Tengu Village since it's on the way."
"Unyu, might as well."
"One can never walk and enjoy the trees too much~"
"Beautiful nature,
One can't tire of it, or
at least Yuuka can't."


It is a bit of a surprise to see the entire Tengu Village covered in corpses.

And for a blood-drenched, blue-haired girl with red-blue heterochromic eyes and a large umbrella with an eye and a long red tongue to leap out from behind a pile of decapitated tengu.

"Nobody expected the karakasa obake Kogasa Tatara to kill everyone, nope they were all surprised and scared!" She cheerfully shouts with a deranged smile.
"Great, another lunatic…" Parsee states with annoyance.
"Stop calling the kettle black, you chainsaw-wielding pot!" Mokou responds.
"Stop calling the kettle black, you masochistic pyrophile!" Parsee retorts.

Both Mokou and Parsee jump backwards at the umbrella girl who stumbled towards your Cubic Army while the two we're arguing.

"Meet you all at the Moriya Shrine, alright? I'll have yet another surprise there!"
Kogasa jumps back before flying off with surprising speed.
"How the fuck can surprise people like? I'M FUCKING JEALOUS!" Parsee roars as she revs up her chainsaw and darts after the karakasa.

Your Cubic Army follows.
"See? I told you I had a surprise here! Look Sanae, I brought a bunch of people for us and your parents to kill, isn't the amount of them surprising?"

Kogasa is floating a distance above the Moriya Shrine's front courtyard with a green-haired girl in a white-blue clothes wielding a small gohei.
Resting on the roof of the Moriya Shrine itself is a little blonde-haired girl with a frog hat and a blue-haired woman in a large red shirt.

"Kogasa, Kogasa, have ever told you how much I love you?" Sanae kisses the umbrella youkai before turning to face your Cubic Army, specifically you as a flare of recognition shows in her eyes.

"HEY, I remember you! You're the #1 lunatic of the internet, Gene Ray! Back in the Outside World me and my classmates laughed our asses off at your silly website."
"You are educated stupid." You state.
"HAHAHAHA, that dumbass phrase never failed to make me laugh! Part of me feels sorry for you old man, so sorry that I should end your hallucinatory persecution you schizophrenic pedophile!"
"Don't fucking insult Master you bitch!"
"Hehe, what's this? The immortal hobo-girl is this old man's sex slave? HAHAHA!"
"Oh Miko Sanae,
aren't you dating that man,
Mister Rinnosuke?" Nue says with a smug expression on her face as Sanae's eyes widen and her grin vanishes, which does not go unnoticed by Kogasa.
"S-Sanae? That's not true,right? You just want to surprise me, that's all!" Kogasa asks the green-haired girl she hopes is her lover.
Sanae's face is covered with a pained expression and she avoids eye contact with the karakasa obake.
"Ko-Kogasa…it's true…"
"THAT'S ONE SURPRISE I DON'T WANT!" Kogasa screams at Moriya Shrine Maiden.
"Kogasa, I don't detect any love from Sanae that's towards you. I don't detect any love towards anyone actually." Koishi says calmly.
"NO! Kogasa, she's lying!"
"I don't believe you, younger sister of Satori! Besides, I love Sanae so much that I don't mind if she cheats on me!"

A "WHAT?!?" from nearly everyone results.
You swear that frog-hatted girl has tears of joy.

Yuuka steps to the front of your party.
"Oh my, how heartwarming! Your love doesn't change the fact that you're both bitches~."
At that the frog-hatted loll and the blue-haired woman angrily fly off the roof before coming to a stop behind Kogasa and Sane.
Utsuho takes flight and aims her cannon at the four.
"Lady Suwako, I have come to thank you for coming up with the idea of a Nuclear Reactor. Lady Kanako, I have come to thank you for letting me get this power. The same power I'll use to destroy your Shrine and kill your beloved family,UNYU!"
"Such pure-hearted love…I'M FUCKING ENVIOUSLY JEALOUS OF YOU TWO FUCKING SLUTS!" Parsee says as she revs up her chainsaw again.
"I won't let you get away with insulting Master!" Mokou says as she flies next to Utsuho readies a barrage of fireballs.
"Your ship is next to be sunk!" Murasa brandishes her anchor.
"I can't think of anything special to say." Koishi says while shrugging before taking flight as well.
Evil Eye Sigma turns back into her eyeball form
"You will pay for making me cut myself more!" A brown-haired girl in a white shirt wielding two box cutters shouts.
"Hatate? Where the hell did you come from?" Mokou asks.
"That's "Hata-tan" to you all and I came from behind that bush right there."
"Why the fuck, oh whatever questioning you would kill the atmosphere."

Hata-tan needs to stop fucking cutting her wrists already has joined the party!

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot~" Yuuka suddenly says to Sanae.
"Forget what you flower freak?"
"I'm dating Rinnosuke too, his fucking is top-quality~"
"Miss Yuuka, Miss Sanae, can I get fucked by Rinnosuke next?" Daiyousei asks politely.

"NOBODY hurts my Sanae's feeling like that!" Kanako summons a bunch of onbashira which hover over her head like missiles.
"Those who don't give us Faith must cease to live!" A group of giant snakes appear behind Suwako.

What shall be your strategy for the battle, Wisest Human?


You will need one guard during each battle from now on. A party member with personal concerns in a battle (for this one that would be Yuuka, Utsuho, Parsee, and Hatate) obviously won't guard you.
No. 169616
Okay, I'm lost. What just happened?
No. 169618
Kogasa killed the tengu within the village. Kogasa is in a relationship with Sanae, who does not reciprocate her feelings. Sanae is apparently fucking Kourin as well. Kourin is also in bed with Yuuka. Kogasa, upon learning of the adultery, continues to fight for Sanae due to insanity. Hatate jumps in our group for no reason. Tensions between the Moriya faction and the Cubic Army escalate until a fight occurs. Yuuka, Utsuho, Parsee, and Hatate are all enthralled by their personal vendettas against the Moriyas and so cannot defend Mr. Ray. At this point, we must decide how to win the battle with minimum cost to our growing Cubic Army.
No. 169630
[x] Climb atop OKUU's back with her as your GUARD.

[x] Use the Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating Danmaku from atop her wings to purge the Word Goddesses from this plane of existence.

[x] Let the Flower Youkai and Parsee do their own thing. a 2 x 2 fight is 4. Yuuka is a pleasant person to Parsee's jealous bitterness, and Sanae and Kogasa are obviously opposites in their relationship, therefore the Belly Button logic dictates that this battle was meant to happen.

ok... so it seems like the weaker ones are receiving more insane boosts of power than before. Cirno becomes a literal general of fairies. The Spider Girl became a gigant beast. Kogasa seems to have gotten enough power to slaughter hole villages... I wonder just what's going on.
No. 169631
Well... have Mokou hang back and guard us, giving long-range fire support (literally). Yuuka should be strong enough to engage Kanako in hand-to-hand. Send Okuu after Suwako, but have Murasa provide backup (rusting Suwako's metal weapons with seawater).

Send Hata-tan to go all berserk on Sanae. Have Nue transform into a maked version of Sanae at a critical moment. Being a schoolgirl, Sanae will likely be chocked and embarrassed, letting Hata-tan cut her open. Nue can still support, of course.

That leaves Kogasa. Parsee takes her on, while Daiyousei loudly starts talking about how sexy the wisest human is. As a distraction. Koishi can probably screw with her crazt-brain to make her more ineffectual.

Oh, right. Then there's Sigma. Again, fire support wherever it's needed most. Am I forgetting anyone?
No. 169633

Forgetting anyone? One does not simply forget the Youkai of the Four Seasons
No. 169658
No. 170098
File 137169887054.jpg - (527.18KB , 1280x960 , d1bea7f6c5015c06860e67b05feb8723.jpg ) [iqdb]

You need a guard.
To solve that issue you consider climbing on Okuu's back once again until you see the anger in her eyes as she stares at the two goddesses of the Moriya Shrine. She'll be too focused on her revenge to guard you.

"Koishi, come here!"
"Already here, Onii-chan."

Sanae glances at the two of you before quickly returning her attention back to the rest of your Cubic Army.

"I know Onii-chan, way to talk to your followers without the enemy hearing. Already done, just speak into my Third Eye and I'll send your words into their minds."
Her Third Eyes opens up and faces you. You move next to Koishi and begin speaking into the eyeball thing as if it were a microphone.

"Cubic Servant, guard me while providing long-range fire support when needed, Sigma you do the same. Yuuka, engage Kanako. Okuu and Murasa, get Suwako. Hata-tan and Haiku Nue, get Sanae. Nue, at a critical point turn into something extremely embarassing for the educated stupid girl to see. Parsee, Daiyousei, and Koishi, you'll deal with Kogasa. Parsee and Koishi, attack Kogasa directly. Feel free to screw up her subconscious Koishi. Daiyousei, LOUDLY talk about me non-stop. FOR THE TIME CUBE!"

Only Mokou, Nue, Murasa, and Daiyousei echo your battle cry.

Yuuka begins the battle by firing off a Master Spark at Sanae before darting towards Kanako. The Moriya Priestess evades the beam and moves to intercept only for a sudden spike of pain to emerge from her lower left arm as one of Hatate's box cutters lodges itself in her left arm.
Not missing a beat Nue charges at Sanae and attempts to stab the Miko with both her tentacles and her trident.
Sanae barely blocks the trident with her suprisingly strong gohei before flying backwards to avoid being stabbed by Nue's tentacle wings. Hatate joins in on Nue's attack, carelessly swinging her boxcutters around.
The combined attacks keep Sanae too focused on dodging to retaliate. One of Nue's tentacles manages to make a slash wound across the Wind Priestess' chest, splattering some blood onto her lower clothes.
Furiously the Living God of the Moriya Shrine swings her gohei, releasing a burst of danmaku that forces Nue and Hatate to break off their physical assault on Sanae.
Sanae releases a danmaku wave via swinging her gohei again,keeping her attackers at a distance dodging, this time swinging to the left so that her right hand is over her left arm. Quickly she yanks out the boxcutter that Hatate tossed into her left arm and places the knife into her left hand.
Nue and Hatate had finished dodging her danmaku in the meantime and begin firing their own.
Sanae returns fire upon the two as the fight turns into an actual danmaku duel, deadly lights filling the air.


Kanako panickedly tosses another onabashira at the approaching flower youkai, who simply slaps it out of the way with her free right hand before firing off a Master Spark at Kanako via her Umbrella.
The Master Spark connects with Kanako's mirror,which shatters but otherwise prevents the Wind Goddess from being completely obliterated by the beam. The impact still knocks her to the ground however.
Yuuka calmly flies down to her.
"My my, is that all a goddess can do?"
"Y-you!" In Kanako's right hand is a spell card.
"Youkai like you need to learn their place before a goddess![Spell Card Divine-AAAAACK!"
Yuuka casually tears Kanako's right arm out of it's socket.
[i]"Nothing has a place in this world~"[i] The flower youkai says before smashing in Kanako's skull with a child-like kick.


"Hmmph, me and Sanae we're planning on killing that hag anyway." Suwako remarks while deftly dodging another swing from Murasa's anchor.
The anchor instead slams into the head of the last of Suwako's squadron of serpents, ending it's life.
Utsuho fires yet another barrage of danmaku from her Third Leg and Suwako responds in turn.


"He's got this old and dirty shirt that I get this g-ood feeling whenever I smell and lick it at the same time, and-"
"You should smell Sanae's clothes, they smell even better!"
"Unlike you, I'm into MEN like M-Mister Ray!"
"Well I..."
Parsee looks back and forth between the two arguing girls for a few seconds before finding something to be jealous of.
"No no no, Mister Ray has this nice big-"
Parsee charges and swings her chainsaw at the karakasa, who dodges and grins as her umbrella's tongue latches onto it's grip. A moment later an invisible force shoves off the tongue and Parsee swings her now-free weapon into the tongue, slicing it in half.
Kogasa gives a cry of pain while what's left of the tongue somehow retracts into her wide-eyed umbrella.
Parsee smirks.
"The hell forced my tongue off?"
"See that shit bitch? It's the Kappa Anti-Grab System!"
Kogasa responds by swinging her umbrella at Parsee, who blocks with her chainsaw, sparks flying as the cutting blade moves against the other half of the karakasa obake.
"The fuck is that thing made out of?"
"It's made of my love for Sanae! Oh,and SURPRISE!" The karakasa shouts as the over-sized tongue from earlier now emerges from her mouth, heading for the bridge princess' throat.
With the chainsaw in a lock with Kogasa's umbrella, the tongue moves towards Parsee's neck unopposed until it is hit by several white orbs fired by Evil Eye Sigma, causing the entire thing to burst into a shower of blood.
Kogasa screams and backflips away from Parsee, her skirt getting partially cut by the long-delayed slash from the jealousy youkai's chainsaw.
"Grrr, I won't let you stand in the way of my love!" Kogasa shouts as two tongues emerge from her mouth and umbrella.
"I was wondering when you were going to get serious." Koishi calmly states as she moves next to Parsee, glaring at the karakasa obake.
"And I was fucking wondering when you were going to start fucking helping!" Parsee shouts.
"And I looked in M-Mister Ray's pants and, and-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT'S HWOOOOOOTCH!" Your Cubic Servant has set Daiyousei on fire once more.
"Hey, let's kill each other so I can do that Sanae." Kogasa says in an unsettling double-voice, the second half of it seemingly coming from her umbrella.


"Nue,NOW!" Hatate shouts as Sanae's Spell Card comes to an end.
Nue distorts in a way that reminds of you static television before becoming... a naked version of Sanae.
The real Wind Priestress blushes, screams a stereotypical "KYAAAAAAAAAAAA" and covers her eyes.
In the process she accidentally shoves the boxcutter knife in her left hand into her right eye.
The scream of embarassment turns into the more familiar scream of extreme agony until something sharp pierces her back all the way through her left breast. She looks down at her chest and sees the tip of Yuuka's umbrella poking out of the hole.
Sanae attempts to turn to face Kogasa but her life ends before it does.
Nue, wondering how the Flower Master took care of Kanako, looks over to see what what is barely recognizable as the corpse of the said goddess.
"Miss Yuuka Kazami
sadistic as rumor say.
Unnervingly violent." Nue states in disgust at the sight.
"Acts of violence are as beautiful as my flower garden~"


"Kogasa. You wanted to perform sexual actions on Sanae, correct?" Koishi questions the karakasa obake, who has lost her two over-sized tongues to the jealousy youkai's chainsaw.
"Are you okay with necrophilia done?"
"What are you-SANAAAAAAAAAAE!!!" The karakasa obake collapses to her knees in despair at the sight at the deceased Wind Priestess. Tears stream out of all four of her eyes.
Parsee uses the opening to pull off one final swing at Kogasa, cutting through her neck and her umbrella.
Her severed head gives one final surprise in the form of crying "I LOVE YOU SANAE!" before the karakasa obake moves no more.
Parsee turns off her chainsaw before staring at the remains of Kogasa Tatara.
"Such dedication to a person who'll never love you...I honestly don't know if I should be jealous of that." She says calmly before heading off to assist with Suwako.


The surprisingly powerful loli Frog Goddess had earlier held her own via Spell Card after Spell Card, but your Cubic Army quickly buried her under barrages of danmaku.

Utsuho delivers the final blow in the form of a point-blank shot from her Third Leg.
Suwako's frog hat began to move after that, but Murasa, Nue, and Parsee quickly tore it to pieces.

Evil Eye Sigma (who has turned back into her humanoid form) pokes you on the shoulder and points to the doors of the still-standing Moriya Shrine.
With your Cubic Wisdom you perfectly understand the message.
"Cubic Servant and Koishi, check the building for anyone that the Moriyas imprisoned."
"On it Master."

A few minutes later Mokou and Koishi emerge, empty-handed.
"Dead youkai, tengu, and humans Master, no survivors..."
"I can confirm, I didn't sense any minds in there beside our own."
"Unyu, then I guess that tumor can go away now..." Utsuho unleashes a charged projectile from her Third Leg at the Moriya Shrine, erasing it from existence.

"Master, nearly all of us are pretty tired so we should only go to one more place before calling it a night."
"Hey old man, we can reach Heaven and pay the Celestials a visit while we're nearby." Hatate tells you.

Where shall you go now?

[ ] Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Human Village
[ ] Heaven
[ ] Kappa Town They told you to come back tomorrow.
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion None of your Cubic Army wants to go there in their exhausted state.
No. 170108
[x] Heaven
Nowhere to go but up
No. 170135
[x] Heaven

Tenshi and Iku, then?
No. 170136
[x] Heaven
I wonder how they are. Batshit crazy, of everywhere else is to be believed.
No. 170165
File 137178033523.png - (1.26MB , 787x787 , 8be8304ab944dac3a19d952400c3a12e.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Heaven

Despite being the promised paradise of the false 1 Day God, your Cubic Army seems to only regard it with curiousity

and/or annoyance. Your Cubic Wisdom informs you that it is most likely not the same place.
You consider asking about the "Celestials" that Hatate mentioned, but decide that it's best to go in without any prior


Hatate leads the...
Hata-tan leads to the way to the summit of Youkai Mountain. Some distance above you see what appears to be a cloud-covered island in the sky. You ask the journalist tengu as to why you couldn't see it before.
"I dunno, something to do with the border between realms or something. Aaah, if only I was smarter about these things..." She cuts her right wrist (which has at least 14 scars) with a boxcutter knife until Murasa slaps her.
"Cut that out sailor, harming yourself doesn't help anything. I saw too many of my crew willingly jump overboard to their deaths while I was alive!"
"Murasa, is that where your ability came from?" You ask.
She slowly nods while Hatate grumbles.
You turn back to Heaven and then turn to Utsuho.
"Unyu, we both know the drill by know Doctor!"
You hop onto Utsuho's back once again as your Cubic Army flies towards Heaven.


No "pearly gates" here, just a wooden gate with the words "Welcome to Heaven Town" on it.
There's no pearly, shining, fence or wall here either. In fact, there isn't anything that prevents you from simplying walking around the wooden gate.
You decide to be polite and enter through the gate anyway.

The first thing that caught your eye was what was seemingly a bunch of clouds floating in the middle of the town square. On closer inspection it's actually a house covered in paintings of clouds.

You then look around at what you thought were normal, East-Asian architectural buildings until now.

Portaits nailed into the ground, paintings placed perfectly into open windows, windows drawn over with pictures of crossbows, doors covered with childish chalk drawings, life-sized origami creatures, paper mache people hanging from nooses, potraits placed sideways inside doorways, paintings nailed onto walls backwards, statues, and doodle-covered pages of notebook paper that fly through the air.

But Heaven is not empty, far from it. Dozens of human-like people wearing blue, white, and/or red clothes all actively participate in the orgy of creativity, hammering down paintings, drawing in notebooks, folding origami, painting themselves, painting each other.

Parsee vomits.

"Ah, welcome visitors!"
A violet-haired, red-eyed, woman with a white and red shawl entwined across her clothes and wearing a black hat with two long ribbons approaches you.
"I am Iku Nagae, and you are?"
"I am Doctor Gene Ray, the Wisest Human."
"And what brings you to Heaven? It's not often that we have guests."
Before your lack of a real reason for coming here is revealed, Mokou steps in.
"Miss Nagae, we're all tired and need a place to stay. Does Heaven have a hotel?"
"In fact yes we do! Follow me. Also if you see the Eldest Daughter, please inform me immediately."
"Eldest Daughter?" You ask.
"You'll know her when you see her, Master." Mokou states.

You can't help but notice that aside from Iku, there is not a single Celestial who is not focused on art.


The hotel is probably the only building in Heaven that hasn't been defaced by the art craze.
It'd be a shame if that were to happen, as it could easily be a 5-star hotel back in the Outside World.
Iku leads your Cubic Army to the dining room, which is already filled with food.
Utsuho, Nue, Evil Eye Sigma, and Daiyousei immediately start eating. Yuuka calmly sits down and eats slowly with elegance. Koishi does the same. Murasa eats normally. Mokou waits until you sit down and then begins filling her stomach.

Parsee doesn't even sit down and instead she leans against a nearby wall, holding her chainsaw tightly.
Iku eyes her warily.

After dinner, Iku leads everyone to their rooms.
You enter your room and take a much-needed shower.
After it, there's a knock on your room's door.
"It's me Master."
"And I as well Doctor."
"Come on in."
They enter cautiously.
Utsuho...walks up the wall and onto the ceiling until she's hanging upside-down like a bat.
"Master, both me and Okuu think it's best if we stay in your room tonight. Actually only Yuuka is sleeping alone, nearly all of us are on edge. Something is off about this place Master..."
"Definitely Cubic Servant, this hotel could very easily be a trap set by the Evil Academic Bastard Brotherhord of Word Animal Slaves."
"Unyuu, even if it's not Doctor these Celestials are too weird."
You were planning on talking to the members of your Cubic Army of 4 Days, but decide that it's too dangerous to go off alone. You could take Mokou or Utsuho of course, but you want 1 on 1 conversations.
You decide to simply lie in bed and wait to fall asleep. It'll be a little while.

Talk to your party as...
[ ] Gene Ray Reasons stated above.
[ ] Mokou Doesn't want to leave Master unguarded.
[x] Parsee

'What the fuck is wrong with this place?'
Even in your own fucking fancy hotel room you can't relax. Nor can anyone else after seeing the "artwork" done by those Celestials.
You know for a fact that those sick fucks will murder you in your fucking sleep, so you gotta keep yourself awake. An easy thing to do after centuries of living on that fucking bridge.
You still need to tear apart that piece of shit with your chainsaw sometime.

However, as a few minutes go by you find that you are fucking bored. Bored. BORED. FUCK SHIT FUCK.
Deep breath you chainsaw bitch. Deep motherfucking breath. As deep as a fucking stab wound.
There, much fucking better.

Might as well fucking talk to the bitches that make up the group while you wait for night to become day. Now, who the fucking hell are you gonna talk to and about what?


Again, you can ask each party member (including Gene Ray since he's still awake) four questions.
No. 170177
[x] Ask Evil Eye Sigma:
- [x] Why did you join the cubic army?
- [x] Do you like being an eye or a girl more?
- [x] I want a halo too, can I have yours?
- [x] Wanna go destroy some art?
No. 170220
[x] Hata-tan
-[x] Why the hell do you keep cutting yourself, anyway?
-[x] I wish I cut cut myself like that too...

[x] Nue
-[x] What the fuck is with all the haikus?
-[x] Wish I could Haiku... and shapeshift...

[x] Yuuka
-[x] ...Yeah, I'm not dumb enough to get anywhere near her. (Wish I was that strong)

[x] Murasa
-[x] So, are you done fucking moping? Because it pissed me off.
-[x] Wish I had an anchor.

[x] Daiyousei
-[x] Why the hell are you so hot for that old man?

[x] Koishi
-[x] ...You aren't spying on me while I sleep, are you?
-[x] Of course not, who would stare at me while I sleep.

[x] Sigma: what >>170177 wrote.

[x] Mokou, Okuu, and Gene Ray
-[x] So what the hell are we doing next, anyway?

Dunno. These are my ideas. No idea what to ask Mokou, Okuu, or the Wisest Human
No. 170375
File 137202222683.jpg - (402.55KB , 900x1315 , c98f8a13f4bb93cb75ab7992084fe3227178ec2d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hata-tan
-[x] Why the hell do you keep cutting yourself, anyway?
-[x] I wish I cut cut myself like that too...

[x] Nue
-[x] What the fuck is with all the haikus?
-[x] Wish I could Haiku... and shapeshift...

[x] Yuuka
-[x] ...Yeah, I'm not dumb enough to get anywhere near her. (Wish I was that strong)

[x] Murasa
-[x] So, are you done fucking moping? Because it pissed me off.
-[x] Wish I had an anchor.

[x] Daiyousei
-[x] Why the hell are you so hot for that old man?

[x] Koishi
-[x] ...You aren't spying on me while I sleep, are you?
-[x] Of course not, who would stare at me while I sleep.

[x] Evil Eye Sigma:
- [x] Why did you join the cubic army?
- [x] Do you like being an eye or a girl more?
- [x] I want a halo too, can I have yours?
- [x] Wanna go destroy some art?

[x] Mokou, Okuu, and Gene Ray
-[x] So what the hell are we doing next, anyway?

Everyone aside from Yuuka, slave-girl, atomic bird-brain, and Schizo have decided to sleep in the same room. The two beds are

pretty fucking huge so sleeping space isn't a problem.

Now, to talk to the group...

[x] Hata-tan
-[x] Why the hell do you keep cutting yourself, anyway?
-[x] I wish I could cut myself like that too...

Hata-tan is sitting at the left edge of one of the beds, slashing her wrist with a boxcutter knife and getting her fucking blood on the blankets.
You kick the emo tengu onto the floor."
"Stop fucking bleeding on the blankets!"
"S-sorry..." She says timidly.
"Why the hell do you keep cutting yourself, anyway?"
"It takes away the pain."
"How the fuck does cutting your wrists take away pain? And what pain?"
"Aya always bullied me, my newspaper didn't have any subscribers, and today everyone in the Tengu Village died! Why did I survive when I'm just useless?!"
You wish you had a fucking unhappy life like she does, oh wait you already fucking do.
"You can cut shit, you aren't fucking useless. I wish I could cut myself like that too..."
"I can show you how. Here-" She holds out a spare boxcutter knife, the same one Sanae shoved into her own eye.
"Youkai don't fucking scar, we just fucking heal."

