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Back. Ahhh.. I forgot how nice painkillers can make the not pain feel. God bless asprin~.
You decide that it would be best for Reisen to inform the others that you are indeed alright, even if it does let a little bit of a secret out of the bag.
<Alright. I’m going to call out for them now.>
You lie there for a short while before Reisen comes back.
<Th-they’re not answering.> Reisen sounds scared.
You tell her to give it time, but the fading light outside makes you think that it will be difficult to find the wagon in the dark.
“I’m almost ready. Are you still with me here?”
You answer the voice that you are.
“Alright. I’m just going to have to take away your little communication toy. I don‘t want it interfering.” The voice reaches out for the button on the side of your head. Shit, this is bad, If you loose contact with Reisen now, she’ll think that something horrible has happened to you.

[ ] Tell the voice not to remove the button.
[ ] Stop the voice from removing your button.
[ ] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[ ] Panic.
[ ] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[ ] Tell the voice not to remove the button.

Can anon multi task?
[x] If you remove it, I'll rape you.

Worked for Shiki.
[x] Tell the voice not to remove the button.

We just need her to wait while we explain to Reisen we'll be incommunicado. The Voice knows we have the device, but doesn't know we're having a conversation.
[ ] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[ ] Tell the voice not to remove the button.
[ ] Stop the voice from removing your button.
[ ] Try to send a message to Reisen.

We can't actually stop them from removing it. I don't see how.
[X]CQC that bitch and start asking questions
If that doesnt work
[X] Tell the voice not to remove the button.
[X] Stop the voice from removing your button.
[x] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[x] Tell the voice not to remove the button.
[ ] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[ ] Tell the voice not to remove the button.
Who're we talking to anyway?
[X] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[X] Tell the voice not to remove the button.

At the very least, ask the voice to let us send one last message to Reisen, so that she doesn't worry.
[X] Stop the voice from removing your button.
[X] Try to send a message to Reisen.
Stop her for long enough to tell Reisen you're going incommunicado.
Don't use her name if you do this.
[x] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[x] Tell the voice not to remove the button.

Man up anon.
Incoming Torture?
Ohshi...bad feeling alert.

Now Reisen thinks we're okay, and the party may not be in a rush to find us. Our comms link is about to be severed by someone we can't identify.

We're in enemy hands, about to have a very long night.
[x] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[x] Stop the voice from removing your button.
With Kira you dont know if the next thing thats going to happen is good or bad.
>With Kira you dont know if the next thing thats going to happen is good or bad.

Which is what makes this fun.
zawa zawa zawa
[x] Try to send a message to Reisen.
[x] Stop the voice from removing your button.
>Now Reisen thinks we're okay, and the party may not be in a rush to find us. Our comms link is about to be severed by someone we can't identify.

If the stranger wanted to take our com-link, then they could have taken it beforehand. Still, we shouldn't allow our link to be cut prematurely. We need to make it last as long as we can.
Ineed. Its so unpredictable. Like this Situation. Friend or Foe. no idea where we are, all dark, dont know who the person is, dont see surroundings. We going to get tortured or healed now?
Wait, the person recognize it as a communication device. That narrows down who it could be. It would have to be someone who is either familiar with the design, very good with technology, or has very good intel. Other Lunarians would be familar with the technology, and that would match with the building being similar to Eientei, but it still doesn't seem very likely. Kappas might be able to deduce it's function if they took it apart, but it doesn't seem thats happened. That leaves intelligence, which the Tengu are apparently good with. I doubt we're in hostile hands right now.
You interrupt the voice reaching for the button. You tell them that you’d rather not have that particular item removed. While you’re doing this, at the same time you’re trying to send Reisen a Message.
<Wait, what? Slow down, I can’t understand you. What’s going on>
“I’m sorry, but I have to remove that, it could quite likely interfere with what I’m about to do.”
<What do you mean, the button’s being removed? Are you a. . .>
The voice pulled the button off, despite your protests, right in the middle of communicating with Reisen. You curse that you weren’t able to convince the voice not to take off the bu. . . Wait, what are they doing?!
The voice puts something across your eyes, and then they begin removing your clothing. You attempt to protest but are quickly silenced by the person.
“You need to remain still. Too much movement and there will be too much damage to your body to repair. You’re barely alive as it is, and we can’t have that now, can we.” The voice laughs slightly, as if to some private joke.
Within short order, you’re naked, and completely at the control of this mystery person. It’s unlikely that you would be able to escape them even if you wanted to.

[ ] Try to escape
[ ] Lie there and see what happens.
[ ] Try to talk to the voice.
[X] Try to talk to the voice.
[ ] Try to talk to the voice.
might as well ask who they are

[ ] Lie there and see what happens.
[ ] Try to talk to the voice.
you're also thinking of it from a technology standpoint. If it was magic, there's the possibility it's giving off short bursts of magic, much like a cellphone gives off short bursts of radio waves. Someone who was sensative could feel this and deduce what the device is.
[X] Try to talk to the voice.
Oh I see.

This is Reisen's "coming-of-age" episode, where she is finally able to convince herself that she's a valuable member of the team by managing to save Anon's life without anybody else's help.

Right, well, wake me up when it's over.
[X] Try to talk to the voice.
The joke is that we can't be tortured if we're DEAD.
[ ] Try to talk to the voice
If not, then start jamming the circle button.
That voice sounds evil. The suspense is building up quiet nicely
[X] Try to talk to the voice.
This can only go wrong here
[ ] Try to talk to the voice.
File 120831794422.gif - (28.11KB, 330x411 , mgs3-volgin.gif) [iqdb]
[x] Try to talk to the voice.
"It looks like you've seen your fair share of battles. A lesser man would be dead by now."
[x] Try to talk to the voice.
[x] Try to talk to the voice.

You can't just take it like that. One must try and understand something about the situation.
[X] Sit in the corner and cry.
Never too late for that choice
[X] Breasts
[x] Try to talk to the voice.

Not stupid shit like "Stop!" or "Why are you doing this?" Introduce your name and then ask for hers.

Stay cool.
[x] collapse from anemia

If we trip balls around Sanae, Anon is likely going to make a comment about how her drill could pierce the heavens. She'll think that's a sexual metaphor, and we'll get slapped.

This all assumes that that IS a solitary drillhair thing down the side of her hair, that curly thing.

If not, we're still going to get slapped.
File 120831885119.jpg - (211.91KB, 1560x2080 , ohshit.jpg) [iqdb]
"Well, then, let's get started..."
[x] Try to talk to the voice.

