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1677 No. 1677
"Yaay! See, I tooold you all he would be fine! He's my brave human!" Cirno yells, putting a hand onto your head from kneeling on your chest(She's surprisingly light for someone rather strong) and mussing up your hair. "So what did you do? Hummm? Hmm!" She moves her hands to your shoulders, and begins shaking you rapidly.

"Don't break him!" China exlaims, putting a hand onto hers before you get dizzy from the manhandling. "But yes, what did you do?"

[ ] "I cooked eggs and became a part time worker."

[ ] "I faught off a vampire and got a magic amulet."

[ ] "I defended myself against an onslaught of humiliation and attacks, and only barely made it out to tell you all of the tale!"

[ ] Tell the whole story

[ ] "I survived, what more do you want?"

[ ] "I'll tell you later."

No. 1678
[x] "I faught off a vampire and got a magic amulet."
No. 1679
[X] Tell the whole story

Why not?
No. 1680
[x] Tell the whole story

We went through all that shit, we should at least get to brag about it.
No. 1681
[X] Tell the whole story
No. 1685
[x] Tell the whole story
No. 1686
[X] Tell the whole story
No. 1687
[X] Tell the whole story

Minus the us asking for a kiss.
No. 1689
[x] Tell the whole story

I take a break and WUIG is on, Fuck yeah!
No. 1690
[x] "I cooked eggs and became a part time worker."
keep it short and awesome
No. 1691
[X] Tell the whole story

Make sure to start early so Keine knows what happened, ask Crino and China to forgive you for getting them in trouble and gloss over some of the rather more ..... embarrassing details.
No. 1692
Good day, GM.

[x] Tell the whole story

Time to live it up
No. 1693
[X] Tell the whole story, but make sure you are as manly as possible as you tell it. Include the incantation of the Unlimited Egg Works somewhere.
No. 1695
[x] Tell the whole story
No. 1696
If possible, can someone make a post on /jp/. Try to avoid ban though.
No. 1699
[x] Tell the whole story
No. 1701
Man, don't gloss over the embarrassing stuff! We need China to know bad stuff happened to us too while she was getting stabbed.
No. 1703
[X] Tell the whole story
No. 1705
Mokou's going to laugh at us when we get to the dress and "Mr. Dumbass" parts. I just know it.
No. 1707
good idea, all right but nothing about our bad behavior
No. 1711
File 120716934822.png - (295.44KB , 400x400 , b5cd014f636700281d8c6e85fceccd8f.png ) [iqdb]
Do you leave any of these things out?

[ ] "Mr. Dumbass" and Dress

[ ] China asking you out

[ ] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1713
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1715
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya

I mean, that was just a joke anyway, right? ...right?
No. 1716
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1717
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1719
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1720
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1721
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya

Though we could possibly try to pass it off as a joke, it's still far too early to broach the whole "harem" notion, and certainly with everyone completely sober.
No. 1722
[x] China asking you out

No conflicts please.
No. 1724
Speak for yourself.
I want the maid.
No. 1725
PROTIP: Harem won't fly. The dream is evidence of this.
No. 1726
[ ] Tell the whole story

>He's my brave human!"
No. 1728
>>1713 - >>1721

Pansies, the lot of you
No. 1729
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
[X] China asking you out

The dress part could be lol worthy though.
No. 1730
We're never going to get a "harem" end anyway. Eventually we'll have to make up our mind, assuming GM doesn't get bored of this before then.

If we're lucky at least one of them will die along the way so we won't have to hurt anyone's feelings.
No. 1733
Do we really have to talk about China asking us out in front of China and other girls? I think this is rather personal
No. 1734
Is it not better to try to live the dream and die trying then to live in regret at what might have been?
No. 1735
[] China asking you out
[] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1736
Not really. Living is pretty rad.
No. 1738
Hahahaha, what?

Anyways, Anon is not Matoko. It takes more to get from "friendship"/"weird person who appeared" to "hot dickings"
No. 1739
Doesn't matter. Attempting a harem is a natural recipe for conflict. Conflict involving many people, all of whom can easily kill us in the most horrible ways imaginable.

That's right up our alley.
No. 1740
Nice Boat End = Do Not Want

[X] China asking you out

That's rather personal. We could pass off bang as something like punching her in the face repeatedly.
No. 1742

Anon lives by the sword, Anon will die by the sword.
No. 1743
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
[X] China asking you out

No. 1745
On second thought, yeah, you're right.

[x] China asking you out
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1746
[x] China asking you out

Must not ruin Keine ending.
No. 1748
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1749
[x] China asking you out
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya

Some things are personal and some things are inappropriate to say when ladies are present.
No. 1750
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
[X] China asking you out

On second thought, both of these are a little too personal to be tossing out there.
No. 1751
[X] "Mr. Dumbass" and Dress.
I wanted China to see our nice Dress
No. 1753
In our defense, we didn't really ASK to bang her, so much as pose a hypothetical situation involving whether or not banging her would get her to stop her TIME HAX mind-fuckery on us.
No. 1757
In that case, if there's a possibility to pick two options then I'm going with

[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
[X] China asking you out

as well
No. 1760
[X] "Mr. Dumbass" and Dress

[X] China asking you out

[X] Asking to bang Sakuya

For fuck sake, don't mention any of them.
No. 1761
Goddammit Anonymous, continues do not grow on trees!

Besides, would you REALLY want to try having sex with Cirno? Even if she somehow understands what it is, she'd probably accidentally break your penis off with her super-strength fairy vagina.
No. 1763
since this is thread 42, I fully expect the mystery of life, the universe and everything to be solved.
No. 1764
[X] Asking to bang Sakuya
[X] China asking you out
No. 1768
>>1761 >break your penis off with her super-strength vagina.

No. 1770


also, when did china ask us out? i don't remember...
No. 1771
i liked that dress. shame we gave it to the skeleton. didn't look on him as cute as it did on us.
No. 1772
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1773
[ ] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1775
someone make a post on /jp/
No. 1776
I'm more worried about penis frostbite.

[X] China asking you out
No. 1777

There is on, it's on the second page.
Go bump it if you care that much.
No. 1778
It's already been done. Thats how I got here.
No. 1780
Yes, but the rest of them have enough intelligence and (hopefully) self-control to not sever our member.

