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~ Year 2, Spring 1 January 1 – Morning

With a groan, you weakly open your eyes, squinting up at the dark ceiling above you. Although there was little light in the room, you could tell it wasn't your own room – the ceiling in here was much too high. Carefully easing yourself up to a sitting position, the aches in your body trying to prevent you otherwise, you take a quick look about your surroundings.

While the room was incredibly fancy by your own standards – filled with expensive looking wooden furniture and a large window dominating one side of the room (the blinds were drawn shut, hence the lack of light) – Remilia always insisted it was nothing special, and you always denied her requests to stay in the more luxurious rooms.

Now that you were seated, and your head no longer comfortably resting on pillows, it decided to remind you that you had been drinking far too much the past few nights, by feeling like small faeries were bashing your head with wooden mallets. You never were much of a drinker, but it seemed drinking heavily of sake was tradition in Gensokyo for any sort of party, even if that party had lasted until New Year's Eve. You'd probably gone home a lot sooner with Yuuka, but Remilia insisted you stay the entire time, and you couldn't bring yourself to disappoint her – that and Yuuka didn't seem to mind, noting there wasn't much for her to do in the winter anyway.

Ignoring your headache and body aches, you carefully moved to the edge of the bed, carefully placing your bare feet to the floor before standing and stretching. On the nightstand you noticed a tray with a filled cup of water, a pitcher (likely full of water), and some muffins. You don't recall that being there before you went to sleep, but more then likely Sakuya had only just delivered it within the past few minutes or so – the muffins were still warm.

Helping yourself to the water and muffin, you take a moment to think over the past few days. As far as you could tell the only guests left in the mansion was yourself and Yuuka, everyone else had probably gone home after the party was over considering ingesting enough sake to kill a liver seemed to be routine for them. The more you thought about it, you had to wonder why Remilia seemed so insist to keep you away from home for so -

“Excuse me, miss Reina. Would you mind if I enter?” spoke the familiar voice of Sakuya when she knocked on the door.

Taking a quick moment to look yourself over, ensuring you looked decent, you walked to the door before opening it, “Not at all Sakuya, what can I do for you?” you asked cheerfully, despite the light coming in from the hallway making your head throb.

The head maid eased her way into the room, carefully closing the door behind her to spare you the offending light, “I wanted to ensure you were awake miss Reina,” she glanced to the nightstand, “and I see the treats were to your liking. I suspected you would feel a bit... uncomfortable this morning.”

“It's still only morning? Well, I guess at least I didn't sleep clear into noon...”

Sakuya pulled out her pocketwatch, flicking it open before snapping it shut, “It's almost nine in the morning miss Reina, quite a bit earlier then your first night here. I do believe I woke you up at around three in the afternoon that day? And you were quite stubborn as well as I recall, insisting that you wish to remain in bed the entire day.”

You groan and shook your head, “Don't remind me. I swear Sakuya, you act all professional and polite, but you have the most unusual way of teasing people like that, don't you?”

“Perhaps, perhaps.” replied the maid with a light smile, “Miss Yuuka has already awoke and apologizes that she had to leave early this morning, she explained there were matters that required her attention at home. She did say she would return in the afternoon to collect you and bring you back home, so until then, I insist you remain in our hospitality.”

“I've been living off your hospitality for nearly a week or more now, haven't I? However, I get the feeling it was less a question and more of a statement...”

Sakuya only smiled in response, “Lady Remilia wishes to see you, however, before we do that...” she gave you an appraising look, “I think we can spend some time to freshen you up first. It seems a week or so of partying is not doing wonders for you.”

You chuckle weakly and rub the back of your head in embarrassment, “Er, yeah I suppose so. I guess you kind of forget some things when you're trying to spend as much time with friends as you can...”

“How about a bath this morning then miss Reina? While you are doing that, I can attend to your clothing... perhaps give you a hand with your hair? I cannot imagine it is too easy to do on your own.”

“Er, well not as hard as it looks, really. You can kind of get used to it but, ah I suppose I can keep the offer in mind...” you respond sheepishly.

Sakuya extended an arm towards the door, “Follow me then miss Reina, I'll lead you to the bath. Do you perhaps want any scented oils or anything like that? While Lady Remilia considers you a friend, I know you don't often enjoy taking much advantage of her hospitality, but perhaps you can treat yourself today?” suggested the maid with a smile.

- - -

[ ] Well, you suppose you could use some... (write-in for bath)
- [ ] And afterwords, maybe you'd like that offer of help.
[ ] A normal bath will be fine.
- [ ] Sakuya can help with your hair though.
[ ] Other? (write-in)

- - -

Oh shit. I'm writing. No really I am. I'll even try to update once a day! Real life circumstances not getting in the way of course. I'm still looking for a job and all that, and I have volunteer work that I've been voluntold to do, blah blah blah.

Maybe this time I won't have this “nervous breakdown” some of you said I had last time...

No. 153170
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

I know nothing about scented baths.
No. 153171
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

I'm reading so many fanfic I kinda forgotten this one.
Someone be nice enough to write a summary? All I remember is MC having a fairy maid (very efficient one by the way), and her being a friend of Yuuka's. I don't remember if that story's MC is a repairwoman, or if I'm thinking about the wrong story.
Anyway, nice to see it back on its feet.
No. 153172
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

Been awhile since I've read RiG but if I remember right Reina's just a simple gal. With huge tits
No. 153173
She's also good with her hands

Especially with wood
No. 153174
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

No need to be fancy.


Ha ha, yeah it's funny cause it's sex.
No. 153175
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

4th writer to resurrect his/her stories in this month. What's next? Taisa and HY come back writing?
No. 153176
Well, Taisa said he would write again if he had some Imizu porn, and he had it, so...
No. 153179

Off topic response, also spoilered to hide possible shitstorm material.

He said he'd write more GH. I don't care if all the others make a miraculous recovery and started writing stories like they have been, he's not going to. If he does, ill start believing in the end of the word, 9/11 conspiracies and other nutty things like that. Real damn shame, that was the story that lured me here way back when....
No. 153180
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

Talking about other authors in someone's story thread is bad manners.

Anyways, it looks like you've improved.
No. 153210
The possibility of Taisa continuing GH is as big as the possibility of ZUN bringing back Mima.
No. 153215
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

I can just see a yuri doujin coming easily from this set up.
No. 153220
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
No. 153223
[X] Well, you suppose you could use something floral scented.
- [X] And afterwords, maybe you'd like that offer of help.

Gotta make sure we smell pretty for Yuuka~
No. 153232
File 132874299083.jpg - (84.87KB , 511x700 , 324f056acdcd5551e64b73c8ae37690f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A normal bath will be fine.
- [x] Sakuya can help with your hair though.

- - -

You rub at the back of your head nervously, “Well, just a normal bath will be fine, thank you Sakuya. And I guess it can't hurt to get some help with my hair... I've gotten pretty good at doing it myself, but it should be a lot easier with another set of hands.”

“As you wish miss Reina. Please, right this way, it's not that far...”

Sakuya seemed to know the mansion's layout like the back of her hand, you never saw her have to even pause for a split-second to think on where she was. You, on the other hand, could hardly remember where your room was after going through so many twists and turns – the more you stayed in Remilia's home, the more it felt like a labyrinth more then a place people lived and worked.

Eventually the maid stopped by a non-descript door, gesturing at it with a smile, “Enjoy your bath miss Reina.”


It felt awkward watching Sakuya carefully look over your hair in a mirror. Sort of reminded you of a barber's shop, only you hadn't been to one in years. Also you tended to have more then a bathrobe on when you went to a barber's.

The silver-haired woman carefully looked your hair over with a critical eye, “I find it hard to believe you've managed to do this yourself for years. Your hairstyle looks quite complex, however your hair seems to be in very good health, I'm sure many girls would be jealous of it.” teased the maid.

“It's just something I've gotten used to having to do on my own. I think when I first started using this style, it would take me hours to get it right... now it just feels like a normal routine.”

“Your hair is actually quite long miss Reina, why don't you wear it down more often?” asked Sakuya casually as she started to work on your hair.

You take a moment to think it over before shrugging, “Habit I suppose. I used to keep it down, but as it got longer it kept getting in the way while I was working. I used to just throw it up in a ponytail, then I started to experiment with it, and well... you can see where all that led up too.”

“Ah, I see. It is a very unique hairstyle...”

It probably took Sakuya a bit longer then you could do it yourself, but eventually your hair was done, and she returned with your clothes which you were grateful to slip back into. Afterwords, she led you off to meet with Remilia. As usual, you quickly had no idea where you were going and only knew that the head maid led you to a large room with Remilia seated at the head of a table.

The vampire mistress flashed you a smile as you entered and gestured to the empty seat across from her, which you took as the maid excused herself after leaving a tray of tea.

“I hope you've been enjoying your stay here Reina, and I hope I wasn't inconveniencing you at all.”

You offered a smile in return as you decided to help yourself to a cup of tea, “Of course not Remilia, don't worry about it. It's a bit odd waking up in a new room every night though...”

“It's actually been the same room every night. Although, I understand you can hardly find your way down the hallway here. It must take some getting used to I suppose.” replied Remilia with a grin, “Now then, I'll be letting you go home today since my ah... gift, is all prepared for you.”

“You never kind of explained what that gift is, or why it meant I couldn't go home you know...”

The vampire interlaced her hands, resting her chin on the top of them, “Well, that'd ruin the surprise! You'll find out when Yuuka comes to pick you up this afternoon. Until then, I'm sure we can think of something to keep you entertained. But ah, yes before that business!” Remilia lifted her head before clapping her hands together, “Actually, a topic I haven't been all that happy to discuss with you, as it's sort of embarrassing... but, best to get it out of the way now I suppose.”

You raised an eyebrow curiously, “Bad news?”

“Of a sorts.” interrupted the flat voice of Patchouli, striding into the room, “You can stop your fretting Remilia, I shall explain. You would attempt to put too many fancy words into it, or confuse her.”

Remilia winced slightly, “How cruel of you to say Pache! I had it all thought out, but ahem! Yes, Pache can explain instead.”

The magician shrugged her shoulders, “A long, needless story short is your broke Reina. All that money you had? Not worth anything anymore. The details aren't important, but it's been something Remilia has been trying to take care of for some time, and simply kept putting it off. Fortunately, she has some money – that actually has value – to give you for now. Future payments will be in usable currency, of course. There may be some tweaking of your agreement from Christmas, of course.”

You blinked in surprise, staring awkwardly at Patchouli, “I... I don't get it.”

“Remilia decided to essentially print her own money for some time now. It has recently earned the ire of those who actually control the currency here. Thus, they have invalidated her currency and made her obey the rules everyone else follows. Very simple actually.”

“I follow rules...” grumbled the vampire quietly.

“Uhm, well... I g-guess it could be worse...” you say, glancing towards the crestfallen Remilia, “I'm sure I'll be fine. Don't worry about it and, ah, thanks for explaining it to me Patchouli.”

The purple-haired magician fixed you with an emotionless stare, “A thank you is not required. Here.” she tossed a small bag at you, “That is the agreed upon amount of payment from the mansion, in addition to some extra for the trouble. Now then, I'll be returning to the library if you need me.”

With that, Patchouli calmly strode out of the room. Opening the bag, you peered inside to a see an assortment of coins, inspecting a few of them they seemed very... simple. Coins with a square hole punched through the middle of them in fact. You hadn't quite seen anything like them, but if they were the currency of Gensokyo...

“Ahem! Well, that's that! Now with that unpleasant business aside, you should have some time before Yuuka arrives. While I could release you to Sakuya for now, I think I have some free time myself, if that interests you Reina.” spoke the vampire loudly, obviously trying to gloss over her grave mistake.

- - -

Well, you have some freetime now so...
[ ] Do something with Sakuya? (write-in)
[ ] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia... (write-in)
[ ] Other? (write-in)
[ ] Hey maybe they have some cards and...

- - -

This is now my flimsy excuse for actually forgetting about currency! And not having to worry about the fact Reina would be very wealthy by now otherwise. Don't hurt me, it'll all make sense, and don't worry it's not THAT big a deal. Money and stuff will get explained worry, and I shall do my best to keep all such 'game-ish' elements as mostly stuff on my end, so you my readers and voters, can focus on the reading and voting.

And now you can enjoy a lovely all write-in vote, you all like those, right?
No. 153235
[c] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
- [c] ...like having tea, for example?

This story is back. Awesome.
No. 153237
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.

Not a whole lot of westerners in Gensokyo.
No. 153239
[X] Hey maybe they have some cards and...

This option is struck out, but I simply do not care. The implications are too interesting to leave alone.
No. 153240
[x] Hey maybe they have some cards and...

Strikeout? What strikeout?
No. 153252
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.

Although I find the thought of more strip poker is tantalizing.
No. 153266
[x] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
- [x] ...like having tea, for example?
No. 153277
[x] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[x]Strip chess
No. 153278
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.
No. 153279
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.
No. 153280
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.
No. 153295
File 132885593784.jpg - (179.24KB , 600x800 , a4c36698efcb36628fb78847052ba4a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] You don't think you've ever done anything with Remilia...
-[X] Maybe the two of you can play a game together? Maybe cards, or chess... Something western. It will be a nice change of pace.

- - -

Of everyone you knew in Gensokyo, Remilia was probably the only one who wasn't originally from anywhere around Gensokyo – her style of clothes, and her home, probably meant she was from somewhere in Europe, perhaps? So perhaps you could try to play something you haven't tried in a while, hopefully something she knew...

Taking a sip of tea, an idea springs to mind, “Well, how about... chess? If you own a chess set that is. I'm not all that great at shogi, but chess is something I know, and er, well... you seem like you'd know how to play it.”

“Ah, of course! It has been some time since I've played it myself, shogi is much more popular here of course... still! Very refreshing to try an old favorite. Sakuya!”

The maid appeared, as she often so enjoyed doing, “Yes milady?”

“Fetch the chess set, shall you? Also, some snacks if you could be so kind.”

Sakuya curtseyed once more, quickly departing the room. As expected of her, there wasn't even time for idle chit-chat before she returned, placing the chessboard on the table, along with a tray of snacks nearby. She excused herself from the room, flashing you a quick smile before she departed.

“Has it been some time since you last played chess, Reina?” asked the vampire as she started to set up the board

“Err.. its been a while I suppose. I didn't exactly own a chessboard, and I never really thought of making one myself. Although, I suppose that's something I could do fairly easily, now that I think about it... but it would take a bit of time, so maybe I'll just keep it in mind for now.”

