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And thus, the third thread of Supa Quest starts

[X] Keep your eyes closed, and try to feel around

You try to feel around, in the hopes of copping a feel. Soon your hand comes in contact with something soft. And big. You move your hand around the soft round thing, but can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s soft, like a breast, but it’s so big, that you can’t imagine anyone with a rack that big. It also seems to go Myon on touch.

You open your eyes, and see the people around you. You recognize Yukari right away, and Yuyuko is next to her. As you take a look at whatever it is you are currently groping, you see a spirit and a girl looking a bit red on the cheeks, looking at the floor, with a not so happy look on her face. That’s right, you groped Myon. Well, taking a look at the spirit and it’s other half; you really can’t tell that on what part of her body you are giving a small massage to. Yomu seems to lift her gaze from the floor from time to time, glaring daggers at you.

You take a look at yourself, and see that you are sporting a similar dress to Yomu. Yukari and Yuyuko are talking about something.

[ ] Interupt Yukari, ask for normal clothes

[ ] Try to talk to Yomu

[ ] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”
[ ] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”
[X] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”
[X] Try to talk to Yomu.
"Does it feel better when I do this? :squeeze: Or this?" :squeeze:
[ ] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”
[x] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”

[X] Try to talk to Youmu

"So, what's up with you?" *Squeeze Myon*
[ ] Try to talk to Yomu
[X] Try to talk to Youmu
[x] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”

This seems like a good idea.
[X] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”
don't we get a new continue for surviving Mayohiga?
File 12082006756.png - (229.82KB, 480x360 , 46546748646.png) [iqdb]
[X] “Wow, that princess of ghosts sure has a nice rack”

There, you say it. Ah well, it’s true. Yomu looks at You, not quite sure what to think of you, Yukari seems to turn in your direction, and Yuyuko gets up, slowly floating towards you.

“Uhhuhhu, do you really think so”? She uses her arms to lift them up a bit, making them seem a bit more bigger.

“Don’t bother with the idiot” Yukari says. He’s just butthurt that we dressed him into another dress.

“Ah well, here’s a bit of divine retribution for you” and with that, Yuyuko uses one of her closed fans to hit you lightly on the head. Well, it was supposed to be light, but dear god it hurts. As you nurse your sore head, Yukari gaps a few clothes in front of you, and she continues to talk with Yuyuko. Will you chance your clothes?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No
in front of them?

[ ] No
[x] Yes
[ ] Yes

How many votes to win, by the way?

I think it's 4
[ ] No
it's 4
[ ] Yes
[X] Yes
totally in front of them
[x] Yes
[x] Yes
[x] No
I feel pretty, oh so pretty.
[ ] Yes
File 120820149556.jpg - (107.39KB, 400x489 , 1206315370043.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Yes

You stand up, and Yomu looks at you, wondering what you are doing. Yuka and Yuyu are currently chatting away, not concerned with you.

And You start to strip. You have nothing to hide. Yomu does her best trying to keep her eyes glued to the ground, quite flustered. As you have stripped from the dress, you pause for a bit, letting it all hang loose. The small breeze down there has a good cooling effect and it feels comfortable.

You proceed to check the clothing Yukari gave you. It seems to be just like your everyday getup. Good to have some mens clothing for a change.

As you have finished chancing, you are left with the choice on what to do next.

[ ] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.

[ ] You feel tired. Lay down on the floor for a while

[ ] Talk to Yomu
[x] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.
[ ] Talk to Yomu


[ ] Talk to Yomu

tempting to experiment but we probably shouldn't push our luck too much
[ ] Talk to Yomu

I don't want her to hate us.
[X] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.

We're just getting started.
And come on, we have like 5 continues now anyway.
[x] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.
The more anon speaks, the greater his chances of saying something stupid
[X] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.
[x] Talk to Yomu
let's do the pedobear
[ ] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.
DO WANT indirect groping
I thought we had 2.
[X] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions.
[X] Talk to Yomu

Oh please oh please let the gland work on her later...

TOO SLOW moran
Maybe the gland is working on her right now!
[ ] Experiment on Myon to see Youmu's reactions.

The only answer

Also spell check
[] Talk to yomu.
[x] Strike a manly pose.

I'd work my gland on her if you know what I mean.
Yomu is fine, you don't pronounce the first U anyway.
File 120820201238.jpg - (99.44KB, 533x500 , 1188499754987.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Experiment on Youmu to see myons reactions.
File 120820212027.jpg - (199.50KB, 718x882 , 1206315191600.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Experiment on Myon to see Yomus reactions

You turn your interest towards Myon, and before Yomu has any chance to say anything, you dash forward, and concentrate every inch of your being on touching Myon.

You pinch, squeeze, pat grasp, rub, massage, tickle and lick so many parts of Myon as you can in a short time, before a blade is pointed at your throat. Yomu is holding the blade.

