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Poor little rabbit.

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And hopefully with continuing the 100% lack of burnout so far!


[x] Reimu's Plan.
[x] Pick red flowers. Those mean love, right?
-[x]And maybe a purple and green one.

You stop yourself before you go in. Reimu's plan is a solid one, you think. Something that will have an excellent chance of success. If you can pull it off, that is. You're not entirely certain that you can. But! You have an ace in the hole. Those flowers. Flowers would help. Even though you've never actually gotten flowers that you remember, flowers are a great way of saying that you love someone, right?


That's the first time you've used that word, towards Sanae. The thought stops you for a moment, and then, from the smallest beginnings, a happy smile spreads across your face, and a warmth starts to overcome you from inside. This is all going to be okay. This is all going to be all right. You whistle a cheerful tune to yourself, as you start to pick some red mountain flowers. You throw in a green and purple one in, just for good measure as well.

It's all going to be alright. Sanae will understand. She'll take you back.

And you'll tell her that you love her.

You tiptoe to the torii that stands astride the entrance, and have a look within. Sanae is sweeping the bridge over a pond. It seems... she's sweeping a bit angrily. But her back is to you. Which affords you the advantage of surprise: the best advantage to have. You look around for signs of anybody else.

Suwako spots you, and gives you a look. You see her eyes move down to the flowers, and then back to your face. Her gaze softens a bit, and you put your finger to your lips to indicate that she shouldn't say anything that'll ruin your advantage. She nods, and sits down to watch the show.

You take off your shoes to be able to cross the path silently in your stockinged feet: you don't want the tapping of your soles to tip off Sanae.

Finally, after creeping up, you're right behind her. Then you gather your courage- you've come this far- and tap her on the shoulder. She sighs, and says: “Look, Kanako, I know you're concerned, but-” and then she turns around, sees you, sees the flowers, and her eyes widen.

You don't give her a moment to react. Immediately you embrace her, and then kiss her, strongly, on the mouth. She stiffens in surprise, and then softens. When she returns your embrace, you know you've got her. You know it's going to be alright.

You're sitting on the edge of a porch that surrounds one of the temple buildings, probably the one Sanae lives in. It's noon now, and it's warmed up. So your hoodie's back in your bag, and you're just in a simple light blouse. Sanae's sitting beside you, leaning into your embrace.

“I'm... sorry, Sanae.”

Sanae puts a finger to your lips, shushing you. “Look, it's okay. I forgive you. Just... just don't do that again, okay?” Her eyes are pleading, with a hint of fear that you'll leave her in them.

You really don't want to do that to Sanae. Leaving her would probably not help her confidence or happiness at all. And you don't want to leave her.

The two of you sit there in happy silence for an hour or so, with Sanae happily clutching your bouquet of flowers, and the afternoon is early. There's still plenty of time left in the day.

Kanako and Suwako have disappeared, to give you and Sanae more space. This has the happy effect of you having Sanae all to herself. Which means... you could, POSSIBLY, MAYBE think of telling Sanae about the Favors.

But... there's a hell of a lot of things that could go wrong with that. You'll have to think hard about letting Sanae in on that. She obviously loves you, however. She might even be sympathetic to your plight. It's a hell of a tossup, and you're not sure you want to drop that bomb on Sanae so soon after your happy reunion.

Of course, time is still ticking on the second favor, and you should probably get back to Eientei to prepare for the distasteful business ahead. It's only the first day, though. You could probably spend the night here with Sanae, and have enough time to fulfill the favor... probably.

Sanae is a warm, reassuring weight against your chest, as she leans against you. This is a good feeling. This is a really good feeling. You don't want to do anything to endanger this again. You don't even want to leave. But eventually, you'll probably have to.

[ ] Tell Sanae.
[ ] Don't tell Sanae.

[ ] Leave now.
[ ] Leave this evening.
[ ] Leave tomorrow morning.

[ ] Go to Eientei to plan things out.
[ ] Return to the SDM to scope things out.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Don't tell Sanae.
[x] Leave this evening.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.
Tell Sanae later. It will be more tragic that way
[x] Tell Sanae.
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

Lovers shouldn't keep secrets. This will either ruin everything or give the greatest chance for a happybittersweet Sanae end. Either way, I win!
Oh God I don't know what to do...
Considering this is a story, she will find out sooner or later. Do you want it to be on Reisen's terms or not?
[x] Tell Sanae. [x] Leave tomorrow morning. [x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.
[x] Tell Sanae
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

Hard choice.
[x] Tell Sanae
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.
Maybe get a sniper rifle or something, though forensics would make us even more suspicious.

Anyhow I already know my vote for the next target and I feel like I'm a horrible person for doing so.
You know, this will seems like oh hey,yeah i love you but only so you dont tell anyone my secret. Seems likely that this will backfire.
[X] Don't tell Sanae.

This is a story about Reisen therefore it must be a tragedy of classical proportions.
I could understand if you wanted to never tell her, but you want Sanae to get even more attached before telling her a terrible thing. That's cruel.
[x] Don't Tell Sanae
[x] Leave Tomorrow
[x] Go to Eientei to plan

Reisen needs a little happiness in her life, and staying with Sanae tonight might stave off the inevitable breakdown a little longer. But telling Sanae that you're a murderer, and you're about to kill one more person? No. That's not a good idea at all.
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Tell Sanae.
--[x]... in The Morning
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

I think keeping secrets would hurt a rabbit's conscience in the long run.

.. but I think Reisen should spend a teensy little bit more time with Sanae before breaking it to her.
[x] Don't tell Sanae.
[x] Leave this evening.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

If we tell Sanae, she will immediately inform Suka-mama and Kana-mama. And that's something Reisen can't afford.
[x] Don't tell Sanae.
[x] Leave this evening.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

Telling her now will be too soon. It's like, hey I love you. Also I'm killing everyone, so don't tell anyone.
You are a horrible person.

also quite a bit early too.
File 134571235778.jpg - (1.33MB, 2197x1024 , bf92847dc9a1301ecbd4c0b158c458de.jpg) [iqdb]
I did more terrible things.

Aaaugh, I don't know...
[x] Tell Sanae
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

The plot thickens! The murderer reveals herself to be our heroine's most loved one! What is Sanae going to do? Will she listen to her heart, or will she follow the path of the lonesome hero!"

Stay tuned for the next episode update of Mahou Battle Miko Super Star Sanae Favors Owned!

...I should probably have waited for the votes to be called, but since it's tied and there's a chance telling Sanae won't win, I'd rather get this out of the way while I have the chance to.
[X] Tell Sanae
[X] Leave this evening
[X] Return to the SDM to scope things out.

Pissing in the tide, while simultaneously being part of the tide? Does that mean I'm pissing on myself?
Dammit, I wish I'd noticed this earlier, I would've put in a write-in vote for Finally: [x]Go find the fairies in the forest to talk things out.

But, seeing as there's already 10 votes for Eientei, this would be tide-pissing to a ridiculous degree (I really doubt this idea would be popular enough to win, but if a good half of you want to change your votes I'll do the same...) Therefore:

[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Don't tell Sanae...
--[x]...until the morning. (see >>160964)
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

Something I think people might be forgetting is that Sanae's been assigned by Reimu to spy on Reisen. Now, it seems extremely likely that she has genuine feelings for Reisen as well and that these could turn her to our side, which could easily end up meaning Reimu's trust in Sanae is a bit misplaced, but that depends a lot on how we treat her.

If we do want to tell Sanae about the favors, and I think getting a potential, powerful ally in this would be worth it (not to mention one that could act as a double agent with Reimu assuming we continue with the killings), it's important that we make her sympathetic to Reisen. Jerking around with her emotions (again) right now, immediately after we offer her hope that things can be better again? Not the best way to do that. At all.

Now, this isn't to say that telling her tomorrow morning would be much better. The only thing potentially worse than confessing to a girl and then telling her you're a murderer is confessing to a girl, using her for a night (Sanae could very easily view it this way), and then telling her you're a murderer. But (if you allow me to metagame for a moment), given my perception of how RabBit writes, it seems likely that staying overnight would provide us with a full scene or more, and ideally more choice in just how we tell her (for example, stressing how guilty we feel about holding dangerous secrets from her might be helpful) and thus how she reacts to it.

As for the favor's time limit, a full day tomorrow should be sufficient if we decide to use it properly, and having Sanae on our side would help us towards that. /two cents
We could simply tell Sanae we are going to protect someone's life., which is why Reisen is killing people. Just need to ommit the "how", though I think we can say "who" we're protecting.
Whichever wins, we need to ask Sanae how far she would be willing to go to save the lives of her family, Kanako and Suwako. We need to know how she'll stand on our justification.
Updates soon~. I'm finally done moving to my new apartment and I've actually got time to write tonight. So I'll be doing that.
File 134605886055.jpg - (1.70MB, 1717x3477 , d2b611254b29ec2b660c36b687f3891b.jpg) [iqdb]
I really like your post. I didn't want to say anything before I updated, in fear of influencing the votes, but now that the update's in, I really like your post.

I don't really call votes. When I start writing an update, I finish it within a couple hours normally.

[x] Tell Sanae.
[x] Leave tomorrow morning.
[x] Go to Eientei to plan things out.

You really should get going. It's important that you fulfill this favor. Besides, Sakuya's probably a harder target than Miko was, and now she's warned too. But... Sanae. It's nice to have Sanae not be mad at you. She's worth the risk, right?

Speaking of the risk... you should maybe tell her.

God, you want to. You want to have someone else that you can get it off your chest to. But... it's hard.

Sanae breaks your train of thought. “How long have you been living in Gensokyo, Reisen?”

You smile down at her, still sitting in your lap. “40 years or so? Before then, I'd been living on the Moon."

“40 years?!” She's a bit shocked.

“Yeah. That's about when the whole business with me leaving the Moon happened.”


“Speaking of, Sanae, the Moon's probably one of the easiest places to circumvent the Hakurei Border.”

“It-it goes all the way up there?”

“Kind of. It's fairly porous on this side, but from the outside in, you could only get to the Lunarian capital if you knew what you were looking for.”

She sighs. “Sometimes I kind of want to go back outside the border, if only for a little while.”

“You'd leave our little walled garden we have here?”

Sanae pauses to think for a moment. “Yeah. I mean, I got along fine out there for sixteen years.”

“I didn't realize that you spent so much time out there.”

She gives you a bit of a weary smile, and leans back into you. “I was born out there. Kanako and Suwako needed a shrine miko, and since I'm faintly related to them way back when... Well, if someone said you could go to another world beyond this one, wouldn't you?”

You frown. “That sounds like a pretty flimsy reason.”

Sanae fakes a wince. “Ouch. Saw through me that quickly? Well, to be fair, I never fit in particularly well over there. The green hair certainly didn't help. I kind of had a tendency to wander. Gensokyo fits me well, for that: there's always someplace to wander. And... well, people called me 'weird'. And worse.”

You hug Sanae a little closer to you. “I don't think you're weird.”

“Aww, thanks.”

You two sit there in a bit of silence. “How long have you been in Gensokyo for, Sanae?”

“Um... a little over five years.”

“Have you been back to the outside world since?”

“No. That's kind of why I'd want to go there, see what's new. When was the last time you were out there, Reisen?”

You think for a moment. “Jeez, I don't know. Rabbit ears are kind of hard to hide. Probably since just before the first invasion?”

Sanae is a bit confused. “The first invasion?”

“Oh, you know, around July of 1969?”

She thinks for a moment... “Oh! You mean the Lunar landing!”

“That's the one. We call it something a little different up there. Six of them landed on the moon, and then left shortly after. Toyohime was a little bit angry after the second one, and took a couple of potshots at the third one. Who'd have thought she'd hit anything?”

“The third one? ...Apollo 13? Jeez, she nearly killed those guys!”

You shrug. “Not for lack of trying, let me tell you.”

“So... why haven't you gone back out since then?”

“Well... the Lunarians really clamped down on that right after the invasions, and especially since it only seemed like it was getting worse.”

Sanae adjusts herself to be more comfortable in your lap. Man, for such a nice butt, you can feel the bones right through it sometimes. “It did 'get worse'.”

You shrug. “So, yeah, that's why I haven't gone back. That, and the fact that I'm kind of 'persona non grata' on the Moon nowadays.”

Sanae looks up at you. “What'd you do?”

“It's kind of a long story.”

“Well... you've got time, right?”

Well, you do, considering you've decided to stay at the Moriya Shrine overnight anyway. And the mention of time reminds you of the favors. You really should decide whether or not to tell Sanae.

[X] Tell Sanae.
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.

If yes, then when?
[ ] This evening.
[ ] Tomorrow morning.
[ ] Sometime else.

