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158856 No. 158856
“Hello!” you greet the confused Tengu-girl. “Sorry for running into you like this! Well, flying, really. I couldn't really use my legs, after all, and you need those to run. But still, you know, I'm sorry about this.”

The girl simply stares at you in befuddlement, the two ears sticking out of her head twitching slightly.

Those soft, fluffy-looking ears...


“A-anyway!” you say, coughing slightly, eliciting another twitch from the girl's ears. “Just wanted to let you know that offer from before still stands. You know, dinner? I know, I know, there's this battle going on and all that, but despite all that dinner is still totally on the table! Well, not literally on the table, since there is no table. Not yet, anyway. Also, it's not really dinner time. ...it is getting near lunch time, though, isn't it? Lunch is kind of like dinner, but earlier, and...uh...”

Letting your words trail off, you consider the possibility that you may need to work on your sales pitch somewhat After all, just look at the girl! She's practically falling asleep, she's so bored!

That is what it means when their eyes start to roll back like that, right?
Eyes rolling back, eyelids closing slightly, the girl's head slowly beginning to lean into your hand, like-

Wait, your hand?
Why would her head be leaning into your hand?

Oh. Your rubbing her ear, that's why.

You're rubbing that fluffy, fluffy ear between your fingers slowly slowly slooooooooly why are you doing that?

Ah, whatever. you figure. It's not like it feels bad, or anything, and she seems to be enjoying it, if the quiet moan you just heard from her was any indication.

Though battle continues to rage all around you, at that moment it felt as if the two of you were the only ones in the world. You, and this...bird...dog-bird...dogbirdgirl...girl whose shield you were desperately clinging onto for dear life.

Just the two of you.

The two of you, and nobody else-


...except for Tenshi.

Suddenly, you feel a hand tightly grasp the back of your collar, quickly pulling you away from the girl as a big-ass rock rushes past your head and right into GirlBirdDog's face. With a sickening crunch, the rock hits its target, sending BirdGirlDog reeling backwards. Still tightly clutching her shield in your arms, you can do little else but watch as the girl falls away, disappearing into the treetops below.

Alright! Who's next?!” the Celestial cries out, now carrying you along as she seeks out her next target.

“Tenshi! What are you doing?!”

“What the hell are you doing?!” she retorts, jerking you up just in time for another string of light-balls to pass beneath your feet.

You briefly consider replying with an 'I asked you first!' but think better of it.

“I was, you know, uh...continuing negotiations?”

Yeah. Nice work on that.” she says in a way that, in light of the dense barrage of lights the two of you were weaving through, was probably meant to be sarcastic.

“Well, there was something else! Kinda important, too!”

“Oh, this should be good.”

“Well, it might be, depending on how you feel about poison.”


“Yeah, well, I guess Medi is going to do something, and I thought you might want to know that. You know, that she's going to do something.”

“...aw, crap.

“You know, because you didn't really seem to like it very much all those other times she did something, and this time is probably not going to be much different. Well, I suppose it will be different because she's not going to be doing it directly to you, but to-”

Okay! I get it! Shut up!

[ ] Penetration

[ ] Exfiltration

[ ] Consultation

[ ] Delegation

No. 158857
[x] Exfiltration

If Medi's going to gas them, we should take Tenshi somewhere else. No idea of what choice relates to warning Parsee about it.
No. 158858
[x] Penetration

Fuck yeah Tenshi. This option either involves Tenshi cutting a bloody swathe to safety or a convoluted sex metaphor. Hopefully both.
No. 158859
[x] Penetration

We should ram into the tengu girls with all our manliness. Then, we start pounding them vigorously, and we can knock them down
No. 158860
Wow. Sounds like this guy has magic fingers. Either that, or Tengu are just that sensitive.

[x] Penetration
No. 158861
[x] Penetration

We just have to outrun the gas by going forward.
No. 158862
[x] Penetration

All speed ahead behind the drillstone?
No. 158863
[x] Consultation

Just because I'm curious who we would consult with. But now I have to wonder... what are our chances of meeting a Merlin in the near future?
No. 158864
[x] Penetration
I am unable to choose not this choice.
No. 158865
[x] Consultation

I'll pass on the sex metaphor.
No. 158878
[X] Penetration
There is no other choice.
No. 158880
[X] The metaphor that may not be a metaphor at all.
No. 158884
[x] Penetration

Blast through the enemy Tengu lines! Break their defense! Leave them vulnerable while we continue on our quest!

Oh yeah, it's a sex metaphor. Huh. Forgot about that.
No. 158885
[X] Consultation

I will admit, the most fun tends to come from us talking to people.

It may not end with us in the safest position, but it's certainly amusing each time.
No. 158889
[x] Consultation

Gentlemen! I give you! AMUSING RAMBLING!
No. 158981
File 134056491781.jpg - (43.53KB , 880x800 , DID SOMEONE SAY PENETRATE.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, updating will happen sometime tonight.

I can neither confirm nor deny the relevance of the attached image.

>>But now I have to wonder... what are our chances of meeting a Merlin in the near future?

Your chances? Probably not too likely.
The chances for someone else, on the other hand...
No. 158986

Pity that it's not the case. I wonder what her special brand of crazyness would be able to impart onto our group. We could hardly be driven any more insane, could we? Yes, that was rhetorical

But for someone else... Does that mean we might be having a Rikako interlude, and she'll have to deal with it? Now that'll be fun. Can't wait to see, if it does happen.
No. 158993
Yeah we already have a few kooky touhous and what's one more?
No. 158995

One that can't be killed by any of them save Yuugi possibly, and a great source to rile everyone else.

And she could provide epic background music while we throw rocks.
No. 159008
File 134062554853.jpg - (442.40KB , 812x900 , into the eye of the storm.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your stomach churns as Tenshi pulls you along into a sharp, vertical climb, as a pulsing dance of light continues to play out around you. Curls and rings of bright balls mixed with flurries of smaller, faster projectiles swirl through the air, their intensity and density noticeably greatest around the area where Yuugi seems to be.

Though you cannot actually see the Oni amidst the blinding array of lasers and lights, the boisterous laughter you can hear over the chaos tells you that she was not only holding her own, but was loving every second of it.

...uck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” you hear Parsee screaming from somewhere nearby, clearly not sharing Yuugi's enjoyment of the situation.

“Hey! Parsee!” you call out, attempting to get the bridge-less bridge princess's attention. “Parsee! Hey!

HEY! DUMBASS!” Tenshi also calls out

FUCK YOU!” you hear Parsee scream, and wonder if that was directed at Tenshi or the dog-bird-whatever-they-are-girls shooting at her.

FINE! CHOKE FOR ALL I CARE! “ Tenshi shouts back, and continues her rapid ascent.

FUCK YOU, TOO, YOU-...wait, what?!” you hear the increasingly-distant voice of Parsee below you. “H-hey! Wait!

“Uh, Tenshi? Should we go back for-”

No.” Tenshi says, simply, as the two of you rush upwards, towards a trio of Tengu who look especially intent on blocking your way. Rather than slowing down, however, you instead feel yourself moving faster, as if she were intending to charge right into them.

In fact, you're pretty sure that's exactly what she intends to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The two fools begin to flee, as does that one, and not a moment too soon.
Though the child has done well to endure as long as she has, her companion fears that it is only a matter of time before one of these wretches succeeds in their attempts to shoot her.

Not that it will matter, in a moment...


The child calls out, and her companion responds in kind.

It was time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Damn it! Damn it!
Where the hell is our support?!

The line's not going to hold at this-DAMN! My shield!
My arm! Is it-

No, not broken.

...not broken?

Damn it all. She's just toying with me!

'Drive back the Oni,' they said!
'Drive back the Oni'!

Would have been nice if just one of those damned crows said anything about the Celestial and that poison doll being with her rather than let us see for ourselves when they come tromping up the mountain!

Damn information corps! I swear, if they held out on us for a goddamn 'scoop' I am going to- GAH!

Damn! That was too close!

Focus, Momiji! Focus!

The Oni is in front of you.
You have her attention.
She is not going anywhere.
Neither is the doll.
Neither is the-DAMN IT! They're making a break for it!
They're going to-...huh?

That whistle...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Huh? Why'd they stop?”

The child asks, but her companion has no answer to give.
Whatever their reason for ceasing their attack, it mattered not.
Even if they wished to surrender, it would not save them from what was about to happen.

Their poisons ready for dispersal, the child and her companion signal to one another, and then...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Ha! That's right! Run!” Tenshi yells to the dispersing Tengu as the two of you fly past them.

As relieved as you were to see them stop shooting at you, you couldn't help but wonder why they would decide to stop in the first place.

Wonder, and worry.
Worry and wonder.
Why did they stop?
Why does it matter?
They stopped.
And that's good.
Unless it's bad.
But it could be good.
But it might not.
Unless it is.
Or isn't.
Can you pluck them now?
Why do you wonder that?
You don't know.
Yes you do.
You do not.
You want to pluck them.
No you don't
Do too.
Do not.
Why did they stop?
Who cares?
You do.
Do not.
Do too.
Not not.
Too too.
Toot toot.
Woo woo!
Stop that.
Stop what.

...what were you thinking about again?

Oh, right. The Tengu not shooting at you.
Not shooting at you, and moving very quickly away from your general vicinity

Somehow, you doubt that's a good sign.

...and then, you hit the wall.

Or, rather, a wall was hitting you.

At least, that's what it felt like.

From out of nowhere, a massive force of something slams into you, sending you flipping helplessly through the air.
Your ears pop painfully as the deafening roar of wind rushes all around you, throwing you around like a rag doll. Tumbling end over end, the world blurs as your mind strains to process the onslaught of noise and colors fading to gray, and time seems to slow to a crawl.
Unable to discern up from down, let alone seconds from minutes
from hours from days
from weeks months years you spin
and whirl and tumble and flail
around and around and around and up
and down and round and round and round
your vision growing darker darker dark dark dark







- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[ ] Tailspin

[ ] Nosedive

[ ] Splashdown

[ ] Breakfall
No. 159009
[X] Nosedive

All the way!
No. 159010
Huh, so I guess this is either Aya, Sanae, or Kanako coming to aid. Probably one of the former two, Kanako generally doesn't seem the type to get involved herself.

Probably Aya, by virtue of having a whistle to signal the other tengu.

[x] Splashdown
No. 159011
Hahaha. Love this dynamic so much.

