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15000 No. 15000
And then Gensokyo Man exulted, for she even got a GET while on her loli's computer.

No. 15002

Not a real get.
No. 15004
15k isn't special, although this board is kind of slow.
No. 15016
Gm, have my children
No. 15017
No. 15019
She won't rest until she's writing every post on this board, I tell ya. We've got to stop her now, before it's too late!!
No. 15022


THAT's a GET. Or most any number where one number repeats alot of times.
No. 15040
We shall wait until it is 99.999
If GM shall get this get, she shall be worshiped by me.
No. 15073
If 99,999 is not a Cirno GET I will be sad.
No. 15083
File 120820832298.jpg - (145.06KB , 685x550 , 99999GET.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 15092
1000 is a GET
10000 is a GET
100000 is a GET
1000000 is a fucking epic GET
No. 15114
So WILL there be YWUIG thread today? It`s almost midnight, I have a fever so I want to go to bed but I don`t want to leave anon alone with YWUIG so he screws shit up again.
No. 15297
Et tu, anon?
No. 15313
GM's work is the only one that does anything for me.
No. 15314
No need to worry.
Once the mind control device is complete and GM takes full control of the Hivemind, we'll all be doing it for her, anyway.

Resistance is futile. There is no escape.
No. 15339
This is absurd; you have to be a mod on this board or something and you haven't told us. Seriously, creeping me the hell out.
No. 15341
Fuck now you've scared me too. GM is a mod pretending to be a girl pretending to be a guy to write stories that implant subliminal messages in our subconsciousness for the purpose of......

No. 15350
File 120821809972.jpg - (290.66KB , 800x500 , 1208147827666.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 15352

Careful, starting to look a little LOL RANDOM XD there
No. 15355
This is GM.
No. 15359

That sticky is still up? Goddamn, Moot.
No. 15664
File 120825116881.png - (107.74KB , 865x618 , cirno get.png ) [iqdb]
No. 15674
*rename the board to /gm/
No. 15701
File 120828031790.jpg - (99.86KB , 638x485 , mstalkit.jpg ) [iqdb]

It is, unfortunately. I`d like to delete MSTalkIt from my HDD but I need it to read the sticky... So fuck you, moot. Fuck you and your children.
No. 15713
Yeah, moot said says he'd be back with a solution in 7 minutes.
No. 15745
I think GM owns this board, and kind of gently nudged us towards it when we were looking before. I call modGET on this and the 10000.
No. 15746
File 120829239875.jpg - (11.51KB , 200x242 , al.jpg ) [iqdb]

I don't think so, Tim.
No. 15753

I've more or less abandoned 4chan. That makes me a better person, I think.
No. 15754

You missed Bokusatsu and 5 hours of constant awesomeness though.
No. 15756

You're just moving sideways.
No. 15757

>That makes me a better person, I think.

No. Going outside and getting a job makes you a better person.
No. 15758
I never heard of this board previous to someone suggesting it, actually. I rather felt more at home at an image board was all, and I'm sure most agree.
No. 15760
Save your trolling for a more active board please. You must be desparate.
No. 15761

11 hours at work today made me wish I were unemployed. Everything breaks at the worst possible time.
No. 15762
I-I would like to see a Y-YWUIG thread.

No. 15768
I want YWUIG. But I also want to be up to date on the season's anime, Vinland Saga scanslations, and Kaiji threads.

I miss /jp/, but I miss old /a/ even more.
No. 15770
>I rather felt more at home at an image board was all, and I'm sure most agree.

the lack of firefox plug-in makes it uncomfortable to be here
No. 15771
Stop by once in a while, Bokusatsu might show up.
No. 15789
Since the other thread I made timed out, so everyone will know: Everyone interested in Touhou D&D, or simply wanting to watch/spout memes, AIM at 7 PM EST in the chatroom DanmakuDesu.
No. 15799
ETA 9 minutes.
No. 15801
You mean 7 minutes.
No. 15804
Guys, if you can't get into a room on your own, post your AIM here.
No. 15806
No. 15807
Anyone else? There is already more room.
No. 15810

I know zero about D&D, though--I'm interested in watching only, pretty much. So, if someone else actually wants to play, fuhget about me.
No. 15811
Hey, game won't start for a while. This is to gauge interest, chat with fellow /th/ers, talk about RPGs, Touhou, GRINDANogi, /jp/ stuff, and spout memes.
No. 15925
So, are there people still there? If so, add me. Yae Kurosawa is an alt of mine I rarely use, so I'll use it.
No. 15972

Well, nothing, I'm just gonna sign off and try to get in next time, to watch or whatever.
No. 16465
Why would you miss /jp/? Believe it or not you can actually browse more than 1 board.

I am kind of sad that /jp/ is nolonger /WUIG/, /Ronery/ and 80% Touhou though