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...um. Hi. Yeah, starting YET ANOTHER STORY. Hope you enjoy. This one's actually a collaborative effort, so we're going to be keeping each other on the ball, writing-wise We're going to be actually listening to HY's advice, and not waiting for votes. When we write, we write.



You rest contentedly on a fluffy cloud as you relax, enjoying the simplest of pleasures as you bask in the warmth and light of the sun. Ah, the sun, so grossly incandescent. Like a wondrous mother.

Through the hazy fog of your dream, you feel something pulling at you calling, you away from this lazy paradise. But...who are you?
You feel your awareness of self returning to you.

That's right....Nebosa. You are Nebosa.

Well...that's your name, at least. But what sort of person are you...? It floats back to you, as the fog clouding your thoughts slowly fades away...

Yes...young. You remember that. You are young, aren't you? And...happy. You've always hated...conflict? Yes, and not much else, come to think of it. Yes...Peace. You love peace. And you love it when everyone just gets along.
You smile softly, as your foggy mind drifts along, thoughts fading away before snapping back into focus. ...Something important was supposed to happen soon, you remember.

....Something big.

....Oh. Your birthday was today. You're 1X, now. That means something...


....Your journey!

You were going to leave home! That's right! You were going on your traditional journey out into the world, to see all of the wonders and beauty that lie waiting!

To meet interesting, new people, and make friends! And, of course, your best friends in all the world will be there beside you. You grew up together, after all - of course you'll all leave together.

...Satisfied, you begin to drift away once more.

You feel something pulling at you again. Pulling, pulling....

Wait, someone is actually pulling on your cheeks, ooooooowwww...!

You open your eyes, even as they fill with tears. "Ow, ow, ow!"

Before you, you see... One of your two greatest friends in all the world, nodding, happy to have awoken you.

....Oh. Oh! You need to get ready!

[ ] Ghost in the Resonance
[ ] Forgotten Sorrow
[ ] To Far Away Times
[ ] Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World

No. 166744
[ ] Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World

Oh boy, here we go. I have high expectations for this.
No. 166745
>We're going to be actually listening to HY's advice, and not waiting for votes. When we write, we write.

sounds like people with lives are going to be SOL in terms of voting.

And just what are we voting for here?
No. 166746
[x] To Far Away Times

Let's see how long this story will last.

One thread at worst and three threads at best.
No. 166747
[X] Ghost in the Resonance

Let's see how this new story will advance
No. 166748
[ ] To Far Away Times

No. 166749
Hmmm...I'm guessing that these options correspond to our starting Touhoumon. I'll just post my idle speculation.

1.) Yuyuko? Mima? Youmu? YuugenMagan? Not sure...
2.) Really not sure...Hina? Koishi, maybe?
3.) Sakuya? Maybe a PC-98 character?
4.) Murasa? Yukari, maybe?

Eh, [x]Forgotten Sorrow
No. 166750
[X]Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World

Chrono Cross reference? Good choice. I'm guessing this is ffor a Seihou as our starting Touhoumon. Go Cactus Energy!
No. 166751
In a perfect world, nobody would vote for a new story by a writer with 3 currently dropped stories.
No. 166752

Oh, he's not a new writer? I probably didn't ready any of his previous stories, then, as I have no idea who he is.
No. 166753
[X] Ghost in the Resonance

>touhoumon story

I knew my knowledge of this fangame would come in handy someday.
No. 166754
[x] Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World

Because of what >>166750 thinks this is, among other reasons.
No. 166755
Neither would they for writers with 10x as many dropped stories yet they do.

I'd vote but I have no fucking idea what the votes mean. Picking something that sounds close to what you want is no way to vote.
No. 166756
Three is nothing.
No. 166757
File 136633096196.jpg - (692.92KB , 768x1024 , 85a02a4146a24b4532a0bf029972c18c.jpg ) [iqdb]
...You stare up at the nodding figure above you before Mima descends upon you, dropping her ectoplasmic lower half onto your face and smothering you in this nightmarish marshmallow hell of soft, pliant...ghost flesh?

"Ackpffth...!" you manage, as she blocks up your mouth and nose - she never seems to get tired of these sorts of surprises, does she?

You struggle futiely against her as she smoothers you for a long moment, until your struggles begin to weaken slightly. Finally, she floats away from you, releasing you from your experience that nearly brought you to heaven!

Mima, your chibi friend, floats around you with a smug look on her face as puts about the room. Apparently that will learn you to not wake up when she wanted you to wake up, boy.

You sigh, unable to resist a smile anyway. "Sorry, Mima." You apologise, "I guess I almost overslept, huh?" You pop out of bed, bustling around to get ready quickly - luckily, you made sure to pack the night before, but there's still so much to do...

Mima grabs you by your collar and gives you a tug, an annoyed look on her face as she starts to try and drag you towards the door and downstairs, the delectable scent of a massive breakfast reaching your nose as her ghostly tail corkscrews furiously to try and propel the both of you.

Oh...they must have gone out of their way to make you a big breakfast to celebrate your big day! You can smell the meats, eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, and everything else from all the way up here now.

Your stomache rumbles, and you privately admit that some food DOES sound good - the last-minute preparations you were making can wait. It's time to eat. You laugh as you allow Mima to drag you out of your room, and down to the sumptuous breakfast that had been prepared for you. She drags you out of your room and downstairs, to the dining room where you are shoved down into your chair and Mima wastes no time quickly taking her own place and filling up her plate with the assembled pancakes, waffles and other sugary foods.

The quiet pitter patter of feet comes from the Kitchen as your other beloved childhood friend enters, carrying a jug of orange juice which she places with a thump on the table before you, turning her level gaze onto your chest and staring in your general direction as she slowly slides an empty glass in front of you. One of her crumpled ears twitches in irritation.

"Ah." You smile sheepishly. "Thank you." You pause. "Well, you didn't need to do all this," You gesture at the table. "I would have helped!"

Her unwavering stare at your chest states that she has noticed that you haven't gotten your orange juice yet, sir. Also, you have a sneaking suspicion that she and Mima wanted to let you sleep in so that maybe...this could all be a wonderful surprise for you? How nice of them! You haven't had a meal this big since...

...Since Mom went to go be with Dad last year.

Subdued, you pour yourself some orange juice.
"There." You say, and begin to load your plate, with perhaps a bit less enthusiasm than Mima - but it's hard to match her enthusiasm for anything, even on a good day.

Your crumple-eared caretaker stares at you for a moment longer before nodding her praise and removing her fluffy chefs hat from atop her head and hopping off back to the kitchen to put it back where it belongs. Soon enough, she returns and hops up into her own seat and, far more sedately than either of you, eats her own impeccably balanced breakfast.

,..The house feels quiet, doesn't it? It's hard, even after so long, not to turn, and expect to catch a glimpse of your mother, walking through another room, or sometimes you'll catch yourself listening for the quiet clink of dishes from the kitchen, as she neatens up.... It's been tough, since she left, but...

Your bittersweet recollections are briefly interrupted as you realise that Mima seems to have flown off somewhere, leaving her side of the table well and truly devastated. Your other friend seems to still be slowly working her way through her own breakfast, he gaze focused firmly on the table in front of her as she does so.

You look down at what's left of your own meal.

[ ] ...You're not hungry anymore.
[ ] No use dwelling on the past.
[ ] ...What's Mima up to now?
No. 166758
[x] ...What's Mima up to now?

Are the mons in this gonna be based off 1.5 or 1.8?

I've been waiting for a story like this
No. 166759
[X] No use dwelling on the past.

We have a glorious future ahead of us.
No. 166760
>...Since Mom went to go be with Dad last year.


[X] ...What's Mima up to now?
No. 166761
[X] No use dwelling on the past.
No. 166762
[ ] ...What's Mima up to now?
No. 166763
[x] ...What's Mima up to now?

Is the other person/thing a Tewi or a Reisen?
Pokemon adventure GO!
No. 166764
[x] ...What's Mima up to now?
No. 166765
[x] ...What's Mima up to now?
No. 166766
File 136634553367.jpg - (22.71KB , 400x400 , 600804eece8e7d29a4c1818683329ffc.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Mima? Where'd you go?" You love that girl dearly, but you've learned, over the years, that to leave her unsupervised is just asked for trouble. ...Also that she's completely unconcerned with your scoldings - and that your mother was the only one who could ever get her to behave, honestly. But she's usually a lot more reasonable as long as you keep an eye on her...

You hear the sound of rustling and clanking coming from somewhere else in the house. Not too far, so she must still be on this floor! You're probably going to have to go looking for her, knowing that girl. ...While you were distracted, your tablemate has stolen away the right to clean up, having already carefully stacked up the plates, bowls and glasses in a single pile and carried them off, her bon-bon tail swaying as she walks with a subtle swagger.

...She wins THIS time...

You sigh. You HAD been planning to at least HELP clean... Shaking your head, you start off in search of that troublemaker. First stop will have to be the storage closets - she can get into all sorts of things, in there, and you're not even sure just what half the things in there are.

You quickly begin your masterful, careful search of your home, checking the storage closests with care, given that there are some very fragile things in them. The ones that have your father and mother's effects are untouched. The storage room that holds the holiday decorations is equally untouched, as you move to check the one that contains all the old clothing and toys that your family never wanted to throw away, you are stopped by a noise coming from...

...From your Mother's Office.

And from the Kitchen you hear the quiet clinking of things being carefully cleaned and put away.

You pause.

Mima's...in Mom's office? You hesitate at the door, hand on the knob. You were never allowed inside, before Mom...left. And you could never bring yourself to enter, after. Biting your lip, you listen for a moment, hoping you were wrong.

But...no. From inside you hear nothing for a long moment before you hear the sound of a drawer being opened and closed shut.

You take a deep breath, unsure how to feel about this.

[ ] Knock. "...Mima?"
[ ] ...Enter.
[ ] ...walk away...
No. 166767
[X] Knock. "...Mima?"
No. 166768
[x] ...Enter.
No. 166769
[ ] Knock. "...Mima?"
No. 166770
[ ] ...Enter.

Why not?
No. 166771
[X] ...Enter.

Steel your soul.
No. 166772
[x] ...Enter.

Hmm...what's she up to?
No. 166773
[X] Knock. "...Mima?"
No. 166774
[X] Knock. "...Mima?"
No. 166775
File 13663532228.jpg - (204.98KB , 600x750 , 6a00d8341c858253ef00e54f4393588833-640wi.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take a deep breath, steeling yourself... and you push the door open, stepping inside.



Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Your mother kept a lot of clocks. There's dozens of them, all over the walls and on the shelves and desk. All of them set to different times for different cities and places all over the world! Some of them are stopped, and they've got names of people or places written on little plaques next to them.

Aside from all those clocks, the rest of the space in the room is taken up by pictures. Pictures of you and your mom and your lives together, and even a few of Dad.

You see that Mima looks towards you with an expression of shock on her face as she hides something from you behind her back. The fact that she is conspicuously floating in front of what you're sure is your mothers desk is...not suspicious at all.


"Mima..." You say, even as your eyes are focused on the pictures. Tock. "What are you doing. In here." You feel your throat close up a little.

In one of the pictures your Mother holds you against her in a hug as she takes the picture herself. The both of you smile up at the camera, happy as can be.

In the next, she holds both you and the newest addition to your family at the time together, and the two of you give each other 'rabbit ears' so you can all be a matching set.

The next in line is a picture of all of you sitting together on the swing chair that's hanging from the old Ash tree out back. Mom had set the camera timer and then zipped over to sit with you all so you could all be in that one together. Reisen and Mima are both trying to force each other out of your lap as Mom watches on, looking blatantly amused at your predicament as the two squirm.

Mima actually frowns, and looks behind her before she calls out for Reisen, you quickly hear come scampering down the hall. She pokes her head in, ears drooping from the angle she's at, as she stares at the wall past the two of you. You pick up one of the pictures - one of the ones with Dad in it, with trembling hands. ....You can't say a word, as you stare.

....Dad's been gone for a long, long time.

...A very long time.

You feel Reisen's hand slip into one of yours and give it a squeeze as she stares accusatorily in Mima's general direction.

Mima herself has floated over in your direction and is guiding your hand to put the picture gently back down. Gingerly, carefully, the two try ot ease you back out of the room, each of them having taken one of your hands with their own.

...You notice, after a while, that your face is wet. ...And you're sitting at the table, the girls on either side of you. ....How long have you been sitting here...? Reisen is standing up on her chair, using her neckerchief to dry your tears and wipe off your face while dutifully looking away from you. Mima meanwhile is sitting next to you holding a letter in her hands. On the latter you can make out a familiar handwriting marking the date. ...One of Mom's notes? It's marked for today!

...You take it, hand just barely shaking. you open it carefully, and stare at the note for a long moment before your eyes can focus well enough to read it.







...She signed it the same way she always did.

...You sniffle a bit, but...you can't cry. Mom...she's proud of you. You stand, carefully folding the letter, and make your way to the front of the house, where you throw on your jacket - the special one you got just for your journey - and tuck the letter into a pocket.

...It's time to go.

[ ] Route 13 - The Grassroads
[ ] Route 34 - Outskirts of the Great Forest
[ ] Route 66 - ...the main road.

These are the three paths that lead to Hakutown, the nearest settlement of any real size - your own home, with only three other families within several miles, is too small to even be named.

While you'd like to take the opportunity to see some of the world, even before you finally arrive in town, you suppose there's something to be said for the speed of the main road.

...Even if, for you, it's not about the destination even half as much as it is about what you can see on the way.
No. 166776
[x] ...Enter.

I'm too curious to let her realise that we are here and stop doing what she's upp to
No. 166777
[x] ...Enter.

I'm too curious to let her realise that we are here and stop doing what she's upp to
No. 166778
[x] ...Enter.

I'm too curious to let her realise that we are here and stop doing what she's upp to
No. 166779
Sorry, my submit button didn't work so it seems my spam clicking resulted in 3 of the same vote
No. 166780
[x] Route 13 - The Grassroads
No. 166781
[X] Route 66 - ...the main road.

New adventures awaits!
No. 166782
[X] Route 34 - Outskirts of the Great Forest

Obviously the most scenic. It even has great in the name.
No. 166785
Why are we forgetting the polite thing to do?

[X] Visit the three other families that are the closest thing you have to neighbors and bid them farewell before your journey.
No. 166786
[X] Route 34 - Outskirts of the Great Forest
[X] Visit the three other families that are the closest thing you have to neighbors and bid them farewell before your journey.
No. 166790
[X] Route 34 - Outskirts of the Great Forest
[X] Visit the three other families that are the closest thing you have to neighbors and bid them farewell before your journey.

We should at the very least let them know.
No. 166793
[x] Route 34 - Outskirts of the Great Forest
No. 166794
File 136638105711.jpg - (77.12KB , 850x531 , sample-5ea6eb148a359f5741e11f61a06c6a10.jpg ) [iqdb]
Route 34...You've heard whispers about it before. People say a lot of things about it, but they seem to be careful not to say anything in specific when you're around. When you asked Mom about it she just got wistful and talked about your father for a while and 'hours and hours'. From the sound of it, it must be one of the longer routes that lead to Hakutown, but it also looks incredibly scenic from what you've heard of it and seen from a distance! Now that you've finally got the chance, maybe you should take it and see something new!

At either side of you, your friends glance at each other, or in the other's general direction, as the case may be, before looking back at you curiously.

"It'll be fun!" You reassure them, confidently. You've had some time to get your mind off of things, and you're smiling widely. "It's always great to see new things, isn't it? I mean," you add, I know I'll have to be careful of the wild Touhoumon of the forest, but it shouldn't be too much danger, right?"

The way Mima bursts out into cackling laughter and falls out of her chair assures you that you've reassured her that everything is fine. Reisen, for her part, simply stares at your chest for a long moment, dull disbelief on her face until she shakes her head and sighs in resignation. She always was the cautious one. You pat her reassuringly on the head.

"It'll be fine!" You start walking. Of course, you should at least try to stop by and say your goodbyes to your 'neighbors'. Only two of them are on your way though - you'll have to be satisfied with that. The other lives all the way out near Route 13.

Your first stop is at the house of Mr. Bronx. He was always a really nice guy, and his Yuugi was pretty great too. She told you she'd teach you something fun when you were older, even! ...You wonder, briefly, if you're old enough now.

As you approach Mr. Bronx's home, you notice Mima's gotten her staff out and that Reisen is cracking her knuckles noisily...

"...Come on, guys, we're not at the forest yet." You laugh nervously, wondering what's got the two of them so on edge. You glance around, wondering if they saw something...