Stay frosty, Anon.
You talk to the voice, asking them who they are, why they’re doing this.
“I have my orders, I can’t very well bring you back dead, now can I?”
The voice then begins chanting very quickly in a low voice. Even through the cloth covering your eyes, you can see that something is glowing. Your body spasms in pain. It suddenly hurts everywhere, like your body is being pulled in a million different directions at once. You desperately want to scream out in pain, but your body refuses to comply. The excruciating pain continues for a few moments before abating, it then focuses in your arm, around your head, and along your spine. Fading away from excruciating to a dull throb, the areas that were throbbing just a few moments before begin to get quite warm. Through all this, the person continues to chant extremely quickly. A hand touches your chest, and begins to trace some sort of arcane symbol on it. You jerk involuntarily. The voice stops chanting for a moment.
“Please, do not move. This cannot be stressed enough.” They quickly resume their chanting.

This process continues for quite some time, the pain, the throbbing, the touch. You quickly loose track of time. However, after the six or seventh time the process repeats the person stops. They sigh, and cough slightly.
“Alright. That should take care of all of your wounds. Now you need to rest so that your body can recover its strength. That ritual requires quite a bit of your bodies energy.”
The voice pulls a cover up over your body. You really do feel quite sleepy right now. Your entire body aches, but it’s a somewhat pleasant ache, much like you’ve just run a long way.

[ ] Go to sleep
[ ] Ask the voice to remove the cover.
[ ] Thank the person.
[ ] Thank the person.
[x] Ask the voice to remove the cover.
When you see it...
[X] Thank the person.
[ ] Ask the voice to remove the cover.

Quick chanting?

Fucking Patchy.
[X] Thank the person.
[x] Go to sleep
[x] Thank the person.
[ ] Thank the person.
[ ] Go to sleep.

Too fucked up to do anything else, likely won't get them to let you see anything. Deal with shit after waking up.
She's definitely evil, but...
[x] Thank the person.
[X] Thank the person.

They did help us out, in that it seems we're not in imminent danger of death. At the moment.

Hopefully they won't ask for anything too great in payment.
[X] Thank the person.
[x] Thank the person.
[x] Go to sleep.
In that order.
[x] Thank the person.

who else thinks its Sanae?
[x] Thank the person.

If the person is friendly, then we gain something. If it is an enemy, it won't hurt things more.
I think its Patchy and you are in the SDM
Yeah, I got that impression too.
SDM is european. Eientei is SE Asian. I do believe that Anon can tell the difference.
I got the impression we were picked up Sanae and we're already at the Moriya shrine

Same here.
Tengu would not have brought us to Patchy.
[X] see anything you like?
[X] Thank the person.
the voice says cant bring you back dead. That means someone was sent to bring us back. and wherever we are, it could be a house or something in the area whatever do i know, so that would explain that it looks Eientei like. It would also explain that Hina is nowhere to be found. Maybe the person just beated her down and took us. Much is possible
[X] see anything you like?
[x]Thank the person, AND ASK THEIR NAME

Ask for their number.
Oh, yes. I forgot about asking the name.
Change my vote to
[x] Thank the person and ask their name.
[x] Go to sleep.
Current identity theories include:

Now taking bets!
>One of the tengu found you lying in the woods and brought you here.

It seems you guys missed this.
That sounds like a bet for Momiji; thank you!
Put down Patchy
the person couldve lied to us
Sorry, sir! No bets on Miss Knowledge at this time, due to >>16141 .
Thank you, and try again next time!
With the last bit of strength you can muster, you thank the person. They laugh quietly.
“We’ll see if you still thank me when you wake up again”
The world fades into darkness.

You’re dreaming, You know this from the second it starts, but it doesn’t prevent it from bothering you. You’re standing in the middle of Eientei. Or, at least, Where Eientei should be. You’re looking at nothing but a burned out husk of a building. The surrounding area is also charred and black. The bamboo stalks are all mowed down, like some excessive force struck the ground here. You wander through the burned out husk of a building, looking for something. You’re not quite sure what you’re looking for though. After several moments of wandering, a glint of light catches your eye. Deciding to wander over to investigate it, you bend down and pick it up. Looking at it closely, it seems to be a strand of hair. Nearby you see a small box that is, miraculously, unburnt. Picking up the box off of the floor, you put the hair inside it, then close the lid. You hold the box tight and make some sort of a promise. You stand there then, looking quite confused. You have no idea what the promise you just made was, nor why you did that. You just clutch tightly at the box.

You open your eyes slowly. The room is dark, illuminated only by the moonlight. Your entire body is tired. You don’t think you could stand even if you try. Looking around the room you see someone sitting in the corner, they seem to be dozing there. You’re not sure if it’s the same girl from before, but even still this time, you’re not able to get a good look at her.

[ ] Try to get up.
[ ] Call out to the person.
[ ] Go back to sleep.
[ ] Examine box.
File 12083206362.jpg - (45.64KB, 348x516 , 1201878155669.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright guys, if we can haul our ass out before the brainwash phase starts we're golden.
[x] Call out to the person.

[x] Breasts.

She's sleeping.
[ ] Go back to sleep.

Anonymous must rest so he can smartass his way throughout the next day.
[X] Examine box.
[x] Strangle the person before she notices.
Paranoia, the destroyer. It goes like this.
[x] Examine box, if you know what I mean
[ ] Go back to sleep.
If they're hostile, no sense in letting them know we're ready for torture.

If they're friendly, no sense in interrupting their nap.
[ ] Examine box.
Where'd this come from?
[ ] Examine box.
>“We’ll see if you still thank me when you wake up again”
Well... fuck. That's ominous.

[x]Examine box
[x]Try to get up

Also, inventory check!
[ ] Examine box.
[X] Find the button
Kira made me this way! Always expecting the worst to happen.
Add that to my vote.
[x] Examine box.
[X] examine box
[X] Examine box.

[X] Examine box.
[X] Examine box

Items obtained in dreams are invariably of a strange nature.
[x] Open Box, receive Gutsy Bat.
Wait, how do we have a box if we were dreaming about having it?
its actually Aya
It would not be the strangest thing to happen to Anon this trip. Not by a damn sight.
I swear, if we've wound up back in a bad situation because you just HAD to try to bang the creepy curse bitch, I will give you SUCH A PINCH.
we probably were not dreaming
You realize, suddenly, that there is a box in your hands. Pulling it out from underneath the covers, you realize that this is quite similar to the box in your dream. Quite similar nothing, it IS the box from your dream! You vaguely wonder how that’s possible, and open the box. Inside there appears to be quite a bit of hair. Huh. In your dream there was only the single strand that you had placed inside the box. Closing the box, you put it back under the covers. This really is quite bizarre. None the less, you are quite tired still. For some reason you think of the button. Looking around you don’t see it anywhere near you. It’s possible that the person who took it off of you still has it. There also seems to be a glass of water by your head.