It's the difference between having sex with Superman and having sex with the Hulk.
No. 1781
[x] Asking to bang Sakuya
No. 1782
She said that she'd like to meet us on the next day. Nothing direct, but you get the drift
No. 1785
I like Cirno without wanting to have sex with her (too much). I'm sure some protective charms would help, though.

Leave out []Mr. Dumbass and dress and []China asking us out. Leave Sakuya in cause Cirno won't know what bang means. She'll just think it's brave.
No. 1786
File 12071706126.jpg - (271.32KB , 1060x1500 , cirnolevel.jpg ) [iqdb]
Uh, guys? When was the last time we slept?
No. 1787
Why couldn't you have just gone with [X] "I faught off a vampire and got a magic amulet." ?

Anon is stupid.
No. 1788
If they laugh at our dress, reply with "Laugh all you want, but that dress was the frilliest in Genokyo. That means I have the highest power level."
No. 1791

Or we`re just overthinking it. Maybe China just wanted to enjoy the company of someone who doesn`t want to stab her or sneak past her (which would cause a certain someone to stab her).
No. 1792

We slept during the night, remember?
We borrowed Flandre's trampoline.
No. 1793

It's sex, do you really think the girl will be able to control themselves under the force of our passion?
No. 1794
Yes, that's what I was thinking. Be involved romantically with one and just friends with everyone else.

Yukari'll probably rope us and our as-yet undetermined beloved into one of her massive orgies anyway.
No. 1797
I'm gonna need the source of this.
No. 1799
Superman can. Goku can. She-Hulk can. Wonder Woman can (she used to have a human boyfriend).

It's just a matter of not being a ⑨.
No. 1800
Well let's hope for the best. That conversation went rather nice and she seemed quite happy about meeting us again, so there's still a small possiblity that we're not in the friend zone anymore.
No. 1801

Touhou Tan-i Nintei Kyoukai
Also, a facepalm for the fact that you haven't read one of the basics.
No. 1804
>It's just a matter of not being a ⑨.

I love this sentence. It`s so true.
No. 1806
Why the fuck WOULDN'T we leave the dress and Mr. Dumbass in? That was like the highlight of the day!

Sympathy points, guys. Focus.
No. 1808

Things considered I think her circle of friends is growing just knowing us, I mean the four of them must've talked before you got there as it is now late afternoon or something
No. 1811

Don`t know about that. I mean, women haet multiplayer. If they find out that we tried to hit on all of them simultanously, they`ll get pissed.
No. 1813
we haven't made advances of that kind yet though, have we? They share a mutual concern for us for different reasons but it's now getting to the point where we have to start making some definite choices.
No. 1815
One of the cons of picking answers by our HUEG collective mind
No. 1816
I don't really read touhou doujins, I'm too busy collecting images.
No. 1818

That`s when all the hell will break loose. In both Gensokyo and GM threads.
No. 1819
I'm loling at the choices here, why didn't we choose [ ] "I cooked eggs and became a part time worker." or [ ] "I'll tell you later."? If I remember right, we still have things to do.
No. 1820
It's okay, if they get reversed we just have to talk to them again and it will be fine.
No. 1822
You've just give me a mental image of the Zerg Overmind as the protagonist.

No. 1824
we have to get to the Reisen and Kaguya i tell you people
more interesting
No. 1826
File 12071717079.png - (430.44KB , 700x800 , tewizerg.png ) [iqdb]
No. 1827

WE are the Overmind. Protagonist would be a zergling. No, a broodling rather, considering his amount (or lack) of power.
No. 1831

No. 1835
Anonymous comes from the shotgun school of romance.
No. 1839
Well I don't think anyone's going to get too hurt if we make a strong choice now.

Unfortunately I want to do a little bit with everyone first:

Lunch with China, Dinner with Keine, Cooking with Sakuya, Hide and seek with Cirno, training with Mokou, pranks with Twei, a moonlit walk through the forest with Reisen, a night with Alice, a feast with Reimu and more.

I guess it really depends on what we do at the gala

Fuck yeah Reisen
No. 1841
Did we meet Kaguya yet?
No. 1843


Too bad he`d end up dead.
No. 1845
we looked Reisen into the eyes and went crazy and choose to sleep to be rescued by mokou
No. 1847

No. 1848

I'm not just a man, I'm a GAR MAN.


No. 1852
Well, I hope your a good writefag because now your going to have to WRITE. IT. OUT.

Its a challenge!
No. 1853
No. 1858

One man, 9 girls, one day, final destination etc.

I don`t think we`d be allowed to even try something like that. GM is a woman after all, and women haet multiplayer.

Or do they?
No. 1863
BTW, just asking.

Have you guys read Bad End Theater from pooshlmer?
No. 1864
>>GM is a woman after all

And also writing a VN for anon.
I prefer to think GM is genderless. It makes everything easier.
No. 1865
We can put Wigglebug in there for the mix, too, you know.
No. 1866

Okay I'll give it a whack, maybe it'll be done later. Just don't complain if it's a total load of shit.
No. 1868
Don't give anon any ideas. They might try out the mini-hakkero end.
No. 1871
Suwako's hat route, gogogogo.
No. 1875

Well, I guess having another guy would help even things out.
No. 1876

Fuck, you`re right.
No. 1880
Gensokyo Female left ;__;
No. 1881
File 120717297191.jpg - (593.72KB , 1280x1024 , 362w.jpg ) [iqdb]
you know, this is starting to remind me of the first time you play a vn. you don't really aim for one specific end during your playthrough, so you usually end up with the default. I hope we get to use a walkthrough on the next playthrough, cause I want my Kiene end.
No. 1882
>you don't really aim for one specific end during your playthrough, so you usually get a BAD END

No. 1883
lol i always use walkthroughs and never play blind.
Keine no way.
Lets aim high for Remilia or Flandre.
Two loli vampires fuck yes. Even if i have to wear a frilly dress and be called Mr Dumbass
No. 1885
the lack of bad ends is disturbing
besides, leaving the sdm already feels like an end
adventure is over
No. 1886
File 12071733414.jpg - (60.45KB , 812x649 , cirno anon sleeping.jpg ) [iqdb]
good end
No. 1887

Anonymous waited. The candle in front of him blinked and flickered in the air. There were girls in Gensokyo. He been to see them, but had planned his next move now for days. His plans when explained to The Overmind were not listenend to and now it was Time. Far too late for to back out now, anyway.
Anonymous was a weeaboo for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the animu and he said to anonymous "I want to be in the harems faggots!."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY YOUKAI"
There was a time when he believed Them. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in Gensokyo he knew there were girls.
"This is The Overmind" the thread crackered. "You must genuflect!"
So Anonymous gotted his Sexy Beam and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO HAVE SEX WITH US US" said the Meiling
"I will Tsundere at him" said the Sakuya and he fired the eggs. Anon cooked for her and tried to sex her up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to sex.
"No! I must kill fuck the girls" he shouted
The thread said "No, Anonymous. You are the girls"
And then Reimu was an undead zombie.