[x] Breakfall

Much like a cat, a Tenshi always lands on its feet. The same will not be said for us.
No. 159012
[x] Breakfall
No. 159016
[x] Splashdown
No. 159018
[x] Splashdown

My first inclination was to go with breakfall, but there are many things that can break our fall, such as stone, boulders, and jagged rocks.
No. 159019
[ ] Splashdown

MC, I hope you know how to swim.
No. 159020
[x] Splashdown

Have no fear, Nitori'll be there!
No. 159024
[x] Splashdown

Her theme is 'candid friend' for a reason
No. 159027
[x] Splashdown
No. 159030
[x] Splashdown
Only response I trust. It's probably the only one that will end badly, because of this.
No. 159033
[x] Splashdown

Inb4 we splash on impact with the ground.
No. 159157
File 134099225812.jpg - (370.08KB , 1000x900 , 354c54b871476d0d2f4ceb6fe7d1cfc8.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd just like to take this opportunity to say "fuck summer".

No ETA on the next update, but I'll try to write when I can, assuming I don't just pass out the minute I get home for the third night in a row.

Seriously. Fuck summer.
No. 159175
[x] Tailspin
Winter ist best.
No. 159183
They're all pretty enjoyable. Except summer. If I wanted 100+ degree weather I would find a desert to relocate to.
No. 159199
File 134121663524.png - (749.44KB , 700x1000 , it could have been worse.png ) [iqdb]
You snap awake to the sound of a loud splash, accompanied by a sensation of pain throughout your entire body you could only assume is the result of being on the receiving end of a slap from the world's largest hand. Mercifully, the pain is short-lived, as it is quickly replaced by a soothing coolness that quickly envelops you. As you sink into the cold, you feel more than just your aches and pains fade away. Fears, doubts, troubles; all seem to drift away.

All, but a single problem...

You can't breathe.

Why can't you breathe?

Because you're in water.

That would explain why you cannot breathe, you think to yourself, suddenly reminded of the fact that living things need air to breathe.

With all the strength your oxygen-deprived muscles can muster, you manage to swim your way back to the surface with all the grace of a drowning bird, frantically kicking and flapping your arms until you feel something other than water your mouth when you open it. Coughing and sputtering, you open your eyes, you spot what appears to be dry ground. Making your way over to it, you cough up what water you can before flopping your soaked body onto the bank.

Suddenly feeling very tired, you simply lie there and breathe for a few minutes while you collect your thoughts. Thoughts that can mostly be summarized as something between 'this sucks' and 'this really, really sucks'.

What happened, you wonder? Everything seemed to be going so well when you were charging straight into the place all those tengu were trying to keep you from charging into. Perhaps you should have offered to pay the entire bill for dinner, after all?

If there was any comfort to be had from your situation, it was the knowledge that if you were relatively unscathed despite being thrown off a mountain by a huge-ass gust of wind, then everyone else should be just fine.

If only you had any idea where they were...

As if on-cue, you hear a rustling sound come from a nearby bush.

“Tenshi?” you ask.

No answer.


There's no answer.


Whoever or whatever it is, they're not saying anything.

And so, you lay. Tired, drenched, and almost completely alone except for whatever is hiding in that bush. A myriad of questions arise in your mind.

'Where are you?'

'Where is everybody else?'

But, most of all...

What are you going to do now?

[ ] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[ ] Get up and get moving in what you hope is the right direction.
[ ] Panic, close your eyes, and run around in random directions while screaming like a ninny.



[ ] A Little Detour
[ ] Picking up the Pieces
[ ] Last Stand
[ ] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch


Okay, feeling a bit better, so let's see if we can't get back on schedule, shall we?

Not that there ever was a schedule to get back onto, of course, but you know.
No. 159201
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch
No. 159203
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch

Must have Tenshi
No. 159204
I'd like to inform you that "Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch" is probably referring to Parsee. This should be sort of obvious.
No. 159206
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] Picking up the Pieces
No. 159207

Good Parse, Evil Parse, and Tenshi.

But don't sweat it bro, we can't all be experts at reading comprehension.
No. 159208
[x] Panic, close your eyes, and run around in random directions while screaming like a ninny.
[x] A Little Detour

Do want Rikako. I miss her. And isn't acing out like that the best way to gain the attention of strangers passing by?
No. 159209
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] A Little Detour
No. 159211
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch
No. 159212
Not the guy you are replying to, but that vote is implying that, in the next scene, we will see what happened to both Tenshi and Parsee, from the later's perspective.
No. 159215
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch

Probably a "Parsee and Parsee fuming about how Tenshi is a bitch" option. I am cool with this.
No. 159216
[x] Get up and get moving in what you hope is the right direction.

Just like in old times!

[x] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch
No. 159218
[X] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[X] A Little Detour
No. 159219
[x] Get up and get moving in what you hope is the right direction.
[x] Last Stand

Screaming like a ninny is very attractive butIi feel more moderate this time. As for the character viewpoint. Tidepissing is a go.
No. 159221
[x] Stay where you are and hope help arrives soon.
[x] A Little Detour

Assuming that this is Rikako, although I'd be fine with most of the other characters that could be described as "little". Are we ever getting more context for the dolls?
No. 159227
[ ] Panic, close your eyes, and run around in random directions while screaming like a ninny.
[ ] Me, Myself, and That Fucking Bitch

screaming like a ninny is the best option. We'll get noticed, and we can ask the noticer-person out to dinner.
No. 159233
File 134138816624.png - (73.04KB , 500x500 , 26477697.png ) [iqdb]
Calling it for "stay where you are in the territory of things that want to do unpleasant things to your anus".

As for the other set of options, I might try to write something for each of them, so don't sweat it if your pick didn't win. It'll just be a little further back in the line, is all. If there is a line, that is. Which there is. For now.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time tonight, but I will definitely be able to get something done tomorrow night. My schedule is going to be a bit rocky over the weekend, but I'll do what I can, when I can.

>>Are we ever getting more context for the dolls?

It depends. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "context".
No. 159304
File 134147954740.jpg - (1.62MB , 999x726 , and the horse they rode in on.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck birds.

Fuck them all.

Fuck their mountain.

Fuck their trees.

Fuck their wind bullshit.

Fuck their-

Weren't those wolf tengu, though?


What even happened?

The fuck do you think happened?!

That actually happened?

It fucking happened.

Okay, yes. Fuck the Tengu.

Fuck them all.

Yeah, fuc-...wait, no, no, getting mad isn't going to help anything now.

The fuck it's not! Those rotten cunts-

Blew us all away, and now I'm in this tree.

Fucking trees.

Agh...my head hurts...

Probably because it smacked into the fucking tree.

Maybe? Ah, no, not that...gah...the bridge. Where is...

That fucking bitch? Good question! Where is that peach-plucking thundercunt?

Close, I hope. Need to find her...

...and stick a knife right in her fucking eye? Great plan! I'm glad I thought of it!

I am not doing that.

...no, no, I shouldn't. Too good for her. It needs to be something much more painful.

I am not doing that!

Why not, though? She fucking ditched me, and told me to choke! The bitch deserves what she gets!

No...something was...wrong? Yeah, I think she was trying to warn us about something...

Some shit's going down, you're on your own, I hope you die. Yeah, some warning.

No, no, she was trying to get away. She tried to warn us, but...she had to go. No time to stay. She was carrying...oh...oh no...

Ohhhh yes. Him~! Isn't that just perfect?

No. No no no...

I mean, I'm mostly fine, and I know the peach-slut could probably walk away from that, but our darling little human? How do you suppose he fared?

He's...he's got to be...agh, damn!

After all, he can't fly, can he? We were awfully high in the air, weren't we?

He could have...she could have...!

Caught him? Sure. She could have. Just like he could have spontaneously learned to fly in the final few seconds before his body smashed into the fucking ground. Could have, but probably not.

No! He couldn't be-

Of course, you didn't exactly come to his rescue, either, did you?

W-what?! N-no! I...I didn't mean to...I mean, I would have if-

Oh, don't tear yourself up over it, though! After all, it's the way of all things, right? Humans live, humans die, and the cycle begins anew, blah blah blah. Oh, and you did try to kill him this morning. There's that, too.

That was you, you miserable-

You, me, us, we, who cares who did or didn't do it? It's all the same to everyone else, and they'll blame you just the same~!

Goddamn it, shut up! I'm not-WAUGH!

AUGH! Fuck!

...damn, that hurts...

On the bright side, you're not in the tree anymore!

I hate you.

Of course, self-esteem never has been one of my high points.


More to come later, but for now I need sleep.
No. 159340
Fuck mean Parsee.
Fuck too-nice Parsee.
If only there was a way to combine the two...
No. 159401
>Fuck mean Parsee.
>Fuck too-nice Parsee.

You may have a method here.
No. 159421
Sadly, that method is best saved for use in /at/.
No. 159437

A method to our madness? I thought madness was our method? Well, everyone's method, for that matter.
No. 159447
File 13416518508.jpg - (593.88KB , 1500x1000 , Kappa what Kappa.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide the best thing to do in your situation is to remain where you are. Your situation, in this case, being that you don't know where the place you are deciding to remain in is. Though part of you wonders if it really is such a good idea to simply hang around such an unfamiliar place, the more rational side of your mind reasons that all places are unfamiliar to you until you spend enough time in them.

Indeed! All things are unknown until you know them! Then, they are no longer unknown, but known! Even if staying in an unfamiliar place was potentially dangerous and not a good idea, that unfamiliar place could become familiar to you, and it was surely not such a bad idea to stay in a familiar place! So, even if what you were doing was a bad idea right now, if you just waited long enough, it would eventually become good!

Sometimes, you amaze yourself.

Feeling both pleased and satisfied with your reasoning, you set about the familiarizing yourself with this soon-to-be familiar area, and where better to start than the very ground you're laying upon?

And so, you look at the ground.

You gaze at the ground.

You stare at the ground.

The ground, as one might expect, is indifferent to you.

You're not sure if you should feel offended by that.

What you are sure of is the fact that, if nothing else, you aren't completely defenseless. Scattered about the ground, you see rocks of all shapes and sizes, just ripe for the picking! Also, the throwing! Picking and throwing! You reach eagerly towards the nearest and heftiest-looking stone you see, grateful for even the most miniscule amount of protection it will afford you. Though it looks too small to make you a threat to anything larger than your average fairy, anything is better than nothing at all.