[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Call out to the person.
[ ] Take a drink.
[ ] Stay awake, and lie in the futon.
[ ] Try to get up.
>I told you not to open that box.
>not to open that box
>that box
>that box
that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box that box!
[x] IDDQD.
[X] Try to get up.
need to look at person
>Inside there appears to be quite a bit of hair. Huh. In your dream there was only the single strand that you had placed inside the box.

10-to-1 that hair is black. It wasn't a dream. And she's regenerating as we speak.

Back to the present:

[X] Take a drink.
[X] Call out to the person.

We must be thirsty. But we must also let our gang know we're okay.
[ ]Try to get a better look at the person
[x] Take a drink.
Sleep will probably advance things, but it might not be in a good way.

Call out to the person might be interesting.

Take a drink: Either we get some HP back, or it's drugged and we fall asleep whether we want to or not.

Stay awake, and lie in the futon: CAN'T SLEEP, LAKE WILL EAT ME, CAN'T SLEEP, LAKE WILL EAT ME

My choice:

[X] Eat the hair in the box. NOM NOM NOM
The hair is our memories, and Syaoran is really a clone.
[x] Call out to the person.
Aren't you interested at all who she is? You make me sad, anon.
[ ] Stay awake, and lie in the futon.
[x] Try to get up.

It's time to GTFO.
[X] Try to get up.
[X] Take a drink
[X] Try to get a better look at the person

Dehydration and hunger seem to have horrid effects on us. Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to get a better view of whoever is sleeping in the room.
So, we're in bed. Naked. Cut off from communication with Reisen. Unsure of where we are, or of who "helped" us.

And we have a box of hair that we had a dream about.

Why, after all the shit that has happened so far the whole "box of hair" bit actually seems ODD to me?
[ ] Try to get up.
[X] Try to get up.
[ ] Take a drink.
[x] Try to get up.
and if that fails
[x] Stay awake, and lie in the futon.
[Z] Try to get up.
[ ] Call out to the person.
[X] Try to get up.
I'm seriously hoping it was Sanae that healed us, since it was the tengu who found us. Because if not, we are pretty boned.

[X] Try to get the fuck up and look at the person at your bedside.

Always the answer. Seconded for [X]IDDQD
You make a move to get up from the futon, and your body rebels. You get about half way up before you fall back to the futon. Your body really just refuses to work for you. Sighing loudly, you hear some movement coming from the corner of the room. The person sitting there seems to be adjusting themselves in the corner, and is mumbling something incoherent to themselves. They then snore loudly. You stare at them dumbly. You’ve never heard a girl snore like that. It’s almost like someone running a chainsaw. Shadows dance across the ceiling. You wish that the moon tonight was a bit more full. But as they say, if wishes were horses than beggars would ride. You feel yourself begin to slip off to sleep, despite the snoring. You hear faint laughter echo from somewhere else in the building. It sounds like several people are laughing, but you can’t make out anything else. After a few moments it stops.

The next thing you know, you hear birds chirping, and sunlight is streaming into the room. You sit bolt upright and look around. The room is empty save yourself. You still have the box, and the water is still sitting next to where your head was, however, your clothes are sitting next to the futon now as well. You strain your ears, but hear no one else in the area. You put your clothes on quickly, and gulp down the glass of water. It feels quite refreshing.

[ ] Explore the building.
[ ] Wait in the room.
[ ] Call out for the person.
[ ] Quickly escape from the room into the outside.
[Z] search for button.
[X] Explore the building.

I understand time may be of the essence, but how often does acting without at least understanding our surroundings work?
[X] Explore the building.
also, [X] Search for button.

[x] Search for the button.
[ ] Explore the building.

Jumping in, just getting off of work. I'll read the previous chapter when Kira goes to sleep!
[x] Call out for the person.
[X] Explore the building.
[X] Search for button.
[ ] Quickly escape from the room into the outside.
[ ]Explore Building
[ ]Search for button
[X] Search for the button first, then
[X] explore the building.
[X] Explore the building.
[x] Check invintory.
[x] Search the building, specifically looking for the button but also looking for anything else of interest.
[x] Search for button
[X] Explore the building.
[X] Search for button.
[X] Explore the building.
[X] Search for the button.

Information and communication are vitally important.
[x] Explore the building.
[x]Explore the building
[x]Search for the button
[x]take a look out the window, to see our surroundings.
[Z] search for button.
[X] Explore the building.

Yo, Anon! Go sneak that shit!

Intel on our current location, as well as the identities of our mysterious benefactors is crucial right now.
[ ] Explore the building.
Well, the laughter could be our group, thankful they're recovered human who frequently suffers from brief bouts of mental retardation (I mean HONESTLY; let the goddess of curses carry you off without a peep is a good idea, right?), or the Reimu squad is celebrating capturing the anomaly (because fortunately enough he was completely DUMB enough the think that being ABDUCTED BY THE GODDESS OF MIS-FUCKING-FORTUNE WAS A GREAT IDEA)
Also adding:
[x] Check inventory
[x] Check inventory
[X] Explore the building while loudly singing the Metal Gear Solid theme
[X] Once caught, express how terribly impressed you are at the catcher's "obviously top-notch sneaker-catching abilities".
Cry me a river man
File 120832446561.jpg - (254.77KB, 450x671 , patchy.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide that it would be prudent to explore the building. Walking over to the door to the room, you slide it open slightly before glancing into the hallway. You see nothing that seems immediately threatening so you walk out into the hallway. Two steps down the hallway, you hear someone cough behind you. Turning around, you’re greeted by the sight of a girl wearing a floppy pink hat, with long purple hair, and a shocked look on her face. She also seems to be floating just above the ground.

[ ] Run.
[ ] Talk to the girl.
[ ] Charge the Girl.
[ ] Back into the room.
[x] Take a picture.
[ ] Talk to the girl.
[X] Talk to the girl.

[x] Take a picture.
[ ] Charge the Girl.

ok, so we somehow ended up in SDM? shit.

[Z] Talk to the girl.
make a diplomacy check.
[X] Talk to the girl.
Might as well introduce ourselves to our captors.
[x] Take a picture.
We could be anywhere, not necessarily SDM.
[x] Talk to the girl.
Diplomacy skill, go!
[ ] Talk to the girl.
[X] Talk to the girl.
No mames. How'd we end up here?

[x] Talk to the girl
[X] Talk to the girl.
[x] Take a picture
God Damn Tengu. The hell'd they take us here? To die horribly?
[X] Back into the room.

Status confirmed: We are fucked.
[ ] Talk to the girl.

So it was Patchy. Fuck, may as well be polite.
Patchu could just be sneaking in. Which would explain the surprised expression. "FUCK I'M CAUGHT"
[x] Talk to the girl.
We're pretty screwed now that we've ran into Patchy. Lets just hope Marisa hasn't gotten to her yet. Maybe she can give us some info.
I won that bet Fag
[X] Run.
Lets GTFO, she has orders to bring us back alive, run like hell, but run

[X] Talk to the girl.
[x]Talk to the girl.
Suppress any and all panicked jumpy reaction.
[X] Talk to the girl.

