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Dead: Crino (Falcon Punch), Three Fairies (Sakuya and China), Rinnosuke (throat slitted), China (accidental axe to the head), Marisa (chopped to pieces), generic schoolboy (Keine's poison meant for you), Keine (death after rape)

Want you dead: Alice (at all costs - killing Marisa), Daiyousei (killing Cirno and raping her), Sakuya (maybe - lying to her and causing a scene outside SDM), Keine's hat demon (? - removed Keine's hat after her death)

Inventory: 2-handed Axe, low-level danmaku wand, one stick of dynamite, a patch of China's skin and hair, a pack of matches, Marisa's garbs, her arms and spell cards, Keine's demonic hat, Daiyousei's bloody dagger

Lives: 3 (Decided to add a lives system; basically if you fuck up and can't figure out a way to live, you die and start back at a precious point. There'll probably be a way to gain more lives, but it will be very difficult.)

Current scenario: Daiyousei stabbed you in the back and you go to the Hakurei Shrine instead of taking a chance at the SDM for treatment.

Current location: Unknown; fell unconscious along the path between the Human Village and the Hakurei Shrine.

You have awaken and a pair of petite breasts greet you; you refocus your vision and see it's Suika a few feet in-front of you and Reimu right next to you; it seems she has wrapped you up in bandages and treated your wound the best she could.

"There," Reimu briefly replies as Suika wraps her arms around her.

"He's fine now, so come back to bed Reimu," the oni begs as she rubs Reimu's breasts. The Shrine Maiden sits up and Suika cheers as she runs to the other room, waiting for Reimu to follow. Before standing, however, she whispers in your ear,

"I helped you, so help me."

She stands and makes her way to Suika and shuts the door. Your body is heavy and still in a little pain, but you could leave if you wanted to, or perhaps you can rest some more or have something else in mind.

No. 1525
[X] Masturbate in Reimu's teapot.
No. 1526
Fuck both
No. 1527
check inventory, in case they took it
No. 1528
No. 1529
Your dick is a little tired, but you do so and left Reimu and Suika a small offering.

But you just masturbated; besides, I doubt there'll interested. You always have other options though.

It's all there.
No. 1530
rest we need more man juices
No. 1531
are we a hitman now?

check the shrine for traps and hidden doors
No. 1532
You ignore Reimu's request for now and fall asleep.

Not really.
No. 1533
go to eientei
No. 1534
how can we kill suika with our precious dynamite?
No. 1535
is there a archive for this ?
No. 1536
You are rudely awaken with a kick to your ribs.

"Why is he still here; you know I don't like these types of humans. You helped him and now he should leave," states a drunk oni.
No. 1538

doesntexist should have it
No. 1539
put keines hat on suika
No. 1541
You may be a bit weak or that now, but you could try.

You got the matches; Anon needs to figure that out.

First page of the board
No. 1542
No. 1543
put a lit stick of dynamite in it first
No. 1544
"i hapen to have a very special magical candle. if you stop kicking me, i'll give it to you.
use this magical candle in the right way and you will be together with your lover forever."
No. 1546
Use axe on Sukia. Lets attack someone who deserves it for a change.
No. 1547
You pick yourself up and do so; the oni is even cuter, but she punches you in the jaw for being a wiseass.

It wouldn't have fit, nor would have been effective.
No. 1548
if she accepts
light the dynamite, hand it over to her and tell her "now run as fast as you can outside, close your eyes and mumble your lovers name 21 times. the numer 21 is of highly importance. remember it.
no run and be happy."
No. 1549
Challenge her to a drinking contest. Then hit her with the axe while shes laughing.
No. 1550
You give her the 'candle' and tell her it would make you lovers forever; Reimu whimpers and Suika smacks you upside the head with it.

"You already gave me one of these, remember? I held it up, but nothing special happened. Besides, I don't need such a silly thing."

You run over to your axe, lifted it up in your weakened state, and swung at Suika.

