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Sorry for the delay, this bit required several re-works, and was slightly annoying with how it wanted to pan out.
Nitori waffles at your pressing her for her sources. She doesn’t want to seem to give up where she’s been getting her information from, so it’s a fairly safe bet it’s not Kanako. You wonder absentmindedly if maybe the Kappa have installed surveillance devices all over Gensokyo. Deciding that a round about method might be better you walk over to the gun that Nitori was using.
“AH! That’s mine! Please don’t drop it again! I don’t know if it still works.” Nitori hangs her head, seemingly defeated. “It’s my only prototype. Please give it back.”
You tell Nitori that you’ll give it back, If she gives you some information. You say that you’re really quite curious as to how this device actually blasts lasers.
Nitori Sighs. “Alright I’ll tell you how we get our. . . Wait, what?” She seems surprised that you’re not still pressing for information, but then she lights up. “AH! So you’re into that sort of thing, eh?” She gives you a sly grin.
“Never would have guessed just by lookin at you, heh. Well, basically we started with a helium laser, then we tried an argon matrix laser, but neither could generate the same type of power as the black white could. Sure we could heat things from miles away, but we couldn’t generate the sheer level of destruction she was able to generate in such a short period of time. So we tried messing with the refract ional period, and to make more of a heat blaster, but that didn’t quite work. Then the Tengu gave us an idea, acceleration! So what we ended up doing was taking particles, and using mini accelerators, we’d blast them out. It had the proper destructive force, but it took too much energy to be a reliable system. Then Kanako moved in. After getting some help from her, we finally ended using a combination of several ancient magical seals, combined with a basic argon laser to finally be able to have the compact size we need, but still maintain the destructive power the black white’s able to generate herself.” Nitori grins. “What you hold there is my own personal prototype, using a 7 refracting crystal system, powered by a nominal magical feedback loop. Takes only a little bit of energy to charge up the energy by refracting light to generate the energy in the 7 charging prisms.” Nitori seems quite pleased with herself, grinning the whole time. She really seems to enjoy explaining her inventions to people.
You compliment her on her invention, and tell her that nobody on the outside has thought to try something like that. Nitori’s grin drops off her face like a rock, only to be replaced by a look of complete shock.
“YOU’RE FROM THE OUTSIDE?! AWESOME. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS I WANT TO ASK YOU.” Her feet, now unfrozen, quickly carry her over to you. She looks up to you a look of adoration on her face. You can almost see the sparkles in her eyes, with her hands balled up by her mouth. She begins assailing you with a barrage of questions, but you quickly interject. You ask her to tell you how she managed to find out about what happened at Eientei.
“Oh, That’s simple. The mountain has tengu spies everywhere.” Nitori lets out a piercing whistle, and instantly there are 4 tengu in front of her, done up in a comic impression of ninja garb.
The lead one bows before Nitori and then addresses her. “You called us out, Miss Nitori?”
“Yeah. These guys know now, so you don’t have to worry about hiding from them any more, k?”
“Very good, Miss Nitori.”
Seeing the tengu ninjas, something occurs to you. You ask Nitori if the tengu know where Wriggle and Rumia are. Nitori asks them, and faster than you can blink, a very confused wriggle, and a crying Rumia are suddenly in the hands of two new tengu who had just shown up. You stumble backwards in surprise at this, before running over to the two and hugging them. Rumia clings to you and continues crying. You adjust her so that you can hold her easier, and ruffle wriggle’s hair. Well. This has certainly turned out to be a profitable venture thus far. Turning back to Nitori, with Rumia’s crying finally dying down, You ask Nitori if she can guide the group up the mountain. She seems to think for a moment before she says, “Well, given that with the descriptions that the tengu gave us, I think that you’re probably the group that left Eientei after it was attacked by the shrine maiden. I do believe that the Goddess would be quite interested in meeting you.”
Nitori turns to the tengu ninja and gives a few quick commands. They bow to her and then take off. About this time Cirno comes floating back over. “OH WOW! DID YOU SEE THOSE GUYS? NINJAS! AWESOME!” And then Cirno proceeds to prattle on to Reisen for a few minutes.
Another tengu steps forward from the brush, holding on to a squirming flailing Tewi.
“We found the last one, Miss.” the tengu reports, dropping Tewi unceremoniously.
“About damn time you. . . you. . . Hmmph.” Tewi turns around and stomps over to where Reisen’s at.
You laugh. That’s so like Tewi.
“Alright” Nitori gives a thumbs up to the tengu, who vanishes as quickly as he came. “We should get going. The tengu will go up the mountain and inform Kanako of our approach, and we shouldn’t be bothered by any of the kappa or the tengu. You walk over to the wagon and place the sleeping Rumia into the wagon. She apparently fell asleep at some point while you were talking with Nitori. Reisen hobbles over, and you help her into the wagon while Wriggle loads the crutches. Climbing up into the bed of the wagon, Mokou and Nitori climb up front and, once everyone’s in the wagon, Mokou starts the horses rolling.