Let's be frank, if she's seen us then there's no way we can escape on foot. Our greatest skill seems to be diplomacy, perhaps we can sway her over to our side.
[X] Talk to the girl.

Worst twist ever.

Now we must win over Patchy, unless Marisa already has.
Guys, this isn't SDM. SDM doesn't have sliding doors.
Huh? Then what is Patchy doing here?
I already said, sneaking in. Trying to catch us sleeping. She failed. Picture time.
Considering we're facing down one of the SDM's inhabitants, I somehow think whether or not we're actually in the SDM itself is kind of irrelevant at this point.
She leaves her library plenty in IaMP.
Bringing us back to SDM or somewhere to get tortured.
Seems like i will finally get my Torture Scene. But probably not on orders of Reimu, maybe Remilia wants us for herself, cause we have some powers she can use for her or something.
We caught them, we have the surprise attack. We approached from behind, got the green swirl. Free attack. Use camera.
Maybe we got dragged to the Hakurei shrine? That definitely has sliding doors.
Interesting idea, but completely fails to consider whether or not we even HAVE the camera at this moment.

We were stripped completely naked, and as far as I can tell the ONLY thing we've gotten back is our clothes.
Now, you see, this is why I put "check invintory" in my last choice.

What level do we have to be at to develop cameraspace?
So would the Moriya Shrine. As would wherever the tengu live, I would think.

For that matter, pretty much any building that wasn't the SDM would have them.

Doesn't exactly narrow things down, really.
File 120832568641.jpg - (120.78KB, 400x400 , 1202802440880.jpg) [iqdb]

If you charge her, you she might kill you and/or you could lose a potential ally. Alice might have been all talk. I don't like this situation at all.
All we know is that we are most likely not at SDM and we have a surprised Patchy and we have the green swirl.
It could be any building around, does not mean it must be the shrine
[x] check inventory
[x] check inventory
>>and we have the green swirl

No offense, but:
What the fuck are you talking about?
Here's a crazy idea: maybe Patchu is on our side. Wishful thinking, I know.
Alice said she was interested in examining us. With Alice and Marisa and Reimu.
>"Also, whatever you used on Reimu left her severely weakened, and as such, both Patchouli and I were quite interested in whatever sort of miasma came forth and laid Reimu out. There could be many practical usages for something like that. Long story short, we want to study you. When we're done with you. Hum.. I've needed some new eyes for my dolls."
Crazy, but interesting.
For all we know, perhaps Reimu's behavior has caused even the SDM's residents to decide to go against her. All we know is that she was likely to try to recruit them. But that does not necessarily mean she succeeded.

Or we're, you know, fucked nine ways from Wednesday.
You encountered
the Sickly Magician!

The Sickly Magician
is in a daze...

[ ] Charge the Girl.

Who says that she is alone if she is so sickely. probably has her pet demon with her, or worse marisa
The last time we charged someone, we wound up with needles in our arm, and a fucking pissed of shrine maiden with supreme-level HAX powers on her side.

So, yeah. Charging straight at powerful beings works out well for us.
Quick inventory check reveals that you are in possession of box 1ea, Fluff 1ea. clothing (equipped) 1ea.
We could blame it on the fact that we're constantly under attack if she isn't an enemy somehow.
>Fluff 1ea.

I don't know why we are carrying around so many warhammer 40K sourcebooks, but we should wack her over the head with them and run away.

Or trade them.
[x] Throw fluff at patchu.
She left us no chance. We had to defend ourself
Raymoo rolled a 1 on her attack roll for that round of combat. We would've died if it weren't for that.
File 120832649788.jpg - (84.96KB, 450x626 , 1202226129166.jpg) [iqdb]
"My mind is telling me no,
But my body, my body's telling me yes.

...And so I pull out my gun/cock/camera/etc"

I can't do it. I just can't her her. She is too god damn moe/hot.
As far as I and all of Gensokyo are concerned, WE WON THAT FIGHT!

And we had the needles in our arms BEFORE we charged her. That's how she destroyed the camera and where the whole "WE JACKED MEDICINE'S POWER, LOL" idea came from. She gave us one free shot, and we took it and won! Let's be winners again, Anon. Take that anemic nerd out with our Manly Sign - ShouldGAR Tackle of the Legion!
Fluff does nothing
Oh wow. I come back to catch up on MiG, and find that we've gone from happy traveling with our Kappa/Tengu allies in one thread to one long, extended "OH SHI-" moment in the next.

...par for course really.
The two of you stand there, both seem to be frozen in shock, neither one wanting to make the first move. Realizing that nothing will happen at this rate, you greet the girl, and thank her for all her help. She smiles slightly, and starts coughing. She reaches into her sleeve, and pulls out a small device. Putting it in her mouth she presses down on the end sticking up in the air and inhales. Her coughing subsides quite quickly.
“You’re welcome. I take it that you’re feeling better now?”
You tell her that you’ve felt better.
“So, did the holes in your arm leave any scars?”
Scars? The arm feels much better, but, you hadn’t looked at it. You finally look at your arm and see that it is no longer bandaged, and it is as if the wounds were never there in the first place.
“That’s good. Well, I would love to stay and chat, but, unfortunately, I have to keep up appearances. Oh, before I forget,” Patchy opens up the book she’s carrying and pulls out the button, which she hands back to you. “You should hold on to this. I do believe that it will prove invaluable. On that note, I bid you adieu.”
Patchouli chants for a moment, then vanishes into thin air. You stand there dumbfounded. What on earth just happened? The button! You put the button back on quickly and try to contact Reisen. However, you hear footsteps coming towards you down the hall.

[ ] Back into the room.
[ ] Wait and see who it is.
[ ] Run the opposite way down the hall
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
Fluff is Spring.
That thinking got us in this situation now. Hunted down by Reimu and probably everyone other poweful being in whole Gensokyo with a few expections.
[ ] Back into the room.
[ ] Back into the room.

Patchy is love.

[x] Wait and see who it is.
[x] Prepare camera (if it's available}

[X] Back into the room.
>>She left us no chance. We had to defend ourself

By charging directly at someone who just beat us to the draw and put needles in our arm.
Frankly, that was less an attempt at defense, and more an attempt at suicide.
[ ] Back into the room.

MGS 'CAUTION' music is playing in your head manually
[X] Back into the room.
[x] Hide and see who it is, contact Reisen simultaneously

[X] Hide in the room.
[ ] Run the opposite way down the hall
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
Major Zero! Major Zero!
when the time comes we jump out behind their back and scream freeze
[X] Back into the room.
[X] Try to contact Reisen.