You missed, and Suika strike a few blow to your chest and then hits you a few times with her chain. You fall to the ground as a bloody pulp and Reimu begins to cry. She begins to gently tend your wounds and Suika just scoffs.
No. 1551
Stab Suika's eyes with the dagger, insert dynamite into the bloody eye socket, light dynamite with matches, and then duck and cover.
No. 1552
tell raimoo "you have to give her this candle, light it and run away"
No. 1553
You think of this, but know you'll need help. You slip the dagger out and gently give it to Reimu. You tell her the plan: she'll go up to Reimu and stick it in her eye. You'll then get stick, light it, jam it in the socket and run like hell.

Your wounds are pretty bad, and know you'll probably just have one chance: do you wish to execute?
No. 1554
Bonus points if she can convince Suika it's a new sex toy, and gets Suika to let her insert it into her before lighting it.
No. 1555
>>Your wounds are pretty bad, and know you'll probably just have one chance: do you wish to execute?

No. 1556

No. 1560
krash kill and destroy
No. 1561
Reimu takes the dagger, holds it behind her back and walks up to Suika. She stares her in her eye, returns Suika's smile, and jams it in. Suika yells and you run to get the dynamite as planned, but Reimu doesn't move; instead, she removes the dagger and sticks it in Suika's other eye. She then begins stabbing Suika all over with the bloody knife.

"You bitch!" Reimu cries. "This is for keeping me as a sex slave all those years!" She jams the knife it the oni again, but she strikes back and strikes Reimu with a great punch that sends her flying five back.

"You retarded cunt... you'll pay grea..." just then, you lit the stick, throw it at the demon, pick up Reimu and run out. Suika just continues to yell, not knowing what's happening, but then someone comes out of another room in the Shrine; it's Mima.

"What's going on h..."

Boom! The dynamite goes off and you and Reimu fly from the blast. She is able to get herself up after the smoke clears, but you are much worse. You are heavily bleeding from the stomach and are unsure if you'll live. Reimu just begins to panic.

You may be able to live, but how?
No. 1563
Slap Reimu to calm her down. With your penis.
No. 1564
Try harder Anon.
No. 1565
Invoke the power of Keine's hat and rewrite history so I was never in the blast, and Reimu got caught in it. TRIPLE KILL
No. 1566
If you know what he means~
No. 1567

sage your wounds
No. 1568
Tell Reimu to heal you with spiritual magics
No. 1569
use chinas skin on wounds
No. 1570
>>You may be able to live, but how?

Use Marisa's garbs to wrap the wound and try to slow the bleeding, and attempt to get Reimu to calm the fuck down. Slap her with Marisa's arm, if necessary.
No. 1571

any of these.

Other wise try a spell card, who knows what will happen? If anon can't use it get Reimu to do it
No. 1572
No. 1573
Get ye flask
No. 1574
deny you wounds
No. 1575
Say goodbye to Reimu.

No. 1576
complain to the game master and get a second saving throw
No. 1577
You pray to the hat; no response.

You yell this to her, but gets worried.

"I... um... I... I... I... um... I'm... I... never really practiced that; I can try..."

"Forget it."

You tell Reimu to reach into your pocket and take out the skin patch. She applies it to your wound to stop the blood flow. It's a small chance, but it's the best you can think of; maybe there's something more you can try?
No. 1578
Cock-slap Reimu back to her senses, and get her to fly our ass to Eintei for treatment. Thank her properly with rape, kill her, and then rape her again.
No. 1579
ask reimu if any of the spell cards will work.
No. 1580
Use China's hair to stitch our wound together. WE ARE NOW ONE!
No. 1581
Ask Reimu to attempt sexual healing.
No. 1582
use chinas hair to stich the wound
No. 1583
Tell Reimu that are wounds can only be cured by having sex with her.
No. 1584
You tell the Maiden to rip off a part of your dress and use it as a bandage, she does so, but the blood still flows.