The trip up the mountain was mostly uneventful. Occasionally, you’d catch sight of some tengu or a group of kappa that’d watch the wagon for a little while, and start talking amongst one another. Evening was rapidly approaching and Nitori suggested that you make camp for the night, given the dangerous nature of the mountain road at night.

The group sits around the campfire, talking or resting. Mokou and Wriggle seem to be carrying on a rather lively discussion, Nitori’s messing with her gun. Rumia and Twei fell asleep hugging each other in the bed of the wagon, Reisen’s sitting by the fire staring off at the rising moon, and Cirno’s running around looking at everything that she can see from the light of the camp fire. You stretch out, sitting near the fire. The food that Kaguya had provided you with wasn’t the greatest in the world, but you felt quite nice and full. This was a pleasant feeling, Just you and your friends sitting around, with no imminent danger. Maybe you should talk to someone while It’s slow like this.

[ ] Talk to Reisen.
[ ] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation
[ ] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[ ] Go see what Cirno’s doing
[ ] Go nap with Tewi and Rumia.
File 120822357775.jpg - (3.02KB, 125x125 , 1206480024541s.jpg) [iqdb]
Dear god
[ ] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[ ] Talk to Reisen.
Codec time.
[x] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation
Also, has you an AIM?
Nitori: So, tell me how these television sets work!
Anon: lol dunno
Nitori: Well, alright. What about these radios you mentioned?
Anon: lol dunno
Nitori: How about telephones, then?
Anon: lol dunno
Nitori: ...
Anon: lol?
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

Rabbit points
[x] tell Nitori about the Large Hadron Collider
[ ] Go see what Nitori’s doing.

[ ] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation

Wriggle wriggle wriggle wriggle~~~
[x] Go see what Nitori’s doing.

I want to ruffle her hair, and gently caress her bald spot.
[x] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[X] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
Give her the fucking blue print, and she will build it!
I think it just barely fit in under the post length limit.
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

A codec is no good when you can talk face to face.
[X] Talk to Reisen.

We'd only really understand half of the conversation between Wriggle and Mokou, although it wouldn't hurt to chat up Nitori and keep an eye on Cirno.

Hey now, not all anons are ignorant of today's technology.
[x] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
Delicious Baldspot, must ruffle.
[ ] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation
Mokou and Wriggle seem to be getting along well
[X] Talk to Reisen.

Poor girl is all by herself, staring forlornly at the moon. This is prime bonding time material.


[X] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation

I'm tempted to go with Mokou and Wriggle, because I love me some of both, but... well, we don't really understand Mokou very well due to her messed up jaw. But... arg...


Whichever comes first, damn it! Go with one!
Especially if the Anon in question was carrying blueprints for an LHC for whatever reason.
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

Lookin' kind of ronery there, rabbit.
[X] Talk to Reisen
Hmm, tough choice. I pick ALL OF THEM!

[ ] Talk to Reisen.
[ ] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation
[ ] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[ ] Go see what Cirno’s doing
[ ] Go nap with Tewi and Rumia.

