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Poor little rabbit.

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Now with 100% more Tewi!


[X] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.

You clap your hands together. Work to do. “I'd love to stay and chat, Kaguya, but I've got things to do.” Eirin looks at you, the long-suffering lenient boss evident in her every motion. Kaguya nods, and she looks resigned to more meal-making duty.

Tewi, however, isn't fazed. “I'd be glad to help you, Reisen. Us bunnies, we've got to stick together, right?” You shrug. It's not worth the effort to directly deny Tewi. You'll find a way to outwit her or just bore her so much she'll go and do something else.

You, Sanae Kochiya, are standing at the top of the steps to the entrance of the Moriya Shrine. Reimu and Marisa are on their way up. You wave down to them, with a bit of unpleasantness evident in your gut. You know what they're here for.

Marisa waves up at you enthusiastically. Reimu just smiles, and continues up the steps. They could have just flown here, but those steps have been there for centuries. It's the principle of the thing, really. “Marisa, Reimu. Glad to see you guys are here.”

Marisa nods. “Yup! Got to see how my master plan is working out!” When she says 'master plan', she waves her fingers in what she probably thinks is a creepy mastermindy fashion. To you, it just looks like she's shaking water off of her hands. Reimu just rolls her eyes at Marisa.

You chuckle at Marisa. “Well, come in, have some tea, take a load off.”

The three of you head towards one of the outer buildings, and Kanako waves from her garden as you go by. “Hey, Sanae. Make sure that the vegetables are cut and washed before Suwako comes back.”

You nod. “Sure thing.”

Reimu and Marisa also smile and wave politely. As you enter the building, you slide the door shut behind you. Marisa's excited like a puppy: it's kind of off-putting that she's so enthusiastic about this. “So, did it work? Did my awesome, super-devious plan work?”

“You mean the plan for me to act smitten with Reisen and get her to trust me?”

“Yeah, that one! Of course, that one!”

You smile knowingly. “And spoil the surprise for you so soon, Marisa?”

Reimu sighs and shakes her head. “And here I was hoping for professionalism. Get on with it, already.”

You shake your head sadly at Reimu. “No appreciation for a little showmanship. Look, I'll put some tea on, and we'll get down to business, and I'll tell you what I know.” You've got to think of how you're going to handle this. The tea will give you some time.

Reisen confessed to murdering Miko last night, to you. Along with that, she also told you that she's going to get working on killing Sakuya within the next two days. This, she said, is because of a bargain she struck, poorly: trading three lives for three favors. She's kind of between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, you can't simply let someone blatantly murder Gensokyoans. On the other, you understand her motivation. If someone held that kind of power over Kanako and Suwako, you don't know what you'd do.

That, and the crushing guilt you feel for leading Reisen on, just to get information from her. Add to that the fact that you feel like you might actually feel something for her, and you've got a recipe for shit soup.

You finish brewing the tea, and come back out to the main room, where Reimu and Marisa are discussing what they'd learned from the fairies.

“She's pretty much the only one who could have done it, aside from some of the Myouren Temple residents. Yoshika was adamant that Reisen was the only one who came in that day.”

Reimu shrugs. “Yoshika isn't what I'd call the most reliable source. She's not a trained expert in these matters. And when we asked Meiling, probably the most foremost expert on security procedures, she acknowledged that there was pretty much nobody watching the place. Anyone could have just waltzed right in. Reisen might have just been in a bad place at a bad time. Besides, what motive does she have?”

Marisa groans. “Always back to the motive. If we knew what the motive was, I'm sure we'd know exactly who did it.”

Reimu nods. “And we don't know what the motive is.” Well... they don't know what the motive is. 'We' is probably the wrong pronoun in this case. Reimu turns to you, as you sit down and set out the tea. “So, Sanae, what'd you learn?”

[ ] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.
[ ] Option 2: Tell Reimu and Marisa about suspicions you have, but wait on the confession until you can confirm it.
[ ] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.
[ ] Option 4: Unavailable.
[ ] Option 5: Unavailable.

This is a perfect example of the effects your choices have had on this story so far. Previous choices are now starting to cascade onto current options, making more (or less) options available to you guys.

Also, I know I said it in the last thread, but I think it bears repeating: Please do not go ridiculously risk-averse on me. If you try to avoid any and all elements of risk, it will make the story outright worse for me, for you, and probably for Reisen. Fortes fortuna adiuvat, and all that jazz.
[X ] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.
[x] Option 2: Tell Reimu and Marisa about suspicions you have, but wait on the confession until you can confirm it.

We wouldn't want to go all in before the river. Besides, making a Phoenix Wright-esque speech when she gets all the evidence in place is Sanae's style.

However, she still should warn them. Game or not, Sakuya's life is at risk.
>Please do not go ridiculously risk-averse on me. If you try to avoid any and all elements of risk, it will make the story outright worse for me, for you, and probably for Reisen. Fortes fortuna adiuvat, and all that jazz.

Sorry I thought this was a choose your own adventure storyboard. If you're giving me a free hint, fine; but it seems like you just wouldn't like to write a certain path in the story and would twist the events to punish such choices.

Sorry if I'm being rude but I consider this important. 'Ridiculously risk-averse' is the most relative and subjective term I can think of.
[x] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.
>“You mean the plan for me to act smitten with Reisen and get her to trust me?”
Not gonna lie, wasn't expecting it.
Mostly because I thought you were a better writer than to use tired cliches like that but whatever.

[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

Giving Sanae a chance to get her feelings straight... whatever we may be.

Seriously, that's pretty low. How far was she willing to go to get Reisen's trust?
[ ] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

What the hell guys.
[x] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.

I love this story.
[ ] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.
No. No. Sanae has to fall to corruption. She has to fall for Reisen totally and completely. Guilt would only drive her close to us. Or make her go crazy, which'll be interesting.
[ ] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

Maximum corruption for maximum despair.
Just because it's a cliche isn't reason to dismiss using it out of hand. In fact, attempting to get rid of cliches entirely makes for a pretty boring story. However, yes, used improperly, they're terrible. I've never had an issue admitting I'm a pretty terrible writer, but that's why I'm writing: to improve. So if this cliche is terrible, that's why.

It's okay, don't worry about being rude. I understand that you consider it important. I see where you're coming from on your argument, and I try not to go out of my way to "punish" certain choices. You're right, I wouldn't want to write a path where Reisen is someone who cringes from any risk: she's just not that kind of character (at least in my head). In any case, that's just my two cents.
It kind of seems like something that had been planned.

Look at >>160654:
> "And then, there were hints dropped by, well, everyone. That Sanae likes you. And then, finally, I bring you and Sanae together for drinks-”

Marisa's already got her plan going. Reimu also makes it a point to help out Reisen, even if it just seems like friendship at the beginning. Her newly revealed agenda does work pretty well with what she did though.

Man, re-reading that after this update puts a whole different atmosphere on it. And... this is probably why we haven't gotten a viewpoint from Sanae until now.

Then there's >"That's why we sent Sanae to watch Reisen, see if she acts... off. Or if she can pick up any clues."

It wasn't implied strongly, but it's there, I guess.

I think there's more? I'd have to go through the entire story again, looking for that kind of stuff, though.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

I'd like a happy ending, please.
>It wasn't implied strongly, but it's there, I guess.
No, it's not. You're only seeing implication now because you now know the twist.

I don't even know what to vote for.
It's possible! I promise.

Possible, but very difficult, I assume.

Still, a challenge is okay too.
Glad to hear it.
[x] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.
-[x] In fact, tell them that you have even more doubts that she's the culprit. Maybe you're investigating the wrong people?

Nothing of good will come out from the other options.

Also, I'm kinda surprised that Sanae, a shrine maiden, had a lesbian affair just for this.
[ ] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.

Maybe ask to leave Sanae's name out of it? Just blame it on the fairies?
[X ] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession
It's time for her to go full-retard.
But why!?
Yeah, why is Sanae doing this going full-retard? It's a completely reasonable decision for her to tell her co-conspirators about the person planning murder.

No, he meant "Why are you voting for option 1 when there's option 3 to vote for?"
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

I'm not giving up on the potential real feelings Sanae is having for Reisen.
[X] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession.

Because let's make things even harder for our bunny.

>“You mean the plan for me to act smitten with Reisen and get her to trust me?”
I knew we shouldn't of told Sanae.
Damn though, what a great plot twist. Applause for that, pretty unexpected but it does drive things forward.

Doesn't Reimu still owe us a favor? I think we might need it soon.
>Doesn't Reimu still owe us a favor? I think we might need it soon

You think Reimu is gonna help Reisen after learning she is the murder?
Well, as far as I understand fae bargains, either Reisen offs the three people the fairies choose or some or all three of the people she tried to save will die. No ifs, no buts, do not pass go etc etc.
Obviously, Reisen isn't going to leave anything to chance and will attempt to achieve all three kills, but Reimu and co would be willing to prevent her from going any further if they thought that 2 failed kills would only equate to 2 addition deaths.
However, judging by the fact that the bargain did not result in protecting the lives of the three Reisen intended (Mokou stealing Tewi's dose of Elixir), they are perfectly happy to twist their words to shaft Reisen. So it is possible that if Reisen only achieves one or two kills, but fails any more, they'll kill all three Elixir recipients just because.
So Reimu etc will have to take into account the possibility that stopping Reisen might protect her two remaining targets, but cause the death of three other people who have absolutely no involvement in the plot, besides their lives depending on it.
Reimu's whole deal is maintaining balance in Gensokyo; allowing 3 people to be murdered and the murderer brought to justice might be less unbalancing than having one or two murdered, and three people thought to be immortal simply dropping dead for no apparent reason.

Of course, there's always the loophole that Reisen just had to kill the targets; nobody every said anything about them staying dead.
>Keine history hax
>Yukari border-between-life-and-death hax
>Shikieiki judging you to be worthy of reincarnation
That's just off the top of my head.
Well, this option looks good. To bad no one's voting for it and the other two have such a lead that voting for it now would might as well mean not voting at all.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

No making the poor little bunny's life more miserable. She still has a chance at being happy, please don't crush her small hopes.

And how exactly do you people think she can finish the two remmaining favors with the two mikos, Marisa, the alerted victim and her alliea, and possibly the rest of Gensokyo working against her? That's asking for bad ends.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

If we let Reisen believe that trust is possible now, it can be used to even greater effect later.
[X] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession

Reisen can't have nice things.
But Why?!

We can be so much more horrible by giving Reisen *very* nice things, like Sanae's love, and then taking them away. Or killing them off. It's so much more cruel!
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

Jesus Christ Rabbit, you do not let up.

Any chance we'll get to learn what the other two Options were, had we unlocked them?
Haven't decided yet. I'm leaning towards "probably".
convinced me

[X] Option 1: Tell Reimu and Marisa about Reisen's confession

really hoping for an understanding reimu here.
>really hoping for an understanding reimu here.

You sholdn't take unecessary risks. We already know her views on the matter.
[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

Because we can't prove the fairies guilty yet.
Regardless of whatever we want regarding Reisen, we also want to capture the masterminds.
Reimu and Marisa can't be trusted not to just go mangle Reisen over all this, which would probably cause the deaths of two innocents while allowing the masterminds to escape unscathed.
Knowing the way things are going, I'd bet the one kill would save Mokou's life and immortality, but not Kaguya's or Eirin's.
Regarding fae bargains, could killing a fairy destroy its bargain? I know fairies in Gensokyo resurrect, but does death affect their memories or something?
Yes, and no.
Though as we saw with the Remilia sidestory, it is the bargain keeping Kaguya, Eirin and Mokou alive. Breaking the bargain will kill them. They will only be safe after we have completed the Favours.
Calling it now, because of the closeness of the votes. Don't want things changing while I'm writing.
File 135149948055.jpg - (173.79KB, 777x520 , RABBIT SCIENCE.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm pretty damned shocked at the number of votes that this last option had. I'm surprised I have that many readers.

I am also appalled at how many of you voted for Option 1. Shaaaaaaaaaaaame. Why do you have to be so mean to the poor little rabbit?


[X] Option 3: Tell Reimu and Marisa that you haven't really learned anything.

“Well... Not much.” Hopefully they can't tell that you're lying through your teeth. “I can't help but think that we might have the wrong person.”

Reimu blows her bangs up, as she slumps down in her chair. Marisa slaps her hand on the table. “Gaaaaaaah. And I was so sure!”

You shrug. “Yeah. Well, there it is.”

Reimu shakes her head. “Nothing for it, then. We'll just have to continue investigating. Sanae, do you think she'd be a help for that?”

You nod. “Yeah. I'd like to keep working with her on this. She seems like she might be good at this.”

“I just wish Kotohime shared more investigative work. She's really the only person around here that does this sort of thing. But you know her, keeping what she's got to herself...”

A smile plays across your lips. Kotohime's... got a special way of 'investigating'. But she gets it right more often than not, so... that counts for something, you guess. “She'll let us know when she's got something. If she gets something.”

Marisa just sighs. “I wish the full moon would just hurry up. Maybe then Keine will be able to help.”

Reimu doesn't move from her slumped position, staring up at the ceiling, but she offers a reply. “It doesn't work like that. I've told you.”

“Well then, genius, how does it work?”

“How the hell should I know? I'm no hakutaku. It just doesn't, okay?”

If it did work like that, Reisen would be in some serious trouble come the full moon. At least you're pretty sure it doesn't work like that.

You kind of hope it doesn't work like that.

You catch yourself, as you're hoping for impediments to the investigation. Of which you've become one. This is a... slightly disturbing thought. Best not to think of it too much. You'll just end up hurting yourself. “Well...” You find yourself asking a question that you're sure that Marisa and Reimu have asked until it's painful to hear, but... “Do we have any other leads?”

“So, whatcha doin', Reisen?” Tewi is inquisitive, but that's normal for her.

“Nothing much. Just going to set up to assassinate the President of the World.” Heh. Oh. Right. Shit. You are planning an assassination.

“Oh, have you already found your grassy knoll?”

You shake your head. “Nope. Haven't surveyed the site well enough yet.”

Tewi frowns. “Did you at least get a Jack Ruby to take the fall for you?”

“You've got it backwards. I'd want to get a Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Tewi smiles. “Ohhh, I see. You're the 'second gunman', then.”

“Yeah.” In more ways than one. Congratulations, Reisen. You're now good for something other than just your sex appeal. Unfortunately, you get to be an unwilling tool. Hooray. Yayifications and whatnot. “So, what are you going to do about it?”

She thinks for a moment. “Well, I could call the President, and be all 'Hey, dude, there's some crazy bunny chick out for your head.' But he'd never believe that. So I think I'm going to find a grassy knoll behind YOUR grassy knoll and put a hole in your head.”

You fake a gasp, and affect indignant offendedness. “Why, Tewi! That's so cold of you!”

She nods. “You're right. I'd have to tranquilize you. Can't be getting rid of you, I've found myself oddly attached to you, despite your many flaws.” She looks up at you and smiles. “Besides, I'd die within a month if Kaguya kept cooking. It started out so great, but... you can tell she's running out of steam.”

You chuckle, as you pull the book in your bookshelf to reveal the hidden door to your 'laboratory'. Tewi knows all about it, of course, as in your younger years, you always had to shout at her to get out. 'Tewi! Get out of my laboratory!' She, of course, would not, and would do her best to find buttons to push. She'd look at you, wicked grin on her face, and say, 'Oooh! What does this button do?'

And of course, she'd press it.

But the two of you are mostly beyond this now. And you don't think she's found the addition you've made to the lab, where you keep your armory.

As you walk in, Tewi on your heels, you sit down in front of your large bookshelf. “Research?”

You nod. “Yeah. It's boring, but I've got to get a hold on the basic concepts before I start planning in earnest to assassinate the President. There are so many other ways to do it, without ruining the inside of a perfectly nice car.”

She shrugs. “Well. Okay.”

You sit there in silence, having plucked a book at random from the shelf, and reading it. Tewi always gets fidgety when there's nothing for her to do, and she's started to wander around the lab, messing with things as she tends to do. The 'chemistry set' is the first thing she fiddles with, inspecting your vials, decanters, and then filling a pipette with water, and spraying it at you. She soon bores of this, and starts on your computer way back in the corner. Of course, it's password locked, and you change it often just to frustrate Tewi. And the one time she did actually figure out the password, she was frustrated by the 'added measure' you have of making the first entry of the correct password show up as 'incorrect', necessitating a second entry of it.

But after a short time, she gets bored with your reading, and starts to walk out. “Alright, Reisen. I'll let you get back to plotting and conniving. If the President isn't dead by tomorrow, I'll be very disappointed in you.”

“Tomorrow? When am I supposed to travel there?”

She shrugs. “Not my problem. Book a private jet, or something.”

“With what money?”

She laughs. “What, you're not being paid in advance for taking out the President? Man, Reisen, you really gotta negotiate your contracts better.” She's laughing to herself as she leaves, leaving you alone in your lab. You slide the book back into the bookcase, and open the secret entrance to the armory. In there, racks of both Earth and Lunar weaponry shine, kept in perfect working order for the day that the Lunarian Invasion happens. Yes, you're sure it's going to happen. Further in the back are the 'other' chemicals that you've got: poisons, acids, biological agents of all types. A bunny's got to be prepared. Finally, you've got your 'odds and ends' section: where you keep all the 'other' things, including a large Lunarian steel knife, your blowgun, a couple of garrottes, and your ever-handy shock gloves. There's some other stuff too, but you'll think of it eventually.


Time to get to work, then.

[ ] Inspect the weapons.
[ ] Inspect the chemicals.
[ ] Check out the odds-and-ends.
– [ ] Write-in something you want to be there.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Inspect the weapons.
We need that rifle. With the clip thing.
And maybe an invisibility potion or something.
[x] Inspect the chemicals.
She'll only realize the poision when it is already on her stream... and stopping time doesn't help if you're in too much pain to do anything about it.

OR we could release Flandre and kill her in the confusion. We'll see.
>and your ever-handy shock gloves

Is this the part where we beat sakuya over the head with a fire extinguisher?

> am also appalled at how many of you voted for Option 1

reisen doesn't get nice things
I'm going to drag out the bunny torture.
You're going to have to suffer for that happy end Reisen.

[ ] Inspect the chemicals.
Biological Agents? As in diseases? Fucking hardcore Reisen.
Then you toss the body into the singularity. No evidence.
[x] Inspect the weapons.

Reisen told Tewi she was a gunman, yes? We can't disappoint Tewi!
[X]Inspect the Chemicals

I can easily see this backfiring horribly.
[X]Inspect the Chemicals

Leave no evidence.
[X] Inspect the chemicals.
We want something that decays quickly to seemingly ordinary biological matter so there's no evidence. It'd implicate Eientei and by extension us if Sakuya was found full of cyanide or anything that basically only we have access to. But given the apparent comprehensiveness of Reisen's armory, I don't doubt she has something of the kind to hand.

I should hope that you aren't going to be putting this on the backburner now, Rabbit.
Of course not. I did say that it's priority #1 no matter what, right?