Then what will you do?
[ ] Continue to tell stories.
[ ] Go explore where Sanae gets all her technological gadgetry things from.
[ ] Write-in.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[ ] Making themselves scarce.
[ ] Trying not to be caught watching the two of you.
[ ] Write-in.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes.
--[x] This Evening
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

I'm assuming telling her what Reisen did will lead into telling her "it"

Opening up your history a before confiding in someone about your culprit status is probably easier for a rabbit's heart, right?
>[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

I immediately regret not thinking of this myself.
My stance on all this hasn't changed much since I posted >>161003, so...

[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes.
--[x] Tomorrow morning.
[x] Continue to tell stories.
-[x] In addition to your own, ask about Sanae's own past and stories, her experiences with Kanako and Suwako, and how much they mean to her.
-[x] Stick to mainly her past in the Outside if possible (try to avoid the subjects of Reimu or Marisa).

I'm still tentatively holding to the idea that giving Sanae more time and common ground to warm to us again is more likely to win her over, even if it also has a higher risk of wreaking havoc with her emotions.
Stories over tech because we can seek out the latter if/when Sanae's more firmly entrenched on our side, and because getting Sanae to empathize with us more is necessary. Plus, I'd just like to know some more about this Sanae, I do like her.
The last part's a bit more meta than I'd like, but others can feel free to change it up as they see fit. Assuming Sanae's feelings for us are currently giving her selective memory about spying for us, getting her to feel as close to us as possible before she remembers that job seems ideal.

>And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not
This one's just for the amusement factor, and because it's definitely something I could see the two of them doing.

RabBit, just for (likely unneeded) clarification: the "Then what will you do?" choice refers to what we'll be doing with Sanae right now, regardless of when we choose to tell her, right?
>spying for us
Meant to be spying on us, for Reimu. The rest stands.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] No.
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

You know what happens when someone asks for confirmation... and you knew what happened the last time.
The only question is if it will be a fast or slow bad end. You know Sanae: she's a 'moralfag' She will not be OK now or NEVER about killing human beings (which is all we kill, incidentally) specially not a for a girl she has met not so long ago, regardless of how good she is.
Finally, what's to tell that they won't kill Eirin and Kaguya after they find out that Sanae knows? Torturing Reisen is, at least, part of the reason all of this is happening.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes.
--[x] This Evening
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

Telling her and then proceeding to spend the night with her seems like a good way to show we trust her. Telling her the morning after... I think that'd end with Reisen fleeing after spitting it out, honestly. It seems like the sort of thing she'd do. And that would leave Sanae alone with her thoughts, something which could end very, very badly for Reisen.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] No.
[x] Continue to tell stories.

PTSD moe
File 134608498425.png - (645.49KB, 621x1480 , blacktewi.png) [iqdb]
>You know what happens when someone asks for confirmation... and you knew what happened the last time.
No, actually, care to elaborate? What happened last time? (And the fact that he's asking for confirmation is somewhat worrying, admittedly, but...)

>You know Sanae: she's a 'moralfag' She will not be OK now or NEVER about killing human beings (which is all we kill, incidentally) specially not a for a girl she has met not so long ago, regardless of how good she is.
Pic related. See, despite the "Sanae is a good girl" memes and oft-accepted characterizations, different writers have license to interpret the different characters however they want. Saying that "you know Sanae" and citing your own personal idea of her character isn't a valid point, especially given that we haven't actually seen her say or do anything in this story that corroborates it (I just looked back through all her scenes and checked, in fact. No moralfaggotry here). We don't know enough about her character in this story to accurately judge how she'd view our killing humans (and I don't think we're specifically bound to killing humans given the amount of choice we've had in target selection, unless RabBit's gone back and changed the fairies' motivation since). I admit that she will almost certainly have some amount of reluctance and horror in acknowledging/supporting what we've been doing, but her feelings for us might be enough to overcome that, if we play our cards right.

>Finally, what's to tell that they won't kill Eirin and Kaguya after they find out that Sanae knows? Torturing Reisen is, at least, part of the reason all of this is happening.
Assuming that by "they" you're referring to the fairies, and this is a more illogical argument than the last. There's no reason to think that torturing Reisen is actually part of their motivations (the readers' are a different story). And even if it is a part, the greater part of their motivations is almost certainly using the opportunity in Reisen's deal to kill three important figures in Gensokyo (to upset the status quo, get revenge for the common treatment treatment of fairies, etc.) If they kill Eirin and Kaguya before Reisen has finished her assassinations, then they have no more power over the little rabbit and she has absolutely zero motivation to continue with the favors, making the whole rest of their deal pointless. So, no, unless telling Sanae makes Reisen incapable of fulfilling the second two favors, the fairies won't needlessly kill off her loved ones, because that would actually be counterproductive to their major goals. If Sanae does end up whistleblowing on Reisen, and does something like get her imprisoned/sealed...now, then the fairies definitely might kill Eirin and Kaguya. Which is part of why this choice is so important, I think.

>Telling her and then proceeding to spend the night with her seems like a good way to show we trust her.
This is a good point, but I'm still not sure if trusting her that much quite yet is mandated. This still could be the better choice of action, though.

>Telling her the morning after... I think that'd end with Reisen fleeing after spitting it out, honestly. It seems like the sort of thing she'd do. And that would leave Sanae alone with her thoughts, something which could end very, very badly for Reisen.
I'd like to think that we'd have some measure of choice in not doing this. You know, choose your own adventure and all that. Still, the point that doing this would be bad is very valid.

Dammit, why am I writing this much here, I'm supposed to be doing an update for my own story. You've made this one too intriguing, RabBit.
>This is a good point, but I'm still not sure if trusting her that much quite yet is mandated
Telling her is putting a LOT of trust in her, no matter when.

As far as asking for confirmation goes, this seems more like a routelock choice than a "YOU ARE GOING TO BE FUCKED OVER" choice.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes.
--[x] This Evening
[x] Continue to tell stories.

I just feel that Sanae is going to find out sooner or later what we've been up to. I want to lay things all on the table with her. But not all at once. Start slow, by sharing stories. Then build up, mentioning your fears over Eirin, Kaguya, and Tewi. From there, mention how you managed to strike a deal with the fairies to save them. Then get into cost. Then get into the favors.

If we love Sanae, we don't have the right to string her along and lie to her. She trusts us. We have to show her trust in turn. Even knowing that doing so may bring her, and possibly the entire Moriya Shrine, down on our heads.

God, this is going to end very well, or very, very badly.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

Because I think we might need some comic relief here to lighten things up.
[x] the above.
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes, but not everything. Try to leave some hints on what you have to do, instead of confessing outright.
--[x] This Evening
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Having their own lesbian sex session.
>RabBit, just for (likely unneeded) clarification: the "Then what will you do?" choice refers to what we'll be doing with Sanae right now, regardless of when we choose to tell her, right?


>Because I think we might need some comic relief here to lighten things up.

You have no idea how thoroughly I agree. I feel like Michael Bay trying to direct Garden State. I am really bad at "serious with no explosions".

I'm actually pretty interested to know what it is you write.

Well, there is a write-in option, and you didn't say what they aren't doing, or won't do. Could as well have typed "Making sure all vampires are respecting the Masquerade.", but yuri seemed like a better idea. Lesbians~
You dick, why do we have to vote on this again? Now I'm to scared to choose.
[x] Yes.
[x] This evening.
[x] Continue to tell stories.
[x] Fighting over whether to be watching the two of you or not
Maybe we can scare them off with horrible Lunarian Army memories. Or make them laugh too loudly and get noticed.
[x]Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or have there own lesbian sex scene.
Why can't it be fighting over whether to be watching over the two that leads to lesbian goddess sex?
[X] Yes tell Sanae for the love of god i already voted on this once
-[X] Tell her this evening.
[X] Continue to tell stories.

And now for the tide-pissing:
[X] Meanwhile, the goddesses are listening in.

Perhaps the goddesses were hoping to see exactly just how far Reisen and Sanae were going. Perhaps they did fight like the tide is suggesting, but irregardless it's fully likely that one or both of the goddesses is/are chillin' outside the door.
Too many good ideas in this thread.

[x] No
[x] Continue to tell stories.
[x] Fighting over whether to be watching over the two that leads to lesbian sex.

Also, here's some tidepissing.
The 'other time' was when she told Remilia. She enslaved her and Eirin and Kaguya died.

I believe (a theory) that they want her to suffer based on the way to deliver the second letter, the wording of both, and the randomness of the assaults (they've been all human but whatever, coincidence)

Black tewi is overused: Sanae's reputation as a super sentai-fangirl and an outsider is well documented in the games and both things, along with her inmaturity, lead to a 'lawful good' mentality.
Ignoring chunks of what little canon there is isn't having 'our own gensokyo' is just bad fanfiction (Unless it is meant to be like that or is in /others/ that is)

[x] Don't tell her
[x] Leave tomorrow morning
[x] Go explore where Sanae gets all her technological gadgetry things from

[x] Fighting over whether to be watching the two of you or not
>fanfiction which differs from established canon is bad
Doesn't that mean that everything on this site is 'bad'?
[x] Yes.
[x] This evening.
[x] Continue to tell stories.
[x] Fighting over whether to be watching the two of you or not
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] No.
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

Tide pissing. But telling Sanae is just too risky...why get ER intertwined in this nasty business of ours?
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] No.
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

Tide pissing. But telling Sanae is just too risky...why get her intertwined in this nasty business of ours?
[X] Tell Sanae.
-[x] No.
[x] Continue to tell stories.
[x] Fighting over whether to be watching the two of you or not

I can't do it.
File 134648585476.png - (308.72KB, 1041x869 , e6648178b6e73aaf9a88002a8d402001.png) [iqdb]
You can blame Dark Souls for making this update take so long. Also, I'm horribly disappointed at the lack of touhou + parachute pictures.

[x] Tell Sanae.
-[x] Yes.
--[x] This Evening
[x] Continue to tell stories.

And what are Kanako and Suwako doing?
[x] Fighting Over whether to be watching the two of you or not

You can still change your mind, you know.

The realization of this simple fact spurs another frantic round of polling the Lower House as to whether or not you should tell Sanae. A bit more than half, but a comfortable majority, are still in favor of telling her. “Throw caution to the wind,” one of them says. “Didn't we just take a vote on this? Do it already!” exclaims another. But there's still a few dissenters. One representative even throws up both of her hands to try to vote twice. Even if she'd counted twice, it still wouldn't have been enough.

Of course, it immediately devolves into its standard infighting where there's a closely-contested vote: bunches of Representative Reisens just beating the shit out of each other. You take a moment to remove yourself from your daydream. Of course, you can't avoid the fact that some of the representatives had good points. If only you'd listened closely enough to remember what they were.

Well. You'll tell her tonight, then. Not right now. Besides, you get the feeling that you might be watched right now. Where did Kanako and Suwako get to, anyway?

“Look, it's their special time together. We shouldn't be bothering them.”

“But I wanna knoooooooooow, Suwako.”

“Know what?”

“You know very well what!”

“You're just a terrible person, is what. Wanting to eavesdrop on their personal time.”

“So why are you following me, then?”

“No reason at all! Nope. Someone's got to watch you, Kanako.”

“You want to listen in just as badly as I do, don't you?”

“No, I don't, because shut up. Secondly, shut up, because if you keep talking, they'll probably hear us.”

Yeah, the sound of scuffling totally gives them away as they're trying to fight each other quietly in the small room behind you two, as you continue to sit on the porch. You'll tell Sanae later.

“So, Reisen, tell me a story of when you were still living up on the Moon.”

You think for a moment.

“Well... Let me tell you about a little training exercise I had to do. One of the things they train you in, is parajumping.”

Sanae looks shocked. “Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? That's crazy!”

You smile. “That's what a lot of people say. We did it anyway. So, this one time, we were doing a jump, and the first girl out, well, it was her first time doing a jump. So... she didn't jump when we got greenlighted. Now, for most drop zones, you only have a couple of seconds before you pass over it completely. So, nobody's allowed to hesitate. She didn't jump. Our jumpmaster planted his boot right in her ass. Kicked her off the plane. Literally kicked her off of it.”

Sanae gasps. “Did she remember to pull the ripcord on her chute, at least?”

You shake your head. “Doesn't quite work like that. Everyone hooks up to a steel cable inside the plane, with an attached cord to your parachute. You jump out, the cord stays in. But it's tied to your parachute with string, so as you fall out, it pulls your parachute out. And as soon as that deploys, your cord is stretched to the limit, and the 80-pound cord that ties the two together breaks, and you're out, free, and with your parachute deployed.”

Sanae's a little shocked. “Wow. That's... that's kind of cool. I guess I never knew how that stuff worked.”

You chuckle. “Yeah, well, I'm not done with the story. The best part is yet to come. So, I'd jumped out at this point, this is something like my fourth jump. I don't remember too clearly, it's been a while. So, this is a night drop, and none of us had night-vision goggles. Didn't need them, they said. It's only a jump, not a jump and training mission. So we landed. Apparently in a farm. With cows.”

Sanae winces. “I think I know where this is going.”