OK, seriously, I don't want to be destroyed by Kirakari

[ ] Go see what Cirno’s doing
Yeah, it's located in a secret place uppon whence we previously resided, if you know what I mean. Otherwise, Ask thread man or Ruroni Fire.
[X] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[x] Go see what Nitori’s doing.

Only because it seems Reisen looks like she needs some alone time and we can't understand Mokou very well.
[x] Talk to Reisen.
[x] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation
[x] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
[x] Go see what Cirno’s doing
[x] Go nap with Tewi and Rumia.

All of the above. In that order.
Let's ask Reisen about what we beamed into her head when we first tested out our codec button!
[ ] Talk to Reisen.

Rabbit ears.....

Are you trying to piss off Kira and get us killed?
File 120822428192.png - (232.97KB, 571x700 , 1205807792259.png) [iqdb]
This guy...

This Kirakishou...
He's a machine... a machine...
[x] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation

We need to apologize to Wriggle.

Need to ask how Kaguya roped Mokou into this. And ask how well her jaw is healing.
Is right, don't make Kira work extra hard just because you don't want to loose any options. Sometimes a scarafice is required.
File 12082244254.jpg - (65.20KB, 600x500 , yukatrolling.jpg) [iqdb]
Meanwhile, in certain youkai's mansion...
going to stab you in the face
There are too many fuckable girls in Gensokyo...
[x] It's been about a week since Anon rubbed one off. Retreat to bathroom.
Need more school girl Mokou
[x]Talk to Reisen

And then Nitori afterwards. She's ready to talk any time, but Reisen is lonely now.

Ruffle Cirno's hair if she passes within arm's reach.
You're right!

[X] SAVE! (we'll come back)
[X] Talk to Reisen.
Can't wait for Hina to finally appear. Or... is she reserved for dream sequences only?
[X] Go see what Nitori’s doing.
I got the feeling she's the one who took our blueprints.
Reisen isn't lonely. She's just stealthily monitoring our thoughts from a distance.
[x] Join in Mokou and Wriggles Conversation

In that case let's focus those thoughts on her.

Otherwise she may not be happy when we go ruffle one of the little sisters and get a hard on.

BTW, can Reisen read our thoughts or only those we project to her? Would it be a good idea to remove the codec button at times to stop her gleaning our thoughts?

time to play a jazz solo?
>BTW, can Reisen read our thoughts or only those we project to her?

From how the first contact went, it seems like we don't have good control over what thoughts are sent.

<i want to fuck everyone here>


I'd rather be Wriggle's sax slave.

Can even Reisen handle the sickening thoughts of anonymous?

I'm still curious as to what thoughts she received from anon. Maybe it wasn't perverted or related to Reisen at all. Maybe it was just "My jock itches" or something involuntary like that.
>You concentrate on the button to try and ask Reisen a question, but she interrupts you before you get the chance.
><I heard the whole thing. Rabbit ears, remember? They’re not just for show. *giggle*

It seems she's already secured a spot in our mind. She answered before we even had a chance to address her. What's worse is, whatever ulterior motive we had with decision we just made, she now KNOWS!
Reisen is one of the biggest tagets for futa fun in gensokyo.

She probably wants to try vanilla for a change.

She's probably torn off her codec already to stop the constant stream of lecherous thoughts.
That needs to be made into a gif image, for the lulz!
[X] Talk to Reisen.

Over codec.

"Inaba leader, this is ⑨ leader; do you copy, over?"
>>for the lulz!

Wriggle is the superior option.
I'll stab you in the crotch
[x]Ask Reisen about the spell card

There's a Wriggle minigame over at /forest/, in case anyone didn't know
Nitori won it.

We still can talk to Reisen over codec, since I'm sure she would want to hear what Nitori's doing too, but so much for Fun with Tomboys time...
[X] Talk to Reisen.

We better watch out for other things of this nature. We've still got Wriggle's ladybug; maybe it's reporting our pheromones or something.

And I hope that doll isn't a tracking device.
So do I pay you for the advertisement or is it a free service?

Anon needs a tin foil hat.

