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16002 No. 16002
GM brought this on herself.

<GM> After this, why do I have the feeling of impending MY WAIFU threads.

<GM> Truth be told, I actually do kind of resemble Patchy, but Yukari the most, definitely.

So it had to be done.

GM IS MAI WAIFU (pic related)

No. 16004
lol wut
No. 16005
GM is pretending to be a girl. He's actually Dan Kim.
No. 16009
>>I actually do kind of resemble Patchy

Read: Pasty, book worm, anti social, fancies a bit of Marisa.
No. 16020
>>Read: Pasty, book worm, anti social, fancies a bit of Marisa.

No. 16036

Never said it's a bad thing, bonus points for purple hair. By comparing her self to Yukari we can assume GM is blond.
No. 16044
GM has a bigger dick than I do
No. 16045

GM is a slut?
No. 16046
I don't suppose you've heard her sing?
Or do you mean to say she's futa? In which case, it's all good in the hood.
No. 16055
Oh well, In the end I think GM should attention whore less and either

A: Get that DND session going
B: Get back to work on WUIG
No. 16056
No. 16057
The GM is dead, all hail the GW
No. 16058
She is not attention whoring at all. We're just giving it like the mongrels we are. She said she's working out a plan. Knowing her, she'll delivering.
No. 16060
>>I actually do kind of resemble Patchy, but Yukari the most, definitely.

Seems like attention whoring to me.
No. 16061

If I were GM, this would be nothing more than a diversionary tactic. It's all part of a grander strategy kids.
No. 16063
Everyones doing that. Everyone wants that the sun shines on them
No. 16064
Protip: Everyone's an attention whore.
No. 16067

Thats why we have so many writers.
No. 16068
Kiras doing it to screw with our Mind.
No. 16071

Yeah, but that's the point. I don't care if GM attention whores or not, but stop doing it instead of writing.
No. 16075
She's preening a little bit like an attention whore, but anon is probably throwing out the red carpet for her in the first place
No. 16091
The accused faggotry may have been avoided if there hadn't been a move from /jp/ in the first place: I don't think it's a necessary result of Anonymous liking YWUIG.

It seems the slower and smaller the board, the more people tend to fill it with anti-content (blogging & TMI, two-person dialogs, tripfaggotry, emoticons, etc.).
No. 16096

I think the move has gone well, sure a lot of people use trips here but the lack of trolls and overall faggotry make up for it.
No. 16117
faggotry never gone down. Only the YWUIG threads. But that was to be expected
No. 16210
How did the AIM DnD thing go down, anyway? For reasons, I have no immediate plans of ever using AIM again, but I'm interested.
No. 16223
Well enough that we haven't been getting WUIG in awhile.
No. 16258

It's basically just getting a feel for who wants to do it at this point. GM is still planning it all out.
No. 16443
She was specifically asked.
No. 16444
While we are having this kind of a thread, before I knew GM was a she, I used to say I'd have his manbabies. Now that I know she's a woman, would that mean I would like to have her womanbabies?
No. 16447

Unless the question was "What touhou would you say look most like?", then it still stands.
No. 16448
It was.
No. 16449
The game.
No. 16450

Oh, I take it back then. This fault lies primarily at the anons whom are going a bit too far with sucking GM's cock.


No. 16457
>Truth be told, I actually do kind of resemble Patchy, but Yukari the most, definitely.

if and when a picture of GM gets posted, I am envisioning universal unlimited facepalm works.

remember fred-chan?
No. 16462

Well, actually, I kind of resemble Rinnosuke.
No. 16481
oh u
No. 16482
oh u
No. 16484

And I resemble Sakuya
No. 16485

You have a penis?
No. 16489
and wears pads.
No. 16616
No. 16898

No. 16939
No. 21215
File 120871726716.png - (132.82KB , 450x500 , 1204390453460.png ) [iqdb]
More fitting image than OP.
No. 21220

oh lawd

in b4 dont insult my waifu!!!11
No. 21222

Damn 11s need to hurry up and make more of this stuff. Soon there'll be a fat touhou pic for any situation.
No. 21225
and wuig clones with fat toehoes
No. 21227

That would be like fuig only replace the breasts choice with *squeeze*.
No. 21228
As someone who used to write stories for the BBW community, I'm tempted.
No. 21229

That would probably take off too. Christ how many of us are into this stuff?
No. 21231
File 120871800943.jpg - (69.03KB , 700x800 , 298_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 21242
A wuig clone of this would have to be caked in comedy. There'd be considerable backlash from anons that don't like the idea of their favourite touhoe being a blob but if it stayed funny it'd probably work.
No. 21246
>Christ how many of us are into this stuff?

I don't even want to know.
No. 21248
File 120871955599.jpg - (144.54KB , 426x673 , chinlarger.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is now a touhou fatty thread.
No. 21251
File 120871981345.jpg - (86.51KB , 508x733 , 1199647262.jpg ) [iqdb]
On an unrelated note have some healthy healthy patchy.
No. 21260
Let's not turn GM into a CamWhore now.

Let's remember that for the longest time, GM was a proper Anon, even in the face of inconvenience. And so GM will remain an Anon as I see it.
No. 21270
GM was an Alice tripfag
No. 21272

No. 21273

Yeah, but he posted WUIG under Anon.

I kind of think he should go back to Anon, As it's not like we have people trolling here.
No. 21275

>As it's not like we have people trolling here.

There is trolling here it just doesn't last long. Giving them the chance to disrupt wuig wouldn't be a wise thing to do based solely on anon's pride.
No. 21281
Psh. I'm the guy who posted the fat Yukari. I'm just being silly and having some good funny. I know GM wouldn't taken anything I, or any of you, say seriously. She'd find this just as funny as we do.
No. 21571
File 120874879840.jpg - (37.56KB , 362x540 , healthypatch.jpg ) [iqdb]
GM resembles Patchy?
No. 21576
oh god....why you do this?
No. 21587
Thread re-hidden.
No. 21627
File 120875038323.jpg - (39.11KB , 434x595 , 1204341320290.jpg ) [iqdb]
And since GM's first tripcode was Alice...
No. 21639

No. 21658
/r/ Keineblob
No. 21690

Such a gem does not yet exist. When it does it will get its own thread and all will rejoice. Or despair. Or both.
No. 21873
How about a WUIG thread?
No. 25094
Yeah, GM probably is a fatty.
No. 30107
<3 GM.
No. 30115
I wish I could hate you to death. Why did you bump this thread?
No. 30133

No. 30168
how the hell is this thread even still on the goddamn board after the shit storm?
No. 30263
It is a mystery.