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[X] The smallest of hints, previously unnoticed.

You wake up with a rabbit on your head.

Cranking open bleary eyes, you scan the room. Mokou is snoozing on the floor mats by the big sliding door in back, her head pillowed on a rabbit. From the feel of it, about a dozen rabbits are pillowed on you, completely covering you from head to toe.

You close your eyes again, content to doze all morning. Hell, you’ve earned it.

Furtive little floorboard creaks prompt another squint, revealing Keine in a nightdress carefully picking her way over and through the rabbit-covered floor towards the back door. Stepping over Mokou, she gingerly slides it open, her clothes, makeup kit and brush gathered precariously in her free arm. She steals outside stealthily, no doubt to the bathhouse.

You close your eyes again. Women are silly. Who’s going to see her all sleep-rumpled in her own home? And who’d care? Not the rabbits, or Miss Hotpants or Duke or-

- you pop off your bed like a flat steel spring, sending surprised rabbits flying everywhere. You leap for the kitchen door and slam it shut a breath ahead of twelve pissed-off rabbits. Filling the sink with warm water and a little soap, you jam your head in and blow bubbles to provide agitation for a minute or two, then yank it out and shake it violently like a dog. Snatching a dish-towel from the counter you furiously dry yourself.

Footsteps approach the door, and in panic you tear open the magic cold-box and fling the towel inside.

The door slides aside to reveal Mokou.

You’re leaning against the refrigerator casually.


“... whatever depraved shit you’re doing, just keep it away from the food,” Mokou mutters, closing the door with more force then strictly necessary.


You whip up a fire in the stove and put the tea-kettle on. After a moment’s thought, you scrounge up another one and put that on, too. Do sentient mean rabbits drink tea? Perhaps not, but why risk it?

Digging in your robe’s magical pocket, you produce your grimories, lay them on the counter and take a deep breath to clear your mind, which is surprisingly easy. You really slept well. Then you focus on selecting your spells.

Wizards live or die by the spells they prepare in the morning. Some go with favorites, useful in many situations. Others pick specialty spells and a few good ‘escape’ spells to simply flee if they’re caught unprepared. The rest tend towards arsenals of subtle, pernicious dewomers that can ensnare most anything that walks the planes.

You prepare spells to become a magic-immune iron dragon swimming in lava at the speed of light.

When in Rome, etc.

You’re just finishing your morning prep when Keine enters the kitchen. She starts a little at seeing you.


“Morning~” you say cheerfully, hoping your hair has dried. “Tea ought be ready.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Mokou grumps, bumping past Keine as she makes for the stove. Rummaging in the cabinets, she disdains the little teacups and produces a cavernous mug, pouring half a teapot into it.

“For the rabbits,” she answers Keine’s dubious look. She squeezes out of the small kitchen again to greet an eager crowd of bunnies, snouts upturned and sniffing the air.

“So, what would you like for breakfast?” Keine asks you, a little too brightly.

“Food,” you answer honestly.

“Omelets?” Keine asks, and you nod. “Great. Toast?” You nod. “Great! How about hash browns, you can’t have eggs without potatoes. Oh, and biscuits, I’ve got biscuit gravy and all sorts of stuff for it...” The schoolteacher flings open the ice-box and begins rummaging energetically.

Seeking a refill, Mokou enters the kitchen in time to see Keine toss the dish-towel over her shoulder with nary a notice as she digs through the cold-box. “I’ve got some strawberries and buttermilk for pancakes, to go with the eggs, and – oh, sausage! Just have a seat in the main room I’ll be right out with this, which would you like first?”

Mokou’s head leisurely swings ‘round to share the expression of the completely unmoved. Tabling her mug, she latches onto Keine’s hem and hauls her out of the ice-box, kicking the door closed.

I will make breakfast,” Mokou states flatly over Keine’s cry of protest. “Because you two had such a tough night, let me take care of it.”


“Why don’t you sit down in your room, away from the rabbits and have a nice cup of tea with your new friend here?”

Panic fills Keine’s eyes as she dares a glance at you. “BUT~!”

“Don’t you want to sit down and drink some fucking tea?” Mokou growls, shooting you a look.

You nod hastily.

“Great,” she says, and shoves Keine out the door unceremoniously. Then she shoves the other teapot into your arms, shoves a pair of cups in your pocket and shoulders you out of the kitchen.

“Breakfast in fifteen,” she says, and slams the flimsy wooden door so hard it vibrates.

Um. You look around for help, but only see Cirno on your bed, head pillowed on one rabbit and arms wrapped around another, its pink nose buried in the crook of her shoulder. In the other corner lies a large wolf; Duke in his canine form. Curled nose to tail on the floormats, he slumbers happily, surrounded at a respectful distance by a ring of watchful bunnies.

You hand Keine a teacup and daintily pour her a cuppa. “How’d you sleep?”

“Not much. Normal though... this time of month.” She keeps her eyes on her teacup, swirling the liquid nervously. “You?”

“Fantastic. Felt like I slept for months.

From the bed, the rabbit that’d been sleeping on your noggin gives you the stink-eye and sneezes in disgust before turning away from you.

Keine smiles at the floor. “No tossing or turning, you slept like the dead. I guess rabbits make the best pillows?”

“When they’re asleep,” you say, shooting a glare at the head-napper. You sip at your tea, wondering why Keine’s being so evasi-

You suck in your breath so fast you inhale some tea. Keine jumps forward in alarm as you sputter for air, but you ward her off with an upraised palm as you recover.


Waking the dead.

Nervous, evasive, waking the dead-

“I know you like caffeine but you can’t swim in it,” Keine says in teacherly tones as she confiscates the teapot. “Are you okay?”

“Patchouli,” you reply.

Keine blinks.

“That is not okay,” she says in a strained voice.

“No, no. Yesterday. In the library. I mentioned necromancy,” you say. “She got all antsy and changed the subject really quick.” You smack yourself upside the head. “Bloody... how could I miss that until now?”

“Oh. Oh!” Keine replies, steadying your hand with hers and applying the teapot. “Have more tea. You think better with it.”

You smile at the schoolteacher. “I don’t think it’s the tea, Keine.”

She sips at her tea demurely, trying hide a little smile. Speaking of things you’ve been missing... you’re sure you know why Keine’s growing so thundershy recently, you just can’t nail it down. You ponder a tactful question –

- the back of your neck tingles as into your awareness blossoms magical energies just above the kitchen door – scrying.

Adrienne surges and your skin tingles as you rush aside all thought to focus on the fading dewomer of Detect Scrying. Feeling the scry, tasting the unique interplay of energies, you find the distant thread of divination, feel along its length, and at a weak spot you push.

The caster reacts instantly, struggling to maintain the spells integrity, and somewhere very, very distant you hear ceramic crack and shatter as you fight to wrest the spell away from the interloper. Distant chanting fills your ears as more energy is poured into the clairvoyant link. Bullying into that link with magical might and arcane deftness, you struggle to capture the spell. Jaw grinding, pulse pounding loud in your ears, you strain with desperate fury for mental traction.

At last, at the brink of hope, your foe slips, and your vision swims as the clairvoyance turns on the caster. As Detect Scrying’s energies expire, a final image shines clear in the air before you.

The tea-chugging asthmatic adversely aromatic pervert punk Patchouli.

Aren’t gaze attacks a bitch?
[spoiler]Stop scrying p-pervert!
[ ] Write-in?

>> No. 156005

Let's roll up on the beansprout and fuck her up.
>> No. 156006

Hells Bells, an update?
>> No. 156008

Wizanon may not be the most subtle of wizards, but he certainly knows how to retaliate. I'm also glad to see that his updated.
>> No. 156009
Aren’t gaze attacks a bitch?

Hopefully it won't be anything too fierce but enough to teach her a lesson and in a Karmatic way.
>> No. 156010
File 133585140157.png - (451.15KB , 638x663 , 1332292160345.png ) [iqdb]
>Hells Bells

Speaking of, I swear to God I'm an evil clone of Jim Butcher or something. I've been writing the same goddamn wizard for months before I knew Butcher existed.

Right down to being clueless about women. It's uncanny.
>> No. 156011
It's hilarious, is what it is.

I wonder if we'll get a chance to ride around on a zombie reptile. Say, that dead dragon from the start. Zombie Dragon v Animated Gazeebo, anyone?
>> No. 156012
[X] Teleport there.

OH HELL YES, pretty sure I came up with this stupid write-in plan like a year ago or something.

But first:
[X] Quickly explain the situation to Keine and ask her to come with you.

Hopefully the Detect Scrying + Teleport will be enough to get her to think twice about starting a fight this early in the morning.
>> No. 156013
You know guys, going on a full blown mission would be a waste of time as opposed to sending a gaze attack through the scry. There's more important things and people to spend time on, such as a certain teacher.
>> No. 156014

Welp, thought this story's dead already. Guess I was wrong.

Hope you ain't going to be like Patchwork (updating once and then disappearing again).
>> No. 156015

Don't fuck with wizards, yo
>> No. 156016
File 133585211336.jpg - (32.45KB , 226x200 , fear.jpg ) [iqdb]

The problem with that is, too many people from THP know where I live.
>> No. 156017
Aren’t gaze attacks a bitch?

For a moment I thought I was hallucinating when this thread showed up, welcome back writefag!
>> No. 156018
Stop scrying p-pervert!