“What the hell do you think you are doing”? She seems quite flustered, and is breathing hard.

[ ] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research

[ ] Quickly tackle her to the floor

[ ] Penis Flash

Also, to those who have yet not realised, the gland is empty, should be back working on day 5. you have 3 continues.
oh u
[x] Penis Flash
[x] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[x] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research

When did we get the third one?
[X] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[ ] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[] Penis Flash
Fuck yeah, seaking.
[x] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[X] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[ ] Penis Flash

Look in your heart anon, you know you want this option
[ ] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
[x] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research

Oh fuck I forgot to mention it. You got it when you took Yukaris hand and she led you to Yomu and Yuyuko.

+ 1 continue, "Friendship trough jizz"

3 continues.
[ ] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research
File 120820238028.jpg - (34.12KB, 400x340 , 1205899187382.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research.
Some very SEXY research.
>"Friendship trough jazz"
So is this story going to end with us becoming a sax slave?
File 120820289259.jpg - (380.73KB, 612x842 , 1206313528323.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Say you’re sorry, and just wanted to do some research

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure if that pet ghost of yours is connected to you in some way”

Yomu stares at you for a bit, and then removes the blade from your throat.

“It’s not a pet, it’s a part of my body. I’ll forgive you for now, for it seems you had no idea on the matter” She seems a bit angry at you, but the blush has not left her face.

[ ] Nothing to do, lay down

[ ] Show her your “mighty sword”

[ ] So, can I continue with my research?
[X] So, can I continue with my research?
[X] So, can I continue with my research?

[x] Nothing to do, lie down.
[x] So, can I continue with my research?
[x] So, can I continue with my research?
[X] So, can I continue with my research?
[ ] Nothing to do, lay down
[X] So, can I continue with my research?
I'm a scientist!
[ ] So, can I continue with my research?

Hawt sax with Yomu one way or the other.
[ ] Nothing to do, lay down

[ ] Show her your “mighty sword”
[X] So, can I continue with my research?
ask nicely, it will be ok
File 120820325826.jpg - (165.86KB, 432x600 , 1206316307231.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] So, can I continue with my research?

“So, can I continue with my research”?

Before Yomu has the time to reply, Yukari gaps something to drop on your head. Something heavy. You’re out cold again.

After a while you are awake, but you seem to be so tired, that you can’t open your eyelids. Well, you probably could, but you’re just too lazy.

The hard floor beneath your head hurts like hell.

[ ] Suffer it

[ ] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
[ ] Suffer it
[x] Suffer it
Can't rely on our grope powers too much.
[X] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
[x] Suffer it
delicious pain. must suffer
[ ] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
[x] Blindly try to find a pillow or something

we're like a horny dog that keeps humping peoples legs. Yukari should really neuter her pets.
[x] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
Or some breasts.
[ ] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
[X] Blindly try to find a pillow or something


also, inventory and status please.
[X] Blindly try to find a pillow or something

$10 says we grope someone.
[ ] Suffer it

Enough groping for a day. Yukari may be jealous too...
[X] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
Christ, you people vote fast.

THAT'S why she gapped us! Hot dog, Yukari Ending!
But I wanted to fondle Youmu some more...
>>Cirno Champion

I see what you did there, ⑨.
we did a good job with youmu. time to move to the next target: yuyuko
Who doesn't...

But staying alive is the important thing.
The hell it is.
[X] Blindly try to find a pillow or something
[ ] Blindly try to find a pillow or something

[ ] Breasts
File 12082045281.jpg - (222.26KB, 500x516 , 1202711406855_anonib.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Blindly try to find a pillow or something.

You start to feel your way around, pretending to be asleep. Soon your hand comes into contact with something soft. You know it’s neither a breast nor Myon, and drag yourself to it. Then you put your head against it, whatever it is. It’s warm and soft. Very comfortable.

As you lay there, you seem to have lost the need to sleep, but you keep on pretending, and eavesdrop on the conversation you are hearing.

“Well Yukari, are you sure that that human is just a form of entertainment for you”

“Hmm, what else would he be, and what gives you that idea”?

“Well, it’s not an everyday sight to see you allowing a human to use your behind as a pillow”

Well that explains it, the warm pillow is Yukaris butt. But Yuyuko has a point, why does she let you? You continue to listen closer.

“He just looks so comfortable there; it would be rude to wake him up” Yukari starts petting your hair. It’s making you sleepy.

“Are you sure you are not starting to harbour any feelings for this human”?

Wait whut?

“I’d…never do anything like that” she starts to ruffle your hair a bit “But he isn’t a bad person either”.

You can’t resist it anymore, and you fall asleep.

This ends Day 3, only one day before the gland is back up working and Yukari throws you at the face of danger.