[x] Nue
-[x] What the fuck is with all the haikus?
-[x] Wish I could Haiku... and shapeshift...

Nue is flying around in a small circle for some fucking reason, humming softly.
"Hey Nue."
"Ah it is youkai
that shall feel jealousy
Mizusashi Parsee!"
"What the fuck is with all the haikus?"
"In haiku always have
I spoken. Haiku is most
beautiful method."
"Wish I could haiku...and shapeshift..."
"Shapeshifting it's not.
Unidentification is
my unique ability."
"So it's just a fucking illusion?"
Nue nods.
"Parsee, she didn't always speak in haiku. She started that habit a few days ago." Murasa informs you from the left bed, which she is resting her back against.
"Oh yeah, Murasa..."
[x] Murasa
-[x] So, are you done fucking moping? Because it pissed me off.
-[x] Wish I had an anchor.
"Yes Parsee?"
"Are you done fucking moping? Because it pissed me off." The ghostly captain sighs.
"I wouldn't call it moping, but yeah I am done. I just wanted Hatate-"
"I just wanted Hata-tan to stop hurting herself. But really it's just her way of coping, besides only humans can die from wrist-cutting. Sorry if I pissed you off."
Murasa's apology as well as her calm response leaves you stunned. You expected, no wanted her to be offended. Now you feel bad about saying-NO, FUCKING NO YOU MOTHERFUCKING DO NOT. FUCKING HELL, change the fucking subject!
"I wish I had an anchor."
"Wanna trade then, sailor?"
"Fuck no, this chainsaw is mine!"
"But it clearly says 'NITORI' on the grip."
"Err...well fuck her for leaving it behind, it belongs to fucking me now!" Murasa laughs.
"Ugh, I'm going to see Schizo and the others, fucking bye!"
"Goodbye Parsee, have fun."

You exit into the hallway and bump into Daiyousei.

[x] Daiyousei
-[x] Why the hell are you so hot for that old man?

"Oh yeah, Daiyousei."
"Hello Miss Parsee!"
"Why the hell are you so hot for Schizo?"
"Because he's sexy."
"How? How in the fuck is a deranged old man with cancer sexy?!"
"Mister Ray brought us all together. Mister Ray has saved all of us, and he's going to save even more! I find him sexy for what he is

"That's...err...oh what the fuck ever!" You storm off.

[x] Yuuka
-[x] ...Yeah, I'm not dumb enough to get anywhere near her. (Wish I was that strong)

"I'm not dumb enough to get near Yuuka...wish I was that strong."
Suddenly your chainsaw is gently pulled out of your hands.
You turn on reflex and see Yuuka struggling to lift it with one hand.
"It's actually pretty heavy even for me, Miss Mizusashi. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for~" She hands you back your

chainsaw before walking into her room, followed by a locking sound.
Even she's not taking any chances.

After recovering from the near-heart attack the Flower Master of Four Seasons gave you, you head to Schizo's room and knock.
"It's me Schizo, mind opening the fuck up?"
The door is opened by the old man himself and you enter.
Mokou glares at you like she did last night.
"Where's bird-brain at?" You ask.
You look up at the source of the voice to see the nuclear corpse eater.

"What the fuck?"
"Gravity boots." Utsuho answers.

You turn back to Ray.

[x] Mokou, Okuu, and Gene Ray
-[x] So what the hell are we doing next, anyway?

"So Schizo, what the hell are we doing next, anyway?"
"Heaven may not be educated stupid, but they are certainly not living as Creatures, Cubic or Non-Cubic, should."
"So we're going to kill everybody again?"
"Unless I can convince them that there are 4 corner simultaneous 24 hour Days that occur within a single 4 corner rotation of Earth,

"I'll enjoy killing them." He simply nods to that statement.
"That's all you lunatic, good night."
"Parsee." Mokou suddenly speaks right before you go out the door.
"The fuck you want?"
"Can you keep an eye on Koishi?"
"Already fucking am."

You head back to your room.

[x] Koishi
-[x] ...You aren't spying on me while I sleep, are you?
-[x] Of course not, who would stare at me while I sleep.

Koishi hasn't been spying on you while you slept, right? Of course not, who would stare at you while you sleep?
Koishi probably fucking would.

"Wait..Where is Koishi? And Daiyousei?"
"Haven't seen 'em." Hata-tan says.
"Same." Murasa adds.
Nue and Sigma shake their heads.

Any other time you'd ignore the disappearances and get some sleep. But you reluctantly acknowledge that the party fucking

needs all the help it can get. And after that time she saved you from Kogasa with one hell of a well-placed shot of danmaku, you

know exactly who is going to come with.

[x] Evil Eye Sigma:
- [x] Why did you join the cubic army?
- [x] Do you like being an eye or a girl more?
- [x] I want a halo too, can I have yours?
- [x] Wanna go destroy some art?

Questions fucking first, action later though.
"So Sigma, why did you join this clusterfuck?" She makes the shape of a cube with her hands.
"Schizo and his theory?" She nods.
"Do you like being an eye or a girl more?" She holds out her two thumbs sideways.
"So-so?" Nods.
"I want a halo too, can I have yours?" Adamantly shakes her head.
"I'm going to go look for Koishi and Daiyousei who may have been kidnapped by those sick fuck Celestials. After that I'm gonna tear up all the shit they've made. So, wanna go destroy some art?"
She grins.

"Koishi and the slut fairy first, destruction later." Evil Eye Sigma nods in understanding and follows you out the door.
Murasa offered to come with, but you got your chainsaw and Sigma. You can fucking handle this.

You don't bother checking with Yuuka to see if those two are with her, you know for a fucking fact that Yuuka would murder their fucking asses out of existence if they even stood outside her door.

The hallways of the hotel are empty, but the streets of Heaven Town are not.
Despite the sole sources of illumation being a handful of streetlights, the Celestials continue with their artistic orgy of creativity.

However they are only visible as outlines in the darkness, as creeping shadows that work on horrifying projects.
You fucking swear that every one of them is staring at you, but it's too dark to even see their faces.

"HEEEEEEEELP!" From the town square the two of you hear Daiyousei's scream.
You both race there.


"Hello again, Evil Eye Sigma, Parsee Mizuhashi."

On top of the town square fountain stands Koishi, holding a cleaver to the head of a bloody, wingless Daiyousei. Both of their clothes are soaked by the water streaming out of the fountain. Koishi's previously always-emotionless face has been replaced with the unnerving grin of a happy child.

"What the fuck are you doing Koishi?"
"The identifier of this controlling consciousness is not Koishi Komeiji, and what I am doing is this."

"Koishi" promptly shoves the cleaver through Daiyousei's small head, the upper part of the blade emerging from what was once her nose. She kicks the lifeless fairy into the lower section of the fountain, causing the once-pristine waters of the fountain to be filled with blood.
"Fairies don't actually have skulls you see, just a slightly solid brain. Not even that moon doctor knows this since fairies never visit Eientei. Now, look at all the blood in the water! Isn't ruining something so majestic and pure simply wonderful?"

Sigma angrily fires a burst of perfectly accurate danmaku, all of which simply passes through the mind reader.
Fucking illusion bullshit.
"The fuck did you that for, and what the fuck do you mean you aren't Koishi?"
"Koishi Komeiji ceased to exist entirely when her sister Satori Komeiji erased her consciousness from existence. The statement about Gene Ray bringing my consciousness back via his sole ability of thoughtwave-converting danmaku was naught but an utter falsehood, one that I am most surprised that none of Gene Ray's Cubic Army of 4 Days questioned, much less discovered."
"Then who the fuck are you?"
"I am someone who is remotely controlling this body, one could call it possession but possessing another's body implies that the owner of the body resisted, in this case there is no owner, and ergo no resistance. And as such I'm simply assuming direct control of it like Alice Margatroid controls her dolls." You consider asking who the fuck Alice Margatroid is, but now is not the time.
"Answer the fucking question! Who the actual fuck are you?"
"I am a Cubic Creature as Gene Ray would say."
"I don't care for that bullshit, WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING NAME?!?!?"
"Answering that question would put me at a disadvantage to you and the rest of Gene Ray's Cubic Army of 4 Days. Do worry, for you'll discover my real name in a day or two if you don't die. For now simply call me [Koishi]. " She says the body's original name with an oddly emphasized pronounciation.
"So Celestials, mind turning these two into grotesque pieces of art?"

The Celestials immediately cease their work and begin slowly approaching from both ground and air since it seems these fuckers can fly.

In their paint-covered hands are everything from paintbrushes to pencils to various sculpting tools you don't fucking know the names of.
"Such artistic creativity...being able to possess people...I FUCKING WISH I HAD ALL OF THAT." You rev up your beloved chainsaw.
"I already told you that it's not possession!"
"WHAT THE FUCK EVER!" You shout, charging into the approaching cloud of Celestials.
Sigma changes into her Eye Form and unleashes barrages of precise danmaku, mostly targetting the airborne Celestials while you butcher the ones on the ground.
Swing to the left, right, through the necks, 360 degrees, swing it left and right, sever the legs and stomp on the skulls, cut swing, cut, cut the heads, cut their bodies in half, try vertical, vertical is fucking slow stick to horizontal, THERE'S BLOOD IN YOUR

FUCKING YOU CAN'T SEE, swing and swing swing swing swing swing SLASH SLASH SLASH SLASH SLASH SLASH SLASH.

It takes you a few minutes to realize that your chainsaw has stopped meeting resistance. You wipe the blood out of your eyes and

look around.
Bodies. Dead Celestials. Dead dead dead dead. Dismembered corpses cover the town square.

You look to the fountain. [Koishi] is still there, now with a disturbed expression on her face.
You grin and begin to step towards her before your body gives into exhaustion. You barely manage to turn off the chainsaw before you lose consciousness.



No. 170376
File 137202250970.jpg - (128.32KB , 850x1275 , sample_f639ee579c0397b653dc03527fe6e9e7.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Unyuu, Doctor Ray is waking up."
"You're a pretty heavy sleeper Admiral." You open your eyes and look up to see Murasa, Mokou, and Utsuho standing over you.
A quick glance around reveals that you aren't in the hotel anymore. Instead, you are in some kind of shanty-warehouse hybrid that's in quite the amount of disrepair, with shelves so damaged that even you could knock them over. The rest of your Cubic Army is spread out amongst the building while several Celestials stand guard by the windows and doors, holding their weapons tightly. These Celestials wear outfits with almost nothing in common aside from having helmets or helmet-like headgear.
"During the night a Celestial named Tenshi told us we where in danger and brought us here, although we had to carry you since you were still asleep, Master. She said that when she'd got back she'd explain what happened to Heaven."
"A door on the other side of the warehouse opens and in walks a Evil Eye Sigma carrying an unconscious and bloody Parsee. Following her is a long blue-haired Celestial with peaches on her black hat. In her arms are both a sword hilt and Parsee's chainsaw. The other Celestials salute her as she moves past Sigma towards you.
"Medics, tend to this injured youkai immediately!"
"Yes Commander!" Three Celestials lay out a mat on the floor, which Evil Eye Sigma gently places Parsee onto. The trio of medics quickly get to work
"Glad to see that you finally woke up Leader Ray."
"Yes. As of this moment, I, Tenshi Hinanawi, am stepping down as leader of the Anti-Art Resistance Front and appointing you as the new leader. I was just barely holding us together anyway." She gently places the chainsaw onto the floor beside you before sitting down and continuing.
"While we wait for your blood-covered friend to regain consciousness, I'll fill you all in." Your Cubic Army moves closer to her to listen.
"Two days ago this orange-haired girl wearing a black duster went to the Dragon Palace and started spouting nonsense about the beauty of art. Nobody took her seriously...until she started drawing these fucking weird images in a sketchbook which she then showed to my father Lord Nai and the rest of the Dragon Palace Council. She then showed them how to draw like she did before giving the sketchbook to my father. Then they all started this "Angelic Arts Movement" that eventually enveloped nearly all of Heaven. "
"Miss, please rest!" One of the medics say.
"I'm a fucking youkai, any wounds I get heal in a couple hours. Although lying down doesn't sound so bad..." Everyone turns to the awakened Parsee.
"Parsee, what happened to Daiyousei and Koishi?" Murasa asks. At the question anger fills the bridge princess' face.
"Daiyousei is fucking DEAD, [Koishi] killed her!"
"EH?" Nearly your entire Cubic Army shouts.
"[Koishi]? Why are you pronouncing her name like that?" Mokou asks.
"Koishi's real mind was completely destroyed by that fucked-up sister of her's, and some fucker took over her body. She told us to call her [Koishi] rather than tell us her real fucking name."
"Another enemy, wonderful. Hey you three, bring the Tactical Table over here!"
"Yes Commander!"
"Tactical Table?" Murasa questions as the three medics bring over said table out from behind some shelf in the warehouse and place it in front of you and Tenshi. On the table is a map of Heaven Town.
The former leader of the AARF takes a pen and circles three spots on the map, draws a square around a fourth spot, and a triangle around the fifth spot. First circle is in the middle of the map , second is to the East of it, and the final, larger, circle is at the Northern tip of the map. The triangle and square are to the West and South respectively.
"Alright Leader, the square is where we are now and the triangle is that utter joke of a gate we have. The other three circles are the town square, an art supplies factory to the East, and the Dragon Palace to the North. My theory is that if this so-called "Angelic Arts Movement" or AAM loses both the factory supplies and their two sources of inspiration, the sketchbook that duster-girl gave my father and the town square fountain, they'll run out of steam so to speak. My initial plan called for simultaneous attacks on all three of these locations to minimize the amount of death, the Dragon Palace assault team passing by the gate to avoid attention."
Tenshi looks up from the map and points at you.
"However Leader Ray, most of the Resistance are Celestials like me who hated our boring routines and practically-robotic elders. With your group we can wipe them ALL out instead of just calming everyone down. It's up to you though."

Tenshi fills you in on a few other details, such as the fact that the Anti-Art Resistance Front has only twenty fighters excluding Tenshi and the Three Medics. She also mentions that she will be part of the Dragon Palace assault no matter what.
You think it over. You can either strike all three key locations with for mininal deaths amongst both sides like Tenshi's initial plan, strike each location with maximum deaths inflicted on the enemy, or not split up and attack each location one by one. As minimizing deaths relies on hit and run assaults the third plan will result in complete annihilation of the enemy like the second plan.
However, your Anti-Wisdom points out that there is a fourth plan, and that is...

A male Celestial addresses Tenshi. In his hands he is holding what you recongize to be one of the latest video cameras.
"Yes Messenger Togashi?"
"Commander, we got trouble in the town square. Look at this!"
Togashi presses a button and shows everyone a screen on the back.
The recording shows a rather familiar woman giving a speech in front of the fountain.
"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" Both Murasa and Mokou angrily shout.
"What the Sun/Earth Binary..." You say in disbelief.


Time Cube damn it.

You got three ways to go about this, but will need a Guard regardless of which one you choose. The 20 Resistance Celestial troops and Tenshi are not available for that, although your entire Cubic Army in addition to Messenger Togashi and even the Three Medics. Tenshi will be part of the Dragon Palace assault team for the first two plans.
For including the Resistance troops in the send [_] votes put in something like [x] 5 Resistance.

[_] Plan One: Hit and run attack each location in teams for minimum deaths so that Heaven Town can be rebuilt after this war.
To the Dragon Palace you will send...
[X] Tenshi
To the Art Supplies Factory you will send...
To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
Your Guard will be...

[_] Plan Two: Attack each location in teams without trying to minimize the death toll, leaving a small chance for Heaven Town to be rebuilt.
To the Dragon Palace you will send...
[X] Tenshi
To the Art Supplies Factory you will send...
To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
Your Guard will be...

[_] Plan Three: Don't split up into teams at all and strike all three key locations one by one, wiping out the enemy entirely and leaving no chance for Heaven Town to be rebuilt and forcing the entire Anti-Art Resistance Front to join your Cubic Army of 4 Days.

[_] Plan Four: Simply leave Heaven and let the Celestials sort out their own problems. You ONEist Bastard.
Convince the Resistance to abandon Heaven?
[_] Yes.
[_] No.
No. 170377
[x] Plan Two: Attack each location in teams without trying to minimize the death toll, leaving a small chance for Heaven Town to be rebuilt.
To the Dragon Palace you will send...
[x] Tenshi
[x] Hata-tan
[x] Messenger Togashi
[x] 10 resistance troops
[x] 1 medic
To the Art Supplies Factory you will send...
[x] Parsee
[x] Evil Eye Sigma
[x] Okuu
[x] 10 resistance troops
[x] 1 medic
To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
[x] Mokou
[x] Murasa
[x] Nue
[x] 1 medic
Your Guard will be...
No. 170378
Okay. Right. Battle strategy. In that case:

[x] Plan 1

The Cubic Army needs allies, and the people of Heaven Town will be in an ideal condition to be converted to the true path of the Time Cube after being freed from the madness of this art.

Dragon Palace:
[x] Tenshi
[x] 10 Resistance fighters.
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Parsee
[x] Yuuka

The palace is likely to have the most close-in combat, so we need to send our best hand-to-hand fighters. Yuuka is obvious, and Parsee has proven herself.

Art Supplies Factory:
[x] 5 Resistance
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Mokou
[x] Hata-tan

Mokou is to BURN the factory to the ground, while the resistance provides close cover. As for Hata-tan, I realize that she's into cutting, but she really needs to broaden her horizons into BURNING things. This will help her become friends with Mokou and Okuu. I have faith in her. Regardless, this should be a quick hit-and-run raid.

Town Square/Dragon Statue/Byakuren

[x] 5 Resistance
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Okuu
[x] Sigma
[x] Nue

Pure shock and awe. Okuu and Sigma need to focus on destroying the primary target (the statue which provides the celestials with inspiration) with an opening barrage of massive power. If Byakuren still stand, there will be three touhous to counter her, including Nue who is known to not really like her. Again, the celestials are providing cover.

I've also allocated one medic for each group.

[x] Murasa

Murasa's powers aren't good for burning down a factory, and she shouldn't be forced to confront Byakuren again. She might be good at the dragon-palace assault, but we need a guard and she's the most level-headed of the candidates.

Okay, that's my plan. Any thoughts or comments?
No. 170400
[x] Plan 1

Dragon Palace:
[x] Tenshi
[x] 10 Resistance fighters.
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Parsee
[x] Yuuka

Art Supplies Factory:
[x] 5 Resistance
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Mokou
[x] Hata-tan

Town Square/Dragon Statue/Byakuren

[x] 5 Resistance
[x] 1 Medic
[x] Okuu
[x] Sigma
[x] Nue

[x] Murasa
No. 170430
>>170377 here. I feel that I should explain the reasoning behind my vote, as I was posting late at night and didn’t have time or energy to be eloquent.

Plan 2 because Tenshi wanted it, and I don’t believe the society of stagnant educated-stupid bureaucratic celestials is worth saving.

Byakuren is a dangerous demagogue with lots of AoE attacks. Sending troops against her is begging for mass mind control or high allied body count. She should be dealt with by means of most loyal and powerful followers.

Art Supplies Factory is a factory, so machinery is to be expected. Who is savvy in technology and would be familiar with this kind of environment? Evil Eye Sigma and Utsuho. I also sent Parsee here because she is tired and hurt, and this location seems like the least dangerous of the three.

Assault on the palace should be done by those who know the layout, and Hatate could be familiar with it because of her job.

Lastly, I am assuming Doctor Gene Ray is going to participate in the battle for the town square, and Yuuka would be good for reinforcing this difficult combat. It seems that switching her with Murasa is a good idea though, so I’m changing this part of my vote to:

To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
[x] Yuuka
Your Guard will be...
[x] Murasa
No. 171445
File 137357855432.jpg - (383.95KB , 600x714 , 23b381f1ebee670a027a7fb6773a47d7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Decided to combine the votes, Plan 1 it shall be with some of the
suggestions from >>170430
Also it's not a dragon statue, it's a fountain.

[X] Plan One: Hit and run attack each location in teams for

deaths so that Heaven Town can be rebuilt after this war.
To the Dragon Palace you will send...
[X] Tenshi
[X] Hata-tan
[X] Messenger Togashi
[X] 10 Resistance Troops
[X] 1 Medic
To the Art Supplies Factory you will send...
[X] Parsee
[X] Evil Eye Sigma
[X] Okuu
[X] 10 Resistance Troops
[X] 1 Medic
To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
[X] Mokou
[X] Nue
[X] Yuuka
[X] 1 Medic
[x] Murasa

You are heavily tempted to go with Tenshi's preferred plan but
decide against it. Unlike with the Oni, the celestials can be de-

educated from stupidity, so every one that dies is one less
possible soldier for your Cubic Army of 4 Days.
You consider sending Yuuka to the Dragon Palace, but your Cubic
Wisdom informs you that she's needed for destroying the fountain,
as a quick question to Tenshi reveals that the Resistance lacks

"We're going with hit and run assaults on the three locations, in

and out. Heaven Town can still be turned into a stronghold of

"So Master, who goes where?" Your Cubic Servant asks.
"Cubic Servant, you shall lead the attack on the town square. With
you shall be Nue, Yuuka, and a medic, with the goal of ending
Byakuren and that fountain. Now Parsee..."
"You, Utsuho, Evil Eye Sigma and ten troops will sabotage the
interior of the Art Supplies Factory. If possible don't destroy

factory entirely, we may need it later on. Tenshi!"
"Yes Leader Ray?"
"Take the last medic and the remaining ten troops along with

"Along with Hata-tan. Finally, Murasa shall be acting as my

"Got it Admiral."
"We must move now fellow Cubic Beings."
Your Cubic Army and the accompanying Resistance fighters quickly
split up into their groups and depart, leaving only you and Murasa

as occupants of the building.

To the town square and Byakuren you will send...
[X] Mokou
[X] Nue
[X] Yuuka
[X] 1 Medic

"Byakuren too noisy,
Silencing the fallen nun
must quickly be done." Nue chirps.
The "fallen nun" (risen would actually be more accurate) in
question was contiuning her speech in front of the town square
The four-member town square assault team watches from the windows

of a bedroom-turned statue gallery on the third floor of a house.
"So, what's your name again doc?"
"Medic Kazuto ma'am, only male out of the Three Medics."
"Ditch the ma'am Kazuto, it's Mokou. And why is it just 'Medic
Kazuto', got a last name?"
"All members of the Resistance, save for the Commander, have
dropped their surnames, that way we won't be associated with the
clans that rule from the Dragon Palace. We use ranks and roles as

"To drop half one's name
for the sake of defiance
is quite admirable."
"Thank you...So, how we gonna do this?" The eager healer asked
while gesturing to the fountain and the monk in front of it.
"Liiiike this~"
Yuuka pulls out a Spell Card before splitting into two copies of
her, both holding the same Spell Card.
The left Yuuka aims her umbrella at Byakuren while the right Yuuka
aims her umbrella at the fountain.
Flower Sign [Dual Spark]
The two Yuukas simultaneously fire off large Master Spark-like
beams that quickly connect with their targets in addition to
leaving two large holes in the wall.
The fountain was apparently volatile as it explodes for some
reason, covering the town square with smoke and sending the crowd
However, after about 10 seconds the smoke clears enough for the
group to see the outline of a still-standing Byakuren.
Mokou angrily charges out of the left hole in the wall towards
Byakuren in a dashing punch.The ascended nun sidesteps before
retaliating with a burst of danmaku that misses and levels a

"My my, quite some power~" Yuuka whimsically says before she and
Nue take flight and join Mokou's fight.

"At least that crowd is gone..." Medic Kazuto remarks as he

the streams of danmaku flying through the town square.


The sole male doctor of the Resistance quickly turns around.
Yep, one of the statues is in a different place than before.

Kazuto grabs a scalpel and an empty syringe from his backpack
before approaching one of the statues.
After staring at it for a good ten seconds he experimentally
slashes it's neck with his scalpel. A spray of blood emerges from
the now screaming "statue", and the doctor quickly steps back to
avoid getting any on him.
Another "statue" suddenly runs toward him. Kazuto shoves the empty
syringe into his jugular and presses down, creating an air

that quickly ends the painted celestial's life.
The rest of the previously immobile celestials in the room start

slowly inch toward him every time he blinks.
The medic slashes the throat of another not-statue. And another.
Despite the deaths of several of their comrades the celestials
continue their bizarre behaviour.
"You know if you freaks rushed me at once I'd be screwed, right?"
No reaction. Kazuto slits another's throat.
"Ugh, life without resistance is wasted life!"

To the Art Supplies Factory you will send...
[X] Parsee
[X] Evil Eye Sigma
[X] Okuu
[X] 10 Resistance Troops
[X] 1 Medic

On the outside, the Art Supplies Factory looked like a larger
version of the warehouse that the resistance used as a base, aside
from the giant "ART SUPPLIES FACTORY" sign drawn in crayon.
"Must have taken the crazies hours to draw that." One of the

resistance remarks.
"Wish I had that much time on my hands..." Parsee grumbles before
taking a look at the squad of resistance fighters.

