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I made it to a second thread! Go me! Its the small victories..

Previous thread: >>156621

Before I post, I want to address some important concerns:

>The girls are trusting too quickly
Duly noted, but from a writer's perspective, I have a lot of things planned that I want to squeeze in before a certain time limit, and from a character perspective, troubled people tend to open up quickly to open and kind individuals. Shiki wants more friends. Mystia doesn't want to seem weak in front of her friends. You'll notice Yoshika isn't rushing to say a lot to us because she isn't really that troubled in comparison to these two.

>If this is a route lock, it'd be unfair.
It isn't a route lock. You hugged a sad girl, that doesn't mean you are in love. It certainly helped you along that road, though, if you decide to go that way.

Anyway, on to the story!


[x] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

"Of course." I say in the calmest voice I can muster, and pull her closer. She cuddles up to my chest, and my heart starts beating a little faster. This is the closest I've ever been to a girl. That thought makes me feel a bit guilty, though, because she is asking for comfort from a friend, not to be close to a lover or something..

"Hey, Taku?" She says quietly after a time.

"Yeah?" I answer hoarsely.

"I'm okay now. Thank you." She gently pushes my arm away, and turns away from me. "You are very sweet. I'm sorry I sort of used you like that."

"Don't make a big deal out of it, it isn't like you harmed me. It isn't everyday a guy gets to hold onto his cute schoolmate like that."

She giggles quietly, blushing. "Let's keep this between us, okay? It certainly helped me, but I was weak to ask something like that."

I wish she'd stop making a big deal out of it. It is getting hard for me to brush it aside. "Okay, I'll keep it a secret."

"Now we're secret buddies. When two people have a secret, they get suuuuper close!" Her voice returns to its cheery self, and she holds up two fingers, then crosses them together. "Now, I guess club is over..and it has been for a while."

I take that as my cue to stand up from the bench, and gather my things. She stands up as well, but doesn't pick up her backpack. Instead she gives me a quick, friendly hug.

"I hope I don't scare you away from music club. I promise I won't be all clingy like this every time."

Smiling, I ruffle her hair with one hand. She makes a cute pouty face, but then a small, happy smile. "You go on ahead, okay, Taku? I'll see you tomorrow."

Shutting the door behind me, I pause for a minute to exhale and gather my thoughts. As I start to walk again, a rather bittersweet piano song begins to play in the music room behind me.


It is a simple, sad tune. I wonder if that is how Mystia is inside, or if she is merely playing out her sadness. I wonder what sort of face she is making as she plays, serious, happy, sad..

Shaking my head, I start my journey home with the song still playing, at first quietly as I walk away, but then looping in my head. I've never heard a song like that before. Its...lovely.

Even when I reach my front door, I'm humming what I remember of it. That is, until I see an envelope crudely taped to my front door. I look left and right, but no one is even walking on my street. It is nearing six o'clock, though, giving someone like a student plenty of time to leave a note. Taking it gently off the door so as not to peel the paint, I slide my finger under the lip of the envelope and I'm greeted with a nasty prick of pain.

A papercut. A drop of blood drips out onto the envelope, ominously staining the back of it with a splash of red. Suddenly a chill runs up my spine. I just moved here. How would anyone know my address.

"Calm down, Kenzo. Its probably just some religious group trying to spread their cause, or a politician trying to get votes.."

Taking a deep breath, I pull the envelope open and find a single sheet of paper, folded in half.

The world feels a little darker all of a sudden, like the sun remembered what time it was and rushed ahead to catch up. Unfolding the paper, I see a single sentence, written in cut-out letters. This has to be a joke..it has to be.


I want to hang on this for a minute. I'll post another update in a little bit, but I need to get back to work.
It begins!

Let's see. Whoever this is obviously has a casual disregard for the written word. We know it isn't Patchouli now.
Ah, that reminds me. I voted for that "exterminate Rumia" option when Patchouli asked back then.
Congrats on your second thread! May you will never lose your steam on writing!

Now, will this story reach at least 27 threads like that other story was?
Or Aya, or Tokiko, or Akyuu by that logic. Not necessarily anything wrong with that of course.

So... discussion on who it could be? Initial reaction was either the mysterious person behind it all, Okuu and gang in some bizarre threat to keep away from Mystia to keep her isolated, or Parsee being Parsee.
I think it's from the villain, though that might be too early for this story (it's only in its second thread).
Someone who has access to administrative records. Legitimately or not.
Possible, but if it's the main villain, it's almost begging to do the exact opposite. I'll agree, it seems a bit early.

Very good point though. The only ones that spring to mind are our instructors and Remilia at this point. Yet the latter lacks a motive at this point. So, possibly someone we've never met? Or does the gang Okuu is in have friend in high places? (Satori maybe?)

Still, I think we should let someone know. Therapist, The Law Shiki, and Mystia. They might be able to recognize this, especially if anything like this has happened before.
>Still, I think we should let someone know.
It pains me to say it, but I'm thinking do as the letter says and tell Shikieiki first. About everything. We've got the letter as proof that something strange is going on now. ... Even if it is warning Takumi to stay away from a different girl. There's no way that will come back to bite him in the ass.

Not that what I think matters compared to votes.
I agree with this anon. We can trust Eiki.
[X] Keep the note, and if you have a chance show it to Shiki.
-[x] If she seems likely to go on the warpath, try and make her take a more subtle approach. However, remember she is the one with the experience in this sort of thing.

Ok, so we have someone trying to keep Mystia isolated and depressed. Obvious bullying is obvious. Coincidentally, we're quite close friends with one of the students responsible for the wellfare of others, who obviously considers it her job to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen.

I only have two real concerns about talking to Shiki:Firstly, the possibility Mystia seeing this as a breach of trust, and if we (and Shiki) handled it the right way we shouldn't even be risking that. Secondly, Remilia interference. Not sure what exactly we can do about that, though.

>>157192 here.
Honestly, this would be my first choice too. Not that I say that we should stay away from Mystia because of this (barring new information, she is completely innocent of anything, and only wants the best for her friends), but we can definitely trust Shiki.

Plan of action, then, is to tell her ASAP, and work from there?
Breach of trust is one thing to be concerned about. However, the part that Mystia asked us to keep a secret was holding her. As long as we avoid mentioning that, we should be alright.

After all, the situation with her friends is an open problem, and is about more than her. Even if she does have a problem with getting outside help (which I don't see, considering how badly she wants her friends back), she would understand why we did it. As we're only trying to help her.
You do know there's another update waiting first before voting, do you?
It's best to tell people after school to avoid witnesse... wait a second, how did mystery person know to warn Takumi away from Mystia? Maybe telling during school is better after all?

I kinda want to sit with Mystia or someone new at lunch. I guess Yoshika is fine too, but I don't trust Seiga... She's one of the people that could have access to administrative records using her power. Self-serving paranoia, fuck yeah.
Man, all this paranoia reminds me of Kira's School Days (GH before GH).

So, could Megasen be called the amalgamation of Kira and Taisa?

That would be pretty awesome.
Forgot mah sage there.
This would be, as I see it, writing very compelling characters for potential routes and screwing us over if we pick even one incorrect choice.

But in all seriousness, can we stop comparing this to past stories and MegaSen to Taisa?
It could just be my own paranoia acting on me, but I think I had a lightbulb moment: What if Okuu's gang is somehow tied to Remilia through some shady means?
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After I process the message, I fling open the door, slamming it behind me and pressing my back to it. Is this message from someone I know? Or is it the culprit? Do two people want me dead? I never thought I'd even have to worry about one. I used to wish for excitement, but now I
just want my simple life back..I want to play video games and dream of an exciting life instead of worrying constantly about my sanity and my life..

Okay, okay, calm down, Kenzo. You are stronger than that. Maybe this is a joke from Mystia's friends who left early. Or maybe this is from
Okuu and she is just bullying me. Even that would be easier to bear than the idea that the culprit knows where I live. Lets think rationally about this..

Stumbling up the stairs while trembling like a coward, I start my brain rolling. Who knows where I live? Well, I guess anyone in the faculty. And class reps have access to something like a directory too, since they have to bring homework to absent students. Is it really worth including Shiki in the list of suspects, though? I guess in that case Komachi could get my address too. And so could anyone who is friends with a class rep..that doesn't narrow the list of suspects.

A gentle rain starts outside, and as the night goes on it becomes a thunderstorm. I jump at every flash of thunder for the entire night, the lightning flashes illuminating imaginary faces in my windows.

Finally I drift off out of exhaustion..

The dream tonight is different. I dream of a crowd of people, all surrounding me with various homemade weapons. Baseball bats, planks with nails in them, gardening tools, knives, everything. The crowd is mostly full of dark, faceless people, but I see people I know as well. The club members. Okuu. Yuugi. Shikieiki, Komachi..they close in on me when I trip over something. No. Someone. Mystia is huddled on the ground in the fetal position, crying. I move in to grab her and the crowd gets more violent. They are mere feet from my face when a hole opens up beneath me, and I fall in a place filled with staring, monstrous eyes. Mystia doesn't follow. No one does. I hit the ground and wake with a start.

Sweating, I take my morning shower and try to calm down. I have to have a plan of action for the day..


Alright, this time I'm trying something different. We have two choices to vote on, and both will influence the story.

[] Avoid Mystia today until I figure out what is going on
[] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front

and the other choice is

[] Tell Mystia about what happened
[] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
[] Tell Yoshika about what happened
[] Tell Remilia about what happened

You'll be able to decide if you tell Yukari or not after school when you go to your appointment. These will generally be every other day, unless Yukari says otherwise.
And you can pick multiple choices on the second one. I forgot to mention that.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front

[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

I'm not scared of dreams. Mystia needs to be told because it concerns her.
Hmm. Sorry if I'm taking a bit of liberty with this choice, but...

[x] Tell Mystia about what happened, clarify that I'll want to see her again once I figure out what's going on, but until then...
[x] Avoid Mystia today until I figure out what is going on
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened, clarify that I'll want to see her again once I figure out what's going on, but until then...
[x] Avoid Mystia today until I figure out what is going on
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.
[] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[] Tell Mystia about what happened
[] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

Time to start gathering allies.
It just occurred to me that this might be bluffing. I don't think anyone mentioned that yet.

Call that shit.
[x] Business as usual.
-[x] Tell Remilia about what happened

If those girls are trusting with 'strangers', why can't we?
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

The way I see it, if we can't trust Shiki and Mystia, we can't trust any of them. Not that I don't trust Yoshika, but let's avoid dragging her in yet.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.

Bring it up with The Law, I always say. She may not win any popularity contests (except sometimes with THP readers), but her dialogue already speaks volumes about her dedication to Truth, Justice, and the Yama Way.

As for not bringing it up with Mystia, odds are it would just make her even more miserable. Poor night sparrow.
[X] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front.

[X] Tell Mystia about what happened.
[X] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.
-[X] Try to avoid anyone making an immediate big deal about it.

This appears to be shaping up to be the "Higurashi: When They Cry" to Gensokyo High's generic harem anime/dating sim.

In Higurashi, the problem was solved by cooperation and trusting in friends. Also, by avoiding murder as the solution. Therefore, my votes will be to both ends.

Also, this reminds me. There was another story on TH-P that was influenced by Higurashi, and its influence...did not help it. It was "A Scarlet-Stained Memoir".

...Author, have you read it? It could be helpful, at least to know and avoid the Higurashi-related big mistakes it made.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.