I may write a real one as well for shits and giggles
No. 1888
Shit I missed dad and kill
No. 1889
this reminds me, i wrote something similar some time ago

Anonymous waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were lolis in SDM. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to self conscious were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Anonymous was an eroge player for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the visual novels and he said to dad "I want to be in a visual novel daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY LOLIS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the Scarlet Devil Mansion he knew there were lolis.
"This is Gensokyo Man" the radio crackered. "You must prepare the meals!"
So Anonymous gotted his friyng pan and light the stove.
"I will blade at him" said Sakuya and she fired the knife missiles. Anonymous scramble egged at her and tried to compliment her. But then the kitchen blew up and they were trapped and not able to eat.
"No! I must feed the lolis" he shouted
The radio said "No, Anonymous. You are the lolis"
And then Anonymous wore a little pink dress.
No. 1890
>So Anonymous gotted his Sexy Beam and blew up the wall.

in b4 not beam and not sexy
No. 1891
No. 1893

I don`t know if I should laugh or cry.
No. 1894
Both because I feel immensely proud of it.

I am such a retard.
No. 1895
So is GM still here? If not, then I`d like to go to sleep.
No. 1897
You can go, threads will stay on here, you can read up tomorrow
No. 1898

Just a seven minute break.
No. 1899
Its probably a really long post. but I wouldn't worry too much about it.
No. 1901
GM ;_;
No. 1902
Brb, chicken soup and D&D.
15 minutes more, that's all.
No. 1905
Fuck yes Chicken Mootle Soup
No. 1906
I like it.
No. 1907

GM... what are you really doing? That worked the first time, but everyone knows you can't play D&D or make/eat soup in 15 minutes.
No. 1909

We're not on 4chan anymore.
Which is an awesome development, really.
No. 1910
GM makes soup and rolls dice all day every day. These threads are his/her break.
No. 1911
Personal lives ITT
I have to make a fucking lecture for tomorrow on Erik fucking Erikson and am putting it off. Eventually, yeah, I'll get around to doing it, but I'm waiting on a phone call.
No. 1912
sakuya can.

But then again, she controlls time.
No. 1921
What was the point of reversing time by Sakuya when she took us to the kitchen and started asking that one question? Was it a test of some sort or was she just fucking with us? There were some speculations but eventually we didn't come to any conclusion.
No. 1925
She wanted to spend more time with us.
Tsundere for anonymous.
No. 1927
I mean, you should know it, right guys?
If a girl tells you she'll go shopping for 30 minutes... you'll know you can watch a movie or two before she returns.
No. 1929
Just fucking with our heads, trying to make us do something stupid.
No. 1930
cirno will eat all our eggs

we must feed the cirno
No. 1931
One, was already in the middle of a session. My character had to be in the spotlight briefly.
Two, canned soup.
Post forthcoming.
No. 1932

F5 like the fist of the north star, etc
No. 1934
Fuck yeah, multitasking
No. 1935
That's right, you find them in lakes not trees. Shall we go looking?
No. 1936
Lets get the hell out of here and finally go for the Rabbits i tell you
No. 1937
Tell me about the rabbits, George.
No. 1938
ADD much? lets concentrate on what we have!
No. 1939
File 120717762917.jpg - (61.81KB , 695x961 , patchy.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Y'all come back now, ya' hear?"
No. 1942
back like what with an asthma spray
No. 1944
No way.
Scarlet Mansion was already Namek.
Now we are out, i waited for this chance for like an eternity.
I want my Bunnies, but some stupid guy choose looking into the eyes.
Keines like your childhood friend from normal VN. Boring
We need more action
No. 1946
Holy shit!

I just had a brilliant thought to a problem that's been on my mind, namely: How the hell are we going to impress Remilia (or anyone else, for that matter) with our cooking again, should we be in the position to make food for them (and I'm sure we will be)? I mean, Anonymous has Unlimited Egg Works, and that's a ddownright awesome skill.
But I fear eggs can only work so long against those who have tasted them before.

To this end, I have come up with a surprisingly easy solution: Anonymous must get his hands on a cookbook. Possibly more than one.

We will have at least two prime opportunities for this:
1) When/if we go to Rinnosuke's to find an inhaler. God knows what kind of stuff he's picked up over time; he might very well have picked up one.
2) The more likely and bound-to-be-fruitful opportunity: When we return to SDM to give Patchy the inhaler (should we find one), we can humbly ask to borrow a cookbook (or better still, a book on Cooking Theory or something like that) from her library.
No. 1948
No. 1949
I think we should try and unlock more of the lake's mysteries. We need to know more about our deadliest enemy.
No. 1950

Fuck, hadn't thought of that. Wait, you're typing this in the same room as a bunch of other people playing D&D?
No. 1956
File 120717829943.jpg - (278.01KB , 602x849 , 0f8e645d5142ecaadf262ff7621dc8c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
You expound on the whole story, admittedly exaggerating on occasion. Hey, it's your story, you're allowed to look manly in it. You do leave out the part where you suggested banging Sakuya to stop the mindfuck. Yeah, you're pretty sure they wouldn't have appreciated that. Nor would Meiling have been pleased had to mentioned that you promised her alone to come back. You weren't sure if Meiling wanted you to talk about that; Naturally, you start back a bit to when you first entered for Keine's sake. Throughout the story, Cirno looks enraptured, nodding every few minutes with eyes wide, Meiling looking shocked when you described your more dangerous encounters, Keine appearing relieved that you're still alive; Even Mokou seemed to take some interest from her otherwise bothered reaction to the whole scene, occasionally raising an eyebrow.

