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At first, There was there was nothing but a lump of metal buried in the dirt. It used to be something useful before it broke, but now it lies, abandoned and unwanted, remaining in the ground for all eternity.

Or at least it should have.

But, fortunately, that is not the case. For in this land, there exists something amazing. Something that is gone everywhere else. Magic. And it does some truly extraordinary things. It seems to have a mind of it's own, consenting to being controlled by some, and completely rejecting others. And now it seems to be gathering in that piece of iron, something it normally avoids doing.

Whatever the case, The magic that has gathered within this poor, old lump of metal has reached a critical stage, and does something science has never succeeded in doing.

It creates life.

Good luck, little one.

For the first time, you feel the things around you.

Wiggle, wiggle....


Wiggle, wiggle

[Cool... Heavy... Dark...but i'm nice and warm inside. This... is dirt? Ground...."Earth?]


[I like it!]

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle!

The dirt moves around you, and a bright white... Light?

You Wiggle some more, and the hole widens letting the wind through. You like the dirt, but you want to see what’s through the hole. So of course you poke your head out!


…Its amazing.

The Colours.

The Things!

Hey! You even know their names!

[That ones a tree! Its leaves are red and yellow! The sky is blue! The grass is green, and Everything is just so awesome!]

You lift up your arms, and greet everything the best you can!



Height: 2’6’’!
Weight: 60 pounds!
Blood type: Molten Iron!
Eye Colour: A cherry glowing redish orange. Like the glow from a fireplace!

Round all the sharp edges off Danbo, Change the frown to a smile, and make his mouth bigger and closeable. You have the MC.
He’s a combo Metal/ Fire youkai spirit thing.


Choice time!

Sometimes they’ll be straightforward, sometimes they won’t. But don’t worry about bad ends, because this isn’t that kind of story.

[ ] Fist of Heaven

[ ] Scepter of Stars

[ ] Shield of the Earth

[ ] Armor of the Wind

Who can Figure out which character these votes reference?
[x] Armor of the Wind

The first one is Meiling, and that's really all I can get from it.
[X] Scepter of Stars

I think this is Marisa, but it could be Kaguya or Patchy.
[X] Scepter of Stars
[x] Shield of the Earth

Don't know who this is but it sounds cool.
[x] Armor of the Wind

Assuming that this is one of the Youkai Mountain folks
[X] Fist of Heaven

I want to beat everyone with martial arts while only being 2 1/2 feet tall.
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if this was D&D your stats would probably be like this right now:

Str: 22
cha 8

Hoi's just a kid. He wants to make friends with everyone, and doesn't understand that he can hurt people. he's kind of like Yotsuba. constantly cheerful and in awe of the world. He's also really, really clumsy.
[X] Scepter of Stars
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[X] Scepter of Stars

You lower your arms and nod to yourself. A truly splendid greeting!

Now its time to explore~!

You pick a random direction and start off, trundling through the bush, and staring at everything around you.

A flower!

You examine it for a moment before moving off again.

An acorn!

You stop to pick your prize, marveling a it’s round shininess.

A bug!...A bug!"

Immediately dropping your acorn, you chase after the flapping thing!

“Hoi!” [Get back here so I can catch you!]

It leads you through the forest, and keeps ahead of you as you trip on the tree’s roots, falling on your face repeatedly. But you persevere! You keep chasing your Great Rival, knowing that hard work will prevail! Even now, you can feel more strength filling your limbs! You charge forward, closing the gap, and jump-!

You fall flat on your face again. You Great Rival climbs higher into the sky, never once looking back upon your defeated form.

You roll onto your back, and stare up at the sky. One day, you promise yourself, you’ll fly. You watch the clouds roll past, and see funny shapes in them.


Some time later, you hear a rusting and grumbling noise coming from the other side of the clearing.

“…pid Greencaps! Always run away!”

You turn your head and roll on to your belly. Who?! What?! When?! Where?!

And then you see it!
Its Black and White and Yellow! Its eyebrows are all scrunched up too!
“Where did it- Ah! That’s where you’re hiding!

Eh?! It sees you?! But its going to a big fallen over tree instead? Ha! Its bad at hide and seek!

…When did you start playing hide and seek anyway? You didn’t! In fact, you haven’t even met yet! This must be fixed!