Three male and seven female celestials.
First female has a scimitar, second a plank, third a wooden plank,
shard of glass, crowbar, hammer, and a knife.
First male has an axe, the second a winged corkscrew, the last
male a shovel.
Parsee decides these assholes could use nicknames.

"Okay, I'm giving you all names for fucking convenience. Scimi,
Plank 1, Plank 2, Shard, Bar, Ham, Stabby, Axe, Screwed because

that is a fucking horrible choice for a weapon, and Shovel.

Wait, why the fuck is there a shovel in Heaven?" Parsee shouts,

forgetting that they are supposed to keep silent until the factory

is sabotaged successfully.
"Yeah, the ground here is more or less unpenetrable." Shard

"My mother buried corpses for a living before she ascended to

According to her it's good for crushing skulls." Shovel answers.
"Sounds good to me, unyu!"
"Excuse me miss, but you didn't nickname me!" The female medic

"Okay, you're now Medic Bitch."
"No need to be an asshole..."
"Whatever." Parsee says as she walks up to one of the side
doors while the rest of the sabotage team follows.
"Hey you, open this door!" Parsee shouts to Screwed, who then

to open it.
"Locked ma'am."
"Sigma, shoot the damn hinges off."
The fighter in front of the door quickly dives out of the way as
Sigma obliges with a few precise shots of danmaku.
Okuu grabs the door before it falls and gently sets it on the
"Unyu, we better keep it quiet."
"What the fuck ever, come on!" The bridge princess and

the sabotage team enters the factory through the door-frame.
Even the interior looks identical to the resistance HQ, aside from
a handful of machines and conveyor belts near some catwalks in
addition to what looks like a control room in the north-east
corner. A handful of workers move around the ground floor and
catwalks in a seemingly busy manner.
"Unyu, I'll go for that control room!" Utsuho says before
carelessly flying off.
"Damn it nuke bird..."
"Guys, look at those workers." Ham.
"What about those fuckers?" Parsee asks.
"They're just more or less running in circles. They're even
ignoring the Hell Raven!" She states.
Parsee glances back at the airborne Utsuho just in time to see one
of her wings accidentally smack a worker in the way.
The celestial simply stands back up and continues doing whatever

was doing.
"The fuck..." Parsee looks at the handful of workers on the ground
floor before one carrying a crate but otherwise standing idle
catches her eye. She points to the idle worker while looking at

"Hey Screwed, screw that asshole's neck!" Parsee shouts, earning a
few chuckles from the sabotage team.
"But...I thought we weren't supposed to-"
"We can kill a few, you dumbass. Now screw him."
Screwed reluctantly nods and approaches the man.
No reaction.
Screwed slowly stabs the man in the leg, not wanting to kill.
No reaction.
The celestial with a most pathetic weapon then stabs the man in

throat, before "screwing" it in a little further before quickly

pulling it out.
The worker and the crate loudly drop to the floor.
No reaction from any of the other workers.
"See dumbass? You can kill people. Now then you assholes, spread
out and head over to fucking bird-brain!"
Scimi takes the lead as the the Resitance fighters quickly ascend

up some nearby catwalk stairs, staying close and pushing aside any

workers in the way.
Parsee turns towards Sigma who's still hovering above.
"Sigma, can you make sure they don't all die on us?" Sigma nods

and gives the jealousy youkai a thumbs-up before flying and then

hovering above the group fighters as they move towards Utsuho.

"Warning Vertical Hazard" A male voice from Parsee's
chainsaw announces.
"The fuck?" Parsee glances up to see a wooden crate falling

The youkai of jealousy quickly runs forward and narrowly avoids
being hit by both the crate and the flying pieces of wood that
resulted from it shattering upon hitting the ground.

"Hello again, Parsee Mizuhashi.

Parsee quickly turns her head towards the source of the voice.
On a catwalk just above her is...
"[Koishi] you fucking whore-bitch!"
"I'm still am a virgin sadly. So, have you copulated with Gene Ray
"You are so easy to antagonize. I was hoping that-"
"That a fucking over-sized box would kill me?"
"Yes, although I've underestimated the work Nitori Kawashiro put
into her personal chainsaw. I wish I had such intelligence and
"That's my fucking line you unoriginal bitch!"
"UNORIGINAL?!? That's it you ex-wife of a manwhore, die!"
The enraged [Koishi] leaps off the catwalk towards the equally
furious Parsee who activates her chainsaw by slamming a fist down
onto one of the buttons.
The jealousy youkai leaps at the falling possessed mind reader and
swings her weapon only for it to pass through.
[Koishi] punches her repeatedly from behind, knocking the bridge
princess down to the floor.
"-illusion bullshit!" She curses while laying on her side.
"It is pretty bullshit, isn't it? That's why I love using this
Parsee attempts to stand up but is forced back down to the
floor by a kick to the gut from [Koishi], the blows hurting far
more than they should due to her injuries.
"AGH, fucking..." She tries to lift her chainsaw, ignoring the

"Nope!" [Koishi] playfully says while jumping up and down on her
arms before kicking her in the throat and vanishing.
[Koishi] instantly reappears in front of Parsee, standing over the
bridge princess with a sadistic expression on her face.
"I'm amazed that you still have a solid grip on your tree-

utility, must be due to one of Nitori Kawashiro's excellent
designs! I'd probably have to sever your hands to take it from you
with the Kappa Anti-Grab System and all that, which is exactly

I'm doing now!"
A blade that Parsee can't even see slams into the jealously
youkai's left wrist.
Parsee shrieks and attempts to kick [Koishi] only for her attack

once more pass through the possessed mind reader.
"YES, keep resisting, keep fighting, keep struggling! Don't give
up, you're only going to temporarily lose your hands and then
permanently lose your favorite weapon!"
"I-it's more than-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Parsee screams as the blade
hits bone.
"More than a weapon? Ah, so you've fallen in love with your tree-
killing utility. Steamy youkai-chainsaw sex sounds delicious!"
"FUCK YOU!" Suddenly the blade is withdrawn from her left wrist

somehow the pain vanishes as well.
"So a chainsaw is better than me, then? That's how low you've
gotten, former wife of mine?"
A new voice says.
Parsee turns her head towards the source of the voice.
A young brown-haired man.
Her ex-husband.
Parsee laughs.
"Nice try [Koishi], but my beloved...is right here!" Parsee pulls

out a small glass case from some compartment in her chainsaw.
Inside it are a pair of eyeballs.
Suddenly the illusion vanishes, the pain in her left wrist

and Parsee hears a shriek from [Koishi].
Parsee turns her head towards the source and sees a crane
apparently holding something invisible in place a couple feet off

the ground.
"What the fuck? How did you..."
"Unyu! You can fool the eyes but you can't fool technology,

specifically a thermal holographic scope!
" Utsuho's voice says

from a speaker.
Parsee decides not to ask, puts the glass case with her ex-

husand's eyeballs back into the compartment, stands up, and

despite her nearly-severed left hand manages to lift up and swing

her chainsaw at the invisible yet immobilized mind reader.
The lower half of [Koishi]'s body falls to the floor and her upper
half, still held by the crane, becomes visible.
Not wasting a moment, Parsee grabs [Koishi]'s Third Eye and shoves
it into the blades of her chainsaw, ending the possessed mind
"G-goodbye again, Parsee Mizuhashi. I...hope our next meeting will
The bridge princess slices through [Koishi]'s head before kicking
the upper body hard enough for it to be knocked out of the crane's
Parsee wasn't done.
Cut the fingers, cut the organs, cut the neck, cut the shoulders,
"Ma'am, I'm completely sure that she's dead!" The voice of Medic

Bitch breaks Parsee out of her murderous trance.
"I know dipshit. Just getting this shit out of my system." Parsee
says to the now-regrouped sabotage team while continuing to slash
away at what is quickly becoming little more than a pile of
dismembered body parts.
"Ma'am, pardon me but if you keep doing that your left hand might
fall off."
"What the fuck ever. So, why isn't a single thing smashed the fuck
"Unyu, me and Evil Eye deleted all the designs for their art tool
"If we're done here then let's get the fuck out."


To the Dragon Palace you will send...
[X] Tenshi
[X] Hata-tan
[X] Messenger Togashi
[X] 10 Resistance Troops
[X] 1 Medic

The former leader of the Anti-Art Resistance Front remained silent

during the entire trip through the Gate and to the Dragon Palace,

which resembled a cross bewteen a stereotypical medieval castle

and a Shinto shrine.
Outside their destination, Messenger Togashi decides to speak up.
"Commander, why did you bring me along? I can't fight at all..."
With a stoic expression Tenshi roughly grabs Togashi before

forcefully French kissing him.
Tenshi continues until Togashi manages to break out of her grip.
"Because I love you, Messenger Togashi. Now get moving!" The

former commander then abruptly punches her beloved in the chest.
"That is NOT how you show love!" Hata-tan shouts.
Tenshi ignores her and uses her blade to carve an entrance through

one of the walls, the opening leading them directly to a

"Hatate and Togashi, go to the fifth floor and follow the signs to

the Council Room. Kill everybody inside. The rest of you hold

position. I'll take care of the sketchbook."

"So, why are we together again? I can't even fight."
"Dunno, I just like cutting things."
"Well we're here. Should I just wait outside?"
"Probably. No offense but you'd just get in the way."
"None taken, it's simply the truth."

"Lord Nai's eldest daughter Tenshi continues to be a problem. We

know the location of her base but he has forbid the Angelic Arts

Movement from attacking."
"How does he expect to make a new world if he can't even handle

his own family?"
"Speaking of his family, his other daughters all turned up dead

yesterday, cut into pieces."
"Most likely by their elder sister I assume?"
"Most likely."
"Enough is enough. I say that after Byakuren's speech we attack,

Lord Nai be damned."
"Who the hell are you?"
"Just a wrist-cutting girl."

"Hear those screams father? Those are the clan heads. Without them

you'll have no support amongst the people!"
From behind a desk sat Lord Nai, who could be described as a male,

muscular version of Tenshi. His expression of pure disapproval was

currently directed at his oldest daughter, who was brandishing the

Sword of Hisou at him.
"You disappoint me Tenshi. Greatly."
"Oh yeah? Well fuck you and your expectations."
"Falling in love with Togashi is one thing, but constantly

stalking Togashi, breaking into his home, threatening and

assaulting any female he had contact with, up to and including his

very own mother, is another! Fuck me? No,fuck you!"
"Good to know we're still a loving family you bastard. You

disappointed me to, with how easily duster-bitch brainwashed you

"She was wearing a trench coat, not a duster. Brainwashed?

Centuries of perfect peace had drained us of all purpose. This may

be Heaven in name, but it's Hell in reality! Then that girl came

along and gave us a purpose!"
"You call drawing on each other a purpose? That's just

"Disgusting? No, what's disgusting is THIS!"
Nai reaches under the desk, pulls out a long leash with a black

collar, and roughly throws it at his daughter.
Tenshi catches the leash and stares at it for several moments.
"My present to Togashi!"
"I had no idea my most beloved daughter was this much of a sick

pervert until three days ago."
"I'm no more perverted than what you and the rest of the freaks

call 'art'! Now where is it?"
"The sketchbook? Here!" Nai tosses a notebook at Tenshi, who

slices it in mid-air with her sword. The scattering pieces of it

quickly turn to ashes.
"And now for you."

Tenshi then promptly decapitates her father.
"Useless old man...wait, where's Iku?"

"Say Admiral..."
"Yes Murasa?"
"Lately I've been thinking that...GET DOWN."
Murasa blocks an incoming bolt of electricity with her anchor.


Yuuka crushes the skull of Byakuren, finally ending the fight.
"Hah....my..my, she was...hah...quite tough~" The Flower Master of

the Four Seasons wipes a considerable amount of sweat off of her

bruised face.
"Hah,hah...that bitch...is finally dead." Mokou collapses to the

ground in exhaustion.
"...Hah,hah...tough as hell...
That loudass bitch Byakuren
was...tough, MEDIC KAZOTO!" Nue calls for the medic before

vomiting blood.
A half-minute later Kazoto walks out from behind some rubble.
"Sorry girls, had to take cover during the fight...WOAH!"
All three girls are covered in bruises and bloody wounds, with

parts of their clothes torn.
Kazoto shields his eyes upon noticing that Nue's breasts are

visible due to a large rip in her outfit.
"Worry not about deceny,
please tend our injuries,
hero medic Kazoto!" Nue chirps.
Kazato removes his hand from his eyes and begins examining the

wounds of the three.
"Woah momma, you girls got hit hard..."
"Just so you know...we don't need bandages..." Mokou informs him.
"If you say so..."
Disinfect everything, fix Nue's two bent tentacle wings, pull the

shard of glass lodged deep inside Yuuka's hip, pull the rebar out

of Mokou's back...

"Alright, that should be good enough."
"Thank you Mister Kazato." Yuuka states as she stands.
Mokou helps Nue to her feet.
"Come on poet girl, let's head back to my Master." Mokou tells the

unidentified youkai, who due to a crippled leg can't stand.
Mokou helps Nue up only to abruptly drop her.
"MASTER IS IN DANGER!" Mokou shouts before flying off.
Kazoto slowly helps Nue to her feet.
After saying "ow" seventeen times she smiles in thanks at the

medic's assistance.
"Come on now~"

Iku is sent flying into a wall by a whack from Murasa's anchor.
"Lowly groundwalker...I'll get you back for that later!" Iku

states before flying out through one of the warehouse's windows.
Mokou barges in through one of the doors
"Master, you alright?!"
"I'm fine Cubic Servant, Murasa fended off an attack from Iku."
"That's good..."

15 minutes later the resistance fighters and your Cubic Army have regrouped at the warehouse.
Tenshi moves towards you.
"Thanks for your help Leader Ray, we can take it from here. I understand from Hata-tan that you have other places to go, so I'll let you be on your way."
Mokou also walks up to you.
"Master, where are we going after the Kappa Town?"

[ ] Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Human Village
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Poltergeist Mansion

Try to persuade a member of the Resistance to join your Cubic Army of Four Days?
[ ] Yes.
[ ] Ask Medic Kazoto to join.
[ ] Ask Screwed to join. Why is this even an option?
[ ] Ask Tenshi and Togashi to join. As a result of choosing Plan One the "war" is not over and she's still needed by the AARF.

[ ] No.
No. 171447
Why is everything except the very bottom all bunched up to the left side? It makes it a little hard to read.
No. 171450

Result of copy and pasting from a crappy text editor, which I will no longer use.
No. 171455
File 137358323753.jpg - (167.05KB , 900x586 , Gensokyo_Traditional_Map_by_CaptainOnimaru.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion

According to the map of Gensokyo, it is the closest location.

[x] Ask Medic Kazoto to join.
[x] Ask Shovel to join.

Shovels are blessed, for they are used to create cubic holes in soil.
No. 171456
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[x] No

Eh, no one really jumps out at me.
No. 171866
File 137410032173.jpg - (684.83KB , 1400x990 , d402f5bfaf80b1db6e3837d93738fb69.jpg ) [iqdb]
Flipped a coin, join won. The two will have even further reduced involvement though as a compromise.

[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[x] Ask Medic Kazoto to join.
[x] Ask Shovel to join.

“We are going to Scarlet Devil Mansion next. Also Tenshi, may we borrow two members of your troops?”
“Sure, it's the least I can do for your help. Who do you want?”
“That medic and that man with the shovel.”
“Kazoto, come here. You too T-”
“Hey Shovel, get the fuck over here!”
The two Celestials quickly do as they are told.
“Yes commander?” They ask in unison.
“Both of you are with Leader Ray and his group from now on. Dismissed!” Tenshi quickly walks off while the two Celestials look at you.
“Greetings, from now on you are part of my Cubic Army of Four Days. Our goal is to show all that Earth has 4 Corner Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube Within Single Rotation.”
“What.” “Huh?”
“Welcome to the fucking club.” Parsee whispers to them.

“Major Nitori, got a group of contacts on radar, coming down from Youkai Mountain. UAV image shows them to be...”
“It's Researcher Ray, I know.”
“There's also Himekaidou and two unidentified male Celestials with them, one has a shovel and the other a white backpack.”
“I see. Put the Moriya Shrine and the Tengu Village on-screen.”
“Done.” Glasses Kappa states after pressing a few buttons.
“Both completely destroyed?” The leader of the KDF asks.
“Indeed. No heat signatures at either of them, so it's safe to say that all of them are dead. Unable to locate the bodies of Lord Tenma, Shameimaru, or Inubashiri.” Dark-Haired Kappa states.
“They were too late to save the Tengu then, at least we have Youkai Mountain to ourselves now. Have Rikako greet and escort Ray to this Command Center. There's something we need to show him!”
Your Cubic Army lands at the heavily defended entrance to Kappa Town. The kappa immediately allow you and your followers to enter.
“Where the hell did all their tanks and shit go?” Mokou asks after glancing around.
“Look closely, Cubic Servant.” You point to a shimmering object that you assume to be a tank.
“The fuck?” says Parsee.
“Greatly improved cloaking technology. Thanks to Researcher Ray's documents we've been able to make many great advancements, including cloaking devices powerful enough to obscure all of our vehicles.” A familiar purple-haired scientist states as she walks towards the party.
“Major Nitori wishes to show you all something urgently! Follow me!”
“Good news first Researcher Ray.” Nitori begins after your Cubic Army has entered the KDFHQ's Tactical Command Center.
“Using your research and formulas we've managed to make countless breakthroughs. With one of them we have discovered a way to send signals past the Great Hakurei Barrier. Via that we have been able to hack into various computer systems and satellites. The bad news is what we saw. Dark-Haired...”
“Way ahead of ya Major.” Dark-Haired Kappa presses a single button, and the screens of the Command Center are changed to various news feeds from the Outside World.
The Australian government has stated that at least half of it's citizens have vanished...”
“Riots continue across South America...”
“Many Chinese citizens were found to have been “fused into walls” as of this morning...”
“As of just now a tornado has hit Washington DC without warning...”
“Reports of “monsters” continue to surface in Russia and Japan...”
“Unexplained mass suicides continue to occur across Europe...”
“Martial law has been declared in at least thirty nations...”

Nitori turns her Command Chair around to face you.
“All of this began to occur approximately four days ago. Some of those reports of monsters included photographs and videos. They look like youkai to me.“
“Armageddon is indeed coming quickly. My Cubic Army of Four Days still needs more members if we are to survive it.”
“What can we do to help at the moment?” Nitori asks.
“Do you have a dropship that can take us to the Scarlet Devil Mansion? That's where we are heading next.”
“That I do. In fact, I'm giving you your own. Dark-Haired!”
“Yeah Major?”
“You're now Ray's personal pilot. Your callsign shall be Shrike Four.”
“What the fuck ma'am?”
“The Flanking Assault Transport And Surgical Striker gunship you and Ray's group shall be using is right outside.”
“FATASS? Fucking really?”
“Fine, it's just Flanking Assault Transport, FAT. Now get moving!”
“Ah whatever, this room was always too noisy.” Dark-Haired Kappa states before heading to her new vehicles outside. You and your Cubic Army begin to follow before Rika appears before you with a box full of headsets.
“All of you, put them on. They are water-proof and magic-proof, so they'll allow you to communicate at all times. Researcher Ray, you and your group's callsign will be Block. The FAT is waiting outside for you all once you got it all on.”
Shovel tries it first.
“Can you guys hear me?”
“Yeah, they work.”
Murasa responds.

Outside the Kappa Defense Force HeadQuarters is a yellow sci-fi gunship with a lowered ramp. You and your Cubic Army enter it through said ramp.
The inside is somehow very much larger than the outside, most likely due to the kappa gaining understanding of 4-Corner Math, and resembles a small yet fancy base more than a transport, complete with a barracks, mess hall, library, and other rooms.
“Just like the ship I was captain of...” Murasa remarks with a smile
The voice of Dark-Haired Kappa comes from one of the speakers.
”Welcome to the FAT, this is your pilot speaking. First of all, call by my real name, Kuro. Second, we are now heading to the lair of egotistical bloodsuckers. I'll have to drop you off behind some trees near the gate in order to maintain element of surprise or whatever. Third, call me Shrike Four on the radio. Fourth, yellow is a fugly color. Now, lifting off...”

The flight only lasts about eight minutes, during which your Cubic Army preferred to explore rather than socialize. The loudness of the FAT's engine may also be a cause for the lack of conversation.
Kuro contacts everyone via the radio.
”We're here, lowering the ramp now.”
Your Cubic Army quickly exits the FAT and you follow, all of you ending up in a clearing next to a group of trees.
You turn back to the FAT and see a strange sight: the interior and the inner part of the ramp are visible, while the rest of the gunship is cloaked with a shimmering effect. Slowly the ramp closes and the entire vehicle is invisible. Invisibility means nothing to your Cubic Vision however.
”On the other side of those trees to your right is the gate. Call me over the radio if you need a pick up or want serious fire support.
The FAT flies into the air.
You move through the bushes and trees towards the gate, your Cubic Army following.

Mokou and Utsuho stay near you, Nue flies above Kazato who stands in the middle of the group, Yuuka stays near the side, Parsee, Murasa and Sigma guard the rear, Shovel stays a little bit to your right.

At the gate is a purple-haired and purple-eyed girl in pajamas, sitting in a rocking chair reading a book.
Behind is a pile of books that is taller than the gate.
She glances at your Cubic Army, and raises her eyebrows at the sight of Utsuho and Yuuka.
“Long time no see, Kazami.”
“Patchouli? Why are you guarding the gate?” Mokou asks.
“Flandre ordered me to be the new gate guard. Don't ask.”
Patchouli then looks at you with a distrustful expression.
“Who are you?”
“I am Doctor Gene Ray, the Wisest Human.”
“I see.” Patchouli resumes reading her book.
“May we enter the mansion?” You ask.
“It's important...” Murasa tells her.
“You can do an old friend a favor, Miss Knowledge~”
“Just let us the fuck in...” Parsee groans.
“Into the mansion
of the Scarlet Devil the
gate be opened?”

How shall you deal with this, Wisest Human?
No. 171868
[x] Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli.
[x] Plan B: Blow the gate open and go in anyway of she resists.
No. 171871
[x] Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli.
[x] Plan B: Search around the surrounding area. Seems like Remilia and China are kicked out.
No. 171880
File 137413958423.jpg - (193.38KB , 872x660 , cube cycle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Time Cube Patchouli.
No. 171882
Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli
Plan B: Move to the back of the mansion and blast your way through
No. 171890
Also, have anyone thought of how Sakuya's time powers will be affected by the Time Cube?
No. 171892
[x] Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli.
[x] Plan B: Search around the surrounding area. Seems like Remilia and China are kicked out.

Like a slow-mo trainwreck, weirdly compelling, morbidly fascinating.
No. 172239
File 137472190560.png - (1.38MB , 900x1200 , 9856efac997d9da71fa0fd7cce161788c2a4aab2.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli.
[x] Plan B: Blow the gate open and go in anyway if she resists.
[x] Plan B: Search around the surrounding area. Seems like Remilia and China are kicked out.
[x] Plan B: Move to the back of the mansion and blast your way through.

[x] Plan A: Time Cube Patchouli

“Master, I think it’s time we convince her.”
“I agree Cubic Servant.”
You take a few steps towards Patchouli, hold out your hands, and fire your Wisdom.

[All creation within the universe is composed of opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - with opposite races, opposite seasons, opposite luck, opposite directions and opposite perspectives - equating a harmonic rotating zero value existence. "To know all, is to know nothing". You must attack the word bastards who preach and teach evil godism and racism singularity lies, for any singularity brotherhood is mental slavery that desecrates family, village and tribal opposites. Americans are dumbass, educated stupid and evil singularity fools. NASA's Moon Landing was far less of an achievement than Time Cube discovery, for I have Cubed the Earth, with 4 simultaneous corner days in 1 rotation of Earth.]

It seems it no longer hurts to use this “ability”.
Kazoto, Shovel, and Hatate gaze in bewilderment as gigantic letters stream out of your hands at Patchouli.
After the flying Wisdom enters her mind, the purple-haired book reader merely glares angrily at you.
“Knowing all is knowing NOTHING? You ignorant -“
Patchouli Knowledge has joined
Patchouli Knowledge has joined the
Patchouli Knowledge has joined the party!

Patchouli promptly tears her own book in half while screaming.

After a bit of heavy breathing she mumbles an incantation which causes the two halves of the book to merge back together, repairing it. She slowly resumes reading while speaking in an aggravated tone,
“Whatever. Gate’s locked. I lack the key. I won’t stop you from trying to enter though.”
“Where’s the regular gate guard?” Hata-tan asks.
“Don’t know.”
“You said Flandre ordered you here. Where is Remilia then?” Mokou asks the book girl the next question.
“Probably breaking back into the mansion.”
“Breaking back in? Why the hell does she need to break into her own home?”
“Kicked out.”
“Too annoying to explain. Find out yourself. I’ll wait here until you’ve taken care of this mess.”