It's better not to bring this up with Mystia yet. Poor girl has enough trouble already.

Besides, if someone is watching us when we're with Mystia, what do you think will happen?
Hey secret buddy, I possibly endangered your life without telling you. No biggie?
...Last I checked, Mystia wasn't threatened.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
Takumi had a dream to that effect. Close enough. In any case, changing your life to my life does not invalidate the point: She should be given the chance to make her own decision.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

I am Acknowledging the threat of the mysterious culprit. But to leave Mystia after only having her give you a secret sounds like it would only create more chaos and harm than faking things. And I think Shikieiki should be somewhat reliable. Not sure about Komachi...
[X] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[X] Tell Mystia about what happened
[X] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

Don't fall into the trap of not telling a soul. Because if you don't trust anyone at all, then you won't have anyone to trust when the shit hits the fan.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

All aboard the bandwagon!
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened.

Best to hide this from Mystia at least for now. Considering it's happening because of Mystia, it could be Okuu and her gang which also makes me suspect of Remilia and her crew. Remi didn't do anything against the bullies yet did she? I wonder why.... Really wish we could trust Remilia since I like her though.

Shiki though I believe would have our back no problem.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
Wow, lot of votes. I think the general consensus seems to be to tell Shikieiki and to be friendly with Mystia still. I'm gonna call it here. Also, telling Mystia seems to be a pretty close vote, but a slight majority of posters seem to think we should tell her, so we'll run with that.

I just posted the Higurashi picture because I'm a big fan and the scene reminded me of the first story arc. That said, I'm actually more influenced by the paranoia of the VN Chaos;Head than anything. Its one of my favorites, look it up if you want a fun ride full of mindfucks, the anime is pretty terrible though. Actually, the name Takumi came from Chaos;Head's protagonist. It has nothing to do with what is happening here, though, I'm just trying to recreate the mood I felt when I was reading it.
We're gonna tell her? Aw hell that's just gonna make her worry more about it. I was hoping to keep it from Mystia, at least for awhile.
Why aren't you concerned about Shikieiki worrying?
Pretty sure he meant telling Mystia.
Mystia is delicate right now, due to her friends fighting, and she really doesn't need another worry to add it to the pile.

Eiki, however, doesn't have any extraordinary worries right now, except her lack of friends and now, from nowhere, she has an excuse to get closer to us (a favor) and she can satiate her lust for justice (a crime, a mystery, a culprit and a victim) at the same time.
I'd say that it's better to tell Mystia than not. She might recognize who would have done that. As it seems, this unknown is trying to either A:Keep us isolated, or B:Break Mystia by keeping her isolated (As Okuu's change is probably influenced by an outside force). Or both. If it's the former case, then we do worry her, but we are also reassuring her at the same time that we want to be her friend. And really, if someone is after us, shouldn't she have a say in it if whether she wants to keep associating with us?

If it's the latter case, though, she needs to know, as someone would be driving away her friends one by one, until then there were none. ...And now, I just thought of a crazy idea. If Remi is in power, and Okuu is joining with "punks"... Could Flandre potentially be pulling the strings behind the scenes, being jealous of someone with so many friends and she with none? Probably a dumb idea, but is possible.

That aside, we should find out whom exactly these punks are. We need to eliminate obvious opponents first.
[x] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened
Oh boy...

Taisa + Kira + Owen

There's 2/3 chance we're going to get a SNOW END.

Let's not mess this up, alright guys? Routefaggotry should come later. We must aim for a happy ending first.
I'm just surprised no one's brought up IPF yet...
Who or what is IPF?
File 133837294415.jpg - (28.05KB, 311x311 , newfag2.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm seven months old here and what is IPF?

A story that was dropped long ago by a particular writer who kept struggling to finish his stories till finally said writer disappeared.

Though recently the writer has returned with a very strong come back so yeah...

Basically don't worry about IPF as it has nothing to do with this story.

Also wish the comparisons to different writers would end as that only ends up making expectations and predictions that would more likely mess up our run than anything else.
[X] Business as usual with Mystia to keep a strong front
-[x] Tell Mystia about what happened
-[x] Tell Shikieiki about what happened

Works for me~!
The vote was already called, guys. >>157253

wow some of the sage posts started to blur into one another I thought it was a regular sage post rather than a vote call.
File 133839557729.png - (0.97MB, 1100x850 , ffd04d25d0f3e85ca8997ade925e788e20cc2401.png) [iqdb]
First thing in the morning, I find Shikieiki. She's sitting in her seat, alone in the classroom, as I expected her to be.

"Ah, you're nice and early, Taku-What's wrong? You look upset." Her smiling greeting changes to a genuine look of worry.

I was trying to conceal my unease, but I am shaking and I must have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.

"I need to talk to you about something."

"Is this what has been bugging you?"

I shake my head, and reach into my pocket. "This just happened yesterday. I went to music club with Mystia and her friends, and came home to find this."

She gently takes it from me, not sure what to make of the situation. When she opens the letter, though, her eyes widen, and she covers her mouth.

"I'm sorry this happened to you." Her eyes then narrow. "I'm sorry if I ask anything personal, but you came to me for help. I'll do anything I can to help you, but you have to understand that I might not be sensitive in doing so." Her voice suddenly sounds businesslike and serious. Even more so than when she berated Rumia. She sounds like..a television detective.

"Alright. I just...I don't want to die." I confess.

"You aren't going to die." She takes my hand in hers and squeezes. "This is far more likely a case of Mystia being bullied by someone, or someone is jealous of how close you are to her." She pauses. "..are you close to her?"

"I suppose so. I mean, as close as anyone can get in two days, I guess."

"Are you dating her?" She stares straight into my eyes, and I freeze.

"No!" I say on reflex. "I haven't even been with her outside school."

Shikieiki sighs somewhat happily. "Good. If you aren't dating, this should be easier. If you were, you could be in a lot more trouble. If you want my advice, don't back off. She is your friend, so don't lose her to what is essentially a schoolyard terrorist."

I nod. I planned to do as much anyway.

"I have a lot of questions for you, but the most important two are..one, do you have a cellphone?"

I pull out my phone, and Shiki gives me a bit of a glare. "You aren't supposed to have it in your pocket during school hours. You should know that. Anyway, I'll overlook that for now. Keep it on your person at all times. I will do the same. You are to contact me if you see anything else suspicious. This is as much for your safety as my own mental well-being. I couldn't sleep at night if I thought a classmate of mine was in danger."

What a caring girl, for someone who doesn't have many friends. I wonder how much I'd care if someone from class vanished..

"I was hoping to give you my phone number under happier conditions.. but here." She reads off her number and I give her mine.

"Well, what is the second most important question?"

"Do you know anyone who wouldn't want you close to Mystia? Someone bullying her? Someone in love with her?"

"Not really. Well, I guess there is that Okuu girl. I don't know if she is bullying her, but they used to be in the same group of friends until-"

"I'm quite familiar with Okuu. I wish you hadn't said that though. She is a bit beyond my capabilities."

"And what does that mean?"

"She's got a bit of a criminal record. Fighting, destruction of property, that kind of thing. Apparently she runs with a gang too, but I can't prove that, and have no evidence beyond the way she dresses."

The bell rings at that note, and class starts. I can't focus, but I feel a little better with Shiki as my ally. Lunch rolls around and I find Mystia and her friends sitting at a table.

"Um, can I talk to you, in private?"

"Sure!" She smiles innocently, but I can tell her friends think something is up by their smirks. We walk off a ways, and I pull the note from my pocket.

"Alright, don't freak out." Probably not the best starting line to the situation, but.. "I don't want to worry you, but I think you have a right to know this. And I think you can help me."

I hand her the sheet. "Someone left this on my door. Does this sound like a prank? Or should I be worried?"

Mystia opens the paper and frowns. "I'm sorry. You're involved in something like this because of me.."

"Its okay." Patting her on the head, I give my best comforting smile despite the situation. "I'm not gonna give in to the note. We're friends and I'm not gonna ditch you. I just want to be careful, and I want any insight you might have on who is behind this.."

Staring at the sheet as though a signature is just going to appear on it after further inspection, Mystia says "I don't really know. It could be Okuu, but it just doesn't seem like her..but maybe I still want to trust her, even though everyone says I shouldn't."

A loud voice interrupts us. "Heeeeey, lovebirds!" Komachi. She strides up to us slowly, her hands behind her head. "Romancing all the ladies pretty quick, huh, Kenzo?"

Mystia doesn't seem amused, and she hands the paper back to me, crumpling it slightly as she shoves it into my palm.

"No, no, its okay. I'm just kidding. But Shiki wanted to talk to you. About the note, but she didn't tell me what note."

"Actually I was just talking to Mystia about it. Thanks, I'll go see her."

Komachi nods and I start to follow her. "Ah, the life of an errand girl.." she mutters.

"Ah- wait. Takumi." Mystia grabs my sleeve. "Will you stop by music club again today? I know it sounds crazy, but..I'd like to try to confront Okuu about this, just me and you."

[] Agree to confront Okuu
[] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu
[] I have other plans today

Not really proud of this update, I wrote half of it after calling the vote, then my internet went down, I wrote a bit more a few hours later, and then this morning I finished it up. I usually like to write all at once, but eh. I'm in a writing mood today so hopefully the next few updates come out better.
[x] I have other plans today

I have a feeling we're going to do some detective work with Eiki so we won't be able to go to the club today.
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

We don't have any proof. And you should really be doing things like this with your friends at your back. The remaining ones.
Wow, you guys are quick. I usually have a guy posting within a few minutes of an update. That is flattery of the best kind. Thank you, all of you, for reading. Its been wonderful to have an audience and to have people flung into discussion over my meager talent. I hope I can keep it up and make this enjoyable for everyone.
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

Need more information first.
Don't mind me. I just happened to be here, refreshing THP over and over to see if the threads I'm interested in have updated.

Anyway, I also thank you for writing this story. Makes me still have a reason to stay in this fandom. Most Touhou fics bore me for some reason. Glad to see one that's not.
File 133839689843.png - (163.21KB, 384x384 , brofist.png) [iqdb]
Brofist, yo.

More writers need to thank their readers. It's nice to see a rapport going.

Shit, I don't think I've thanked my own properly come to think of it.

Oh, and lest I forget:

[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu.
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu.

There's no reason to go stirring shit up until we're more certain it's her. Maybe if he or Mystia could talk to Yuugi? She'd probably have more insight.
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu.

We have only suspicion to operate on; there's not even circumstantial evidence.
[x] Agree to confront Okuu

There isn't anything to be afraid of, I think.
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

We have our suspicion without facts to back it up
[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

Yeah, we may suspect it, but just the same she could be innocent and be the scapegoat for it.

And if she is innocent, she will react negatively, and hurt her chances to become friends with Mystia once more.
[X] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

Works for me~!
[x] Agree to confront Okuu

Taking the bull by the horns. If it wasn't her, maybe she would know who did it. Also a good way of seeing how much she still cares for Mystia.
>Wow, you guys are quick.
Kira used to get 20 votes in 10 mins tops ages ago when SDM was running.

[x] Agree to go to music club, but hold off on Okuu

Writing is a two way street. The writer needs to be appreciated as does his readers. Because without both it would not work out.
File 133840807622.png - (20.77KB, 178x221 , ur_a_faget.png) [iqdb]
>Anyone else feel that there's just not enough sociopathy on /th/?