You stand up and walk over to the Black and White and Yellow. Its up to its shoulders in the fallen tree and seems to be trying to reach something. You wonder what she’s reaching for, but right now, greetings are in order!

You take a deep breath, and—


There’s a squawk and a bump and a yelp, and then the Black and White and Yellow pulls itself from the hole. Its eyes are wide and it pushes a blocky, tubey thing in your face.

“Wha-what are you!?” it squeaks.

“Hoi!” you reply with great solemnity, giving a nod for good measure. You look at the blocky tubey thing before looking in the hole. What was it searching for? You bend down and wiggle into the hole yourself.

A pair of eyes look back at you. It’s a White and green mushroom! It scoots back, pressing itself against the wall.

“Hey! What are you doing!?” its voice isn’t squeaky anymore.

So this is what the Black and White and Yellow was chasing? Well, then! You’ll help her catch it! Your stubby arms grab hold of either side of the GreenSpot, and you wiggle backwards out of the hole with your prize, and then stand up. There’s a crunch as you stand up and accidentally break the tree.

You turn to the Black and White and Yellow. Standing up, it’s quite a bit taller than you. The expression it has is really silly right now.

“Hoi!” you state and offer it the GreenSpot.

“Huh?” it blinks a few times and looks down at the mushroom your holding out to it.

“Hoi!” you say again and push it closer. This time, the Black and White and Yellow takes it.


“Hoi!” you declare one final time, nodding at a job well done.

The Black and White and Yellow stares at he mushroom for a few more seconds, and then it looks at you. Then the tree. Then the mushroom again. You, Tree, Mushroom.

A strange gleam enters its eyes, and it fishes a Black Hat out from its bag.

Placing the Black Hat on its head, it turns back to you an enormous grin plastered on its face. It walks up to you, grabs you around the waist, and pulls upward.

You don’t move. It blinks in surprise, and then tries again, its face turning red as it strains to lift you. It manages to get you up off the ground, before it drops you and collapses on top, panting”

A game?

I like games! You both stand up. You wrap your arms around her waist, and lift her up. It seems startled, then laughs as you hold it up in the air.

Then you tip forward and land on top of it.


“OOF!” it groans as you get up off it and stand, waiting for it to play again.

“Ok.” It mutters to itself while standing up. “New plan.”

It straitens its dress, tips its hat and points, one pokey thing at you, the rest curled into a ball.

“You!” It shouts. “What’s your name?”

“…Hoi?” [Name?]

“Then, I name you Hoi!” It yells again, still pointing at you.

“…Hoi!” [Ok!]

The grin gets wider, and it points up to the sky.

“ My name is Marisa Kirisame, and I’m going to be the best witch ever!”

The pokey swings to you again.

“How would you like to be my underling? You’ll get a house, tasty food, and I’ll even give you some of my candy! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I’m giving you here! Don’t let it go to waste!”


[ ] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

[ ] “…Hoi. Hoi Hoioi~!”[…Nope! I’m gonna go explore more! See you later, funny person~!]
Guessing game again. How old is Marisa in this story?

Previous answers-

Fist of Heaven- Meiling

Shield of the Earth- Reimu

Armor of the Wind- Sanae
[x] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]
[X] “…Hoi. Hoi Hoioi~!”[…Nope! I’m gonna go explore more! See you later, funny person~!]

We're a new youkai, so we need to see the rest of Gensokyo. Maybe later

Maybe we'll be able to meet Phobe!
[x] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

[x] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

PC-98ish aged Marisa? Me like.
[x] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

Are we some kind of Pokemon?
[X] “…Hoi. Hoi Hoioi~!”[…Nope! I’m gonna go explore more! See you later, funny person~!]
More exploring, less Marisa.
[X] “…Hoi. Hoi Hoioi~!”[…Nope! I’m gonna go explore more! See you later, funny person~!]

I can always support anything with less Marisa.
[x] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

File 132103263975.jpg - (134.51KB, 800x532 , Danbo_and_his_pet_Llama.jpg) [iqdb]
Called for being Marisa's underling.
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[X] “Hoi!” [Ok! But what’s an “underling”?]

“Hoi!” You agree cheerily. But what’s an underling?

“It means I’m your boss!” The Marisa says. “Now, come-on! We gotta get back to Home Base!”

It Grabs your arm and takes off, leading you through the forest.

…What’s a “boss”? You wonder to yourself.

