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The therapist shook my hand, welcomed me into the room, and gestured for me to sit on her big, comfy couch. Her violet eyes locked on me, beautiful, almond-shaped, with a mischievous intelligence behind them. She wore a suit, but held herself comfortably, without the tense atmosphere of a business woman, instead with the composure of a sly woman with a winning poker hand. Her blonde hair was long, but tied back into a classy ponytail with a red ribbon. A smile crossed her face as she shamelessly locked eyes with me.

"Let us begin, shall we? Your parents signed you up here because they were worried about you, but my job is just to listen. I won't judge you, at least, I'll avoid it as much as a..human..can."

She smirked, and I tried to ignore the way she spoke the word "human". I don't think it would help my case if I thought my therapist was a demon or something. She waltzed back to her desk as I took a seat, but instead of sitting in her chair, she sat on top of her desk, leaning over sensually. I tried to avoid looking at her lacy bra revealed from her open suit top. Instead, I focused on the name plate on her desk: Yukari Yakumo.

Ignoring my gaze but somehow snapping my attention back to her eyes without a motion, she spoke. "So, just tell me your story. I'll listen."

I cleared my throat.

"Something strange happened to me yesterday. I transferred to a school that didn't exist until the moment of transfer. Or at least, that is what I believe. Everyone else thinks that I'm-"

She giggled, and stopped me.

"Sorry, sorry, could you give me your name first? I know it is silly, but if you could give me a short description of yourself, it would help. I record these things and play them back later."

I sighed, but nodded, and spoke despite feeling awkward at describing my current self.

"My name is Kenzo Takumi. I've got black hair. Um..average build I guess? Maybe a bit skinny..my eyes are blue..um.."

Suddenly a finger is on my lips. I don't know how, Yukari was across the room an instant ago, and a small coffee table sat between us. But suddenly she is standing over me. I must have been more nervous than I thought.

"No need to be so nervous. That was fine, thank you."

She waltzes back over to her desk and sits down, again on the table, again leaning over and making me nervous.

"Anyway, lets pick up from where we were. You think Eastern High just popped into existence the moment of your transfer."

"Yes. I remember walking past an empty lot when my parents moved here, and wondering what public school would be like, since it was so far from where we lived. Then, the next day, the lot was filled, and my parents told me I'd be going to school at Eastern High, as though it was the most obvious fact in the world."

Yukari puts a hand to her chin, thinking.

"Well, did you talk to them about it?"

"Yes. I did more than that. When they wouldn't believe me, I searched for people who would, like an idiot. I couldn't take feeling like a crazy person, so I started acting crazy. I shouted in the middle of a busy street, begging for someone to believe me. No one did."

I felt nervous speaking this aloud. At least alone I could believe myself. At least with others I could pretend it didn't bother me. But with her asking such simple questions, I wondered about my sanity even more deeply. Sweat beaded up on my forehead, and soon I would be shaking and having trouble breathing, just like when my parents found me, in the middle of a crowd of staring people, all thinking that I'm crazy and-

"Its okay, calm down."

I jumped at her words.

"You've been spacing out for a minute or two now. I can tell this is hard for you, but if it helps, I believe you."

I stare at her, my mouth agape with disbelief. "You do?"

"Yes. But that can wait. Just know you have an ally in me. For now..I want you to go to school tomorrow. Classes started today, right? Well, if you miss too many, it will make it more stressful than you need. Right now, this is enough stress for you. Just try to fit in tomorrow. Make some friends. Join a club. Meet some girls. Relax and try to have a normal high school career. We'll meet often and we'll work through this. Okay?"

I nod stupidly, and get up to leave. The entire way home, I'm thinking about what she said...could I really have an ally? Or is she just trying to be kind?


This idea has probably already been done before, but I'm hoping my writing style and plot twists make it interesting. It might not be clear from the intro here, so I'm planning a high school adventure, with a focus on the romance but a hint of paranoia. We'll see how it goes. I haven't posted here before, so yell at me if I do something wrong and I'll fix it.

I'll have choices, but I wanted to get the first part out. I'm not going to force choices into every update if it won't fit, but from now on we should have a lot more.
>I'm planning a high school adventure, with a focus on the romance
>This idea has probably already been done before

Boy, did you go straight for the jugular.

Strap in, folks!
Don't worry. He's not Taisa with his magical ability to attract shitstorms.
Oh, lord.

OP: Read this. All of the other threads as well. http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/90186.html

You need to know what you're getting into.

To expand on what he said, there was another story with a similar focus called Gensokyo High.

Oh boy, did the romance route talk get polarized. It eventually started to spill out to other boards, until Taisa, the author, just stopped writing it.

I'm warning you now, you're taking a big risk here with your idea, with big expectations to fill. Hope you're ready for it.
A wild Taisa clone appeared!
This time, we go straight to Kasen. No going back to SDM.
I'm looking forward to this story. I'm not looking forward to the thread comments being full of references to that story.

Darkness is all around me. I don't mean that it IS dark, but that the darkness is a physical, inky substance. I can walk and breathe more of less normally, though the air seems thin when I breathe but thick and heavy when I try to move. I take a few steps in the darkness, the only thing visible being my own body.
That abruptly changes when hundreds of eyes open all at once. They are attached to nothing, or perhaps they are sprouting from the darkness I am breathing in. They all look directly at me, eyes of varying sizes, with different qualities, some like the eyes of giant lizards, some utterly out of our universe, red with white pupils, or things hardly recognizable as eyes at all. I start to run, and a hole opens in space in front of me. I can see my room, my own bed! I'm running as fast as my limbs will carry me..I'm almost there when I sense something large behind me, something horrible and threatening. I can't turn around, horror keeping me from doing anything but moving my legs. The thing begins to make a noise, loud and annoying. Errt! Eeerrt!

And then, of course, as I am about to reach the exit, I wake up with a start. My alarm is going off. Errt! Errt! I smack it angrily and get up to start my day.

I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom, stripping my boxers and taking a quick shower. At least I meant it to be. This is the first time I have been able to relax since we moved, the cold water dripping down my bare skin, wrapping me in a fantasy world. Or, more like a reverse fantasy about being back in reality instead of this nightmare. By the time I exit the shower, my parents have already left for their jobs, leaving only a note about lunch being in the fridge, and to have a good day.

I guess it is time to head to the place I fear most. School. I don the uniform, a tie and blazer over a white button down shirt with a school logo over the breast, an octagon with some strange lines with a yin-yang in the center. Its an odd logo for sure, as I'm not sure what it is supposed to mean. The blazer isn't mandatory, so I sling it over my shoulder and start walking.

As I near the school ground, I close my eyes and clearly imagine the empty lot here before. I remember all the trash, the rusty basketball net, and wonder where it all went. Did it simply cease to exist? What about any bugs or birds living there? Dead? Move somewhere else? As I ponder this, I approach the school gate. Dread fills me as I enter.

But instead of the fearful alien world I expect, I get something very familiar. Lockers, talkative teens flirting happily, not a demon or even an unhappy face in sight. No one even turns when I enter. Not having anyone to socialize with, or even a locker yet, I head right for my classroom, and manage to get myself lost looking for it. The bell rings, and I start to panic. I'm late. Really late. But all the hallways look the same, plain white walls with tile floors..I'm checking all four floors but I can hardly tell them apart. I'm on my third pass of the third floor when someone stops me.

"Hiiii! Are you lost?"

A student rushes up to me with her arms spread. She is shorter than I, with short blonde hair and a big red ribbon on her uniform, and a bigger smile.

"I get lost a lot, and this is my second year here!"

I'm a third year, making her my kōhai. She's pretty cute, I guess, but I'm more worried about not looking out-of-place here, and being late isn't helping me.

"Can you help me find my class?" I tell her who my homeroom teacher is, and she smiles and nods.

"Yep! I'm Rumia, by the way~! My friends make fun of me for always being in the dark about stuff, so don't worry about getting lost on your first day!"

The way she said that with such a smile..I don't think I'd ever be able to talk about being teased in such a positive light.

"Oh! Yikes! Hide!" She suddenly grabs my arm and pulls me around a corner.

"W-what is it?" I say, genuine fear in my voice. A monster? There is something worth being afraid of in this place after all?

"Its a class rep! The scary one! My friends told me about her, she is really scary for people who break the rules!"

I resist the urge to roll my eyes. "But I'm just lost, not breaking the rules.."

Without letting go of my arm, she whispers in my ear ominously.. "If you get caught, you'll face the wrath of Yamaxanaduuuu."

Her face is so utterly serious it is almost comical, but she does look afraid, and jumping out might get her in trouble too. After all, she was wandering the halls after the bell. I have an excuse, sure, but I'm not sure she does..as footsteps of the class rep get closer, I have to make a choice..

[] Hide with Rumia
[] Face the wrath of the class rep
[] Write in
>with a focus on the romance but a hint of paranoia.

well I'm staying clear as I can't see this ending well (Paranoia elements, etc)
Yukari Yakumou achievement unlocked: Corrupting the Youth 20g
[x]Face the wrath of the class rep

Hey, we haven't done anything wrong so why hide? No point making the class rep suspicious for nothing. My mind balks at Yama class rep but somehow it fits....
Yep, I was betting on at least one other thread like this, so its fine. If I don't meet expectations, its not a big deal, I don't lose anything for trying, and you only lose time if you read. Like I said, I'm utterly new here, so I didn't copy or expect this to be a big deal. I'm not gonna read the other thread, as educational as it might be, because I want to use my own ideas.

I'll expect a shitstorm for a while, but hopefully it calms down if I can keep this up.

Thanks for reading, guys, and I guess try not to lump me in with that other guy?
I don't see any obvious problems with the writing, so good job there.

As others have said, you've chosen a ... risky premise, but if you can handle it you'll get more interest in your story than you would otherwise.

Comparisons to other stories aside, it's an interesting enough concept on its own merits, especially with the whole mystery thing.

I would say that you might be emphasizing Yukari's inhumanity a bit too much, but that's really just my opinion.

All in all, I'm looking forward to more, and hope you don't end up disappearing.
[x] Face the wrath of the class rep
Because Eiki is woefully underrepresented.

By the way, people here try to avoid most japanese terms except for a select few, such as "youkai". Personally I don't care unless it gets really excessive, such as random japanese words in the middle of dialogue, but there you go.
[x]Face the wrath of the class rep

This has the potential to be an absolute train-wreck, but at least it looks interesting.
[x] Hide with Rumia

Sigh. It won't win. At least this interpretation doesn't look exceptional.
File 133781965131.jpg - (405.09KB, 800x600 , ed6b74ef9c4d855f3dad06bbfb00b5c0.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Hide with Rumia

Huh. I'll have to keep my eye on this.
Good luck, writefag.
Duly noted, I won't be a huge weeaboo. I will probably use senpai and kohai because those terms are much easier to use than English equivalent. I'm not gonna go crazy with it.