"And that's when I finally got out." You finish.

"Hooray! See, I KNEW you would do something neat! Boom boom, you showed that maid! Are you going to make more food? We have to go back you know. Keine was waiting, but she was nice enough to make me meals, but I like watching you make it much better, she won't let me in the kitchen when she's working, she says I'm distracting, but I'm really a good helper, you'll let me help next time, right?" Cirno babbles excitedly, jumping up and down, finally off of you.

"You were in serious danger, sir." China replied solemnly. "Please, don't do such a foolhardy thing again."

Keine remains silent, but looks at you sympathetically.

"Hey. Kid. Why the hell did you go in there anyways?" Mokou asks past the other's concern and praise. You know, that's actually a good question...

[ ] "I was bored."

[ ] "It sounded neat."

[ ] "I wanted to go on an adventure."

[ ] "I wanted to visit Meiling."

[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."

[ ] "Hey, I dunno."

[ ] "I was giving Keine some room."

[ ] Remain silent, shrug
No. 1957
with cirnos help anon starts using the power of science and molecular cooking.
freezing things add infinit possibilities to ones kitchen skills.
No. 1958

Yeah I had considered that, we've got eggs as out finishing move but we still need a basic move list.
No. 1959
[ ] "I was giving Keine some room."
No. 1960
[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 1961
[x] "I wanted to go on an adventure."

No. 1962
[X] "I was giving Keine some room."
Embarrassment, and possible closed route.
Fuck yeah!
No. 1963
Hard one
[X] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 1966
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 1967
[x] "I was giving Keine some room."
No. 1968
File 120717850973.jpg - (12.93KB , 350x262 , 2029_0.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1970
And if we can find anything specializing in Asian food, we should probably snatch that up, as well.

I mean, this is Gensokyo, after all.

Suddenly, I'm trying to imagine it in terms of Archer summoning Kanshou and Bakuya into existance, but instead, Anonymous summoning an onigiri and a something else; just need to think of what that something else would be. Fried rice, perhaps?
No. 1971
[x] "I wanted to go on an adventure."
cirno route
No. 1972
[X] "I was giving Keine some room."
No. 1973
[X] "I was giving Keine some room."
No. 1974
[x] "It sounded neat."

Saying "I was giving Keine some room." would make it sound like it was her fault, and depressing Keine is not something I want to do.
No. 1975
[x] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 1976
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

We want to look -smart-
No. 1977
File 120717859195.jpg - (150.42KB , 800x600 , adventuretime.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "I wanted to go on an adventure."
No. 1978
[X] "I was giving Keine some room."

Although, I am tempted to flatter Meiling.
No. 1979
[x] "Hey, I dunno."
kinda true
No. 1980
[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."

You went after Patches, don't lie!
No. 1981
[ ] "I was giving Keine some room."
No. 1982
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 1983
Onigiri and Steam Buns.

Motherfucking Pork Steam Buns.

No. 1984
[x] "I wanted to go on an adventure."
No. 1985

It has an equal chance of showing that Anon is considerate enough to give her some room to sort shit out.

If she chooses to play the blame card, Keine route goes out because anyone who takes it that way is too defensive for Anon.
No. 1986
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

seems like a good option
No. 1987
[ ] "I was giving Keine some room." then adventure called.
No. 1988
ah i'm starting to remember ... slowly ...
[x] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 1989
[x] "I wanted to go on an adventure."

What're you talking about? China isn't inside the mansion.
No. 1990

Keine wins.
No. 1992

[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

it was my motive for staying anyway.
No. 1993
[X] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 1994
File 120717876799.jpg - (41.01KB , 1049x755 , 1203327006764.jpg ) [iqdb]

Had to be done.
No. 1996

[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside." - THIS WITH MORE ELABORATION
No. 1997
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

We needed some way to defend ourselves so a magical library looked like just the place.
No. 1998

GM you should consider increasing the number of required votes, at least to ten or something
No. 1999
Winner. I think the next closest is Adventure.
No. 2000
do we even have 10 people here anymore?
I fear for people voting double or more
No. 2002
[X] Because my hivemind voted on it.

Seriously, though, I'm going with
[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
[x] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."

Somehow work them together.
No. 2003
too many choices with little difference
No. 2004
Quick sidepath option(Holy shit, my posts are getting long for the story itself, by the way):
Increase number of required votes?

[ ] No

[ ] 10

[ ] 15
No. 2006
Tough to say on an anonymous board. This was always a risk.
Also 2000GET
No. 2008
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

Segue into looking for a cook book excuse.
No. 2010


also, I agree with you. But I think combo post for some choices would be nice, if not exactly legit.
No. 2011
[X] First Post
Like in the Beginning
No. 2012
[x] 10
If we end up moving back to /jp/, better make it 15. By the time most people have voted with 7, the winner's already been decided.
No. 2013
[x] 10

nice round number.
No. 2014
[ ] No

It's fine.
No. 2015
[ ] 10

give anon the ability to sway his fellow minds
No. 2016
[x] 10

Because sometimes this place loads really fucking slow and it gives the non f5 spammers a chance to get a word in.
No. 2017
No. 2018
[ ] 10

15 is way too much for the divisive Anon.

I'm even tempted to say that 10 is a bit much, but it may work better.
No. 2019
[X] 10
No. 2020
[x] No
but limit choices to like 4. 9 are too many
No. 2021
No. 2022
autosage just kicked in yo
No. 2023

[X] 10

I think we have less voters and that makes each vote count for more, it feels fairer this way because not everyone will update in time to get their choice heard before a 7 count. Some people will jump on a character straight away without reading and considering which detracts from more careful players.
No. 2024
Have to agree with that second bit, at least. Real visual novels don't offer so many choices, which splits up the vote.
No. 2025
Another random thought, from the author of
>>1946 .

IS there going to be a plot in all this? I mean, hell, I don't mind how it is right now. Anon crashing around and about through the lives and locales of the residents of Gensokyo is plenty damned entertaining, and I'm enjoying these threads plenty.

