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File 134144164223.jpg - (74.79KB, 640x627 , snes-1st-generation-in-box-011707.jpg) [iqdb]
"Hah!" you exclaim as you land the final hit on the boss, and watch him explode in retro glory. Setting down the controller on your SNES, you commence a little victory dance. A couple of pelvic thrusts, a spin move, a failed attempt at a moonwalk, ending with a dramatic fist to the sky.

Yeah, you're a badass.

Settling down, you watch the credits roll. "1994, huh. Still holds up to the test of time." You would think that knowing the game inside and out would allow you to rush through a replay, but you still ended up with 20 deaths. 7 of them on the final boss. Good thing you knew about that respawning bat on that one stage that drops 1ups.

Turning off the SNES, you check the time and see that its a quarter to midnight. Remembering that you have work the next day, you decide that its time to hit the sack. Taking a quick glance around your room before you cut the lights, you see your figurines, game posters, game consoles (luv), your 80" tv that you saved for months to get (one of your better investments if you do say yourself), and your bed. Two of your posters seem to hold your attention for longer than anything else, though.

One is of Samus standing in a misty blue compartment in her fusion outfit,hull damage and mostly broken equipment around her, and a couple of creatures in the background trying to sneak up on her. She's standing on a part of the floor that is broken upwards, with her cannon held pointing up by her head, braced with her other hand. You had seen the picture online, and thought it would make an excellent poster(you were right), so you used the interwebs to get the picture made into a poster and sent to you. Took about 2 weeks, but it was worth it.

The other poster is an Ocarina of Time poster. It has Link in his child form playing his ocarina in front of himself as an adult dead center, sword and shield at the ready with navi floating above. Behind him is also a pillar of light which helps to divide the poster into two sides. On the left shows the past, with young Zelda being held by her guardian Impa. Behind that is a close up of Gannondorf with a sinister grin, and Hyrule Castle during the daytime. To the right of the light pillar has adult Link riding on Epona with bow at the ready, a smaller close up of Shiek, three skeleton soldiers in armor and green gloves, a close up of adult Zelda, and the transformed Hyrule Castle with the dark storm above. It was badass, and you just had to have it.

As you turn off your light and enter dreamland, your thoughts revolve around one of the two

[ ] Metroid poster
[ ] Zelda poster

Sup guys. I'm new at this and wanna try my hand, so bear with.Criticism will be accepted, flames will be ignored. Cali fag here, but will try to update whenever possible
also guys, how do i trip?
First thing: Don't actually put your email address in the email field.

Second: To do a tripcode if you think you need it, put a # or ## directly after your name followed by some characters to create your trip.
[x] Zelda poster
No Earthbound? For shame.
[x] Metroid Poster

Proofreading, spaces after punctuation, etc.

You're posting during the summer dry spell, so I guess you won't get buried yet.
[x] Metroid poster
It's just the better series, is all.
>better series
>Other M
What's Other M? I've never heard of such a thing. You must be high.
>Better Series
>Philips CDi
[x] Zelda poster

Because why not.
>implying the CDi games are canon like Other M
Hey look at this, /blue/ turned into /th/! Lets all talk about how much we hate ddyk!

Fucking retard.

[x] Metroid poster

I'd say Zelda, But honestly, I want to spite Other M anon.
[x] Metroid poster

I hope you have a real plan and not planning on coasting on the retrogaming gimick.
If this is going to be Metroid, I'm going to be deeply disappointed if Sanae's not the one taking Samus' place.

What's the matter? Still hating Sakamoto's guts for making Other M?
[x] Metroid poster
Because females fit in better in Gensokyo
[x] Metroid poster

What can I say, I love Fusion. Although it probably would have been Zelda if it was A Link to The Past poster.
It's more like /v/ goes to /th/.
I also don't see a Castlevania option. How can this be?!

[X] Zelda poster
Ok, I see where this is going. I wanted to get one more post in before i go to sleep, so Metroid won. Writing.
btw: this choice just served to direct anon's build down the line.
[x] Zelda poster
Because although neither of them are all that retro, Ocarina of Time is older than Metroid Fusion.

Also, skeleton enemies in Legend of Zelda are always called Stalfos, not skeletons.

That might be because Expectation of Sanguine Disorder and maybe a few others already did the Castlevania thing.
Another tip: You dont tell us what choices do what.
Why not?
Because that means no choice.
It doesn't matter if it's after the fact, though eh should have been more upfront about it. Character creation type choices aren't the most popular.
wasn't saying that this choice was between Link-anon and Samus-anon. Yes it was going to be game related, it was just helping me figure out which way I was gonna run it
Yeah, that would involve too much critical thinking and all that, and fuck thinking, we want instant gratification even if it comes at the cost of plot and/or characterization!

Ganon's name was misspelled "Gannon" in the NES Zelda games. Ever since, Ganon has been "Ganon", and Ganondorf has always been "Ganondorf".
Gannon Banned.
Do you ever think before you speak or do you always assume things? My intent was that such choices TEND to annoy anon because it comes off as the writer being indecisive/not knowing what to do.
File 134147422580.jpg - (187.40KB, 1000x500 , in-the-woods2.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Metroid poster

As you shut your eyes, your attention settles on the Metroid poster. Seeing how you had placed it above your bed, it naturally would be the last thing you see before sleep. Sadly, it's only serving as a placeholder until your Super Metroid poster comes in. It was a good game, but Super Metroid was just better in your opinion. Charge shots to anything that moves, trying to get the timing of the wall jump right, cool boss fights, and that heart wrenching moment when the baby metroid saves you. As you think about running through some levels, you fall blissfully asleep.

Sunlight streaming across your face gently coaxes you awake. You reach out to grab your alarm clock and check the time, but you can't quite reach it. Maybe it was knocked over? You've been known to silence your alarm in your sleep, maybe you moved it then. Finally deciding to open your eyes, you are surprised (to say the least) to find that your alarm is gone. In fact, your entire room is gone and you are laying in the middle of a clearing in what looks to be some woods.