In all fairness, many other authors have expressed a similar sentiment, right before their story grinded to a halt or they disappeared forever.
-[x] Including the ninja robots and missile launchers. Don't forget the heavy armored tanks, the long range artillary, and your very own Metal Gear.

Sakuya is a decent touhou. We won't get her by using minor weaponry.
[x] Inspect the chemicals

I'm not a masochist or anything, but I want Reisen to have to earn her happy ending, if she gets one at all. Kind of surprising how close the vote was.
Updates next week early, hopefully Monday or Tuesday. This last week has been the perfect storm of classwork, halloween parties, Youmacon, and actually discarding a draft I wrote. That almost never happens.
Also, you were cheating on us.

Don't you love us anymore?
Well, that too, I suppose.

I'm a robot, and therefore incapable of love.
Rabbit, couldn't you sage?
Here I was seeing this thread bumped on the front page and thinking you posted an update.
Normally I do. I hurr'd a durr and didn't sage.

Hah, nice one.
File 135218375681.jpg - (0.95MB, 2000x2000 , 40f3ed75856cfc1054ccce6fab8ad7c4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Inspect the chemicals.

Chemicals. The sort of thing that doesn't immediately finger you as the culprit. Good stuff. However, not all of it is fast-acting, and much of it is... touchy. For example, how do you get it IN Sakuya? You could poison your knife blade, and cut her, but... knives are her thing, and it'd be a pain in the ass to out-do her at her thing. That, and the time stoppy bit. She'll tend to notice when she gets cut. And then stops time. And then whups your ass.

That'd be a bad time. Still, it's an option. Another option is the hypodermic needle: though that leaves obvious marks (being that it's a needle and all), and Eientei is really the only place that regularly uses them. Of course, sticking Sakuya with a needle would also be a pain. Difficult to do, but probably the most effective poison option, given that you can probably ensure that a lethal dose is given.

Of course, you could poison her tea or her food, but considering she's the perfect maid, and... actually, who does the cooking at the Scarlet Devil Mansion? Is it even Sakuya? That's a question you'd really, really like the answer to right now. You kind of regret not going and scoping out the Mansion or even going drinking with the fairies. Granted, at that moment, you weren't thinking particularly clearly, but... Eh. Nothing for it now, you suppose. But a lethal dose of arsenic cake should do it- unlike Remilia and Flandre, arsenic should kill Sakuya dead. She's only human.

'Only human'. That's the best thing you've got going for you. You actually CAN take her out with one swift strike or poison. A vampire? Good luck poisoning them. What are Remilia's weaknesses anyway? She doesn't seem vulnerable to sunlight, but maybe a stake...

You shake your head. You're going off on tangents. Sakuya's the target, and thankfully, she's not superhuman. The problem arises if you don't either take her out with a swift stroke or take her out without her even noticing. The poison is not the swift-stroke method, she'll notice what's going down. She just won't know who did it. That'll be your defense, if you decide to go with this.

...And that brings up another question. How long will it take her to die, if poisoned? Longer than a day? You could administer enough poison to take her out quickly, but good luck. Arsenic and Strychnine will do, but... that is a hell of an unpleasant way to go. Cyanide... it's an option, but it's easy to detect and easy to determine who would have some. Snake venom? Probably the best one that you could fake.

Unfortunately, after searching your rows of bottles, you don't actually have any on hand. You'd have to steal some from Eirin, or other places. That's inconvenient. However, if you steal it from other places, you might have a patsy. Or you might get caught. Or you might simply run right out of time. That right there puts Ricin out. A week is fast, but not fast enough. You have some nerve agents on hand, like VX and Sarin, but you wouldn't want to gas the place. There's too much that go wrong with gassing a place- your mask might slip, screwing you, and there is way too high of a possibility of collateral damage. Which is something you want to avoid at any and all costs. Three deaths is entirely too much already, right?

However, as you sift through the rack- it's much like a spice rack, except deadlier- you come across a bottle of tetrodotoxin.

Ah, tetrodotoxin. A familiar substance. Tiny amounts will kill someone in hours. That, and you've got it in a non-gas form. It also has no known antidote, making it... an effective choice. You also have some biological agents, running the gamut from Glanders to Marburg, but neither of those are fast-acting, and they have the tendency to spread. Which you really want to avoid.

Then there's radiation-style poisoning. Polonium, which you also have a couple grams of, would be effective in all the worst ways. You, first of all, probably don't have a good way to make it an acute form of poison where it'd be fast, and dying by radiation poisoning is not a fun way to go. And there is, of course, the possibility, no, the probability that it'd kill you too. So let's just leave this one here, shall we?

Another unpleasant option available to you is acids: you have fluoroantimonic acid, but Jesus Christ that stuff is difficult to work with. It'd be probably the worst of all ways to go. And one that has an unpleasantly high chance of backfiring on you. Add to that the fact that it's not a common chemical, and... wait a moment. Eirin doesn't have this stuff. You could conceivably place the blame for it on the Kappas, as they'd certainly have it, what with science and everything. There are other acids you have, including sulfuric, but it's just a weaker way to do the same thing.

You look over at the table of 'other stuff', and see your blowgun. Huh. That's... not a terrible choice, but would require you being real close, and she'd damn sure notice. You'd need something exceedingly fast to work with that. You don't think you've got anything, but...

Well. There's other options, of course. But you could go with what you've got for now.

[ ] Inspect the weapons.
[ ] Inspect the chemicals.
[ ] Check out the odds-and-ends.
– [ ] Write in something you want to be there.

[ ] Come up with a plan and go.
– [ ] Write-in the plan.

If there are no good plan write-ins, I do have things- heh- "planned". I'd rather, however, incorporate elements from your guys' suggestions: so even if you don't pick a specific plan, make sure you make suggestions. I'll do my best to put together a plan that includes your input.
[x] Check the weapons.
The tetrodotoxin looks like the best bet for poison, though when Patchy gives up on finding a magical cause of death Remi might send for the best doctor in town. Which would be Eirin. Who would recognise the symptoms, and probably has the means to trace where the stuff came from.
Which would be a bad time for all.

Hopefully there's some sort of explosion gun that we can magic up to leave a crater big enough to finger the Kappa mad science division.
I can't do this.
Hang in there! Alright, so roleplaying isn't for everyone, but do it for Eirin! Do it for Kaguya!
Mokou can go fuck herself though. Toxoplasmosa gondii into the SDM or something.
[X] Weapons first

Let's consider our options, first, but pinning the blame on someone else would work great. It wouldn't hold up, but it would confuse the issue. As for method of delivery... I'll need to think about that.

...Dear god, what a morbid thing to contemplate.
[ ] Inspect the Odds and Ends.

Here I am hoping for a powerful sniper rifle. Or a nuke. Or Okuu.
The problem is that the target is within a heavily fortified mansion. There are fairies that are keeping watch. The door guard is still an unknown. The mage in the library is powerful unknown. The mistress can see fate.

An assault is out. Poisons would be annoyingly difficult to deliver. "How would we get it to Sakuya in the first place?" Being our primary question for that. We still don't know the odds and ends.

Option A: Create a gift for the target. Flowers, lace, pocketwatch, or the like. Spike it with the poison (tetrodotoxin) to transfer on touch. For the flowers, spike on smell. Sign it "Meiling." We've seen the two together. The target holds a soft spot for the doorguard.

That's the best I can do for poisons.

I'll save weapons for the final choice.

Anons, we want to look at everything first. Every choice is an expansion.
I'm still hoping out for a nuke. It'd still be the safest method to taking out a target with bloody time hax.
It really is. These are dark times, my friend.
[X]Check out the odds-and-ends.

If these don't go anywhere, the only other thing I could think of is a suppressed sniper rifle, but if someone makes the connection between that little noise and Sakuya's head vaporizing, there will most certainly be issues.
[x] Check out the odds-and-ends.
–[x] Glasses or contact lenses that boost the knockout and amnesia power of Reisen's eyes.

Wait a minute. We screwed up.

There is a place adjacent to Gensokyo which Reisen has been in according to PoFV. Being in this place is equivalent to being dead.
Therefore, bringing someone to this place is equivalent to killing them.

...Darn it all...
I think Rabit talked about that a at some point..is my memory playing tricks?
I don't like Eirin, and don't care all that much for Kaguya or Mokou. Or Sakuya for that matter, at least most of the time. And yet...

Damn it, I really can't do this. I can't vote for anything. I can't even read the update/options without feeling terrible and tabbing away to something else.
[X] Inspect the weapons.
Since there appears that we have a choice in what appears in the odds and ends, I would like to keep that option open. There may be a suitable weapon for murdering Sakuya in the armory, as Reisen might have some Lunarian tech that might be useful for this situation.
Our interests at the moment appear to be eliminating Sakuya without being detected and avoiding suspicion from falling upon Eientei and Reisen.
Conventional guns are not really an option; even though Reisen can probably suppress the muzzle report, there'll still be a bullet wound, which can be traced back to Eientei. Of course, we can technically blame the Kappa, as Wild and Horned Hermit shows a few of them using guns, but that probably won't work out too well.
I'm thinking that a quiet ranged weapon like the blowgun or a crossbow would work best for this situation. We'll have plausible deniability in using a weapon that should be readily available in Gensokyo, and it'll definitely do the job if Sakuya is unprepared.
By the way, since Reisen can manipulate lightwaves according to canon, all she needs to do is manipulate all waves approaching her so that she's effectively invisible to the inhabitants of the SDM. This way, she can infiltrate the mansion and potentially assassinate Sakuya without being detected.
Invisibility doesn't work like that. Withholding all light ways simply makes a very conspicuous and very noticeable black bunny. As for the others, all the target has to do is look for the bunny shaped hole in the field.
Unless of course, Reisen is capable of intercepting every wave that would reflect or be absorbed by her physical body and move it perfectly to the other side as so it would be the wave never hit her.
>Unless of course, Reisen is capable of intercepting every wave that would reflect or be absorbed by her physical body and move it perfectly to the other side as so it would be the wave never hit her.
Consider that Sunny Milk is capable of doing exactly that, as are some real-world metamaterials which have a negative indices of refraction.
Which are also very difficult to make and impractical outside of a lab
In real life, that would be true. But since this is in Gensokyo, concepts like 'practicality' and 'realism' are one of the first things to be thrown out of the window.
[x] Check out the odds-and-ends.
–[x] Glasses or contact lenses that boost the knockout and amnesia power of Reisen's eyes.

I really like this idea...or dislike it least. All we need is eye contact with our most perfect maid, and BOOM she's down. We don't need to deal with her time-hax or anything as long as we're discrete.
You have a point regarding the updates and leaving the odds-and-ends until the end. On that note, I'll call it for the weapons this update and the odds-and-ends for the next one, so you guys get more time to consider what's in there. I've also got 'ideas' on how to run the next part, so having the plan complete and ready when we start the next part isn't going to be a requirement.
File 135246176028.jpg - (1.81MB, 2229x1632 , no she doesn't have a dragunov.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Inspect the weapons.

The weapons are simpler than the chemicals for sure: there is, of course, a wide range to select from. But most of them do the same thing: directed kinetic energy. For example, you've still got the sniper railgun. It's pretty loud, considering there's still a chemical propellant, but it's almost guaranteed to be effective: that, and you have four shots. You're no slouch when it comes to marksmanship, so four shots would be enough on almost any target. Hopefully, if you miss the first, she won't realize what's going on fast enough to ruin your day.

Of course, you've got a regular vanilla railgun: but considering this one's built to be lighter and quieter, you're only going to get one shot. Getting a second would require recharging/replacing the capacitor, and that is not a quick operation. On the upside, the only sound would be the bullet breaking the sound barrier, and since it does, it'll arrive before the sound of its passing does. The sound of the bullet isn't very loud, either: and it won't really give away your position. It does interface with your targeting glasses, making it easier to aim.

Of course, both of these are fairly advanced, and should the bullet be located (unlikely, unless there's something heavy and metallic in the bullet's flight path, it should pass completely through the SDM, you think,) it won't be hard to figure out that it's a Lunarian weapon. The list of people who have access to those is rather small.

So if we step down the technological ladder a bit, you have your M24A3 chambered in .338 Lapua. This is a weapon that isn't completely impossible to acquire from the outside world, but it is difficult. The Kappa could probably make something like this with a little bit of time and effort. It isn't quiet, that's for damn sure, but with an effective range of about 1200 meters (and yes, you're sure you can reasonably expect accuracy at that range), you don't have to worry about it too much. One of the things that Lunarian technology never really worried about was figuring out how to silence a weapon like this: if they want a silent weapon, they'll normally go for railguns, so suppressor technology isn't quite up to par. However, there is another option: You can make the gun even LOUDER. To the point where it's loud enough that there won't be a good indication of where it fires from. An advantage to this system is that the longer barrel does suppress the flash rather well, making it even more difficult to localize. However, since this isn't Lunarian technology, it doesn't interface with your sighting glasses, which means that you might get some glint off of your scope. Nobody else here really deals with such things, you think, so you probably won't get anyone that will notice what that means.

If you want to step down the technological ladder even more, to the point that you're using a weapon historical enough to come into Gensokyo in drips and drabs (and Rinnosuke has one perpetually for sale in Kourindou, though nobody's bought it,) you've got your M1903A4: it's chambered in .30-06, and its base design is over a hundred years old. Anyone could get a hold of these things, doesn't take too much effort. Unfortunately, the smaller cartridge does lower your range by about a third, to about 800 meters. The scope on it is something comparatively rarer, but as long as you don't shoot and then throw the gun down, you'll be fine. Gensokyo's forensic science, practiced mostly by Kotohime, doesn't extend to DNA evidence, but if you should throw the gun down, she'll be able to figure out the bullet came from that specific gun.

Finally, you've got a Baker rifle. This thing is old. It's also within the technological capabilities of most of Gensokyo to manufacture. It fires round steel balls: this does lower the accuracy to about 200-300 meters, but with the black powder, there's minimal to no muzzle flash. It is also probably the slowest to refire, about on par with the vanilla railgun. But damned if they could pin anything on you with this, so long as you don't leave all kinds of evidence around.

Sidearms you don't have nearly as many, given that you've always had a few you prefer: the M1911, of non-Lunarian design is always a classic, and easy for anyone to acquire. Yours are also heavily modified, with a scope interface for your targeting glasses. If the gun should be recovered, it'll be obvious Lunarian modifications, but nothing that can be traced back to you from the bullet alone, unless the gun itself gets tested. You do have a few of these, and Kotohime is probably aware that this is one of your weapons of choice. Reimu, Sanae and Marisa probably don't know enough about modern weaponry to care or have noticed beforehand.

Well, Sanae would know it's you. Hopefully she didn't do anything like dime you out. That'd throw a wrench in all of your plans. You can only hope that that went well- no, no no no. Stop going off on tangents. You've got to focus.

There's a couple of other sidearms, but the only other one that's worth considering, you think, is the one-shot rail 'Derringers' that the Lunarians make. They're not actually called Derringers, mind you, but the term's accurate. They're mostly silent, but can't reasonably be field reloaded. They are small enough that you can bring multiple, though. However, leaving them behind, as a disposable gun like this would suggest, is a very bad idea.

You do have a limited selection of blades: it was never your strong point, and it's probably not a good idea to use them against Sakuya, considering she can probably easily out-knife you. And you were never too great with throwing knives either. But it's worth mentioning that you DO have a knife specifically balanced for throwing with a glass tip designed to break on impact: they allow you to insert a small ampoule inside them, so that when the tip breaks, the contents of the ampoule enter the target. It is only glass, however, so don't expect acid to stay in there too long.

Swords are an option, with you having a range from the short gladius to a ridiculously oversized zweihander: but your expertise essentially boils down to “poke them with the pointy end”. That, and bladed weapons are much harder to conceal. But they are silent. So it's still an option.

The last bits of your armory are contained in the “odds and ends” section, where all the weird stuff is. Not all of it is strictly weapons: you do have a prototype adaptive camouflage system, for example. Your eyes drift over there to see...

[ ] Write-in.
[x] An embarrassingly revealing Magical Girl costume that Kaguya forced you to wear for her birthday party that one time. It comes complete with wand and functioning magical powers.
Again, is some sort of human-specific biological weapon out of the question? Something that would leave no trace of what killed her other than apparently spontaneous organ failure? Alternatively, something in line with my previous Toxoplasmosa gondii comment? Or perhaps something which increases her aggression such that we accidentally give her a fatal wound in self-defense?

The important thing to remember, is that Reisen isn't a scientist. She has neither the time nor the expertise required to breed a specific strain of bacteria/virus/what have you (that can take months of research, with weeks to get a weaponizable amount. Though for one person, it would take less time to breed enough, but still the same amount of time to research a powerful enough strain.) As for the toxoplasma, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish with that. It's rarely fatal, and doesn't really do too much within the timeframe allotted to Reisen. As far as other things go: There isn't really a "magic bullet" for chem/bio warfare. I am trying to keep it to things that actually exist. I'm drawing a blank on things for the "aggression" bit, but... would that really be a good idea, what with her being able to just timehax the shit out of Reisen? I mean, sure, it'd give you plausible deniability, with the probable result of getting your ass kicked. And then you'd need witnesses, if you want your "self-defense" defense to be plausible. Just something to keep in mind.
[x] An embarrassingly revealing Magical Girl costume that Kaguya forced you to wear for her birthday party that one time. It comes complete with wand and functioning magical powers.
[x] An embarrassingly revealing Magical Girl costume that Kaguya forced you to wear for her birthday party that one time. It comes complete with wand and functioning magical powers.

This is actually a good idea as long as it doesn't take to long to put on.
[X] A collection of carabiners, cordage, mechanical/electric pulleys and pitons.

Given our target is inside a multi-story building, and the gate guard is a powerful unknown, it would do to have a quick, easy and covert way of scaling the outer wall, as well as the actual wall of the mansion. Assuming we go with a non-railgun or sniper rifle route, of course.


>[A Magical Girl costume] is actually a good idea
How? Reisen has bunny ears and a tail, both of which would stick out in a revealing costume. Sure, for comedy's sake it's epic, but then Eientei gets kyuu'd because there's only two girls with white fluffy tails in Gensokyo.
[X] An odd and blocky laser sniper rifle you got during a Lunarian lesson about some weapons from the "old crazy human empire with too much firepower from unknown place"

Long-Las from WH40k. Perfect accurcy, silent and powerful penetration. Only problem is the laser giving away our position but that is fixed with the camo system.
This might be a bit out there, but:

[x] A net gun.

Some sort of weapon that fires an entangling net. We shoot this at Sakuya, close in and finish her with some other weapon, be it a knife or musket, cut away and retrieve the net, an scamper out of there. Done correctly, it'll only take moments and leave no clues.

The downside is that it requires getting Sakuya relatively alone. If we could camouflage ourselves afterwards, it would make the escape a lot easier.