Truly, without the security and peace of mind that a throw-able stone provides, you find yourself feeling more exposed than usual. Naked, even. So much so, in fact, that you can practically feel the breeze upon your nether regions, as if your robe had been pulled up, revealing your posterior for all the world to see! Or, it could be you actually are feeling a draft from back there, for some reason. You can't imagine why that would be, though, aside from the possibility that the wind was blowing more strongly than you had thought. It certainly seemed to be making that bush rustle a lot, all of a sudden.

Rustle, and...move?

Glancing over at where the bush once stood, as far as you can recall, you are puzzled to see nothing where there should have been something, and something where there should have been nothing. The 'thing' in all of those instances being the bush. Or, at least, a bush that looked very much like the one you saw before.

Strange. Did the wind move the bush, somehow?
You wouldn't think such a thing was possible, yet the fact that you have seen it happen means that it must be possible. Sure, you didn't see it, exactly, but now was not the time to fret over such trivial technicalities as that.

Looking back at the rock that you now held in your outstretched hand, you begin to pull it back towards you, only to freeze as you realize something had been hiding beneath the rock.

A pair of small, glistening eyes stare coldly back at you as your newly-acquired rock hovers it. Dangerously so, in fact.

But dangerously for it? Or you?

[ ] Crunch

[ ] Crush

[ ] Click

[ ] Croak

[ ] Cry
No. 159448
[x] Click

Take a picture of his ass, Aya.
No. 159458
[x] Croak

I have no idea what I'm voting for... perfect!
No. 159461
[x] Croak

Possibly the Nitori option? I hope?
No. 159463
[X] Crush

Crushing things is fun!
No. 159465
File 134169584937.jpg - (456.58KB , 830x1000 , 8387519.jpg ) [iqdb]
It could mean croak as in death or croak as in Suwako. Or a giant frog.
No. 159467
[x] Croak
No. 159470
[x] Croak

Suwako sounds good to me.
No. 159471
[x] Croak
No. 159474
[x] Croak
No. 159500
File 134181572449.jpg - (24.28KB , 640x358 , what tha hell are YOU staring at.jpg ) [iqdb]
The little creature stares at you, slowly blinking its eyes. Though it doesn't appear to be hostile, and certainly isn't nearly big enough to harm you, you nevertheless feel a cold chill run down your spine as you meet its gaze

What do they call these things, again?
Both names bring to mind a creature not unlike the one before you now, but haven't the slightest idea of what the difference between one or the other is.

There is a difference, right?
It hardly makes sense that there would be two different names for the exact same thing, after all.
You think you remember hearing something about how one was smooth and the other was bumpy, but how would you know if a bumpy one wasn't actually a bumpy one, but a smooth-skinned one with a tragic skin condition? Would one be offended to be confused for the other, not unlike how females are said to take offense when mistakenly assumed to be pregnant when they are actually merely overweight?

Though you've never encountered such a scenario, as far as you can recall, you still find yourself baffled at why anyone would be upset by such a thing. After all, bringing a new life into the world is supposedly a good thing, right? Something to be celebrated! Why, then, should anyone be angered by the suggestion that such a thing is the reason for their girth, rather than the result of them eating too much cake?

...or cake-filled entrails, as the case may be?

Before you can begin pondering whether or not you should ask one of your friends about this matter, the maybe-frog emits a small yet surprisingly deep croak. However, what really disrupts your train of thought is the faint sensation of something touching the back of your legs.

Your mind races.
What's doing that?
Another frog?
A snake?
A rabbit?

Possibility after possibility run through your mind, each one slightly more worrying than the last. By the time you reach 'uncomfortably touchy-feely Forest of Magic tentacle plant with no regard for personal space', you decide you should probably do something.

More than that, you have a means of doing 'something' right in your still-outstretched hand.

[ ] Do something!

( ) THROW rock
( ) THROW frog
( ) THROW rock and frog
( ) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.
( ) ...then THROW something at it!

[ ] Don't do something!
No. 159501
[x] Don't do something!

They expect us to do something. They're anticipating it. Waiting for it. If we're to have a chance of winning this battle, we must do the unexpected. Absolutely nothing.
No. 159506
[x] Do something!
(x) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.
No. 159507
[x] Do something!
[x] Ask it out to dinner
No. 159509
[X] Do something!
(X) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.

Hmm unless that's the feel of our leg being gnawed on, we should see what that is.

Though the option to throw the frog made me laugh.
No. 159517
[X] Do something!
(X) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.

Though I strongly feel that the "Throw rock and frog" options should be kept on the table.
No. 159524
[x] Do something!
(x) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.

We must see who it is, first. Then if it appears hungry enough to be using our leg as a snack, we can ask it out to dinner.
No. 159541
[X] Throw the rock, the frog, and IT into the air and juggle them.
No. 159545
(x) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.
(x) ...then THROW something at it!
No. 159549
[X] Do something!
-(x) Or you could, you know, just turn around and see what it is.

Common sense is a freaking superpower in this story.
No. 159551
[x] Throw the rock, the frog, and IT into the air and juggle them.
No. 159556
File 134200329263.jpg - (22.37KB , 300x300 , DOOON'T LET THE DAAAAYS GOOOO BYYYYYY.jpg ) [iqdb]
A part of you would love nothing more than to whip around and chuck your newly-acquired rock right into the face of whatever it is that's slowly making its way up the back of your legs, but you realize that is just foolishness. Besides, what has your 'throw first and as questions later, if ever' mentality really ever done for you?

Aside, you know, from giving you the best damn fairy-turned-raft you've ever had?

Damn little, that's what!

Now was not a time for the ways of the past! Now was the time for the ways of tomorrow! And also today!
No more would you act with nary a thought to the repercussions of your actions!
This is the dawn of a new era for you!
An era of sense and sensibilities of the most common kind!
From this point on, logic would be your body, and reason is your blood!

You will LOOK!
You will look at that which is behind you, and you will OBSERVE it!
Then, and only then, will you begin to consider the proper course of action to take wiOH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THE BUSH HAS GROWN ARMS KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT

Rock tightly clutched in your hand, your mind kicks into overdrive as it strains against itself to keep from collapsing in a state of frenzied panic at the sight of the terror you now beheld.

The bush had arms.

The bush had arms.

Why does a bush have arms?
Why does a bush have arms?!

You ask yourself that one question over and over, fumbling to make sense of the thing you now saw.
The thing you knew that should not be.

Yet, you already knew the answer.

You always knew the answer.


The signs that you did not see until it was too late!

The mysterious rustling.
The movement from one spot to another.
Those arms.
Those hideous, extended arms!

This was no mere bush.


This was a bush youkai!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where is she?

Where is she?

Where the fuck is she?!

Oh? Those trees are...wow. Did she hit all of those?

If she did, then I hope it fucking hurt.

Whoa. Some of them are completely uprooted!

Hurt a lot.

I feel it...it's close. Ah! There!

Oh. Look. She's alive. Fan-fucking-tastic.

...why is she just laying there, though?

Why do I care?

Do I care?

I don't think I do.

Well, she did-

NO. Nonononono! Stop right there. Stop right the fuck there. I might not kill the snotty little bitch-

Not that I could if I wanted to.

-but I am not going to believe she has done a single goddamn thing besides bust my ass since she waltzed onto my fucking bridge.

But she-

Broke my bridge.

B-but because of that, we-

Got poisoned, shot at, and blown off a fucking mountain.

But that wasn't really her-

She BROKE my fucking BRIDGE.

Oh damn it. That's right...I have to fix it as soon as I get back!

No shit!

Where am I even going to find the wood to-...wait a minute...

I could rebuild just enough to reach across the chasm, and leave any holes alone!

What? No! I think I could-

Just cover the holes up with a blanket or something? Great idea. Not like anyone walks on it anyway, and anyone who does probably deserves to fall to their death. It's win-win!


Well, win-win for me, and that's what really matters here.

NO. These trees! What if I could...

Drag them back all the way home? Yes, why don't I do that? It's not like I can't do that, except for the part where it's exactly like that!

...oh, right. I guess that is kind of stupid of me, isn't it?

Noooo, it's not stupid! Asking my friends to help do it would be stupid! Because I don't have any friends!

Maybe if I just asked...?

Yeah, I'm sure some of them could use the laugh.

...m-maybe I should just...



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is bad.
Real bad.
Really really really bad.
Super bad
Ultra bad.
On a scale from one to ten, this would be BAD.


A bush youkai.

A bush youkai.

Your nightmares whispered that such abomination could exist, and yet this was no dream.
No, this was reality!

Cold, hard, cruel reality, ready and willing to thrust itself into your unprepared backside.

Literally, in this case.

Held within one of the shrub-monster’s terrifying extremities is a device you have never seen, yet instantly recognize as something you don't want anywhere near you. Least of all back there.

Your only saving grace, if it could even be called that, is that the foul fern-beast has frozen in place, clearly aware that it has been caught in the act, its extended limbs frozen in mid-reach for your exposed posterior.

[ ] ROCK
[ ] ROLL
No. 159561


-(X)Also the frog, just because
No. 159562
No. 159564
[x] ROLL

My Kappa sense is tingling.
No. 159565
>extended arms
>reach for your exposed posterior
>holding a device you have never seen

Mine as well.

[x] ROLL
No. 159566
[x] ROCK

No. 159567
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

How has anyone resisted this?
No. 159568

Why, hello there.
No. 159569
File 13420262157.jpg - (59.26KB , 481x580 , imgGeorge W Bush2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yup. Bush Youkai. I knew it.
No. 159572
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

No. 159573
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

This write-in/combination is too good to pass up.
No. 159576
File 134205920076.jpg - (96.13KB , 1000x1000 , 7b8ea6bfdb25853255fabbae385e07c8.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 159577
Changing this.

[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL
No. 159578
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

This is a brilliant plan and nothing can go wrong with it.
No. 159581
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL
No. 159595
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

And then the MC did a guitar solo. On a rock.
No. 159596

Changing my vote to:

[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

Because it is genius.
No. 159599
[x] ROCK
[x] AND
[x] ROLL

This man is a genius.
No. 159608

You know, I always thought he was a xylophone kind of guy, to be honest.

The kind with dynamite strapped to the bottom of the high note.
No. 159609
Why do I think "grockenspiel" when I see your post?
No. 159610
File 134215625384.jpg - (196.17KB , 1200x1600 , grockenspiel.jpg ) [iqdb]

I haven't the faintest idea, but it sounds awesome. Pic related.