As you stand up, you try to figure out what the hell is going on. Where are you? How did you get here (wherever "here" is)? How did you not notice that you were on grass? Are you still dreaming?

You remember people always try to use pain to figure out if they are dreaming, except for that one movie where the characters each had an object they used as a tell. Either way, you didn't make one, did you? You quickly check your pockets for anything, but come up empty handed. Too bad. That idea out the window, you question with what method you wish to cause yourself clarity. You could go with the tried and true pinch. A pinch could be fabricated, though. Maybe something with a little more oomph. If you do wanna go down that path, you could bash your head against a tree. You think you can hear a stream nearby. You could try a splash of cold water as well. You could also do nothing. Just accepting it as a dream or as reality and plodding along accordingly, whether or not you go through with your little test.

[ ] Go with the pinch
[ ] Clench those teeth!
[ ] Splish splash
[ ] Fuck it (nothing)

[ ] Still dreaming
[ ] Reality's a bitch
[x] Reality's a bitch
[x] Reality's a bitch

Would be my first reaction
[x] Splish splash
[x] Reality's a bitch
Well, things seem slow right now, and i have work. I won't have a way to post, but i will check up on this and try to get a post up when possible. Expect a day or 2
[x]Let's see you grit those teeth!

We dont need to take the wimps way out. We're so manly we can bash our heads against a tree!
[x] Reality's a bitch

Thou arth a heartless bitch.
[x] Splish splash
[x] Reality's a bitch
[x] Splish splash
[x] Reality's a bitch
- [x] MC's name/gender: Reality/F
File 134154793622.jpg - (126.23KB, 512x632 , shocked-1a.jpg) [iqdb]
You feel as though it would be pointless to try to deny your predicament. You really are standing in the middle of a forest. Doesn't really matter how you got here (though that's definitely something you want to find out), what matters is where you go from here.

Calming down, you take a closer look at your surroundings. The clearing is about 30 feet across, with a large hollowed out log to your left. There are a couple of berry bushes in front of you near the edge of the clearing. You can hear the gurgling of that stream off to your right. You can't see it, but it's probably not that far. Behind you is just the denser part of the forest.

Looking up at the sun, you can kinda tell that it's around noon. There are a couple of clouds rolling by, and some birds can be heard singing to their mates.

It's actually pretty peaceful.

You feel as though you could just sit here looking at the clouds roll by for a while.


You freeze. Hearing noises like that when you've been dumped in a random forest usually isn't good. Especially when it sounds like its close.

[ ] Investigate the noise
[ ] Get ready to fight
[ ] Run
[ ] Wait for your inevitable death
[x] Run
Also forgot, if fighting, explain how: find weapon, fists, etc.
[x] Run
-[x] At a brisk walk though. We don't want to make the unknown predator think we're some kind of prey species bolting.

Seriously, running just makes them angrier.
I'm surprised. I kinda expected anon to be curious. Oh well, running won. Writing
File 134157369975.jpg - (156.85KB, 500x375 , sunset in the woods.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Run

Whatever is making that sound, you don't want to stick around to find out what it is. Or what it could do to you. The thought sends shivers down your spine. With this in mind, you do what any normal person would do in your situation. You run, bolting out of the clearing, through the berry bushes and into the woods. The branches scratch at your legs and arms, and some of the berries get smooshed on your clothes. Looking back, you still don't see anything, but you don't wanna take any chances. You don't feel like dying yet.

Running as fast as you can, you serpentine through the trees to try to lose whatever it is. You hear another growl, and notice that it still sounds like its right next to you. You conclude that either it is just as fast as you are, and is trying to keep up; or it's playing with you, like a cat would with a mouse. You sincerely hope that it's the first, because you really don't want to know the level of despair you would fall to if it was the second. You would do anything in your power to escape until the end, but it would just really blow to know that you're boned no matter what you do.

As you slowly start to slip into despair, your body goes into auto-pilot, while your mind begins to drift. If this is to be your end, it's better to think of fond things, instead of long claws ripping out your throat, or sharp teeth digging out your entrails; your lifeblood splashing everywhere, dying the world red...

Wait, weren't you supposed to be thinking about good things? Like the time you saved up enough money as a kid to finally buy yourself a copy of FF7. You spent hours and hours on that game, grinding in each area to make sure all your characters were several levels above any enemy there. Bosses were never a problem. You even made sure EVERY materia you could find was maxed out. Your only troubles were fighting Emerald Weapon (too much materia), and the sadness you felt when your best character was ceremoniously defeated by the hands of a cutscene. You knew the true power of a healer, and your rage was unsurmountable when you checked the internet and found out that there was NO chance of revival. You asked your mom to make a special dinner for the occasion, and ate it while watching the funeral scene.

Thinking of food, your mind drifts towards all the foods that you will no longer be able to eat. You remember the tiramisu you shared with Becky when you tried to ask her out (she turned you down, saying that she didn't want to lose you as a friend, or some bullshit like that). It was delicious, and kept your spirits from dropping too far. All your delicious egg meals, whether it be a specially cooked omlette, scrambled, sunny side up, or even mixed in with your noodles occasionally. No matter how you cooked them, they never let you down.


Oh shit! That growl is even louder than before. It must be getting impatient. Gotta focus.You've been running for a while, and sunset is approaching. You can keep running, but you're getting really tired, and probably won't hold out for very much longer. You could stand and fight. You might be larger than it and can attempt to keep it from killing and eating you. This is a forest, so you could also try to stop and hide somewhere. Up a tree might be safer than on the ground, but you could always try hiding inside something. The option to give up is still also open. Even though you said a little while ago that you would fight to the end, you still know that facing whatever may happen now rather than later is better in the long run. At least you can make it quick.

[ ] Run until you can't take another step
[ ] Stand and fight (specify weapon: hands, stick, etc)
[ ] Let's play hide and seek
[ ] Stop and wait for... whatever comes
[ ] Something else (write in)
[x] Let's play hide and seek

I know we're Samus and not Snake, but...
[x] Stand and fight with your fists!