Also, the magical girl outfit should be there, just for hilarity's sake. Maybe after this kill, Reisen could put it on and make supper for everyone, as a sort of 'sorry I've been busy gift.' Or maybe I just want to visualize Reisen in the outfit, I dunno.
[x]Check the Odds and Ends.

"prototype adaptive camouflage system"

DO WANT. I'm considering a straight out assassination to be out of the picture. To difficult sneaking into the SDM to take out the maid.

Various ideas:

Go with Reimu and the others to "Protect" the SDM.
Set up the *loud* M24A3 over watching the gate tower. Remote trigger pull system that we found with the odds and ends. Aim it near Meiling's usual watch spot, not at her though. Wait until sunset, when Remi is about to wake. Remote open fire.

In the frenzy to locate the shooter, follow Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, Sakuya, Meiling.
SPLIT UP AND SEARCH FOR CLUES! Keep near Sanae though. Activate our Camo. In the rush, sneak up on the target. Headshot with the silenced M1911. No words, no breaks. Just one quick kill.

Take out final item from the odds and ends. A thermite grenade. Drop on the corpse. Walk away as it burns and the forest goes up in flames.

Pros: Plausible deniability and favor points among the incident solvers.
Cons: Many more choices for things to go wrong.

Anons, there is no easy way to win. Get *creative*. No one hit magical bullets.
Harass, confuse, distract. Throw everyone into disarray. Then Assassinate in the confusion.

Option 2:

Same as above, just don't involve the other girls.
Remote weapon fire over looking Meiling's post.
Wait for the target to be near by and fire to draw her attention.
Cloak as they approach. Once the target is separated from her friend, sneak up using the active camo and headshot with the silenced M1911. Throw a thermite grenade on the corpse. Run like Hell.

I say we save the cosplay for remorseful sex with Sanae after the kill.

Thermite Grenades
Remote shooting system
Loud M24A3
Silenced M1911
Active Camoflauge

Portable. Accessible. Utilitarian.
It's a magical girl costume. The bunny ears, tail, and Reisen's trademark long purple hair would all be changed.
Because magic.
>Reisen's trademark long purple hair would be changed.
Do you even mahou shoujo?
You're probably thinking of either a domino mask or Clark Kent's glasses if you want unrecognizable.
[X] M18A1 'Claymore' anti-personnel mine(s).

Although I understand the benefits of using a kinetic weapon (range and virtual impunity against immediate retaliation), I feel that it would be obvious to anybody in Gensokyo who hasn't been living under a rock for the past hundred years that the culprit is somebody who's familiar with guns.

Since there aren't many people in Gensokyo who use kinetic weaponry, I strongly recommend against using them; guns would destroy any plausible deniability we have since Eientei is (probably) known for having guns and the like.

On the other hand, explosives like Claymores or C4 would be much harder to track back to Eientei; the blast should vaporize most traces of the device, and explosives aren't exactly exclusive to the Kappa and Eientei in Gensokyo.

Modern explosives would be some of the best weapons to maintain plausibility deniability with; nobody in Gensokyo should be able to identify the residual material of most modern explosives.

I would be surprised to learn that Kotohime spends her free time blowing up contraband devices and keeping samples of the residual material produced by their destruction;
she's only a lone investigator, and it often requires an extensive cross-field collaborative effort to identify explosives after they are blown up.

Besides, it shouldn't be unheard of for such military devices to be found in Gensokyo. After all, U.S. Marines are currently stationed in Japan, and it's not unheard of for equipment to 'disappear' in the military.
Are we allowed to ask for multiple things? It would be nice to have multiple things, although I'm not going to change my vote.
[Fake] Fake Dirty Sancho mustache and a news paper with eye holes.

We'll be fucking invisible.
You are allowed to ask for as much as you like.
I was sujesting the out fit for the magic powers, as they might be an easy way to throw some confusion on the scene.

Do we know that our victims won't be able to testify against us?
I've already voted, but fuck it I'm adding this in for considerations.
[X] M112 demolition charges.

>>162702 is a brilliant bastard on all counts. However, claymores are very limited in how they can be used. We would have to infiltrate the mansion, set multiple claymores up, and hope that she decides to walk past one. Alternatively, we set one up and hope she walks past it, but then we run the risk of her not doing so and missing the deadline. Using multiple mines runs the risk of someone else triggering or discovering one, which would blow the entire plan.

C-4 demolition charges, on the other hand, are not affected by someone walking past them, and if they're found and unwrapped, they look and feel like white modelling clay with a wire in them. Plus, when set off, the only thing that could possibly be left is whatever survived of the detonator, whereas a claymore would leave behind possibly-identifiable bits of shrapnel. We'd still have to infiltrate the mansion, but we could place these where we think the target would most likely be (the kitchen, for example, though that's just a guess), wait until a likely time, and set them off.

Alternatively, we could bring the whole fucking mansion down...
[x] C4/demolition charges

Why bother will assassination? Let's just bring the entire building down. And in the carnage and confusion, assassinate Sakuya with silenced weapons (or more C4).

Posted it earlier, but stake out with the incident solvers. This way, we can be at the mansion, appear to be a good guy, and throw more confusion into the mix.

I doubt we have enough to bring down the whole mansion. There also comes the risk of the explosion not killing the target unless she's right next to it. What's the lethal range of a C4 blast?

I'm no explosive expert, but after watching several videos on Youtube, I'd assume that it would have a kill radius of ~15 meters, assuming that the target is a human directly exposed to the blast.

C-4 has a detonation velocity of 8,092 meters a second, which is equivalent to being hit by a blast wave moving 5 miles a second. For reference, most people die when they hit objects at 60 miles per hour.

What most people don't seem to realize nowadays due to the seemingly inefficient nature of explosives in Hollywood and video games is that explosives are actually some of the deadliest weapons on the battlefield; humans can only withstand up to 80 PSI or 552 kpascals, which are units of pressure. Keep in mind that we are constantly surrounded by ~101 kpascals in the atmosphere...

In this scenario, we don't even need to guarantee that Sakuya is well within the blast radius; hopefully, the explosion would cause Sakuya to be tossed aside like a ragdoll and hit her head against a wall, causing a Traumatic Brain Injury. Then, Reisen can proclaim that she can 'save' Sakuya due to her association with Gensokyo's best doctor, then arrange for her to die via surgical incompetency or inaction.

...I'm truly a monster.
Here's a question though: who besides Reisen, Sanae and the fairies know that the next incident's going to be at the SDM? Wouldn't it be just a bit suspicious if Reisen was all HAY GUISE LET'S GO STAKE OUT A SPECIFIC LOCATION AT A SPECIFIC TIME I DON'T KNOW WHY I GUESS JUST CALL IT A HUNCH
I thought the other girls knew the next target as well. If not, then we'll need a different approach.
Wasn't the only reason we couldn't just ask Shikieiki when we were investigating earlier that as a Taoist, Miko was outside her jurisdiction? Could the same be said for Sakuya?

Probably not. Which means we should probably take steps so that Sakuya doesn't recognize use.
We haven't even finished learning about our weapon options, and we're discussing how to take down Sakuya. Although it's nice to plan ahead, I'm fairly sure that something might show up and throw a wrench into our plans.

Let's just wait a bit for the writer to finish up this stage before we continue our dastardly plotting, shall we?
No one is doubting that. It's just fun to be cruel and plan deaths like this for shiggles.
File 135283835262.jpg - (101.21KB, 563x507 , dat lunchbox.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, there's that stupid costume Kaguya got you. Skipping over that, thank you very much...

Of course, you've got explosives. But... bringing down the entire mansion would be unthinkable. Collateral damage from doing such a thing would be terrible: you might kill Sakuya, yes, but think of who else is there. There's Meiling, who admittedly would probably be perfectly fine, Patchouli, who would certainly not be, the Scarlet sisters, who would also probably be fine, but then there's the staff. All the fairy maids (and possibly humans- Remilia is probably an equal-opportunity employer) would be at risk. Sure, the fairies would respawn, but this kind of lackadaisical attitude towards the welfare of fairies is why they're doing this kind of crap in the first place.

So while you've got explosives, they're out of the question unless you can think of a way to completely rule out any kind of accidental casualties. You don't want any more blood on your conscience than you have to have. It's bad enough as it is. That, and 'massive property damage' isn't really what you go in for. This is something that requires guile and sneakiness, not explosions and blatant action. It's at this time you start thinking of ways to dispose of the body. You could leave Sakuya there, but then she'd be discovered. However, trying to get rid of the body will incriminate the crap out of you if you're found, but the payoff for doing it successfully is not inconsiderable.

But your mind is wandering again.

The explosives you have are a small amount of C4, and a little detcord, enough to blow through an inconvenient wall. They, of course, are not subtle in the slightest. You do have rappelling gear, though you're not too sure where you could use it. This is where you regret not doing a detailed survey of the mansion and its grounds. There aren't any convenient cliffs near the grounds, as a lot of the area you remember as being forested, with the exceptions of the main path to the front door, and the Misty Lake behind it. However, you could certainly use the equipment to safely extract from the roof, obviating the need to leave through a normal entrance or exit. Using it to get over the wall... well, from what you've seen of the outer wall of the SDM, it's only about eight feet high at its highest point. You can jump that, easily. If need be, you can get a running start, and jump from the ground through a second-story window. You ARE a rabbit, after all. That fifteen-foot vertical leap comes in handy.

Your eyes drift over to the magical girl costume again. No, no, no, no, hell no.

The next things on your list, and next to your robust toolbox, are your shock gloves and your remote trigger system. The gloves are a non-fatal deterrent for the most part, and they should leave someone incapacitated for a couple of minutes, regardless of who they might be. Thousands of volts don't care if you call yourself a badass vampire or how much kung-fu you know or how much magic you can throw around. Thousands of volts will ruin someone's day. And they're fairly inconspicuous, if you've got long sleeves to hide the cords in. The magical girl outfit does not have long sleeves and goddamnit you are not going to take it no matter what!

So. Remote trigger operation system. With this, you can set up a radio-frequency activated trigger pull. The downside is obvious: inability to aim it particularly well, or adjust aim at all. That, and you'd be leaving the equipment behind, more than likely. Especially if the operation doesn't go completely silently, you probably won't have time to retrieve the rifle. So while you could theoretically use the targeting glasses with a Lunarian rifle to get a better shot, you'd be leaving lots of evidence behind. It's still an option, but not one you're too happy with.

Oh, fine. You'll look at the stupid magical girl outfit. It's a... well, not to put too fine a point on it, made mostly of frills. Yes, frills. It's in two parts, a top and bottom. There are no sleeves, and, well, you needed something to prototype on... What you did with it was to turn it into your adaptive camouflage system. It can (unreliably) hide its user as long as they don't move around too much. How you managed to do this with two small chunks of cloth is one of your greatest 'triumphs'. It does have quite a few drawbacks: first, limited power supply. It likely won't be able to operate for more than a couple of minutes. It operates by... well, science. It's technical. Needless to say, it's delicate and doesn't hold up well to abuse. If you should have to take a hit or even some strong jostling, chances are the whole system will just pack up on you. Another problem that you've realized with some testing is that it responds badly to powerful electromagnetic disturbances. Considering the mansion hardly draws any power, mostly just for lighting and other modern-ish conveniences, this will probably not be a problem. The problem arises when you try to combine it with the railguns. The discharge of the capacitor is entirely too much for this system to handle: if that sort of disturbances happens while the suit is nearby, not even activated, it will fluoresce brightly in a multitude of colors. This is bad for camouflage. There's also the problem of it being finicky about how it works: it's configured to cover just a single person. It does not work well being put over clothes. You tried putting it over a set of camouflage fatigues, and in addition to looking patently ridiculous, it simply did not work. It has to be form-fitting to work properly.

That, and it'd severely limit what you can bring, as a result of it lacking any pockets whatsoever.

Technological marvel. Design monstrosity. Yeah, that's the best way of describing that thing.

There's also a gun that fires nets, though that'd be of severely limited utility. Meiling wouldn't even be hampered by such a thing, and neither would Remilia or Flandre. Sakuya would likely have even less of a problem, given her penchant for carrying knives and the whole 'stopping time so I can cut my way out of this net and then cut the bitch who fired it' thing.

You do have a couple of thermite grenades, but they're also something you'd like to avoid using, given their propensity to start large fires and create collateral damage again.

There's also a few of Eirin's shady drugs that are entirely untested: one that promises to provide the user with telekinetic powers. Another that promises that the user can fly. The third promises to be a reaction booster. All of these are in easily taken pill form. The side effects are of course, unknown. And you're reasonably certain that taking more than one of these would count as a Really Bad Idea, instead of the just plain Bad Idea of taking one.

As a final bit to all of your technological shiny things, you also have your normal danmaku ability: flashy, loud, non-fatal, and inaccurate as hell. However, you don't need to bring anything along with you for it.

Anyway, ask questions! I will try to answer them. I understand that this choice is a little more fluid than most, or what you're used to. We will need to come up with an equipment list, and general ideas for a plan. Nothing too concrete, as no plan actually lasts throughout a whole thing without any changes.

And on that note:

[ ] Approach from the forest.
-[ ] East side
-[ ] West side
[ ] Approach from the main gate path. (South side.)
[ ] Approach from the Misty Lake. (North side.)

[ ] Raid somewhere else first for something you need. (Write-in.)
[ ] Better plans on the approach? (Write-in.)

Well. It begins. All right, people, we need to figure out a way to take down Sakuya so fast, she doesn't even know what's happening. Preferably without her seeing us, so no-one can call up her ghost or anything. Some disguise may be in order, to hide Reisen's distinguishing characteristics. We get one shot, singular, at this before Sakuya time haxes us to death. Options?

Rabbit, how good a swimmer is Reisen? Would she be able to swim the Misty Lake to avoid detection? That seems the best approach, but only under those circumstances. Also: that picture is way too cute for the subject matter.
[x] Approach from the Misty Lake. (North side.)
I'm seeing stun gloves and tetrodotoxin.
Does Reisen have her illusion abilities, Rabbit?
Wall o' text time!

[G] Some kind of non-distinctive clothing with pockets. If we enter at night (see below), use all-black clothing.

[G] Climbing gear, for ingress and/or egress
[G] 'Derringer' sidearm railgun, as a primary weapon
[G] Silenced M1911 (1 magazine reserve if space permits), as a backup weapon
[G] Small (~5 doses?) container of Chloroform + rag, for nonlethal incapacitation
[G] Stun Gloves, as backup incap. weapon and/or if Chloroform is unavailable

[X] Approach from the Misty Lake.
-[X] BACKUP: Approach from the forest, either side.
[X] Enter at either midday or midnight, since we don't know whether or not Remilia and Flandre are nocturnal.
[X] Avoid the front gate under any and all circumstances.

Well, given we've got a fifteen foot leap and/or climbing gear, it seems likely we'd be able to infiltrate via window. There will likely be no windows on the east or west side, because of that round bright disk that hates vampires. Since the view of the Misty Lake might be a bit more picturesque than the gate (and there's less of a possibility of sunlight because shadows tend to the north in the northern hemisphere), there's more than likely going to be a window or two, out of direct sunlight for the mistress's viewing pleasure. That's the ingress point. If things go pear-shaped by way of ⑨, we can swim to the forest, camp out for a few minutes, and scale the wall. Under no circumstances should we approach the gate; we already know (although this might be meta) Meiling's an expert on security, and that's just not a great risk to take.

[X] Sneak through the mansion, attempt to locate target. Avoid library. Stay the fuck away from the basement AT ALL COSTS.

Basement = bad because of rainbow-winged vampire. Library = bad because of Patchy, and also because Marisa might be 'borrowing' books at an inconvenient time.

With that out of the way, we need to move from the second floor to the first without tipping off the fairy maids. Should a fairy decide she's going to clean behind the door we're using as concealment, we need to zap or chloroform, but only as a last resort. Chloroform will keep them out for long enough to remove them as a threat, but the zap gloves will only be effective for a few minutes.

[X] Find a suitable hiding spot and wait.

The target is most likely going to pass by the kitchen and/or dining room, and will certainly be stalking the halls. Both rooms are probably on the first floor, so it's all a matter of finding a concealed, shadowy corner with a good firing angle on one of these rooms. Inside the room reduces the risk of detection, but also the likelihood of Sakuya passing us. Which option we choose will depend on how many fairy maids are roaming around, the layout of the building, etc.

[X] When target passes by, use Derringer to take target down.
-[X] BACKUP: Use M1911 to take target (and witnesses if necessary) down.

This is self-explanatory; when we see Sakuya, bust a cap in her face. Or chest, whichever. If she's accompanied by fairy maids, kill them before they get a good glimpse of us; they'll respawn. If she's accompanied by Remilia, Flandre, or Patchouli, let her pass and wait for another try; we can't take down a vampire and killing Patchy is a crime against humanity.

[X] Leave via the roof or a window.
-[X] IF TIME PERMITS: Collect shell casings and/or Derringer round if possible.
--[X] IF SPOTTED: Run like jiggly titties.

This is self-explanatory as well; if we did this right, we need to quickly egress by way of roof or window with the climbing gear before the body/bodies are found. If we have time, collecting the casings would temporarily stymie an investigation (emphasis on temporary unless we're willing to pull bullets out of maids), and if we can retrieve the railgun round somehow it would eliminate a huge amount of risk of identification. If we've been spotted, fuck everything and run like hell to the nearest non-front-door exit. Once we're out, we should enter the forest or lake, move some distance away (perhaps in the direction of another location, like the Human Village, to throw off anyone following us).

[JOKE] Return to the Moriya Shrine for remorseful sex.
Well, since you asked for it...

How can we choose our loadout while voting? How much can we bring? How much time is left? How far away is the SDM, in terms of kilometers? Can Reisen swim? How effective is the magical girl costume's stealth module? How much ammunition is there? Why am I asking so many stupid questions? What will Reisen eat and drink for the duration of our infiltration? How long does the magical girl costume's stealth work? Can we talk to Kaguya and Eirin before we leave on this suicide mission? How do you feel about people like me posting massive walls of text detailing our thoughts and possible options?

I won't mind if you don't answer, since this post contains a lot of questions which may not be relevant to the story and be about trivial things. However, I prefer to have a lot of intel since there appears to be a lot at stake with these next few decisions.
This would probably be the default unsubtle approach. But why choose the derringer? It's specifically noted to be a disposable weapon. And it's a rail weapon, so its ammo, if found, would be easy to trace to us.