I'm just wondering if there's an overall plot that's going on, or some large event that will occur.
Even if there isn't going to be one, I'm happy with WUiG as it is.
No. 2026
[X] 10

or make a formula depending on the number of options
No. 2027
Anon IS the plot.
No. 2028
I dunno about a Plot, GM writes it depending on the choice, but i dont think theres an overall plot.
I like it as it is
No. 2029
[X] 10
It's closer to 9 than 7 is.
No. 2030
True, but we know there is going to be a Gala at some point so I'd say that's likely to be a major event. It'll probably resolve when it has to I suppose.

Personally I think anon should learn to cook a bit better, learn to protect himself and then travel Gensokyo learning new recipes and meeting new people.
No. 2031

I would LIKE to see this go somewhere.

However, Anon is pretty much stuck with NPC classes, meaning at best we could get some levels in Warrior.

There's really no way, Anon being constructed as he is, to do much of anything plot-wise in Gensokyo because he's so weak.
No. 2032
sounds like a bad anime
No. 2033
[ ] No

7 Takes long enough to count for confusing votes. 10 will only delay things further.
No. 2034
Also, [x]10
No. 2035
[x] Let's stay at 7 votes

I don't suspect anyone to cheat, but 7 was a good compromise between being representative and fast. If you make it 10 I just fear that double votes are more easily feasible, especially in entries with many choices. Anyway, you decide.
No. 2036
i wouldn't mind endig this on day 5 and restart with a altered plot
No. 2037
File 120717963342.jpg - (226.90KB , 1143x953 , chinasm.jpg ) [iqdb]
If the number of choices are reduced to a maximum of, say, four, there shouldn't be a need to increase the vote count. Keep it at seven, but don't offer a thousand dang choices.
No. 2038
Also, why did Anon lie about why he went to the mansion? It's a really stupid reason too.

"Durr hurr hurr, I went to the mansion full of human-eating vampires because Keine wanted some room"
No. 2039
No. 2040
Idea. Didn't we get 3 choices at the beginning of the story? There should be a separate plot for each initial choice, but sub events (like the gala) so you at least get to meet each character in a playthrough.
No. 2041
No. 2042



Seven is fine, Traffic is likely to slow down anyway.
No. 2043
No. 2044
I miss the Lake.
It hungers for us, if we leave SDM the lake cant follow us anymore.
No. 2045
find us more continues and I'd be happy to let you waste them.
No. 2046

Seems true enough to me. Keine said she didn't want us, so we went looking for other things to do.
No. 2047
if you really want to make it mathematical go with
40/# of choices + rounding off
2 -> 20
3 -> 13
4 -> 10
5 -> 08
6 -> 07
7 -> 06
8 -> 05
9 -> 04
10 -> 04
doesn't look too bad in my opinion
No. 2048

Keine was refusing to come out and talk.

Anon gave her room, and left.

It's a truth. Not the whole reason, but it's not a lie.
No. 2049

It sounds like such an asshole response though, especially considering how worried she is. I sense a slap coming.
No. 2050

He may be weak but he's the wind of change in this land, Gensokyo is self contained and practically everyone knows everyone else, anon may not be strong but he can cause ripples that cause massive changes.

Anon can alter the relationship between others making people jealous or uniting them against him. Or think how much a person changes when they're in a relationship?

At the moment we're hanging with the lesser players on the Gensokyo secene, excluding the residents of SDM, so we won't change much. But think how the place would change if Reimu fell for us?
No. 2051
That's waaaaaaay too much fucking work. GM never expected this to catch on in the first place.

If you'd like to write some alternate routes, feel free.
No. 2052
Time is an issue. By taking the first 7, it means that GM can get back to writing the next response. Things are going slowly enough as it is.
No. 2053
agreed, we should have gone with the library answer instead.
No. 2054
Or the adventure one.
No. 2056

The hell with Reimu. Bitch has nearly every damned Touhou game devoted to her; she's had enough time in the spotlight.

This is all about fringe girls.
No. 2057

Again, it depends entirely on how she takes it.

If she takes it as a genuine expression of concern from Anon (which it is, considering how many WANT the Keine route), she won't be offended. Being obsessive and pounding on the door wouldn't have solved anything, so we gave her room to breathe.

If she takes it as a "she was PMSing and I didn't want to be anywhere near her" then chances are she'd take another innocent comment that same way and the route would be a wash period.
No. 2058
If GM doesn't mind signing off on it, I wouldn't mind trying my hand at running an alternate route.
No. 2059
I'm pretty sure (s)he's already given consent for anyone who wants to to do so.
No. 2060
Nah. Lost in forest->Mari/Ali plot
Human Village->Eintei plot
Hakurei Shrine->Yukari plot
And our Cirno choice->SDM plot
No. 2061
ok then. I'm going to go over the archives again, then think of some campaign ideas, but I'd still like permission before I proceed.
No. 2062
Sorry, I only noticed the last part of your post, at first.

Good point, and well-written.
No. 2064
I too think choosing "because I want to give Keine some room" isn't exactly answering why you particularly entered SDM. It's a reason why you went out for a walk. I feel it's just being unnecessarily personal and a bit cheap, like saying "Keine hated me, so I went on a suicide trip to the SDM". Yeah, I feel you're being a bit too sentimental there anon.
No. 2065
We should ask Cirno if she can call us onii-chan.
No. 2067
No. 2068
You should ask Flandre that
No. 2069
in no way a compensation for flandre
No. 2071
Is GM gone?
No. 2072

7 minutes
No. 2074

We're "her human", which is good enough.
No. 2075
>>her BRAVE human

No. 2076
I still think [ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside." is the best choice
No. 2077
File 120718146366.png - (69.13KB , 875x960 , 119985985988.png ) [iqdb]

I like that
No. 2078

And she's our pet fairy. So it's even.
No. 2079
File 120718169371.jpg - (402.14KB , 1000x886 , 12f4bd3ca77f5391f24f0b1f1fc0338b.jpg ) [iqdb]
Keine looks away, apparently a bit hurt by your comment.

Mokou shakes her head. "No, "Mr. Dumbass", heh, although that is funny, why would you go on a fucking suicide mission? I mean, sure, when Keine is depressed you may want to commit suicide to escape her whining, but that isn't a very good reason."