After running through the forest for several minutes, (and falling on your face several times) you eventually stop at a …house. It’s got all kinds of cool stuff around it! You can’t wait to explore!

The Marisa lets go of your hand, before jumping up to reach the handle and opening the door.

“KOURIN~!” It shouts before grabbing your arm again and dashing in. “Kourin! Look what I found!”
“Oh? Did you find anything interesting, Marisa?” a voice asks, and another people person appears! You look up! …and up, …and up

Hoi~oi, This People person is huge!

“Yea!” The Marisa cheers. She steps behind you and puts her hands on your shoulders. “ This is Hoi! He’s my Underling! He can stay here, right?”

BigTall raises an eyebrow ad looks at you, eyes glowing yellow.

“And who are you?” he asks.


[ ] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!

[ ] “…Hoi.” greet BigTall reservedly.

[ ] “Hoi.” greet BigTall politely.

[ ] Hide behind The Marisa. BigTall is scary!

uhhh, ignore rinnosuke's last line please. i messed up
[x] “…Hoi.” greet BigTall reservedly.

Wanna headbutt that Big Man.
[x] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!

As if we can be not cheerful.
[X] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!
[x] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!

It's only 3 posts in, but I'm really liking this story so far. Just thought I'd let you know.
[x] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!
[X] “Hoi.” Greet BigTall politely.

Manners, Hoi. Manners.
[x] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!

If we're in any way like Yotsuba, this is the only proper way to greet someone.

[X] “Hoi~!” greet BigTall cheerily!

Uuuu… BigTall is kind of scary, but you just met him! Therefore, you must greet him properly!

Arm, up!

Cheer, up!



YES! Perfect! You do believe you have surpassed yourself!

BigTall’s eyes stop glowing and he smiles at you.

“Cheerful little guy, isn’t he?” BigTall sighs, looking amused. “Well, he has no ill intent, so he can stay if he helps out with chores.”

You can stay in the cool place if you help? Yay!
“YEAH!” The Marisa cheers before hugging you from behind. “This is awesome! We’re gonna do so much fun stuff, Hoi! Pranks, Exploring, Learning magic, an- Oh Yeah!” The Marisa seems shocked. “I can’t believe I almost forgot!”

She fishes around in her satchel before pulling out a jar with the Green and White mushroom in it, and triumphantly presents it to BigTall.

Both eyebrows go up this time. BigTall seems amazed.

“You managed to catch one so soon? That’s amazing, Marisa! GreenCaps are fast, wily, and hard to find.”

“Hehe…” The Marisa’s face goes red at the praise. “Finding them was never the problem, just catching them. I had help though! I cornered it, and Hoi got it from its hiding place. He really scared me when we first met though. I thought your youkai detector had broken!”

“So that’s why you like him so much.” He sighs. “And I think Hoi’s a nature spirit, though he feels a bit like a youkai too.” BigTall takes the jar from The Marisa. The GreenCap is bonking away at the glass sides. Anyway, as promised, we’ll do the Keystone Ritual—“

The Marias Cheers and whoops, grabbing both you and BigTall and pulling you both into a hug, her blue eyes shining. “I’m gonna be a witch! I’m gonna be a witch! I’m gonna be a witch! Everyone said I couldn’t do it, but they’re wrong! I’m gonna be a witch~!” She starts dancing around, and you start dancing with her.

“—Tomorrow” BigTall finishes.

Both you and The Marisa fall flat on your faces.


BigTall looks supremely satisfied.

“It’s getting late, and I have to set everything up.” Now that you notice it, the sky is going pretty colours.” Besides, you still…”


[ ] Rub a dub dub~!

[ ] Essential things and visitations!


Keystone Ritual: a ritual to fully awaken one’s magical core. The main component, GreenCap mushrooms, are notoriously difficult to find, and even harder to catch. Substitutes may be used, but produce a substandard effect.

If you hadn’t met Marisa, she would have been forced to leave it at sunset, and for the next two years, would not have been able to catch one.
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forgot pic
[X] Rub a dub dub~!
No idea which does what so I'ma do the more cheerful sounding one.
[x] Rub a dub dub~!

taking a bath
[X] Rub a dub dub~!

This implies bathing. Bathtime is fun. Hoi~!
File 132130811821.jpg - (146.23KB, 500x750 , 4434221047_d88c5d1a65_o.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Rub a dub dub~!