You don't see anything out of the ordinary at all, actually...except that Mr Bronx has a note on his door and all the windows are shut tight instead of being open for a beautiful day like this! ...The note says: "Gone on a journey to do it all in all the places all over again. Please stop delivering the Milk."

Mima snorts in amusement at your side while Reisen relaxes, her hands dropping back down to her sides.

You nod, thoughtfully. Looks like he's gone out to relive his memories, you guess. Prove to himself he's still got it and all those other cliches, huh? Probably gonna challenge the gyms or something. Well, you guess Yuugi always loved that sort of thing. ....Is there a booze gym? Seems like the sort of thing she'd enjoy.

"Okay." You nod. "I guess he's not here, so we should just keep going."

Well, the next stop on your way out of your home 'town' is convenient at least! Wilheim Jenkins is a few years older than you and lives in a little house right next to where Route 34 is. The house was his fathers until he left a few years ago, and Wilheim lives there by himself now.

He's a really nice guy, if a bit out of it sometimes. The weirdest things seem to set him off and make him zone out, like that Egg Beater incident. ...Which, of course, meant that whenever she had the chance Mima would set off one of his episodes and start laughing at him.

You pass over the hill and can see his house in the distance now, the small 3 room building out standing like a beacon in this sea of not-so-tall grass. It really is incredibly close to the Forest too.

..Yeah, Mima should probably not come up to the door with you, you reflect, as you approach the building. You want to leave him with a positive impression, after all.

As you're coming up to the door, you can see that it's not just unlocked, but ajar! It flaps slowly open and closed in the gentle wind. Inside the house you can see that it's...very, dark inside. Hmm...

...You draw to a stop. This isn't normal.

[ ] Go in. Be careful.
[ ] Send Mima in.
[ ] Send Reisen in.
[ ] ...He probably just forgot to close his door properly when he left. That's all.
No. 166795
Hey, writefag, would you mind putting the winning vote at the top of each of your posts? It makes the the story a whole lot easier to read or browse through without tallying up the votes mentally.
No. 166796
[x] Go in. Be careful.

Bravery! Go!
No. 166797
Sure, no problem.
No. 166799
[X] Knock on the door and see if there's a response.
-[X] After all, he probably just forgot to close his door properly when he left or came in. That's all.
--[X] If he's not here, you should go in carefully to check that the place hasn't being robbed or anything, then close the door properly behind you so that the door at least looks like it's been locked.

Because we ought to be good neighbors, and help look out for Wilheim's house for when he comes back. Because it's not like he's not coming back.

No. 166802
[X] Knock on the door and see if there's a response.
-[X] After all, he probably just forgot to close his door properly when he left or came in. That's all.
--[X] If he's not here, you should go in carefully to check that the place hasn't being robbed or anything, then close the door properly behind you so that the door at least looks like it's been locked.
No. 166814
File 13664159213.jpg - (68.08KB , 850x531 , sample-e05c624cabff0aaea4ea139fe430bb3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
You cautiously step forward, reaching out with one hand to rap on the doorframe.
"Hello?" You call out, "Wilheim? Are you home?"

From inside of Wilheim's home you hear nothing but the wind and the sound of his house settling, creaking and groaning as if it were alive itself. The sound of the wind whispering through the leaves in the nearby forest is the only other thing you can hear.

Mima floats closer to you, taking up a position on your right as she holds her staff in front of her. Reisen remains where she was on your left, eyeing the forest with an unreadable expression on her face as her ears twitch erratically. You've received no response from anyone inside the house. It doesn't look like there's anyone home...

You bite your lip, and step forward, swinging the door open and reaching for the light switch. You should at least make sure he wasn't robbed or something...

The lights of his house flicker on and you're greeted to a scene of horror! Of Chaos! Of...


...absolutely nothing being out of place, at first glance. Wilheim's home looks a bit small, but very cozy! He's got one big room that's divided up into a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, and a door leading to the rest of his house that's ajar just like his front door was.

Reisen grabs onto your pants leg with one hand as she eyes the room, her expression as unreadable as always. Her ears are pointed straight up as they can be, and twist this way and that.

Mima meanwhile has simply floated into the room and pulled out an egg beater, and quickly begins to work it at high speeds. ...Bringing her was likely a mistake.

The house, meanwhile, is silent. You rest your hand on Reisen's head, as you glance around. ...The room...LOOKS fine, you suppose, as you make your way to the next door, leading deeper into the house, and swing that open as well.

His bedroom is a bit sparsely furnished, but he has a massive bed that looks like it's even bigger than Mom's! The bed itself is a mess, the covers torn off it and dragged towards the...

...open window facing the forest.

Carried by the wind, you hear the distant sound of Wilheim's voice as he cries out in what must no doubt be fear.

"....Wilheim....!" You gasp. "We have to save him!" You declare, looking over at your friends with a determined expression. "We can't just....leave him out there!"Mima and Reisen share a look with each other, one which you fail to recognize the meaning of, before they both look back to you.

Reisen stares at your chest and conveys her opinion of just how stupid she thinks the idea of chasing after Wilheim, in the middle of THAT Forest when he could be anywhere in it by now, is.
Mima's expression is one of...smug amusement, like she knows something you don't and isn't going to tell you what it is. You've seen that look before.

You falter. "But..."

After a moment, you turn to look out the window again.

[ ] "We HAVE to help!"
[ ] ....It wouldn't do any good to chase after him now...
No. 166815
[ ] "We HAVE to help!"



Because that smile Mima's got is either an 'I know something you don't' smile, or a 'What Will You Do, Boy' smile.
No. 166816
>not Wilhelm



No. 166817
[x] "We HAVE to help!"



One does not simply ignore a "flag".
No. 166819
Because why waste time and breath stating the obvious?
No. 166820
[X] "We HAVE to help!"

This can't possibly fail.
No. 166823
[ ] "We HAVE to help!"


No. 166824
[X] "We HAVE to help!"

This cannot Possibly go wrong!
No. 166825

Why do I get the feeling we're going to be walking in on Wilhelm and his Yuugi "deepening their bond as a Trainer and Touhoumon"?

No. 166826
you're mixing up Wilheim with the other neighbor.
No. 166839
File 136648157165.jpg - (164.04KB , 479x640 , 1328677293253.jpg ) [iqdb]

Way to go.


TOUHOUFACTS: Your daily dose of interesting and helpful facts about Touhoumon! Brought to you by ShameiHata Publishing.

No. 166840
[x] "We HAVE to help!"

...He's going to turn out to be with his girlfriend or something, isn't he?
No. 166841
Aw, come on man, badending us at the... what, third option already? That's Nasulogic right here, writefag. At least give us a little warning. But being honest, that little bad end scene was alright.


And I'm guessing this doubles as Taiga's Dojo, then?
No. 166842
What the hell. Meh, as long as the surprise bad ends are like this.

[X]Fact #1
No. 166843



[x] Fact #1

I guess.

No. 166844

Your Touhoumon and You.

So! You've just left home, started on a journey of self-discovery or something of the sort. You probably already have a partner to take with you on your journey as well! This is absolutely vital! Wild Touhoumon will prey on humans who travel alone without the protection of a loyal touhoumon themselves. Remember, if you're in an area that is known to be inhabited by wild touhoumon, such as the Great Forest of New Continent, running off on your own is tantamount to suicide.

Now, while you're on your journey you're likely to capture new touhoumon to add to your party. While the World Government instituted limit to your party is a maximum of six touhoumon, it is recommended for more novice trainers to limit themselves to lower numbers, as it takes charisma and skill born from experience to manage that many willful touhoumon, as explained in Doctor Dre's most recent article "Trainin' Ain't Easy: A Treatise on Group Relations and small-scale Organinisation".

Try Again:

[ ] "We HAVE to help him!"
[ ] ....there's nothing you can do now....
No. 166845
[x] "We HAVE to help him!"
-[x] ..."Right?"
-[x] ..."What's with that look?"
No. 166846
[X] "We HAVE to help him!"
-[X] "Come on you two, if we can't save our neighbor this close to home the journey ahead will be tough."
-[X] "Think of this as training."
No. 166847
[X] "We HAVE to help him!"
-[X] "Come on you two, if we can't save our neighbor this close to home the journey ahead will be tough."
-[X] "Think of this as training."
No. 166850
[x] "We HAVE to help him!"
-[x] ..."Right?"
-[X] "Come on you two, if we can't save our neighbor this close to home the journey ahead will be tough."
No. 166851
Failed my sage, derp.
No. 166862
File 13665605314.jpg - (311.80KB , 606x725 , 01f727d4b1862833f7a8ea74d06572c1.jpg ) [iqdb]
"We HAVE to help him!" You plead, "...Right?" You look between your two old friends.

Reisen's stare is unchanging and level, and perhaps a touch annoyed as you make a tactically inadvisable decision before she lets out a quiet sigh and nods, agreeing to try her best to help you save Wilheim from whatever situation he's managed to find himself in.

Mima's smile simply grows as if you said exactly what she expected to hear, and making her insufferably smug as you proved her right. So, at the very least she'll probably come along and help just so she can gloat or make Wilheim have another breakdown.

"If we can't even hel-" you begin, sure that you'll need to convince them further, "...oh." Right, okay, guess not. "In that case, let's go!" You head for the window, the shortest path toward Wilheim, and the most likely to get you there in time.

As you squirm out the window you feel a small pair of hands give your ass a firm shove, sending you tumbling out it and onto the grass below. Reisen hops out the window and lands next to you lightly as Mima casually floats out the window herself, looking completely and utterly innocent.

You shake you head, smiling despite yourself. That Mima really just can't an opportunity for mischief go by - it's good to see that she, at least, isn't too worried about what you three are getting yourselves into. Patting yourself off, you climb to your feet.

The three of you quickly troop off into the big, bad Great Forest's outskirts, completely intent and focused on saving Wilheim from a fate worse than death. Or just the fate of death. What could whoever taken him have wanted from him? Wilheim's not a rich guy or anything, and his home was almost completely undisturbed. Maybe they're going to ransom him?

You notice that Reisen has stopped suddenly, and she's nealt down to examine the damn earth of the ground. Her hand brushes over the leaves and twigs that cover the forest floor before she stands back up and marches off in a different direction than the one your group was moving in before. Mima floats after her, holding you by your collar and tugging you along.

"I can follow her just fine!" You protest, struggling a little. They may be small, but Touhoumon sure are strong, huh? Mima gives you a look that suggests she expects you to do something foolish like run off on your own if she lets go of your collar. Which is completely ridiculous really. You know how dangerous it is to go where touhoumon live if you don't have any of your own!

Reisen picks up the pace, running up to a small tree and carefully running her hands over its bark before she changes directions again, her pace quickening as she marches along far more quietly than you're managing to. Mima, being that she floats, is the quietest of all.

You hear Wilheim cry out in panic and fear. He's nearby now, you can tell!

"Wilheim!" You gasp, quietly, "We need to hurry!" You urge them on.

Your friends do not especially increase their pace though, even as Reisen flexes and unflexes her hands and Mima pulls her staff out from...wherever she keeps it. You never did figure out where she holds all the stuff she has. You pass through a large bush, shoving it's prickly branches out of the way and...

You find Wilheim.

The poor fellow is on the ground, his clothing torn and in a state of extreme disarray as he struggles to his feet, trying to gather himself.

"Ah! Aha-haha-ha..."He laughs disjointedly, obviously pushed too far from his trying experience,"Nebosa! Hi, uh..." He places his back on a tree as he flaps his hand at you in a shooing motion,"Funny seeing you here! What are you doing out in the woods! Didn't your mom tell you not to come here?"

"Are you alright?" You ask, worried for him. "I stopped by your house to say goodbye, but the door was open, and I heard you screaming..."

"I was, uh..." His eyes lock on a spot over your shoulder,"Extreme hiking! Yeah! It's a new craze that's sweeping the world! You have yell a lot, it's to, ah, challenge the world and stuff! You know, really invigorating!"

"But it looked like you got dragged out the window...?" you're not entirely sure. "And anyway, coming out here alone?! That's crazy, Wilheim!"

"Uh, well..." His eyes dart left and right. : "Run you fool!" He cries out, rushing towards you only to trip and fall,"It's too late for me! Get out of here and save yourself! You're too young for to be condemned to a fate like this!" He urges you desperately,"Just-"

"Ahahahaha~!" A voice laughs delightedly,"So you're the one who was making all that noise~? I guess she's done with you, huh?" A winged girl hops into the clearing, an amused smile on her gace as her golden eyes look down at Wilheim before sliding over to you,"Ooooh! And a two for one deal! Today's my lucky day!"

"..." Wilheim makes a sort of quiet whimper, like a kicked dog.

Reisen immediately puts herself between you and the newly appeared touhoumon, but...

This Mystia is already evolved to her normal state! Your Mima and Reisen are still just chibis!

You swallow. This...could be dangerous. You've got her outnumbered, but she's probably stronger than your girls... And you don't want to fight anyone, especially not on the same day you're leaving home. That's like, bad luck or something.

"Well then, little boy..." The Mystia plants her boot on Wilheim's back, pushing him down onto the forest floor,"What are you going to do now? If you run away, I probably won't bother to chase after you." She promises as she buffs a hand on her chest,"I don't want to break a nail on one of your pets skulls after all." Mima actually looks offended at that, and has let go of your collar and is casually tapping the shaft of it against the open palm of her other hand, staring pointedly at that stuck up obnoxious evolved bitch who thinks she's better than her. Reisen simply stays where she is in front of you, hands held loosely at her side as she stares directly at the Mystia, daring her to make eye contact.

"...I'm not just going to leave him." You say, straightening. You hate, hate, hate fighting, but...if you have to, Reisen and Mima certainly seem to be willing. And to just leave him there...that would be terrible.

"Oh?" She gives you and your party an amused, superior look, "Well, if that's what you want, I'd be happy to show you a good time~!" She hops off of Wilheim, driving him into the ground with a groan as she starts to stalk towards you, her clawed fingers tensed,"Once I've dealt with your friends, we'll make sweet music together~!" She promises, her tongue running over her lips as her eyes rake over you, making you feel dirty.

Mima grabs onto your collar and pulls you back and away from the advancing touhoumon while Reisen holds her ground, a hint of anger on her normally impassive face as she stares at her larger opponent.

"Time to say good night!" The Mystia yells as she Slashes Reisen!

...But the attack misses!

Reisen had moved forward at the last second, avoiding the slash and closing the distance on her opponent. She clenches her hand into a fist as a black aura flares into existence around it, and then slams it into the larger touhoumon's gut in a leaping uppercut. The Mystia has a shocked and surprised expression for the brief moment you can see her face before she is promptly blasted into the air and sent flying off and out of your concern.

Reisen shakes the last lingering wisps of darkness of her hand before buffing it clean on her shirt. Mima meanwhile simply huffs in annoyance that she didn't get the chance to do anything this time around.

You sigh in relief. "Phew..." You begin to relax. "That...that was easy enough." You grin over at Reisen. "Good job. ...You alright now, Wilheim?" Reisen looks faintly proud of herself, you think, as Mima floats over and pats her on the back in a congratulatory manner and congratulates her on the distance on that last hit.

Wilheim groans and starts to force himself to his feet,"I'm...I'm fine. Just...don't mind me." He mumbles, rubbing his back where he'd been stomped on,"Never seen that bird before." He remarks quietly, turning to look in the direction the misfortunate Mystia had been sent flying.

"You need to be more careful." You shake your head. "Anyway, I was coming by to say goodbye."

"Huh?" Wilheim says gracefully,"Oh, right yeah, uh... " He sort of shrugs and pats you on the shoulder,"That whole coming of age spiritual journey thing? Good luck with that." He says, "Have fun getting those badges." Suddenly, he looks up, his eyes widening as you hear the sound of an egg beater starting up.

"I wasn't going to... Mima!" You scold, turning to glare at the little ghost. But...she actually has no egg beater in her hands, and looks as surprised as you do at this turn of events.

An orb of darkness blasts through the clearing, the sound of an eggbeater coming from it as it heads off in the same direction Wilheim went.

"...What?" You have no idea how to react. Mima seems equally as shocked and surprised, and stares off after the orb with an expression of...vague disgust?

Reisen carefully takes both of your hands and starts to walk you away from the clearing you'd been in and back towards...somewhere. Probably the path knowing her. Very responsible rabbit. You let yourself be led away - you...GUESS they know each other?

Wilheim lets out a single, horrified, strangled scream and that sends the birds flying into the air.

And then you hear nothing.