Best not to give up the fact that we're up and about if we're in hostile territory, and if we're in friendly or neutral territory than we want to be discovered. At the very least, we're not in the SDM, and there are many more Japanese-style buildings that would be neutral or supportive than those that would be negative.

Try and contact Reisen all the same, just to check and see if she's reunited with the others and has some idea of where you are.
[ ] Back into the room.

...wait. What the fuck just happened?

[x] Back into the room, contact Reisen. She must be worried sick, seriously.
[ ] Back into the room.
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.

Also, >>16286 here. Booyah.
So, if the whole capturing powers thing really works and we snap a picture of Remi, would that mean we could spear spam the opponent in a tought situation?
[Z] Back into the room.
File 120832690426.jpg - (72.43KB, 600x600 , 1205129269588.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh. I was not excepting that level of cooperation.... Either everyone in SDM is confident you have no chance to escape (very likely) or they aren't really on Reimu's side.

Thank you Patchi, you delicious tsundere. Thank you.

[x] Wait and see who it is.
(However, its obviously Sakuya with some food for us.)
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.

Forgot to add that afterwards. We just got the button back for a reisen. Heh
>>“That’s good. Well, I would love to stay and chat, but, unfortunately, I have to keep up appearances.”

Oh shit, Patchy's a double agent!
I already semi-proved it wasn't the SDM.
>“We’ll see if you still thank me when you wake up again”
Our Situation is still far from good. We dont know where the fuck we are and who the person is whose coming.
[x] Back into the room.
[x] Back into the room.
[x] Try to contact Reisen.

Better to be safe, and of course we're worried about Reisen, and the other way around as well.
[X] Back into the room.
[X] Try to contact Reisen.

...what the hell just happened?

>Well, I would love to stay and chat, but, unfortunately, I have to keep up appearances.

Either SDM is against Reimu, or Patchouli herself is interested in us, or at least keeping us alive.
And Kira has hinted at Patchy viewing us favorably before.

I think this is a good thing..."
I missed it. Can you link? I'd say its not SDM because Anon said it looks like Eientei (which as an eastern design while SDM has a western design). Also, Reisen said we have to be in close range for it to work, so surely we are still close to the mountain and therefor most likely at the MoF shrine.

All I'm saying is that if its not someone we like, then we can just jump out the window. But yeah, contacting Reisen is high priority.
wait... patchy has an inhaler?

That's where I did the proving.
It could be any Building around the Mountain.
Flying back into the room, you close the door behind you and hop onto the futon. The covers quickly are pulled up, and you pretend to be asleep. The footsteps in the hallway stop just in front of the door to the room that you’re currently in. There’s a slight noise as the door slides open slightly, and someone looks in. They watch for a moment before opening the door completely and walk in. The door slides shut behind them. The person walks over next to you and kneels down.

[ ] Pretend to wake up
[ ] Shout
[ ] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
Well, the good news is that wherever we are, it at the very least ISN'T the SDM.
On top of that, it seems that at least Patchoulli isn't entirely on Reimu's side. However, that might just be when no one else is around. She most likely won't be so helpful when in the company of the others.

The BAD news is, ally or not, Patchouli somehow knew exactly where we were. And if she could find out, I'm sure others could as well.

Wherever we are, I'm afraid it might not exactly be safe for very much longer. That is assuming, of course, that it's safe to begin with.
[ ] Pretend to wake up
[ ] Shout

[X] Pretend to wake up
If they wanted to kill us, we'd be dead by now.
Might as well get a good look at our captors.
[ ] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
[ ] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.

Also, >Flying back into the room

we able to fly now?
[ ] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
If it is a nonthreatening person and you suddenly jump out of bed at them, chances are they're going to respond with some form of violence.
[ ] Pretend to wake up
[X] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
Maybe we can take them by surprise if the person is hostile
[ ] Pretend to wake up
[X] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
[X] Continue to pretend you’re asleep.
[X] Continue to pretend you're asleep.

Feigning sleep can be a handy way to hear things that you wouldn't while awake.

It can, however, backfire.
File 120832775537.jpg - (83.46KB, 507x804 , 1202701018112.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Continue to pretend you’re asleep, but sneak a peek to find out who it is.

Its Aya. Where is her camera, Anon. Where's her camera?
File 120832775793.png - (3.35KB, 275x209 , untitled.png) [iqdb]

>>we able to fly now?

Figure of speech.
If it's Aya, what's to prevent her from killing us for stealing her camera and wasting two shots of film?
I didn't mean that aggressively, I meant it playfully.

I have to quick vote without details in order to at least get a qualifying vote in...
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
while heading
[x] Back into the room.
[X] Pretend to wake up

If they were as hostile as Reimu, we'd probably already have kicked the bucket.

We might as well try to find out who it is, and keep trying to contact Reisen if we're in a bad way.
[X] Pretend to wake up
>>If it's Aya, what's to prevent her from killing us for stealing her camera and wasting two shots of film?

FOUND. We FOUND her camera. She left it behind after she fled, and we simply picked it up and kept it with us.

Purely until we could reunite it with its proper owner. Of course.
Probably more surprised. If it is some foe we can quickly take him out, if its a friend shes just surprised
[ ] Pretend to wake up
[X] Pretend to wake up
>>If it is some foe we can quickly take him out

With WHAT? Our bit of fluff in our pocket? Reisen's button?
Maybe attempt to bludgeon them into submission with our box of hair?
We have arms and legs.
>>16367 Indeed, our options while laying in a bed are limited.
>With WHAT? Our bit of fluff in our pocket? Reisen's button?

I misread that as "Reisen's bottom."
>Manly Sign - ShouldGAR Tackle of the Legion!
I'd misread Reisens bottom if you know what I mean
While laying down in a bed?
And "they" have all sorts of magical HAX powers and deadly projectiles to shoot.

Meanwhile, Anon gets overpowered by dolls, was hit so hard by a little witch that he would have been floored if he wasn't being restrained, and so far the only real means of defending himself he neither currently has, nor has any idea of how to properly use even if he DID have it.
Not at all. This is the Fate route to the UBW of YWUiG.

....I really hope this doesn't mean Reisen travels back to the moon and then dies propped up against a tree at the end.
Well, we could improvise Manly Sign - Raep Pounce into an attack...
I thought this was HF with all the OH GOD WTF.
Wait until they are close, maybe leaning over us, open eyes, see whose there. If its someone we know who wants to kill or torture us tackle and pin down on the floor. We have to have at least some strenght, plus surprise on our side
Well, if it's any consolation, at least we'll give her some mana injections before it comes to that.
That's our little Anon.

So if that's Kaguya's scalp regenerating in the box, does that mean we'll have a severed head-Kaguya as comic-relief character in a day or so?
And apparently we now somehow have the super-human martial artist reflexes that we someone didn't have when we tried to pull the camera on Reimu and Alice, and failed horribly and miserably both times.