Don't be a coward! Fight with what God gave ya! Put some damn spirit into it and believe in yourself!

That or die.
[ ] Stand and fight, hopefully with either a pointy stick or a big heavy stick.

If not I suppose our fists will work.
[x] Stand and fight with your fists!

Boxing is a a mans sport
[x] Let's play hide and seek.
-[x] But if we end up fighting, use a heavy stick.
File 134165770034.jpg - (397.27KB, 800x600 , 2d15ba64238c842e8d371d2471869caf.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey guys, need a couple more votes to break the tie. Will be back in about an hour.
Stand and fight won, you know.
Yeah, but it was a tie between using fists or a stick and...

you know what, it doesn't even matter. Writing now
File 134166720136.png - (413.29KB, 1000x1414 , 0d6997696ebe4923a33729b61396efed.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Stand and Fight (stick)

This isn't how you want to go out. You don't want to be some easy snack for whatever is out there. If it's your time, then you are gonna make sure that it earns its meal. You slow down, and come to a stop in another clearing smaller than the first. It's here that you try to catch your breath, and assess the situation. You are scared, tired (you've been running through the woods for god knows how long), and hungry. To even stand a chance, you need a weapon. You take a look around to try to find something to defend yourself with. There isn't much. A couple of twigs here and there, about four rocks the size of your fist lay scattered on the forest floor. Glancing up, you see a thick branch leaning down into the area. It's just low enough that you could jump to it, and the base looks a little moldy and eaten away. You just might be able to break it off. Wasting no time, you get a running start and jump to the branch.

kkk CRACK!!!

The branch comes off relatively easy, and you fall back to the ground. On a closer look, your impromptu club is about three feet long and maybe five inches at the head (base of branch). It seems that the mold was eating from the trunk of the tree outwards, so your club is pretty solid. Thanking your luck, you turn back in the direction you came from, try to slow your breathing, and ready your weapon. You focus, trying to use all your senses to make sure you don't get caught unaware if it decided to circle around you.

You wait like that for a good ten minutes. It's quiet. Too quiet. You are only able to pick up a couple of sounds. One is your now steady breathing. The other is the wind, slowly rustling the leaves in the trees. Regardless, you know that the next sound you hear will tell you exactly where it is. Whenever it strikes, you'll be ready. What happens isn't what you were expecting. The next sound was indeed another growl, but it didn't come with a beast lunging out of the woods to eat you. There was no way it could.

Because the growl was coming from your stomach.

You were running from yourself. Those growls were your body telling you to eat, but you were still too paranoid to think rationally. The only thing you can do is laugh. It's just too silly of a situation not to. You were randomly dropped off in a forest, ran halfway across it to escape from a beast you were sure was going to eat you, only to find out that you were running from yourself. It's not funny, but you seriously don't know what else to do to relieve your built up stress.

When you finally do calm down, you notice that there is another set of berry bushes near you. It's extremely convenient, especially since the sun just started to dip below the horizon. Picking a handful, you sit back in the clearing and eat your fill. The wind starts to blow stronger, the sky starts to get darker, and the woods start to look creepier and creepier. You need to build a shelter soon, or at least a fire. Steeling yourself for the task, you grab all the small twigs you saw earlier for kindling and venture into the deeper part of the woods for good fire logs. By the time you start to head back to the clearing, the sun has fully set. Just as you are about to reach the clearing again, you hear a twig snap behind you.

Turning around, you can make out that there is a person there. It seems to be a little girl. Maybe she got lost in the woods too. She had on what looked to be a dark dress with a light colored long sleeve shirt underneath, a tie with two beads on it, and a ribbon in her hair. Her hair was cut short, and was probably blonde (you can't tell because of how dark it is already), and it looked like her eyes are... red? She doesn't say anything, and for a moment you are at a loss for what to do. She then smiles.

[ ] Ask the girl if she's lost/needs help
[ ] Invite the girl to your camp, you're lonely and need a friend
[ ] Ignore her for now, you need to get that fire going. It's cold out here
[ ] Run
[ ] Write in
I honestly didn't think it would take me this long to write this. Knew what I wanted to say, but just couldn't get it out. Now we're gonna have our first interaction with a touhou. How are you gonna go about it?
[x] Invite the girl to your camp, you're lonely and need a friend

because what could possibly go wrong?
[x] Run

Oh fuck, it's Rumia.
[x] Invite the girl to your camp, you're lonely and need a friend

Let's treat that monster like we would treat another human being. Maybe it's going to act civil if we respect it instead of calling it "monster" and running away?
[x] Run
Enough is enough! I've had it with this motherfucking Rumia on this motherfucking imageboard!
[x] Run
[x] Invite the girl to your camp; you're lonely and need a friend.
File 134172937869.jpg - (48.46KB, 640x400 , scaled.jpg) [iqdb]
Jesus. Anon must be part kenyan with all the running he's doing. Hmm.
Anyways, writing
On a side note, delicious armpits are delicious
File 134173646942.png - (631.67KB, 1900x1200 , 0a1f2ec4c425a282846eeeeaadcd0e31.png) [iqdb]
[ ] Run

Something... doesn't feel right. This girl didn't look the least bit scared to be out here. In fact, she seems like she is... in her element, or something like that. That smile also wasn't right. It definitely looked like she was relieved to find someone else out here, but something was off. It looked more feral and scary. Her eyes also seemed to pulse brighter for a second, as if she was excited. The fact that she still hasn't said anything is just making you feel worse.

"He-hello?" You try to speak to her. Maybe you are just being paranoid again. Yeah, that's it. There's no reason to be afraid of her. She looks to only be maybe ten or eleven. Maybe you should still try to make friends with her. With this in mind, you muster up enough courage to speak to her again. "Are you lost? I'm lost too. I have no idea how I got out here, but maybe we can keep each other company. I was just about to start a fire and make camp. You're welcome to join me". The girl still doesn't say anything, but smiles even wider.