You ride again, sir. Welcome back.
>> No. 156019
Well, it's about time. Good to have you back and updating, Deme.


They're pretty similar, yeah, especially early-series Dresden and Wizanon. Dresden's not quite as crazy nor as much of an asshat, though.

Also, I'd hesitate to call you the evil one compared to Butcher, the man's a sadist.

I suddenly really hope we have Animate Dead prepared.
>> No. 156020

She opened up with the "Scry", and now it's time to show her the "Die"!
>> No. 156021
>Adrienne surges ...
>> No. 156022
But Eyebite will make poor Patchy sick and she might cough up a lung or something. Also making people sick remotely may freak Keine out a little.
>> No. 156023
>> No. 156024

Breakfast first. And family bonding time. We have plenty of opportunity to Bounce Patches later.
>> No. 156025
File 133585904713.jpg - (61.39KB , 640x480 , SHAMEFURDISPRAY.jpg ) [iqdb]

Our men are running from the battlefield!

-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

While he may not take kindly to being scried upon, somehow I feel as though a massive display of "I don't give a fuck about you right now, I could handle you but I find these EXTREMELY FRIVOLOUS MATTERS to be of higher priority" would somehow intimidate her more.

Not to mention be more rewarding in... other ways.

And then you get to go back to Patchy and say "naughty girl" at a later date. Later, because let's not crash the SDM after we just recently escaped it.
>> No. 156026
Stop scrying p-pervert!
>> No. 156027
Thread 20? Jesus.
Time to reread everything. Good to have you back, Deme.
>> No. 156028

You just had to update the day before my assignment was due.

Now I need to reread this
>> No. 156029

Welcome back!

>“Fantastic. Felt like I slept for months.”

Oh U!
>> No. 156030
[x] Soundtrack request: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGU1P6lBW6Q
>> No. 156031
[X] Write-in?
Scry-and-dye. Killing is for other people, but humiliation is an art.
>> No. 156033

Is it me, or was Mokou playing matchmaker just now?

Also, good to see this back.
>> No. 156035
No way. This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Oe7Q8OCm5I
>> No. 156036
>> No. 156037
>> No. 156038

I say just zap Patchy and leave her for later, while we attend to more important details. Namely, Keine.
>> No. 156042

Almost spat my tea everywhere when I saw this thread.
>> No. 156043
>> No. 156046

I want to believe, but... Next update+thread in december, then?
>> No. 156049
>> No. 156050
greaaaaat, the man updates and i totally forgot what the fucks going on and im gonna have to reread everything to remember. god dammit...

>> No. 156051

dear autocorrect

rot in hell
>> No. 156052
>> No. 156055

-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

While he may not take kindly to being scried upon, somehow I feel as though a massive display of "I don't give a fuck about you right now, I could handle you but I find these EXTREMELY FRIVOLOUS MATTERS to be of higher priority" would somehow intimidate her more.

Wizanon needs to start trolling her. HARD. Patchy wants to look in? Give her more than she EVER wanted.
>> No. 156056

You sir, I like the way you think.
>> No. 156057

Ha ha, time for WIZARD!
>> No. 156058
>-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
>-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.
-[X] After the voyeur disappears, explain what just happened to everyone
>> No. 156059
>-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
>-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.
-[X] After the voyeur disappears, explain what just happened to everyone
>> No. 156061
File 133591524198.png - (52.25KB , 239x199 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]

And no one had breakfast that morning.
>> No. 156062
Current vote tally so Deme updates faster.

Wizard retaliation: 11 (12-one wants to take keine along)
EYES: 11
SHAME: 9 (2 with loud/flirt)
SHAME+Retaliation+explain+loud/flirt: 2

Feel free to point out if I missed anything fellow anons.
>> No. 156064
Eyebite times Gentlemen.
>> No. 156065
I do hope the whole mission vote doesn't win as it'll likely piss off the whole SDM and Remilia'll go about making the Wizard's life hell at best and siccing her sister at worst.
>> No. 156067
-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

I know everyone wants to go blow down the door with the fireballs ripping to the sound of the beat, but this would be much more amusing.
>> No. 156068
I hope it doesn't win because I really, really don't want to go back to SDM yet. We'll never leave.
I swear, SDM is the god damn Namek of Touhou.
>> No. 156070
-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

In the interest of not causing maximum collateral damage, but only emotional damage (to Patchouli),
>> No. 156072

I hope Patchouli won't end comatose.
>> No. 156073
It's called the SDM trap.

I blame the undying popularity of that faction myself.
>> No. 156074

This. Also, do gaze attacks work through scrying? It would seem that range: close would say no...
>> No. 156075
My god this is the best thing to see after a few days with a broken computer.

Patchouli's pretty okay, if only because of her massive library. Thus I'd rather not cause serious harm to her.

Therefore my vote is to use a gaze attack that will inconvience rather than harm.

-[x] Preferably nonlethal.

I'd also like to go ask Patchouli why she's scrying us, but I'm going to assume that would complicate the vote.
>> No. 156078
>> No. 156079
Put in another one for

-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

A simple NOPE is the better option for now, especially since Patchy wasn't trying anything overtly hostile. Why rob ourselves of a potential ally?
>> No. 156080
-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.

This vote, It calls to me.
>> No. 156081

Good luck hiding while you've got this one going. Even if we only get the Sickened affect it'll be pretty bloody hard to dodge the Wizard for the next 2-3 hours until it goes away. Plenty of time to plan an assault!

Helps doubly that its a pain in the butt to get rid of. Its non-lethal, bit of a downside, but if whoever's eyeballing us isn't a baddy we can be excused for reacting more easily if their brains aren't melting out of their ears.
>> No. 156082
That's more sensible then "Hurr durr, let's barge in there and piss off everyone". It is something I'd like to know too though I know her reasons were not in line with some evil scheme.
>> No. 156083
Changing my vote from Retaliation to
-[x] Preferably nonlethal.

Already deleted my original vote
>> No. 156084
If Wizard can ensure it's nonlethal:
Aren’t gaze attacks a bitch?

>> No. 156085
Before I get dogpiled for my unforgivable breach of THP etiquette, this namefagging is a one-post thing, for the purpose of identifying myself to the writefag only.

I just want you to know, Writefag Of Many Names, that I always believed in you, and also to thank you for coming back.


>Felt like I slept for months
hue hue hue
>> No. 156086
Are you from /tg/? Your name sounds kinda familiar...
>> No. 156087
Do we really need to clarifiy this? It's impossible for Patches to get the worst part of this spell.

>> No. 156088
I support this action. Also huzzah for the return of the wizard!
>> No. 156090
>> No. 156093
>>AWIY is back

What's a Sickened gonna do to a high-level wizard who is also constantly deathly ill, though? -2 to checks is a drop in the bucket at this point, especially if Patches is swinging on the same power-level WizAnon can. If, for some reason, she's lower than 10 HD (weird Witch substitution levels or summat), then we freak her the hell out and Remi knows we know.

As a wizard, Patches should've known better.

Stop scrying p-pervert!
>> No. 156094
-[X] Loudly and obnoxiously declare the identity of the voyeur, and disparage their motives for such a breach of your privacy.
-[X] Then flirt outrageously with Keine.
>> No. 156095

This seems like a good choice to me.
>> No. 156097
Fucking hell that is a lot of votes.
>> No. 156098
A Wizard Is You is a very long runner, and at the very least for this site it's well written. It has accumulated a very large amount of followers as a result.
>> No. 156099

Technically I started visiting /tg/ after THP, but I got to both through Spacebattles, so I guess that's where I'm from?

The literal answer, though, would be 'Israel'.
>> No. 156101
This is an awesome development. I've been reading your other story, it was also pretty good. I haven't read most of the later threads yet though, hopefully an angry mob from /blue/ didn't descend upon you.
>> No. 156108

Oh, eyebite is an actual spell. I didn't even know there were gaze attack spells and assumed we were going to be polymorphing into a basilisk or something.
>> No. 156109
Eh, /blue/'s too busy bitching about Kahi nowadays.
>> No. 156112
If they're not bitching about Kahi, then they're bitching about Spacebattles. If they're not bitching about Spacebattles, then they're bitching about /th/. If they're not bitching about /th/, then they're bitching about about /jp/. If they're not bitching about /jp/, then they're bitching about about fucking dragon dongs.

What in the fuck happened to TAKE IT EASY?
>> No. 156115
/blue/ is nothing but rage and it's where people vent after having the first thing seen in certain boards is one of Kahi's updates or his spacebattles followers voting for something stupid.
>> No. 156116
And people like yourself not keeping the shit that belongs in /blue/ in /blue/. You don't like X, Y, or Z? None of us really care, but so long as you keep it the fuck out of the story threads, there isn't a problem. Right now, there is a problem. Take it back to /blue/.

Better yet, don't bother us with it at all. It's fucking annoying how this shit keeps spilling elsewhere, like here. With you.
>> No. 156124

Some way of scolding Patchouli/getting back at her or something?

I don't care if we just insult Patchy, or if we go with the more deliberate write-in.. Actually I guess I do. Keine might not appreciate us using flirting with her as a way of getting at Patchouli.

Plus Demetrious probably has something good in store for this choice anyway.