You can pay Anonymous with more Nightbug.
LOL! We're going to make Wriggle realize that WE are the biggest dicks in the forest!

BTW, Scorn's going to /bed/, so no continue until 10am Britfag time...
[x] Go up to all of the members of the party and ruffle their hair.
The best thing about being mind-linked with Reisen is now, when we make inappropriate overtures we don't have to throw in "if you know what I mean" anymore. We can provide detailed schematics and diagrams!
Any chance that spell card is one of Reimu's homing tags that's been tracking our movements? I mean, she's been everywhere we've been since the sunflower field incident.

Yukari is peeking at us through her gaps.

Kaguya is monitoring our position with a spy satellite.

Aya's been watching from the bushes this whole damn time.

SDM is viewing us through Patchy's crystal ball.

And Reimu knows where we are, due to however the hell she tracked us down in the first place.
>We're going to make Wriggle realize that WE are the biggest dicks in the forest!

It's true. Her penis is very small.

She is embarrassed about it.
>>And Reimu knows where we are, due to however the hell she tracked us down in the first place.

Wasn't her finding us at Eientei the first time just a coincidence?
We needed medical attention, she needed medical attention, and they are more or less the only clinic in the land. It would pretty much be inevitable to run into someone if you both need the same thing, and there's only one place to get it.

Not quite, one more post before bed. Then you'll be given a nice wide range of multi options to play with.

Really? Wriggle was supposed to be the training area tutor and first quest dispenser.
I mean you've got Wriggle in MiG, but if you guys like her so much she may become a staple. If you don't fuck it up.
>And Reimu knows where we are, due to however the hell she tracked us down in the first place.

Can't Suikia spy on people somehow? I think I remember reading something about that. She was at Eientei, so it's possible that she let Reimu and co. there.

No, the first time we met her. She was already looking for us. And there is also the matter of Alice's trap.
Yes, by decreasing her density enough so that she fills Gensokyo, and therefore see all of Gensokyo.
She can be everywhere
wow i feel bad for kirshiko because you guys keep voting for 5 options at once lol

if u keep it up he may choose the option to kill himself

[ ] commit seifuku
your power levels, why are they so low?
Did you mean 'seppuku'?
lol death by cosplay

This entire post makes me facepalm.
Try and make your shit legible

I don't think this means what you think it means.
Maybe he needs you to charge his mana.

File 120822714439.png - (52.10KB, 170x283 , _Dakyu_anonib.png) [iqdb]

Made me laugh uncontrollably due to the fail.
[x]Ask Nitori about the camera
1. The 5 votes at a time is a joke. Kira, as well as others, completely overlook them, especially when it comes to the final decision.

2. Google "seppuku" before you try to flaunt your power levels again. Then go make yourself taller!
File 120822760444.gif - (896.16KB, 300x225 , Worf facepalm.gif) [iqdb]

lol seppuku is for ninjas

seifuku is for samerai

but u think you are smart now?

Stop now
>but u think you are smart now?

Why, yes, I feel a lot more solid about it thanks to you.

I guess now that /th/ is a real board, it needs real trolls.
anyways the reasin i said seifuku and not sepupku is because karkisho is a real man like a smaurai and ninjas are pussies

if he wasnt a real man like a samurais id tell him to commit seppuku


Stop, damn you.

Stop before I wash your mouth out with lye soap.

Quit feeding the trolls.
hey how do i make a trip code
Kira, where are you?
He was playing pokemon