Remilia chuckled, “Perhaps I'll commission my own custom board from you one day Reina. While this is, of course, a very quality chess set, I do so admire your handiwork. I, after all, need to make sure I keep you busy, money doesn't make itself now does it?”

“Well, it does if you don't want it to be worth anything.” you replied with a grin.

“Ah, I do suppose I walked into that one, didn't I Reina? I suppose I'll just have to soundly beat you in chess a few times, teach you some humility.” teased the blue-haired mistress with a grin.

“Now, now don't go to rough on me, if you crush my spirits, how are you going to expect me to make quality things for you, eh? Maybe I'll just make it shoddy to spite you.”

Remilia gestured to the board, “Well, I'll be white and you shall be black. Perhaps I should've asked which you prefer, but I trust you don't mind?”

“Not a problem at all, it's your home and set after all.”

The vampire smiled, focusing her attention on the board, “Very well then, let's see how my skills have fared over the years...”


Remilia smiled as she moved another piece into position. She wasn't saying anything, but she certainly had you beat... and while you didn't know all the little rules of chess, you were pretty sure she was winning by a crushing amount. Particularly given your handful of pieces left on the board, and her much larger army.

At this point, you were mostly just staying in the game for the sake of not quitting... still, it had been years since you last played, and Remilia likely had several decades of experience in the game. So you suppose it could've gone worse – not many people could say they got trounced in a game by a centuries-old vampire, right?

As she waited for you to make your move, she looked out the window, “Do you perhaps, wish to play another round of chess Reina? Or do you wish to try something new? I do think we'd have time for another game, if you so desire. Of course, do not feel obligated to spend time with me, if you wish to see someone else.”

- - -

Er, well, let's see... maybe if you move – oh wait, think of something else...
[ ] Another round of chess!
[ ] Let's try something else... (write-in)
[ ] It's been fun, but you'll go see someone else until Yuuka arrives...
- [ ] Go see Sakuya and... (write-in)
- [ ] How about Patchouli? Then you can... (write-in)
- [ ] Other? (write-in)
[ ] Required write-in option

I haven't played chess in forever, and would be terrible at describing an actual game, and the name of moves and all that...

Ahem. Excuse how terrible this update probably is. Tomorrow I do have some errands to do, and a certain game is going to start an early test, but I'll do my best to squeeze in time for an update.
No. 153296
[c] Required write-in option
- [c] Strip poker.

I'm a horrible person.
No. 153301
[x] Another round of chess!
Anything but strip poker.
No. 153302
[x] Another round of chess!

Strip poker is for the weak.
No. 153303
[X] Let's try something else...
<s>[X] Strip Checkers</s>
[X] Egyptian Rat Screw
Guys, poker is a terrible two player game...if you want to strip remilia choose something else.
No. 153305
[x] Strip chess
No. 153306
[x] Strip Twister
No. 153307
[X] ... Perhaps Remilia could show you some of her danmaku? It must be very pretty.

Nothing is superior to beauty and thought, after all.
No. 153309
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.
No. 153310
Remilia prefers melee combat to danmaku, electing to use basic, efficient barrages rather than pretty patterns and shit. Canon!

[x] Strip chess.
No. 153311
[X] Strip everything.

If you know what I mean.
No. 153316
Could someone point me to the first thread of this? None of the RiG threads I've found seem to start from at a beginning of any sort and that left me quite confused...
No. 153317
>>153303 here; changing my vote to
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.
No. 153318
Go type the story name here: http://westisblue.com./# and you'll download all of the threads automatically. Otherwise, use the archive: http://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.html and ctrl+F your way to Restorer in Gensokyo.
No. 153319
No. 153321
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.
No. 153323
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.

I'll roll with that.
No. 153330
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.
No. 153331
Just to uh, kind of clarify here... do you mean LITERALLY a waltz, or are you just using it to be fancy and mean "We'll do what Remilia wants because she won"?

It might be obvious to you all, but I want to be positive.
No. 153337
>>153323 here. Personally, I vote for the literal waltz option. Being Remilia's plaything isn't something I'm looking for.
No. 153339
>>153330 Here, I was intending an actual dance.
No. 153353
File 132902723574.jpg - (113.37KB , 917x567 , ccad4bbc3ca17304b62349c8ca7faba1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Let's try something else...
[x]As the loser, you'll allow her to lead you in a waltz.

- - -

It didn't take too many more turns for Remilia to checkmate you, and end the game in her victory. You had considered her question while you finished the game, and no part of you really thought another round of chess would improve your chances any – Remilia just always seemed to know what you were going to do, before you did. Also, you were just rather lousy at chess anyway.

“While I'm sure another round of chess would be quite enjoyable, I shall respectfully decline. I don't think I can take another sound thrashing,” you say with a grin, “still, I'd like to do something else with you, we really haven't had time to just... hang out I suppose.”

The vampire smiled, “You're a fine chess player, much better then anyone I've played in a while. I suppose that is true, so often we only meet to discuss business, it is nice to be able to indulge in some pleasure, yes?”

“All work and no play, right? Well, let me think a moment...”

The mansion was a fairly expensive looking home, and Remilia could be – for all you knew – a former noble of some European country... so she probably had quite the repertoire of skills that, a well, noble would be expected to have for formal occasions and parties... and for some unknown reason, almost as if there were some unusual force placing odd ideas in your mind, an unusual idea came to mind.

“This is going to sound crazy and all but... how about a waltz? I've heard of it, read a few things but I've never ever really seen one. And I can't think of anywhere I could go see one, or experience it first hand... so... erm, yeah.” you ask sheepishly, your face feeling a bit warm from embarrassment.

Remilia placed a fingertip to her lips, silent for a moment, her eyes looking you over, “Well, I can't say I expected that sort of request. It is true, I know the dance but it really has been sometime since I've had to actually use it... still, a most intriguing request, and quite unusual. There is a bit of a height problem, but I can think of a few ways...”

“If it's too much trouble, we can do - “

The blue-haired mistress shook her head, “No, no! It is not too much trouble. Still, as you haven't ever done a waltz before, I think the most we have time for is to at least get you to know how to perform it... that will do, I believe. I wonder if Sakuya still knows how to play the music...”


~ Year 2, January 1 - Afternoon

Given the height difference between the two of you, you were honestly curious as to how Remilia would solve the problem. As it turned out, it was fairly simple – she could after all, float. This probably also helped prevent any situation where you could accidentally step on her toes, as you clumsily attempted to learn the dance.

Still, despite your blunders, Remilia never seemed to mind (you still thought it was simply because you couldn't mess up badly enough to actually hurt her in anyway), and you were sure Sakuya was enjoying your awkward learning process. By the time noon rolled around, the vampire insisted you were doing very well for a beginner, although you still thought she was only saying that to make you feel better.

“Not bad at all Reina. You just have to have more confidence in your step, and think less about it. After enough practice, you won't have to think about it – you shall simply, do. It should not be unlike your own work, after all, I don't imagine you really 'think' what you do, you simply... do, correct?”

Mulling it over in your head a moment, you nodded in agreement, “I suppose that's a way of looking at it. Still, ah, thank you very much Remilia. Kind of glad I couldn't accidentally step on your toes or anything...”

“Floating has its perks, after all.” teased Remilia with a grin, “If you ever dance with someone whose toes may be a target, just try not to think about it. Are you perhaps trying to learn for a future event Reina? You do make a rather lovely dance partner.”

You rub the back of your head nervously, “Erm, n-no not really. The idea just kind of... appeared in my head. Can't really explain it.”

“I see, still, keep it in mind, eh? Now then! It seems to be about that time... Sakuya, I do trust we haven't been keeping Yuuka waiting?”

The maid curtseyed, “She arrived only moments ago. Follow me miss Reina.”

“Before I go, thank you again Remilia. I had a lot of fun, uhm, until next time!”

The vampire smiled and simply shooed you off. Once Sakuya was certain no more words were to be exchanged, she quickly began to lead you to where Yuuka was waiting – which, as it turned out, happened to be outside the doors of the mansion.

The flower youkai smiled only slightly, but her eyes seemed pleased to see you again, “Ah my little flower, did you have a good day so far? I apologize for having to leave this morning, but you know how things can crop up unexpectedly.”

“Ah, don't worry about it at all Yuuka, it isn't like I have you on a leash or anything.”

Yuuka merely extended her hand towards you, “Shall we be going then, Reina? I imagine you are anxious to return home, and I would be such a terrible date if I did not at least accompany you to the door.”

“Have a good day miss Reina, and miss Yuuka. Please, stop by anytime.” said Sakuya, bidding you both farewell with a curtsey


When Remilia said she had a gift for you, you kind of expected something... extravagant. What you did not expect, however, was to find your house had essentially been remodeled entirely. While it still retained its original charm, you could tell right away as Yuuka brought you near, that it was not the same place you had left a week ago.

Judging by Yuuka's looks at your response, the flower youkai had known about this remodel ahead of time, and was quite amused at your shocked expression.

“Surprised, little flower?”

“That... would be putting it mildly Yuuka. I expected something, unusual, or expensive but... this is really setting the bar pretty high. I can't tell what goes through Remilia's head at all...” you say with a sigh.

The green-haired woman patted you gently on the shoulder, “Pay it no mind, and merely enjoy it. Come, let us go inside, shall we?”

Inside you were shocked to find someone already there, waiting for you. It was a fairy, specifically, a fairy wearing a maid uniform you recognized as standard wear from the staff of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Upon seeing you, she offered a curtsey.

“Welcome home mistress Roots, and lady Kazami. I'm Limstella, and I have been instructed by mistress Scarlet to offer my services to mistress Roots.”

You open your mouth a few times in surprise, before finding your voice, “Ah, erm... h-hello there Limstella. It's nice to meet you, and uhm... wow, okay, I didn't expect this at all. Has she been here long...?”

“I have seen her here the whole week. She was overseeing the work, as I recall little flower.”

“Correct mistress Kazami. The workers all departed this morning, and I have spent some time cataloging and organizing. If you do not have plans mistress Roots, I have things I wish to discuss with you. However, they are not time-sensitive, and if you wish to do something with mistress Kazami, you are of course, free to do so.”

- - -

A remodel AND a fairy? Remilia was crazy... but ah, what now?
[ ] Yuuka wouldn't mind if you heard what Limstella had to say first, right?
[ ] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
[ ] Other? (write-in)
No. 153357
File 132904572252.jpg - (420.47KB , 600x799 , 8871559be6e1c7420787042fd094ac3c.jpg ) [iqdb]
[c] Yuuka wouldn't mind if you heard what Limstella had to say first, right?

She wouldn't mind, right?
No. 153360
[X] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
-[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home, changed as it is, by yourself.
No. 153370
[x] Yuuka wouldn't mind if you heard what Limstella had to say first, right?
No. 153372
[X] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
-[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home, changed as it is, by yourself.

That Yuuka is pure love. That's fairly rare here, so I need more.
No. 153376
[X] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
-[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home, changed as it is, by yourself.
No. 153378
[X] If it's not that important now,you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in) -[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home,changed as it is,by yourself.
No. 153401
[X] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
-[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home, changed as it is, by yourself.

More time with Yuuka is always for the best.
No. 153404
File 132918306456.jpg - (49.30KB , 300x300 , 5e1947cc6b2ccaa517293eb6ef0eca7f.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] If it's not that important now, you can go do something with Yuuka first... (write-in)
-[X] Would she mind staying for dinner? It would seem odd to eat in your home, changed as it is, by yourself.

- - -

“Well, how about after dinner? I kind of thought of making some dinner for Yuuka, a small repayment for all the time she spent with me this week...”

Limstella nodded, gesturing to the doorway in the back, “Of course Mistress Reina. The kitchen is good to use, and the food is stocked as well. Everything she be as you remember it, if perhaps moved around a little bit.”

“Thank you, uhm, you can tell me a few thing as I prepare food, I mean, it won't take all my attention...”

“It is quite alright Mistress Reina, as I said it is not time-sensitive. I shall allow you to focus fully on cooking, I will busy myself until then.”

“Well then Yuuka, did you have a particular dish you wanted to request, or should I surprise you?” you asked with a smile, heading towards the kitchen.

“Surprise me. It has been a while since we've just sat around at your home, hm? Although,” the youkai glanced outside the window, “I suppose we shall have an early dinner, little flower.”

You chuckle nervously as you begin to look through your remodeled kitchen, “Er, I guess it is a bit early... I suppose I can just put more effort into it! Or a more involved dish...”

“Pay it no mind little flower. I don't mind eating early, although I shall point out that you do not owe me anything. I do not mind spending time with you, Reina.”

“Even if you don't think so, I'm going to make you something when you stop by anyway.”

The youkai chuckled, “Very well then, little flower. Although, I do think the shrine maiden would appreciate that offer more then I.”

“I don't think she's really all that short on food all the time... r-right?”

“I wonder, I wonder...” is all Yuuka said with a smirk on her face.

~ Year 2, January 1 – Evening

As the two of you finished eating, you were a bit surprised to see Limstella move into the room to quickly gather up the dishes and set them in the sink, stating she'd take care of them herself later. Although you tried to protest, the fairy was quite insistent on performing her duties. It was going to take some adjusting getting used to having someone around who, well, insisted on being a maid.

“My, my she's quite dutiful isn't she little flower? The vampire really went out of her way for you. Most fairies are characterized by their laziness, or aloofness. This one seems to be quite the opposite.”

The fairy merely bowed her head respectfully, “I shall accept that as a compliment, Mistress Kazami. I must apologize, but may I borrow Mistress Roots for a time? It shall not take long.”

“Of course, go right ahead. I'll wait in the kitchen.”

Limstella quickly moved back to the storefront, where she gestured for you to sit at the counter. When you had done so, she pulled out a clipboard and peered at it for a few moments, seeing to be gathering her thoughts.

“Mistress Scarlet has not only assigned me as your maid, but I'm also to help assist you in running your... business. I have learned that you have operated here by yourself for some years, but Mistress Scarlet felt it would benefit you if you could have some extra help, and perhaps branch out some. However, she doesn't expect you to dedicate all your time to this, which again comes back to her sending me here.