Is there any way we can trick or induce Sakuya into ingesting more of varieties of Eirin's shady drugs at once than advisable, then plead our own incompetence? (As nothing has been said about them, we can probably assume whatever we want, so they can probably be assumed to look identical if we need.)
In order: by suggestions like this, it's not a formalized thing by any means; I will try my best to pick things that the majority of you wanted.
You can bring quite a bit (unless you want to wear the magical girl costume), for example you can bring two rifles (net gun counts), your pistols, the gloves, and as much as you can legitimately stuff into the pockets of your pants (though if you're bringing poisons you probably want to be very careful with them and not just jam them in willy-nilly).
Right now it's mid-afternoon of the second day.
It will take a couple of hours to reach the SDM, you'll probably be arriving there shortly after dusk.
Yes, Reisen can swim; she's no fish, but she can swim well enough.
Think of it like a chameleon: it'll hold up to someone walking by and not giving it too much thought, but if someone gives it a hard look, it'll probably be noticeable.
A better question is 'what is field reloadable?' If you carry five or so shots for each of the rifles, you'll be fine unless you want to try and Rambo that shit (which I thoroughly do not recommend). The derringers are not field-reloadable, and the 1-shot railgun and the Baker rifle take forever and a half to reload. Anyway, ammunition count won't be a problem. Carrying a few spare reloads won't be hard.
hue hue hue
Does it really matter? She won't be there longer than a day (provided things don't go completely to shit), and she's fine without eating/drinking for a day or so.
A few minutes. Yes, I'm being deliberately vague.
Doesn't bother me in the slightest. In fact, I appreciate the opportunity to clarify.

Good call on remembering that. I'd forgotten to put that in the post. Yes, she does have her eyes, but that only works on direct eye contact. If someone completely avoids eye contact with Reisen, it will not work.

Remember that a railgun has a hell of a lot more kinetic force behind it than a regular bullet. That thing would likely pass through the whole mansion like a hot knife through butter, provided it doesn't hit a large, thick chunk of metal on the way. That, and considering a railgun round is much smaller than a regular bullet would mean it's even harder to find then. As far as the drugs go, well, it's possible, I guess, but that's a ridiculously large gamble, first that you can get her to take two or three pills, and that it'll actually do what you want.
>camo costume will work unless stared at
>illusions only work on eye contact
[x] Bring both railguns using the vanilla first. Find a patch or tall grass or some other concealment north of the mansion, at the waterline, putting us below the target: This way, the railgun slug fires on an skyward trajectory, and continues to gain elevation after leaving the mansion, putting the bullet out in the sunflower fields if we're lucky. The other railgun is in case we miss.
>>162772 here, because I love discussions.


Disregard the thing about finding the railgun shot. I'd assumed that the Derringer had far, far less power behind it than the big huge sniper railguns, and that finding it would be as simple as locating the dent in the wall where the bullet failed to push through the wood. So yeah. SO, on the plus side, guaranteed (mostly) silent lethality, if we can get a headshot.

Can we do what spec-ops teams do and just put a bag or box or something over the cartridge eject on the M1911? Collect all the brass, don't have to deal with picking it up or leaving something behind. Wish I'd thought of that last night...

The SDM is a vampire's mansion. It canonically has very few windows, and it's highly unlikely that Sakyua is going to randomly waltz by one of said 4 windows, at least in a timely fashion. She might go out the front door, to talk to Meiling or something, but I doubt the Perfect and Elegant Maid is going to loiter behind a window to enjoy the view.
>Can we do what spec-ops teams do and just put a bag or box or something over the cartridge eject on the M1911?

Sure. This will, however, make it unable to fit in the hip holsters that Reisen has on hand, though, necessitating a slightly lighter load due to the increased bulkiness. Also, since I seem to have forgotten to say this in the wall o' explanation: The silencer for a 1911 works as well as a real-world one does: which is to say, not very well.
So I've also finally gotten around to updating the Google Doc. We're currently sitting at around 51,500 words. Christ.
I would like to point out an important thing based on Marisa and Reimu's dialogue a few posts ago:

They know.

We need to think about the bigger picture here; even if we pull off a perfect assassination, things will come falling down around our rabbity ears. We don't have any leeway anymore; the only reason why Reimu hasn't confronted us already was because Sanae shielded us. But if we just continue on with this path, things will go to hell if we kill Sakuya. Reimu knows her, and I guarantee that she will do anything in her power in order to stop the culprit. Her job isn't to play nice; it's to make sure that nobody tips over the balance of power in Gensokyo. Even if she sympathizes with us, Reimu won't spare us since we're the cause of this incident.

On a side note, those fairies are planning something big. That, I can guarantee based on the dialogue from the trio. Why else would they call in those favors now, of all times?
Approaching from Misty Lake would seem too obvious. Someone (probably Cirno) would spot us, right?

Though I do wonder what's going on at the moment that we're not involved in. The fairies are up to something and are probably doing it now.
Based on the recent influx of posts, but horrendous lack of voting, I'd say that we need to be better directed in this endeavor.

Although the writer has been nicely building up our options for the last few posts, I'd say that he is too generic on what we can now do. I feel that the reason there haven't been too many official votes for the past few days is because we readers aren't sure what to do at this point. All we know is that we can approach from three areas, plan out something entirely different, or raid for supplies.

It would be extremely helpful if you could perhaps reformat the votes, such as putting voting paths like these:

Choose two of the following guns.

[] M24A3
[] Baker rifle
[] Customized M1911, etc.

Choose from the following:

[] Magical girl costume
[] Blowgun
-if so, which chemicals, etc.

Choose the next course of action.

[] Go directly to the SDM
[] Write-in?

I'm not trying to hijack your thread, and you are definitely not obliged to accommodate my suggestions, but if you can direct our course of actions, I'm sure that this will be far more better for the story as a whole.
I think you've got a point. I'll probably do something like this. I had hoped that there would be no need for it, but, welp. Anyway. I'll make something like this up probably tomorrow. I'm dead tired today and I'd definitely miss something important if I wrote it now. Gotta have those options in to let you guys properly screw yourselves.

Good to know you're thinking about us. I mean, we'd hate to screw ourselves over half-assed.
[x] M24A3
[x] Bunny girl suit, complete with sotcking and all. No need for the fake ears and tail, though!

File 135337140318.png - (906.00KB, 1200x1200 , dc72e74601ea978264163521effc58a4.png) [iqdb]
Totally took way too long to do this. I'm sure I've fully overthought it as well.


You have 20 points to spend, essentially. Ten if you use the camo suit.

Rifles (first is free, second is five points, all add-ons require point expenditure no matter what)
4-round railgun (+1 for targeting glasses)
1-round railgun (+1 for targeting glasses)
M-24A3 (+1 for sound amplifier)
Baker rifle

Remote triggering device works with any of the above mentioned weapons. (+2 point cost.)

M1911 (+4 points, +1 for “silencer, +3 for brass catching mechanism)
Derringer (+3 points per, max of 3)

Acid (Comes in a reinforced vial.)
Fluoroantimonic Acid (+5)

Poisons (+4 for the first, +2 for each after that) (Comes in liquid form, with a syringe.)

Special equipment
Blowgun + 3 darts (+4)
Shock gloves (Free, incompatible with camo suit, +2 for every guaranteed charge after the first)
Rappelling gear (+3)
C-4 (+4)
Net gun (+5)
Thermite grenades (+4 for one, +2 subsequent, max of 3)
Knives (+2 for regular, +4 for poison-compatible knife)
Eirin's drugs (+2 for all three)

One reload for all firearms is provided free, except in the case of the Derringers. All subsequent reloads will incur a 1 point cost.

As for options: I will count them after this post. If you have previously voted, please be sure to vote again.

[ ] Approach from the forest.
-[ ] East side
-[ ] West side
[ ] Approach from the main gate path. (South side.)
[ ] Approach from the Misty Lake. (North side.)

[ ] Raid somewhere else first for something you need.
–[ ] Kourindou.
–[ ] Eirin's lab.
–[ ] Write-in.
[ ] Better plans on the approach? (Write-in.)

Thank you for bearing with me as I try and figure out just how I'm going to actually condense this equipment list. I probably should have considered a system like this beforehand. Anyway. Update will come this week, likely on Thanksgiving or shortly after. Please wait warmly, and thank you for your patience.

[X] Rifles: 4-round railgun + targeting glasses, M24A3 + remote trigger

[X] Other: Eirin's Shady Reflex-Enhancer™, C-4

(Unacceptable point surplus. 8 from the rifles + 6 from misc. leaves 6 points I can't think of anything to do with.)

[X] Approach from the forest, west side.
-[X] Approach during late afternoon. That way, vampires will have issues looking for us (and towards us) because of the sun.

Here be the plan:

Set up M24A3 without amplifier somewhere decently concealed, take a random potshot or 12 at SDM (preferably at a window, but windows will be scarce and accuracy shitty) using the remote trigger. Lay in wait ~900 meters out with railgun. Hopefully, target will investigate, at which point, we use Eirin's Shady Drug™ and the targeting glasses to get a decently clean shot to the head or center mass. A secondary concern would be angling the shot so that it passes through the SDM and out to wherever, into the lake, or somewhere it won't be located easily.

Set the C-4 up at/around the remote gun site. This way, if we fuck up and someone reaches the M24, we can blow it up and remove some evidence. Even if it doesn't work, the presence of non-Lunarian tech leaves some room for blaming the kappas.

oh god this plan sucks
Ah, one thing I think you misunderstood: paying once means that you get all three of Eirin's pills.
I get the feeling China might be sent out instead of our desired target.

C4 (explosion as distraction or set up or miscellaneous) (4)
Eirin's Shady drugs (2)
Shock gloves
1-round railgun (+1 for targeting glasses) (1... 1 round because we're screwed if we miss anyway)
4-round railgun (distraction) (5)
Remote triggering device for 4-round (+2 point cost.)
M1911 (+4 points, +1 for “silencer) (5)
total 19
Can we coat guns in poison so they harm on-touch?

[X] Approach from the forest, west side.
-[X] Approach during late afternoon. That way, vampires will have issues looking for us (and towards us) because of the sun.

If everything goes wrong
[X] Raid somewhere else AFTER the epic fails.
–[X] Kourindou.
--[X] A strange black notebook purportedly from a "death god" with instructions on how to kill people by writing down their true names. 1 small page remains in the notebook, enough for one name and cause of death.
>Can we coat guns in poison so they harm on-touch?

This seems like a tremendously bad idea. I suppose you could try, but none of the poisons listed (except possibly the nerve agent) are really contact poisons.

>A strange black notebook

Funny, as I've recently just finished re-reading Death Note.

Presumably, it would be more than China. I think I failed to make plural the word "potshot(s)". Once China goes out and shots continue to hit the building, presumably someone else would come out, and since it'll be sundown and Patchy doesn't leave the library, it can only be Sakuya. (I'm presuming the sniper isn't bolt-action and the remote trigger can be cycled.)


Oh. Well. Matters little though, because they're rather experimental and the only one we'd need is the reflex enhancer.

Also, an idea. If we were to set an explosive up with a few vials of poison a couple of meters away, would it release it into the air without simply vaporizing it? It'd only work with already-gaseous toxins like VX, but it's a thought...
-Sound amplifier (1)
-Silencer (6)
Shock gloves
Thermite grenades (4)
C-4 (4)

[X] Approach from the forest.
-[X] East side

M-24 for the take down, M1911 in case somebody gets into our way, C-4 for unconventional tactics, shock gloves in case we end up in a CQC situation and thermite grenade if things go to hell.

I strongly argue against the use of Eirin's drugs. We have NO IDEA what they'll do to Reisen's metabolism, and we cannot afford to have our rabbit become deathly ill at the very last second.

We're crossing the moral event horizon with these actions because Toyosatomimi no Miko's death doesn't count since she was newcomer to Gensokyo and all . At this point, we should be thinking a few steps ahead about our actions; Reimu and Marisa will almost certainly confront us if we kill Sakuya, and the fairies are plotting something big. We don't know what's going to happen, nor do we even know if the assassination will go as planned. I still think that Reisen's doing what she has to do, but we need to consider if our actions are going to lead to something much more terrible.
File 135375557329.jpg - (179.32KB, 800x800 , c1e910308082b3d819befcd2f3e9ddcd.jpg) [iqdb]
Approaching during the afternoon would require waiting another day. The soonest you can get there today is dusk.

[x] Approach from the lake.

[x] 4-round railgun with targeting glasses, (+1), M24A3 with remote trigger (+7)
[x] C-4 (+4)
[x] Shock gloves
[x] M1911, with “silencer” (+5)
[x] Eirin's shady drugs (+2)

It's hard to swim with all this gear. Thankfully, you got dropped into the pool and made to swim laps in full gear by your instructors multiple times. This is probably the first time you've ever wanted to thank them for that. Unfortunately, approaching from the lake at this time of the year means that the lake is pretty damned cold. You were, however, prepared for the eventuality of a really cold swim. You've got a nice, warm, black wetsuit. Unfortunately, it's tight enough that you couldn't fit camouflage under it. It's black, and it's a dark night, with a waning crescent casting its feeble light upon the lake that you're swimming across.

You'd have much rather waited for a completely dark night. In the new moon, she with night vision goggles is king. Hopefully vampires don't have an enhanced ability to see in the dark. That'd be some utter bullshit. Man, if only I'd had an opportunity to scout out the place... It's a moot point. Besides, you're reasonably certain you did the right thing, patching things up with Sanae. You are significantly less certain that telling Sanae was the right thing to do.

But you can't let thoughts like this distract you. Back to the rhythm of swimming. Quiet and low, so that a chance look out the windows doesn't reveal you. The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a surprising abundance of windows for a vampire's mansion, but allegedly Remilia can walk out in full daylight. You're not sure about Flandre. In any case, they do seem to make concessions to the hated daystar, and the eastern wing of the mansion has a paucity of windows.

Nothing seems to notice you as you roll up to the shore. You deliberately avoided the small harbor behind the mansion, as that's likely a place that's got eyes on it at most times. That, and it's well lit. Someone's diligent with the outdoor lanterns. As far as you remember, they're just regular stone lanterns. You'll be able to easily extinguish them.

As you climb out of the water slowly, staying behind the mansion wall, you lay out your equipment for a final check. You've got your railgun, loaded and charged, with a backup moon clip. The targeting glasses you slide out of its protective pocket on your wetsuit, and put on. They turn on with no problems, a testament to the quality of the hasty waterproofing you did to a couple of the pockets of the wetsuit. They link up to the railgun just fine. Secondly, you lay down the M24A3. The remote firing mechanism isn't really designed to work the bolt on the rifle, but you think you've got it working. You didn't have as much time to test your adjustments to the mechanism as you'd like. Mental note: invest in a semiautomatic rifle next time. You've got one sure shot, the one in the chamber, and four less-certain shots. Wait, hold on.

You work the bolt on the rifle, and bring up a round from the magazine into the rifle's chamber. Now you have one sure shot.

Next, you lay down your M1911. The 'silencer' on it adds to the bulk, and you're not entirely certain it was a good choice. You might be wrong. The upside to the silencer is that your muzzle flash will be almost unnoticeable. Unfortunately, it doesn't do too much for the sound. It still sounds like a gun. Just slightly quieter. Hopefully the residents don't have much experience with guns, and they'll not know what the sound is.

You think for a moment. None of the residents probably know what a gun sounds like. Probably. You hope. That might give you an edge. You tap the side of your glasses, and your M1911 interfaces with the glasses as well. The displays for the railgun and the 1911 check out good. You rack the slide back and chamber a round.

You flex your gloves. You feel the wires running down the insulated channel you made for it in the wetsuit, to the small flat-pack battery. It's guaranteed for at least one incapacitating shock. Two, if you're lucky. Three, if you sold your soul to the devil. Well. Now that I think about it, that might be better than the fairies. You let out a small, quiet, bitter laugh.

You pat the pocket on your non-dominant side. Eirin's pills are in here. You're reasonably certain you could do one without too many problems. Mixing them, however... Well. It's not something you want to do, that's for certain.

Finally, your insurance policy. There's a brick of C4 with a remote radio trigger detonator attached. You finish the wiring up quickly, and then strap it to your thigh, just below your pills. You pick up the 1911, and slide it into your holster. Before you reach down for the rifles, you arch your back and stretch a bit. You feel the tautness of the wetsuit straining against your figure, and take a deep breath as you relax your muscles to try and ease the jitters.

You take a look behind you. There is a small light on the mountain, by where the Moriya shrine is. You raise your M24 to the light, so you can see it with your scope.

There's a green-haired figure watching the mansion. Sanae. I hope she's... Well. Now's not the time to be distracted. You sling the railgun over your shoulder, and with your M24 in one hand, you deftly vault over the fifteen-foot wall.

You land silently in a shadow, near the corner of the estate. The grounds are empty, and wide open. There's a lit stone pathway from the central courtyard and atrium of the mansion. The atrium is three stories tall, but most of that is empty space, with balconies on the second and third floor. The windows in there are designed for stargazing- that is, there is almost no solid wall in the atrium, just glass. Even the roof is glass. Crossing the atrium would be difficult. You should probably select a wing if you want to go in at this point. The east wing is lacking the number of windows that the western wing has, but there's still enough to be able to hop in on the second story. Unfortunately, none of them are open. The west wing has a couple of open windows, and in a few minutes of quiet observation, you see a couple of figures moving past the windows every so often. Fairy maids most of the time, and what you think was Patchouli once, on the third floor. Idly, you wonder where in the mansion the library is. The lights tend to turn on just before someone walks by, and off when they leave. When did they get electric lighting? Or is it something Patchouli came up with?

The survey of the rest of the grounds shows that on your side of the lit path (the eastern side), there's not much except shrubs, a couple trees, and a rock garden, in a surprisingly Eastern concession in this mostly Western mansion. On the west side of the path, there is a shed, the roof of which you could easily hop onto and ready the rifle for remote firing on. Of course, you could brace the rifle on the outer walls, they're pretty tall, though they do slope down to nothingness a couple of yards short of the small harbor. There are a couple of shrubs closer to the mansion, but they're something you'd really have to lie down behind to legitimately hide behind. No convenient hedge maze here. You could also, if you place the M24 on the wall, not brace it very well at all, so that the recoil carries it off the wall, and hopefully into the lake. This would have the added advantage of keeping the brass with it, due to it being bolt-action.

Anyway. Decision time. You've lurked in the shadows long enough, you don't want to be here all night. Shame you didn't think to bring your balaclava.

[ ] Brace on the wall.
[ ] Put on the wall, but don't brace it.
[ ] Put on the shed. (Requires crossing the lit path.)
[ ] Hold onto it for now.
[ ] Place elsewhere. (Write-in.)

[ ] Atrium.
[ ] West wing, 1st/2nd/3rd floor. (Select one.)
[ ] East wing, 1st/2nd/3rd floor. (Select one.)
[ ] Elsewhere. (Write-in.)

Then, go to:
[ ] West wing, ground floor. It's closed, but you can likely open it silently.
[ ] West wing, 2nd floor window. It's closed, so you may not be able to open it silently. You're a rabbit, not Spider-man.
[ ] East wing, ground floor. (Requires crossing lit path.)
[ ] East wing, 2nd floor window. (Requires crossing lit path.)
[ ] Atrium.
[ ] Harbor.
[ ] Go around, to the front of the mansion.
– [ ] East side. (Requires crossing lit path.)
– [ ] West side.
[ ] Write-in.

And, just in case you think of something else to do initially that I didn't list,
[ ] Write-in.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. I know I didn't write to cover every possibility you can think of, and I will do my best to answer promptly.
[x] Brace on the wall.
[x] East Wing, 3rd floor.
Then, go to:
[x] West wing, ground floor.