...you're brought onto what appears to be the path through these parts of the Great Forest, and Reisen stops her forced march and turns to look at you, staring at your chest questioningly. She wants to know what you want to do now.

Well...You should probably get going, right? Not really much else to do at this point - you've said your goodbyes, you're at the path...seems like the natural thing to do.

And so you set off down the path, to new friends, to new adventures, to a whole new step of your life!




It's been an hour now since you started walking, and you're really, really bored. This is boring! Reisen's taken her spot by your side and is staring straight ahead as she walks, her ears bouncing up and down with each step. Mima flutters about here and there and everywhere, apparently trying to find amusement for herself. Just now, she came back and shoved an empty touhouball she found into your hands, looking fairly proud of herself.

"....Thanks." You tell her. You mean it, too - even if you don't plan to catch any more Touhoumon, these balls aren't exactly cheap - and of course a shop would be happy to take it off your hands. Mima puffs up even further, now looking decidedly proud of herself rather than just a little proud of herself. You laugh, and ruffle her hair.

It's probably been a bit over three hours since you started walking down this road, and you're feeling extremely thankful that Hakutown is so close by compared to any of the other 'surrounding' cities. It's a four hour trip there on average, and you're just now getting to the point where you're seeing signs of civilization. You've passed by a few small houses built in the forest or at the edge of it by people like Wilheim who prefer their privacy and living away from others, and way off in the distance you can make out the peaks of the biggest buildings in the city. Hakutown isn't a small city, but it's also not a very big one. It doesn't even have an official touhoumon gym.

Suddenly, someone sprints out onto the path in front of you! A boy a bit younger than you strikes a dynamic pose and points an accusatory finger at you.

"Hey you!" He yells, clutching a touhouball in one hand,"We made eye contact just now, so you have to battle me!" Reisen is looking off to the side, but you notice her droop as she lets out a quiet sigh. Mima meanwhile seems to be incredibly excited.

"...I'd rather not?" You hazard.

"...I...what?" He seems to be at a loss as to how to respond, before, "Well, too bad! You have to! Those are the rules! You can't turn down a challenge from another trainer! It's not allowed!" Mima is practically vibrating wth excitement at this point, clutching onto her staff with both hands as she starts to float closer to you, staring pointedly at you and then back at the boy.

You sigh.

...It looks like there's no getting out of this...

[ ] Mima, do you want to take care of this?
[ ] Your turn again, Reisen.
[ ] "HOLY CRAP! IS THAT YUUGENMAGAN?!" Run off while he's distracted. IT CAN'T FAIL.
No. 166863
[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

I wonder what that thing that attacked was, I doubt it was the Mystia.

That and if this goes off of Touhoumon stats, a Chibi Mima isn't at that bad of a disadvantage against a normal Mystia considering Mima's one of the stronger 'mons while Mystia is one of the weaker ones, good in support only.
No. 166865
File 136656496968.png - (222.28KB , 308x500 , i_liek_shorts.png ) [iqdb]
>"We made eye contact just now, so you have to battle me!"
>Nebosa's FW.

[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

Gotta level up all our Boneka with the same care. Overleveling only one of them will give us problems in the future.

Oh and by the way, the technical name for "touhoumons" is "Boneka". Then again, Boneka are supposed to be automated dolls, not living beings. I suppose the little creatures are a bit different in this setting?
No. 166866
[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?
No. 166868
[ ] "HOLY CRAP! IS THAT YUUGENMAGAN?!" Run off while he's distracted. IT CAN'T FAIL.
No. 166870
[X] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

Bloody constantly-challenging trainers...
No. 166871
[x] Mima fight!
No. 166873
[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

Well, she seems pretty eager.

And I will always wonder what just happened with Wilheim.
No. 166874
[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

We better get the hang of the combat system now.
I guess Mima is dark/ghost and Reisen is psychic/normal, and about level 3~5, right?

Also, what the fuck just happened with that guy at the forest?
No. 166875
I'm guessing that he was just attacked by a Rumia with an eggbeater.

[x] Mima, do you want to take care of this?
No. 166878
[X] Mima, do you want to take care of this?

Yeah, when Mima gets This Excited? Best to let her have fun, or else We might get messed with later.
No. 166879
File 136659288269.jpg - (111.30KB , 850x756 , sample-88e5de14523dc48df99721f86f3fa90f.jpg ) [iqdb]
You REALLY hadn't wanted to have to do this...
"...Mima, do you want to take care of this?" You ask, with a slight sigh.

Mima excitedly agrees, squealing with happiness as she gives you a hug and then floats towards the poor boy who isn't aware of what he's just brought upon himself. Reisen meanwhile simply takes up position at your side, watching the executioner take the stand with faint interest on her face.

"...Hey, shouldn't you be keeping them in their balls or something?" The Kid points out as he pulls one of his own balls off of the belt holding his shorts up.

"Nope." You reply, simply. You suppose you COULD go into depth, and explain your motivations, and just what you think about keeping Touhoumon in balls all the time, and how long you've known these two anyway, and so on, but...

That might take a while, and really you don't feel like explaining. You don't really like this Kid anyway,

"...Well, fine then!" He snaps, apparently offended by your response. He strikes a pose and with an unnecessary amount of flourishing he throws the red and white ball out in front of him, and it releases its precious cargo. The light solidifies and reforms into a blond girl wearing a blue dress. Oh, a Chibi Alice! You've seen one of these before, when it was sneaking around the outside of your house a few years ago. The adorable girl gives you an equally adorable curtsy as she smiles, holding her book against her chest with one hand.

You smile back at her. "Hello, there." You nod. "...Mima, you're up, then." You glance at her. "Alright." Mima casually floats towards the girl, stopping a respectful distance from her and cocking her head to one side as she observes her, causing the Alice to tense up in preparation for the inevitable attack!

...Which is apparently not especially inevitable as Mima yawns, bored, and relaxes backward, leaning on her staff as she stares dismissively at her opponent, not even bothering to keep up the pretence of a defense.

This understandably offends the Alice, who growls cutely at your Mima and unleashes a barrage of psychic power that distorts reality around your friend!

....and...the attack seems to have been absolutely ineffective!

Mima spreads her arms wide as if to say 'Well, what is it' and invites the Alice to attack again. Alice does so, unleashing more and more of her confusing psionic display to the same effect as the first had had. Which is to say, absolutely none. Her trainer watches with a completely gobsmacked expression.

"What!? No way, no one's ever taken her Confusion attacks before! Nobody in my entire class could beat me!" You sigh.

"Don't throw her into a fight she can't win." You shake your head. "Mima's immune to those kinds of attacks, you know? You need to be a bit more careful."

"Don't you tell me what to do!" He yells at you like a petulant child, going so far as to shake his fist at you.

Meanwhile, Mima, apparently having had her fill of watching Alice flail about uselessly with her attacks, moves to put an end to the fight. She feints one direction, causing the Alice to jump another to try and get out of the way, before unexpected swinging around after her now defenceless opponent and bringing her staff down on her head.


The Alice stumbles backwards, clutching her head where she was struck. Mima meanwhile simply spins her staff and then points the moon on its tip directly at the poor Alice. The sunlight seems to fade out for a few moments as the Alice flails about wildly as a shadowy fog bursts forth from Mima's wand and consumes her rapidly.

The sunlight returns and the fog fades, revealing that Alice appears to have fainted. You shake your head, slowly.

"Well, that's that." You say, simply. Man, that poor Alice never had a chance. "You did well, Mima." You can at least congratulate Mima, even if you do feel bad about how things went - that wasn't fair at all. Mima is decidedly proud of herself as she saunter-floats back in your direction, a swagger in her ectoplasmic hips. That Boy recalls his Alice back into her ball and replaces it with another one.

"Don't think this is over, I've still got touhoumon on me!" He insists, throwing out that next ball and releasing a Floating White Puffball that looks really sleepy, and like it doesn't want to be here. It opens its mouth and let out a squeaky yawn.

You drop your face into your hands.

"Don't hurt it too badly." You groan, softly.

Mima observes the White Fluff Ball, and expression of disbelief and offence on her face.

"Now, hit her with a tackle attack!" That Boy orders, pointing at Mima.

...You sort of want to cry. This kid...

The White Fluff Ball floats at a modest pace towards her and then bounces off of your friend completely and utterly ineffectively. Well, wasn't that something?

Mima swats the thing out of the air with her staff and starts smacking it a few times while it's on the ground, each blow dragging a pathetic squeak out of the miserable creature. She's stopped only when That Boy recalls his fluff ball into it's ball.

"You..." He seems shocked, horrified and awed at the way your touhoumon completely and utterly destroyed his own team with minimal effort on their part,"...I'll get you for this I swear!" He yells at you one last time before dashing off in the direction of Hakutown.

...Oh hey, he dropped his wallet!

"What a pain." you grumble, retrieving his wallet from the ground. You guess you'll just turn it in to the police or something, you decide. No need to be a jerk.

...You know though, there's a lot of cash in this wallet. It's nearly pouring out of it really. I mean, with this kind of money you wouldn't need to worry about potions or antidotes, or food, or really much of anything in the way of supplies for a long time, as long as you don't say, go on some kind of wild shopping spree. Maybe...

[ ] Money? What money? The wallet was empty when you found it.
[ ] He probably doesn't know EXACTLY how much cash he's got. He won't miss a little...
[ ] That's stealing. No.
No. 166880
[x] That's stealing. No.

We are not thugs or thieves. We are honest, law-abiding individuals.
No. 166881
[X] Money? What money? The wallet was empty when you found it.

Well that kid was a jerk this is the least he deserves.
No. 166882
[ ] He probably doesn't know EXACTLY how much cash he's got. He won't miss a little...

I'll be taking exactly half....
No. 166883
[x] That's stealing. No.

If only for the reaction of the police for us actually turning it in...
No. 166884
[x] That's stealing. No.

We shall be known as the non-mugging trainer. Truly a Legend.
No. 166885
[x] That's stealing. No.

I want to come up with something witty to say, but I can't.

Anyways, I guess it will be somewhat amusing to try to give back the wallet. After all, I doubt that the authorities normally encounter a case in which a trainer honestly wants his winnings to be returned.
No. 166886
[X] Money? What money? The wallet was empty when you found it.

It's what Mima would do.
No. 166887
>>We shall be known as the non-mugging trainer. Truly a Legend.

[x] That's stealing. No.
No. 166889
[x] That's stealing. No.
No. 166890
[x] That's stealing. No.
No. 166891
File 136661161468.jpg - (450.99KB , 666x931 , 935c5022cb3bac18c2b1793877ad1624.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyway, a note: it looks like we'll be updating at the very least twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening, since we have opposing schedules; I'm a third shifter and my co-author is a normal person.


[x] No. That'd be stealing.

Nah. That'd be stealing, after all. You carefully tuck away the fallen wallet, to keep it safe, and look over at Mima.

"Good job, Mima!" You congratulate her. "They didn't give you any trouble at all, huh?"

Mima puffs out her chest proudly. Of course they didn't give her any trouble at all! She's superior to anything some little school boy could possibly bring to bear. She's certainly better than some tome using hussy who can't appreciate a proper staff.

With that little problem out of the way, there's nothing to stop you from continuing on your journey into Hakutown proper. As you approach the place, the roads gradually become better and better cared for until you finally enter the town proper and have a paved road to walk on. Hakutown is pleasantly busy, the buzz and chatter of people going about their business reaching your ears without being overwhelming.

Well, of course, first thing on your list is to turn in this wallet. After that, though, there are a few options you'll have to consider.

As you march off in the direction of the police office, which is easy enough to find thanks to the plentiful signage and straightforward city plan of Hakutown, you notice that you seem to be garnering looks from population that you can't read well. More than a few of the trainers you see focus their attention on your friends as you pass by them. Oh...right, Mima's species is really rare around these parts, and Reisens aren't exactly common either. Thankfully for your sake, and, frankly, for the sake of everyone else, since Reisen was starting to get a bit antsy from all the attention she was under, you find the police station before all too much time goes by.

"Okay, here we go." You nod, marching right up to the doors and walking inside, looking around for a desk or something to deliver the wallet to, and tell them what happened.

Thankfully, you soon manage to find an available officer. The fellow is sitting behind his desk, chatting with the Suika who is next to him in her own police uniform,"So I was thinking of going to O'Dailleys for lunch since we haven't-, oh hang on." The officer cuts his conversation with his co-worker short and turns to you.

"Can I help you with something, son?" He asks you seriously. The uniformed Suika leans over the desk to peer at you as well, before quickly ending up in a staring contest with your Mima.

"Ah, um." You produce the wallet, still stuffed full of cash. "Yeah, this kid dropped wallet? And he just ran off, so I couldn't get it back to him, so I figured I should come turn it in here?" You do your best not to fidget under the gaze of AUTHORITY.

"Oh?" He remarks, taking the wallet from you and examing its contents as the Suika listens intently to Mima as she tells her the story of her latest victory. Reisen meanwhile has thankfully settled down and seems far happier in this building than she was outside on the streets.

"Well now Son." He places the wallet behind the desk and leans forward, focusing all of his authorityness on you as he speaks, "Why don't you tell me just how you came across this wallet. All the details, if you would."

"Well," you swallow, suddenly nervous. "I was walking down Route 34 into town, and this kid jumped out and challenged me to a battle. So, um, we did, and I won, but he ran off, and his wallet must have fallen out of his pocket or something?" You're at least intelligible, which is good. "So I thought I should turn it in, so he could get it back?"

The Officer stares at you, looking positively dumbfounded. In fact, every officer in the station, human or otherwise, that was withing earshoot is giving you the exact same look. It's as if you'd just said something completely impossible to them to get that kind of reaction.

"Okay, so..." The officer you were talking to speaks slowly,"I just want to clarify son. You were challenged by a trainer and he lost...and now you're turning in the money he dropped when you beat him?" He asks. Mima, meanwhile has now gathered an audience of numerous touhoumon who listen to her story, apparently amused by her over the top descriptions and mockery of That Boy.

"Well, yeah." You reply, matching his look blankly. "It'd be pretty awful to just lose your wallet like that."

"...You do know that since he challenged you to a battle, technically you have the rights to a portion of his money on hand, right?" He asks for clarification again, looking at the overly full wallet,"We've gotten reports of this kid causing problems for other children or picking fights around town in no battle zones." Mima is now relaying how she unleashed a terrifying Shadow Ball to level the poor Alice and everything within 30 meters of her.

"That doesn't look like it's only a portion." You point out. "And besides, I didn't really want to fight anyway." You shrug. "So I thought I'd try to get it back to him."

"...Right." The Officer shares a look with the uniformed Suika at his side,"Well, then..." He reaches under his desk, rustles about with something and then hands you a small but not insignificant amount of money,"Well, here. Take this as a...'good samaritan' award." He states,"And if you see that boy again, tell him that if he doesn't come to me, I'll go to his house and have a word with his mother about his behavior." He tips his hat to you, "I'd appreciate it." Meanwhile, Mima has wrapped up her explanation, and the various uniformed touhou around her break into amused applause at her story telling. Mima herself puffs up in pride from the praise she's receiving.

"Oh." You say, accepting the money awkwardly. "Well, uh, thank you, sir." You nod. "If I see him again I'll be sure to let him know. And, ah, thank you again?" You smile, a bit, and start to move away, back towards the door. "Mima?" You make sure she's coming with you - she can get distracted sometimes, after all, and it wouldn't do to leave her behind.

"Just doing my duty." The officer says gruffly as he adjusts his hat,"Now get going. If you don't hurry you might miss that Yakumo Corp special event that's happening at that big store of theirs." He helpfully informs you.

Mima turns her attention back to you and flys after you, waving goodbye to her newfound uniformed friends. Such great listeners.

As you head out the door, you hear the officer you spoke start his conversation back up, "Anyways, I wanted to know if there's anything you wanted, Sooey."

Well, where to next?

[ ] Shopping - You need to pick up some supplies.
[ ] You're awfully hungry - It's about time to eat, isn't it?
[ ] What's this about a Yakumo Corp. event?
No. 166892
[x] What's this about a Yakumo Corp. event?

Welp, it'll probably be useless gadgets or something. Or maybe a Team Rocket (or Touhoumon equivalent) attack!
No. 166894
(X) food.
No. 166896
[X] You're awfully hungry - It's about time to eat, isn't it?
No. 166897
[X] You're awfully hungry - It's about time to eat, isn't it?
No. 166900
[x] What's this about a Yakumo Corp. event?
No. 166901
[x] What's this about a Yakumo Corp. event?
No. 166902
[x] What's this about a Yakumo Corp. event?
No. 166904
File 136664411921.jpg - (197.27KB , 800x600 , 1df9f528df581ff496d2c4a3825089f8.jpg ) [iqdb]
What's this about a Yakumo Corp event, you wonder? And if you're likely to miss it, well, you suppose you ought to go investigate it first. It's not like you won't be able to get a meal later for some strange, contrived reason.