You don't like that smile.

The girl takes a step forward, and you instinctively take one back. Alarms are going off in your head, and your fear returns full force. Your palms get sweaty and goose bumps rise all over. Your heart is beating a mile a minute, and your mouth goes dry. All through this the girl keeps staring at you. It almost seems as if she's feeding off your fear. You drop your firewood and take another step back. She takes another step forward and opens her mouth.

A-are those fangs?!

Twigs and leaves crunch under your feet as you start retreating. Your eyes remain locked with hers. She slowly advances, keeping the distance between you the same.

"Who...what are you"? you whisper.

"It doesn't matter" She replies in a "matter of fact" tone.

Your blood runs cold with that simple statement. Talking won't save you now. With your club lost in the shadows behind you, you do the one thing you know you are good at. You turn and run. You put every last ounce of energy into your legs and will yourself to put as much distance as possible between you both. You run straight as an arrow this time, because you have a sinking feeling that you won't easily lose her. The last thing you hear her say in the clearing confirms the fact that you need to get the hell out of there.

"Tee hee, it's more fun when they run"

Running full tilt through the woods while trying to keep your balance and not run into trees is significantly harder in the dark. You only have the little bit of moonlight that is able to filter through the leaves to guide your way. The fact that the woods have gotten denser only serves to slow you down. You wonder what you must have done to be dropped of in this hellhole. Your psyche is also being torn to shreds, because along with the footsteps you can hear behind you, you can also hear her singing. She keeps repeating the same phrase over and over. The tune sounds like a schoolyard song you used to know. The words, however...

"Run and eat, run and eat. I'm gonna get some lovely meat"

Trees whiz by left and right, jump over that hole, dodge those branches. You seem to be faring pretty well, when you come across a huge tree that has fallen across your path. There's a gap underneath it you could go through, but definitely not running as you are now. You could try to hop it, but it will come across you at chest level. Your boys might end up feeling a lot of pain... followed by a lot more. You can try to run around it, but she would probably see you and cut you off. You also could try surprising her and turning around completely. You would completely bypass the tree, and maybe run past her. The obvious danger is obvious, though.

[ ] Go under the tree
[ ] Try to hop it
[ ] Run around the tree
[ ] Try to run past her

I should be able to write for another 5 or 6 hours before random cases of narcolepsy attack me
[x] Go under the tree

Oh boy, this Rumia is a murderous one.
[x] Go under the tree
Nice pic. Reminds me the Slenderman for some reason.
[x] Try to hop it
[x] Go under the tree
File 134182710315.jpg - (586.50KB, 1200x1200 , Eldritch Abomination Rumia.jpg) [iqdb]
Writing now, but my computer is dying and can't find my charger. About half the post is done, though
You mean your laptop. What kind of computer uses batteries nowadays?

>implying that a laptop is not a computer
We usually call PCs "computers" around this part, son.
Speak for yourself, son.
Thanks for not saging just to reply to this pointless argument, son.
File 134184686732.jpg - (28.03KB, 300x823 , Drake.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go under the tree

Quickly approaching the tree, you assess your options. You are not sure if you could make it over the tree. You probably could, but it would be too risky. You already knew that running around wouldn't work. You look behind you, to where she is. And there's no way in hell you would be retarded enough to turn back. That's just suicide! You look back ahead again. That just leaves sliding under. You hope that you don't slow down too much...

Just as you get ready to lean back for your slide, an upturned root catches your foot, and you lurch forward.

"Oh shit!"

Switching gears, your mind and body both work to save you. The methods differ, though. Your mind knows the only way to still save yourself (keep momentum and clear the tree) is to turn the fall into a roll. Your body, however, tries to speed up so you can catch yourself (muscle memory). Your body somehow wins, even though you were running full tilt. As you continue to fall forward, you feel a sort of puff, or boost from your feet. Your head was already low enough to clear the tree, but the puff prevented you from performing a roll, and pushed your feet back beneath you. Both feet were about an inch off the ground for a good two seconds. While surprising (to say the least), you dare not think about it for too long and continue running, because she is still chasing you, and somehow leapt (flew?) over the obstruction.

The moon has reached it's peak in the sky and is casting an eerie glow across the forest. With the light that it gives, you can make out what looks to be a shack of some sort. Shelter! And there's a light on! With another boost of speed from who knows where, you rush to the door and bang with all your might.

"Help me! Oh god, please open up!! Something's trying to kill me!! Open the door! Hurry!!!"

"Cut that shit out!" you hear someone inside yell. This only makes you bang even harder, because you feel this would be the only way they would open the door. You are rewarded with sounds of shuffling on the inside. "Hold on, I'm coming, I'm coming"

You look back to your left and see the girl clear the trees, stop, and then slowly start walking towards you.

"Awww. Are we done playing? That's ok. I'm ready to eat now anyway." As she speaks, a dark orb appears on her midsection and spreads, engulfing her and continuing to spread outwards. "With all that running you did, your muscles must be all worked up. You'll taste real good."

At that moment, the door opens and a man steps out; grabbing your wrist to keep you from hitting him. He looks to be about 5'8", wearing faded blue jeans, a tucked in red T-shirt (there's a tiny gold 'Z' on the right breast), and a black leather jacket. He had long black hair tied into a single ponytail, and looked pretty young. Still, you could definitely tell that he worked out. His muscles were much more defined than yours. You should probably work on that, that is, if you get out of this situation alive.

"So what's with all this noise this late at night, huh? I was just getting ready to go to sleep." He looks really annoyed. He also sounds like a dick. You normally wouldn't deal with a person like this, but at the moment you don't have much of a choice. Being too scared to say anything, you just point. It's at this time that the girl-blob-thing leaps at you.