Also, continue +1 for reaching the scene Midnight talks

Pic a dream

[ ] Tripping some major balls

[ ] Tewis slave

[ ] Sad dream
[ ] Sad dream

>>“But he isn’t a bad person either”.

what the fuck

we groped her, came on her face while jerking it in her house, groped the crap out of one of her friends, and we get "yea hes cool"?

lol. just, lol.
[x] Tripping some major balls
[X] Tewis slave


It's Yukari, so yeah.

[x] Tripping balls.
[X] Tewi's slave

We've tripped balls already, so why not?
[ ] Tripping some major balls

[x] Sad dream
[X] Tewis slave
[ ] Tewis slave
[ ] Tewis slave
[ ] Tewis slave

[X] Tewis slave

[x] Tewis slave, while tripping balls
Tripping balls won, going to write now. Oh and just so that you know, the sad dream would have been a short story of what your life would have been like if you would not have gotten to Gensokyo. Tewis slave would have started with her dominating you a bit, but then you decide fuck it, and dominate her. And yes, it would have been a H-scene
[x] Tewis slave
tripping balls is awesome, but tewis slave ... i want to be it
wait wait wait


Nice job faggots
Buy the way, never fear, there are more chances to get H-scenes
Tripping balls only got 3 votes though...

now I am really pissed off for some reason

when anon gets cockblocked by other anons who want to trip balls, at least don't tell them they get cockblocked
Do you guys want a revote? I just noticed that I can't come up with any balls tripping right now.


[X] Tewis slave

just write the tewi one. It got most votes altogether anyway
Do some brick shitting then.
Gonna do that. I need to get a test at this H-scene writing. This might take a long time to wrote.
I really think the voting should include the total amount of votes over a period of time. Some of us actually read the posts before voting.

[Yes] X

And vote:
[Tewi's Slave] X
[ ] Sad dream

I feel like BAWWWWWWWing
Also, while I write, I have decidet to lift the amount needet for a choice to win to be 5 instead of 4.
File 120820537741.jpg - (108.14KB, 592x431 , Yukari'sass.jpg) [iqdb]
Ah fuck it, Gonna write all 3 of them. After that I have to call it a night, I'm having difficultys staying awake.
tripping balls = all other dreams blurred and mr. banana
In any case, we need to get a damn Yukari sex scene before we leave.
I mean, we came on her face already. Least we could do is a proper job next time.
[x] Tewi's slave, while tripping balls
File 120820608580.jpg - (137.15KB, 518x610 , nanayashiki.jpg) [iqdb]
I heard you guys have a gland.
Guess I better do something about that then, eh?
File 120820733787.jpg - (91.11KB, 900x598 , 1206221645988.jpg) [iqdb]
Ok, tewi coming in 2 parts
[x] All three

First one: Tewis slave

This kind of life is rough. Ever since that time you became her personal bitch things have sucked. Carry this, do that blah blah blah. But now it has gotten worse. She would get you excited, give you a bit pleasure, and then leave you with blue balls. Today was not going to be different, or so you thought.

You are chained to a wall, and Tewi is sitting in your lap. She is gripping your man meat hard, moving her slender, soft fingers up and down on your shaft, painfully slowly. You can see it from the look on her face, she is enjoying torturing you.

“Well my little slave, how does it feel” She picks up the pace, and just when the pleasure is starting to feel really good, slows down, and hops off of your lap.

You can’t take it anymore.

You break free from the chains with ease, and tackle her to the ground. Tewi seems a bit surprised at this.

“Oi, human, what are you doing”?

You pin her down, and spread her legs. She seems a bit scared at you now, but it just gets you harder.

“He-hey human, what are you-“

But she never has a chance to finish what she was saying. You push your erect penis against her panties, which are a bit soaked from her own juices. She must have gotten really excited while torturing you.

Part 2

She has tensed up, as you rub yourself against her little rabbit hole. Soon her resisting is becoming weaker, as she is loosing her ability to think straight. She seems confused. There are tears in her eyes, and she looks at you with fear, but at the same time her body language suggests that she is ready.

“Ple-, Please-“This snaps you back to reality, as her voice sounds like she is about to cry. you are about to let her go, until

“d- don’t’s..stop”

You look at her face. She seems to be avoiding your gaze, and you let her go. She removes her panties, and lays down infront of you. Before you have any time to act, she thrusts herself at you, burying you Pen0r in her vag00. The feeling, you can’t describe it. It feels like you own penis is creating a new path for itself into something warm, soft and wet.

You know what to do. Slowly, as gently as you can, you start the thrusting movement. You soon pick up the pace, creating wet sounds of flesh hitting flesh. She arches her back, trying to grip the floor in ecstasy with her hands.