“While I've been serving Mistress Scarlet as a maid, I also have some experience in management. The plan being that you can free up your day, by allowing me to oversee and manage workers for you. While I understand your own skills in the restoration of objects, and carpentry are likely unsurpassed here in Gensokyo, there are many more jobs available to you but you may lack the skill and time to handle them. So, logically, you simply hire on workers to do these tasks for you. This has the benefit of allowing you to earn some income, and of course, allow you to feel free to do what you want, instead of having to stay at home for days and work on a project.

“The choice is entirely your own of course, Mistress Roots. You do not have to do any of that, and can simply stay the course. Mistress Scarlet's monthly funding should be enough to ensure you can buy food for the month, and have enough left to spend comfortably. Ah, yes speaking of money, I have taken the liberty of calculating your monthly expenses... as I understand, you also wish to donate to the Hakurei shrine? In which case, you should look carefully at your income and expenses, to ensure you can afford it. While it is admirable to donate to the Shrine, it does you no good if you bankrupt yourself, correct?”

Limstella placed the clipboard on the counter, the paper shown titled simply as 'Finances'. She really had done her work on all this, not only had she made a basic outline of expenses and income, she had even written down various suggestions and even projected the costs of those as well. Limstella was really an unusual fairy...

- - -

> Limstella's report
~ Mistress Scarlet's income (end of the month): 400 Mon
~ Mistress Root's food expenses: 150 Mon
~ Hakurei Shrine donations: 150 Mon
> Projected income: 100 Mon

Well, let's have a look here...
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[ ] Keep it as is!
[ ] Well, m-maybe a bit less... (Lowered to 90 Mon)
[ ] Reimu could use a bit more... (Raised to 240 Mon)

- Food spending!
[ ] Keep it as is!
[ ] Suppose you could spend a bit less, buy more ingredients and less prepared food... (Lowered to 90 Mon)
[ ] Could spend a bit lavishly! Some high-quality ingredients and food! (Raised to 240 Mon)

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[ ] Yuuka time! (write-in)
[ ] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then? (write-in)
[ ] Other? (write-in)

- - -

I know this is a bit unusual and sudden... but if you have a question, comment, or concern, please bring it up. I've done my best to make sure the things I wanted to do in for RiG2(.5) will not ruin the flow of the story element.
No. 153418
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[x] Keep it as is!
Raymoo should be able to feed herself just fine on the same amount of money we were using to eat, ourselves.

- Food spending!
[x] Suppose you could spend a bit less, buy more ingredients and less prepared food... (Lowered to 90 Mon)
Making our own tastes better, anyways.

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[ ] Yuuka time!
[ ] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then?
-[x] Let's get these two properly introduced to each other, shall we?
No. 153419
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[x] Keep it as is!

- Food spending!
[x] Keep it as is!

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[x] Yuuka time! (Discuss.)

Actually, we're having a stable income. Let's keep it that way until we can improve it, we will be able to spend more later.
No. 153421
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[X] Keep it as is!

- Food spending!
[X] Suppose you could spend a bit less, buy more ingredients and less prepared food... (Lowered to 90 Mon)

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[X] Yuuka time!
[X] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then?
-[X] Limstella is a maid, isn't she? Maybe she can share her experience with flowers with you and Yuuka. It would be good to know that the flowers you keep are in good hands if anything should come up...

Introducing our maid to our spouse.
No. 153422
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[X] Keep it as is!

- Food spending!
[X] Keep it as is

Reina has a figure to maintain.

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[X] Yuuka time!
[X] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then?
-[X] Limstella is a maid, isn't she? Maybe she can share her experience with flowers with you and Yuuka. It would be good to know that the flowers you keep are in good hands if anything should come up...
No. 153475
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[c] Keep it as is!

- Food spending!
[c] Keep it as is

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[X] Yuuka time!
[c] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then?
-[c] Limstella is a maid, isn't she? Maybe she can share her experience with flowers with you and Yuuka. It would be good to know that the flowers you keep are in good hands if anything should come up...
No. 153595
File 13296712772.jpg - (116.99KB , 600x790 , 95d17c32cd0865c97e6c96d45d54fa54.jpg ) [iqdb]
- Hakurei Shrine donations
[x] Keep it as is!

- Food spending!
[x] Keep it as is!

- Well, now that the budget is done...
[X] Yuuka time!
[X] Maybe you could do something with Limstella then?
-[X] Limstella is a maid, isn't she? Maybe she can share her experience with flowers with you and Yuuka. It would be good to know that the flowers you keep are in good hands if anything should come up...

- - -

The budget looked pretty good as is, actually. It didn't leave too much of Remilia's monthly stripend for spending, but there should be some work to do, so... yeah, that didn't seem too bad. Looking over the clipboard one last time, you nodded and handed it back to her.

“That budget seems pretty balanced to me, so why not just keep it all like that?”

Limstella nodded, tucking the clipboard under her arm, “Very well Mistress Roots. I'll go set aside the money for the shrine then. Ah, yes did Mistress Scarlet happen to give you anything noteworthy when you saw her...?”

“Oh! Right, she did give me some coins...” you took the small pouch of coins from your pocket and handed it to Limstella.

The fairy opened the pouch and peered inside, before closing it and tucking it away, “Thank you. I shall leave you to Mistress Kazami then - “

“Actually, before you go... would you come talk with Yuuka with me? If you're going to help me tend to my house, I thought it'd be good to know how well you handle tending to plants.”

Limstella nodded her head, following you back to the kitchen where Yuuka still was, enjoying a cup of tea. She greeted you with a quick smile, her eyes flicking over to Limstella who followed you in.

“My little flower has a good point. I could hear you two talking in the room over, of course. So tell my fairy, do you have experience with plants?”

“Tending to Mistress Scarlet's garden was not part of my main duties. However, I did sometimes go and tend to them anyway... although, I confess it is not something I'm particularly skilled in. The chief maid was quite good at it, and all I ever had to do was perhaps water them from time to time.”

The flower youkai nodded her head, “I suppose that is enough to at least ensure they do not die if Reina is busy that day.” she paused to look out the window, “Although there isn't anything growing right now... I will at least give you some words of advice on a bit more then watering. After all, I would not wish to see my little flower's garden suffer.”

“Of course, Mistress Kazami. I will be listening quite intently.”

Yuuka gestured to a vacant chair, “Why not take a seat Reina? This can serve as a bit of a refresher for you as well.”


Following Yuuka giving a rather condensed lecture on the finer points of watering plants, followed by a basic idea of proper weeding, and then a dash of fertilizing. After she was done speaking, she again looked out the window, then she looked to you.

“I do believe that'll be enough for now, little flower. It appears to be quite late, and you do need to get your sleep after all. Hopefully, you will no longer feel hungover in the morning.” commented the green-haired woman with a smirk.

Rubbing the back of your head, you chuckled weakly, “Y-yeah, let's hope not... it did seem to go away as the day went on, but that was a pretty rough waking up...”

“I know this is unusual of me to ask, little flower but... would you like me to stay the night? While I have to leave early in the morning, so I will probably not be here when you waken but... well, I'll leave the decision up to you.”

Limstella moved towards the exit to the storefront, “I will go prepare your bed, Mistress Roots.” she paused to glance towards the youkai, before leaving without another word.

- - -

You think this is the first time Yuuka's asked to stay over, instead of you asking her...
[ ] Well, why not!
- [ ] Just going to sleep, or? (Write-in)
[ ] Politely decline.

- - -

Man, I can't believe myself. I took that many days for such an update? I have to stop being lazy. Given this update is relatively early (for me), I might do another update tonight depending on the number of votes and all that.
No. 153597
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.

Every last snuggle we have.
No. 153599
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.

It's an unique occasion. We have to take it!
No. 153601
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.
No. 153603
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.
No. 153607
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.

Trivia: Meiling takes care of the SDM gardens.
No. 153623
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.
No. 153628
File 132976839966.jpg - (387.36KB , 575x924 , effdba3b66869e1288f1d79ce78ed437.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Well, why not!
-[X] All of the snuggling.

- - -

You sneak a quick glance out the window, before looking back to Yuuka, offering her a smile, “I'd be delighted for you to spend the night. It is rather late, right? May as well get a good night's rest now! And, uhm, well... I guess some company for the night in this brand new house and all would be... nice. Fairy aside, of course.”

The flower youkai smirked, “I accept your invitation humbly then, little flower. We shall see the mysteries of the remodeled upstairs, and master bedroom, together.” teased Yuuka

Laughing, you head upstairs with Yuuka, where you note Limstella gestures towards your bedroom – still in the same place it seems – while she seems to go down the hall a bit, to where you assume she'll sleep for the night. Heading into the master bedroom proper, you are a bit relieved to see it doesn't seem all that changed. Actually, now that you thought on it, the house itself didn't seem largely all that different, except the house did seem a bit more... rectangular perhaps? You sort of wondered what Remilia was thinking when she had the house re-done.

“Well, seems no harm was done. I'll just ah, get changed for sleep, in the, uhm... bathroom over there...” you say sheepishly, going to the dresser to fetch some night clothes.

Yuuka merely smiled in response as she decided to entertain herself by examining your room a bit closer. After spending a few moments changing, and un-doing your hair for sleep, you step out of the bathroom to find Yuuka already under the sheets, she greets you with a slight smile. You can't help but notice that near the bed, on the floor, her plaid vest and skirt discarded... your mind wanders a bit in wondering what she decided to keep on for sleep, but you quickly brush the thought aside.

Climbing into bed, you sheepishly scoot closer to Yuuka, your face red with embarrassment, “Uhm... d-do you mind if, erm, I uh... k-kind of hold you f-for a bit?”

The flower youkai chuckled, as you felt her arms wrap around your waist, “Feel free, little flower. Pleasant dreams.”

Nervously wrapping your own arms around her waist a bit, you try your best to fall asleep, even as your heart pounds in your chest – also, you could see she still had her dress shirt on...

~ Year 2, January 2 – Morning

As Yuuka had mentioned, she was gone by the morning before you woke up. While you were a bit saddened by this, well you were still grateful for the time you had spent with her. You knew you'd be seeing her around again anyway, so it wasn't a huge loss you suppose. After your usual morning routine, and a light breakfast, you were starting to think of how to plan out your day when Limstella walked into the kitchen, placing a pouch onto the table.

“I have set aside the monthly donation for the Hakurei shrine here. I would recommend dropping it off sometime early in the month, but that is your own choice Mistress Roots. I will have to excuse myself for the day, I need to attend to some business. Have a pleasant day, Mistress Roots.”

The fairy curtseyed, before excusing herself once more, followed by the front door opening then closing. With winter's chill still around, there was no garden to tend to, so perhaps you should get started on visiting Reimu to drop off the donation...

“This place sure looks different from the outside, but it doesn't look that different inside...” commented a voice from the storefront.

Frowning, you head out of the kitchen and peer into the storefront... to see the tengu, Aya looking around – you immediately spot the open window. Seems Remilia didn't think of placing locks on those when she remodeled it...

“You know Aya, you could just knock and ask to be invited like normal people...”

Aya grins and winks, “I didn't want to interrupt you if you were busy after all! Besides, you expect me to come in without invitation anyway, didn't want to ruin our little routine!”

“Yeah, yeah... so, what brings you around anyway Aya? It's been a while, hasn't it?”

“Thought I'd drop by! I heard a thing or two from some kappa about some work they had the past week, paid by Remilia and all that. Still, doesn't seem like she changed much did she? I suppose it looks a lot nicer on the outside, new paint, new material...”

You shrug, “It's the thought that counts anyway. Did you maybe want some tea or something?”

The reporter shrugged, “Nah, that's alright. You know, you want to do an interview of your holidays?” the tengu grinned, pulling out her little notebook.

“Don't you ever want to stop by to do something else other then interviewing me?” you ask with a sigh.

“Well, I always need something to write about! Still, I suppose you have a point.” she tapped her pen against the notebook, “I guess we could just do normal things, hang out or something. Although I still would like to do an interview! Or well, something worth writing... not too sure what else I could write about though... I know you're very skilled in restoration, but that's not particularly something enjoyable to read... Oh! Maybe we could play something, and I can write a play by play! Hrm, maybe, maybe not...”

- - -

A new year, same old Aya it seems.
[ ] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [ ] Interview and then do something? (write-in)
- [ ] Skip the interview and go out! (write-in)
- [ ] Other?
- [ ] Let Aya decide.
[ ] You'll have to decline, you should go see Reimu right away.
[ ] Other?
No. 153629
[X] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [X] Interview, then...
- [X] Surely Aya knows some fun places to visit? She must have covered a few places on interest for her paper over the years.

Girls' day out!
No. 153630
[X] You'll have to decline, you should go see Reimu right away.
-[X] Bring the donation money.
No. 153631
[x] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [x] Interview and then do something? (Go see Reimu)

I don't want to choose between Reimu and Aya, so I take them both.
No. 153643
[x]Why don't you come with me to The Hakurei Shrine?
No. 153644
That's a nice Yuuka picture, kriss.

[c] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [c] Interview and then do something? (Go see Reimu).
No. 153655
[x] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [x] Interview and then do something? (Go see Reimu)
No. 153714
File 132993561596.jpg - (362.89KB , 700x818 , d6842bd3e4e0bc5cca6f49750a2391fc.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Why not hang out? You can always see Reimu later in the day after all...
- [x] Interview and then do something? (Go see Reimu)

- - -

It was still fairly early in the day, and you doubted going to see Reimu some hours later was actually going to matter – after all, it's not like she would go out and spend the donation money today, or she needed it that badly... but still, it would be best to get it taken care of as soon as possible...

“Alright, I have an idea Aya. How about we'll both go see Reimu, eh? And, since I know you love it so, we can do an interview first. Will that work?”

The tengu's eyes sparkled as she turned to face you, “Sounds like my sort of plan! It's worth it, even if Reimu may or may not try to throw me down the stairs, or into the hot spring... I don't think she particularly appreciates my morning delivery of the Bunbunmaru.”

“Couldn't you, maybe... ask people if they want a paper, instead of just giving them away?”

Aya gave you a blank stare, “Why would I do that? Everyone wants a copy! But hey, time's a wasting, let's get that interview! Let's see... what shall we cover... it's a new year, so how about what you did at that party! And some resolutions! This'll be great!”

“You really get fired up over interviews, don't you...?”

~ Year 2, January 2 – Afternoon

While the interview had taken a good chunk of the morning – you couldn't see why it took her so long to interview you, given how quickly she wrote down everything you said – the tengu thanked you by paying you about ten Mon, not a lot of money but, you appreciated it nonetheless. She then took your hand and insisted she'd help get you there in almost no time at all! And by that mean she meant she'd just fly you over there, saving you a lot of time on walking – or using your own feeble skills at flight.