Now, if we could only figure a way to incorporate throwing the grockenspiel into our routine, we're all set.
No. 159652
File 134232653614.jpg - (51.59KB , 539x539 , WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FAAAAAAAAACE.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is not good.
Not good at all.
You're vulnerable.
In more ways than one, no less!
The bush youkai is in a perfect position to pin you down, rendering you completely helpless.

In this situation, only two possibilities come to mind as to how you could hope to survive this encounter, however faint that hope may be.

With the rock in your hand, you could take the offensive and chuck it right into the fiend's leafy face. Assuming, of course, that it even has a face.
You like that idea.
It simple, to the point, and plays to your strengths. Plus, at this close range, the chances of hitting your target is practically guaranteed.

On the other hand, the rock-less one, you could attempt to evade your would-be assailant. Though you doubt you could get to your feet quickly enough to run before the monster could react, you could at least roll your body to the side. Though it still leaves your attacker closer than you would like, even a little extra distance between you and it would be an improvement.

In short, your choices amount to the rock, or rolling.
Rock or roll.
Rock or roll.
Rock or...


It is then, that you have an idea.
Instead of doing one, or the other, why not do both?
Why not use the rock, and then roll?
Or, roll and then use the rock right after?

It's crazy.
It's bold!
You think you like it.

...but can you do it?
Can you really, really do it?
Are you truly up to the task of both rocking and rolling?

You have heard the tales of those who have done such things in the past.
So adept were they, that it was said they could sustain such actions over the course of an entire night!

You just hope you won't need to keep at it as long as that...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Are you sure you don't hear anything?”

“Nope, nothing. Should I be?”

“Hmm, no. Normally, perhaps, but...no. No, this is a good sign.”

A least, I hope so.
As close as we are, now, even I would have been able to hear them, and by that point it would already be too late to do anything about it.
So, if Miss Kurodani really cannot hear anything, I would suppose there is relatively little for me to worry about.

That's right. There is nothing for me to worry about.
Nothing at all.
I just need to get in, get what I need, and get out.
I'll need no more than a minute or two, and that's it.
Perhaps another minute or two if they've moved anything.
Please let it be that they did not move anything...

“Ah! There it is.”

“Oh my. This place has seen better days, hasn't it?”

“It's what some would refer to as a 'fixer-upper', yes.”

...among other things, of course.
Honestly, I know they're busy and all, but I can't believe it never occurs to any of them to at least put on a fresh coat of paint every now and then.

Well, actually, I suppose I can believe that.

“And you...”

“Live here? Ah, no. No, I just happen to have a few things stored here for safe-keeping...you still don't hear anything, right?”

“No, I don't but...Miss Asakura, this seems a little odd. I thought we were in a hurry to see your doctor friend?”

“'Acquaintance' is more accurate, but you're correct. That is precisely why I need a few of the things I left here.”

If memory serves, it should be right around this...ah! Good, the shed's still standing.
The lock is still in place, as well. Very good.
Hmm, no sign of tampering. Minimal weathering.
Yes, this was most definitely a good investment.
Now, what was the combination, again?

...ah. Right. Right.
A little bit this way...
Then, twice around that way...
Then back again to...there!

“Ha! Yes! Got it on the first try!”

“Miss Asakura, is this really alright? Something about this all seems...”

“Don't worry about it, the owners know about this. We have something of an arrangement, you could say. I do the occasional favor for them, and in exchange they allow me to use this shed for storage. ...hm, I really should dust in here, sometime.”

“Well, that's good, but what I meant to say was that something feels strange.”

“'Strange' how, exactly? You didn't hear anything, did you? I'm pretty sure I have an couple pairs of earplugs around here, somewhere...”

“No, nothing like that. It's just, I feel as if we're being watched.”


Damn. So much for 'get in, get out', I guess.
Strange, though. Those sisters don't like to keep quiet for long.
Whether they were already here, or if they just arrived, at least one of us should have heard something.

...perhaps it's something else?
Someone else?


[ ] Better check the house, just to be sure. I'm not sure this is such a good idea, but...
[ ] Call them out. ...after I grab my stuff, of course.
[ ] Forget it. Let's get what I came for, and get out of here. Fast.


Sorry for the delay, once again.
It'd have had this done a day earlier, but I had to go and do something really stupid to myself that I should have known not to do, and so spent much of last night enjoying the consequences.

Thankfully, it seems I only made myself kinda sick for one night, rather than extremely sick for three full days, so that's good.
No. 159654
[X] Call them out. ...after I grab my stuff, of course.
No. 159655
[x] Better check the house, just to be sure. I'm not sure this is such a good idea, but...

Rikako is back, oorah! This is great! And I smell Prismrivers, so we must seek them out. After all, after spending so much time around the MC, surely some of the insane luck he has would have rubbed off on her.

Or at least, some of the thought processes.

>So adept were they, that it was said they could sustain such actions over the course of an entire night!

This line was excellent. Just thought I'd say as much.
No. 159660
[X] Call them out. ...after I grab my stuff, of course.
No. 159661
[x] Forget it. Let's get what I came for, and get out of here. Fast.
Run bitch, RUN!
No. 159662
[x] Call them out. ...after I grab my stuff, of course.

SCIENCE! always takes precedence.
No. 159672
[x] Forget it. Let's get what I came for, and get out of here. Fast.
Why in hell would you do anything but run?
No. 159694
File 134251254352.jpg - (159.00KB , 683x1024 , DUST and SCIENCE.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, whoever it may be, I've no intention of confronting them unprepared.

Now, let's see, where did I leave that...aha!
The case is a little dusty, and whoa! ...little heavier than I recollect, but that's good.

Just have to unclasp here and...ah, excellent! It's all here!
Even my old notes!

Huh. Has my penmanship degraded over the years?

Ah, no matter. It's not as if I'll need anything from them, anyway.
What does matter is...ah, yes, good! Fuel level is green.

No sign of leakage or corrosion anywhere.

Spare fuel cells...yes, wonderful. This will be more than sufficient!

Now, all that is left is to see if you still work.

Yes, hello, you beautiful piece of flying technology! Did you miss me? Don't worry, Mama hasn't forgotten yo-


Wait wait wait wait wait.

What am I doing, thinking like this?!

This is a machine. A tool.
A wonderful, beautifully-built one, if I do say so myself, but a tool nonetheless.
The last thing I need is to start anthropomorphizing my creations.
Absolutely not.
That is one path I do not wish to start going down.

Next thing I know, I'll be giving them cute little pet-names and painting faces on them.


“Miss Asakura? Are you alright?”

“Huh? A-ah, yes, yes. I'm fine. I just started to remember something...unpleasant.”

Ugh. What an understatement.

Honestly, between that princess and that nutty professor, as well as some of the rumors I've heard about the kappa, I have to wonder if there is some correlation between possessing an interest in Science and an inclination towards attempted kidnapping.

Ah, but I must not get distracted!

Let's see now, everything looks in-order.
Under normal circumstances, the next phase would be a test-firing. Unfortunately, we do not have time for such a luxury.

So! Skip that and move right on to the next step: putting it on!

...hrm. In hindsight, I probably should have made these straps a little more adjustable.

Oh well, on it goes...

Hoo...ow. Still tender around the ribs, I guess.
Still, hm. Not bad.
Not bad at all.

Not too tight, not too loose.

...alright, perhaps that food paste wasn't so bad, after all.
I would still rather eat one of my jet-pack’s fuel cells than even look at one of those tubes ever again, of course, but I cannot deny the stuff has its positive qualities.

Now, what else to bring along...

“Ooh! What's that?”

“Hm? Ah, gears.”

“What is that?”

“Mm, schematics for...what is that?”

“Ooooh! That thing has numbers on it!”

“Ah yes, that denotes that...”

Wait a minute...

“...er, Miss Kurodani?”

“Yes? Are you alright in there?”

“Ah, hm, yes. Yes, I'm...fine.”

I could have sworn I heard her voice from just over my shoulder, and yet...just now she sounded as if she were still outside.
Either she is attempting some sort of prank, or...

Oh no...

[ ] R

[ ] G

[ ] B
No. 159697
File 134251290189.jpg - (67.95KB , 493x272 , 5x19_experiment_blellow_mitmvc_3_.jpg ) [iqdb]


No. 159704
[x] R
Colors? NO! Actions!


At least that's what I'd like to think
No. 159706
[x] B

Because there is no superior color choice available.
No. 159708
[x] G

Because it's the least obvious result, or it leads to two Touhous instead of one.
No. 159718
[x] G

Koishi's hair is green, right?
No. 159722
[x] G

No real reason. Just going with it.
No. 159726
[x] B
B cause
No. 159729
File 134257173826.jpg - (884.72KB , 800x1130 , 27503020.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] B
No. 159732
Oh, wait.
I think that it's a perspective switch:

No. 159733
[x] G

Let's do this.
No. 159773
[x] B

Blue is always the good guys.
No. 159774
[x] R
No. 159784
[x] B

Favorite color.
No. 159796
[x] B

No. 159800
File 134272212828.jpg - (57.91KB , 626x425 , 6d7561863345a0d38c24763d0f8ede63.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, calling it, and I'll try to have something done later tonight.

I probably would have done something last night, but these past couple days have been a bit unpleasant.

Ever have something really bad happen that turns out relatively better than you expected it to, but not so much that things aren't still rather bad, just not quite as much as they were at first? It's kinda like that.

But, hey, look! A bunny!
No. 159824
File 134277245758.jpg - (187.36KB , 600x640 , Hello boys and girls.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right now, at this very moment, there are only two possibilities that come to mind as to who could be behind me, right now.

Neither of them is anyone I would wish to encounter in an enclosed space filled with delicate equipment and volatile chemicals.

“Er, Koishi?”

“Koishi? Who's that? That's a who, right?”

No, not Koishi.
Which means it's almost certainly her.
I wish I was wrong about this.
I really, truly do.
Perhaps I am?
Maybe when I turn around, it won't be her.
That would be nice

Please don't be her.
Please don't be her.
Please don't be her.

It's her.


“...hello, Merlin.”

“Hello, good morning, good evening, and good night!”

“Erm, yes. Yes, that's...hello. Are your sisters around, by any chance?”

Please say 'yes'.
Please say 'yes'.
Please say 'yes'.

“Of course not! We don't gain weight!”

“What? No, I mean are they here? Are either of your sisters here, Merlin?”