"Tch. Not this one again", the man says with a bored expression. "Fuckin' youkai". In an instant, a sword is in his hand. The blade goes over your shoulder, about an inch away from your face, and directly into the center of the dark blob. You aren't sure if she was stabbed or not, but you're still breathing. That definitely counts for something. "Go away, Rumia. I've told you to stay away from my house. Next time I won't be so nice"

"But the human...", the creature apparently named Rumia starts.

"I don't care about him, I want YOU to get out of my sight. Go back to your little bitch group for all I care"


Before she could move (or you could realize you still were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the man's wrist flicks. You hear a snick, a thud, and Rumia lets out a horrible scream of agony. The dark blob quickly retreats into the woods, leaving a trail of blood and an arm behind. Taking a second to make sure that she left, he puts his sword away, adopts a slightly more aloof expression, and turns to you. "You should probably come in now. Otherwise she'll definitely hunt you down and eat you tonight." You stand there, still in shock, and the man starts to become irritated again. "What? Thinking about it? You better make up your mind before I make it for you." Jesus, this guy is moody. You still pick up on the veiled threat, and scurry into the house. He just nods and closes the door.

There isn't really much on the inside (not that it was much on the outside, but). A wooden chair, a table with a plate and fork, and a simple bed. There isn't even a rug or anything, just bare wood floors. A couple of candles on the table provide the only light and warmth, but it is immensely better than the outside. Do people still live like this? Regardless, you need to speak with your benefactor.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

"Eh, don't worry about it." He just waves it off. "Hey, relax, have a seat. I'm guessing you're still pretty spooked." He reaches underneath his bed, and pulls out two bottles. "Wanna beer?" Your throat is very dry, so you just nod and accept the bottle. Taking a swig, you notice that it's more of an ale. It's good, just not something you've tasted before.

"This is kinda nice, whats it called?"

"Dunno," he says with a shrug. "its a special brew from the bar down in the village. I know the bartender, so he hooks me up with a couple of bottles every now and then."

"Village? What village?" Maybe you're not that far from home. There were some villages on the far outskirts of your city.

"The human village, of course"

What? "The human village? I'm confused. Where are we?"

"What do you mean 'where are we'? We're in the Forest of Magic!"

You seem to be able to push his buttons very easily unknowingly. Regardless, he's gotta be pulling your leg. Forest of Magic? What a load of bull. Then again, what about that girl? Rumia, was it? She was able to make that big dark blob out of nothing. And the fact that you were spirited away to this place. It must be magic. But, magic isn't real. Right? It's all fake, like the card tricks and escape artists. But even you did something weird in the woods. You definitely know you couldn't do that before. Aaagh, your head hurts from thinking too much.

He must have been able to read the confusion on your face, because his expression changes from irritation to disbelief. "You mean you really don't know? Aww hell. You're new" He downs his beer and sets the bottle on the table. "Look, don't worry about it. I'll... I'll take you to the village tomorrow, and the schoolteacher can explain it to you. I'm no good at explaining this." He walks over to his bed and sits down. "Look, you're welcome to stay up or whatever, but I'm going to sleep. As I said, I'll take you to the village in the morning." He then tosses a pillow to you. "G-night. Oh, the names Drake, by the way" Drake then lays down and begins to do just that.

"_____________" you reply. You fight back a yawn and grab the pillow. You are pretty tired. You've effectively been running since noon (partially your fault, but still), but your muscles don't really feel that sore. If it wasn't for the fact that you were mentally drained, you probably think you could go for another couple of hours. Taking a look around the room, you try to find a comfortable spot. The chair doesn't look comfy at all, and the floor is cold. You decide to just warm up the spot with your butt before laying down. Sleep comes quickly, even with your anxiety over the days events.

[ ] Enter Name

There we go. Computer (laptop for 159511) fully charged, and post finished. Also if you guys want to go nameless, that's fine too. Either way, anon's personality is shaped by your choices, so name doesn't really matter that much.
Picture is closest to the idea I was trying to get across
[x] Yuu Kenshin

Yuu is the first name, by the way.
[x] Kochiya Koizuki.

Have your obligatory homonym vote.
eastern wind valley and what?
Pretend I'm as dumb as a box of 9's (cuz i probably am)
File 134184911543.png - (215.53KB, 256x512 , face07mct.png) [iqdb]
[x] Kochiya Koizuki.

Can not resist
File 134207125333.jpg - (163.82KB, 750x750 , 1268115392357.jpg) [iqdb]
Ugh. I get distracted by the simplest things. SA on hard, EOSD, Mystic Chain (i think work is in there too). I gotta get back on track and let the story open up a bit. To do that though, I gotta start writing again. So... yeah. I'm saying I'm gonna get back to doing that.
Retro gaming brought down by modern gaming. How symbolic.
File 134208795932.jpg - (67.67KB, 500x600 , 0a7b5b296beec72d666d4db48f460590.jpg) [iqdb]
so is Kochiya his first or last name?
First, because he's not a relative of Sanae.
Last, because "Koizuki" isn't a family name as far as I know. And it'll be funny having a non-relative homonym running around while being helpless.
File 134209234735.jpg - (80.37KB, 500x333 , the shack.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up to the sound of birds chirping, the sun shining through the window, and a killer backache. The hard wooden floor really did a number on your poor back.Streaching, your back pops about five times. Loudly. It was almost enough to drown out the morning, but luckily not quite. Your back definitely thanks you, though. Looking outside, you think back to when you woke up the day before. It was peaceful, just like this. While your stomach sent you on a trip down paranoia lane, it did lead you to the meeting of that... youkai? Is that what he called it? Anyway, while that meeting in itself was bad, it did lead you to this shack and safety. Who knows what would have happened if you would have just stayed in that first clearing the entire day...

