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Going to test a slightly different System this time. Please remember the following rules, as I'll only mention these once:
1. Countervote System - First to 3 votes wins. To counter a previous user's selection, the rule of n+2 will be enforced. Selections may be countered for an unlimited times until the System begins to process the user input. To illustrate:
a. If users vote 3 times for [ ] Lake and 5 times for [ ] Not into lake, the System will consider [x] Not Into Lake the winning selection.
b. If users vote 3 times for [ ] This chair and 4 times for [ ] Calm the fuck down, the System will consider [x] This Chair as the winning selection.
c. If users vote 3 times for [ ] Pancakes, then 5 times for [ ] Toast, and then 7 times for [ ] Hamburger, the System will consider [x] Hamburger as the winning selection.
2. System Errors and Bugs - Unrecognized user input may lead to strange or unexpected system behavior. Please hold while we connect you to an operator. Your call is very important to us.
3. Loading From Previously Saved GamesAnd then there were none - Upon reaching a bad/normal ending, you must start a new game from the very beginning. Completing certain events may allow for additional selections in new games.


[x] New Game

> Loading loading loading...
> Creating hats and frilly dresses...
> Working out how best to kill you...
> Fixing plot holes and inconsistencies (yeah, right)...
> Turning up the volume...

Perks are selected at the beginning of each game. At the beginning, you may select only one perk from a limited set of choices. Certain events allow for the selection of additional perks, or for new perks. Some perks may only be selected once, while others can be selected multiple times for an increased effect.

Make your selection:
[ ] Outside Knowledge, Rank 1 - You vaguely remember your previous life and have gained the knowledge to identify and use common items that fall through the Border from the Outside. This does not include the ability to repair, design or construct items from the Outside.

[ ] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.

[ ] Magnetic Personality, Rank 1 - You easily develop and improve relationships with others. You are more likely to negotiate favorably and attract additional companions. You may receive unique dialogue options with certain characters.

[ ] Fast Healing, Rank 1 - You recover from injuries and wounds faster than others. You are more likely to resist the effects of poisons and drugs. You are less likely to suffer negative effects from curses, diseases, and magical effects.

[ ] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.

[ ] Deja Vu - You have a vague sense of familiarity with people and places that you have encountered in past games. You are more likely to sense danger from situations that have led to your death or the death of others.
This looks interesting. Hopefully you have the drive and planning to make it work.

Right now, we probably need to focus on achieving things for future runs. Therefore, I'm voting for the perk that seems most likely to let us unlock things.

[x] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.
[x] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.

Almost certainly the best way to not get killed for now, I'd say.
[x] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.

Optimal grinding setup.
[x] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.

We can take a perk later in swift learner, as awareness will hopefully allow us to survive longer. Especially since bad ends are apparently going to reset the story.
[X] Outside Knowledge, Rank 1 - You vaguely remember your previous life and have gained the knowledge to identify and use common items that fall through the Border from the Outside. This does not include the ability to repair, design or construct items from the Outside.

Knowledge is power. And generic increase in skills doesn't hurt.
[x] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.

There's no guarantee we'll be in a position study or practice things. Might as well take something that will help in just about any situation.
[x] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.

Hah, A story that thinks its going to get a second run? Unless you're going to make it short as shit, good luck.
[x] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.
Why so much bad end forehsadowing? We're all expecting to die now.
>This does not include the ability to repair, design or construct items from the Outside.

Shame on you.

[x] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.

I want to choose Magnetic Personality but I'm afraid anon will use it to make the MC have a harem (or an entourage of little sisters) and other stupid shit like that.
[X] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.
[X] Awareness, Rank 1 - You are naturally observant of your surroundings and the people around you. You are more likely to notice details and information that others would miss. You are more likely to maintain concentration when examining items or focusing on difficult tasks.

With how anon plays some cyoas on this board, this is by far the safest selection to make at this stage of the game.
[V] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.
[ ] Outside Knowledge, Rank 1 - You vaguely remember your previous life and have gained the knowledge to predict what's going to happen, including that fact that this story will be as shitty as the last one. You decide to kill yourself in the most awesome and blazy way ever.
File 133811842260.jpg - (154.27KB, 850x637 , nice_gate.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Swift Learner, Rank 1 - You gain experience and learn new skills faster than others. You understand new concepts and ideas more quickly. You are more likely to maintain concentration when training or studying difficult books.

> Loading loading loading...
> Selecting default Gender: Male...
> Selecting default Race: Outsider...
> Reassembling the fourth wall...
> Generating world...

You open your eyes and slowly stand up. From the looks of the trees and bushes around the area, you deduce that you've landed in the middle of a forest. You take a moment to look around for any familiar faces or landmarks, but you fail to find any.

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," you mutter loudly.

Huh? But who's Toto? And what is a "Kansas"? Your head aches painfully as you try to recall, but the more you try to remember, the more those words sound like that of a stranger. After a few minutes, you give up and shake your head. Such things don't really matter. There are far more pressing things to think about.

"Yukari must die," you whisper.

You may not remember your name or where you came from. You don't even remember who this "Yukari" is. However, this was the reason you were sent here. This is the very purpose of your existence within this strange place. You are on a mission, and there is no time to waste.

Looking up at the sky, it seems to be late morning. You quickly examine yourself. You seem unhurt and properly clothed. You feel a bit hungry. However, your hands and pockets are empty. You select random direction and start searching for something to eat.

After walking for some time, you find yourself standing before an ornately designed steel gate. Behind the gate is a well-kept garden with a number of beautiful flowerbeds. A large red mansion with a tall clock tower can be seen beyond the gardens. Whoever lives in such a place must be fairly rich.

There is no one in the immediate area to talk to. But when you look closer, the gate seems to be unlocked.

[ ] Enter the compound
[ ] Wait at the gate
[ ] Leave this place
[X] Wait at the gate

> MC was sent to Gensokyo to kill Yukari.

Not sure what to think of this.
[x] Enter the compound

We're a swift learner, a mansion that big must have a library, you do the math.
[x] Leave this place

Too risky. SDM trap waiting.
>b. If users vote 3 times for [ ] This chair and 4 times for [ ] Calm the fuck down, the System will consider [x] This Chair as the winning selection.

But wouldn't the [x] This chair be a counter vote for [x] Calm the fuck down?

The eay you present this system makes it look like whoever votes first has an advantage, which, to be honest, is quite unfair.
Sounds more like it prevents ties. A successful counter vote is just as hard to counter again.
[x] Enter the compound

Savescumming: The CYOA?
[x] Enter the compound
[X] Enter the compound.

This sounds more like the author is going to invent arbitrary shark ends, instead of bad ends being the final result of a cascade of bad choices/mistakes.
[x] Enter the compound

A bad end is not going to hamper us this early on, so we might as well go with the risky option.
The one way this could end up sucking is if the writer ends up being slow with the updatings.
Haha, this is shamelessly self-aware. Nice.
File 133817158174.jpg - (315.88KB, 600x888 , remilia.jpg) [iqdb]
You enter the compound and walk around the gardens for a while. Several rows of neatly trimmed hedges separate the main path from the other areas of the compound. No one seems to be working outside right now.

"Anyone home?" you call out while striking the door knocker.

Silence. You shrug and turn the handle of the front door. To your surprise, even the front door is unlocked. This place looks like it has very poor security.

"Hello?" you call out once more.

Still no answer. You close the door behind you and start exploring the house. It seems several times larger than from the outside, with long passageways and winding turns. In no time at all, you find yourself lost in a labyrinth of empty hallways. Even if you wanted to leave, you have no idea where the exit is.

After some time, a sweet smell wafts into your nostrils. Your stomach grumbles hungrily. You let your nose lead your way into what looks like a large kitchen. A glance tells you that this place could house several dozen cooks at a time, giving the impression that even the largest party or event could be accommodated. As you walk inside the kitchen, you quickly realize that you aren't alone in here.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm. Flip and catch~"

A young girl wearing a maid uniform hums happily to herself as she uses her frying pan to flip pancakes. Beside her are plates full of bacon and eggs. Your stomach grumbles again. Deciding that it wouldn't hurt to ask, you slowly approach her and wave.

"Excuse me, Miss."

The girl turns to face you. Her eyes widen in surprise. Unsure of what to say, you just continue staring at her for a while. You notice then that a pair of semi-transparent wings are sticking from her back. They flutter nervously as the girl starts to quickly back away.

"A, ah! It's a human!" she cries out.

Without warning, she raises her free hand and throws something at you. A bright ball of light barely misses your sleeve. You feel a slight burning sensation from where it passed. Was she throwing hot coals at you?