“Yup. Someone managed to screw up where the drop zone was, so we didn't even get dropped over the proper area. I think one person bounced off of a cow as they landed. As for me, I landed in a pile of manure.”

Sanae wrinkles up her nose. “Ewwwwwwww.”

You laugh. “Yeah. I spent at least the entire rest of the day in the shower. It's funny, now, in hindsight, though.”

Sanae laughs with you. “Man, I don't know how I can top that story.”

“You could say that was a... shitty story.”

Whap. “Goddamnit Kanako. Always with the puns.”

“Hey, I couldn't help it! What can I say, her style stinks!”

Whap. “I hate you so much right now.”

“Aww, don't be such a party pooper, Suwako.”

Whap. “Look, aren't we trying to be quiet so we can eavesdrop?”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess you've got a point.”

“And thank you, for stopping with the puns.”

“Yeah, well, I couldn't think of any more good ones. The only ones I had on hand were just crap.”


“So, Sanae, what kind of story do you have for me?”

Sanae thinks about this for a moment. “Well...”

[ ] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.
[ ] Or this one funny story from my childhood.
[ ] Oh, hey, there was this one pretty good time that happened when I'd just gotten to Gensokyo...
[ ] Write-in. (Specifics appreciated.)
[x] Oh, hey, there was this one pretty good time that happened when I'd just gotten to Gensokyo...
We're telling Sanae. Oh hail Mary...
[x] Oh, hey, there was this one pretty good time that happened when I'd just gotten to Gensokyo...

Well, here we go.
[X] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.

I'm not in the mood for "...and then Reimu beat me up" right now.
[x] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.
Also, the google docs are now updated and I will stop being a lazy faggot with them and make sure that I don't leave off half of a thread entirely.
File 134651450792.png - (231.15KB, 386x416 , get-on-with-it1.png) [iqdb]
Oh, come the fuck on.
You seem to have practically reversed Kanako and Suwako's conventional personalities (for this site at least), RabBit. Not a bad thing, just the way the two of them seemed to me.

The vote was for telling her this evening, not right now, and getting to actually know Sanae before we spring a revelation on her seems worthwhile. I don't think there's any need to cry "Get on with it" unless there's something like a third "Tell Sanae/Don't tell Sanae" choice.

Don't feel like explicitly saying what I write, but you tripped in a thread of mine shortly after posting this update. (I'm >>161101 in addition to >>161107, if you care at all.)

[x] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.
Let's get backstory.
[X] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.

Tell her about the time you miracle'd some guys out of existence because they hit on you, Sanae.
[x]Well, there was this time where I killed a couple people to keep Kanako and Suwako alive. That was pretty sad.
...I'm pretty sure that's not going to work.
We won't know unless we try!
It's not going to work.
[x] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.
At least now we know
If only it could've worked.
File 134668546119.jpg - (560.31KB, 1542x1130 , c1d7c5394d7175b17ffbc1505dfb8aa3.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I could tell you about some stuff that happened in high school.

“So, I've got this one story. From the distance of oh... about eight years now, it's pretty funny. Back then? Not so much.”

You lean back, and Sanae adjusts herself on your lap. “Oh, do tell.”

“So, it's a story about my first-ish relationship with a person.”


Sanae chuckles. “Yeah. There was a bunch of stuff happening that I couldn't classify even if I tried. So I just think of this as the 'first-ish' if I'm not counting anything before I was 14 or so. Skipping puppy love straight to the drama, of sorts.”

“Oh boy. Drama.”

Sanae looks upward, thinking for a moment. “So, I'd known this boy for, jeez, what, six years at this point? But I didn't really know him all that well. Honestly, it was hazy then as to when we met exactly, and hazy now too. I mean, I bet he remembered, because he made reference to it a couple of times, so I just went with his memory. Doesn't matter if he's right, but I went with it because he was a friend, and it made him happy that I also 'remembered', when all I did was smile and nod.”

You nod at that, and smile. “I know that feeling. Sometimes Eirin tells me something, and I forget. Or she just talks, and I do the smile and nod. But I value our relationship, so I try not to be blatantly ignorant if I can hide it.”

Sanae smiles up at you. “I see what you did there. But yeah, you understand how it is. So, yeah, I'd known him for six years when I finally noticed that he was into me. And we were friends, so there's no way it could go wrong, right? Well...”

You laugh. “Yeah. About that.”

She chuckles. “Yeah. Anyway, we admitted our feelings to each other and all, and we started dating. Now, this was a happy relationship, and my parents liked the guy, and I knew her parents, because one of them worked at our town's post office, and the other one taught. Hell, her uncle was the coach of our team.”

You interrupt Sanae at that moment. “Team? I didn't know you played sports all that much, Sanae.”

She giggles. “Yeah. I played football.”

You pause, and interject when an explanation isn't forthcoming. “What, like, football, or the American kind?”

“The American kind. Our school was sort of a test bed for it.”

“That... doesn't seem like the kind of sport girls really play.”

She shrugs. “I was the only girl on the team. So, I guess you're right. Anyway, I played safety. I liked tackling people.”

You laugh. “I'm not surprised.”

“Right, so, back on track. Our relationship was happy, both of us were happy, we still kept our group of friends, though I'd imagine the two of us were probably pretty insufferable together, like any young couple. Whatever. That's normal.”

“I get the feeling the bottom is about to drop out here.”

“So, I had been going over to his place every once in a while, and his little brother was always friendly to me. Nice guy. I never thought anything of it.”


“But, I find out one day, that my boyfriend, who I had thought was a nice, level-headed guy, had thrown his brother off of his family's house's roof for 'making eyes at me'.”

“Oh boy.”

“Yeah. It kind of spiraled downwards after that. Apparently he had other problems, which I'm not going to bother listing, but he was apparently with a couple other girls at the same time as well. Which was pretty damned impressive in hindsight. I'd never actually noticed any sign of it, but I guess I can be a bit oblivious at times. So, that summer, he was checked into a mental hospital for a couple months.”

“So that was the end of it?”

“Yup. I wasn't even told. I just wondered why he never answered his phone, never returned my calls, and so I just called up his mother and asked. She explained all that to me. And I guess, at that point, the relationship was over. Never got the chance to tell him, but when he came back the next school year, he knew it.”

“Wow. That's... kind of screwed up.”

“We actually stayed friends. He was still a nice friend to have, but damned if I was going to get into another relationship with him. He tried, actually, a couple of times, but I stopped that shit early. And since I've come to Gensokyo, I've obviously never talked to him since.”

“Do you miss him?”

“Like you'd miss any decent friend. Though I was worried sometimes randomly that he'd snap and come for me one of those days. I don't know. It was kind of weird, and it's a moot point now anyway.”


With a crash and a thud, Suwako and Kanako fall out of the building behind you and land, hard, on the porch right behind you. Sanae jumps up in astonishment. She didn't know they were there. You did, of course.

Kanako is the first to stand up, and raise her hands in innocence. “Wait! No, Sanae! It was all Suwako's idea! Don't blame me!”

Suwako glares at Kanako, from her position sitting cross-legged after having worked herself out from under Kanako. “Right. Thanks for that. I thought there were no buses in Gensokyo. But somehow, you found one to throw me under.”

Sanae is incensed. “You were eavesdropping on us?!” She's standing with a death glare at Kanako and Suwako. Kanako is trying to make placating gestures, while Suwako is just sitting there with arms crossed, not meeting Sanae's glare. She turns her glare to you. “Did you know they were here?!”

You nod. “Yup. They weren't being very sneaky.”

She isn't happy. “Why?!”

“Because now I can make them tell stories too, since it's unfair to only listen and not tell.”

Slowly, a wicked grin crosses Sanae's face. She obviously hadn't thought of that.

The rest of the day passes lazily into the evening, as the four of you swap stories. Good times are had by all, and the sun begins to set. Sanae finishes laughing as Suwako finishes the story of how she almost started an illegal jellyfish-fighting ring in Gensokyo before Reimu broke it up.

“Oh, man, Suwako, I remember that. Good times.” She pauses, and sighs. “It's a bit late, and I'm hungry. Are you guys hungry?” She doesn't pause for a response. “I'm going to go and make dinner for us.” She looks at you. “And you're not allowed to help! It's going to be a surprise.”

You hold your hands up in surrender. “Fine, okay, whatever you say.” It's good to see Sanae happy again. Sanae leaves, and Kanako and Suwako are left there.

Kanako stretches. “Well, that was fun. I'm glad you and Sanae made up.”

You nod. “Me too. I'm glad she's such a nice person.”

Suwako turns to you. “In any case, we've still got a bit of work to finish up here before dinner. You're going to help me clean up the main building.”

Kanako's surprised by this, and a bit dismayed. “Hey! Hey now, Suwako. You can't be doing that. I was going to get her to help me out in the garden!”

Suwako crosses her arms. “Nope. She's helping me clean.”

Kanako shoots you a pleading glance. What do you do?

[ ] Go help Suwako clean.
[ ] Go help Kanako in the garden.
[ ] Write-in.

Both of these stories actually happened to me, for the most part. I adjusted and took storytelling liberties with both, of course, but... I had had trouble coming up with story ideas until I decided to steal from my own experiences. How was it?
Awww, they're trying to make us part of the family!

[x] Go help Kanako in the garden.

Because Sanae might need some of that to cook, and then:

[x] Go help Suwako clean.

after supper, when there'll probably be more to do anyway.
>Personal experience.

Your life sucks. Just kidding. Don't really know what kind of critique you're looking for. It's fine in story, but you shouldn't tell people it's based on your own experience. That's kinda of a turn-off. Had you said nothing, the in-story stories would be more appealing, specially the jellyfish one.

[x] Help none. You know they actually want to talk with you alone, but you need time for yourself to think about the future.
>Now, this was a happy relationship, and my parents liked the guy, and I knew her parents, because one of them worked at our town's post office, and the other one taught. Hell, her uncle was the coach of our team.”

Is this intentional? .. or maybe some sort of bleeding effect?

[x] Go help Suwako clean.

For no reason other than the fact she asked first.
[x] Write-in.
Go and ask Sanae for a drink, then find a nice comfy spot to sit and do nothing for a while.
Herp. Should be "his" parents.
[x] Go help Suwako clean.
"I am ..not a good person, and you should probably not let me date her..but..grr. I.."
[x] Go help Kanako in the garden.

Let's convince her to not spy on us, or give us some privacy (to talk to Sanae...and do bad things).

>Suwako glares at Kanako, from her position sitting cross-legged after having worked herself out from under Kanako. “Right. Thanks for that. I thought there were no buses in Gensokyo. But somehow, you found one to throw me under.”
I laughed at that. Also, how does Reisen know the difference between American and regular football?
American Football existed pre-Moon Landing. It's not too far of a stretch to assume that she's probably heard of it from when she'd gone to Earth a couple of times.
Damn. Would have been more amusing if Sanae thought he was a man but he turned out to be a bulldyke/reverse trap.
If it makes you feel any better, I laughed at this and will file it away for future use.
[x] Go help Suwako clean.
Let's go with the most wise of the two.
All right. I've been thinking about this all of last night.
We can't tell Sanae. Not yet. The atmosphere and timing are completely wrong. We've spent all day being friendly and all that, and right after that we're going to confess to being a murderer? This isn't going to work.
We need to wait until after we kill Sakuya. Preferably immediately afterwards, when we're still raw with grief. A despair-racked, desperate Reisen is infinitely more appropriate for this confession than a just-happy, reluctant Reisen.
Oh, don't worry too much about that. I have plans to get the setting right. Besides, it's not the evening quite yet.

Of course, I could call another confirmation vote. But I'm not going to.
Then we're fucked.

Hopefully only in the literal sense.
File 134696832230.jpg - (557.11KB, 644x910 , 471281c40ad63c6032951223b98c7a08.jpg) [iqdb]
So, before we get into the update, news. Classes have obviously started again, and with that and work, I have less time to write and fag about on the internet. I will, however, endeavor to continue being the most consistent writefag on this site until the story is done. It may just end up being not quite as often as you're used to. Anyway. We'll see how it turns out.


[x] Go help Suwako clean.

“Well, Suwako did kind of ask first...”

Kanako's face is visibly disappointed. “Damn it. Damn it, I shouldn't have waited.”

Suwako's got quite possibly the smuggest look you've ever seen. “And that's why I asked first. You see what it gets you, Kanako?”

“Shut up, go away, take her, and shut up.” She's grumpy.

Suwako chuckles, and takes you by the hand. “Well, first we're going to start over here...”

After what feels like an hour of cleaning and scrubbing and picking up, Suwako stops by one of the miniature iceboxes that are in the building you were cleaning. She digs around in it, and pulls out two bottles. “Fancy a beer, Reisen? I doubt Sanae will be done for at least another half hour.”

You're a little bit suspicious. “An hour and a half to make dinner?”