As Aya brought you down to the ground, you could spot Reimu sweeping the walkway to the shrine, she had a frown on her face at seeing the tengu here – still, she set the broom aside to come over and greet you two.

“While I'm happy to see you Reina, what brings the crow here?” the shrine maiden eyes her suspiciously, “The only time I see her come here is bugging me about something or another...”

“I assure you that is not my goal! Today, anyway. For today, I merely wanted to come drop Reina off! And, erm, well if it's not a problem, not get thrown down the steps...?”

Reimu gave Aya a blank stare, before shrugging, “Well, this time I guess you get a pass. But if you bring out that notebook and start writing... well, you didn't say I couldn't use the hot spring. Now, come on inside, would you like some tea?”

“Wait, you don't seriously actually throw her down the steps or into the hot spring, do you?” you ask worriedly, glancing between the two.

Aya only looks away, and Reimu only hums innocently as she leads you two inside the shrine proper. You think it's best to not pry anymore, and just live in blissful ignorance. It didn't take long for Reimu to return with a tray containing three cups full of tea, and some crackers.

“Rough times, eh Reimu?” commented the tengu, taking a bite of a cracker.

The shrine maiden scowled, “No! What, do you expect some kind of feast? This isn't Remilia's!”

“Well, no maybe not a feast, but over at Sanae's, she at least has more then crackers.”

“Then why don't you go there, huh?” retorted Reimu,

“Hey, hey don't start fighting now alright...? Please? And erm, speaking of money, in a way...” you reach into your pocket to pull out the pouch of coins, “Here you go Reimu. This is the donation for the month.”

The girl snatched up the pouch and peered into it, pulling out a few coins, before tucking it away into her outfit... somewhere, she didn't seem to have any pockets after all.

Reimu flashed you a big grin, “Thanks! I always appreciate the donations, and your company of course. Even if you bring along an annoying tengu this time.”

“I'm not that annoying geez, and I'm right here you know...” grumbled the crow.

“Did you hear something? Anyway, I'm sure you wanted to come over for more then just dropping off some money, right? I think I have an old shogi set somewhere... or maybe a Go board...? Or, I guess there's the hot spring... or ah... other... things.”

- - -

Got a plan?
[ ] Reimu has some board games...
- [ ] Shogi?
- [ ] Go?
- [ ] … Did she own something else? (write-in)
[ ] A dip in the spring sounds nice...
[ ] Hmmm, something else, huh? (write-in)

> Gained 10 Mon
No. 153717
[x] A dip in the spring sounds nice...
No. 153722
[x] A dip in the spring sounds nice...

Take it easy.
No. 153723
[x]strip shogi

[x] A dip in the spring sounds nice...
No. 153724
[X] A dip in the spring sounds nice...

Prepare for Aya to take stock of Reina's measurements.
No. 153761
[x] Strip shogi
[x] hot springs.
No. 153764
File 133002109538.jpg - (85.57KB , 908x702 , f61382019d6a405fc5381efc987798c1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A dip in the spring sounds nice...

- - -

“How about a dip in the hot spring? There's nothing quite like a hot spring after all!”

The shrine maiden glanced to Aya, “I don't have a problem with it. I suppose I shall extend the invitation to you as well. Look at it this way, I won't be throwing you into it with all your clothes on this way at least.”

“That is a very generous offer of you Reimu.” the crow sighed and shook her head, “Still, I'll accept it. I guess I'll just go ahead and go first...”

As Aya stood up and started to walk off towards the spring, Reimu jumped to her feet and grabbed her by the collar with a scowl, “Oh no, no that's not how it works. Reina might be a bit naive and trusting of you, but I on the other hand know you all too well. Now, give me your camera.”

“You are absolutely no fun at all Reimu, whats the harm in a little front page material?” joked the tengu.

“How about we make the front page material you being beaten to a pulp and then boiled in a hot spring?” replied the shrine maiden.

“H-hey you two, play nice just... hand over the camera alright Aya? We can all have a good, peaceful, non-violet time together, right?”

The crow tengu groaned, her shoulders slumped, as she reluctantly reached into her clothing and pulled out her camera. You were really starting to wonder how everyone in Gensokyo seemed to be able to carry things around without any pockets... then again, maybe you shouldn't really think about it too much.

With the camera in her possession, Reimu released her grip on Aya's collar, leaving the camera on the table. She eyed the tengu suspiciously, before shrugging, “Alright, I guess that's the worst you can do. I doubt your notebook is waterproof, and even if it was well, I doubt you're much of an artist anyway. Come on Reina.”

The three of you, with Reimu in the lead, went through a short trip through the shrine before exiting it and reaching the walled off hot spring. Reimu insisted she would be the first to enter, and then left it up to Aya and you, of which wanted to go in first. It took little discussion for the tengu to decide she would go in first, so you could go last, and seeing no problem with that arrangement you didn't argue.

After a bit of time, and hearing Reimu and Aya call out to you, you entered the little room before the spring proper, to also undress before entering the spring. Hastily undressing, putting your hair down, and getting a towel from the room to wear for a bit, you nervously peek into the spring proper. While Reimu had her back to you, Aya waved at you with a smile.

“The water's just fine Reina, come on in!”

Your face red with embarrassment, you nervously edge towards the water before looking over to Aya worriedly, “Could you, er, close your eyes for juuuust a second Aya?”

The tengu's face lit up with confusion for a moment, before realizing what you meant, with a sigh, she nodded her head and shut her eyes, before placing a hand over them for good measure. Reassured you slipped off your towel, leaving it within arm's reach, before slipping into the water quickly and submerging as much of yourself in the water as you could.

“You know Reina, your awfully shy about this whole bathing thing.” pointed out the tengu, “I mean, we're all grown women here, nothing we don't see everyday, right?”

Your face reddened a bit more, “S-still... it's just, odd to me you know? Didn't exactly grow up with a lot of friends, or social experiences, so...”

“No need to go prying into Reina's shyness Aya. She's an outsider anyway, it isn't like this kind of thing is normal to her.”

“Yeah, yeah, I suppose so. You humans are always so odd, you have to learn to loosen up a bit more, you don't live long enough to worry about little things like being seen naked.”

“Out of curiosity Aya... just how old are you? If you erm, don't mind me asking of course.”

The crow's brow furrowed in thought, “I don't think I say in an exact number, after a few centuries you just kind of stop counting and worrying about it. It's just a number after all. But let's see... I guess it's been about, oh... a thousand years? I guess I could say when I came to Gensokyo, the human village was a few houses and a well.”

“A thousand years...? I can't even really imagine what the world would've been like back then... it just always kinds of baffles me when I hear how long some of you youkai have lived. You all look really young, yet I think you've all lived at least a few centuries.”

Reimu shrugged, “I think your one of the more curious people about youkai ages. Still, I guess its a fascination for someone who hasn't grown up around them... although, I guess their kind of ageless appearance is a bit enviable, isn't it?”

“Aw come on now, you're going to make me blush.” stated Aya with a laugh, “It isn't like being a youkai is all that special. Sufficiently powerful humans can become a sort of youkai anyway, although I understand many of you who can, do not like to. Something about the feeling of losing humanity or that time isn't precious anymore, blah blah. Personally, it saddens me a bit, if some of you humans took that route a bit more, I'd have a lot more enjoyable people to hang out with.

“Although, I guess it does make me appreciate the time I spend with humans more, if I know they won't be around for a long, long time.”

“I'm pretty sure a shrine maiden becoming a youkai is just a little out of character there Aya. I always wonder if Marisa will try to become a magician youkai sometimes, she's always trying to find out ways to live longer after all...”

“You could just tweak the rulebook here or there Reimu, problem solved.” replied Aya with a wink, “Still, your choice and all that. But hey, aren't we supposed to be having a relaxing bath, instead of discussing lifespans and all that, eh?”

“Just a bit my fault there, sorry, just always a bit curious is all...” you say sheepishly.

“Eh, don't worry about it Reina. I just kind of wish I had more to do around here when you visit... kind of feel bad, that all there really is, is this hot spring, you know? Although, you could always get some training in, but I think we're doing all this in a bit of the wrong order for that.”

Aya grinned, “Well, you can always just take another bath later! I don't think it could hurt you any, right? Failing that, could always get out the shogi I suppose... or a hadafuda deck, perhaps if you have that. Although, I think Reina is only familiar with playing cards... I seem to have heard she's pretty good at those.” the crow's grinned suddenly turned a bit lecherous, “Plus, you know, there's always that strip variant, then I could see why Reina is so shy about her body, ehehe-”

“Oh no, no, no. Aya, you are not making the decisions here. We'll do what Reina wants, she's the important guest, anyway.”

- - -

Ah, what a nice bath, but still can't just sit here all day...
[ ] It is a bit odd, but could do a bit of training, then another bath!
[ ] Could always learn to play shogi...
[ ] Or play some hadafuda perhaps?
[ ] Other? (write-in)
No. 153765
[x] Strip shogi
--[x] Request a handicap
No. 153767
[X] Could always learn to play shogi...
-[X] Normal shogi.
No. 153788
[X] Could always learn to play shogi...
-[X] Normal shogi.
No. 153792
[X] Hanafuda
-[X] Stripping!

Mostly because I actually know how to play Hanafuda.
No. 153794
[x] Strip shogi
--[x] Request a handicap


[X] Strip hadafuda

We've already seen each other naked, so its more being silly then anything else.
No. 153802
[X] Hanafuda
-[X] Normal

Might as well try something I don't know. Might learn something new.
No. 153811
[X] Could always learn to play shogi...
-[X] Normal shogi.

Anything but stripping.
No. 154015
File 133040320771.jpg - (375.05KB , 1169x827 , 4aa43d9888bd86db50c7da6086a06747.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Could always learn to play shogi...
-[X] Normal shogi.

- - -

“How about a game of shogi? I don't really know how to play but, well, it can't be too much more difficult then chess, right...?”

“Well, it's a wee bit different. Still, it shouldn't be too difficult to teach you. You can always just watch me and Reimu play a game or two first.”

The shrine maiden glances towards Aya, “Maybe I should just play with Reina. You might be just a bit too... experienced.”

Aya flashed a grin, “Awww, come on I know how to not completely crush you in shogi. I'll be gentle, I promise.”

“We'll have to see about that... but, anyway, I suppose shogi is a bit similar to chess. The overall goal is the same, to place the king in a checkmate. But the pieces don't all exactly match up to chess pieces, and the promotion mechanic is a little bit different. It'll be easier to show you, then explain of course.” the shrine maiden glanced to Aya, “When we're all done enjoying our bath, I'll get out first. Then her. You go last.”

“Reimu, you take all the fun out of things sometimes, honestly...” bemoaned the crow with a heavy sigh.


The red-white held up one of the shogi pieces, pointing at it, “Alright Reina, which piece was this?”

Reimu had been spending about thirty minutes or so going over the various shogi pieces and how they moved, in addition to the way promoting a piece worked in shogi. Although her board looked a bit worn, and the pieces were a bit faded, it was still very usable.

“That was the... gold general, right?” you answer, “It can move one square in any direction, except diagonally backwards.”

“Good, good, and it promotes to...?” continued the tengu.

Gold general... no, no it was like the king, it didn't have a promotion unlike the other pieces! A trick question, “It doesn't. The king and it, are the only pieces which don't promote.”

Reimu nodded approvingly, “Ok, I think you got the basic idea. Now then! We'll actually play a game this time, just me and you Reina. We'll just have Aya watch for now... let's see, since you're kind of new to the game and all, and learning...” the girl plucked two pieces off her side of the board, “I won't use one rook and a left lance. I suppose Aya can also offer a few pointers once in a while, just don't try playing the whole match for her, alright?”

“Of course, of course. After all, she won't learn if I just tell her what to do. I might just point out a thing or two along the way.”

“Ok, now let's see if I got the hang of this...” you say, as you reach out to move your first piece.

~ Year 2, January 2 – Evening

Reimu sipped her tea before smiling at you, “You didn't too bad for your first time Reina. As you can see, a bit different thought process eh? Promotions work way different, and just dropping a piece in like that...”

“But I didn't get to play a single game though...” pouted the youkai.

“S-sorry, I didn't expect the games to actually take so long Aya... and I kind of brought you all the way out here too...”

Aya shrugged, “Eh, don't worry about it. You could just always have me stay the night or come see you again tomorrow you know! Or, you don't have too of course,” she added hastily after a quick glance from Reimu, “I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to spend time with me regardless. Besides, I got a nice hot spring bath out of it...”

The shrine maiden got up and took a peek outside, “It's starting to get dark out though. I know it doesn't matter too much, since Aya brought you here this time... but, well, whats the plan Reina? I always have a spare room in the shrine if you want to spend the night, and I suppose Aya is invited, as long as I get to keep that camera...”

“Oh, ye of little faith...” said Aya with a grin.

- - -

Spend the night, or go home now?
[ ] Better get going home then...
- [ ] Invite Aya to spend the night?
- [ ] Other?
[ ] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
- [ ] Another round of shogi first!
- [ ] Other?
[ ] Other?

>You learned to play Shogi!

I apologize about how I forget to update over the weekends.
No. 154024
If we had anything that needed doing at home (like working to make money for the Shr-us), then head home, otherwise:

[X] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.

Why risk catching a cold?
No. 154026
[X] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
No. 154034
[x] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
- [x] Another round of shogi first!

Master all our skills!
No. 154093
[x] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
- [x] Another round of shogi first!
No. 154094
[X] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
No. 154099
File 133061885670.jpg - (216.22KB , 1000x768 , 5f65ddcbb78ffd5893cc9058b9783286.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] It's chilly flying at night, you'd prefer to sleep here for the night.
- [x] Another round of shogi first!

- - -

“Well, I'm more well-dressed this night, but... I wouldn't mind spending the night anyway. It's still pretty chilly out, and I think with how quickly Aya flies, I'd start frosting over during the flight.”

Reimu chuckled, “Very well. I'll get a room set up for you... how about you then Aya? Only offer, you only have to offer that camera as collateral.”

“You drive a hard bargain Reimu. I'm sure I could cut you a pretty profit if you let me sell some sleeping pictures, eh?” joked the tengu, wincing as the shrine maiden cracked her knuckles, “Joking, joking! Geez, take a joke... I'll do it I guess. I don't think you've ever let me stay the night before.”