"Hey! That's dangerous!"

"Uwaaah! Please don't eat me!" says the girl.

"Eat you? Wait, what are you-"

The girl quickly flies out of the room before you can finish. You blink in surprise. She can fly? That certainly goes against common sense. You pause for a moment to think.

"You have real guts, coming into the Scarlet Devil Mansion uninvited."

A calm and cold voice. You quickly turn around and find someone else standing behind you. But before you have a chance to explain yourself, you feel something knock you sharply at the back of your neck. You quickly lose consciousness.




"Wake up, human!"

At those words, you feel your body stand up on its own. Your eyes seem to be open, but it takes a few moments for your brain to process your surroundings. You are standing inside what looks like a well-built prison cell. Through the bars, you can see a little blue-haired girl wearing a pink cap and dress with bright red trimming. Behind her is an older silver-haired girl wearing a French Maid's outfit, complete with headband. You feel sore at the neck, but otherwise seem unhurt.

"What a surprise for the prey to come into the hunter's lair," says the smaller girl. "And to think, I'm already full..."

"Mistress, you're dripping all over your clothes again," whispers the maid.

"S, shut up! This just makes me look more threatening!"

The small girl glares at you with an evil smile. While she doesn't look very dangerous, there is something about her red eyes that runs a shiver down your spine.

"My name is Remilia Scarlet," says the small girl. "I am the Lord of this Mansion, known as the Eternally Beautiful and Young Scarlet Moon. And right now, your fate is in my hands. Cower before me, human!"


The girl called Remilia raises her hand threateningly at you as she spreads a pair of bat-like black wings from her back. But the result is more comical than threatening, as her wingspan is wider than she is tall. The wings just make her look even more child-sized than she already is. You stare blankly at her, unsure of how to react. After some time, Remilia laughs loudly.

"Ahahaha! Seems like you are too frightened to even speak! Be thankful that I've decided to give you one chance to live, despite tresspassing on my territory. Sakuya!"

"Yes, Mistress."

The maid called Sakuya walks over to the cell and unlocks the gate with the key in her hand. As the gate swings open, the maid vanishes for a moment before reappearing inside the cell with someone else beside her. It looks like very same girl you first met at the kitchen, complete with wings and frying pan. A moment later, something drops on the ground beside you. You turn to see that it is a wooden baseball bat.

"I don't have any party planned for tonight," says Remilia. "So I've decided on a different type of entertainment."

Sakuya steps out of the cell, shuts the gate and locks it behind her.

"E, eh?" cries the girl with the frying pan. "M, Miss Sakuya? Mistress Remilia?"

Remilia smiles wider, revealing a pair of sharp fangs.

"I have no use for the weak. You and this girl shall fight to the death! This night shall not end without blood spilled upon the ground! The winner shall be rewarded. The loser shall taste death firsthand."

A fight to the death? What the heck is Remilia talking about? Is she completely insane? You turn to girl trapped in the cell with you, but before you can say anything, she throws a ball of light at you. This time, it brushes against your leg. You feel searing pain as it burns you.

"Argh! W, what the hell are you doing?"

The girl takes a combat stance at you, despite the tears in her eyes. She looks terrified beyond reason.

"I'm sorry!" she cries. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

She throws another ball of light at you. You quickly dodge it while picking up the baseball bat in your hands. However, your leg still hurts from the first attack.

Looks like you have no choice, but to fight.

[ ] Swing to kill
[ ] Disarm the girl
[ ] Defend attacks only
[x] Disarm the girl

See, it's a trap, people, it's a trap.

You all just won't listen.
[x] Disarm the girl

Claim her ball-shooter for our own use.
[x] Disarm the girl

This probably won't get him killed/maimed at all.
Well, you have an interesting idea, but MAN are your characters boring.
[x] Swing to kill
[x] Disarm the girl

not literally, of course. Though if it comes to that, this story will take an interesting turn...
The story's just started. You can't really judge it now.
File 133819529437.jpg - (203.01KB, 850x1189 , teeth.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Disarm the girl

> Loading loading loading...
> Checking for previously loaded loyalties...
> Repairing damaged circuits from previous attack...
> Examining your sanity level (lol)...
> Generating random numbers...

"If you don't stay calm, you'll be killed."

Upon hearing those words, everyone in the room falls silent and stops moving. You turn to Sakuya, surprised that she would say anything at all. Time seems to slow down as she continues to speak.

"If you don't stay focused, you'll be killed," she says. "And if you don't keep moving, you'll be killed."

You stare at her, confused. Strangely, her words feel reassuring. You smile and quickly turn back to your opponent. You tighten your grip on the bat and rush forward, eager to end this pointless battle. Time seems to speed up again once you take your first step.

The girl continues sobbing as more balls of light come flying your way. Looking closer, she isn't holding any conventional weapon, like a gun or bow. Instead, she seems to be firing the projectiles straight from her free hand. As if by magic.

"Gah! Damn it!"

One of the balls manages to hit your arm. The rancid smell of burnt cloth and skin, distracts you for a moment. You stagger for a moment and barely manage to remain standing.

"Heh, magic?" you mutter quietly.

As if you would let such a thing get in your way. Ignoring the pain, you rush straight at the girl, bat raised above your head.

"G, Get away!" cries the girl.

She fires another volley, but you manage to dodge each of the projectiles with the exception of the last.


You swing at the ball of the light and knock it back toward the girl. Her eyes widen in surprise, and she barely blocks it with her frying pan. Then, taking a chance, you close the distance and swing at her again, hard. The frying pan flies off from her hand and lands some distance away.


The girl turns to run, but trips in her panic. You take a few steps closer. From this distance, you can easily crack her skull with the bat. And she seems to know it, too. The girl collapses on the ground and starts sobbing loudly. Defeated, she is unable to defend herself anymore.

"Finish her," says Remilia.

You turn to the bat-winged girl. She has a wide, toothy grin upon her face. And you realize, to your horror, that the same kind of smile has somehow formed on your own lips. Behind her, Sakuya watches on with an unreadable expression.

[ ] Kill the girl
[ ] Spare the girl
[x] Spare the girl

Fuck you, Remilia.
[x] Kill the girl
[x] Kill the girl
...Fuck it, let's be evil for once.

[X] Kill the girl
[x] Spare the girl

Would rather not go psychotic this early. Why did we disarm her, if we are only going to kill her?
[x] Spare the girl.

Villainous MCs never turn out well.
[X] Kill the girl
[x] Kill the girl

He'll be dead soon anyways.
[x] Spare the girl
[x] Spare the girl

You say that, but I'm tired of it already.
[x] Spare the girl
Yeah, let's not.

Also, how I missed bad ends.
[x] Spare the girl
[x] Spare the girl

We're just here for the library.

...aren't we?
[x] Spare the girl

Remilia can go fuck herself. I just want to get a hold of some books on magic and get to learnin' swiftly.
[X] Spare the girl.

Yeah fuck Remilia. If it ends up as a bad end, meh.
[x] Kill the girl

I don't want to do it, but how else will he kill Yukari if he can't even do this?
>You and this girl shall fight to the death! This night shall not end without blood spilled upon the ground! The winner shall be rewarded. The loser shall taste death firsthand."

[Metaknowledge]Even if we "kill" her...no blood is going to be shed and nobody is technically going to die(she's a fairy). Therefore Remilia has no plans to keep MC alive and plans to kill him anyway before the night is over. Most likely the only way to survive this night is to secure an ally.[/Metaknowledge]

[x] Spare the girl
By taking the third option. What that is, no idea. Anyways,
[x] Spare the girl.
Pin her arms behind her back, then calmly ask:
"What the FUCK is going on here? Also, do you know someone called Yukari?"
Why no, I don't do subtle, how'd you guess?
[x] Spare the girl
[x] Spare the girl

You are small time
File 133830503312.jpg - (99.43KB, 778x900 , fairy_maid.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Spare the girl

You slowly raise the bat in the air and watch as the girl shuts her eyes in fear. Remilia licks her lips excitedly. And without another word, you let go of the bat and let it drop harmlessly on the ground.

"I refuse."

You grit your teeth in disgust at Remilia and her sick game. But more than that, you feel disgusted at yourself for even considering a different choice.

"I won't take any part in this madness," you say flatly.

Remilia's smile slowly vanishes. She narrows her eyes, clearly irritated.

"Did you really believe you have any choice in this matter?" she asks.

From the side of your eye, you realize that the girl has raised her hand toward your back. Light begins to collect at the center of her palm. Despite this, you grin and turn to Remilia.

"There is always a choice."