”Besides, you need to take a bath. Honestly, how did you get so dirty?”

The Marisa looks down at the dirt covering her and pouts, then smiles.

“… Ok. C’mon, Hoi! Bath time!” The Marisa starts to lead you off to a different room.

“Hoi?” [What’s a bath? Is it fun?]

She nods, still smiling. That’s a mischievous look on her face…

BigTall sounds from around the corner. “And after you get clean, you can do your chores from this morning. No just shoving them off on your “underling” either.”

The Marisa freezes and hangs her head.

“Awww, I thought you forgot about them!”

“Nope~ not a chance~.” The singsong voice says.

She pouts again. “…You’re mean, Kourin.”

She opens a door for you and ushers you inside. The room is white tile, and there’s a big wooden basin off to one side.

“Thank you for the compliment, my dear Marisa~.”

“Poohead!” The Marisa shouts back before slamming the door. You hear rustling, her grumbling, and BigTall laughing. Hey! If you turn this metal thing, water comes out! This is cool! On, off, on, off!

“Hey, Hoi.” You hear The Marisa’s voice from behind you. “Tonight, we’re putting tanuki poo in Kourin’s pillow.”

Put tanuki poo in someone’s pillow? What’s a pillow? You start to turn back to The Marisa. And that doesn’t sound very ni—

“Hoi?!” [Who is this?!]

“Huh? What is it, Hoi?” It asks, looking confused.

Ah! It has the Marisa’s voice! But The Marisa is Black and White and Yellow! This one is Pink and Brown and Yellow! You then notice the Black and White in the corner…..

It starts to fill up the basin from the water-shooters.

You point an accusing limb at it!


“WHAT?!” Pink and Brown and Yellow shrieks “No! I just took off my dress!” Pink and Brown and Yellow marches over to the Black and White, picks it up then puts it on. Black and White and Yellow. It’s The Marisa again?!

“See its me! I didn’t get eaten!” she takes off the Black and White, becoming Pink and Brown and Yellow again.

The Marisa is the Pink and Brown and Yellow AND the Black and White and Yellow? This is confusing! It must be wizardry! Or witchary? Hummmm…

“They’re clothes silly! All humans wear them.” The Marisa seems amused. “You really don’t know a lot, do you?”

“Hoi!” [Hey!] That’s rather insulting!

“But don’t fear!” She continues on. ”This Marisa will instruct you carefully! It’s a boss’ job to take care of their underlings!”

She walks over to a door in the wall, opens it, and takes out all kinds of cool things! But you don’t think ducks are that colour…

She turns off the water shooter that goes into the basin.

“We’ll get the boring, cleaning part over with first” The Marisa nods authoritatively. “Then we get to play! Hehe~ silly Kourin didn’t give us a time limit~.”

She brings out something yellow and squishy.

“This is a sponge!” she declares, pointing at it, and then a white brick. “That’s soap! Now…” her eyes are gleaming! And that smiles creepy!

She advances on you, and you suddenly wish BigTall were here.

“..Ho-Hoi..” [He-hey…]

“Lets get you clean~!”

“Hoi-oi-oi-oiiiiiii----!” [HEL-ELL-ELLPPPPP-----!]


Next part coming as soon as its finished. Homework and other assorted Rl stuff, but I’ll update once a week minimum. (Hopefully, anyway).

Rinnosuke’s relationship with Marisa is ¼ doting dad and ¾ annoying older brother.
Is it a good idea to put a being made from metal into a tub filled with water?
when you don't need to breath and magic prevents you from rusting, it will be fine
File 132133202513.gif - (573B, 80x80 , GreenCap.gif) [iqdb]
> The main component, GreenCap mushrooms, are notoriously difficult to find, and even harder to catch.

Pic related?
>If you hadn't met Marisa
But we met Marisa. What about the others, the ones Hoi didn't meet? I guess he still might meet them, so I'm not really expecting an immediate answer.
And was the first choice a ~time traveling~ choice or what?
The first choice was where and when you appeared. and yes, GreenCaps look like 1 UP mushrooms.
Holy shit, this is adorable.
I have no idea what this little Hoi! thing is supposed to be.
Because of all these danbo pics, I am stuck imagining him like that, despite the description given before.
Man I am liking this story. It's very cute.

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