“Yes, they do.”


One day, I may know what it is like to converse with this girl without feeling as if I am constantly on the verge of experiencing a brain aneurism.

Clearly, this is not that day.

“Miss Asakura? What's going on in-”

“Yoohoo? Hello! Good day to you, there!”

“E-eh? Ah, hello!”

“Good morning!”

“Good, uh, morning.”

“Good afternoon!”



“...I'm confused.”

“I'm Merlin!”

Ah! She's distracted!
Not a particularly difficult thing to accomplish, of course, but still.
Thank you, Kurodani! Thank you!
Now's my chance to...

[ ] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

[ ] Interject and change the subject. No one else should have to go through this.
No. 159825
[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

Have a good chat with Merlin, Yamame. This is how all the aboveground people of Gensokyo are like.
No. 159826
[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

See that bus, Yamame? You just got thrown under it.
No. 159827
[X] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

Survival Rule #1. Better you than me pal.
No. 159828
Glad things aren't as bad as they could be though it sucks that they are still bad. Hope you get out of whatever slump you're in soon and in reasonably good health/finance/emotion.
No. 159829
As soon as I saw that pic, I knew that it would be good. Better than good. And it was awesome.

[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

Just because by ignoring her now, the more likely she will decide to bother us further later. Or tag along.
No. 159833
[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.

Sorry, Yamame, but your talking to her is less likely to cause mad science-related explosions.
No. 159837
[x] Interject and change the subject. No one else should have to go through this.

If our nutso MC dislikes dealing with Merlin, I fear for the saner members of the group (everyone but the MC and Koishi)
No. 159838
Except we're currently reading from the POV of Rikako, not the nameless MC. And I don't remember any mention of Merlin/the Prismrivers from the MC.
No. 159839
Still standing by my vote as it'd be something Rikako is likely to do, helping a fellow sane person.
No. 159840

Perhaps, but remember she is a scientist. Would it be better to help someone who is relatively normal, even if risking contact might harm your efforts otherwise? Cost and benefit, I suppose.

Although, I will say that we must have this Merlin meet Koishi... Even if all of the other characters might take a permanent hit to their sanity if it does occur.
No. 159841

Half our group is crazy in my opinion.
No. 159843

Our current group consists of a genocidal doll and her megalomaniacal miniature friend, a bridge princess with multiple personality disorder and one violently psychotic identity, a girl who's nearly as violent a tsundere as Louise and was sane enough to pick a fight with Yuuka on a whim, a woman who treats a fight to the death as a spectator sport and punched her way through several miles of solid rock, a chibi-fied youkai with a hair trigger who views flowers as people, a nymphomaniac girl with inhuman lack of empathy and thought processes Escher would find impossible to follow, and, of course, Our Protagonist, ladies and gentlemen.
No. 159845

That is to say: the best damn team ever!

[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.
No. 159846
Seriously though, no-one deserves to be compared with Louise. Especially someone who hasn't actually attacked us violently with a whip for literally no reason whatsoever.

In any case, my vote

[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.
No. 159850
>nymphomaniac girl with inhuman lack of empathy and thought processes Escher would find impossible to follow,
The first part is news to me. She hasn't acted that way, as far as I've read.

[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.
No. 159852
[x] Finish looking things over in relative peace. Kurodani will just have to take this one for the team.
-[X] You'll... do something for her to make up for it. Later. When you're far away from Merlin.
No. 159855
If I remember correctly, this was apparent with the whole snake and Rikako issue. Satori remarked on it afterwards, too.
No. 159859
File 134294924329.png - (735.14KB , 1000x757 , 26126784_p0.png ) [iqdb]
Things are okay, now.
Except for my work, and this heat.
Those are not so okay.
Writing is unlikely to happen until Monday night.
Being able to set foot outside without feeling myself being cooked alive is unlikely to happen until much later.

So, yeah. Summer.

No. 159889
File 134312770765.jpg - (36.36KB , 550x400 , hey.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Er, Kurodani. Yamame Kurodani. Pleased to make your-”


“E-er, yes. Yes, I am-”

“He is my hero~!”

“...who is?”


I should step in.
I really should.
No one should be subjected to this.

And yet, doing so would delay what I came here for.
What we came here for.
When framed in that context, would it not be counterproductive to allow myself to become distracted now?

Sorry, Kurodani. Please bear with it a little while longer. I'll make it up to you later...somehow...

...wait, why am I thinking like this?
It's not like I'm abandoning anyone!
Besides, it may not be as bad as I fear. Merlin may be having one of her lucid moments.

“You can hear hear them, don't you? Like putting your ear to the shell of the ground and listening, and you hear them.”

“Them who?”

“You can hear them crawling.”

“Who's crawling?”

“You can hear the innnsectssss!”

“Ah...huh. Maybe I should, ah...”

Hey! Hey! HEY. You in a band? I'm in a band.”

“Er, no, no I am not-”

“You should be in a band. Unless you shouldn't. Shouldn't you?”


“Let's test it!”

“Test what?”


“W-wait! What are we testing?!”


Or not.

Well, I shouldn't waste time listening to them, should I?

Right, now where did I leave those...hm...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Your attack strikes home with a satisfying THWACK, striking the leafy-beast in what you can only assume is its soft, pulpy core.

Bushes have pulp in the middle, right?
Or was that something else?
What were they called?

Ah, yes. 'Grapes'.

But now was no time to muse over the insides of fruits and vegetables!
Now was the time for action!

Having already executed the first phase of your plan, it was now time to move on the the second phase.
You gave it the 'rock' and now it was time to 'roll'!

And roll you do!
With log-like grace, you flip yourself over onto your back, then your side, then your stomach, then your other side, and then back onto your back!

Ouch! H-hey!” the bush cries out, rustling its leaf-covered branches in shock.
But you were in no mood to listen!
You had no time for such things!
You could almost say you were on a roNO..

In any case, your plan was unfolding as perfectly as could be expected for a plan that entailed nothing more than throwing a rock at something and rolling around on the ground.

But is it enough?


There was still more you could do!
More you should do!
More you MUST do, both here and elsewhere!

[ ] Roll faster! You gotta do it!

[ ] Rock harder! The best part is when it stops moving!

[ ] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

No. 159890
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.
There are more rocks where that came from
No. 159891
[x] Rock harder! The best part is when it stops moving!

Really, was there ever any other choice?
No. 159892
[x] Rock harder! The best part is when it stops moving!
No. 159893
[X] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

Stop hitting and recruit the Engineer!
No. 159894
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

Would rather not rock Nitori into oblivion.
No. 159895
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

Besides, it's not like we have a shirikodama to be extracted, anywho.
No. 159896
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.
No. 159897
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

updates! Thanks.
No. 159898
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

Bush youkai, I have authorization to severely rock-and-roll you some more. Surrender now or prepare to be rolled!
No. 159901
[x] Talk faster! You are ready to negotiate its surrender.

We've used one of our powers, now it's time to use the other one.
No. 159998
File 134345589588.jpg - (123.33KB , 384x423 , totally not a kappa.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's right!
You'll talk to the photosynthesizing abomination!
That is simply the next logical step in the classic 'shoot first and ask questions later' strategy!

Granted, you didn't 'shoot' so much as throw something, and you have no clue what you would even ask a bush, youkai or otherwise.

Plants, as you know, are not the greatest conversationalists.

Nevertheless, you must try! Try to open the lines of communication between man and plant!

Ceasing your rolling maneuvers, you come to rest right on the edge of the water.
Turning yourself, you gaze back at your leafy assailant.

[ ]


My apologies for both the lateness of this update, as well as for the update itself. These past few days have been kicking my ass, and I've been kind of "out of it" as a result.
No. 159999
Lol, at the many many options.
No. 160001
No. 160002

Make sure you write the second blank option. I don't want that first one.
No. 160003


In no particular order, as long as it ends in the write in.
No. 160004
No. 160005
No. 160006
My brain has been frozen at the concentrated awesome that are these choices.
No. 160008
Ooh, how about "Stop right there, Chlorophyll scum!"?
No. 160010
File 134348024762.jpg - (282.63KB , 846x600 , Mountain of Festival.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] IF YOU HAVE, THEN JUST COME OUT NORMALLY and let's get to know each other. Perhaps over dinner?
No. 160011

...Although honestly, I'd be fine with most any of the given choices too.
No. 160015

Not feeling very creative right now, so this.
No. 160016
[x] IF YOU HAVE, THEN JUST COME OUT NORMALLY and let's get to know each other. Perhaps over dinner?

What the heck, I like this one. And it's not like we're taking advantage of meta-knowledge at all! But what would a bush youkai like for dinner?
No. 160028
[X]Schizophrenia Option
-[X]GAME REFERENCE Covered by asking for sailors
-[X]BLANK OPTION Because bushes can't talk. They're bushes.

The only way to exorcise the spirits in our body is to act so crazy that they decide the afterlife is a better alternative.
No. 160029
Meat I guess. Any kind of salad would be cannibalism.
No. 160033

Cannibalistic bushes... Not exactly a thought you'd have in everyday conversation... Which must mean it is perfectly logical.

If the bush doesn't respond, we must take it out, so as to protect all the other bushes from its leaf clutches.
No. 160096
[X] Schizophernia Option.
If we BS it enough, it might go away.
No. 160119
File 134379683010.png - (122.73KB , 1024x768 , do kappas dream of electric cucumbers.png ) [iqdb]
I was sick.
Now I am not so sick.
This is good.

I have had ideas during my down time.
Now I think I might use some of them.
This is also good.


Writing and updates will resume tomorrow evening, and I will see how long I can go before something else inevitably comes along to trip me up somehow.
No. 160126
Glad you are feeling better. Greatly anticipating the next chapter.
No. 160147
File 134388494786.jpg - (36.28KB , 386x413 , SO totally not a kappa.jpg ) [iqdb]
The sound of rustling leaves fill the air as the creature quickly regains its balance.

You knew that one rock would not be enough to fell such a beast, yet you still find yourself dismayed to see it recover so quickly.

Truly, bushes are fearsome opponents, indeed!

Having come this far, however, you dare not back down.
Not only would such a move embolden your foe, but you are standing right on the edge of the pond and would almost certainly fall in if you were to move even the slightest bit backwards, and you've had enough of being submerged in liquids for one day.

That water probably isn't completely sanitary, either...

And so, you stand your ground!
Shoulders squared ,and head held high, you stare intently at the rustling bush-creature before you.