Confident that everything is going to be just fine, you decide to head off to visit the Yakumo Corp store in this town. Between the sheer amount of helpful signage in this town and the fact that the Yakumo Corp store is one of the biggest buildings in town and has a giant glowing sign with its symbol on top of it, you don't have an especially hard time finding your way to the building.

What you do end up having trouble with is the sheer amount of people that seem to be crammed into the area around the store. There's gotta be hundreds of people all standing here, milling about and waiting for whatever's going to happen. What kind of store event gets this kind of turnout anyway?

You look around for a few moments, before picking someone who doesn't seem to be doing anything in particular and walking up to them. "Um, excuse me? What's going on?"

The man you spoke to turns to face you,"Whaddu'ya mean what's goin' on?" He asks, speaking in an accent you can't identify,"It's time for da big show. The Revelation. What we're going to see here iz gon' blow our minds for decades to come and further more-"

"The Yakumo Corporation is generously giving away a rare touhoumon to a capable trainer as part of promoting a new line of products." Another man cuts into the conversation. This one is a distinguished looking fellow, wearing a sleek black suit and keeping his white hair and moustache perfectly groomed and in place. He adjusts his tie as he continues,"There's only one, so I would imagine that most of these young fellows will be going home disappointed."

"Oh, a rare touhoumon?" You ask, curiously. "Wow. I hope I get to see it!"

The old mans lip's quirk into a smile, "Oh, I'm certain that you'll get the chance to, my boy. Yakumo Corp is talented at showing off if nothing else." He informs you as the crowds noise starts to die down as someone steps up onto the stage they've set up in front of the store.

...You can just barely make out the man who's speaking, as the crowd continues to keep up a dull murmur even during the presentation. Another Yakumo Corp employed carries an ornate looking touhouball out on a red and gold pillow and stands next to his associate. The MC gesticulates wildly as his voice gets louder and they release the ball which lets out a show of lights and colors and...

...Apparently nothing?

The crowd is beginning to get agitated, the majority of them seeming to wonder just what is going on.

You're just wondering what this weird weight that's settled on your head all of a sudden is.

Automatically, you start to look up. "...Mima?" You ask, thinking the ghost has decided to perch on your head for a better view - nevermind that she can fly.

Mima is floating to your side, staring at the top of your head with a frown on her face as she glowers at whatever is on top of your head for the crime of being there. Reisen's ears are twitched in your direction as she tilts her head slightly, trying to see what's up there without running the risk of making eye contact with you. Whatever is on your head shifts around, making your hair into a better pillow, before letting out a positively adorable yawn.

"...Um?" You're confused. "Hello?" despite your efforts, you are consistently thwarted by the impossibility of looking at the top of your own head.

The thing on your head shifts, and whoever was on top of it slowly slides into view. A curtain of blond hair blocks your vision as it cascades down around you and a set of violet eyes stares at you in an accusatory manner for interrupting her nap before it even got started.

Around you, it seems like the crowd has also gotten around to noticing what's going on as they begin to get agitated.

You meet the annoyed gaze with an innocent one of your own. "...Hello." You greet their owner. "...I...hope I'm not disturbing you?" You try, although, perhaps it may ring hollow when she's building a nest out of your head. You're sincere, at least, even if it does sound a bit sarcastic.


The eyes stare at you for a moment before the girl on your head pats you on the cheek and slides back up, making your hair back into her pillow before letting out that same cute yawn and mumbling something as she tries to sleep.

"Well now my boy." The older fellow at your side adjusts his tie as several other men in suits start to break up the crowd and make a path leading from you to the Yakumo Corp building,"It seems that you're today's lucky winner. Would you kindly accompany this old man to his master? She wished to speak with whoever won the competition."

"...What? Competition?" You're rather totally lost. "...Oh!" You suddenly realise, "Is this the Touhoumon that was supposed to be in that ball?"

"Indeed." The old fellow agrees,"And this was no mere 'give away' event. I would be happy to explain it all to you, but..." He turns his gaze onto the now decidedly agitated crowd and watches as some of them begin to yell about the unfairness of it all. "It would be best if we were to do that inside, I believe."

You swallow, nervously. "...Um. Yeah. Inside sounds good."

"Follow me then, if you would." The old man tells you as he starts off down the path that was made for you by the grim faced men in black who struggle to keep back the agitators in the crowd long enough for you to get safely inside.

Mima floats at your side, constantly glowering at the newest resident of your head and trying to set her on fire with her mind, which is impossible as she's not a fire type and can't learn fire type moves. Reisen for her part seems to be as unflappable as always as she walks at your other side, but you notice that her ears seem to be drooping. Maybe all the noise is getting to her?

"That was..." You search for some way to describe it. "...A thing." Now that you're safely inside, you turn to the old man. "...What's going on?"

"When Yakumo Corp said that we were going to be 'giving away' a touhoumon to a lucky trainer to promote our new line of luxury products, we were not exactly saying the purest truth." The Old Man explains to you,"Rather, the point of this was to aid the young lady on your head in finding herself a new home and partner. We were never going to give her away at all. Rather, we were bringing her to a large concentration of prospective trainers, and out of all the ones here, she chose you." The Old Man informs you as he holds out that luxurious touhouball that your new friend apparently came from, "Congratulations my boy."

...Numbly, you accept the offered ball, even as you protest.

"...Me?" You fidget, trying not to disturb the girl on your head even as you do. "...That can't be right."

"Oh, no, it's quite right, my boy." The Old Man assures you with a smile, "She's chosen you because she saw something in you that caught her interest." He informs you.

"...Gracious me, where are my manners?" The Old Man speaks again, suddenly changing the topic,"I've forgotten to introduce myself in my old age." The Old Man bows to you in a gentlemanly manner,"My name is Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth. It's a pleasure to meet you, my boy."

"Um. I'm Nebosa. I'd, bow, but..." You indicate your passenger awkwardly. "...And I don't know what about me she could find interesting, anyway..." you mutter, with a quiet sigh. You take a moment to examine the touhouball you were given, trying to avoid embarrassing yourself in further conversation.

The touhouball is of the finest craftsmanship. It is decorated with etched symbols in a language you're not familiar with, and is made of a material different from any other touhouball you've ever seen. It menaces with golden ridges running along the top of the ball.

"Well young Nebosa." Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth smiles,"I'm quite certain she must have seen something. Perhaps your modesty." He suggests idly as he turns and walks over to a non-descript portion of the wall and places a hand on it...and the wall sinks in where his hand is, and a nearby portion of the wall slides open like a door, revealing an...elevator? Mima continues to huff and puff at your new friend, and Reisen is staring at the elevator that seemingly was hidden where no one would be able to find it normally.

"...Where are we going?" You ask, suddenly becoming aware that you won't just be heading into like, a back room or something. Well, you honestly didn't know what to expect, admittedly, but still, this is certainly beyond what you would have guessed.

"Milday has requested to meet with whoever won the favor of the young Yukari perched upon your head." Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth informs you,"If you would be willing to meet with her of your own will, I'm certain she would be delighted to speak with you."

....He could have been creepier about it, you admit, but that was still a pretty strange way to put it.You hesitate for a moment, before stepping forward. "Alright." You agree. "I'll meet her." ...You've never really met with anyone important before. You're pretty nervous.

"Wonderful. Milady will certainly be delighted." Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth responds as you and your cadre enter the elevator,"Going up." He informs you as he pulls a lever on the floor of the elevator back and you begin to ascend.

Mima meanwhile has taken up position on one of your shoulders, sitting there with her arms crossed and glaring right at the apparently napping CYukari on your head. She's really taking this whole 'napping on your head' thing personally isn't she?

You sigh, softly. "Mima." You say, quietly. "Get along." You purse your lips. "Besides. You always preferred my shoulders to my head anyway." Surely the reasonable light of logic and reason will help you here?

Unfortunately, however, your ill-conceived attempt to use the light of logic and reason on a woman who's angry backfires on you as this simply results in Mima focusing her glare on you. Oh, is that how you like them? You like them blond and non-euclidean monsters when they're sleeping on your head, huh?

...Reisen is thankfully a bastion of sanity and normality as she stands placidly at your side, her ears perked up and listening intently to the quiet around you all.

The doors open up with a ding, and Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth steps out of the elevator and gestures you forward,"Milday shall be waiting for you at the office at the end of the hall." He informs you.

You break your blank, confused stare at Mima, completely at a loss, and shake your head to clear it - gently, to avoid disturbing your passenger."...Right. End of the hall..." You start walking, looking around, curious despite yourself... What's a building like this like, anyway? You've never been in one before...

Luckily, the scenery does not disappoint. The building is very much sleek and modern. All white walls and chrome decorations. It looks and smells like the future, really.

...Also the carpteing is nice and plush. It must be cleaned regularly.

...Unfortunately, at the end of the hall, you find that there is not one door, nor two...but three doors. But...but which is the right one?

[ ] Left
[ ] Middle
[ ] Right
[ ] Wrong
[ ] Dennis
No. 166905
[X] "Yukari, got any idea?"
-[X] Knock and see who answers.

Now now, this might be a touhoumon game, but that doesn't mean we need to randomly barge in like everyone else does!
No. 166906
[x] Middle
No. 166907
[x]Whatever wins.
-[X] Knock and see who answers.
No. 166908
No. 166910
[X] Middle
-[X] Knock first.

Important people like to be in the center.

>The touhouball is of the finest craftsmanship. It is decorated with etched symbols in a language you're not familiar with, and is made of a material different from any other touhouball you've ever seen. It menaces with golden ridges running along the top of the ball.
Would those symbols happen to be dwarven runes?

>Sir Charles Wulfrich Reinbacher the Fourth
Once is fine, but constantly refering to him by his full name disrupts the narrative flow. Sir Reinbacher is an acceptable shortening.
No. 166911
[X] Middle
-[X] Knock first.

Well, it's technically at the very end of the hall. Also, there's no reason for us to be rude.
No. 166912

Let's see what's behind door number two.
No. 166918
[X] Middle
-[X] Knock first.

Well I sure hope she, uh, fights when the time comes.
No. 166941
[X] Middle
-[X] Knock first.

When in doubt, go straight ahead.
No. 166945
[X] Right

Tidepissing for the Right Hand Rule.
No. 166947
[x] Left

Tidepissing for the Left Hand Rule for KNOCKING DOORS DOWN.
No. 166951
[X] Middle
-[X] Knock first.

END of the hall, not right nor left I guess.

>The touhouball is of the finest craftsmanship. It is decorated with etched symbols in a language you're not familiar with, and is made of a material different from any other touhouball you've ever seen. It menaces with golden ridges running along the top of the ball.

Dwarves, TOUHOU dwarves how is anyone ALIVE anyways?

>You like them blond and non-euclidean monsters when they're sleeping on your head, huh?

I like this mima.
No. 166952
File 136667650030.jpg - (38.03KB , 400x300 , incoherentrage.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update tonight due to FUCKING GODSDAMN BEARS. Will get it finished up in the morning.

fuck bears.
fuck them and their destroying everything.
No. 166955
File 136667964662.jpg - (71.26KB , 752x1063 , SB.jpg ) [iqdb]

Well fuck you too.
No. 166956
File 136668043790.png - (537.29KB , 600x725 , 3eb2ec1a5e4556c6fb9843abd6685f0e.png ) [iqdb]
In the spirit of >>166952, I propose that we begin posting images of bears in disadvantageous situations. I'll start.
No. 166960

Could only think of this.
No. 166962
File 136668372157.png - (66.12KB , 854x875 , 81cebc8eac377470ed84d43dd548751b.png ) [iqdb]
Is that so?
No. 166963
File 136668414616.jpg - (172.95KB , 900x720 , Yuyuko carrying a Bear.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hello everyone. I am Nobody of Importance, and I am a collaborator of Rye's to help with the story. From what I've seen there are a few points that need clarification, some due to errors on my part, and a few questions people wanted to ask as well.

I am here to help with those. If there is anything you want to ask and a point you want clarified that's been covered in the story so far, feel free to ask it and I'll answer it as much as I am allowed to.
No. 166966
[X] Right

The MC/Nebrosa appears to be pretty lucky even before getting the Yukari, starting with a CReisen and a CMima, the latter of which are particularly strong compared to most and with the Ghost/darkness combo, many things aren't a threat.
No. 166976

Are we on 1.5 or 1.8 rules?
No. 166979

In terms of typing, statistics and movesets I'm mostly working off of a mixture 1.5 and Touhoumon Blue version, since they're the ones I'm most familiar with.
No. 166986
anything of that blue has different than 1.5? I figured it was 1.5 based when Alice was mentioned to use psychic attacks (1.8 uses entirely different typing)
No. 167008

The differences aren't major from what I remember, mostly a slightly different move set on a few of the touhou. If you know 1.5 you'll be just fine though, don't worry.
No. 167010
File 136672490422.jpg - (231.66KB , 850x1062 , sample-6e8df4f645fb7942541ce8707bef061f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taking your choice of doors, you step up to the one in the middle, knocking. You crack it open, "Hello?"

"Come in." A woman's voice calls out to you from inside the room, and you immediately follow her order, stepping into the room in question. To your left, is another door, and to your right is another another door. It...looks like they all lead to the same place.

The Yukari on your head shifts slightly, letting out a rather bored sounding yawn as she wakes up. Mima meanwhile has all but glued herself to your shoulder as she stares at the person who called you into the room, fully intent on protecting her claim on your body. Reisen meanwhile seems to have...shifted behind you?

The room you are in is a fairly sizable office with a massive window spanning the entire wall of one side of the room. Directly in front of you is a large, wooden desk and a highback chair that is currently facing away from you.

"So...you're the one she choose, hm?" The woman asks, curiously.

"I...suppose so." You reply. "I guess I don't really know why, but...she did." You fidget uncomfortably.

"Hm..." You hear her hum thoughtfully as she turns her chair around to face you, revealing the stunning beauty in the chair. Her golden eyes and stunning blonde hair. She's...

...definitely a Yukari, but...she doesn't look like any other you've heard of before, and her presence is something else entirely. You're not quite sure how to put it, but you can... 'feel' something from her that's completely stunning in a way that goes beyond her looks.

"I am Yukari Yakumo, and I am the Owner and CEO of Yakumo Corporation." She introduces herself with a small smile on her face, "And you are Nebosa."

"Um." You nod. "Yeah, I am." ...Yukari Yakumo? Owner of Yakumo Corp? ...She's, uh. a LOT more important than you had thought.

She stares at you for a long moment before her eyes glint knowingly and her smile grows,

"Ah, I see now why she picked you." She steps around her desk and sashays towards you, her footsteps muffled by the plush carpeting. The strange Yukari kneels down in front of you and reaches a hand towards your face, that smile of hers drawing you in like a moth to the flame...

...And then the pain in your cheeks as she pinches them brings you back to reality,

"You're just so adorable!" She enthuses cheerfully, still pinching your cheeks,"Why, I almost want to take you home myself!"

"Uhm." you reply, eloquently, completely shellshocked at not only the mood of the encounter, but by this important important person. And her pinching your cheeks and calling you 'adorable'. How are you even supposed to react to this?

Thankfully, she lets go of your cheeks before the go numb, though you can feel your cheeks stinging quite painfully all the same. "And so eloquent too." She remarks, smirking at you as she stands back up, "Now then, I asked for your presence because I wanted to see for myself just what kind of boy that girl would pick out." She explains to you as she walks over to the desk and begins to mess with a non-descript briefcase that's on top of it.

"Now that I've seen just what you're like," She speaks as she opens the briefcase and examines the contents inside,"I would like to make you an offer that should be profitable for both of us."

"...What do you mean?" You ask, curiously, as you finally find your voice again. "...What sort of offer?"

"Well, it's quite simple really." She explains, turning around and showing you what had been in the briefcase. It's a smallish, flat red box that you recognize as one of those fancy portable pc things that all the trainers you see on TV seem to have. "You intend to travel around the New Continent. What I would like to ask of you is to take Yakumo Corp's newest Tablet with you on your journey and regularly upload the data to us." She explains, "You'll be paid a respectable monthly salary to cover your needs, and will be paid further for any outstanding or unusual data you hand over to us."

"...So, um." You take a moment to work this out. "...You want me to travel around, seeing new , unusual, or unique things, visiting sll sorts of places, and...you'll pay me for it?"