“I agree, pretty sure it's a first. Don't get used to it, this shrine has a poor reputation already, the last thing I need is people knowing youkai stay the night. Beyond the one that already does, actually, now that I think about it... haven't seen Suika in a while. I guess I should consider myself lucky, she eats twice as much food as I do...”

Maybe you'd have to consider tripling the donations for the shrine if that was true... but best to put it out of your mind for now – you didn't have much spending money, let alone enough to consider donating more to Reimu. As the shrine maiden left to prepare rooms, you glanced to the shogi board, then to Aya.

“One more game before bed then? Just don't utterly crush me, alright...? I don't think I'd learn much that way...”

The crow laughed and flashed a grin, “Aw, don't worry about it. I'll handicap myself and go easy on you, give you some pointers. I'll make sure we finish before it gets too late, we both need our beauty sleep, right?”

~ Year 2, January 3 – Morning

While sleeping on the floor of the shrine on a futon wasn't the most comfortable thing around, your own bed was much better, you felt that wasn't worth pointing out to Reimu. You wondered if she even owned a proper bed, or just had several futons laying around sometimes. Still, you pushed the question away as there was little you could do about it – besides, you were pretty sure a bed might look out of place in the shrine.

The shrine maiden was only able to offer you a meager breakfast, but you appreciated the thought nonetheless, you could only hope the donations would help Reimu able to afford a bit more food then she was used too. The girl wasn't sickly looking, or overly skinny, but still, you wondered sometimes.

“Drop by anytime Reina, it's always nice to have company.” she glanced towards the crow, “Even if it's her.”

“You could always come by my house anytime you feel like Reimu, although, I suppose I can't always promise I'll be there...”

The girl shrugged, “I'll think about it. It isn't too long of a flight either way...”

“Thank you for the glowing hospitality Reimu, I'm sure I'll be eager for a repeat.” commented Aya with a smirk, “Well, I'll fly you home Reina! It'd only be fair after all.”

Reimu gave a last farewell, before heading back into the shrine to do... whatever it was she did while she was at the shrine. The flight back home was uneventful, and only a little bit chilly. Although you didn't extend the invitation, the tengu followed you inside your home anyway, where you found Limstella seated at the counter. Upon seeing you, she looked up from her clipboard and gestured for you to come over to her.

She gestured to her clipboard, “Welcome home Mistress Roots. I have collected some applications for workers, although the final decision on hiring any is up to you. From my data, I believe we can only hire a single worker for now – your house has some spare room, but it lacks the proper equipment to legally allow anyone else to live here for the time being.”

Limstella noted the confused look on your face and nodded her head, “I apologize, I think I may have explained too much, without the proper information. I've read some books, and I understand in the outside world that workers tend to live in their own homes, and commute to work, yes? While this holds true in Gensokyo, the place I use is a bit... different. It employs those who do not have homes, and thus a requirement of hiring them is to provide them room and board.

“An obvious advantage is the wages of these workers are quite cheap, as the bulk of their expense is mainly in feeding them and they do not expect much in the way of actual payment. However, you will not find much in the way of experienced workers of course... they would already have employment elsewhere. However, without some reputation as a good employer, this is the best we have to work with.”

“I think I know what you're talking about. I can't recall the name of the place, but a lot of faeries tend to seek work there. Well, a lot of the faeries who actually want to work anyway.” commented Aya

Limstella nodded her head, “Correct. I've taken the liberty of selecting some and making the proper notes and payments here, if you would look them over Mistress Roots? I do apologize, but they are quite barebones... while I am excellent at paperwork, I'm afraid I only have so much to work with.”

- - -

Limstella's employment records:

Race: Fairy
Occupation: Woodworker

Race: Fairy
Occupation: Chef

Race: Fairy
Occupation: Metalworker

Select, at most, one!

[ ] Make a selection
[ ] Make no selection!

[ ] Go hang out with Aya again?
[ ] May as well stay at home.
[ ] Other?
No. 154117
[X] Badum

Might as well focus on our woodworking for now. It's what Reina is known for, after all. Always good to improve on our core business. Even if Badum has a silly sounding name.

[X] Get to know Limstella some more.

Hey, she's going to be living with us. We should develop a rapport.
No. 154118
[X] Scrap
because we are good with wood and doing metalworks would be good for our buisness.
[X] May as well stay at home.
No. 154121
[X] Scrap
because we are good with wood and doing metalworks would be good for our business.
[X] May as well stay at home.
No. 154122
[X] Scrap

Metalworking and woodworking go pretty well together.

[X] Get to know Limstella some more.
No. 154131
[x]Get to know L. more
No. 154136
[X] Scrap

Maybe if we have a metalworker we'll be able to do some interesting and different projects.

[X] Get to know Limstella some more.
No. 154217
File 133097604898.jpg - (79.23KB , 564x568 , 0b1c9ceb5c6c772c617a4a993d032265.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Scrap
[X] Get to know Limstella some more.

- - -

After a few moments to consider, you gestured to the page about Scrap.

“How about that one? Could always do with a different skillset around here I think. It couldn't hurt anyway, right?”

Limstella nodded, “Very well Mistress Roots. I'll finalize the paperwork, I think I can have it all done, and Scrap in our employ be either evening... or tomorrow morning. If you will excuse - “

“Ah, actually wait a moment Limstella. I know you want to get that all done, but you could spare a bit of time to talk with me? I mean, I don't really know all that much about you...”

The fairy looked confused, “Very well Mistress Roots. But there isn't much to talk about I believe. My only previous employment was at Mistress Scarlet's as a maid. Before that... nothing of any particularly importance.”

“Fairies do not tend to have particularly interesting stories to tell Reina. Although, I will admit, she is quite hardworking and dedicated for a fairy. I haven't seen her sneak off to go slack or anything like that...”

“I appreciate the compliment miss tengu. I apologize Mistress Roots, but I must attend to this paperwork as soon as possible.” Limstella curtseyed, “Please, have a pleasant day.”

Well, that didn't particularly work as planned. You wondered if she really had nothing to talk about, or maybe she just didn't want too? Fairies sure were strange... and Limstella was an oddity amongst them it seems.

Aya glanced towards you and poked you lightly in the side, “Actually, what's up with the fairy anyway? I mean, I've seen her and all but well... what's with the applications?”

“Erm, well it was kind of an idea to expand my work a bit, you know? I guess it was more Remilia's idea, but... it makes sense. I can get some help around here, then I don't have to spend all my time trying to make money. Particularly when it seems Remilia's been making, well, fake currency for a while...”

The tengu laughed and grinned, “Ah right, I remember that now. Not a bad plan, I agree. Means you have more time to spend with me, eh?”

You chuckled, “Right, well, ah you didn't have anything to do today?”

“Not particularly no. I got some writing material from you yesterday, so all I have to do is really write it up, but that won't take long at all. Why, were you planning to go somewhere today? After all, I can get you there much faster.”

- - -

[ ] Maybe you should go visit someone then! Aya will have to come along, of course.
- [ ] Go see Reimu again?
- [ ] You don't have much money, but maybe some shopping in the village?
- [ ] Maybe you'll go visit the Mansion.
- [ ] Other?
[ ] Nah, you'll just hang around the house today.
- [ ] Ask Aya to leave?
- [ ] Do something with Aya! (write-in)
[ ] Other?

Sorry about no updates over the weekend, I was a bit ill. Also I apologize for the short update...
No. 154222
[x] Nah, you'll just hang around the house today.
- [x] Ask Aya to leave?

Let's work on something. I don't know what, but let's work on something anyway.
No. 154235
[x] "I feel like going out, anyone you think I should meet?
No. 154269
[X] Maybe you should go visit someone then! Aya will have to come along, of course.
-[X] Go visit Yuuka. She had to leave early in the morning the other day, so it might be nice to go see how she is doing.

No. 154425
[X] Maybe you should go visit someone then! Aya will have to come along, of course.
-[X] Go visit Yuuka. She had to leave early in the morning the other day, so it might be nice to go see how she is doing.
No. 154426
[x] "I feel like going out, anyone you think I should meet?
No. 154429
[x] Nah, you'll just hang around the house today.
- [x] Ask Aya to leave?

No. 154437
[X] Maybe you should go visit someone then! Aya will have to come along, of course.
-[X] Go visit Yuuka. She had to leave early in the morning the other day, so it might be nice to go see how she is doing.

No. 154438
[x] Nah, you'll just hang around the house today.
No. 154526
[x] Nah, you'll just hang around the house today
[x] Ask Aya about juicy events that happened in gensokyo before your arrival.
No. 154530
I'm adding
[x] Ask Aya about juicy events that happened in gensokyo before your arrival.
To my vote.
No. 154543
Just to pop in here. I think I'll call it at the 'stay at home' and I'll use some of the ideas pitched (unless my math is horribly off, I think it's leading, right?)

But uh. Update delayed... for a bit more.
I'll say it up front.

I'm playing Tales of Graces f.
No. 155012
File 133349047278.jpg - (83.28KB , 450x500 , f6161f14583877998f263176028304cf.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Maybe you should go visit someone then! Aya will have to come along, of course.
-[X] Go visit Yuuka. She had to leave early in the morning the other day, so it might be nice to go see how she is doing.

- - -

The weather was rather good today, and if Aya wasn't busy...

“Well, could you take me to go see Yuuka then? If it isn't any trouble.”

The tengu cocks her head to the side, “Yuuka eh? You seem to like spending time with her... I'm a little jealous. Anyway, sure not a problem! It's a bit tricky finding her sometimes, but given the season and time of day... I think I know where she might be.”

“Erm, well you know, I just kind of like... spending time with her. She's a lot nicer then everyone makes her out to be. Ah, not that I don't enjoy spending time with you, Aya!”

“Ah, don't worry about it. One of these days, you should let me take you to the mountain, I think you'd get along nicely with the Moriya shrine maiden. But perhaps another day.” the tengu started to walk towards the door, gesturing for you to follow, “For now, let's get goin'. Finding Yuuka can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, and I don't want to burn too much of the morning lookin'.”

“Maybe you should offer a time guarantee.” you joke with a grin, “You're the fastest in Gensokyo, right?”

“Oh, is that a challenge? Bet you I'll find her in under... twenty minutes. If I don't, well... let's see... we'll just say I owe you a favor or something. We can work out the details later! Just make sure you don't squirm around too much, I'm not counting if you move too much and I have to swoop down and catch ya.”


Twenty-three minutes. You didn't have a watch, and you swear Aya didn't either, but upon finding Yuuka she loudly proclaimed that number with a sigh. Aya had no reason to make up a number, so you had to just guess she was right.

Yuuka herself was off, well, in the middle of nowhere essentially. All you could make out was a lot grass, trees, and some patches of still blooming flowers. Of course, the youkai herself stuck out like a sore thumb, and she stood, waiting, as Aya landed and released you from her grip.

The youkai casually cast a glance to the tengu, who seemed to flinch, before her gaze rested on you, “What a surprise little flower, I did not expect to see you today. Is something amiss?”

“Is there something wrong with me wanting to see you Yuuka? Aya was around, and she offered to take me somewhere, so well... I thought I'd come see you.”

“Is that so, little flower? How flattering. Given the situation, I shall... overlook the crow.” her gaze flicks to Aya, “For today, you shall be welcomed. As long as you do not ask me for an interview, or any pictures. Do we have an agreement?”

Aya nodded her head quickly, “Yup! Great deal! Won't ask a single thing! Best behavior.”

“Very well then.” Yuuka returns her attention to you, her face softening, “Come little flower, shall we go inside? It is a bit chilly this morning, and it would be best to not catch a cold.”

“I don't see a problem with that Yuuka, but uhm, where are we going to - ?” you start to ask, noting there wasn't any kind of house nearby.

You were cut off when Yuuka placed a finger on your lips, and used the same finger to point behind her. Where there was nothing but a field of grass, now stood a rather large mansion, complete with a wall around it. There was no way that was there before, either. You opened your mouth, and then closed it, and then repeated a few times, utterly at a lose for words.

“I still have no idea how you do that Yuuka. If I didn't know better, I'd say something about gaps, but well, you're no Yukari...” mutters Aya.

The green-haired woman merely shrugs her shoulders, “I won't say, crow. Now come Reina, let us head inside. You are invited as well crow, just keep the rules in mind... I trust I need not tell you what will happen otherwise.”

“I never knew you had such a large house Yuuka...” you say in awe, letting the flower youkai lead you towards it.

“I never thought it important. Besides, I prefer the outdoors myself. Still, I am glad you find it to your liking Reina.”

As you were led closer to it, you became aware of a woman standing guard in front of the gate. Upon seeing you draw closer, she immediately moved to open the gate and greeted Yuuka with a smile.

“It's good to see you Yuuka.” she cast a glance to you and Aya, “I see you brought guests. Do you need anything?”

Yuuka shook her head, “Not at the moment, Elly. On second thought... some tea will be all for now. I trust everything is still in order?”

The woman, named Elly it seems, nods and seems to puff her chest out in pride, “Everything is as you left it. I have taken care to ensure every room is clean. I guess you'll be in the usual guest room? I will prepare some tea then...”

Before you can question Yuuka on who this Elly was, she started to walk again, leading you into the mansion proper. It somewhat reminded you of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but much less... unusual? The Scarlet Devil Mansion always seemed unusual to you, and it seemed like the inside was far larger then the outside.

This place though seemed... right. It also had far more windows, allowing natural sunlight to flood inside, in addition to various potted plants for decoration. It did seem to lack any decorations beyond flowers however.

Yuuka led you through her mansion, eventually ending up in a room that contained some tables, chairs, couches, bookshelves... a very cozy looking room. Also several potted plants around the room. The youkai led you to the table itself, pulling out a chair and gesturing for you to sit in it. Aya took a seat to your left, where as Yuuka sat to your right.

“Wow... this is a very nice place Yuuka. I know I said that before, but, er... I figured it deserved another mention. It's just so... cozy?”

The tengu nodded her head in agreement, “There is something very relaxing about it. The flowers give it a very nice aroma, and all the sunlight helps. Feels much more welcoming then the SDM.”

“I am glad you like it Reina. I do not often come here, so it is comforting to find it in such a condition. So tell me, little flower, did you come with something in mind? Or did you merely wish to visit me?”