Huh? Rage about Spacebattles? That's an oddly specific forum to rage about.

Something about somebody named Kahi you guys said...?
>> No. 156125
[X] Calmly snark: "Patchouli, if you want to have a morning tea with us so much, you really should pay us a visit in person rather than peep."
- Then ask with a smile: "Keine dear, you wouldn't object to a guest, would you?"

I mean, scry-and-die or a similar act is rather overboard, not to mention it will cause you to (gasp) miss the treasured morning time with Keine.

Eyebite would show you to be both highly valuing your privacy, and highly unforgiving - because you are doing it to an acquaintance who hasn't done too much wrong to you.

SHAMEFUR DISPRAY is going to sour the entire morning, again.

Hence, you acknowledge that the gig is up, you show that you care more about your morning, your breakfast, and your Keine time than some minor irritation that can't really harm you, and you avoid a direct conflict with the Time-Stop-Spam-Chan.
>> No. 156127
I am foaming at the mouth over how thick this guy can be.
Jesus Christ, I'm a borderline shut-in and I can read people better than this.
>> No. 156130

Hmm on thinking about it after the hype of the thread coming back. Im changing my vote to just

Stop scrying p-pervert!

Just got back on Keine's good side. Want to stay on that side.
>> No. 156131
Go with the option least likely to instigate a fight.
>> No. 156133
File 133604045486.jpg - (156.77KB , 1920x1200 , Bettle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[spoiler]Stop scrying p-pervert!

Never compromise. Not even in the face of band wagon.
>> No. 156135
>> No. 156136
Okay, I know this story is popular, but this is ridiculous. Can we get a mod to check for votespam?
>> No. 156137

The majority of votes have snarky/witty comments to accompany them and you still suspect votespam?

Geez, I can appreciate your desire to keep the story clean, but I think you're being a bit overzealous here.
>> No. 156139
Well, okay, good point. It's just that 70-ish votes kinda breaks my suspension of disbelief. I should probably just accept it, though.
>> No. 156143
it's "A Wizard is You", 50+ votes is normal.
>> No. 156145
The bastard continually whining about the place likely got banned from there and is spewing shit about it here.
>> No. 156146
[spoiler]Stop scrying p-pervert!

I don't know why, but this option amuses me.
>> No. 156147
/blue/ is fucking made to bitch. It's an necessary outlet. Its goal is to make sure that people won't bitch elsewhere than in a specifically dedicated board.
Still better to have people bitching in /blue/ rather than bitching in someone's thread.
>> No. 156148
The problem is that it IS spilling into other threads though! Repeatedly. Either keep it in /blue/ or shut the fuck up about it. We don't fucking care about what does or does not piss you off. That's your own fucking business. Stop trying to drag us into your pretentious pissing matches you dumb cunts. We don't care about them.
>> No. 156149
Previous post deleted
Bring up Patchy's naughty books.
>> No. 156150
>> No. 156151
The Main Character. His Wisdom score is pretty low after all. Well, not as much as it was, but even so, it still is kind of low.
>> No. 156152
It doesn't help that there's a chronic case of deus ex machina-style cockblocking.
>> No. 156153
Uh, what? Like when?
>> No. 156154
I think he means how things keep happening whenever we'd otherwise have a chance to talk things over with Keine. Like Patchy scrying here and the gazebo jumping us in the park.
>> No. 156155
I'm vaguely wondering if, when the full moon comes around, ex-Keine is just gonna go 'to hell with it' and just JUMP the guy... Guess it depends on what she's like in that state.
>> No. 156157
Or the Wizard realizing something OTHER than his feelings for Keine. (That was also our fault for voting recap)
>> No. 156158
That settles it. The next chance we get, we're gonna talk to Keine. It's just going to get worse if we let this sit.
>> No. 156159

Really? I thought we had everything pretty much square except what our exact relationship was.
>> No. 156161
I don't think so. There's clearly still something up with her.
And we never did apologize...right? I forget.
>> No. 156162

There is no way this can go wrong. Also, scry and die seems to be a bit overkill for the tea-chugging asthmatic adversely aromatic pervert punk Patchouli.
>> No. 156166
This really is the new GH. One update and it's already up to 100 posts.

Not that's a bad thing or anything.
>> No. 156177
>> No. 156184
And instead of routefaggotry, we have neckbeard faggotry!
>> No. 156191
File 133624459610.jpg - (12.99KB , 300x400 , putin sip.jpg ) [iqdb]

A dozen emotions leap for your throat simultaneously. Your wrath doesn’t just jump to a conclusion, it pole-vaults clear over reason and lands with both feet on “evil necromancer zombai-goast summoner” with a healthy dose of “lost opportunities with hot hakutaku” thrown in. Wrath wants a word – like the Teleport incantation to zip right to Patchouli’s pad and commence righteous asskickings.

But handily out-muscling Wrath is something much, much stronger – Umbrage.

Your head swivels with the cold mechanical intent of a dwarven ballista swinging to bear, your eyes boring right at the magical sensor of Patchouli’s scrying spell.

“Bitch,” you sneer with crisp disdain. “Please.

The sensor vanishes in a puff of shocked surprise.

Turning back to Keine, you take a little sip of tea and enter a proper huff.

“... what?” Keine asks, mystified.

“Patchouli,” you huff.

Keine bites her lip and her brow gains a slight furrow, like she’s actively resisting changing the conversation.

“She just scryed on us,” you mutter.

“Oh. Oh!” Keine exclaims. “It was her!?

“Looks like.”

Mokou’s head pops out of the kitchen door. “Patchy did what now?”

“Spied upon us!” Keine says. “Just like she did yesterday, seconds before my home was violated by enslaved spirits!” Keine crosses her arms in a proper huff, somehow keeping her teacup from sloshing.

Mokou and Keine both watch you expectantly.

You sip at your tea conservatively, still in the throes of high dudgeon. The women continue to watch you. Little cabals of rabbits circled around shallow, tea-filled pans look up at you in anticipation.

You glance left-right-left suspiciously.


“You’re... not going to kick in her door and thrash her place like an autistic man-child?” Mokou wonders.

“Autistic,” you say, sampling the syllables. “That’s a big word for a half-rate fire-”

“You really aren’t?” Keine cuts you off hastily. “I mean, you – you... well, you!

You chug down your tea and appropriate the pot for some more. “Yes, fantastic idea, lets attack an insanely powerful witch in her own sanctum who’s friendly with two travel-sized demonvamps and a knife-crazy maid who folds space-time easier than tea-towels. Oh, wait, that’s stupid.”

Mokou sags against the doorframe under the crushing weight of her doubt. She glares at you, gimlet-eyed. “Logic, my ass. You’re pissed.”

You stiffen as your dudgeon gets a little higher. “There’s a dozen odd ways to spy on another wizard relatively discreetly. Directly scrying on them like they’re some uneducated rube isn’t one of ‘em.”

“Uneducated?” Keine queries.

“You can enchant little birds to spy on people, send magical constructs to observe from a distance, employ summoned or bound creatures – hell, Patchouli’s got more options than I do. She manipulates spiritual energies like an element, which I can’t. Not even Mystic Theurge’s can dip into Druid territory, like she can.”

“And yet she scried upon you,” Keine says.

“Just opened a direct conduit from her mirror to my location. A honking big magical tube with a flaming sign on it, ‘look at me I’m a magic sensor!’ Hell, anybody with enough brainymeats can notice that.

Keine’s brow furrows. “Then why didn’t I?”

Behind her, Mokou reaches behind her head, seizes her own hair, and with a grimace of incredible exasperation peels her cranium back into the kitchen.

“... dunno,” you say. “But for Patchouli to just blunder in here like I’m some hedge-mage with his thumb up his ass – ooooh,” you growl. “Give me lessons, you semen-squeezing clown-sexing bint!? Hah!” You slurp at your tea with sloppy aggressiveness, peering into the distance as you nurse your wounded dignity.

Keine giggles.

“What?” you ask, glancing at her. She’s clamping her hand over her mouth, face turning red as she suffocates her mirth.

“What,” you ask primly, “are you giggling at?”

The ordinarily dignified schoolteacher falls apart, helpless giggles erupting uninhibited. You glare down at her from the chilly heights of umbrage most grievous as she slides down the wall, giggling helplessly.

At last, the attack subsides, and she glances up at you shyly.

“It’s not funny,” you say curtly.

That just sets her off again, prompting you to retire to your bed with your tea to wait out your huff over your colleges crass insult. Want to butt in on the new guy in town? Just mutter some hocus-pocus at a mirror, right? Not like he’d know the most basic counter-divination measure ever invented, right?

Of course not. Because he uses Fireball, and only idiots think Fireball is good, everybody knows that, so lets just rooooll up on him like he’s some knuckle-dragging fire-caller who only has magic because his great-grandmother liked ‘em tall, scaly and shapeshifted.

You notice the bunnies watching you curiously.

“What’re you looking at?” you mutter, and drain your teacup huffily.

Mokou bursts from the kitchen with a heavily-loaded tray, slapping it down on the low table. “Breakfast,” she growls.

“WHEEEE~” somebody screeches, and a flying rabbit catches you in the face as Cirno fairly explodes from the bed, executing a rolling-dive and finishing with a slide to the table. “Man, I’m starving!”