You lift her up, on top of yourself, and she places her hands on your shoulders. you presume the motion of the art of loving, and she grips your shoulders so hard, that her nails draw blood. her body starts to convulse, and she lets out the loudest cry of ecstasy you have ever hear.

But it’s not the sound that shocks you, it’s the feeling. Your dick, deep inside Tewi, feels like it is being massaged from everywhere. It feels like Tewis milking you, urging you to shoot out your load. And that my friend is what you do.
You feel your penis filling her shot after shot with your own juice.

Tewi is resting against your chest, with your dick still inside her. Jizz and her own juices are dripping down along her tights, dropping or your lap. She presses her small body so close to you as she can, hugging you tightly.

Ok, now remember, that this is just a testdrive for the real deals when the time for them comes in GSQ, so if you would leave any comments about it, it would help.
Having a wet dream while sleeping on Yukari's ass?

Very appropriate
Was fine until: >>Pen0r in her vag00
And with that,I'm off to bed. No sad story, no tripping balls. I'm officially out of ideas on what to write. See you guys later. Next time I continue GSQ, it's day 4 and you wake up in the Yakumo household. yukari brought the sleeping you back from The ghostlplace and tucked you in. later
I'm going to need a bit more detail for the first part, I'm not finished yet.
Personally, I don't mind you taking some time off from writing if you're starting to run dry. Nothing damages an idea more than trying to force it into the world.

In any case, sleep well.
made me want to fap, but not good enough to be fap material
File 12082085967.jpg - (188.73KB, 500x375 , 289256521_88c1ec4d56.jpg) [iqdb]
>you're starting to run dry.

Very... Nice comment for a fapfiction.
File 120820964732.jpg - (25.17KB, 400x418 , 1207459999503.jpg) [iqdb]
That was wholly fappable.

Well done.
File 120821131178.jpg - (141.28KB, 1024x768 , Tenor Saxaphone.jpg) [iqdb]
I do believe this thread is about jazz. Alright!
File 120821224850.jpg - (106.07KB, 605x640 , 1206767924586.jpg) [iqdb]
Jazz is good.
I wish to be the sax slave.
That is one awesome .jpg
for future reference: it's Youmu. YOUMU. with an O.
post moar pls
Where has Dunhabelfast gone? Need moar.
I don't want to sound like a dick here, but I really cant come up with a polite way to say that no, we do not need more. This is honestly very poor quality, especially next to things like YWIG, MIG, and that thing going on in /forest/. This is almost fanfiction.net quality writing.

I really don't like to 'troll' like this, especially since the Touhou community is based on fan-created content, but this is just bad.
Oh, come on. That's really really harsh and unneeded, isn't it?

I mean, not everything on fanfiction.net is bad. If you search hard enough there are some awfully good stories, in fact! It's just that there are so few, relatively...
File 120840344957.png - (18.16KB, 299x309 , angered indian fellow.png) [iqdb]

Fuck no, Gensokyo Supa Quest is awesome.
...And I referenced the wrong post. Fuck.
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That is a little harsh. I actually liked these threads, they let us have the perverted fun we may or may not get in the other games.

And other than the whole "burying you Pen0r in her vag00" thing, I have no problem with Dunhabelfast's work.
Howard Johnson is right! Sure, the writing's the worst this site has ever seen, but where else can Anonymous molest Youmu by proxy in the same day as he makes a sax slave out of the most powerful youkai within earshot? If Dunhabelfast still wants to write, let him write, I say!
Ignore the threads you don't like. That's what I do.
File 120841836334.jpg - (102.30KB, 750x600 , 1164628782339.jpg) [iqdb]
>>she starts to ruffle your hair a bit

I'll have to agree that the writing is pretty damn bad, but I don't see why he shouldn't be able to. Free internet, and all. Only thing I could see faulting him for is jumping the gun on making new threads a bit early.
Dunhabel is probably dead anyway. Anyone seen him the past 2 days?

It's just Yukari displaying her dominance over us.

I'd let Yukari display her dominance over me.

If you know what I mean.
Well guys, sadly there will be no more Gensokyo Supa Quest. I'm all ou on ideas, and as I said before I started to write, this was only a test and it was not going to be a long one. If you need conclusion to the story, lets just say you unlocked the Yukari route and spendet the rest of your lifes together happily.

So no need to wait for more anymore
Oh. Well, I'll pretend that we discarded the stay at Yakumo household and went back to Eientei to live as Tewi's slave.
File 12084291532.jpg - (32.33KB, 600x450 , 1201543371726.jpg) [iqdb]

Dammit, Dun.


Aw man, GSP was awesome! You let we did what we couldn't do in the other stories (like, bukkaking Yukari, lol).

Plus, we had THE GANDLE.
So we're back to spending hours on end hitting F5 waiting for MiG and YWUIG to continue. Fucking marvelous.
Apparently anon doesn't sleep...

Anon is always awake. Always.

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