"M-Mokou!" Keine stammers out, looking embarrased at the immortal, who shrugs and smiles.

"Hey, it's true. Can't blame him there."

[ ] "I was bored."

[ ] "It sounded neat."

[ ] "I wanted to go on an adventure."

[ ] "I wanted to visit Meiling."

[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."

[ ] "Hey, I dunno."

[ ] "Well, that's my excuse. Nothing more."
No. 2080
next thing we know is that we were pulled through a hole and the whole surrounding has changed while our party is gone.
No. 2081
Ha ha, good job Anon.

[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
...Because I wanted to learn some magic to better defend myself...
No. 2082

[x] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 2083
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

Ah, well. Moves us one step towards some other paths.
No. 2084
[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 2085
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

this one again
No. 2086
[ ] "The name SDM sounded neat."
No. 2087
[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2088

Mokou wins again.

[ ] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 2089
[ ] "I wanted to go on an adventure."
No. 2090
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2091
[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2092
[X] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 2093
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

No. 2094
[x] "Loli vampires. I'm all for loli vampires"
No. 2095
[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2096
[ ] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2097
[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2098
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

Anon doesn't want to be useless.
No. 2099
[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2100
[x] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

Cirno is the strongest fairy
So her human should seek to become the strongest human
No. 2101
Cirno: What would you want to look at a bunch of boooring books for?
No. 2102
[X] "I wanted to meet whoever was inside."
No. 2103
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2104
Has 10 votes.
No. 2107
[x] "I was told there was a huge library and hoped I could learn some magic so I wouldn't be such a burden on everyone."

Must. Please. Harem.
No. 2108
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."
No. 2109
I'll add another.
[X] "I was told there was a huge library in there, and there was."

See this is why people shouldn't just jump on the first option to talk to a single specific character every chance they get.
No. 2110
Nice boat end anyone?
No. 2112
so THIS is where you guys got off to...so...last I remember we were about to meet flandre. does anyone have a recap?
No. 2113
I agree with this.
No. 2114
[x] "I had this hot dream of the SDMs librarian."
No. 2115

And bless your lovely heart, Mokou.
[X] The library option (with the justifications of wanting to learn to defend ourselves AND how to further improve our cooking skills.)
No. 2116
"Well, that's my excuse. Nothing more."
No. 2117
No. 2120
thank you. I'll join in once I get caught up.
No. 2122

No. 2124
>294 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

God, I love this board.
No. 2126
[x] I was seeking the the Black Book, the Necronomicon, which was lost after the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred's mysterious death in 738.
No. 2127
wonder if this board has a limit.
No. 2128
gm will you marry me
No. 2129
File 120718275137.jpg - (212.96KB , 700x700 , c8f6724ef749af8bdb20ef6b47e961a7.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Eh? A library? You don't look the type, I guess but... Then again, I didn't think a fairy could reach a level of irritating she could." Mokou jerks her head in Cirno's direction, who flutters into the air and begins complaining.


"Whine on, girl."

[ ] "I wanted to learn how to defend myself!"

[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."

[ ] "Hey, stop making fun of Cirno!"

[ ] "I learned how to make kickass deviled eggs, I'll have you know."
No. 2131
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2132
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2133
[X] "Hey, stop making fun of Cirno!"
No. 2134
[x] "I learned how to make kickass deviled eggs, I'll have you know."

Really, what else?
No. 2135
[X] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."

No. 2136
[X] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2137
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2138
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2140
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2141
[ ] "I learned how to make kickass deviled eggs, I'll have you know."
No. 2142
[x] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."

Yeah, that's it!
No. 2143
This board has an auto-sage limit too, I guess. Just noticed.
No. 2144
[X] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."

We have to pull our weight.
No. 2145
[X] "I wanted to learn how to defend myself!"

The other choice makes you admit you are weak and thats not cool
No. 2146
200 for every thread.
No. 2147
[x] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2149
[ ] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."
No. 2150
[x] "Hey, stop making fun of Cirno!"
No. 2151

I guess the limit is ten now, but it still wins anyway.
No. 2152
Where's [x] "I wanted to learn magic so I could plan an offensive on that damn lake." ? We all know the reason why we wanted to learn how to shoot danmaku.
No. 2153
[x] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic..."

Cue Rocky training montage with Mokou
No. 2154

Oh, right, one second. Forgot.
No. 2155
Might not be so bad, seeing as we left to become stronger. its a goku shonen type thing to do, but it might salvage our earlier faux pas.
No. 2156
[x] "I wanted to learn how to defend myself!"

'...'s imply weakness. Exclamation points!
We are men.
No. 2157

WINNER: [x] "I didn't want to be weak, so I thought I could learn magic...". We wanted to be manly men.
No. 2165
One day we will be GAR and even Rinnosuke will bow to you Super Sexy Beam!
No. 2166
No Anon, you are the Kourin.
And then Anon unlocked UEW.
No. 2167
we've already begun a counter harem
No. 2168

Screw Manly. We are so Moe~
No. 2169
I smell vagina coming from this post
No. 2170
No. 2171

No. Remember what Patchy said? By my estimate, Anon will be able to light the tips of his fingers on fire and summon small rocks after 20 years of training. Our only hope is a powerful item that can turn us into a youkai.
No. 2173

What's the matter? Men can't be shy and cute?
No. 2174

>By my estimate, Anon will be able to light the tips of his fingers on fire and summon small rocks after 20 years of training.

We better start then. I want to conjure me some rocks. According to the war in the Middle East, they are more powerful than a gun.
No. 2175
Marissa did it in less and is quite a bit younger than the protagonist I'd say.

But yeah the Youkai thing is our best bet and it avoids any unpleasant "YOU DIE AN OLD MAN" BAD ENDs.