It's quite amusing how this post depicts you progressively going full retard. I'd point out everything wrong with it, but it's honestly not worth the effort.

Sage for either incompetent troll or underage wannabe grimdarkfag. 0/10 and get out, either way.
Alright, I just got a chance to check at work, I'm gonna call the vote here since everyone seems to be in agreement for the most part. Going to music club and not confronting her it is. You guys seem to like to keep your options open. I'm actually almost done writing the update.
The only thing I see wrong with this is the assumption that Mystia would betray us. Sure, it is a possibility, but she hates the gang Okuu has joined. Not to mention that the other nineballs, plus Yuugi and Parsee, are vehemently opposed to what Okuu is doing (considering her treatment of Parsee) From what we've seen, she'd lose all or most of the rest of her friends just to reunite with Okuu.
> You guys seem to like to keep your options open.

When shit hits the fan, we like having multiple ways to deal with it.
File 133841508362.jpg - (404.95KB, 1280x1280 , c5d4066e83c6194711a706d697e01de9ef91d3bb.jpg) [iqdb]
I agree. I can only hope you guys like working with me as much as I like working with you. Also, that is impressive, but I don't think I could keep up with that kind of popularity. I'd rather things be quiet and keep up with a small but dedicated group willing to take it easy. I write for quick updates with as much happening in each one as possible, so hopefully together we can keep this moving until the end.

I apologize for the formatting. I was about to post it and then had to leave, so I e-mailed it to myself, which seemed to screw up the line spacing. I tried to fix it, but we'll see how it goes. Also, poor Rumia didn't make it in the update, despite the picture.


"I'll go to club with you later, but we should talk before we confront her, okay?"

Mystia nods and I let Komachi lead me to Shikieiki.

"I was hoping to find you before you did something like that. I'm glad you told her, her cooperation is going to be very helpful, but I don't want you to run off alone with her too much, okay?" Shikieiki says bluntly.

"Ooooh, someone getting jealous?" Komachi teases, which earns her a dirty look.

"No! I'm worried about things getting worse. There is no need to totally ditch Mystia, but at the same time, you should tread lightly, lest things get worse. I'd like to keep this in the realm of school bullying at worst, lets avoid making the person take further action, and getting the police involved. That wouldn't be good for either party."

Hmm, so Shikieiki is concerned even for the well-being of the "enemy". I can't say I relate, but it shows her kindness.

Komachi is turning her confused gaze back and forth between us, like a dog watching a tennis game.

"Um...I'm out of the loop for once. What's going on?"

"We'll tell you later." Shiki and I answer in unison, and then we turn to each other and laugh. It feels good to not worry for once.. We spend the rest of lunch, no, the rest of the school day, just enjoying small talk.

After school rolls around and I head to music club. Never a dull moment here, apparently, because as I walk to the door, a blonde I've never seen before passes me by. Her green eyes lock onto me with an icy glare. The door slides open behind her, and Yuugi steps out.

"Parsee, wait for me!" She makes a show of hurrying despite only being a few steps behind.

"Geez, I thought we were gonna hang out with Mystia today."

Parsee's eyes never leave me. "I don't really feel like it today. I've got a lot of homework."

"A-ah! I'll help you with it!" Yuugi offers, and Parsee doesn't respond, but they walk together anyway. "Bye, Kenzo!" Yuugi waves, a huge smile on her face, far more fitting than the anger I saw last time. I smile and wave back.

Entering the club, I find that no one is in the club room except Mystia.

"Hey. Is no one else here today?"

"BOO." I jump slightly, and Cirno emerges from beside me. Wriggle was pressed up on the opposite side of the door as well, but it seems she couldn't bring herself to jump out.

"Cirno, why are we picking on him? This seems dumb.."

"We aren't picking on him! Playing tricks is step one of his club initiation!" She giggles happily. "Mystia, you got him to yourself last time, but this time we're all playing cards together, okay?"

We all take a seat at the small card table.

"We'll start with something easy for ya, newcomer!" Cirno proclaims loudly. "The game of champions, a game of skill, chance, and fate...GO FISH."

Everyone rolls their eyes at her, but we happily play anyway. It actually becomes quite heated, in a strange way, thanks to Cirno's intense narration and over-the-top glares. Before the game ends, however, it comes time for me to see Yukari.

"Sorry, girls. I have to go."

"AWWW. But I was gonna win!" Says Cirno, who has the largest hand of any of us.

Wriggle extends a hand to me from across the table. "It was fun playing with you. I hope you come back and play with us again." I take her hand and shake it, a bit of an awkward gesture, but it is a warm one. A simple thing like this can make a person smile, I suppose, and I feel my face smiling of its own accord before I even complete that thought.

"Can I walk you out?" Mystia offers, a bit of a pleading gesture.


She walks me to the stairs, shoulder to shoulder with me. "I think Okuu would own up to it if we asked her."

"Its not that I don't trust you on that. I just don't want to make a scene. Maybe we'd find out more quickly with direct confrontation, sure..but I don't want to hurt your friendship with her. We don't really know that she did it."

Mystia smiles at me. "You're sweet. We'll do it your way for now, but if this keeps up, we should be more direct about it."

"Alright. Oh, I met Parsee today. Well, I saw her anyway. She looked like she was going to kill me, though.."

"Oh, she's always like that with new people! Don't worry about it. She isn't very honest with her feelings..I think we all sort of understand her now, but she still doesn't open up to us, and we have to read her actions a lot. She's a nice girl though, I promise."

"I believe you. She didn't push Yuugi away or anything, even though she was a bit rude."

"Yuugi and Parsee go way back. They've been friends for a long time. I don't know how it started, but Yuugi always seems to stick up for her. They're a funny pair."

We reach the school gate.

"I'm gonna head back to the others. I hope you'll come to club again soon. I'd like it if you came every day and played cards with us. Even if it isn't music, it is still nice to have everyone together, having fun."

I smile at her and head to see Yukari...

Before I get there, I need to decide if I'll tell her about the note. It is really the only thing worth talking about at the moment. Telling her about the note would mean telling her that I have at least two people I'm close to, though, and she seems oddly interested in my relationships at school..

[] Tell Yukari about the note
[] Don't
[x] Tell Yukari about the note

Voting by gut reaction here, as I have to fly. But something tells me Yukari isn't behind this. So, for once, I'll believe Yukari isn't fooling around.
[x] Don't
Tell her is going to get dogpiled. I don't have a reason for voting this way other than being contrary.

Mystia and Shiki are reacting the opposite of how I expected. I wonder why Mystia is being so rash? I'm eager to get past this too, I guess...
[x] Tell Yukari about the note
[x] Tell Yukari about the note.

It ties in with the whole I-have-people-I-trust-enough-to-tell-about-possible-death-threats-levied-against-me thing. That's progress, right?
We told Shiki AND Mystia about the note, may as well tell Yukari too.

[x]Tell Yukari about the note.
[x] Tell Yukari about the note.

I figure that if Yukarti knows about the note already, not telling her would raise her suspicions. If she didn't, then maybe we could gain a new perspective? I am actually pretty curious as to what she would say.
[X] Tell Yukari about the note.

I believe she's someone we can trust without a doubt. Plus she's our psychiatrist and I think we could and should tell her about most things.
[X] Tell Yukari about the note

This and this. If we're so paranoid that we jump at every shadow we see, we're as good as broken anyway.

We should still keep our friends few and our eyes and ears open, though. That way, on the off-chance that one of our friends is betraying us, we can pinpoint any potential information leaks quickly.
[x] Tell Yukari about the note

Let's spread it across the school! Might as well, considering how many people we've been telling.
[x] Tell Yukari about the note.

I believe Yukari's on our side in this one.

Gee, this post sure reminds me of the posts in Kira's School Days.
File 13384337589.jpg - (52.28KB, 469x384 , 1329717381273.jpg) [iqdb]
I was putting off the update to wait on more votes, but it seems like they're all the same. Darn~. Well, here we go.


"I'm not sure what to make of this." Yukari says after hmm'ing and aha-ing in an exaggerated fashion.

She analyzed the note for about five minutes straight before coming to that enlightening conclusion. I wonder if she was actually thinking about something, or if she was just playing around? I can't seem to read her at all.

"Well," she extends her hand to me, the note pinched between two fingers, as though it is disgusting and she can't bear to touch it anymore, "I can safely say that you've ruined any evidence the police would have found on it anyway. So I'd just take it easy and wait for them to act again."

She's sitting on the edge of her desk again, her legs crossed. I think I could file a sexual harassment charge based on how she is sitting in combination with the shortness of her skirt. She uncrosses and crosses her long legs and leans down to look at me.

"How is this note making you feel?"

"The way it'd make anyone feel. Distressed. Worried."

"I don't think I'd feel that way in your shoes."


"Look at it this way. It means someone wants you away from this Mystia girl, right? That means you are either closer to her than they'd like or that they fear you getting closer to her. That means you're either in like Flynn or that you are hot stuff!" She winks and extends her hand, giving me a thumbs up.

I sigh.

"Alright, alright. You want advice?"

"Isn't that why my parents are paying you?"

She laughs melodiously, elegantly.

"Let this tragedy, this worry, bring you closer to people. You said you asked for help from your class rep. Call her later, tell her you are worried about something. It isn't very manly, but its an excuse to talk."

"How does that help me?"

"Well, it'd help you get a girlfriend, and thus an ally. Look, I think this is very worrying, and I have sympathy. But honestly, isn't this small potatoes compared to a school appearing? If the school vanishes like it is supposed to, so will the person threatening you."

"I suppose, but I have nothing to go on. That front has been completely empty."

"Hmm." She stands up and saunters over to me, plopping down on the couch next to me.

"Sorry I'm wrapped up in the bigger picture. I'm worried about the school and the consequences of that. I understand that you are afraid, though.." She suddenly extends her arms around my shoulders and pulls me close. After a minute of having my face shoved into her ample chest, she smiles. "Feel any better?"

"That doesn't..I mean.."

"Shh. You are too easy to mess with. But I have an honest question for you now."

I nod, embarrassed.

"Have you looked around the edge of the school much? Like where the lot's end would have been. You should check it out, see if there are any strange things happening physically around the border of the school."

With that, the session ends. I don't feel much better, in fact, I just feel violated, but I have a mission for the larger case, at least. I head home, check the door for any more notes, and head to work on my homework.

My brain, however, is lurking on Yukari's words. If I wanted to get close to one of the girls, to use them as an ally, I could do what she said and text them saying I'm worried..I don't know if I should though. I'd be taking advantage of their trust in order to do..what?

Then there is a knock on the door. "Coming!" I run down to answer it, but no one is there. Instead, a package lies on the doorstep.

There is no stamp, no mailing address. It is simply a box, taped shut with packing tape. Gulping audibly, I open it, half expecting a bomb or severed body part.

Its a CD, with an envelope under it. I open the envelope, and there is another note inside, written just like the last one.

YoU DIDN'T listen

The CD doesn't work in my CD player. I try the DVD-player, as frightening as that is. A generic home-movie software DVD menu pops up. I press play, and a video of me playing cards in the club room plays. The angle is quite odd, but I can tell it seems to come from a file cabinet in the club room. The camera must have been placed there. Then the scene jumps to outside. There are leaves in front of the camera, as though the person was hiding in the bushes. I recognize the area as the school gate, and I see myself waving goodbye to Mystia. The camera zooms in on our faces right before it kicks me back to the DVD menu.

Someone followed me around all day, watching when I would be with Mystia? Just to threaten me?