Suwako shrugs. “By this time Kanako has insisted on 'helping'. This does not speed the cooking process at all. I'd have to imagine that Sanae is having to direct most of her efforts to get Kanako to just stop helping. She's a really nice person, bless her heart, but... yeah.” Suwako trails off, and pops the caps off of the bottles with her thumbs. That's godly power for you. “Anyway, beer.” She tosses you one, and you take a small sip. It's a fairly nice taste. Definitely a new one for you, anyway.

Suwako slugs hers back like a pro. “Anyway. This is some stuff that the Aki sisters brew locally. You had it before?” You shake your head. “That's a damn shame, Reisen, it is. I'll get you some culture eventually. Besides, you're part of the family now, more or less.” She flops down on a cushion she'd set down in the room earlier. “I guess you can consider tonight your formal welcome.”

You sit down on the cushion's twin. “I'm... glad.”

“That's good.” She points at you. “Now don't fuck it up again like you did earlier. Enough said?”

You nod. “...Yeah.”

“Good. I like you, Reisen. I'm glad you understand. Water under the bridge, and all that. Anyway, yeah, welcome. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you around, and you're welcome anytime. Mi casa es su casa, as they say in some country I can't remember the name of.”

“Didn't... didn't Kanako take over as the resident deity of the shrine?”

“Let me ask you a question, Reisen. What's the name of this shrine?”

“The... Moriya Shrine?”

She nods. “And what's my name?”

“Suwako Moriya.”

“If she really took over the shrine, don't you think she'd change the name?”

“I guess so.”

“Right. I just let her think that she's in charge. It's easier for everyone that way. And the name's still mine. So, you can draw your conclusions from there.” You nod, and nurse your beer. It's actually pretty good. But you don't want to drink too heavily. You've got plans for tonight, and you don't want to screw it up.

You and Suwako chat for another fifteen minutes or so, when Suwako says, “Alright. They're probably done. We should head on over to the main house and see what Sanae's whipped up. I'd imagine she's probably had to discard her original plan, and make something on the fly on really short notice because Kanako 'helped'.” She brings herself to her feet, and tosses her beer bottle in the bin, where it clanks against the three she'd drank during this time. “Well, time for dinner. Probably, anyway.” She strides to the door confidently, the alcohol she'd drank showing absolutely no sign on her.

Maybe she drinks pretty heavily. Or this is more divine power. Stupid cheatery gods. You follow, and can smell fish frying. As you reach the porch of the main building, Sanae slides open a door. She seems surprised to see the two of you. “Oh! I was just going to call you two to dinner! I'm sorry it took so long. Kanako decided to help.” Suwako shoots you a I told you so look.

“That's fine, Sanae. I'm sure it'll be delicious.” And even if it isn't, damned if you're going to tell her so.

Dinner is pan-fried fish with various vegetables, and it's pretty good. Conversation is idle chatter, nothing too important. The meal passes quickly, and Suwako opens up a couple more brews from the Aki Sisters brewery for the four of you to enjoy. After a couple, you can feel it start to take effect in you, so you step outside into the rapidly cooling night to clear your head. You've stood out there for a couple minutes when Sanae walks out beside you, and takes your hand in hers. She doesn't say anything, just stands there with you for a while.

Suwako and Kanako are inside, trading bawdy stories that inevitably end in bouts of drunken laughter.

“So... did you have fun today, Reisen?”

“I did. How about you?”

“Well... as you can guess, my day started out pretty shittily. No thanks to a certain rabbit.” You wince. “But I'm glad you came by. I can't stay mad at you. How did you like meeting Suwako and Kanako?”

You shrug. “I've met them before. But neither of them were anything like this.”

“Well, yes. That's because you're a member of the family, now. I'm glad you are. I couldn't bear anything happening to Suwako, Kanako, or you.”

You smile. “I'm sure they feel the same way about you.”

“Aww.” Sanae snuggles up against you.

It's now or never, Reisen.

“Hey, Sanae.”


“How far would you go to protect those two?”

Sanae's silent for a moment. “I don't know. Honestly, I've never given it any thought. I'd probably do anything.”


“Yeah. Why do you ask?”

“Well... You've heard of the Hourai Elixir, right?”

She nods. “Yeah. Eirin and Kaguya's triumph above mortality, and all that.”

“About that. They... didn't quite make it themselves. It's... mostly faerie magic.”

“Faerie magic?”

“I... kind of made a bargain with some faeries when there was that threat of Lunarian invasion to get Eirin and Kaguya.”

You can feel Sanae stiffen against you. “A faerie bargain.”

You don't want to go on. “...Yeah.”

“Would this faerie bargain entail trading three lives for saving theirs?”

She's made an amazing deduction. “How do you-”

“Reisen. I deal with this sort of thing all the time. Now, I'm going to ask you one question.”


“How far would you go to protect Eirin and Kaguya?”

“...As far as I need to.”

“Toyosatomimi was you, wasn't it.”

That's not a question. That's a statement. She knows. “...It was.”

“And who's next?”

“Sakuya Izayoi.”

“What do you plan to do?”

“...Kill her. What else can I do?”

Sanae doesn't move. “I don't know. You put yourself in a pretty bad position, you know. With just Toyosatomimi, even. And then there's the faeries.”

“Yeah. I've made some bad decisions.”

“Why'd you tell me?”

“I... I kind of feel like I can trust you. Like you'd know where I'm coming from. I mean, you love Suwako and Kanako like family. It's the same way for Eirin and Kaguya and Tewi for me.”

The two of you stand silently in the slightly waning light of a diminished half-moon for a while.

“I... I've got to think about this for a bit, Reisen.” With that, she leaves before you can say anything. You're all alone in the chill of the night air now.

Well, crap. What now?

[ ] Leave. There's work to be done, and nothing more you can do here.
[ ] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.
[ ] Write-in.
[ ] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

That was...not as I had expected? Scene seems to be missing something.
[ ] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

We can't leave after dropping another emotional bombshell on her.

Not again.
[x] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.
I'm sure everything is going to blow up in our face very soon.
[x] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

Yeah... might as well see this through to the end.
Doesn't it always?
[X] Leave. There's work to be done, and nothing more you can do here.

Tide, piss, etc.
We've got a maid to kill. If we stay, we may miss the deadline. Then we'll have dead friends and a girlfriend who knows we're a murderer and who is likely contacting Reimu at this very moment.
Yeah, that seeemed...a bit anticlimactic, honestly. Sanae barely reacted (visibly) emotionally at all to the revelation, which is worrying and probably means there's more resultant drama coming quite soon.

Also, Sanae being able to deduce the nature of the bargain/favors so quickly is very strange. I doubt faerie bargains are commonplace enough that she deals with similar situations "all the time", even smaller-scale ones (although this is a somewhat noncanon Gensokyo, so it's possible). So it seems likely that Reimu and her intuition might have told (or theorized to) Sanae a bit more than we thought.

If we leave again, that'll make Sanae much, much more likely to tell Reimu due to how callously we've been treating her. We still have a full day tomorrow for the favor, and it'll be better if we're not fretting over what we don't know about Sanae during all of it.

[x] Stay, and follow Sanae stealthily to try and figure out how she's reacting. You're worried now, about both her and yourself.
[x] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

Even if she agrees to keep it a secret, she will suck at it. Plot 101 folks
>Sanae barely reacted (visibly)

I think you're on to something here. Sometimes people don't react immediately to shocking/terrible news. Especially if it is both shocking and terrible.
Well eff.

[x] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

Might as well.

>“Reisen. I deal with this sort of thing all the time. Now, I'm going to ask you one question.”
Did anyone catch this? "All the time". Who else has been making faerie bargains, I wonder?

Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Remember how the fairies kept saying that Reisen and Sanae were the culprits?

If Sanae isn't so innocent like we've thought, maybe leaving for the mission might be the better option. That would make her go after Reisen, instead of going to Reimu. Staying will give an alibi against the red miko but will probably force a "We need to talk" from Sanae.
No I don't. If I did, I probably dismissed at a red herring or because I though some fairies saw them both together and assumed shit.
Not a red herring, probably a foreshadowing of what is to come. Sanae will likely play a role, but we don't know if she's on our side or not...
Bluh. Updates tomorrow. Promise.
Lies, damned lies.
Waiting warmly
File 134739663963.png - (270.50KB, 950x950 , cc525d947c28dd505b44cccf9f4bee9a.png) [iqdb]
>Yeah, that seeemed...a bit anticlimactic, honestly. Sanae barely reacted (visibly) emotionally at all to the revelation, which is worrying and probably means there's more resultant drama coming quite soon.

Working as intended.

I do make it a point to be very consistent with updating. I'm sure you guys appreciate it, and I don't want this story to die abandoned on a pile, forgotten and incomplete.

Anyway! Story.

[X] Stay. You've got to act normal, and you planned to stay the night here.

You can't just leave now. You can't. Not after something like that. Not after confessing what you'd done. Not before you find out just how utterly screwed you are. And you're sure that the screwing is complete and total.

It's funny, really. Normally for this sort of thing you'd be freaking out and stressing about. But not right now. Right now, you are as calm as can be. Maybe that's how people managed to walk to the gallows so confidently and assuredly when the only thing left for them is to dance the hanged man's jig.

Well, to mix your metaphors, the die is cast, and you're ready to dance.

“So, we've managed to get her to kill one so far.”

“Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that we've managed even that.”

“Why? I told you that she's almost childishly devoted to Eirin and Kaguya.”

“Yeah, but...”

“I'm almost a little sorry I didn't get to make Mokou an object lesson. Not close enough to home to drive her insane, but enough of a message to make her feel the lash.”

The third voice is silent. This is because the owner of the third voice isn't present at this meeting, she's off doing other things. Like spreading rumors. Laying groundwork, as it were.

“Well, you don't have to, now, right?”

“Probably. She is, however, showing signs of unhappiness with the deal.”

“Can you really blame her?”

“No. No, I cannot. But it's her own fault, really. We've been scrupulously honest with our end of the bargain.”

“This is true.”

“And besides, it also suits our purposes very well. Seizing the opportunity, as it were.”

“So, what do you plan to make of this windfall, anyway?”

“I'm not exactly sure at this moment. I've got a general idea, but specifics are still a bit hard to do until more details shake out.”

“Aww, tell me, tell me!”

“And give away the surprise? I couldn't bear to. Besides, like I said, the details haven't all fallen into place yet. We'll see where we stand after this favor. We might even give her a bit of a break in between while we finish preparations.”

“Yeah, yeah. Fine.”

“What, you're pouting at me now?”

“You're not telling me anything!”

“Because I don't know!”

“You never tell me anything.”

“Are you really going to be that way? Really?”

“...I guess not.”

“Good. Come on, I still need you. You're a valued partner to me.”

“Thanks. I guess.”

“Cheer up. We'll go get some ice cream.”

For most of the night, the party continues as usual. Suwako and Kanako seem to you, far too drunk to actually notice the tension between you and Sanae. Kanako's too busy fending off Suwako's advances to pay any attention, and Suwako is... well, busy.

The night winds down, and Suwako is asleep on top of an also-sleeping Kanako, beer bottle in one hand, Kanako's breast in the other as she uses them as a pillow for her head. That's probably a pretty fluffy pillow, now that you think about it.

Sanae doesn't say much, but lays out one futon that she crawls into, and beckons for you to join her. Apparently, all hope is not lost. Yet. You hope. Sleep comes to you quickly, and Sanae's latched onto you in her sleep. Tonight, you dream. What do you dream about?

– [ ] Midnight Full Moon
– [ ] Fairy Ring
– [ ] Hurt Locker
– [ ] Saving Private Princess
– [ ] My Time amongst the Natives
– [ ] Write in a dream?
[x] My Time amongst the Natives
I wonder which 2 of 3 fairies those are...

Time will tell I guess
– [x] Saving Private Princess

Seems legit. Wondering if more terrible things will happen between Sanae and Reisen. I mean, to Sanae and Reisen.
[x] Saving Private Princess

Hm. The plot thickens. So there is more to this than just screwing with Reisen...
[X] Saving Private Princess

Funny, the banter of the two mystery fairy planners sound very similar to how I imagine Kanako and Suwako would talk to each other.

Also, with the Reimu centric post on the last thread, makes me wonder whether all these feelings of Sanae are genuine or just an act to get us to spill the beans. Callous of me, I know.
[x] Saving Private Princess
[x] Tentacles. Tentacles everywhere.

Ah wait, there's already the jellyfish stuff.

[x] Saving Private Princess.
– [x] Saving Private Princess

My hunch is that those two fairies were Sunny and Luna, but I could easily be wrong about that.
– [x] My Time amongst the Natives

It's an obvious thought that the three fairies that made the deal with Reisen are the... well, Three Fairies, but I'm a bit worried it's too obvious a choice, if you get what I mean.
How many other fairies are there, really?
I know of two: O and C.
Cirno (did you seriously forget her?), Daiyousei, Lily White, potentially Lily Black. The thing is that none of them, assuming remotely standard characterizations, seem as likely to try making a deal like this. Or, for that matter, act together in a group of three, as Sunny/Luna/Star would. Really, the Fairies of Light canonically tried (and failed utterly, but the intent's still there) to start a war for terrorizing humans and demonstrating the united power of fairies. Which seems in line with the hints dropped by Reisen's narration, thinking on how fairies were treated and linking it with the story's situation ("Goddamnit Reimu, this is why you're in this position today.").