"Essentially!" She agrees with your summary without hesitation,"With the data you'll retrieve for us on your journey, we'll be able to improve many of our products even further."

...huh. She...wants to pay you to do exactly what you'd left home to do in the first place.


[ ] It's a pretty good deal
[ ] Sounds fair enough
[ ] Well...what's the catch?
[ ] You'd really rather not...
[ ] It's a [spoilers]dreamjob[/spoilers]
No. 167012
[X] It's a pretty good deal
-[X] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?
No. 167013
[X] It's a pretty good deal
-[X] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?
No. 167014
[X] It's a pretty good deal
-[X] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?
No. 167017
[X] It's a pretty good deal
-[X] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?

Sounds fine, not too cautious, not too brash.
No. 167018
-[x] Wait...what's the catch?
Too good to be true?
No. 167019
[ ] It's a dreamjob
No. 167020
[x] It's a dreamjob

Spoilered choices are always BEST CHOICES.
No. 167024
[X] It's a pretty good deal
-[X] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?

Sounds good. Might as well go along with it.
No. 167027
[x] It's a pretty good deal
-[x] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?
No. 167032
[x] It's a pretty good deal
-[x] Are there any particular details I need to be aware of?

Next thing you know, we discover Yakumo Corp is trying to take over the world.
No. 167035
[ ] It's a [spoilers]dreamjob[/spoilers]

Why would they take something they already have?
No. 167040
File 13667652769.jpg - (120.48KB , 525x575 , ccd17a0dc625b45547aa70f9cdbcd875.jpg ) [iqdb]
"....Well..." You say, tempering your enthusiasm a bit, "It does sound like a pretty good deal..." You admit. "Are there...any particular details I need to be aware of?"

"It's all very simple." She assures you, her voice soothing any concerns you'd had as she explains,"All you need to do is use the Tablet to take scans of any touhoumon you meet or capture on your travels and deliver the data to us. Information on common touhoumon will be worth less when compared to, say..." She taps her chin,"You finding and recording information on an unknown variation of a species, or a new species entirely. Of course, the only way you'll really find the most valuable specimens is if you go off the beaten path and take a few risks." She admits,"But I'm sure a young man like you wouldn't be afraid of a bit of danger, right?"

"Right." Somehow, swept up in her presence, you find yourself agreeing with her before you've properly process just what it was she said. You blink. "Risks?"

"The more rare and valuable specimens will be in less traveled and explored areas." She explains to you simply,"They less traveled an area is, the stronger the touhoumon presence will be. I certainly don't expect you to charge head first into the Forbidden Zone." She clarifies. "Explore a few caves, head off the beaten path in the grassy plains, maybe try visiting the same location at different times of day." She explains,"Like I said, nothing too dangerous. Really, it's probably nothing you wouldn't do anyway while you were travelling. Of course..." She adds on one last time,"We offer the highest payments for people who are willing to explore Mysterious Areas. For instance," She explains to you as an aside, "There's apparently a Scarlet Devil Mansion that exists some distance away from Hakutown."

"A Scarlet Devil Mansion?" You ask, surprised. "That close to town?" How haven't you heard about that before? "...That's convenient, but a little worrying..."

"Indeed, but you don't need to be worried." She assuages your concerns,"From what my employees have gathered, the inhabitants of that mansion are rather tame and sedate for what you'd expect from a Scarlet Devil Mansion. It would be a good opportunity for you, if you wanted to take it." She shrugs,"If you'd prefer not to, I understand completely. There are numerous other opportunities around here for you to make use of, if you wish it. You could always try asking some of the locals for information if you want to try and find somewhere else." She waves a hand dismissively.

"I see..." You say, cosidering what she's told you. "I'll certainly keep what you've told me in mind, ah... Miss Yakumo?" You're not exactly sure how to address her properly, but that should be good enough, right? "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Hmm...what else?" She considers for a moment, tapping a finger against her pouting lips, "Oh, yes! That's right!" She turns a wonderful, kind, beaming smile onto you and says, "If you try and sell that Tablet to our competitors or something of the sort, you'll be answering to me personally."


"Oh would you look at the time!" She says suddenly, pulling a golden watch out from...somewhere,"I'm afraid I have a lunch meeting with another of Yakumo Corp's directors. Here's the Tablet and the instruction manual! Good bye, and good luck!" She says as the floor underneath you suddenly opens up into nothing. And you fall through a chaotic world of swirling colours and staring eyes.

...and promptly land on your feet in front of the Yakumo Corp store. Well, that was...exciting.

The Yukari on your head is apparently completely undisturbed, but you hear and feel her stomach rumble with hunger. Mima's soon joins the chorus, and then so does your own.

Reisen casually dusts herself off, having landed next to you, and stands upright and begins to observe the streets around you. They're...much more deserted now really. You guess most of them were just here for the event?

Still, you're pretty hungry now. Maybe you shouldn't put off getting food anymore. But where should you go?

[ ] Get a free meal at the Touhoumon Center.
[ ] There's a fast food joint right over there...
[ ] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?
[ ] Time to go shopping!
No. 167041
[x]free meal
No. 167042
[x]free meal
No. 167043
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?

Maybe they sell fancy food. Like fried bear.
No. 167044
[x] There's a fast food joint right over there...

I imagine our girls are a fast-food-loving bunch.
No. 167045
[x] There's a fast food joint right over there...
No. 167046
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?

I don't think Mima would really mind, Reisen might not have any real preferences, though the Yukari might be a pickier eater.
No. 167047
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?
No. 167048
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?

Our girls need something more classy than fast food.
No. 167049
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?

I kind of want to hear Yukari somehow say "You can't do that in here" ala proffessor Oak.
Anyways, we have money, also a paying job and it's our first day of travel with a new partner. Let's go to a nice place.
No. 167050

picture of all the 1.53 'mon (for reference)
No. 167054
[x] There's that restaurant the officer was talking about, O'Dailley's. You could try there?

Well this looks interesting, but I'm wondering about a few things, mainly if we'll be able to actually talk to our 'mons once they evolve past the Chibi stage.
No. 167063
[X] Time to go shopping!

Pissing against the tide, COMMENCE! We gotta think about sustainability, people.
No. 167068
File 136681592754.jpg - (153.88KB , 850x599 , sample-365deab48369443c68ebd1d8986d985c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just down the street, you can see the sign for a restaurant called 'O'Dailley's'.... That's the place the cop was talking about, isn't it?

"Let's go eat." You announce to your girls, and start to head over. He seemed to think it was good, and that's good enough, you figure. A cheer goes up from Mima as she celebrates your breaking her enforced fast, and Yukari pats you happily on the cheek for doing the smart thing and giving her what she wants. Reisen meanwhile simply follows along after you, apparently not particularly concerned either way.

As you approach O'Dailley's you can hear excited music, loud and happy voices and a general sense of good cheer coming from the place. The smells are every bit as wonderful as well, the scent of rich food hanging in the air around you.

"That smells...really good." You admit, as your stomach grumbles loudly, and you quicken your pace just a bit, heading right for the door, and by extension a meal.

However, as you open the door and enter, you bump into the same police officer as before! He holds two large bags no doubt full of delicious food.

"Ah, 'scuse me son." He speaks up, as he manages to avoid a collision. He eyes the Yukari on your head,"Looks like you've got a growth on the top of your head."

" 'Ay, you piggy dastard, what're ya holding up in m'door fer?" A loud voice booms from behind him as someone else approaches. He's a huge, muscular red-haired giant of a man.

"Who's this boy now?" He asks, wiping his hands off on the very masculine apron he's wearing.

"He's the boy I was telling you about, O'Dailley." The Officer informs him, and you notice a strange glint show up in O'Dialley's eyes.

"Oh he is, aye?" He asks, turning his strangely intense gaze onto you and staring at you for a long moment. "...Well then come on in m'boy!" ODailley booms, pushing the officer out of the way and clapping a hand on your shoulder, leading you into the restaurant,"Yer meals on the house today, you and all your little friends!"

"Really?" You perk up happily at the thought of free food. "That's awfully kind of you, Mr. O'Dailley." You obediently follow his guidance inside.

"Think nothin' of it, boy." He says as he guides you through his jampacked restaurant, his imposing figure getting the crowds to move out of his way,"Ye'r the one who showed that obnoxious Conner boy what-fer and made the rapscallion pay for making me daughter cry. It's the least I can do to give ye a meal on the house!" He states firmly as he brings you to a table with four seats,"Now, ye just stay here and take a look at the menus, and I'll bring ye out the house special appetizer to start with!" He booms and walks off laughing, headed back towards the kitchen.

...What a nice guy.

ima has taken the chair opposite you while Reisen has hopped up into the one next to you. Meanwhile, Yukari has deigned to remove herself from your head and has moved her tear in the fabric of reality to being positioned in the remaining seat.

You sieze the chance to get your first actual look at 'your' new Yukari. So this is the one who's been nesting in your hair, eh? She's very cute, that's for certain. She's staring at the menu in front of her thoughtfully as you observe her, and you notice that...she actually looks quite different from the ones you've seen before. The colouration of her dress and hat are entirely different for one thing, golden and seeming to catch the light and shine surprisingly brightly.

She notices you staring at her and brings her levels her intense gaze on you, matching your eyes with hers, unblinking.

...A few long moments pass before something light and wooden smacks you on the back of the head. It's rude to stare.

"Ah." You flinch slightly, the moment of shock at getting caught broken. "I was just, um wondering what you thought looked good? On the menu, I mean...um." Yukari smirks at you as you stumble over your words, tossing her hair over her shoulder to get it out of the way again.

Across from you, Mima growls in annoyance, glowering at you intensely. Meanwhile, Reisen seems to think that the "O'Dailley's Homestyle Vegetable Stew" looks fantastic.

"R-right..." You hide behind your menu, searching for something particularly appetising-looking as you wait for the strangely tense atmosphere to dissipate. Thankfully, O'Dailley returns with a massive platter of food that he slams down on the middle of the table. It's...so beautiful and full of deliciously unhealthy foods! Your stomach growls, loudly. So many fried treats!

" 'Ere you are, my boy!" The big man booms boisterously,"This'll tide you over till you can pick out yer main course!"

This is a meal for all of you in and of itself! Heck, depending on how much Yukari eats you might not be able to finish this all off at all.

Oh, wow..." You murmur, eyes wide. "It's...HUGE! Th-thank you, Mr. O'Dailley!" You exclaim, eyes locked on the MASSIVE PLATTER OF FOOD.

"Gahahaha!" The man laughs loudly and slaps you on the back,"No need to thank me boy!" He says, not noticing that he nearly sent you face first into the platter, "It's always good to see people appreciate my cookin'. Now den, do you and yer little friends all know what ye want yet, or do ye need more time?"

"Um, I guess some more time would be nice." You decide, observing the improbably large platter of fried food. Definitely need a chance to work on this a bit, and see if you'll even be able to eat anything afterwards....

"Ah, I understand.." The huge man nods sagely,"You need to try the whole platter to see what strikes yer fancy!" He says, showing he does not in fact understand,"I'll be back in a while my boy, you just go ahead and take yer time." He informs you and then wanders off, swatting one of the other patrons on the back and starting up a conversation with him.

...Mima's already started eating the samplers herself, staring pointedly at the platter as she eats. Yukari is lazily trying out the entire spread, using a second, smaller tear n reality to let her reach anything she wants.

...Reisen meanwhile seems to have stolen the entire set of carrot sticks and various dipping sauces.

You find yourself sampling this and that, trying to taste at least a little of everything that you can. You've never had this stuff before! You've gotta try it all!

The food here is incredible! It's all so rich and full of flavor and fresh! There's mushrooms stuffed with stuff and potatoes stuffed with stuff and lots of stuff with stuff stuffed in it! There's also all kinds of fried foods as well! Almost any kid of finger food is within your reach! ... If your friends don't get to it first.


In the end, they finished the entire platter and left you still feeling like you had enough room to eat more. Disconcertingly enough, so can they. In fact, the three of them seem to have decided already what they'll be having. You still don't know what you want though...

[ ] I'll have what she's having.
- Mima
- Reisen
- Yukari
[ ] I'll have the Special.
[ ] Surprise me.
No. 167070
[X] I'll have the Special.

Why do I get the feeling this'll turn out to be some kind of extra-large portion dish?
No. 167071
[x]Surprise me.

Yukari is shiny? Interesting...
No. 167075
[X] I'll have the Special.
No. 167076
[X] I'll have the Special.

Specials are always good.

So, Yukari has a gold dress and hat? That's interesting.
No. 167083
I am very sorry about this everyone, but my fellow writer is undergoing circumstances and we won't be able to complete our evening update. I'll still be around to answer any questions anyone has, as always.

If possible, I will try to put up something I've been working on tonight, or possibly tomorrow, if it comes together okay.
No. 167084
[X] I'll have the Special.

So, IIRC Yakumo said "a SDM is nearby" more or less, does that mean there's more than one? Is it the equivalent of one of the tunnels/caves in the original games? Are there more SDMs or is this like a singular place? Just curious.

>Shiny Yukari
Who lost the die that has a 20 in all its faces?
No. 167086
Well I have a question, I know Touhou, and I know Pokemon, but I know very little on the specifics of Touhoumon. How much will this hinder my understanding of the story?
No. 167087

Yes, more than one SDM exist. Mysterious Phenomena/Places replace or serve a similar purpose as any of the 'dungeons' in Pokemon did. In any given Mysterious Phenomena, you can generally figure out just what you're going to see there based off of what it is, though not all of them are as straight forward as the Scarlet Devil Mansions are.

If you know pokemon and touhou, you'll be just fine anyway. The typing and such are the same in this one, and we're operating more off of 'rule of cool/funny' than the strictest of rule sets.
No. 167088
[x] I'll have the Special.
Dude, two/three/FOUR updates a day is absurd for thp. So long as you guys don't just up and disappear for months at a time, nobody is going to mind a missed update.
No. 167091

Like what >>167088 said, this story is going quite fast (worryingly so at times)

But i have a question: Is the CYukari the MC has different than the 1.53 one? As I don't recall her hair being visible in Chibi form. I'm also suspecting she's a "shiny" CYukari.

[X] I'll have the Special.

Now I'm getting hungry.
No. 167092
File 136685826448.png - (3.44KB , 128x128 , Touhoudex_Chibi_Yukari.png ) [iqdb]

In terms of stats, moves and typing? Not really. In terms of appearance...the sprite I'm working off of you can see her head, hair and not much else due to her hanging due to gap. I think you can see her arms too? I'll add the picture so you can see for yourself. She's like that, but gold instead of purple.
No. 167094
[x] I'll have what she's having.
-[x] Mima
No. 167095
[x] I'll have what she's having.
-[x] Yukari.
No. 167096
My mistake, I somehow remembered her hat being more prominent.
No. 167099

...I'm sorry, I know it's terrible, but I cracked up.

I'm so sorry.
No. 167101
File 136690606564.jpg - (414.37KB , 750x1200 , 550050b7d13a49124a3aa2d4220ee648.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Um...I'll have the Special?" You request, figuring that since you can't decide, you'll have whatever the featured dish is. It's got to be good, if it's the Special. ...Right?

O'Dailley slaps you on the back again, something that you're growing accustomed to, and laughs.

"Ah, that's a good choice, lad! You're in fer a real treat today, then!" He casts a dark look at the other patrons in the restaurant. "It's good to see that SOME PEOPLE are still man enough to try that meal!" He turns to your friends. "And what can I get fer you ladies?" He takes their orders and quickly hustles off to the kitchen, leaving you alone to wonder just what kind of mistake you just made. Man enough...?

All around the restaurant you see various men at various levels of manliness.

...You have a bad feeling. Mima is looking at you with an expression that seems...impressed? She's quite impressed you actually decided to go with that choice. She certainly wouldn't have.

"...What's the special...?" you wonder, quietly, looking for a sign, or some indication of what you've just gotten yourself into. Yukari gives you a pitying look, her expression one of faint regret that you had to go and doom yourself so soon after she found you. How sad...

Reisen helpfully holds up a menu, showing you the tiny description of what todays special is. Let's see...

...O'Dailley's Traditional Meal of Champions? Even its description doesn't properly tell you exactly what you're getting into! All it says is that you'll be getting 'everything a growing Champion needs' to be big and strong. From the kitchen you hear an explosion and the sounds of roaring flames as the viewport lights up, and O'Dailley begins to laugh boisterously again.

"....Oh..." You grow pale at the joyous laughter, as the flames continue to light the window for far too long for your taste.