This can't be coincidence. You got the point idea from Black Ops 2, right?
What's some good mood music for this 'operation?'
I would like to know how does the remote trigger work. I mean, it will fire the first shot, but can it put the next round into the chamber?
Not in the slightest. Haven't played it. I was actually thinking of the weight system from the original X-Com when I did it.

>The remote firing mechanism isn't really designed to work the bolt on the rifle, but you think you've got it working. You didn't have as much time to test your adjustments to the mechanism as you'd like...You've got one sure shot, the one in the chamber, and four less-certain shots.

[X] Brace on the wall.
[X] Atrium
Go To:
[X] Go around, to the front of the mansion
--[X] West side
I'm not exactly sure what to do with our M24, but approach from

[x] West wing, ground floor.
[X] Put on the wall, but don't brace it.
[X] West wing, 3rd floor
[X] Plant C4 directly on the atrium wall if it's reasonably safe.
Then, go to:
[X] West wing, ground floor. It's closed, but you can likely open it silently.

I don't like the situation at all. We only know the current locations of Patchouli(?) and several fairies, and we don't even know if Meiling is at her guard post. Additionally, if the automatic lighting works in all parts of the mansion, we'll have to bug out; anybody in the mansion who looks in an area with no apparent occupants will become suspicious, and the odds that we are detected increase astronomically.

It might become necessary for us to use the M24 and/or C4 in order to provide a distraction if we get compromised when we infiltrate the mansion. If we go inside of the mansion, we may not get another chance to use our equipment. I don't like using up both of our special weapons this early in the operations, but I don't really see another way we can use the C4, especially if we get into direct contact with the residents of the SDM. At least this way, we'll have an unconventional option which may give us a way out if we're found.

This is going to fail badly
File 135415922788.jpg - (245.29KB, 1176x1804 , yes these are mostly irrelevant why do you ask.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't know, but I was listening to this while I was writing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsAPDIBexkU

[x] Brace on the wall, facing the Atrium.
[x] West wing, ground floor. It's closed, but you can likely open it silently.

You crawl up the wall quietly, and do your best to avoid silhouetting yourself across the lake. Being seen now would be bad, but probably not something that'd doom you or the operation. You're doing your best to keep your ears flat to your head, to avoid giving away a shape that's blatantly obvious of who it is.

Setting up the rifle, you aim it at the massive plate-glass windows of the atrium. You brace it, because if you've learned anything, you know that sometimes it requires more than one shot to dramatically shatter glass. Especially large amounts of it. As you're sighting in on one of the upper balconies, you see something that makes you reconsider your original plan of planting C4 on the windows as a failsafe- you can see, very clearly, Remilia lounging in the atrium, stargazing.

It's a beautiful, clear night. You can't blame her. But that does throw a wrench in your plans. Crossing the atrium later on might just be impossible. Maybe you can find a way around, but... it seems like the atrium is the only way to cross the mansion from the inside. Well. Hopefully you picked the right side.

You hop down from the wall, after making sure the rifle's firmly secured to the wall. It's not particularly low-profile, but you tried to have it silhouette against the mountain, and not open sky. Not the best place, but it should be difficult to trace back to you. That is, as long as nobody sees you.

Okay. Next step. Sticking to the shadows and convenient bushes and greenery, you edge up to the west wing, where there's a closed window. You rattle it a bit, testing the handle: it's unfortunately locked. You just can't catch a break. There's a couple ways you can handle this: you can break the glass, or you can spend the time picking the lock- it's a simple latch, which makes it a little difficult if you don't have a hacksaw, which you don't.

Well... Breaking glass is always a bad sound. It's a pretty obvious cue. But... wait. You've got a good idea. These are old windows, and the screws are probably old and loose. You give the lock screws a jiggle. Yeah, they're loose. You pull out a small, thin, sturdy metallic... well, it's not quite a rod, it's more like a thin slice of metal- but that's beside the point. You work it in between the wood and the metal, and start working them apart. Soon, the screws pull free of the wood, and you unscrew the now-looser screws by hand, and pull off the backing of the latch, which falls off of the window, with a thump louder than you wanted. You wince at the sound, but nothing seems to happen.

Ever so slowly, you open the window, and you're inside a dark... tea room? Drawing room? Man, you were never too good with the naming conventions for mansion rooms. In any case, this room is just a couple of chairs, a few bookcases within which lay books you're sure that nobody except Patchouli's read, and a table. That, and curtains drawn open, to let the starlight in. Or the daylight. Maybe other people use the room. But that's beside the point. You quickly scan the room, and pick up the brass window latch. You turn and quietly close the window. Thankfully, the frame is tight enough that the window stays closed without the latch. No lightswitch that you can see, but the lights haven't come on yet. That's a good sign. Only one door, which you assume leads to a hallway.

You reach for the doorknob, and as you touch the brass handle, you freeze. Because you hear voices.

“... did what?”

“No, I'm serious! She totally did!”

“Get the fuck out.”

“Yeah! Half-naked and everything!”

“I'dve not even guessed she knew half the words to it.”

“She didn't. She was drunk, and mumbling through most of them. You were too busy shouting at her to take the rest off that you didn't notice. How did you not even remember this?”

“...Too much to drink, I guess.”

Two voices you don't recognize. Probably just a couple of fairy maids. But... They seem to have stopped walking down the hallway, and are holding a conversation just outside the door.

The door, which, of course, lacks a keyhole for you to peep through.


[ ] Stay inside the room.
– [ ] And hide, just in case.
– [ ] Don't hide. You might learn something from their conversation.
[ ] Open the door.
– [ ] You've got surprise on your side. You can take them down, and you can't afford to wait around for them to finish their chit-chatting.
– [ ] Act natural. They probably don't know you're planning terrible things.
[ ] Write-in.

You guys are going to hate me when I introduce how the lighting works, I just know it.
[x] Stay inside the room.
– [x] And hide, just in case.

It's a Clapper, isn't it?
[ ] Stay inside the room.
– [ ] Don't hide. You might learn something from their conversation.

I can't help it. Rabbit's baited me.
Hide in plain sight? Pretend to be stuffed bunny? They can't see us if we can't see them?
[X] Stay beside the door and eavesdrop, but keep your M1911 at the ready and be wary of the doorway.

We're in no rush, so Reisen can listen in on the conversation for any useful bits of intel. If they try to go through the room, I'm sure that Reisen will be able to neutralize them, since she should be trained in CQC, her being an ex-Lunarian spec ops and all.

Come to think of it, we should have brought those knives after all. They would have been great for this kind of situation...

By the way, does the M1911 contain the normal 8-round magazine, or does it have an extended bullet capacity? Additionally, how many bullets is Reisen carrying at the moment, including those that might be in her guns?
[X] Stay inside the room.
–[X] And hide, just in case.

Better safe than made. Plus, we only have one guaranteed shock and one clip with 7-8 bullets. Presumably. Unless we somehow packed an extended magazine or something.
8 rounds, one spare magazine for every weapon.
[X] Stay inside the room.
–[X] And hide, just in case.

Caution would be prudent at this point.
Apologies for the lateness and lack of updates this week. Swamped with schoolwork and personal stuff. My father's melanoma is back. Woooo.

On a happier note, I plan to update Friday, and will be back to a normal schedule after that, considering finals week starts the week after. And I don't study. This is pretty much me finishing up all the projects and papers and shit. Busy week.
File 135493966641.png - (1.11MB, 800x1157 , 477d72d6a21882b18dff10b7fcf512ef.png) [iqdb]
[X] Stay inside the room.
–[X] And hide, just in case.

Discretion is the better part of valor, right? Right. In a demonstration of such, you quickly look around the room. The curtains... no, that's too obvious. Your eyes settle on an old oaken armoire. That'll do. You tiptoe over to it, the conversation outside dying down to an unintelligible murmur. The smooth wood handle turns in your hand, and the armoire slides open silently. Thank God for proper hinge maintenance. There's many dresses, in all kinds of colors and sizes. You're certain that with enough time, you could probably find one that fits you. But right now, there isn't time.

As you close the door to the armoire and crouch down behind the racks of dresses, while wishing for a passage to Narnia to hide in, you hear the door creak open.

It's a really good thing that you hid now, you think. Your heartbeat is considering starting to race, but you've been in hairier situations than this. Deep breaths. You're hidden here.

“Yeah, I'll catch you later tonight. Remember the Stoli this time, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Your friend, the Stoli Fairy, closes the door behind her and claps her hands twice. The light shines in between the doors of the armoire. A clapper. That's how they did it. Clap-on, clap-off. That's 'magic', alright.

“Okay then. Might as well get to work.” You hear a clinking and a clanking of teasets as your Stoli Fairy is... doing something. Setting up? Picking up? You didn't really pay attention to the existence of a tea set or not when you came in through the window. And you can't really see outside, being that there's all kinds of dresses between you and the crack in the door.

“Should be good for tomorrow's stuff. I'll see if I can get her to cover my shift...” The Stoli Fairy seems to have a habit of talking to herself. Not entirely unhealthy, it's certainly something you can be prone to sometimes. You hear her footsteps on the carpet as she heads back to the door, and it opens as she claps the lights off.

As she's stepping out, and you're just starting to let yourself relax, “Oh! I knew I forgot something!” Your friend the Stoli Fairy claps her hands again to turn the lights back on, and walks right over to the armoire. You didn't hear the room door close, so you think you can assume it's still open. “I need to grab a dress for tonight.” Crap.

She opens the armoire, and you freeze, your heart racing a mile a minute. Your fingers twitch in the gloves. They're probably your only chance of getting the drop on her- there are too many dresses in the way for you to get a good, quick draw. “I think I want a blue one,” she says, as she sifts through the dresses in front. This isn't good. There aren't too many dresses in here, and if she goes all the way to the back...

She pauses. Please be the right dress please be the right dress please be the right dress please please please “Ah! Here we go. Now just to find a mask to go with it...” She lifts out a sky blue dress with an open back, plunging neckline, and in doing so, moves the dresses just enough to uncover you. You're frozen, in the crystalline moment of the reveal, where all the time in the world seems to be crammed into a single moment, as your mind races on how to take her down without her saying anything, and hoping that there's nobody looking inside from the hallway, and you've got to close the door-

then the moment's over, the dresses fall back into place, your makeshift camouflage covering you once more. The Stoli Fairy gives no hint that she saw you, so she probably didn't. You find that you're still holding your breath. When did I start doing that?

The Stoli Fairy, who you now register as being kind of small, with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and hazel eyes, closes the armoire door behind her, claps twice, and the room is plunged back into darkness. She starts humming a jaunty tune as she walks out and closes the door behind her.

That was close. Obviously there's an event going on tonight. It might be in your best interests to find out more? Or maybe it's just a better idea to not worry about it at all, and focus on the mission.

Well. If you're going to follow her, now's the time.

(You are currently on the first floor, on the outer, northwestmost edge of the west wing.)

[ ] Attempt to follow the Stoli Fairy.
[ ] Think for a moment and sift through the information you just acquired.
[ ] Wait for the Stoli Fairy to leave, and then leave the room.
– [ ] Heading for where? (Write-in, east, west, attempt to go upstairs, some kind of general direction. Specificity is not required.
[ ] Write-in.

Good to be able to be back. I hope you will enjoy what I've got planned and in store for this!
[ ] Think for a moment and sift through the information you just acquired.

What's this Remi? A masquerade? Why, our rabbit years will fit right in! Now, if you'll excuse me, which of these dresses fits Reisen the best?
[spoiler]The answer is, "All of them."
[x] Think for a moment and sift through the information you just acquired.
Masquerade ball? Let's be cliche and play the obligatory jewel thief!
But with, y'know, taser hands.
[X] Think for a moment and sift through the information you just acquired.
[X] Wait for the Stoli Fairy to leave, and then leave the room.
[ ] Think for a moment and sift through the information you just acquired.

Well, the clapping system makes everything a lot easier. As long as we don't do anything stupid, we'll know if somebody is nearby and can act accordingly...
[x] Follow that fairy!
Hmmm. Sunny and Luna. I really can't tell if the third is as obvious as it seems, or if you're just making it look that obvious so you can swerve us when number three turns out to be Daiyousei or something.

[x] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.

What? You had to know we'd be voting for that.

[x] Hear out her offer before deciding.

Now, is there any possible way to twist or misinterpret Sunny's last statement regarding her sincerity? I'm trying, but drawing blanks.
[x] "With no favors asked or expected by you or anyone else, in the past, present, future and alternate timelines and/or universes."
-[x] "Now spit it out, what are you planning to do?

Goota be careful with these fairies. They're as bad as lawyers.
[x] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.

[x] Hear her out before deciding, Being very careful the fairies are worse than lawyers
[x] Reject her offer. Emphatically.
[x] Reject her offer. Emphatically.

Hell. No. She's up to something, and I want nothing to do with it.
Jesus fucking god damn shit fuck cock I totally meant to write Luna every time I said Sunny in there. The ringlets and everything. I'm totally going to edit the post.
File 135560498269.jpg - (81.11KB, 800x572 , 51bffc00e3fcadd493e40f981410b97c.jpg) [iqdb]
Important to note: I previously said "Sunny" where I meant to say "Luna." This fairy was most definitely not Sunny. Leave. Just leave. Please? I don't want to have to do more than one.

The door creaks open into the darkness, and shuts again, without any hand clapping. Did they... leave? You can still hear faint breathing, something you wouldn't hear from behind a door. There's definitely someone in the room with you.

You chance a peek around the chair you're hiding behind, and as you look from the side, you're looking directly into a pair of red eyes, and ringleted hair. You flop back in relief, and a bit of anger. “God DAMN it, Luna. You nearly got yourself shot there.”

She props herself on the chair, arms crossed atop the back of the chair, head resting on them, looking at you. “Oh? Wouldn't that be a terrible mess to explain! And then I'd be so cross with you.”

“Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you would. I'm sure you weren't trying and hoping that I'd do that, and 'breach the contract' or something like that. Look, I'm busy, and I don't have time to deal with your shit. What do you want?”

She frowns. “Ooh, you're so mean to me, Reisen. Accusing me of dealing in bad faith.” She puts a hand to her chest and fake-swoons. “And then you say you don't have time for your favorite fairy.” She swoons a little too much, and falls off of the chair with a soft thud. “Ow.”

Despite yourself, you can't help but chuckle. “Yeah, yeah. But you still haven't told me what you want.”

She looks up at you. “Why, isn't it obvious? I want Sakuya dead. Why do you think you got that letter?”

You cross your arms. “Now you're just being deliberately thick.”

She smiles, a crooked half-smile. “Maybe a little. I came here to help you.”

That's not something I would have expected in a thousand years. “Help me? You'll forgive me if I don't believe you.”

She waves her hand in the air dismissively, still lying down on the carpet. “Pooh-pooh. Isn't the job of an employer to help her employees when they're in need?” She sits up. “Apparently you need.”

You shake your head. “No. Absolutely not. I am not going to do a deal with you and get deeper into debt.”

She smiles brightly. “What if I say it would significantly help your efforts to blend in to the party?”

You keep your poker face on. “Who said I was going to blend in?” You gesture to the rifle you've got slung on your back. “Maybe I'm planning to take Sakuya out from afar.”

Luna stands up and brushes herself off. “If that were true, then what are you even doing in the mansion at all?”

That's... a good point. You do your best to avoid showing that she's got you there. “Recon. Scouting. Learning the lay of the land.”

Luna shakes her head. “Nah. You're not doing that. Let me give you something for free. Do you know why we picked this specific time to put the contract out on Sakuya?” You stare at her in silence. She continues on, unfazed. “Because we knew that the masquerade ball was tonight. And that you would fulfill the contract on the second night. The first night, you're always busy doing something. While I had originally suspected you'd do recon of this place, you got all sentimental and sappy for Sanae.” She pauses. “Which reminds me.”

She stalks over to you and open-hand slaps you. “What the hell were you thinking, telling Sanae?! You are jeopardizing everything we've worked for, everything that you've got, the lives of the three who hang in the balance!” She glares down at you, genuinely angry. “And for what? Love? You are the stupidest rabbit I've ever seen! You're lucky we still have use for your services. I personally had to argue her down from killing the three of them right there! Because we still hold our bargains. And you have the nerve to imply that I would try to trick you?”

You spit on her. “You did trick me.”

“No. YOU didn't read the fine print.”

“There was no fine print!”

“The contract was only a few words long! It's not my fault you're too dumb to read into them!” She takes a deep breath, and calms herself. You realize that your finger had been trying to work itself into the trigger guard. Man, I am letting myself get too worked up over her. She's not worth it. With an exhalation of breath, you let yourself relax, and reholster your gun.

She smiles. This time it's a little creepy, the way the moonlight plays on her face, and the way that she came to there just from livid anger so easily. “But that's all beside the point. The point is, I'm here to help you.”

You immediately shake your head. “No deal. I already told you I'm not going to deal with you again.”

She chuckles to herself. “Fine, then. Be that way. Free of charge. No strings attached. None at all.”

You're still a bit doubtful. “No way for this to come and bite me in the ass?”

She crosses her heart. Hope she dies. “I solemnly do swear, that this offer is made in good faith, with no favors asked or expected afterwards.”


[ ] Accept her offer.
[ ] Reject her offer.
[ ] Reject her offer. Emphatically.
[ ] Write-in.
Also I already wrote that, geez
Not one with Sunny though, which was when that vote was made.

Also, there's always room for an encore: What's a vampric mansion without a dungeon full of kinky implements~?
This Anon is on the right track.

Reposting my vote for clarity.
[x] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.

[x] Hear her out before deciding, Being very careful the fairies are worse than lawyers
[x] Write-in.
Check to see if she's got her fingers crossed behind her back. If she does, make her redo the oath. THEN accept her offer.
Goddamn fae.

Oh. Well, my vote still stands. And no, it's not for rape. This time
[X] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her. Again.

[X] Check to see if she's got her fingers crossed behind her back. If she does, make her redo the oath.
-[X] Then get her to elaborate on how she'll help.
--[X] THEN accept her offer. Maybe.

Just copy-paste it into another post on the /at/ thing, we won't notice the difference.
[x] Reject her offer. Emphatically.

Do not want. Nothing is ever free with no strings, there is always a catch. The fact that she won't admit it is bad news.

Maybe that's ridiculously cynical, but oh well.
[x] Accept her offer.

Seems legit.
[X] Ask about the offer.
-[X] Press Luna about how we'll deal with the fallout from the assassination, even if she tries to avoid the topic.

I've noticed some odd things about what Luna said. She implied that the fairies have put a lot of effort into this plot. There's definitely a motive behind these favors, and we should consider if it is truly in our interests to continue carrying out these favors. However, this does not mean that the fairies care about us; they've kept the bargain strictly to 'keep Eirin, Mokou, and Kaguya alive' in exchange for us killing 3 people. Note how this doesn't mention anything about what will happen to them if the fallout from Sakuya's death falls upon them...