“Already done? That was quick,” you comment, removing the huge rabbit from your lap, or trying to. It seems to like it there, and is not inclined to budge.

“Being a half-rate fire-caller has some advantages,” Mokou grumbles, kneeling at the table. “Cirno, slow down or you’ll choke.”

“Hmufuff,” Cirno replies as she shovels down eggs.

“So,” Mokou asks you. “What dangerous lunacy are you planning on dragging my best friend into today?”

“Thought I’d improvise,” you reply, tucking the rabbit under your arm as you walk to the table and sit cross-legged. “I’m pretty good at that.”

“What is our next move?” Keine asks you. “We’ve at least ruled out the Society, but...” Keine frowns. “The ghost attack hasn’t been repeated. Despite our paranoia. Even by Reimu’s hair-trigger standards, that’s not much of an ‘incident.’ And if the culprit really sought to send us on a wild-ghost chase, wouldn’t further chase play right into her hands?”

“So...” you say, inviting a continuation.

“So couldn’t we just... ward the house and sit tight? Other forces are trying to manipulate you. I predicted as much. Why don’t we take your piece off the board?”

“It’s... tempting,” you admit. “I can dig a hole and literally pull it in after me. But I think that’s what somebody wants me to do.”

“How so?” Mokou asks.

“The Gazebo. That was a message, I think. Back off, or get squashed.”

“Pretty blunt message,” Mokou comments through a mouthful of hash browns.

“I’ve got a way with words myself,” you glower.

“So what’s your next move?” Mokou asks casually, picking up her plate to shovel hash browns down directly. Cirno picks up on this and mimics the technique, earning Mokou a disapproving look from Keine.

You think. Given Patchouli’s scrying, returning to the Scarlet Devil Mansion is a ticklish proposition at best. You could confront Suwako about her hide-and-go-seek game with the Giant and the Society despite her deific perception making such things moot, but “confront” and “deity” are concepts you avoid combining in practice (with little empirical success.) Besides, there’s something dangerous lurking under Suwako’s cheerful exterior, and you’re not eager to draw it out.

All things equal, you’d rather talk to the subject-matter expert on the ghost angle.

“I think we should drop Youmu a line,” you say. “Yuyuko said something about giving her ‘instructions’ for handling the ghost business; smart money says she’s dug up something by now. Perhaps we should compare notes?”

“Notes,” Mokou says, grunting. “Oh, don’t get all urbane and cultured on me now, Wizard. Reimu just beats people senseless till she gets answers, seems to work for her, every time.”

You gesture at Mokou with one hand, palm up, and give Keine a meaningful look. The schoolteacher just rolls her eyes.

Or you could act civilized for two minutes and throw everyone off their guard,” Keine grumps. “We could ask Meiling of events around the Mansion. Or Koakuma, about Patchouli.”

Duke’s wolfy muzzle cruises in past your left elbow and gingerly seizes a plate of eggs’n’ham, then withdraws with his prize.

“Why them?” you ask, trying to elbow the huge rabbit away from your toast.

“They’re genuinely sweet girls and not much invested in the plots of their masters,” Keine tells you. “Much like Youmu. They’d talk without realizing they were divulging crucial information, I think – and not mind much if they did.”

You tussle with the rabbit for your toast, thinking about that. “But that means going into the Mansion.”

“We can catch Youmu in town this morning,” Keine tells you. “She usually makes a grocery run every other day like clockwork. She always greets me, too. Such a polite girl.” She gives Mokou a meaningful look with that, and the white-haired girl just tilts her plate up a little further to block Keine’s gaze.

“I’m going into town to see if Reisen or Eirin’s about,” Mokou says. “You might want to talk to ‘em, too. They see much and say little, generally.”

“Or Byakuren,” Keine says thoughtfully. “At the very least we should tell her about the Society, and the recent split. She might keep Riku and his hunters off our backs for a bit.”

“Point,” you agree.
Cirno sits back with a satisfied burp. “You’re just gonna talk to a bunch of girls in silly hats,” she points out. “Make up yer minds already!”

[ ] Head into Town.
>Speak to Byakuren, Youmu, and possibly Reisen or Eirin.
[ ] Head to the Mansion.
>Speak to Meiling and Koakuma.
[ ] Write-in?
>> No. 156192
File 133624504633.jpg - (475.47KB , 800x559 , 76fb73d8db870f5bc6a0b9c77ec6881e.jpg ) [iqdb]
>ex-Keine is just gonna go 'to hell with it' and just JUMP the guy

She came damn close, last night.


>Vote 1: Reisen.
>Vote 2: Koakuma.

I call this one "Crix's fork." Ah! Ha! Ha!
>> No. 156193
[x] Head to town
We've already met the SDM people, and I want to see more 1st impressions.
>> No. 156194
[X] Head into Town.
Heading to the mansion right now might be what's planned of us, and I can't help but think there's one other place we could be going...
>> No. 156195
[x] Head into Town.

>> No. 156196
[X] Head into town.

Koakuma's a nice thought, but I've had enough of the mansion and want to interact with some different characters. Also, Reisen.
>> No. 156199
[x] Head to town
>> No. 156200
[x]Head to town
There is more information to be gained from the people in town whereas going to the mansion sounds like it would just spark a fight.
>> No. 156202
[x] Head into Town.

I actually kind of doubt that Pathouli was behind the ghosts - she's shown many magical talents, but necromancy is not one of them, and even she has to have limits somewhere. Besides, even if she were a necromancer in addition to everything else, wouldn't it be a little unrealistic to accuse her of raising that many ghosts that quickly in that short of a timeframe when her asthma interferes with her spellcasting as horribly as it does?
>> No. 156203
[DESTINATION] Head into Town.

No more SDM, let's spend the next 5 threads in Eientei!
>> No. 156204
I meant to ask... Last night, Mokou said something about Cirno being in bed, but this morning she's noted as being on OUR bed? Did she crawl into bed with us last night? Because that would be just adorable...
>> No. 156205
[x] Head into Town.

I think some fresh PoVs would be nice, though I do want to go to the SDM and get a koa outfit for Keine sometime.
>> No. 156206
[X] Head to the Mansion.

But, but, it's Koakuma. I literally have no choice in the matter.

Here's the daily measure of my tears, Deme.
>> No. 156208
[x] Head into Town.
>> No. 156209
[ ] Head to the Mansion.
>> No. 156210
[x] Head into Town.
- [x] Speak to ByakurenToyotamimi, Youmu, and possibly Reisen or Eirin.

Not Byakuren. She's a bitch.
>> No. 156211
[x] Head into Town.

As much as I like the SDM crew I wanna see something different.
>> No. 156212
[x] Head into Town.
>> No. 156213
[X] Head into Town.
>> No. 156214
[ ] Head into Town.
>> No. 156215

Eh, anon majority made it clear in last vote any sdm ventures are not likely to succeed for at least some time. Might as well roll with something fresh since the wizanon is riding again. Time to go get shipped with Keine by youkai Jesus.

Also just checking now, but we won't be running into Reimu now, will we? More importantly, does she know it was us who almost turned her into a hit and run RUI?
>> No. 156216
[x] Head into Town.
>> No. 156217
[X] To town we go!
>> No. 156219
[X] Head into town.
>> No. 156220
[x] Head into Town.

While I would like to talk to Koakuma at some point, if only to try and figure out Patchy's angle in all this, Best we avoid the SDM for now. Besides, Duke would probably just chase her again.
>> No. 156221
Hah, I see someone has read SoPM.

That book also gives the Society legitimate reasons to hate youkai, by the way.

Anyway, onto my vote.

[x] Head into Town.

Don't want to get caught in the infamous "SDM trap", do we?
>> No. 156224
We never did find out what happened exactly between those two, did we?

Or heard the snippets taken out of whatever context they had.
>> No. 156226
>Or heard the snippets taken out of whatever context they had.
Nope. Read it all directly from the translation at the wiki.
>> No. 156227
[x] Head into Town.

I wonder how would wizard react to Byakuren stating she see him(and rest of humans) as cattles for Youkai.
>> No. 156237
Hm... makes for an interesting read, and certainly paints Byakuren in a somewhat darker light, I'll admit. Still, it almost feels like the text is contradicting itself in some points, and older information in others. On the other hand, this could be translation difficulties, or maybe I'm just missing the point.

Still, Toyosatomimi does seem like a more natural ally for WizAnon. If she's actually in Gensokyo at this point.
>> No. 156239
Reminder to everyone that WizAnon got a vision of Youmu getting killed. So be careful with your votes, or not. I suppose it depends if you like Youmu.
>> No. 156240
We just avoided charging in the SDM magic blazing. I think we're good for now.
>> No. 156241
File 133632371424.jpg - (115.92KB , 850x558 , 1317213815904.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>She came damn close, last night.
>>Last night
Fuck dammit.
[ ] Head into Town.
Seriously though, after reading SoPM, my interpretation of Byakuren was pretty much retconned to match Stripe Pattern's. I hope that the same isn't true for Deme.
>> No. 156242
Well... maybe Byakuren was just stating her view on the current situation (humans being ruled by youkai) and wants to change that situation (into a friendly equality). Or maybe I'm just grasping at straws here, but I think I liked friendly, Youchrist Byakuren better.