So how can we do it?
No. 2176
concerning the lack of bad ends:
why not drop the continue system. 0 continues and a G(ame)M(aster), who doesn't want to let you die because he also wants to continue the game, take away the suspense.

instead grant infinte continues, but each time you die, you have to go back - depending on the pace - 5 choices and cannot chose the same options again.

after all, the lake ends were partly responsible for YWUIGs success.
No. 2177
Like Alice's grimoire. But noooo, no one wants to bother with her.
No. 2178
i say we go the decent shounen route, like mx0. We don't need magic, we can be muscle heads and overcomer everything with hard work and guts
No. 2179

Marisa has exceptional magical potential. We have next to none, from what Patchy could asses.
No. 2180
She leaks poop
No. 2181
I like that idea
No. 2182
No. We should simply get an extra continue once in awhile for doing something smart, so that we can spend it on an amusing yet stupid bad end.
No. 2183

>i say we go the decent shounen route


Get out. Not only is that a horrible idea in a place like Gensokyo, but your grammar is horrible and your post reeks of /a/. Only not saging because it's GM's thread, and it's already auto-saging.
No. 2184
>>Our only hope is a powerful item that can turn us into a youkai.

You who seeks strength. Sacrifice yourself to me and I shall imbue you with my power." -The Lake
No. 2185
find some ambrosia, or other magical macguffin that will turn us into youkai
No. 2186
why do we need magic again?
No. 2187
They can but they can't be heroes like that, I'm trying to think of a good example.

Anon will rush around Gensokyo being the dependable clutz with the burning passionate soul and tender heart! Think late Love Hina Keitaro.
No. 2188
it seems we are becoming quite the naGARsumi
No. 2189
We don't. In fact, things are more amusing when we're helpless anyways.
No. 2190

Fail. What happens if we end up in an unwinnable situation? (sup zork)
You thought Namek was bad? We won't get ANYWHERE on a system like that.
Instead of 1 continue per day, how about a continue per scene? Examples: 1 after the library, 1 after the Flan ordeal, 1 after leaving the mansion. But if we lost a continue trying to get past a scene, we don't get the continue for it.
No. 2191
>your grammar is horrible
No. 2192

-75% of the girls aren't wooed by flattery and diplomacy.
-If we can fly, we can see other people.
-... did I mention the lake?
No. 2194

That's spelling, scooter. Also, a typo is different.
No. 2195
To be able:

a) live long enough to stay with any non humans for life

b) not be intimidated by the masses of Youkai and maybe learn to fly.


I thought Marissa was powerful because she worked at it all her life rather than natural talent, Reimu's the one who is able to slack off and still win. And aren't humans supposed to be able to grow stronger than Youkai normally anyway?

Personally I think anon should get little trinkets for completing certain tasks, stun charms or what have you, that give us limited safety once in a while.
No. 2196
if only there were something besides a youkai that we could become that is just as badass but more original
No. 2197
Let's just eat Mokou's liver and be done with it.
No. 2199
No, no danmaku shooting or flying anon. That's a terrible idea. We should remain the way we are. The story is way more interesting when we're depending only on our intelligence and diplomacy skills in order to survive rather than magic powers.
No. 2200
oh boy i can't wait until we reach SSJ2
No. 2201
>>I think anon should get little trinkets for completing certain tasks, stun charms or what have you, that give us limited safety once in a while.

Anon slowly becomes Gilgamesh.
A vault of powerful magic items
but no true skill of his own.
No. 2203
And by that logic I think forgetting to press shift when he hit "i" and accidentally adding an "r" to overcome would be typos too. Go back to class.
No. 2204
I still think Anon being powerful would be boring, and turn into POWER LEVEL!!! battles. As a weak character, we must instead think of creative solutions to problems, take the unexpected route, etc.

That's what made adventure games like Monkey Island or King's Quest so much fun.
No. 2205
become a counter guardian for gensokyo?

or use the amulet for something like merge it with our body so we become some anti-youkai being
No. 2206
We did get the amulet. don't forget that guys. we didn't come away from SDM empty handed.
No. 2207

You mean a Gundum pilot?

Off to see the Wonderful Kappa of Gensokyo.
No. 2208
No. 2209
You know, jumping onto a path that could turn us into a youkai might be a good idea. Longer lifespan, more survivability and probably many other things. I mean we already met Remilia, and according to Perfect Memento, Remilia's power to change fate could result in a human being turned into half-human-half-youkai. I think we're making good progress.
No. 2210
Don't forget luck. Ungodly amounts of luck.
No. 2211

I agree to an extent, we shouldn't end up on par with the other characters. But we should be able to rely on our self at times as well, just enough power to maybe run away or something. If we get in trouble we should have a better option than "lol rock" but not "MASTER SPARK" more like "smoke bomb and run!"
No. 2213
To be fair, you guys have one shot left, and there are plenty of bad ends that were availible.
You guys just haven't messed up through all of day 4.
No. 2215
No. 2216
How much time is left in Day 4?
No. 2217
still has the flaw that you will survive everything with 0 continues. look at the flandre passage. gm helped us a lot there, not only with extra confirms but also story-wise.
No. 2218
maybe since we have been exposed to so much gensokyo magic and stuff we get some cool powers?
No. 2219
Actually, occasionally I toss in confirms whenever you do something it looks like everyone else wants to retcon, not when you look like you're going to die.
Although it's previously been why.
No. 2220
That'll take year.


Is there another choice coming soonish? I may opt to go to bed if it's going to be a while. Not knocking you or anything it's just me.
No. 2221
our hair slowly starts to grow and radiates a yellow aura
No. 2222
Again, I feel that increasing our powerlevel only means that we can BRUTE FORCE our way through situations, rather than going for more creative solutions.

As another example, that's why I liked the start of Hunter X Hunter; the characters weren't the strongest, but figured out creative ways to solve their problems that didn't involve POWER LEVEL BATTLE!!!!!
No. 2223
I guess I can agree with that kind of thinking. Not necessarily magic though, I don't like the idea of using magic. We could use the terrain to our advantage for example.
Hell, I guess we all can come down to some kind of an agreement. As long as we won't end up casting genki dama on our enemy or some other hax powers
No. 2224

It's only tougher at the beginning where you shouldn't be dying that often anyway, as long as GM isn't as gygaxian as I originally expected.

The decision to become youkai or not should be left as a plot point much later in the game. You wouldn't want to live that long if you're aiming to go after a human character right?
No. 2225
Also, would you be offended if I restarted a cheap taiwaneese knock off version? or would you prefer to keep it under your control?
No. 2229

I'm voting this as a "Good...?" End
No. 2231

Being a Keitaro in Gensokyo will get you killed faster than you could blink. Unless Keitaro-immortality is part of the deal.
No. 2232

We should visit Rinnosuke's shop for useful items we can use, being from the other world we could probably spend some time helping him out for items or gifts.