Deciding that your Cubic Army won’t get any further answers out of her at this point, you quickly reflect on the little information she gave you.
Trying to break back in?

[x] Plan B: Search around the surrounding area. Seems like Remilia and China are kicked out.

”Shrike Four this is Block Lead. Can you see if there’s anyone outside the mansion besides us and the girl by the gate?”
“Block Lead this is Shrike Four, scanning…Yeah, there’s two females who just broke through a wall on the other side of the SDM, one has wings. Also, the sensors start fucking up if I try scanning the mansion itself.”

“I set up talismans against such things years ago. You won’t be able to remove them.” Patchouli states.

[x] Plan B: Move to the back of the mansion and blast your way through.
Looks like Remilia beat you to that.
“I don’t think any of us feel like going all the way around the mansion to see those two Master.”
“Understood Cubic Servant.”

[x] Plan B: Blow the gate open and go in anyway if she resists.

You turn to Utsuho and point to the gate.
The Hell Raven nods and fires her Third Leg at it, blowing it open.
“Damn it man…” The disappointed voice of Shovel comes from a hole the other side. Apparently while your party was talking to Patchouli, Shovel had dug a complete tunnel underneath the wall.

Slowly you and the rest of your Cubic Army enter the mansion. Shovel follows after he manages to climb out of the hole.

You swear you saw Patchouli grinning at your Cubic Army for a moment.

“Looks like our new guard has failed.”
“That she has, Miss Sakuya~” Yuuka says.
In the foyer of the Scarlet Devil Mansion stands a silver-haired, grey-eyed maid, flanked by several squads of fairies in maid uniforms. In each hand are knives.

“No matter. Uninvited guests will still be removed!”
Her right hand slowly reaches for a watch dangling out of a pocket in her uniform.
“Old man, do that danmaku thing again!” Hata-tan shouts with a grin on her face.

You listen and launch another bombardment of Cubic Wisdom, putting more effort into it for increased speed.

[4 Earth corners rotate 4 Time corners - for 4 simultaneous day rotation of Earth equating the principle of a 4 pole motor. 4 Earth Quadrants simultaneously rotate inside 4 Time Cube Quarters to create 4 - 24 hour days within one Earth rotation. Each of the 4 corners of Earth is the beginning and ending of its own separate 24 hour day - all 4 simultaneous days within a single rotation of Earth. Place 4 different students in the 4 corners of a classroom and rotate them 4 corners each. Note that they rotate simultaneously wthin the same Time frame as if only one is rotating - just as the 4 different days on Earth rotate. 3D math applied within this hollow Cube would be erroneous math, as it would not account for the 4th corner perspective dimension.]

With incredible speed, half of your Danmaku of Cubic Wisdom impacts Sakuya before she pushes something on her watch.

The colors of the world invert before a loud shattering sound echoes throughout your head. The room is engulfed in a white flash.


When the flash clears you see…
[_] A young bandit, soon to live forever in the name of revenge.
[_] A girl that dreams of setting this world ablaze.
[_] A woman in love with a man that lies to her.
[_] A woman who loves her garden above all else.
[_] A hopeful journalist hopelessly competing against what she cannot beat.
[_] A stalwart captain soon to fail.
[_] A floating thing built to be nothing more than a utility.
[_] An outcast demon that nobody can fully see.
No. 172246
[x] A sick and frail girl, locked forever in her cube of books.
No. 172247
[X] A young bandit, soon to live forever in the name of revenge.

Mokou, it would seem.
No. 172335
[x] A young bandit, soon to live forever in the name of revenge.

No. 172368
[x] A young bandit, soon to live forever in the name of revenge.

How many people did we have in our Cubic Army? Riker said there is a total limit of 16, so we probably need to stop Time Cubing everything that moves.
No. 172414

We can have sixteen companions. I think only named characters on active combat duty count as companions, so we currently have eight from the choices above, Patchouli, and two celestials. That’s five open slots, and celestials can easily be demoted to mooks for two more.
No. 173279
File 137702884063.jpg - (482.12KB , 1415x2000 , 55b54e2c6fb8a72251681b42e978c705.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic 50% related.

[X] A young bandit, soon to live forever in the name of revenge.

In front of you is a young girl with short black hair.
You before you took the Elixir.
Right before you murdered Iwakasa to be specific, because she just kicked…another you?
The fuck?
“The hell is you’re problem you damn…me?” The you that got kicked by the black-haired you appears identical to you, aside from the lack of talismans on her pants.
The talisman-less you angrily unleashes a barrage of fireballs at the pre-Elixir you, setting her and an adult version of the black-haired you on fire.

A sudden surge of voices to your right draws your attention and you turn to see that…

That there’s now four of everybody.

Your head explodes. Again.


You pay no heed as your Cubic Servant’s head explodes once more, as with your Cubic Wisdom you know that she is used to this occurring.
Her head quickly regenerates and she begins an argument with her past selves.

Aside from Sakuya, Shovel, Kazoto, and yourself, there is now four of everyone, including the fairy maids.
Sakuya stares at the scene in front of her for a few moments before her once calm and collected face gives way to fear and runs off down a hallway.
Due to the fact that they are wearing headsets your Cubic Wisdom you can easily identify the “current” Cubic Army soldiers from their past selves and quickly identify Current Mokou.
“Cubic Servant, Shovel, go after Sakuya and destroy her watch!” With the headsets your voice has no problem reaching the three of them over the loud arguments beginning to erupt.
“On it Master!”
“Got it boss!” Shovel

The two quickly move past the arguing crowd towards the fleeing maid.

You turn back to the crowd in question.
Many conversations are happening at once, but due to your understanding that Earth has 4 Corner Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube Within Single Same-Earth Rotation, you can both see and listen to them all simultaneously.
So you listen, since now is an excellent time to find out more about your followers.

“Where is the hell is my crew? Where is my fleet? They’ll die without me!” A Murasa in a medal-covered naval uniform shouts in panic.
“They died with you because of your incompetence!” Current Murasa angrily states before slapping Medal Murasa.
“How dare you insult…myself?! Who are you, and where am I?”
“Yeah, where the fuck are we? I was just about to bring down this huge ship full of people, I was looking forward them to drowning AND DROWNING, and seeing millions of bubbles in the water as they tried to breathe and fucking died and died and DIED!” Another Murasa with wet and torn clothing swings her anchor at Medal Murasa, which Current Murasa blocks.
“Reporting for duty ma’am! Any orders?” The fourth Murasa in a naval cadet uniform asks while saluting Medal Murasa.
Medal Murasa glances at the two fighting Murasas.
“For the first time in my naval career, I have no idea what orders to give...”
“Why the fuck would I take orders from my failed self?” Murderous Murasa shouts to Medal Murasa before blocking another anchor swing from Current Murasa.

Evil Eye Sigma in her girl form glared at the three hovering eyeballs that were her of the past.
The first of them lacked the wings and tentacles but it’s eye unlike the other showed no signs of strain. The second had the strained eye and wings but not the tentacles, and the third was the whole package of her eye form.
Suddenly light emerged from the irises of her earlier selves, forming images in the forms of holograms.
The first Sigma projects the image of a broken wrench, the second Sigma pile of discarded junk including said wrench, and the third Sigma a directional arrow pointing at her.
Current Sigma responds with the hologram of a human hand with its middle finger raised in insult before changing the hologram to an orb of darkness that explodes to reveal a golden cube.
Her earlier selves respond with the holograms of a bullet-ridden corpse of her girl form.
Current Sigma responds by shutting off her projection and opening fire with danmaku. The other Sigmas respond in kind.

“The fuck? Where's my husband? We were about to start fucking each other!” A Parsee with normal ears and eyes clad in only underwear angrily shouts.
"""I wish I could fuck him again...""" The other three Parsees say in unison.
The two other Parsees besides Current Parsee are identical, aside from one of them holding a chainsaw. The latter seems to be Parsee shortly after she got her chainsaw.
"So, why the fuck am I not at my bridge?" Chainsaw Parsee asks. So she had her chainsaw before she wanted to destroy her bridge? Interesting.
"Because guarding that fucking thing is pointless now that the Underground is empty!" Current Parsee shouts.
"Everyone except nuke-bird, necrophile-neko, and maybe psycho-bucket bitch died!"
"That...that means you fucked up and let people cross the bridge! I didn't exactly like all of those people, but none of them needed to die!" Chainsaw Parsee readies her weapon with a loud BRUM BRUM and Current Parsee does the same. Moments later they are clashing chainsaws.
"What the fuck is happening?" Human Parsee asks.
"Don't fucking ask me, I just wish I had a chainsaw..."

"Greetings old selves.
If thou wonders location,
Mansion of Scarlet."
The first Nue looks normal aside from messier hair and dirty clothing. The second Nue is a cleaner version of the first, but has a somewhat deviant look in her eyes. The last new Nue lacks the trident of the rest and appears more or less feral in addition to her appearance "flickering" every few seconds.
"Who are you?" it growls at Current Nue.
"I'm Haiku Nue,
The Nue of the present.
Thy case, the future."
"You're…me from the future? Why the fuck are you speaking like that?" Deviant Nue shouts.
"I hath always spoken
within the mode of haiku!
Is your head on right?"
"How the hell could that be the case when we're talking normally?" Messy Nue asks.
Current Nue/Haiku Nue simply tilts her head in confusion.
"All you…ANNOYING…" With a roar Feral Nue suddenly leaps at Messy Nue and decapitates her with claws that were not there a moment ago.
Blood flows out of Messy Nue's stump of a neck but her body still stands. Within a moment her hands change into crab-like pincers which promptly sever both of Feral Nue's arms. Then Feral Nue's tentacle wings gain dozens of beak-like mouthes and then Messy Nue's tentacle wings begin to be covered in angel feathers that stab their owner, then Feral Nue's legs are covered with hairy eyeballs and the hair seems to act as a flamethrower setting Messy Nue on fire only for the fire to turn into water and then into orange globules of something that Messy Nue eats before Feral Nue thrusts her chest onto's Messy Nue's and then they…fuse?
…Not even your Cubic Wisdom understands what's going on over there at this point, so you turn to the next set of four.

"Heh, I knew something neat would happen if the old man did that." Current Hata-tan remarks.
Two Hata-tans (including Current) and two Hatates.
The other Hata-tan has only a fifth of Current Hata-tan's wrist scars yet looks more depressed than her present-self.
The first Hatate's hair is messy with a determined but slowly cracking look in her eyes in
The second Hatate is excitedly tapping away on a cell phone, muttering "like" every few second
"This is like, like, a, like, perfect time to like, get some, like, excellent photos!" Like Hatate shouts while taking pictures of the surrounding chaos.
The other Hatate and the two Hata-tan's cringe at their older self's verbal tic before starting to take pictures with all their own cell phones.
"So many embarrassing and intense images to capture…with this my newspaper can finally beat Bunbunmaru!"
"Maybe with this…I'll finally have a chance to beat Aya…" Sad Hata-tan says with hope.
"Older selves are right, perfect time! Send me all the pics you take!" Current Hata-tan orders with a grin.
"""Got it!""" Her past selves respond as they immortalize every moment of suffering that your Cubic Army is going through.

"""Unyu...""" Three of the four Utsuhos remark. The first Utsuho lacks the eye, arm cannon, odd right foot, and cape of the other three. After another "Unyu" she resumes eating the dead human in her arms.
The second is identical to Current Utsuho, aside from the headset and a more childish demeanor. The third is Current Utsuho.
And the fourth...
"Why am I not in my Reactor in the Hell of Blazing Fires? I was about crush and eat that Shrine Maiden so that I could set this world aflame!"
The fourth looks like Utsuho when you first met her in the Underground, except instead of cold determination her eyes are filled with bloodlust.

A Yuuka in pajamas loudly yawns before noticing the other three Yuukas, who look identical aside from Current Yuuka's headset.
"Three of me? Hmm... this isn't a dream,is it?"
"Nope~" Current Yuuka tells her.
"Okay..." Pajama Yuuka says before lying down on a pillow that was not there a moment ago.
""So, why aren't we in the Garden of the Sun?""
"Oh, that's because all of it either flooded or frozen in addition to being covered with dead fairies and eviscerated giant spiders. All the flowers died, but don't worry because-"

[x] A sick and frail girl, locked forever in her cube of books.

You suddenly sense ridiculous amounts of magical energy emanating from the mansion.
You turn the page.
Wave after wave of explosions rock the Scarlet Devil Mansion, followed by several huge lasers emerging from within.
You turn the page and look to your fellow selves, all identical to you.
"""I assume an explanation is too bothersome?""" they ask.
You nod, causing the three of them to sigh.
"I believe it's time for the Library to migrate again." you tell them.
"""Indeed, even several centuries of wards will fail against this much power."""
You swirl your right index finger around, forming a watery mirror-shaped image of the interior of the vehicle that "Wisest Human" and his gang of youkai arrived in.
The inside defies space-time, just like the mansion. There's even a library.
You punch the watery image, dispeling the Scry Place spell.
You whisper a quick incantation and a magic circle appears in front of your eyes. You grab it and drag it over your right ear before speaking into it.
"Wise One, please get that vehicle to pick up two of my copies. I'll explain later. Flattery tends to help things along.
"Alright. Shrike Four, this is Block One. Please pick up the two Patchoulis outside.
"Two Patchoulis?! Ah whatever,I'm not even going to ask…

You dismiss the Makeshift Radio spell and inform the other three of your plans.
"There is a library inside the airship that is coming to pick the two of you up. Prepare the second half of the transfer ritual in it. You, go to the Library, get Koakuma, and prepare the first half of the transfer ritual. Start it as soon as possible."

Now, to see if you can keep Remi from getting herself killed.


You and Shovel chase the bitch around yet another corner.
Despite the fact that both of you are flying, that damned maid is somehow outrunning both of you on foot.
Those knives she's throwing, one of which is lodged within your right eye, aren't helping.
Neither are the explosions and lasers from Master's followers that are tearing the mansion apart. Fucking hell.
"Get them, get the two chasing me!" Sakuya shouts to a group of small, green creatures.
Said creatures charge at you after the head maid passes by.
"Hobgoblins!" Shovel shouts as he whacks a few out of the way with his titular weapon.
You feel a large pressure on your right shoulder. You use your right hand to set your right shoulder on fire and are rewarded with the scream of a burning hobgoblin.
You round yet another corner.
Another group of hobgoblins. Quick fireball or two at them and just keep moving after that fucking maid.
"Ripper Sign [Killing Doll]!"
Sakuya activates a Spell Card, lots of knives.
Dodge to the left, right, right, up, roll to the left. Quick glance, Shovel made it. No time to wonder how.
Yet another corner.
Dining Room.
Large group of hobgoblins and fairy maids.
Ceiling drops onto them.
Fly over the debris, keep going.
Another explosion in the ceiling.
Big-ass chandelier is blown towards you two.
Not enough to fly entirely above it. You'll lose too much speed once it hits you, Sakuya will get away.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK.
An idea.
You pull the knife from your eye and slice off the lower half of your body with all your strength, breaking the knife in the process of cutting through your spine.
Chandelier impacts the severed lower half of your body while the rest of you flies over.
Continue chasing for a moment…
A group of fairies smash into Sakuya before she can leave the room, knocking her over.
You quickly tackle the downed maid.
She looks at you, screams and struggles when she realizes that a torso with organs hanging out is on top of her.
Shovel whacks her on the knee, the pain subduing her for now.
"WHERE IS IT?" You shout.
"Auuugh…L-l-left p-pocket…!"
You check the left pocket of her maid uniform.
A photo of a silver-haired little girl and two adults. Not what you want.
You angrily rip it in half, triggering tears from Sakuya.
"The fucking watch, where is the fucking watch?!"
"R-right pock-"
Left wall explodes.
Something impacts you, knocking you off Sakuya. Shovel ducks to avoid some flying pieces of debris.
Sakuya takes to chance to grab the torn photo and runs off with the same speed as before, despite her injured knee.
Damn, the bitch got away.
You turn to see what the hell knocked you off, and witness…
"Uu~ uu~."
A younger-looking version of Remilia, eyes closed and dancing about.
"Uu~ uu~"
Anger rising.
"Uu~ uu~, uu~ u-UUUUUU!" You punch the child vampire halfway across the room.
"Damn it…" You curse, before taking a deep breath.
You can still find her, the mansion isn't THAT huge.
"Uh, Mokotan…" Shovel calls out to you.
"The hell kind of a nickname is that?"
"Err Mokou then…Well, look at that." The son of a gravedigger points to the hole in the wall that the "Uu~ uu~" Remilia came from.
You turn and look at the large hole in the wall. Outside is a garden, and in it is…

A dragon.
""I should have hired you while you were still a dragon, Meiling!""
Oh, Meiling.


A pity. The garden that Sakuya had worked on for years was utterly destroyed by the Chinese Dragon that was currently rampaging within it.
Three Meilings, two Remis, and the flying upper half of Fujiwara are fighting the beast, while that Celestial is hiding behind some rubble.
A quick bite from Dragon Meiling and there's one less Meiling fighting it.
Another bite and the immortal is swallowed whole.
Now would be a good time to help. You flip through your spell book.
"Let's see…Sober Dwarf, Detect Existence, Slay Ancestral Cat, Conjure Lava…"
You mumble an incantation.
Somewhere, a cat is struck by lightning.
You mumble another incantation.
Dragon Meiling roars in pain as lava streams down from the heavens onto it's back and melts most of it's body.
""Divine Spear [Spear the Gungnir]!""
Two scarlet spears slam into Dragon Meiling's head from opposing sides, obliterating it. With a final roar it collapses to the ground. You aren't sure how it could roar without a head, but at least the threat is ceased.
""About time you showed up Patchy."" The two Remilias speak in unison.
"I haven't run in years Remi. So, where are your other two past selves?"
""One was eaten by that beast, the other is of me when I was a child.""
"And where is the latter?"
"Uu~ uu~" A dancing child version of Remi exits the hole in the mansion's wall.
"…This is how you were when you were younger?"
The two Remis don't answer by looking away in shame.
"Uu~ uu~, uu~ uu~, uu~ UUUUUUUUUUU!" The…thing screams after being hit by a fireball.
Fujiwara has worked her way out of the dragon's stomach it seems.
""With that nuisance taken care of, it's time to deal with Flan.""
You and the Meilings nod.
Fujiwara jumps off the dead dragon and speaks.
"Hold up, we need to break Sakuya's watch. It'll fix this shit."
"Sakuya is probably with Flandre in the throne room."
"Then let's get going!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" The immortal swears as the group checks around the corner.
16 Flandres.
All four Flandres have used Four of a Kind. Half have gone utterly berserk, causing constant quakes as they blow up wall after painting after door. The other half rare fighting each other.
At this point, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's interior is almost entirely in ruins.
"Tch, my sister and her past selves will just use her ability on us if she sees us." Remi says. The other Remi was vaporized by a large beam from the distant fighting on the way to the throne room. You hope that's the current her in front of you.
"Whatever her ability is, I can 'survive' it." Fujiwara points out.
"Yes, but she could just keep you stuck in an endless loop of suffering by destroying you whenever you regenerate."
"Well shit."
"Patchy, can you figure where Sakuya is?"
You whisper a few words while swinging your left index finger around, forming a watery image of Sakuya. After seeing what you need to, you punch the image and dispel the Scry Tracked Person spell. Only works on people you've used tracking magic on, which is the case for everyone living in the entire mansion.
"She's behind the rubble to the left of your throne."
"Milady, I'll serve as a distraction while you get to Sakuya!" Meiling starts to move out of the corner before her mistress drags her back.
"You'll just get blown up Meiling!"
"Then how the hell are we supposed to get to her?" Fujiwara's starting to raise her voice.


The answer to your question is given as without warning a new set of sounds emanate from the throne room.
You peek around the corner and behold some of Master's followers and their past selves fighting both the Flandres and each other.
No time to watch, this is the only chance you'll get.
You dash around the corner towards the rubble to left of the throne.
One of the Flandres spots you.
She opens and closes her hand.
Your legs explode.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.
The blonde vampire flies towards you, spear-weapon-thing in hand for a smash from above.
Using your arms you push yourself into a roll, narrowly evading the strike.
Another swing, which you evade because you kept rolling.
"Rollin' rollin' rollin~" went a song sang by one of Keine's students. He sang that damn song all the time fucking non-stop.
The sudden destruction of your arms is proof that now is not the time to remember that shit. Flandre must have gotten frustrated.
So you're now a quad..quadruple…quadripal…quadroniac…whatever the fuck Keine said it was called.
Flandre lunges at you, proving once more that now's not the time for remembering shit.
Wait, remembering…Of course, you can still fly even without limbs!
You quickly avoid Flandre's attack by taking flight and darting towards Sakuya.
Danmaku strikes your side.
It hurts.
Keep going.
One of the Yuukas' stray lasers destroys your left ear.
Keep going damn it…
You reach and "tackle" Sakuya as much as you can without arms and legs. Which is to say you merely landed on top of the maid, who screams.
You land on her in a position that is downright fucking sexual, but you ignore this and bite down on her right pocket, your teeth coming into contact with her watch. Your upper teeth shatter the glass which cut up both your mouth and tongue, while your lower teeth impact solid metal. Breaking the glass isn't enough.
Fuck, it hurts.
You've been through worse.
…Yes you have.
With a burst of determination from that fact, you bite down again with all your strength.
Several of your teeth shatter but over all the din of the fighting you can clearly hear the maid's watch breaking.

Almost immediately the sounds of fighting stop.
You turn your head to see nearly all of those fighting simply dissolve into white particles that quickly vanish. Destroying the watch destroyed the past selves.
Sakuya shoves you off but a pair of hands catch you before you hit the ground.
"Heavier than she looks…" You hear the voice of Kazoto.
You make a mental note to burn his hair off for that the instant your limbs grow back.


You watch as Kazoto picks up your temporarily-quadriplegic Cubic Servant and puts her over his shoulder.
A burning part of the ceiling almost falls down on top of him.
"The Luna Dial's time-space magic was the only thing preventing the mansion from falling apart." Patchouli calmly states before flying off.
Utsuho picks you up and takes you with her as she, the Cubic Army, and the SDM's remaining occupants quickly flee to the outside.

"My home…my home…" Remilia stares dejectedly at the Scarlet Devil Mansion as it collapses.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Parsee furiously shouts at Hata-tan.
"Taking pictures that'll make Kakashi Spirit News the most popular newspaper in Gensokyo!"
Murasa punches Hata-tan, knocking the tengu to the ground
"You…bitch…making stories out of people's suffering…profiting from it…"
Murasa moves to slam her anchor into Hata-tan before Evil Eye Sigma and Nue hold her back.
"Unyu, wasn't it her that told Doctor Ray to use his ability?"
"Yes it fucking was! It's her fucking fault all that shit happened!" Parsee shouts.
"I…I just wanted something cool, something to show in my newspaper…" Hata-tan timidly says while getting up.
"Only Reimu reads the newspaper~" Yuuka calmly tells her.
Hata-tan immediately attempt to slit one of her wrists in despair but is interrupted by Yuuka, who grabs her hand and looks to Kazoto, who has finished removing the glass shards and pieces of metal stuck in Mokou's mouth and tongue. Your Cubic Servant also has her limbs back.
"Doctor, would you kindly put something put something on her wrists so she can't cut them?"
"NO NO NO, DON'T!" Hata-tan attempt to struggle but ceases after a quick gut punch from Yuuka.
Kazoto covers her much-scarred wrists with a white gauze-like material.
The medic then crouches down and begins removing Hata-tan's shoes.
"The hell are you doing?!"
"People tend to cut down here too."
Sure enough, after removing the tengu's shoes and socks there's a small amount of scars. Kazoto covers them as well.
"Depression is actually pretty common in Heaven, hence why we made these things."
"H-how…am I supposed to release all this stress, all this pain?!"
"You simply deal with it like the rest of us do~" Yuuka chimes before releasing the reporter, who immediately attempts to cut and pull off gauze on her wrists to no avail."