Kinda weird how a couple of Youkai previously stated to be human-friendly are now human-hostile, but whatever.
>> No. 156243
Really? I think her goal now is to convert as many youkai as she can to Buddhism so that they could exist without depending on human fear anymore. She doesn't really care about the humans.

You could say it's her way to protect the humans though but I certainly don't get that impression from her dialogues.
>> No. 156244
Well, ZUN's Byakuren is still not quite STRIPE PATTERN's Byakuren, so don't you worry about.
>> No. 156245
[X] Try to get back into the "groove" with Keine. Screw the interloping Patchouli, you've got relationships to think of!
>> No. 156246
[X]Head into Town.
There's really no reason to show more attention to Patchy right now. Let her stew a bit. However, going by details of Patchy Quest she actually is a good candidate to enchant the GAZEBO, all things considering. Whether it was of her own accord or she was comissioned.

Also, what is SoPM, what's wrong with Byakuren, and can anyone provide a link?
>> No. 156247
>Also, what is SoPM
Touhou artbook made by games creator.

>However, going by details of Patchy Quest she actually is a good candidate to enchant the GAZEBO, all things considering

Why what happened in patchy quest is important for A wizard is you?

>what's wrong with Byakuren
She see humans as food for youkai

>and can anyone provide a link?
I think there is translation the wiki
>> No. 156249
Not food in the way that Rumia does, but more a needed requirement for the continued existance of many Youkai. As such, the needs of the Youkai trump those of the Humans in Gensokyo, as the Humans can exist without the Youkai, but oh so many of the Youkai cannot exist without the Humans.
>> No. 156250
It's a book with information about characters from MoF onwards that was released by ZUN about a week ago.


>what's wrong with Byakuren
Byakuren acts kind of shady in the meeting parts, and her entry also portrays her in a rather negative light. Specifically she says things like: "The humans in Gensokyo exist for no further purpose than to preserve the youkai".
>> No. 156251
Considering there are many Youkai who exist only because there are Humans that believe in them, she kind of has a point in that the Youkai need the Humans.

Still, given this interview book by Akyu, along with her past one, I'm now of the opinion that she is the true leader of the anti-youkai secret society, and is purposely taking words and statements out of context while playing the long term game.

Though honestly, if she really wanted an effective way to get the Humans to band together against Youkai on basic principle, all she'd really have to do is encourage Aya to keeping acting as she normally does.
>> No. 156252
Given how Byakuren came to Keine's house on behalf of the villagers, trying to help them with the power-crazed mage who had just dropped in out of nowhere and had started messing up the village, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that, no matter what Zun's Byakuren is, Demetrious' Byakuren is Jesuskuren.
>> No. 156253
File 133633951921.jpg - (503.86KB , 1280x1024 , 123021463452.jpg ) [iqdb]
This guys artwork gets a might bit excessively powerful some times....love the artist for it though.

[X] Head to town...DRAG ALONG CIRNO...because nobody expects you to get serious with her around...and that might work to our advantage.
>> No. 156254
Completely forgot that. ZUN can say what he want, it's always up to the writefag to decide what kind of Byakuren he'll write in his story.
>> No. 156255

Not that bringing Cirno along wouldn't be fun, but considering the last time we did so it ended up with her punching a man in the face repeatedly I'm not so sure the "won't be taken seriously" bit would pan out.
>> No. 156256
>However, going by details of Patchy Quest

Did this story get crossovered to Kahi's when I was not looking?
>> No. 156257

That guy mixed his fanon and canon.
>> No. 156258
Huh, looks like that was a decent choice, as fair as making Keine and Mokou like us more goes.

>“I think we should drop Youmu a line,” you say.

[X] Head into Town.

I'm a little worried about Youmu though, after that dream we had about her dying many updates ago. Keep that in mind going forward, guys, since its been a while.
>> No. 156260
That's hard to say as humans in Gensokyo would likely in the absence of youkai either grow horribly soft of be forced to adjust to an alien world (the outside world)

Even gods need humans for faith. If you think about it, gods and youkai are two sides of the same coin. Both function off of some sort of belief.
>> No. 156262
>be forced to adjust to an alien world (the outside world)

That's true, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad. Who knows? Maybe they'll eventually enjoy life more in the Outside World.
>> No. 156263
[x] Head into town

SDM is probably a wild goose chase again. Last scryer watched the house, not the Wizard. Patchy probably just tried now that she's interested in you.
>> No. 156264
>Cirno sits back with a satisfied burp. “You’re just gonna talk to a bunch of girls in silly hats,” she points out. “Make up yer minds already!”
SO TRUE! And that's why we like it.

[ ] Head into Town.
>Speak to Byakuren, Youmu, and possibly Reisen or Eirin.
Better than going to the mansion again, since we've already been there anyway. Might as well explore, though I get the feeling we're going to meet Riku or someone at the town...
>> No. 156266
you are a terrible person
>> No. 156268
File 133642432670.png - (25.83KB , 165x115 , 1335904982621.png ) [iqdb]
>everybody votes for Head Into Town

Sometimes the Anons are generous to me.
>> No. 156269

Everybody but me.

I think this is the single most piddly and ineffectual tide-pissing vote in the history of THP. I'm so proud.
>> No. 156279
If it's any consolation, a few others DO believe we should speak to Meiling and Koakuma eventually. Just not right now. Anyway, time for the Party to head to town.
>> No. 156289
Yay, the story's updating.
Noooo, anonymous, what are you doing aaaugh.
You just sent us into town. The same town that we just stampeded through and holds dozens upon dozens of townsfolk upset over said rampage.
>> No. 156293
Better that than the SDM trap on guard.
>> No. 156298
We didn't just trample through. There's been time, and they've probably calmed down. And even if they haven't... well, that might even be more fun!
>> No. 156305
I say go to town. i'd much rather head to the SDM AFTER someone walked into the not-so-pleasant doorway =3
>> No. 156306
>bumping this thread
Stop that.
>> No. 156322
While I'd love to see Koa, I have to say
[☬] Head into Town
>> No. 156333

Vote's been called mate. Please don't bump the thread pointlessly.
>> No. 156334

Vote's been called mate. Please don't bump the thread pointlessly.
>> No. 156351
>> No. 156352
Oh, c'mon.
>> No. 156427
you ever consider getting the bits of story from each thread, then putting them all on a site like FF.net?

this is pure gold, it would be a shame for other people to miss out.
>> No. 156429
Learn how to sage, Christ.

And if they want to read it, they can come here to do so. They should read the rules and know how to post first, though.
>> No. 156430
Only when the story's finished.

Don't want guys from FF.net to come here and start voting like dumbasses.
>> No. 156431
>>Don't want guys from FF.net to come here and start voting like dumbasses.

Yeah, we get enough idiocy from THP itself. No need to add any more to the place.
>> No. 156432
Let's not forget Kahi's merry band of corpse fucking retards from spacebattles.
>> No. 156434
Yeah.... I was fine with that story till that point, just lost the will to keep reading, especially when they brought it home.
>> No. 156435
Yeah, but the thing is, the voters voted for that. Granted, Kahi did give them what they wanted, but seriously, I'm laying the blame on those trainwrecks on the voters as well as the writer.
>> No. 156437
Amusingly, that's why some are so vocally trying to blame "Other" sites, because some of them want to believe that "There is no way in hell that some of the people in THP would vote for that" (even though history shows otherwise).
>> No. 156442
Actually, SB has a strong tendency of tearing people who post pornographic and romantic stories on the site apart. We also don't really care much about "Pairings", for it is the weak who adore parings. The strong, you see, they adore Plot. That's why we ask our writers to give us that plot. To give us powerful characters with strong development. To give us competent composition and the active voice of GOD. To suspend our disbelief, engage us in a story, and immerse us in the characters.

We also won't complain when shit blows us. But yeah, there's actually never been recommendations for "City Quest" over on Spacebattles, and the few SB'ers who do talk about stories they watch on this site usually only comment about this story, Do The Right Thing, some of Lion's works, and every now and then Doll's/Patchy Quest.

So I have no clue why you're blaming SB, other than maybe ignorance or personal dislike of someone there. Either way though, it's not appreciated, and it's certainly not on topic. Bitch about us all you want to your hearts content over in /blue/ though, as it's really not appropriate in this thread here.
>> No. 156443

Stop jerking off that other site for god's sake.
>> No. 156444
That's not entirely true. I still remember that SBers are the one making that harem sidestory in that ZnT/Touhou crossover.

But for the rest of your point, it's true. Kahi's no longer active there.
>> No. 156445
Hence the merry crowd part. And if anon goes too far, it's the writer's job to draw the line and say no. Merely being a pushover to such stupid impulses has traditionally lead to the writer being condemned regardless of the amount of reader fault.

What history? The only time such crazy things happen were done, it was in the spirit of "Fuck this shitty writer), "Let's see if he'll do it" or "It's just a joke vote" (that ends up being bandwagoned. But City Quest drew a particular bunch of people, likely the yukkuri nuts from the /at/ thread (unlikely to step outside the thread) and those from Kahi's usual reader base.

I say that as if it weren't for his fanbase, he wouldn't be anywhere as popular as he is as unlike Demetrious, he only has a small amount of unrefined talent and with such folk as readers, there's no chance of it growing or becoming refined.

It doesn't help that early on in Doll quest, a retarded Build was voted on. This gave the impression Kahi's fans from there were a particularly retarded version of /tg/.