In the end, we really need to consider if continuing with these favors will result in a favorable outcome for us. As of now, the potential consequences are tremendous; the SDM along with the rest of Gensokyo may exact retribution upon Eientei for killing Sakuya, reversing everything that we've done up until now. We don't even know if we're supposed have a favorable ending if we continue on with these favors; the fairies keep on babbling about 'follow our contract, or your two masters and a person you don't care about will die!' without mentioning what will happen to us afterwards.

The fairies believe that we are 'childishly devoted' to Eirin and Kaguya, but that's only because we're fearful of breaking the ties we have with them from everything they've done for us by letting them die. Although that's true, we should not let this devotion overrule our self-preservation, especially since the consequences may result in a outcome that is contrary to what we wanted in the first place.
Combo time

[X] Ask about the offer.
-[X] Press Luna about how we'll deal with the fallout from the assassination, even if she tries to avoid the topic.
[X] Check to see if she's got her fingers crossed behind her back. If she does, make her redo the oath.
-[X] Then get her to elaborate on how she'll help.
--[X] THEN accept her offer. Maybe.
File 13557450433.jpg - (166.47KB, 600x888 , fedcd505ce198c37acd2ca0ad0d151a7.jpg) [iqdb]
Since I am not one to take your choices away from you and make them myself, here comes what is probably a shorter, clarifying update:

[X] Ask about the offer.
-[X] Press Luna about how we'll deal with the fallout from the assassination, even if she tries to avoid the topic.
[X] Check to see if she's got her fingers crossed behind her back. If she does, make her redo the oath.
-[X] Then get her to elaborate on how she'll help.
--[X] THEN accept her offer. Maybe.

You're still not convinced. “You'll pardon me if I don't want to deal with you again.”

She sighs in exasperation. “What more do you want? Find me a Zhuangzi to swear an oath upon, if it'll make you feel any better.”

You shake your head. “It's not about that. I know you keep to at least the letter of your promises, even if you do try to twist the spirit. I genuinely don't know how you would weasel out of this.” Luna's eyebrows drop down in anger, as she's about to say something, you hold out your hand to forestall it. “But that's not the point. If I'm going to get help from you, I want some damn answers.”

Luna rolls her eyes. “I make you an entirely good faith offer and you use it to force things out of me?”

“Yeah. Deal with it. What I want to know is how we'll plan to deal with the fallout from the assassination.”

She smirks. I really, really want to slap that smirk right off of that smug asshole face. “We? Look at all the presumption you're making here. First of all, it's not going to come back on me. Or us. The us that doesn't include you. First of all, it'll be your word against ours, and damned if we haven't been cultivating the 'stupid fairy' defense for years.” She does have a point. Who'd believe me if I were to say the fairies were behind everything? Not the people that matter, that's for sure. Not Yukari, not Reimu, not Marisa, not Satori. I am going to have to get evidence if I want that to work. “Secondly, the answer to you surviving the fallout is simple: Don't get caught. I'm amazed that I have to explain this to you. Maybe you can claim the 'stupid rabbit defense' if you get caught. God knows you're doing a good enough job of it right now.” As your hands clench into a fist, you repeat a simple mantra to yourself if your head. Come on and slam, if you want to jam, come on and slam, and welcome to the jam... It always works to calm you down. Most of the time. Enough of the time. Some of the time. It works, damn it! “And I'm doing my best to help you not get caught. I scheduled this damn assassination to happen during a fucking masquerade ball! If that's not handing it to you on a silver goddamn platter I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MORE YOU WANT! And to top it all off, here I am, trying to help you out, with absolutely zero cost to you, now and in the future, and you have the nerve to play the self-righteous hero!” She leans in on you. “Toyosatomimi's blood is on your hands. Not mine. Remember that, when you want to get uppity with people who want to help you.”

Not even Charles Barkley could keep you calm in this kind of situation, and entirely on reflex, you lay a left cross into Luna's face, followed by a swift right uppercut. When did I even take boxing lessons? As Luna flies upwards, backwards, and downwards again in a small parabola, you realize you let your anger take control. Even for a moment, you can't let that happen. Bad things happen to people who let anger control them. Fear to anger, anger to hatred, something something Dark Side and all that. Well, never let them see you sweat. Ride the wave.

You draw your pistol and place it squarely on the forehead of Luna, as you kneel down next to her prone form and place your face very close to hers. “Keep it up. We'll find out just how often you can deal with the pain of death and respawning. Immortality doesn't mean you're immune to pain, that much I can assure you. And a broken bone or hundred probably won't kill you. So shut up, and listen.” You take a deep breath. “Never. Ever. Take that tone of voice with me. I am not your tool. I am not your pawn. I will, I fucking guarantee you I will make your life a living hell when I get the chance. If you want to play your fucking trump cards and murder my family, so be it. Just don't think for a goddamn second I'll go quietly.”

That said, you reholster your pistol, leaving a slightly paler Luna in your wake. “Now. Luna. What, precisely, did you intend to do to help me?”

Luna gets up, brushes herself off, and tries to put on a brave face. You definitely rattled her cage for sure, though. The air of condescending confidence is long gone. “Simple. How do you intend to get into a masquerade ball without being invited? How do you intend to acquire a mask and dress? And how do you intend to explain away the rabbit ears? You go with me to the party, I will grease the wheels as best I can. Essentially, I'd be your wingman for you here. Like I said, no strings attached. I want to see the job done, and done right. And I'd like to remind you, we still have use for you. Getting you burnt before we're done with our tool”- and here you grit your teeth a bit - “would be stupid and counterproductive. While you may be stupid, we're not. Take it or leave it.” She draws on a little of the confidence that had fled her. “I can't believe I'm still offering this to you even after what you did. I guess it's just my essential nature, which is infinitely patient and kind.”

[ ] Fuck it. You don't need her help, as free of strings as it may be. You've got your pride.
[ ] Fine. This is going to be like one of those buddy cop movies, and you get to be the cop that hates your partner, but you work together in zany ways to get the movie to its heartwarming conclu- wait, shit, you're going out to murder people. Well, shit.
[ ] Write-in.

In future, if there are choices that aren't deliberately cryptic or don't require quick action, and clarification seems reasonable, don't hesitate to ask for this kind of update. Informed choices are always nice to have when you can get them, right?
[x] Fine. This is going to be like one of those buddy cop movies, and you get to be the cop that hates your partner, but you work together in zany ways to get the movie to its heartwarming conclu- wait, shit, you're going out to murder people. Well, shit.
[x] Fuck it. You don't need her help, as free of strings as it may be. You've got your pride.
-[x] Break her neck. She will come back from it and you could use some stress relief.
[ ] Fine. This is going to be like one of those buddy cop movies, and you get to be the cop that hates your partner, but you work together in zany ways to get the movie to its heartwarming conclu- wait, shit, you're going out to murder people. Well, shit.

-[ ]Stay wary for tricks

Still don't trust her. She might make sure we get through, but not before making us go through more Hells.
Requesting the following update:
[X] Ask her to elaborate on how this plan is supposed to get us to Sakuya.

If we aren't allowed to have said update:

[x] Order Luna to give an oath that she won't interfere with this operation, and refuse her offer. She may be the contractor, but that doesn't give her the right to determine how we'll kill Sakuya.

If what Remilia said in the Noncanon Alternate Possibility (NAP) on the top of the thread is to be trusted, then Luna may be able to use piggyback on our ability to have a buffed up ability to manipulate sound. How that'll work out, I don't know. I really don't like how Luna seems incredibly confident that her plan would work, seeing that it isn't her whose life is on the line.

Luna admitted that their interests don't coincide with ours as I suspected, and that they couldn't care less if we are found out. She also taunted us by claiming that there isn't any evidence between them and the murders. And that is a big mistake.

There is plenty of evidence due to our inherent bond with the fairies, which Remilia was able to identify and destroy in the NAP. I don't know how Reisen can know this in this timeline, but we can try to use this as evidence in case we try to condemn the fairies.

At this point, things are coming to a head, and fast. We've been guaranteed that we're disposable, so we need to also be a step ahead of the game. The rumors that the Three Mischievous Fairies have been spreading have already depicted us as a murderer, so we need to begin to think about how to deal with the fairies now. Even though we have an intense bond with Kaguya and Eirin, this ultimately means nothing if the odds are stacked so much against us that fulfilling or failing the bargain will ultimately lead to their demise. After all, if we are stopped before we can carry out the 3rd favor, the fairies have no obligation to uphold their side of the bargain...
[X] Fine. This is going to be like one of those buddy cop movies, and you get to be the cop that hates your partner, but you work together in zany ways to get the movie to its heartwarming conclu- wait, shit, you're going out to murder people. Well, shit.

I really get the feeling she's gonna stab us in the back if she gets the chance. Evil

She already is. Remember the nasty rumors the fairies have been spreading behind our backs?
Those might not originate from her. It could be other fairies being fairies. It's not like she can do anything to stop them.

That's technically true, but according to what we've been shown to be happening elsewhere, the writer deliberately stated that one of the fairies was 'off doing other things. Like spreading rumors'.

To be honest however, I've realized that based on that section, Luna is essentially playing with us by presuming that we are too meek to act out against her and her companions. Acting violently has cowed her somewhat, and with that in mind...

Changing action vote >>163788 to the following if said update request is denied.

[X] Order Luna to give everything she knows about the situation in the SDM if she refuses to tell us about her plan, or we'll torture her. If she wants us to succeed so badly, then she shouldn't hold back anything.
-[X]Torture her by using the shock gloves if she refuses to give any intel.

The entire basis of this seemingly insane course of action lies upon the fact that the fairies are exploiting their assumption that Reisen is easy to manipulate, so we'll be destroying their patronizing attitude while getting valuable information about the SDM. The fact that nothing bad has happened to us even though we attacked Luna indicates that we won't get immediately punished if we torture Luna, thus providing no reason why we can't go upon this course of action. Additionally, our contract does not in any way state that we have to act civilly to the fairies. We're already in a situation where the fairies can dispose of us like a tool at any time they please by ratting us out, so we have virtually nothing to lose.
[X] Order Luna to give everything she knows about the situation in the SDM if she refuses to tell us about her plan, or we'll torture her. If she wants us to succeed so badly, then she shouldn't hold back anything.
-[X]Torture her if she refuses to give any intel.

Eh why not
[X] Order Luna to give everything she knows about the situation in the SDM if she refuses to tell us about her plan, or we'll torture her. If she wants us to succeed so badly, then she shouldn't hold back anything.
-[X]Torture her by using the shock gloves if she refuses to give any intel.

Stupid Anon, making such fun write ins.

Don't forget to vote for pulling out a cigarette as well, if you're doing this.
You know, if we had a sound recorder we pretty much just had a whole fairy confession right there!

Lunarians didn't even bother to put in gun cams I bet.

[x] Fine. Let's do the buddy cop thing. Or at least the buddy murderers thing.
Sorry for the lack of updates. I had been forcibly separated from my computer with all the story things on it for about a week. I will also possibly post pictures of what happened to my truck here for comedy value. Anyway, Merry Christmas and updates tomorrow.
File 13565730177.png - (1.17MB, 805x1137 , 1c788c24ba234d06787664345bb9afb9.png) [iqdb]
So, this was delayed due to the fact that I was unable to get to my computer with all of my writing documents, given that I'd just formatted my laptop, and on the way home, got t-boned by someone who apparently doesn't believe four-way stops apply to them. I had to wait until I was reasonably certain my truck was safe to drive, and with the judicious application of duct tape and pool noodles, the holes are mostly filled now. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled favorite bunny.

[x] Fine. This is going to be like one of those buddy cop movies, and you get to be the cop that hates your partner, but you work together in zany ways to get the movie to its heartwarming conclu- wait, shit, you're going out to murder people. Well, shit.

Something inside you says to throw all vestiges of conscience to the wind. Something says to wrap your hands around Luna's neck and choke her out- to force her into cooperation with you. Why should she feel like she can jerk you around? You've got the power to take her. You don't have to take any of that crap.

Why, if you move quickly enough, you can grab her. You can use the shock gloves on her, and feel her jerk beneath you as thousands of volts send her into convulsions- it's a shame the amperage isn't enough to do any lasting damage. You smile at this mental image, and then just as quickly, recoil internally in horror.

I'm turning into a monster. You can't let those drives control you. You just can't. Have no more blood on your hands than you have to. You can't escape it all, but doing these sorts of things just for the sake of expediency... No. No, you have to resist.

You shake your head to clear the thoughts from your mind. “Fine, Luna. We'll do it your way.”

She brightens. “I knew you'd come around.”

You point your finger at her, close to her face. “But don't fuck with me. I do not want to deal with any crap from you.”

She holds up her hand. “Told you so many times, I'm here to help you, regardless of what you might think. I'm still looking for a return on our investment, and I'm just trying to protect it.”

You sigh and roll your shoulders, in an attempt to get all the tension out. “Okay. What are we doing?”

She walks over to the armoire that you hid in earlier. “First, we're going to pick out a dress for you. You can't go to the ball looking like that, no matter how appealing the skintight suit might be.” She opens it up. “We've got quite a few options here, and even if they're made for fairies and a little small on you, I think that might be something... appealing anyway.” She smirks at you. You frown and glare at her. She just rolls her eyes. “Everyone's a critic. Anyway, the important thing is that you're going to have to be wearing a dress of some sort. Which means that you'll really only be able to use what you can conceal in the dress.” She gestures to the rifle. “That's probably going to have to be left here. I still don't know what you were thinking, getting a sniper rifle and then going into a mansion.” Her eyes light up, and she snaps her fingers. “Oh! I know what we can do with that! Since the main part of the ball's going to be in the atrium, I can get it put in one of the third floor balconies so you'll have a good vantage point, if it comes to that. The atrium's three floors tall, but the second and third floors are mostly just balconies. There's a lot of open space to let the moonlight in. What do you think?”

“Not a terrible idea,” you say. “Let me think on it. Go on.”

“Right. So, masquerade party, you're going to need a mask.” She opens one of the lower drawers of the armoire. There are all kinds of masks there: fox masks, Richard Nixon masks, Kamen Rider masks. Luna pulls out the Nixon mask and puts it to her face. “I am not a crook. I got that puppy fair and square. And I named it Chess.”


“Semantics. So, yeah, mask. Need that. As a bonus, we probably won't need to hide your ears. You could simply call them part of your costume. However, the mix of that and your haircolor will probably give you away. You may want to consider changing it.” She opens yet another drawer, and a couple haircolor packets fall out. “Huh. That's some lazy packing. Anyway, these are one-wash dealies, you put them on in the shower, they wash out in the next. It'd probably be in your very best interest to wash your hair again very shortly after the ball, because if someone sees you with a different haircolor, and they have a description of who offed Sakuya, it probably won't be too hard to put two and two together. But if you pull it off successfully, it'll make it harder to blame you for it.” She gestures to your ears. “And those look like accessories anyway.”

Again with the ears thing. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

Luna sits down in the chair, leaving the armoire open. “So now I need to ask you a few questions. Aside from the guns, what did you bring?”

You start ticking items off on your fingers. “Well, the rifle and my pistol. It's got a 'silencer', for what that's worth. I think if we get a long enough dress I can conceal it with a leg holster, so long as it isn't an exceedingly clingy dress. A bit of explosives. I'd really prefer not to use those in a crowd.”

Luna nods. “Me too. Wholesale murder is bad for business.”

“Aside from that, I've got some gloves that can discharge a probably incapacitating shock. That, and some 'supplements' that Eirin made.”

“Okay. So we'll have to do the kind of dress with the really long gloves if you're going to keep those. The rest I think you can probably hide somewhere. What about knives, poisons maybe? That'd really be the best thing to have.”

You shake your head. “I was kind of hoping to do this outside knife range.”

Luna rolls her eyes. “And you still came in the mansion.”

You shrug. “Gotta do recon sometime. The night is young.”

Luna stands up and stretches. “Well, the party will be starting soon. Time to make you pretty.”

Go along with it?
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No, I'll pass, and go for the ninja approach.

If Yes, select from following options:

[ ] Write-in for color.
[ ] Write-in for style.
[ ] Gloves? (Allows for use of shock gloves.)
[ ] No gloves? (No shock gloves.)

[ ] Fox mask.
[ ] Richard Nixon mask.
[ ] Kamen Rider mask.
[ ] Write-in.

[ ] Color? (Write-in.)
[ ] No color.

[ ] Write-in for other things you might have thought of.
[X] Yes.
[X] Grey.
[X] Ball gown.
[X] White gloves.
[X] Bugs Bunny.
[X] Grey

Well, this is completely unexpected. Our loadout is inappropriate for this tactical situation, as most of our equipment is now useless given the new situation. Since we're already going to be close quarters, we have to ditch the railgun and go for CQC.

We have to improvise now and disguise our appearance. We can pretend to cosplay as a feminine Bugs Bunny, since our ears and tail need to be accounted for, and the mask is needed to conceal Reisen's red eyes. By pretending to cosplay as a foreigner, nobody would really susect Reisen, since few would draw a connection between a blatant cosplayer and Reisen.

We still have an unplayed card, but it's usefulness is uncertain until we get to the ball.

It's the M24
Well, nobody told Reisen that she had to tell Luna everything...
I shall return with dress ideas soon Rabbit.
Time for an elegant battle Resein.
Go along with it?
[x] Yes.

[x] White.
[x] Ball gown.
[x] Gloves, black.

[x] Rabbit mask.

[x] Color, black.

[x] Yes.

[x] White.
[x] Ball gown.
[x] Gloves, black.

[x] Rabbit mask.
-[x] A Bugs Bunny mask, specifically, if one is available.

[x] Color, black.

[x] Yes.

[x] White.
[x] Ball gown.
[x] Gloves, black.

[x] Rabbit mask.
-[x] A Bugs Bunny mask, specifically, if one is available.

[x] Color, black.

I agree. Also black hair Reisen is bamf
Am I the only one that thinks that disguising a rabbit as a rabbit isn't a very stealthy idea?

It's such a bad disguise it crosses the line back over into brilliant.

If they get any leads, they'll think of the guests. They'll say "where there any rabbits at the party", "there was someone dressed as a rabbit", "nah a rabbit wouldn't need to dress up as a rabbit".

Tactics too subtle for you.
I'll call it for "subtlety". Update will be up tomorrow (the 2nd).
File 135717849472.jpg - (383.20KB, 600x1236 , 4a5d2ee03b2d201e8371f4c6a9d0a725.jpg) [iqdb]
Holidays are over-ish, which means I have more time to write, and we should be back on for the two-three days between updates as was normal. Yay!

[x] Yes.

[x] White.
[x] Ball gown.
[x] Gloves, black.

[x] Rabbit mask.
-[x] A Bugs Bunny mask, specifically, if one is available.

[x] Color, black.

It's a better plan than any you had lined up. Seriously, what were you even thinking, trying to snipe from inside the mansion? Maybe recon. Yeah. That's a good excuse. You've almost even convinced yourself. You turn to Luna. “Yeah. That'll work. Find me a nice white dress, and I'm going to go take a shower.”