"Where to go…where…Ah! Patchy, Meiling, Sakuya, Flan, I figured it out!" Remilia suddenly exclaims.
"And 'it' is?" Her sister asks.
"Reimu! We're old friends, she'll let me live with her!"
"You can go to the Shrine Maiden, I'm going with them." Patchouli points to your Cubic Army.
"Sorry Remi, but I've already moved my library to them. And wherever my library goes, I go. You were a good friend."
"Milady, I also cannot go with you."
"I must work on repairing the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so that one day you can return."
"You'll be able to fix it! And even if you do it won't be the same!"
"Excuse me Milady, but I must begin repairs shortly."
"Sakuya, come back! Sakuya, Sakuya! SAKUYA! SAAAAAAKUUUYAAA!! …Fine then, let's go Meiling!" The Scarlet Devil storms off with Meiling before she can crumble completely.
"I didn't have the heart to tell Milady the truth about Reimu." You hear Sakuya's voice from directly beside you, startling you and your Cubic Army.
"Thought you couldn't do that teleportation shit without your watch. And what truth?" Mokou says
"I fixed my Luna Dial, it's been broken before. As for the truth…" Sakuya takes a deep sigh.
"Reimu has never liked my lady. Or I suspect anyone else for that matter."
Shock appears on nearly your entire Cubic Army's faces.
"Unyu?! But she was so nice when we drank tea together…"
"The hell do you mean…did she just fucking vanish?"
"Yes she did Parsee." Mokou answers with a sigh.
"Who is Reimu?" You ask.
"Reimu is…" Murasa begins. She looks to the other members of your Cubic Army.
"A bitch." remarks Parsee.
"Heroic!" says Utsuho.
"An interesting person~" chimes Yuuka.
"Dunno, never spoke to her." Hata-tan reveals.
"Powerful." Patchouli states.
Evil Eye Sigma shakes uneasily while Nue stays silent.
"Annoying." Kuro tells you via the radio. Listening the whole time huh?
"The most important person in Gensokyo. It's best if you meet her yourself Master." Mokou finishes.
"Fair enough.Shrike Four, come pick us up. We're calling it a day."
"Huh? It's barely night-time though.
"We're tired as fucking shit Shrike Four. I wish I could fly that thing..." Parsee informs your pilot.
"Copy that Block Insecure.
"ETA 30 seconds. Also our library has been 'remodeled' it seems."
"Hey…" You feel a tug and turn.
It's Flandre.
"Can I come with? My sister forgot about me."
"If you acknowledge Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hour Days in 1 Earth Rotation, yes."
"Is that really a good idea Master? She or one of her past selves made me a quadriplogalac earlier!"
"Quadriplegic." Kazoto corrects your Cubic Servant.
"We need all the help we can get, Cubic Servant."
"Old man, that girl is dangerous…"
"Very dangerous." Patchouli adds.
"Aren't you all dangerous?"

Flandre Scarlet has joined will destroy the party!


Patchouli's transfer ritual was successful and her grand library has now replaced the FAT's standard library. At dinner in the mess hall (with the food cooked by Yuuka and Mokou) Koakuma introduced herself as Patchouli's familiar.
A few minutes after dinner, it was discovered that there was a garden room near the cockpit despite it not being there on the design blueprints, much to Kuro alarm.
After that, everyone went to what would become their usual spots on the FAT.

Gene Ray waits in a sleeping bag inside the barracks, with Mokou standing far away enough to have some personal space while still keeping an eye on him.
Murasa stands by a holographic map table in the central room.
Parsee lies on her chainsaw on the ramp, despite Kuro's warnings about "your fat ass causing the ramp to drop".
Utsuho is on the ceiling of the mess hall bat-style.
Yuuka is sitting on a bed of flowers she somehow grew within minutes.
Evil Eye Sigma watches the dropship's engine.
Shovel waits outside the cockpit.
Hata-tan hangs out in a maintenance tunnel.
Flandre worryingly is sitting in the main cannon turret compartment.
Nue flies above the medbay, while inside Kazoto works on making his workplace a bit more comfortable.
Patchouli reads in the library while Koakuma organizes the books.

As… (can only pick one)
[_] Gene Ray
[_] Parsee
[_] Mokou

Talk to… (Talk to as many people as you wish, four questions/things you want to say per person.)

Ask Kazoto for a psychological and medical profile on...

(You can now ask Kazoto about 4 people per night, cannot ask about the character you're talking to him as. This is separate from the 4 questions for the previous choice.)

Only Touhous count as Party Members. Patchouli will be a special case: She will not be counted as part of the 16 as she will only be able to be brought along once a day due to her physical condition.
No. 173282
[x] As Parsee

[x] Does ANYTHING slow you down?
[x] Didn't know you used to have black hair.
[x] Aren't you friends with that were-whatever? Think she'll wind up joining us?
[x] You've known the Doctor the longest. What's your take on... all of this?

[x] So you were on honest-to-gods admiral?
[x] Looks like you went drowning-crazy for a while, huh? How'd you snap out of that?
[x] You used to Captain ships... does that transfer over to an aircraft like this at all?
[x] You're looking at the map. Whaddaya think?

[x] So you used to want to burn everything. I remember that.
[x] I prefer cutting things.
[x] But I did set a house on fire once.
[x] Any pointers, in case I need to do it again?

[x] That garden... was that you?
[x] It looks nice.
[x] Yeah, real nice. Really
[x] (Move slowly and respectfully away from the crazy-powerful youkai)

[x] Can you make heads or tails of this engine?
[x] Wish I had your firepower...
[x] Anyway, can you talk for real, or just make those hologram-things?
[x] Wish I could make holograms...

[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] Yeah, sorry, I got nothing, man. (Walk away)

[x] So... can't cut yourself, huh?
[x] Wanna learn how to cut other stuff? It's good for relieving stress.
[x] So... world got you down, huh? I know what that's like.
[x] Seriously, look into chainsaws. Or get the kappa to make you a chainsaw-boxcutter or something.

[x] Nice wings. Wish I had nice wings...
[x] So, what the heck was going on back at the mansion?
[x] This gun looks pretty cool.
[x] We should ask if we can test it out. Could be fun.

[x] Sounds like you didn't always talk in haiku.
[x] And what the hell was happening with that fight between those two of you? It was weird!
[x] S...so, you can turn into anyone, right?
[x] Meaning, if I gave you a picture, uh, NEVER MIND, FORGET IT

[x] What's up, Doc?
[x] Things well-stocked in here?
[x] Wish I knew how to be a doctor...
[x] By the way, think about getting some uppers for Hata-tan, in case she starts going nuts. Can't cut herself now, and all that.

[x] How the hell did you get all these books in here?
[x] So, you're just taking off and leaving your old friend behind?
[x] Wish I could do magic?
[x] ...Got any books on cutting things really well?

[x] I'm jealous of your hair.
[x] I'm jealous of your boobs.
[x] I'm jealous of your butt.
[x] I'm jealous of your wings.

Ask Kazato:
[x] Gene Ray
[x] Hata-tan
[x] Flandre
[x] Mokou

There. That should just about do it.
No. 173312
Pretty much. I like the way you think.
No. 173330

I support this write-in. Also, great update, well worth the wait.
No. 173422
File 137763306640.jpg - (555.90KB , 1100x788 , only_pic_of_parsee_in_an_aerial_vehicle.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pic 74% related.

[x] As Parsee

[x] Does ANYTHING slow you down?
[x] Didn't know you used to have black hair.
[x] Aren't you friends with that were-whatever? Think she'll wind up joining us?
[x] You've known the Doctor the longest. What's your take on... all of this?

[x] So you were on honest-to-gods admiral?
[x] Looks like you went drowning-crazy for a while, huh? How'd you snap out of that?
[x] You used to Captain ships... does that transfer over to an aircraft like this at all?
[x] You're looking at the map. Whaddaya think?

[x] So you used to want to burn everything. I remember that.
[x] I prefer cutting things.
[x] But I did set a house on fire once.
[x] Any pointers, in case I need to do it again?

[x] That garden... was that you?
[x] It looks nice.
[x] Yeah, real nice. Really
[x] (Move slowly and respectfully away from the crazy-powerful youkai)

[x] Can you make heads or tails of this engine?
[x] Wish I had your firepower...
[x] Anyway, can you talk for real, or just make those hologram-things?
[x] Wish I could make holograms...

[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] Yeah, sorry, I got nothing, man. (Walk away)

[x] So... can't cut yourself, huh?
[x] Wanna learn how to cut other stuff? It's good for relieving stress.
[x] So... world got you down, huh? I know what that's like.
[x] Seriously, look into chainsaws. Or get the kappa to make you a chainsaw-boxcutter or something.

[x] Nice wings. Wish I had nice wings...
[x] So, what the heck was going on back at the mansion?
[x] This gun looks pretty cool.
[x] We should ask if we can test it out. Could be fun.

[x] Sounds like you didn't always talk in haiku.
[x] And what the hell was happening with that fight between those two of you? It was weird!
[x] S...so, you can turn into anyone, right?
[x] Meaning, if I gave you a picture, uh, NEVER MIND, FORGET IT

[x] What's up, Doc?
[x] Things well-stocked in here?
[x] Wish I knew how to be a doctor...
[x] By the way, think about getting some uppers for Hata-tan, in case she starts going nuts. Can't cut herself now, and all that.

[x] How the hell did you get all these books in here?
[x] So, you're just taking off and leaving your old friend behind?
[x] Wish I could do magic?
[x] ...Got any books on cutting things really well?

[x] I'm jealous of your hair.
[x] I'm jealous of your boobs.
[x] I'm jealous of your butt.
[x] I'm jealous of your wings.

Ask Kazato:
[x] Gene Ray
[x] Hata-tan
[x] Flandre
[x] Mokou

[x] As Parsee

You stretch your arms a bit.
Can't sleep.
Can't stop thinking about all the shit you saw in the Mansion earlier.
Maybe you should go talk to everyone agai-
"Parsee, can you come to the cockpit?" Kuro contacts you over the radio.
"Yeah yeah…"

"Parsee, Patchouli, Koakuma, and Flandre don't have headsets yet. Can you bring these to them?"
"Sure, just don't fucking call me a fatass again." You were going to talk to everyone anyway.
"Fine by me."
"Wait, why the hell are you giving me a bunch of them? Don't I only need three?"
"You're probably going to run into more people who will join us. You, Kazoto, and Researcher Ray are the only ones with containers of any kind. Kazoto's backpack is stuffed with medical supplies and that old man is too weak to carry them."
Schizo cannot be that fucking weak…can he? Ah whatever.
You take the handful of headsets and place them into a compartment in your chainsaw.
You simply grunt and leave the cockpit.
Outside said cockpit is Shovel.

[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] ...
[x] Yeah, sorry, I got nothing, man. (Walk away)

You two stare at each other.
An awkward silence develop.

"Um…whatcha need girl?"
"…I got nothing."

You walk away and move down the hallway to the central room. Murasa is looking at a 3D map of Gensokyo projected by the holographic table in the center while writing something down on a notepad.

[x] So you were on honest-to-gods admiral?
[x] Looks like you went drowning-crazy for a while, huh? How'd you snap out of that?
[x] You used to Captain ships... does that transfer over to an aircraft like this at all?
[x] You're looking at the map. Whaddaya think?

"Hey, can we talk?"
"Of course Parsee."
"So, you were an honest-to-gods admiral?"
"Yes. I screwed up though, got everyone killed. I'll tell you about it another time, but for now here's my proof. I managed to get my gun and it's holster back from the old me before she disappeared." Murasa shows you a service revolver. She then puts it away…somewhere.
You fucking swear that gun just vanished.
"So, after you lost the fleet you went drown-crazing crazy for a while, huh? How'd you snap out of that?"
"That I did. I wasn't able to snap out of it by myself, someone saved me. After a couple years of sinking ship after ship, a famous monk was sent to do something about me. Came on a joke of a ship which I simply sunk. Then…my ship came out of the water. Rather, a shining replica of it. She asked me to be the captain of the ship, and I accepted. That monk was Byakuren."
"That woman spouting nonsense in front of the fountain in Heaven?"
"Yes. I'd…rather not talk about her now." Last thing you want is Murasa to start fucking moping again, so you ask another question.
"You used to captain ships…does that transfer over to an aircraft like this at all?"
"Not at all." Damn.
"You're looking at the map and taking notes. Whaddya think?"
"Well, for starters I would have loved something like this back in the day."
"As for the notes, I'm writing down all that things that have happened, like the disappearances and strange behavior, as well as when they started. Someone is behind all this, and I'm trying to chart that bitch's movements."
"You mean that duster bitch Tenshi saw?"
"Yeah, that's our most likely culprit. She's definitely a very powerful youkai, as Patchouli said that no Magician or Witch in Gensokyo could pull off either that gigantic Yamane or the Celestial art craze. Oh yeah, when did things start being weird on your end?"
"When did you want to start destroying your bridge?"
"A few minutes before you, Schizo, and immortal pyrophile ran into me. Why?"
"Trying to figure out when the culprit went to the Underground. When did Yamane stop visiting?"
"Yamane visited at random, and couple times she didn't come visit me for years."
"What about Orin and Kisume?"
"Orin almost never visited my bridge, and I don't know if Kisume even can."
Murasa sighs.
"Since the Oni are dead I can't ask when the shortage of alcohol started and I remember Okuu saying that Satori had been locked in her room for weeks. I can't see any sister doing what Satori did to Koishi normally, so I'm hoping that duster girl affected her. Yamane turning into a spider that huge would not have taken weeks to notice, and the Oni didn't suspect that their alcohol was stolen, indicating that it was a gradual removal of their beverages. Duster girl visited the Underground at least twice. Case is the same for the Myouren Temple, since events happened at different times."
"Yo-u sure that bitch isn't able to just time when the changes she makes to people kick in?"
Murasa dejectedly slams her head onto the table.
"Why the hell didn't I think of that? Damn it, if that's the case almost almost every lead I got is dead. Wait, if we find Kisume she might be able to tell us when duster girl visited!"
"Since when the hell did you become a detective?"
"After a pair of murders on my ship back when I was still alive, which is another tale to tell later. Oh yeah, one last thing Parsee…"
"What was it like when the Admiral told his…theory?"
"My head fucking hurt. Why?"
"You calmed down a little after that. Wouldn't a lunatic babbling nonsense normally just make someone angrier?"
"…The hell are you suggesting?"
"Nothing, forget it."
You peek at her notepad.

"Either his theory and/or the Admiral himself may have some kind of hypnotic effect. Mokou might not have been far off when she joked about it being brainwashing. Utsuho and Nue gained deep understanding of theory, Mokou accepted Admiral as her "Master", and I refer to him as "Admiral", which strongly indicates that I have a high amount of respect for him. All four of us have black hair, or used to in the case of Mokou. Hypnotic effect may be the strongest when the person has black hair. Must try to prevent Kuro from hearing the Admiral talking about his theory, otherwise"

"Interesting but Murasa, aren't you yourself acting odd now?"
"You're being all factual and shit. You weren't like this earlier."
"Huh? But I've always been like this."
"That's what Nue says."
For the first time, Murasa is as pale as a ghost.

A door on the left side of the central room leads to the barracks, so it's the next destination.
Inside Gene Ray is in his sleeping bag, sleeping. Waking him up would piss off Mokou, so no talking to him tonight. He'd just give you a headache anyway.
You walk towards Mokou, who waves as you approach.
"Yo." She greets.

[x] Does ANYTHING slow you down?
[x] Didn't know you used to have black hair.
[x] Aren't you friends with that were-whatever? Think she'll wind up joining us?
[x] You've known the Doctor the longest. What's your take on... all of this?

"So Mokou, does ANYTHING slow you down? I mean, you kept moving even without arms and legs."
"Eh, few centuries of fighting Kaguya got me used to moving without limbs."
"Didn't know you used to have black hair."
"That I did. I was told that the Hourai Elixir stops aging completely, but my hair and breasts are proof that not entirely the case."
"Oh. So, aren't you friends with that were-whatever? Think she'll wind up joining us?"
"Kagerou? That werewolf? How the hell did you hear about her?"
"Aya visited the Underground a few couple times. The last issue was about the Youkai Rebellion that Reimu put down a month ago."
"I see. You could say me and Kagerou are "friends" but that's a bit of stretch. We're closer to neighbors really. As for her joining us, probably not. She gets scared easily and isn't too fond of humans if her participation in the Rebellion indicates anything. Even if she did join, her claws can't do anything your chainsaw can't."
"So, you've known Schizo the longest. What's your take on… all of this?"
"Well…when I decided to go with him I never expected any of this. I've found myself doing things I never thought I'd be doing, going to places I haven't to gone before, fighting people I never thought I'd fight. And as of that speech he gave to the Kappa it seems that the world's coming to an end. I don't know what to think, especially since whenever I do try to think my head explodes. I do know one thing though…"
"What's that?"
"That I am fucking scared." h

You burst out laughing.
"You? A fucking immortal? Scared? I wish I could be this hilarious, ahahaha!"
"Come the hell on, don't fucking tell me you weren't scared fighting all those huge-ass spiders, seeing all that "artwork" in Heaven, and hearing that the fucking world is going to end!"
You laugh harder.
"You know what? Fuck you Parsee. FUCK YOU, FUCK OFF!" Mokou furiously chases you out of the barracks.

You feel thirsty, might as well get a drink from..
Down a hallway into the mess hall, past the tables, into the kitchen, open the fridge.
Water bottles, plenty of them. You grab three, drink a third of one, and put them into the storage compartment on your chainsaw. Considering that the headsets were designed by the Kappa, they are almost definitely waterproof so you don't worry about them being ruined.
Close the fridge, turn around and-WHATTHEFUCKISTHATINFRONTOFYOU.
"Unyu, Kuro told me to monitor our food supplies and log who takes what." An upside-down bird-brain tells you, her head nearly touching the floor. She starts pressing a few things on her arm cannon.
"NAME: Parsee Mizuhashi ITEM TAKEN: Water Bottle AMOUNT: Three(3)…REQUEST GRANTED! All good!"
Might as well talk to nuke-bird.

[x] So you used to want to burn everything. I remember that.
[x] I prefer cutting things.
[x] But I did set a house on fire once.
[x] Any pointers, in case I need to do it again?

"Hey Utsuho?"
"Yes?" You're somewhat surprised to not hear an "unyu".
"So you used to want to burn everything. I remember that."
"Unyu, Reimu beat everybody up because of me..."
"Don't sweat it, Reimu would have beaten us up eventually. Anyway, I prefer cutting things. But I did set a house on fire once. Any pointers in case I need to do it again?"
"I have a better idea!"
Chainsaw Flamethrower unlocked!
Hell yes.
"Unyu, it can be fired for about 20 seconds before needing refueling.'
"Thanks Okuu!'

Happiest you've felt in over a century. Nothing can ruin your current mood.
"Hello Miss Mizuhashi~"
During your euphoria you somehow walked into the garden.

[x] That garden... was that you?
[x] It looks nice.
[x] Yeah, real nice. Really
[x] (Move slowly and respectfully away from the crazy-powerful youkai)

Inside the garden is the flower youkai, resting her back on a flower bed.
"So uh Yuuka, this garden…was that you?" Her smile.
"Yes it was, I had shovel help me though~" Her fucking smile.
"It looks nice." Not a trace of malice or anger.
"It looks really nice." It's a smile of pure happiness.
And it's the scariest fucking thing you've seen.
"Yeah, real nice. Really."
You slowly backpedal out of the garden.
"Thanks for visiting~!"

The library is next.
Unlike the rest of the doors in the FAT which are metallic, this one is wooden.
Open the door and- HOLY SHIT this place is huge.
It's at least half the size of the damn Former Capital!

A red-haired girl passed in front of you.

[x] I'm jealous of your hair.
[x] I'm jealous of your boobs.
[x] I'm jealous of your butt.
[x] I'm jealous of your wings.

Her body.
That slut's body is too fucking perfect.
She turns.
You stare at her for a few moments.
"What…what is it?" She asks nervously, her eyes occasionally glancing at your chainsaw
"I'm jealous of your hair." It's long, red, and beautiful.
"I'm jealous of your boobs." Fucking things are bigger than even Okuu's.
"W-well they are pretty big…" She blushes.
"I'm jealous of your butt." It's practically the perfect ass.
"I'm jealous of your wings." She has four. FUCKING FOUR, which is according to Schizo the divine number or some shit.
"What in Makai is your problem?!" She shouts. Ah, finally angry.
"I'm sexually insecure. And I'm jealous of your-"
"Please stop bothering her." Patchouli just fucking hit you with a book.
"Fine fine…"
"So, why are you here?" You pull two headsets out of the compartment and toss them to Patchouli.
"Kuro told me to give you and your slutty familiar these." Patchouli glares at you while putting her headset on before passing the other one to Koakuma.
"Is that all?"

[x] How the hell did you get all these books in here?
[x] So, you're just taking off and leaving your old friend behind?
[x] Wish I could do magic?
[x] ...Got any books on cutting things really well?

"How the hell did you get all these books in here?"
"A transfer ritual I created a few centuries ago. The library used to rely on Sakuya's time magic and various spells to stay this size, but this ship already has everything I need."
"So, you're just taking off and leaving your old friend behind?"
"Sadly yes. Remilia was a good friend, but the safety of my books comes first."
"So, you might take off on us too?"
"Possibly, but I believe this vehicle to be the safest place my library has been in so far."
"Even though this thing is meant for war?"
"Yes. Since the library is now airborne I hopefully no longer have to worry about problems such as a certain thief or during one incident, earthquakes."
"Couldn't storms and shit wreck this thing?"
"As long as the various charms and wards I've set up are intact, no."
"I wish I could do magic…"
"I could get you a spell book if you wish. Would take a while to learn anything useful."
"Actually I'd prefer…well…"
"…Got any books on cutting things really well?"
"Koakuma. Give her that one book." Patchouli's familiar nods and flies off, returning a few seconds later with a book she hands to you.
"Methods of Dismemberment and Stabbing in Combat?"
"Yes. It was written by a man who was a detective who for several years before later fighting in the Vietnam War as a soldier, in which he used murder methods from cases he investigated in hand-to-hand combat. He was later court-martialed for participating in the My Lai massacre but got off with a mere dishonorable discharge due to various connections he made during his work as a law enforcer. Four years later he died of an aneurysm while walking his dog across the street, causing a mass-car crash in which 12 bystanders were killed. That edition includes notes from his personal journal and copies of case files that he illegally kept. Books like these are only published in the black market."
You quickly skim through the book while Patchouli babbles about things you have never heard of, much less care about.
This book is fucking perfect. There's comprehensive diagrams for using nearly every cutting weapon at almost every angle in dozens of possible situations. It even fits in the chainsaw's compartment perfectly.
"Don't worry about condensation from the water bottles damaging the book, I've set up protection against that."
"…Thanks." You say before leaving the library.
Never thought you'd say those words again.

You leave the library and head back to the central room. Murasa is asleep on top of the table, lying under the holographic map as if it were a blanket, her head is resting under the representation of the Myouren Temple.
You leave the central room through a hallway to the right. You pass some kind of workshop room and find Hata-tan in the shadow of a maintenance tunnel, leaning against the wall.
Trying to cut through whatever it was Kazoto put on her.

[x] So... can't cut yourself, huh?
[x] Wanna learn how to cut other stuff? It's good for relieving stress.
[x] So... world got you down, huh? I know what that's like.
[x] Seriously, look into chainsaws. Or get the kappa to make you a chainsaw-boxcutter or something.

"So… can't cut yourself huh?"
"Yeah, I can't." The tengu sighs, finally giving up. Took her fucking long enough.
"Wanna learn how to cut other stuff? It's good for relieving stress."
"I already know how to cut people, but sure."
You pull out the cutting book, show her some pages, and discuss cutting methods for a few methods.
"Didn't know most of that…thanks Parsee. That'll probably help let this pain out…"
Still talking about pain. What if…
"So… world got you down, huh? I know what that's like." Hata-tan glares at you.
"The hell do you know?"
"I know that my husband who I devoted my entire fucking life to ditched me for some slut." She calms down and asks a question.
"What'd you do?"
"Prayed to the gods for revenge. Some priest asked why I was praying for so long, so intently, so angrily. I told him my story, and he told me a way. A ritual that in which among other bizarre shit I had to stand under a bridge for 21 fucking days. I was so damn pissed off that I did. Stopped being a human that day."
"Wait, you used to be human? How did it feel when you became a youkai?"
"My eyes exploded and my ears grew to the pointy things they are now. I…grew new eyes. All that fucking hurt, but after an hour of that fucking torture all the pain stopped. Humans get aches and pains throughout their whole life, they do something use their hands too way too fucking much and they'll feel for the rest of their damn lives. We youkai heal from that shit. It felt fucking good to have a new body, almost as good as sex with him…"
"I wish I could have sex…" Hata-tan remarks. Having someone jealous of you also feels good.
"We got three men on this ship you know."
"True…I kinda like Kazoto but Nue's already taken a liking to him, and after today she scares me."
"You and me both." Seriously, what the fuck was that earlier?
"Now, what were talking about before that? Oh yeah you told me a bunch of stuff about cutting!"
"Yeah about that, your boxcutters aren't cutting it enough I'd say. Seriously, look into chainsaws. Or get the kappa to make you a chainsaw-boxcutter or something."
"Nah, slashing is more fun to me. Besides, I can't throw a chainsaw into a person's face like I can with these boxcutters."
"You sure about that?"
"Okay, even if I could I'd lose my only weapon."
"Good point. Well, see ya Hata-tan."
"Wait Parsee, you didn't finish your story!"
"Oh yeah, I killed the whore and ate my husband."

You walk past the shocked reporter and move further down the maintenance tunnel, following a sign saying "ENGINE".
After about ten seconds you arrive at the engine, which Evil Eye Sigma is looking at while in her eye form. Thing is huge and complicated looking.

[x] Can you make heads or tails of this engine?
[x] Wish I had your firepower...
[x] Anyway, can you talk for real, or just make those hologram-things?
[x] Wish I could make holograms...