You guys are making want to ditch the story already..I'm glad I have a lot of votes already, though. I'll probably write a bit more tonight since I'm stuck in an environment where I can write, but if you guys really don't want me to continue, I'd rather bail out early before I get too attached..
[x] Hide with Rumia
>>156639 here, looks like I got beaten by an update.

[x] Hide with Rumia

Rumia has been nice so far, and the hall monitor might actually be scary. I'd write-in to act like Rumia is showing us around, but then Rumia wouldn't have an excuse for being in the halls and meeting us, since I think most schools have passes for students that get permission to go get a drink of water or something.
File 13378201493.jpg - (551.44KB, 1446x930 , c5ed42f67acecb7993ba0b4ef582cc23.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't sweat it, brutha. We complain because we love.
I want you to write if you want to write. The instant this becomes a chore, drop it.

A nice Rumia attempts to get the main character to a secluded location. This isn't ringing any alarm bells for you? I mean, I'm happy, since I did vote for the Rumia option, but...
File 13378209129.gif - (66.98KB, 264x224 , 7dce5ec40fd2636e49b9c1874ff2d1c4.gif) [iqdb]
Whoa, don't get the wrong idea, they don't want you to stop. This is just residual bullshit from the controversial high school story where everyone was fighting over Flan and Rumia and the MC's schedule was constantly double-booked. It'll die down soon enough or the mods will make it die down.

[x] Face the wrath of the class rep
[x]Face the wrath of the class rep.

I like your Rumia already and wanna see your Shiki.
Alright, thanks for clearing that up. I felt like I was getting yelled at for another story's mistake..

Also, being new, how long do people usually wait on votes? Should I give it a day between posts? or should I just go when I see a certain number of votes?
It's entirely up to you.
[x] Hide with Rumia
More frequent updates results in more readers and thus more votes. But you could burn yourself out, too.
Well, its pretty even right now, so I'll give it a few more votes before I update, but I'm gonna start writing both.
On the other hand, quicker updates means people have less of a chance to vote.
>going to start writing both
Yeah, you'll really need to be careful about burning out. Take enough time between updates and don't write more than you need to, quality > speed when the time-scale is relatively short for both options. Even the faster stories nowadays don't update several times a day, you might as well take the time to get more votes in.

Also, once you start getting to romance, you're definitely going to want to call a routelock after s short while, but that's a whole different and bigger issue.
[x] Face the wrath of the class rep
No Rumia route this time.
[x] Face the wrath of the class rep

We're innocent, thus we shouldn't have anything to fear.
Um. Could you post both? If you're writing it anyway?
What would the point in that be? It's not like both are going to win, and depending on which result is more desirable one voting group is going to rage.
[x] Face the wrath of the class rep

because with her we'll be lectured at some point anyway. Might as well get it out of the way first.
Yeah, sorry, but there isn't a point in me posting both. I mean, I guess it'd be cool to see both, but if I post them it is just gonna confuse people in the long run.

Alright, I'm gonna call it here, class rep wins. I was looking forward to writing more Rumia, but obviously this isn't a final romance option or anything, just the first choice. Let me finish it up and I'll post it.
Seconding this, simply for the fact that it was one of the downfalls of GH. Also, heed the burn out warnings too: 3mile vs 100m. Don't overdo it.
Lemme give you a word of advice writefag: Try not to shit out updates every hour on the hour. What I think you should do is make an update, sleep or whatever for maybe 6-ish hours so most people can see it, call votes and start writing.

But that's just me. Just dont do what several others who shan't be named did and made an update every two-three hours and going through a thread in less then three days.
New high school /th/ story? With routes, guaranteed?
This is gonna be good.

[X] Face the wrath of the class rep
Eiki will be forgiving if we're polite and honestly don't know what's going on, right? Right?
File 133783571143.jpg - (497.24KB, 800x1231 , 1325205144278.jpg) [iqdb]

I decided to step out. After all, I'm not in the wrong. Rumia seems to sense this before I step out, and she clings tighter to my arm. I feel her meager chest pressing against me and blush, but shake her off. I do get a glance into her huge puppy dog eyes before I shake free, and I find myself mentally apologizing to her.

"Hold it right there!"

A slim, somewhat short girl approaches, with short green hair barely reaching the shoulders of the black sweater vest she wears over her uniform. A pair of glasses hangs from the neck of the vest, and I assume they are reading glasses, but can't be sure. I highly doubt they are for fashion with the vibe this girl seems to give off. Somehow, despite being much shorter than me, about Rumia's height, she sends off a serious and angry aura.

"I don't recognize you. Who are y-" She quickly turns and points in the direction of Rumia, who is still hiding behind the corner, . "Don't move, Rumia. I know its you."

"Auuu!" Rumia makes an odd, cute squeal, a noise most people would fake or exaggerate, into a natural thing. I guess overreacting is just in her personality.

"You two are together..hmm. Rumia, are you sneaking in a boy who doesn't attend to our school? You know this offense is punishable by-"

I interrupt her before she gets carried away. "Excuse me. Sorry. Um, I'm new here. Rumia actually ran into me in the halls, she was showing me around. She did nothing wrong, she was just leading me to my class."

"Ah! You must be the transfer. I was just sent out to look for you. Next time make sure you learn the layout of the school when you are expected to be on time. This applies in the workforce as well."

I have an overwhelming urge to salute her, and it isn't even sarcastic, though I feel she may take it that way, so I refrain. "Yes ma'am."

Her face flushes slightly. "D-don't call me ma'am. I'm your age. I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Shikieiki Yamaxanadu."

Rumia pipes up. "Yeah, she's a mean mama Yama!" she says, laughing.

"Good, I had forgotten about you, I was about to let you go. I'll see to it that I report your lateness." Shikieiki says with a matter-of-fact grin.

"But she was just helping me. That isn't fair, I made her late."

"Sticking up for a friend is admirable, but she had to be late if she ran into you in the first place. As for you.." She trails off, and I pick up her sentence.

"Takumi. Kenzo Takumi."

"Yes, as for you, Mister Takumi, I'll let you get off for your tardiness this once. Don't let it happen again."

"Yes ma'am." I say again, unconsciously.

"I just said not to call me that!" She says, a little too loudly. I see a few students poking their heads out of classrooms at us, but they quickly shut the doors when they see who it is. "Ah, s-sorry. Shall I lead you to our class, Kenzo Takumi?"

"Kenzo is fine."

"K-kenzo then. I'll lead you to class." She shifts her attention. "Rumia, I expect you can find your own way to class now?"

"Yes maaaaa'am."

"Get going, then." I notice that she doesn't have a problem with Rumia calling her ma'am. Perhaps she is used to it. Seems like these two run into each other a lot.

Shikieiki leads me down the hall and to our classroom. She opens the door and walks in, with me following shortly afterwards.

"I've found our lost lamb." The class rep reports to a tall woman with short blue hair. She stand up from her desk and appears to be one of the tallest women I've ever met. She exudes charisma in the warm smile she immediately gives me.

"Ah, Hello. I'm Ms. Kanako Yasaka. You can just call me miss Kanako." She places a hand on my back. "Why don't you introduce yourself?"

I nervously wave to the class, and some of them giggle at my awkwardness. "Um..Hello. I'm Kenzo. Its nice to meet everyone."

Kanako pats me on the back and says "We've had a few students transfer out this year, so you can pick your seat! I honestly don't care where you guys sit on a day to day basis, so switch it up if you like. The only thing I ask is that you listen in class. I'll be your homeroom teacher, and I'll also be teaching biology. I should warn you that we'll be dissecting frogs this year, so if that is a problem.." she trails off, making a strange face when the word frog slips from her mouth. "Anyway! Take your seat and we'll begin!"

There are a few empty desks. This isn't a momentous decision, but it would certainly help to make some allies on the first day. Anything to keep my mind off of where I am, and the fact that I'll have to relate all this to my therapist every few days until she decides what to do with me..I see a seat in the back, near a grinning girl with a blonde braid who is passing notes to another blonde girl with much shorter hair, a seat in the front near the class rep, who is staring at me with a serious expression, and another chair near a girl with pale skin and short purple hair who looks dead tired.

[] Sit next to the blonde braid.
[] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[] Sit next to the zombie.

And don't worry, like I said, this isn't a game changer, it just decides some of the characters you can be introduced to early on.
The updates will be closing for the night, and probably until late tomorrow night at least. I will slow down the update speed, I am just filled with excitement about this right now.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.

Rumia sensed he was stepping out, and clung harder instead of buggering off? Takumi clearly has some sort of romance-related superpower.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.

Finnaly some 10d action.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

Suck up to the class rep.

It will make things all the sweeter once the time comes to betray the Law.
[x] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[x] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[X] Sit next to the zombie.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this all goes.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.

No, I'm not choosing this to get Yoshika route. I'm aiming for Miko.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

No story ever has enough Shikieiki.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

Sorry, Marisa.
[x] Sit next to the blonde braid.

I'm curious how you are going to write Marisa.
If you update at least once per day like Taisa did, I'll be a happy anon once again.

Finally, it will be just like the old times.

[x] Sit next to the zombie.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[x] Sit next to Shikieiki.

I already love this version of Eiki.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.

I know that we'll just end up with Komachi if we get close to Eiki. And I don't like Komachi.
[x] Sit next to the blonde braid.

Seat in the back? Let's take it.
[x] Sit next to the blonde braid.
I don't know I'm voting for, but I like blond hair anyway.
File 133785445256.jpg - (377.06KB, 587x800 , 13316503.jpg) [iqdb]
Marisa has a blonde braid. You will now notice it in every picture.
Have you not played a game as or seen a picture with Marisa? Or just read the above comments?
Or maybe I don't give a fuck about who I'm voting for because I don't want to choose a route?
[x] Sit next to the zombie

Zombie moe~
It's okay to admit it. Say it with me: 'I. Made. A. Mistake.' See? It wasn't that hard.

Anyway, do not say the 'R' word, please.

[x] Sit next to the zombie.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.
What? The word "route" is forbidden now?

Chill the fuck out.

The story has barely even started. Let the guy write. He is not Taisa. There will be time to turn this into a morass of routefaggotry and shitstorms later, if you really have to. Though I sincerely wish that won't happen, I've seen too much of this site to really believe that.

MegaSen: If you do intend to focus on romance, for the love of all that is good and decent, please don't involve any of the EoSD cast. As much as I love that particular merry basket of lunatics, it never ends well.

Though a Cirno route would be pretty cool new and refreshing.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

Hopefully this story will last. We're already giving it a hard start.
[x] Sit next to the blonde braid.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

Not like either Shiki or Yoshika are common... But I think I'll pick the Yama.
Wait a minute....