The building shakes under another large explosion, and you notice that the other customers are casting nervous looks in the direction of the kitchen and making signs of protection and warding off evil. You think one man may in fact actually be crying right now, but he's sort of hunched over as a waitress whispers comforting things to him so you can't tell.

You gulp, nervously. This is looking like, well...a mistake.

Thankfully, the only sounds of cooking that come from the kitchen now are significantly more mundane than they just were. However, you still cannot shake off the feeling of doom that hangs over you. It might be because the rest of the restaurant keeps casting looks in your direction as you sit here, waiting for your executioner. Well...you've lived a good life, right?

A lady wearing a very distracting waitress uniform bustles up to your table, carrying three plates on a tray. Her red twintails and other things bob and sway with each step she takes, and fall down distractingly in front of your face as she places your friends orders in front of them.

As soon as she gives Reisen her vegetable stew, Yukari her steak and more steak and Mima her sweetmeats platter, she turns her attention onto you.

"Hey there kid." She coos as she pulls you into a very soft and pleasant hug,"Thanks for ordering the special. You've pretty much made Connor's day with that! He's been waiting for someone to try his new recipe for months."

"Ah," You're not sure how to react. "Um, thank you? It's...no problem?" Connor must be Mr. O'Dailley, so...does...that mean you're the first person to order this?

...What's this strange pressure you're feeling...!?


At a guess you'd say it's coming from the piercing stare that Mima is giving you as her brows furrow again, her nails digging into the table as she watches that red haired milkcow hug you.

Or maybe it's how your new Yukari friend is pointedly watching how you react, her eyes gleaming with an unsettling light.

...At least Reisen is acting nice and normal. She just keeps eating her stew even as the spoon she's using starts to crumple under the pressure of her crushing grip.


"Kochi!" O'Dailley yells out, poking his head out from the kitchen,"Stop harassin' the poor lad and teasin' his girls and get in here!" 'Kochi' gives you one last squeeze before letting you go, allowing you glorious fresh air once more.

"Enjoy your meal, kid!" She says, giving you a grin and a wink before she sashays off towards the kitchen.

"...I will...?" For some reason, you thought you heard a bell for a moment there...but you must have imagined it.

Your stomach grumbles, complaining at you for picking the option that would take the longest to make. All of their food smells so good! Even though you had those appetizers, you're still hungry!

You sigh, slouching a bit in your seat. Even if you wanted to, you're pretty sure it would be a terrible mistake to ask to try one of their meals, at this point. You resign youself to patience.

Then, it happens. O'Dailley bursts through the swinging doors of the kitchen carrying a silver, covered platter. A hush goes through the room as he approaches you, humming a jaunty tune happily to himself as he does so. He places the tray down in front of you.

"And here it is, my newest O'Dailley Special! It took ferever to find to find the fish that me ol' father used to make. Went and caught it with explosives meself! Just like Da' used to." He looks faintly wistful and sniffs sadly. Kochi pats him consolingly on the back.

"There, there, he's in a better place now. ...He retired to Metrocity, remember?" She grins. O'Dailley laughs and waves a dismissive hand at her.

"Bah! Away with you, woman, get back to work." He says, trying and failing to high his amusement.

"And here it is..!" O'Dailley declares, pulling the lid off the tray to reveal...!

...Oh wow. That is a big fish. It's a really big fish. The fish is at least the size of your torso, and given that the head and fin are still attached, you can guess that it was very red in life. Despite the fact that its eyes are staring blankly upwards, it smells so good! The strong, pleasant smell of herbs and grilled fish fills your nostrils as vegetables of all sorts steam right alongside the red snapper.

"The hard part is not blowing them up when you blow them out of the water!" O'Dailley explains happily.

"...Woooow...." you breathe, enthralled by the scent and presentation of the impossibly huge fish. "...It smells good!"

O'Dailley laughs again, smacking you on the back yet again in a fatherly manner.

"Thank ye lad! You just take your time and enjoy yourself! I've got to get back to taking care of the rest of this sorry lot!" And with that, he walks away laughing again.

"...I didn't know the new special was that..." One man comments, looking faintly disappointed.

You find yourself unable to resist and dig into the meal with great relish, eagerly devouring it and savoring how each bite is more delicious than the last. Your meal is incredibly delicious, and practically seems to disappear under your attentions. Some time later, when you recover from your gluttonous state, you find the impossible has happened - somehow, there is no more food left on your plate.

Around you, you notice that your girls have finished their meals as well. Mima stares at you with an expression of faint awe, having never seen you pack it all away like that before, not even when she made her triple chocolate threat pancakes! Yukari is just smirking mysteriously, and probably laughing at you internally if you had to hazard a guess. Reisen looks in your general direction expectantly, like she's waiting for something.

"Well..I guess we should probably..."

[ ] Go shopping
[ ] Find some other leads
[ ] Maybe you should check in at the Touhoumon Center first...
[ ] Head straight to the SDM
No. 167103
That went better than expected.

[X] Go shopping
Should probably get some supplies now. Never know when you might need 'em.
No. 167104
[x] Head straight to the SDM
No. 167105
[X] Go shopping.

Why don't you take a look at this, writer?
No. 167106
[X] Go shopping

Supplies first. Adventure second.
No. 167107
[X] Go shopping

Everybody knows you should get potions before setting for any adventure, lest you want to die in the middle of your journey.
No. 167108
[x] Shopping!
No. 167111
File 136692014034.jpg - (77.66KB , 697x570 , manly_tears.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Shopping!

>That meal

Yeah,we might want to get items and balls before going to the dungeon, being prepared and all that stuff.
No. 167115
[x] Go shopping
No. 167116
File 136693262673.png - (190.04KB , 410x345 , 45aecbfd7e64da284154ce4de1e935c6.png ) [iqdb]
I swear to you now - never shall I write while lucid enough for knowing things to get in the way of getting them wrong.
No. 167118
File 136693524063.jpg - (62.75KB , 300x444 , 3728095331_3c428d265e.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update. Please excuse me while I combat the forces of vile NATURE.

Bears are terrible evil creatures filled with hate.

That is all.
No. 167121
File 136694283886.jpg - (39.65KB , 318x376 , img3df166e1bbfe5.jpg ) [iqdb]

The Bear-Emperor is getting awfully tired of your shit, human.
No. 167125
File 136695375329.jpg - (145.42KB , 651x900 , The Best Waitress.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go shopping

We should check in at the touhoumon center. As far as "Kochi" goes? I wouldn't mind having her special.
No. 167127
[X] Go shopping
Wheeee, shopping!
No. 167144

This crisis of NATURE had better be a big shaved bear that hates people!
No. 167153
File 136702092428.jpg - (300.81KB , 500x707 , 4dc1f748edb6088ef8645b9413e14fc2.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well, then." You say, leaving a little money on the table as a tip. "Let's go shopping, everyone!"

"Well, now, boy!" O'Dailley says from right behind you, having approachedyou with far more stealth than a man his size should be able to, "Where are ya going now? Don't tell me ya didn't leave any room for dessert!?" He asks, laughing as he slaps your back once again. "And here I was going to introduce you to my lovely daughter, too!" He adds, laughing all the louder.

You choke, but quickly turn it into a cough. "N-no, no, that's quite all right." You say, waving a hand nervously. He just laughs again.

"Gahahahahaaaah! I'm just messing with ya, lad, don't work yourself up into a knot!" He tells you, "She isn't here anyway! Left on a journey to discover herself with 'er girlfriends." He sighs, "They grow up so fast..."

"I'll say she did!" A voice pipes up out of the crowd, and O'Dailley's head whips around toward the bar, a murderous look in his eye.

"You want to tell me what you just said about my little angel, you son of a mainlander?!" He growls, stomping over in that direction with his fists clenched and muscles bulging. Kochi quickly ushers you out of the way and towards the front door just in time for you to hear the meaty thwack of someone getting punched in the gob, which is immediately followed by the chaotic sounds of a fight breaking out.

You have to hold onto Mima to keep her from heading back inside to watch the fight, tucking her under an arm as she squirms. Yukari has at some point returned to her position relaxing atop your head, half in and half out of one of her signature rends in reality. Reisen simply stares off into the distance, disinterestedly. Kochi sighs.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go deal with the mess Connor seems to have gotten into." She steps back into O'Dailley's, and then hurls a man bodily out of the restaurant and across the sidewalk. He is not the last to leave this way.

As the restaurant explodes into violence, you hurry away, quickly vacating the area as you make for the nearby Yakumo Corp store once again, finally ready to stock up on the last of the supplies you'll be needing, especially considering you'll be heading for an SDM...

You are forced to keep your grip on Mima as she squirms, completely and utterly convinced that she can take those punks in there, size difference be damned.

...The fact that you are so easily carrying her tucked under your arm as you walk away suggests otherwise. Thankfully, Reisen and Yukari are far more co-operative. Reisen simply keeps her position at your side, ears twitching occasionally at some noise that you probably missed. Yukari has meanwhile simply taken to dozing on your head once more, happily snoozing away the day.

The Yakumo store door opens for you automatically, and soothing musak plays from the stores speakers as you being to browse. So many options...What kind of potions are you going to need anyway? You'll probably need something to deal with status effects, too... And of course some bandages...

You begin browsing through the store, not very familiar with the selection available - you've rarely needed to purchase anything like this before, and you want to be sure you're getting what you actually need. The incredibly wide selection doesn't help.

So many things in this store. It's amazing really, Just the 'trainer's essentials' section is pretty big and full of many varieties and brands of potions, antidotes, burn heals, paralyz heals and countless other things. But goodness...some of these things are expensive, aren't they? You've only got a little bit of money to work with right now and the small amount of supplies you brought with you from your home. It's...probably a good thing that you met Miss Yakumo, otherwise you might be in trouble. Still, thanks to that finder's fee you got from the police you should have enough money to work with.

...Oh no. At some point, Mima seems to have slipped off and gone off into the store alone! Reisen's gone too! You shouldn't have let her go when you got inside...

You pale. While Reisen can keep Mima out of the worst of the trouble she'd otherwise get into, Mima....can get into a LOT of trouble. You pick up your pace, searching for your girls. You quickly move through the store, searching row by row to try and find any signs of your girls and desperately hoping any signs you find aren't an entire shelf of goods on fire.


Finally, you discover them, standing in front of a large and colorful display full of...

Touhousnax? They're supposed to be great food for your touhoumon because they're delicious, nutritious and full of energy boosting additives.

They're also really expensive.

Mima floats rapidly up and down the line, attempting to find a flavor she'd seen on TV, Death by Chococide. Reisen meanwhile is keeping a reasonably close eye on Mima, while occassionally casting looks towards the...


Carrot Cake flavor.

Even Yukari begins to stir on your head, noticing just where you are.

Well, even if they ARE expensive, your girls sure seem like they'd like some...you don't have TOO much money, though...

You bite your lip.

[ ] Touhousnax?
[ ] ...We shouldn't.


[ ] Splurge. You have a job now, you can afford to drain your wallet.
[ ] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167156
[x] Touhousnax?

Indulge our sweet girls.

[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...

At least, what we can afford with what we have left over.
No. 167157
[x] Touhousnax.
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167158
[x] Touhousnax?

[X] Splurge. You have a job now, you can afford to drain your wallet.

We get paid everytime we meet a new Touhoumon, and were heading into an SDM, Filled with Touhoumon. We can afford to Splurge.
No. 167160
[x] Touhousnax
[x] Splurge. You have a job now, you can afford to drain your wallet.
Don't forget the antidotes.
No. 167161
[x] Touhousnax.
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167162
[X] ...We shouldn't.

I'd rather it be given as a special reward. Say, for defeating a gym leader. Besides, you three just ate.

[X] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...

Don't spend all the money in case of unexpected expenses.
No. 167164
[X] ...We shouldn't.

Yeah, I don't think this is the best time for those.

[x] Splurge. You have a job now, you can afford to drain your wallet.

I don't recall there being much else to spend money on besides supplies.
No. 167168
[x] Pick some up if we do well at the mansion!

[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167169
[x] Touhousnax.
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...

I would hold off on giving them it, cause like holy crap, its been about 5 minutes since they left a restaurant.
No. 167171
[x] Touhousnax.
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167172
Guys, supplies are about the only thing keeping us alive once we leave the town, and we Literally have nothing else we need to buy right now. And as soon as we head for the SDM, were getting more money, because Every new Touhoumon we meet gets us money.

There's no reason to be stingy spending money on the stuff that keeps us alive, safe, warm, and sheltered while traveling abroad. And possibly keeps our Touhoumon happy as well.
No. 167173
[x] Touhousnax.
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...

You never know when you might run into a wandering traveler with something to sell.

That and who to say we'd be going to the SDM right away as opposed to looking up some more mon before hand?

That and it'd be better to rest up at the Touhoumon center before heading there. Common 'mon sense after all (Though it dictates it should be one of your first stops in a town)
No. 167187
[x] ...we shouldn't
[x] Well, you don't want to spend too much, but you can afford to get some decent stuff...
No. 167189
File 136711305670.jpg - (129.05KB , 850x850 , sample-d32cd0e7712242f9a3c82018d35cc928.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well..." You waver only briefly. "Fine, I'll pick some up. I guess it'll make for some pretty compact food for you guys, anyway. We've got to carry everything we get, remember, so...only one box each."

You immediately do NOT regret your decision when Mima smacks into your chest and squeezes you in as big a hug as she can manage, wrapping her arms part ways around you and holding on tight as she gleefully squeals happily. On your head, Yukari seems to consider for a moment before her arms reach down and grasp your chin. She is now hugging your head because while she likes you and appreciates your generosity, there's no way she's moving from where she is for a better hugging spot. Besides you'll want your head against her chest when she evolves anyway.

Reisen meanwhile is more subdued than her fellows...at least she apparently was for a moment before peer pressure and temptation get the better of her and she steps over and hugs your leg, her ears twitching rapidly and smacking against your ticklish sides.

"Ahahah," You laugh, happy that they're so happy. "There, there, guys..." You wrap an arm around Mima while the other one pats Reisen on the head. Since you only have the two hands, Yukari will have to settle for fond thoughts. "You can even pick out the flavour you want. Just don't make a mess."

Mima maintains her hug for one momement longer before zipping out of your grasp and flying up and down the aisle, trying to find that flavor she'd been looking for. Reisen simply lets go of your leg and wanders over to the shelves, picking up the Carrot Cake flavor and coming back. Suddenly, a box intrudes on your vision as Yukari dangles her choice in your face.

...Huh. For some reason you expected something more outlandish than 'Fruity Bonanza'.

Mima returns and shoves her beloved 'Death by Chococide' in your face as well. This isn't some kind of competition...!

At least Reisen is just politely waiting and holding her box. Such a good girl.

"Okay, okay," You laugh, "Now, I need to get together our supplies for the trip, so be patient, okay? Stick close." This last is delivered with a quick glance at Mima. You turn and head back towards the 'Trainer Essentials' Section, having already decided to stick with mostly middle-of-the-road products. Nothing too expensive, nothing too cheap. Anything with MAX in the name or brand is, of course, right out.

Mima proceeds to follow your orders to the letter, sticking herself to your side and not moving an inch, rubbing up against you the whole time as she clings to your arm happily. Yukari seems to have gone back to sleep again now that she's gotten what she wanted and the rest of the shopping doesn't matter to her.

Reisen is currently carefully gathering supplies that she seems certain are both necessary and maximize the efficiency to cost ratio as optimally as she can in this specific store. So let's see, potions, mealbars for both humans and touhoumon, status cures and...


Reisen pointedly keeps them placed on the stack, staring at your legs challengingly.

You sigh.

"...I really don't think I'll need those..." You try reasoning with her - after all, Reisen and Mima BOTH know you aren't out to collect a bunch of touhoumon, or do a lot of fighting...

But Reisen continues to stare pointedly at you, her expression suggesting that she believes otherwise, and that moreover she believes that it is better to be safe than sorry. Mima sits back to watch the fight.

Like you always do when confronted by one of your girls being insistent and telling you that you're wrong and to sit down and let the competent ones do the thinking, you fold like a paper airplane.

"...Fiiiiine." You sigh, "But I won't need them..." You double check Reisen's selection of items, but everything appears to be in order. "...Alright. Let's check out."

Reisen promptly hefts up the entire stack of items and carries them herself to the register, leaving you to follow behind her with the two other girls clinging to you. Mima pats you on the back reassuringly. Don't worry Nebosa, she respects you just as much now a she did before! Yukari seems to be quite well asleep now.