Honestly if it weren't his SB fanbase, his Doll Quest would have been just another /th/ story forgotten in the eyes of most.

This has been mentioned in /blue/ but I don't think you'd bother going and looking it up.
>> No. 156446
Come on, guys. These threads hit autosage quickly enough without people arguing over faggotry in other threads.
>> No. 156448
>What history? The only time such crazy things happen were done, it was in the spirit of "Fuck this shitty writer), "Let's see if he'll do it" or "It's just a joke vote" (that ends up being bandwagoned.

hurr durr mana transfer.

Oh, is that a challenge?
>> No. 156450
>Unless you are a virgin

I never understood how's that supposed to be an insult. I've had sex before, and don't feel like it was such a great and important thing.

C'mon, it was fun! I never thought that would have happened either, but when it did, I couldn't stop laughing for two days.

>Hence the merry crowd part. And if anon goes too far, it's the writer's job to draw the line and say no. Merely being a pushover to such stupid impulses has traditionally lead to the writer being condemned regardless of the amount of reader fault.

I'm a voter in CQ, and yes, if you want to blame someone, blame us, not Kahi. He's just too liberal/forgiving/tied to our will.

The fact that CQ has no particular objective, besides winning a 6 months long contest (with each day being written individually without timeskips) doesn't help much. Basecally, the votes are the main fuel, with a few events to break the routine. The Horror Mansion event was great, for it gave another objective, a pseudo-plot and the fastest update speed ever seen on THP.

It was more fun in the beggining, when there were just a few yukkuri. The story had a slice-of-life aspect to it, that cannot be enjoyed anymore due the amount of yukkuri. Some characters lie almost forgotten, because the we choose when and what to talk about with who, and open votes is traditionally a hard, usually undesireable, thing for most of THP.

DQ is fun, much more than the other stories. Ignoring a few LOLSORANDOM votes, there is nothing wrong with it. And as shitty as Tabby's build is, it's still a valid build, and is also fun (as long as we don't need to roll charisma).
>> No. 156451

Kahi is a pretty open guy, you know. If you want to discuss something with him, or give him critics, you can go talk to him about it. Actually, yeah, you should go and talk to him on one of the spreadsheets, you can find him on the link posted on /words/. Unless, of course, all you're going to say is "hurr you suck durr" and don't discuss shit at all.

You will have to wait for him to have internet connection again, though. Currently he's only posting updates when he finds an open wi-fi.

If the problem are just the voters, then you could try to fix that by voting too. Nothing will change if you abandon it to the ones you believe to be at fault.
>> No. 156452
Just a friendly reminder from the big eye in the sky that bitching about other writers should be mostly kept out of story threads. Please take it to /blue/ if you can, ladies and gentlemen.
>> No. 156453
Well put, story-related posts clutter the thread enough already.

>> No. 156852
File 133806896164.jpg - (167.47KB , 512x712 , 3b8637d3cd830735ffc772477ac15207.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Head into Town.

Bright and warm spring weather greets your party as you leave Keine’s little abode. The air is busy with birdsong and bees, and the scent of Keine’s well-kept flowerbeds is pleasantly potent.

You sneeze violently.

“Oh dear,” Keine says. “Are you allergic?”

Behind you, Duke sneezes violently.

Keine rounds on Cirno just as she’s craning her head back, about to contribute a manufactured sneeze of her own. Catching the schoolteacher’s eye, she reluctantly subsides.

Growing warm in your robes, you cram your hat into your magical pocket, then ball the robe into it as well, stuffing the neat, compact package into your pants pocket. Clad in trousers and silk shirt, you’re considerably more comfortable.

“That’s not gonna work,” Cirno says dourly, guessing your intent. “Gensokyo is small! Everybody knows everybody!”

“He’s with Keine,” Mokou replies. “Kind, conservative, insistent on convention and courtesy.”

A beat.

“Or was,” you and Mokou say simultaneously. She puffs out the side of her mouth at you, thunder thief. Keine silently steps between you two like she’s policing rowdy children on recess.

As your party strolls into downtown proper, few take note of you, instead exchanging polite greetings with Keine and cautious ones with Mokou. As you suspected, lack of a hat and presence of pants renders you unnoticeable. Unremarkable. Secondary. Social niceties paid to Mokou threaten your analysis, but given how perfunctory they are (as if for Keine’s benefit,) you feel your conclusion is sound.

The beautiful day has drawn denizens in droves, clogging the boardwalks and cluttering the street. Keine steers your party through side-streets and back alleys with the unconscious expertise of a life-long resident and you soon find yourself in a crowded bazaar, makeshift tables and stalls crammed with fresh produce and hand-made everything. Keine’s already made it halfway down the street, crowds parting for her politely, before you recognize the place. You’ve been through here before. At high speed. Or drunk. Or punch-drunk. Or just acting drunk at a slow amble.

The Unguided tour of Gensokyo. Now there’s a thought. You could sell tickets.

Keine stops so abruptly that you cleverly crash into her back. She raises a hand to silence your sputtering, then points up the street. “Dragon curse it. There’s Eirin.”

Not fifty feet distant stands Eirin Yagokoro, local pharmacist, doctor and alchemical mastermind from the Moon. Her two-tone, red/blue outfit stands out, and you note shoppers afford her a wide berth. On occasional strides she moves from booth to booth, sharp blue eyes evaluating the wares with swift efficiency.

“Hmm,” you mutter gravely. “Smart and dangerous.”

“No shit, professor.” Mokou snorts. “What gave it away, the doctor’s hat or the bow?”

“.... yes,” you grunt. “Well, let’s go cha-”

Keine collars you immediately. “No,” she says.

“I thought-”

“Not if we can help it,” Keine says sotto voice. “Reisen’s far less... subtle.”

“Shopping with a longbow is subtle?

“Around here? Where’ve you been the last three days, under a rock?” Mokou retorts.

Eirin stops by a small table laden with assorted polished stones. Some shaped into shallow bowls or dishes, others creek stones with holes in them, and yet others simply polished stones of various hues. But it’s a small, ugly little lump of gray that catches the pharmacists’ eye. She stoops over the table, snatching up the stone for closer inspection, her mouth forming a terse query.

The proprietor, lost somewhere under a huge-brimmed straw hat, answers.

Surprise sweeps Eirin’s visage like the sunrise, untarnished and pure. Then thirty-odd rocks, the table and the proprietor’s boot sweep her face airborne, her body trailing after. The simple, clean beauty of a parabolic arc is much better appreciated from a less intimate vantage point, and appreciate it you do; watching enraptured as Ms. Subtle Alchemical Supergenius impacts a stack of ripe melons head-first.

The rock-seller, hat discarded, looks like a perfectly ordinary old man wielding a perfectly ordinary oak table with unordinary power. Crowds of shoppers vanish like mist before a gale with practiced ease as the old man springs across the street rabbit-swift, bringing his table down on Eirin with a sharp crack of splintering timber.

“We should-”

“Ssssh,” you and Mokou say in unison, watching the spectacle with religious devotion. Eirin gets her feet soon enough, but there’s something indescribably wonderful about watching the mysterious moon medico striking dramatic attack poses while thoroughly splattered with fruity pulp.

“Damn you both!” Keine hisses, finally yanking you both backwards off your feet by your collars. You and Mokou both watch the diminishing battle as long as possible as Keine drags you away bodily to a more discreet location.

“Mokou?” you ask. “Have you ever...?”

“Never,” Mokou replies dreamily. “So beautiful. I should introduce him to Kaguya.”

An affronted chuff sounds near Keine’s knees, and she looks down at Duke’s canine form, currently a handsome gray wolf, giving her Serious Eyes.

“Shush,” she says defensively. “Danmaku duels are non-lethal to start with and people know to clear out when a serious one erupts.”

“What about the property damage?” you ask.

“There’s a compensation fund for incidents. People like Remilia or the Moryia gals will chip in when possible. As much to curry favor as from actual philanthropy, truth be known, but it works.”

Something about that strikes you odd, but far less than the old man bitchslapping Eirin up and down the marketplace with an oak table, so you let it slide. “So, what now?”

“Youmu follows her schedule religiously; I was going to catch her shopping, but-”

A long roll of staccato whipcracks sound from the marketplace, followed by the low whoomph of explosion-displaced air.

“-that,” Keine finishes. “She’ll likely visit Kirisame’s shop before she’s done, I see her in there all the time.”

“Yeah, who isn’t?” Mokou grumps. “He collects all the weird crap the freaks adore.”


“Eh,” you mutter, not eager for Zuul Two – Danmaku Boogaloo. ‘Course, Youmu’s the one most in the know.

“Reisen’s the one harder to find,” Moku continues. “What with...”

Another blast sounds from down the street.

“-that, and last night, she won’t be sitting around dozing, at least. She’s in actual danger right now. Youmu, she ain’t.”

“Isn’t,” Keine says automatically. “Reisen won’t be far from her master, either. And you’ve got some sort of tracking spell to find her, right?” she asks you. “The way you found me yesterday?”

You nod hastily before anybody can ask or volunteer details about the exact methods employed yesterday. “Yeah, easy.”

“So let’s split up, already,” Mokou grumps. “Gawdam, you could jaw forever about the stupidest shit. No wonder you get along.”


[ ] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[ ] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.

SELECT YOUR PARTY (two others; remainder pursue the other goal:)

[ ] Keine
[ ] Mokou
[ ] Cirno
[ ] DOUK
[ ] Bunnyhorde

Switch Mater
>> No. 156853
[x] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Mokou
[x] Cirno
>> No. 156854
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.

[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

Take the fairy, the dog, and go intercept Udonge first.

Good to see you again Deme.
>> No. 156855
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Keine
[x] Cirno

Off to new places! With the original trio, no less.
>> No. 156856
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK

I think Mokou'd have an easier time with Reisen than not. Not so much Duke... he might try chasing her down.
>> No. 156858
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

Ah, what a pleasant surprise in the morning.
>> No. 156859
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK
>> No. 156869
Do not take Keine with the wizard. She and the MC are the thinking machines of the lot, and have experienced most of the events.
>> No. 156874
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

This is gonna be fun...
>> No. 156877
File 133808088997.jpg - (121.23KB , 676x838 , 131818313025.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Cirno

What was that? Do we smell shenanigans?
>> No. 156884
What the hell just happened to Eirin?
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK
>> No. 156886
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Cirno
>> No. 156890
So honestly tempted to go for the bunny girl first, but on the other hand our wizard will probably find Kirisame’s Shop fascinating so...

[x] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.

As for companions:

[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

Keine is needed on the other team (brains), and she's the only one who can (sorta) control Mokou.
>> No. 156893
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK

See how Duke gets so many votes? That's because Duke is a freakin' bro.
>> No. 156896
File 133808574927.png - (419.62KB , 985x941 , battletoch.png ) [iqdb]
Deme come onto irc~
>> No. 156908
Who the fuck is this tripfag?
>> No. 156909
Wait, why is Reisen in danger? Did I miss something?
>> No. 156919
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Mokou
[X] Cirno

Let me sing you the song of my people.

It is a song of Ice and Fire.
>> No. 156924
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Cirno

Did someone say shenanigans? Because I'm sure I heard someone say shenanigans.
>> No. 156929
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

I'm not sure why Reisen is in danger, but I guess that's as good a reason as any to go find her.
>> No. 156931
File 133810903477.jpg - (70.09KB , 448x342 , 1330510614900.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Cirno

Could you imagine Douk's face if he ever saw a muzzled shock collar or a Dog Lover magazine? or Cirno's joy at finding an ice machine for snow cones? (suddenly she can make treats as soft and sweet as she is)...or the MC's joy at finding a man he can talk to on somewhat sensible and similar terms as 'outsiders' dragged along for the ride? I know I want to see how this explodes in MC's face.
>> No. 156932
[X] Kirisame’s Shop
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK

Switch Mater - What?
>> No. 156941
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno

Back to our roots!
>> No. 156945
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno

This is a thing that is happening now.
>> No. 156947
Presumably has to do with whatever has been going down in Eientei/bamboo forest that Mokou has been hinting at. I don't think we have a real answer what that is yet.
>> No. 156951
[X] Magic Shop
[X] Mokou

The further Mokou is from anyone from the Moon the happier I'll be.
>> No. 156952
File 133815719756.png - (48.94KB , 570x630 , bewm.png ) [iqdb]
Someone far more important then you'll ever be
>> No. 156953
Crix. Leave these kind folk alone.

And you're not important.
>> No. 156954
One day he shall return.

I believe.
>> No. 156955
Tripfags, tripfags everywhere.

What has THP come to?
>> No. 156959
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK
>> No. 156979
>Implying tripfags weren't everywhere in the older days

[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno

Youmu, because THAT PROPHECY

Keine and Cirno, because I want things to come full circle.
>> No. 156982
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno
>> No. 156994
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

We must find out what that old guy's deal was later.
>> No. 157002
So this is the other side?

I must say, it certainly is greener.
>> No. 157006
You guys do remember that vision/dream Wizard had about Youmu dying, right?
>> No. 157025
The hell?
>> No. 157034
[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK
>> No. 157038
File 133821737142.jpg - (8.42KB , 158x319 , images.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
-[X] Keine.
-[X] Cirno.

>> No. 157048
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Keine
[x] Cirno
>> No. 157056
Good one, if you mean what I think you mean. Welcome, and don't be a dumbass.

[x] Kirisame – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Keine
[x] DOUK
>> No. 157073
What other side? Where did you come from? /at/?
>> No. 157076
Much further. We'll try not to make a mess. No promises.
>> No. 157087
Oh please. As if "A Wizard is You" wasn't our home away from home already.

Well, maybe for you new guys, but the old crowd has been here for a while already.

Also, Voting.
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno

Because Keine.
>> No. 157089
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Cirno
[X] Duke

Because we work well with Cirno, are bros with Duke, and Keine and Mokou work well together already.
>> No. 157124
So, /jp/?
>> No. 157137
About 90% sure they're fa/tg/uys.
>> No. 157145
File 133828707518.png - (869.79KB , 1074x1518 , 1317911421919.png ) [iqdb]
We are not Bros with mokou yet...let her have her time with Keine...lest we call down the wrath of the Phoenix...
Then again...I'd think of no better use of resist fire then some Mokou lovin'
>> No. 157146
Too much suspension point here.
>> No. 157149
Get out, Azure.
>> No. 157150
Didn't we ban you already, Azure?
>> No. 157184
And then I told that elf lady the only people I cared about were HU-MAN-I-TEE!
>> No. 157187
By "humanity", you mean SPESS MAHHRINNES! right?
>> No. 157236
[x] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

Damage control is (somewhat) present on both teams in the form of either us (provided anon isn't going to be too stupid) or Keine. I'm neutral to Reisen or Youmu choice so I flipped a coin.

With regards to SB, what's with all the hate?
>> No. 157241
The people who keep bitching about other sites/people in unrelated threads are from the rage-threads in /blue/. We've already had the Mods/Admins have to tell those people to stop that sort of unrelated flamebait spam before, in this very thread no less, but they continue to do it again and again.

If you see them do it outside of /blue/, just make sure to report the post. Don't bother replying to them, as they're just trying to derail threads and cause trouble.
>> No. 157284
Go dig through the rage threads in /blue/. You'll understand.
>> No. 157310
Oh and quick question what spells does MC have prepared and/or cast sorry.
>> No. 157312
Spacebattles. A crappier version of /tg/.
>> No. 157319
[X] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[X] Keine
[X] Cirno

Also, Nice to see you aren't dead (yet) Demetrious, Yell at the irc when you can
>> No. 157323

See >>149728, top 2 9th level spells, top 3 of each 8th and 7th level. Wiz also prepares 5 spells from memory:

>Fly. Teleport. Greater Invisibility. Fireball. Telekinesis.

There are also a variety of other lower level spells Deme keeps in the hole, which are known to include these:

>Antimagic Field (6th) Negates magic within 10 ft.
>Evan’s Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion(6th) Wait, what?
>> No. 157342
Hello! You're being replied to because you could stand to work on your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and/or punctuation a bit.

If you're new, welcome to THP! If you're old, you should know how things work by now. Either way, in the future, please try to take a little extra time to make your posts neat. It's much appreciated!
>> No. 157352
Hello! You're being replied to because you could stand to stop trying to be the grammar police.

You have got to stop this shit. It is, simultaneously, more annoying than whatever grammatical and/or spelling errors they may make and more disruptive.
>> No. 157357
Is it the length of the correction you don't like? Or perhaps the repetition of the exact same message? I can understand those and can try to improve.

Regarding disruption, I assume you mean the post being off-topic. Where possible, I try to vote, unless I already have.

If what's got you angry is telling other people they need to type better, I'm afraid you'll have to deal with it.

I don't have much to say that hasn't been said, but the prophecy tipped my choice of where to go to the shop.
>> No. 157362
[x] Marketplace
[x] Mokou
[x] Cirno
Turn the 1v1 into a 2v2 as distraction, evacuate Reisen to minimum safe distance.
>> No. 157371
I thought I was on thp, not 4chan.
>> No. 157383
8/10, had me going for a bit until I realized you were saying that 4chan cares more about grammar than THP.

Anyway, enough of this. Back to discussion of the actual story.
>> No. 157401
It wasn't the care about grammar and spelling.

It was the trollacious and condescending manner in which the post was written. Felt like I was on /jp/ or /v/ for a moment.
>> No. 157418
So...I must be missing something here. Why is some random shopkeeper kicking the shit out of Eirin?

That said, the idea of some random guy deciding to kick her in the face for no reason makes me laugh.
>> No. 157462
I found my way to this story just yesterday and boy am I glad I did. Fucking awesome.

I do miss his other work, but now I want him to update this one as well. I was so sad when the post dates jumped from 2011 to 2012, it made me realize that the fun would end soon.

>> No. 157482
[x] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[x] Cirno
[x] DOUK

Keep Mouku and Keine together, and Duke away from Reisen.
>> No. 157566
Basically, this.

[X] Kirisame's Shop
[X] Cirno

Also, to make sure Keine and Wizard don't fall into discussion, or Wizard and Mokou decide to go and watch the danmaku battle first.