She reaches for your spell cards, but find nothing that would help in this case.
No. 1585

No. 1586
Have Reimu scour the rubble for any pieces of Suika and Mima and eat them to gain their power.
No. 1587
her sarashi will stop the bleeding

No. 1588
You tell Reimu to remove the bandage and try using the hair to patch the wound; she doesn't really know what she's doing, but she does somethings and it seems to have slow down the flow. She places the bandage back into position.

You feel lightheaded though.
No. 1589
Go back into the shrine and steal Mima's hat, also, cut off Suika's horns. Our power will grow.
No. 1590
get her to fly us to Eintei
No. 1591
And take Suika's everlasting sake bottle while we're at it.
No. 1592
Clearly we need to regain the blood we have lost.
Tear off some more of our dress and sop up our blood like a sponge, and then eat it.
No. 1593
This but with Reimu's Sarashi.
No. 1594
You tell her to unwrap her breasts and use the sarashi for additional bandage. She blushes and does so; you stare at the small tits as she wraps you up more so.

It seems that the flow is beginning to clot and is halted by the bandages for now, but you are still in great need of help.

Just then, you hear laugher come from the rubble.

"That's not how you kill an oni..." a voice says sadistically.

Despite your condition, it may be a good idea to get the hell out of here.
No. 1595
Tell Reimu we need to get the fuck out of here and hide somewhere safe.

Then rape.
No. 1596

Get Lame-oo to try the spellcards again pronto!
No. 1597
Throw Reimu into rubble, run.
No. 1598

fucking Eintei and healing you bastard
No. 1599
Use ventriloquism to fool Suika into thinking we're somewhere else, and slip away with Reimu while she's distracted.
No. 1600
"Lift me and let's fly out of here." She tried to get your fatass off the ground, but she can't get higher than six inches. She flies for a minute in some random direction and then set you on the ground.

Reimu is tried, but Suika will come looking real soon.
No. 1601
check spellcard and wand
No. 1602

Spellcards. OR ride offon Genji
No. 1603
I put on my robe and wizard hat.
No. 1604
you happen to wear marisa b clothes
use your unfocused laser
No. 1605
rape Reimu to restore her mana
No. 1606
She checks the spellcards again, and figures out one of the cards may be able to whisk you away.

Reimu is slow to use it, but she then hears some tussling and a demonic voice.

"Your mine you little slut."

Reimu speeds the fuck up and a giant star take the two of you off in some random direction. You fly at a very fast speed but after minute, the star disappears and you two begin falling from the sky.

Quick, think of something.
No. 1607
Tell her to run.
We go in a different direction.
No. 1608
Confess to Reimu that even though you've only just met, you've fallen hopelessly in love with her. Take this opportunity to get her to have consentual sex in the missionary position, and when finished kill her and fap over her corpse.
No. 1609
>>Quick, think of something.

Rape Reimu in mid-air.
No. 1610

No. 1611
try the spell cards again?

Grab onto Reimu
No. 1612
swing the axt as fast as you can. it will become a propeller
No. 1613

Bloomer parachute is the obvious solution
No. 1614
Take off the dress and combine it with Marisa's arms to fashion a crude parachute.
No. 1615
Holy shit! Fuckin second'd
No. 1616

Holy crap, it's like Anonymous has turned into a depraved, twisted, and overall dark version of MacGyver.
No. 1619
No time to cal upon a false deity.

With one hand you latch onto Reimu and tell you to fly as hard as she can.

You swing the axe as fast as possible.

And tell Reimu to remove her bloomers and use them then as a parachute.

You say fuck the axe and quickly remove your dress; it opens up in the strong wind and you use to hopefully slow your fall.

You failed. You hit the ground with a loud thud.

Although it's bad, it could have been much worse. You seem to be rather unharmed from the fall, but since you landed on top of Reimu, you roll over.

You take a good look at the body and know she's not getting up.

To add insult to injury, the axe falls on top of Reimu and splits her skull.