>I should warn you that we'll be dissecting frogs this year, so if that is a problem.." she trails off, making a strange face when the word frog slips from her mouth.

Not to be paranoid, but where is Suwako? Hopefully Kanako doesn't make her plan to gather all those poor frogs.
>Not to be paranoid

>a hint of paranoia

Perhaps I should have said overly paranoid instead. But still, my curiosity is piqued.
The paranoia is obviously going to be about which route will get locked into first.
Let's deal with that when we get to it, shall we?

Also damn. Count them.
24 votes.
[x] Sit next to the blonde braid.

I hate having to decide between three options I like equally.
Agreed. For now, let's simply enjoy it.

And look on the bright side. He knows that there will be no lack of a reader base.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[X] Sit next to Shiki-



[X] Yoshika.

Surprise us.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.
[x] Sit next to the zombie.
What is it now? 29 votes?

MegaSen...good luck. You might need it.
[x] Sit on the teacher's lap.
Stop pressuring him.
[X] Sit next to the zombie.
So many votes. Is this the second coming of he-who-shall-not-be-named?
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

I think it's smart to stay on good terms with someone who knows what's going on around here.
There are actually several writefags you could be referring to. Who that must not be named?
File 133789616914.jpg - (428.11KB, 980x1040 , 9e01addc327b1b8820632c78118221e28a5228db.jpg) [iqdb]
Its close. I don't like to call it when things are so close. I'm gonna give it a bit longer even though I'm in the mood to write. On that note, poor Marisa. She's one of my favorites but I suppose you guys have seen a lot of her.

I do want to say that you guys need to stop worrying so much about routes. Unless the votes are REALLY clear, I won't be writing this in a way that we only ever see one character. Even if you get to the point where you are dating a girl, its not like you can't stop and chase a different one instead.

Also, to the guy who mentioned Cirno, she is too fun to resist writing. You are a third year, so you have some older and younger girls to meet still.

I'll be keeping the update schedule open at first, until I get a feel for this, but once I do, I'm thinking once a day at best, and Monday and Wednesday at worst. I have two jobs but both of them give me time to write at work, so I'll probably be updating there.
I actually can't remember the last story that had a Marisa route. She has been a prominent character reasonably often, though.

>I won't be writing this in a way that we only ever see one character.
The issue in the past has been people interacting with / getting to know multiple characters and then wanting routes with them.

Tip: don't write Cirno as the excessively moronic, "eye'm the strongest" baka fanon portrayal. That won't be popular. She can be childish and kind of dumb, but don't make it too extreme.

And wow, your projected update schedule, with two jobs to boot, is making me feel really lazy.
I like her too. Feel free to force her on us anytime.

>The issue in the past has been people interacting with / getting to know multiple characters and then wanting routes with them.
We already have a system in place to resolve these disputes. It's called democracy.
[X] Sit next to Shikieiki.

Because why not.
Also, I never read Gensokyo High.
[X] Sit next to the zombie.
Now that you mention, I can't recall either. It was flirted with back in Forest LA, way back before Wriggle. But I can't recall a sole story with a Marisa only route.

The only reasons I had for voting for Shiki was because it seemed like the most in character thing to do, considering she was the only one we knew. That, plus as you said, Marisa has been a prominent character very often, so would like to change it up. Meta-knowledge tells me that we'll get to know her sooner or later.

Not that I have any problems with whomever we sit with. As the writer said, we're just beginning. Let's meet everyone, and get to know them first, before we start worrying about it.

Either way, waiting warmly.
File 13379073683.jpg - (231.17KB, 450x600 , 8d078cdb082a3eccc23032b374d8836d562983fd.jpg) [iqdb]
Its really close and shows no signs of letting up. I'm flipping a coin.

Shiki won. Sorry, Yoshika fans. There will be more chances. I was looking forward to writing her too.


I nod at the teacher and quietly take a seat next to Shikieiki. Probably not gonna win me too many popularity contests, judging by Rumia's response to her, but at least I know her name and I don't have to introduce myself. I turn my head to smile at her, but she keeps staring forward, not even noticing me. Ah, well. I guess I'll be able to focus and keep my grades up..

The class is pretty calm, probably partially thanks to the class rep's aura of law, but I notice a few people don't seem to notice it, like the blonde in the back for example, who grins and waves at me when I steal a glance in her direction. I quickly looked away, a bit embarrassed. Class ends after a short introduction on the topics we'll be covering this year. I missed about half the class wandering the halls, but luckily I won't have to grab any notes from anyone. As we file out the door, I notice the grinning blonde, who gives me a slap on the back as she walks past.

"Gettin in with the law early on, huh? Well, if you decide to change your mind, talk to me." She gives a hearty laugh and strides by.

Shikieiki has slipped up next to me somehow, and she glares at Marisa.

"A trouble maker through and through.." she mutters under her breath, but turns to me. "Since we're in the same homeroom, we'll have virtually every class together. Would you like to walk with me to the next class?" She looks me straight in the eyes. "Just so you can find your way and I don't need to look for you again."

Nodding, I let her take the lead. She is silent for a time, and I fear I've done something wrong somehow, or given the wrong impression..but the next bell changes that, when she asks the instructor if I can sit near her. I take a desk near hers yet again, and this time she smiles at me.

"So," she asks, after class ends, "How are you liking it here? Is the material difficult for you?"

"Not really. Oddly, we seem to be covering things in the same order as my last school...but the teachers here seem far more lax about the rules and such, which is nice." I speak honestly, but then wish I hadn't.

"Yes, they are far more than lax about the rules..which is why it falls on me to enforce them. I don't even have the authority to do much. If anything, that'd be student council, but I can at least do my part and report people who break the rules." She sighs. "It isn't often that teachers actually punish the students though. In fact, since you were late this morning, I'm surprised that you didn't come in with-"


The classroom door swings open, and a laughing, smiling red head bursts in, as though its the most natural thing in the world.

"Ahaha! Sorry I'm late!" She says, without a hint of apology in her voice. Her uniform is wrinkled and uneven, and her hair looks unbrushed, just lazily pulled into twin tails.

Shikieiki looks like she is going to burst. "Ah." She says, anger leaking into her calm voice. "Komachi. It appears you show up whenever you like yet again."

"Yep!" She says loudly. "I'm gonna need to copy your notes again, Shiki!"

"Don't refer to me so familiarly." Yamaxanadu says with anger, but takes out a notebook and hands it to Komachi anyway. "There's the notes. I made a copy because I figured this would happen again today since you were on time for once yesterday."

Komachi takes the notebook and puts it in her pack, but doesn't take her eyes off me. In a syrupy sweet voice she says "Sooo. Since when does my dear Yama sit with boys?"

They spend the rest of the bell fighting, though I don't think it is without affection. An odd pair, but a happy one. I hope to be able to make friends as close as that. But then, should I? After all, I'm not sure I really believe in this place..

"Are you feeling well, Kenzo?" Shiki looks at me with real concern, and so does Komachi, but she stays quiet.

"Y-yes, I'm fine." I answer, stiffly. I'll have to be more careful about thinking about the appearance of the school if I want to fit in. I'd love to have someone to vent to, but right now I don't think anyone would believe me, and I'm sure Shikieiki would sign me up for an insane asylum. But I'm sure I'd to the same in her shoes. After all, I have just spent half a day somewhere, and I am having doubts about it being real.

My stomach growls loudly, breaking the awkward silence and Komachi laughs. "He's just hungry! Well, lunch is coming up soon! Maybe you should feed him, all lovey-dovey like." She bats her eyes at Shiki who proceeds to punch her arm. "Ow! Alright, I get it, I get it. He's just a guy..Still.." she leans in to me, and I can feel her breath on my cheek. "He wouldn't be a bad catch. Maybe if you spoke up more often, anyway!"

Normally I'd blush at a remark like that, but I'm more worried about my sanity than her teasing. Shikieiki doesn't ask, but she glances worriedly at every now and then through the next class.

The bell is about to ring, signalling lunch, when the instructor announces that we have a visitor. A girl, probably younger than us, enters. Her hair is a pinkish-purple hue, cut stylishly short, with lots of layers. A shy smile lurks on her face. She clears her throat, clearly a little nervous for speaking to her elders, but it seems to clear quickly.

"Um, hello everyone! I'm recruiting people for the music club! We don't really have enough for it to be just choir, so anyone with any kind of musical talent can join! And even if you don't have talent now, we can help you! We're a small club, but a dedicated one for sure!" Her enthusiasm is clear, but most everyone in the room seems to be ignoring her and watching the clock above her head. "If you guys would like to join, I have flyers up here, or you can always find me later. That's it!" The bell rings, and people start to stampede past her as she holds out flyers. No one seems to take any, but she smiles at them anyway. "Thanks for listening!"

Hmm. I don't have a club affiliation yet, and this might be kind of interesting. That said, I don't have a lot of music talent either. I played the piano a bit as a kid, and some mandatory guitar classes at my old school, but that is really it. Should I take a flyer? I bet she'd try to talk me into joining if I did. It isn't a commitment, but I doubt she'd just forget me if I took one and didn't show up a least once, considering I'd be the only one taking one..

[] Take a flyer and talk to her
[] Stride on by
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

I can't wait for time management minigames!
>most everyone in the room seems to be ignoring her and watching the clock above her head.
>No one seems to take any, but she smiles at them anyway. "Thanks for listening!"

And so the winning choice was decided.
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her
[x] Stride on by
Guys, remember. Only join one club. Remember the fiasco back then?
[X] Take a flyer and talk to her

Fuck "back then", man! We are joining all the clubs!

All the clubs.
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

I love music. I'll make this guy have musical ability if I have my way.
Bracing for future time management-related shitstorms.
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her
[♮] Take a flyer and talk to her

He did say we would only 'have' to show up once. So if it turns out we're not that great/add anything to the group, we don't have to come back.

Let's be a nice guy, but honest with her. We just moved here, so we're not committing to anything yet. But we're willing to try it at least once.

I'm interested in that line about choir though. Is there someone else besides the night sparrow singing?
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

It's not like we're signing up. Just an expression of interest.
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

or she'll give us night blindness or something
>dat Komachi
Too lewd!
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

Agree with everyone else.
[X] Take a flyer and talk to her
We can't just not help her! Even if we don't go that route, it will probably pay off in the future to befriend her, and maybe Okuu and the rest of the crew as well.
I do not think that means what you think it means.


Talking with her doesn't force us to join the club. We're just finding out more. And being nice. We're a nice guy. Aren't we a nice guy, writefag?