"Can you make heads or tails of this engine?" You say as you approach Sigma, who changes into her girl form as she turns towards you. She nods while moving one of her hands in a wavy manner.
"Somewhat?" Sigma shakes her head points her hand upward quite a bit.
"Ah, mostly but not completely?" She nods and smiles
"Anyway, can you talk for real, or just make those hologram things?"
Sigma holds up two fingers.
"Can't you just project letters?"
Shakes her head.?
"How come?"
Sigma projects a hologram of a red-haired scientist, then a hologram of a hammer pounding on an anvil, then of a ruler, and lastly a filled glass.
"So…that Rika made rules that limit what you can show"
She nods with a sad expression.
"Don't be so sad, I wish I had your firepower…"
She points to your chainsaw, points to herself, and mimics a praying position.
"I also I wish I could make holograms…"
She points to the flamethrower attachment that Utsuho installed on your chainsaw before mimicking the praying position again.
"Guess we're even then!" You say before laughing.
Sigma smiles.
"Oh yeah, do you know where Flandre is? Kuro wants me to give her a headset."
Evil Eye Sigma projects a minimal of Shrike Four, with a route to Flandre's location highlighted in red.
"She's…in the main cannon?"
Sigma nods her head.
"Well, I'm going to go see the little bloodsucker then."
Sigma waves and changes back into her eye form as you leave and follow the route you were given.

After a climbing up a ladder and crawling a little further you arrive at the main cannon, specifically a little bit below it. Situated on the top of the ship inside a ball turret dome-thing, it's the most powerful weapon of the FAT according to Kuro.
Currently Flandre is sitting in the chair, examining the control pad and while turning the cannon occasionally. Due to the design of the cannon, her chair and the controls turn with her.

She turns the chair to face you, forcing you to move to the left to avoid being smacked by the controls.
"Sorry, forgot to turn this thing off!" The little vampire pulls some lever on the control pad and turns the chair towards you, the controls no longer moving with her. The blonde haired vampire smiles like that slut's brat an average child.
"So, what's your name again?"
"I'm Parsee."
"I'm Flandre! Nice to meet you!" The blonde vampire grabs the hand your are using to hold your chainsaw for a handshake. You manage to catch your falling weapon with your other hand just before it would have landed on your foot.
Flandre giggles.
"Sorry, couldn't resist!"
"I could have lost my foot damn it!"
"But it'd grow back right? Patchouli's, Hong's, and Sis' always grew back!"
You decide to change the subject

[x] Nice wings. Wish I had nice wings...
[x] So, what the heck was going on back at the mansion?
[x] This gun looks pretty cool.
[x] We should ask if we can test it out. Could be fun.

"Nice wings. Wish I had nice wings…"
Flandre rips out her own wings.
"Here ya go!" She happily shouts, as she-
No you fucking don't.
You block her attempt to implant your wings into your back with your chainsaw.
"Not bad!" She tosses her wings towards the ceiling, hold out an open hand at each, and makes a crushing motion in each hand, exploding her wings.
"Don't worry, they grow back. It all grows back, except for Sakuya!"
Change subject, NOW.
"So, what the heck was going on back at the mansion?"
"I was sitting in Sakuya's garden when-"
"Wait, I thought that newspaper article said you were locked in the basement."
"Sis let me roamed the mansion freely a couple years after Reimu beat me. As I was saying, I was sitting in Sakuya's garden when this one girl with orange hair gave me a letter before flying off."
"Did she have black clothes on?"
That fucking bitch was responsible for that too?
"When did she show up?"
"Hour before you guys came." A fucking step ahead of you and the party.
"What did the letter say?"
"It told me that my Sis wasn't fit to be the Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I thought about that, and she was right! Remilia was always weaker than me, the strongest rule right? So I talked to Sakuya about me taking over and she was glad to help, saying something like "Milady had this coming to her". We went into Sis' room while she was sleeping, picked her up, and tossed her outside the mansion's gate! Hong and me were good friends, so I wanted to do her a favor. So I then ordered Patchouli to take over Hong's post, now Hong could sleep inside instead of outside! But then Hong got mad at me and went with Sis. And then a little bit later you guys came!"
"Sorry about wrecking the place…"
"It's okay, I always hated it."
Flandre glances at the cannon's view port.
"This gun looks pretty cool." You say.
"Yeah, it looks really cool!"
"We should ask if we can test it out. Could be fun." You hand a headset to Flandre.
"Let's ask!"
"Hey Kuro, can me and Flandre fire the main gun?
[u]"Not now, it'd deactivate the cloaking and the shot would probably hit something we don't want it to. To make up for that, Flandre I'm making you it's gunner. You'll be person who shoots it."[/u}
"Yay!" The blonde bloodsucking child jumps for joy.
"Well, that's all Flandre. Bye."

After a few minutes, you return to the central room.
You yawn a little. Keep going, just two more to talk to…
You head towards the medical bay through a hallway near the ramp.
Outside it is Nue.
"Hey Nue."
"Greetings Miss Parsee,
why are you awake at night
so very very much late?"
"Talking to people."

[x] Sounds like you didn't always talk in haiku.
[x] And what the hell was happening with that fight between those two of you? It was weird!
[x] S...so, you can turn into anyone, right?
[x] Meaning, if I gave you a picture, uh, NEVER MIND, FORGET IT

"Sounds like you didn't always talk in haiku."
Nue fidgets a bit.
"Odd it is, because
I insist it is such but
I know now it's false.
"What do you mean?"
"When queried about it
before today my memory
recall only haiku.
Due to evidence
from today I admit that I
not always haiku."
Well, it seems that the "I've always been like this" effect can be broken.
"And what the hell was happening with that fight between those two of you? It was weird!"
"Merging I non-soul
minefield treaion expunge me,
first comtrivation."
Treaion? Comtrivation? The fuck are those words? The hell is she even saying?
Something strongly tells you not to ask, so you ask something else.
"S...so, you can turn into anyone, right? Meaning, if I gave you a picture, uh, NEVER MIND, FORGET IT!" Nue chuckles.
It'd still ultimately be her no matter who she was disguised as. You are about to walk off into the medical bay when Nue speaks up in a serious tone.
"My ability is not
to change into others
I falsefied that." Something's off about Nue now. Really fucking off.
"Then what the hell is your ability?!"
Did her tentacles…just gain mouths?
"My ability is I.
I eat my ability,
eat me and my eyes.

By devouring I,
I devour eyes of all and
be pregnant with eyes.

I give birth to eyes
I give to all thy new eyes,
in which they scream anew.

Parsee Mizuhashi,
You cannot grasp the I from
a youkai of beyond."
"…Who are you?"
"You cannot know the
answer to that, for I am"

You enter the medical bay and find Kazoto organizing his desk.
No. 173423
File 137763315222.jpg - (776.66KB , 1188x1000 , nurse parsee.jpg ) [iqdb]
(Update had to be split into two due to going over the post length)

[x] What's up, Doc?
[x] Things well-stocked in here?
[x] Wish I knew how to be a doctor...
[x] By the way, think about getting some uppers for Hata-tan, in case she starts going nuts. Can't cut herself now, and all that.

"What's up, Doc?"
"Oh hello Parsee. Just getting this room in order and making sure it's comfortable for me to work in."
"Things well-stocked in here?"
"Yes, plenty of supplies, including medicines for age-old ailments that some might call miracle cures. Got all I need to disinfect wounds, remove things that get stuck in your bodies after fighting, reattach limbs, and so on."
"Wish I knew how to be a doctor…"
"A job like this requires great amounts of precision and patience, things are that are disappearing these days. I can't see you as a doctor with that chainsaw you're holding anyway. That aside, I can teach you a couple things…" Kazoto spends a few minutes teaching you a few things stuff.
Parsee has learned some minor medical skills!
"Thank you.
"Anything to reduce my future workload." He laughs a little.
"By the way, think about getting some uppers for Hata-tan, in case she starts going nuts. Can't cut herself now, and all that."
"Way ahead of you. Oh and Parsee…"
"Turn off your headset for a moment." You do so.
"Why did you need me to do that?"
"So I can show you some confidential stuff you might find interesting. I've made physical and psychological profiles of everyone within Block, also known as the 'Cubic Army' as that elderly man calls it."
"So in exchange for one specific piece of information about yourself I'll tell you about four people of your choosing. Tell you everything I can figure out, from there true personalities to their habits to possibilities as to why they act like they do."
Hell yes. But
"What info do you want exactly?"
"Your bra size."

For several minutes you chase the sick Celestial fuck around the medical bay before nearly collapsing of exhaustion in the middle of the room.
"Hah…hah…hah…" You gasp.
"And that is why I exercise daily." Kazoto calmly as he sits back in his chair.
"Oh fuck off and die!"
"Come on, if you want to learn personal stuff about people you had to give up something personal."
"There's a major motherfucking difference between what you fucking asked and some medical shit! Ah what the fuck ever, world's ending in a few days anyway."
"Wait, what?"

Ask Kazoto:
[x] Gene Ray
[x] Hata-tan
[x] Flandre
[x] Mokou

"According to Schizo we're all going to die in less than a week. That among other things is why he'll be my first pick."
"Alright then, Gene Ray, our leader and the Wisest Human…" Kazoto pulls out a couple papers out of a file.
"Well, first of all does he really have cancer?" You ask.
"Yes he does, and he's got at most two weeks to live in theory, in practice probably a week. Obviously you cannot tell anyone this, especially not Mokou.
"Fuck…didn't know that lunatic was actually dying."
"That he is, it's a miracle he can ever walk so much at his age. Aside from the cancer his body is just above average health for an 82-year old human male. Everything else is normal aside from his brain, from which scans get completely incomprehensible readings. Now, for his psych profile which is incomplete since he didn't show any past selves…First of all, schizophrenia is a given. He appears to be able to think mostly calmly regardless of the situation, or at least today he was. From what I can tell he truly believes in his theory and has an extreme hatred towards those he believes are in a conspiracy against it. He appears to hold himself in high regard and is comfortable with being a leader. Say, has he ever lied?"
"No, aside from calling himself 'Doctor'".
"He's probably referring to being a doctor as in a scientist, not as in a medical practitioner. And that's all I got for our leader."
"Tell me about Hata-tan next." Kazoto pulls out a few more papers.
"Hatate "Hata-tan" Himekaidou, tengu reporter who writes Kakashi Spirit News…Her body is covered with scars from cutting herself as you already know. Otherwise her body is normal for a tengu. Mind-wise it's a different story. She appears to suffer from an inferiority complex but it currently seems to be going away, possibly thanks to you guys. Main cause of her stress now appears to be survivor's guilt. Strangely it seems that she does not want to kill herself."
"So what's with her cutting herself?"
"It's her way of temporarily relieving herself of stress while crying out for help, hence why she doesn't cover her wrist scars. However, this behavior has turned into a love of cutting things. Thinking about it now, cutting herself might have also been Hata-tan trying to prevent herself from harming other people but that may not be the case. You weren't too far off when you said she might go nuts without being able to relieve stress and/or keep herself under control."
"Maybe we should take them off then…"
"No, as the flower youkai said she needs to learn to deal with stress like the rest of us do. Besides, even if she did we can take of her.."
"What if she goes after you or Schizo?"
"Nue'll protect me due to being attracted to me and Mokou will guard Ray with her immortal life. Back to Hata-tan, she has a slight alternate personality, which you saw that when she started taking pictures. This was almost definitely acquired from Aya, probably created. And that's it for her."
"Alright…what about Flandre?"
"Flandre Scarlet, sister of the Scarlet Devil…Physically she is extremely strong, although not as strong as Yuuka."
"What's with the crystals on her wings?"
"Don't know, the scan just says that they are made of several unknown materials."
"What about her fangs?"
"Flandre's fangs are actually half as long as your index finger, but they are mostly retracted into part of her head. Her hands have a trait in which at will they can temporarily elongate and strengthen the nails so that they may function as claws. Yuuka, Nue, Utsuho, and many youkai also have this trait. Now for her mind…I don't have much, just that she appears to act playful. Do you have any more info I can go off of?"
You tell him about your conversation with Flandre.
"Hmm…this is just a theory, but I think her playful demeanor is just a facade. She tried to slam the controls into you on purpose, knew exactly how much it would hurt when she tried to make your chainsaw fall onto your feet, and implied that she had done similar things to the inhabitants of that mansion. I believe that she can only find enjoyment in causing physical harm to others."
"And her fascination with the cannon?"
"Being obsessed with a powerful weapon is nothing new, and is normal amongst those who fight often." Kazoto points to your chainsaw.
"That's it for the vampire. Who's the final person you wanna know about?"
"Hourai-class immortal Fujiwara no Mokou, the "Cubic Servant" of Ray…most likely due to some effect of the Hourai Elixir scans on her are mostly distorted, the only info I could make out is that her regular internal temperature is 41.3 degrees Celsius."
"When were these scans done anyway?"
"I had Kuro perform them after we escaped from the crumbling mansion. Now as for Mokou's mind, given her behavior towards Ray she might suffer from codependency. She shows signs of being unsure of what to do with her life. She is accustomed to violence and death, but honestly all of you are. She also tends to act aggressively and is extremely persistent as today showed. All of that may simply be the result of a human living far longer than they normally would. And that's all I got."
Kazoto yawns.
"It's late, I'm going to sleep." The doctor rests his head on his desk.
"Same, night Kazoto."
"Likewise Parsee."

You return to the ship's ramp, place down your chainsaw, and lie down on it's blade once more.
Arms behind your head, you stare up at the ceiling.
You've become a lot more talkative than before. Is this duster bitch's effect kicking in? Or are you finally warming up to people?
Maybe you're just becoming less of an insecure bitch.
Oh fuck off.

You angrily close your eyes.



"Master, it's time breakfast time."
Your eyes open and you exit the sleeping bag before standing up.
"That's the fastest I've seen anyone wake up." Mokou remarks.
"Breakfast is the most important meal, Cubic Servant."
"If you say so…"

"Gotta finish cooking breakfast with Yuuka, be there shortly Master." Mokou says as she darts into the kitchen.

The mess hall consists of four tables connected to each other in a line, each side of a table can hold about 4 people.
Murasa is seated next to Koakuma and Patchouli on one side of the middle left table. On the other side of said table is Utsuho, who due to her wings takes up three seats. Next to her is Shovel, who occasionally gets smacked by said wings.
At the middle right table is Parsee and Evil Eye Sigma in her girl form on one side, and Kuro on the other.
At the far left table is Nue and Kazoto, the latter of which is looking very uncomfortable with the way Nue's tentacle wings keep caressing him. On the other side of that table is Flandre, further increasing Kazoto's discomfort.
At the far right table sits Hata-tan alone.
No food yet.
Although nearly everyone is talking with varying degrees of enthusiasm, you don't listen and simply wait for the food arrive.
A minute later, Yuuka and Mokou leave the kitchen, their hands full of plates which they place in front of your followers. After that Mokou takes a seat next to you while Yuuka stands by the seat between Shovel and Utsuho.
"Miss Reiuji, can you move to the left please~?"
Utsuho scoots to the left, her right wing forcing Kazoto to back into Nue, who starts petting him with one hand and using her fork to eat with the other.

Your Cubic Army's choices of morning sustenance are rather varied.
Nue eats purple strawberries, Mokou eats marshmallows, Murasa eats fish, Hata-tan has miso soup, Parsee some rice curry, Shovel a bunch of carrots, Kuro eats salted cucumbers, Utsuho and Flandre both devour what is probably human or youkai meat, Yuuka has herbal salad mixed with what is clearly humanoid bones which make loud cracking sounds as she eats them, Patchouli has some tea which Koakuma pours for her, Evil Eye Sigma is eating pieces of metal and wood while occasionally "drinking" electricity from what looks like a tazer, and Kazoto drinks water.
Finally, you simply eat cereal.
While there are some conversations going on, you pay no heed and continue eating until your bowl is empty. You stand up and tell everyone to meet in the central room (which you refer to as the Map Room) when finished eating.

You have to wait a good six minutes until everyone is in the Map Room, with the exception of Kuro who went back to the cockpit.
"So Master, where are going heading next?"

[_] Hakurei Shrine
[_] Human Village
[_] Prismriver Mansion
No. 173424
[x] Hakurei Shrine

Tempted to visit the Prismrivers, but we should really get on this and meet with Reimu.
No. 173425
[x] Human Village.

A difficult choice, but it seems to me that saving/recruiting the humans takes priority. Besides, we can get a lot of info on Reimu at the village.
No. 173429
[x] Human Village
No. 173469
[X] Hakurei shrine
No. 173480
[x] Prismriver Mansion
The best is better left for the last
No. 173493
[x] prismriver mansion
No. 173503
File 137796510046.jpg - (280.95KB , 800x1000 , 591e8b785e5a955fd3f4765e86c91f7d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Human Village

"The Human Village. I believe it is time to introduce the Nature's Harmonic Time Cube to the mind of some of the last non-Educated Stupid humans."


"Dropping you off here, humans will freak the hell out if they see the dropship. Village's main gate is a minute or two to the north. Scans of the village show nothing unusual" Kuro informs you over the radio.
You and part of your Cubic Army depart from the ship via the lowered ramp onto the forest ground and begin walking towards your destination.
This Cubic Group as you decide to call it consists of Mokou, Murasa, Parsee, Patchouli, Yuuka, Shovel, Hata-tan, and Kazoto.
Evil Eye Sigma went to do something with the FAT's engine, Utsuho and Nue informed you that they are both banned from the Village, Patchouli strongly insisted that Flandre stay on the ship for now, and Koakuma stayed behind with her mistress' permission.

You stay in the center, Murasa guards the rear, Kazoto and Shovel walk a bit ahead of the ghostly captain, Yuuka stays a bit to the right of Shovel, Patchouli walks to your immediate left, Hata-tan stays on the right side of the group, Mokou stays by your side, and Parsee unexpectedly is at the front of the formation, keeping chainsaw over her shoulder.
"You know that all of us approaching together will scare the humans right?" Kazoto asks you, earning a glare from your Cubic Servant.
"Of course." You answer.
The doctor sighs.
"So Patchouli, why are you coming with? You look like you're going to collapse." Murasa questions Patchouli over the radio.
"I need some books from Suzunaan. Don't worry about me, my body can take a few minutes of walking."
"Suzunaan?" Shovel asks.
"A rare book store, it's best if you don't know what kind of books are sold there."

About thirty seconds later the "main gate" of the village comes into view, along with about a dozen humans in odd outfits standing guard. One is wearing a kimono and a modern-day jacket, another Each of them is carrying firearms, which are for the most part muskets although at least two have modern day pump-action shotguns.
"The hell? The guards didn't have firearms a month ago!" Murasa exclaims.
"Last time I was here only a couple people owned guns and there weren't half as many guards. Mokou states before she turns to you.
"May I handle this Master?" You nod.
Mokou walks past Parsee towards the guards while your Cubic Group follows.
The guards block your Cubic Groups path into the village. Although at least half of them are shaking at the sight of Yuuka and
"Hold up. Miss Fujiwara, what's with these people accompanying you?" A tall male guard with a cap, probably an officer, speaks up.
"This man here is another human from the Outside World. He helped me with fixing up part of my house, so I wanna show him around the village as a reward."
"And them?" He gestures to the rest of your Cubic Group.
"I'm visiting a book store."
"Following up on a scoop and passing out my newspaper."
"Just buying some flowers~. Besides, you've let me in before."
The officer grunts before reluctantly ordering his subordinates to stand aside.
Your Cubic Group enters the Human Village.

Traditional mixed with a handful of traces of modern, otherwise architecture-wise it looks like a normal, if larger than usual, Japanese village to you.
"I'm heading to Suzunaan then."
"And I to the flower shop~"
"I want to talk to this one miracle doctor I heard some rumors about back in Heaven."
Kazoto, Yuuka and Patchouli depart, with Shovel following Yuuka for some reason.
"Hata-tan, didn't you say you have a scoop or something?" Murasa asks the tengu.
"Yeah, Akyuu."
"Just about to suggest that actually. We might as well let her know what's happened recently."
"Who is she?" You ask your Cubic Servant.
"Gensokyo's chronicler, she writes down everything that happens."
A scholar. Normally you would refuse to meet one, but the scholars of Gensokyo hopefully are not singularity inflicted.


Mokou knocks on the door of the Hieda Mansion.
A woman in an apron opens the door.
"Ah, Miss Fujiwara. What do you need of the House of Hieda?" The woman's eyes glance at Parsee's chainsaw with unease.
"We need to speak to Akyuu. Stuff has happened that she needs to know about."
"She is very busy at the moment and I'm sure that Shameimaru's newspaper
"Very well. Follow me."
You follow her into the home and down a hallway. She gestures to a door.
"Lady Akyuu is inside. Good luck." The woman departs.
"Good luck? The hell does that mean?" Parsee questions.
Mokou opens the sliding door and she, followed by you and the rest of your Cubic Group, enter her room.

In the center of the room sits a purple-haired and purple-eyed girl with a flower in her hair, writing something down on a scroll. On her ears are a pair of headphones linked to what appears to be linked to an old disc player.
Hata-tan immediately starts taking pictures with her cell phone camera.
"Yo Akyuu. Akyuu? Hello? HELLO!" Your Cubic Servant attempts to verbally grab the girl's attention to no avail.
Parsee abruptly yanks the headphones off Akyuu's ears. From the headphones loudly comes what can sounds like some kind of incredibly heavy metal MIDI tune, which hurts the ears of you and your Cubic Group. Hata-tan quickly press the OFF button on the disc player to silence the music.
"Hey!" Akyuu looks up angrily but calms down upon seeing your Cubic Group and their glares.
"Oh. It's been a while since I've had visitors. Mokou, what can I do you for you? Murasa, how is Byakuren doing? Hatate, how's your newspaper coming along? And I see that you've left your bridge Parsee!"
"IT'S HATA-TAN! And the Kakashi Spirit News may not be printing anything ever again." The brown-haired tengu answers before anyone else can respond.
"Um, I see…So Murasa, how's Byakuren?"
"Lady Hijiri is dead." Murasa's answer sends Akyuu into a panic.
"W-WHAT? W-wait, wouldn't Aya have written-"
"Aya is dead." Mokou drops a bomb that you would have preferred her not to. Surprise covers your Cubic Group's faces with the exception of Hata-tan's.
"I knew something happened to Aya when she didn't show up once at all the possible scoops she could have gotten. She may have been a heartless bitch at times, but even she would have reported the destruction of her own village."
"The Tengu Village has been destroyed? How…how?! What are the incident resolvers doing?! Where's Reimu, or Sanae, or-"
"Sanae is dead too. So are the goddesses of the Moriya Shrine."
"What…what the hell is going on ? A-Aya, Byakuren, Sanae, all of them, how did they die?"
"We fucking killed them." Parsee drops the final bombshell, sending Akyuu into hysterics.
"You…YOU KILLED THEM? Why did you kill them? They were good people, WHY? WHY are you here now? Oh of course, that's it, THAT'S IT! you're here to k-kill me!"
"We just want to tell you what happened, now calm down!" Mokou shouts.
The Child of Miare breathes heavily for a more moments before regaining her composure and looking at your party with a stern expression.
"Forgive me, a chronicler ideally has to remain impartial to history but that is honestly rather difficult. Now, first of all, who is he?"
"I am Doctor Gene Ray, the Wisest Human."
"Tell me then. Tell me why you guys killed them. Tell me what it felt like to kill them. And you, tell me what makes you the wisest. Tell me. Tell me everything."

You begin by informing her of your journey to Japan, your attempt to save the Japanese people from Academic Singularity-created Word Hell, your arrival in Gensokyo and being found by your soon-to-be Cubic Servant Mokou. After that Mokou and Murasa continue the retelling for you.
About 20 minutes later…
"I can't believe all that's happened to Gensokyo…Wait, you didn't say why you're wise, Mister Ray."
Murasa, Mokou, and Parsee groan while Hata-tan tilts her head as you inform Akyuu of your Cubic Wisdom.
"I am wiser than all gods and scientists, for I have created 4 simultaneous Worlds with 4 simultaneous days within a single rotation of Earth and have created 4 simultaneous years in a single orbit of the Earth around the Sun and I have created 4 corner stages of 'human metamorphosis'. The 4 corner quadrant Earth has 4-24 hour simultaneous Days within a single rotation of Earth, as if 4 different Worlds with 4 separate Days and 4 separate races with 4 stages each.Not even a god can deny that I have squared the circle of a static Earth and cubed the Earth sphere by rotating it once to a dynamic Time or Life Cube. Only a false god or academically brainwashed indoctrinated mindless moron would deny that the Earth lacks the top and bottom, the front and back, and 2-sides physical dimensions of a Cube that spirals a 4-season quad helix around the Sun - creating a swirling of 4 simultaneous years as in a separately created year for each of 4 seasons."
Mokou's head explodes again, much to Akyuu's and your Cubic Group's (with the exception of Parsee) horror.
"I'll…I'll just write all of that down. Thank you for the information." Akyuu gestures for you and your Cubic Group to leave, which you all do with Murasa carrying Mokou's headless body outside.
Outside the Hieda Mansion, Mokou sighs after her head reforms.
"At least she knows and wrote it down…"
"So Mokou, gonna take the old man to Keine yet?" Hata-tan asks your Cubic Servant, who suddenly looks uneasy.
"That'a terrible idea!" The white-haired immortal responds.
"Who is Keine?" You ask.
"Keine Kamishirasawa, a were-hakutaku. My best friend…and the history school teacher. The only teacher in Gensokyo in fact."
Your Cubic Servant's best friend is an Evil Educator. This is unfortunate, it seems that the humans of the village may have already been Educated Stupid.
…No, there's a possibility that she may not be a slave to induced inculcated belief, since Gensokyo is isolated from the Outside World as far as you know. And furthermore, history does not necessarily teach against Cubic thought. There is still hope.
"Take me to her."
"Yes Master…" Your Cubic Servant reluctantly answers.