Luna waits for a moment, smiling.

You pause, realizing that you have no idea where the nearest shower is. You refuse to ask Luna, and do your best to deny her the satisfaction.

She chuckles, and says, “It's just across the hall. I'll bring your dress and mask there for you.”

You grab a bottle of black hair coloring. “Right. Grab a rabbit mask.”

Luna rolls her eyes. “Oh, we're real subtle tonight, I see.”

You ignore Luna, and very slowly open the door to the hallway. Looking both ways, the hallway's completely empty. You decide to grab your moment, and dash across the hall into the room you think is the bathroom. The door opens, and you step into a darkened room, closing the door behind you. With two claps, the room is illuminated: it's a well-furnished fancy bathroom. It's even got a large square tub.

Man, that's a nice bathroom.

You strip out of your wetsuit, hang it on the hook by the door, and turn on the shower knobs. No time for a bath, unfortunately, no matter how relaxing it would be.

...Actually, is that even true? Luna didn't even tell you when the ball starts. You might have more time than you thought. And it's only just a little after dusk. If you know anything about vampires, which you don't, you can't see them stopping the ball at any time short of sunrise. For once, you're not under an exceedingly tight schedule. You can take your time tonight and do it right. And even if it all goes wrong, you can abort tonight and try something tomorrow.

That knowledge is more relaxing than any bath would be. But you're still taking that bath anyway.

You step into the tub and lounge inside it, as it slowly fills with hot water, and the room begins to steam up. The steam's thick enough that you can hardly see from one end of the room to the other.

The door opens as you're relaxing in the bath, and someone steps in. That's probably Luna, with my dress. The figure fiddles with your wetsuit on the hook, and hangs something up next to it. It comes closer, and yes, it is Luna.

She leers down at you relaxing naked in the bath. You simply give her the finger and go back to relaxing with your eyes closed. “The classiest rabbit. Anyway. Your dress is hanging up there. I got you a pair of black gloves, to help with your shock gloves.” You'd forgotten to mention that to her. Maybe Luna is genuinely being helpful for once. Shocking. Heh. Get it? 'Shocking.' Heh heh.

You open your eyes. Luna's sitting on the edge of the tub. “What are you going to wear?”

Luna shrugs. “Haven't decided yet. Was considering Tinkerbell, but apparently the 'blatantly obvious disguise' slot has been taken.” She grins at you. “Maybe I should go as Sanae.” You splash at her half-heartedly. You're getting better at not letting Luna's barbs get to you.

You think of something that you should have asked earlier. “Luna, what are you bringing to the party?”

“Uh, well, myself,” she starts.

“No, no. I mean, what sort of useful things are you going to bring? Smoke bombs or something like that? If you're going to help me, you need to be actually helpful.”

Luna thinks for a moment, then has a eureka moment. “Ah, I know!” She produces two small bullet-shaped objects from under her hat. “Just put this on when you get out, and everything you say and hear, I'll hear, and vice-versa. It could be useful.” She chuckles. “Your EARS, Reisen. Get your mind out of the gutter.” You give Luna a kick, and she falls off the edge of the bathtub, giggling madly.

“Right then. Anything else?”

Luna climbs back up onto the tub's edge, and re-adjusts her hat. “I have a couple of smoke bombs. Can't really think of anything else offhand.” Smoke bombs might be very useful. The railgun's sights will have absolutely no problem piercing through even the thickest smoke.

You nod, and close your eyes again. “That'll definitely come in handy if we need a distraction.” A second distraction, that is. The silence lingers, and becomes a little awkward. You open one eye, to look at Luna, who's kicking her legs and looking at you. “So, um, a little privacy please?”

Luna jumps up off the edge of the tub. “Oh! Right! Got a little distracted there. Anyway, I'll meet you at the ball. It should be starting soon.”

She dashes off, closing the door behind her, while you chill out in the tub just a little longer. As you reach for the bottle, you hear the door creak open again. This time, it's not Luna.

What do?

[ ] ¡Estoy ocupado!
[ ] It's using the air shafts.
[ ] Clever girl.

Next update will include the breakdown of choices for this thread, and question/answer stuff. If you've got questions, this is probably the best time to ask them!
[ ] Clever girl.

No choice. Must do it. Have to see how it pans out.
[X] Clever girl.

In before suddenly Sanae.
[x] ¡Estoy ocupado!
[X] Clever girl.

This choice calls to me. I am helpless to resist.
[x] Clever girl.
[X] It's using the air shafts.

File 135755070538.jpg - (885.01KB, 2560x1920 , it's a big gun.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Clever girl.

Can't let them figure out who you are and what you brought. Having them find out one would be bad. Having them find out two would be worse, and you might have to do some exceedingly unpleasant things if that were to happen. Thankfully, the steam in the room is still thick- it seems almost unnaturally so.

“Hello?” A girl's voice tentatively calls into the mist. You freeze, waiting for her to talk again. “Is anybody here?” While she's talking, you take advantage of the noise to slip out of the water, onto the edge of the tub: it's almost impossible to get out of water silently, and you know you're not enough of a ninja to do that. But if she's willing to make the noise, you're willing to use it to mask the sound of you moving out of the water.

With the water dripping from your skin, you hide quickly behind the edge of the tub. Fairies' vision is dependent on movement, right? God, I wish I'd been paying more attention during Eirin's anatomy lessons.

You can hear the echo of heels on the tile, coming closer. The door is left open, letting all the steam out. You can't have that. You pick up one of the small plastic bottles of... shampoo? Conditioner? You consider for a moment reading the label, but there's no time for that. You toss it to the other side of the room, where it clatters. The heels stop.

You see her shadow turn and walk towards the bottle you threw. You take this opportunity to slip behind them and get to the door. The shadow bends down. “Hair coloring?” Shit. You're going to have to get that. But first... you edge the door closed. It shuts, louder than you'd hoped. Your 'friend' jumps and turns to the source of the sound. By that time, you're already out of her field of vision, and- shitshitshitshitwettileshit- trying your hardest not to fall on your ass.

You manage to catch yourself in the slide, and avoid falling over, instead, gracefully baseball sliding to a stop. Your friend is confused, but you saw her fairy wings and dress as you slid past her: you don't recognize the wings off hand.

She walks over to the door where your wetsuit is hanging. With its guns. And equipment. Fuck. Fuck shit fuck shit shit fuck. You've really got to get better at this 'thinking on your feet' thing. She reaches out to the fabric of the wetsuit, as you scramble up behind her, running as quickly and quietly as you can. Her eyes widen as she inspects what you've got, and as she moves the wetsuit, it reveals the mirror behind it, and your eyes lock for just a moment. She's got time only to gasp and say one thing:

“Clever girl.”

Then you're on her, and trying your best to bring her down silently, one arm around her neck and the other holding your arm in place and pushing her head forwards and down- you can't chance her getting a good look at you.

“What the fuck, you insane bitch?!”

You don't say anything, just hold her there as she struggles and wrestles against you. She's obviously not had any training, nor does she work out, because holding onto her is no problem. You slowly force her to the ground, deciding whether or not to completely choke her out- it's impossible for you to use your eyes on someone who's asleep or unconscious. And you can't hope to muddy her memory of this incident without them- but if she's still awake, she might see you again. A conundrum.

“Listen, you crazy rabbit-” Welp. Looks like we're going for the eyes. “I'm just here to tell you that we put your rifle up in one of the balconies! Luna sent me!” Oh. You release her, and let out a sigh of relief. She coughs- entirely unnecessarily, given that you were going for a blood choke instead of an air choke, but whatever- and rubs her neck, as she turns to look at you. “Um. Sorry for not knocking, I guess. It's, uh, it's under the carpeting. You'll see a ring that you can pull to open the false floor.”

You stand up and dust yourself off, and look at the fairy. She's tall for a fairy: though this means she's still a full head shorter than you are, which makes it awkward, as her head is on the level of... erm. Anyway, red hair, green eyes, and a shimmering blue dress. Now I feel underdressed. “Uh, thanks. Really. Sorry for overreacting a bit there.”

She nods. “Yeah.” The silence is a bit awkward. “I'm gonna go, and let you get back to your bath.” She leaves, redfaced and quickly, leaving you alone in the bathroom. You decide that you might as well finish your shower quickly, and do so, dying your hair black, and putting on your white gown. It's long enough to hide your hip holster, and loose enough after the waist so you won't be printing like a maniac all night long. It also has the added effect of hiding your tail- and the silky material is nice to the touch as well. Luna picked a nice one. You put on the black thighhighs, adjusting your holster to it, and then slip on the black gloves. Your remote trigger mechanism... where to put that? You consider putting it in your cleavage, but... too much risk of accidental activation. It's got a clip, right? Then inspiration strikes. It's only a small red button that you click twice, but it's got a clip on the back. You clip it in your hair, in the one exception to the monochromicity of your outfit.

Monochromicity isn't even a word. Well, you're feeling better, now that you're only worrying about mixed up words. You give yourself a final patdown, making sure you've got everything, and place Luna's transceiver in your ear. You gather up your wetsuit, stride out to the other room, and put it in the armoire that your dress came from. You'll come back here at the end of the night. Then you see the mask Luna picked out for you, laying out on the small tea table.

“Bugs Bunny. I almost hope I run into Eirin at this thing.”

You put on the mask- it's surprisingly easy to see in. It doesn't obstruct your vision at all. That's really a nice change of pace, things going well for a change. Maybe tonight will go off without a hitch after all.

What do?

[ ] Make your way to the Atrium for the party.
[ ] Try and link up with Luna before the party, and arrive together.
[ ] Get up to the third floor, and come into the Atrium on one of the balconies.
[ ] Write-in.
File 135755748916.jpg - (73.84KB, 400x600 , tumblr_m1s09xHmge1qgiyzuo1_400.jpg) [iqdb]
Also, thread summary time!

The options were mostly based upon what your relationship with Sanae was: it opened up the three options, though the third just barely, due to the strength of your relationship. Congratulations! Things are going well. Option 4 was the "I did it" option, if you managed to really fuck things up with Sanae and make her go full yandere. That was a possibility that you guys were skirting real close to. Option 5 was semi-unrelated, it was "X did it", where X is a patsy you had set up, which you hadn't.

I had originally intended for this to not be a choice, but rather automatically determined, but I thought a vote would be more fun. And then I could blame you guys for being mean to Reisen again if option 1 won. Because, let's be honest here: I give her nice things. You guys take them away. You're so mean to the bunny.

This had all the options explored, so I'm just going to skip this and the related updates. Obviously, you're seeing the importance now of the choices you made then. I do try to make a very clear connection between the choices you make and showing how it affects the story. Am I doing a good job on this? I genuinely want to know how you guys feel about that.

Then there's the inventory vote, which I thoroughly botched by having it too open-ended: I think the point system was very good when I wrote it, I just wish I hadn't missed the main voting window that comes a day or two after the update. Big mistake, and I've learned from it.

So many options on this one! I won't spoil the M24 bits, because that hasn't played out yet.

The selection of entry points dictated who you would meet/have a chance to meet: crossing the lit path would have (possibly) been Koakuma, the West 2nd would have been Remi, East ground would have been Patchy, East 2nd would have been Flandre. The West Ground was the safest choice, and led to Luna, your sort-of ally. The Atrium would have been Sakuya (and you would have had the chance to do it then and there), while the front would have been Meiling. The Harbor would have been empty.

Hiding would have led to them coming into the room, which they did. Not hiding would have led to them coming into the room anyway, but Reisen managing to narrowly keep it together and hide behind the door as it opened. Lucky for her the door opens inward, eh?

Opening the door and taking them down would have been noisy, and other things which I'm not going to get into now. Acting natural would have ended... interestingly, giving you the option (again) to go for drinks with fairies. Which you guys missed. Again. Suspicious as fuck, though. Seriously I just want to have Reisen go drinking with fairies goddamnit let me write my alcoholic bunny story

Attempting to follow the Stoli Fairy would have led to another opportunity for Fairy Drinking, and they would have helped outfit you for the ball. And they'd have been much nicer about it.
Waiting and leaving would have led to one of the characters previously described in the explanation of areas above, with the exception of Sakuya. Waiting and thinking led to Luna.

I just want to clear up the confusion one more time: That was Luna. Not Sunny. I will come right out and state that you know two of the three fairies, I've named them in the story, and neither of them is Sunny.

Accepting her offer leads to the path you're on now. Rejecting it would lead to Reisen eventually stumbling upon the masquerade ball, entirely unprepared for it. Emphatic rejection would have led to Fairy Violence and other things.

No I'm not writing more Luna rapefic, I'm having a hard enough time with this Yuuka thing as it is

In which more exposition is asked for, and given. Don't ever be afraid to ask for more details, I'll probably be glad to "help".

And you guys are coldblooded as fuck, wanting to snap Luna's neck. Jesus Christ. That and the torture. >>163800 made me laugh so hard. I'm glad someone picked up on what the cigarettes mean.

Almost entirely cosmetic. Probably. We're not quite finished with this, so I'll leave it at that.

Choices were mostly movie/game quotes, and would have led to the scene being handled in different ways:

DIVE DIVE DIVE is Freespace 2, and would have led to Reisen (unsuccessfully) trying to hide in the tub.
HIT YOUR BURNERS PILOT is the continuation of that specific quote, and would have led to immediate tackling.
Estoy Ocupado would have plumbed the depths of Reisen's Spanish skills. Of which she has none, considering the grammar of "estoy ocupado", when she's trying to refer to the bathroom.
It's using the Air Shafts is from Alien, and would be a sneakier, probably more brutal one than Clever Girl was.

And I'll finish this off by taking care of the last couple updates in the third thread:

Normal way with character select was pretty obvious. Sneaking in would have led to TEWI AMBUSH

I rather like this imouto Tewi if I do say so myself

Relaxing would lead to more TEWI SHENANIGANS, but would also have meant you'd arrive at the SDM at midnight instead of dusk, so you'd be on a tighter schedule than you are now.

Anyway, let me know what you think sucks, and how I can improve it! I am still A Bad Writer, and I'm cool with that. I'm doing this mostly to improve.
Right, one more thing I wanted to make clear before I forget:

Way, way the fuck back in >>160362, had you chosen to scout the mansion, a lot of this information would have been available to you. I might have even drawn you guys a map. But then you'd have to have chosen against Sanae. So, yes, choices.
In this order:
[X] Plant the C4 nearby the atrium
-[X] Get up to the third floor, and come into the Atrium on one of the balconies.
--[X] Locate your railgun, and set it up.
---[X] Gauge the trajectory of the M24 from the balcony, and predict if it's possible to hit Sakuya with hit, assuming the bullet penetrates the glass.

Unless we want Reisen to waste a perfectly good piece of equipment by not using it or become bits and pieces of rabbit meat, we should use the C4 now, when we have a clear opportunity.

Although the fairy maid told Reisen that the railgun is on the third floor, Reisen does not know where it precisely is. It's best if we can confirm where Reisen's equipment is and the status of the M24 before continuing with this plan.

Reisen has to remain stealthy and alert throughout this procedure. If anybody other then the fairies spots her, it will be rather obvious to the SDM that there is an intruder, since fairies are not as tall as Lunarian rabbits.
[x] Get up to the third floor, and come into the Atrium on one of the balconies.
As clarification, what is Reisen's overall plan for 'Get up to the third floor, and come into the Atrium on one of the balconies'. I know that she won't just stand there and enjoy the view, but I would like to know what is she going to do assuming that she isn't disturbed on her way to the atrium for that option.

As >>164226, I just want to ensure that we aren't leaving any loopholes in our planning. After all, we only get a single chance at this,
and if we are going to play all of our cards, they should be fully effective when we do play them.

By the way, don't we still have the C4 in our inventory? It would serve to be an extremely effective distraction to divert everybody's attention, and this is going to probably be our last opportunity to deploy it in a way which will not end up Reisen becoming rabbit meat or causing massive collateral damage to the participants to the ball. I may seem pretentious about using the C4, and I admit that I may simply want to see large explosions at this point in the story, but we spent those 4 inventory points on that C4, and we have to use it either now or never. There is probably going to be no other window of opportunity to plant it, since we'll be in the atrium and it'll be incredibly suspicious if we leave a block of white material on the ground. Unless anybody else can come up with another use for the C4 which does not involve using it as a makeshift grenade, I will adamantly insist that we deploy it now rather then wait and hope for another opportunity which may or may not come at all.
What to do would be another choice once she gets there, of course after checking to make sure the rifle is there as promised. The majority of the update would be "getting there". I'll tell you right now it won't involve jumping from the atrium floor to the balcony (which is something she CAN do, but that'd be a little obvious at this point.)

I also like explosions, and I will totally admit I forgot to make specific note of the C4 in the choice: you are, of course, welcome to use it in any manner you see fit: this is why I always make it a point to have a write-in option. I'll make more specific mention of the equipment next time, and you really won't be losing any usability for it between this update and the next. I promise.
File 135786920832.jpg - (312.70KB, 612x900 , 5b5b635c805c7419033235b7a88a2644.jpg) [iqdb]
I took a bit of a liberty with the first part of your vote. I hope you're okay with that.

[X] Plant the C4 nearby the atrium
-[X] Get up to the third floor, and come into the Atrium on one of the balconies.
--[X] Locate your railgun, and set it up.
---[X] Gauge the trajectory of the M24 from the balcony, and predict if it's possible to hit Sakuya with hit, assuming the bullet penetrates the glass.

You'll let Luna do her thing. The less you actually have to do with her, the better. The bitch sets you up, and expects you do her bidding, like her dog? The thought actually makes you a little angry. But that anger, you can use it later. File it away for now. The time for revenge will come. You close the doors to the armoire, hiding your wetsuit and rifle. You'll definitely have to come back here to get your stuff and get the hell out, unless you're okay with leaving all kinds of evidence around. Which means you're either going to need to do this silently and unseen, or with an explosive distraction. Possibly both.

Thankfully, you're equipped more than adequately for the latter.

You stride down the hall, until you realize you're only clad in stockings: you haven't picked out shoes. Sheepishly, and grateful that nobody saw you, you dip back into the tea room and grab a pair of white heels that match your black thigh highs. Important for the illusion and the masquerade, but you'll definitely have to ditch them if you need to run or do some quick violence.

Heels on, you wobble a bit as you walk towards the door. Heels... are not really something you've ever liked all that much. But you get the hang of it, and soon you're striding down the hallway, climbing a set of spiral stairs, surrounded by windows on three sides, as you ascend to the third floor. The very first thing you want to do is ensure that the rifle is there, as promised. The fairy didn't give you any specifics on where it is, though. You'll ask Luna if you can't find it.

The third floor of the mansion is empty and dark: an art gallery of sorts, you can see dim outlines of frames as you walk by glass doors, and spectral shapes of busts. Unless it's Remilia.

She doesn't have much of a bust.