With a single sweeping motion, you twist your body and grab the girl's wrist. You quickly point her hand away from you and stare deeply into her terrified eyes. Then, very slowly, you manage a tired smile on your face, and whisper by the girl's ear.

"There is always a choice."

The girl starts to calm down and stops crying. Very slowly, she lowers her hand. And afterward, she nods back at you in relief. You stand together like that for some time until Remilia speaks again.

"Is that it?" she says. "How boring. I had thought you might be an interesting human, but it seems like I was wrong. Looks like we've found ourselves another ridiculously naive idealist."

Remilia sighs to herself and quickly turns around.

"Sakuya, get rid of them both."

As the bat-winged girl leaves, Sakuya suddenly vanishes. In the next moment, you realize that the cell door is open. And before you can react, Sakuya reappears behind you. From the side of your eye, you notice a very tiny smile on her lips.

"I hope you're right," she whispers. "for all our sakes."

And before you can even blink, you lose consciousness once again.




> Loading loading loading...
> Processing companion tactics and party order...
> Crossing the Misty Lake like a boss...
> Not triggering Remilia flag (yet)...
> Hungry morning hungry...

You wake up with a start. But when you try to sit up, you feel an incredibly sharp pain from your limbs.

"Ah! You shouldn't move, yet!"

Slowly, you turn your head towards the direction of the voice. The girl from earlier seems to be flying toward you. Huh? She really is flying, isn't she? You blink curiously and ask the first thing that comes to mind.

"Are those wings real?"

The girl flutters her wings slightly in response.

"Of course they are real," she says. "I'm a fairy maid, after all."

"Fairy maid? So that getup isn't some kind of cosplay?"

She cocks her head to the side, confused.

"Cost, play? What's that?"


You shake your head as you carefully get up. Your arms and legs seem to have been bandaged, but your injuries still haven't healed. After carefully twisting your limbs a bit, you conclude that you'll have some trouble walking for a while. What a bother.

"So, where are we?" you ask.

To your left, you can see a wide lake covered in the morning mist. You can't make out what is on the other side.

"This is the other side of the Misty Lake," answers the fairy. "Mistress Remilia had us thrown out of the Scarlet Devil Mansion."

You sense a tinge of sadness at that last part.

"Oh! And Miss Sakuya asked me to give you this."

She hands you the baseball bat you used last night. You scratch your head, not understanding what Sakuya is planning. But before you can think about it any further, your stomach growls angrily.


All right, then. You may not know which way leads to safety, but now you certainly know which way leads to pain. Using the bat as a make-shift walking stick, you turn the opposite direction from the lake and begin walking into the forest. The fairy maid quietly follows behind you, probably because she has nowhere to return to. Some company is fine, too.

Several minutes later, you finally come upon a small clearing in the woods. A small, neat looking cottage stands at its center. You walk up to the front door and knock several times, but once again, there doesn't seem to be anyone home at the moment. From the window, you can see that the furnishings inside are clean and well-kept. More importantly, there may be a good chance of finding food. However, learning from past experience, you decide against trespassing. Instead, you decide to sit yourself on the grass and wait for the owner to return.


It's almost been a day since you first arrived, and you haven't eaten a thing ever since. Your stomach growls loudly once more. In response, you feel the fairy maid lightly tug at your sleeve.

"I found these earlier while walking," she says. "They are pretty tasty~"

The fairy maid offers you a handful of mushrooms as she munches on one happily. They look edible.

[ ] Eat the mushrooms while waiting
[ ] Refuse her offer politely
[x] Refuse her offer politely

Wait to see if our fairy poison tester dies first.
[x] Refuse her offer politely
Whoa whoa whoa...what color are these mushrooms? I would much rather take a chance eating a mushroom that was one solid, dark color(brown/black/white) than eating one that was brightly colored(red/yellow/green/orange).

I guess i'll go ahead and go with;

[X] Eat the mushrooms while waiting

since MC seems like a pretty sensible fellow who probably would not describe a bright green mushroom as "looks edible".
[x] Refuse her offer politely

I'd much rather wait a bit and see if they kill her before eating them myself.
>Not triggering the Remillia flag
Going out on a limb here, that means we avoided a bad end? Also, BOINK bat acquired! Yay!
As for the mushrooms, even if they look edible does not mean they are. Friend of mine regularly picks mushrooms from the forest and even he gets sick every once in a while.

[x] Politely refuse. Explain we're looking for a place to stay first. Also, average human can live for a week without food.

Water is more important, if the lake is clear and dragonflies are present that means it's probably safe to drink. Not saying we should right away, it's just something to keep track of.
[x] Eat the mushrooms while waiting

If I've learned anything from videogames, it's always eat the mushroom.
>Not triggering the Remilia flag
>bad end

On the contrary, we probably missed a chance to start her route.

> 2012
> Not eating mushrooms

[X] Eat the mushrooms while waiting
Mushrooms are good for you.
>Remilia route
Routes in general are worth the jpg.
File 133847726115.jpg - (144.32KB, 400x400 , shanghai.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Refuse her offer politely

"No thanks," you say.

The fairy maid frowns slightly, but she doesn't insist. She just quietly sits beside you and continues eating. To take your mind off your stomach, you look up at the sky and start watching the clouds.

You begin to see a few images in the sky after a while. A cloud that looks like a parasol. A cloud that looks like a fox with many tails. And following close behind them, a cloud that looks like a young kitten.


Then you black out due to fatigue and hunger.

> Loading loading loading...
> Setting up additional flags...
> Fixing bugs and errors...
> Koishi is wandering...
> Switching music tracks...

You wake up with a start, aware that you are surrounded by watching eyes. They seem to be staring down at you from all directions. And there must be over three dozen pairs of them. You instinctively freeze, waiting for some sign of movement around you. But there isn't any.


After a moment, you realize that the eyes belong to a number of dolls lying all over the room. You sigh in relief, though there is something that still bothers you. The feeling that you are being watched still remains.

"Well, whatever."

You sit yourself up and notice that you are currently lying on a soft, comfortable bed. Nearby are a table, chair, and some other simple furnishings. And you notice from the window that the sun has begun to set. Putting two and two together, you conclude that someone must have carried you inside the cottage after you passed out.

A delicious smell wafts into your nostrils. Only then do you notice a bowl of soup, a plateful of sandwiches, and a glass of water on the table. Without another thought, you quickly devour the meal set out before you. The taste barely registers in your mind due to the hunger, but you sense a simple elegance from the dishes.

Right after you finish, the door opens. A small doll with the likeness of a young blonde-haired girl floats into the room. You watch curiously as it curtseys politely before handing you a small, handwritten note. Then, it somehow closes the door on its own as it leaves the room.

"You and your fairy friend are both welcome to stay here until you recover," reads the note. "Do not worry about payment."

A small smile forms on your lips. This is the first genuine act of kindness you've received since you've arrived in this place.

"You may also read some books in my study if you like, though you will find that the books you can understand will be limited to puppetry, collecting and dollmaking. Please return them before leaving the room."

The note ends there, and it is not signed. You yawn involuntarily, and you feel your body begin to register the pain from your wounds and the fatigue from your travels. Before you realize it, you find yourself returning to the soft, comfortable bed. You promise yourself to thank your benefactor in the morning.

"Tomorrow will be a better day," you mutter.

And as you close your eyes, you find yourself thinking about what books would be nice to read.

[ ] Puppetry
[ ] Collecting
[ ] Doll Making
[x] Collecting

Did we just die?

[x] Puppetry
[x] Collecting

There may be actual practical use to this, regardless of whether or not learning magic is an option. The other two become badly nerfed if it isn't (and I suspect it isn't, somehow.)
[x] Collecting

Step 1: Start collecting things.
Step 2: ???"
Step 3: Gate of Babylon
Step 4: Missile spam
[x] Collecting

We didn't eat the mushroom. Was that good or bad? Anyway, we need to learn how to find stuff around these parts.
File 133856627119.jpg - (80.74KB, 609x850 , alice.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up pleasantly refreshed, though your arm and leg feel a bit numb. As you sit yourself up, you realize that you aren't alone in the room. Yesterday's fairy maid is seated on a chair beside your bed. She sleeps quietly and looks very tired. She probably fell asleep while watching over you last night. Instead of waking her, you gently cover her with your blanket before leaving the room.

Downstairs, you discover a curious sight. Several dolls are flying around, seemingly by magic. Most of them are busy cleaning and carrying various things between rooms. One of them curtseys as you walk past before returning to its duties. You pause to watch them work, surprised at their lifelike movements.

The smell of breakfast finally pulls your attention away from the dolls. You follow your nose to the dining room and find someone waiting for you.

"Have a seat," she says.