"Oh, hey, you're up" Drake takes this moment to walk through the door. You hadn't noticed that he wasn't there, but you're kinda glad he woke up before you. If yesterday was any indication, you would hate to accidentally wake him up and he isn't a morning person. He looks pretty lively, though; so you don't have to worry about it. He sets a bunch of fruit he had in his Jacket down on the table. He was using it as a basket of sorts. "I went out and got breakfast, so go ahead and eat up. We have a little while till we have to be at the village anyway"

Grabbing an orange, you start peeling and think. If there is only one village of noting here, and it happens to be called the human village, you can safely surmise that you aren't in Kansas anymore (so to speak). "Something has been bothering me" you say. "You said last night that I was new" Oh wow! This orange is good. Sweet and juicy. "What did you mean by that? Where are we? Yes, I know you said the Forest of Magic, but where is that?"

Drake looks at you in between a couple of bites of his pear and sighs. "Look. I said that Kiene would explain things to you..."


"Yeah, the schoolteacher. Anyway, I said she would explain, but for your peace of mind I'll give you a quick run down. We're in a place called Gensokyo"

"Gensokyo? I've never heard of it"

"Yeah. It's because it's separate from the outside world. Very few people even know that it exists. It was separated a long time ago, so the only people who would know on the outside are people with very long memories, or people who have crossed over"

"Wait, so you can leave? You can go back?" Things are starting to look up. It would definitely be nice to not have to worry about something trying to eat you.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, you came to this side, right? I never knew anyone who crossed over, but even then; why would you want to leave a place as wonderful as this!" He spreads his arms out to emphasize. You take another look around his 'house'. If this is 'wonderful', you'll gladly go back to your 'normal' world with your TV, video games, A.C., and fast food. You make a mental note to ask around town if anyone knows how to get back.

The rest of breakfast goes by with silence except for the occasional smacking by Drake. Afterwards, He goes and puts the bottles from yesterday, sweeps up with a broom he had in the corner, and takes the fruit remains outside to dispose of them. When he comes back, he looks at the sun for a second. It's pretty high right now. You actually woke up really late. "Come on. Let's start heading to the village now. We should make it there by the time school gets out.

As you start walking towards the village, You take a look around the shack in the daytime. It seems there was a stream a small distance away. Close to it you can see another small shack. This one looks only big enough for one person to stand comfortably inside. There's a crescent shape on the front of the door at about eye level. It's probably a bathroom or something. With it being right next to the stream, you understand the plumbing part. It also would be a pretty relaxing sound. At least it's downstream of the house. Other than that, there isn't much to note about the area. No flowers, or anything that you could recognize other than trees. It's got a nice view of the mountains, though.

Drake hasn't really said anything since the house. He kinda looks like he's focused. Maybe he just wants to get you to the village and be done with you. Maybe not, though. Maybe he just has errands he has to run. You're not sure, you don't even really know the guy. You could try to talk to him, it looks like it might be a long walk. Talking would distract you for a while, but you gotta be sure not to irritate him; or at least, irritate him too much. You could also just appreciate the scenery. Despite your whining about yesterday and home, it really is a nice day. The forest is beautiful.

[ ] Talk to Drake
-Specify topic(s)
[ ] Admire the forest

Eh, more like ADD and sleep deprivation. Switching work schedules and therefore sleep schedules is no joke
[x] Talk to Drake
- [x] Ask about why he doesn't live with the other humans in the Human Village

Couldn't come up with a better write-in.
you misspelled Keine (you typed "Kiene" a few times)

I'll have to think on the vote.
Damn. Thanks, I forgot spell-checker doesn't fix names it doesn't recognise. Especially if you save it wrong.
[x] Talk to Drake
- [x] Ask about why he doesn't live with the other humans in the Human Village

No point in causing a tie.
File 13427485569.jpg - (318.43KB, 1200x1131 , 1559108-old-red-school-house-with-chipping-paint-a.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Talk

The forest is pretty tranquil, but you can go sightseeing anytime. You still have some questions that he can answer, so you take this opportunity to speak up.

"Um, Drake? You said the human village is out this way, right?"

"Yeah, like I said not five minutes ago."

Right, easily irritated. "Well, I was wondering. Why don't you live there? Why live out in the middle of the forest? I mean, at the moment I'm definitely glad that you live out here, but it just seems kinda odd. Do you just like your privacy or something?"

"Nah, that ain't it. I just don't really like youkai."

"Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense. You live in the forest, away from the human village, because you don't like youkai, who live in the forest? Either I'm missing something here, or you might wanna rethink your reason."

He stops walking, turns to you, and smiles. "You're right, without knowing anything it would sound weird. The part you're missing, is that the village is integrated. Youkai live there as well. I... don't get along with most of them too well. It's usually a bad thing when you want to kill your neighbors." When he notices the fear from the night before in your eyes, he elaborates and continues walking. "Hey, don't worry about it. The youkai who live there are all nice. They don't eat humans, or at least the ones who live in the village. They are getting jobs and helping out the village. Times are changing. I just can't get over my prejudice."

You relax a bit and think. If your neighbors were anything like Rumia, or at least thinking they were, you would be paranoid all the time. Home definitely shouldn't feel like that. You would probably find a different solution, but you understand a little where he comes from now.

"It doesn't help, or does, I don't know; the fact that most still haven't changed. Keeps me in business, so i can't complain"


"Yeah, I'm a youkai exterminator" he puffs out his chest, "the best in the area. I take on way more jobs than my competition. I get a lot of requests, so sometimes i get backed up. What I find funny, is sometimes I get requests from other youkai."

The sound of a bell in the distance let's you know your destination is approaching. As the trees thin out, you can see more and more farmland. Men toil to bring in and tend their crops, women bringing in the laundry and making lunch. Further in you see houses scattered about. More wooden affairs, like Drake's, but larger. These definitely have more than one room, and probably better furnishings. As you walk through the village, some of the people stop what they are doing to look at you two. Some even wave, which he returns happily.

"You seem to have a lot of friends."

"Well, yeah. Just because I moved doesn't mean I cut all ties with the people here"

"...fair enough. Hey, the school house isn't too close to the youkai section, is it?"

"Youkai section? What are you talking about?"

"Well, you said the village had youkai in it, and i haven't seen any yet. I was just thinking..."