This is certainly frightening in a number of ways. I double check that the door is locked, then hunker down in my room with all the curtains closed. I think I should tell someone about this..

[] Call Shikieiki over
[] Call Mystia over
[] Wait until tomorrow to show anyone
[] Don't show anyone, and back off from Mystia
[x] Call Mystia over

They're watching the school, huh. I bet they aren't watching his house right now. How do you like them apples, probably-Parsee?
[x] Call Shikieiki over

I think this is the best action to take now.
[X] Call Shikieiki over

Can't help but think calling Mystia over may make things more problematic than they already are; alos helps to have an extra pair of eyes who may likely notice odd things like missing av equipment or some one who'd have exclusive access.

Then again it could have all been done on a cheap phone with enough clarity that it was used for the dvd...
Well, ain't that something. I still don't think it's Parsee, as that almost seems to cliché. Then again, we are dealing with Paru Paru, so it's still possible. Could simple jealousy be the only thing that is causing this? Parsee secretly likes Mystia, but never has been able to let go of her safety blanket of Yuugi in order to tell her? Still, I suppose she has a lot more motivation than Okuu, out of those we've met.

As to who to call, I'm debating heavily. If we assume they aren't watching the house, then we need to have as many people to discuss this at once, in the safety of the home. Shikieiki might think of something that we do not, and the same with Mystia. Two heads better than one and all that. And if we assume they are watching the house, then we should limit interaction to those not involved. We don't want them to start targeting Shiki on top of us, after all.

Tough choice. But I'll say...

[x] Call them both over. We need to sort this through while we have a chance.

If not allowed, then [x] Call Mystia over.
Calling it.

We'll get an ending that rivals the infamous SNOW END in this run.

Anon's never good at this kind of stuff.
From a purely romantic standpoint, calling both girls over is asking for a disaster.

I am aware of that. Quite aware. But this is the best way to solve the problem, in my opinion. Plus, we may be able to get the two to become friends with each other. Shiki especially needs more friends. And I'd rather have a good ending with the three of us plus however many more being friends than normal or bad end where we lose them, for whatever reason.

From a purely strategic standpoint, luring all targets/opposition to a focal point where to be disposed of would be all too convenient.

Considering some one managed to brainwash every one regarding the existence of the school, would it be too hard for the very entity/entities to brainwash everyone to forget Kenzo, Mystia and Shikieiki even attended that school; let alone existed?

The more of a threat Kenzo and Co appears the more likely things will go beyond fixing things.

At the very least, Kenzo ought to make more friends as time goes on but still manage to keep himself in one piece; preferably alive I might add.
[X]Call Shiki over

> " She suddenly extends her arms around my shoulders and pulls me close. After a minute of having my face shoved into her ample chest, she smiles. "Feel any better?"

Nevermind! All aboard the COLE....Yukari Train! Seriously though I'm liking this Yukari. Maybe not this run, but for future reference she wouldn't happen to be a route option would she?

Also calling both girls over would just be awkward as hell. Both are already showing interest in us however small it is. It may not turn into School Days but there could be an arguement and possibly a fight. This ain't a cheap harem porn game here.

True, but that is assuming that the person making the threats is the same as the one who brainwashed everyone. But you're right, as it would not be an unlikely assumption. Still, we haven't actually told everyone yet, have we? We were planning on telling Shiki until this whole event happened. Perhaps if they come over we can tell them then.

Just giving my own two cents. I don't expect it to be one either. We'll have to choose at one point, but that will be later. Right now, I was trying to think of whatever was best to solve this mystery.

Besides, they'll have to meet eventually if they continue to be friends. Shouldn't we get it over as soon as possible when any potential jealousy is less than what it will be in the future?
[x] Call Shikieiki over.
I don't think the person who brainwashed everyone would stoop to bugging cabinets and hiding in bushes. That seems like something a certain stage 2 boss would do.

Good point, of course it could lead to the jealousy and resentment to start more quickly. Or they could turn into great friends. Suppose it'll just be whatever it is. RNG is a bitch sometimes....

And just to clarify, I meant fight as in a big verbal arguement. I highly doubt they would get into it physically now or even later.
[X] Call Shikieiki over
[X] Call Shikieiki over

Don't need to alarm Mystia even more and have her voluntarily back off.

Just wondering though, about that comment of the border: I know it's a lampshade of Yukari's powers, but it's very specific. Perhaps Yukari knows more than she's letting on?

No wait, of course that's the case.
[X] Call Shikieiki over
[X] Call Shikieiki over
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[x] Call Shiki over.
[x] Call Shikieiki over.

She is the one more likely to keep a cooler head about things although Mystia may have noticed someone fiddling around where the camera would have been.
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[X] Call Shikieiki over.

Someone is actively stalking and threatening us. The best thing to do would be to contact the authorities.
>Plus, we may be able to get the two to become friends with each other.

GH flashback ahoy!

are mentally stable, unlike those other two.
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[x] Call Shiki over.

Let's hope there are fingerprints.
I'll bet good money that Parsee is the one pulling this
because she's jealous of what we got going on

[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.

to my >>157376 vote.
[x] Call Shiki over.
[x] Call the police.

This isn't just an excuse, this IS something to be worried about and having a friend to talk to about it will probably help.

Once could be a prank, twice (and this elaborate) is harassment/illegal threats. Talking to the police is also a very good idea.
But then the police ignore you and imply that they are in on it too. Paranoia, ho!
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[x] Call Shiki over.

For the same reason as everyone else.
[x] Call Shikieiki over.

What the hell would calling the police do here now? Considering our stalker's been slick enough to hide a camera within the music room and follow Kenzo. Nevermind that the police would also most likely been brainswashed enough that they not only accept the existence of the school but also NOT have a record of prints of the student body.

As far as I'm concerned now, Shikieiki IS the police who's unfortunately working with a corrupt, if not twisted, precinct.

who's to say we can't lift the prints off ourselves from the dvd case/dvd itself Better yet have Yukari analyze it on her time.
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[x] Call Shiki over.

[x] Call Shikieiki over.

You can't trust the police! Unless someone like Kotohime turns up. Then things would get real interesting.
I've always wondered why Kotohime is so popular.

She only appears in one PC-98 Touhou game with practically no backstory at all.
[x] Call the police. We don't want to ruin another potential set of fingerprints.
[x] Call Shikieiki over.
She is absolutely nuts.

Just look at her script.
In their own scenarios, all of the other characters, even the handful of youkai, think she's a weirdo. She's weird by youkai standards.

Exactly. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I think they're normal enough it could work out. Oh well.
Ah, the usual "I like a character because she's so wacky and random."
File 133847870081.jpg - (128.81KB, 800x943 , 1329959095487.jpg) [iqdb]
The phone rings only twice.

"Are you okay?!" Is the immediate, worried answer.

"I'm fine. But...I would like you to come over and see something. Can you make it?"

"Y-yeah. This is related to the note, right?"

"Yes. I think I want to call the police too, but I want your opinion first."

"I'll be right over."

After giving her some quick directions, I find Shikieiki doesn't live far from me, only about ten minutes.

A knock on my door happens after five, and there's Shikieiki, panting for breath.


I lead her in, get her a glass of water, and press play on the DVD. She watches intently, with no change in expression the entire time. I suppose she's entered detective mode.

"That is easily one of the most horrifying things I've seen in my life." She says plainly afterwards. "Are you okay?"

I shrug. "I guess so. I don't know what to think. You can see on the tape that I'm not even doing anything. Her other friends are closer to her than I am. So why am I the one being punished?"

"Would you like to call the police? Or would you like to do some detective work and check out where those camera's would have been?"

"Honestly? I want to get this over with and call the police. I don't want anyone to get hurt by this."

She nods, and waits anxiously while I dial the emergency number. A car is on its way, assures a bored-sounding voice.

"Can I stay with you until this clears up?"

"I would prefer if you did. Thank you for coming."

A lazy looking cop arrives after a good twenty minutes. Apparently we're on the edge of the department's jurisdiction. "Sir, are you the one who called?" I assure him that I am, and he eyes Shikieiki in the doorway. "Is this your sister? Girlfriend?"

"Just a friend, Officer." Why is everyone so caught up on that?

He nods once, chewing gum with his mouth open. "Alright, so...you got a package, and inside was a DVD with a recording of you, right?"

"Yeah. In fact, its right over here, you can watch it yourself."

I lead him into the living room, his boots tracking mud all over the carpet. Shikieiki sits on the couch quietly, just observing, as I turn on the DVD player again.


..what? I check the player. The disk is inside..its the right one too, I don't own any blank DVDs.

"Is this a joke, son?"

"N-No! Why would I drag you over here to joke with you?"

"Plenty of people do it. Its okay, I know what its like to want to show off in front of a girl. You are going about it the wrong way, though. I won't write you up if you never do this kind of thing again. Understood?"


Shikieiki walks up. "Yes, officer. I apologize for my.." she moves close to me, awkwardly taking my hand. "..my boyfriend." She leans in to whisper "He's seeing someone about this kind of thing now. I couldn't stop him from calling.."

The officer nods to her discreetly and leaves.

"What the hell was that?" I push away from Shikieiki.

"I didn't want you to get in trouble." She mumbles. "I'm scared, Taku."

I flop onto the couch, and click play on the remote. The DVD menu comes up, and the footage plays. "What the hell!?"

"Calm down, Taku.." Shiki says in a meek voice. "I'll figure this out." Her voice gets a little stronger, more confident. "I won't let anything happen to my friend."

"Why wouldn't it play for him?"

"I don't know. But no technology would allow something like that. And if you watch the footage, it doesn't look like your stalker has any kind of access to technology. The camera shakes during the scene at the school gates, unlike the stationary camera at the club. It means they were holding the camera, waiting for you to come out. Why would someone who has access to technology that would allow them to avoid the police like this get so close to you?"

"But then are you saying that they have some kind of magical power?"

"...I guess we can run on that theory, but I think we run into the same problem there, too.."

Or maybe the one behind the whole school incident has something to do with the DVD? No one should ever have to pick through layers of crimes like this..especially alone. Maybe its time to tell Shikieiki the truth. It could help us solve this case, and I could have an ally for the next one.

[] Tell Shikieiki about the school
[] Don't


I was debating on allowing you to call the police. I know in my shoes I'd have more pride and try to solve it alone. But I think I was forced to reveal something a bit early as result of your actions, so..congrats~.

I'll probably update a lot today. I have two shifts at two different jobs today and both promise to be dead. We'll see how it goes though.

Also, Yukari route is a maybe, for the guy who asked. Technically everyone has a route if you are willing to write in and vote for it like you did with the police today, but we'll see if I give you options for other characters. Don't write off someone just because they haven't had a choice yet. Good things come to those who wait.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful. She's probably already weirded out by what just happened, but how will she react when she'll learn that she's been manipulated herself?
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school

Creepy. I'm not sure what to make of this.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful.

Your Yukari seems pretty classy and yet nicely playful as well. I wouldn't mind a route with her at all, or at least attempting one.

Seeing as I can't think of anyone who would both have this kind of connection with Mystia and be capable of pulling off an Incident like this, it seems likely that there are multiple culprits. Or red herrings.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful. She's probably already weirded out by what just happened, but how will she react when she'll learn that she's been manipulated herself?

I'm curious about Koishi in this fic. We should seek more info about her.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school.
-[x] Be mindful.