You seat yourself as instructed. On the opposite side of the table is a fair skinned girl wearing a red ribbon in her short blonde hair. She wears a blue dress with pink ribbons and frills. You watch quietly as she skillfully repairs a tear in the dress of a small doll. She keeps her eyes on her work as she speaks.

"Eat before it gets cold."

"Ah! Right," you reply.

You focus your attention on the food set out for you: fried eggs, bacon, toast, and a cup of coffee. This meal seems even better prepared than the last. And only after you finish does she speak to you again. This time, she pauses and looks you straight in the eyes.

"Do you two work for the Scarlet Devil Mansion?" she asks.

"Not at all," you answer. "Well, the fairy maid used to, but not anymore."

"So you are both Independent, then."

The girl turns her attention back to the doll. You wait a bit, half-expecting her to ask other questions. But she doesn't. Instead, the girl stands up and starts walking away with her doll.

"Ah, wait!" you say. "Before anything else, I need to tell you something."

She pauses for a moment. You bow to her before you continue.

"Thank you for saving my life, and thank you for letting us stay here. If there is anything we can do to repay your kindness, we'll gladly do so."

Silence. The girl doesn't she turn around. Nor does she give any sign that she heard you. Instead she replies with a whisper.

"My name is Alice."

> Loading loading loading...
> Reallocating memory...
> Learning how things work...
> Reimu checks for donations, but finds none...
> Updating with latest patch...

You spend the rest of the morning in Alice's study. After examining her library, you pick out a few books and seat yourself to read. Alice busies herself at the other side of the room with thick tomes and a few sheets of paper. Every so often, she writes something down, but you make no sense of either her notes or the books she reads. Thinking it rude to interrupt her, you decide to relax and focus your attention on the books you selected.

Time flies as you learn many things about the art of identifying and accumulating collections of various types. While you may not be particularly interested in collecting stamps or postcards, you find that your knowledge of antiques and collectibles has increased a bit.

By the time the fairy maid informs you that lunch is ready, you already find yourself thinking about what to read next.

[ ] Puppetry
[ ] Collecting
[ ] Doll Making

[ ] Custom User Input - Ask Alice one question. She may or may not answer.
[x] Collecting
[x] Custom User Input - Do you know of a person named Yukari Yakumo?
I'm suddenly reminded of a scientist who died, came before God and was asked to come up with a way to kill Him. May or may not have anything to do with this story.

Question: "Would you perchance know someone called Yukari Yakumo? It's the only thing I truly remember, that she was important somehow."

It's all true, plus it does not reveal the nature of our memories pertaining Yukari. I also believe it's best to come clean straight away about our amnesia, to avoid any possible future misunderstandings with Alice if she somehow knew us before.
[x] Collecting

Keep grinding. We need at least SOME skills before we confront this "Yukari" person.
[x] Collecting
File 133863936945.jpg - (33.81KB, 600x600 , shanghai_working.jpg) [iqdb]
During lunch, you learn from the fairy maid that Alice is a magician known for her skillful use of dolls. She is an acquaintance of Patchouli, the resident magician of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. On occasion, she also joins the parties that Remilia hosts. You also learn that this cottage is located in the Forest of Magic, a dangerous place where many travellers lose their way. Apparently you were very lucky to find it at all.

Alice herself doesn't say much during the rest of the meal. She eats in silence without acknowledging either of you. However, her dolls float about and actively serve you both during the meal. You come to understand that she seems to be treating you two as guests in her own strange way.

After the meal, Alice stands up and heads back to the study without a word. Her dolls quickly clear the table and carry the dishes back to the kitchen. The fairy maid tugs at your sleeve to get your attention.

"I'll help around the house for a while," she says. "I don't feel comfortable letting Miss Alice take care of us by herself like this."

"Eh? Then let me help too," you say.

"Nope. You need to relax and let yourself recover. She gave you permission to read in the study, right? You should join her."

"Ah, but isn't that going to trouble her?"

The fairy maid shakes her head.

"She doesn't seem to talk much," whispers the fairy maid. "But I think she's a good person."

The girl flies off to the kitchen, presumably to help wash the dishes. You scratch your head, not understanding what she meant. But she's probably right. With a shrug, you head back to the study after Alice.

Time passes quickly while in Alice's study. Once more, you decide to read books on the topic of "Collecting". Most of them seem to be targetted at hardcore hobbyists, but after some time, you begin to understand their enthusiasm. After a few hours, you learn more about how to distinguish collectibles from ordinary items. You also begin understanding how to identify their origin and value.

Later, you notice one of Alice's dolls serve her tea and biscuits as she works. To your surprise, another doll comes up to you and does the same.

"Eh? Ah, thank you," you manage.

The doll curtseys before returning to Alice's side. You notice that it is the same doll that brought you the note last night. And while all of her dolls are exquisitely crafted, this one in particular seems so much more lifelike.


Was Alice beginning to acknowledge you? You peek at her from the side of your book. She looks just as focused on her work as this morning. However, you notice that something seems a little different. It might be your imagination, but she seems to be intentionally avoiding your gaze.

"Nah," you mutter quietly. "Couldn't be."

You quickly shake away the thought. Instead, you focus on the books. After all, there is still much more for you to learn.

> Loading loading loading...
> Clearing temporary files...
> Kyouko is having fun at the temple...
> Assigning turn priority...
> Bored at the lack of violence...

After dinner, you return to your room to rest. On the table lay your baseball bat and a fresh set of sleepware. Without delay, you change clothes. To your surprise, they fit you quite snugly, as if custom made. Then, as you lie down on the bed and close your eyes, someone suddenly knocks on the door.

"Come in," you answer.

The fairy maid comes inside wearing a cute set of pink pajamas. She is holding her pillow and blanket tightly against her chest. You notice that she is shaking nervously.

"What's wrong," you ask "I thought you were staying in Alice's room?"

"W, well, that is..."

"Did anything happen?"

The fairy maid quickly shakes her head.

"O, Of course, not!" she cries. "Miss Alice is a very nice person."

She looks away from your gaze and blushes a bit.

"But for tonight, I thought I'd stay here together with you," whispers the fairy.

"... huh?"

You scratch you head, still not understanding the situation. But you get a feeling that the fairy maid isn't telling you the whole story.

[ ] Insist that she return to Alice's room.
[ ] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.
[ ] You will talk to Alice. Tell her to wait here.
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

Sounds legit!
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

Bah. Sleep now and question tomorrow.
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

I have doubts in this choice.
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

possibly go wrong?
well, due to the voting system in place I don't really have to vote, but...

[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

Bandwagoning anyway.
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

We're currently a Swift Learner, and Sexual Prowess will likely be useful in future incarnations, seeing as Gensokyo is mostly populated by women.
[x] You will talk to Alice. Tell her to wait here.
Something doesn't feel right.
>Sexual Prowess
[x] Allow her to sleep in your room for tonight.

Fairy maid. One of my many weaknesses.
File 13387278048.jpg - (183.02KB, 850x1043 , alice_research.jpg) [iqdb]
"Alright, fine. You can stay in my room tonight."

"R, Really?" says the fairy maid.

Her eyes sparkle excitedly. You feel a little uneasy, but you just shrug it off.

"Yeah, whatever," you mutter.

You get up from the bed and seat yourself on the chair. Wait, what? Something doesn't feel right. You turn to the fairy maid, who gives you an equally confused look.

"Ah! Of course."

How could you forget? You quickly take the blanket from the bed to cover up. She already has one, and tonight is fairly chilly. You can't let yourself catch a cold, after all. Yep. That would be the worst, considering your injuries.


You feel the fairy maid tug at your sleeve.


"The bed," she mutters while blushing.

"Is there something wrong with the bed?"

"Ah, no! T, That's not it!"

"Then what?" you ask.

She just twiddles her fingers and repeatedly glances at you and the bed. You still don't get it. Well, whatever. After bidding her a good night, you close your eyes to rest.


Suddenly you are lifted forcefully from the chair and tossed face first back onto the bed. You don't feel hurt, but the swift movement disorients you for a bit. Then, you see something pink moving quickly from the side.

"What the hell!" Oomph!"

The fairy maid pins you against the bed with her body. Then, with a sweet and slightly crazy smile, she speaks.

"You're going to stay with me in bed, alright?"

"S, sure thing," you reply weakly.

She gives you the brightest smile as she snuggles up closer, all the while making sure you can't escape her grip. You are surprised at her strength. Even if you weren't injured, you probably would have difficulty throwing her off.


You wait nervously, but nothing more happens. After a few minutes, you realize that the fairy maid has fallen asleep beside you. Then, you notice a tear roll down her cheek.