In front of a large building is a brown-eyed, silver-haired woman in a dark blue dress, watching as a group of people (her students most likely) head home. She catches eye of your Cubic Servant and waves.
"Mokou! You haven't been to the village in weeks! I was getting worried about you." Keine greets your Cubic Servant with a warm smile as your Cubic Group walks up to school teacher.
"Yeah…" Mokou says nervously.
"I see you brought friends with you too! Somewhat unusual friends though…"
"The hell does that mean?" Parsee angrily asks.
"I thought that bridge princesses didn't leave their bridge."
"I got sick of that damn thing, and how do you know what I am?"
"Oh, Miss Hieda lets me read the Gensokyo Chronicle so that I have something to base my history lessons on. She and Aya's newspapers have articles on all of you! Except for that elderly man there, who is he?"
"His name is Gene Ray, and he's from the Outside World." Mokou replies, leaving out the fact that she is your Cubic Servant. You don't mind, as you understand her reasons.
"Ah, an outsider! Tell me, how is the education in the Outside World going?" Murasa attempt to quickly moves towards you in an attempt to prevent you from giving your response but is held back by Hata-tan and Parsee, the former telling the ghostly sailor to "enjoy the show".
"Educators are actually "evil word gods", teaching commercial plunder of Nature."
"…What? W-well, it'd be nice if I was a god I guess."
"Evil educators teach 1 day. 1 day will destroy humans."
"I'm not destroying anyone!"
"The primary purpose for Education is not Subject matter, but subservience to accept any crap taught without opposing thought, destroying opposite brain to be submissive android."
"Androids are fictional, and education does just the opposite!"
"Educators teach assumed math, but are too damn dumb, stupid and evil to know that until Word is cornered, Math is fictitious."
"Math exists!" Keine furiously shouts, as Mokou looks increasingly perturbed by the conversation.
"Educators are the primary cause of evil mathematics."
"You just said math is fictitious!"
"Educators are lying bastards. -1 x -1= +1 is WRONG, it is academic stupidity and is evil." Mokou scowls at you.
"Ac-academic stupidity? A lying bastard?! Why you-"
"Evil educators suppress Cubic Creation and preach evil singularity to dumb students - dispossessing students of ratiocinate mind. WORD students serve Nature best if dead."
Keine punches you, or would have if her best friend didn't catch her fist.
"Calm down. He's talking about people in the Outside World, not about you!"
"…That doesn't excuse even a fraction of the things this man has said, but whatever!" Keine storms off.
"Keine, wait! Keine!"
"Come on Mokou, you knew a meeting between her and the old man would end badly."
"Fuck off. Are you are all done yet?"
"Got the books I need.
"And I'm done with that so-called doctor."
"Meet up at the village market, we'll get some food and head back to the ship. You all know the way to the market?" Mokou says over the radio.
"Been here before~"
"As have I."
"I can always ask for directions."
"Going already?" Parsee asks.
"Unless Master wants to give a speech, yes."
"I do not." You inform your Cubic Servant.
"Then let's get the hell going already!"


Kazoto shows up first, Yuuka and Shovel (the latter carrying several bags for the former) second, and Patchouli last, with the librarian collapsing every few steps as she struggles to both walk and carry the pile of books. Kazoto and Murasa offer to carry said books, an offer Patchouli accepts with the exception of one book with a black cover and silver-colored letters.
With that taken care of, your Cubic Group heads back to the gate.
On the way…

"You can't kick me out of my home!"
At a house near the gate is a red-haired, red-eyed girl with a blue hair bow and red cloak-cape outfit.
"Lady Hakurei herself has given me permission to kick out youkai if they become problematic, and we've been getting countless complaints of you stalking people with those damn flying heads of yours!"
By her is a group of fourteen or so guards, one of which stands out. His body looks young and physically unfit for any kind of fighting yet he has the scarred face of an old warrior. Other notable things are his kevlar vest and a silenced revolver. You swear reading somewhere that silencing a revolver doesn't work. Either way he seems to be in charge.
"It hasn't hurt anyone!"
The man with the kevlar vest smacks the red-haired youkai with his revolver, knocking her to the ground.
"Ever heard of psychological trauma you fucking creature?" He kicks the youkai three times in the chest. The officer from earlier moves towards the guard with the kevlar vest.
"What's going on?" A new voice asks.
A lavender haired girl with a pumpkin-shaped skirt and masks floating around her head approaches the group of guards.
"Nothing that concerns you menreiki, now go back to dancing!" The girl's mask changes to a red-demon face mask.
"Excuse me?" A naginata materializes in her right hand out of nowhere, the other guards aiming their weapons at her in response.
The girl with masks takes a step forward only to step back after one of the guards fires a warning shot.
"Shoot the hell out of her if she makes another move. And as for you…" He turns back to the youkai on the ground, and promptly fires a bullet into her left knee. She screams.
"I'll leave I'll leave! Just stop!" He fires another round into her right hand.
"Things like you just need to be exterminated!"
"But Executive Nomerta, Reimu said to remove them not murde-" The red-haired youkai on the ground looks on in horror as the part of the head of the man you recognize as the officer from the gate earlier is blown off by a shot from his superior.
"Lady Hakurei gave me this authority! I won't let anyone question it. And besides, it's not murder if they aren't human!"
"CEASE THIS AT ONCE!" Another new voice shouts from across the street, coming from an old man surrounded by a small group of villagers with muskets.
The Executor glares at them.
"Trying to help this youkai who's been bothering your people, village elder?"
"That nukekubi may have bothered some, but none asked you to hurt her like this!" The elder shouts.
Nomerta laughs.
"Correct. I just wanted to kill this little bitch. And you can't do shit about it with these muskets of yours." The guards are for the most part far more well-armed than the villagers, at least two of them have submachine guns.
"And now…" The Executor turns back to the red-haired "nukekubi" on the ground, a sadistic smile on his face.
The girl turns her eyes towards your Cubic Group.

If you want to intervene you could either do it violently or peacefully. Your ability won't help here, bullets travel far faster than any danmaku.
What shall you do, Wisest Human?

No. 173504
>The guards block your Cubic Groups path into the village. Although at least half of them are shaking at the sight of Yuuka and


>"We need to speak to Akyuu. Stuff has happened that she needs to know about."
>"She is very busy at the moment and I'm sure that Shameimaru's newspaper
>"Very well. Follow me."

A whole sentence got lost here it seems.

My vote is:

[x] “Patchouli, barrier. Yuuka, kill.”
No. 173505
Damn it, missed those when looking it over.
For the first error it was indeed Parsee, and for the second Mokou told her that "It's something Aya won't report."
I miss having a proofreader.
No. 173506
[x] Clearly this human has been educated stupid into believing singularity. His evilness must be stopped before he can do anymore harm and spread his stupid word animal-ness to the others. Mercy may not be shown here.

Can't Patchouli use Metal magic to melt the guns or something?
No. 173507

Different guy, bit I noticed another one:

>One is wearing a kimono and a modern-day jacket, another Each of them is carrying firearms,
>another Each

Something missing there?
No. 173508
God damn it.
It was supposed to be "another wears (bizarre outfit that I forgot)". "Each" was the start of the next sentence.
No. 173512
[X] Clearly this human has been educated stupid into believing singularity. His evilness must be stopped before he can do anymore harm and spread his stupid word animal-ness to the others. Mercy may not be shown here.

I get the feeling that if Reimu was here and objected to this, the Executor would 'relieve' her of her 'duty' via a one way ticket to the Sanzu River.
No. 173519
>bullets travel far faster than any danmaku


Especially bomb lasers like the Master Spark. They don't need to make a line before shooting.

[x] Yuuka shoots a Master Spark so that the pre-blast line appears outside the guy's line of sight, and so Sekibanki gets graze points from it.
-[x] Someone else barrier if Sekibanki would be shot in the .5 seconds before the laser hits him, assuming it doesn't activate as a bomb.
No. 173520
>I get the feeling that if Reimu was here and objected to this, the Executor would 'relieve' her of her 'duty' via a one way ticket to the Sanzu River.
cool story bro

[x] Yuuka shoots a Master Spark so that the pre-blast line appears outside the guy's line of sight, and so Sekibanki gets graze points from it.
-[x] Someone else barrier if Sekibanki would be shot in the .5 seconds before the laser hits him, assuming it doesn't activate as a bomb.
No. 173529
I'm sure pissing off Keine will not come back to bite us in the ass whatsoever. Not at all.

Also, we shouldn't recruit Sekibanki. She doesn't have any useful abilities for our Cubic Army. But the "Expressive Poker Face" has.

[x] “Patchouli, barrier. Parsee, kill.”

Laser shenanigans are not of much help in this situation. I'm pretty sure Gensokyo residents are aware that Yuuka can shoot lasers, but they don't know about dem flamethrower chainsaws.
No. 173736
File 137868057974.jpg - (207.75KB , 1000x567 , fc36fa6dc19b4e6f8b07026978254005c2054e17.jpg ) [iqdb]

Combining votes.
Blame Evil Academia and my personal schedule for taking so long to write this short of an update.

[x] Clearly this human has been educated stupid into believing singularity. His evilness must be stopped before he can do anymore harm and spread his stupid word animal-ness to the others. Mercy may not be shown here.
[x] "Patchouli, barrier. Parsee, Yuuka, kill."
[x] Yuuka shoots a Master Spark so that the pre-blast line appears outside the guy's line of sight, and so Sekibanki gets graze points from it.
-[x] Someone else barrier if Sekibanki would be shot in the .5 seconds before the laser hits him, assuming it doesn't activate as a bomb.

This Word Animal's Singularity Stupidity and evilness must not spread.
"Patchouli barrier. Parsee, Yuuka, kill."
Yuuka points her umbrella at Nomerta, who is too focused on the red-haired girl to notice.
[Flower Sign "Master Spark"]
Almost instantaneously a laser from Yuuka's umbrella hits the man in the chest, breaking the front of his kevlar vest and sending him flying back a few feet. After landing on his back, four of his subordinates help him to his feet while wincing and gasping in pain.
"Hmm? That should have killed you~"
The Executor grabs what looks like several paper talismans from his broken kevlar vest and shows it to your Cubic Group.
"Ah, Reimu's ofuda! So that's how you survived~"
Nomerta grunts and fires a shot at Yuuka which hits the flower youkai in the forehead. Yuuka casually pulls out the bullet with her free left hand as her smile widens unnervingly.
With a growl he discharges his revolver once at the red-haired girl on the ground, only for the bullet to bounce off a blue barrier.
"That wouldn't have killed me anyway, no matter where you hit~" Yuuka slowly advances towards the guards.
"Who…the fuck are you people…ruining my justice!"
"We're heroes saving everyone from the fucking end of the world, jackass."
Parsee who had been dashing towards the guards all this time promptly cleaves three of them in half. The Executor fires a shot at the bridge princess, who somehow slices the bullet with her chainsaw. He attempts to pull the trigger again and is rewarded with a click.
"KILL THEM!" Nomerta screams.
Three of the other guards turn to Parsee, who responds by pressing a button on her chainsaw, activating a flamethrower which she uses to set them guards on fire. They fire off a few rounds before collapsing to the ground.
The red-haired girl sees her chance and with her left hand pulls off her head and throws it at the guards. Her flying head shoots several eye beams including two guards who drop to the ground and Nomerta, who squeals in pain as he's is hit in the back, dropping the bullets he was attempting to load his revolver with.
The "menreiki"'s mask changes to one of a fox and charges at the three guards that were watching her only to be distracted by the screams of their comrades. One notices her in time and fires with his shotgun. The girl with masks deflects the shotgun blast with her naginata and decapitates him and the guard next to him.
The villagers discharge their muskets, nailing and ending the lives of the remaining three guards.
"Fuck you…fuck you all…"
With a grimace, Executor Nomerta tosses several metallic objects that you recognize as flashbangs, which detonate a few seconds later.

When your vision clears, the Executor is gone.
"Shrike Four, is there anyone running out of the Human Village? The person we are looking for has a revolver."
"Negative Block 1."
Not good, that Word Animal will still be able to spread his evilness.
The elderly man with the armed villagers approaches your Cubic Group, as a small crowd that had gathered to watch claps.
"I thank you for your help, that man had become downright tyrannical. How can we repay you?"
"By acknowledging Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4 Day Rotating Creation Principle of Cubicism, also known as the Time Cube."
"Err, what?"
"Akyuu has all the info you need. Ask her about it." Your Cubic Servant quickly tells the elder.
"That we shall all do. And once again, thank you." The elder says before walking off, most of the villagers doing the same. The ones that don't stay and watch.
"Hold still Miss…?"
"S-Sekibanki…GAAH! IT HURTS!"
"Relax relax, just gotta remove the other bullet, then set your right hand right so it doesn't regenerate wrong, then disinfect and bandage the wounds…" Kazoto is attending to the injuries of the red-haired girl, who's name you now know is Sekibanki.
"And there. Don't take the bandages off for at least three hours."
"T-thank you, AAAH!" She screams as her attempts to stand up is rewarded with pain from her shot knee.
"Umm, can you one of you take her to either a medical facility or to her home?" Kazoto asks a nearby villager.
"Wait,GAACK! C…can I come wanna go with you guys instead?" Sekibanki asks.
"That's not my decision, ask Ray over there." The doctor points to you.
"May I come too?" The girl with masks requests.
"Who are you again? And why?" Mokou asks her.
"Hata no Kokoro, and I want some action!" Kokoro's face and voice both remain emotionless despite her cheery words.

Do you want them as members of your Cubic Army?
And where are you heading after this?

Recruit Sekibanki?
[_] Yes
[_] No
Recruit Kokoro?
[_] Yes
[_] No

Next destination is…
[_] Hakurei Shrine
[_] Prismriver Mansion
No. 173739
[x] Recruit Sekibanki
[x] Recruit Kokoro
[x] Prismriver Mansion

I'm curious about both characters and think they could be fun. Also, I think that we should save Reimu for last.
No. 173756
[x] Recruit Sekibanki
[x] Recruit Kokoro
[x] Hakurei Shrine

We are pretty sure where that SOB went, so better get rid of him ASAP.
No. 173766
How many positions do we have left that we can fill?
No. 173768
[x] Prismriver Mansion
No. 173781

No idea, but we're in the end game anyway. So why not?

[x] Recruit Sekibanki
[x] Recruit Kokoro
[x] Hakurei Shrine
No. 173782
Endgame this is not, we have yet to meet the protagonists, Eientei crew, death impersonated and her gardener, and so on.

[x] Recruit Sekibanki
[x] Recruit Kokoro
[x] Hakurei Shrine
No. 173813
Called for Hakurei Shrine and recruiting both.

Six more.

And >>173782 is correct, we are not at the endgame yet, we are about 41-58% of the way there.
No. 173950
File 137963087937.jpg - (217.14KB , 1500x1500 , 67031176b2dfb11d30bfd36be1eba849efc0cd50.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Recruit Sekibanki
[x] Recruit Kokoro

"More Cubic followers to help spread the word of Cubic Creation is never a bad thing. You may join."
"Yay!" Kokoro shouts while energetically pumping her free hand into the air.
Sekibanki starts to say something only to be interrupted by what is most likely a burst of pain as she tries to stand up again.
Kazoto gently picks up the fallen nukekubi with both of his hands.
"Lighter than you look."
You wonder what happened to the books he was carrying, but a quick glance reveals that he dumped apparently dumped them onto Patchouli and Murasa, both of whom are struggling to stay standing.
Mokou grabs the books the doctor was supposed to be carrying from the two of them, who thank her.
You're done here.
"Shrike Four, we need a pickup outside the main gate of the village."
"Copy Block One."


Utsuho, Nue, and Koakuma help carry Yuuka's bags and Patchouli's books to Yuuka's garden and the Patchouli's library respectively while Kazoto brings Sekibanki to the Medbay, before returning to the central room to pick up Patchouli and do the same with her, who collapsed shortly after entering the dropship.

A few minutes later your Cubic Army, with the exception of Kazoto, Patchouli, Koakuma, and Koakuma, gathers in the central room.
"So, where to next?" Hata-tan asks.
"Hakurei Shrine. That ONEist Bastard who attacked Sekibanki probably fled there. I would also like to meet Reimu. Cubic Servant, you said earlier that she is the important person in Gensokyo. Why?"
"If she dies the Great Hakurei Barrier goes down, and Gensokyo will be open to the Outside World. She's tough as hell"
"Schizo, everyone in this room has gotten their asses' kicked by that damn Shrine Maiden at some point. Except for maybe that tool." Parsee gestures to Shovel, who glares at the bridge princess.
"All the more reason to meet here and introduce her to the truth of Cubic Creation."


Kuro drops your full Cubic Army, with the exceptions of Kazoto and his two patients, off at the bottom of some stairs.
"The Hakurei Shrine is at the top of the stairs. Be careful with that damn Shrine Maiden."

Your Cubic Army slowly climbs the stairs in a no particular formation aside from Parsee taking the lead once more and Kokoro staying a bit behind her.
Normally everyone would stay in formation regardless of where they were. Odd.

You and your followers reach the top of the stairs and pass through the torii.

Behind the donation box, sitting atop a tiny staircase at the shrine itself, is a dark-brown-haired girl in a red white outfit, her left hand holding a gohei while drinking from a cup of tea held in her right hand.

Resting his back against the right side of the donation box while looking at her is a familiar man wearing a damaged kevlar vest. He winces occasionally from the injuries your Cubic followers inflicted on that ONEist Bastard…Actually a more careful look shows he's mainly in pain from additional wounds that he sustained from running through the woods, as evidenced by the twig stuck in a gash on his left shoulder and the bloody trail leading to the trees to the east.

On the left of the donation box is a timid-looking Remilia and a weary Meiling, the former staring at the girl with a pleading expression.

The girl on the stairs ignores the Scarlet Devil and her gatekeeper and takes another sip of her tea.
She looks at your party with a raised eyebrow.
"So Nomerta, Remilia, is that them?"
The Hakurei Priestess' three guests look at your Cubic Army.
Nomerta scowls, Remilia looks panicked, and Meiling goes into a fighting stance.
"Yeah, except there weren't as many."
"Nomerta, get Suika for me. Remilia, Meiling, wait inside."
"Yeah yeah…"
Nomerta limps his way past Reimu and enters the Hakurei Shrine through the front door, with Remilia and Meiling follow him inside.

Reimu Hakurei takes a long gulp of her tea and then looks at your Cubic Army with a warm smile.
"You guys too, come in!"


The interior of the Hakurei Shrine is mostly bare aside from a table in the center, a Japanese futon with an exterior door behind it to the west, several papers next to the futon. a couple cabinets on the northern wall, a sliding interior door at the north-east to the right of the cabinets and to the left of the north-east corner,
"I don't have any chairs, so you guys'll have to sit on the floor."
You as well as most of your Cubic Army sits down.
Parsee stands the halfway point between the front door at the south and the table in the center, keeping an eye on both the two doors and Reimu.
Murasa stands near the north-east corner
Mokou stands next to your seat a little bit to the south-east of the table, glancing about the room.
Reimu, without breaking her smile, narrows her eyes at those who remain standing before taking a seat on top of her futon. You notice that she's maintaining a tight grip on her gohei.
Sigma sits in the south-east corner, seemingly afraid of the Hakurei Priestess.
Yuuka sits at the middle east side of the central table, directly facing Reimu. Shovel sits a bit behind and to the right of her.
Nue sits at north-east corner,
Utsuho sits at the middle of the eastern wall so that she doesn't block the vision of the others with her massive wings, the right one of which Flandre somehow has enough room to hide behind.
Hata-tan sits at the north side, attempting to look through the cabinets whenever she thinks Reimu isn't looking.
Kokoro sits to the east of the front door, staying at angle behind Parsee. The menreiki is barely containing herself from some emotion that you can't make out from her current mask, which seems to be a classic stage mask with a half-smile half-frown.
Finally, Remilia and Meiling are sitting at the south-west corner of the room.

Reimu takes a sip from her tea cup before setting it aside and staring at your Cubic Army.
Her smile now only a slight one.
"So, who is he?" Reimu gestures to you.
"I am the Wisest Human, Doctor Gene Ray."
"You're an Outsider?"
You nod.
Reimu looks at Flandre, who is doing a poor job at hiding behind Utsuho's wing.
"So, why are you outside of the mansion Flandre?"
""Flandre?!"" Remilia and Meiling have only now noticed the blonde vampire in the room.
"Mansion's gone and I've never been around Gensokyo, so I went with these guys. They're fun!" The girl in red-white furrows her brows for a moment before looking at Sigma.
"Fun? They destroyed my mansion!" Remilia shouts.
"Exactly!" Flandre excitedly says.
Remilia begins to stand up to give an angry reply but Meiling holds her down, and whispers something in her ear. It seems to have calmed her somewhat.
Reimu looks at Sigma next.
"Do I know you? You look familiar…"
Sigma shakes her head rapidly, and begins shivering once Reimu looks away.
Come to think of it, everyone seems uneasy. Aside from Shovel, who scoots towards Evil Eye Sigma and pets her hair.
"The hell are you doing Shovel?" Parsee asks.
"My mother said scared girls should be petted."
Despite near-unanimous stares of disapproval amongst the female population of the room, Shovel continues petting Sigma. She does seem to be calming down at least.

Reimu looks at each of the members of your Cubic Army.

"So, why are all of you together? This is pretty unusual."
"We're following the old man over there." Hata-tan informs Reimu, who gives a look of confusion.
"Youkai of all kinds being led by a normal human?" Reimu looks skeptical for a moment before returning to her smiling expression.
"Schizo is anything but fucking normal." Parsee states.
Reimu nods and takes another drink from her teacup.
"Empty huh…Oh yeah, you guys are probably hungry. Ruukoto!"
About ten seconds the door at the back right slides open, and a green-haired girl in a maid outfit carrying a large tray emerges and moves towards the table. She puts a few snacks, vegetables and teacups on the table, before handing refilling Reimu's teacup.
"Fast as always Ruukoto."
"Thank you Mistress Reimu!" The maid says with a robotic voice while bowing to Reimu.
"Eat and drink if you guys want, I already ate."

Nobody moves.
Shovel stares at the food for several moments before concluding that petting Evil Eye Sigma is more important than feeding himself.

After a minute of tense silence, Ruukoto abruptly moves towards the sliding door behind Reimu and opens it, letting in a short orange-haired girl with horns. In her left hand is a large displeased-looking turtle with a beard and in her right hand is a gourd which she drinks from. She drops the turtle to Reimu's right before leaping on top of his shell. The turtle emits a loud groan of pain.
"There you are Suika. You brought Genji too?"
"Yeah, he makes a good pillow."
"It's rather depressing for a best friend reduced to a cushion, milady." The turtle states with the voice of an elderly male.

Next enters a certain man with a broken Kevlar vest and a now twig-less shoulder, who Ruukoto closes the door behind.
Kokoro changes her mask to her red angry demon mask one and joins Parsee, Hata-tan, and Murasa raising their weapons at the new arrival while Mokou and Yuuka simply glare at him.
"The feelings of love between us are fucking mutual." Executor Nomerta sardonically comments while beginning to sit down on next to Reimu on her futon. The Shrine Maiden calmly shoves him away.
"You'll get blood on my futon." She states, gesturing to a cut on his arm from which blood is dripping from.
With a scowl Nomerta splashes some blood from the gash onto Reimu's hair, some of which drips into her teacup. The Hakurei Shrine Priestess responds by splashing her tea onto one of his wounds and lightly whacking him with her gohei, causing him to both yelp and stumble towards the table.
After regaining his footing he sits down at the north-west part of the table and joins the rest of the room in the tension filled-glaring.

All talking ceases.
Those with weapons hold them tightly.

Hata-tan tries to remove one of her casts.
Suika drinks from her gourd.
Utsuho checks some data via a holograph from her hologram.
Nomerta's blood drips onto the floor.
Remilia bites her nails.
Every single sound draws the eyes of the entire room.
Everyone has things they want to say.
Questions they want to ask.
Answers they want.
Nobody dares speak.


"Mistress Reimu, it is dinner time. Would you like me to make dinner?"
Ruukoto's voice causes nearly everyone to jump.
Reimu's smile returns a little
"Ah yes, my guests are probably hungry. So, what would you guys like to-"
"Drop the act Reimu."
Yuuka's demand causes the Shrine Maiden to frown.
"Ruukoto, leave. Don't bother making dinner."
"As you wish Mistress Reimu."

Once her robotic maid has left the room, Reimu removes her hair bow and hair tubes before tossing them aside, letting her long hair flow freely.
Her facial expression turns disgruntled as she reaches under her futon and pulls out a lighter, a cigarette, and a pair of sunglasses.
She lights the cigarette before putting the lighter away in a pocket. She puts on the sunglasses for a few moments before angrily yanking them off and snapping them in half.