I'm curious about _______. Can't wait to see them.
I will assume that the DVD could have been of a model that selfdestructs after being watched a few times. One should not assume that event x is supernatural until there is no other option, in a mystery.

To what extent is this story a fair-play mystery, however?
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school.
-[x] Be mindful.

She's already seen how the world is working wrong around here, so she should be able to process the school-that-wasn't-there thing without thinking we're too crazy. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be cautious about the way we present things, though.
It played again after the police guy left. Your idea doesn't hold.

No outsiders can interfere with what is happening. That is what I concluded with this snippet.

My next theory will come after checking what Yukari wanted us to see.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful.
So either Yukari stopped the play from showing to outsiders or anything that comes from the school, including the school itself is ignored forcefully by all normal humans.

Shiki seemed suspicious, but that's only my paranoid self.

[x] Tell her.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school.
-[x] Be mindful.

So, Shiki went to the lengths to cover for us? Much impressed.

Was wondering, should we begin compiling a short list of who done it? (The school, not the disk. Unless they are connected). The only ones that spring into my mind are Yukari (I don't think so, myself), Koishi, Keine, Kaguya.

Way out there guesses are Reisen (it's all a dream madness eyes), Lyrica (Illusionary notes?) and Kogasa (biggest surprise ever) These are not meant to be taken seriously
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school.
-[x] Be mindful.

Got plenty of questions but none seem perfect to ask right now. All the same though, finally getting extra help regarding the true nature of the school is great.
>Kogasa (biggest surprise ever)

This would be awesome.

Personally, my money's on either Keine (teacher, history manipulation would make this possible and fit with how things just seemed to have been there) or Koishi (wide-scale subconsciousness manipulation with some stretching might also make sense, plus better explain the dreams and paranoia) until we actually start getting evidence one way or another.

Yukari would certainly be capable and motivated but seems like she would have let something slip by now if shedunnit, Kaguya seems more unlikely with just eternity manipulation but still possible.

As for my out there guesses, the 'getsus might have been capable but then there's the whole "All just a dream" aspect and MegaSen doesn't seem like that much of a troll. Maybe Shinki, as well (wants her daughter to have a real school experience?). Nue and/or Mamizou might have been capable too? Sakuya/Remi/Patchy might have dunnit (spacetimehax/child at heart wanting to mingle with the commoners / wizard doing it), but also are highly unlikely IMO.
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school.
-[x] Be mindful.

That little incident just massively boosted my paranoia level.
You bring up a few very good points, and fuck I cant believe I didnt think this as well. However, Dont eliminate Yukari just because she would 'let something slip'. Remember, The bitch is thousands of years old, I'm pretty sure she knows how to not slip key information.

[x]Tell Shiki about the school
[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful.

The DVD is, quite obviously, sentient.
Sakuya stopped her growth at 15, when she mastered her time manipulation thanks to Remilia's help. However, thanks to that, she bypassed vital parts in a normal childhood and yearns to live them again. Remilia then, cooperating with Yukari, makes this school and wipes out the memories of all 'participants' (including Sakuya) to let her live what she missed and stop her constant nightmares.

What is the catch? Our MC: If he manages to prove this school as supernatural, this 'dream' will forcefully stop. The process will destroy Sakuya's mind forever.

Why she wants to do that? A bet. If Yukari wins, Remilia will become her Shinigami, in place of Ran and her dissapointing shinigami.
It's called "writing ahead before the writefag".
File 133849153392.png - (204.06KB, 640x479 , battlerdenial.png) [iqdb]
Oh hiya, Battler. Maybe the disc was destroyed by small traces of explosives.
What kind of retarded denial is that?

That shit won't fly even in Phoenix Wright games.
When I said she would probably have let something slip, I meant from a narrative standpoint, not an in-character one. I'm sure she'd be entirely capable of keeping secrets, but the writefag would probably have given us some hint by now.

In retrospect, this actually isn't all that good a point, and Yukari being the culprit seems reasonably likely. Ah well.

If Koishi's behind this, the DVD might not exist at all.

You. I think I like you.
And yet, it's entirely legitimate logic in Umineko.
Wait wait wait. Just thought of something. Does Shiki know about Yukari? Or was that an suspiciously specific answer that she gave the officer?

Suddenly, paranoia spiked again.
File 133849483183.jpg - (11.68KB, 370x315 , Q.jpg) [iqdb]

Nope, surprise James! I made that DVD, fresh right out of the Q lab!

It also doubles, before it exploded, as a tea coaster!

[x] Tell Shikieiki about the school
-[x] Be mindful.
File 133849525497.jpg - (524.54KB, 811x713 , 0df950a2078696b290179ee787c91019b530d56f.jpg) [iqdb]
Why can't you be writing the story? I'd love to see that. Unfortunately I'm not that creative, or confident I can pull off a Silent Hill-esque exploration of a character's psyche in the form of a physical place, because I feel like that is what it would turn into.

Loving the theories. Glad I'm able to get you guys thinking about it this early. You're a lot smarter and more on the ball than my roleplaying group.


I clear my throat awkwardly. There isn't a delicate way to breach this topic, but I'll try anyway.

"...what if I said this isn't the first time something..paranormal..has happened to me?"

"This isn't the time for ghost stories. We've got facts to go over."

"It isn't a ghost story." I say firmly, my eyes locked on hers. She'll see how much I believe in what I'm saying, I hope. But maybe that will
work against me and make me sound insane.

"Please listen. You've been asking me why I space out and look worried all the time. I'm going to give you the answer."

"...alright." her small voice again. She shifts closer to me on the couch. "Tell me, I'm listening."

"Alright..how long have you been going to this school?"

"This district? My whole life."

"What if I said the school was just built this week?"

"...what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that after I moved here, the school seemed to be an empty lot for a full day before appearing. I'm saying that we're in some kind of illusory school."

She opens her mouth, and then closes it.

"Are you okay, Taku? I know this is stressful for you."

"I'm fine. In fact, the main reason this is so stressful is that, for a while, I thought the person who made the school appear was onto me."

I pause and put my hand to my forehead, looking at my lap. I can't bear to watch her face as I go on. She definately thinks I'm crazy, but I want to tell her the whole thing since I already started. I need to tell someone.

"You don't have to believe me. I'm going to a therapist about this because even my parents didn't. But...my therapist seems to believe
me. I'm not sure I believe it. I know what I experienced, though, crazy or not.."

A warm hand touches my shoulder. "First I meet Komachi and now you. I think I must be destined to believe in crazy people."

"You believe me?"

"I always try to judge fairly, in black and white. Right now, the only evidence I have is your word and the video not working for the police. The only thing on the other side of the scale is my own disbelief. But the word of a friend weighs in much more heavily in my eyes."

She smiles at me. "You have my support. Even if you turn out to be crazy, I'll help you through that." The hand on my shoulder runs down my arm and takes my hand, squeezing it gently.

"Now then, lets assume the two events don't have the same culprit." Immediate mood change. She lets go of my hand, and assumes a poker
face again. "Also assuming that you are sane, why are you immune to the illusion? Or at least, partially immune. You are existing in that illusory place well enough now to be threatened by the people in it." She clears her throat. "The students and teachers are most likely real. I think, therefore I am. This proves both of us are real so I think we can safely say that most, if not all of the others are too. But why are we gathered? Who would benefit from a school?"

Shikieiki stands and starts to pace around my house, muttering to herself. "Um, Shiki."

She stops in her tracks as she is about to leave my sight, and turns mechanically. "Oh. Sorry. Habit...Well, its getting late. Do you feel safe here? Is there anywhere else in town you could stay?"

"Not really. I've only been here a few days.."

"W-well, you could stay with me. You'd have to sleep on the couch in the living room though." She blushes. "Or you could stay with Komachi I guess.." she trails off, and then immediately takes it back. "N-no! You can't stay with her."

"Eh? Why not?"

"Because you can't."


"Regardless of where you are staying, I have an idea for tomorrow..if you don't mind being bait."


"Yeah. We'll get Mystia in on it, and have you two act extra close. I'll be nearby, waiting, observing..and hopefully the culprit acts and Komachi and I can catch them in the act."

"That sounds.."

"We can discuss it more later. For now, where do you want to stay?"

[] Here, alone. I don't need protection.
[] Here, with Shiki.
[] At Shikieiki's house.
[] Call and stay at Mystia's house.

Too bad you don't know anyone else's number yet, or you'd have more options..
[x] At Shikieiki's house.
[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yuakari said.

If the next message is at Shikieiki's place, then we know there's someone or something following us even now. So don't get the wrong idea! It's purely for gathering clues and cetainly not an impure motive. Only for the investigation and nothing else.
[x] Call and stay at Mystia's house.

Won't win, voting anyway. I am completely down with this "acting" idea, you don't even know.
Why, of course!

[x] At Shikieiki's house.
[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yuakari said.
[x] Call and stay at Mystia's house.

We need to get Mystia in on this. I know she'll join in, but a little warning is nice. But Shiki has a plan, so this will be awesome either way.
[x] At Shikieiki's house.
-[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yukari said.

Yeah, she's definitely developing a crush on us. I'm all right with this.
Bah phone wont copy paste again. Temperamental pain the arse

[X] Go to Shiki's house.
-[X] Look at border of school like Yukari said


Uh huh sure. I'm here purely for the interested of catching the criminal. Yep. Sure am.

And maybe later consensual sex in the missionary position. Purely for the sake of procreation.
[x] At Shikieiki's house.
[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yuakari said.

So, voters have related this to Umineko, Persona and Katawa Shoujo (?somehow?). Amazing how people's minds work.
[x] At Shikieiki's house.
[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yuakari said.

Staying at the cute class-rep's house when she might have a crush on us? Obviously, we are gentlemen with only the purest of motives. Anyone who says otherwise is foolish. Absolutely.
>Katawa Shoujo (?somehow?)
Yoshika's lethargic and absent-minded attitude reminded people of the attitude of Rin, a character from KS.

[X] Go to Shiki's house.
-[X] Look at border of school like Yukari said
It could help determine the extent of the stalker's knowledge, as >>157470 mentioned, and it should at least give Kenzo the illusion of security.
[x] At Shikieiki's house.
[x] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yuakari said.

Since we're all throwing out theories, I'm gonna just say that the main character eventually changes his name to Rinnosuke Morichika.
Great plot twist in waiting, with all the girls being mind-wiped of this experience later for plot reasons.

[X] At Shikieiki's house.
[X] Tomorrow, remember to look at the edge of the school like Yukari said.
Yukari=borders. Therefore she must already know something strange about the border.

Also, was it just me or did it seem like Yukari could've just taken a video camera and opened a gap to watch us and record that DVD? She clearly knows too much to be an innocent bystander.
What, as a way of forcing us to gather allies? Or just making us paranoid?

Either's possible. If there's anyone I'd expect to still have their powers, it's Yukari.
I'm 100% sure Yukari actually knows what's going on. I'm not so sure that she's the one behind it all. In fact, I get this vibe that, for reasons of her own, she wants us to solve the mystery.
What about komachi and her blind friend?
File 133851000481.jpg - (713.64KB, 1000x1074 , 709c40f83b65de741f9f131bfce92b734163fcde.jpg) [iqdb]
Another vote you guys are all in agreement are. Not sure if I like that or splitting the vote more. Either way, its fun stuff to see theories. Not gonna say which are right and which are wrong.


"I'll stay with you, if you think it'll help."