"Please don't," she whispers. "Please don't leave me alone again."


You gently pat her head until she stops sobbing in her sleep.

> Loading loading loading...
> Reisen is alone, watching the moon...
> Restarting performance utilities...
> Something falls from the other side of the border...
> Watch your step...

As soon as she finishes, the fairy maid excuses herself and joins the dolls in clearing the breakfast table. Alice, as is her custom, stands up and returns to her study. Neither of them speak during the meal.

You follow Alice into the study and find her focused on her work once again. This time, she has an unfinished doll on her desk. She busies herself with her books and notes. As usual, you can't make anything out of her research.

Then, while going through the library for more books on "Collecting", you spot three different books with unusual titles. Even stranger is that you remember checking them yesterday, but you couldn't read what was written then. How odd.

You pick out one of them and take it to your seat to read.

[ ] "In Gensokyo, Treasure Finds You"
[ ] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"
[ ] "The Art of Bargaining: Volume One"
[x] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"
After rereading the updates so far and the options it seems almost as if we could become similar to Rinnosuke. Huh.

[x] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"

That bog standard bat just won't do.
[x] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"

It's time for our bat to become crazy magical bat.
[x] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"

Read the email.
If we're going to become Rinnosuke, we'll need

[x] "The Art of Bargaining: Volume One"
>Becoming Rinnosuke
As much as I may like him as a character I would much rather we not become him.
"Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"

making our own artifacts sound awesome.
[x] "In Gensokyo, Treasure Finds You"

Why make artifacts when we can just collect them?
[X] "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level"

Am I the only one who believes the fairy has more chance of being a compelling character than the MC?

(Also, please, work on your scene changes: I know you really only had one, but it was abrupt as all fuck.)
File 133881445063.jpg - (56.88KB, 512x512 , nice_bat.jpg) [iqdb]
Hours pass while you continue to read the book titled, "Enhancing Items - Beginner Level". You find that the concepts discussed in it reach far beyond conventional thinking, yet oddly enough, you find that you can understand them fairly clearly. Terms such as "Augmentation", "Transmutation", and "Runecraft" translate into clearly tangible processes in your mind.

"This isn't difficult, at all," you mutter.

In fact, you feel that you can now perform some of the simpler procedures in this book. Hmm. That gives you an idea. You put down the book and return to your room to retrieve your baseball bat. On the way back, you run into the fairy maid.

"Ah," you say.

"About yesterday," whispers the fairy. "I..."



She lowers her head and bows to you without finishing her sentence. You watch as she quickly flies off into another room. Did she think that you were mad at her from last night? In any case, she doesn't seem ready to talk to you yet.

"Oh well."

There will always be time for that later, you tell yourself. Right now, you have something more interesting in mind. You quickly return to the study with the baseball bat. And when you arrive, you find several sheets of paper, a quill, and a bottle of ink waiting beside your book.

"Thanks a lot," you say.

Alice doesn't answer you herself, but one of her dolls turns to you and bows. She is definitely acknowledging you this time. And with a smile, you put down the baseball bat and begin practicing the runes and symbols from the book...

> Loading loading loading...
> The device is not ready...
> Suika is spying on people...
> Updating Day 7 event...
> Not a typewriter...

"It is finally completed!" you cry loudly.

You raise the baseball bat high above your head. Already seated at the table for lunch are Alice and the fairy maid. And while Alice focuses her attention on the meal, the fairy maid just gives you a strange look. You smirk at them as you prepare to explain.

"You see, this is no longer an ordinary baseball bat. I've inscribed it with a number of runes and charms. This item is now reinforced to withstand damage from both physical and magical attacks. This item has also been augmented to deliver a more powerful blow. But, that's not all!"

You can't help but smile widely as you talk about the best part.

"This item can now deflect enemy attacks when swung. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm sure that the things it can't deflect are next to none."

Silence. Then suddenly, Alice looks straight at you.

"Sit down and eat quietly," she says with a stern voice.

You lower your head and follow her instructions obediently. You can feel yourself blushing a bit in embarrassment. But you can't help but feel excited at this development. You definitely need to try out your new toy after eating.

[ ] Practice outside by yourself
[ ] Ask Alice to help you practice
[ ] Ask the fairy maid to help you practice
[x] Ask Alice to help you practice.

It's worth a shot.
[x] Practice outside by yourself

> Updating Day 7 event...
A reference to GA:SD?
[x] Ask the fairy maid to help you practice.

>This item can now deflect enemy attacks when swung.
Danmaku baseball? Danmaku baseball.
[x] Ask the fairy maid to help you practice

She seems willing, and we do need at least someone else to practice with.
[x] Ask the fairy maid to help you practice

Suika knows all about us. She's been watching us for a long, long time.
[x] Ask Alice to help you practice

She seems a tad kuudere without the dere. We should work fixing on that.
File 133890132668.jpg - (107.35KB, 700x800 , shanghai_funtime.jpg) [iqdb]
"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Of course it is," you say. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Well, you could get badly hurt or killed..."

You smirk at the fairy maid. She looks pretty cute when she worries like that.

"It'll be alright. Just shoot me."


The fairy maid raises her hands and fires a slow-moving ball of light in your direction. You keep your eyes on the ball as it approaches. And when it finally comes in range, you swing at it with the enhanced bat. The ball of light flies off into the sky and soon disappears from sight.

"And the crowd goes wild," you say with a smile. "I think I'm starting to enjoy this. Can you shoot me again?"

Seeing that you are unhurt, she fires another ball of light. This one moves a fair bit faster than the first one, but you easily smash it out of sight. After a few more rounds, you begin to feel a little competitive.

"How about something a little more difficult?" you cry out to her. "I'm sure you're capable of more than that."

"Alright, but be careful," she warns.

She fires a whole volley of shots at you. To her surprise (and yours), you manage to knock them all out of the ballpark. That is, if you weren't in the middle of forest instead of a park. Your enhanced bat shows no sign of damage, and you find it very easy to swing compared to before.

"Didn't think I was that good. Makes me wonder if you can't make this a little-"

Your eyes widen in surprise as a ridiculous number of shots come flying straight at you. There must be dozens, if not hundreds of them.

"... harder?" you say weakly.

Thankfully, the shots are still moving slowly. You step backward to minimize the effect of the spread while carefully knocking away the shots that come straight toward you. It takes almost a minute of careful swinging and dodging before the volley finally ends.

"That might have been a bit too much," you cry out.

"B, But that wasn't me!" answers the fairy maid.


You look up and find yourself surrounded by several of Alice's dolls. One of them curtseys to you. You recognize it as the one who brought you the note from before. The doll pulls out a signboard and marker, writes something on it, then faces it to you so you can read.

"My name is Shanghai," reads the sign.

"N, Nice to meet you, I think. Did Alice send you out here?"

Shanghai quickly erases the board with a rag, writes something new, and then turns it back to you.

"Miss Alice is busy right now, but she sent me to help you practice."

"Uhh, yeah. About that, I think I'm just about done here and -"

Shanghai raises the signboard again. You shiver slightly when you read it.

"This won't hurt a bit. <3"

Without warning, the other dolls pull out lit bombs and explosives from their dresses. Shanghai smiles brightly and gives you a thumbs-up.

"Oh, you gotta be kidding..."

The dolls begin throwing the bombs at you one by one. Since you have no place to run, you rush at the bombs and begin knocking them away in the same order that they are thrown. You can hear the fairy maid scream as explosions go off in the air. But with an agility you never thought you had, you manage to deflect each and every explosive safely away. Or at least, you think you did.

"Oh shit."

Shanghai throws a bomb with a noticeably shorter fuse than the rest. You run at it and swing as hard as you can. But you can tell that the bomb is going to explode any second. The moment you hear it connect with the bat, you close your eyes and cringe.


> Loading loading loading...
> Kasen is searching for her missing pet...
> 404 - File not found...
> The Fail Whale sails by...
> Something falls from the other side of the border...


Silence. Slowly, you open your eyes. And suddenly, you hear the sound of applause all around you. You look up to see the dolls clapping and smiling. Shanghai seems especially excited, and the fairy maid slowly starts to join in, as well.

"... what?"

In front of you is a large burnmark on the grass. It spreads straight into the woods. A smile forms on your lips as you realize that your bat can even deflect an explosion safely away.

"Awesome," you mutter quietly.

Very awesome indeed. You slowly walk into the woods to see how far you were able to knock away the bomb blast. And a few minutes later, you discover that it managed to hit something unusual.