[#] Take a flyer and talk to her
[x] Stride on by

I think it would be nicer to not take one than take one and reject her later, if that is what would end up happening.
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

No harm in giving it a try, at least.
Also, shouldn't let poor Mystia get completely ignored.
Umm, we're talking with Mystia, right? What does Okuu have to do with her?
[x] Take a flyer and talk to her

I'm too easily influenced by people handing out fliers. I usually take one by reflex and only realize what I'm doing at the point where I'm standing there with a pen in my hand, about to sign up for gods-know-what.

I'm guessing he's under the impression all the bird-based or generally winged Touhous have unionized.
But they don't have wings? This is a perfectly normal high school. Nothing odd about it except the hair colors which we're completely glossing over because no one wants to read hair freakouts.
[x] Stride on by.

Saving that time for someone I like.
Now you're just being deliberately obtuse. The original versions have wings. That these versions don't- or are hiding them somehow- is not quite relevant.
File 133796714777.jpg - (808.36KB, 850x850 , MYSTIA.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling it here, the votes are pretty clear.


I'm one of the last to leave the room, with Shikieiki and Komachi right ahead. They don't wait up for me, though, as they seem caught in another light-hearted fight, so when I stop, I'm more or less alone in the classroom with the girl. That smile has never left her face, but up close, where I can see her big amber eyes, it seems sad.

"I'd like a flyer." My words seem powerful in the silence of the room. She looks up, right into my eyes, and jumps off the ground a few inches, cluching the flyers closer to her chest as she does so.

"Yyyyes!" she exlaims, and grasps my hands, staring right into my eyes as she drops the flyers across the floor. "Do you play any instruments?! Do you sing?! Oooh, it doesn't matter! Finally, a fifth member! We can keep our club open!" She starts to jump again, this time swinging my arm with her hops. Then she suddenly stops.

"O-oh, sorry. I just..ahem.." She makes a show of brushing off her skirt, and bends over to pick up the scattered flyers, which I help her pick up.

"Thank you. I'm sorry I got so excited. I'm Mystia! Mystia Lorelei." Then we bump heads reaching for the same flyer. "Ow! Sorry, sorry!"
She stands up and reaches out a hand to me. I take it and stand as well.

"I'm Kenzo Takumi. I should warn you, don't get too excited, I haven't played any instruments in a while...I dabbled in guitar and played piano as a kid, but I hardly remember any of it.."

"Thats okay!" She takes the flyers from me, and then shoves one into my hands. "I can help you learn again. Everyone who is kind has a talent for music, and I can already tell you are kind. Can you make it today?"

I nod. "I can't stay for long after school somedays though, because I have.." therapist appointments because I'm a crazy person, is what I should say. But instead, I say "doctor's appointments." That isn't exactly lying, I suppose.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, I won't make you late for something important like that, but I'd love it if you could stop by. Oh, and..the others told me not to make it seem like a huge commitment. I mean...I think it is, but.."

I resist the urge to pat her head. She looks so small all of a sudden. "Its okay. I'll show up at least once and try it out. It isn't that I don't want to commit to it, I just moved here, so I don't really know what other clubs are open. I hope that isn't rude."

"Not at all!" Her smile returns. "But its lunch time! We should go." The rush in the halls has died down. Luckily I packed a lunch instead of planning to buy, or I'd probably be starving. "Oh, you said you are new, so...do you want to eat with me and my friends, Senpai? I'll understand if you don't, we're all younger than you except one, and I know you probably want to make friends with your own class.." She is giving me puppy dog eyes, but I think she is geniune when she says she'd understand if I said no. After all, I'll see her again after school. If I say no, I could sit with Shikieiki, or anyone from my class, really. The blonde girl seemed like she'd be open to talking, and the sleepy girl might be less prone to asking questions that would lead me having to explain my therapist. Plus I'm sure someone my age will pity the new kid if I choose to avoid my own class..

[] Sit with Mystia and her friends
[] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki
[] Sit with blonde braid
[] Sit with the zombie
[] Avoid everyone and try to make new friends
[] Write in

Also, I apologize for spelling errors this time. Normally I run it through a word processor after typing, but I can't at this job, sorry guys. Also, I deleted the post to include a picture, sorry. I want to put a picture with all of my updates, and I need to get into the habit of doing that.
[x] Avoid everyone and try to make new friends

It begins!
So, who wants to bet we'll end up joining the music club just because anon can't resist the usual little sister temptation?
File 133796793860.jpg - (147.63KB, 1000x1000 , 00aed46c6546c9a7730a4152db75b547.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sit with the zombie
[x] Sit with blonde braid

Balance between law and chaos.

Also just Marisa.
[x] Avoid everyone and try to make new friends.

Fuck you all, I want my Tenshi route.
[x] Sit with Mystia and her friends

Underclassmen. Yesss.
[] Sit with blonde braid
Lets see what this Marisa is like
You do know that by voting that option, you've opened a path for the SDMfags to get their route(s)?
Please don't start this. Please.

Since I know he won't listen, for the love of all that is holy, nobody respond to him.
I planned the character roles out for the most part before I even started writing. SDM is in it, but they aren't all necessarily romanceable. I'm gonna say this now, there are characters I enjoy writing and characters I don't. The ones I don't enjoy will not be romanceable, just to save the the pain of having to write them every day. That isn't to say that only my favorite characters have routes, you probably won't see a route for Yamame or Kisume even though I love them, and you'll see routes for people who aren't my favorites but who are fun to write.

Anyway, enough of this off topic rant. I wanted to post again to say I probably won't write again until tomorrow night.
Hrm, pity. I had hoped the music club wouldn't include the Prismrivers, for the sheer novelty of a music group sans them. Still, not complaining, especially since it hasn't been nailed down.

But who to vote for...
>I resist the urge to pat her head. She looks so small all of a sudden.

This appears to be the closest to a ruffles choice as anything. Therefore...

[x] Sit with Mystia and her friends
As tempting as Mystia is in this update, Marisa is a fellow crazy person. We should get to know her.
Hrm... You've got a point. Or perhaps we're the only sane two in an asylum?

That aside, I'll think it over, especially since Mega just told us we have a good bit of time.
I'm wondering... are you putting the option you want to write most at the top?

>Rumia on top
You're looking forward to writing more Rumia.
>Marisa on top
What's with the lack of votes for Marisa?

Seems like a pattern.
[x] Sit with the zombie

Zombie moe is stronger.
Just to debunk this, no, that isn't it. Usually the orders is like this..
[] Choice to go along with the person we are speaking with now
[] Choice to go with someone else in the scene
[] Choices involving people not in the scene
[] Sit with blonde braid
[x] Sit with the zombie


More like anon can't resist the first cute girl he sees.
File 133797805667.jpg - (9.56KB, 383x275 , I am THE LAW.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki
>you probably won't see a route for Yamame or Kisume even though I love them

Aw, come on, I'd really like to try for a Yamame route. Will we at least get the chance to interact with her a decent amount?
Now that you mention it, Yamame and Kisume would be most welcome. Especially if we're able to bring the latter out of her bucket shell.

Tempted to redact my vote and use the write-in option, but I'll keep my peace. Good things will come if we are patient, aye?
[x] Avoid everyone and try to make new friends

The more the merrier... or something like that.
[x] Sit with the zombie


You are too tiny to be the law.
>you probably won't see a route for Yamame or Kisume
Thank God.
[x] Sit with Mystia and her friends

So very torn. I have yet to see a single story with even the vaguest possibilities of a Shikieiki route. Hell, I only can think of three (four if you include the run-away spirit Bad End) that actually include her at all. But your Mystia is so vibrant. Damnit. Guess I'll vote this way and just hope that Shikieiki is a possibility later.
[x] Sit with the zombie

Does this zombie have limbs?
[x] Sit with Mystia and her friends
[x] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki
[X] Sit with the zombie
[x] Sit with the zombie
[X] Sit with the zombie
Eh, why not.
[X] Sit with the zombie

Let's meet everybody!
why are you so mean to me
[X] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki

Marisa is tempting, but the prospect of more Shikieiki is better.
[X] Sit with Mystia and her friends

Well, she did invite us..

Invitations can be refused.

Undead zombie moe, however, can't.

[X] Sit with the zombie
[X] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki

I'm actually having a difficult time figuring out which is the one I'm locked on to and which is the one I use as an excuse to bait more fellow anons into the vote. They're both interesting to me, so far.
[X] Sit with the zombie

My ultimate goal for this story is to remove her ofuda and restore her.
Don't do that.

Looks like Yoshika's going to get it. That's cool, she could really use some more attention on the site.
[x] Sit with Komachi and Shikieiki
[X] Sit with the zombie

We can relax with half-awake and partially incoherent Yoshika.
[X] Sit with the zombie.

Hello, everyone, just got back from a loooooong road trip to nowhere. I can see everyone wants some zombie action, so I'll get to writing.
File 133806001654.png - (65.65KB, 964x702 , happy_yoshika.png) [iqdb]
File 133806193513.jpg - (310.43KB, 500x706 , 40e754207a4cbd772a3eace0197f323e.jpg) [iqdb]
"Sorry, but I have some people from my class I want to sit with. I'll see you after school though!"

Mystia doesn't seem let down by this at all. "Yeah, I'll see you then. I'll have to introduce you to my friends sometime! Maybe you can sit with us another day or something. Well, I'd better get going or they'll wonder where I am!" She skips off ahead happily, stopping at the end of the hall to give a cute wave before bounding out of sight around a corner. I am heading the same way, to the cafeteria, but I guess it is less awkward to head separately if we're going to split up anyway.

I can't help but think about how cheery she was, her smile sticking in my head. I hope I don't have to spill my guts to her about the therapist later..being around all of her friends, each of them asking questions...sounds like a pain, at least until I get my act together. For now, I want to lay low, so I seek out someone who I don't think will question me..I spy around the cafeteria for her, but I don't see a sign of her. That's when something catches my eye out of one of the tall, thin cafeteria windows: A girl with dull, greyish hair sitting stiffly outside, a lunch in her lap. Shrugging, I find a door outside and head out to join her. I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not, but hopefully my ignorance helps me defend myself from Shikieiki if I get caught out here. No one seems to mind this girl being outside, though.

When I finally reach the grassy hill she is sitting on, I wave to her. "Hello." I say plainly, not knowing what else to say. "I'm the new guy in your class, remember?"

Her dark eyes look right past me for a full thirty seconds, and then she makes eye contact with me at last.

"Hmm?" Is all she utters, and then goes back to staring forward blankly, and I now notice her lunch untouched. Does she have some kind of mental condition? Or is she really just this tired and out of it?

"Oh. Right. You're..Kenzo." She lazily lifts her whole arm from her side and points and me as though it is the most exhausting task in the world.

"Ah, so this is the Kenzo you were talking about, my cute little kohai?" I turn to see a tall, blue haired girl behind me, her hair pinned up in two hoops. An elegant air seems to surround her, but it is easy going, not stuffy at all. She smiles beautifully at me.