- - -

Uhm, well, now that she mentions it...
[ ] You did have something in mind... (write-in)
[ ] Not really, you just wanted to see her.
- [ ] Offer to let Yuuka pick an activity?
- [ ] Stay for tea and some chatter, then go elsewhere with Aya (write-in)
[ ] Other? (write-in)

- - -

DEAR GOD. It's so easy to stop writing, then so hard to get the motivation to start again. I apologize.

Now then, I pose to you all a question. As you may recall, I've been tracking time in real life months... but I was thinking on it, and realizing this means it'll take many, many updates per month. Would you mind if I switch to something more... simple?

Basically I want to make it go from being January, to simply Spring. And then in 30 days, it'll be Summer, 30 more, Fall... I think you get where it's going. Would this be a problem?
No. 155013
>DEAR GOD. It's so easy to stop writing, then so hard to get the motivation to start again.
So true, so true.

[x] You did have something in mind... (About those flowers)
If Yuuka's mansion is that cozy, I want the same flowers in Reina's house.
No. 155025
[X] Not really, you just wanted to see her.
- [X] Offer to let Yuuka pick an activity?


Yeah, go with seasons instead of proper months. That will let things move at a reasonable pace.
No. 155033
[X] Not really, you just wanted to see her.
- [X] Offer to let Yuuka pick an activity?

It's Yuuka. I am sure she will pick something...entertaining.
No. 155035
[X] Not really, you just wanted to see her.
- [X] Offer to let Yuuka pick an activity?
No. 155400
File 133416825437.jpg - (197.25KB , 1280x1024 , 08e6df8396ba0514bf945aee5babc38c.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Not really, you just wanted to see her.
- [X] Offer to let Yuuka pick an activity?

- - -

You shake your head and offer a smile, “I just wanted to come see you Yuuka, that's not a problem is it? Didn't really think far beyond the whole 'meet' part though...”

“I see, I appreciate the thought little flower. As the host then, I shall need to decide upon the entertainment... it has been some time since I've been in here. Perhaps after some tea, I shall give you a small tour – it shall help refresh my memory.”

“I didn't even know you had a place like this Yuuka, I mean, I always figured you had a place to stay but... nothing quite like this.”

The green-haired youkai nodded, “I am not surprised, I do not often come here, nor discuss it. In fact, I would prefer it remain that way.” she stare at Aya as she said that, “Do I make myself clear, crow?”

Aya flinched slightly and nodded, “Er, yes crystal clear. Not a word, won't even mention it. Just, uhm... ah... n-nice place.”

Before the mood could dampen anymore, Elly entered the room carrying a tray, on which there was a tea pot and three cups. The blonde-haired girl set the tray upon the table before pouring the tea.

“Thank you Elly. I see you did not include a cup for yourself, will you be returning to your duties then?” asked the flower youkai, taking a sip of her tea.

“If you don't mind. I'll be outside if you need me Yuuka.”

As Elly left the room, you swore you saw her cast a cold glance in your direction, but you weren't certain – and she quickly left the room anyway.

“Uhm, just who is that exactly, Yuuka?” you ask curiously.

“The gatekeeper, Elly. I suppose she also doubles as a maid, given she cares for the mansion during my absence and I do not actually have anyone else in my employ. She performs her job quite admirably I must say. I trust the tea is to your liking, little flower?”

“Of course! Reminds me of the tea you made for me before...”

Yuuka nodded her head, “It most likely is. It is the only kind of tea I drink, so I do not expect we have any other types in the mansion. It has not been long since we last met, but tell me how your days have been? When we finish the tea, I shall give you a tour, then I'll see about arranging some suitable entertainment.”


Yuuka's mansion was much more inviting them Remilia's, and considerably easier to find your way around. Still, it was also quite obvious that Yuuka's was also much smaller – despite seeming to look about the same size on the outside. Although the windows were very inviting, and provided some nice sunlight and view of the surroundings, the mansion still felt very empty and lonely – it was quite obvious very few people ever stayed here at any given time, and the lack of maids or anyone beyond yourself, Aya, and Yuuka just was a bit unnerving.

“Perhaps you would like to look in the library Reina? I can't imagine it contains anything that is not at the vampire's library... but who knows?”

“Well, why not? It can't hurt to look after all.” you say with a smile, “If I remember right, the library was... down this hall, and through that door...?”

Compared to the Voile library, Yuuka's was considerably smaller – and the walls didn't seem to be made of bookcases either. Still, you had to guess there was hundreds of books in here... far too many to look through in a reasonable timeframe.

Yuuka seemed to realize the problem and gestured towards a book laid out on a nearby table – it was a directory. Upon closer inspection of the shelves you noticed they were all labeled, and the directory helpfully told you what books were contained within that section.

“You have quite the collection in here Yuuka... you don't mind if I take a look, do you?” asked the tengu carefully,

The flower youkai shrugged, “Feel free. If you find something you like, I will let you borrow it... just remember to not let anyone know where you got it from.”

“Hey Yuuka, why do some of these books in this listing have a little symbol by them?”

“While most of the books in this library are mundane and normal, not all of them are. Some of them are quite old, perhaps even ancient. Possibly magical, I'm not sure. Either way, they are too fragile to leave this library... without proper measures taken, they're liable to fall apart outside of library's walls – you can't tell, but there is a bit of magic at work here.

“Simply put, if you wish to borrow anything that isn't a mundane, normal book I will need to work some magic to allow you to borrow it. However, I can only at best do this for two, maybe three books. The workings of why is complicated and not important, don't question it little flower.”

Well, who were you to question the ways of magic... turning your attention back to the listing...

- - -

May as well pick a book, or two... (Pick at at most two)
[ ] “Advanced Magics”
[ ] “Magic for Cooking”
[ ] “Secrets of Wood”
[ ] “Working the Metal”
[ ] “Of Plants and Flowers”
[ ] “Ancient Grimoires and Texts”
[ ] “Legend of Dragons”
[ ] “An Innocent Book”
[ ] Maybe you won't pick any after all...
- Well, now then...
[ ] Take your leave, thank Yuuka for her time
- [ ] Go where? (write-in)
[ ] Spend more time here!
- [ ] Let Yuuka pick another activity (write-in)
- [ ] Suggest something for you, Yuuka, and Aya to do (write-in)
[ ] Other?
No. 155417
So just idlely..are we interested in Yuuka romanticly?
No. 155420
[x] “An Innocent Book”

Because it sounds suspicious.

>So just idlely..are we interested in Yuuka romanticly?
I'd like to know that too.
No. 155442
File 133419881243.jpg - (521.63KB , 900x900 , The Perfect Gift.jpg ) [iqdb]
Of course we are. We just need to find Yuuka the right sort of present to make our intentions clear.
No. 155446
[x] “Secrets of Wood”
[x] “Working the Metal”

Job relevant books
No. 155453
[x] “Magic for Cooking”
[x] “Secrets of Wood”

Weren't we gunning for Reimu before?
No. 155481
[x] “Secrets of Wood”
[x] “Working the Metal”

The obvious option is that we must seduce both Reimu and Yuuka.
No. 155487
The more obvious solution is we must get Reimu to seduce Yuuka.
No. 155490
[x] “Magic for Cooking”
[x] “Working the Metal”

I always assumed we were aiming for Yuuka.
No. 155492
[x] “Secrets of Wood”
[x] “Working the Metal”

Wait, when was that ever in doubt?
No. 155502
That's step 2.
No. 155505
[X] “Secrets of Wood”
[X] "An Innocent Book"

With a title like that...

[X] Spend more time here!
-[X] Have a chat with Yuuka. She seems to have quite a few magical books... How did she become interested in magic in the first place?

Gotta learn about our future spouse.
No. 155506
[X] “Secrets of Wood”
[X] "An Innocent Book"

[x]Let Yuuka pick an activity.
No. 155509
No, Step 2 involves bikinis and baby oil.
No. 155550
I'm just going to throw this out there.
Are the only votes that remembered there's a second half to the vote in this case.

(I have enough votes for the books, but we kind of have a tie going on in what to do AFTER the books)
No. 155558
I used a random number generator to decide which one to second to break the tie.

[X] >>155505
No. 155560
>>155420 here.
[x] Spend more time here!
- [x] Suggest something for you, Yuuka, and Aya to do (Continue visiting the house while talking about men)

In the /at/ stories, Reina is a sex fiend. I want to hear her talk about kinky stuff, for comedy purpose only.
No. 155572
>>In the /at/ stories
This isn't /at/.
No. 155574
File 133457580915.jpg - (59.65KB , 808x500 , Captain_Obvious.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you Captain Obvious.
No. 155576
File 133458266951.png - (17.49KB , 353x199 , OrIsIt.png ) [iqdb]

Are you sure?
No. 155577
File 133458338716.jpg - (40.58KB , 600x400 , looks-shopped.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seems legit.
No. 155596
File 133465451483.jpg - (20.65KB , 485x236 , it's not shopped.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's totally legit.
No. 155603
File 133467009555.gif - (596.61KB , 320x192 , At.gif ) [iqdb]
Yep. Totally legit.
No. 155611
Tengu reporting at its finest.
No. 155782
File 133529464724.jpg - (52.43KB , 850x722 , sample-e80cbceb0a0ed5409f63517c28ced308.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Secrets of Wood”
[X] “Working the Metal”

[X] Spend more time here!
-[X] Have a chat with Yuuka. She seems to have quite a few magical books... How did she become interested in magic in the first place?

- - -

Yuuka peers over your shoulder as you select the books from the list, nodding her head, “Very well little flower, they're yours. I would ask you take good care of them, but I'm certain you would do that anyway. Now give me a moment to find them and prepare them, it shouldn't take long.”

“Want me to come with you?” you ask with a smile.

The flower youkai shrugs, “I do not mind Reina. I know where the books are already, but if you wish to browse the shelves as I collect them and perform the magic, that is up to you. I will find you when I'm finished.”

With that she disappeared into the shelves, her footsteps fading away quickly. Well, you didn't feel like just standing around twiddling your thumbs, so maybe you would just look at the spines of some books to pass the time...

You picked an aisle of books at random and started to walk down it, looking at the titles on the spines – 'All about High School', 'Missing Thanksgiving', 'Teaching Woodworking', 'Trick or Treat, you're the Treat!', 'Missed Summer Too?', 'Something about Wine...'

“... These are weird books. I think I'm just going to go wait instead...”

~ Year 2, January Spring 3 – Afternoon

Yuuka presented the books to you, carefully tucked away into a bag, and led you and Aya back to the guest room. While you didn't see what the tengu had selected, it seemed to just be normal books – at least, judging by the magical book limit thing.

You noticed as you walked past the windows that the sun was climbing higher into the sky, you had spent a lot more time here then you thought... still, you liked being around Yuuka, so you didn't particularly mind. As the three of you idlely chatted, whilst drinking tea, a question popped into your mind.

“Why do you have so many magical books anyway Yuuka? I mean, well... you're not a magician like Patchouli, right?”

Yuuka nodded her head, “Correct. I would not say I collected them on purpose, I merely... happened to amass a collection over the years. Mostly from acquiring them from humans, many of them have no use for the books and are willing to trade them for more useful things, such as food or currency. I spend much of my time out, so I have not actually read many of the book I own. I just like collecting some, I suppose.”

“You have quite the impressive collection though. I don't have much to compare it to, aside from what I hear about the Voile's, but many of the books you own seem quite old and rare, if I had more time I'd like to be able to read more of them sometime.” commented Aya, patting the bookbag she had gotten, “Of course, these will occupy me for now.”

“What kind of books did you pick out anyway Aya?” you ask curiously.

The tengu flashed a grin, “That's my little secret Reina, you'll just have to wait and see.”

“It has been a pleasure seeing you Reina, but I apologize... it is starting to get late, and I have some things I should do before the sun sets. After all, spring is the time for the flowers to bloom, and I have to make sure they'll bloom beautifully this year as always. Feel free to see me whenever you feel like it, of course... although, you'll have to find me first. I'm afraid I cannot say for certain where I will be on a given day.” she flashed you a smile, “Still, I'm sure you have a general idea. Have a good day Reina.”

“Thank you for your time Yuuka, I'm sorry I should've thought you'd had some things you had to do today... thanks for the books as well. You're free to come by my house when you want to as well.”

“Well then! I'll make sure Reina gets home, safe and quickly. Thanks for the books Yuuka, and for the tea, it's pretty good.”

The flower youkai merely nodded to the tengu before excusing herself, trusting the two of you knew your way out of the mansion – which you did. You didn't see Elly on the way out, and it was an uneventful Aya-flight back to your house.

Heading on inside – noting Aya had invited herself in as usual – you noticed Limstella was still gone, well she did say it might take her a while to do all that paperwork and... such. Still, she'd probably be home fairly soon...

“Hey Reina, you want to do anything? I appreciate you letting me hang around and all, but if you don't have anything in mind I think I'll head on home and start reading one of my books. I guess I also feel I might be kind of, er... forcing myself into your freetime? Ahahaha...”

- - -

Do you actually have anything in mind?
[ ] Well... maybe... (write-in)
[ ] Nope, drawing a blank. Thank Aya for her time.
- [ ] Invite her to drop by tomorrow?
[ ] Other? (write-in)
After deciding about Aya...
[ ] Maybe you'll read one of your books... (Pick one)
[ ] You haven't had any work in a while, but maybe you'll just go make something for fun.
[ ] Cook some dinner and wait for Limstella.
[ ] Other (write-in)

I'm too easily distracted. That is all.
No. 155784
[x] Nope, drawing a blank. Thank Aya for her time.
- [x] Invite her to drop by tomorrow?

I dunno, keeping her around seems forced.

[x] You haven't had any work in a while, but maybe you'll just go make something for fun.

Nothing funnier than doing things for shit and giggles without anything serious in mind. Just follow your own instinct.
No. 155907
Just to, ah, throw this out there so you all don't have to worry.

I may have an update tomorrow. Or Monday.

Why the delay? GW2 beta weekend. Sorry.
No. 156118
[X] Well... maybe...
-[X] You have gotten kind of used to having someone to sleep with at night...

[X] You haven't had any work in a while, but maybe you'll just go make something for fun.
-[X] Maybe Aya would like something? Or... maybe you could think of something to make for Yuuka...

Friendship gaems.
No. 156144
[X] Well... maybe...
-[X] You have gotten kind of used to having someone to sleep with at night...

[x] You haven't had any work in a while, but maybe you'll just go make something for fun.

-[X] Maybe Aya would like something? Or... maybe you could think of something to make for Yuuka...