Though it has no eyes that you can see, you get the feeling that it is staring right back at you.

Staring with its non-eyes.

...how can it even do that?!

As unsettled as you feel to be seen by that which has no eyes to see, you know you must push onward. You must try to speak to this thing, this monster, and speak you shall!

Throughout your mind, countless things to say float about, each appealing to you in its own way.
Do you take an authoritative tone? Perhaps something more menacing? It might be to your benefit to make yourself look assertive, so that it knows you are in control of this situation.
Then again, there is something to be said about taking a more diplomatic tone. Maybe you should see if it is able to be reasoned with?
Or, maybe you should just start ranting like a raving lunatic, and hope it will become so alarmed that it will either retreat or surrender?

After a brief period of internal deliberation, you arrive at your decision.
The choice is made.
You've made your choice.

You breath in...
Your lips part...
And, in that moment, you declare to the bush-youkai and anything else that might listen:



Goddamn it.

From somewhere in the back of your mind, you see the faint vision of yourself, or someone who looks very much like yourself. You're not quite sure.
You can't quite make out their face, but from what little of it you occasionally glimpse each time he strikes his head against the brick wall he was leaning against at that moment, you think he looks a little bit like you.

Before you can think too much about it, though, you notice that your words have managed to have some sort of effect on your chlorophyllic what does that even mean antagonist.

Leaves rustling and branches twitching, the plant-fiend begins to slowly back away from you.

At least, you think it's backing away.
It might be walking forward for all you know.
How do you tell what direction something is facing when it doesn't even have a face, anyway?

In any case, the bush-youkai was definitely moving away from you.
Slowly, slowly, not so slowly, almost it were about to...

Eeeeeep!” the bush yelps, as it breaks into a full-sprint and dashes away with all its bushy might.

An impressive feat, considering it...wait.

Oh, damn it! It's trying to make a break for it!

[ ] Pursue

[ ] Do not pursue
No. 160148
[x] Do not pursue

Don't pursue Lu Bush!
No. 160150
[x] Pursue

Oh, no you're not little Miss Cannibal Bush...
No. 160151
[x] Pursue

We're coming to get you, Barbara!
No. 160153
[x] Pursue
No. 160155
[x] Pursue

[x] Ask out to dinner.
No. 160162
Wait a minute, we're on the Youkai Mountain, we just landed in a river, and we were attacked by a bush... with a device in its hands. It's Nitori with camouflage on, guys.
Edit: *reads previous votes* Oh, I wasn't the first to figure it out. Whatever.

[X] Pursue
No. 160163
Wait a minute, we're on the Youkai Mountain, we just landed in a river, and we were attacked by a bush... with a device in its hands. It's Nitori with camouflage on, guys.
Edit: *reads previous votes* Oh, I wasn't the first to figure it out. Whatever.
Second edit (really?): *notices file names of last two pictures* I see what you did there.

[X] Pursue
No. 160164
...It's not deleting my unedited post. Please don't count that twice!
No. 160165

Oh goddamnit

[x] Pursue
No. 160174
Somehow, I feel I should have expected that.

[x] Pursue
No. 160177
[x] Pursue
No. 160178
[X] Pursue
We must chase that which runs, even if it means our death.
No. 160179
[x] Pursue

"You know, I'm sorry about that outburst. I have nothing against bush youkai, really. Let's make up and have dinner together, how about?"
No. 160180

As long as no other innocent bushes are injured for that dinner.
No. 160182
[X] Pursue

No. 160273
File 134410363841.png - (1.72MB , 1000x799 , cue the chase music.png ) [iqdb]
You decide to go after the fleeing bush-youkai.

How could you not? When you see something running away from you, how could you not feel the overwhelming desire to chase after it!?

Sure, it would mean deviating from your plan of remaining where you were until some form of help arrived, but that was then and this is now! You may have been content to hang around with a bunch of frogs in a pond, but that was before a raunchy plant monster attempted to fondle your hindquarters!

That which runs as if being chased will inevitably be chased for real! Such is the way of nature! The running mouse is chased by the cat! The running cat is chased by the dog! And now, the bush is chased by you!

And so it begins, the dangerous game of hunter and hunted!
Paying no mind to the aches and pains of your already tired and battered body, you break into a sprint, the bottom of your still-soggy robe wetly slapping the back of your legs with each stride.

The bush, no doubt aware of your pursuit of it, begins to take evasive maneuvers. Moving with a quickness you wouldn't think possible for something with no visible legs, the bush-youkai skitters away, effortlessly weaving its way through the assorted trees and vegetation it was clearly trying to put between you and it.

Though you try your best to maintain line of sight with your quarry, it doesn't take long for the bush to slip out of view; the rustling of its leafy branches the only indication you have that it's even still fleeing from you. You quickly make your way around trees and over roots and fallen logs, doing your best to keep up, but it doesn't take long for fatigue to take its toll on you.

Your muscles ache, your lungs burn, and your heart pounds with such force that its a wonder that it doesn't simply explode in your chest. Try as you might, you soon find yourself unable to go on any longer, and come to stop next to a particularly moss-covered tree. Leaning against it while you catch your breath, you strain to hear any sign that the bush-youkai was still nearby, but hear only the rhythmic sounds of blood pumping in your ears. Even after waiting long enough for your breathing and pulse to slow, you still hear nothing, leaving you to conclude that it had either gotten away, or was now hiding from you. Either way, the bush had given you the slip, and you can only wonder how the hell anything like that could move so quickly.

Granted, it was almost certainly more familiar with the terrain than you were, but still! It's a plant! A plant youkai, sure, but a plant nonetheless!
What's next, getting outrun by a rock?!

[ ] Charge onward! You might still catch up to it!

[ ] Search the area! If it's still around here, you'll find it!

[ ] Retrace your footsteps! You came from this way, right?
No. 160274
[X] Charge onward! You might still catch up to it!

We can't stop now! This is bush country
No. 160278
[ ] Search the area! If it's still around here, you'll find it!

This is odd...for some reason, all of our sentences are ending in italics.
No. 160284
[X] Charge onward! You might still catch up to it!
[X] "Hey, I just wanna talk to you!"
This bush/kappa/youkai/whatever could lead us to the shrine! It seems to know this place.
No. 160286
[x] Retrace your footsteps! You came from this way, right?

If we're spotted, it will be by air. Forests make it difficult to be spotted by air. Therefore, we should get out of the forest and wait patiently, like a good little boy.
No. 160290
[x] Charge onward! You might still catch up to it!

The italics in your head are humming something they call Yackety Sax. Dunno what's up with them.
No. 160291
[x] Charge onward! You might still catch up to it!

We shall never retreat! Not against the dreaded bush!
No. 160396
[X] Search the area! If it's still around here, you'll find it!
You may hide among your brothers/sisters but eventually you will be found Mr. Bush. There will be no rest for those who attempt to probe the innocent. I say innocent because we haven't actually done anything horribly wrong yet.
>>160278 One of the spirits in our head used to be a hunter. Why else would they get so excited about plucking a birds feathers?
No. 160430
File 134440686618.jpg - (130.30KB , 1024x768 , LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG.jpg ) [iqdb]
Undaunted by the disappearance of your target, you press onward, running through the trees with almost reckless abandon.

Retreat? Give up?
You'll do no such thing!
Not while there is still air in your veins, and blood in your lungs!

...wait, something seems wrong about that.

Whatever! You have no time for standing still, be it in thoughts or actions! You had only one way in which you could go at this moment, and that way was forward! Forward, and slightly to the side to avoid slamming into that tree!

That was a close one.

As you continue to run, defying both common sense and your body's aching cries to stop and rest, you can see neither bark nor leaf of your quarry, not that you would be able to tell it apart from the countless other leaves and branches rushing past you in blur.

A gradually-darkening blur.

Your heart pounds in your chest, pumping blood through your body with such force you can practically hear it surging through your ears, and at the back of your mind that tiny little voice that sometimes tells you things that make sense begins to stir.

Hey, I think I'm blacking out, it says, leaving you to feel somewhat confused as to how that has any relevance to your current situation. After all, it was not as if you had to worry about such a thing happening to you, least of all while physically exerting yourself in your already fatigued and battered state while on a mountain and oh, what's that light?

As you half-run, half-stumble your way through the trees, you see a bright light ahead of you, which you recognize as a way out of thIisSsmOr[i]tALcOiL...woods.

You meant 'woods'.
You recognize it as a way out of the woods.

That light...

That warm, inviting light...

As you see it growing larger and larger, even as the edges of your vision continue to dim, you feel something strange.

It feels almost like...

[ ] Joy
[ ] Sorrow
[ ] Despair
[ ] Shock
[ ] Awe
[ ] Nostalgia


Ever have an idea that you liked, but for whatever reason couldn't act on right away, only to come up with other ideas that you like just as much, but for very different reasons?
No. 160436
[X] Nostalgia

I wonder if anyone's thought to set up that revolving door for us yet.
No. 160452
[X] Nostalgia
Did we just die? Again? What?
>As you half-run, half-stumble your way through the trees, you see a bright light ahead of you, which you recognize as a way out of thIisSsmOr[i]tALcOiL...woods.
We need to get those spirits out, pronto.
No. 160453
[x] Awe

Has he ever been awed by anything in the story? I can't remember.
No. 160454
[x] Despair

We couldn't catch the bush.
No. 160457
[x] Sorrow
Sad... so sad...
A host of sorrows.
No. 160464
[x] Nostalgia

I feel like we should be seeing Komachi. Or maybe Sariel.
No. 160465
File 134446368159.jpg - (14.27KB , 500x375 , YOUR SORROW MAKES ME HAPPY PANDA.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sorrow

So cold.
So sad.
Hey, I can't feel my head!
No. 160466
[x] Nostalgia

At, the girls who keep turning us down...
No. 160468
[X] Nostalgia
I remember the good ol' days when rocks were rocks, and fairies were clubs. Now look where we are, chasing something down without a rock in hand.
No. 160470
[X] Nostalgia

I am certain that if our Protagonist, Merlin, Koishi, and Kotohime ever met up in one spot, all rational thought in a 10 mile radius would be eradicated.
No. 160473
[X] Nostalgia

Hey you look like Mima with that green hair, are you her kid?
No. 160475

This sounds like an excellent idea. We should aspire to make this happen, at all costs.
No. 160478
File 134449618715.jpg - (266.48KB , 678x599 , that old familiar feeling.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yes, that's what you were feeling...