"I'm sorry if I startled you. I have a tendency to do that. I'm Seiga. This cutie over here is Yoshika." She gestures for me to take a seat next to Yoshika, and I do so.

"I was not talking about him." Yoshika says in a tired voice. "I just said he was new."

"Forgive Yoshika. She is such a low energy person. Its hard for her to introduce herself or even pay attention to things she isn't interested in." Seiga says, talking as though Yoshika isn't even there. "Not that she finds you boring, I'm sure! I think something else out there has caught her eye." She points, and I finally see what Yoshika has been looking at since I arrived: a butterfly flying nearby. It is a beautiful specimen to be sure, but I walked right past it without noticing. I find myself staring at it too, when something cold touches my cheek. I jump a little, but when I shift my glance over, I see Yoshika poking the air where my head just was.

"You are pretty interesting." She says, and smiles lazily.

"I suppose you are too." I smile back at her, and Seiga giggles.

"You've finally made a friend your age, Yoshika! Aren't you happy?!"

The zombie tilts her head and stares at Seiga without taking her finger away from the space near my cheek. "I was looking for friends my age? I don't remember that."

I can't tell if she is being cheeky or serious.

"Well, even if you aren't looking, I'll be your friend if you like. If you need someone to talk to in class or to eat lunch with, just let me know."

Yoshika nods lazily at me. "Can I borrow your notes?"

"Sure, for which class?" Good, being helpful like this is a good way to bond and not have to worry about questions..

"All of them. I think I spaced out all day today and I don't remember anything."

I want to ask if she is ever not spaced out, but I think it is a little too soon for being rude, even if I mean it in a friendly way. "Alright."

Seiga takes a fork from her lunch and shoves it into the food in front of Yoshika. I'm about to protest the theft of food when she lifts the fork and puts it up to the lazy girl's mouth. She takes a bite, seemingly automatically, and chews slowly for a while before Seiga feeds her more. I keep quiet and eat my own lunch, afraid of interrupting this ritual. Yoshika really needs someone to lean on, huh.."

We eat in relative silence until the bell rings. Seiga packs up her lunch and Yoshika's, and helps the girl to her feet.

"Will you walk her to class, Kenzo?"

I nod, and we walk together to next bell, wordlessly. When we reach the door, she says
"Your name is too long. I'm gonna call you Ken." and then walks into the classroom without waiting for a response, apparently satisfied with dropping a syllable from my name.

Interesting girl indeed.


I'll be honest, I don't think this one turned out well. Yoshika is a fun character to play with, though. I'll update again in a bit with another segment with a choice at the end.
You're a very good writer. And your Yoshika reminds me a bit of KS's Rin (meant as a compliment).
Can you stop comparing writers? That's not a good idea at all.
But then how can we accurately place MegaSen in the writer tier list?
Well, I knew Seiga came in one packet with Yoshika.

The question is, what about Futo and Miko?

File 133807761913.jpg - (261.30KB, 913x1001 , 1325084782411.jpg) [iqdb]
School ends at last. I survived day one, and made a lot of friends. If this place is a delusion of mine, it could certainly be less pleasant, so I will stow away my complaints for now and check the flyer Mystia gave me. In huge, girly letters it says "Come join our music family!" and there are some tiny pictures drawn of girls playing various instruments. I recognize Mystia, who is in the center of the picture, with her mouth agape and music notes pouring out. The bottom of the flyer has today's date on it...and the classroom it'll be located in, good! As I near said classroom, I hear the sound of excited chattering, and then a BANG.

A tall girl with long, unkempt raven black hair stomps angrily past me, bumping into my shoulder as she passes. She doesn't seem to notice, but I am thrown off balance and almost fall over. After steadying myself, I run towards where the tall girl left.

A towering blonde girl is the first thing I notice, her fist against a locker. The locker now has a dent the size of her fist in it. I suppose I can guess what the banging sound was. The blonde looks at the floor, quivering in anger. Mystia, Rumia, and a blue-haired girl I don't recognize are trying to calm her. The blue haired girl shouts at the empty air "Yeah, you better run! You coward!" but Rumia and Mystia make a face at her and she shuts up.

"Ooku.." the beastly blonde's fist clenches tighter. "This time you've really done it."

"Yuugi, calm down.. This isn't like you.." Mystia says quietly. "She said something a bit too much, sure, but.."

"A bit much?! Parsee is.." The girl I now know as Yuugi sighs, and relaxes her tense stance. "You are right. I'm just going to cause her more trouble if I start something with that bird-brain."

"Sorry, I don't mean to eavesdrop." I say, making myself known. I wasn't hiding, but I think they were all too tense to notice me. "I was just coming to music club, and.."

"Sorry, Kenzo.." Mystia says quietly. "I think we're going to cancel it today. Everyone is so worked up.."

I nod. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Mystia shakes her head. "I'll tell you more about it tomorrow, but..for now, I think we should just take it easy."

"I'm sorry guys. I let her get to me." Yuugi says, frowning. "You don't need to cancel your club on my behalf."

Mystia shakes her head. "No, it isn't your fault. Even if you hadn't been here, we would have cancelled it because of Ooku. She's changed ..I worry about her."

Rumia nods in agreement, and the blue haired girl hides behind a quiet expression.

"Kenzo, here.." Mystia hands me a torn slip of paper. "I'll talk to you later, okay?" The normally cheery girl walks away sadly, and the rest follow suit, with Yuugi in the rear. As she passes, she mutters something to me.

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble."

Now, with nothing to do but a lot to think about, I head to my therapist. This should be an interesting day to talk about.

When I arrive, Yukari has the same smile as before. She once again has me sit on a large, comfortable couch, as she kicks back on top of her desk in a pose more like a swimsuit model than a therapist.

"You look glum. Bad first day?"

"No, surprisingly. It went rather well. Or better than expected. I just overheard a fight between friends as I was leaving, and it is hard to be cheery after that."

Yukari smirks at me. "You are a sweet kid, worrying about something that doesn't concern you like that." She pauses, and shifts topics. "Why don't you tell me about your day? Has your opinion on the school changed?"

"I'm not sure. I mean, nothing has really changed. As far as I'm concerned, a school has still suddenly popped into reality where there wasn't one before. Being inside the building doesn't make it any more or less real."

"True. I suppose I expected that answer. But did the people seem real?"

I nod.

"Alright, then have you made any friends yet?"

"The people seem nice." I answer quickly.

"That is good to know, but it isn't what I asked. Have you made any friends yet? Anyone you think will believe you if you tell them your story?"

Well, certainly most of them seem nice enough. I'm not sure if anyone would believe me, though. It seems a bit early to tell..still, she is asking me something like this for a reason. She said she believed me, that she was my ally in this. Maybe she wants me to recruit help or something?

[] I think ____ would believe me if I told them about the school appearing overnight. (Pick a girl, any girl)
[] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.
[] I haven't made any friends.
Only idiots want to create a writer list. It doesn't serve any other purpose than petting people's ego.
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.
Well, this is interesting. A wild Okuu appears, and appears to have said something to make Parsee run off and anger Yuugi? Come to think of, would never have thought latter two to be interested in the club. Or are they merely passerby that Okuu insulted?

Anyways.... As much as I hate to say it, we don't know any of them well enough to tell them about our delusions. We could call any of them friends, they're truly no more than acquaintances. Maybe if the club had gone better, things would have been different. And as much as certain girls have potential to be trusted, none of them would probably trust us with something this big at the moment. Therefore:

[x]I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

On a side note, are those we've seen the only potential members, or are there more unseen as the underground crew could possibly be?
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

As much as I'd like to immediately spill our guts to [redacted], it really is early. also

[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

Several of our new friends might be receptive, but not after just meeting us. We need to build up a certain degree of trust before explaining our 'delusion.'
File 133808210519.png - (220.76KB, 766x478 , feels totally nuclear.png) [iqdb]
I don't know how I was so stupid. I wish I could blame lack of sleep, but I made the same mistake twice. I'm not sure what happened.

I'm tempted to vote to tell Yoshika, even though I'm not particularly interested in her, just because she seems most likely to believe him. By virtue of being dense as a rock. But still.

She'd probably tell Seiga, though.
[x] I think Shikieiki would believe me if I told them about the school appearing overnight.

Note: I, the voting man, don't think she would believe this - she probably knows what's actually going on. However comma, since Shikieiki's alignment is Lawful Obsessive, odds are she would clear things up for us rather than risk introducing more chaos trying to cover up the truth.
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

Yoshika counts as a friend, right?
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

I'm not sure I should follow this story. Still, I hope you succeed. The memory of the last story of this type is still fresh in my mind. I like your writing too, it's a cut above the typical /th fare. Good luck!

I'd count Yoshika, Shiki, and Mystia as friends right now. Seiga, Komachi, and Rumia would be loose friends/acquaintances.
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

It's been one day and he's spenty very little time interacting with any of them. It's just too soon for someone to really be trusted enough with something that makes people think you're crazy. You just don't spring shit like that on people after you've just met.
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.
[x]I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough, but probably soon.

I wanted to change the vote for a more optimistic tone. I'm not saying that we're gonna be best friends and screwin' all the Touhous in a few days, but I can see us being friends with some soon.
[x] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

I don't think anyone is really comfortable talking to someone they just met today about things like that.
Agreed, supporting this modification. Please consider it added to >>156871
[X] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

Works for me~!
[x] I think Yoshika would believe me if I told her about it.
[X] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

One day is certainly not long enough to build up the level of trust needed to confess our insane delusions.
[X] I'm not sure yet. I haven't had long enough.

A bit much to spring on a one-day-acquaintance/friend
File 133816135140.jpg - (902.36KB, 1500x1730 , f4067f7b4f34825dca72d1e5ecfc6a15fafc12bf.jpg) [iqdb]
Meant to post this early this morning, but I had to rush out. I'll post the start of the next day soon, which will have a choice for sure.


"I'm not sure yet. I mean, I've only had a day to get to know these people. Sure I have a few potentials, but I can't know for sure without bonding with them more." I answer honestly.

Yukari claps her hands quietly. "Good answer. You seem to be sensible about this. You haven't formed trust too quickly, but you aren't exactly holding back either. It is always good to have allies."

Then her expression becomes more serious.
"I'm worried about one thing, though. Have you thought about WHY a school would appear overnight? About what it would take to convince an entire city of people that the school had already been there? If you are correct about the school appearing, then shouldn't you be thinking of who is behind this?"

I let out a sigh. "I have thought about why a school would appear. I guess I've never thought about who would benefit from it, though."

"That is something for both of us to think on. I just want you to realize that whatever this person has in mind probably has a relatively close deadline. If they wanted to wait for a long term goal, they'd just build a school the natural way and not bother with something as complicated as altering memories and instantaneous transport of a building that large."