Or you could just make something for both of them.
No. 156160
File 133611194073.jpg - (421.55KB , 777x1078 , 18989bcae2ed40d8b2fe416aa4533396.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Well... maybe...
-[X] You have gotten kind of used to having someone to sleep with at night...

[X] You haven't had any work in a while, but maybe you'll just go make something for fun.
-[X] Maybe Aya would like something? Or... maybe you could think of something to make for Yuuka...

- - -

You flash Aya a reassuring smile, “Don't worry about it, I appreciate the company. If anything, I should apologize for taking time out of your day, I mean you have the Bunbunmaru paper to run after all...”

“It is a bit stressful some days, but I like to think I excel under pressure.” the tengu puffed out her chest in pride, “Besides, you help me get some good ideas of articles to write, and I like to think youkai like to read the interviews. And hey, it works out as some free advertising for your shop, eh?”

“Good point, more business will always be nice. But ah, back to the topic at hand... well, uhm... this might sound a bit odd, but er...” your face reddens a bit in embarrassment, “could you maybe stay over tonight? I uh, kind of like having someone over at night, so erm...”

Aya laughs and pats you on the back, “No problem at all! It's a bit too early to sleep right now, so I'll just get started on my book until then. Might swing by home and get some clothes to change into, but we'll see, we'll see. Thanks for the offer Reina.”

“Just, uh... d-don't write about it. In the meantime,” you glance out at the window, “there's a good amount of daytime left so I think I'll busy myself with a project. I'll be in the workshop if you need me.”

It had been a while since you had any actual work, what with the whole holidays and all... still, you were hoping business would pick up soon. After all, with the whole Mon thing, you really didn't have all that much money to spare. Could be a good time to just get some rust off your skills, and maybe make something nice to give to a friend.

As you looked for a good piece of lumber to work with, you silently had to thank Yukari for whatever she did to secure you this seemingly neverending supply of lumber – if you had to buy your own materials you could only imagine how much your costs would go up. Then again, you only did seem to have this limitless supply of basic lumbers – oak, maple, ash, and the like – but nothing all that fancy... guess you would have to get your hands on more exotic, or luxurious materials.

Maybe you could make Aya a small shelf for her new books... perhaps something for Yuuka to thank her for the books as well? Maybe a small wooden planter... it was early in the day, so maybe you could even do both! Well, you wouldn't get anywhere just thinking about it, better get to work...

~ Year 2, Spring 3 – Evening

“Excuse me, Mistress Roots?”

“Oh, Limstella. Didn't know you came back, what is it?”

The maid curtseyed, before gesturing off to the side, “I have brought Scrap, the paperwork took longer then expected. Would you like to meet her?”

“Of course! Just let me tidy up a bit...” you say, starting to put your tools back, “Oh! Ah, before I forget, I'm having Aya stay the night, could you see if she needs anything? I think she's upstairs. It'll only take me a few moments...”

Limstella curtseyed once more, then departed. Both projects were rather simple, although you wanted to install the shelf yourself, and the planter only needed a few more finishing touches. You'd probably finish it up before you went to sleep. After tidying up your workshop, you headed towards the store front, where you assumed Limstella would leave Scrap.

Turns out, you guessed right. You found Scrap standing in the middle of the room, looking around with a vague hint of interest, but mostly boredom. Upon seeing you, she immediately flashed a grin and bounced towards you, extending her hand.

“Ah, you gotta be the boss here! Didn't hear much about you, but your maid there filled out the papers and all that, so guess I'm working for you now. It's nice to meet you boss, I'm Scrap.”

Scrap had a surprisingly strong grip, for a fairy, as you shook her hand, returning the smile, “It's nice to meet you as well. I'm not sure if Limstella said anything, but I'm Reina Roots.”

Scrap nodded, “Not a bad name. And nah, she didn't say much really, she seems to be a very business-oriented fairy, she's kind of weird I say... ah! Don't tell her I said that though!”

This fairy was pretty different from Limstella. Where as Limstella had rather long hair, that looked well cared for, Scrap's hair (while also long) looked much more wild, and dirty. Understandably, she didn't wear a maid's uniform either, and instead was wearing little more then a rather worn-out looking dress – it looked like it had been patched numerous times as well, and looked a bit burnt. You somehow got the impression this hiring place was really giving you the scraps at the bottom of the barrel...

“Yes, I suppose I am a bit unusual for a fairy.” commented Limstella, having now just returned from upstairs, “But pay it no mind, after all I'm only interested in the results of your work, and not what you think of me. As you two have been introduced, I will give Scrap a quick tour of where she will be staying, along with the workshop. If you will excuse me Mistress Roots.”

With Limstella caring for your new employee, you decided to go see how Aya was doing. You figured she would be in your room, and you were right. She seemed quite engrossed in reading her book, but still heard you open the door, and gave you a smile as she set the book aside.

“I'm sure I've said this before, but you've got a really nice place. Bit small, but still pretty comfy. I think I'll stick around long enough for some breakfast in the morning, if you don't mind.”

“Not at all! I love cooking for people. I made you a shelf for your books, it's all ready I just kind of want to install it myself.”

“Really? Well, I appreciate the thought, although you really didn't have too. If you want, I can bring you over to my house tomorrow, but let's leave that for tomorrow, eh?” the tengu looked out the window, “Boy, time sure flies... didn't realize it was so dark out already. If you don't mind, can I use your bathroom? I'd like to take a bath before I go to bed is all.”

“Sure, I don't mind. I think I'll go see how Limstella and Scrap are doing... probably finish up my little project, then I'll take a bath myself and go to bed.”

Aya nodded in acknowledgment, heading into the bathroom as you left the room to see what your two faeries were up too. It seemed while you were speaking to Aya, they had already toured the room upstairs, as you found them both downstairs in the workshop, with Limstella just finishing up an explanation to Scrap.

“Oi, boss! You don't have a bad place here really, but ah... I kind of have a question.” she gestured around your workshop in general, “I mean, this place is nice and all but ah... doesn't really seemed all that well suited to my particular talent, you know? There's a lot of wood in here, but I don't really see anything else...”

Oh. Well, that was a pretty good point.

“Well, I was kind of thinking less of hiring someone to compliment what I know, and more of hiring someone different... I could expand my opportunities then, maybe get some more business.”

The metalworker rubbed her chin, “I see... well, I guess that kind of makes sense... well, whatever. I can do whatever ya need me to do, I just felt like voicing my thoughts there. Since it's kinda late and all, I guess I'll get a good night's sleep.”

Limstella watched the other fairy leave, before looking to you and shrugging, “I do apologize Mistress Roots, but as I mentioned, the agency is not keen to hire out their more... skilled workers to people they do not know. I'm afraid she's about the best you'll get until then. Although I agree, we are not particularly set up for her area of expertise, it should be no problem. I do not suspect we will get any sort of orders that an unskilled fairy couldn't handle, and if it falls within your area of expertise, well, she will probably not need to do anything.

“Of course, having her do work she is not skilled in, will make her better at it but... well, I leave all that to you Mistress Roots. You tell us what to do, and I shall ensure it gets done. I must attend to some paperwork of my own, please have a good night Mistress Roots.”

Well... guess you may as well finish that planter, then take a bath and get some rest. Shouldn't take you more then an hour, and hopefully you wouldn't wake up Aya if she's already asleep.

After finishing your planter, you quietly peeked into your own room – you found Aya awake on the bed, a lamp turned on so she could read the book. She notes you and waves lazily in your direction.

“Go ahead, take a bath first. I figured it'd be a bit rude if I went to sleep and denied you a bath, since I figured you wouldn't want to wake me up. You have a very nice bath by the way.”

You chuckle and rub your head, “Well, I appreciate the gesture, but you didn't have to stay up on my account... I'll just take a real quick bath then...”

“Take your time, take your time. Sleep is nice and all, but I don't need all that much of it.” replied the tengu dismissively.

Still, you didn't want to keep Aya up longer then you had to, so you ended up taking a rather quick bath anyway. The crow was still awake, reading her book by lamplight. Upon seeing you exit the bathroom, she slipped a bookmark in place before laying the book aside. She looked to you, then formed her hands into a square shape and flashed you a grin.

“That would make a great picture, fresh out of the bath! And with your hair down, even. You have some surprisingly long hair, Reina... though, I guess with that hairstyle, you actually do have some rather long hair. Maybe you should try wearing it down more often, it looks good.”

You blush at her praise, “T-thanks. I'm just really used to putting my hair up is all... erm, anyway... g-good night Aya. I'll make you some breakfast in the morning.”

“I'll be looking forward to it. Good night, and thanks for letting me stay the night.”

It didn't take you too long to drift off into restful sleep... before you did, you had the distinct feeling of the tengu sleeping rather close to you. She was kind of warm...

~ Year 2, Spring 4 – Morning

Come morning, you found one of Aya's arms lazily draped over your waist, and the tengu still asleep. Carefully removing yourself from the bed, without waking her, you take a moment to tuck her in before heading downstairs to make breakfast. To your surprise, Limstella was already in the kitchen – she had even laid out some of the utensils and ingredients already.

“Good morning Mistress Roots. I trust you wish to prepare breakfast yourself?” asks the fairy, receiving a nod in response, “Very well. If you will excuse me, I need to prepare some papers for you to view, we have some requests.”

Limstella curtseyed before leaving the kitchen. The prospect of some work was appealing, but for now you had to focus on breakfast – you were sure once you started cooking, Aya and Scrap would wake up. You kind of felt like an omelet today... perhaps with some cheese? It was too early in the year to have any fresh fruits or vegetables, so you guessed that would have to do for now.

It didn't take long for you to hear noises from upstairs, followed by Aya poking her head into the kitchen. There was something kind of cute about seeing her with her hair messy...

“That smells reaallllly good Reina. Will it be much longer?” she asks curiously.

“Not too much more. If you like, take a seat. I'm not sure what you want to drink, but we have some orange juice in the fridge, or I can make you some tea.”

“Some OJ sounds pretty good. Thanks.”

Before much longer, Scrap found her way downstairs and then a short while later you invited Limstella to sit as well. While you could see she had a clipboard with her, she agreed to sit down and eat breakfast with all of you before discussing it. It made you feel pretty good having all these friends to eat with... it was the first time you had the table full of people like this.

Following breakfast Aya excused herself to take a bath, while Scrap departed to await instructions. Limstella placed the clipboard on the table.

“Not too many requests, but that is to be expected. It is up to you to pick what you think we can handle, or none at all if that is what you wish. I only suggest you limit yourself to one, unless you wish to take time out of your day to attend to them yourself.”

- - -

> Author's Note
I'm putting this first, so that way you have to read it before you get to the voting! The way the whole 'work' thing, well works, is very simple. The day, as you may have noticed, is split up into three sections – Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. There's Night, but well, everyone is generally asleep then so it hasn't come up yet.

Your workers only work from Afternoon to Evening normally, as they spend the Morning sleeping, waking up, eating... so there isn't that much of Morning left by the time they start working. Each worker has skills, and those skills have ranks/levels (whatever you want to call them), the more they have, the better of course.

When you select a job, also say who will be working on it – as we only have one right now, you don't have too, but keep it in mind for future jobs when we do have more workers. Or I'll just assign them however I feel like at the time.

Anyway jobs have a Completion score, you have to reach that within the job's time limit to get the reward. Fail and you only get partial credit, but you'll lose some things as well... so don't try to do that.

As for how Completion is given, it's pretty simple. Each skill level is basically a d3, by default, so for each work period (so by default Afternoon and Evening) you get 2 rolls of a d3, meaning you can earn as little as 2 Completion, or as much as 6 Completion per day (Assuming a skill of 0, if skill of 1 then you have 2 d3's per time period, so minimum of 4, max of 12 in Afternoon and Evening).

All the rolls are on my side of course, and I'll do my best to remember to tell you how the Completion is going whenever time passes. Whenever a job is finished, it'll be closed and the workers will be off on break. Rewards are given the next day, in the morning.

One thing to keep in mind for your workers is Stress. They gain 1 stress for doing work, and lose 1 whenever they don't. For a normal day, this means they gain 0 stress overall. You can however opt to make a worker work Morning and/or Night – keep in mind this means they'd gain 2 stress per day. They'll only get up to 6 before they refuse to work until it gets back down to 0.

Reina is a special case. For woodworking skills she counts as having 5 skill levels in it, and she always rolls the highest result on her die. For other jobs, she always gets a 2 as a result, and counts as having 5 skill levels as well. Keep in mind if Reina is working, you can't do anything else.

Sorry for the huge text dump. I hope it isn't too confusing. There's more to it, but I'm kind of working it out as it goes, and it isn't relevant yet.

>Job requests for Reina Roots

~ Make tables (Woodcrafting)
Client requests a few tables to be used during this year's flower viewing. As the viewing is still some weeks away, haste is not required but encouraged.
Required Completion: 15
Deadline: Spring 12
Reward: 100 Mon

~ Repairing of family heirloom (Restoring)
Client requests a dresser that has been in their family for generations to be restored, as its begun to fade and has suffered some damage over the year. Due to the nature of the request, it is likely only Mistress Roots can do this particular request.
Required Completion: 10
Deadline: Spring 12
Reward: 40 Mon

~ Making a kotatsu table (Woodcrafting)
While the weather has been warm, a client is looking to have a kotatsu table for when the weather chills.
Required Completion: 8
Deadline: Spring 10
Reward: 40 Mon

- - -

Sure is nice to get some work offers...
[ ] Select which jobs to pick, if any.

Well, now then, what shall I do today?
[ ] Go to Aya's to set up that shelf!
[ ] Maybe you'll just lazy around the house today...
- [ ] Get to know Scrap?
- [ ] Chat it up with Limstella?
- [ ] Other? (write-in)
[ ] Perhaps you'll go into town to shop...
[ ] Other (write-in)

- - -

Oh god. This took so long to write. Sorry to dump this all on you at once anon, but I knew this was going to happen eventually. Hopefully it doesn't sound too confusing and it doesn't annoy everyone that much.

I'm not sure how many jobs should really be offered, or how often either. I know it's a bit early into the whole concept, but do you feel they should be offered daily, weekly? Few times a week? Or how many jobs offered? One? Three? Six? I'm kind of fishing for input there. I don't have a list of jobs, so I kind of make them up on the spot, but do keep in mind they're how you earn your spending money.
No. 156201
Yay! Update!