If we couldn't even manage to pull off a Kodak moment on Alice before she noticed and had her dollies take the camera away, I seriously doubt our reflexes would serve us any better trying to wrestle someone to the ground from a lying position.
While Kira's dream sequences is hollow ataraxia?
Someone once said that the three routes could be viewed as a way of how Shirou's guiding ideals turn out:
Fate: I can save everyone
UBW: I can save some people
HF: I can save one person

Given the size of our retinue, I'd say we're on the Fate route.
WUiG is Cirno, China, Patchy, Keine, and Mokou.
HF would be just Cirno, and maybe 1-2 other Touhous.
Just cause you have a limited comprehension, does not mean it is impossible.
Those times it was for sure we lose, they were standing right in front of us and Reimu is hax anyway. We shouldve waited for Alice to drop her guard. But this time it can work out. no need for superhuman relfexes
...wait, so you're thinking Eientei really was obliterated? Damn, there's another "aw, shit" moment for the thread. ...but that interpretation of Kaguya's regenerating hair in a box does make sense; plus that she pulled it off through dream hax is pretty cool.

...I wonder what Eirin's doing then, if she made it out.
If that's the case, I'd like to know just how the hell it happened.

Well, Yukari could pull it off, I suppose.

So, with Kaguya thought dead, we secretly are holding on to the key to her rebirth. And then, at some crucial moment she will burst out of the box to save us once again.

Then, when all is said and done, we shall join her in rebuilding Eientei, and spend the rest of our days in bliss, combing and stroking her hair as we surf the Internet together.
Just don't tell Mokou.
Alright guys, I'm falling asleep here, so this is it for the night. I'll probally run some more tomorrow before I have to work. Thursday and Friday I have off so I'll probally pull a whole day shift on those two days. G'night.
You lie there, continuing to pretend that you’re asleep. You hear something being put down. It sounds like a tray. The person then shakes you gently, and speaking in a calm voice.
“It’s time to wake up. C’mon. wake up.” You pretend to be coming to and look up into the face of a young girl. She has dark green hair and . . . Orange eyes? What? Hiding your confusion, you start to sit up. Next to the girl is a tray with some food on it. You ask the girl where you’re at. She giggles.
“You’re at the Moriya shrine. Please relax and don’t worry. The tengu have informed me that they’ve located your friends and are currently bringing them up the mountain. It wouldn’t do for you to be in no shape to greet then when they get here.” She places the tray over your legs. “Eat, Eat. I have other matters to attend to before your friends get here, so please, Eat. Then you should relax for a while. It will take them a while to get here. They apparently insisted on taking the wagon.”
You dig into the plate of food before you. It’s all quite good, as you were apparently quite a bit hungrier than you thought you were. Once you’re done, you lay back down on the futon and stare at the ceiling. You decide to try the button again, hoping it still works. But, nothing happens. You concentrate strongly on the button, but you hear no reply. You try again a few more times before a curt reply comes.
<Shut up. I’m not speaking to you right now.>
Hoo boy, This is not good. You only hope that Reisen’s sentiment isn’t reflected by the rest of the group, however, something tells you that they will be. You sigh to yourself. Why were you so stupid to let a goddess of curses and misfortune carry you off? Really. You only hope that they’ll forgive you, given some time. The wind blows in through the door, which the girl left open. You hear the wind rustling through the trees outside. It’s quite warm today and the overall feeling is quite pleasant. You let your mind wander. Well, at least you finally made it to the Moriya shrine, so you guess that’s one mission accomplished, albeit in a round about method. You sigh again. It looks like today's gonna be a long day.
>><Shut up. I’m not speaking to you right now.>

Also, Patchy wandering around in the Moriya shrine? Suspicious!

Get Reisen or someone to check out the codec immediately, I reckon it's been bugged.
So much for the epic bath.
Good Night Kira.
Those 2 Threads were epic
Wooohooooo! Sanae is apparently sane, and we haven't been eaten by The Hat!

Reisen being ticked at us is slightly less awesome though. And I do wonder what Hina did after dropping us, and how Patchy managed to find us....
Fuck. I actually like Reisen. We'll have to be extra-nice when she gets back. With carrots. And meat-carrots.
No. We can rebuild it. We have the hair ruffles.

Plus I can kind of see her giving us the silent treatment until we get her alone, then her ice queen facade melts and she breaks down in our arms sobbing saying "You idiot, I was so worried."

SO what is our excuse? When they ask what the fuck we were doing allowing ourselves to be carried off what do we say? Note that I fear Hina may actually be present so be careful what we say.
File 120833015387.jpg - (2.79KB, 195x90 , untitled.jpg) [iqdb]


Still, everyone's alright.

Also, I had no idea Patchy ever left the SDM, still in her pajamas no less.
Well, we wanted to have our misfortune cleared up, didn't we?

Stupid misfortune...
File 120833018950.jpg - (287.09KB, 562x800 , Sanae Kotiya111.jpg) [iqdb]
Man, I was just going to say how we could get off of the hook and end Reisen being pissed at us by explaining the situation, but then i realized that would be saying "Hey, it's totally not my fault! I thought I was gonna get LAID! Can't help that!" or something to that effect.
God damnit, we fucked up bad.
I say we apologize for being impressionable retard, loudly.
>Why were you so stupid to let a goddess of curses and misfortune carry you off? Really. You only hope that they’ll forgive you, given some time.

I fucking KNEW this was going to happen.

Okay, damage control time:
Tell them that we wanted to ask her about using her powers to curse-bomb Reimu & Co.

As for why we needed to fly off with her...
...We wanted her to be as agreeable as possible, given that we were asking her to go up against the Red-White and Black-White, AKA the fucking Gensokyo Freelance Police?

(for those wondering, Reimu would be Sam, Marisa would be Max.)

Our excuse? We wanted to shed some misfortune, which is practical enough; this is hardly the time for misfortune. We just didn't bargain on Hina trying to take us away to do it, or on her dropping us.

Hopefully Reisen forgives us, and the little sister squad isn't too angry. We'll just have to treat everyone nicely, and give them a little time to themselves now and again. As long as we're repentant, but not smothering, we ought to be in the clear.

Good call, something like this:

"Hina was talking about making some kind of deal to do with getting rid of my misforture, I guess the bad luck caught me before I could do anything about it. What do you expect from the goddess of curses?"
Just say Hina lied and abducted you, nobody believes her anyway.
Well, I'm sure she'll be happy to learn that Patchy may be a valuable ally. Aside from that? We done fucked up. Right after we made that awesome speech for her, too...
>Get Reisen or someone to check out the codec immediately, I reckon it's been bugged.
I suppose it'd be too much to hope that this is the reason she's not speaking to us right now.