So in response to >>161424, I can understand thinking that they're too obvious a choice, but I also think that any other fairy characters wouldn't be obvious enough. Cirno'd almost certainly rather fight these targets herself than have Reisen kill them, Daiyousei in most incarnations would just follow Cirno's lead without much motivation of her own, and Lily would be too busy shouting gleefully about spring to try sowing chaos. The Three Mischievous Fairies, however, not only would be more likely motivated, but would arguably be in the right place for the deal (they lived in the Forest of Magic, and the Fairy Ring dream here >>159439 described the surroundings as a dark forest, with mushrooms, and a "light fairy" / "shining beacon").

But again, I could easily be biased or outright wrong about this. Writing my own takes on all these characters might have mentally associated them with certain traits or ideas, for instance.

The reason why I have my doubts about the Three Fairies being behind these is because of the work on Rabbit's end to let as little clues regarding their identity slip. I mean, the obvious choice would be the Three Fairies, so why hide it at all? This seems to indicate that there are actually different fairies responsible for the bargain.

Unless of course Rabbit is pulling double reverse psychology on us. That's also an option.
I don't want to comment on >>161428 and >>161440, so as to avoid giving things away, but I will say: Do you really think I would just introduce OCs for the main antagonists?

It has happened before, and still is happening in some stories.
Hope not, but it wouldn't be entirely unexpected either. Just unpleasant.
If characters I like are going to turn into cackling, malevolent bitches, I'd rather have the OCs. But I have faith that it won't be that bad.
Yeah, of course.
Okay, let me be clear then: The answer is no. They're not OCs. If I'm going to do OCs, it'll start with the main character. Which Reisen is not.
There seems to be some effort already to make the fairies at least mildly sympathetic, so I wouldn't worry unduly about this.

I think at least a couple of those posters were just messing with you, for the record (it seemed pretty clear from >>161441 what you meant), but the clarification can't hurt. Anyway, if one was going to use a major OC villain, I'd think they would have been introduced and developed a bit more by around a story's midpoint.

And is creating OCs for the antagonists really that common / expected on this site? I can think of maybe one story that's done it.
File 134759964225.gif - (131.48KB, 500x313 , notsureifsrs.gif) [iqdb]

>And is creating OCs for the antagonists really that common / expected on this site? I can think of maybe one story that's done it.
Well, okay, thinking through it there've been several stories I've read which did this, not one, but still. The majority I know of either had no real antagonist (a number of the more slice-of-lifeish stories) or faced the protagonist off against actual Touhous, and the only completed stories I can think of with OC main villains/antagonists had them be some variant on the protagonist themself (protagonists, obviously, is a different story, but that's not what I was referring to.
File 134775870892.jpg - (1.17MB, 1289x1402 , ba2334e36739fb7eef642130cfeee830.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Saving Private Princess

“Look, just get in the fucking closet, already!” You shut the door on the closet on a panicking Kaguya. Eirin's already headed down to the bunker, but they've come before you had a chance to get Kaguya hidden away.

Boom. Boom. Boom. More of them have landed. Fuck. You're going to have to think quickly. How long does it take them to arrive from the Moon? Couple hours? A day? Goddamnit. You should have paid more attention in the orbital mechanics classes.

They've definitely gone all-out, with at least a platoon dropping in. That's a little bit excessive, don't you think?

Something seems off. You don't remember it going like this.

You shake your head to clear your thoughts. At least if they're dropping a platoon, instead of bombarding the area from orbit, they intend to take them alive. Maybe you, too. Yeah. Right. Good luck with that.

Kaguya's whimpering in the closet. She's worse than an injured person- an injured person normally can't run out into fire. She's scared shitless, though. And they might end up capturing her and taking her back to the moon. And God knows what they'll do then.

The flickering of sporadic fires casts an orange glow on the paper walls. You can hear gunfire off in the distance- Tewi and a couple rabbits she's rounded up are leading them on a merry chase. She could teach Che a couple of things. But the bulk of them are going to be heading towards the buildings of Eientei. Which you're in.

This sort of thing is why you struck the deal with those fairies. For when this would happen. You knew it was going to go down like this, and what better protection to have but immortality? Stupid Mokou drinking Tewi's bit... and not even showing up for the fight. You're not entirely sure what those fairies wanted back out of the bargain from you, but... you've got to focus on the here and now. Future consequences are for later.

You check the display on your rifle. 4 rounds, have a full clip. And combine that with the SMG you've got strapped on, and the 1911s in your hip holsters... you're ready to rock. You peek out of the doorway you've taken cover in, and nothing both ways. You adjust your glasses. They can be a little finicky sometimes, but the link seems to be holding steady with your rifle.

The saferoom that Eirin's gotten to is across the entire Eientei compound. That's at least a half-kilometer if you go directly through the compound, or a whole kilometer if you go through the bamboo forest. The upside of Eientei is that you know the layout of the place, certainly better than any of the Lunarians. It's funny that you're thinking of them as Lunarians. What does that make you? Man, you'd made the break a long time ago... The downside, of course, is that the Eientei compound is exactly where they'd expect you to be. You definitely don't want to meet up with Toyohime or Yorihime. Hell, you're not even entirely sure they're here. But given that they knew you'd be here? They've probably come. And you do not want to mess with them.

The other option, the Bamboo Forest, is tempting in other ways. You know you can sneak through there like a shadow, and lose any pursuers in there right quick. The downside, of course, is that you'd be having Kaguya with you. And she's not the stealthiest of people. That, and the fact that all the Lunarians might not have landed. And if they land near where you are at the time... that could end badly.

The coast for now, though, is clear. The moon is unfortunately full this night, casting the whole battlefield into a moonlit glow. Of course, the Lunarians would have NVGs. It doesn't matter, you suppose. But you'd much rather not have to look at that thing the entire time. Or deal with it looking down at you.

You open the door to the closet where Kaguya is. You'd give her a weapon, but you know she'd be more likely to hurt you with it than any Lunarians. And unlike her, you're not immortal. Kaguya looks up at you, white with fear, and tears in her eyes. “We've got to move, got to get you to the bunker.” She swallows, nods, and gets up to follow you.

Your memory's a bit hazy, and... this is a dream, right? Right?

You went...
[ ] Through the Bamboo Forest.
[ ] Through Eientei.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Through Eientei.
This obviously has the highest potential for slo-mo dives over countertops, behind doors, and through needlessly large plate glass windows.
[X] Through the Bamboo Forest.

Because maybe we'll meet up with Mokou?
[x] Through Eientei.

More cover in Eientei.
[x] Through Eientei.

Eientei is basically one big ol' timeless bunker.
File 134790946298.jpg - (233.12KB, 703x1024 , 1339998538919.jpg) [iqdb]
File 134794064539.jpg - (51.04KB, 800x354 , magazine-clip-LABELED-800.jpg) [iqdb]

Son of a BITCH!

Pic related man, learn it.


Huh, is that a fellow /k/omrade I see?
[X] Through Eientei.

To be fair, a rifle with a four round capacity could be using an en-bloc clip. Four's an unusual number, but the rifle might be a Lunarian design.
Actually, I think it's an 8-round clip, that 'have' feels like it should be 'half'.
So it might well be an en-bloc clip.
[x] Through the Bamboo Forest.

Because we're not making a last stand; why remain in one place with this kind of odds?

Also, the three extra murders (the author said there would be 6 I think) are for an extra bit of immortality for Tewi? I wonder
File 134799465069.jpg - (49.99KB, 570x339 , bofors clip.jpg) [iqdb]

Indeed it is.



absolute perfect picture in my macros folder and I stopped caring. The original trollsmirk.jpg in OPERATOR mode? Fate spoke. I obeyed.

File 134803133850.jpg - (975.25KB, 992x1368 , 4f9c563c45ac951aa93b4db08ff42ac3.jpg) [iqdb]
Trust me, I know the difference between a clip and a magazine.

So close.

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here. Please clarify so I can clear up your misunderstanding (at least that's what it looks like to me.) You do know this is a dream sequence reliving the past, right?

[x] Through Eientei.

Your rifle is slung back across your shoulder, and your SMG is a lot lighter in your hands. You won't need to use the rifle inside- it's a bit too unwieldy for that. You leave your glasses on, though. Just in case. You never know when you'll need to take a snap shot, and every bit helps.

Kaguya is right behind you, and her feet are thunderously loud on the floor- she never had much of a mind for sound discipline, and it shows. You look out a window. There's a twinkling in the sky of capsules doing their re-entry burns. Well... You can even the odds a bit here. You motion to Kaguya to stay down, and unsling your long rifle.

With the interface between your glasses and the rifle, you begin to zero in on the decelerating capsules. They're still a couple of miles up, but they're beginning to enter your effective range. The glasses and the rifle determine the firing solution, and leave it to you to execute. Which you do, with four rapid explosions as your shots ring out. You're not entirely sure that you've scored a hit: but this is why you've fired all four rounds on one target.

The cylinder stops spinning, and you break the frame and push the barrel down to expose the inside of the cylinder, outgassing a little with the heat. You grab the center of the moon clip, and eject the four spent cartridges, and slide in another clip. The swing-out design was rejected here mainly for possible alignment issues.

Oh God. I spent so much time assembling and disassembling these things.

Suddenly you're back in training, with your instructor droning on and on.

“Railguns have vast advantages- namely, velocity, accuracy, and a truly ridiculous range. They can also be much quieter than a regular round- but that's not an advantage you have here. But to counterbalance those advantages, there are three main disadvantages: Firing a railgun requires massive amounts of power. Which produces vast amounts of heat. And due to that heat and small amounts of arcing, rails for a railgun have an unacceptably short service life.”

The instructor pauses, obviously unhappy with the lack of participation. He glares around the room. It's too stuffy to stay awake- you're fighting sleep back as it is. “Reisen! Explain to the class how these problems were solved!” You jump. You weren't paying enough attention- in fact, you think you'd dozed off. But you're lucky- the instructor was calling on the other Reisen in the class. Thank God.

She stands up, and begins to speak hesitantly. “Um... one way to reduce the power needs to acceptable levels is to not accelerate the projectiles from a standing start. Right?”

The instructor nods. “Right. What are the other two ways?”

“Well... um... so, to reduce the heat, the rails are integrated into the cylinder itself, which means four different sets of rails. And... since we have four sets of rails, the service life is four times as long.”

“Correct. You may sit down.” Reisen sits down, with an audible sigh of relief. “These design ideas led to the return of a revolver rifle-styled design, but it has more in common with the old-style Gatling gun. The L-15 Anti-Materiel Railgun has four distinct sets of rails, each integrated into the cylinder. Since the rail system is rather bulky, any more would be an unacceptable design compromise- they'd be too fragile and tightly packed for reliability.” The instructor breaks the frame and exposes the inside of the cylinder, which extends for slightly more than half of the weapon's length. “And since we need to give the tungsten projectiles a running start to save power, we've come up with a solution to this: jacketed tungsten kinetic penetrators.” He holds up a round, which looks similar to a normal rifle round, with a few differences. “The railgun round includes a chemical propellent, which gives the round its initial impulse. The cartridge stays in place, and the tungsten penetrator moves forward. It's then picked up by the rails, and accelerated to an end velocity of approximately 5000 meters per second. From that, we lose the relative quiet of a railgun, and still rely on loud chemical propellent. But the power requirements are much reduced.” He points to you. “Reisen! How are the rounds loaded and unloaded?”

You stand. “Well, we use a revolver-style moon clip to insert and remove the rounds. The heat generated from the rails and propellent make the cartridges far too hot to handle normally, and so we can simply remove them by taking the whole moon clip out.”

“And?” He is looking at you expectantly.

“...And it leads to faster loading and unloading?” That's a guess.

“Yes. Exactly.” But the guess he was looking for. Awesome. “You may sit down now. So, we have solved the problems of heat, energy, and service life. However, the weapon is rather bulky, due to the large cylinder. Not to mention the battery in the stock.” He's not kidding. Having to run in formation holding 'the Brick' is not something anyone in your squad enjoys. “And the bulkiness leads to it being difficult to handle, and impairs accuracy. And to solve that problem... the weapon contains a gyroscope. Any guesses as to where it is?”

You look at the weapon, but it doesn't seem to have anything like that. In order to save weight, most of the weapon is pretty skeletal aside from the cylinder and stock. Nobody else says anything.