Now he is writing

Raisin won.
flawless troll

What happened here?
Maybe you didn't read the sub-context, but it was sarcasm. I don't want to sage such a great thread because of one troll.
You get up from the place where you’re sitting and walk over to Reisen. You ask if she minds if you sit here. She looks away from the moon and smiles up at you.
<Of course.>
You sit down next to her, and look at the moon. The two of you sit in silence for a little bit before you start to ask her something.
<Mmm. . . I wonder how my friends are doing. It’s been so long since I last saw any of them. I wonder if my old master remembers me?>
You tilt your head to one side and look at her. The moon light shines upon her face, illuminating it in a ghostly manner. Her eyes look distant.
< I fled to earth a long time ago. . . The way that I fled prevents me from ever returning to the moon. I abandoned my duties, but I had to come. I. . . I’m not very good at fighting. So when the moon was invaded I ran away.> She sighs.
< I was so scared when I had to fight during the ‘Moon Incident’. The only real defense that I have is my eyes. . . They’re not very effective here.> Reisen draws her knees up and hugs them to her chest. <Everyone here has some skill or ability. Even the humans in the village. Everyone here is so strong, in their own way. Tewi’s clever, and she’s gathered much power over her life. Even Cirno is powerful. She is probably one of the strongest fairies that have ever existed. Even little Rumia. She has the persistence to continue, even when her own powers work against her. But me? At the first sign of danger, I fled the moon. The Earthlings come, and I run away.>
Reisen looks away from the moon and puts her head down against her knees. She sighs deeply.
<I’m sorry. I’ve just prattled off about something that’s not very important. Did you have something that you wanted to discuss with me?>

[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the moon.
[ ] Ask Reisen more about herself.
[x] Ask Reisen more about herself.
[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.

Get the bunny feeling better, first. Then let's get to know her better.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.

More rabbit points
[x] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[X] Console Reisen.
[X] Encourage Reisen.
Show her how 'normal' anon is in comparison to her so she knows she's special and such.
[x] Ruffle Reisen.
[x] Encourage Reisen.
"Reisen! Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!"
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Ask Reisen more about herself.
[x] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.

You drive me insane, baby!
[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen
[x] Console Reisen.
Throw a Nintendo Wii at her or something.
[ ] encourege resin

lol dont want her to feel bad and we mite be able to get in her pants besides shes pretty hot right??
[X] Console Reisen.
[X] Encourage Reisen.

Preferably with a hug or two thrown in there somewhere.
But Reisen doesn't wear pants. She wears a skirt. Why would you want to wear someone else's pants anyways?
[ ] Console Reisen
[X] Encourage Reisen.

( ˃ ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂) ヮ˂)

I'd wear Mokou's pants, personally.
Hell, I'd wear Reisen's skirt.
[X] Console Reisen.
[X] Encourage Reisen.
[x] Encourage Reisen

She's got more power than you. The fact that she's stayed alive for so long is proof enough.
I'd get in Wriggle's pants. If you know what I mean.

They look comfy.
[X] Console Reisen.
[X] Encourage Reisen.
Same troll as before.
Forgot your Shirou.jpg

I'd wear Mokou's pants with Mokou still in them! I think we could probably fit 3 other Anon in as well! We can make it into like Phone Booth Stuffing!
File 120822972871.jpg - (92.25KB, 800x666 , 1206259441772.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what's REALLY weird?

A four-eared rabbit.
[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the moon.
[ ] Ask Reisen more about herself.
I want to choose them all
this isent the dnd thread

im a human
[x] Ask Reisen what color panties is she wearing.
[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.

"Hey don't beat your self up, I can't do anything without other people around. I need people like you to be strong for me Reisen."
Then learn to spell.
Sounds hot
I can't help but hope that any attempt at comforting and/or encouraging Reisen involves our hands and her hair.