...yeah, I thought so. Stupid, horny Anon! Pick a target and stick with it, already!
You ever really look at your fingernails?

Fucking fingernails. I spent thirty minutes in the bathroom, just looking. You know the bottom of your nail, right, where it meets that flap of skin? You can pull that further down, you know. That flap of skin.

Don't do it.

I mean, I mean, you pull a little, and it's alright, so you pull a little more and it's still alright but then you pull and there's pain, and it's a different kind of pain and you don't know how but it's a different kind of pain, and that flap is all saggy, now, tugged out of shape, and you realize, you know, how barely your body is put together--

And how far does the nail extend down the finger, anyway? How far under the flap of skin? So you feel it, right? With your other hand, you sort of--pinch your finger, feeling the bones inside it, from the tip to the joint because you realize by then, right, that it's bone. The nail is bone, it's bone, it's bone and you've chewed on it and cut it and broken it on tabletops and it's bone.

It's bone.
Copypasta? In my MiG thread?
go back to bed james frey

Hold on.

Sorry, I kind of forgot the--my point, there. Give me a second. I need to think, again...

Routes. I mean, not routes, but the path you take--path is the same as routes, but the path you take to sort of get on the routes, you know what I'm saying? They're like fingernails. They go all the way down, and you have to make sure you don't get caught in the clippers. Trim the edges, that's what Mom always told me. It's the edges that get cut down the most, see? The middle of your fingernail's the part that sticks out the most.

You've got to follow your fingernail all the way down, and if you've done all right, sometimes there's happiness at the very end.
And by happiness I mean Reisen.
So you're saying, give Reisen a pedicure?
>><Shut up. I’m not speaking to you right now.>

Oh, sure. I'd be pissed off that once again Anon did something extremely and blatantly stupid and now must pay the price for it. I mean, seriously, who the fuck thought that going off with a goddamn CURSE GODDESS was a remotely good idea? HONESTLY.

BUT, we did wind up at our destination. We did get healed up, so even our old injury from Reimu is gone. And, we may have learned something very interesting about Patchouli's allegiance.

Oh, and that Eientei was probably decimated, and we now apparently have the last remains of the delicious NEET growing from some hair in a box.

But now Reisen is mad at us, most likely due to finding out just HOW and WHY we disappeared like we did. I'd wager either the tengu or Hina herself tipped everyone off on that little tidbit. After that attempt to get closer to her and boost her spirits, we probably just shattered her image of us.

Way to go, guys. Let's just hope that our relationship is still salvageable, and that whatever horrible crisis that strikes next will quickly make whatever idiotic thing we did be quickly forgotten, if not forgiven.

File 120833084454.jpg - (28.83KB, 357x364 , inababox1reaction.jpg) [iqdb]


Yeah. Girls like pedicures, don't they? I've seen them before, lined up in a row, you know, all of them wearing those metal things on the heads with their hair in rolls beneath them. But I don't know if it's what most girls like or some girls or the biased sample I've got sitting around at that nail salon I used to pass by when I was a little kid, you know--it could just be the neighborhood.

But if she likes it, go for it.

As soon as she learns that her home and friends have been burninated, I'm sure Anon's faggotry will be the farthest thing from her mind.
[x] Start thinking up some erotic thoughts about Reisen. "Well, you said you weren't listening..."
"Don't feel so bad, Reisen! I mean, sure, once again you find yourself in a situation where you left your friends and loved ones behind to die a horrible and painful death. But look on the bright side! I have some hair in a box!"
File 120833129872.gif - (24.39KB, 590x288 , sammax.gif) [iqdb]
In case Hina told them what was going on, we should state that we never had any intention of boning her, although certainly not in those words. Just say instead that we thought she was joking, after all, you can't REALLY do that with a llama, and surely she was just trying to be friendly and joking, right..."
Insert a horrified look here if Hina says that no, you really can.
And then continue on, saying we wanted to talk to her about dumping the curses on Reimu, and wanting to seem as agreeable as possible before asking her to challenge, yes, the Gensokyo Freelance Police.

And for the love of god, don't get defensive. That will sink our story and our credibility.

None of this will mean *shit* if Reisen picked up our conversation with Hina and/or the thoughts we had during said conversation. Might want to see how much she knows, first.
I'd still stick to the cursebomb story.

Also ask to talk to Reisen privately, and tell her about the dream, and the box, and what it might mean.
Not talking, she didn't say not listening.


We'll brush it off with Kamina style arrogance.
File 120833167453.jpg - (269.86KB, 722x716 , doitnagi.jpg) [iqdb]
I support this idea wholeheartedly! Worst case scenario, she kills herself since she has no button to use telepathy with, it goes DIRECTLY into her head. We'll get some reaction/talk/reprimanding then!
Don't intentionally irritate the poor girl.

She was worried sick about us and our wellbeing, practically blaming herself for not noticing or being able to help in the search, only to find out that we disappeared because we were trying to get our winky wet with a curse goddess.

The silent treatment and a cold shoulder are the least that we deserve after that.
I think we should just explain away our actions as the result of having a severe, sometimes crippling multiple-personality disorder.

Sometimes the voices override our better judgment and common sense, and cause us to do things that are not right to do.
Anon is right. We totally have this coming. Let her cool off for a bit, then go to her on bended knee and beg forgiveness. I'm sure this state of affairs ain't nohow permanent.
You know, personally? I'm quite looking forward to a universal cold shoulder from the group for some reason.

I dunno why but it appeals to me, I mean we're traveling with a group of all girls + anon so they're likely to band against us.

I think it'll make for a very sweet moment when finally they break down and forgive us after giving us a hard time.

It'll start with Rumia comforting us
>>"I'm sorry oni-chan. Rumia isn't mad at you any more."
The wee' Youkai will open up the flood gates on the rest of them and a pure torrent of pent up female emotion will rain down on anon as each girl equally berates us for being a moron and expresses their great relief we're okay.

All except Reisen, she'll simply humph at us and stalk off.

Later that night, we visit her in her room. Here she resists our attempts to reconcile until we tug the exactly right heart string and she collapses into our waiting (manly) arms where she'll beat on our chest as sobs rack her body until finally......

Hawt make up dickings!


Are you guys saying that there wasn't any misfortune-ridding ritual in the first place?
Our horndog nature got us into this mess; I hardly find it realistic to expect that relying on them again will get us back out.

(Yes, I realize I just invoked realism in an argument about how to make up with a bunny-girl from the moon. No, I don't have a problem with this. Yes, that does actually worry me somewhat.)
File 120833427379.jpg - (7.75KB, 148x150 , shirou face.jpg) [iqdb]
Forgot your Shirou.jpg
We were healed blindfolded and naked! We ran into Patchi miles away from SDM. We don't know WHAT the fuck is going on or has gone on anymore.