"No, there is no demon section, and we've definitely passed some youkai already. What were you expecting? Normal humans walking around high-fiving flaming demons or something?" What were you expecting? Now that its been brought up, you remember the only defining feature on the one from yesterday was that she instantly gave you the creeps. Looking at the people a little closer you notice the subtle differences. Some of their hands seem... sharper, or their ears more pointy than usual. "Were coming up on the school now"

The school building wasn't much to look at. It was only as big as one of the farmers houses. In fact, it looked like it was converted from one of the houses. It was also in a bad state of disrepair.The red paint is faded and peeling, the windows are yellowed and cloudy, and the bell on the roof is being held up by three hastily nailed planks. You didn't expect it to be new, but at least thought it would look... loved.

As you were about to comment on the state of the building, a woman steps out holding a large stack of papers, turns around, and starts to lock up. This must be the school teacher. She was wearing a gooey blue dress with white sleeves and frills at the bottom. White ankle socks with blue heels, and there seemed to be red ribbons on the front of them. Her arms and legs are very slender, and she has a fair complexion. You can notice no blemishes or scars anywhere. She had long, silver hair with blue highlights that went to the small of her back. It looked really silky. There is a subconscious urge to run your hands through it. On her head rests a small blue box/house/hat-thing that looks like the top part of one of those Japanese spire buildings. It also had a red ribbon on it. Oddly, no matter how far she tilts her head, the hat doesn't fall. Maybe its tied down or clipped in. She finishes locking up, turns around, and notices the two of us. "Oh, hello. I didn't see you there." The front of the hat also had some wired glyphs on it. She had hazel eyes that seemed to speak of untold knowledge, and a soft, caring smile. Her dress had a modest V cut that did practically nothing to hide her less than modest... assets. It actually seemed to emphasise them, in an almost subtle kind of way. There was yet another red ribbon tied at the bottom if the V. All in all, she definitely fits the bill. She turns to Drake, "How are you? It's been two weeks since you've been down this way. You aren't working right now, are you?"

"Nah. Got some business to take care of in town. This guy here definitely would like to speak with you" He nudges you forward. It seems you are to do your own introduction.

"Hello miss. My name is Koizuki Kochiya. I'm kinda new here. I was wondering if you could spare some time to teach me about Gensokyo" Her eyes began to sparkle a bit when you said you were new. It's kinda wired, but seems to be a good sign.

"I always have time to teach someone who is willing to learn, but at the moment I'm a little busy. If you come back a little later I would be happy to teach you." She looks at you expectantly.

"Sure, take all the time you need. I don't really have anywhere else to be"

She smiles. "Splendid. This should take no longer than a hour or two, so I will meet you back here then" She starts to walk away, but suddenly stops. "Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Keine Kamishirasawa. It is a pleasure to meet you" She bows, the hat still defying logic and staying in place Afterwards, she turns and heads deeper into the village.

"Alright kid, you got some time to burn. What you do is up to you." With that, Drake turns from you and heads into the village as well, but in a different direction.

[ ] Follow Drake
[ ] Follow Keine
[ ] Explore the village
[ ] Is that the marketplace?
[ ] Sit and wait
[ ] Something else (write in)
Now that i've been proven a retard, we can get back to the story.
[X] Sit and wait.
[X] Explore the village
Let's see what this place has to offer.
[X] Explore the village
[x] Is that the marketplace?
With any luck, we can get something to defend ourselves with.
[x] Follow Drake
[X] Explore the village
[X] is that the marketplace?
File 134322100425.jpg - (652.38KB, 1000x701 , Team_9_full_1145396.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Explore village

So you have a hour, huh? The best thing to do at the moment is to check your surroundings. Since you happen to be in the middle of a village, that means checking it as a whole. Part of you wants to wander around in the shops and see what you can find, but that can be done at a better time. You can (and will) see what shops would be good for the ooing and aweing while you explore.

As you start your noble exploration of the village you look around and notice more youkai. Some of them have more distinguishable characteristics to them, such as fur and/or snouts and the like. You also notice children running around of both types. Some of them are playing with each other, some are doing homework, and some just seem to be walking home.

The only other thing of interest over here seems to be the park next to the school. Just like the building, it is small and simple. There are a couple of swings, a see-saw, and a sandbox. They also seem to have a slide, but it looks t be made of wood. As you ponder the absurdity of a wooden slide, you take a closer look and realize that it has been danced flat and waxed. While this solves the problem of splintery ass, the problem of being no fun in the summer still exists, just in a different way (extremely hot metal vs. melted wax). You also notice that it looks a bit odd for a grown man to be standing in the middle of a park with little children playing around. Especially when none of the children are his, and he isn't their teacher. You quickly head over to the marketplace and away from looking creepy.

The market is by far the largest part of the village, excluding farmland. There are a bunch of shops specializing in anything you can think of, even some of those you can't. Barry's Beer Barn, Helga's Potions, Nora's Knickknacks, Torodama's Arms (seems to be a weapon shop), Bloorg's Hydrocones(?), Gerald's Odds and Ends, and some you can't even pronounce. There is also a plethora of places to sate your appetite when the need arises. Some places peak your interest, but you think that there is more to find. You do find a stack of charms on the ground. They were wrapped with a bow to keep them together, and they look new. You aren't sure what they could be used for, but you pick them up anyway.

The rest of the trek isn't that eventful. There are more houses past the market, and more farmland after that. There is a slight peak in excitement when you approach an open field at the edge of the village. It comes in the form of five children, three who definitely are youkai. One seems to be in a blue dress, with crystals coming out of her back, and a red ribbon in her gray/light blue hair (you can't tell from the distance). She seemed the most energetic, and looked to be the leader of the group. The second one has on a blue dress as well, but has what looks to be fairy wings. Her hair is green, with a yellow ribbon. She seems to stick closely to the first girl. The third youkai had a brown and white dress, pink hair, and bird wings. She was also wearing a hat to match her dress. She was also acting pretty excitedly, but not so much as the first girl. The fourth child looked like a young boy wearing a black cape, white shirt and blue shorts. He also had green hair, a little like the one with the fairy wings. He seemed like he was trying to exude an aura of cool. The last child looked...