"Are you suggesting that the culprit used some kind of magic?" I ask, incredulous. Now my therapist is suggesting that something as insane as magic is real..maybe I have the crazy and it is catching.

"How else would you suggest that he do it? Moving crews and mass bribes? That'd never work. Someone would slip."

My hand moves to my chin, and I can feel my brow furrowing. "You have a point. But if it is some kind of magic, why am I not under the effect as well? And you seem to believe me. It doesn't effect either of us? Why?"

"Well, in theory, I am under the effects of the spell anyway. I have always thought the school was there. Lately I have been having my doubts about it, but I am still not certain. Every bit of research I have done shows that the school has been there for quite some time. I don't know why, but when you are around, I feel as though I can believe you. Maybe for some reason you are immune or resistant to the effect, and maybe you can spread that resistance."
She sighs and stands up.
"We'll call it a day here."
She stands and walks over to the door, opening it and gesturing for me to leave.
"Why? We have more to talk about. We haven't solved anything." I'm shocked. I don't even stand up, I just turn my head to speak with her. We aren't done! Why would we stop discussing it now? We don't have a potential suspect, we don't have a motive, we don't even know if the crime EXISTs yet.
"I want to see if you can spread this doubt of yours to your friends, when you make them. Be careful of who you trust though, the culprit likely hangs around near the school, and may appear to be a student or faculty member. That isn't a sure fire thing, but you should still be careful. If this person has the power to move a school, they have the power to remove a minor roadblock like you."
"Not very comforting for a therapist." I can't help but worry when someone might or might not want me dead..
"I don't think you need a therapist, honestly. I think you need an ally. I'll be that ally until I see something that convinces me you actually are crazy." She smiles and I step out the door.
"Thank you for believing me."
"It is easier to believe than you think." and with those mysterious words, she closes both the door and the conversation.

Once I make it home, I immediately plop down on the bed to relax, a task I find difficult. I can't get any peace of mind...There is a lot to think about. I'm just glad no one gave out homework on the first day. I have enough to worry about with all the new people I've met and my.."problem". Yukari is an intelligent woman, but I can't believe that anyone I've met would want me dead..well, unless Shikieiki saw me breaking the law or something, but that is beside the point. First I was supposed to wonder if the people there were real, and now I'm supposed to wonder if I can trust my life to them? Sighing, I roll over on the bed. Something in my pocket makes a slight crunching noise against my thigh. I in and pull out the paper Mystia gave me earlier. I had forgotten all about this! I unfold it to find a phone number, with a picture of Mystia next to it in the same cutesy artstyle as her flyer. This one is frowning and saying "Sorry."
I add her to my cell phone's contacts and debate on shooting her a text, but decide against it as it would be hard to resist discussing all the info I have just recieved with someone else. I hope I can find someone less confusing than Yukari to talk to soon. With that thought, I fall asleep, and dream yet again of being chased by something large and horrible in that dark place..
File 133816214049.jpg - (293.75KB, 640x480 , 27066085_p7.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't kid around when you want to induce paranoia, do you? I'm actually a little paranoid.
Is it paranoia when they're really out to get you?
Is Yukari trying to claim that she isn't the guilty one?
I think that's primarily why we're being paranoid. It's easy to say that Yukari did it... But whom else could have?
I just hope this doesnt turn into a grimdark near the end where everything goes to shit and MC murders the whole damned town.

See what paranoia does to people? GJ Megasen
Me neither. I'm happy where it is now, with that sense of unknown. A modest amount of dark is not bad, after all. And a little paranoia isn't a bad thing, either.

Either way, agreed. GJ Mega
File 133817211942.jpg - (372.95KB, 714x1000 , 5eb0556482617542a0daf4259c526067.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, sorry that the choice isn't so interesting this time, I just didn't want to railroad you guys into sitting with someone. I tried to give every character some love, and will try to do so unless you guys really hate or really love a character.


My second day at Eastern High begins. I get there slightly early today, and now I have plenty of time before class starts, thanks to not being lost. As I enter the main gate, I start to wonder who I should focus on getting closer to, who would believe me.
...I feel like a sociopath continuing this line of thought, though. Getting close to people just to make allies? That isn't right. They are all kind and interesting people, I shouldn't have an ulterior motive in befriending them. But then, I wonder if they have ulterior motives..the people I've met thus far seem really eager to meet me and be my friend. Is it because they are working with the culprit, and know about my outburst in public earlier? Do they want to get close to me to see if I have anyone who believes me so they can get rid of them too?
And what kind of sinister plot involves what seems to be an ordinary high school? I guess I'll find out, if I live long enough..
My distressing thoughts are interrupted when I run right into someone. Books fly out of her hands.
"Ah, I'm sorry! I was lost in thought." I offer an apology reflexively, and bend over to help with the books. I get a closer look at who I bumped into: a pretty, thin girl with long purple hair pulled into strands, perfectly framing her face. I notice a yellow moon hair clip, which is somehow quite fitting. She is frowning, but it doesn't seem unnatural.
"Clearly." She responds curtly.
"I'm really sorry." I repeat again, stupidly. "Do you need help carrying these?"
"No. I've carried more before. As long as stupid oafs don't run into me, I'll be fine." She snatches the books from my hands, pushes up her glasses, and smoothly strides away, her light frame not making a sound.
I suppose I was due to meet a rude person or two..
Mystia runs up and stops a few feet from me.
"You didn't text me last night! You aren't mad at me, are you?" She makes a pouty face.
"No, not at all, my, um..appointment just ran late and I didn't want to wake you." Not entirely true, but I can apologize later if she turns out to be trustworthy.
"Oh, sorry. I should have figured..Anyway..I owe you an explanation for what happened yesterday! Maybe at lunch? Or during club, if you are busy."
"Alright, I'll let you know later. Now I should get to class. If I'm late, I'll get an earful from my class rep."
Mystia giggles and runs off to join Rumia and the blue haired girl from earlier, as well as a few others. I notice Yuugi isn't with her.
"Ah, good, on time to class today." Shikieiki gives me a winning smile. "If only Komachi could learn from you.."
I have an odd feeling that she was just waiting, staring at my empty desk and wondering when I'd arrive. This girl seems very lonely..
"Heeey. Keeeen."
Unlike another girl without many friends I know. Yoshika shuffles her way up to my desk.
"Hi, Yoshika. What's up?"
"Can I borrow your notes today after class?"
Shikieiki tilts her head in confusion. "Why would you need to borrow them after class? Planning on comparing notes and adjusting your study pattern accordingly? That is pretty diligent, but doesn't that seem unnecessary so early in the year?"
Yoshika turns to the class rep, her mouth slightly open, as though she is going to say something. It takes her a good thirty seconds, but then she utters something that makes Yamaxanadu shake in anger.
"I'm probably not gonna be able to pay attention today. The sun is too nice."
Yoshika seems unable to read the situation, but I cover for her.
"Yeah, you can borrow my notes if it gets you through class."
Shikieiki sighs, but then smiles. "You remind me of me. With Komachi, I mean."
I laugh, and the day seems to fly by till lunch.

The usual choice presents itself. Who to sit with?
[] Mystia and her friends
[] Outside with Yoshika and Seiga
[] Shikieiki and Komachi
[] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd
[x] Outside with Yoshika and Seiga

Damn, there goes the choice "look for other friends".
[x] Outside with Yoshika and Seiga
I like the little zombie.
[x] Mystia and her friends

Let's be a bit more diverse.
[x] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd

Sorry Mystia, I want to meet Marisa today.
[x] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd

Yeah, we should meet everybody. But probably should go see Mystia sometime today. Want to make sure everything is alright after that Okuu incident.
[X] Mystia and her friends
[x] Outside with Yoshika and Seiga
[x] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd

Mystia will understand that we need some more friend, won't she?
Of course she will. That's why she'll introduce us to her friends.

[x] Mystia and her friends
[x] Mystia and her friends
[] Shikieiki and Komachi
[x] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd
And that's Okuu.

[X] Try to find the blonde braid amidst the crowd.
We need more Marisa in the story guys!
[x] Shikieiki and Komachi
>I have an odd feeling that she was just waiting, staring at my empty desk and wondering when I'd arrive. This girl seems very lonely..

[x] Shikieiki and Komachi

Probably not going to win, but eh.
[x] Shikieiki and Komachi
[] Shikieiki and Komachi

Forming links and making allies, in a mysterious high school?
I want a Death Persona.
[x] Mystia and her friends

Was either that or Shiki + Komachi but they were both tied. Flipped a coin and all 3 Heads, it's Mystia time.
[x] Shikieiki and Komachi

I want to see Komachi bouncing off of Eiki's stubbornness some more.
Is anyone votespamming yet?
I figured it'd go more Justice->Judgement with Shikieiki.

[x] Shikieiki and Komachi
[] Shikieiki and Komachi
[x] Shikieiki and Komachi

So, which one of them is the mute one?
[x] Shikieiki and Komachi
File 133822646330.jpg - (159.86KB, 483x800 , 1326983155369.jpg) [iqdb]
Its pretty close all around. The Yama wins though. Also, reading all this comparison to Persona and KS makes me want to play a KS Persona game. Or a touhou one. Anyway..

I hope the votes haven't changed much. I wrote all this and had to run off for a job interview, but at the time of writing, Shikieiki was the winner.


As the lunch bell rings, I stop Shikieiki.

"Do you mind if I sit with you today?"

"Not at all. I have some business to take care of first, but you can tag along if you like. It isn't private or anything."

I nod and follow her silently. People tend to clear a path for Shikieiki, though I'm not sure if she notices. Yesterday the lunch rush was a stampede of hungry students rushing to the cafeteria, a rush I missed by sticking around with Mystia. With her calm and businesslike strides, the petite Shikieiki can part the sea of people without even realizing it. That is some terrifying power for someone who is merely a class representative.

"Here we are." Shikieiki finally says, and starts to open a door, but stops. "I don't want to be rude.." she says, using a quieter, kinder voice. Is this what she sounds like without the business-like tone? "..but please don't say anything when you are in here unless you are directly spoken to. Okay?"

I nod, a bit confused, but its fine. She gives me a weak smile before adopting her usual poker face, and opens the door.

"Ah, Shiki. I was wondering when you'd show up."

The room is dramatically dark, with a dim spotlight over a large, leather chair. The chair spins slowly to face us, and a girl probably about Shikieiki's height turns to face us. What is it with short girls and power trips? The girl has short blue-grey hair and a cruel smile.

"Remilia." Shikieiki frowns. "Is the lighting really necessary?"