[x] work on the table
[x] Ask what our metal worker needs.
No. 156207
[X] Repair Family Heirloom - Reina and Scrap

May not be the highest paying job, but it will look good if we complete it. Have to build that reputation. Might as well work together, and complete it quickly, and train our new worker to do more than one job.
No. 156222
[x] Repairing of family heirloom (Restoring)

I would like to send Scrap take care of the kotatsu while Reina take care of that heirloom, but if she's not experienced, she'll need supervision. And I don't think the workshop is big enough anyway.
No. 156300
[X] Making a kotatsu table (Woodcrafting)

It has the closest deadline, but can be easily done in a day (or even half of one).

>I'm not sure how many jobs should really be offered, or how often either.
Make it somewhat random. With a small population, it's unlikely that there would be a steady stream of work. Each day, there could a chance of no new jobs, one job or several, with higher numbers being rarer. Sometimes there's a lull of several days, and sometimes a large pile comes all at once.

Another idea to consider is, if prospective clients have a general idea of how many jobs are already waiting on Reina, the chance for a new job goes down, and new ones are more likely to be restoration. When people aren't looking for Reina's specialty, they'll be looking for the workshop that can handle their work the quickest.
No. 156303
Don't be too boring with your requests, kriss. You can make them more interesting if they're unusual.
For example, the repairing a family heirloom mission, is boring. It just degraded over the years? BORING. Write it to give the impression it's a kid trying to cover up a stupid thing, it'll be funnier.
No. 156329
I'll do my best.

As there is... somewhat of a tie... I'm going to wait another day. If it's still tied, I'll just flip a coin, or something.
No. 156330
[X] Repair Family Heirloom - Reina and Scrap

(I might be >>156201 if consider my vote changed)
No. 156374
File 133710051085.jpg - (70.41KB , 502x651 , 34ee5d9c78557018e8b667534e241757.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Repair Family Heirloom - Reina and Scrap

- - -

You gestured with your fork at the restoration job, “How about that one? That does sound like something only I can do after all, it's almost like asking for me specifically! Sounds simple enough as well, so it shouldn't take that long.”

Limstella nodded, tucking the clipboard under her arm, “Very well Mistress Roots. Is there anything else?”

“Nah, not really. Oh, well, I guess could I have Scrap kind of watch? I mean, I know it isn't her area of expertise or anything, but... I figure her being around couldn't hurt, right?”

“Of course, I will inform her. I shall have the item delivered to the workshop within the hour.”

With that, the fairy excused herself from the room. As you had the freetime, and Aya was still in the bath, you took it upon yourself to clean up the table and do the dishes – even though you were sure Limstella intended to do them herself. It was going to take some getting used to having a maid around...

After putting the last of the newly cleaned dishes away, you turned around to see Aya peering at you. It was a bit sudden, to say the least.

“Ahahaha, sorry didn't mean to scare ya. You're pretty dutiful Reina! Sorry to kind of eat, bathe, and run but, well... you know,” she pats her bookbag, “would like to get more into these. If you don't mind...?”

You shake your head, “Don't worry about it. I have some work to do anyway, so even if you stayed I wouldn't really be able to do anything with you for a while...”

“Got some work eh? Well that's not all bad, you got to earn some cash somehow, eh? I'll see you around Reina, it was a lot of fun hanging out with you, we really have to do it again sometime!”

“I wouldn't mind, drop by anytime. Enjoy the books Aya.”

With that Aya departed. You probably still had a bit of time before Limstella returned, so maybe you'd grab a quick bath...


From the job's description, you had expected a bit... worse, really. The dresser wasn't in great condition, but it wasn't really that bad either. It did look a bit faded, and had a few unusual-looking marks on it (which you guessed might be what happens if danmaku hits furniture, but you weren't positive)... the only thing unusual, was some odd-looking bite marks. You swear you've seen those same, unusual bite marks somewhere...

Oh well. A job was a job, and it didn't hurt to start out nice and easy. Scrap had decided to seat herself on one of the tables in the workshop, her job reduced to little more then watching, passing you tools, or the occasional bit of material. It did not seem to please her all that much, but she didn't offer much protest either.

“So, Scrap, what made you decide to be a metalworker?” you asked, deciding to break the silence.

The fairy seemed taken aback by the sudden question, nearly dropping the tool she was handing you, “Oh, well... I don't know really. Just kind of... did one day. I guess metal always had a nice, pretty shine to it...” she glanced at you, “if you don't mind me asking boss, why do you uh... do what you do? You call it restorin' or something, right?”

“Well I don't call it that really, it's just what its called. But, well, I just always liked it. I didn't have a lot of money, or things in general, growing up, so I learned to take really good care of what I had, and how to keep fixing it to make it last longer. When I got older, I found out it was a pretty good paying job sometimes too.”

“Huh, I see. You really got that much work? I always figure people just throw out old things and buy new things to replace it, instead of payin' someone to fix something old.”

You chuckle and nodded your head, “Now you see why I said 'sometimes'. I guess a long, long time ago I would've gotten a lot more work. But back home, it went pretty much like you said... people didn't have an attachment to anything, and it wasn't hard to buy something new. I really only got work from people trying to hold onto something precious to them. So there's some good satisfaction in that.”

Scrap nodded her head, but didn't say anymore.

~ Year 2, Spring 4 – Afternoon

After finishing the job, and informing Limstella, it didn't take long for a small crew of fairies to show up, heft the dresser with surprising ease, and carefully make their way out of the house. It really did seem like fairies did quite a bit around here... or maybe it was just because of where the jobs were contracted through.

Limstella was scribbling some things on her clipboard as she approached, “Very good work Mistress Roots, payment will be here in the morning. I did not get any messages of new jobs from them, but I do believe the other jobs in question have been taken already... still, at least we got something done. The day is yours, Mistress Roots.”

“Eh, taken?” you ask with a bit of surprise.

The fairy furrows her brow, “Yes, of course. We are not the only ones being given these job offers. Ah, I suppose I didn't mention that, did I...?” Limstella shakes her head, “I apologize Mistress Roots on my error. But yes, the offers we get are not merely just for us, but instead sort of a... pool? Anything we get in the morning is likely fair game, but after that... it is less likely for it to remain open.

“Of course, anything requiring your talents of restoration are likely to remain open indefinitely. I do apologize for not mentioning this sooner...”

You shake your head, “No, no that's alright. Well, at least I know now. I guess it's good to get something done anyway... well, then, what will I do now...”

- - -

What will you do now, indeed?
[ ] Let's hit up the to- err, village!
[ ] Perhaps go visit...
- [ ] Reimu
- [ ] Attempt to find Yuuka
- [ ] Other? (write-in)
[ ] Stay home and maybe make some things.
[ ] Other? (write-in)

I swear this whole job thing will feel more refined eventually. Or maybe it'll always feel kind of odd and out of place. I hope not though.
No. 156376
[x] Perhaps go visit...
- [x] Reimu

As much as I'd like to visit Yuuka again, it's not fair to impose on her again like a leecher.
No. 156401
[X] Let's hit up the to- err, village!

You know, for living near it, we've never really explored the village at all. It's never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the neighbors.
No. 156416
[x] Let's hit up the to- err, village!
No. 156420
[x] Perhaps go visit...
- [x] Reimu
Time to see or shrine priestess and make a donation
No. 156421
[X] Let's hit up the to- err, village!

As >>156401 pointed out, we live in/near the village, but we don't really spend much time there. If we are running a buisness, it might be a good idea to visit every now and then. Note where you can get supplies, talk to neighbours etc.
No. 156428
File 133729872937.jpg - (90.81KB , 299x672 , randomart.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Let's hit up the to- err, village!

- - -

You had lived in Gensokyo for, about a year now, and you didn't live that far from the village... yet you really only had visited it a handful of times. It sounded like a good idea to go there again, see what you could find or maybe even buy! You recall Keine and Akyuu lived within the village as well... although, you really had no reason to go see them at the moment.

“I think I'm going to go see the village. Did we need anything while I'm out?”

Limstella shakes her head, “Not in particular Mistress Roots. Before you go, let me get your money... if you want to buy anything, you'll need it.”

The shopkeepers probably wouldn't take IOUs after all. Or maybe they would, but you'd still feel kind of bad doing that... the fairy maid returned before long, handing you a plain looking pouch. Peeking inside, you saw various coins along with a string. You pulled the string out and looked at it oddly, it seemed quite out of place...

“When mon was used in the outside world, I heard they had the holes punched in the coins, so that they could be carried on a string. It isn't quite as practiced anymore, but, well... I thought if you wanted to try it out... and we have no particularly shortage of string.” explained Limstella, noting your confusion

You nod your head, “Oh I see. That's kind of interesting actually... I'll think about it. Although it would seem like having coins on a string is kind of vulnerable to pickpockets.”

“As I understand it, that should not be a concern in the village. Of course, I've never really gone myself, and only know what I've heard. I cannot imagine it would be that bad though... still, it is of course up to you Mistress Roots. Enjoy your time in the village, I will take care of the house while you are away. If anyone comes looking for you, shall I inform them you are in the village?”

“Yeah, that'd be fine. Thanks Limstella.”


You felt a bit out of place in the village. All the traditional Japanese buildings, and everyone wearing all that japanese clothing... still, at least you saw the occasional outsider mixed in as well. No one was really paying any particular attention to you anyway.

It had been quite a while since you were last here, but someone was kind enough to give you directions around the village – which, conveniently enough – seemed to be split up enough that you knew where most of the stores were located, and where to not go, simply because there was nothing of interest there beyond houses.

Heading off towards the commercial district, as you had just now dubbed it, you decided you'd poke around in all the stores, get a feel for what they sold, before actually deciding to buy anything or not... otherwise, you did hear of a few good places to eat, or get something to drink you could visit.

- - -

> Available Mon: 510

> Kappa and Spiders (Workshop and House upgrades)
- Current workshop is size Small, and can support one upgrade
[ ] Mini-Forge – 200 Mon (Same day installation included!) (Workshop)
[ ] Tailor's Bench – 200 Mon (Same day installation included!) (Workshop)
[ ] Workshop expansion – 500 Mon (2 days to build) (Workshop)
[ ] New bedroom – 500 Mon (2 days to build) (House)

> Fairy Materials
[ ] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[ ] Superior-quality Lumber – 45 Mon each
[ ] Exotic Lumber – 100 Mon each
[ ] High-quality Copper – 35 Mon each
[ ] Superior-quality Copper – 80 Mon each
[ ] Iron – 140 Mon each
[ ] High-quality Fabrics – 15 Mon each
[ ] Silk – 200 Mon each

[ ] Maybe get a bite to eat...
- [ ] Ramen! (5 Mon)
- [ ] Maybe that sushi place... (7 Mon)
- [ ] It's not food, but you heard this place has some nice sake. (4 Mon)
- [ ] Tea? (2 Mon)

[ ] Go visit a little gambling parlor you heard about...
[ ] On second thought, maybe you don't need anything after all.
[ ] Other? (write-in)

Materials are used in jobs. Maybe. I'm thinking about it, so maybe you shouldn't buy anything. I'm just thinking of using it for some jobs that require you to have material handy, since after all, Yukari is just providing you free, basic stuff.

I completely made up most of these prices off the top of my head, so give me an idea if they feel too cheap, or too expensive. For reference's sake, I based the cost of food earlier on, at it costing 5 Mon to feed a person for a day, with 3 meals. So it was about 1.5 Mon for a meal. This is probably in no way an accurate representation of the actual value of money.

Also, is there a shop type you think I should include that I did not? Throw me a suggestion and I'll include it next time or something.
No. 156518
>Tailor's Bench
>Workshop expansion
>New bedroom

I already don't know what I'm going to vote for, but I would like to know exactly what those things are going to change. The workshop expansion and the other bedroom, I can guess, but the mini-forge?
No. 156523
Mini-Forge was the most generic sounding name I could think of for metalwork stuff. Tailor's Bench for tailoring and... such.

I think next time I'll try to include something to indicate what something is for so there's not any confusion...

As an aside, the workshop expansion is for more things to put into the workshop, and bedrooms are for more workers... or, just having spare bedrooms.
No. 156526
[x] Mini-Forge – 200 Mon (Same day installation included!) (Workshop)
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] Iron – 140 Mon each
- [x] Ramen! (5 Mon)

There we go. Some materials, an upgrade, and some food. Beside, Scrap is a metalworker, so we'll be able to work on two projects at once, which means more MONEY, and with that MONEY, we can upgrade the worshop, hire more hirelings, makes more MONEY, AND MAKES MORE MONEY AND BUY THE WHOLE WILLAGE! HAHAHAHAHA- sorry. Anyway, we need more money. Beside it's cool to not be poor.
No. 156562
[X] Mini-Forge – 200 Mon
[X] Maybe get a bite to eat...
- [X] Ramen! (5 Mon)

I guess? I don't really want to worry about materials until we need them. Let's just get Scrap something to do.
No. 156616
[x] Mini-Forge – 200 Mon (Same day installation included!) (Workshop)
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] High-quality Lumber – 20 Mon each
[x] High-quality Copper – 35 Mon each
[x] High-quality Copper – 35 Mon each
[x] High-quality Copper – 35 Mon each
[X] Maybe get a bite to eat...
- [X] Ramen! (5 Mon)

Total: 200+100+105+5=410 Mon

100 Mon left.
No. 156740
>[ ]Mini-forge
You played Dorf Fortress, didn't you?
No. 156765
I guess that fucker really like his fucking mini-forge.
No. 157442
So time to be the bringer of bad news. Gonna have to hiatus this again.

I won't start it ALL over, I'll probably just post in this thread again when I bring it back. I'll push it back a few updates though.

It's my own fault really, I kind of started using all the "game" aspects without first writing it all out, so I was quickly making things up on the spot so as to not delay updates.

Plus there's been a bunch of real life crap coming up, and I just need to stop RiG2 for a bit, write out the system stuff, and bring it back. If all goes well, the hiatus might not even be that long. Maybe only a few weeks. But don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, I'm trying to work on a character for a future CYOA, but I have too many ideas in my head, so I think I'll post just the character creation part of it in /gensokyo/ maybe. Keep an eye out for it, as it'll probably be up today. The CYOA itself will probably not happen for a bit though, as I'm wary of running multiple CYOAs at once, and RiG2 is going to be back before I start that one.

In the meantime, I might go and start doing Moriya Shrine of Cards, so I'm not just doing nothing in the meantime. If I get that going today, look for it in /youkai/.

Sorry anon.