"I-I would just feel safer with you..I mean you'd be safer with me..I mean!" She's so red that steam might come out of her ears at any time.

"Its okay, Shiki. I'm not gonna eat you or anything, you can relax."

She mutters and twiddles her fingers absentmindedly.

"Let me grab a change of clothes."

Shiki follows me up but stops at the border of my room. She clings to the doorframe, putting only her toes inside.

"You know if Komachi finds out about this, we'll never heal the end of it, right?"

Shiki makes a cute "uuuu.." noise.

I finish packing up some basics, and we slip out, walking to her house.

"Are your parents gonna be okay with this? I mean, someone staying over so suddenly, on a Wednesday night..and a guy.."

"I don't live with my parents."

Now I'm blushing. We walk in near silence until we reach an apartment complex. As we ride the elevator to the fourth floor, before we pass the point of no return, I give one last warning.
"Are you sure YOU'RE okay with this?"

"Do you think I'd let you come this far and then send you home?"

"I guess not.."

She gives me a stern look, her face still red. "DO NOT get any stupid ideas."

"Do you think I would after asking so many times?"

"I guess not."

We stand, facing her door. About a full minute passes without her moving, her face frozen in a poker face, her body completely unmoving. Not even her eyes leave the door.

"...Are we gonna go in, or..?"


She opens the door stiffly, her actions just as wooden as the door.

"Wanna w-watch a movie?!"

"Its okay, Shiki, I already said, I'm not gonna eat you just because I'm a guy."

She sighs. "I know. I've just never had a guy over before..and I've never really been alone with a guy either. It feels like a date or something.."

"Its okay to be nervous, but this just isn't like you."

"I know. I'm sorry." She clears her throat. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"I'll have a water, please."

She grabs it from the kitchen, and sets two glasses of water on a small coffee table in front of a comfortable-looking couch.

"Sit." She commands, and we both do so.

Thankfully the awkward atmosphere clears when we start a movie marathon. Nothing romantic, which is what I expected from a girl. Instead, entirely action flicks. Halfway through the first one, she makes popcorn and sets the bowl between us. We're pretty quiet, but occasionally we turn to each other and laugh or gasp. Its nice. Somehow its nicer than watching movies alone, much easier to get into. Eventually, I feel a weight against my side.

"Taku." She says sleepily. "Thank you for coming."

"Of course."

"No, really. I mean it..I would be up all night worrying without you. Instead you turned this into a fun night." She blushes slightly, but leans more heavily on me. "If this is a date, it is going rather well for you." She's typically judge, jury, and executioner, but with that line she sounds more like a seductress. She closes her eyes and relaxes her body against mine.

Why, sex drive. Why. Luckily, she isn't leaning on me enough to notice my growing..urges..but she is defenseless. I guess now is a perfect time to...

[] Kiss her
[] Calm down

THIS, gentlemen, should be an obvious route lock. I want to write more, but I know I should give this one some time to sink in. Also, don't expect to score on the first night, gents. She likes you, but this is day three.

Uh oh.
Goddammit, and I was one of the people who strongly suggested a route lock, too. Well...

[x] Calm down
Too soon.

>Even if you get to the point where you are dating a girl, its not like you can't stop and chase a different one instead.

Everyone. Kindly keep this in mind, and endeavor to take it easy.
[] Kiss her

Oh, Shiki. Your time has finally come.
[x] Calm down.

If stalker thinks we're two-timing on Mystia it'll be even worse than if stalker thinks we're with Mystia. Becoming a couple with Shikieiki may make stalker think we're two-timing on Mystia. Somehow. Stalkers aren't exactly known for their rationality.
[x] Calm down

I'm not exactly opposed to Shikieiki. I just like Mystia more, that's all. I'd come up with a bullshit justification, but romance is Serious Business on its own.
[x] Calm down

This is a tough choice... Even though you've got a really good Mystia, I'm still supporting Shiki. Barely. But this is too soon. As you pointed out, it is day 3. I feel like we'd be moving too fast. Not to mention that said stalker is already giving us an evil eye for hugging Mystia. If they don't want us to get close to anyone, they might start targeting her. Especially if they see us kissing. (Imagine how Parsee would react if it is her. Might even try to turn Mystia against us.)

Let's try to figure out this problem first, before we try to commit to a relationship.
[x] Calm down

Too soon, man, too soon. No route locks until we solve the mystery.
[x] Kiss her.
[x] Kiss her

I had dreams of romancing the Judge Shiki, but Student Shiki is fine too.
[x] Kiss her

I had dreams of romancing the Judge Shiki, but Student Shiki is fine too.
[X] Kiss her.

May be too soon but ill be damn if Im not going foe this. Has Shiki EVER been part of romanace in a story here?
This is such a tough choice...

On one hand, it does feel a bit early, but on the other hand, damn if it doesn't feel so right! The thought of solving a mystery with your girlfriend at your side, with Komachi egging on your relationship...

Hell with it. I gotta go with Shiki.

[X] Kiss her
Just FYI, you have several errors in your post. Hope this helps.

>ill, be damn, Im, going foe, romanace
should be
I'll, be damned, I'm, going for, romance
[X] Calm down

I like Shiki the most so far, but it hasn't even been half a week since we met her. If this had been, say, a week or two later, I'd be all for the kiss, but as it is, this is just too fast.
[x] Calm down

Yeah, this is just way too soon. It's only been a few days, and we've hardly gotten to know any of our other options. I'd rather wait a bit for a route lock.

>I have a lot of things planned that I want to squeeze in before a certain time limit
>a certain time limit

mean an in-story time limit or a real life time limit?
[x] Calm down.

Let's lift the brick off of the gas pedal, yeah?

Thanks Mr. Grammar Nazi. I'm on my phone with a temperamental autocorrect. Go hound the writer about that sorta thing.

So far 7-5 for Calm Down. I hope the calm down option wont lock us out. I don't mind waiting till later, but Im a bit concerned on how this will affect the story. I really do like this Shiki though a lot. Funny, considering she seems like the character that never would be a real option in other stories. That secret axed character from TH6 seemed more likely to be a heroine then Shiki.
[x] Kiss her.
You mean Rin Satsuki? I've got a story called Imperfect Metamorphasis for you then...

[X] Calm down
Shiki route is best! But...after only 3 days and 2 threads? Too soon, too soon. We can do it after some more development, anon.
[X] Kiss her.

I'm feeling adventurous.
As of >>157536 the vote stands 9 to 8 in favor of calming down.
MegaSen? Remember the complaint that girls seem to be trusting us too fast? I know you want some parts to go fast, but calm down on this. You'll just destroy the suspension of disbelief at this speed.

[X] Calm down

Only 3 days is far too soon for a routelock. Slow down, sprinkle growing interest in the girls as the story go on and propose the time of decision later.
[X] Kiss her.

Mostly worried about being locked out of the route. While it is a bit soon, I prefer your Shiki to Mystia, and Shiki NEVER gets any focus in any story.
Like I said before, duly noted. I didn't say it was RIGHT to kiss her right now, though. Also, I'm not planning on running this story for too long. Its gonna be a short run, as fun as it is. By the end of next month, at the latest, it should be over. That's part of the rush.
You could always make it part of the plot however. If the girls here have been influenced as the school was brought in, they could have been influenced to trust more easily too so that the guy wouldn't have trouble getting allies. If it was planned for him to gain allies by the mastermind of course.

Well, you know how this will go and the coming hurdles. Just saying that if that influence is broken, this could be used as another hurdle too. Depending on what you planned of course.
...And by this do you mean the end of June or the end of July?
End of June. That isn't a hard deadline, but this story just isn't that long. I'm not a talented writer, I'm just doing this because I enjoy it. I planned out more or less how it was going to go before I start, and there really isn't a TON of content with how fast I'm burning through it. Sure, I could slow it down and drag it out a lot, but that isn't really my goal. My goal is to present as much excitement as possible per update. Think of my writing as reading the wikipedia page to a really interesting story, you might find the general plot interesting, but you won't get a lot of flowery language.
[x] Calm down

I want to see how you depict more of the characters. We've only REALLY seen Shiki.
[X] Calm down.

Don't get me wrong, Shiki's one of my personal favorites. Tonight's been too much of an emotional rollercoaster for the both of us, however.
>>157521 here

I'm gonna vote for [x] Calm Down instead.

After reading some of what the fellow anon have said, it just seems it IS a bit too fast. I think there's some definite chemistry here that we don't have with any characters, including Mystia, but I don't wanna ruin that yet.

If this is going to be short run due to time, we need to not hesitate and decide very soon.

Also when Shiki mentioned about staying at Komachi's place being a bad idea, did anyone get a feeling we'd be...ah taken advantage of?

Seriously, I got a big Marimo End (bad end my ass!) vibe and warning from reading that.
[X] Kiss her.

A route lock, you say? I would be cool with locking our route to Eiki.
[x] Calm down

We can (and should) lock route to Eiki later. Right now, though, it's a little too early in the story, and a little too soon after Eiki's first exposure to the weird shit going on.
[X] Kiss her.

I approve of this Eiki.

You sure Rin is the heroine there? She seems more like a villain to me.
[x] Calm down

He needs to chill. It was made obvious his hormones are running a bit wild and what are hormonal teenagers liable to do? Rush into things. We need to wait for a less emotional time so this doesn't Coe back to haunt us.
Goddamn iPad. I meant 'come', obviously.
[x] Calm down

Chemistry is good. Kissing her and starting to go out with her after three days is kinda rushed.
[X] Kiss her
[x] Calm down

I like your Shiki, but as others have said, this is way too soon.
[x] Kiss her

Our time has come. I summon ALL the Yama fans.
[X] Calm down

Plenty of time to mess around later.
[x] Calm down
[x] Calm down
Paranoia says not to trust someone who knows things they were never told.
[X] Kiss her

Yeah. Okay.
You know, I think we missed an interesting thing while we were distracted by the route discussion. Has anybody else wondered why Shiki doesn't live with her parents? I mean, as far as either of them realize, they are perfectly normal students. So, again, why isn't she living with her parents, as a normal student would? Shouldn't that be sending off alarm bells?

Also, our protag seems to be laying on heavy with the idea that he isn't going to be eating anybody. Should this be an indication that he is/was a youkai of some type? Or is it merely subconscious humor from a previous mind wipe? (Once, I can see him saying in normal conversation. But seeing how many times he does mention it, it seems like Shiki is almost exhibiting a fear that he will eat her. It just seems somewhat noticeable)
[X] Kiss her

Ahh, paranoia, how I've missed you~!
Hey, as far as I know, There's a very big line between paranoia and Silent Hill paranoia. I doubt MC/Shiki is going to eat the other and turn shit grimdark.

Also remember, Shiki doesnt like to be touched for some reason. So, Lets not kiss.
While I was waiting, I had time to read bits of the other stories in threads near my own. Damn. I don't think I belong here. I'm not saying that in a bad way. Everyone here is a much better writer than I am. It was honestly pretty depressing, though I am glad I did it. I don't think I should continue writing though. This feels like a farce compared to the other stories. I'm sorry to those of you who enjoyed it, but I'll be back eventually, with a different story to tell. I want to improve as a writer first, though. I may write something in /shorts/, as I have a few ideas.

I really just don't feel good about this story anymore.
...Are you fucking kidding me? You do realize your story is one of the few lately that has this many people voting in it? We don't give a damn, we enjoy it.

Quit being such a damn Taisa.