You freeze. The last child looks exactly as you saw her last night, before the bubble of darkness engulfed her. She has both arms, but she seems to wince whenever her right one is moved to an extreme. Even though she looks like she is being innocent and playful right now, you know this is the same person who tried to eat you last night. Almost succeeded, too. You feel it would be in your best interest to make sure she doesn't see you and get reminded of yesterday. There is only one logical choice to make.

You slowly start to back away. After about five steps you accidentally trip over your bag and fall. Loudly. You hear someone whoop from the field. This time you just get up, grab your bag and run. You don't stop until you are safely at the first set of houses you found while walking with Drake. You sit and catch your breath, wondering where he might be.

[ ] Go look for Drake
[ ] Head back to school
[ ] Despair over being afraid of a little girl
[ ] Something else
Gonna nip this in the bud before anyone says anything. I know Wriggle is a girl. You know Wriggle is a girl. Koizuki does not. Therefore he goes off of assumption. Since Wriggle is a reverse trap...
[x] Head back to school

She's not doing so intentionally, so it's more the MC failed his perception check.
[X] Head back to school
It's probably about time to head back. Besides, Koizuki needs to adapt to this world's logic if he wants to survive. No time to get held back by common sense.
[x] Head back to school.

Poor flatchested tomboy wriggle...
File 134367342080.jpg - (42.86KB, 604x453 , Gensokyo.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Go back to school

You quickly shut down the notion of young to look for Drake. Dude can look out for himself, and doesn't need you there to make things more difficult or annoying. Besides, it's probably time to go back and learn about this Gensokyo place, and that means going back to school. Literally and figuratively.

You arrive at the school house just as Keine finishes unlocking the door. You try to greet her, but it comes out less than ideal.

"Hello again, Miss Kamisheera...Miss Kamisawa...Kami...Damn your name is hard...Oh shit! I said that out loud? Sh-...sorry. May I just call you Keine? I don't wanna screw up your name again."

"Oh, its fine", she says. "I appreciate the apology. And the attempt. Most people don't even try. It's nice to know that there is still some courtesy outside the barrier" She smiles, and you smile back. You may have screwed up a bit, but you were still sorta polite. You think that may have at least scored some points with her.

The inside of the school looked ten times better than the outside. The walls were a soft, warm yellow, with paintings and drawings the children must have done hung up. There were twenty desks sitting neatly in front of the teachers desk, and each chair had a little sticker affixed to the back. You can see a snowflake, a red bat, a firefly, a star, and a horseshoe in the back row. These must be the trouble makers, since the back row is always where the bad kids sit, and the snowflake chair seems to be slowly melting. There is a red toybox in the corner with a puppet hanging halfway out, and a stool in the opposite corner. This chair also seems to be defrosting. On the front wall is the chalk board, along with more pictures and a large map of an area you've never seen before. Keine sees you are looking around, says something and heads into a back room. You take this time to examine the map a bit more.

Common sense dictates that this is a map of Gensokyo, and also dictates that studying this would be very beneficial in the long run. Dead center you see a collection of houses, and a larger red building (Human Village, duh). This is in the bottom tip of the Forest of Magic. It stretches up to the North and Northeastern corner of the map. To the East there is a hill with what looked to be a red shrine on it, labeled with a yin-yang orb. There is another shrine like it to the southwest. This one is on a large mountain covered in another forest. This shrine is green, and is labeled with a...snake? An odd religious symbol, but whatever. South of the village is a large lake with an island in the middle. On the island is a large building labeled with another red bat. Maybe the person in the bat chair lives there? If so, that's a long way to go to get to and from school every day. Maybe you'll ask about that later. Lastly, to the southwest you see another large building labeled with a red and blue cross in another forest. The hospital, perhaps? If so, you definitely need to talk to Keine about the distance thing. The only odd thing about the map (other than its entirety), is that someone seemed to have colored in a large black circle next to the red shrine and drawn an eye in the center. While you ponder, Keine returns with a tray, two cups, and a teapot.

"Green tea is fine, right? If not, I can go make something else"

"No, that's fine. Thank you" You kinda answered impulsively. Tea? You've never had a sip of the stuff in your life, but you've always wondered about it. Well, if you are gonna try it, there's no time like the present, right? You pull a spare chair up to her desk and grab your cup. The smell is kinda light and reminds you of something fresh. The taste is subtle as well. There is a hint of sweetness, but other than that, you can't really describe it. It's good, though. You also feel a bit more relaxed. Keine also looks to enjoy her cup. She takes another sip and looks at you expectantly.

Well, looks like you have time. What do you want to know?

[ ] How people in Gensokyo get around
[ ] How Gensokyo was separated from the real...uh, outside world
[ ] Is there a way to leave Gensokyo
[ ] Which places are safe havens, IE: probability of death <30%
[ ] What is fun to do here
[ ] Ask about the charms you found
[ ] Something else
[x] What is fun to do here
Oh yeah. If I didn't mention it earlier, I'm ok with combo votes, as long as they aren't retarded
[x] Is there a way to leave Gensokyo
[x] Is there a way to leave Gensokyo?
[x] Ask about the charms you found
[x] Which places are safe havens, IE: probability of death <30%

I have a question: do we want the MC to leave Gensokyo or no?
I doubt it as it'll just lead to the writer padding things out with various things preventing us from simply going to Reimu and asking to get sent back.
Work is annoying and stressful. Also tiring and time consuming
It really is up to you guys. Yeah, leaving won't be as easy as ask and you shall receive, but it can be your motivation. Also, vote more plz
Just call it, you don't have many readers, no need to whine for votes.
While running from Rumia, your feet seemed to defy gravity and stay off the ground for a bit...why?

[X]Something else.
-[X]Leading to how people get around.

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