Charging forward, you break out of the darkness of the forest into the light, the sudden brightness forcing your eyes to squint. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and the air in your hair, you feel a strange sense of peace wash over you.

Foreign, yet familiar...

Unsettling, yet comforting...

As you feel the ground fall away from beneath your feet, your robe flapping in the breeze, you open your eyes and feel conflicting urges to scream in terror or sigh in contentment.

You're flying.

Your arms open wide, you gaze down at the treetops far below you

It feels wrong.
So wrong.
And yet, somehow...right.

Though you have been earthbound for as long as you can remember, something about being airborne like this simply feels right to you, as if this was where you truly belonged.

Here, in the air.
The sky.


You're falling.
You're falling?

A quick glance over your shoulder at the cliff you had just run off of all but confirms your suspicions.

You're falling.
You're totally falling.
You are absolutely, positively, definitely falling.

You flap your arms, but to no avail.
After all, they are arms. Not wings, or anything like that.
Not that a lack of wings stops anyone else from flying.
Just you, apparently.

You begin to lament the injustice of the world, cursing whatever being was responsible for determining who or what could or could not fly, but are stopped short by a sudden, sharp jolt throughout your body, as you feel something looped under your arms and tightening around your chest.

Look down, you see the trees below you no longer rushing up to greet you.
As they begin to slowly rotate beneath you, your mind slowly begins to realize something...

You're no longer falling.

You're no longer falling!

...or, at least, not falling quite as quickly as you were just a moment ago.
You seem to be descending quite slowly, in fact.
Though you're not sure if you should question any development that enables you to avoid your untimely demise, you still had to wonder...why?

Why were you no longer falling?

Somehow, you think the arms you see around your chest might have something to do with that.
The arms on your chest, and the strange, warm sensation of something soft pressing into the back of your head and neck.

“O-oh my! Oh my! My my my~! Th-this is-! A-ah~! Mmh! Mmyes!” you hear your rescuer excitedly stammer.

A woman's voice.
Completely unfamiliar.

Uncertain of what to make of the woman's strange tone of voice, you nevertheless feel that she's at least not hostile, and probably not inclined to eat you. If she were, she probably wouldn't even bother saving you, after all.

...or so you hoped.

“Er...hello?” you say, figuring you should at least say something to the one who just saved your life.

“H-hello? Ah! A-ah-ha-ah! Yes! Hello! Hello~! H-how are y-ooh~! Mmh~!” the woman replies, shuddering enough as she does that you feel it in your spine.

“Um, are you okay?” you ask, mildly concerned. Whatever is going on with her, it can't possibly be normal. Or healthy.

Yet, for some reason, you can't say you entirely dislike it.

“Hm-mm-mmh?! Mmyes, yes~! I'm f-f-fiiiingh! Fine~! There is just s-so much mmmph!” she half-says, half-moans to you. “S-so mmmm-much! Ha~! Maybe I should, ah...hmmm, mmmph, no, no, no~! I mustn't! But-! Mmmmmmmmm~!


“B-but maybe ju-just a hnnngh little wouldn't....hmmmm~! Yes, yes, yes~!”


“A-hah! Suh-so-sorry! Sorry~! It's just...mmngh...so muh-much misfortune! So much~! H-ha-hard to...mmph!

'Misfortune' she says?
Now that you think of it, there was supposedly someone who dealt with that sort of thing that was said to reside on this mountain, wasn't there?
Or, at least, you think there was.

Wasn't there something they said about her?
What was it, again?

...ah, well. You're sure that if it were anything important, you would remember it.

“I co-could help~! Mmmyes!” she continues, breathlessly. “I could, hmm, take it away! Away~! Mmmm, yes...t-take it away~!”

Take away your misfortune?
Did you even have any misfortune that needed to be taken away?

Well, sure, you haven't exactly had the best couple of days, so far, what with all the near-death experiences, spiritual possession, and assorted parties attempting to murder you at one point or another. But besides all that, what misfortune do you have to take away, really?

...you're not sure you really want to know the answer to that.

“Y-you might even, hmm, enjoy it~! Mmmm~!

As you continue to descend, slowly turning around in mid-air, you ponder the words of the strange, shuddering, moaning, heavily-breathing woman who was tightly holding you...

[ ] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)
[ ] Decline the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)
[ ] Ignore the strange lady and start talking to yourself again (and ask her out to dinner)
[ ] Ask the strange lady to leave (and ask her out to dinner)
No. 160479
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

This strange lady seems to have just saved our life. She's nice enough. Let's get Hina into the party.
No. 160480
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Hina could use some love, and we could always use a new party member. She's the last of the (not really terrible) trio.
No. 160481
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Alright, who wants to bet we'll run into one of our members right as Hina goes crazy? I'm putting my money on Tenshi and Parsee. At the same time.
No. 160482
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Sup Hina, try not to flood the back of the Protagonist's robe.
No. 160483
[x] Decline the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Hahaha, those italics. I'd rather save our misfortune for Koishi or Tenshi.
No. 160484
[X] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

I'm not seeing a downside to this option
No. 160486
[X] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

This cannot possibly be a bad thing. At all.
No. 160488
[x] Decline the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Gentlemen, contemplate this, if you would.

Which has more potential for hilarity?

Letting Hina deal with our misfortune now, quickly and (not-so-)quietly?

Or refusing and having her nigh-permanently stuck in misfortune-arousal mode around us, and having her misfortune proximity increase around the other party members until she can't help herself?

Which could easily lead to the same potential result, and/or her applying her enjoyable methods of misfortune removal to other party members in addition to us? Parsee (and possibly Medi?) and Koishi likely have a lot of cooped-up misfortune, and the latter would doubtlessly enjoy Hina's attention.
No. 160491
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

>>160488 has a point in his way of thinking, but I kind of doubt that things would work out that well for us. Sorry.
No. 160492
Do you really think that she will just take out misfortune and be done with? I mean, this is fairly straightforward, but so is climbing out of a cave took six months

Although how would our character be with all his good luck and none of the misfortune?
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)
No. 160493
[ ] Decline the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

Because a moaning Hina is always a good thing. Let's keep her that way.
No. 160497
[X] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner).
Our misfortune has made us have some fun times, true, but we've got evil spirits to purge, a box to find, a satori to woo, a bush to catch, and most importantly, some memories to recover. We have to get these done at some point.
No. 160498
You mean this... will actually advance the plot?
No. 160507
That's what I figured when I wrote that. Without our terrible, terrible misfortune, we hopefully will get sidetracked less and advance the plot to a satisfying conclusion.
No. 160508
Aren't the sidetracks the point? This story doesn't really have a plot worth mentioning. Yet.
No. 160510
[x] Accept the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)

I'm not certain how much of his bad luck are a result of his misfortune and how much is his unique mindset and answers for problems. I wouldn't be too surprised if he continually generates misfortune like a water fountain spews water.
No. 160512
File 134456251127.jpg - (174.08KB , 600x600 , f8050e144ff99b6431777b24e5ef7ca5.jpg ) [iqdb]
>plot advancement
>less sidetracking
>plot, period

Ahh, that's funny. You guys are funny.

Seriously, though, I hope the side-bits aren't that bad that they're seen as something to be avoided. The end will come when it comes, one way or another, and I would much rather enjoy the time leading up to it, rather than speeding along to the final destination.

Also, I just happen to have an idea for something that's been kicking around in my head that I've just been dying to do in this story when the opportunity arises.

On that note, I've got an early day tomorrow, so if I'm to get any writing done tonight, I will need to call the vote soon. Otherwise, nothing will happen until tomorrow night, though I doubt there will be much of a change even if I wait until then.
No. 160513

No rush, man. I like the side bits myself. For instance, we spent a lot of time underground, but every last bit of it was a lot of fun.

So even if it seems like the story's dragging a bit from time to time, as long as it's a fun ride, who cares?
No. 160515
File 134456386214.jpg - (208.19KB , 512x512 , 123494798014.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh don't worry, the distractions are what makes this story great (per example, I loved the little bit with the Tengu girl in the first post of this thread) but it is always nice to see the plot moving forward. And even more if it is something that will help the MC who has been out of the spotlight for a while.
No. 160516
Prettymuch this.

I'm more interested in the character subplots than any ending. Medi's rebellion, Tenshi's why are you even here, Koishi's third eye, Parsee's Parsee, etc. There's a lot of cool stuff there that I'd like to see addressed sooner or later. Later is fine. I am perfectly okay with later.

Chasing bush youkai and delicious misfortune removal are more than fine too.
No. 160517
This stories journey is full of win. And when we finally reach the ending i'll be very sad.
No. 160518
[X] Decline the strange lady's offer (and ask her out to dinner)
No. 160519
File 13445689762.jpg - (14.21KB , 300x300 , YET.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aw, what the hell. Calling it, and writing now.

All I will say about what is about to happen is: pic semi-related.
No. 160520
The cakepic is a lie!
No. 160521
File 134457888336.jpg - (312.98KB , 854x1200 , this should not surprise you.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Sure, why not?” you say, accepting the strange lady's offer. You certainly see little, if any reason to reject an offer of help, least of all from someone who had already helped you. “While we're at it, maybe we could have dinner?”

“D-dinner?” the lady replies, sounding surprised by your counter-offer.

Surprised, or just having trouble breathing.
You can't quite tell which.

“Yeah, you know. Dinner. Maybe before we do your thing, or maybe after. Whatever you prefer.”

Mmmh~! I...think I m-might be hah a li-little full by then...” she says, her voice trembling as much as her body was, from what you could feel on your back.

“Oh, well. Okay, then...wait. Are we doing that misfortune-thingy now?” you ask, suddenly realizing that you knew practically nothing at all about whatever it was you had just agreed to, beyond it involving the taking away of your misfortune. How would that even work?

For that matter, who is this strange woman, anyway?

“A-ah, yes, yes~! We sh-should do it, ahh~! Do it soon~! Nah-ah-not here, though! No, no, nnnngho~!” she answers, panting heavily for a few moments before continuing. “A-ah yes, m-my name is H-Hina K-”

LADY KAGIYAMA!” a voice suddenly barks, causing the woman named Hina's hold on you to loosen just enough for you to begin sliding downward in her arms as she flinches and shudders, regaining just enough composure to catch you before you can completely slip free.