I'm not really being fair, I suppose, to you guys or myself. I'll try another update. If I still feel depressed, I'll let you know for sure tomorrow morning instead of posting it.

If the update goes well, I'll try to chug on. I've never really been public about my writing though, and when I did share, it was alone, where I had no one else to compare to. Honestly I've got a bit of an inferiority complex, so reading something that I consider to be better than my own writing is very humbling and depressing. It isn't really right to mood swing about something like that in a public forum like this, so I apologize.

Anyway, I hope you guys will forgive a small bout of depression, no matter if I decide to continue or not.
Seconding this. If we thought this story was garbage, would we be taking it as seriously as we have been?

Your work here is appreciated. If you enjoy it, keep at it.
This is the most mature writer breakdown I have ever read. Your attitude really is commendable.

>>157570 here; you managed to get a post in while I had another window open.

There's always going to be someone better than you. That shouldn't stop you from trying to be better than the rest, or at least the best that you can be.

Agreeing with this. We like your story, a lot. That's why we've been debating everything this whole time. You've got us intrigued and wanting more.

Don't write if you are not enjoying it though. Never force the update if you're not feeling it. If you do feel up to it, great! And if not, we'd be willing to wait.

Either way, waiting warmly.
Well fuck, Taisa syndrome strikes again.

Please don't do this to me. I've been waiting a story like this for a long time.
This man's got it right. The story's good, accessible, Anon's actually thinking about it. Not too many other stories can even say two of those three things about themselves. In fact, I'd only encourage you to read MORE stories here. Regardless of if you think you're as good as this one writer or not doesnt mean you're a bad writer in the least.

Really, It's hard to get anon to think about what they're voting. >>157441 's post is more then enough to prove this. And please, Dont continue the trend of high school AU writers being whiny bitches, we dont need another of him.

Keep up the good work!
God damn it.

Why is it that writefags I like always go emo all of a sudden and stop writing while writefags I hate keep spewing out their shitty stories even though they've been flamed to hell and back (looking at you, Kahi)?
File 13385373329.png - (482.23KB, 800x800 , 1325211242735.png) [iqdb]
Thank you.

I don't mean to be a whiny bitch about it. I'm just easily discouraged. No confidence, I guess. Next time instead of posting something whiny, I'll look at your posts, with theories and criticism, and I'll press on.


Calm down, me. Calm down. Its just a girl. A cute one. Leaning close to you. Breathing on you.



"Not that I REALLY mind, but...isn't this a bit quick?"

"Ah!" She sits up, blushing. "R-right..I'm sorry. You're surprisingly comfortable, and I think I got carried away."

"It isn't a problem. I just think we should sort this out after the crisis, yeah?"

She smiles. "Yeah. Thanks."

"For what?"

"For being the one with the clear judgement. Now..we should get to bed. I'm gonna go in my room..but if you need something, knock, okay? I'm a light sleeper."

"Alright. Thank you."

She wanders off, fetching me a blanket and a pillow.

"Hey, Shiki?"


"Before you go to bed..mind telling me why you live alone?"

"Oh. My dad's work takes him out of town a lot. He pays for this small place for me, but he crashes here when he is back. And my mom..isn't around anymore."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Besides Komachi, you are the only person who knows I live alone. No one else has ever asked me."

There is a silence.

"We can talk more about this later. For now, get some sleep."

"Right. G'night, Shiki."

"Goodnight, Taku."

I toss and turn on the unfamiliar couch for quite some time, staring at the ceiling and mulling over my situation. When I do fall asleep, there isn't the typical nightmare, but instead..something like a dream power trip. The fact that my subconscious dreamed up something like this isn't comforting..

I'm chained to a wall. Shiki appears, and saunters past seductively, lifting her skirt so I can see more of her legs. Mystia too walks past me, unbuttoning her shirt so I can almost see the whole of her small breasts. I rip the chains right off the wall, and the two run from me, fading into the dream fog. Then I'm in forest, utterly without transition. A small village lies ahead in the distance, a village straight out of history. As I near it, people run screaming from me. I try to stop them, but as I extend my hands, houses burn and people collapse.

"Kenzo! Kenzo! TAKU. Wake up!" I open my eyes to a worried looking Shiki shaking me.

"You were calling out in your sleep. You were having a nightmare."


"Don't be." She pats my head. "Its almost time for school. I'm going to take a shower. You can take one after me, if that's okay."

"Yeah. Of course."


And that's where I'm gonna end it for the night. After writing about sleep and dreams, I'm getting tired. Its about four in the morning here and I have to work tomorrow. I'll write more from there.
Keep on writing.

It's good enough to be an enjoyable read and you will improve.
Good night and sweet dreams, dear writefag.
File 133853794041.jpg - (261.15KB, 540x960 , DSCF0302.jpg) [iqdb]
Thank you, everyone. You've all been kind about this, which I'm not used to, being someone who posts on a very unkind board of a certain other website filled with unkind people. I don't really deserve that kindness because I did something clearly very childish and rude. I won't bother to link anyone's post to this because I read them all and they all made a difference. I was pretty unhappy a bit ago. Slouching, sighing a lot, etc. Now I'm smiling, and I can't wait to write for you guys again. You're all a lovely bunch of people. Even the ones who compare me to authors they don't seem to like.

As thanks, have a picture of Chen being cute with a flower.
>>Anyway, I hope you guys will forgive a small bout of depression, no matter if I decide to continue or not.

You haven't been exposed to a lot of "creative" types online, have you? Depression, anxiety, insecurity, and feelings of inferiority is normal for a lot of those sorts of people, and this site is no exception.

What will make or break you here isn't the fact you're feeling like this, but how you go about dealing with it. Dropping a story that people are enjoying and involved enough in to actually discuss it is not a good way to go about that.

For starters, it sets a terrible precedent, both for you and your audience, and if there's one thing the folks here excel at, it's not letting things go.

You may notice certain names people keep bringing up in your threads. Certain writers, certain stories.

There are reasons for this.

I won't go into them, because that's a discussion for another thread on another board, but the basic point is that abandoning stories tends to harm the goodwill that the readers have towards the writer, and it becomes that much harder for the writer to earn it back when they start another story. Even more so if they drop that story, too.

You clearly have some idea of where you want to go with this story, and how long it will take, and you honestly don't believe it will be more than another month or so to finish it, then why not see it through to the conclusion? Forget about how you think it compares to other stories on the board. You have people reading your story. They are enjoying reading your story.

Just keep on doing what you're doing, ensure these people continue to have a story they enjoy reading, and don't worry about how you or it compare to anyone or anything else. You will improve eventually, I promise.

Trust me, you're doing fine so far. Keep it up.
Speculation, based on the previous post and spoiled so the writefag himself can maintain plausible deniability: almost to death because she secretly wanted us to see her naked.

Of course, I could just have a really, really off-the-wall train of thought.
Yes, anon does enjoy this good story You're a talented and prolific writer. It would be a shame if you couldn't continue.

Have fun!

>>157568 here

Haha I think you forgot "Except that one asshole there!"

When I compared you to Taisa, I meant more of his lack of self-confidence and his depression. I wouldn't say I dislike him, but more that I meant a person I was really disappointed in.

Now for the discussion of this dream.

We're imagining the Forest of Magic and the Human Village aren't we? Now Mystia and Shiki I'd just chalk up to being left over hormones affecting our dreams a bit. The whole burning and devastating the village? We may just be a sealed youkai of some kind, or at least a human of significant strength.

That or Yukari's screwin' with us.

Whoops wrong pic. Hmmm, what the hell was that doing in my Touhou folder? Now I can't find the one I actually wanted...
Secondary speculation seems certainly possible, given Shiki's relatively accommodating and open attitude towards us. A tease, maybe?

Yukari is always screwing with us.
The only question is how.
I don't believe this particular Yukari is screwing with us 'cause it would be so cliche that way.
>You're all a lovely bunch of people.
We're really not, but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless. There are genuinely a very large number of people who are liking and following this story, though, regardless of how you think your writing quality is. Personally, I think that your writing can be a bit simplistic at times, but not in an unenjoyable way, and I think on the whole you are better than a number of writers here, particularly other new ones. But, that's not really important compared to things like what >>157582 said, listen to him.

I feel obliged to mention that there's now a writing advice thread here >>/blue/10770. You'd certainly be able to continue writing this well without any notable advice, but if you feel like it, pop in there and I and the others will try and help you with whatever you want.

Anyway, I'm glad that you're feeling better about yourself and your story. Keep up the good work. Have a pair of undergrounders (you like these two, right?).

What was wrong with my post? Or do you just mean it's more in-depth than other anons would get?
File 133854450663.png - (378.19KB, 954x1002 , up_up_down_down_left_right_left_right.png) [iqdb]
>You're all a lovely bunch of people.
We're really not, but the sentiment is appreciated nonetheless. There are genuinely a very large number of people who are liking and following this story, though, regardless of how you think your writing quality is. Personally, I think that your writing can be a bit simplistic at times, but not in an unenjoyable way, and I think on the whole you are better than a number of writers here, particularly other new ones. But, that's not really important compared to things like what >>157582 said, listen to him.

I feel obliged to mention that there's now a writing advice thread here >>/blue/10770. You'd certainly be able to continue writing this well without any notable advice, but if you feel like it, pop in there and I and the others will try and help you with whatever you want.

Anyway, I'm glad that you're feeling better about yourself and your story. Keep up the good work. Have a pair of undergrounders (you like these two, right?).

What was wrong with my post? Or do you just mean it's more in-depth than other anons would get?
Just ignore one of these, my password's not working for deleting the first for whatever reason.

As a last thing, I noticed that your bout of anxiety struck around, what, 3AM your time? As someone who has a number of friends with clinical depression, studies have shown that late at night is the time when people are much more prone to depressed (and usually unfounded or irrational) thoughts. It's a bit cliched to say, but go to bed earlier. It'll help you avoid burnout and depression, and we can live with slightly less rapid updates.
I meant your post had a lot of thought put into it, which again, not too many other stories have. It actually kinda inspired me.

On the topic of fast updates, So long as you arent taking weeks to update I'm pretty sure everyone would be fine with it.
Is this stalker thing a subplot that'll get resolved quickly? I don't see how we can meet any of the other girls while we're having to deal with this. Offering route lock when there's only 3 or 4 people we've talked to more than twice seems very premature if you still plan to let us meet everyone.
Concerning this post, I'd like to mention that, as the 'writing advice' thread said, there's no pleasing everyone. So don't try, and keep a focus on your story.
Pleasing? You're completely missing the point. Look at the votes not to kiss Eiki, a lot of people still think we'll have a chance to meet other characters. If the plot doesn't slow down and new characters don't start getting involved in it on their own, I don't see how it's going to happen. I'd like to see this cleared up so we know what to expect and what to aim for.
Given that this is planned to go for roughly a month, I don't think we'll have all that much time to meet other characters. I'm not MegaSen, though.
>I'm just easily discouraged. No confidence, I guess.
Are you Taisa?
Of course not. Taisa doesn't write.
Just wondering. I just wish the writer would have more self confidence. He is neither horrible nor bad.

There is really no need to worry for him. I feel entertained and good while reading this. Good work.
Please tell me there will be another chance to routelock into Shiki. I didn't even have time to vote for her!
There will be. A good number of anons voted against it because it was too soon, not that they didn't want it.