Going for the ears is a no-no, however. Not until after the second date, at the earliest.
"Believe in me, who believe in you!"
You turn to Reisen, who still has her head down on her knees and tell her that isn’t so.
<Wha. . .?> She lifts her head and looks at you. <What do you mean?>
You tell her it was indeed very interesting, and that she is brave, and strong.
<Wha. . .? N-No. . . I’m not really. . . >
“Of course you are,” You tell her, “The way you took on Marisa at Eientei? You dropped her in one shot! That was amazing.”
<T-That was nothing. She wasn’t out for very long, and she managed to come back from it relatively quickly. She also got the best of me> Reisen waves her hand in the direction of her injured leg. <And I ended up getting hurt and worrying everyone, especially Doctor and my new Master.> She sighs again.
“You were also brilliant in the forest. If it hadn’t been for you, I probably would have rushed right back there to the wagon with out a second thought, or even a plan of any variety. If it had actually been Marisa, I probably would have been killed!”
Reisen smiles weakly at this, <Maybe. . . But it was safe, so I didn’t need to worry about it that much. . . Did I?>
“But we didn’t know that for sure.”
<But that’s how things were.>
You look at Reisen. This isn’t working, you need to try something else.
“Fine then. Believe that you’re weak and helpless, and can’t do anything on your own. Think that you’ll be easily defeated by anyone who happens to come along that is weak against your eyes. Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you. I believe in you, Reisen, and I would trust my life to you. I don’t care if you think you’re the weakest person here. Believe in me, and you will have my full support!”
Reisen is taken aback by your sudden speech. She smiles at you warmly, laying the side of her head on her knees. <You know, I’ve never met anyone like you before. It’s. . . Nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone believe in me before>
“That can’t possibly be true. Look at Tewi. She looks up to you. I don’t doubt, at least from what I’ve seen, that Eirin doesn’t believe in you. So don’t think that way. We’re all counting on you. So believe in us.”
Reisen closes her eyes, still smiling. <You know, I think I’m actually glad that I came here. This place, this planet, it truly is a wonderful place.> She sighs lightly, like she’s been holding her breath for a long time. <Thank You.>

Time passes.

The next morning, the group quickly packs up the camp site and piles into the wagon. This time Nitori’s riding in the back with Mokou and Wriggle riding up front. Those two seem to have a lot to talk about. Cirno’s out like a light, apparently she stayed up all night for some reason, or maybe she just likes to sleep. She’s again draped in the blanket. Rumia and Tewi seem to be playing some sort of game with Reisen watching, and Nitori seems to be staring at you, as if she’s studying something. You’ve got a while before you reach the shrine, maybe you should talk to some of your group?

[ ] Wake Cirno
[ ] Join Rumia and Tewi’s game
[ ] Watch Rumia and Tewi’s game.
[ ] Talk to Nitori
[ ] Join Wriggle and Mokou’s conversation.
[X] Talk to Nitori.
Ask about the Flower Tank. I KNOW SHE KNOWS!
[ ] Console Reisen.
[ ] Encourage Reisen.

"I know the feeling. It seems everyone in the entire world can use danmaku or fly. I'm just a powerless human. But I still think you're impressively strong! Don't get down just because everyone here is crazy and overpowered. And if you ever get worried, just remember that you have friends who will give anything to help you."
*place hand on Reisen's and smile comfortingly*
[X] Watch Rumia and Tewi’s game.

>Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you

Fuck yeah
[ ] Join Wriggle and Mokou’s conversation.

Wriggle wriggle wriggle~~~

[x] Join Cirno.

Resting would ensure one has the energy to genuflect properly at the shrine.
[x] Talk to Nitori
[X] Talk to Nitori
[X] Talk to Nitori

As an aside...
>>Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you. I believe in you, Reisen, and I would trust my life to you. I don’t care if you think you’re the weakest person here. Believe in me, and you will have my full support!

Bricks, shit, etc.
[x] Talk to Nitori

[X] Talk to Nitori

get her to build us another laspistol.
[x] Talk to Nitori
Will you please stop phailing already anon... it makes us look bad.


[X] Watch Rumia and Tewi’s game.

I'm a bit interested in what they're doing.
[x] Join Wriggle and Mokou’s conversation.
I can hear "Whirlpool of Fate" playing in my head when I think of them right now. They just might be thinking of some really elaborate plan against our enemy.
[X] Talk to Nitori

I'm curious to know what Mokou and Wriggle are talking about, and also about what would keep Cirno up all night that she's sleeping now.

Still, I think it might be good to converse a little bit with the newest member of our party right now, while we still have the chance.
[X] Talk to Nitori

Improve her trust in us to a level of loyalty.
[ ] Talk to Nitori
[x] Talk to Nitori
[X] Talk to Nitori.
[ ] Join the game

We've sorta been neglecting Rumia since we've left! Nitori can wait just a bit longer.
Was it just me, or did anyone else get a bit of a "Real Genius" vibe from Nitori's laser rant?
[x] Talk to Nitori

let's ask her about the camera before anon becomes trigger happy again
>>We've sorta been neglecting Rumia since we've left! Nitori can wait just a bit longer.