He shakes his head. “It's the cylinder. The cylinder spins up in accordance with the computer systems integrated into it, and controls firing. This is a feature you can turn off, and to begin with, we'll fire without the gyroscopic assist. Then, with the assist, you'll see how it significantly improves your accuracy at long ranges. With enough practice, you can accurately fire this weapon at targets within several kilometers. There's a second, smaller gyroscope, perpendicular to the cylinder, to help stabilize the main barrel. But that's for later.” He claps his hands. “Now! We're going to the range. Move out!” Your class rises, and you step out the door...

...to find yourself loading a fourth clip into the weapon and slinging it back over your shoulder. You've fired four shots at three capsules each, and probably taken them all out. No easy way to tell. But with the sound that you've made, it's time to get moving.

Kaguya is cringing on the floor, from the shots you've fired.

You help her to a crouch. “I think I've bought Tewi a little bit of breathing room. But now they have a decent idea of where I am, and from that, where you are. We need to get moving.”

She says something, but it's drowned out by the impact of a landing capsule on the ground. You chance a look, and it's landed sideways. Badly. You hit one, at least.

Where you need to go now, is a building across a path, a couple of yards wide. You need to put some distance from your current position. You consider dashing across it as fast as possible. You could, however, try to stick to the shadows flickering around the edges of the building. It's a bit slower, but less blatantly obvious. Either way, you need to move, and you need to do it soon.

[ ] Quick dash.
[ ] Stick to the shadows.
[ ] Write-in.


Man I really wanted to make that moon clip joke.
[x] Quick dash.
Kaguya cannot into stealth. Let's not bother.
[x] Quick dash.
[x] Quick dash.
shadows are smarter. But futile with kaguya.
[X] Quick Dash
[x] Quick dash.

Run for it.
File 13484293484.gif - (3.56KB, 312x185 , fffffAAAAA.gif) [iqdb]
>moon clip

You glorious sumbitch I did not see that coming.

[X]Quick Dash
--[X]Use Kaguya as a shield. She can't die, and if she's reduced to a small charred lump you can stuff her in your tac-pac and move a bit quicker.

I usually don't vote with my trip so please no sperg
File 134844790559.jpg - (1.18MB, 1380x1080 , 97f08b9f102680de9374378a8e614b23.jpg) [iqdb]
Shorter updates because these scenes don't really lend themselves well to my normal length.

[x] Quick Dash

While you'd like to sneak around in the shadows, Kaguya makes that a little hard to do, what with her not having any training at all. The direct approach has served you well, and you've got no reason to change it.

You run across the path with no consequence, dust kicking up at your passage. You look into the building you ran into, and check firing lanes. It's all clear, so you motion to Kaguya to run across.

A loud CRACK echoes across Eientei, louder still than any of the small arms fire that you hear sporadically. Kaguya instinctively dives for the doorway, this being possibly the best thing she could do in this situation. Maybe she's not as useless as you thought.

She doesn't quite make it all the way into the building, and you drag her in the rest of the way. She's panting and out of breath, and you're hardly breathing hard. And you're carrying all the equipment.

You check her quickly. No blood, she's not been shot. That crack was probably a long rifle, or shit, maybe just one of the bamboo shoots exploding from the heat of the fire.

Didn't she actually get shot?

You check again. Still nothing.

I could have sworn...

The sound of footsteps pounds into the room. Lunarian Army Special Forces. You throw, bodily THROW Kaguya behind cover, and dive behind cover yourself as a hail of bullets peppers where you were. The counter you're hiding behind is granite- thank God you had these installed, instead of wooden counters. But no time to think of that. What you wouldn't give for a grenade. Unfortunately, all you have is your SMG.

You lay down your railgun, and unsling your SMG. Kaguya, who you can see across the room, is hiding behind a large refrigerator.

You pop out of cover for a quick look- these damn ears always give away your position. It's a shame you didn't think to grab a helmet, a hairband, SOMETHING to keep them down with. The other half of the room has three Lunarian Army goons, one with a shotgun and two with SMGs themselves. Unfortunately for them, that half of the room is lacking in convenient cover, and the two SMG goons get cut down by your SMG fire before the shotgun blasts force you back into cover.

Okay, I know you're making shit up now, brain.

The shotgun goon has made himself scarce- he's disappeared into one of the adjacent rooms. You can't stay here, he's going to be calling for reinforcements, and radioing in your position unless you take quick action.

[ ] Spray the adjacent rooms. Most of the walls are only paper and bamboo, anyway.
[ ] Charge!
– [ ] Left
– [ ] Right
– [ ] Straight
[ ] Write-in.

[ ] Hey. Reisen. Wake up.
[X] Hey. Reisen. Wake up.

You're having a bad dream.
[X]Spray the rooms

Fuck sneaking. Spray and pray is good enough for now. Let's not get into the ramifications of leaving the princess behind while we sneak around left or right for a kill.
[x] Spray the adjacent rooms. Most of the walls are only paper and bamboo, anyway.
[X] Knock/shoot/blow down the paper wall behind you.
[X] Charge!
-[X] Backward
[x] Spray the adjacent rooms. Most of the walls are only paper and bamboo, anyway.
Changing vote. Ive seen enough to get a decent idea of Reisens skill as a solly.
[x]Youre having a bad dream, Reisen.

Wake up so I can be cruel to you!
Requesting Reisen Rocketjumping if we continue the dream however. It's Gensokyo. We can rocketjump here.
You know what would be really cruel?
Let Flan loose.
Kill Sakuya in the chaos
Get caught by Meiling
Force Reisen to watch the nicest person in Gensyoko mourn their dead love
Reisen is now forced to kill Meiling, a trusted friend.
Meiling has to be killed while she's still mourning, else the dragon will kill us.
Explode the bodies
Blame goes on Flan and were safe from Remi for a little while.
Cue massive breakdown for Reisen once the weight of killing her trusted friends kicks in.

Then we be extra cruel! Everyone gets a happy end. Except Reisen. Kaguya/Mokou, Alice/Marisa, Reimu/Yukari, Okuu/Cirno, Keine/Rinnouske, Youmu/Myon, Kanako/Suwako.

Fucking everyone. Except Reisen. Because the final target is Sanae. Who peacefully lets Reisen execute her. Because Sanae loves Reisen and will happily die for the bunny.

Isn't it sad, Reisen?
*poor, poor, little rabbit*
Did you look at the script in advance or something?

That's... actually a pretty good plan. How hard would it be to let Flan out WITHOUT getting ourselves et? Or... whatever she does to her prey.
I think good shit when I'm tired?
I can't believe I sounded coherent typing that from a phone.
Or I'm reading Rabbit's mind?

Reisen is known to be former spec ops (God, the word "Commando" has become so trite in my mouth). She might not have trouble sneaking... Wait no, annoying fairy maids.
So dream reisen is where everything goes right?

We can't have that.

[X] Hey. Reisen. Wake up. We're here, Why are you shaking?
File 134852587229.jpg - (249.46KB, 1000x887 , IMG_0618.jpg) [iqdb]
Same poster.
I'm adding Tentacle Rape Jellyfish from the mausoleum and the Giant Catfish as the final couple. Just to be cruel.

That's right Reisen, even the Jellyfish gets a happy end.

*Poor, poor, little Rabbit*
That pairing's impossible.

The Jellyfish is already taken by Mirror Reisen.
Damn. That's still good though.
Saging because I voted already.

Kinda late, but could anyone explain to me what the joke is about?
File 134854576666.jpg - (33.50KB, 640x480 , moonclip.jpg) [iqdb]

Picture related, a "moon clip." A clip for reloading revolvers that accept rimless cartridges; without the rim the 'clip' is needed to keep the rounds from falling right through the chamber.

Entering WWII the military didn't have enough 1911s, so they contracted for Colt revolvers to make up the difference. But in order to use the same rimless .45 Automatic cartridge, this solution was needed. (They also made batches of rimmed .45, which are pretty rare.) But to this day a few revolvers retain the design, and many people like them because "moon clips" are less bulky then traditional speedloaders, and faster to use. You can also use "half-moon" clips, which are only two/three rounds, those are nice because they sit flat in your pocket and are easy to "top off" the gun with.

The joke is "hurr moon."
>The joke is "hurr moon."

That, and the fact that I find it funny that the automatic assumption was that I don't know what I'm talking about when I said "clip".
File 13485659036.png - (314.11KB, 650x700 , 04506a3a1808a712921448f4ba51b07a.png) [iqdb]
Ties, man.

[x] Spray the adjacent rooms. Most of the walls are only paper and bamboo, anyway.
Now I know this is a nightmare.

And suddenly you're a child again, running into the arms of Yorihime. The happiness should be offset by the fact that the battle's still raging outside, the building you're in is ON FIRE, but, you know, it's your best friends, the Watatsukis! They're the nicest people, and they promised you that they've got you taken care of for when you grow up. But that's so long from now~

Kaguya toddles up, and holds out her arms to Toyohime to pick her up. Which Toyohime does. Kaguya goes promptly to sleep in Toyohime's arms. But that's okay! She's only, what, two years old now? Babies sleep a lot. You know this because you're an expert. You help Toyohime and Yorihime out a lot. And Aunt Eirin should be here any minute. Because it's your birthday! And you're having a party.

Suddenly, one of the walls is caved in by a flying rabbit. You can tell that it's a flying rabbit, because of the way her skirt flies up to give everyone a good look at her bloomers. That always happens to rabbits. It's science physics facts. The man on the television said so. She gets up, and brushes a few splinters out of her hair. Which also has rabbit ears! But they're different from yours. So floppy, but they look so soft...

She looks up, and sees the two Watatsuki sisters. Her face goes from the confusion of a child who's had her candy taken away, to the recognition of 'hey, that's the jackass that stole my Big Wheel last week', to the fear of 'hey, that jackass is back again. Goddamnit.' Then she sees you.

And she's angry. What'd you do? You didn't take her Big Wheel. You've never even seen her before.

What the hell are you talking about? Of course I've seen her before! I just can't place where...

She marches right up to you, and you can feel Yorihime stiffening a bit. That's okay. You can just burrow into Yorihime's arms. It'll be alright. Suddenly, you feel yourself being lifted into the air, and you are now face to face with someone who seems very, very angry. Like they just saw their favorite Big Wheel set on fire. You wouldn't wish that on anyone. Maybe you can help her find her Big Wheel? You resolve to help her with this. Being mad isn't good for anyone.

“Hiya!” You're doing your best to contain the bit of fear that's going through you. “I haven't seen your Big Wheel, but I'll help you find it!”

This just seems to make her angrier. She seems to be grasping for words, her mouth gaping open and shut like a fish. You like fishies. Didn't you just have a fishie?


And now she's all shouty! Why aren't the Watatsukis doing anything? She's not a nice person, but you're determined to be nice. And it's your birthday! She shouldn't be shouty and mean.


Well that's not very nice. She's a rabbit too, but... Politeness! Be nice! She'll be nice too!

“Um, uh, what fight? Why are you fighting? It's my birthday!”

“THE FIGHT AGAINST THIS DELICIOUS FRUIT FLAVOR!” Suddenly her face is in a happy smile. See? Politeness leads to happiness. The other bunny holds you with one hand, and holds out a fruit cake for you to eat. Fruit cake! You hope it's strawberry. Strawberry's awesome. You nibble into it. It's strawberry!


One of the rafters in the ceiling burns through and lands on the bamboo mats with a loud THUD. The building's on fire. Things that are on fire explode. You've learned this by watching the TV. But... as you're thinking this, the big log explodes into confetti! Yaaaaaaaaay!

Confetti is awesome. Strawberries are awesome. You've got friends here, and it's your birthday, and this is the best day ever.

The bunny-girl looks at you while you're happily munching on the fruit cake. “Happy birthday, Reisen! Aunt Eirin is waiting at the lake! We're all going to go swimming! Or, we could go watch the Earth rise. It's going to be an eclipse! Eclipses are cool!”

Eclipses ARE cool. But swimming is also cool. But today's your birthday! You're the birthday girl! You get to decide!

Man, Reisen, you sleep like a rock. Wake up, dammit.

[ ] Go jump in the lake! Swimming is awesome!
[ ] Go watch the Earth eclipse! Planets are awesome!
[ ] Write-in! I've got a better idea! And it's awesome!
[ ] Wake up. Waking up is not awesome. Booooo.
That was not what I expected
[x] Wake up.

Will this send me further down the rabbit hole?
[x] Write-in! I've got a better idea! And it's awesome!
-[x] Hey Reisen, remember when you BETRAYED ALL YOU ONCE STOOD FOR? Because I do.
[x] Wake up. Waking up is not awesome. Booooo.

What are you dreaming about? And where do you think you're putting your hand?
[ ] Go watch the Earth eclipse! Planets are awesome!

What the hell?
[x] Go watch the Earth eclipse! Planets are awesome!
Man dreams are fucking weird sometimes.
You know those ones that are all like SPIDERS EVERYWHERE OH GOD? I once dreamt I was the spiders.
All of them.
At the same time.
[X] Go watch the Earth eclipse! Planets are awesome!
Ahh Dreams.
[x] lake! Swim suits! Swimming!
(what are you dreamt?)
The actual fuck.