But this might help with Shiki in the long run. Bonus points for protag showing good clear judgement, when she couldn't?
File 13385758903.png - (17.12KB, 700x700 , 1333330586802.png) [iqdb]
The subplot has a point, and gave you both an ally and an important clue. That said, yes, it should be over soon and then you'll have the chance to pursue other girls or continue deepening your friendships with Shiki and Mystia.

Keep in mind that I'm learning as I write, and feel free to advise. I always at least attempt to take the advice to heart.

Shiki emerges from the bathroom after a time looking beautiful. There is something about a girl right after they shower, their hair wet, skin glistening, the smell of soap and shampoo lingering around them, a pleasant aura of cleanliness...

"Do I still have soap in my hair or something?" Shiki says, completely oblivious.

"No, I..I'd better get in the shower now."

A cold one at that.

In time, we are walking to school together. We stop by my house to drop off my clothes and things, and then we're off.

"I told you, you could have gone ahead. You didn't have to run to my house with me."

"It'd be rude. And besides, I wanted to talk with you more."

"Yes, but now you are going to be a bit later than normal."

A bittersweet smile crosses her face. "I'm only that early because I have no one to talk to besides Komachi, and she's always running late."

"Does she do that on purpose?"

"I think sleeping is her hobby."

"I thought her hobby was teasing me about talking to any member of the opposite sex."

"Well, that seems to be a new hobby." We both laugh. The conversation continues until we are walking past the school gate. I recall Yukari's advice. Come lunch time, I'll check out the border of the school, but for now, I'm happy to not think about all the things that have happened lately.

"Keeeeeen." Says a lazy voice as we enter the school building. Yoshika is huddled near a locker.

"Yoshika, what's wrong?"

"Seiga is gone."

"Gone? She vanished?" Shiki cocks her head at Yoshika.

"She hasn't come in yet. I've been waiting by her locker all morning. Heeeelp."

"She's probably just sick, Yoshika."

"Heeeeeelp." She repeats in her lethargic voice, the world's most bored damsel in distress.

"...Help how?"

"Heeeeeelp." Her eyes narrow slightly, and she waves her arms limply.

"Okay, okay. I'll help, you just need to tell me what to do."

"I can't stand up." She says with clinical detachment, as though it is someone else's problem. My problem.

"Alright.." I extend a hand to her and help her up. I end up having to forcibly grasp her hand, as she doesn't grip mine when I offer it. Once I pull her to her feet, she stands stiffly by the lockers.

"...Let's go to class, okay?"

She nods, looking like a lost puppy, and follows Shiki and I to class. We're not the first ones in, and a dull murmur passes through the class when Shikieiki enters. I guess no one has ever seen her enter the classroom before, as she seems to always be there when they enter.

Another day of classes passes me by at light speed, with little to spice it up until we hit the period right before lunch. I'm staring out the window during a study period, when I see something peculiar. A class of students in my grade are running around the field outside, playing soccer in their gym uniforms. A girl with dark hair runs faster than I knew was possible, gaining ground on a tiny blonde girl. Panicking, the blonde kicks the ball wildly in a random direction. It flies right past the head of a teammate, who collapses on the ground in shock. The ball rockets to a certain point above the school fence and then seems to collide with the air itself, hitting a physical wall and then falling into a bush. No one even bothers to look for it. They simply grab a new ball and continue playing..How strange..

Lunch rolls around, and its time to check out the border, and that ball. The question is, who do I bring, if anyone?

[] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.
[] Go alone so I can focus.

Wasn't sure who to put as the picture, so I put one of the two girls you just saw~.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail

Well, this is interesting.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
-[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
Can we bring two?
[X] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail.

Put on your detective caps, gentlemen.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[x] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.

It's a party and everyone's invited.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
Bring as many as you like. I always have trouble tallying multi-votes, but I think I'll figure it out. I guess I'll tally up the number of votes for each vs the number of people.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[x] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.

Deleted last vote, as >>157620 has a point. We should get everyone involved. Even sleepy Yoshika might see something we don't. Plus we need to inform Mystia about the plan, and not spring it up on her.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
I'm more concerned about helping Yoshika than her helping us. What sort of friend would we be if we left her high and dry in her time of need?
Yeah, sorry, was getting excited. Was rather callous of me to suggest her helping us, and not to even think that we should be helping her, wasn't it?
I'm really in the mood to write, but I don't want to rush the votes..its only been a little while, I'm just eager to start the next part.
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[x] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.

Is it wrong of me to have a sort of junior detectives club?
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[x] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.

Bring ALL the touhous!
[x] Shikieiki, to discuss things in more detail
[x] Mystia, so I can bring up Shiki's plan
[x] Yoshika is helpless without Seiga. Bring her.

Fun for the whole friend-group-thingy!
[x] Everyone.

Brevity can be useful.
File 133859725368.png - (331.56KB, 1000x900 , 1331513017391.png) [iqdb]
Meant to post this earlier but got busy. I'm sorry.


"Shiki, mind eating lunch with Mystia today? That way we can talk about our plan."

"Sounds good to me."

"Keeen." Two hands limply grab my arm. "Heeeeelp."

"You can come with us, Yoshika."

Shiki starts to protest, but quickly closes her mouth when Yoshika's pleading gaze meets her eyes.


"So...why are we outside?" Mystia asks, tilting her head.

"I'd like to know that too. We aren't supposed to be out here, Takumi."

"Keeeen. Feeeeed me."

"Alright, first thing is first..Mystia, Shiki is helping me figure out who is behind that note. There was another incident yesterday, and she was very helpful. We came up with a plan, but we need your cooperation."

Mystia tilts her head and puts a single finger to her lips. "Um.." Yoshika mirrors the action. "I'll do whatever it takes."

"Well," Shikieiki takes over the explanation. "I'd like for you to spend the afternoon with Takumi. And I'd like you to really exaggerate your closeness. The stalker will be forced to take action, and I'll be watching, waiting to catch them in the act. It is simple, almost cliche', but I think it should work for an amateur."

"Alright!" Mystia smiles. "I wanted to spend the afternoon with Taku anyway.." She giggles, and Shiki narrows her eyes. Mystia doesn't seem to notice.

"Now that we've explained this to her, can you tell me why we're outside?"

"This is where I always eat." Yoshika says without emotion.

"Well, I think I saw something odd earlier, and I wanted to check it out.." I lead them over to the bushes near the walls around the school. "Hold on just a second, guys. We can head back in after.." I start digging in the bushes for where the ball seemed to bounce.

"Ken." Yoshika clings to my back, pressing her entire body against me lazily. "I'm hungry." Her voice sounds much more demanding than usual. "If I don't eat soon, I'm gonna have to eat you." She says bluntly, without any kind of sexual intent. I think she really means she's going to gorge herself on my flesh. She's certainly odd, but its a bit scary.

"What are you two doing over here?" Shiki stomps over.

"Heeey! W-wait for me!" Mystia rushes to catch up, bumping into Shiki. Shiki loses her balance and falls on Yoshika, who is already leaning on me. We all topple over into the bushes.

"M-my ribs!" I flail my arms, but Yoshika isn't getting up.

"Ball." She extends her hands and picks it up.

"You found it!"

Once we manage to stand and dust ourselves off, I take the ball from Yoshika.

"Good work!"

"This is what you were looking for?" Shiki sighs.

"Yeah. Its weird. I saw it go over the fence, and.." and my hand passes through half of it.

"WAH!" Mystia squeals. "How are you doing that?!"

My arm seems to vanish into the ball, everything missing from my hand to a little above the wrist, but I don't feel any pain.

"Do you remember the DVD? I think this is something similar. I saw the ball bounce off of thin air near the wall of the school, and now.."

There is a blinding flash of light.

"And now its a great scoop!"

The black haired girl from earlier approaches. "Now then, why don't you tell me all about this DVD you think is related, and we'll publish it in the scho-"

"Oh brother." Another dark haired girl appears, this one with longer hair, and a red bow. "You guys really can't make this easy, can you?" She groans. "Aya, stay out of the way."

"Who the heck are you?" The girl apparently called Aya puts her foot down dramatically. "I'm guessing you know me from my lovely picture in the back of the school paper, but you can't boss me around. And you can't get in the way of my scoop."

"Ugh. This game has gone on too long already.." The unknown girl seems to pull slips of paper out of nowhere. "Let's settle this the usual way. It'll go much faster that way."

"What usual way!?" Aya proclaims. The girl doesn't seem to respond, and takes a threatening stance instead.

I'm not sure what to make of any of this, but the girl seems threatening. My adrenaline is pumping despite her only wielding pieces of paper. Something isn't right here. I should..

[] Yell for everyone to run
[] Stand in front of Aya and try to take the attention of the dangerous girl so the others can get away
[] Throw the "half-ball" at the girl as a distraction
Oh dear, first Aya knows something, which is bad enough. Bloody tengu. And on top of that, Reimu is here, with the entirety of her memory, and is willing to take us out. But why, is the biggest question. Why is she cooperating? What does she get out of continuing this charade? Taming the youkai and other entities so she doesn't have to bother keeping them down?

Conjecture aside, this is bad. But she's still just Reimu, so what should we do? If we are human, I'd say we should just take her down, since she's not much stronger physically, if at all. But if we're a youkai, like the theory currently goes, those seals are going to hurt us bad. Which means that Yoshika and Mystia are going to be in danger too. Oh, if there was ever a time we could use the night blindness...

Gonna debate on this a bit more, myself.
[x] Stand in front of Aya and try to take the attention of the dangerous girl so you can tell Aya all about your great scoop.

This could throw a wrench into things~
Oh crap it's Reimu, and she means business. She clearly has her memories of Gensoyoko and how to use the spell card system. In retrospect, with the whole border thing, the Hakurei Border should've been something to foresee.

[X] Yell for everyone to run
Standing in front of Aya will get us hit. Throwing the half-ball might unleash danmaku attack on Reimu and get her on our bad side. What to do?
It seems you've hit the bump limit. Again.
Take down Reimu? Does not compute.

I take Reimu is onto us so making a stand won't do.
Also, she has haxor instincts bordering in precognition so I don't think a distraction would help any, even less considering the amounts of gigantic projectiles she's used to dodge.

[x] Yell for everyone to run.

Hopefully we can use the tengu as a meatshield, though we would be leaving yoshika behind too, most likely.
Hindsight's 20/20 ain't it? Well, I can't see how throwing the thing would work either. Plus we might need it in the future. And standing in front of it is just asking for it, like I said earlier. Especially if we are a youkai. So, discretion will be the better part of valor for now.

[x] Yell for everyone to run

However, I was very tempted to say Call out for Komachi. Personal shinigami friend blindside Reimu, please!
Perhaps we are. But we are, as far as we know, perfectly normal. We know that we are being stalked, and we know something supernatural or otherwise is going on and protecting the school. And now we're confronted with someone who appears to know what's going on, and seems to want to silence us because of that. What would you suggest that we do?
[x] Yell for everyone to run. If need be, sling Yoshika over your shoulder.

Yeah, something is seriously FUBAR here, and this crazy girl looks dangerous. Leave the annoying reporter as a meatshield and get out of there.
File 133860186039.jpg - (42.56KB, 640x480 , aflac.jpg) [iqdb]
NEW THREAD! >>157666

I'll be counting votes from here as well, but please continue to vote and discuss over there~. Thank you!
[x] Throw the "half-ball" at the girl as a distraction
[x] Yell for everyone to run.

Might buy us a couple seconds of extra time. It might also piss off Reimu. Either way we're pretty damn screwed right now.

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