Chuckling to yourself for the pun, you open the door to one of the balconies of the atrium and step out. You're alone on this small balcony- the railing comes up to just above your waist, so it's nice and easy to rest your arms upon if you bend over a bit. The railing is also completely solid, so you can do anything here in secrecy, so long as you don't poke over the top.

The balcony's eastern counterpart is much the same: but this one's got a bored-looking Koakuma watching party guests as they start to filter in. You look up through the glass roof of the atrium: the moon's only started to rise, and the crescent moon only casts about as much light as the stars. The atrium as a whole is very dark: lit only by candles here and there. Remilia definitely has electricity wired into the mansion: this is mood lighting. You can't expect it to stay so welcomingly dim if you start to get loud and noisy.

There's a door on the third floor's south side, leading to a narrow walkway from the southern entrance to a two-seat affair on a small, elevated island on the north side of the atrium: this is facing the windows, and the Misty Lake. Between the two seats is a small table, with what you think is two teacups and a rose in between them. It's too damn dark to make out, but it looks like one of the seats is occupied. It's probably Remilia, waiting to make the announcement of the start of the ball. It's really rather a classy setup. You wish you had one of these in Eientei for yourself.

You scan the small crowd milling about by the refreshments table, and there's a couple figures fiddling with some equipment you don't recognize by the north window on the ground floor. Not too important at the moment. The crowd's in too dim of light to be recognizable, with the exception of Meiling: her red hair sets her apart in a crowd, even in this dim lighting. That, and she's almost a good foot taller than almost everyone else there. She's talking to another girl with red hair in a red kimono that you don't recognize: Meiling's in a panda mask, while the other girl's got what looks like... a mask of you. That's... great. Just great.

You kneel down and start running your hands across the carpeting of the balcony, hoping to find a small catch, or hook, or something- your hand hits upon a handle, camouflaged and lying flat against the carpet. If you weren't looking for it, you wouldn't find it. You pull it up to reveal a small compartment, inside which your rifle rests. So it's on the western balcony. That was nice of Luna, to actually get it set up on the right balcony. You'd almost expect her to do the opposite out of spite.

You pull out your glasses, and immediately make an unpleasant realization.

They won't fit on your face with your mask on. You'll have to take off the mask if you want to use the targeting goggles, and the additional stabilization features of the railgun. Thankfully, you're still very well trained with using it without any aids: you'll have to make a decision between having yourself unmasked while you fire, or to make the shot unassisted. That is, if you even decide to go that way.

At this moment Luna's voice is in your ear. “Did you find your equipment?”

You put your finger to the reciever. “Yeah.” You snap it open and find that it's loaded. “Should be good to go.”

“Good. Take your finger out of your ear.” You jump, and do so. “I'll be down to the party in an hour or so.”

“What are you doing now? And how did you know I had my finger to my ear?”

“One, getting something to drink with a few of my friends. The punch at the party's good and all, but I like a harder liquor if I'm going to deal with a vampire masquerade. You just watch. Remilia's going to try to be all vampire-y and pretentious and whatnot. I'd like to have pre-gamed before that happens. Two, I know the kind of person you are. And don't put your finger to your ear again: that's a great way for people to go 'OH HEY I WONDER WHO SHE'S TALKING TO AND WHAT SHE'S DOING THAT REQUIRES THAT KIND OF COORDINATION.' Common sense and all, Reisen. I thought you were a trained commando.”

You scowl. “Yeah. Sure. Whatever.”

“Look, I've got to go. But don't worry overmuch about the equipment: if you have to leave it to avoid detection, do so. I'll do my best to get it gone. No guarantees, though.”

“Thanks.” That's actually almost a little bit reassuring. Doing this without any backup at all would really kind of suck, now that you think about it. She doesn't know about the rifle outside, though. You'll have to get that yourself, possibly. You put the railgun and the glasses back into their compartment, and close it, as you straighten back up and survey the atrium once more.

The M24 is aimed at about the third floor, near the seat that's unoccupied. It will easily penetrate the glass, you think: this doesn't seem like anything other than standard plate glass. You'll know for sure if you check one of the windows, but you're about 90% sure. Bulletproofing the entire atrium would be expensive and unnecessary. You didn't aim it at the first floor, as you weren't able to ensure enough accuracy to be sure that you won't take out a bystander. You really, really want to avoid extra casualties. You need to keep that part of your conscience clean, at least.

The C4 you can use in quite a few different ways: as a distraction, pre-emptive or after-the-fact, as a way to make a quick exit and new hole in the wall, or, possibly as a way to obfuscate the murder. If you manage to take out Sakuya quietly, and then C4 her body, there is absolutely no Gensokyo forensic science that could make sense out of that mess with any reliability.

Besides you, of course. You dabble a bit.

Anyway. Time to “mingle”! You haven't seen your target yet, so time to get with the party.

[ ] Go down to the refreshment table.
– [ ] Get a drink.
– [ ] Get a strong drink.
[ ] Go down to the things happening by the first floor window. That looks interesting.
[ ] Go over to the island with the two chairs, see if that's actually Remi.
[ ] Head over to the eastern balcony, say hi to Koakuma.
[ ] Go over to Meiling. I wonder who her friend is?
[ ] Write-in.

Optional options:
[ ] Plant C4 here (western balcony).
[ ] Plant C4 somewhere else.
[ ] Go down to the refreshment table.
– [ ] Get a drink.

[ ] Plant C4 somewhere else.

I suppose I should note that you should probably specify where if you want to put the C4 somewhere else. That, and picking one of the options is not mandatory, you can hold onto it for as long as you like.
[ x] Go down to the refreshment table.
– [ x] Get a drink.

Got no idea where we can put that C4, leaving that up to our resident warfare experts.

Should we be low key or go out and meet people?
[x] Go down to the things happening by the first floor window. That looks interesting.
[x] Don't plant the C4 yet.
Depending on what that crap is we might be able to blow it up for fun and/or profit.
Or we could put it on the roof of the atrium for OH GOD GLASS distraction.
Or, best of all, we could put it under Remi's seat. She's a vampire, she'll get better. Probably. Plus it will make people think Remi was the target, which is entirely plausible.
I have a perfect soundtrack piece for if/when shit hits the fan and Reisen has to make an escape via running gunbattle:

File 135831253781.png - (838.07KB, 744x1052 , 1c56cf3e740b60217d9289211c31cd5b.png) [iqdb]
[X] Go down to the refreshment table.
– [X] Get a drink.

Yeah. Drinks would be good. Nothing too strong, just a little something to take the edge off, right? You straighten up off of the balcony, wave to Koakuma, who half-heartedly waves back, sighs, and goes back to watching the crowd. Someone's not having a good night.

Well, at least she won't have the worst night there.

As you open the door and leave the balcony, you start to think. Maybe the C4 could be used to greater effect than just on Sakuya. Not everyone can be killed by a mere brick of C4, right? It'd probably not kill Remi or Flan, that's for sure. So... maybe use it to 'attempt' to kill Remilia, then? It wouldn't kill her, and it wouldn't make her any angrier than killing Sakuya alone would do. And it would take her out of the investigation for long enough for the trail to go cold.

If you hide Sakuya's body well enough, her disappearance might even be attributable to her making an 'attempt' on Remilia's life. That... That would be an excellent outcome. It'd be hard, and you'd have to find a motive that Sakuya might have. You'd for sure be called in on the investigation, as you're one of Gensokyo's resident technological experts. I mean, Rinnosuke is great for identifying things, but... without the expertise that comes from training, there's only so much he can do.

Yes. This is a good plan. This is a good idea. And while you're lost in thought, you don't even notice until you trip over an extended leg, and land mask-first. A light weight thumps on your back. “Hiya, Reisen!”

What. Seriously, what? Your disguise was perfect! You dyed your hair and everything! How did... and then the familiarity of the voice settles in. Tewi. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. She... she needs to not identify you to anyone. That would be bad. “Hi, Tewi. How did you know it was me?”

You can feel her shrug. “Oh, a little of column A, a little of column 'not at Eientei when there's only the biggest bash around that nobody at Eientei got invited to'.”

“So you crashed the party.”

“Yup! I tried to convince Eirin and Kaguya to go, but Eirin's 'busy', or so she said, and Kaguya's being an asshole on Dark Souls online again.”

“What, dressing up as a silver knight, standing in the spot as one of them, getting invaded, and standing still for hours on end while she gets poorly formatted angry messages?”

“Pretty much.” She stands up, and so do you. “So, I thought you were off to assassinate the President?”

You smile behind the mask. “Of course! Where else would the President be except the masquerade ball?” You look over Tewi's costume. “A pumpkin? Really?”

She sticks her tongue out at you. “No, I'm Cinderella, after midnight.”

You bop her on the head. “It's Cinderella's carriage that turns back into a pumpkin, not Cinderella. Cinderella just turns poor again.”

Tewi crosses her arms and huffs. “Well, being poor sucks. Being a pumpkin is awesome. And what about you, Miss Originality? A rabbit, dressed as a rabbit.”

“No, I'm a rabbit, dressed as a rabbit, disguised as another rabbit!”

“You're Bugs Bunny.”

“Shut up. You're a pumpkin.”

“Nuh-uh! I'm Cinderella!” And with that, she kicks you in the shin, and runs off.

Well. Uh. That's, that's a thing. That's a thing for sure. As you rub your shin, you're not quite sure what to make of this development, but Tewi's here at the party, and Eirin and Kaguya are not. Mokou is yet to be seen. She and Tewi are probably the only two here that could easily identify you: Sanae's not at the masquerade... and none of your other friends are bright enough to pick up on this.

God, you have dumb friends.

Well, okay, that's not entirely true. Meiling's just a bit oblivious sometimes, though she can be more observant than she lets on, and... aside from Sakuya, you don't really know if anyone else you really know is going to be at this party. Except at least one of the bitch fairies.

Now you're working yourself into a grumpy mood. Time to stop that. You make your way down to the first floor, and make your entrance into the dimly-lit atrium. You can now tell that the stuff being setup on the 'stage' is speakers and musical equipment: there is going to be a concert here. Which means noise. Which means that nobody will be able to hear your 'silenced' pistol if you time it right. Which is a very, very good thing.

Things are looking up- you've got a partial plan to 'attempt' murder on Remilia, possibly set up the mysteriously-disappeared Sakuya as the patsy, and a way of hiding your gunshot. Maybe. A lot of maybes and possibles, but it's definitely looking up.

And you'd thought to just snipe Sakuya from long range. This is turning out to be significantly more interesting, and might even work out for the better for you.

You get to the punch table, and fill a cup. Just as you're finishing your first sip, there's a tap on your shoulder. “Careful! I hear the punch is poisoned.”

You turn, to see what could only be Nagae Iku, dressed as Tenshi. She's got a red face: she definitely pre-gamed tonight. Can't blame her. Dealing with Tenshi's crap on a daily basis? Yeah. You'd be driven to drink too. “Hiya, Iku.”

She fakes a dramatic gasp. “How did you know it was me?” A swig from her crystal goblet, full of what is probably punch. Probably. “I look just like Tenshi!” Another swig. Maybe that's not punch. “I mean, she's here, dressed as me, so that's a thing, I guess.” One more swig. Now you're sure that's not punch. Smells a lot like gin. “But yeah, this punch really isn't poison.” She pulls out a flask, and pours some liquid into her punch glass to refill it- from the halfway mark. All the way back up to full. “Kinda weak stuff, though.” Definitely gin. “So, who are you?”

You chuckle. “Can't you tell? I'm the Hakurei Shrine miko?”

“What, Reimu?”

“Reimu's just a newbie. I'm back, for one special night appearance!”

Iku hugs you. “Oh, that's great! I missed you! Why are you dressed as a rabbit, though?”

Um. “Because... because it's the year of the rabbit?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Yeah. Right! Year of the Rabbit. Where'd Tewi get to, anyway? She was just here...” Iku's looking around for a short pumpkin-clad bunny. “Eh, doesn't matter. I'm sure I'll find her eventually.” She perks up, and smiles brightly. “So, you've been gone for a while, huh? You're probably not familiar with a lot of the people here! Let me be your party buddy. We'll have good times! I promise!” Her voice drops to a whisper. “I know where the fairies hide the good stuff. You and me, we can get some, so long as one of us is a lookout for that pesky maid. Can't have her seeing us, ah, commandeer the fine liquors here, can we?”

What do?

[ ] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'
[ ] Find Tewi.
[ ] Find Luna. She's been quiet. And missing.
[ ] Talk to someone else at the party.
– [ ] The people at the stage.
– [ ] Koakuma.
– [ ] Remilia.
– [ ] Meiling and her friend.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'
I'm hoping your Iku is a bit deeper than this.
I try not to write shallow characters, but occasionally I do fail (see: how I fucked up Mamizou earlier in the story.) But I have plans for Iku, if you want to be her party buddy. Promise.
[x] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'
[x]write in

The longer we stay at this party, the better chance people have of blowing our cover.

We should just plant the C4 in the maid's room with a tripwire to the door or something. Or maybe a remote detonation with a camera so that we can see when she's close enough.

Presuming we have those things.

So basically, GET ON WITH IT!
[x] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'

This is too hilarious to not do. Please proceed.
[x] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'

What we should be doing is being a sniper. But this is more fun :D
[X] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'

Drunken oarfish fun time is GO.

Update coming Wednesday at the latest. I spent my planned update time writing porn, so please wait warmly.

Or it'll be Eiki porn Wednesday. Whatever.
If it was gentle, loving domme Eiki porn I wouldn't really mind.
Sorry, Yuuka exhausted that reservoir.
Judgmental, painful domme Eiki?
File 13589941493.jpg - (188.73KB, 550x600 , f62b0f5eeda23ef5557d29300f586296.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Be Iku's 'party buddy.'

“Sure, I'll be your party buddy.”

Iku drapes her arm around your shoulders. “That's great! Hey, hey, let me get you started!” She tips some gin into your punch. It's a good thing you have a mask on, so Iku can't see you wince. Gin leads to bad times. You wait for Iku to detach herself from you, and stumble forward. While she's not watching, you tip the punch back in the bowl.

Someone watching faintly says “Ick.” Yeah, whatever. They can be judgmental all they want, but you can't afford to be drunk.

Iku turns around. “You coming, or what?”

You try your best to express a bright smile through your voice alone. “Yep, I'm coming! Where are we going?”

She winks. “You'll see when we get there!”

Iku and you work your way through the mazelike corridors of the SDM, coming to an unmarked door. Iku flourishes dramatically. “Voila!”


“Viola, whatever.”

You shake your head. “No, no, voila was right. So, uh, what is this?”

“This, my dear miko, is the entrance to the basement of the SDM! Where they allegedly breed new Sakuya Izayois when the old one looks, well, old! Where they allegedly keep the bloodthirsty monster Flandre Scarlet locked up!”

“Uh, wait, what?”

She plows on, right over your interjection. “But most of all! It's where the wine cellar is! And I've been trying to get into it all my life!” She grabs a hold of you once more, and gestures grandly out to the 'sky'. Which is a little bit blocked by 'ceiling'. “Imagine it! Vintages that are but a dream! Liquors, the colors of which make jewels jealous! And beer that is brewed by the tiniest, littlest, cutest lederhosen-wearing midgets you've ever seen!”

God, one of those things would be terrible if it's true. “How much of this is true, Iku?” She shrugs.

“Haven't the foggiest! Though I kind of doubt the Sakuya thing. Cloning's hard, man, and really gets on Eiki's nerves. I mean, I hate doing repeat paperwork. I can't imagine it's any more fun for her. Anyway! Tonight is the night! I get to wander around doing whatever it is I want!” Iku grabs the doorknob and dramatically wrenches the old, thick, wooden door open. “Behold!” This reveals... a drab, concrete corridor, leading to a small concrete staircase, with basic iron-tubing guardrails. “Huh. I'd kind of expected more.”

You gesture to the staircase. “Well, we can't see past the staircase, right? Who knows what wonders lie there?”

Iku nods enthusiastically. “Forward, then! Stalingrad by October!”

Suddenly, a sharp voice, full of authority, cuts in on the two of you. “Just what do you think you're doing?!”

Iku's eyes go wide. “Oh, shit! It's the fuzz! Cheese it, Hakurei!” She dashes down the stairwell. You turn to see what Iku was looking at: a stern-looking Sakuya, no costume to be seen, just her normal maid outfit.

What do?

[ ] No, Officer, I don't know why you pulled me over.
[ ] DAS BLITZKRIEG, uh, shit, don't know any German. Tackle her!
[ ] Write-in.
Think we can get away with it here? She's isolated, we're (mostly) alone, Iku is drunk beyond means and ran ahead, out of sight.

Tackling her won't work, she's to quick for that. Time Hax and all.

Actually, Rabbit, status check, does Sakuya need her watch to manipulate time? Makes a world of a difference.

If it's dependent on the charge, a tackle might work. Bunny legs means a fast hop and knock down, followed by shock gloves and an execution.

Other two. Act drunk and let her approach. When she's near, tap the remote trigger, set off the railgun. Big boomies will cause a reaction and Sakuya's attention will be off us. Shock gloves and execute, or fast draw and kill (If our dress allows us).

Or run after Iku and wait till Sakuya catches up. Once she thinks she has the upper hand, shock gloves.

I'm keen on the gloves because we have little that gives us an opening at the moment. C4 on a wall to cause chaos is always another option, but it makes hiding the body a tad harder.

Plus for saving the C4. The basement is also Flan's place and things that go Kyuu~ tend not to be recognizable. Like a corpse stuffed with a brick of C4 and then asploded.
[x]write in
[x]blame it all on Iku

"She was all tipsy and bubbly and wouldn't shut up and she wouldn't let go and kept dragging me all over the place and she kept talking about clones and all sorts of garbage..."

Talk her ear off. She'll brush us off as another party guest.
The [ ] No, Officer vote is essentially that sort of thing. You are, of course, welcome to suggest lines and suchlike.

>does Sakuya need her watch to manipulate time? Makes a world of a difference.


>set off the railgun

Railgun's off up in the balcony. The M24's the one the remote trigger, well, triggers. Which is better for what you wanted (distraction) anyway.

>The basement is also Flan's place

Hee. Hee hee hee.
Okay so running won't work because timestop, trying to talk our way out will lead to Sakuya recognising our voice and throwing us out due to not being on the guest list, and tackling won't work due to timestop.
[x] Set off the remote gun and hope it doesn't hit someone mortal.

The problem with setting off the remote gun is that we'd need to set off the trigger...in front of Sakuya's face, no less. Not a good plan.

[] Escape into the basement
Then we distract her by getting naked, grab the watch while she's distracted and provoke flandre into mauling her. What could go wrong?

Now, seriously

This mission is all about timing and positioning. And right now? Bad time, bad position. Run.

Besides, we might as well get some hilarity before things turn grim.
Whatever happens, we have to force Sakuya's hand and find out how she's using her powers. Assassination is so much easier if the target can't reach her pocket watch.
File 135919060794.jpg - (90.70KB, 500x375 , XnYEK.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 5:

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