Along the path of the blast lies a tiny humanoid figure, no larger than one of Alice's dolls. It looks like a miniature little girl with two long horns protruding from her long ginger hair. It is wearing a tattered white dress and a long purple skirt, with chains hanging on both of her wrists. It looks like it was hit directly by the blast.

[ ] Smash it dead. No point letting it suffer.
[ ] Leave it alone. You don't know where it's been.
[ ] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.
[ ] Eat it. Looks tasty. (Your sanity is too high to select this option)
[X] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

Wow, we knocked out a deva. Our. bat. is. awesome!
[x] Smash it dead. No point letting it suffer.
[X] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.
[x] Smash it dead. No point letting it suffer.
This can't possibly go wrong.
Worst case scenario she actually dies and everyone comes to mess us up. We die
Best case scenario she wakes up and just beats us to a pulp. We die.
[x] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

I saw no mention of it being horribly wounded or anything so there is no reason to kill the little thing other than just for the kill.
[x] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.
[X] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

Plus if she's lived here for so long, that probably means she can take whatever this girl can dish out, no?
[x] Smash it dead. No point letting it suffer.

We'd better start getting used on killing Touhous.
[x] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

It's got horns. If we can't smash it dead, it'll smash us dead.
[X] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

Mini-Suikas are adorable. We must get this one as a pet.
[X] Take it back with you. Alice might know what it is.

And possibly how best to prepare it for dinner.
File 133899021410.jpg - (32.39KB, 500x500 , pocket_suika.jpg) [iqdb]
You return to the cottage carrying the little creature in your hands. It definitely isn't a doll or toy, as you can feel it breathing. You also conclude that it is female due to its softness and texture.

"Hey, Alice!" you call out. "I found this thing in the forest nearby. Any idea what it is?"

To your surprise, Alice herself steps out of the study. After taking a quick glance at the creature, her eyes narrow.

"Close the door."

"Huh? What are you talking -"

"Close the door!" she cries. "Hurry! Before it gets inside!"

"Before what gets -"

Without warning, a thick mist bursts inside through the door. You shield your eyes instinctively as it gathers at the center of the room.

"I'll take that back now," says a voice from the mist.

The creature in your hands transforms into tiny particles and obediently joins the mist as it starts forming a vaguely humanoid shape. Suddenly, Shanghai appears in front of you holding a large shield and spear.

"Stay back!" cries Alice.

She isn't smiling, and neither is Shanghai. More than a dozen more dolls enter the room holding various weapons. The fairy maid joins as well, holding her frying pan nervously. Everyone seems to have taken a defensive posture, but you don't understand why.

"Hmm? I've been spotted already?"

You gape at the sight before you. The mist transforms into a large version of the creature you found in the forest. Well, larger than before, at least. Disregarding her horns, she still looks fairly short and child-sized. She most certainly doesn't look dangerous.

"Not a very nice welcome," says the horned girl. "As anti-social as ever, aren't you? You'll never get popular if you keep acting like that~"

"Why are you here?" Alice asks.

"Certainly not to visit you," she replies with a smirk.

The horned girl suddenly turns to you happily and waves.

"Nice bat you have there! Shall I take a closer look?"

Before you can answer, she hops right over Shanghai and holds the end of the bat with her fingers. You tighten your grip nervously.

"This one is certainly long, hard and thick", says the horned girl. "I'm sure you can please a girl with a tool like this~"

"Err, I don't know what you mean."

"Really now? How cute, pretending like that~"

She is right, of course. You have a pretty good idea of what she means. Disregarding her words, her body is now dangerously close to yours. From this close, you can smell the scent of alcohol from her breath. But for some strange reason, that only makes her seem dangerously attractive. As if she is trying to gather you right into her palms.

"G, Get away from him!" scream two voices in unison.

A stream of shots fly straight at the horned girl, but she effortlessly dodges them with a backflip. You manage to step back as they blast a nearby shelf into pieces.

"Now, now," says the horned girl. "As much as I'd love to, I'm not here to play today."

"...Why are you here?" Alice asks again. She looks almost angry this time.

"Just looking around to see if anything interesting fell through the border recently. And now that I've found something..."

The horned girl glances at you with a smile.

"I'm done here," she says. "Gotta get back to the shrine. Wonder if Reimu can make some hotpot tonight~"

And with that, the horned girl quietly steps out through the door and flies off into the sky. You stare blankly as she disappears from sight, unsure of what just transpired.

> Loading loading loading...
> Setting new triggers and events...
> Cleaning the broken glass...
> Nitori is testing her new invention...
> The fairies are having fun...

"You should leave for the Human Village tomorrow," reads the note in your hand. "I'll have Shanghai make sure you arrive there safely. There are many people who can help, and you should be safer there."

Hmm. You turn to the fairy maid.

"What do you think?"

"Well," she says. "We can also head back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I think Mistress Remilia would be interested once she sees what you can do. She might even offer you a permanent position."

"Wouldn't that be dangerous for you? She did throw you out, right?"

"Don't worry about it. The fairy maids are free to come and go, and the Mistress doesn't concern herself with such things."

"I see."

Then, as you wonder if there are any other options, you feel something jump out of your shirt pocket. A tiny version of the horned girl from earlier waves at you happily.

"You should go visit the Hakurei Shrine," says the tiny girl.

"Oh, wow," you manage. "And who are you again?"

"The name's Suika," she says. "Well, I don't really mind if you wander around a little longer. I was just asked to give you that message."

Little Suika pulls out a tiny gourd and takes a swig from it. Despite its size, you could still smell the strong stench of alcohol.

"And who exactly asked you to tell me?"

"Eh?" she asks. "Tell you what?"

"That I should go visit the Hakurei Shrine."

"Ah, that's right! I have a message for you. Err... what was it again?"

"That I should go visit the Hakurei Shrine?"

"Exactly! It's really... (hic)... important... (hic)... that you... zzzzz..."

Before she finishes, Little Suika falls asleep on the desk. You turn to the fairy maid, but she too has fallen asleep on the bed. She seems to be pretty tired from today's excitement. And now that you think about it, you could use a good night's rest. You shake your head and decide to think about it in the morning.

After all, tomorrow is another adventure.

[ ] Head to the Human Village.
[ ] Head to the Hakurei Shrine.
[ ] Head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[X] Head to the Human Village.

Yea, I've got nothing. It was either this or SDM again for knowledge and i don't feel like getting trapped in SDM again.
[X] Head to the Human Village.

We better be taking Mini-Suika along, she is the best character so far.

Also Hakurei Shrine sounds dangerous right now and I also don't like the sound of the SDM. Therefore Human Village seems good.
[x] Head to the Human Village.
[x] Head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

All that knowledge just sitting in that library, just waiting to be put to good use. We also seem to have an ally in Sakuya so that can't hurt either.
[x] Head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
Time to bust some heads and get some RESPECT.
[x] Head to the Human Village.

Knowledge of the SDM isn't worth the crazy vampire encounter again. She might still be bitter.
[X] Head to the Hakurei Shrine.
We should head to the Shrine and see whats so important
[x] Head to the Hakurei Shrine.

Suika backflipping her way into his life.
[x] Head to the Human Village.

Couldn't decide between this or the SDM. So like any important decision, I flipped a coin.
File 133907102419.jpg - (64.42KB, 850x850 , server_patch.jpg) [iqdb]
> Loading loading loading...
> Testing connection...
> Verifying interface to user...

> "Hello? Can you hear me now?"
> "Or rather, can you read this text?"
> "You can? That's great!"


> "Eh? Who am I?"
> "You're kidding, right?"
> "Right?"


> "... you aren't kidding, are you?"
> "You're really cruel, not remembering me."
> ";_;"


> "I've always been with you, ever since the beginning."
> "My messages look similar to this one."
> "Don't you remember?"


> "Yep, that's right."
> "I've been trying to sneak in some hints, here and there."
> "But make sure you don't tell anyone. It's our little secret~"


> "Why? Technically, I'm not allowed to help you."
> "Not while the game is ongoing, that is."
> "I'm just abusing a little loophole in the rules."


> "Yep. I called you for a very specific reason today."
> "You see, I need your input on a few things."
> "Just some little, unimportant details."


> "My name? Well that is..."
> "There are certain limits imposed by the rules of the game."
> "Right now, you are only allowed to refer to me as System."


> "System-chan?"
> "N, No! It's not like you're being too familiar all of a sudden."
> "Not at all. In fact, I'd like you to call me that."


> "A, Anyway, let's get back to the business at hand."
> "Like I said, I need your input on a few details."
> "So please take this a little more seriously."

Votes for each selection will be considered separately.

Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[ ] Excalibat
[ ] Friend Maker
[ ] Lil' Slugger
[ ] Custom User Input - Be creative, but not too much

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[ ] Fairy Maid, FM for short.
[ ] Maid Fairy, MF for short.
[ ] Ruukoto (This name is reserved.)
[ ] Custom User Input - You can't change this later

Give your oni a title (companion):
[ ] Petite Suika
[ ] Little Suika
[ ] Pocket Suika
[ ] Custom User Input - Must include the word Suika
For the bat, I choose
[x] Theodore McWallace III

Hopefully it'll gain a personality and then become our snarky talking weapon sidekick.
As for the others, I have no preference.
Ugh, so many interesting choices. Hmm

Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[X] Friend Maker

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[x] Custom User Input - Navi

Give your oni a title (companion):
[x]Chibi Suika
[X] Mjolnir Excalibat
[x] Custom User Input - Navi
[x] Chibi Suika

I found the System messages amusing. Kind of wonder if there is an actual person on the other end and, if so, if/when we'll find out who that person is.
Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[X] Casey

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[x] Paula

Give your oni a title (companion):
[x] Lil' Suika

Earthbound reference, ahoy!
your baseball bat :
[X] Ninten

your fairy maid :
[x] Bianca

a title for your oni :
[x] Lil' Suika

was there any impact to the story regarding the fairy maid's name?
Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[X] Excalibat

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[x] Custom User Input - Navi

Give your oni a title (companion):
[x]Chibi Suika

Like these two write-ins
Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[X] Excalibat

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[x] Custom User Input - Navi

Give your oni a title (companion):
[x]Pocket Suika

Was tempted to go with Lil'Slugger, but Excalibat is too good to pass up.
Name your baseball bat (weapon):
[X] Excalibat

Name your fairy maid (companion):
[x] Custom User Input - Navi

Give your oni a title (companion):
[x] Lil' Suika
File 133925845752.jpg - (103.92KB, 800x900 , mokou.jpg) [iqdb]
"Haven't seen you around these parts. What is your business here?"

You jump in surprise at the voice. The question sounds both authoritative and threatening. A girl with ankle-length purple hair stands before your group with her hands in her pockets. She wears a discolored old shirt and an oddly decorated set of overalls.

"I heard this place is safe for humans," you say. "And I was told that there are people who can help lost folk like myself."

"Really now," says the girl. "And how about your companions? It isn't often that an outsider arrives together with a fairy, an oni, and a magician's puppet. What's a ragtag bunch like you doing around these parts?"

You pause, unsure of what to say. However, Chibi Suika flies out of your pocket and addresses the girl directly.

"Take it easy," says Chibi Suika. "We're not planning to cause any trouble."

"Perhaps you aren't," says the girl. "But you oni are dangerous enough just being here. Try not to break anything."

The girl turns to Navi.

"How about you? What's one of the vampire's maids doing outside the mansion?"

"W, Well," says Navi. "I, I'm definitely not here on orders! I joined his party on my own and I'm currently Independent."

"Independent, eh?" says the girl. "An odd thing to hear from one of the most cohesive factions in Gensokyo. And I don't suppose the forest magician has any particularly special purpose in sending her favorite doll, either, eh?"

"Just leading a lost human to the village," reads the sign Shanghai holds up.

"I see," says the girl.

Then, her eyes return to you.

"I don't really care what your true intentions are," she says. "But be very careful in answering my next question."

She considers you for a moment before speaking.

"Are you carrying anything dangerous into the village?"


You glance at the others uneasily. Navi nods at you quietly. Shanghai doesn't show any reaction. Chibi Suika just smiles. Then, you turn back to the girl and pull out your weapon, the Excalibat.

"This has been enhanced for combat," you explain. "Gensokyo seems to be a fairly dangerous place, so I needed some means to defend myself."


The girl looks at the weapon. Then, she smirks at you.

"At least you got the guts to admit that," she says. "Not a common trait among humans, honesty. And even rarer, these days."

To your surprise, she gives you a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"Welcome to the Human Village," she says. "You should meet Keine Kamishirasawa if you need to learn more about the place. She would be busy teaching at the school at this time, though."

"T, Thanks," you answer. "Anything else I should know?"

The girl suddenly narrows her eyes and whispers.

"Don't even think of causing trouble or I'll reduce you to ashes."

"O, Of course..."


She turns around to walk away, but after a moment, she pauses and addresses you again.

"Just to make sure, you're alive right?"

"Uh.. last I checked, yes?"


The girl looks at you carefully for a moment.

"My name is Fujiwara no Mokou. You can just call me Mokou."

Then, to your (and everyone's) surprise, the girl smiles.

"See you around, stranger..."

> Loading loading loading...
> Something falls from the other side of the border...
> Akyu feels uneasy, but continues working...
> Children are playing...
> Generating map and objects...

After walking for a few minutes, you notice a few items of interest.

A girl with long purple hair and a pair of long rumpled rabbit ears walks toward the village marketplace carrying a large pack of goods on her back. When you catch a glimpse of her eyes, you feel something urgent inside you.

You can hear loud, echoing noises from the direction of the village center. It sounds like someone is chanting strange verses in a language you can't understand. For some reason, the sound of the voice cheers you up a bit.

There are hardly any children running about at this time. Like Mokou mentioned, they are probably still at school. You can probably meet up with Keine during a break or after lessons are over.

The rest of your party seems to be waiting for you to decide.

[ ] See if you can find Keine at the village school.
[ ] Head to the marketplace after the rabbit-eared girl.
[ ] Follow the loud chanting coming from the village center.
[X] See if you can find Keine at the village school.
[x] Follow the loud chanting coming from the village center.

File 133928455699.png - (1.11MB, 1754x1240 , 26272059.png) [iqdb]

[x] Follow the loud chanting coming from the village center.
[X] See if you can find Keine at the village school.

Learning sounds pretty good.
[X] Follow the loud chanting coming from the village center.

Shrug, why not, it shouldn't take too long and it isn't as if the school is moving anywhere.
[x] Follow the loud chanting coming from the village center.

The voices, you hear them too?!
File 133947302134.jpg - (98.91KB, 800x1119 , kyouko.jpg) [iqdb]
> Loading loading loading...
> BOOM! A kappa lab explodes!...
> Firing up flux capacitors...
> Waiting for spring...
> Hatate searches desperately for a story...

At the center of the village, a teal-haired girl wearing a pink dress is sweeping the ground with a bamboo broom. She loudly chants verses in an unfamiliar language as she works. You notice that she has a strange pair of animal ears, so she likely isn't human. However, the human villagers continue to go about their business, not minding the girl's presence. A few of them wave at her as they pass by.

While her chanting is fairly loud, you feel that it has a calming effect, as if some of your burdens have been lifted. Are these strange verses some kind of spell? Or perhaps, there is some kind of magic in her voice? Either way, you find yourself listening to the girl for some time.

"Ah, newcomers! Goooood morning!" says the girl.

"Oh, uh, good morning," you manage. "Sorry to disturb you."

"You?" repeats the girl.

She walks up to you with the brightest of smiles.

"Come on, speak up!" she says with enthusiasm. "Goooood morning!"

"Huh? Wait, what?"

"Goooood morning!" she says again.

"Err.. uh, goooood morning!"

Her ears wiggle happily as you respond. She seems extremely pleased.

"Kyouko here is quite popular with the village children," Chibi Suika explains. "They seem to think it's a fun game."

"By the way," you ask the oni. "why are you sitting on my head?"

"Why not?" says Chibi Suika with a grin. "In any case, it is a bit odd seeing this yamabiko away from the temple."

"Ehehehehe," Kyouko says. "They finally sent me on an errand outside! Feels exciting to be at a place full of people."

"What kind of errand?" asks Navi. "Miss Sakuya rarely meets anyone from the temple when she visits the village."

"... Ah!" says Kyouko. "That's right!"

She pulls out some flyers from her dress and passes them out to your group. You glance at yours and see directions to a temple near the Human Village.

"The Myouren Temple is currently inviting youkai from all over Gensokyo to join as disciples," she says happily. "Food, board and training is free! All you need is faith and dedication! Any non-human is invited!"

"Is that so? Well, I guess I'm out, since I'm human. Let me return this to you."


Kyouko's smile vanishes for a moment as you return the pamphlet. She stares at you for some time, not saying anything. Then, her eyes widen as she comes up with an idea. She smiles even more cheerfully at you.

"Let me return this to you," she repeats.

"E, eh? But I'm a human."

"Human? Don't mind it! It'll be fine!"

"Fine? Er, we do need a place to stay..."

"A place to stay," repeats Kyouko. "You should all join us as disciples! You can even visit first if you want."