We'll make it up to her via cuddling and hair ruffling the next time we all go to sleep.
And food. We'll give her a share of our food.

If all is quiet at the Moriya Shrine, we can take some time to play with her up there.

Better yet, I'm hoping for the group bath some of the others suggested. Prime time for having fun with our little sisters.
[x] Talk to Nitori

We need to ask about those LHC plans.
Did someone cut off Reisen's tongue? Why can't she talk normally?

Mokou and Wriggle use the mens' side.
Mokou/Reisen's going to shove our ass into the male's side so fast, our head will spin... and disconnect!

Or am I just thinking of Dream-Sequence Mokou?

She seemed emotional. Maybe she's too choked up to speak.
She prefers to talk telepathically.



[x] Talk to Nitori

We need to pry Wriggle away from Mokou and teach them to combine their abilities usefully.
[ ] Join Wriggle and Mokou’s conversation

Damn it, I wanna know what they're talking about! The finer points of pant-wearing? Th stigma of being tomboys? Comparing dick size?
Just FYI:

Kira's computer is running across some hard times.

7 mins max.
[X] Talk to Nitori
We must share our secrets on SCIENCE. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
That's fair, it happens.

Playing WoW with someone with an ailing system has accustomed me. No two ways about it.
>7 mins max.

That's a hint folks. Go make yourself some food, use the bathroom, play a game, or something for bit. F5'ing like there's no tomorrow won't make things better you lovable degenerates.

Never mind, he's back. It was just some spyware.
File 120823364860.jpg - (90.56KB, 450x644 , 1206259383166.jpg) [iqdb]


Why yes, yes she is.
File 120823407629.jpg - (136.84KB, 798x797 , 1198684475152.jpg) [iqdb]
Way ahead of you. Just start back on IN Hard

No, I did not succeed...
Hello, are you a Japanese person?
File 120823466093.jpg - (325.35KB, 561x4265 , 1180163621184.jpg) [iqdb]
File 120823468127.jpg - (247.39KB, 1280x1024 , 1207630800601.jpg) [iqdb]
I will admit, Reisen is one of my favorite characters. She is sexy, smart, a hard worker, and loyal.
File 120823505755.jpg - (209.01KB, 453x640 , 508c7b22a0a7895a15df75052cc7ff76.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't care what it takes, we must incorporate Reisen into our sisterly harem.
The girls need a responsible, older-sister figure!
They have Wriggle, and she has Mokou ATM. WE need Reisen!
>I don't care what it takes, we must incorporate Reisen into our sisterly harem. The girls need a responsible, older-sister figure!

You're lucky I'm not writing up scenarios. After finally getting her to be close with Anon, I'd have her sacrificing herself to save Anon's sorry ass. You know, denying you the sweet prize right before you got it.
File 120823556515.jpg - (207.56KB, 548x719 , 1207272466282.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright guys. Compy problems have passed, but it's late now. Bedtime for Bonzo, and what not. And also, I must admit, Reisen never was one of my favorite characters, but she is growing on me now. Just like many of the characters I've written about. In any event, G'night. There should be some more MiG tomorrow. Massive runnings on Thursday and Friday (I have both days off) If planning allows. Night~
Night, Kirakari

Night, Kira. Stay frosty.
Ah well, g'night.

Awesome posts!

Good night!
Thankfully, we already have more than enough cock-blockery in the existing stories that there's no need to add to the pile.
I'm starting to think that this anon put all his ranks in diplomacy.
File 120824736422.jpg - (763.16KB, 2139x1500 , touhougroup.jpg) [iqdb]
Of course. If you want to survive while exploring Gensokyo, you're better off getting pretty much anyone to help/join you, since they're all going to be stronger than you.

when you're playing a lvl 1 commoner in an epic level campaign, diplomancer is the only valid build.

there's also chickenspam and unlimited quarterstaff works.
[ ] Join Wriggle and Mokou’s conversation.