"Oh, come, don't spoil my fun. I had my underlings go through all the effort of unscrewing the lightbulbs just for this meeting." She gives a haughty laugh. "I see you've ditched that lazy cow for a boy toy. I should congratulate you, he looks cute enough to eat. He'd make a fine servant." She laughs again, covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

Shikieiki's face is red, though I can't tell if it is rage or embarrassment. "Can we stick to business, please?"

Remilia smirks. "Yes, of course. I really just wanted to warn you about your policing of the school. Stop it. We both ran for student council, and I won. I'm here in the seat of power, not you. If I see students having a problem, I'll send Meiling to take care of it. Next year, if you want to run against me again, fine. But as long as I am student council president, I won't have your vigilante justice. Are we clear?"

Class rep looks ready to explode, but I put a hand on her shoulder, and she makes a show of exhaling angrily. "Yes. Crystal clear. So, tell me what you plan to do about Okuu and her gang. About all the other trouble makers in the school."

Remilia doesn't let up her smirk for a minute. "What I plan to do is student council business, class rep." She says, with particular venom. "You and I are done here. You may see yourself out."

The door behind us opens at these words. We step outside to see a young, white haired girl in a maid uniform. She doesn't seem to acknowledge us, but holds the door open until we leave. Did Remilia really have her wait outside just to open the door with dramatic timing? ...why would anyone vote this lunatic for student council?

"V-V-VIGILANTE?!" Shikieiki shouts angrily, stomping cutely in anger. "Since when is caring about the safety of your classmates a vigilante activity?!"

"Its okay. I think you are doing the right thing." Over-doing it, maybe, but still doing it. "Seems like she is just trying to get under your skin. Besides, it isn't like you've done anything outside the rules, right? You haven't punished anyone on your own, you always go to a teacher for help."

Shikieiki calms down, but somehow seems stunned at my words. Odd, I think they are what anyone would say to a friend.

She mutters something under her breath that a I can't catch, and then apologizes. "I'm sorry you saw that. I try to stay composed, but she frequently does things like this. Not just to me, though we have a particular rivalry as we both compete for student council every year. She always wins though, somehow. I guess I'm just not that popular.."

Not knowing what to say, I pat her on the back gently. She yelps and jumps away from my touch. "S-sorry. I don't do well with...touching."

Just then Komachi runs up. "Yamaaaaaaaaaa!" Her running speed increases, and she opens her arms and hugs the class rep, picking the shorter girl off the ground a few inches. "Let me comfort you! Come to me! I'll hold you until you feel aaaall better." She says, squeezing the smaller girl tightly. "Or maybe you want him to comfort you?" She smiles an evil smile and pushes Shikieiki towards me.

The class rep stops herself inches from my face. We aren't touching, but I find myself staring into her large blue eyes. I can feel her breath on my cheek. My face feels hot.

"Woah, calm down there, lovebirds." Komachi says in a monotone. "Its getting hot in here with you two...looking at each other."

That earns her a playful punch from Shikieiki. Odd...she seems okay with touching Komachi. But maybe its because they've known each other for longer. Or maybe because Komachi has that easy-going personality.

"Sorry I'm late. I guess you already went in, huh?" Komachi apologizes seriously.

"Yes, but its fine. I had Takumi here with me."

"Aren't full names such a pain? Why not call him what I call him? Taku!"

I can't recall her ever once calling me that.

"T-taku. Is that okay?" Shikieiki turns to me, looking at the floor.

"Yeah, whatever you like. I'm not picky."

Finally we get to go to lunch. We sit at a table almost all alone. In fact, the tables directly adjacent to us seem more empty as well. I suppose no one wants to eat lunch with or even near us, for fear of getting berated on noise or something. I take a seat across from Shikieiki, and Komachi sits next to me, violating my personal space almost constantly. She doesn't seem to notice, but I am painfully aware of things like our legs touching and her face and chest being close to mine.

Even at my old school I didn't have much experience with women. I'm sad to say I haven't had my first "real" kiss yet, if you don't count my childhood ones. Hopefully I live to see some romance, but I guess that means I have to get out of this situation alive..

"You are staring off into space again. Are you sure you are okay?" Shikieiki says, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry."

"I'll be right back, then. I'm going to get a drink." She excuses herself momentarily, and Komachi turns to me.

"She's worried about you. She talked to me non-stop last night about how you seem to stare off sadly in class." Komachi says in an unusually serious tone. "You wouldn't say anything about it yesterday, so she took you to student council so you could see her in a moment of weakness. She wants to open up to you, she is just pretty clumsy about showing it."

"But really, nothing is wrong." I lie. "I guess I'm just a bit of a space case."

"Someone else might believe that. Normally, I would. But Shiki doesn't have a lot of friends...she is going to try hard to keep you around, she's going to worry about you in her own way. She cares too much about people..that is why she is so harsh about the rules and-" She pauses, seeing Shikieiki coming back. "Oops, get serious time is over."

Then she hits me on the back and laughs in an exaggerated way. I fake a smile too, but inside I'm wondering if I should tell Shikieiki after all. It seems too soon, but I also think I can trust her..but not in front of all of these people. But then, I wonder if it is too early. I don't want a potential ally to think I'm crazy because I haven't built enough trust..

Before I can decide, the lunch bell rings, and sends me off to class again.

After school time! As the day ends, I have some options, and this time I don't have an appointment after school to interrupt things.

[] Stop Shikieiki before she leaves so I can tell her about my problem
[] Go to music club with Mystia
[] Find Yoshika and get my notes back
Also, to ease any worries in advance, the three choices are not the only routes you have available right now, but you do have to meet people during the day. I pondered giving you a choice to talk to Marisa after school, but I think introductions are going to have to be made during the day unless you have some business with the character after school.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

Two things:

Firstly, isn't her name Shiki Eiki, and the Yamaxanadu a title? Well, it's too late to change things this far in, I suppose.

Second, this seems like a High School AU instead of being like GH where everything was set within Gensokyo itself, everyone keeping their powers and all. Shouldn't this be placed in /others/ then?

Just so that doesn't seem like I'm hating, your Shiki and Remilia are rather enjoyable, as was your Rumia.
You could be right, this is my first time posting on this site, and I assumed general would be the best. I will post the next thread on /others/ if that is a better place for it. My bad. It isn't quite AU, but it should fit in better there, I suppose.

As for the Yama, yes, it is a title. But I didn't want people to be confused by a character simply named Shiki, for one, and for another, if you guys end up choosing to go after her, you'll probably drop her name to just Shiki, which will be the equivalent of finally being able to call the Yama by her name instead of her title.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

If we figure out what happened with Okuu from Mystia, we might be able to help Shiki with some vigilante justice. But aside from that, Mystia is cheerfulness~

It seems more like an incident. A rather nasty one.
>I hope the votes haven't changed much.
Make a post saying you're starting to write so people don't keep voting. That way you won't have to deal with the possibility of an upset.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

This. All you have to do is drop a quick post saying that the vote's called and it nips that possibility in the bud.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

Jeeez your Remilia grates on me. Then again, I'm guessing that was intentional, so well done.
File 133822998656.jpg - (57.06KB, 457x759 , Mind blown.jpg) [iqdb]
>It seems more like an incident. A rather nasty one.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

Let's check up on the little night sparrow.
[x] Stop Shikieiki before she leaves so I can tell her about my problem

Oh my. A Gensokyo High clone appeared. How could i have missed this. Good luck writer.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia

Vigilante and Shiki in the same sentence? This story just turned awesome. Well, more awesome. Anywho, agreed with >>157049. Find Mystia, find out about Okuu, and help carry out vigilante justice!

And agreed. This does sound remarkably more like an incident. We'll see, I suppose.
I thought Eiki was the first name and Shiki was the surname?
Where's glasnost or Lion when you need them.
[X] Go to music club with Mystia
We still need to check out the club at least once, and it might even help us find out more about Okuu.

Writefag has high update speed.
[X] Houkago Mystia time
According to the wiki (as reliable as it is) Eiki is the first name and Shiki is the last name. But as I said before, there was a reason for using the name I used.

Also, I don't want to spoil too much, but I can'
t really avoid it, it seems. No, this isn't AU, though of course this is my own spin on everything. Was hoping to keep that for later, but it seems crucial to what board I post on, so..

I try to keep the updates constant. I enjoy writing, but haven't seriously written anything besides a half-finished VN since I graduated high school. I can tell I'm kind of rusty, but I'm hoping it goes away in time. Anyway, the reason I update so often is just because it is fun, and I think about what to write next all day. The story is probably more exciting for me than it is for you guys.

I'll be updating again tonight at some point, I'm going to give it a few hours though.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia
Well, SDM had made their appearance, so...

[x] Stop Shikieiki before she leaves so I can tell her about my problem

I'm leaning more towards her than Mystia at this point.
[x] Go to music club with Mystia
[X] Go to music club with Mystia

Not that I don't want to spill the beans to our dear Yama, but considering her brief meeting with Remilia I don't see a need to have her worry about a potentially new friend turning out to be "psychotic" in the same day.

Babby steps.
[X]Go to the Music Club with Mystia

We can't just limit our group of friends to Shiki and Komachi. That and this Mystia is actually the first one I'm starting to like.

So when are we gonna start mana transferring?
I gotta admit I love the overly dramatic Remilia. There's just something about her going to ridiculous lengths (or having her minions do it) to appear all mysterious and dramatic.
File 13382554996.png - (30.16KB, 296x290 , 7.png) [iqdb]
>mana transfer

One of the bad things that Taisa did. It created a strong Patchoulifags front.
File 133825633430.gif - (14.22KB, 700x500 , smuut9.gif) [iqdb]
>So when are we gonna start mana transferring?
Considering he's writing this from work half the time, my guess is never. This is a sex euphemism.
[x] Stop Shikieiki before she leaves so I can tell her about my problem.

I am going to continue pushing the Lawful Obsessive angle until we can get some frickin' answers.
If we do find allies, can we take them to visit Yukari? Or is Yukari strictly a one-on-one thing?

Really? I thought the worst part about it had been how overblown those events were made out by the readers and how it became another focus of arguments in a long line of shitstorms.

It's not necessary but if done/written well for story purposes rather than simply satisfying fanboys then all the better to have it in the story in my opinion.

That said,

I'm enjoying the story so far.
[x] Go to the music club with Mystia.

Dear bird needs some attention.
I don't know if I want to do this yet. It might happen, but it will be romantic and pretty vanilla, and thus probably boring to read. I've probably got quite a while to decide though, since you guys aren't locking yourself on to a single girl at this point.

Also, calling it here with Mystia, posting in advance because it is almost bed time for me, as it is 2 A.M. and I have work in the morning, so I might not finish what I want to write.

>>157077 here

I was pretty much just screwin' with everyone here due to the whole LOLGHCLONE thing. If it happens, it happens. Definitely don't force it just to please (heh, please) the fans.