And, most importantly, shenanigans!
>> No. 157578
>to make sure Keine and Wizard don't fall into discussion

How is this bad again?
>> No. 157617
File 133857695077.jpg - (18.07KB , 448x352 , 1x03 - Past Prologue_avi_snapshot_02_02_[2011_11_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>As your party strolls into downtown proper, few take note of you, instead exchanging polite greetings with Keine and cautious ones with Mokou. As you suspected, lack of a hat and presence of pants renders you unnoticeable. Unremarkable. Secondary. Social niceties paid to Mokou threaten your analysis, but given how perfunctory they are (as if for Keine’s benefit,) you feel your conclusion is sound.
>As you suspected, lack of a hat and presence of pants renders you unnoticeable.
>presence of pants

[x] Kirisame’s Shop – intercept Youmu first.
[x] DOUK
[x] Keine
>> No. 157662
File 133860011027.jpg - (217.69KB , 792x860 , 5c6a01a29a22946437342b6bddf7b68f.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey guys. So, in Deme's OTHER quest I'm the guy who keeps a nice little file with all the posts and quest-related materials for easy browsing. Since a lot of people like that and download it, I thought I'd do it here, too. So here it is, up to date.


I THINK I grabbed all the fanart as I went along, but if anyone notices anything I'm missing, I'd appreciate it being posted.

So, uh, can we be friends?
>> No. 157663
File 133860024846.png - (212.93KB , 1878x2000 , planefag.png ) [iqdb]
Thank you, archivalfag
>> No. 157689
These are people from Demetrious' other quest (Strike Witches Quest)

We're missing our beloved Demetrious and would like him back thank you very much.

If you're interested in more delicious Demetrious writing, please check out the SWQ archive at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=strike+witches

I'm not really a toe hoe person, but Dem does a good enough job of making things accessible, which I greatly appreciate.

False edit: No captcha? My god I'm in heaven!
>> No. 157698
I doubt these people would be interested in SWQ.
>> No. 157700
Eh. I like both. I don't mind WHICH he does so long as he sticks with at least one.
>> No. 157701
Poor Demetrious. He must be horrified that people found out where he hides.

"How did they find out it was me!? I was SAFE here dammit!"
>> No. 157702
He knew we knew for some time now.

He's the one that told us.
>> No. 157790

>> No. 157795
File 133870003412.png - (68.09KB , 1372x340 , what_is_swq.png ) [iqdb]
The name Demetrious uses to run SWQ.
>> No. 157798
File 133870044027.png - (305.93KB , 690x855 , bounce_witches.png ) [iqdb]
Also, "bouncing" is the PC's (a pilot) "signature" combat maneuver. Common panic responses to tense and ridiculous situations are to abandon all hope of reason and either Crazy Ivan or Bounce the target.

Bouncing is also a valid move in aerial combat. In the first thread the PC "bounces" superior officers returning on a transport plane. He then manages to outmaneuver a witch, break off his combat patrol early, brag about his success in catching the witches off guard in a simple, non-magical fighter plane to his barmates, get caught by his CO, and just barely sneak out of getting court-marshaled. When the impossible needs to be made possible, there is one option:

>> No. 157799
[X] Marketplace – intercept Reisen first

[X] Cirno
>> No. 157885
>>Kirisame’s Shop

Marisa has a shop?
>> No. 157906
Her father's shop. She ran away to become a western oriental magician.
>> No. 157931

That's cool. I was just having a mental image of Marisa behind the counter in a magic-themed shop; with a roof in the shape of her awesome hat, selling off magical trinkets, spell scrolls, ancient tomes and assorted Marisa-themed merchandise (Marisa dolls, Marisa action figures, Mini-Mini Hakkero attachment with REAL

MASTER SPARK ACTION, brooms, etc.); all the while lazerin' foolish shoplifters in the face.

Also, the usual "You Break It, You Buy It" sign is replaced with "You Break It, I Danmaku A Laser In Your Face, THEN You Buy It" sign.

*sigh*, as usual, my imaginations prove superior to the real deal.

But then again, Touhou is mostly made out of Fanon, so MAYBE...
>> No. 157945
Marisa's house does double as a sort of magic/odd jobs shop in canon... it's just that you don't know when she'll be home or not. The three fairies actually hired her to take care of their tsukino problem.
>> No. 157989
I'm pretty sure it only doubles as a magic shop because the term fence is considered too uncouth for polite company.
>> No. 158003
Just for the sake of reference for our new friends from /tg/, the general usage of names, trips, and sages in regard to THP have been handily summed up by somebody else here: >>157927

The rules, not that any of you need them, are here: >>/gensokyo/6052

Also we're a bit more strict than /tg/ when it comes to typing, just as a warning. I find I'm good as long as I give everything a once-over before posting.

Also one guy put his email in the email field, but I assume he's not from /tg/ since you guys don't do that either.

To wrap up, welcome to THP, hopefully you like AWiY and some of the other stories on the site.

And thanks, archivalfag. Your work is appreciated - in my case doubly, since I've started SWQ. It's pretty good.
>> No. 158007
So /jp/-style posting in effect?
>> No. 158012
Yeah, /jp/-style posting, if what's currently on it is typical. I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with /jp/, since I came here after we split off.

Oh! We also have spoilers! The code for that can be found by clicking the Home link in the upper right and going to FAQ.
>> No. 158022
Tell that to the folks tripfagging it up in HY's new story.
>> No. 158023
File 133887775697.jpg - (1.06MB , 3000x2107 , 1333167534468.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I've started SWQ. It's pretty good.

Does Archivefag's archive include all the drawfag's images? He's pretty good, and keeps getting more skilled.
>> No. 158028
[X] Kirisame's Shop
[X] Keine

Meh, would prefer to go with Mokou to see any possible antic between her and DOUK but then I'd be pissing against the tide wouldn't I?
>> No. 158081
Of course it does. For anyone interested, I've just uploaded a new version of the SWQ archive here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yrmebr1205sw4uk

This includes SWQ as well as the multiple spin-off quests, drawfags and writefags.
>> No. 158083

>> No. 158097
Does it include Kotters' glorious foray into fapfiction?
>This includes SWQ as well as the multiple spin-off quests, drawfags and writefags.
>> No. 158108
...why are people talking about a COMPLETELY UNRELATED quest over here? Go back to your own thread.

Also more sage less trips.
>> No. 158113
>Go back to your own thread.

This is his thread.
>> No. 158115
>more sages
we hit the bump limit about 50 posts ago
>> No. 158132
>completely unrelated
>written by the same person

>> No. 158165
Oh, I'm sorry. I must've been confused.
This is not just "his" thread. It's "his" thread "about a Touhou quest". SWQ has nothing to do here. Take it back to its own site.
>> No. 158177
>Take it back to its own site
We're already here
>> No. 158181
Strike Witches people, this isn't our thread, nor our site. Either begin discussing toe hoes, or GTFO and start posting back home on /tg/, okay? /b/ doesn't shit up /tg/, so let's not shit up /touhou/



Let's bounce.
>> No. 158182
Chill the fuck out.

And you, And. You're probably going to get given a hard time over your gimmick name thing, just warnin' ya right now.
>> No. 158186
You seem the be the first to even look at the name field.
>> No. 158188
Yeah, the only people that give a shit warn you that other people are going to give a shit. It's an empty threat. Ignore them if it pleases you.
>> No. 158189
It does.
>> No. 158193
For the record, I would like to state that I do not care, and my post was one of concern.

Also the lack of notice is probably due to to the fact that this thread is long past autosage.
>> No. 158205
1. It was mentioned in all of three or four posts. The only reason it continues to be mentioned is because people (you) are being so butthurt about it.
2. That's not how quotation marks work.
>> No. 158216

Look, I'm being a total noob here, but why is using a name/handle considered so controversial around here?
>> No. 158222
Residual /jp/ faggotry, what else?
>> No. 158225
No clue. It's not like this kind of thing is identifying; different name and trip each time means it can only serve to annoy those with OCD.

Which is fine by me.
>> No. 158235
Because the only reason people do it outside of the story threads they write is to attention whore. There is also the risk of people blindly copying whatever they vote on.

That's more like being a far bigger nuisance (to put it politely) than normally conceived.

Please cease this tripfaggotry before you make an ungodly mess.
>> No. 158236
lol. so impotent.
>> No. 158240
It (used) to be considered uncouth on /tg/ as well. For whatever reason, the shunning of tripfags has been dropped.

It irks me.
>> No. 158253
Messes are made by children and easily cleaned up by adults.
>> No. 158273
Demetrious is back.
>> No. 158281
I don't shun tripfags because I can't see most of them. Gotta love them filter scripts.
The one I'm using even works here.
>> No. 158283
This guy knows what's up.
>> No. 158295
Just a joke guys. Demetrious never went to jail or got in a car crash.

>> No. 158296
Wait, what.
Is that where he's been the last week?
>> No. 158298
Dunno a damned thing. Expect updates before the 15th, either by Demetrious or SolusLunes.
>> No. 158326
We warned you once, that clearly wasn't enough.

Keep the off-topic and shit-flinging out of story threads and in /blue/.

Do not feed the trolls.

This thread is now being watched; ignore this second warning and there will be [b]instant bans[b] without appeal.
>> No. 158603
Demetrious, you're gonna have to make a new thread, seeing as how this one has already passed the autosage point.
>> No. 158605

Indeed. NOO THREAD: >>158604
>> No. 158676