We must focus on the matter at hand, our bullet-barraging, psychosis-inducing bunnygirl is pissed at us! GFPD be damned, we need to address this issue first!
Just to point out, to show how awesome Kira is at this...

Anyone note patchy had an inhaler?
Anyone remember us identifying such an item way way way waaaaaaay back?

... I spot continuity there.
Chapter or archives, please. I started around Rumia chewing our arm off.
We're in Moriya Shrine, the natives seem friendly, and our companions are being brought to us. The present seems as taken care of as we can manage at the moment. However, said compatriots may be (quite justifiably) steamed at us. Figuring out some way to make up to them does not seem to me such a waste of our time at the moment. Well, not any more of a waste of time as this thread is anyway, at least.

I noticed that, but hadn't really thought about the implications until you brought it up. Maybe now we have a clue as to where Kourin's been hiding out since the shit went down.
Rinnosuke is like an arms dealer, working both sides of the conflict.
Primary objective "RUFFLE QUEST" partially complete.
Primary objective "PSYCHO MIKO" incomplete.
** Secondary objective "INHALER QUEST" complete. **
Bonus objective "REISEN ROUTE" incomplete.
Thank you Guy Who Points Out Threads With That Guy Who Archives Threads links!
I don't know if anyone else thought of this, but I was thinking that somehow Reimu & co. stole the wagon, and Reimu stole Reisen's button things. It sort of makes sense after Reisen said none of the others would answer her, and then we were disconnected from her. Plus, Patcy being there is just far too suspicious.
1. Reisen doesn't have a button.
2. Sanae said the group is coming with the wagon.
3. Reisen, since she can't walk, was with the wagon the entire time while the group went to search for you.

Although Reisen's cold remark may indicate the button's being tapped, I believe the picture's as Kira has painted it. Reisen's pissed for us disappearing (or rather at herself for not noticing, and doing the womanly thing of taking it out on someone else), Patchi's under orders from someone to help us (although that "I can't bring you back dead" bit means we have a sure ticket (one-way?) to SDM more sooner than later...), and the groups safe and sound amongst the Tengu ninjas.
Why does Reisen not hear the voices that tell anon
what to do.

She knows. She knows all too well.
Fuck, I take a leave for one night and Anon`s fucked something up already. Great.
We really got to find a different catchphrase than this for MiG...
Wow. This was pretty awesome, nice change of scenery. Also, didn't really expect Pacthy.
But what happened to Hina? Isn't anybody worried about sweet little Hina?!
File 120834611068.jpg - (21.83KB, 240x320 , marisaze.jpg) [iqdb]
>Isn't anybody worried about sweet little Hina?!

It was an accident, and who knows what happened to her. Maybe she fell too, and now is in terrible danger!
So why did Anon choose to fly off with Hina anyway?
File 120834930230.jpg - (61.78KB, 550x550 , 1205128887069.jpg) [iqdb]
Patchy the G-Man of Gensokyo.
There, I said it.

Well I could see that coming...
So, I was thinking, for Hina, the technique for removing curses from a human is similar to how we remove wastes from our body, except with cum. Instead of removing wastes, we're letting the curses flow in to her via our ejaculate. Thoughts?

Get rid of our bad luck (possibly storing it in Hourai Doll).

Curse Reimu into an undead zombie.

The sex would be completely incidental of course.


except we transfer bad luck instead of mana
I'd let my curses flow in to Hina, if you know what I mean.
I would prefer to charge Reisen with mana.
Angry moon bunny and silent treatment or not, does anyone else think it might be wise to still try to tell her that one of our potential enemies was in the shrine, and knows where we are?
File 120836181149.png - (181.77KB, 550x550 , reisen017.png) [iqdb]

Huh. I'm kind of torn.

The fewer people that know Patchy seems to be a double-agent, the less likely it is that the information will be leaked to our opposition. It might be safer to keep this to ourselves.

On the other hand, hiding things from our friends could cause some trust issues when and if they find out. The last thing we need are (more) trust issues.

It's tough.
If nothing else, I think we could at least tell Reisen and have her keep it from the others unless absolutely necessary.

It wouldn't be good if the info got out (assuming it's even true) but it also could work against us if we kept EVERYONE out of the loop.

Besides, after she opened up to us, and showed enough trust to not only let us connect mind-to-mind but to tell us about her past, it would be very poor of us to not trust her enough with some rather interesting and potentially crucial intel like this.

If Patchouli could find out where we were, then it's probably certain that Reimu and company are bound to discover our location eventually. And if the Moriya shrine isn't going to be safe for long, then both its residents and our friends have a right to know.
I agree, Reisen should be the person we trust with our info. She's our lieutenant, Cirno is sergeant, Wriggle is Corporal and Rumia is Private.

Although I do fear that she'll stab us in the back if Eientei turn on us for some reason, but even then I'd forgive her.
>Reisen doesn't have a button.
Why the hell does everyone keep saying that? There are 2 buttons, she has the other one.

>“AH! I am missing a button.” She looks up at you for a second, her face screwed up in thought.
>“I wonder. . . Maybe if you wore the button, we could communicate telepathically! Where’s the button?”

>Reisen's rabbit ears, strangely, always have two accouterment-like buttons on them. It looks like the ears were linked to Reisen's head by buttons. Many fans made fun of this and said Reisen's rabbit ears were artificial. However, Silent Sinner in Blue chapter 8 showed other rabbits in the Lunar Defense Corps for the first time, and they also have the same buttons on straight ears, unlike the floppy ears of "civilian" Earth and Moon rabbits.
That's why it's even more crucial that we go all James Bond and turn her allegiance to us before any possible Eientei backstabbing occurs.

Sure, it means she'll wind up most likely dying when she betrays her masters for our sake, but that's the way it goes.
We'll hold her in our arms, comfort her as the life leaves her body, and swear revenge.
Then, when their underground moon base explodes, we'll be sitting on a yacht drinking martinis and waiting for the sequel, where we'll forget all about her.
See that's why I'd rather her betray us now. We'll win in the end any way and the power struggle will be over so Eientei will be neutral to us again.

We visit her after it's all blown over, she will have survived because her faction didn't need to elminate her and we can forgive her. Cue a new adventure to relive the "good old days", roll credits while we ride off into the sunset with her.
I'd just as soon there be no betrayal, period.
Has there even been any hint that something like that would happen, anyway?

For all the trouble everyone in Eientei went to take care of us and protect us, I somehow can't see them just deciding out of the blue to suddenly sell us out. Whatever is going on, it's enough to make Kaguya and Mokou (brain-damaged or not) willing to set aside their differences and put on hold a vicious grudge they've kept going non-stop for centuries to oppose THE most powerful being in the land.
We can't let Reisen die.
We need her in order to cast our Dual Tech, Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken.
G Gundam refrence. If you don't get it, you're not missing anything.
Thank god.

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