>lake! Swim suits! Swimming!
>(what are you dreamt?)
Learn to capitalize. And do you have any grasp of English grammar?

I don't even. What is this supposed to mean? Why are you using it as a subject for your post? Why are you even posting at all?

If you can't post with more coherence than a retarded six year old, kindly get the fuck out.
[x] Wake up. Waking up is not awesome. Booooo.

I can only imagine what reisen is doing with sanae in her sleep right now
[x] Go watch the Earth eclipse! Planets are awesome!

I have no idea what's going on.
Updates tomorrow. Or Sunday. Sometime this weekend, really.
See you next week Rabbit.

Prove. Me. Wrong
File 134901926124.jpg - (617.15KB, 1200x857 , cfe02f18e9991568bc66f646c83752e5.jpg) [iqdb]
Who do you think I am? Glasnost? What do you mean, some day?

As the Earth rises, the world starts to shake a bit. You push at the bunny-girl holding you. “No. Go 'way. Don' wanna. Five more minutes.” You want to see the eclipse, dammit!

Is... is there bacon?

OH YEAH, THAT OTHER THING. Sanae sighs. “Look, do what you have to. I'll come talk to you about it when you have some time. Okay?”

“Okay.” Man. That just takes a lead weight off of you. Things are looking... well, you would say 'up', but you have to plan to murder someone today. Or tomorrow. Those sorts of things tend to take the bright side off. Right. Well, one step at a time. And right now, that step is breakfast. With bacon.

Breakfast having passed uneventfully, you're all packed and ready to leave the Moriya shrine. Today's the morning of the second day. It's a third of the way through the time limit, and nothing's gotten done yet. What do you plan to do?

[ ] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.
[ ] Go somewhere else first. Other stuff needs doing. (Write-in.)
File 13490330467.jpg - (244.60KB, 1200x1014 , 921f75390ddac78819272f6c2ef9bcbb.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.
Lock n Load.
Sex with Sanae.
Kill Sakuya.

DOHOHOHO. Flan, it's time to play~
[x] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.

Home is where your friends are, Reisen
[X] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.

Best course of action.
[x] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.

So, looks like Sanae is, if not on our side, at least not going to stop us. Maybe she can at least understand what we're going through.
[x] Return to Eientei immediately. Stuff needs doing.
File 134909586264.jpg - (171.93KB, 1000x1100 , 10084376.jpg) [iqdb]
Time for Tewi to prove she deserves that coveted 3rd favor spot.
>Gensokyo's Ace Raven

Reisen dreams of being a cyborg mecha pilot?
Who are you and why do you keep namefagging?
Newfag detected.
Who doesn't?

You're a terrible person.
File 134912274160.jpg - (656.88KB, 1800x1800 , 1275697425048.jpg) [iqdb]
>Who do you think I am?

you asked for this

Prove him wrong.

I'm still surprised that Rabbit delivered.
Thanks for the update though.
Reverse psychology.

[x] Silent treatment

I'm sure there's some clause in the fine print of the spell that prevents us from killing/maiming our employers due the magical link.

I knew Rabbit was going to throw the Flan plan out. So. Anons. How do we kill Sakuya?

Or do we beg Luna to change the target?

Hey, Rabbit. Can we still give everyone a happy end. Reisen is the exception of course.
I'm still requesting Rocket-jumping Reisen to appear somewhere in this story.

Maybe a small scene of Sakuya/Meiling before the kill. Just to make it that more traumatizing for Reisen.

Sanae for third favor!
You don't want me to answer that question.
File 134923407876.jpg - (647.19KB, 1200x1071 , 144740fe65cf581d7fe6ab4691843d8f.jpg) [iqdb]
Three threads of consistent, constant updating with no burnouts or hiatuses aren't good enough for you?

Right. With that, Sunny flies off. “Well, come on, you nimrods! We got shit to do!”

Star just bows to you, and flies after Sunny. Luna waves off Sunny. “I'll catch up to you later.”

“What, staying behind to extract a confession with your ~feminine wiles~? Good on you, Luna. I expect a full report!” Sunny and Star disappear, leaving you with Luna Child. Who you point your glare directly at. This is the person you least wanted to see today.

“Hmm hmm hmm, Reisen. Spending the entire first day doing things entirely unrelated? That's not good time management, there.”

“What's it to you?”

She waves her hand airily. “Oh, nothing, nothing! We just want to make sure you get the job done, though.”

“Yeah. It'll get done.” Talking to Luna always makes you a little angry. And this was starting off as such a good day, too.

“Are you suuuure? You don't seem so suuuure...”

Your hand twitches. She's only a fairy, it won't kill her permanently...

[ ] I'm sure, goddamnit.
[ ] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.
[ ] Silent treatment. With the finger.
[ ] I've had enough of your shit. Time to get violent.
[ ] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.
[ ] Write-in.
just outside their home doesn't feel right either. sage for not-a-real vote
[x] keep flying.
[x] I've had enough of your shit. Time to get violent. With glaring.
Hey, what's that thing, that Reisen does? The thing with her eyes? That everyone knows about, so they're smart enough not to get into staring contests with her?
Let's do that.
So...either Sunny's not the mastermind, she's bluffing, or she's an idiot. Leaning towards the first, currently.

[x] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.

(If only because I'm sure that this won't end up canon if it wins, far too OOC. Her feminine wiles are to blame, clearly.)

Proper vote: [x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.
[x] Push the fairy down and engage in consensual sex
[x] I'm sure, goddamnit.
[x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.

Well, we know who one of the three are now.
[x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.

lets not try attacking our likely employer. Most magical contracts like this generally have a clause in the fine print preventing this.

psst, Reisen, madness eyes go!
[x] keep flying.

Why bother? She isn't worth anything.
Unless I'm reading the wrong story, isn't Reisen supposed to be unable to fly?
[x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.
Also, since the 200 post mark is here, I'll be answering questions in the next story update. Feel free to ask whatever you like. I'll feel free to ignore questions that are spoilery answers.
>It is, however, very nice that for once, this is a gamble that ended up having no negative consequences at all.
This is gonna foreshadow some consequences, I know it!
[x] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her
For non canon I guess we should probably

[x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.

Saged because I forgot to vote last post
[ ] Push the stupid fairy down and violate her.

I see no other options here.
Since I now have two updates and two shorts to write, I'm going to take my original plan of "updating this weekend" and push that back to about mid-week or so, so I can do the shorts for the contest thing.
Oh yeah well I hope you win that stupid contest.

Waitin' for that "erotica," Rabbit.


Actual updates sometime this weekend, I still want to write something for the contest.
File 135044312673.jpg - (162.04KB, 562x600 , d3b27fdd0ad7e4f5e84244e2ebc3c796.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] You know what? Screw this. Silent treatment. With glaring.

I was having SUCH a good day. Your hand twitches again, this time to the gun you have holstered, and Luna smirks. She's trying to bait you into doing it. It's not like a bullet to the head would stop her, anyway.

But it'd be so goddamn satisfying. It would also mean that they can play you like a fiddle. Which you don't want. At least, you don't want to admit it.

You just stand there, arms crossed, and glare at the damned fairy.

“Oooh! Ooh, is this the silent treatment? I love the silent treatment!” She fakes a swoon, hand to forehead. “Oh no, Reisen won't talk to me. Oh nooo, what ever shall I do? I've come down with a case of the vapors!” She falls over dramatically, hand still over forehead. “I can feel my life ebbing away. Everything is going dark, ooh...”

You leave the stupid fairy behind, and march on with your rage smoldering just beneath the surface. You're kind of surprised that you've got that much anger. It's never been something you've ever had problems with, and it's not something you ever DO want to have problems with. So, you're glad you kept a lid on it this time.

“Well, Luna, how'd it go?”

“It went okay. I could tell she got incredibly angry.”

“But she didn't act on it?”

“Nope. Managed to hold it in. Didn't even say anything.”

“Well. That's a good thing.”

“Wait, hold on. Didn't you want her to give in to her anger? You know, anger leading to fear, fear leading to a bunch of other stuff, and then something something dark side?”

“Well, it would have been nice. But it'd be a scary thing to face an angry berserker Reisen when she believes she has nothing left to lose. This proves she has hope.”

“And that means what, exactly?”

“It means we can still use her. It means she still has something she's hoping to accomplish. But the anger implies that she doesn't know what she can do. So she's still a good tool, and impotent in her rage against us.”

“There you go with the big words again.”

“Stop trying to act stupid, Luna. It's not becoming of a lady like you.”

“Whatever. Where's Cirno?”

“Out running a couple of errands, reaching out to a couple of networks. We want the Sakuya thing to go smoothly, and she's doing her best to make sure that it'll succeed. And ice cream, too. I promised her I'd buy ice cream. She'll be coming back with that later.”

“Oooh! I hope you asked her for peanut butter cups. That's my favorite kind of ice cream.”

“Of course I did, Luna. You know I'd never forget about you.

In your anger, you storm all the way back to Eientei before you even know it. It's only midday, so you've still got a decent chunk of time. But now the question is: how do you go in? You could go in the normal way, and chit-chat with Eirin, or Tewi, or someone, maybe it'll take the edge off of your anger. Or, you could just take the secret entrance into your arsenal and go from there. What do you do?

[ ] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [ ] Eirin.
– [ ] Tewi.
– [ ] Kaguya.
– [ ] We've got a visitor... (Write-in.)

[ ] Sneak in. Gotta cool off first.

[ ] Write-in.

And since it's the 200thish post in this thread, time for words.

I am not telling you SHIT about this choice. This hasn't even come close to playing out.

Only two of these choices really mattered in any huge way: the last two were "how to spend your time", and "comedy option". First option, the confirmation choice, was pretty obvious. Second is just time management.

Hope you have enough.

Here I just started with a little section to defuse tension. I don't want this story to be ALL SERIOUS ALL THE TIME. Because that is unfun to write, and probably unfun to read. That, and I can't go very long without some bad jokes.

Yes, I made a poo joke.

Sanae backstory! Might this be important later on?

Yeah, probably.

The choice of helping Kanako or Suwako clean wasn't really anything major, just two branches that went back to the same point. In any case, I think I enjoyed writing Suwako like this.

Telling Sanae in this update... is certainly a thing. Reisen handled it as best she could, honest! This will most certainly not backfire at all!

Fairy exposition. They're totally characters! I totally planned out who they were from the very beginning. Honest. Promise. Not lying. Anyway, I'm trying to paint them as not-soulless-monsters. Unsympathetic antagonists are too easy to hate, and don't generate enough DESPAIR for me to feed on.

I shouldn't have said that last part.

Anyway, the choice in this post is the standard dream-sequence choice. I'd intended to make it just one post with no choices, like all of the others, but... that just ended up not happening, and led to:

In which Lunarians have orbital drop troopers and some faggots imply I don't know things about guns.

I really wanted to write about dakka, and introduce one of the possible weapon options for the upcoming Sakuya favor. Yes, she totally kept the railgun.

That's not been actually shown yet, but I was planning to in the next update or two, and it's not terrible spoilers. I don't feel bad about telling you this, it's only a cool gun.

lol moon clip

Short, more guns. However, as some of you who remember you dreams, the longer they go, the weirder they get... The other options would have led to slightly different things, but nothing hugely significant.

Yes, Reisen has flashbacks. Why do you ask? She only wakes up in the middle of the night screaming occasionally. And those are the dreams where she's only a rabbit good for her sex appeal.

She's good for much more, I say.

Monty Python reference, and Dexter's Lab reference. I was planning something somewhat different when I originally thought of this scene, but when it came to "DELICIOUS FRUIT FLAVOR" I couldn't stop laughing, and so I absolutely HAD to put it in.

I still laugh at it.

Also, the [ ] Go Jump in the Lake option would have totally ended with Reisen waking up screaming.

Jumping in the lake is terrible, and I keep giving you guys the option.

Please pick it sometime so I can make terrible things happen.

Bacon. Not much to say about this update. Or the choice, really. It's just confirming the choice you made a while back, in case you'd thought of something you wanted to do before you went back to Eientei. Since you guys didn't think of anything, this became Luna route.

No, there is not a Luna route.

It is important that Reisen gets reminders from time to time of who holds the reins. Can't let a tool think that she has independent thought, or choices. That leads to hope.

No hope allowed.

ugh why do I keep doing this


Anyway, this update was delayed for several reasons: main one being that I wanted to enter in the short story contest. Success was had in that endeavor, I entered in both the veterans and the /at/ (ugh) parts. That, and the new X-Com is out.

It's really, really good. I can't stop playing it.

In unrelated notes, I've been watching Girls und Panzer. And I am having a terrible desire to write a quest about that on /tg/. Demetrious is not helping, because he keeps telling me to "do it, faggot."