Though you naturally feel some anxiety over the prospect of falling from this height, you don't feel too worried about such a thing as that happening. After all, this Hina lady was doing a fair enough job holding onto you. She was nowhere near as strong as Yuugi or even Tenshi seemed to be, but you still felt confident that you were safe.

After all, if you couldn't feel secure in the arms of some strange woman with a connection to misfortune while dangling in mid-air over the trees of youkai-filled mountain you were trying to ascend, where could you feel safe?

Aside, of course, from the ground.

The ground would probably be a little bit safer than your current position. You could not deny this.
Though you were now low enough for your feet to graze the tops of some of the taller trees beneath you, you were still rather high in the air.

High in the air, and slowly rotating to face the vaguely familiar-looking white-haired girl who had apparently called out to your savior. Though her face was one you did not recognize, her clothes were unmistakably the same as the tengu that had attacked your group.

“A-ah~! Hello, there! How does this mmmmph! H-how does this day find you, M-Miss-”

“Pardon my rudeness, but I have no time for pleasantries.” the tengu-girl interrupts, gazing warily in your direction. “I have been ordered to retrieve the human you hold.”

Mmmmph!” Hina moans, with an especially strong shudder. “My my my~! Th-that's quite, ahh, unfortunate~! S-so unf-fortunate...ha... “

“Please, surrender the human.” the girl asks, her voice firm yet lacking the forcefulness of what you can only assume was her superior.

“O-oh my~! Oh my~!” Hina shudders, as you feel yourself slip just a little bit lower. Despite this, you still somehow manage to not feel any sense of fear or dread. Indeed, it was almost as if you knew you had nothing to fear. “W-what to do, what to do~?”

Hina would not drop you.

You would not fall!
Not here!
Not now!

“I-I wonder i-if, mm, I sh-eeh?!” Hina gasps, as you slip free from both her arms and your robe, and begin plummeting towards the earth.

Plunging down through the treetops, you feel yourself being assaulted by branch after leafy branch, your body painfully bouncing off of the ones that don't simply snap under your weight, before finally landing head-first on a rock.

Not again you think to yourself, in the brief moment before the world fades to black.

No t a g a i

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“...hey. Hey, it's time to wake up.”

No it's not.

“...come on! Wake up!”

Don't wanna.

“Come on! You're going to be late!”

I really couldn't care less.

“...fine, it looks like I have no choice!”

Yeah, whatever, just let me sleep.


...wait, what?

[ ] Cough
[ ] Gurgle
[ ] Giggle
[ ] Moan
No. 160522
That went well. So... wanna try again when the protagonist wakes up? I'm sure it'll work this time. Or the third time. I hear that one's got a charm.

[x] Giggle
[x] Moan
No. 160523
[X] Giggle
No. 160527
[x] Cough

The logical explanation is that several people bodyslammed us at once. We are under a pile of maybe-tengu and we must cough them off of us at once.
No. 160530
[x] Cough

I still wish we took the Witch-fairy with us.
No. 160534
[x] Giggle

Everyone needs a good laugh when forced to wake up from a restful slumber.
No. 160535
You know that someone will cast meteor, or a the mountain will come crumbling down or the Watatsuki sisters will start killing everyone just before we manage to do that right?

[x] Cough
Obligatory evangelion-chap26 dream sequence is a-go!
No. 160536
I still hope nuking Cirno fixed her brain.
No. 160537
[X] Giggle
Whatever happened hurt. A lot. So, we are going to do the exact opposite thing any normal human would do (but we're not really normal, are we?) and laugh.
It's not as if we're possibly going to get knocked unconscious for the hundredth time before we get to the shrine, right?
No. 160538
[x] Moan

"No daddy, please, stop punching me in the solar plexus."
No. 160542
[x] Moan
-[x] In a way that either raises or indicates an state of arousal.
No. 160545
[x] Gurgle

Frankly, I'd be surprised if he had the mental facilities to do more at this point.
No. 160546
Does that internal monologue look like someone in that state? Nope. Either he's dreaming or we're not actually the protagonist right now.
No. 160548
[x] Moan
[x] Giggle

We must first voice our displeasure before succumbing to superior force.
No. 160563
Calling it for giggling, which is something of a relief.

If "Moan" had won, I would have had to come up with another body part that would hurt to get punched in that was as fun to say as "solar plexus".

There is no such thing.
No. 160564
File 134467150060.png - (0.96MB , 1041x1500 , When Fonz Meets Shark.png ) [iqdb]
You attempt to tense your muscles in anticipation of the imminent attack, twisting your body around to provide even the slightest bit of additional protection of your most vulnerable parts. As groggy as you currently are, it's the best you can manage with that little information you have.

Unfortunately for you, it's also a futile effort.


“W-wait! No! NO!” you manage to cry out, just as you feel the fingers begin to mercilessly assault your sides. Though you try your best to resist, your defenses crumble under your assailant's expert touch, and you are quickly reduced to little more than a squirming, laughing wreck.

“The Tingler~! The Tingler is loose in the theater! Scream! Scream for your lives~!

STOPITSTOPITSSTOPIT!” you desperately cry out between your tickle-induced convulsing.

“Do you surrender~?” your tormentor asks, clearly enjoying the feeling of control and domination she had over you.

YESYESYES”you reply, not caring one bit about anything but making it stop.

“Are you lyyyyyying~?”





Just like that, the tickling stops. Clutching your now-aching abdomen, you mentally curse the sadistic asshole who invented the concept of 'tickle torture'. Once satisfied that your breathing had returned to a somewhat normal rhythm, you turn over to look up at the girl who had oh-so-cruelly awoken you.

“G'morning, Koishi.”

“Morning-shmorning, lazy-butt~! Get your cute caboose up, we gotta go!” she replies, placing her hands on her hips and doing her best to look serious and authoritative; an image that is somewhat diminished by the fact that she was clearly ready to burst out in a fit of giggles at the drop of a hat.

So, basically, like she normally looks.

“What are you talking about? Go where?” you ask, genuinely confused as to what could be so important to merit being woken up in such a manner. Or, for that matter, why she felt compelled to do so while wearing her uniform.

Not that you mind seeing her in it, especially from your current angle, but it does make you wonder.

“Where? Wheeeeeeeeere~?”

“Yes, Koishi, 'where'?” As in that thing that is usually followed by 'when' and 'why'?”

“D'aaaaaaaaaww~! You're so cute when you're all morning-snarky~! To school, silly! We have to go-go-go~!”

“What are you talking about? We're on break!” you inform her, wary of taking anything she tells you at face-value after all the other times she's successfully pranked you in the past.

You never did find out what she did with your underwear after that last time. Then again, considering just how many pairs went missing, you're not sure if you really want to know.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo~!” Koishi replies, her eyes briefly flicking about as if she were looking over an invisible calendar for confirmation. “Break was yesterday, not today! Today is not-break day!”



“Rea-” you are about to repeat, but stop as a knock comes at your door.

“Hey! Are you awake yet?” a voice calls out to you from the now-opening-without-waiting-for-you-to-respond door, with its owner leaning in just enough to look over at you.

“Good morning, Medi.” you say, sitting up to greet the newcomer with a wave while making a mental note to talk to her about barging into your...oh, what the hell.

As if you're really going to stay mad at her long enough to remember, let alone have the nerve to actually do it.

Returning your wave with one of her own, Medi allows the door to swing the rest of the way open, and happily bounces into your domain, the skirt of her uniform swishing about in a way that you don't find entirely unappeali-...wait a minute.

Waaaaaaaaaaait a minute!

“Uh, Medi?” you ask, as the distinct first twinges of dread begin to make themselves felt in the pit of your stomach. “Why are you wearing your uniform?”

“Huh? Well, we gotta where them when we go to school, right?” Medicine replies, her brow furrowing in that way it does whenever you ask her a question that even she realizes you should already know the answer to.

“Told you so~!”

Of course, she's right.
They're both right.
School uniforms are worn when one goes to school.
That's common sense.
The most basic of basics.
When one wears a school uniform, it is a sign that they are going to school.

Koishi and Medi are both wearing their uniforms.
That signifies that they are going to school.
The school that you go to.
The school that you go to with them.
They are going to school, and thus...

...oh, goddamn it.
Goddamn it!

You have to go to school!

[ ] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!

[ ] Relax! You shouldn't dawdle, but that doesn't mean you should rush, either.

[ ] Screw it! You've had enough vacation when you say you've had enough, damn it!
No. 160565
File 134467272322.jpg - (1.14MB , 1000x1414 , cirno using her mouth to hold a letter.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!

Yesss! I was hoping for a school dream! Make sure to run out the door holding toast in your mouth and hands fully occupied by Koishi and Medi's.

May this be a short and pleasant interlude. No cave business.
No. 160566
[x] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!

I'd usually say at your own pace, because then you don't forget things you'd forget if you rushed. But considering the story pace, fast it is.
No. 160567
[x] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!

I expect that we'll crash into yandere Parsee when running to school.
No. 160571
[X] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!
Koishi time is a go. What's next, dying again?
No. 160572
Take a test, meet Paper again.
No. 160573
[x] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!

Yay, Koishi! Yay, Medi!
No. 160580
File 134471103430.jpg - (385.81KB , 1400x1000 , 6bc6463ddf7b446089297b0f7c3a8479.jpg ) [iqdb]
>May this be a short and pleasant interlude. No cave business.

I don't know about "short", but I can promise you that this interlude will almost certainly not take even half the time to get through that the underground did.
Keeping in mind that the underground took approximately eighteen months to get through, from entry to exist, I figure that gives me a good eight months to do this before I become a liar.

Half-joking aside, there will eventually be options to allow you to end this, and chances are the more bored and ready to move on I become, the more of those there will be. I'm not averse to taking my time, as I should hope has been made abundantly clear, but I don't intend to drag things out longer than people want them to.

Unless, of course, the dragging out is part of the joke, but that's not the case this time. This story as a whole, however...

Still, I would rather not rush though this, if you don't mind. There's a very good chance you'll see and meet people you wouldn't normally be able to in the actual story.

Now then, to get back to business, I might begin writing soon. The vote is currently unanimous, I'm feeling motivated, and between working late tonight and early tomorrow I'm not sure I'll have the energy to do much of anything when I finally get back home tomorrow night. So, yeah.
No. 160584
[X] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!
No. 160587

>if you don't mind

I will allow it. Be grateful i'm in a good mood today.

[X] Fast! Get dressed, get your stuff, and get moving! GO GO GO!