Her actions somehow leave the room ever more speechless than before.
Even Nomerta is shocked.

Reimu glances at everyone in her home and snarls.
"Been doing this act for too damn long. I'm sick of us sitting around, now all of you, cut to the damn point. Questions? Ask. Ask the real me. And hurry up."


You can have any character in the room (including Nomerta, Remilia, and Genji) ask Reimu up to four questions, with the exceptions of Reimu herself and Evil Eye Sigma who instead can "present" up to four holographic projections of events she's seen. There is no limit to the amount of characters that you include in a vote.
No. 173952
[x] Ask as Gene Ray:
- [x] Your toady Nomerta has been consumed by singularity and gone mad with power. Why haven’t you punished him yet?
- [x] Gensokyo is falling into madness and decay of ONEeism violence. Why are you doing nothing?
- [x] The Evil One wanders the land freely, corrupting everyone with Word God lies. Why hasn’t she been stopped yet?
- [x] The Apocalypse cometh, to both worlds. Will you sit idly and allow it to happen? Are you evil and stupid?
No. 173957
[x] Gene ray
[x] Ask Evil Eye Sigma to showcase the events on Heaven, Yuuka's Gadren, Remilia's Mansion and the Village.
-[x] Ask her if she has any idea of the reasons for this? Your theory is the ONEism that is infecting everyone with their stupidity.
[x] As a comparison, ask her about her current state-if everyone's shocked faces are to be believed that isn't normal either.
[x] Inform her of the incoming Armageddon and ask her for assistance.
No. 173969
[x] Gene ray
-[x] Ask Evil Eye Sigma to showcase the events on Heaven, Yuuka's Garden, Remilia's Mansion and the Village.
--[x] Ask her if she has any idea of the reasons for this? Your theory is the ONEism that is infecting everyone with their stupidity.
-[x] As a comparison, ask her about her current state-if everyone's shocked faces are to be believed that isn't normal either.
-[x] Inform her of the incoming Armageddon and ask her for assistance.

I'm with these questions for Doctor Ray. As for the others...

[x] So, what's with the act, anyway?
[x] And what's the deal with Nomerta?
[x] Does she have any plans, or is she sitting this one out?
[x] ...and since when does she have a maid (wish I had a maid)

[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark
[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark, followed by an image of the shrine
[x] Hopeful image of the Sigma and Ruukoto making friends
(Well, they're both robo-girls, after all)

...All I got for now.
No. 176159
File 138584786139.jpg - (194.50KB , 800x600 , eea0459acf752592436ae20d902cc835.jpg ) [iqdb]
Combined a part from the first vote for story reasons.

[x] Gene Ray
-[x] Ask Evil Eye Sigma to showcase the events on Heaven, Yuuka's Garden, Remilia's Mansion and the Village.
--[x] Ask her if she has any idea of the reasons for this? Your theory is ONEism that is, with the aid of the Evil One corrupting everyone with her Word God lies, infecting everyone with their stupidity.
-[x] As a comparison, ask her about her current state-if everyone's shocked faces are to be believed that isn't normal either.
-[x] Inform her of the incoming Armageddon and ask her for assistance.

[x] So, what's with the act, anyway?
[x] And what's the deal with Nomerta?
[x] Does she have any plans, or is she sitting this one out?
[x] ...and since when does she have a maid (wish I had a maid)

[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark
[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark, followed by an image of the shrine
[x] Hopeful image of the Sigma and Ruukoto making friends

Part of you strongly wishes to confront her about her near-total inaction as Gensokyo falls into madness and decay while the Evil One spreads her Word God lies.
…No, you need her help.

[x] Gene Ray
-[x] Ask Evil Eye Sigma to showcase the events on Heaven, Yuuka's Garden, Remilia's Mansion and the Village.
--[x] Ask her if she has any idea of the reasons for this? Your theory is ONEism that is, with the aid of the Evil One corrupting everyone with her Word God lies, infecting everyone with their stupidity.
-[x] As a comparison, ask her about her current state-if everyone's shocked faces are to be believed that isn't normal either.
-[x] Inform her of the incoming Armageddon and ask her for assistance.

You turn to Evil Eye Sigma and, while thoughtfully keeping in mind that she seems afraid of Reimu remembering her, ask that she project some of the events your Cubic Army has seen.
"Project the events of Heaven, Yuuka's Garden, Remilia's Mansion, and the Human Village please."
Sigma nods and moves out of the corner towards the center of the room. She looks at the table as her irises light up and begins projecting.

First scene was your Cubic Army's arrival in Heaven and the art-crazed Celestials.
Next was the Evil One's proxy by possession [Koishi] and her killing of Daiyousei atop the fountain. Sigma shows a few seconds of her and Parsee's bloody battle against the crowd of Celestials before changing the projection.

Reimu watches impassively while Remilia, Meiling, and Kokoro via mask changes, react with disgust at the "art" and horror at Daiyousei's murder. Nomerta's reactions to the former are the same but the latter gives him a tiny grin. Genji watches with the downcast face that only an elder can have, and Suika simply frowns and takes a long drink from her gourd.

Sigma next shows Parsee's fight against [Koishi] in the factory and the defeat of the latter with the help of Utsuho. Several such Remilia and Meiling look relieved [Koishi]'s defeat before they and most of the room watch with disgust at her brutal death. Parsee looks at the projection with a small amount of satisfaction while Nomerta simply watches, seemingly unsure as how to react. Flandre watches with what you can only describe as interest.

Rika's greatest creation then out of chronological order shows Tenshi's account of an orange-haired girl in a black duster being responsible for the events in Heaven. The only reaction to this is a briefly raised eyebrow from Reimu and a tightening of Parsee and Murasa's grips on their weapons.

Next she shows the mad Byakuren's speech that was shown via camera, which Kokoro, Remilia, and Meiling react to with confusion.

Sigma then projects a group of flowers followed by a question mark before looking at you with confusion.
Of course, Sigma wasn't there to see Cirno and Yamane.

Your Cubic Wisdom informs you of a solution. Who said your ability can only impart knowledge of Nature's Harmonic Time Cube?
You point an open hand at Sigma before firing forth a burst of telepathic danmaku, much to the alarm of those who haven't seen it before. Unlike before, the danmaku now looks 2D images instead of Cubic Truth.
Nomerta and Reimu both glare at you with suspicion while Suika pauses mid-drink for a few moments.
Sigma dizzily shakes her head for a few moments before projecting the events of Yuuka's garden.

Hata-tan, Suika, Genji, Shovel, and Nomerta watch with mixed reactions ranging from horror to bewilderment at the colossal Yamane and her children as they fought against the massive fairy army led by Cirno atop an ice throne.
Sigma fast-forwards through the majority of the battle while being sure to show "highlights" such as Murasa's crushing of Cirno and Yuuka finishing off Yamane.

With the memories you sent to her via your Cubic Powers, Evil Eye Sigma then changes the projection to the bizarre events in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's foyer. Aside from Parsee, Mokou, Yuuka, and Utsuho, everyone who was there cringes at the memories of their past selves. Those who were not in the foyer or in the mansion at all look on in confusion.
The projection is fast forwarded to the destruction of Remilia's Mansion while said vampire watches with a pained expression.

Evil Eye Sigma changes the projection once more to show Nomerta's actions in the Human Village using the memories you sent to her. From his attempted execution of Sekibanki to him killing a subordinate who questioned him, to the fight between your Cubic followers and him and his men, to the thanks of the villagers for removing him
The Singularity-consumed Evil Bastard in question grimaces at both the projection the looks of hatred from most of the room.
Evil Eye Sigma then shuts off the projection, her eyes ceasing to emit light. Sigma then moves back to the corner she was in before.

"Do you have any idea of the reasons for this?" You ask.
"I don't."
"My theory is that ONEism, with the help of the Evil One and her corrupting Word God lies, is infecting everyone with stupidity."
"And the Evil One is?" She asks, ignoring the rest of your statement.
"That orange-haired girl Tenshi mentioned. Same bitch who took over Koishi." Parsee informs her.
"She's evil how?"
"She…changes people. Nearly all of us here are changed." Murasa informs her.
"I can tell. You aren't Murasa at all."
"Yes I am!"
"You are not. You lack Murasa's confidence." Reimu coldly replies.
You decide to interrupt with your next question.
"How is your current state? If everyone's reactions are to be believed that isn't normal either." You ask.
"Vexed, exhausted. Now, spit out what I can tell you've been waiting to ask."
"Armageddon is coming Reimu." Nomerta scoffs.
"That means?"
"That this world is ending soon. I ask for your help."
"…I'll consider it."
She takes another drag.

[x] So, what's with the act, anyway?
[x] And what's the deal with Nomerta?
[x] Does she have any plans, or is she sitting this one out?
[x] ...and since when does she have a maid (wish I had a maid)

"So, what's with the act, anyway? And what's the deal with Nomerta?" Parsee asks, while shooting an accusatory glance at the ONEist Bastard in question.
"Got to solve incidents and keep the damn peace. Some of what the latter entails Yukari forbids the tengu from reporting about. See, "Gensokyo accepts everything" is a lie; sometimes there are newcomers we decide to remove. Tentacled blob thing that hurts to look at? Exterminate. Serial killer with a switchblade? Exterminate. Evil overlord or whatever? Exterminate. Muscular teenage human with powerful pheromones? Screw, then exterminate. Doesn't matter if they are youkai or human, into the ground they go."
Reimu takes another drag.
"Those aren't the problem though. Neither are the incidents. No, the problem is you people. You stir up incidents and then suddenly you think that you're my friends. Because of you guys, I have to come to tea parties and meetings and flower viewings and gatherings and parties, pretending that I'm enjoying it when I just want to leave! No, those trees are ugly. No, this food is terrible. No, your mansion is tacky. No, your city is arrogant and boring. No, I don't want to hear lessons on how to live my damn life. No, it's not okay to have books that can release dangerous youkai. If I don't look happy and content you youkai will probably feel uneasy and cause more incidents."
Another, longer, drag on her cigarette.
"Now, Nomerta. Youkai hunter from the Outside World, arrived half a year ago. Skilled but unrefined, gave him some extra training myself. After the incident with Kokoro over there and Siena’s uprising, knew that the Village Guard as it wasn’t good enough with the way incidents have been getting worse. Gensokyo's been getting an influx of Outsiders with guns in the last two years, so with them I replaced the old with the new. Needed someone they'd accept as a leader, another Outside. Didn't know of a better candidate than Nomerta."
"So, do you have any plans, or are you sitting this one out? …And since when do you have a maid? (wish I had a maid…)"
"Ruukoto was given to me years ago by Yumemi, who none of you have met. And thanks Parsee, it's good to be envied. As for my plans…"
Reimu takes another drag from her cigarette.
"Tonight the Prismrivers and others will be having a concert. I, all of you, and most of Gensokyo will be there."
Reimu abruptly tosses three ofuda at the north-west corner of the room, upon impact revealing an equal number of previously invisible fairies who fall to the ground, muttering a collective "Ow!" while the smoking Shrine Maiden continues.
"My 'spies' over there have told me that Seija, and your "Evil One" along with other youkai intends to wreck the concert. The plan is that you guys will serve as security for the event while I dance and enjoy myself. The Prismrivers and the rest will tell you more at their Prismriver Mansion. To help you, here's Nomerta."

Executor Nomerta is a Singularity-consumed Bastard and should be burned alive at the nearest opportunity has joined the party!

Yuuka's calm "What the fuck Reimu~" best sums up everyone's reactions.

After a minute of disinterestedly listening to everyone's shouts and unleashed pent-up anger, Reimu takes another drag from her cigarette before pulling out an ofuda. She whispers a few words and the ofuda bursts into blue flame. Everyone aside from Nomerta, Reimu, and yourself is instantly hit with a sharp burst of pain that forces even Yuuka and Mokou to the floor.

"Gensokyo fears me. I bring out my purification rod and exterminate someone at the concert; everyone will run away screaming, so I can't intervene directly. I'm giving you help just like you asked, just giving it to you my way. Keep the concert from being fucked over and I might do more. Fail and all of you get exterminated."

[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark
[x] Image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark, followed by an image of the shrine
[x] Hopeful image of the Sigma and Ruukoto making friends

Evil Eye Sigma nervously approaches Reimu as the rest of your Cubic Army slowly recovers.
Sigma then projects an image of Ruukoto followed by a question mark.
"She's a robotic maid, or an android as Yumemi told me. What about her?"
Image of Ruukoto, then a question mark, then the shrine.
"Yes, she works here."
Image of Ruukoto and Sigma holding hands.
"I don't mind as long she's either here or with me, Sigma."
Sigma recoils back and shivers in fear.
"Yes, I recognized you. Relax, I already killed you once. Once is enough, right?"
Sigma timidly nods.
"Anything else?"
"Can I-" Remilia begins to ask.
"Yes, two days." Reimu waits a few moments to see if anyone has anything else to say.
Discovering otherwise, she looks to you.
"Take Nomerta with you. Don't kill each other unless you want to be exterminated. That includes you, Executor."
"Reimu, I am not fucking working with-"
"That bastard is not-"
"No way a sailor like him is-"
"He'll ruin the actio-"
Ofuda strike Nomerta, Parsee, Murasa, and Kokoro.
"Get out already."
The Executor groans in annoyance while the jealously youkai clenches her teeth.
You don't want the ONEist Bastard in your Cubic Army, but with your Cubic Wisdom you know that you have no choice for now. Besides, you will need all the help you can get when Armageddon comes.

Your Cubic Army and it's new and completely unwelcome new member slowly exit the Hakurei Shrine while Reimu slowly puts her headwear back on, taking long enough for none of those leaving to see her finish.

In an odd change of pace Utsuho leads the way down the stairs. Nomerta would be at the rear of the party if Parsee, Hata-tan, and Kokoro weren't behind him, ready to dismember the Executor at any moment. Part of you has a concern about the three tripping with the way they're moving down, but that does not occur.
Once your Cubic Army has reached the bottom of the stairs, Kuro speaks on the radio.

"Took long enough. Parsee, give the new guy a headset while I lower the ramp.

The bridge princess takes out a headset from her chainsaw's compartment and chucks it at Nomerta, who somehow catches it with his revolver. He promptly puts it on and is about to test it when he witnesses an unusual sight.
The Executor's eyes widen as the ramp leading into the FAT seemingly appears from nowhere and lowers.
"…The shit? Is that fucking cloaking tech?"
"Tech devices which make
objects unseen yes indeed.
Now get the hell in."
"And what the fuck is up with you?"
"Educated stupid
bastard cannot comprehend
beauty of haiku."
"…What the fuck ever."

Your Cubic Army enters the FAT and proceeds to the central Map Room whereupon the Executor decides to test his headset.
"Good evening you inhuman whores. Please take good care of me aboard this clusterfuck."
"YOU!!" Sekibanki roars.
"Why the hell is he here!?" Kazoto shouts.
"Wise One, please explain." Patchouli requests.
"Reimu has sent him with us as a form of assistance."
"And she'll exterminate everyone if we kill him or vice versa." Hata-tan adds.
"Yeah, so I won't crack your skulls yet. Now, is there a fucking Medbay? I've had open wounds for a couple hours.
While Kazoto very reluctantly gives directions to Nomerta via the radio, you inform Kuro of your next destination.
"Prismrivers huh? Never heard them play before. Wonder if their music is as good as people say."

"Hold still, there are a few pieces of wood in that gash."
"Thought-GCK that I pulled it all out."
"You didn't. And there, now to clean the wound…"
"I mistook the salt for the disinfectant powder. Don't forgive me."
"Mistook my fucking ass! Ever heard of the Hippocratic Oath you son of a bitch?"
"…How the fuck-"
"I would never forget what I myself made."
"You are fucking bullshitting me."
"I am not. I am in fact-"
"Please refrain from such delusions, doctor."
"Ouch…You shouldn't be moving or engaging in violence yet, Miss Knowledge."
"If she wants to have a fucking heart attack, then let her you quack."

Kuro drops your Cubic Army off a short distance from the front of the Prismriver Mansion. It'd have a nice view of the Misty Lake if the windows weren't boarded up or bricked over. The lack of grass, the dead trees, the damage to the walls, and the grave on its right side give the impression of a stereotypical haunted house.

Parsee leads the way for your Cubic Party (Yuuka, Utsuho, Flandre, Patchouli, and Kazoto remained in the ship) as they move towards the manor. Sigma and Shovel stay a bit behind Parsee, Kokoro stays on the forward right, Mokou stays by you in the center, Murasa guards the rear while glancing at the Misty Lake occasionally, Nue flies around the middle-left, Hata-tan takes pictures on her cell phone from the lower-left side of the group, and as for the rest on the right side…
"Fuck off already."
Five of Sekibanki's heads have been flying around and glaring at the Executor, who is still wearing his broken vest. Sekibanki's actual body is a bit behind him, arms folded.
After another twenty seconds, the vexed youkai hunter roughly grabs one of the heads and examines it. It/she squirms in his grip.
"I'm not going to crush it today, take it easy."
"Let me go!" Curiously, only the head that he's holding vocalizes.
"So, this head is you?"
"Yes, now let me go!"
Nomerta releases the head and immediately grabs another.
"LET ME GO!" This time all the heads vocalize.
"You said that other head was you."
"All of them are me!"
"How does that even work? Are you a fucking hive mind?"
"How the hell do you see? Is your vision like a split-screen security monitor? A panorama?"
"What?" Her other heads simultaneously tilt.
Nomerta looks at the underside of the head, which only has skin.
"How the fuck do you swallow? CAN you even swallow? Does food teleport into your main body? Do you have a fucking mini-stomach in each of these things? What's even down your neck hole or whatever? Oh wait; I can answer that last question myself." The Executor releases the head and moves to Sekibanki's main body.
He peers down the opening and-
"What the absolute fuck..."
Nomerta backs away in horror while Sekibanki's main body moves on. A few moments later he resumes walking, whispering something about "more bullets" to himself. One of the heads looks back to the youkai hunter with a grin.

Another thirty seconds and your Cubic Party reach the mansion.
Before anyone can move to open the wooden double doors that serve as the entrance, they are kicked open from the inside by two girls. One has odd-looking dog ears and the other holds a koto. Both are dressed in all black complete with sunglasses. Behind them are six more girls. Three of them have instruments floating around them, one has both wings and claws, one is holding a lute, and the last one sits on a floating drum.
"Kyouko!" Murasa runs up to the dog-eared girl and hugs her tightly.
"Your anchor's crushing my back…"
"Sorry!" The sailor lets go and Kyouko rubs her back for a few moments.
"Why are you and Nue with our security team, Murasa?"
"Uh, I'll tell you after the concert. Say, have you seen Ichirin and Unzan?"
Kyouko shakes her head.
One of the girls with a floating instrument, blonde-haired and dressed in black, moves towards your Cubic Party.
"So you guys are the security Reimu sent?"
"To guard the concert
the Maiden of Hakurei
requested us."
"Murasa, why's Nue talking like that?"
"Tell you after the concert."
Kyouko raises an eyebrow while the blonde girl continues.
"I don't recognize a couple of you, introductions?" She gestures to the males of the Cubic Party and Sigma.
"This is Evil Eye Sigma." Parsee introduces the mute Evil Eye.
"Nomoraka." The Executor avoids giving his real name.
"Doctor Gene Ray, the Wisest Human and leader of the Cubic Army of Four Days."
"I'm Lunasa." The other two girls with floating instruments come up to Lunasa.
"""And we're the Prismriver Ensemble!"""
The winged girl moves next to Kyouko.
"Kyouko Kasodani!"
"Mystia Lorelei!"
""We're Choujuu Gigaku!""
"Yatsuhashi Tsukumo!"
"Benben Tsukumo!"
"Raiko Horikawa!"
"""And we're…"""

"…We don't have a band name do we?" Yatsuhashi asks with frown.
"We do not." Her sister answers.
"Then let's come up with one!"
"Uh, the Beats!"
"The Strings!"
"The Lovely Song!"
"The Lovely Song That Beats Up Strings!"
""Damn it Yatsuhashi!""
"""""""And together, we're-"""""""
"Choujuu Ensemble!"
"Prismriver Ensemble!"
"Dancing Sisters!"
""Choujuu Gigaku!""
"Drums and Strings!"
"Songs of Gathering and Beast!"
"Ensemble Sisters of Melodiously Beating Dancing Beasts!"
""""""Damn it Yatsuhashi!""""""
"Uh Kyouko, why didn't you and the rest come up with a name beforehand?"
"Tell you after the concert." The two friends laugh.
Lunasa hands you a map.
"Everything's on there, we start our concert in fifty minutes. Now let's get going."
The musicians promptly fly off.

Parsee leads the way back to the FAT, a several minute journey.
A certain ONEist Bastard disapproves.

"Hey USAFA dropout, why the fuck aren't you coming to us?"
"Reduces the chances of getting seen."
"It's fucking invisible!"
"Not completely."
"Exercise is good for one's health Nomerta." Kazoto chimes in.
"I exercise enough you quack. Besides, do you freaks even suffer from muscle atrophy?"
"Not much research on that."
"What about virgin shut-in?"
"I do experience it, though in the last decade my condition has been improving. Until very recently that is."
"Good, I hope your bones fucking collapse on themselves."
"As I've replaced several of my bones with magical energy years before that is unlikely."
[u]"…I hate you inhuman freaks so much."


You have your entire Cubic Army gather in the Map Room, including even Kuro and Koakuma.

Murasa, having worked with the holographic display before, inputs the data from the map Lunasa gave you, zooming in on the location of the concert.

"My notes on Duster Girl's possible movements match up with the site of the concert Admiral"
You nod and take a look at the 3D map of the concert's area.

It's a large clearing surrounded by trees. Western part of the clearing has the stage where "Ensemble Sisters of Melodiously Beating Dancing Beasts" immediately behind it a storage shack.

Just behind the stage to the west is a storage shack,
To the north of the audience's future location are trees. Well, the entire concert is surrounded by trees but the ones to the north offer both the best view and the best concealment.
To the east of where the audience will be is a hill. At least a small amount of the concert-goers will be there. You guess that it'll take 20 seconds to move from the hill to the main crowd.
Then there are the skies above the concert, which is where the cloaked FAT will be.

Seija and the Evil One will strike tonight. They may bring some allies with them, but you doubt they'll bring more than a few.
Seija and the Evil One… Your Cubic Army in some ways actually knows less about the former than they do about the latter, as the Evil One had spoken to your followers as [Koishi]. As for the amanojaku, only Sekibanki has spoken to her, and the nukekubi got the impression of a "manipulator in the back".
Sounds like neither are the type to simply do a direct attack on the musicians themselves.

You go over your objective. As Reimu put it, you need to "Keep the concert from being fucked over".
With the possibility of them directly attacking the musicians safely discarded, you believe the ONEist Bastards will probably try to cause violence amongst the crowd or try sabotage. No, definitely both. The Evil One's ability is the greatest threats for obvious reasons, she "changes" the band and it's over.

However, in stopping them you can't cause the crowd to panic too much.
Among other things that means keeping Flandre completely out of sight of the crowd, not having Utsuho fire her cannon, and so on.

What is your plan?

No. 176173
Okay. Here's my plan.

[x] Flandre would likely frighten people, so she should stay to the west, behind the stage. Utsuho can stay there with her, in case heavy firepower is needed. If worst comes to worst, this can be dismissed as a stage show. Patchouli, with the assistance of Koakuma, should be able to keep a eye on things over here. Utsuho can be freed up to deal with any difficulties, but otherwise this group should stay put.

In the south is Nomerta, along with Shovel and Yuuka, who should be able to ignore him, all under the command of Parsee. This group should be able to keep an eye on things adequately.

The north is a bit tetchier, with its many hiding spots. Therefore, to the north we will place Nue (good at hiding and knows the tricks), Sigma (she must have good sensor systems), and Hata-tan (crow tengu, finding things is her job), along with Sekibanki under the command of Captain Murasa.

The eastern hill will be staked out by Dr. Ray himself and his permanent bodyguard Mokou, along with Kazuto and Kokro. This group is mainly observation of the crowd, though Kokoro can be seconded where she is needed.

For the most part, these groups should picket the area and keep an eye both within and without. If there is a problem within the crowd, people may be dispatched to deal with it. Flandre should NOT be dispatched on such a duty, and open displays of magic are a very poor idea. Ideally, those with great physical strength should be sent into the crowd (IE Yuuka).

Once the primary targets are sighted, effort must be made to separate them from the area so that they may be engaged freely.

Questions, comments, ideas?
No. 176177
[x] Ask Flandre to remove trees.
[x] Ask Patchouli to make an opaque barrier of light around the clearing, with one entrance clearly marked “Entrance”, so the audience will enter one at a time and may be checked for explosives and signs of ONEeism insanity.
[x] Drop the barrier after the concert starts, and monitor the now clear area from above. Any individuals who arrive late will be intercepted and asked to leave.
[x] Distribute our followers as >>176173 suggests. Also use four of Sekibanki’s heads as CCTV surveillance cameras at the corners, with her fifth head on her shoulders for safety.