Some pretty awesome development since I last checked, well done guys.

Rumia's Darkness + Wriggle's Insects = Raep

Same here with Reisen. This and "Those 50 Years Were A Lie ;_;" fanfic made me like her.

Well I certainly don`t like what you did to Reimu though. She`s my favourite bitch of Gensokyo and you made her even more of a bitch than she is. Well, whatever. Keep up the good work. You`re as good as GM if not better. Plus you write like THE FIST OF THE MUTHERFUCKING NORTH STAR JESUS CHRIST. I`ll continue to lurk your threads and wish you good luck.

God fucking danmit, I can't stop laughing
I liek Alice being betrayed and half-killed by Reimu%Marisa. And guess who saves her ronery and scarred soul.

Unfortunately, Diplomacy isn't a Commoner class skill.

Anonymous would be more like an Expert or Human Paragon (racial class, not template).


Class skills: Bluff, Computer Use, Concentration, Craft (models & figurines), Diplomacy, Knowledge (Wikipedia), Knowledge (Local, Gensokyo), Profession (Fry Cook), Research, Sense Motive
Maybe commoners in modern day setting have a greater range of class skills due to education? And experts are even more advanced in skill?
Kira, are you gonna do the Dream Time thing as a break every now and then? I really enjoy it.
The world outside Gensokyo is probably better represented with d20 modern rather than core.

d20 modern generics are copypastas of the normal classes, but without class features. They still get lots of skill points and no one's hit die is lower than d6. Also, everyone has an "occupation" (e.g., student) in addition to their class, which gives them additional permanent class skills.
I think it's for weekends but I dunno if Kira said that
Yeah i enjoyed it too. It was a welcome change to all that serious MiG. Can we do it at least one time per week or whenever you feel like it?
If you guys are really interested in killing me, I could try to run both at the same time.
File 120828994495.png - (520.75KB, 1600x1200 , churuya-1600.png) [iqdb]
Kira-san! Hey Kira-san!
What would the torture scene have been like?
I'm interested in seeing how much of a failure Anonymous could have been.
Don't overextend yourself on our account.

Not worth it. It would most likely cause both to take longer for things to happen, and unless there's a sudden change (due, for example, to a sudden personality-altering brain injury) and people finally decide to talk things over before voting, I doubt that time would be used productively.
*shrugs shoulders and shakes head* lolidunno.

I like school days better.

Nah just switch between them each day so one day it's mig next its the extra then mig and so on. Or Just go for the extra on weekends like some guy already said.

I'll make the same suggestion I made before.

Just run regular old MiG for most of the week, then run the Gensokyo Academy universe on the weekends. Whenever the regular MiG is done, you could run the school universe full time.
There's nothing wrong with doing both.

Second. Though I hate to admit it I find the stereotypical high school harem plot more interesting than the tactical espionage action plot.
How about one day School days and the next day MiG and so on
File 120829683061.jpg - (53.80KB, 400x400 , 16_112369.jpg) [iqdb]

I just said that you thief.
Oh, wow im blind.
Hey, was it just me or was there an MiG IRC channel at one point?

Can anyone give me a link?


Also where the hell is dunharblwhatever? We got nothing new tonight from MiG, YWUIG or GSQ.

Dont overdo it, have your time, do one at a time. I know its fun for you, but too much fun is going to kill you!
Btw, do we get new MiG today?
I was holding off, 'cause GM said she was gonna run WUiG, but if she doesn't do something in the next 10~15 minutes, I'm probably gonna start up MiG.
allright, i am looking forward to it

GM`s having fun with RPers on AIM.
File 120830415758.png - (256.58KB, 600x500 , 1208217633795.png) [iqdb]
Wonderful, maybe for once I can last the whole night with you!

Also, is this the Moku you described?
. . . Sans the fire from her fingers, yes. yes that is. Now make one with Cirno and Mokou in the THUMBS UP scene from earlier.
Yeah, do you want me to pull it out my ass? I got this from /jp/

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