I'm reasonably certain I can keep regular updates of this even if I do write a terrible quest thread on /tg/. I'll see where that line of thought goes, though.

Again, if you guys have any story-related or whatever questions, feel free to ask. I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

And no more porn for a while. I'm all porn'd out.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Eirin.
More confessing? More confessing. Maybe she can give us something for an advantage over Sakuya.
Or maybe we can just steal some.
Are you watching Commie's trolltastic release?
Also, if you DO do a quest, use real combat and not that stupid 'martial art' crap.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Eirin.

Story questions coming later once I have a bit more time to think. But:
>I'm reasonably certain I can keep regular updates of this even if I do write a terrible quest thread on /tg/.

Don't do it, faggot. Because you won't be able to. /tg/ quests eat your soul require a huge investment in time and energy to run, and much more active maintenance than THP stories given how much slower we are. Admittedly, you probably wouldn't need as much planning for a quest as for Favors, but I still think that, frankly, you're overestimating your time management capabilities.

Going along with that: you're already managing three stories including this one. X-Communist last updated nearly a month ago, and shortly before that had a 1 1/2 month-long break between updates. An Alice in Every Update hasn't had an update in 2 months (all of its updates were in a 3 day span after starting it), and your last post promising more updates was ~a month ago. Doesn't set the best precedent, IMO.

Now, a /tg/ quest, especially a GuP one, will almost certainly get a shitload of attention. I admit this. But it seems to me that this would be strong motivation to focus on it rather than your stories here, given the relative numbers of people who would be voting/commenting/crying out for updates. And I don't think you need something else drawing attention away from them. I think you already have too many stories on your plate, and adding a fourth would just worsen your ability to focus on any/all of them. Don't overreach even further than you already have, it never turns out well.

tl;dr: You've mentioned several times how you've avoided burnout in writing this story. Please don't turn that into jinxing yourself, I'd rather this story actually continues than becomes just another side project.

And I don't think Demetrious is the best example to follow in this, if you want to keep your trend of relatively constant updates.
File 135049148722.jpg - (591.84KB, 800x1130 , d15de08e0b2574e2268562d029c0b7ed.jpg) [iqdb]
>time management

Well, as for the other stories, they're blatant "when I feel writing overflow" things. I think I will probably put Alice on hold until I finish this story, finish that, and then consider my next move. X-Communist was always going to be sporadic, period dot end of line. Planned it that way. That, and my co-writer on X-Communist is the laziest son of a bitch I've ever met.

The reason I've not been too worried about those two stories is because of the "aggressive prioritization" I've given Favors. Which is fun as hell to write. Which I guarantee you I will finish.

I will promise you one thing, though: if it comes down to "augh I don't have enough time/effort to write both stories", I'll pick this one.

tl;dr: Will make post in Alice officially putting it on hold. Will continue to prioritize Favors as #1. Still haven't decided how things are going to shake out as to doing a quest thing.

Commie's subs make me wish I knew more German.

>More confessing? More confessing.

Look, I'm not in the habit of warning people away from bad choices. You know that. I enjoy seeing bad things happen to characters. As Calvin's Dad says, "It builds character."

But this... this is possibly a bad idea. I'm not going to say any more on it, and I'm not going to forbid you from going down that road. But I feel I would not be doing my job if I didn't warn you against such blatantly bad ideas.

And it probably wouldn't be panzers anyway, given that I'm not a tank buff like some people, those that ARE tank buffs will not hesitate to call me on uninformed bullshit, and the majority of my tank identification abilities come from playing lots of WoT. However, there are some other mechanized land combat things I know rather well.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Tewi.

Gonna be honest here. The only thing going through my mind as I vote for this is "Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi"
[ ] Sneak in. Gotta cool off first.
Talk to Tewi. Lets get a little luck on our side first.
And then get to our armory.
Matrix gun racks please. And a floating energy thing where the Moon Rifle parts float together to assemble into our Sakuya headshot machine. That would be impractical and delicious. The armory thing. Not the headshot. That one isn't a bad idea.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Tewi.

Maybe Tewi can cheer us up, or at least let some luck rub off on us.
[ ] Sneak in. Relax with your babes.

Weapons freak Reisen please.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Eirin.

Help us, Eirin!
Guys. We have to go for the armory. Rabbit might end up describing pages of delicious moon weaponry.
Sounds boring. I'd rather have pages of delicious conversation.
Yeah, I'll pass on that, especially if it means more character interaction. This isn't /k/.

Going to the armory might give us more ideas on how to kill Sakuya.
[X] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [X] Kaguya.
Kaguya needs love :( Tewi is Reisen's beloved, Eirin is Reisen's master, so I doubt we'd get that many chances with Kaguya. Take all the chances you can get!

>anger leading to fear, fear leading to a bunch of other stuff, and then something something dark side
Star Wars! I always did want to make Reisen a Skywalker.
>Unsympathetic antagonists are too easy to hate, and don't generate enough DESPAIR for me to feed on.
DESPAIRRRRRRRRR! It's lovely. Just don't drop a Snow End on us or something.
Watch. After all this. Resien's going to break and we get Lake End.

I'm pretty sure the "Something something dark side" is from the Family Guy parody of the films.

Well, now I'm out of breath because I ran all the way here across the internet. Thank God we used a cut, or the whole movie would be just me walking.
Votes are tied, next one wins between Tewi and Eirin.
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Tewi.

Victory for Twei!
[X] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [X] Tewi.

Because tie-breakan gaems, and somehow I just don't like Eirin as much as Tewi. Say what you will.
File 135080867732.jpg - (525.46KB, 643x909 , 76bfb251e046bf7aa8523f4744fe58bf.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go in the normal way. And talk to...
– [x] Tewi.

Sneaking in, however tempting it may be, probably isn't the best idea. You know you'd just go down there and fume and stew. The people at Eientei that you do love are still there, and you don't want to avoid them. That, and you know it'd help you relax.

You take a deep breath, and step through the gate into Eientei. Where you're immediately caught by a pit trap. How she managed to camouflage a pit in the middle of a well-traveled dirt path is beyond you. You consider climbing out, but decide to wait. Tewi will be along soon enough, and well, she earned it.

There's a click, and dramatic music starts to play, from a concealed stereo set. “Fu fu fu fu fu... Who has trespassed upon the land of Eternity, within the trackless depths of the Bamboo Forest? Traveler, your luck has left you now, for you have fallen within the clutches of...” Tewi jumps out dramatically into the middle of the path, “Tewi Inaba, Earth Rabbit, and scourge of evil! Your luck has just run out!”

“Hey. Tewi. It's just me.”

Tewi walks over to the edge of the pit and looks down. “Aww. I was hoping to catch some unwary traveler.”

You cock an eyebrow, and cross your arms. “Like who?”

“Oh! You know, so I was down at the Village, and I met this nice guy, right? And so I told him where I lived, and I was hoping he'd find his way here, and then I'd have him in the pit to do whatever I liked!” She frowns. “But no, I just caught some unlucky moon rabbit. Looks like my luck just wasn't enough.”

“Tewi, you could just, you know, take them home with you.”

She rolls her eyes at the suggestion. “Where's the fun in that? Anyway, I'm glad to see you're home, Reisen. Did you get down with Sanae?”

Your face immediately heats up with a full flush of embarrassment. “How- did what- you-”

She fakes a wounded pose. “And leaving Youmu out in the cold! You're a heart breaker, life taker...” Tewi breaks into song. “I can't confront youuuuuu, I could never do that which would hurt youuuuuu~” She can't hold off long, and breaks down into laughter. You just glare up at her. “Oh. Oh, my sides. But Reisen, I'm glad you finally broke things off with Youmu. It... it was painful to watch, for me. I didn't want you to get hurt, but...”

You wave it off. This is not a conversational path you want to travel. “Yeah, yeah. Let's let bygones be bygones, right? Are you going to help me out of here anytime soon?” You could just hop out, but Tewi's probably got something planned for if you do that.

She shrugs, and with an extremely reluctant tone of voice says “I guess I could possibly help you out of there, in my infinite kindness.” She lowers you her hand, and you take it. She pulls you out, and then gives you a hug. “So, yeah, glad to have you back, Reisen.”

You tousle her hair a bit. “Yeah, glad to be back.”

She releases you, and looks at you with bright, excited eyes. “So, whatcha been up to? I read your 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' thing, and I gotta ask, when does the romance actually start? There is totally no romance in there. Though I guess that Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu probably get into a yaoi threesome, right?” She looks at you, hopefully. “Riiiiiiiight?”

You chuckle. “You'll have to read it and find out for yourself.”

Tewi sighs, dramatically. “Spoilsport.”

“So what have you been up to since I've been gone?”

“Since you've been gone?” She smiles mischievously. “Oh, nothing much. While you were out getting down with the miko, I've been planning new... how do you say... surprises.”

You start walking to the entrance of the main building in Eientei. “Am I going to see any of these surprises?”

She shrugs. “Maaaaaaaaaaybe. You already found one. Though I guess that one wasn't meant for you.”


“So, how long are you back for?”

You make your best thinking face. You don't have to think, you know what you have to do, unfortunately. “Not long. Got some errands I have to run. I just came here to pick up a few things.”

“Aww.” Tewi seems genuinely sad by this. “Nobody else plays along quite as well as you do, Reisen. Kaguya doesn't really DO enough for me to set up surprises, and Eirin gets a bit testy if she actually gets caught. It's like she's been proven wrong.” Yeah. You know how that goes. You can only imagine how she'd take the fact that she didn't really make the Hourai Elixir. It wouldn't be fun, you can imagine. If she didn't automatically dismiss what you said out of hand.

Telling Eirin about the favors wouldn't help you at all. Kaguya might believe you, but you doubt she would. And even if she did, good luck getting her to believe that anything can affect her that she doesn't want to. Mokou might... but fuck her.

Fuck. Her. She took what should have been Tewi's. At least this way, the fairies don't have any hold on Tewi's life. From that, you can take what small solace there is to be had. And you don't plan on bringing Tewi into something that she can't really affect.

As you walk into the house, Eirin waves at you. “Good to see you back, Reisen. You going to be here long?”

You shake your head. “No, unfortunately. More things to do.”

Eirin huffs a bit. “Fine. Just don't be shirking your duties any more for that shrine maiden. I'll be lenient this time, though.”

You cast Tewi a sidelong glance. She's the picture of innocence, complete with whistling a jaunty tune. Of course she told Eirin.

Kaguya gives you a tired wave, as well. She's sitting at the kitchen's island, looking worn-out. “Glad you're back, Reisen. Now someone else can cook the meals. I never knew how tiring that could be.”

You smile sweetly. “Ooh, sorry, Kaguya. You're probably going to have to keep doing that. I'll be gone for at least another day or so.” Kaguya just groans.

Well, it's good to be home.

What now?

[ ] Relax for a bit with the denizens of Eientei. You really do need to unwind a bit.
[ ] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.
[ ] Write-in.
[X] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.

As much as I want to relax a bit, it will all be pointless if a certain maid ends up, y'know, not dead.
[x] Relax for a bit with the denizens of Eientei. You really do need to unwind a bit.

Time wastan games. Forcing Reisen into recruiting Mokou sounds fun. As does forcing her to kill Tewi, the best rabbit.
>At least this way, the fairies don't have any hold on Tewi's life.

[x] Relax for a bit with the denizens of Eientei. You really do need to unwind a bit.

B-b-but CYOA's are like video games. How can you not talk to all the NPC's???
[x] Relax for a bit with the denizens of Eientei. You really do need to unwind a bit.

Because the secret Good End third option is only discovered after completely a hojillion unrelated sidequests. Right, Rabbit? Right?
[ ] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.

Time to get working on it. Sakuya won't be as easy as Miko.
I was not expecting chatting to get this many votes. Operation Screw Reisen Over actually has a chance.

She does have fairies on her side. That's something, right? Surely they can compensate for our missing killing intent.
Fuck you anon, the "DOHOHOHO" is my thing.
It's like a video game right? We have all the time to talk to NPC's without consequence, right?
[x] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.

C'mon anon, let's get going
[x] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.
-[x]But don't rush; get what you need first. Ask Eirin for advice.
[x] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.
Okay I get it jeez no spilling to Eirin.
[x] Nope, on a deadline. Got shit to do. Gonna get to doing shit.

In an interview to the authors of a certain popular series they asked the authors how did they plan the episodes. They said 'We asked ourselves how can we make MC's life more difficult'
I'm sure the writefag is thinking the same thing. Let's not take ANY risks at all EVER (if we can help it)
Don't do that. Please, for the love of God, don't do that.

If you do that, it'll be worse for everyone involved, including you and me.
So the writing contest's over, which means I can take credit for the abominations I wrote:

>>/at/27046 ugh (even though it was probably blatantly obvious that this is what I wrote)


>>/th/162051 (which apparently wasn't blatantly obvious that I wrote.)
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