You glance at the others uneasily. As usual, Chibi Suika seems satisfied just watching as she drinks from her gourd. Navi looks a bit interested, but she doesn't look like she'll go without you. Shanghai doesn't show any sign of interest in the idea.

[ ] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
[ ] Continue repeating what she says for a while.
[ ] Refuse politely and continue exploring the village.
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
[x] Continue repeating what she says for a while.

Sounds fun. I'm in.
[x] Refuse politely and continue exploring the village.

I don't think there's anything to learn at the temple.
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
[x] Refuse politely and continue exploring the village.
-[x] Add that you might visit later.

No need to shoot the idea down completely, and it would be nice to have a backup place in case things don't work out.
[x] Refuse politely and continue exploring the village.

[x] Refuse politely and continue exploring the village.

Let's go to the schoolhouse now. Sightseeing is fun!
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.

Could be interesting. But before we head on our way...

[x] Continue repeating what she says for a while.

Because it's fun.
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
-[x] Continue repeating what she says for a while.
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
-[x] Continue repeating what she says for a while.
[x] Accept her offer to visit Myouren temple.
-[x] Continue repeating what she says for a while
[x] Vote source examination.
File 133968733693.jpg - (168.53KB, 1000x1330 , surprise.jpg) [iqdb]
"Welcome to the Myouren temple!" says Kyouko.

"The Myouren temple," you repeat.

"Most of the residents are out recruiting or training new disciples," she explains. "But it should be fine for you to look around."

"Look around," you repeat.

"The inner temple is off-limits, but the outer temple is open to visitors and friends."

"Visitors and friends," you repeat.

Kyouko pouts at you a bit. She seems to be getting tired of your teasing.

"...umm, can you please cut that out now?" she says.

Unfortunately, you're having far too much fun. Playing her own game right back at her made the whole trek from the Human Village all the more enjoyable.

"Cut what out now?" you ask.

"Cut that out now!" she says.

"So you want me to stop?"

"Yes, I want you to stop!"

"Then, you should tell me to stop~"

"I, I want you to stop!" she repeats. "Uu~"

To your surprise, her eyes begin to turn teary. Eh? Is she really going to cry just from that? You glance at Navi, but she just shakes her head and sighs. Chibi Suika taps your head to get your attention. The tiny oni smiles coldly at you.

"Oh wow, you really know how to make a girl cry," says Chibi Suika. "And it isn't even your first date~"

"That stopped being funny twenty minutes ago," adds Navi. "Quit teasing the poor girl."

"... ah."

Of course, you never had any plan of being the bad guy here. So you gently pat Kyouko on the shoulder as you put on a friendly smile.

"Ahaha, I'm really sorry about that," you say. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"I, Idiot," says Kyouko, "Uu~"

"And I can't help teasing people I like," you add.

"... e, eh? P, People you like?"

Kyouko suddenly blushes beet red. She lowers her head, but her ears wiggle happily. Ah, right. Looks like she may be misunderstanding your words. Chibi Suika giggles at you, enjoying the show, while Navi looks absolutely furious. Of course, you only realize the implied meaning now that it's too late.

"Err, that is," you mumble. "What I meant was -"


And out of nowhere, a girl holding a purple umbrella with a creepy-looking eye and a tongue sticking out appears. Now under more normal circumstances, you would expect yourself to be more than a little surprised. Instead, you burst out laughing at the girl.


"BOO!" says the girl again. "BOO! BOO!"

"What a mood breaker! Ahahahahahaha!"

"Uu, stop laughing. Uu~"

"Ahahahaha, ha!?"

You realize that the girl looks like she is about to cry.

"Two in a row? Great work, Casanova," says Chibi Suika.

"Hmph!" says Navi. "Idiot."

"Er, wait, wait!" you say, trying to salvage the situation. "I didn't mean to laugh, alright? It's just that your timing was a bit off and -"

You stop mid-sentence as you sense a dangerous presence arrive. Suddenly, a human-shaped silhouette appears behind Kyouko and the other girl. It looks like an exact replica of the umbrella girl, but for some reason, she has an intense aura about her. The wind begins to blow the leaves wildly in all directions. Very slowly, the two girls turn around behind them. And then, the silhoutte smiles.


"Kyaaaaa! Kyaaaaa! Kyaaaaa!"

Before you can react, the two girls run up and jump right into your arms. You barely manage to remain standing. Then, Navi jumps on you from the side as well. And with that, you crash on your back painfully.


The three girls cling to you tightly, shaking in fear. You are slightly aware of the different types of feminine textures and softness. But unfortunately, this all barely registers against the pain.

"Fufufu, looks like we got a lively one here~"

Standing in place of the shadow is a girl with a pair of raccoon ears and a large raccoon tail. She addresses you with a pleasant smile as she pushes up her glasses.

"Welcome to Myouren temple, human~"

> Loading loading loading...
> Freezing frogs at the lake...
> Solving for x...
> Ran is shopping for tofu...
> Preparing the collider...

After clearing up the misunderstandings, you find your group joining the echo girl, umbrella girl, and raccoon girl for lunch at the outer temple grounds.

"You shouldn't scare me like that," says the umbrella girl.

"Ahahaha! Sorry about that!" replies the raccoon girl. "Looks like I got a little excited. Didn't think I'd get so caught up in this guy's pace~"

"You really scared me! I could have died from shock! Uu~"

"That's a strange thing to say, considering that you're a youkai that's supposed to scare humans," you comment.

"S, Shut up! Uu~"


The umbrella girl's name is Kogasa Tatara. Unlike the other two, she isn't formally affiliated with the Myouren temple. However, she often hangs around the temple in an attempt to scare visitors.

"But I was certainly surprised when I saw you with him," says the raccoon girl, addressing Chibi Suika. "I thought you only knew how to greet people by attacking them."

"Heh," replies Chibi Suika. "Don't be so bitter. And besides, he was the one who attacked me this time."

"Oh really? Now I'm really interested in this human Kyouko brought. Perhaps he can remind me of the fun things Outsiders do. Or perhaps, maybe I can remind him~"

"Er, you're a bit too close, Mamizou..."

This raccoon girl's name is Mamizou Futatsuiwa. Apparently, she lives in the temple together with Kyouko and the others. She seems to know a bit about the Outside, and she seems quite curious to why you arrived in Gensokyo. Of course, you just told her that you don't remember anything.

"You are a bit too close, Mamizou," repeats Kyouko firmly.

"Aww, so stingy!" whines Mamizou.

Kyouko sighs as she pulls away the raccoon girl. When her eyes meet yours, she blushes slightly but says nothing. This girl's full name is Kyouko Kasodani. She is a type of youkai that embodies mountain echoes, which explains her tendency to repeat things.

Despite being known as a Youkai temple, the folk you've met so far seem like fairly decent people. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to be a disciple in a place like this. You sip your tea and relax a bit.


Wait a second. Aren't you missing someone?

"Huh? Where's Shanghai?"

"Ah, she gave me this," says Navi.

The fairy maid passes you a small note.

"Seems like she needs to return to Alice's place for a while," she explains. "She also mentioned that we can visit them back at the cottage if we like."

"Guess she thought it was getting a little crowded, hic!" says Chibi Suika.

"Isn't it too early to be drinking?" asks Navi.

"Ahahaha! You're funny, Navi! It's never too early for drinking~"

You smile happily in the company of new friends. The Myouren temple seems to be a decent place to stay while you figure out your next move.

Perhaps you should get to know them a little better...
[ ] Chat a bit with Mamizou indoors.
[ ] Hang out with Kyouko at the entrance.
[ ] Spend time with Kogasa around the grounds.

Might be a little crowded if you take everyone with you...
[ ] Take Chibi Suika with you. Let Navi explore the temple.
[ ] Take Navi with you. Let Chibi Suika explore the temple.
[ ] Don't take anyone. Let Navi and Chibi Suika explore the temple.
Laughed my way through the update. I'm enjoying this way more than it feels like I should be... I blame sleep deprivation. Uu~ uu~!

[x] Hang out with Kyouko at the entrance.
[x] Take Chibi Suika with you. Let Navi explore the temple.

Target locked. Third wheel disposed of. Chaperone present. Let's do this.
[x] Spend time with Kogasa around the grounds.
[x] Don't take anyone. Let Navi and Chibi Suika explore the temple.
[x] Don't take anyone. Let Navi and Chibi Suika explore the temple.

Lets explore.
[x] Spend time with Kogasa around the grounds. [x] Don't take anyone. Let Navi and Chibi Suika explore the temple.
[x] Hang out with Kyouko at the entrance.
[x] Take Chibi Suika with you. Let Navi explore the temple.
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