There's an idea, buying a PS3 for Kaguya or a DS for Meiling.
No. 2234
Meh...We're doing well?

We're Kaiji, not Akagi.
We should be barely surviving half this shit, making eggs and getting a job for it, and plot armor is just...meh.

Wheres the good "OH GOD WE'RE GOING TO DIE" Options? We haven't had one of those since Flandre.
No. 2235
The Lake is near. It will strike soon enough.
No. 2236

Bah... no... more...VNs. Geez, they were springing up on /jp/ at the speed of light.
No. 2237
It's the lull before the storm.

Besides there has to be some semblance of progress.
No. 2239
If we learn to fly, Cirno won't carry us anymore.

Do you really want to not be carried by Cirno?
No. 2240
Take a shot.
Saying "Screw you bitch" to Remilia isn't suicidal?
No. 2241

I think he means thinly vieled ones that we'd be tricked into picking.

Now quit fishing for ideas to use against us and follow it up.
No. 2242
yet, it was obvious that "Screw you bitch" wouldn't win. not that thrilling.
pad options on the other hand were riskier
No. 2243

NO. Do you really want the game to get harder? Someone in FUIG wanted it harder; it got fucking rediculous FAST. Think of this as less Interactive Fiction and more a Visual Novel.
No. 2244

We're mildly safe at this point. Until we go back in the mansion.
No. 2245
400 posts.

we should start a new thread. this is getting hard to navagate.
No. 2246
This thread is taking too long to load. Please make a new one soon, GM.
No. 2247
May I direct you to the http://www.touhouproject.com/th/res/1677+50.html ("Last 50 posts") option?
No. 2248
I have to set it every time I want to view the thread, though, which is a real pain.
No. 2249
mokou is already planing to kill us. only inside the sdm we can feel safe now.
No. 2250
I second the notion of a new thread.
No. 2251
Right I'm too tired to go on, it's 2.38am here. Please don't fuck it up guys, stop with the Keine love 'cause I get a bad feeling about her. Be nice to China if you leave before I get back and have a little fun with Cirno. If you get the chance go catch me some of my beloved rabbits.

No. 2252
File 12071864954.jpg - (109.13KB , 496x675 , yuyukostuffed.jpg ) [iqdb]
Magic schmagic. We should focus our energy towards becoming the GREATEST GOURMET CHEF IN GENSOKYO.

The best way to avoid being murdered by youkai is to make ourselves an irreplaceable resource. It worked for Rinnosuke, why shouldn't it work for us?
No. 2253

7 min
No. 2254
Rinnosuke is half-youkai.
No. 2255
Lets go Adventure
We need to get more for our harem.
Sakuya is nearly ours too
No. 2256
No. 2257

And has Marisa on his side. And lives in the Forest of Magic. We could too if we went after Alice.
No. 2258
New thread inc.
No. 2260
DETAILS. It's not like we'll able to defend anyone.

If Anonymous is really worried about not being useless, we should visit Nitori and get equipped with SCIENCE. (Just hide the amulet so she doesn't try to reverse-engineer it.)
No. 2262
wait what
No. 2263
She's more of a leech though, just like Reimu.

You know what would be really bad? If Marisa's last sentence was "Well, I never knew Sakuya used pads!" and proceeded to spread the word to everyone in Gensokyo. We might get knifed in our sleep if we aren't careful.
No. 2264

Youkai Mountain. Bad. And that's assuming Nitori wouldn't run off as soon as she saw us. If Aya were with us it'd be a different story.
No. 2265
File 120718699413.png - (49.78KB , 400x527 , 1204529488520.png ) [iqdb]
No one wants dumb BAD END options while we are trying to cling to life through this story. Thats what the VN is for.

That reminds me. Hey GM, do you mind looking through the Day 3 Eientei path and sending me any ideas or oppinions? (options 2 and 3 will lead to it)
No. 2266
I'd be more concerned if Flandre asks Sakuya what Mr. Dumbass meant when he said she uses pads. Which seems more likely.
No. 2267
Now that i think about it, we didnt see Aya yet.
Need more Aya
No. 2268
I agree wholeheartedly.
No. 2269

7 minutes.
No. 2270

There's a chance she'll be at the gala, if we make it that far.
No. 2271
She didn't seem to think much of the comment, so I doubt that'll happen.
No. 2272
Oh wait, I just figured out that "inc." there is short for "incoming" instead of the standard "incorporated." Right then.
No. 2274
The time. Tomorrow, 2 PM EST. Nice and early.
And I'll be on time.
Save Slot 3, Card 2?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No
No. 2277
Two sounds fine to me.
[ ] Yes
No. 2280
[x] Yes

Eeeeeh, I have a client meeting to attend. Don't screw up, Anon.
No. 2281
[X] Yes

Night GM.
No. 2282
[ ] Yes

Also, we need to see about getting you unbanned and maybe hijacking /book/ or something for this.
No. 2284
[X] Yes
Ill be here
No. 2285
[X] Yes

Night, GM.
No. 2286
Good night, sweet prince.
No. 2288
Aw man, I've got class then! ;_; Be nice to China and ⑨, Anonymous.

[x] Yes
No. 2292
11 AM pst for me. I'm only here because my vacation plans changed and I'm stuck home for a week.
No. 2293
Fuck, I just got here and it's already over.

At any rate, the strongest has acknowledged us as a brave human. Does that make us officially the bravest in Gensokyo?
No. 2297
File 120718836424.jpg - (27.57KB , 799x598 , AngraMainyuLake.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So, now that you've overcome almost certain death and returned to us alive, what will you do now?"

"I'ma gonna take a swim!"
No. 2305
So I just woke up, and read everything.
Man, I already love this board.
And >>2297 would be an awesome thing to do
No. 2308
Interesting fact
For the last two days, this board has recieved roughly 1.3 times the activity of /touhou/
No. 2317

It's their loss for snubbing YWUIG.
No. 2343
fukken saved for VN project.