Although I'm wouldn't mind that with BigTit.....Komachi.
File 133827466726.jpg - (302.04KB, 900x900 , 09357a86c32e8fc2eab1b0eff921d8f6cc005bab.jpg) [iqdb]
Waving a friendly goodbye to Shiki and Komachi, I head for music club. As I approach the door, I don't hear the sound of music, but there isn't a sign of an incident like last time, so I let myself in without any worry.

I'm greeted with the sight of Rumia playing cards with two girls, a blue haired girl who almost tearing her hair out as she struggles to make a choice about what card to pick, and a green haired girl that I would swear is a boy if not for the skirt. The fact that I still find her pretty makes me a bit concerned, though. Mystia is in the corner of the room, dusting off an old piano.

"Heeey! You made it!" She stands up and skips over to greet me. "..not what you were expecting, huh?"

I shake my head, and she smiles. "Yeah, last year, the Prismrivers graduated, and left this club to me, without any musicians. Not many people are that interested in it, but I wanted the club to remain open in case anyone decided to join, so I have my friends stay here as placeholders to satisfy Remilia." She sighs, looking a bit sad. "I wish we could actually get someone besides me to play music here, but it can't be helped, I suppose."

I smile at her. "I'll try to play a little bit, if you like."

She grabs my hand and drags me over to the piano. "Good! I was just dusting this off for you. Do you remember anything about how to play?"

I nod, and play a few notes. Everything sounds okay, so I start a short, simple song I was taught when I was first learning. I mess up a few times, since it has been quite a while, but the club goes silent as I play. Once I finish, they stand up and clap slowly for me.

"Not bad!" The blue haired girl comes over. "I'm Cirno!" She extends a hand to me, which I shake. She has the firmest grip of anyone I have ever met, and possibly the widest smile.

"I'm Rumia. But you already knew that." Rumia smiles at me.

"I hope you got off easy. I'm sorry for getting you in trouble."

She waves her hand, shooing away any worries I have. "No biggie. I'm used to it."

"And the handsome one is Wriggle." Mystia says, grinning. The green haired girl blushes and waves shyly. "Anyway, that was pretty good for someone who hasn't played in years." Mystia takes a seat on the piano bench right next to me. She starts to run me through some basics while the others start up another card game. And another. Eventually, they all take their leave, but Mystia seems content to sit with me and talk about music.

"You are very passionate about music, aren't you?" Captain obvious would be proud. Eh, it makes for good small talk.

"Yes. I love music more than anything. I wish everyone shared my passion. I'm glad I have someone to talk to who understands what I'm saying, even a little bit."

I nod at her. "Can we go over this one more time? I think I was screwing up a little around..here."

"Alright, lets see..." she scoots closer to me, until she is almost sitting on my lap, and takes my hand in hers, guiding me to the right notes. I can't concentrate on the music, and I make more mistakes because my hands are shaking. When did I get this concerned over something simple like this?

"Ah! I'm sorry. Am I embarrassing you?" She grins and looks at me thoughtfully, like a teacher looking at a student instead of an underclassmen looking at her senior. "You don't have a girlfriend who is gonna beat me up for teaching you like this, do you?"

"N-no! Of course not!" Smooooth.

She giggles happily. "Alright, enough flirting. I owe you an explanation for yesterday, right?"

She takes my hand and leads me through the notes of the song again as she speaks. "Okuu used to be a part of my group of friends..the ones you met today, plus Yuugi, and another girl you haven't met, Parsee." Her hands pause for a minute, and the light piano music is replaced by a brief silence. "I don't really know how it happened, but Okuu got caught up in the wrong crowd, so to speak. She started hanging out with some punks. Literal punks, not people like me who dress like it sometimes. I guess you haven't seen me like that, though." Her hands lead mine back to the piano. "Anyway. Parsee is pretty sickly lately, she gets stressed out easily and that causes her to get sick. Like she'll see us hanging out with other people without her, and she'll assume we are leaving her and stress herself out over it until she gets sick. She isn't in school much as a result. Yuugi tends to ease her mind, those two are really close. Anyway. Okuu started hanging out with some bad kids, who started looking up to her as a leader. They skip school a lot, bully people, drink..that kind of thing."

Mystia has stopped playing, and is staring at the piano keys blankly.

"Okuu came up to us yesterday, and I said hi to her. I miss her, y'know? But then she started insulting all of us. We're kind of used to it when she talks about us, but then she asked Yuugi about Parsee, wondering if she was still..'holding us back'. Yuugi snapped and there was almost a brawl."

Wet spots start to show on the keyboard.

"I don't know what to do. I want my friends back. I want them to get along again..is that too much to ask?"

Not knowing what else to do, I put an arm around Mystia, and wipe her tears.

"Not at all. I'm sure things will work out." A generic statement, but right now there isn't much I can do. I've only been here two days. I can't work miracles on problems this serious.

"I'm sorry." She sniffles. "I'm crying in front of a guy I've only known for a few days..I guess its just easier than doing it in front of my friends. They are all stronger than I am, I guess." She gives a weak smile, her eyes still wet.

"I'm sure that isn't true. Everyone needs to let stress out somehow."

"Yeah..usually for me it is music..but.." She looks up at me with those big, wet eyes, and buries her face into my shoulder, clinging tighter to the arm I wrapped around her. "Can you hold me for a while? It feels nice to have someone comfort me.."

[] Hold Mystia to comfort her
[] No, I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of her moment of weakness
[] No, I just don't know you well enough
[] Write in

My choices thus far have been pretty boring and same-y. Here's a more interesting one.
A club full of my favorite characters. Fuck. Yes. I was hoping this would be the case after we saw them hanging around yesterday.

[x] Hold Mystia to comfort her

He already put his arm around her. Follow through, numbnuts.

You've hit the bump limit (250 posts). The next update should be in a new thread.
That has to be the most awesome parody album cover I've seen in months.

[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her

I'll admit, I was against this option at first, but rereading that update... I can't fight it.
That has to be the most awesome parody album cover I've seen in months.

[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her

I'll admit, I was against this option at first, but rereading that update... I can't fight it.
Bah, site won't let me delete my double posts... Ignore this one.
[x] No, I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of her moment of weakness.

Let's not be creepy in front of her friends, guys.
Good thing her friends already left, then. Not that I'd mind if a back off option won. I'd much rather hold a smiling Mystia.
[x] Hold Mystia to comfort her

It's what she asked for, isn't it?
[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

I just hope this isn't a big Flag of some sort. Can't shake off the slight suspicion it's kind of forced for Mystia Route.

Course it could also be I'm not one for hugging folks. Even if it's cute girls that I just met a couple days ago who are bawling their eyes out.

Suppose we do gotta finish what we're already doing though huh?
[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her

>Mystia route
Sir, this moment is practically the birth of the music club (little sister) faction.

Now, when will the other factions get their turn?

As for me...

[x] No, I just don't know you well enough

Yes, I'm not aiming for this route.
[x] No, I just don't know you well enough

Routes or not, they just met yesterday. Things are going quite a bit too fast here. Besides, I'd like to see more of the other characters anyway.
[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

Little sister route.
[x] No, I'd feel like I'm taking advantage of her moment of weakness.

Dah. I actually wouldn't mind a Mystia route at all, but this seems like a legitimate concern.
Oh, come on. Let's try and not think in routes and factions?

Let's see. There is a sobbing girl that we just met yesterday asking us to comfort her by holding her.
I don't think that it would really count as taking advantage of her as she did allow us to.

[x]Hold Mystia to comfort her.

Just showing kindness to a girl in distress.
>Okuu got caught up in the wrong crowd, so to speak. She started hanging out with some punks. Literal punks
>some bad kids, who started looking up to her as a leader. They skip school a lot, bully people, drink..that kind of thing.

I'm guessing this means the other undergrounders. Wonder if it's all of them or just a select few, though. Should be interesting regardless.
Mm, point. Just holding doesn't really qualify as taking advantage, and I doubt she'd go beyond that into something that would.

Changing >>157136 to
[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her.
[X] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

Certainly not aiming for this route, but this seems the kind, human thing to do.
Just remember, the more we get close to someone, the more we can't get closer to another.

Don't make the same mistake by trying to get close to two or more girls at the same time. There's this thing called "jealousy", you know? Besides, time constraint and all that.

We also have to get a really close friend as soon as possible before shit gets worse (you all know it's going to happen sooner or later).

A few close friends is better than a lot not-so-close friends. We absolutely must have someone who completely trusts us and willing to support us each time there's a trouble brewing.

Yes, I'm talking like a paranoid conspiracy theorist here. But hey, it's what the author wants.
I'm surprised, but I'm calling it here. I figured you guys would back off out of fear for being locked into a route (you aren't).

I'll start writing right away and post it in a new thread.
[x] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

>>157139 sums it up pretty well.
[x] Hold Mystia to comfort her.

It's not going to kill him to show some compassion and do what the girl asked of him.

>Just remember, the more we get close to someone, the more we can't get closer to another.
There is something about reading this sentence that heavily rubs me the wrong way.
Okay, I need to express a minor complaint here: The girls are a tad too quick to trust a newcomer and tell so much?

With Shiki, it can be understood. Probably not having many hanging with her, it isn't much of a stretch to imagine her thinking someone talking with her who doesn't have a problem with her way of thinking a friend. Thus, it's also normal for Komachi to quickly inform the guy of what he stepped into.

But Mystia? This is still day two. So her telling this much then asking something like that from our guy... This is stretching my suspension of disbelief a tad too much to my liking.

Unless there's a plot device at work (girls being influenced to trust easily) of course and this will come into play later. Yukari did suggest that whoever made this plot didn't want to lose much time.
Is it the implication that you should cockblock everyone else?

>Just remember, the more we get close to someone, the more we can't get closer to another.

Yea...not everyone is a forever alone anti-social loser, broski. It is not inconceivable to develop a deep, trusting relationship with multiple people.
If I saw a classmate have a breakdown right next to me, right after talking to me, I'd try and confort them. And it would have absolutely nothing to do with whatever relationship I was in. What else is to be done, pretend you don't see it, or you don't care?

Aaanyway, I'm just hoping this isn't a route-lock or anything as that would be a bit unfair.
It's not. He just said it's not. He's also said routelocks aren't going to be a thing:
>Even if you get to the point where you are dating a girl, its not like you can't stop and chase a different one instead.

So stop worrying about it.
Oh, you know he meant relationships in romantic terms.
>Even if you get to the point where you are dating a girl, its not like you can't stop and chase a different one instead.
Oh boy, if anon follows this advice, there be a shitstorm brewin'.
That's too optimistic. There's no way we'll remember to stop chasing the first one.
New thread: >>157181
Where'd Eastern High 2 and 3 go?

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