You simply sigh, not particularly reassured, and make your way to the register behind Reisen glumly, feeling somehow belittled. You can't figure out why, though - it's not like this scene hasn't happened before, albeit under different circumstances. And so you are brought up to the register by your girls, and there you find the sight of a bored looking man wearing thick glasses. Slowly and lazily, his eyes slide over to you as you approach.

"You find everything you want." He says, not even bothering to make it seem like he's interested or even really asking you a question. Reisen simply shoves everything you'd all picked up onto the counter in one quick hop up to its level.

"...Yeah, sure." Nebosa decides, "We've got everything we're getting."

"That's great." He responds and begins to carelessly scan your items, the register beeping as each one is checked and then tossed into a bag with little concern. The man turns his completely disinterested gaze back to you.

Or, prehaps more accurately, a point slighltly above your head.

His eyes widen a fraction and a very, very forced smile shows up on his face as his movements suddenly to change to being extremely cautious and careful as he starts to handle the touhousnax boxes.

"I'm very glad that you decided to shop with us here at Yakumo Corp, where your satisfaction is our number one priority." He says. Reisen is simply staring at the counter from the floor, waiting for him to do his job and finish up so you can pay and get out of here. Mima has gotten bored of clinging to your arm apparently and has taken to sitting on your shoulder and pointedly staring at the cashier just like Yukari has been. ...Speaking of which, when'd she wake up, anyway?

"Yeah." You acknowledge, as you fish out the money to pay for the assorted goods.

The mans smile remains unchanging even as he starts to shake.

"Thank you sir, and have a very nice day!" He says, quickly trying to hand your goods only to have Reisen intercept them and walk out the door off the store, her ears twitching in irritating. Mima pulls you after Reisen, holding onto your arm as she wags her ghost tail furiously to pull both of your weights.

Yukari meanwhile, shifts to keep her gaze on the poor cashier, making sure he knows just how close he came to doom.

Outside of the store, you are treated to the sights and sounds of the wonderful city of Hakutown which is still apparently mostly deserted. One car buzzes past you slowly, its electric engine sounding like it needs a tune up.

Well, what should you do now...?

[ ] Look for other leads
[ ] Touhoumon Center
[ ] Run into someone new!
[ ] Let's go! SDM~!
No. 167191
[X] Run into someone new!

We need our Brock and Misty for our journey.

... okay, I know that we're supposed to beat them in gym fights first, but still!
No. 167192
[X] Run into someone new!
-[X] On the way to check out the Touhoumon Center!

Meeting new people is always good! Except when it isn't.
No. 167193
[X] Tohouman Center

Should have done this in the first place.

>Besides, you'll want your head on her chest when she evolves anyways.

Damn straight. I expect some more /at/ stories with lines like that. Long as it ain't no City Quest crap you pull.
No. 167194
look for other blues [x]

Err I mean, clues. Goddamn smartphones
No. 167195
look for other blues [x]

Err I mean, clues. Goddamn smartphones
No. 167196
look for other blues [x]

Err I mean, clues. Goddamn smartphones
No. 167197
[X] Touhoumon Center.
No. 167198
[x] Let's go! SDM~!

I wanna do the adventure thing now.

Also, I am rapidly growing attached to our touhoumon.
No. 167199
well Touhoumon are implied to be about the same size as a person at normal or EX stages. At the moment the three (Yukari, Mima and Reisen) are chibis.

[x] Touhoumon Center

stop in then do other things.
No. 167208
[x] Touhoumon Center

Let's check it out before we do anything else.

> "...Yeah, sure." Nebosa decides, "We've got everything we're getting."

Was the POV switch intentional?
No. 167209
how did neither of us spot that. fuck.

Anyway, votes called, update finished, I'm doing final editing now.
No. 167212
File 136713061055.jpg - (527.73KB , 707x1000 , 8ff2076c9e318ddc80bb3d42a8ad2186.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well, it's starting to get late..." You decide, looking up at the sky. "We should probably head for the Touhoumon Center." After all, the sun is most certainly starting to lean more towards the evening side of the equation. It's likely for the best that you get set up at the Touhoumon Center now rather than later, especially since you want to make sure you have a chance to get yourself all properly cozy and maybe even have a chance at a private room!

Goodness, it's really a good thing you didn't do something silly like try to head to the SDM that's a few hours outside of town. Otherwise you'd have been there when the sun was down! Since it's getting to being a full moon soon, that could have caused you and your friends a lot of grief!

And so you begin to make your way to the Touhoumon center of Hakutown, passing by a woman wearing a bright blue dress that matches her hair and her very unique hat as she bustles past you, just barely failing to bump into you, thanks to some luck.

Reisen casts a glance back at the retreating woman before focusing on the walk ahead of you again.

Mima, it seems, has taken to pondering just what you're all going to do at your slumber party, and is currently planning it all out. Apparently you're going to raid the other rooms and steal their blankets and pillows to craft a 'Fort Radical'. You decide that discretion is the better part of valour, not commenting on Mima's elaborate plot to construct 'the greatest fortification this continent has ever seen'. After all, if you ignore it, she might just forget about it, but if you OPPOSE it...

You find yourself once again very thankful that this city is designed in such a simple, straightforward and well signed manner. It's so incredibly easy to navigate around it! Signs point you where to go at each and every intersection, and already you can see the tall 'peak' of the Touhoumon Center a few blocks away from you. Mima is currently talking about her plans to create something called a 'death-a-pult' and pondering the aerodynamics of a twin mattress vs a futon. This...could be bad...

...You really don't like the direction she's going with this. You cast a quick glance over at Reisen, hoping she'll help you dissuade the ghostly menace...somehow...

Reisen notices your glance and immediately cuts in, and the two begin to chatter back and forth. You think Reisen is dissuading her from the idea based off of...resources and practical considerations? Apparently the mattresses at touhoumon centers are unwieldly and have uneven weights, so their value for her purposes are limited at best. After some further discussion, Mima has decided to scale her project down to fire pillows instead. Unfortunately, you're going to need even more pillows to satisfy her now.

Well that's...something.

...Well. You'll, uh, just....just have to deal with it when the time comes. Yes, at the moment there's simply nothing you can do, you decide. Why it won't even be relevant until you get your lodgings at the Center!

At as it just so happens, that happens to be rather imminent as you step into the Center right at that moment, savoring the feeling as you pass into the cool, sweet, air conditioned wonderland that is the Touhoumon Center. The area is wide open and practically deserted. There's a few trainers scattered here and there are any of the various sitting areas, either doing something along or talking quietly withe one another. At the front desk, there is an NReisen! She is currently staring pointedly at her desk as she works on paperwork, her pen scritching away. You head right for the desk, eager to get your room sorted out - you have a big day, tomorrow, and if there's one thing you know, it's that you should ALWAYS go to bed early before a big day!

The NReisen, hearing your footsteps, snaps her head up to look at you sharply, but her expression softens once she actually sees you.

"Oh..." she says, sounding as if she expected someone else. "Yes, can I help you with something?" She asks, putting a smile on her face. She is apparently completely unphased by the Yukari sleeping on your head, or the Mima on your shoulder cackling as she goes mad with power, or the Reisen who it makes sense she's unphased by due to her being out of her line of sight since she's standing by your side and the desk is tall and she is not so much.

You're initially taken aback by the sharp look, but quickly recover.

"Oh, um, yes, I'd...like a room, please?"

"Of course!" She says, her smile pleasant as she quickly turns and starts typing something into the computer,"Let's see...I can get you the communal bunks-" She says thoughtfully, before you watch as your Reisen hops up, grasps the edge of the desk and pulls herself up enough to peer at her fellow crumple-eared comrade. "...I COULD get you the communal bunks, but I'll get you and your friends a private room instead." She says, correcting her previous mistake as she types into her computer a bit more before place a small plastic card in front of you, "That's your card, whenever you want to go back go over to that door over there," she points it out to you, "and press the help button. Hannibal should be over to help you shortly." She says, her eyes roving over the room once more before she looks back down, shaking her head as her ears twitch.

You notice that Reisen's appears to be twitching as well, and she shifts to look around the room.

...Something's not quite right here. Nurse Reisen is acting really twitchy, and now your Reisen is getting agitated too. Maybe something's going on...?

[ ] "...What's wrong?"
[ ] Talk with...
- The Shady Loner
No. 167214
[X] "...What's wrong?"

Look before you leap, son.
No real rush to get to bed quite so soon, everyone seems to be still quite peppy. Except our yukari. Like usual.
No. 167215
[x] "...What's wrong?"

Listening to our toohoos (or Reisen, at least) has been established as a Good Idea. Let's continue.
No. 167216
[X] Talk with...

And so we meet our rival, an expy of Gary (Motherfucking) Oak.
No. 167217
[X] "...What's wrong?"

Incoming moon rabbit communication?

>passing by a woman wearing a bright blue dress that matches her hair and her very unique hat as she bustles past you
Paging Department of Redundancy Department. Also, Keine doesn't even get recognized. ;_;
No. 167218
[X] "...What's wrong?"
I wonder.
No. 167219
[X] "...What's wrong?"

I've noticed that our touhoumon don't talk, at least not with quotations. I've been wondering whether that is a stylistic choice or if it has something to do with them being chibis. The Mystia from before and now this Reisen talk in quotations. And our own 'mons can certainly communicate.
No. 167222
The original line had 'wearing' three times. One or the other of us is usually on their way to bed as we write these things, sorry.

You are observant.
No. 167224
[X] "...What's wrong?"

We should see what's bothering Reisen.
No. 167226
YEP NOTHING SUSPICIOUS GOING ON I'LL JUST LOCK THIS DOOR AND okay yukari time for portal-based espionage.

>avoiding the SDM bad end
That's what I get for missing votes...
No. 167230
No. 167231
[X] "...What's wrong?"

As has been previously noted, listening to our touhoumon seems to be a Good Thing in this story.
No. 167236
[x] "...What's wrong?"

Dem bunnies man. They know when something's up.
No. 167237
Reisen seems to be rather competent. We should listen to her.

[x]"...What's wrong?"
No. 167238
File 136716412281.jpg - (459.06KB , 800x800 , 1c5411e47d43c107b16972b50ab55c2b.jpg ) [iqdb]
You hesitate. Glance towards the door. Towards bed. Then, with a sigh, you ask.

"...What's wrong?" Nurse Reisen looks up, looking faintly surprised.

"I-It's nothing you need to worry about, really!" She insists for a moment before your Reisen once more hops up and pulls herself up so she can see across the counter at her fellow crumple ear. Nurse Reisen bites her lip thoughtfully for a moment before sighs,"All right, if you say so... It's just been a mess recently is all..." She admits quietly,"So many foreign trainers showing up and mucking up the system, causing problems, starting fights..." She sighs,"What's worse is some of the worst miscreants who slipped in with the crowd, perverted deviants..." She growls, glaring at the desk in front of her,"If I could deal with them, I'd show..." She sighs, and shakes her head.

"It's just been dealing with bad behavior from some people is all. I'm used to this place being sleepy. Most Trainers don't come this far south since there's no draw here. No unique areas, no gym leader. The only thing special about Hakutown is our extra-large Keine population."

"Ahhh..." Now there's a sentiment you can relate with. "Yeah, I guess I know how it can be." You agree with the Reisen, "I'm from even farther south, you know?" You smile, "It's even quieter down that way. I was really surprised to see so many people at that Yakumo Corp event!"

"Hmph, I'd rather it stayed quIEEEEEEE!" She squeals out in surprise, her face turning bright red as she launches out of her seat and over the counter, landing on top of you and sending both of you falling to the ground. As she scrambles off of you, apologizing profusely ("I'm so sorry! I've only just met you!"), a man rolls over the counter after her. As you help her up, he reaches down and tries to grab your Reisen's soft, crumple ears with an insufferably obnoxious look on his face.

...The world slows.

"...What do you think you're doing?" You ask him. Softly. Far too softly. His hand seems to have stopped a few inches away from Reisen's ears for some reason...


That would be because you seem to be holding his wrist. He stops, turning his stupid, ugly face in your direction as a stupid, ugly smile grows into place.

"Aw, well." He shrugs, "Since I gave you that show I figured I'd touch her ears. Sorry." His expression isn't sorry at all,"Sorry, I didn't know you were the kind of guy who doesn't like to share his property." That would be when the hand you aren't holding firmly in place goes for Reisen's other ear.

"No." You growl, and then you've moved. A pull on the arm you're holding to throw him off-balance. Then, as he resists, you push, driving your shoulder into him and knocking him against the counter, winding him. Then you take his head and bounce it off the countertop. "Apologise." The snarl of a 1X-year-old boy is generally not considered intimidating, but you manage, somehow.

"What the fuck is your problem-!?" He snarls, pushing back against you and trying to use his size and height advantage on you,"Can't you take a fucking joke?!" The two of you struggle for a few momenets before a massive hand grabs you by the scruff of your neck and pulls you back and away from the ugly punk ass bitch you were going to teach a lesson.

Or at least that's what Mima seems to be set on calling him.

A massive, towering wall of muscle clad in a pink pair of scrubs picks the punk up with one hand, casually pulling him off the ground.

"Hannibal." Nurse Reisen speaks in a no-nonsense tone,"Please escort Mr. Jin off of the premises, and add him to the Denied list."

"Gladly." The mountain-man growls in a low tone, the pair of fake bunny ears he's wearing not taking away from his intimidating factor in the slightest,"I'll show him the door." He says, stomping towards the door you came in from, and you'd swear you could feel the floor shaking. Once Hannibal reaches the automatic door, he waits just long enough for it to open up for him before he rears back and bodily hurls 'Jin' out onto the sidewalk or possibly even the street.

"And don't come back or I'll put you through some real pain, you pantywaist!"

"...Ah." Your eyes go wide, and you lean on the counter, laughing nervously. "Ehe..hehehe..Well..." You just did that. "Um. ....That happened." ....You just did that. Mima is apparently super impressed by what you just did, and declares as much by giving you a hug, wrapping her arms around your middle and squeezing. That was so cool! You just tackled that guy and kicked his ass! If that fake bunny guy hadn't interrupted she's confident you would have put on a Big Show.

Yukari floats mid-air, hanging out of her gap and giving you a look that suggests that she is mildly disapproving of you having dislodged her from her perch with your sudden movements, but seems to accept that you have a good reason. Next time you had better put someone through a table, though.

Your Reisen, deciding that she'd rather not stay out of the moment and that you deserve a thanks, gives your leg a hug again, as that's the part she can actually reach since she can't cheat or fly like the rest of your girls.

"Excuse me." The Nurse Reisen says, leaning down and...

...Pressing a very, very nice kiss against your cheek, making you feel rather fuzzy inside for the few moments it takes for her to stop and pull away.

"That was a very brave thing you did." She praises you, smiling as her ears stand as upright as they can.

"...Ah." You turn a bright red. "Well, I, um, I mean, I didn't exactly think it through..." You look everywhere that isn't at her.

"It was still very brave." She says, reaching to pat you on the head before that spot is suddenly occupied by Yukari, who nestles in relaxedly. Mima presses herself up against the side of your face as she takes up her spot on your shoulder again, staring at that big boobed, tight uniformed wearing, home-wrecking hussy who is trying to horn in on her territory without getting in line first.

The Nurse giggles, appearing dreadfully amused.

"Oh, I see." She smiles at your group, making eye contact with your Reisen whose ears bump up against your sides, tickling you, "You're very lucky then." She says, and you're not sure who she's speaking to either.

"Hanni, I'm sorry about this but I'm going to have to go file a report with Central about what just happened." She says, turning to her associate, her skirt flaring as she spins, "Can you watch the counter for a bit?"

Hannibal gives her a big, beefy thumbs up and a grin.

"Sure can. You go ahead and let them now that the problems been solved." He says, stomping towards the desk before pausing next to you, "...Hey kid, have you ever considered a fulfilling career in security work? No other field is so highly rated in job satisfaction."

"....Um? No? I hadn't..." You're still a little dazed at the suddenness of what happened. "...I don't think I'd enjoy it much, if it's like this." You admit, finally getting a handle on stopping the trembling in your hands.

"Ah..." He says, nodding sagely and patting your free shoulder with one big hand. Strangely, this makes you feel much better,"Don't worry about it kid. You did the right thing. Just keep telling yourself that. Now, I gotta watch the front desk for a few before the good nurse gets back." He says, walking behind the desk and sitting down on the tiny stool.

...even sitting down, he's still huge. He all but towers over the desk.

"R-right..." You murmur. ...Well, sleep's out of the question for now.

[ ] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Shady Loner
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit
No. 167241
[x] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

I'm not sure why, but Hannibal makes me think of a Big Daddy from Bioshock.
No. 167242
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.

I'm curious.
No. 167245
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

Real men wear pink.

>As you help her up, he reaches down and tries to grab your Reisen's soft, crumple ears with an insufferably obnoxious look on his face.
>...The world slows.
Wait a minute...
>Your mother kept a lot of clocks.
>Mom had set the camera timer and then zipped over to sit with you all so you could all be in that one together.
Gee, I wonder who Mom was. Sakuya?
No. 167247
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit
No. 167250
[x] Talk to someone and calm down.

In pokemon casuals tend to be better than THOSE GUYS.
No. 167255
[x] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

Because I can't help but imagine Kamen no Maidguy.


Bunny no Nurseguy?
No. 167257
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.
-The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

I'm sure that he won't mind the extra company.
No. 167258
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

This guy is Awesome. Might as well spend some time talking to him. Maybe he and Mima can trade stories, later. Bound to be entertaining. Or terrifying. One of those.
No. 167273
[x] Talk to someone and calm down.

I hope this means "normal travelers" instead of "obnoxious kids"
No. 167280
[X] Talk to someone and calm down.
No. 167285
[ ] Talk to someone and calm down.
No. 167291
[x] Talk to someone and calm down.
- The Meat Miracle: Hannibal the Rabbit

Dude seems like a bro.

That would be kind of neat. Has a description of Nebosa been given yet?
No. 167293
File 136721409379.jpg - (304.28KB , 800x552 , e823862cf9ab036f2233518cec6e0562.jpg ) [iqdb]
"So, um." You think for a moment, looking for something to say. Hannibal turns and, thankfully, takes mercy on you, ending the awkward silence.

"So, where are you from?" He asks,"I'm from across the ocean myself. I was born in the United Federation of Democratic States." he informs you. ...Mima is skeptical of this, because he is not blonde haired and blue eyed enough. She saw them on television before.

"Shush." You smile over at Mima, amused. "I'm from south of here, actually. There're so many people around Hakutown, it's amazing!"

"Ah, born here on the New Continent, eh?" He asks, nodding thoughtfully, "Well that's pretty neat, too. We're finally starting to see more guys like you every day, it seems." He says,"Hah! Sorry, don't mind me. I'm just an old man remembering his glory days." He apologizes, waving his hands.

...Mima also doesn't think he looks that old at all? Maybe it's his superior freedom-infused genetics?

...Just what has she been watching...?

You echo Mima's sentiments.

"You don't look very old..." You say, dubiously. "I mean, old at all?" He laughs.

"That's nice of you to say." He responds, grinning lopsidedly, "But I'm already 66, even if I don't look or act it anymore. I came over here among the first wave of people, you know. It's amazing how far we've come, and how quickly, too." He sounds quite wistful as he speaks. Mima seems pretty surprised herself, now. He IS an old fogey!

"....What." You stare, wide-eyed. "Sixty-six?! No way!"

"Way." He responds, his grin remaining in place,"And I've got another sixty years in me!" He states with confidence, his chest expanding further, "I've spent my whole life in security work, and all these years busting up dumb punks who think they can get away with stupid tricks has kept me a lean, mean fighting machine. You see, people tell you all this stuff that they say you 'have' to do to be healthy, but the most important thing, more than anything else, is to just be active and to not stress yourself! I love my job, and I'm on my feet working for hours and hours all day, and I love doing it." He says. Hannibal leans over the counter and whispers quietly, "Don't tell the Doctors or Nurses, but I don't follow the diet they keep trying to force on me. I'm not giving up steak and sweets for anything. A life without that's a life not worth living."

Mima seems to be feeling a kinship with Hannibal, understanding his suffering. She too once had someone try to force her to eat nothing but 'healthy' foods. Reisen is watching Hannibal with an expression of...vague interest?

"...Mima, what he's saying is a lot different than 'you can't eat nothing but candy every day'." You give her a skeptical look. Mima smacks you and glares at you. Are you saying that Mima is lazy? That she's getting fat, perhaps?! Mima is fully aware that she has kept her gorgeous girlish figure and hourglass hips! She's incredible!

...She's kinda part ghost, especially at the waist or so, so she's really more...pear shaped?

The Yukari on your head bursts into laughter, giggling at some thought she'd just heard.

Hannibal himself simply laughs.

"Oh, it looks like you're in the doghouse now!" He says, apparently very amused by the misunderstanding, "Why, this reminds me of one time back when I was 19 years old. I had just lost my job as a bouncer at a nightclub for dealing with someone who'd gotten grabby with a waitress the usual way...cept it turned out he was the owner's brother!" He explains, "Now then, I'd had to skip town once I got tired of beating him and his cronies up - my knuckles were starting to get sore from breaking their faces on a daily basis you see. So, like I was saying, I had to skip town, so I started the long walk south all the way from Northpoint herself." Northpoint? That's...the very unimaginatively named city on the Northern most point of the New Continent.

"....Wow. All the way from Northpoint?" You're rather impressed "That's a really long way!"

"Bah, it's nothing so great. I'm sure plenty of people walk the continent themselves." He says, waving it off. "Now, where was I...ah, yes!" He finds his place in the story again, ""One night as I was camping out underneath the stars, resting in the treetops so I could keep off the ground and avoid most of the critters and the like, I heard the strangest noise. It was like this strange keening wail kind of noise, you see. So, I climb down from the tree I was in and start sneaking through the forest to try and find out just where this sound was coming from and what it was. It took me a bit since I had to stay low and out of sight, but I found it soon enough. Bunch of weirdo's in these strange black and red outfits were tooling around this big machine that had dozens of grabbing arms. I watched them, and they were using this thing to harvest the touhoumon right from their nests and homes without a fight, using some kind of weird smoke to knock them right out." He says, snapping his fingers, "That fast!"

"Now, I knew I couldn't just do nothing then. These hoodlums were up to no good in my neck of the woods, and I wasn't just going to walk off and let them take those poor folk with them to who knows where. So, I tried to come up with a plan..." He grins,"...Then I did what came natural, and grabbed the nearest of the punks and hurled him into the next closest and then charged the rest of them! You'd be amazed how fast you can get a bunch of criminals to panic when you put their boss through the table they were using." He says, crossing his arms proudly over his chest.

Mima is staring at Hannibal, mouth agape.

Yukari has woken up and is paying attention to his story.

Reisen's eyebrows have actually been raised more than just slightly.

"....Whoa." Somewhere along the way, the conversation became 'making noises of admiration at him' but really you're too impressed to worry about it.

"So THEN, right as I dust off the bits of powdered table and get back up, the dang machine comes after me now, trying to grab me with its metal hands and spray me with its weird gas." He waves his hands in an explanatory manner,"Well, I wasn't going to have any of that, so I jumped onto it and started climbing up it to reach the cockpit. And wouldn't you know it, right as I get up there and pull the guy out who was in it and toss him out and to the ground, the police decide to show up." He states,"Turns out that they'd been planning to raid this operation before I showed up and made a mess of things. They managed to catch them all anyway, and brought me back to their city with 'em and gave me a place to stay for a while. Then, the police chief negotiated with me to hire me on as an officer." He says, grinning, "And that's the story of how I ended up a deputy of Old Growth City."

...There's a long pauses as Hannibal starts to look somewhat quizzical, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he ponders something, "...Not sure what you said that reminded me of that story though. Maybe it was because that's when I met Ol' Firebrand, and your little lady reminded me of her."

Mima could be a police chief? She seems to be delighted at the prospect of the idea.

"...Mima?" You give her a sideways glance. "...Huh. Yeah, I guess if they had a nickname like Ol' Firebrand, it would kind of make sense, her reminding you of them." It's not too unreasonable. She does like fire.

"Hannibal?" Nurse Reisen steps back out from the back office and taps Hannibal on the shoulder, "I've finished my report. Sorry for taking so long. It seems like that man has been causing trouble for more than one of our Centers." She explains as she takes the chair when Hannibal vacates it.

"Ah, don't worry about a thing." He waves it off as he stretches out, his back a bit kinked from how he had to sit in that tiny chair,"It's all fine with me. I got to tell one of my better stories. Well, back to work then." Hannibal says, giving you a nod, "You all have a nice night."

Nurse Reisen seems to be getting settled into her spot at the moment, shuffling papers and messing with her computer.

That was....really quite interesting.

[ ] Chat
- Reisen
- Loner
- Casuals
- That Guy
[ ] go to bed
[ ] Admit _______ to______, y_u just c___t ___p it an___o__
No. 167295
He was a bro: The biggest bro of them all- Broskander, King of the Macebroneans.

[x] Chat with the bunny! Bunny + Bunny bonding!
No. 167296
[x] Chat
No. 167297
[x] Chat
No. 167298
-[x] The obligatory NPCs Casuals

We might need some info on the routes and the roads for tomorrow and maybe some kind of rumour or lead about dungeons/mistery places/ rare touhou
No. 167303
[X] Chat
- Reisen

>United Federation of Democratic States
You know, the more a country's name claims it's a democracy, the more likely it's actually a dictatorship.
No. 167309
[X] Chat
- Reisen

I want to hear what she has to say. She's not the most "talkative" of the bunch.
No. 167310
[x] chat
No. 167311
File 13672465395.jpg - (316.22KB , 750x750 , c87dd14d0c6446a2c7bbadc93948f504.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...So, um." At least this time, you have something to comment on! "That guy had been causing a lot of trouble?"

"Yes." She nods seriously,"He's been harassing people at all of the Touhoumon centers across the Southern Region. When I reported him in, he's done these sorts of things to a dozen different centers in just this past month!" Her grip on her papers tightens as her expression shifts to be decidedly angry, "As if our jobs werent' hard enough..."

Your Reisen hops up onto the counter, pulling herself up to sit on it with her legs dangling off. She turns towards her evolved NReisen counterpart and...says something to her that you can't quite catch. Nurse Reisen blushes, immediately knocked out of her funk.

"Oh no! I-I couldn't do that, I mean..." She casts a look at you before turning her attention back to the table in front of her,"I'm needed here. It's not really that bad, it's just...annoying how some guests can treat the staff."

You definitely missed something in that exchange, but...you won't pry.

"I'd think people would be a little nicer to someone who does such important work." You say, instead, "I don't know why they'd be jerks to someone who helps them out so much..."

"Because they can be." Nurse Reisen sighs, figuring the rabbits out of the cage at this point,"They're not all bad, in fact that jerks are pretty rare." She shifts in her seat,"But the things they can do are just...ugh. Some jerk tried to capture me once. Hannibal dealt with him, but I still couldn't believe it. Trying to capture me like I'm some wild touhoumon!" She sounds quite angry now,"And then some of them just take out their frustrations because I'm here so they can yell at me about how their free medical service didn't fluff their pillows enough, or their free food isn't a five star gourmet course prepared by a CHYoumu."

...Wow, she's really going now...

"The worst are the ones like that jerk from before. Treating me like I'm not a person and just trying to grab my body or touch my ears or tail! Where do they get off doing that?" She seethes, glaring at the papers on her desk.

Your Reisen pats her bigger counterpart consolingly on the back. There, there. It's okay.

You shake your head sympathetically.

"I guess some people can just be pretty awful..." You paste on a smile. "Well, I guess, uh, just don't let it get to you, you know? You do important stuff, and there's a lot of people who appreciate it!" You try to give her a bit of encouragement.

"Yeah..." She sighs, her long ears drooping and bapping you on the head,"Thanks. You're a sweetie." She says, smiling at you and reaching over to ruffle your hair in a nice way. "And you're a lucky girl." She says to your Reisen, turning and poking her in the stomach. Your Reisen is confident that she's not lucky, she's just that good. More over, she DID offer her Nurse counterpart...something? You can't catch the specifics. Nurse Reisen shakes her head.

"No, no. It's..." She gives you a look before looking away again, "Tempting, but I couldn't do that to poor Hannibal and all the others working here. I help keep this place running properly. If I left then poor Hannibal would have to work the front desk. I couldn't do that to him."

You're a bit confused. Why would she leave, if Reisen was giving her something? Well, it's not really any of your business, probably.

"So, um. Have...you been doing this long?" You indicate the center in general. "You seem to have seen a lot, around here."

"I've been working with the Touhoumon Center Foundation for as long as I can remember." Nurse Reisen responds,"Back when I was a chibi I was just another little assistant and worker, but I was transfered to this store specifically when I evolved because my newly proven skill set would let me solve the problems they were having here. It hasn't been easy, but..." She smiles, the tension in her shoulders fading a bit, "I think it's been worth it. It's like I said, most people aren't bad at all. They appreciate what I've done here, and I've made a lot of good friends."

"Only the most skilled Reisen evolve into NReisen you know." She says, crossing her arms proudly under her chest, and drawing your attention to it, "We're the best when it comes to medical treatment and the healing process."

Your Reisen rolls her eyes to the side, apparently unimpressed by her boast that NReisen are the best, pfeh.

"Wow!" You, however, are suitably impressed. "You're THAT good? I hadn't realised..." You consider this. "The best, huh?"

"Yep!" She preens visibly, apparently entirely happy to brag about her accomplishment, "Only the Reisen best at the healing and medical arts become NReisen." Her expression hardens and she clenches her fist, "And someday, I'll evolve to a DReisen!" She seems very vehement about this.

Your Reisen just rolls her eyes again at her evolved counterparts determination to become a Doctor Reisen.

"Yeah!" You encourage. "You gotta work towards your dreams! Give it your all!"

"Yeah!" She says, getting even more pumped,"I'm already almost there in terms of skills, I just need a bit more experience to hit the level I need to be at!" She seems...very excited about this, her eyes are shining even! "And once I'm there, I'll be the one giving the in-depth examinations!" She says, her eyes gleaming happily like the starts in the sky.

...Your Reisen gives her evolved counterpart an odd look before shaking her head. Hmph, maybe you prefer them evolved, huh...

"Oh, Reisen." You ruffle her hair, shaking your head. "You know I like you for you, and not whether or not you're evolved. So don't be silly, okay? That's what we have HER for." You gesture towards Mima.

....wait. ...Where did Mima get off to anyway? She and Yukari seem to have...wandered off.

Oh dear.

...You sigh.

[ ] ....You aren't dealing with this tonight. No. Go to bed. They'll find you eventually.
[ ] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.
- The Shady Loner.
No. 167312
Hello again everyone. It looks like thread 1 is just about all used up. So, Rye and I will be switching to a new thread next update.

So, while you vote for this one, I will be available again to answer your questions and provide clarification on issues you were unsure of.
No. 167315

I think you guys should post the new thread with this update to get more votes.
No. 167316
[x] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

Need those quest hooks.
No. 167317

Incredible derp on my part. I assumed the thread was already in auto-sage
No. 167318
No. 167319
[X] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.
No. 167321

They weren't supposed to actually build the "death-a-pult".

>More over, she DID offer her Nurse counterpart...something? You can't catch the specifics.
>Why would she leave, if Reisen was giving her something?
Sadly, no Nurse Reisen for our party.

That reminds me: going further into what >>167219 mentioned, can chibis speak? Is Nebosa internalizing everything his touhoumon say, or is he running off of body language? Or does he have some special ability that lets him understand chibi touhoumon?
No. 167322

Ah ha. You two are observant and smart guys I see. That's a good thing, it'll be helpful for you in the future of this story...and probably in real life.

Now, as for whether Chibi's can talk...yes. Yes they are in fact entirely capable of speech.
No. 167325

This cannot in any way be a good thing.
No. 167330
[X] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

Panicking would only make him more tired. But it's nice to see CReisen talking, though I wonder if she has different evolution aspirations than the NReisen
No. 167332
[x] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

Going to have to agree with >>167330
Besides, seeing what their scheming resulted in later on ought to be amusing. Maybe they'll create the best damn pillow fort the world has ever seen.
No. 167333
[x] ....You aren't dealing with this tonight. No. Go to bed. They'll find you eventually.

Should probably give the NReisen a heads up about them though.
No. 167334
File 136726100732.gif - (466.69KB , 500x281 , fort_kickass.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

Probably they'll call it "Fort Kickass" and refuse to recognize our authority as long as they fortify themselves inside it.
No. 167337
[x] Welp. It's too late to worry about it now. Their fiendish plots are undoubtedly already in motion. You'll go talk to people while you await your doom.

That was interesting, sadly no mid evolution bunny for us.
No. 167341
or at least until our Reisen evolves.
No. 167380

The next thread is here. Just a bit more than a week, huh? Not a bad rate.